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Endicott Interconnect/Huron Campus
Employees' Page

Note to EI and Huron employees:
Read this from your home computers only!

07/24/07 - Tier money building Chinese economy

07/13/07 - EI leases space for production in China

03/17/07 - Empire Zone tax breaks scrutinized
Records: Some big investments brought few jobs...
Read story

03/11/07 - State might force higher electric bills
Option could help retain jobs, officials say. EIT threatens to leave area if they can't get more..
. Read story

01/31/07 - OSHA wants Huron fined Four 'serious citations' issued in fatal explosion Huron Company "strongly disagrees".

10/21/06 - ACTUAL STUDY: Mortality among US employees of a large computer manufacturing company: 1969-2001 Richard W Clapp

10/21/06 - Excess Cancer Deaths Seen Among Computer Manufacturing Employees

10/21/06 - A study finds elevated rates of cancer among IBM workers

9/24/06 - No small change. Hundreds of New York companies tinker with their names to collect millions of dollars in Empire Zone benefits.

9/06/06 - Maines to propose facility expansion
New distribution building also planned

8/04/06 - Fatal explosion stuns Huron campus
Valve ruptures, killing 1; another seriously burned

7/14/06 - Court rules EI can dismiss ex-employee

6/23/06 - Certification of luggage screening unit delayed

6/02/06 - Report shows higher rates of medical problems near polluted site

5/23/06 - Hevesi: IDAs not reclaiming benefits if jobs targets are missed.

4/23/06 - Reality tempers Endicott Interconnect's big dreams

4/12/06 - Lawmakers want DEC to tell public of all spills Endicott incident spurs legislation

4/08/06 - New spill angers Endicott residents
DEC failed to notify public

4/07/06 - Residents outraged over recent Endicott chemical spill. Equipment failure caused refrigerant to leak into sewers that feed river.

3/30/06 - Talks Stall Over Federal Standard For Unsafe TCE Exposure levels.

3/30/06 - EI defaults on jobs contract with state
But company expects to hire 200, see a profit this year

3/10/06 - Energy costs force layoffs of 21 at Huron Cutbacks affect variety of positions. Read more...

3/9/06 - Rumors of layoffs at the Huron campus have been heard since Friday March 3rd. Alliance@IBM was told that between 20 and 30 people were cut from Huron's business. The areas affected are Facilities Maintenance, Environmental services, Warehouse, and possibly some Facilities Engineering staff. Also rumor has spread that the cleaning maintenance group has been reduced to one shift; thereby laying off the night shift workers, completely. It is unclear why these cuts occurred in light of the recent press stories about EI getting contracts and their promise of hiring. Although Huron and EI are separate companies, an increase in work contracts and hiring policies, tends to have a simultaneous affect on both companies. Most Huron employees were part of the original 1900 IBMers sold off to EIT in 2002 and part of the NYS tax deal, in exchange for maintaining the workforce near 1900 persons. So, EI and Huron are one in the same as far as the NYS tax deal with EIT originally.

2/26/06 - EI faces potential N.Y. penalty as work force dips to about 1,500 Company misses deadline for employment report.

2/13/06 - Latest rumors are: Apparently EI now has new time clock rules. One rule is the 1 minute rule. If you clock in 1 minute late, 3 times, you can be fired. Rumor is that things are very slow at EI and rather than have a layoff; firing people over time clock rules is a possibility. Also, we've heard hat EI continues to lose key people. The reason some engineers are reported to be leaving, is over last summer's furloughs and 32 hour work weeks. They don't want to go through that again.

2/03/06 - TCE report stirs anger at Endicott meeting
Residents, officials frustrated by slow process at state level

2/02/06 - Toughen TCE limits, report says Assembly panel wants more done about vapor intrusion.

12/19/05 - Endicott Interconnect, year three Work force drops; contract calls for $1_6M payback

11/14/05  Comments, Questions and Information about Chemical Vapor Intrusion at the former IBM Endicott Site.
IBM Employees: Is Your work site a toxic time bomb?
Click here for Health & Safety information

10/19/05 - EI appeal disputes worker's firing
Company says White was fired for insubordination

10/18/05 - CWA News: Rick White and CWA Win Big in Fight for Rights

10/15/05 - Contaminated water found on Huron Campus in Endicott

09/06/05 - EIT ordered to reinstate fired union organizer. Company is considering appeal.

09/06/05 - State Gives Away Millions For Jobs That Never Come

08/24/05 - New York State "Workshare" program requirements: an excerpt explanation. Read full text here: NYS DOL Workforce NY

07/16/05 - Read the story, found on-line,regarding IBM and EIT: Shrinking Giants and Gentlemen Farmers. Interesting article.

07/11/05 - Latest rumors are that those in manufacturing at EI on furlough for 2 days per week, were offered a deal. You can work 40 hours per week, if you're willing to work weekends and take your days of rest, on a week day. We hear there were very few takers. We have also heard that more EI employees and managers are leaving for Lockheed and other places. Where are all those jobs that EI was supposed to create from their award of $55 million from the Federal Government? The community taxpayers deserve an answer.

06-03-05 - Anonymous comments from EI: Furloughs will continue through July now. EI plans shut down July 4th week. Most employees are told weekly what day to take off as unemployment. Needless to say being told Tuesday is not what people want. Basically, EI seems to be treading water. A passive aggressive work force, smiling but angry... just coming to work for a check, no "above an beyond" work. Team work doesn't seem to be happening. Haven't heard of any new contracts. Complex assemblies, as of now, is not furloughed but the panels group that supplies them the boards, is.

04-01-05 - Anonymous comments from EI. They expect a layoff in April. They expect a major job cut storm. Stay tuned.

01-31-05 - Alliance@IBM has been hearing that EIT is considering offshoring jobs. A number of EI employees have told Alliance@IBM that a discussion of using "low cost operating" facilities took place at some "All Hands" meetings in recent weeks.

If you have any information regarding this, please contact us by sending a comment or sending an e-mail or calling 607-729-4652.

12-30-04 - The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (The WARN act) Read this to understand the rules that are supposed to be used by employers, when they conduct mass layoffs.

12-23-04 - Attention: EI Employees considering individual contracts with EI. There are potential problems and disadvantages with individual contracts. Some points to consider:

  • Will individual contracts restrict/prohibit accepting employment elsewhere?
  • Who holds EI responsible for the terms of the contract?
  • Who are the employees legal counsel? If you don't have one, you're on your own and at the mercy of EI and their lawyers.
  • What happens if only a small percentage have individual contracts?
  • If the contract contains clauses that could allow the company to renege on their promises, such as severance, will you sign it?
  • The main advantage of a company proposed contract is to prevent you from leaving the company and accepting employment; and giving them the right to sue you legally.

The Advantages of a Union Contract:

  • The only real protection is a collective bargaining agreement through union representation.
  • The advantages of a union contract is that all employees are covered.
  • The contract is negotiated by trained union staff; who have the employees interests at heart.
  • CWA holds more than 2,000 collective bargaining agreements; and has more than 700,000 members.
  • Union contracts have the protection of federal labor law.
  • Union contracts have grievance process and employees cannot be fired without due process.
  • Changes in the contract must be negotiated between the employee and the employer.

All non-management exempt and non-exempt ARE elligbile to form or join a union.

E-mail Alliance@IBM/CWA: endicottalliance@stny.rr.com or call 607-729-4652

12-21-04 - Alliance@IBM/CWA recommends you prepare for the possibility of more EIT layoffs.

EI Employees Should Be Aware of the following information:

Some EIT employees wonder what EIT gives them when the company conducts a layoff. Some assume there is a severance package. You get nothing! Even if your termination was not performance related! There is not an EIT severance package or any extension of medical benefits. You get your last paycheck mailed to you, on the next EIT scheduled payday.

Your medical coverage also ends the last day of the month of when you were laid-off. There is no extended medical coverage provided by EIT. You will need to signup for COBRA coverage immediately. For 2 people, that will cost about $650.00 per month! This is very difficult to pay for when you have no job.

Here's a Layoff Survival Plan:

  1. Setup an emergency fund. Set aside enough money to pay your mortgage, rent, bills and Cobra payments, for at least three months. Any amount set aside will help. Pay ahead any loans you can.
  2. Start thinking about where you would like to work next, in the event you are laid-off. Think about a new industry or business you would like to work in.
  3. Gather your EIT work history or any documents that can describe what type of work you have been doing.
  4. Start preparing your resume. A good place to create an online resume
    is on America's Job Bank, and is recommended by NYSDOL. The resume creator is easy to use. You can create your resume and keep it deactivated or activate it, when needed. You can even activate it and keep your name confidential so employers can not identify you, unless you authorize it. http://www.ajb.org.
  5. Start networking and learning about other companies and opportunities, from friends and family.
  6. Prepare your family for the possibility of a sudden job loss.
  7. Look out for signs of impending layoffs. Ask your manager, how is the
    company doing? Does he/she avoid such questions or seem uncertain and uneasy?

Possible signs of lay offs could be:

  • Work slow downs
  • Loss of customers
  • Lack of new customers or contracts, no new contracts
  • Inability to purchase parts or pay vendors or suppliers
  • Build orders ahead of schedule
  • High production target and then a sudden reduction of quotas
  • Budget cuts
  • Overtime pay cuts
  • Lack of executive management comment on the state of the business
  • Sudden termination or resignations of upper management or executives
  • Owner stepping into management jobs
  • Excessive amount of workers leaving for new jobs
  • Cuts in temporary workforce
  • Displaced workers not being replaced
  • Difficulty making payroll

    These warning signs could be applied to any company or organization.

..8. If any of the layoff warning signs persist, commit some time each week to the Layoff Survival Plan, to help reduce impacts of sudden job loss.

12-07-04 - Comments from a former EI employee - I would just like to thank you for putting out such an informative website about how corrupt EIT is and how they mistreat their employees. I was recently laid off a month ago after I just started the job in Laminations in May. They say that their employees are their number one resource yet they seem to lay people off and fire people on a whim.
They couldn't care less whether or not I only lacked 2 weeks in order
to get unemployment or not. I'm 24 years old and Jay McNamara said
himself, "We need to get young people to see a future here in Broome County" yet he lays people off in a whim. I've come to the conclusion that in order for me to have any future at all I will have to leave this area
and attend college somewhere in which has a better economy and a state
government that doesn't give massive tax breaks to companies like EIT,
run by a bunch of tyrants, and then in turn make its town Tax Payers pick
up the tab like Endicott did. I'm so angry that in the mean time before I leave this area, if EIT calls me back to work, I will outright refuse because who knows if they will just do the same thing to me again after a few months. In all of the places I have worked I have never seen such a disregard of respect for its employees as I have seen at EIT, not to mention extremely poor business management. When I worked there we lacked neccessary supplies in order for us to do our jobs because EIT did not pay their bills correctly, they just stiffed their suppliers with the bills all the time so few companies wanted to do business with them. In the meanwhile EIT expected us to increase production without the right supplies. I truly believe EIT won't last any more than 3 more years because of how the place is run and as far as I'm concerned you cannot have a succesful company when the work force moral is always so low because of employee exploitation and unappreciation. I remember when Jay McNamara (A tyrant), came through on a tour in order to save money in our dept. I heard him ask our manager whether or not we knew what we were doing, referring to us in the Lay-Up area. I cannot believe how ignorant and arrogant Jay really is. Thanks EIT, for nothing... Keep up the good work on the website, it's nice to see that someone is sticking up for EIT employees. -anonymous-

11-05-04 - EI News.... Endicott Interconnect announced job cuts today totaling nearly 200 workers. As many as 85 full time employees and 100 temporarys lost their jobs. The company claims that they have lost orders and that once again, they need to reduce their workforce. Alliance@IBM believes that if EI's orders return; the company should rehire all of these employees. CEO Jay McNamara has said that the work orders should pick up in January 2005. The CEO has said, in the past, to the Press and the community that young people have many opportunities at EI. He has wondered out loud why young people are leaving this area. "We've got to make our young people believe there's a future here in Broome County," he said. Alliance@IBM believes that cutting jobs at EI is not making young people of Broome County believe in a future here. Stay tuned..Read Press & Sun Bulletin Story.

08-17-04 - EI now has a serious attrition problem along with EI business plan bugs. Daily, EI employees are resigning for new jobs. We just heard that 600 applications and resumes sent to Lockheed Martin, came from EI employees!

A unionized EI could help stop some attrition and help attract new employees and benefit everyone at EI, including owners. EI fired two project managers in EI's Panel Manufacturing business. The reasons for these dismissals are not clear; however, once again these firings represent the loss of long term expertise at this fledgling company.

As it stands, EI has lost the trust of the workforce and promises are not
enough. EI employees need contracts, to restore any faith in the EI
business venture. It would be a good business move for EI to start
working with the Alliance@ IBM/CWA Local 1701. Something needs to be done to keep the expertise of the former IBM employees at EI. A labor
contract would be a good start

A few weeks ago, a story came out, that the CEO had a meeting with
managers over EI deadlines and quality issues. Supposedly, Jay told managers that he now thinks they have been firing the wrong people! Managers and department techs seem to be the new target! If quotas are not achieved, they will be next! Many managers are acting like they are
doomed. It has been rumored that 35-65 people may be targets of another layoff.

05-19-04 - EI Profit sharing continued...Some EI employees are determining what percentage of EI's 2003 profit sharing they got and what it could be worth as profit improves. What they are realizing is that most will never see any significant money from EI profit sharing. However, EI overtime pay elimination scams, bilk EI employees out of thousands of dollars!

Most EI employees received less than $100 in profit sharing. An employee receiving $75 in profit sharing received a mere, .0007% of the $107,000 in total money shared. At this percentage, even if the total profit sharing dollars improve ten times, to $1,070,000, the employees profit sharing cut would only be about $750. It is clear that EI profit sharing is not going to be lucrative, as it's present calculation. However, many employees paid $75 in profit sharing, were paid $6000 less in 2003, because of EI overtime pay elimination scams! Compare what you earned in 2002 to 2003 and most realize that their pay was reduced by thousands of dollars! Some newly made exempts lost as much as $20,000. What EI employees contributed to EI's bottom line with lost pay, far out strips EI profit sharing. This is outrageous!

EI employees are paid thousands less and then given less than $100 in exchange. What this means is that EI employees and X-IBMers, need contracts, and a union to deal with EI management owners or continue to be cheated out of money you deserve, as EI increases your workload and weekends away from home without overtime pay.

05-13-04 - Read the letter Congressman Hinchey sent to J. McNamara regarding the firings in April.

05-12-04 - EI Profit Sharing. Most are getting less than $100. It was deposited in EI 401k's on 5/7. As it stands now, even a 10 fold profit improvement, would pay on average, barely over $1000. Looks like EIvil profit sharing is a dud, if it remains as is. A union contract is the only solution.

05-03-04 - Things you should know about NY State Labor Law: Go to this web page for a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) http://www.labor.state.ny.us/faq.html#wh11

Q: Can an employee be fired without due cause?

A: Yes. New York State is an "employment-at-will," state. Without a contract restricting termination (such as a collective bargaining agreement) an employer has the right to discharge an employee at any time for any reason. This also protects the employee's right to resign. An employer may fire an employee for "no reason" - or even for a reason that might seem arbitrary and unfair -- and the employee is equally free to quit at any time without being required to explain or defend that decision.
There are a few exceptions to "employment-at-will." The most significant of these are laws, enforced by the New York State Division of Human Rights, which prohibit discrimination based upon race, creed, national origin, age, handicap, gender or marital status. For additional information about how the New York State Division of Human Rights proceeds against unlawful forms of discrimination, go to: www.nysdhr.com

Other exceptions to the doctrine of "employment-at-will" exist under § 201-d and § 215 of the New York State Labor Law. Section 201-d prohibits an employer from firing an employee for political or recreational activities outside of work, for legal use of consumable products outside of work, or for membership in a union. Section 215 prescribes that no employer shall penalize any employee for making a complaint to the employer, to the Commissioner of Labor, or to the Commissioner's representative, about any provision of the Labor Law. Violation of § 215, can bring a civil fine and separate civil action by the employee. To obtain the text of these statutes, go to: http://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?cl=54&a=9

04-29-04 -NIOSH Visits EI today.

Today, NIOSH investigator, David Sylvain, took a tour of EI manufacturing. At each area he visited, EI management provided an office
to the investigator; to conduct interviews with any employees wanting
to speak with him. Some management told employees at department meetings that Mr. Sylvain's e-mail would be provided, if they came to the managers office and requested it. Some employees did receive an EI email providing Mr. Sylvain's schedule for the day. The letter also provided his e-mail address, DCS3@CDC.GOV.

Bands 3 drill operators told, improvement need!

A story is circulating, that the first shift, building 47, drills manager, informed all his band three operators, that they all are now rated as, needing improvement. This has a chilling effect because of the recent ambush firings. Reportedly, when asked why the needs improvement designation, the manager gave little explanation. His attitude was, if you don't know why you need improvement, you need to figure it out. The recent EI ambush firings are bad business because it will paralyze the company. Who will want any extra responsibility or a new assignment, only to receive a lower appraisal and become an EI ambush firing target. A union contract would stop this sort of destructive toxic management. If anyone in drills can provide us with more information on this story, please contact the Alliance/CWA 1701. Your identity will be held in confidence. This sort of management style recently, makes a strong case for forming an EI union and seeking contracts. Join now.

If you want a membership form mailed to your home, call the Alliance
office at 658-9285 and request an EI/CWA 1701 membership form.

04-27-04 - NIOSH to review safety at EI plant

04-21-04 - Alliance@IBM/CWA Groups protest worker firings.

04-14-04 - Layoffs puzzle Endicott Interconnect employees - 60 workers let go in string of plant cuts - Jeff Platsky, Press & Sun-Bulletin

04-13-04 - Click here to read the letter that was sent to Governor George Pataki, regarding the EI ambush firings

04-12-04 - AMBUSH Firings UPDATE!

More AMBUSH Firings have happened today at EI. We have heard that EI has also lost top Human Resources people as well as a top financial executive in the melee. A new financial executive was brought in from the outside and people are questioning why. Many people have speculated that the AMBUSH Firings are part of the 'fix' strategy. We continue to hear that the targets of these firings seem to be ex-IBMers that make too much money. Today we learned that people critical to the SureScan project were fired and told it was a layoff. The profit sharing question now looms even larger in the minds of the employees still there. We heard the stress level is at it's highest and worst since the company was born. We have heard that some employees turned in their badges and walked out of building 257 these recent weeks. We also heard one worker suffered a heart attack from the level of stress related to the ambush firings. If you have been fired or you know someone who has, please contact an Alliance@IBM EIT Chapter representative by e-mail: endicottalliance@stny.rr.com or click these links:Join the EIT Union On-line Now! or Print EIT Signup Form and send it. or call us at 607-729-4652.

04-08-04 - AMBUSH Firings Continue!

(Read Press & Sun Bulletin article here) (editor's note: An error in this article claims employees were fired "for cause". This is incorrect. The newspaper was notified of the error.)

Today EI accelerated ambush firings that began on Friday April 2nd. The number of victims, so far, of the EI firings has reached 50. We've been told the number of employees fired could reach 100. Many of those fired came from engineering but included process operators and department technicians. Many were x-IBMers that had 15 to 20 years of service to IBM. Their pay was obviously a target of the EI Executive Management and Owners team.

In the EI owners and executives frantic attempt to cut expenses, ambush firings were implemented. Ambush firings are firings that come from out of the blue, with little or no warning, while workloads are high and temporary plus permanent employee hiring, is ongoing.

EI owners and management had challenged all EI departments a month ago, to save $30,000, each. EI ambush firings are apparently a means to cut business expense and payroll.

EI management does not want employees nor the public to think of these resource acts as layoffs. EI human resources, wants them to be considered as merely, firings of poor performers. It is not apparently why EI is adamant about the distinction between layoff and firings.

Those fired received no EI severance package. Interestingly, for those fired, EI's main and odd concern was over having the EIT employees handbook returned.

EI employees are astonished that this is occurring because of recent CEO meetings on the state of the business and the upturn in orders. At these meetings, profit sharing for 2003 was discussed and that there was a need to hire temporary manufacturing workers and even engineers, to meet
demands. CEO Jay McNamara even made an appeal to engineers and employees to stay with EIT because of the bright future. He was concerned about morale and attrition.

Employees are disgusted with what seems to be insane actions, while demands on the workforce increases. Red flags are going up in the minds of employees over the crazed actions of EI and wonder, "what is wrong here? What's the truth?"

One thing is certain, morale is lower than ever now and most
certainly, employees have lost trust in the EI executive
management and owners. They have not sent any memos or spoken about the firings. Employees wonder what spin will be put on this resource action, to make this out to be, good news for employees, their families and community. Certainly any organization has the need to fire poorly performing employees but not 50 employees over three days! Management indicates more ambush firings are to come.

EI employees have choices to make. Some, over this recent abuse, will send out their resumes and leave. Those that stay, have to wonder what's next?
What will ever satisfy the owners and EI executives, stop the abuse and make them keep promises of profit sharing and respect.

For those that stay at EIT, the answer is a strong employee union; by the employees and for the employees! Ultimately, EIT employees need employment contracts to stop the insanity. Join CWA local 1701, and form an alliance and union that will defend employees and their families from bizarre business management tactics.

04-06-04 - Stealth Firings? What is happening at EIT?

The Alliance@IBM EIT chapter is hearing that there are firings occurring around the plant that appear to be 1 or 2 people at a time. We've heard that 2 and possibly 5 engineers have been fired this week for "not meeting requirements and deadlines" on their job. We would like to know more information on this activity. Please click on "Got EI News? Send Us Your Comments! " and let us know what you have heard or what you know about what's going on in EI. You can also e-mail us at: endicottalliance@stny.rr.com

03-30-04 - The new (OLD) AWS schedule. BS 'ed by EI again!

Today, EIT manufacturing management began to assign production workers to, weekend alternate schedules (AWS). These schedules are ultimately intended to eliminate the normal Monday thru Friday work week. By scheduling employees to work the weekend, as part of the 40 hour work week, EI plans to eliminate overtime pay and reduce pay to employees.

The new weekend schedules vary from department to department but all
are designed to create weekend coverage, without overtime pay. These
schedules will commence after Easter. Employees are being told they will
work the Saturday before Easter and have Easter Sunday off.

Some embrace the schedule because they are tired of working six days a
week with only one day off a week. However, employees could still be
asked to work some of their scheduled days off because there is a
shortage of EI temporary workers; needed for the new schedules.

Further, vacation time is to be cleared with managers and employees are
responsible to make sure there is someone able to cover for them, while
taking their earned time off.

Others see the schedules, just a means to trap them into working
weekends for straight time and cheat them out of overtime pay. Having
time off during weekdays, while family is at work or at school, reduces
time with family and irritates them. For some, child care problems
arise because these odd schedules, require working alternating Saturdays
and Sundays. Some plan to seek new employment, as a result of the new
schedules, that pay little extra compensation and have little regard for
working families.

While manufacturing employees are being told quotas and workload will
increase; they will need to provide the owners and management with, 24/7
coverage, for less money. A 10% premium will be be paid for any weekend
day worked. For an 8 hour weekend day, a mere 8 tenths of an hours pay,
will be given as a weekend premium. For most in manufacturing, this is
$8.00 or less, before taxes!

As these pay reduction plans are being announced many wonder, "Where is the 2003 EI profit sharing??" Employees were told profit sharing would be issued this March.

Management has indicated they can not distribute the additional compensation because everyone at EI does not have EI 401k's, as promised. EI claims to be seeking information from the IRS on how to issue EI profit sharing, to those without 401k's and still get a employer tax break. Until an answer from the IRS comes forward, EI is holding back the promised profit sharing compensation to employees.

Clearly working for IBM and EIT has it's differences. As workloads
increased at IBM, employees made more money. They were paid overtime, where paid premiums for alternate schedules and variable pay increased.

The EI philosophy seems to be more work, more weekends, higher
production requirements, pay less money.. delay profit sharing. More
work, less pay.

In the short term this may be smart business for EI and boost owners
profits.....in the long run, a business disaster. Trust has evaporated.
More time off is welcomed. However, if employees make more sacrifice by
working weekends for less pay, EI employees at the least, should be able
to count on the, EI profit sharing.

The ultimate solution is a contract; that puts EI owners and executive management compensation promises, in a legally binding labor contract. If you believe a contract is the right solution; join the Alliance@IBM /
CWA local 1701 EIT Chapter and help secure EI employee's bargaining rights. It is the best alternative!

02-12-04 -This week EI management began the process of informing employees, if they will receive pay increases or not. Those that meet requirements or better, are eligible for consideration of merit pay increases.

Some are being pleasantly surprised and shocked with the news of a
raise. IBM had a vigorous plan that gave out few raises and meager
salary increases at Endicott, over the years. This work force is deserving of salary increases, based on the quality of their product and
the technical expertise, this workforce of former IBM employees has. To
EI's credit, the company has developed a salary plan and issued raises,
in the first year of business.

30% of the workforce will receive a salary increase and their raise,
will be in the next paycheck on February 20th 2004. The increase is
retroactive February 1st.

At the all hands meetings held this week, EI CEO Jay MacNamara and HR
VP Rick Thistle spoke of EI profit sharing. EI did make a first year
profit and 10% of profit is slated for profit sharing. After an independent accounting audit is completed, the profit sharing amount
will be disclosed. This should occur by the end of February. Profit
sharing will be deposited in employees EIT 401K accounts. All employees,
will receive profit sharing.

Unfortunately, 70% of the EI workforce will not get a salary increase
this year but can look forward to the profit sharing. However, nothing
makes an employee feel more appreciated than a decent pay raise. Raises
by EI to 30% of the workforce, is a step in the right direction.

How could a union contract improve on the current compensation situation
at EI, is the question some wonder?

The CWA in behalf of members, would negotiate salary increases, for the
term of the contract, that would at the least cover cost of living , for
all employees. Modern contracts allow company management to still award,
merit pay increases, on top of increases covered by the contract.

Everyone gets something. Wages do not stagnate, causing fiscal problems
for families, as years pass without pay increases, that at the least,
keep up with the cost of living.

Contracts also protect employees from any shift in company policy,
covered by the contract, pertaining compensation and benefits. A major
plus in this day and age of cutbacks by corporations. Promised compensation and benefits, can not simply be reneged on. As a matter of
fact, you can take a employment contract, to the bank, to secure a loan
or mortgage. The contract, is legally binding and projects your base
income, over the contracts term.

Contracts help attract new talent and retain employees, which is good
business. EI's greatest challenge could well be retaining it's current
workforce and recruiting new employees for new ventures, like the newly
EI announced, SureScan bomb detection system, for airline baggage.
Companies and union that work together, can be very prosperous. Unions
often provide training to employees and a means to improve skills, need
for promotions and new corporate challenges.

In short, nothing beats a good contract, that protects employees and in
turn, helps a company compete and profit. Why settle for less? You and
your family deserve more.

02-05-04- A Yahoo group was created for EIT Union members, called EITUnionYes. Click this link to sign-up: EITUnionYes

02-04-04 - EIT announces 700 new jobs. What's your opinion of this announcement? What do you think this means for EI employees? Send us your comments, and we'll post them anonymously. Most of the EI employees that we have talked to so far, have many questions about this latest news. Click on this link "Got EI News? Send Us Your Comments".

01/31/04 - Big week for EIT.

The coming week for the EIT company, is an important one. It could be a major factor in the attrition rate and morale, at EI.

Starting February 2, 2004, employees will find out if they will receive raises and salary plans should be revealed. EI has indicated that 30% of the work force should get salary increases. 70% will not.

Employees are eager to see the salary plans. Most are hopeful that they will get a raise. To be successful, EI needs to retain it's former IBM employees and attract new hires. The coming week could greatly influence EI's attrition rate and employee morale. Promised profit sharing, soon to be announced, is also eagerly anticipated.

Former IBM employees hope to recoup financial losses, of IBM pension and retirement medical coverage benefits, over the IBM/EIT deal. Most former IBMers at EI now have one half or less the IBM retirement and pension benefits, they planned for, at the end of their 30 year careers. They will have no medical coverage. EI does not offer a pension or retirement medical plan. Employees hope EI profit sharing can compensate for some
of the financial losses, with the IBM sale of employees to EI.

Tragically; many former IBMers under funded their IBM 401K's, not expecting IBM to sell them out. Retirements will now be much more difficult for these former IBMers and current EI employees.

With a union contract, EI employees would not need to guess and wonder what salary plans, bonuses and profit sharing, will be. Such information, would be negotiated in writing, in a legally binding contract between EI management and the EIT Union.

The EI workload is strong. New customer contracts and opportunity are on the way. An intact EI workforce will be essential to meet future commitments.
EI employees are key to EI success. EI employees deserve union contracts and the peace of mind, contracts bring home to their families.

01/03/04 - EIT CEO Jay McNamara held round tables with a handful of employees, just before Christmas. It was the end of EI's first year. The intent was to quell employee's anger over a cleaning frenzy and cancellation of
vacation requests around the Christmas holidays.

The CEO hoped that those attending would spread the news to fellow
employees, that all was well at EI. Jay said that EI would be profitable
and that there would be pay raises and profit sharing. Pay raises would
be given out on February 3, 2004. When profit sharing would be given out
is still unknown.

The CEO also said, there would not be any layoffs and EI workloads would be at a record high for the 1st quarter. He said two new major contracts would be announced soon, worth millions; one of which would be a military contract.

The CEO's pitch was encouraging; however, many of those attending are
skeptical. The CEO has done an excellent job of bringing new work and
opportunities to EI, that is a fact. However, respect for the workforce seems to be lacking. Actions do speak louder than words.

Employees resent working weekends, for straight time pay. The EI policy
of not counting holidays and vacations towards the 40 hour week; is one
major insult to workers. Techs that, this fall, were declared to be exempts; now work over 40 hours per week and weekends for no extra compensation. The EI policy of beating employees out of OT constantly, is a major source of low moral.

Employees also resent the vacation policy at EI. EI wants vacation
cleared by management and controlled; to the point vacation has become
management directed time off, rather than vacation.This work force has
always delivered the work as IBMers, and still took vacation as required
to meet their families needs. OT pay, would certainly raise plenty of
volunteers, over the holidays.

EI needs to trust employees to work around each other's vacation
plans, to get work out, rather than have a policy of canceling vacation. EI's harsh vacation policy makes EI feel more like a work camp rather than a family oriented, workplace. There is even a rumor that EI plans to cut vacation time back. This would not be a moral booster.

As far as pay raises and profit sharing, most will believe it when they see it. The CEO announced during the fall, all hand meetings, that 30%
of the workforce would see salary increases. EI, he said, has a higher
standard than IBM and expects more. What this means is, 70% of the EI
workforce will not enjoy raises; because EI has a policy of appraising,
70% of the employees as just, " Meeting requirements or less...

This is called raising the bar but seen by many employees as another
way to rip off employees. After all, if working weekends and over
holidays, for little or no extra compensation, is not enough to warrant
some salary increase, what is?

The good news is that EI has survived it's first year and there is plenty of work on the way. Retaining the workforce made up of ex-IBMer's
will be a challenge for EI, over 2004. This experienced workforce is the
EI engine.

This workforce deserves respect and should raise the bar, for EI. A
union contract with EI and it's owners, appears to be the best means to,
raise the bar on EI, for the common good of the employees and community.
A fair union contract with EI would be good business and literally
attract and retain the workforce EI will need, to meet new challenges.

12/31/03 - This week EI management fired a 3rd shift employee in, complex board assembly for not agreeing to work last weekend, the weekend after

EI took advantage of this firing to further intimidate employees in,
complex board assembly. EI management ordered all complex board assembly
employees to work the Friday and weekend after New Years holiday, or else.

EI employees are welcome to join Alliance@IBM/CWA, Communications
Workers of America Local 1701 and seek a contact with EI. A Union contract
would greatly lessen the likelihood of EI firings over vacation taken around holidays. Those situations would be covered in the contract, along with pay, benefits, etc. Absent a union contract; we can't just defend anyone. New York is an "At Will" state. EI has the right to enforce their work rules, in an "At Will" employment situation.

Start the new year off with becoming a CWA local 1701 member
and ask a co-worker to join. Help return respect of employees and their
families to the EI workplace. It's better to fight, than quit

12/29/03 - As always, there is the fear that EI will fire/layoff union member s...

1st: The company conducts layoffs, not the union. The union attempts to
"prevent layoffs."

2nd: The union (with a contract) would forewarn employees of company instituted layoffs and try to make the selection process, as fair as possible. The union would make seniority a consideration but would not blindly protect those with seniority but poor work ethics and performance.

3rd: The union would fight for recall rights, in the event of layoffs, rather than permanent ones.

The rumor mills says, EI plans to layoff 10% of managers. Also to displace any higher level, higher paid workers, with lower level, lower paid employees; Via February resource actions. It seems unlikely with the workload, but that's the rumor. EI mfg. is understaffed but perhaps this plan could be targeting, engineers and technicians?

Most EI management was in for Christmas weekend. Exempts were in for zero compensation. A sore subject for those just made exempt.

12/21/03 - EI CEO Jay McNamara this Friday held two round tables, in a
desperate attempt to slow crashing moral at EI and increased union

Since Thanksgiving when EI owner Bill Maines and the CEO walked through the EI site, management has been auditing for housekeeping; and writing
employees up for frivolous reasons. Housekeeping took priority over
production for weeks; as management conducted audits that intimidated
and harassed employees. EI site operations VP Wade Phalen and all EI
management on down were put on notice, over the housekeeping issue.

Jay explained at round tables, made up of management picked attendees,
that it was a misunderstanding and an over reaction by management about
housekeeping, that is causing moral to plummet. Just a misunderstanding?
Jays feels that the EI management is to blame and he sides with the
employees. "Employees just need to trust me and get to know me", he

The CEO explained that there is too much management at EI and described
them as 'cancers' because of their IBM management style. If management had
told employees about Christmas vacations being denied a month or two
sooner, employees would have been less enraged, he feels.

Jay feels the EI site is booked very well and that the 1st quarter of
2004 is at near capacity, with over $50 million in orders. He spoke about
February pay raises, profit sharing and additional hiring. He plans to advertise in out of town newspapers, hoping to increase the number of applicants at EI.

Jay did warn that resigning or being fired by EI would forfeit any profit sharing and EI 401K matching funds, unless vested by 5 years of EI employment.

Many attendees felt leery after the meeting and some even enjoyed it. Even Jay noted seeing in their eyes, they were leery but he hopes to gain their trust.. in a nut shell. The meetings seemed to be the battered wives speech, i.e. 'Just because I I beat you, that doesn't mean I don't love you. Let's makeup!'

Many feel, the real reason for the operations VP order to deny Christmas vacation plans and parties on company time is to, punish the work force.. rather than production needs. There are those that feel that the cleaning frenzy caused the Christmas vacation edict. Either way, the workforce is angry and humiliated and thinking more about change.

12/12/03 - EI has gone nuts. Managers are everywhere today ....clean up mania has increased! Reprimands for petty things. One person got reprimanded for not having safety shields on when entering the 18-3 hallway. Operators getting reprimanded for having breath mints. Union talk on the floor is increasing!

One rumor is that all EI managers, from VP Wade Phalen on down, were put on notice Monday night! Even the Huron side is under high pressure. Management is taking it out on employees.

Manufacturing has been denied all December vacation requests, in many areas. This applies to all manufacturing. No Christmas parties allowed
on company time. No Christmas decorations allowed.

The entire EI workplace is now a hostile work place, from the top down. With this crazy cleanup mania, people wonder if EI is for sale! It seems more than just housekeeping or EI management just wants fear to rule! Hostile Holidays, from EI and owners!

Now would be a good time to sign-up for the AIliance@IBM, EI Chapter Union, and get 5 of your co-workers to do the same. Talk to each other on your breaks and lunch times. The sooner you do this, the sooner we can bring a contract to the bargaining table of EI. What are you waiting for?

Sign up now! What are you waiting for? EI Signup Form - print this and mail it in. All member names are strictly confidential. EI employees who were signed up as IBMers will need to sign up again, as EI is a new company.

10/07/03 - THE REAL DEAL at EI - The big problem at EI seems to be attrition now. Between Huron and EI the number of employees is down to about 1500 from 2000 last year, 10/31/2002, when the IBM/EI/NYS deal was closed. EI is understaffed and currently seeking to employ nearly 130
temporary employees, for 30 days to one year. Temps are being offered
$6.50-$7.00/hr to start and will be required to work all or part of the
weekends as scheduled days, meaning no overtime pay for weekend work.

Sanmina is hiring temps also and having difficulty, as is EI, in getting
enough manpower. Sanmina is doing some of EI's work and they are busy with overtime. Sources say Sanmina is offering as much as $9.00/hr for temps. At the EI campus, it is rumored that Hansmanns Mill is also hiring perms, starting at $7.50/hr with benefits (after 3 months). It is clear to see why the ability of EI to hire temps is weak, at these wages. To make matters worse; because EI is experiencing a shortage of workers to work for EI temp wages, EI upper management is using this to justify seeking a means to outsource EI work to China. Offer very low wages , then complain there are no willing American workers. Then send NYS jobs to China.....That's their scheme.. or so it appears. The IBM/EI/NYS deal was to maintain and create NYS and local jobs. The unwillingness of workers to accept the low pay scale 'excuse' could be a political ploy....to hold off criticisms. Ultimately, EI will be guilty of the same thing IBM, HP, Microsoft, and all the other companies are guilty of ....Offshoring for slave labor wages.

Today, some more EI manufacturing departments announced A &B teams for weekends. OT will be paid ONLY if management ok's it. Contact the Endicott Alliance@IBM/CWA 1701 office, 658-9285, or click on the "Send Us Your Comments" feature on this page. We want to hear from you!

9/04/03 - The process of EI declaring groups of employees as exempts, continues this week.

The latest group declared exempt was technicians in the EI maintenance
engineering department. These employees will no longer be paid time and
one half over time, for hours worked over 40, by EI. It is possible that their future EI performance plans, will require more than 40 hours per week work, to just meet requirements of EI.

Most in this maintenance engineering group, rarely do work over 40 hours
per week, however there are those that do. Being made exempt will be a
financial blow to these workers. There was no salary increase with this
change to exempt status, as is the norm.

Some EI managers tell the new exempts that they work more than 40 hours
per week and so should they. This is hard to prove to most employees, as
most managers are rarely even seen about; especially after 8 hours and

Employers can force employees in to exempt status, with little or no
clearance from state or federal labor departments. Especially true if there is no union at a company, to watch dog and whistle blow on questionable employment status changes.

Employees that feel that their employment status change is questionable
can contact state or federal labor departments, with any questions they
have. Click here: New York State Labor Dept.

Alliance@IBM/CWA EI Chapter members made exempt and feel it was unfair, can contact the Endicott Alliance@IBM/CWA 1701 office, 658-9285, or click on the "Send Us Your Comments" feature on this page. We want to hear from you!

8/14/03 - Judge rules in favor of EI Union representative. A Federal Judge has ruled that a former EI employee and union organizer for Alliance@IBM/CWA must be reinstated to his job.

8/11/03 - Berkeley Bowl Hires Big Union Busting Law Firm Read how anti-union law firms help companies fight unions. Their tactics are the "3 C's" strategy: conceal, camouflage, and operate clandestinely. This is information you should know about the company's use of union avoidance law firms.

8/08/03 - November EI to reveal bonus plan!

Last week EI's CEO held meetings with some engineering groups, to encourage them to stay on with EI. Because of engineering and
technician resignations, the CEO wanted to encourage, these department members, to remain at EI, personally.

He revealed that revised salary bands would be released in November, along with, the new salary ranges. Further, it was revealed that the long awaited, profit sharing compensation plan, would be announced. Details as to how the profit sharing for EI employees will be calculated, will be released then.

Employees fear that the new salary plans will be adjusted down, making future salary increases unlikely, because of reduced pay grids. Some fear pay cuts. With rising local taxes and utility costs, stagnate salaries would be a blow to EI families and the local economy.

The Alliance @ IBM-EI/CWA chapter hopes that these new salary caps and profit sharing formulas, are generous enough to retain the former IBM Endicott employees. Their valuable skills and experience are essential to EI being profitable. Our jobs depend on EI being able to retain current employee and attract new talent.

EI employees could have a, hand in their futures.. if they were able
to negotiate a contract, with EI owners and executives.
Encourage a co-worker to join the Alliance, "on your own time" and help call for a vote and recognition. Have a hand in your own future.

8/04/03 - EI has begun the process of reducing payroll and overtime costs, by declaring some hourly wage technicians, exempt from overtime labor laws. In the past employees made exempt received salary increases. This is not the case at EI. These employees are being told they will be required to work weekends with no extra compensation. Anyone required to work more than 40 hours per week, just got a 'stealth' pay cut. Their hourly wage has been effectively reduced. Employers do not need to apply to any government agency to make workers exempt. If a worker feels being made exempt is not fair in their case, they can challenge the employer, file complaint with the NYS labor board or hire a lawyer. Union members can file a complaint with the union and the union can defend their case. This will be just one great advantage, of having a written contract as an Alliance @IBM-EI member.

7/21/03 - Know your Weingarten Rights, if your employer calls you in the office and you believe it is a disciplinary interview. This applies to non-union as well as union employees. EI employees need to know these rights!

7/13/03 - Verizon Rehires 2300 workers that were laid-off. This is what a contract can do for you!

7/07/03 - Labor Law Protects Employees Employers Cannot Restrict Talk About Wages or Complaints with Customers or Co-workers

7/07/03 - Vacation control plan at EI - EI management has requested that employees use up one half of their 2003 vacation by the end of August 2003. Management makes this request because July will be slow but expect August to the end of the year, to be very busy with new customer orders. Employees with previously arranged vacation plans, will be allowed to still take time off as planned. Some employees do not like this vacation plan. Many of those with three weeks or less vacation particularly are upset.

Overtime Crack down!

EI management has told employees and management that "zero" overtime will be paid. OT will only be paid if authorized. An EI VP reviews all overtime requests. EI audits all EI managers to ensure that the EI "zero" OT policy is followed. Managers can be disciplined for failing time keeping audits. Employees are often asked to take a week day off, without pay, if management plans weekend work. This helps EI meet it's cost reduction plans, by maintaining a 40 hour work week, management explains to employees. Employees are required to fill out and sign a time keeping correction form, for any corrections they require, by their manager. For more information on American labor law and over time pay, use this link:

Overtime Address: http://jobsearchtech.about.com/library/weekly/aa082602.htm


5/30/03 - EI manufacturing managers, have begun the process of hiring temporary employees, to meet the coming increased production demands.

Some recently laid off IBM and EI employees, with the needed experience and skills, are being asked to return to their old jobs or similar jobs, as temporary EI employees, for $7.00 per hour. The Alliance @ IBM CWA local 1701 and EI chapter is encouraged that hiring, apparently, is occurring. A sure sign that business at EI is
growing. EI sales have been doing well, finding new customers.

Hopefully, these former regular IBM and EI employees, will be offered regular employment, at their former wages, in the near future. That would be the decent thing to do. These peoples skills and experience deserve better pay than $7.00 per hour.


EI employees often work weekends for no extra compensation and are paid straight time for weekend hours worked!

This phenomenon occurs when EI employees take vacation or are directed by management to take a week day off. Paid vacation and holidays, do not count towards the 40 hour work week, only time actually on the job does. Time and one half over time, is only paid for time worked beyond 40 hours.

EI employees do not like this EI policy that cheats them out of overtime pay for weekend days worked. A 10% premium is offered for scheduled weekend work but workers would rather have time and one half overtime, a 50% premium! The 10% weekend premium, isn't even a decent tip at a restaurant.

This would not happen with a, collectively bargained and signed, Union contract.

EI management maintains that their weekend pay policy is standard for the industry. This is not so. Most companies honor paid vacation as time worked. Locally, Sanmina at Owego, NY, another printed board manufacturer, counts vacation and holidays towards the 40 hour work week and normal overtime is paid out for weekends. EI should reconsider their vacation and holiday policy and match the industry standard, to be competitive.


05/15/03 - X-IBMers employed at EI, the former IBM Endicott, NY, Microelectronics panel manufacturing plant, won a major contract with IBM this week, for EI, Endicott Interconnect Technologies.

EI was awarded a major contract to build and assemble super computer boards for IBM’s super computer project, Blue Gene/L. A great tribute to the former IBM employees, now employed by EI. This contract would have been awarded to EI if not for the skilled and exception workforce.

Blue Gene/L research was done by IBM and supported by the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security agency. The super computer will take up an area equivalent to two tennis courts. It will have the computing power of the worlds top 500 super computers and do 200 trillion calculations per second. For more information on IBM’s Blue Gene/L project and research use this link: http://www.research.ibm.com/bluegene/

This will create great challenge and work for the EI Company and talented employees. It is expected that the Blue Gene/L assembly work alone with fill EI’s complex board assembly, to half capacity.

EI employees are well worth their pay, to do this type of advanced panel manufacturing and should be very proud of this accomplishment. Employees of this caliber certainly deserve great respect. Employees of this rare caliber certainly deserve employment contracts that protect their wages and benefits.


05/05/03 Good Rumors: EI May orders are up greatly for the month of May. Some management have said that EI has over $16 million in orders booked for May alone. Employee layoff fears are much lower now, as a result of the upswing in orders. Layoffs seem remote for business reasons. Layoffs now would be insane.

Last week EI passed it's ISO audit with no issues. BVQi, that audited EI for ISO 9000 conformance, was extremely impressed with employee knowledge. Only one other company impressed BVQi as much, ever, British Aerospace, BAE here locally.

EI are X-IBMers and this ISO audit only makes the point, the most
valuable assets at EI, go home each day. EI management needs to make sure they come back. Rumored pay cuts are certainly uncalled for and this ISO audit makes it clear, these employees are worth their pay.


04/15/03 Layoff Rumors:

Stress levels are higher at EI, former IBM Endicott MD, over rumors of May layoffs, furloughs or both. The Alliance hopes that this rumor is not true, for the sake of the young EI business venture.

The EI CEO recently sent e-mail to employees indicating EI business was growing. This seems to make the rumor less likely. However, when employees feel their jobs are jeopardized, they write resumes, even when not sure if the rumors are true. EI management and owners need to create some sense of real job security and loyalty for it's workforce; or valuable and strategic skills that EI needs to prosper and grow, may be lost. The local community will suffer. EI should address this rumor. It would be smart business to keep false rumors, of layoffs, from growing. Employees with a sense of job security are less likely to start the process of job hunting. Just last week EI received a rash of resignations, which is not good for business.

Please call 607-729-4652 or e-mail the Alliance@IBM/CWA Local 1701 office with any reliable information on future IBM Endicott or EI layoffs. Our community and the families of both companies have good reason to be informed on such matters.


The 10 Percent Solution: Rumor has it that weekend work will now be paid for with a 10% or 12% gratuity, on top of straight time. This means that employees used to getting time and a half for 6 or 8 hours on Saturday will now receive a regular days pay, plus 10% or 12% of that amount for that day.

Mfg. operators fear being scheduled to weekends with time off on week days. Huron facilities maintenance and EI solution maintenance employees are on schedules already. They are directly affected by the 10% premium weekend pay now!

Is your gratuity to a food service person, in this area, greater than what you make on Saturday?? This is overtime abuse, pure and simple. EI gets away with it because they make sure no one works over 40 hours for the week, whether part of that week is on the weekend or not.

This would not happen with a, collectively bargained and signed, Union contract.

EI Profit Sharing: EI made a profit in 2002. How did that affect employee profit sharing plans? Don't you wonder if those profit sharing plans, in each employee's name, are being managed and contributed to? This year it has been noticed that production levels have picked up. EI employees are being told that contracts are being won. This is good news. This should improve hopes of profit sharing for EI employees. We hope EI comes forward with profit sharing announcements soon. The quarterly finance numbers should be available to management now!

Know the truth: EI Owner Bill Maines stated at a meeting with employees that a union contract starts at zero. WRONG! By Federal Law, once employees have signed enough forms asking for a union election, EVERYTHING IS FROZEN -- pay, benefits, everything. You start from where you are, not at zero.



EI employees are eligible to become members of the Alliance@IBM/CWA Local 1701. EI members are forming their own chapter within the Alliance. Members can be either voting members or subscribers. See more about membership at "About Membership". Call the Alliance@IBM office at 607-729-4652. Send in a sign up form from this web site or request that a sign-up form, and any other information you want, be sent to your home address.


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