3 Causes of Leaks in A/C and How to Fix It Quick
3 Causes of Leaks in A/C and How to Fix It Quick

3 Causes of Leaks in A/C and How to Fix It Quick

Leaking on air conditioning unit is one of the common troubles that homeowners face but you do not have to worry. You don’t even have to call a professional help because we have some self-fix help for you, check them out!

Most of the calls that air conditioning service received each day are due to leaks. Even though this trouble is just minor, if you will neglect it, it can also result to great damage on your unit; however, most of these leaks can easily be fixed and don’t need of professional service. First, you must know that the probable causes of these leaks are the following.

The three major reasons for water leaking in air conditioning unit, as what we had observed and noticed are listed below:

1. A hole in the overflow drain
2. There is clog on the air filter
3. Blockage in the condensate line

Here is how you can self-fix the leaks of your air conditioning unit without calling the professional service. Read and learn!

For the number 1 cause, you can quickly see it by using a flashlight. If you see there is a leak in the condensation system of the air conditioning unit, you can check for the damage on the overflow pan. If there is a wet area, you can inspect where the leak came from and use an epoxy glue to seal the crack or hole.

For the number 2 cause, if the reason why there is leaking in the air conditioner is the filter, then you can prevent this by changing the air filter of your air conditioning unit. It is the best advice that you have to regularly clean it every two months and inspect it too so dirt will not block the passage. If the air filter is clogged, you can see the formation of ice in the coils and it will melt and leaks.

For the number 3 cause, when the line in the condensate is clogged the water will back up and water will overflow. To keep it always clear from blockage some air conditioning unit has cut off switch which shuts off automatically if it detects clogging in the line but the problem is, most A/C owner didn’t know this and when it shuts down they immediately call for the air conditioning technician. In order to remove any clog or blockage on the condensate line, you may use Mighty Pump, a hand pump that could suck the clog which is made by Stuart Oakner. You can get it online for around sixty dollars, but our best recommendation is not to wait for your condensate to be clogged and full of dirt. Algae and other slime or mildew can be formed on the condensate line but you can always clean it using chlorine in water solution. You must do the cleaning every three to six months to keep the condensate line always free from dirt and algae.