Answer: At Will Employment simply means, you can be fired for any reason or no reason, any time without notice (unless you fall under the WARN Act with a number of others). Conversely, As an employee you can quit any time without notice for any reason or no reason. That's how At Will Employment policy works in the USA. See:

Answer: A contract is an agreement between the company and the employee. There are individual employment contracts that are used between CEO's, Bank Presidents, and Sports managers, etc. They are bargained for by attorneys for the potential employee. Unions also bargain with a company or companies for a contract that covers their union members. This is also done with attorneys and union representatives. Once the union contract is written, it is brought to the entire union membership of the local and the members vote to accept or decline the contract, before it is signed off by the Union's representatives.

Answer: All things pertaining to the employees. Work schedules, wages, pensions, medical coverage, hiring and firing conditions (i.e. layoffs), vacations, sickness & accident time, and job skill levels; to name a few. A contract can be quite lengthy and involved; but is designed to protect the company as well as the employees.
Go to the top menu item (on left), "Sample Contracts & Summary" to read and see what a contract between CWA members and a company looks like.

Answer: You may click either of these links to take you through a short process of signing up. Once you signup, you are authorizing the union to collectively bargain for you and represent you at the bargaining table. Membership is open to Retirees, Vendors, Contractors, Temps, and Active Employees and former IBM employees.

Answer: The vote occurs when Alliance@IBM submits enough cards to call for a vote. The NLRB minimum requirement to request a union vote is 30% of the employee (non-management) population at a given bargaining unit. A designated bargaining unit requires agreement between the company and the union. A union very rarely requests a vote from the NLRB, with under 51% of the employees signed cards. Usually the union tries to get 60% cards signed. These requirements are very difficult to reach, without each union member's own organizing activity within the company. The union cannot walk into a company and declare the company a union shop. It just doesn't work that way. Unions must follow the rule of law set by the Federal government, in 1938 (The Wagner Act)

Answer: NO. All union membership cards and information are confidential and are stored on a separate database server, from the Alliance server. Alliance@IBM will never divuldge any members names to IBM for any purpose or reason. IBM cannot request those records during the campaign nor do they have the right to ask any Alliance member if a person is a member. It's against the law.
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Answer: Yes. They will hold "captive audience" meetings during working hours. They will hire union-busters for as much as a $million dollars a month to scare you, intimidate you, harass you and try to get you to believe that the union can't win. They will also try the other side of the same coin; They may offer you raises, bonuses, better working hours, and even vacations--especially during a union campaign so you won't be around--to convince you to vote against the union. The company will do everything they can think of; to get you to vote no.
These tactics are the main reason why the Employee Free Choice Act is needed to level the playing field, during a union organizing campaign. Majority card sign shortens the union campaign and reduces the harassment by the company.

Answer: The Communications Workers Of America, Alliance@IBM's parent union has approximately 700,000 members nationwide. They also have merged with other unions in the Media and Broadcasting business, as well as Universities, Hospitals, Airlines, Electrical workers and Professional unions,

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