IBM/Xcel Energy account workers
outsourced, offshored and terminated.

September 19, 2012
Like many new IBM employees that have come into the company from acquisitions, Xcel Energy employees have found that they can be callously replaced by offshore workers.

Xcel Energy is the sole provider of gas and electricity in the Denver Metro region, Minneapolis, MN, Amarillo, TX and a few other cities. The health of the business is excellent. New buildings are going up in Denver and Minneapolis.

Xcel Energy outsourced its IT, application support, infrastructure and database jobs to IBM in 1995. The workers on the IBM Xcel Energy account, like all acquisitions, didn't join IBM voluntarily, but because they are proud of their work gave it a chance.

Unfortunately this seems to be a one way street for the workers.

Xcel Energy wants to cut their maintenance costs drastically and IBM agreed. Of course they way they are going to do this is by firing the workers here and offshoring the work to India. It is rumored that 100 out of 145 jobs will be cut from 3 sites. Many of these workers have been with Xcel for 15 to 25 years. The workers are being kept in the dark and are told not to talk with each other about the job losses and offshoring.

Customers are concerned that the loss of these workers and the offshoring of the jobs will result in a decline of expertise. IBM Xcel Energy account workers know it is just about the money and greed.

At this moment the workers are not getting any promises from Xcel Energy. IBM is promising to find new positions for these workers but long time IBM employees know these "promises" need to be in writing, not verbal. IBM is also reviewing their severance eligibility.

IBM Xcel Energy account workers have told the Alliance that it is morally reprehensible to give away good paying, high skill jobs to India. Workers say the termination of US jobs ripples through communities, negatively impacting the economy. These workers have also told us that many of them could lose everything if they are not able to secure employment.

For those that have been following the Alliance campaign at IBM you know we have seen this before.

But for how long do we repeat it?

IBM needs to do the right thing and keep these workers employed.

We also encourage supporters to contact your congressional representative and tell them what IBM and Xcel are doing.

Let us do all we can to protect and keep jobs here in the US.

Stop Offshoring Now!

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