"We were never really given a chance"
EI employees will never forget
November 15th 2002.

EI / Huron Employees

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Comments We've Received from EI employees:

Comment 09/26/13: Is it wrong to be secertly praying that the judge persiding over the bankruptcy will REJECT Matthews as an owner? Does anyone realise how bad of a busineSsman he really is? ROT in hell for all they have done to broome county -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Praying for something like that to happen may make you feel better; but it is doubtful that it will make any difference. The taxpayers of NY State, Broome County, the Town of Union, and the Village of Endicott should be outraged enough to call the newspapers, the TV and radio media, their legislators, and most of all, other taxpayers and object publicly and loudly about the travesty of what EIT did with that facility for 11 years with the "blank check" that was written to them in 2002. EIT NEVER lived up to their agreements to retain jobs for the terms they agreed that to be. Instead, they did the opposite and fired people in amounts that weren't always publicly detectable. Since they are a private company and not a public one, they weren't required to do so. The taxpayers and the workers suffered the most from those 'games". It is a very sad day when that happens and no one is accountable for it.

Comment 07/10/13:
We all knew this would happen. For once there is some transparency attached to this article. McNamara never disclosed anything unless it was sanitized. EIT is calling some back to miserable conditions. The rest of us will soon be filing our own Bankruptcy petitions - situations that had EIT been ethical, perhaps a lot of those jobs would have been saved. The stammer on about "downturn", etc. How about truth in mismanagement, pie in the sky ideas and disillusionment - the real truth. Kudos to Van Rossum for at least telling employees what the fiscal situation is with EIT. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/25/13: Can you believe this clown, McNamara!?! He is willing to bankrupt Endicott Interconnect because of his PRIVATE JET!!! Hey Jay, how is it you have a private jet when the business you're "managing" is in such bad shape that you have to fire people because you can't make payroll? Ever heard of FLYING COACH??? You are an absolute disgrace, and should be ashamed of yourself!!! And that also goes for the rest of the buffoons with delusions of grandeur that have run this once thriving business into the ground. You know who you are - you’re the same people who just screwed every taxpayer in the Village of Endicott, Town of Union, and the Union-Endicott School District right after your favorable treatment by New York State expired. This is just another example of BAD MANAGEMENT, and believe me, the rest of IBM isn't far behind its former IBM Endicott Microelectronics Plant. Call or write your New York State Senator, Assemblyman, and Governor Cuomo today and DEMAND an inquiry into this debacle. -Pig Stain on Your Fat Chin-
Comment 04/25/13: Looks like Jay Mac had to finally spill the beans in Fed. Court. I wonder how much he walked away with after he "retired". http://www.pressconnects.com/article/20130424/BUSINESS/304240014/600-workers-remain-Endicott-Interconnect -Jimmy Jones-
Comment 07/03/12: See following.....
The number was around 166.
J.Mac and Maines... Your ship is rapidly sinking and soon there will be a mass exodus. Good luck and thanks for nothing. -An upset EI employee-
Comment 05/10/12: EIT to go on shared work again......blame, this time is slow CXA due to sales "execs" not meeting goals.
2nd time in a year. Execs are unethical and lie. "No layoffs.......two weeks later......"resource action....Sorry.... the business model is not sustainable..........How about "We don't pay the bills, so no parts, no building of panels, CONTRACT CANCELLED! -Anonymous-
Editor's note: Alliance made attempts to organize EI/Huron employees many years ago. The response was light and people were too afraid to speak out against the EIT/Huron management. The campaign was abandoned. However, we appreciate the inside information that comes to us anonymously. It just goes to show that Alliance was right about EIT 10 years ago. Not much has changed. Thanks for the comment.

Comment 04/15/12: Jay McNamara is a coward! He continually spouts fantastic bull**** of how "We've turned the corner" and yet EI is a miserable place to work, Layoffs are continually looming and they don't pay their bills. Huron has a hard-on for BAE since they set up shop.
What they want (most all buildings on campus), they get.
What about the poor SOB's at EI? No raises, higher insurance premiums, and empty promises. Take take take!!
For all interested, Jay parks his 65+ K Escalade in the middle lot at B/40. Same goes for the rest of the execs.
Total focus on 5S, Kaizen, and business Excellence bull****!!
Focus on winning contracts and stop sending $$$$$ to the Cayman Islands.
The CEO has not really been seen for the past 2 yrs. Time to move out of here and to hell with Matthews and Maines!!!! -William Wallace-

Comments 11/30/2009: We've received some reports that EI/Huron has purchased a company named eV Products, about 6 months ago. Ei/Huron is now in the process of firing people again, for various reasons. If you have more information please send a comment from the form above. -Alliance-
Comments 3/11/2007: Check out todays press!! Saturday 3/10/07.. This should get the blood boiling. See the front page,"State might force higher electric bills".

The story says that EIT is leading an Albany lobby effort to set aside all cheap power available for business exclusively and to pass the cost of $5 to $10 per month onto home owners! Homeowners, usually have their rates keep a little lower by having cheap hydroelectricty set aside for them. Jay Simonis, of EIT, feels bussiness should get it all.

As Maines has done before, Simonis threatens to expand EIT,"OUT OF STATE", if they don't get a cheap electric deal... Hey didn't NYSEG give them a deal when EIT was formed back in 2002?? Didn't NYS taxpayers help fund the EIT deal with grants and by forming an NYS Empire Zone, for EIT? Don't Empire Zones get some utility disccounts...NOW EIT wants even more!!! Or they will.. "Expand Out of State!"

What blood suckers..and how many are really employed by EIT? That number per the story has it at 2000! I doubt that, judging from the
empty parking lots alone.

On thing that the story misses. Electricty cost is an legal tax expense, that bussinesses can write some of off on their taxes. Most homes owners can not write a dime of electricy off on taxes... Funny how this is never mentioned by Albany, EIT or the press.. -Anonymous-

Comments 4/24/2006: Did you catch the Sunday EIvil story by Platsky? He has it almost right.

1. IBM couldn't allow the site to be closed down cold turkey in 2002. Anyone working at IBM Endicott at the time knows this. Simply because, IBM needed the boards being made in Endicott. What they needed was a business deal to keep boards being made, yet allow IBM to gradually phase out panel manufacturing. When the plant fails IBM won't be the bad guys; the new owners will. IBM's escapes with less harm to it's public image.

2. If Sanmina did buy the site in 2002, I doubt they would shut it down. Why? The plating equipment and the waste treatment is worth it's weight in gold to anyone making panels. To relocate the plating and build a new waste treatment system would bankrupt you. One thing Endicott has, is a good waste treatment system well suited for panel manufacturing. Today, to replicate this system would be extremely costly. Today Sanmina is very busy and I'd bet they could use the extra capacity and talented workers. I'd doubt Sanmina would cold turkey shut down the plant if they had purchased it..... However this makes good spin to give the public illusion, that IBM and the EI owners are heroes.

3. Employees for $5,000 each could have put up as much money as the EI owners did, roughly. I imagine if this had occurred the EI story would be a better one. With employees and engineers being employee owners, there certainly would not be so many quitting for new jobs. I'd guess they would have worked harder than ever and succeeded!...-Anonymous-

There have been layoffs since thursday, December 9, 2004 at Sanmina - Owego,NY. I know there are at least 59 people that were laid off including me. I have been there almost 16 years and alot of the other production workers were older and had been there along time also. My husband is still employed there so please don't use my name or email. We are afraid of repercussions. This company seems to be as bad as EIT. I fear this is the beginning of the end for the Owego plant. I believe they will eventually outsource the jobs to China. I was very shocked to get laid off right before Christmas. It is very depressing and what do I tell my little girl about why she has less for Christmas. Also, I think it is weird that these layoffs weren't announced on the news or in the Press&Sun-Bullentin.Please post something about it on your website. We all need a voice and a union. Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! -Anonymous-

I would just like to thank you for putting out such an informative website about how corrupt EIT is and how they mistreat their employees. I was recently laid off a month ago after I just started the job in Laminations in May. They say that their employees are their number one resource yet they seem to lay people off and fire people on a whim.
They couldn't care less whether or not I only lacked 2 weeks in order
to get unemployment or not. I'm 24 years old and Jay McNamara said
himself, "We need to get young people to see a future here in Broome County" yet he lays people off in a whim. I've come to the conclusion that in order for me to have any future at all I will have to leave this area
and attend college somewhere in which has a better economy and a state government that doesn't give massive tax breaks to companies like EIT,
run by a bunch of tyrants, and then in turn make its town Tax Payers pick
up the tab like Endicott did. I'm so angry that in the mean time before I leave this area, if EIT calls me back to work, I will outright refuse because who knows if they will just do the same thing to me again after a few months. In all of the places I have worked I have never seen such a disregard of respect for its employees as I have seen at EIT, not to mention extremely poor business management. When I worked
there we lacked neccessary supplies in order for us to do our jobs
because EIT did not pay their bills correctly, they just stiffed their
suppliers with the bills all the time so few companies wanted to do business with them. In the meanwhile EIT expected us to increase production without the right supplies. I truly believe EIT won't last any more than 3 more years because of how the place is run and as far as I'm concerned you cannot have a succesful company when the work force moral is always so low because of employee exploitation and unappreciation. I remember when Jay McNamara (A tyrant), came through on a tour in order to save money in our dept. I heard him ask our manager whether or not we knew what we were doing, referring to us in the Lay-Up area. I cannot believe how ignorant and arrogant Jay really is. Thanks EIT, for nothing... Keep up the good work on the website, it's nice to see that someone is sticking up for EIT employees. -anonymous-

November 1st 2002 E.I. celebrates it's new beginning in Endicott.

November 15th 2002 200 hundred people are laid off. Less than 10 come back.

December, 2003 E.I. CEO Jay Macnamara goes on a rampage to clean up the plant leaving workers stressed out by the way management handled the situation.

December, 2003 E.I. workers learn that they will be spending most of the Christmas Holiday at work. Vacation can be used next year.

January, 2004 Workers want to know where the profit sharing is that was promised by E.I.

February, 2004 E.I. tells employees that the "Books" are still open and that's why they haven't seen the profit sharing yet.

February, 2004 Governor Pataki in Endicott to announce new deal between Endicott Interconnect and Ensco to create a revolutionary high-speed explosive detection device, it could create up to 700 new jobs.

April, 2004 60-100 workers fired from what is said to be "Poor Performance."

April, 2004 Brian Gorman one if the E.I. employees let go is interviewed on local news saying that the poor performance firings don't add up being he was sent a private note by a supervisor saying he'll give him a good reference if he needs one.

April, 2004 E.I. employees still have not received nor heard anything on the profit sharing that was promised to them months earlier.

In Jay MacNamara's speech to the rotary He challenged area Rotarians during the Rotary meeting to help dispel negative attitudes that exist among the community. If Jay MacNamara wants to dispel negative attitudes among the community then he better start giving positive news. Negative attitudes aren't the fault of the community but they come from the company itself. Why would someone want to support a company that has done the stuff that was listed in the timeline, and the scary thing about all that stuff listed in the timeline is that E.I. is only about a year and half old. - anonymous -

These firings are based on their appraisals, supposedly. I don't buy it. A couple of my friends got let go, and they were workers that never had low reviews. It was their first review with EIT and they were let go. Once they weed out the N's (needs improvment) they are moving to the M's which is "Meets Requirements". Most of the people let go were over 20 years higher paid people and a couple of lower paid people. - anonymous -

Well... these selective firings are a disgrace, and should be illegal. I can't believe we are hiring supplementals and making them permanant employees and at the same time getting rid of decent workers, eventually through attrition it will be all ex-ibm employees, since a certain percentage of employees have to be "needs improvement" on their appraisals. We currently have more work than we can handle at this point and we have made a monthly committ yet this year, we just keep falling further behind. But yet we get rid of good expierienced people, that unfortunately made too much money due to their years of service at IBM. This isn't a firing due to poor performance, it's finding an excuse to get rid of people that in their minds make too much and hire new labor for next to nothing....Those people were not poor performers...- anonymous -

They aren't calling it a layoff but it sure feels like it. I can not understand how they can fire people with good skills and then hire people for supplement and permanent positions. I'm thinking of getting out, and not working under so much pressure so as not to make a mistake and be the next one out the door. The managers were told they had to cut department expenses by 5%, so they are cutting their costs at the expense of their employees. - anonymous -

I would like to comment on the new idea management has come up with now. They have put us all on a aws schedule so we have to work weekends with out being paid overtime, and we are all not working the same plan. It is different by department. My department is on a 10 days on 4 days off 7 days on 2 days off 3 days on 2 days off and then start the 10 days on again. They have gone too far. They say they are doing this for our profit sharing but no mention of that at all. This is the latest news from EI. I think I am ready to sign up if that is still an option. - anonymous -

Editors note: Yes, that's still an option. There are signup form options on the front of the EIT Chapter web page, in the upper left corner.

It is good to hear that EI will be creating jobs. Hopefully, they will be jobs that are careers, with decent salaries and benefits. Currently EI does not offer a pension. If EI does become as successful as projected, EI will be able to offer a pension plan, other than a 401k. A union contract would help employees by getting profit sharing promises, in a legally binding contract.The EI workforce deserves a contract and some financial reward, as well as the owners. - anonymous -

It seems that the temps have more rights than the regulars.They get ok'd to not work the weekend overtime and their attendance is horrendous.Some of them do more talking and internet surfing than work.We'd be better off without them.If a regular employee asks for a weekend off they get questioned like a common criminal.I see the only way out of this is to join up now. My fellow EI employees it is only going to get worse.We need a voice. Now. - anonymous -

Can I sign-up on the web or send this printout in off the union web site? Because this place is going down fast and they don't care about the people at all. I just want to be treated like a person, I do have a brain. - anonymous -

Editor's note: You can printout the form, fill it in, and send it to 435 Main Street, Johnson City, NY 13790.

Good work passing out those flyers! Keep it up! And don't forget 3rd shift! - anonymous -

Editor's note: Thanks. We will try to get flyers to 2nd and 3rd shift, if you can tell us what doors are the best to hand out flyers at night. Use the comments section or send us an e-mail: endicottalliance@stny.rr.com

We were told today that no vacations are going to be taken. That's only in certain areas like Hyberbga, complex assembles, and panels. We were told we can carry our vacation over to next year but have to use it by March. We know how that works. They will change that story again too, I'm sure. We were also told today that we will be working both days this weekend and next. I went to my manager to discuss options for child care issues and was told I can work a different shift to contribute my share of overtime. - anonymous -