Fighting for IBM workers in 2013

January 18, 2013

At the end of 2012, IBM corporate management angered thousands of employees by changing the timing of the automatic match contribution to the 401(k). Over 900 of you signed the petition to reverse this decision, but many more are needed for IBM management to take employees seriously.

Last year thousands of IBM workers were terminated and the work moved out of the US.

Last year pay raises were minimal or non-existent and cost cutting impacted employees work as corporate officers raked in millions in compensation.

The only way to change IBM is through the Alliance@IBM, the only organization fighting for IBM workers.

Our work plan for 2013:

IBM management and the media will only listen to us if we have a strong organization of thousands.

This month we are holding a membership drive for associate members. Your names are confidential. IBM will not see it.

Please support the only advocate for IBM workers. Click the links on this page to JOIN Alliance@IBM.

Thank you to all our members and associate members for keeping the Alliance@IBM alive.

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