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Has the alliance considered a paypal link? An easier way for some people to pay you. Just a thought. I am happy to contribute and that would be an easy way for many people. -StillanIBMer-
Alliance Reply: Use this link also:
The donate through PayPal is at the top. You need to have a paypal account to use this feature. Please let us know of any issues regarding this new feature to Alliance@IBM. 2/3/2009
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09/03/09: Alliance needs contact with ex-IBM employees who were RA'd while h1b visa worker remained.
Please contact Lee Conrad ASAP at

Comment 4/30/10: IBM forced to negotiate with Union in Australlia... about time!... and all it took was 80b union members demanding the right to negotiate. -Analyst86-

Comment 4/30/10: To anonymous, IBM does pay $2500 and quickly to those who show proof of payment, proof of completion (Grades or certificate are fine) and of course, filling out the form you got in your severance package. Get the login at and file a help ticket to get the fax number to send all the information. It's the easiest $2500 you'll ever get from IBM. Are you really going to let them keep that money? -Anonymous-
Comment 4/29/10: I read the article about cloud sourcing with total disgust. It made me donate a years membership to alliance. Any one who has been watching what is going on knows it to be true. Remeber IBM denying Cringly reports of 150,000 layoffs. If you want further evidence check out IBM's own web site.
or just search Tim Ringo IBM. For a fee, IBM will tell other companies how to commoditize its employees
. -Anonymous-
Comment 4/29/10: @anonymous: No, it has to be a course with a completion certificate. So, no books, no self-study. No materials at all unless they are required by the course. Just another dirty trick to keep you from actually using the money. The other dirty trick, of course, is that you have to pay for the course up front AFTER losing your job. I doubt much of the retraining money ever gets used. I managed to spend $1500 of mine. -Earnest-
Comment 4/29/10: please Resource Allocate expats who mysteriously can find more time to take pictures and blog during office hours while on assignment than actually deliver REAL work. The amount of money spent alone on his housing expenses in Roppongi could pay for 20 head count easily. What a waste. Read on -RAed_in_Toronto-
Comment 4/28/10: I think some may be interested in this article published in India, because it speaks to our "collective fate." The comments following it are also insightful.
Title: Is it worthwhile to hire non-techies for techies' work?
-gone fishin'-

Comment 4/28/10:
Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 4:27 PM
Subject: IBM DSS Q2 Work Reduction Announcement
Importance: High

Dear Employees,

The following note is being sent to all employees presently on the IBM DSS contract.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not affect all employees. You will be notified individually by your OAOT manager if you are to be subject to the reduced work schedule.

In light of the current economic conditions, the ITD US Organization of IBM has determined subcontractors will operate on a reduced work schedule. Work schedules are to be reduced by 15% from April 26th through July 2nd. This action is not a reflection of any dissatisfaction over the service provided, but rather a business decision.

Please DO NOT address this with IBM clients.

It is expected that the normal schedules will be resumed after this program is complete.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause and it's our hope it will not effect you. -RA'ed in 2010-

Comment 4/28/10: If IBM cuts 90% of perms and rehires them as contractors, the customers will hire contractors directly and cut IBM out altogether.. no need for IBM. Why pay extra when you can cut out the middle man, especially with all of the horrible service provided by slave labor offshore employees? Perhaps they want to get out of the service industry altogether. -cut out the middle man-
Comment 4/28/10: Contractors hours and pay have been cut for years and years now. This is nothing new just like the cuts every quarter to IBM'rs. Everything on this site is old news reposted. The only way to stop the madness is to organize and unionize. Without a union contract in place, IBM can and will do whatever they please to any and everyone. The executives have their contracts and are padding their retirement while the grunts without a contract continue to be treated like dirt. If you don't have a union contract you are at the mercy of greedy executives. Join up and get every one of your coworkers to join up, or don't complain -Gone_in_07-
Comment 4/28/10:

IBM crowd sourcing could see employed workforce shrink by three quarters
Louisa Peacock23 April 2010 16:53
This article first appeared in Personnel Today magazine. Multinational firms saddled with huge people costs are considering downsizing their permanent workforce and hiring sub-contractors on a scale never seen before - presenting an "enormous" management task for HR. IT giant IBM told Personnel Today that the firm's global workforce of 399,000 permanent employees could reduce to 100,000 by 2017, the date by which the firm is due to complete its HR transformation programme. Tim Ringo, head of IBM Human Capital Management, the consultancy arm of the IT conglomerate, said the firm would re-hire the workers as contractors for specific projects as and when necessary, a concept dubbed 'crowd sourcing'. What is crowd sourcing? Crowd sourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by an employee and outsoucring it to an undefined group of people on a project-by-project basis, in the form of an open call. Firms wishing to follow this model could encourage employees to set up a company with 10 or more colleagues, and buy back their services as and when needed.

Source: Burnt Oak

"There would be no buildings costs, no pensions and no healthcare costs, making huge savings," he said. Outsourcing experts said employers from both the private and public sector were increasingly using the model as they looked to squeeze people costs post-recession. When asked how many permanent people IBM could potentially employ in 2017, Ringo said: "100,000 people. I think crowd sourcing is really important, where you would have a core set of employees but the vast majority are sub-contracted out." He stressed the firm was only considering the move, and was not about to cut 299,000 jobs, as staff would be re-hired as contractors. High-profile employers in the oil, manufacturing, IT and services industries are considering downsizing their permanent employee base and instead using contractors, according to outsourcing experts. Robert Morgan, director at Burnt Oak consultancy, said the trend stemmed from American-owned companies trying to improve the ratio of how much money per employee per quarter they can make. "If you can dump your staff that improves your ratio, and then the analysts tell investors to buy stocks in the shares," he said. "The UK service industry is competing against low-cost countries such as China. It also competing with new forms of technology, so the last thing organisations want now is people [costs]." He said the potential IBM model would "encourage employers to follow suit". However, Morgan warned the move was fraught with potential problems. "Employees just sitting there will think the axe is coming to them. This could force employees to leave, giving them a case for constructive dismissal." Bernard Brown, head of business services at consultancy KPMG, warned firms should be wary of the "enormous" HR issues at stake. "How do you encourage these people to stay working with you? The retention issues are huge. Staff morale could also be affected." Other problems included the contractors not always being available when firms needed them, and the quality of work suffering. Ian Brinkley, associate director at the Work Foundation, said: "It's really important that companies don't just look at cost savings when considering [the IBM] model. They have got to be prepared to invest a lot of management time into handling relationships and networks and the long-term applications of it all." However, an IBM spokesman denied the firm was about to shrink its permanent workforce by three quarters in seven years. He said: "The comments are without merit. This was pure speculation about future job movements without any basis in fact. In fact, the comments run counter to IBM's history of growing its global workforce over each of the last eight years." -Anon-

Comment 4/27/10: "Nobody"''s article reeks of something. I'm no defender of IBM practices and in fact, that's why I, and all of you, know that IBM would NEVER EVER tell a publication of such plans. -gman-
Comment 4/27/10:
looks like more coming down the pike... -Anonymous-

Comment 4/27/10: More on cloud sourcing and job cuts. Alliance quoted. -member-

Comment 4/27/10: Do you know on the RA benefit for education ($2500) if you can get reimbursed for the technical courses you can download that have no formal completion? The form you submit says it needs proof of completion. -anonymous-
Comment 4/27/10: I can confirm the contractor 15% reduction thing. I still have several friends back at IBM I keep in touch with. one is a contractor and he told his first line that he couldn't take the pay cuts anymore and to be aware that he is looking for work elsewhere. -RA'ed in 2010-
Comment 4/27/10:
"To: All CDI ITD Resources
From: Andy Morgan, Director
Subject: 2010 Q2 Work Reduction Notification

IBM recently notified CDI that from April 26th through July 2nd all CDI ITD resources are required to reduce normal work schedules by 15%. This action is not a reflection of any dissatisfaction over the services provided by you or CDI but rather an IBM business decision. Your IBM Manager will work directly with your CDI Account Executive to coordinate a reduced work schedule that minimizes any impact to IBM or its clients. You should receive the communication regarding your reduction schedule from your CDI Account Executive. When you begin working the reduced schedule and notifying CDI of these reduced work hours, please enter 0 hours into the CDI Web Based Time reporting tool and note the words “work reduction” in the comment section. A number of CDI resources may not be affected by this action at this time, due to critical IBM business requirements. IBM managers will communicate these exceptions to your CDI Account Executive. This decision and action is not to be discussed with any IBM clients. It is expected that normal work schedules will resume after this request is completed. You should understand that this action is being taken by IBM to retain as many CDI resources as possible for future work. Please address any questions to your CDI Account Executive." -Anon-

Comment 4/27/10: Confirmed, 15% hours cut this quarter, after the 13% pay cut in 2008. -CDI_Drone-
Comment 4/26/10: Contractors received email today that hours would be cut 15% this quarter -- Here we go again. From the contractor perspective, 1st quarter last year took 13% pay cut, next four quarter 10% of hours -- so basically working for 23% less. -Anonymous-
Comment 4/26/10: Interesting article about future possible job cuts:

Comment 4/26/10: Interesting, and worrying article regarding the cutting of 3/4 of worldwide IBM employees.....bring them back as contractors: -Anonymous_UK-
Comment 4/26/10: to FormerIBMer - until and unless there is a union at IBM, or until and unless IBM once again treats its U.S. workers with respect, I will continue to specify any and all other competitor products over IBM. The competition's product is just as good if not better. -Gone in 96-
Comment 4/25/10: To -P.O'ed in Canada. I am pretty sure the next group of RA victims will be told their fate at the end of May. (and then depart end of June). This is why I say this; There are several folks in my department (I work in ITD/SSO) who were originally RA-ed in March and then extended until the end of May. The manager slipped and told one of them, "There was a paperwork slip-up and a mistake was made. You were not supposed to be included in this round, but in the next round in May. Thus, we will be extending you until the end of May". I am in the US. It may be different in Canada. -dun-4-
Alliance Reply: And yet, the IBMers left to experience that indignation, disrespect and contempt from IBM management; still do not make much effort to organize. Alliance@IBM is here to help those IBMers organize in the US; but we can't help if no one joins. We can't help, if no one wants to step up and do something. We can't help, if no one believes that publicly fighting back can make a difference. Take anon's advice below: *Join the Alliance*
. Remaining quiet and hiding, do not work forever.

Comment 4/25/10: Changes in Global Administration (Secretaries). Only band C and above will get support from IBM secretaries. The rest will receive support from contractors. Global Admin is big on using U.S. contractors (Manpower) for low cost support of customers. Since the majority of regular employees DO NOT support Band C execs, how they'll achieve this is unknown (the rumor is the selling off of Global Admin) Most of the high level execs sit in NY and will NOT feel any pain or inconvenience from any changes. It's good to be King! *Join the Alliance* -anon-
Comment 4/25/10: To: -RAed last Jan- Thank you for the information, it was very helpful. In regards to a June lay off, I've heard that too. I'm in GBS in the U.S. In the job role I'm in, I something get wind when HR/Senior Leadership are working on the latest cuts. So far, I haven't seen this activity, but who knows. I would say it takes about 2 -2.5 months to work through the process of picking names, etc. before an announcement is made. I heard about the of the March 1 layoff in January. -Florida Resident & Alliance Member-
Comment 4/24/10: "Suit yourself, but it sounds to me that you are cutting off your nose to spite your face and not delivering the best solution for your employer or customers. -FormerIBMer- "
Sounds just like the TV commercial … over priced support does not mean best solution …-IchBinMuede-

Comment 4/24/10: The rumour has it that there is going to be a huge hit in June. Quite frankly, I can't wait. I'm getting increasingly frustrated training my replacments. Does anyone know anything more concrete than the rumours we have here in GBS Canada. -P.O'ed in Canada-
Comment 4/23/10: To Florida Resident and Alliance Member- There is a 2 week waiting period after you first apply. If memory serves, you apply, and the first two weeks you're unemployed, you don't get anything, and then after that you receive payments every two weeks, and you claim two weeks at a time. And it is very timely if you do it all online. e.g. Laid off on April 2. You apply on April 5. You start getting benefits as of April 19. And when you claim weeks, let's say on April 19, toy claim the prior two weeks. By Friday that week (April 23) the money is usually in your bank account if you choose direct deposit. The 2 weeks waiting is a pain, but after that it pretty much works like clockwork if you claim the weeks on time. And they do send you reminders. Hope this helps... -RAed last Jan-
Comment 4/23/10: To Former IBM'er: Write your contracts to require US citizen workers. -SZCZEBRZESZYN -
Comment 4/22/10: Found this link which shows how much unemployment you get by state. -anonymous-
Comment 4/22/10: To those at IBM who are receiving unsolicited e-mails about employment elsewhere: this may be IBM's attempt to have you leave without their laying you off (and paying severance). And yes, I'd guess you might be on the list to potentially be laid off. It's consistent with IBM's stealth practices. -Think-
Comment 4/22/10: "One of these times after an RA I hope to see a HUGE jump in the number of new members ."
I guess comments in the non Job Cuts section don't get as much traction. This section is specific to Job Cuts. -Which Section-

Alliance Reply: Since the beginning of March 2010, we have shutdown a majority of our comments sections; leaving Job Cuts Reports the only one for anyone to post to. That's why you don't see 'much traction' there. Our decision was based simply on the fact that our membership continues to decrease. We could not justify spending our members dues to support visitors comments from people who don't or won't join the Alliance. We are gaining memebers, now; but we are offering them a private members only forum to discuss all the other comment topics, including Job Cuts Reports.
If you are an Alliance member, and wish to post comments in the members only forum, we can acomodate you.
First, you must verify your membership by simply including your email address that you used when you signed up as a member. We do not and will not post that information, publicly.
Second, Once we verify your membership and email from your post, we can send you the link to the private forum. You can then register for the forum, using your verified email. I will personally make sure registration is swift, and then you can begin posting comments in several of the sections of the private forum.
Just to be clear: If you use the Job Cuts Reports board to post Job cuts related information, and you are a member, we will still protect your identity and will post your comments with a psuedonym of your choice or as Anonymous.
Again, The private forum is for dues members only. It is protected by the same Federal laws that protect us from anti-union trouble makers and union busters. Be sure to include your email that you used to sign up as an Alliance member. Contact us if you have more questions.

Rick White
Treasurer, Organizer, IT Administrator
and Health & Safety Rep
CWA Local 1701
Twitter ID: @Allianceibm

Comment 4/22/10: I have read several comments on this forum from former IBM'ers who feel they are sticking it to IBM by not buying IBM servers. If they are referring to UNIX servers I think they are sticking it to their current employers for basing their decisions on revenge for IBM rather than what the best solution for their current company. As a former IBM'er and UNIX architect, I would be amiss in designing a project based on personal feelings and ignoring technical data . Even the price for performance is in line with their competitors. Suit yourself, but it sounds to me that you are cutting off your nose to spite your face and not delivering the best solution for your employer or customers. -FormerIBMer-
Comment 4/21/10: Just want to say Thank YOU SAM! I was RA'd in March and within 3 weeks I got a great job with a competitor for much more $$$ and all thanks to the training I received and the education that was paid for by my uncle SAM. Regardless of what "big" corp you work for - manage your career - if there are any training/educational programs you can avail of - then do so - even if you must pay for them yourself. FYI - I found "Big Blow" carries alot of clout - pay it up in interviews - Other big corps are impressed. PS - dont bother being bitter - IBM has moved on and so must we - to bigger and better. -Anonymous-
Comment 4/21/10: To various posters: From the Business Week article on home page link ...
"IBM on Monday reported first-quarter earnings of US$1.97 per share on $22.9 billion in revenue, a rise of 16 percent and 5 percent, respectively, over the same period last year. Net income was $2.6 billion, a jump of 13 percent."
The key here is revenue (sales) only grew 5%. The increase in net income of 13% was largely due to reduced expenses. The accounting equation for an income statement is Revenue - Expenses = Net Income (or profit). There's a big difference in net profit due to increased revenue vs cuts in expenses. That's why Wall Street reacted the way it did and stock fell. -annonymous-

Comment 4/21/10: -RAed last Jan- Thank you for answering my question. Just one more, if you don't mind. Can you collect immediately after you get laid off? Of do you have to wait 6 months (I'll get 26 weeks severance). Thank again, it's much appreciated! -Florida Resident and Alliance Member-
Alliance Reply: FYI.... If you are an Alliance member, and wish to post comments in a members only forum, we can acomodate you.
First, you must verify your membership by simply including your email address that you used when you signed up as a member. We do not and will not post that information, publicly.
Second, We have set up a private forum for members only. Once we verify your membership and email from your post, we can send you the link to the private forum. You can then register for the forum, using your verified email. I will personally make sure registration is swift, and then you can begin posting comments in several of the sections of the private forum.
Just to be clear: If you use the Job Cuts Reports board to post Job cuts related information, and you are a member, we will still protect your identity and will post your comments with a psuedonym of your choice or as Anonymous.
Again, The private forum is for dues members only. It is protected by the same Federal laws that protect us from anti-union trouble makers and union busters. Be sure to include your email that you used to sign up as an Alliance member. Contact us if you have more questions.

Rick White
Treasurer, Organizer, IT Administrator
and Health & Safety Rep
CWA Local 1701
Twitter ID: @Allianceibm

Comment 4/21/10: -What are you expecting?- One of these times after an RA I hope to see a HUGE jump in the number of new members . Not this time unfortunatly. Maybe next time. Or the 20 after that -Exodus2007-
Comment 4/21/10: To -screwed2- The job listings are from within IBM, and are sent from different people to "Server Computing CoP members" -Uncommon Cents-
Comment 4/21/10: 2 responses here... To screwed2 - Yes, the Florida max is $275/week + the still current (I think) "Obama subsidy" of $25/week. So I was getting $300/week. Plus, if it is still in place (I am now employed, so I don't know) the first $2400/yr of unemployment comp was tax free/exempt. (yes, I claimed it on my 2009 return with no problem) To "anonymous" WRT the employee directory, it's not a manual process; it does reflect BluePages, but while they take you out of BP almost immediately, the online directory does not sync that often. I was in there for at least a month, maybe more till I disappeared from it with no intervention on my part. IMHO, don't waste your time; you'll be out of there soon enough. -RAed last Jan-
Comment 4/21/10: Bob Evans in attack mode again. -member-

Comment 4/21/10: The article per the link on the home page, to quote a section below. It seems that there must be a much higher number of cuts than we know of - the amount saved is pretty high, at 1/2 BILLION - much higher than 1st Q 2009. IBM incurred $560 million in expenses during the quarter for "workforce rebalancing," a phrase it uses to refer to job cuts. That was up significantly from $265 million in the same period last year. The most recent cuts will yield "substantial" savings for IBM in later quarters, Loughridge said. -Anonymous-
Comment 4/21/10: "IBM incurred $560 million in expenses during the quarter for"workforce rebalancing," a phrase it uses to refer to job cuts. That was up significantly from $265 million in the same period last year. The most recent cuts will yield "substantial" savings for IBM in later quarters, Loughridge said. "The company's performance in Q1 can be attributed partly to improved efficiency" .
Efficiency? How can IBM be efficient if they continually have to do their rebalancing act. That would show they are not efficient. The global economy is in a world recession still. No wonder the IBM stock price didn't bounce up on this supposedly dazzling 1Q10 report. Is IBM also cooking the books ala Enron? -anonymous-
Comment 4/20/10: If you have been "RA'ed". You may be gone from blue pages. However, you may still be listed on the "Online Directory".
Appears that IBM has no process to remove a person after access has been cut off. I have been working weeks to get removed. So be a pain and ask to be removed.
Comment 4/20/10: To -Former IBM'er-: There is something you can do. I worked for big blow and was ra'd. Now I am in charge of an IT department. When it came time to refresh the servers and other equipment, I kicked IBM out the door. We were paying them thousands a year in maintenance contracts and would have spend 100k on new IBM equipment but I went with other brands and kicked them to the curb. -anon-
Comment 4/20/10: To Uncommon Cents - now that you mention it, I DID start getting emails about open job openings, they were coming from contracting firms I thought, and I just ignored them. They started coming a few months before I was RA'd. I hope for your sake the whole thing is a coincidence.... it is NOT fun to be in this position (I was RAd Mar 31 2010). btw... thanks to RAd last Jan and "anon" for your replies to my FL unemployment questions... appreciate the advice. -screwed2-
Comment 4/19/10: -RAed last Jan- I'm also in Florida and feel the axe is coming soon. Do you mind sharing how much the max amount per week you can receive in Florida. I remember reading on their website it was like $275/per week. (yikes)! -anon-
Comment 4/19/10: To -screwed2- If memory serves, when I "got it" last year (in Florida), I just filled in the form online, and it all just started working. I got no DOL number; I just put in the name of my employer and the rest of the info and that was it. If you've not applied yet, apply today. Do it online and the claim your weeks online, with direct deposit. While I'd rather have not had to do it, it worked perfectly and timely.. -RAed last Jan-
Comment 4/19/10: To -screwed2-: Each state is different in unemployment rules. The following is the link for Florida unemployment.
Pension / retirement income in NJ is only affected based on company contribution, and IBM froze its pension plan years ago. Recommend you file for unemployment as soon as possible after your last day at IBM. The questions you must answer for Florida will be part of the application. Read the website for info.
Comment 4/19/10: I made it through the last RA. I am an Alliance member. Soon after the last RA, I started receiving available job listings. I asked other coworkers if they were receiving them as well. The answer was NO. I am wondering if anybody else is receiving these emails and if it is an indication that I am on the next RA list. Just curious. -Uncommon Cents-
Comment 4/19/10: Stimulus bill passed in Feb. 2009 allows separated employees to only pay 35% of COBRA payment. Former employer pays 65% and gets write-off. -Pay only 35% of COBRA-
Comment 4/18/10: As a current customer of IBM, it is easy for us to see what is going on. The IT employees who transferred to IBM are being fired (RA’d). At first, their positions were not being backfilled. Now our former employees are systematically being replaced with recent graduates of foreign universities (the contract specifies that services must be provided in-state). There is no doubt that we would have much better service if our contract was being serviced by experienced and fairly treated IBM employees. But there isn’t much that we can do about the situation because we have something that the IBM employees do not have - A CONTRACT. -Former IBM'er-
Comment 4/18/10: "Once again the date of severance has passed and the information seekers have gone away."
Uh, kinda thought THIS section was for posting of specific information of Job cuts, Resource Actions and Firings.
What exactly are you expecting to see when there is nothing to post that is SPECIFIC to this section's purpose? -What are you expecting?-

Comment 4/18/10: Given what I just posted, that the USA workforce is targeted to be 20% of the IBM workforce (therefore 80,000), I would not be surprised to see the USA workforce actually reduced to even 50,000 in the next few years. This year seems on target to go below 100,000 as the reliance on foreign workers continues to escalate. And consider how many of that 100,000 here are imported foreign workers. -anonymous-
Comment 4/18/10: To -Hegedus: I also saw a presentation file several years ago that showed a target of only 20% of the IBM workforce to be located in the USA. That was broken out into 10-15% as landed resources (foreigners brought in on visas) and therefore 5-10% as Americans (assumed to be both USA citizens and legal workers). -anonymous-
Comment 4/18/10: I see references to DOL number not being provided and its impact on unemployment benefits. Can someone tell me what "DOL number" is? Does anyone know about unemployment eligibility in Florida? I missed retirement bridge by 2 months, but elected to start the annuity of my vested benefits now so that I can get by until/if I ever find a new job. I can't figure out if that precludes me from FL unemployment benefits or not. Anyone have any experience in FL? And, is the letter we got from our mgr about the RA enough evidence we are now"unemployed"? -screwed2-
Comment 4/17/10: To Hegedus: 10 percent of what? 10 percent of the headcounts of 5 years ago? Of today? What about the management teams? Similar cuts there -oneofmany-
Comment 4/17/10: "Saw that my ex-manager did not enter the"DOL account number"
Yep, IBM's tactic of trying to screw you one more time once you are RA'ed so you'll have to wait longer for your first unemployment check. -anonymous-

Comment 4/16/10: Heard from a 1st line manager that has always been correct about ra's, and heads up projects for offshoring, that IBM's goal is to get the US head count down to 10% by the time they are finally done with all the ra's. I've never heard him say something that didn't actually happen yet. -Hegedus-
Comment 4/16/10: Check out this ranking IBM has, due in large part to the masacre of US employees over the last few years. I was cut in this most recent round effective 3/31 - this just makes me sick - -screwed2-

Alliance Reply: Sorry for the omission of the link, the first time. I included it this time.
Comment 4/16/10: Once again the date of severance has passed and the information seekers have gone away. Some to search for new employment and some to hide and hope the next round misses them also. A few have had an awakening and decided its better to go down standing then kneeling and have signed up as new members. For now all that is left is the silence of the lambs. -Exodus2007-
Comment 4/15/10: Doesn't make much sense - announcing new 56,000 sf facility...but no jobs? Answer: Automation with remote control assist (when needed) from the Asian countries. They only need one American (high school education) to clear the jams. Fact. -end_of_IBM_US-
Comment 4/14/10: See other companies are corrupt too....
Oh wait, Cognos is an IBM company isn't it? ;-)
-en Mass-
Comment 4/14/10: Anonymous said "Saw that my ex-manager did not enter the"DOL account number" That is the same thing that happened to me. Took forever to get it. -Unions are the only thing that can save us-
Comment 4/13/10: Somebody want to clue me in on what this is all about? Doesn't make much sense - announcing new 56,000 sf facility...but no jobs? -annonymous-
Comment 4/13/10: Anyone ever wonder whether there will ever be a Tech Workers Union, like there is an Electrical Workers Union? -Unions-
Alliance reply: There are plenty of tech workers in our parent organization, the Communications Workers of America. In fact the CWA is billed: the Union for the information age. Not all workers in the Electrical Workers Union are electrical workers by the way. Unions have many different "job titles" in them.

Comment 4/13/10: look at he has a article about IBM Abandons U.S. Workers -dutch guy-
Comment 4/13/10: IBM Retail store got hit hard with layoff 3/31 sales an tech support hit hard. 10 tech support people and 5 sales people that i know of more were cut too. -Anonymous-
Comment 4/12/10:
IBM job cuts go compulsory. Managers at IBM Global Services in the UK were originally looking for volunteers to cut head count by about 500. But even though they got more than this number of volunteers the process is going to become compulsory for some people. A source told the Register: "It's a mess, especially after all the pensions trouble. People facing redundancy will now be notified by 1 June and will leave IBM on 5 July. It is being run from the top - lower down managers don't know what is going on." ............. -Anon-

Comment 4/12/10: A bit of trivia to consider when you look for a miraculous or legislative fix :
When I started my 10 year career as a Band 8 in GBS, I normally was deployed into deals where IBM billed my time at $155/hr low end and as high as $295/hr (as a pseudo band 9/10). My utilization ran roughly 90 – 95% (Gross revenue ~ $375K+). When I left IBM, due to the “full claim” labor model, my utilization ran roughly 105% and my billing rate was between $85/hr and $145/hr (Gross Revenue ~ $250K).
According to our management, this was the way of the world and it was much better to use folks @ 105% then let them sit idle on the bench. Now, I’m no math major, but seems to me that $375K is MORE than $250K? Hmmm, perhaps the model they are using is flawed? NO WAY, IBM never makes Management decisions that are flawed – therefore, we need cheaper staff to get the margins we need, so off-shoring we go. Until the model above changes, guess what, you cost too much! And from what I was told by some more candid managers, there is a lot of pressure to reduce the hourly rates further to get more clients and increase sales, so if I were in India I’d start to worry as well – some emerging markets are cheaper than India these days. -RA'd in 2009-

Comment 4/12/10: To those recently resourced, there is up to a 3 week period after 3/31 where you do not have medical/prescription coverage until COBRA kicks in. I suggest you call benefits at 800-796-9876. They told me I could pay for my prescription at a pharmacy and be reimbursed later when I was unable to get a refill via Medco. If you need a prescription ASAP, IBM Benefits can do an emergency update. What a mess -Anonymous-
Comment 4/11/10: We have moved from a country that landed on the moon to a country that bails out its banks and hedge funds. The fact that IBM has discontinued the "Thanks" program is immaterial to me, as I would no longer wear anything with the IBM logo on it. Stand up for yourselves -Pickles-
Comment 4/11/10:
The Justice Department hasn't confirmed the existence of the investigation, and a spokeswoman declined to comment Friday.
But several companies said they have received requests for information on the way they hire employees.
"IBM is one of many companies that have been contacted by government officials in a broad-ranging inquiry of technology and nontechnology companies regarding hiring practices," said company spokesman Edward Barbini. "We are collaborating with the government's inquiry."

Comment 4/09/10: Re: Bob Evans recent article - I wonder if there's any relation here? -Anonymous-

Comment 4/09/10: Hmm, the US should get back to growing as soon as possible. This guy should be voted world ruler for this astute insight. But if companies like IBM keep laying us off, there IS NO MARKET in the US, and the US WILL NOT GROW. Basically like saying to a plant, we're taking your water and nutrients from you, but grow anyway. Any extreme is bad. Full protectionism is bad, as is fully open outsourcing, and history is showing that without regulations, companies don't know how to see the bigger picture to balance, rather than going too far to one side for their own selfish benefit, and how that's cutting themselves off a the knees. Profits are good. Needed. But trying to get the max quickly rather than balance is the way to a quick death, albeit with a pretty coffin. Sam and co. need to see that (I suspect they do, but don't care for selfish reasons) Consistency beats intensity every time. Sam and Co. (and Geithner) either don't get it or don't care. I suspect the latter. -RAed last Jan-
Comment 4/09/10: re: Geithner vows to block protectionism
And that removed the gloves that weren't even on as far as corporate America is concerned. The CEOs got their way, Obama is a no-op, America is no longer the country that I used to admire, respect, and aspire to. As a nation you used to stand up, stick together, and come together like the irresistible force but it is sad to see the ease with which CEOs are able to trample on the workers. Corporate greed and the "I'm alright, screw the rest" attitude has destroyed America in my eyes. In times of crisis people often show their true colors and the execs/CEOs are showing theirs. They will save themselves first and good luck if you can find a liferaft that isn't full of them. The legacy that this leaves for the children frightens me. Obama stands idly by and may as well get his fiddle out. Good luck to all of you. -Utterly screwed-

Comment 4/08/10: Folks
I have been saying for YEARS the Government is not going to help us. We must help ourselves. Turbotax Tim is telling the truth for a change. No one is going to try to stop IT offshoring. Where is the public outcry for S.E.C investigations into IBM after Moffat pled guilty? The average Joe in America could care less about IT jobs because we have been viewed as elitist snobs by those who can not comprehend IT work and what it is or does. Everyone assumes we all made huge salaries and sat around in cushy offices reading the Wall Street Journal. Expect no public outcry or grassroots groundswell of support to our cause. IBM knows this and abuses us accordingly. Hell, We can't get enough of our fellow inmates in this insane asylum called IBM to join a union effort to end their own abuse so why should anyone else do anything more then we do for ourselves? All the doom saying about security of data and the disasters that will surely come fall on deaf ears and just sound like whining and sour grapes to people outside of our industry. Within our industry someone is making plans to capture all the IT workload when the disasters do strike and people panic and demand the work return to the US. They will do it with desperate IT workers who will have gone years without a job who will work at minimum wage just to have a job. Corporations will have succeeded in dragging the US IT wage down to third world levels and reap the benefits of it in our lifetimes just because we failed to stop them before it was too late. At least we read it or heard it straight from our own Government and we can stop deluding ourselves and take action. Live Better, Work Union. -Exodus2007-

Comment 4/08/10: From Financial Times: -

Geithner vows to block protectionism
By James Lamont in New Delhi
Published: April 7 2010 10:39 | Last updated: April 7 2010 17:31

The US government has vowed not to harm India’s IT outsourcing sector as it battles to create jobs at home in the worst labour market since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Tim Geithner, US Treasury secretary, said during a two-day visit to India that protectionist measures to prevent jobs from migrating outside the country would do more harm to the US than good.

Battlelines blurred in dispute over renminbi - Apr-05

“We are not going to go down that path,” promised Mr Geithner. “We know that it would make us weaker, not stronger.”

He also said that the administration of Barack Obama, president, would not seek to curb the investments of US companies overseas as“our fortunes are tied with the world”. There have been proposals to trim the tax privileges of US companies that operate internationally.

“American companies are long in the world,” Mr Geithner told Indian business leaders at a discussion hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry.

“They are good at what much of the world needs. A huge part of the basic economic challenge we face is to give stronger in- centive for private investment, help support innovation and try to make sure there is more investment and stronger exports globally.”

Mr Geithner said Mr Obama was “deeply committed” to trying to build a consensus among Americans for more open trade to support the recovery.

“We have got the worst labour market since the Great Depression,” the Treasury secretary said. “Most Americans are still going through an incredibly difficult economic series of challenges and yet we’ve been very successful in working to keep our markets open under all that pressure.”

IT outsourcing, which is heavily dependent on business from the US, is one of India’s flagship economic sectors. Companies such as Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Genpact helped propel the economy to growth rates of 9 per cent before the global financial crisis and was responsible for creating 45 per cent of new jobs over the past 10 years.

Last year the global IT outsourcing market was estimated to be worth as much as $250bn (€187bn, £164bn).

“Some of the sounds coming out of the US have caused concerns here,” said Tarun Das, the president of the Aspen Institute in India. Local businesses were wondering whether “the authors of globalisation are turning to protectionism”.

Senior policymakers say that the Indian economy is fast becoming more export-oriented and more vulnerable to protectionist action by other large economies.

“If we want to get to 9-10 per cent growth it’s in our interest that the US should get back to growing as soon as possible,” said Montek Singh Ahluwalia, deputy chairman of India’s powerful planning commission.

“It’s also [important] that [the] market remain open.” -Yes-

Comment 4/08/10: "In fact, Mr. Conrad, you and your fellow anti-capitalists should be thanking Sam Palmisano for navigating the company through such a tumultuous time in the global economy and for creating an operating model whose financial stability allows the company to employ more than 100,000 workers in the U.S."
Anti-capitalists? Is Bob Evans kidding? What a jerk. Bob Evans should stick to making sausage and stop writing stupid articles. -IBMer-

Comment 4/08/10: Page 2 of today's Financial Times (04/08/2010). "IT Outsourcing Pledge""Washington pledges to continue outsourcing IT"
There's just no one to turn to. Both Obama, and Republicans have whored themselves out to IT outsourcers.
Comment 4/08/10: Received my separation notice 8 days after my exit interview. My ex-manager did not have it ready at my exit interview. Also, after getting the notice by Fed Ex. Saw that my ex-manager did not enter the"DOL account number". Contacted my ex-manager for the information. Now being ignored. -Anonymous-
Comment 4/08/10: RE:IBM Canada.. I posted a link for that article on 4/04/10. I'm surprised more people aren't upset about the comments made in the Evans article. I too tried to post a reply and it keeps telling me my reply is blocked due to profanity. Here is the message:
"What Bob isn't telling you is that while these jobs have been eliminated from the USA , they are being quickly replaced by cheap off shore positions. In many cases the employees who were laid off had to first train their 3rd world country replacements."
Looks like the fix is in to me. That guy is obviously in IBM's pocket because that entire article could have been an IBM press release -Quimby-

Comment 4/08/10: I posted a comment yesterday in the Bob Evans article yesterday. They were not posted, although subsequent posts have appeared. I am thinking it is heavily edited with some mildly opposing viewpoints permitted to give an impression of a balanced view.
My posting was along these lines:
"IBM is projecting a false financial situation and going on resource actioning valuable employees. A honesty about the financial situation will help. In the Toronto lab, during the past one year, IBM has eliminated colour printer, cut the number of BW printers by 1/3, eliminated OT, eilimating pager pay, no pay raise even for those youngsters who are coming off probation, no Christmas lunches, telephone calls are being monitored with login id, minimal AC, almost anything that can be cut is being cut. Can this be an indicator of a well managed company. If Sam were a good executive he would come clean with employees and explore ways to rectify the situation. Instead thousand of valuable employees are being resource actioned indiscriminately by poor managers. IBMs future is being mortgaged by Sam for immediate benefit to him and all those with stick options."
Now I know in US many of the cited items were gone a while ago but I do not wish to insult anyone. Plus this is something that we in Canada feel the loss immensely. -IBM Canada-

Comment 4/08/10: To: I was 1 of the IBM employees that after giving IBM 18 yrs of my life:
First of all being an IT Specialist, you are lucky you lasted this long.
Second, what makes you any different from the rest of us? We all put in the extra hours and got nothing for it. It's the IBM way.
Third, if you didn't participate in the OT lawsuit, it's your loss. I did because I knew eventually the RA was coming and now I have the cash in the bank. You didn't mention in all these years if you were an Alliance member? At least I left knowing I spent years trying to get people to see the light and sign up. Unfortunately I worked with mostly kiddies that just didn't get it. They will however "get it" eventually in more ways than one. Brush yourself off and get back out there. -Gone_in_07-

Comment 4/07/10: Does anyone know how the TAA benefits work? The website is a little confusing... Do 3 employees from the same location need to sign up? All my peers are from all across the country and we all work from home. -Alliance member-
Alliance reply: First you should call your state TAA contact to see if they already started a petition for your group:
They will also walk you through the process and get the ball rolling.
As a member you should call the office and we can offer further help. (607) 729-4571
Yes the TAA info is confusing. It was originally set up for static manufacturing plant sites not the kind of mobile and scattered workforce IBM has. But more and more TAA petitions are being filed for IBMers.

Comment 4/07/10: RA'd on 3/31/10 from the Software Group -Cognos
Do any of the RA'd people EVER get hired through GOM? There were literally 1000's of jobs posted and no matter how qualified I was I was rejected even with a good rating -Anonymous-

Comment 4/07/10: Note about the TAA form. The petition must be completed and be 3 or more workers at the same location.-Neal Watkins-
Alliance reply: We have been able to get action done just by calling the State reps. If your job was offshored please contact the Alliance at:

Comment 4/07/10:
Search for IBM. Latest certifications for TAA benefits, if you lost your job to offshoring -Alliance-

Comment 4/07/10: Question regarding jobs cut list received at RA time: Once a manager is fired, is he or she now able to visit this site and submit the RA list? I ask because there have been managers I know of in the last round that might be willing to contribute to the jobs lost count if they were allowed and it did not violate any rules. -Critical Mass-
Alliance reply: Yes, ex-managers can visit and contribute information.

Comment 4/07/10: I was 1 of the IBM employees that after giving IBM 18 yrs of my life to them was recently cut. With in those 18 yrs working for them I received two 3's one of which was at the beginning of my career in North Castle and the 2nd just recently. Even when I was outsourced from Pathmark I received 2's. along with high praise from the customer in the support I have given them. I did not agree with my PBC results and was called in to meet with my Executive Project Manager ask to why I did not agree with the results. I was more or less reassured that I had nothing to worry about because there is no action taken with receiving one 3 rating. I was told it usually takes 2 ratings of 3 back to back . I have not told my wife yet that I will be unemployed as of June 18th , the reason I have not is she has been unemployed going on 2 yrs. My managers were aware of but since it does not effect them but why should they care. I will probably have to my house on the market after a year or two and sell 1 of the cars to survive. That is really the sad part about this, with 2 of us out of work it is definetly going to be difficult to survive. Besides the normal expenses a family has I am faced with medical expenses due to a degenerative disc condition . I've already had 3 major surgeries with the need of 1 more. Working many hours, week-ends, even through vacations when I had a laptop near me I get a kick in the butt. I never complained about not getting paid for the additional hours, never went in on any of the lawsuits yet I was forced to take a 15 % cut in salary, going from exempt to non-exempt and not receiving an increase in salary for years . Being an IT Specialist I was supporting the US and gave my all, this is what I get in return. -Anonymous-
Comment 4/06/10: To -Screwed and Tattooed-: Thanks for mentioning that to all these people. I now remember they did that to me in 07. They say your benefits are carried on for x amount of months but don't tell you that you are shut off and have to call to reinstate. I went to the doctor and found out the hard way. Good thing I didn't have to go into the hospital. Manager was useless at the exit interview. All they want is for you to sign the papers so they can go back and sit in their office and do nothing. Everybody call and reinstate your benefits until you find something else, and don't forget, most new jobs will make you wait 90 days before your new benefits start so keep that in mind also. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 4/06/10: Attention front line managers whose employees are off-shore. It won't be long now until managers are trained in China and India to take your place. If engineering employees are cheaper in India and China, management is cheaper too. -Peter ClearCase-
Comment 4/06/10: Outsourcing education: -reader-

Comment 4/06/10: RE: Bluepages US counts. And the assumption that everyone who left was fired vs retired or left on own accord. I agree we should not assume that is the count of fired employees, that count could possibly be even higher, because Sammy took government $$ and claimed to have CREATED jobs which could also offset the count just in the opposite direction. RA'd employees need to send in the reports for us to have the most accurate count. -Critical Mass-
Comment 4/06/10: to Ethical_War: not buying the part about all the listed companies being ethical. Best Buy, for example,deprives many employees of benefits by scheduling their "part timers" an hour short of qualifying for benefits. They also routinely immediately fire those who give notice. -Think-
Comment 4/05/10: IBM is not seen anywhere on this "most ethical" companies list..wonder why? -Ethical_War-
Comment 4/05/10: Never been happier. Always a top performer for 6 solid years with ratings of 1 to 2+ never lower and this is how they repay you. I sleep better and wake up clear headed. I am sure of getting a job soon and not having to work at crappy IBM where IDIOTS BECOME MANAGERS and now it should be renamed as INDIAN BUSINESS MACHINES. BTW, I am INDIAN. -terminated-
Comment 4/05/10: Just warning those who were RA'ed in 3/1 you might want to check your bennies... they shut everyone off on 3/31 without telling you anything... The only way for you to make sure you have coverage is to call into the ESC and talk to them to reinstate your bennies.. Its not seamless... and it is slimmy what they did... only way I found out was a friend told me when he checked.. I called and they dropped me... -Screwed and Tattooed-
Comment 4/05/10: Some one mention that sammy was voted #30 in forbes... based on share price. seems that sammy boy wants to meet his promise to the street to meet or beat the $11 a share proffit before he retires next year.. -anonymous-
Comment 4/05/10: TO: IB eMbarassed et al.: Exit dates can be extended for non-business reasons too. My exit date was extended from 3/31 to 4/7 simply because I was on vacation when the RA was announced and could not be reached. No impact on severance or other terms as far as I can tell. -Anonymous-
Comment 4/05/10: re: Disney Account. Like all accounts the employees are scattered all over the country. Div GBS -anon-
Comment 4/05/10: Re: Bluepages US counts. That assumes everybody who left IBM between those dates was laid off. This is a poor assumption. People leave on their own or retire, too. There is no way to relate blue pages counts with the quantity of folks RAed. I would really go what RA packages identify. -anonymous-
Comment 4/05/10: If anyone is interested in Canadian numbers employed.

Oct 1st 27,459
Oct 13th 27,406
Oct 20th 27,397
Nov 3rd 27,293
Nov 15th 27,259
Nov 24 27,144
Jan 28 26,754
Feb 19 26,526
March 26 26,499
March 29th 26,437
March 31 26,295
April 5th 26,252

Comment 4/05/10: Jobs cut on Disney account. IBM moving work to India. -anon-
Alliance Reply: Do you know how many jobs were cut? Do you know the division? Do you know the location?
Comment 4/05/10: Dues paying Alliance member here. Just noticed that Forbes named Sammy one of the "30 Best CEOs". Their only metric seemed to be (not surprisingly) Earnings Per Share. Guess this will reinforce to Sammy and his band of thieves their overinflated opinions of themselves, and confirm their conviction they are doing the right thing by offshoring the company. -Gone in 96-
Comment 4/05/10: According to Blue Pages, US employee counts decreased by 3390 between 3/1 and 4/4. So, I think your estimates as to how many were laid off in this last round were low. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Thanks for this information. We went by the numbers on resource action packages we received. Obviously we did not get all of them.

Comment 4/04/10: There is a scathing article against CWA vs IBM in the 3/29/10 version of InformationWeek.
I wonder how much IBM is paying this guy. Remove if this has already been posted. -Quimby-

Comment 4/04/10: -Marked-, if IBM can hire someone with a lower up-front cost to replace you, they will. You are never safe. With a contract, you could be safer. We're losing two and gaining more than that in other geographies. -CDI_Drone-
Comment 4/04/10: "If a person was RAd once and got other job are they safe from RA again."
No, I was RA'd in 2004 (survived) and was RA'd again. -another-
Comment 4/04/10: "If a person was RA’ed once and got other job are they safe from RA again."
Is this a question? If so, then the answer is no. I know several people that were RA twice in one year but where lucky to find jobs at ibm. They still look over their shoulder everyday when the rumor mill starts. -IchBinMuede-

Comment 4/04/10: I was a victim of the March 1st Resource Actions. 3 in my department. Yet, my manager had 3 open hiring tickets out, on the Global Opportunities Marketplace. My title: Channels Technical Sales Specialist -Anonymous-
Comment 4/04/10: been almost 3 yrs now since i got the call from my manager. me and a buddy of mine both wfh but in diff dept.'s we got our calls about 2 mins apart. we wondered what would be worse to lose our job or be left behind. looks like the ones left behind were the unlucky ones. it took both of us almost a yr to find a new job, he now works for a local IT company and I got a job with ups. If there was such a thing as a good time to lose a job it was then and not now. the job mkt is so tough right now. my apologies to the folks who have lost their jobs at ibm. it is truly a life changing experience and made me look at things differently and appreciate my family more than ever....good luck everyone... -ra'ed in may 2007-
Comment 4/03/10: Dear Single Mom, if you were a regular employee IBM's pay days have been bi-monthly (not bi-weekly) for the 12+ years I have been a regular employee. You did mention you got paid on the 15th and last day of the month (which is bi-monthly). There is a difference between bi-weekly vs bi-monthly as a bi-weekly employee gets paid 26 times a year and a bi-monthly employee get paid 24 times a year. IBM's severance is one week for every full 6 months of service so 5 full years = 10 weeks of pay. So to get your weekly rate you would take your monthly x 12 then divide by 52 weeks. Your severance based on 5 years would be your weekly x 10. Not defending IBM as I'm disgusted myself but the math if your a regular employee based on 5 years of service is correct. -anon-
Comment 4/03/10: I heard a rumor that IBM is going to keep abusing employees. Firing them whenever they feel like it. Taking away benefits and overcharging for the few remaining untill the employees band together in a union to stop them or the company folds in America whichever comes first. I first heard this rumor in 1999. So far it has been true. -Exodus2007-
Comment 4/03/10: If a person was RAd once and got other job are they safe from RA again. Doing this every year is hard work and I do not envy the people who need to find other work. If 20% goes each time. I figure no one left in 3 years because they got rid of people in past 2 years. But that does not seem right. I hear that people were let go last week, 4 people I know and they are good. -Marked-
Comment 4/03/10: Royally unhappy here ! My role was made redundant and offshored in February....although i was told i had unlimited time to search, on the bench for another role. Have since been dumped in a temporary role getting told it was one thing and am now sinking. My Manager asked me was a redundancy something that i would ever "consider".....i have since been told that severance pay in Australia has been FURTHER reduced to 2 weeks per year of service and then only 1 week for the remainder. Does anyone have any idea whether this is true or how redundancy payouts are calculated in Australia? -sydneyworker-
Comment 4/02/10: To not yey RAed young ladies - are you still working hard for your husband IBM? Now you should realize, your husband will divorce you and marry to a younger cheap lady when you get 50 years old. -50yearsold-
Comment 4/02/10: There go the rumors again. And the person who lost a 1/2 week pay over around $200. You have bigger problems, like finding a job. And the person who was upset they needed to sign up for a billion more hours. This is nothing new in this industry. And yes, people who get RAd do find work, I know a handful of them. Turn all this negative energy into something positive. And prove there is no need for future rounds of cuts, because everyone will bring in 1 million dollars in sales each, to expand the company. -Huh-
Comment 4/02/10: My last day was 4/1 after 33 years. My manager told me on 3/2 and I did not hear another word from him. I finally called HR and asked about an exit interview, where to hand in my laptop, badge, etc. He finally left a message for me. Guess the hardest part was leaving without any human interaction. All my retirement stuff was handled over an 800 number. The only people still left in my location/productivity center that I cared to say goodby to were the security guard and mailroom staff. They all cried...guess more are leaving than I even knew. Yes, I was very angry at first. Now, I'm looking forward to finding something else and making IBM pay for their actions. Not the best attitude but our leadership has devolved to the point where its laughable to be seen as a US based company! Sam is something like the third highest paid exec and his success comes at our expense. Time to move on. -Gone but not unhappy-
Comment 4/02/10: I got mail from my manager that I have been identified for RA ,the termination date being June 30th.Does that mean I am RAed with effect from June 30th or I am in the RA ed list from March 31st itself when I got this info.I am in the GBS. -Anonymous-
Comment 4/02/10: A friend in HR told me that there is no plan to change the sev pay schedule they have now. That would cause a lot of trouble for IBM. Of course, there is no gaurantee. -lastshots-
Comment 4/02/10: Heard a new rumor today that IBM will be reducing severance to a max of 2 weeks for victims of RA adding insult to injury. -nohope430-
Comment 4/01/10: Anyone reading this who hasn't YET been RAed on 3/31/2010, gez what? you might be next. And what R U doing about it? -anonymous-
Comment 4/01/10: IBM MBPS eliminates positions without replacing the person. This does not mean the person RAed was not needed. It is just that IBM figures they can risk not replacing the person and hope "all continues okay with what resources left" to make sure the job gets done. This is fact. My former job was never back filled as a server administrator. The servers, though, remain running unsupported and unadministered: unattended. I bet other IBM divisions or LOBs do the same. I bet IBM customers wonder what is really going on. Well this practice is going on. I figure they should know. -da_facts-
Comment 4/01/10: I got RAed from GBS YESTERDAY.I HAVE 90 DAYS TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY WITH ibm. Is there any past history of RA ed IBMers getting rehired. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Very few RA'd employees find jobs during the 30 to 90 day search. Comments from employees, over the years evidence points to a freeze on hiring employees on an RA list. Some employees have been brought back as contractors though.
To all affected by this latest job cut, please send the RA document to us so we can count the number RA'd and have it for our records.
Send to:

Comment 4/01/10: "I confirmed today that RA's will be occuring each quarter this year.. and at a minimum 20% of GBS will be RA'ed"
I've heard, through the grapevine, that the next lay off will be in June. If 20% of GBS is laid off in 2010 -that's around 8,000 people. While I'm not doubting anything with this immoral company; was the source reliable, or just rumors? -Alliance Member-

Comment 4/01/10: Is Palmisano above the law? He is RAing thousands of American workers cutting their jobs while at the same time taking stimulus money to create jobs and sucking up to Obama. What a two faced slimy jerk. I am ashamed to be associated with this slimeball company. -Sammy is a Slimeball-
Comment 4/01/10: IBM double screw me!!! When I got hired, my salary was based on 1 month payment. Which is fix amount of payment of 12 months. When I got paid, it is biweekly check: I check on the 15 of the month, and another check the last day of the month. For example if my monthly salary is 1000$, I got 500$ bi weekly. So I got RA, and my last day was 03/31/2010. I worked for IBM 5 years, and I should get 5 bi weekly check.

For the same example, I should get 500x5= 2500$ I got my check today for separation:

This is how they calculated: my monthly salary 1000 x 12 months= 12000 divvied 52= 230.7x10= 2307. So instead of 2500, I got 2307.

When I call Payroll, I told them when I got hired, I didn't get contract for 52 weeks pay. I only get 12 months payment which is 48 weeks!!! They said nothing I CAN DO!!! SO you understand, Last 5 years, I got paychecks, one for 15 of the month and last day of the month. Not every 2 weeks!

I am single mother and that is so much money for me. Is there anything I can do get my money back? -single mom-
Alliance reply: We suggest you contact your State Department of Labor wages and hours unit.

Comment 4/01/10: Dear -*toxic*- If you are non exempt (Hourly) that is not legal. If you are exempt they can demand you work as many hours as they want for your " Salary". This is why folks have fought so hard to keep non exempt status wherever possible so if they abuse you with excessive hours they at least have to pay you time and a half. Comp time is also not legal for hourly as it shorts Social Security and you wind up with less when you reach retirement age. Comp time is for Salary as a reward for hard work. It does not shortchange a salaried person as they are payed the same for 30 hours a week or for 60 hours a week. As a member I am sure the Alliance can advise you depending on which status you are as to what you could do about it and how. Welcome Aboard!! -Exodus2007-
Comment 3/31/10: They did freeze the list all managers were told a week before the RA that all hiring including all approved hiring is frozen until after the RA has finished... the next round starts tomorrow / monday where level 1 and level 2 managers are on the block.. I confirmed today that RA's will be occuring each quarter this year.. and at a minimum 20% of GBS will be RA'ed. -celticht32-
Comment 3/31/10: So just like everyone else. I was RA'ed. Separation package had a sheet stating that my position was being eliminated and 1st line manager said the same thing. I have just learned that they hired 2 contractors to do my job. When I was told I could look for other employment within IBM during the 30 days of learning about my RA I find it odd that I was not aware that my OWN job was available to be filled. What a bunch of low lifes. Looks like someone else will be losing their job in my former department come June. -RA'ed in 2010-
Comment 3/31/10: A friend who worked at home and reported to Poughkeepsie NY for the last 25 years handling contracts and computer support problems for IBM was told on March 1st along with several coworkers who worked from their home that Today was their last day of employment. Manager called them from Phoenix Arizona and said that US contracts would now be handled in Argentina and to hand in their company lap top computers. Wondering how many work at home employees were not counted in the latest round of so called resource reductions? Is this what they meant by going Globally ? Elected US officials its now time to wake up and smell the coffee! -Gone in the USA!-
Comment 3/31/10: The PLM group which was announced that it was sold back in October officially had their last day on 3/31. That means 692 more people cut from IBM. -byebyeblue-
Comment 3/31/10: I have a question that don't know if any one can assist with--has any one had any success with getting their severance pay corrected?? thanks -KS-
Comment 3/31/10: I had my exit today after 25 1/2 years. I had never met this HR person before. I walked in and called her by name and she called me by the wrong name. Kind of funny. I am honestly happy and relieved and know that since I am not afraid to work, I won't starve. Good luck to all of us laid off for unfair reasons and for all those who will be laid off in the future. Best wishes. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/31/10: Building a resume is quite a project... Even with rightexpress, who don't have templates for a field tech (IT closest) Any SSR's that could send me a rough copy of theirs (minus your personal info, of course) would be appreciated! Thank you! -Anonymous-
Comment 3/31/10: I've joined as a voting member today. My manager asked me to include in my PBC that I will work 12.5% above and beyond 40 hours/week - unpaid. There is one thing to work extra time if your work requires it occasionally. It is another thing to sign off a document saying you will. My work environment has gone from bitter to toxic. -*toxic*-
Comment 3/31/10: Re. - Next round of cuts 4/1. I've heard this twice now, and each time the person also says "quarterly", (which matches what we've been seeing). If the cuts are quarterly, the next round would be 5/1 with a leave date of end of June. Do you have information that says the next cut is coming earlier than the end of next quarter, or did you just have a typo in the date? -anon-
Comment 3/31/10: I wish I could be more sympathetic for some of you. Someone wrote, "I hope what goes around comes around [for IBM]".
It will never come around for IBM as long as they are allowed to offshore jobs with the blessing of the government. But speaking of what goes around comes around. It has for some of you, who gladly accepted our jobs when we were "downsized" in 1992. I hope my ex-manager and his boss gets the axe.
I have sympathy for you but it is difficult. Anonymous states, "I pray that this goes full circle for IBM. It will never go "full circle" for IBM but some of you, who took our jobs in 1992, are now seeing how we felt and what we faced --- a life without the benefits IBM promised. UNIONIZE! -Ben There-

Comment 3/31/10: I got sucked into trying to get an IBM job during the 30 days. I got very far along in multiple interviews for a few great fitting jobs and thought I was in excellent shape to land something. Time went on. No decisions. I think they froze out the people on the RA list - especially towards the end. I feel like I just let IBM beat me up some more. After living through this process, I am glad to be leaving. Best wishes to all who got whacked. -lastshots-
Comment 3/31/10: I have been with IBM for a little over 9 years. I started off as an SSR in the field then moved to a IT Specialist Position for the last 2 years. I was laid off March 1st. Luckily, I was able to find employment (better pay, better benefits) locally before my last day of work. I found out yesterday that they are replacing my position for a contractor (locally) for $30K more than what I was making - AND they're paying this person OT plus OT Shift Premiums. I was not laid off due to performance reasons and to hear this is absolutely disgusting. IBM doesn't care for their workforce. We're the backbone of their business. Those of you who can afford to look outside of IBM, do it now before you're just another statistic. -AnonymousCanuck-
Comment 3/31/10: To all those leaving today: Think of this as when one door closes, another one opens. I thought it was a lousy thing when I was booted but now I have a job that I never think about outsourcing or when my number will be up. IBM was a lousy experience for me. I have never seen so much favoritism by managers and so many suck ups in my life. Stuck in the same job for years while the favorites get to do whatever they want. Now I do whatever I want. Keep your chins up and move forward and remember, they will get theirs, too. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 3/31/10: Next round of cuts occur 4-1 this one to include level 1 and level 2 managers.. some have already recieved their marching orders. The internal plan is for layoffs for each quarter. and GBS has been moved from an asset column to a liability and is scheduled to take at a minimum 20% each quarter... -Anonymous-
Comment 3/31/10: Tomorrow will be my last day. I don't know why anyone let go would want to find their way back to this place. This was just a temp stop for me of 4 years and one of the worst experiences of my csales areer. My sympathy for everyone's hardships whom have been let go. That said there are many better options out there. This wasn't what I thought it was. Good luck -Sweat Shop Victim-
Comment 3/30/10: I was RA'd out of the blue a year ago (pardon the pun). My best to everyone tomorrow. If there is one thing I've learned, you each walk away with something that IBM has lost - integrity. That's priceless in my book -annonymous-
Comment 3/30/10: Reply to Anonymous commented on 3/20: you are not alone. Last year, my manager used RAd as a cover-up for unlawful discrimination as well. I, who belong to a protected class in my group, was only one terminated after my paternity leave. In fact, my manager hired another person to replace my position couple months ago. I talked to several lawyers and complaint to EEOC. Guess what, those racist managers are shielded by IBM's lawyer. -Singled-out-
Comment 3/30/10: As with most on here. My last day is tomorrow. Just short of 9 1/2 years here. 37 year old white male. Received from IBM the number of individuals released from my department with their ages and a separate page of who is keeping their jobs, also with ages. Not actual names, just an age and the number of people in that age keeping or losing their job.
On the one hand I am elated to be leaving. At one point I went 3 years without a raise. Was told on 3 different occasions that I was going to be the replacement for the next lead in my department but 2nd line manager stepped in and over turned the decision by my first line so a friend could have the position instead. No training, no OT and no hope in site in ITD for any advancement.
On the other hand, I am working in a convenient location that coincides with me being able to drop my children off at day care. I have a 401K Loan I am paying off which now since I lost my employment I will be forced to default on the loan which will cost me thousands next tax season. 2010 has shown to be a difficult year for me and my family. This was the one thing I thought I would not have to worry about. I guess things happen for a reason. What that reason is, is beyond me. I wish all of my fellow RA'ed brethren the best of luck. It is pathetic that one of the the big "3 letter" companies which is suppose to be part of the economic foundations of this country is so horrible to work for. I pray that this all comes full circle for IBM. -Anonymous-

Comment 3/30/10: What's this about "Passover?" Is that a just a Passover/Easter joke - or something real? I'm in a WARN state (NY) - not that it does any good, since IBM makes sure to stealth-layoff under the WARN radar. -another-
Comment 3/30/10: To>>-Anonymous-last day is Wednesday 3/31/2010 after 29 years and 3 months working for IBM. I am 57 years old so that I am able to retire. I was a System X sales specialist in Upstate NY in General Business territory>> Make sure and check with HR (not your manager) about bridging the 9 months to the 30 year mark, before taking retirement.. This should increase your retirement payments significantly; not reduced by age, if you are in the NEW OLD plan. -no_ky-
Comment 3/29/10: My last day is Wednesday 3/31/2010 after 29 years and 3 months working for IBM. I am 57 years old so that I am able to retire. I was a System X sales specialist in Upstate NY in General Business territory -Anonymous-
Comment 3/29/10: Sam Palmisanos master plan is to get rid of all IBMers with more than five years experience. He wants a company with a revolving door. If you have more than five years experience and not a stellar 1 performer with IBM you are screwed. It is as simple as that. -RAed in 2010-
Comment 3/29/10: "I just wanted to share that my co-worker, who's been here 34 years, remarked that it seems that they were targeting remote workers, when for the last few years, they were encouraging people to work remotely."
Corectomundo... This is a tactic that is used to see where they can outsource. If you can work from home .. then someone can work from BRIC, Japan and Argentina .. good luck with that.. -IchBinMuede-

Comment 3/29/10: I hear with Passover that the executives have given people 60 extra days to find other work. While they are not passed over, they are given time with money. This should help all enjoy this holiday season. This might just be for WARN states. -Passover-
Comment 3/29/10: Pok Journal Link

IBM competitors' headcount reports show offshoring trend
Craig Wolf • Poughkeepsie Journal • March 29, 2010

While IBM Corp. says it's not the only big company that doesn't give out its United States head count, it turns out that many comparable companies still do. IBM's decision to stop revealing its U.S. head count and report one global number this year came with a simple rationale:
"IBM disclosed global head count only in the Annual Report this year which is how many of our competitors report their head count," spokesman Douglas Shelton said in an e-mail. But half the companies surveyed by the Poughkeepsie Journal last week do provide some idea of their domestic employment. Jobs, and where they're being created and lost, have become an increasingly sore point with many Americans as unemployment remains stubbornly high and offshoring of work to other countries becomes more common. IBM's decision comes as the percentage of its work force based in the U.S. shrinks to a new low. IBM now has about 25 percent of its nearly 400,000-person work force in this country and 75 percent in other countries. In the 1990s, it was about 50-50. It's not the most aggressive multinational in the information technology field. That might be Capgemini U.S., LLC, which has actually trademarked the term "Rightshoring," which it said"corresponds to its globalized delivery model aiming to offer the best resources at the right price and in the best place." Capgemini does break out its overseas jobs, apparently to boast of its success in recruiting there. It reported that of its 91,621 people, four groups posted results ranging from 25 percent to 65 percent of their staffs are in other countries, which it called "the best penetration rates for the Rightshore model." Overall, it's aiming to get 40,000 people offshore by early this decade. -Anon-

Comment 3/29/10: SWG WW support 20 ppl let go from our dept. Now 5 people working with 400 cases, no OT and waiting for India / China team to be trained so that we can be let go. Dont know wether to be happy that I have only 5 months with IBM or be sad that I will be unemployed in 5 months... I am an -IBM Slave-
Comment 3/28/10: Severance in Canada - up to 3 weeks. I believe this can be at the discretion of the manager in some cases. Rule of thumb - If you get RA'd in Canada, directly ask if 3 weeks/year is an option or if anyone is getting 3 weeks/year. I think they can increase your severance from 2 to 3 weeks if they think you are going to make a scene in the workplace. I don't believe there is a Canadian law on severance, it is strictly by it depends on what province you are in. -west coast canada-
Comment 3/28/10: Strongly agree with "None of what we want happens without a union and that includes job security and overtime"
How many members are there in IBM Union now? Or percent of all IBM employees? -Anonymous-

Comment 3/28/10: -Drgunzet- - I focused on joining the union. Did you? None of what we want happens without a union and that includes job security and overtime. -Anon-
Comment 3/28/10: RA'd March 1. Working to find a new position outside IBM. I am a Project Manager (51. I work out of a home office in SCM -Anonymous-
Comment 3/27/10: NO -Drgunzet- IT IS YOU WHO DO NOT GET IT. Without a union and without a contract there is NOTHING that can be done from the employee side. Any action an employee may take like work slowdowns or strikes without being organized first and being represented by a union will more likely result in the employees being terminated then anything constructive. How as employees do we stop offshoring?? Beg the board of directors to pweese stop? Or by having it defined in a labor contract. The government will not stop offshoring for us. Corporate America will not stop it. Corporate Canada or the Canadian Government will not stop it either. Writing your Representatives will do no good. Calling the Newspapers does no good. Getting it on TV does no good. Please enlighten us how you expect a group trying to organize workers into a union who do not represent anyone yet to show results?? Getting membership in high enough numbers to vote in a union is the only result that can be produced by any of us members at this point. THEN, when we are legally represented by a union we can vote on what we want OUR negotiators to get in writing during collective bargaining with IBM Management. Be it stopping offshoring, Forcing Onshoring when possible. Defining layoffs by seniority and right to recall before hiring new employees and so on. You want to stop this abuse by IBM? Join the union effort. Sheer raw numbers is the only thing that counts at this point. The only result we can achieve is enough members to successfully organize IBM. After that its up to us what we want our union to work on. Hope this has cleared up your misunderstanding . Hope you decide to join us and make a difference. -Exodus2007-
Comment 3/27/10: I can also confirm (3) RA's out of our building (GBS) in the Montreal area including myself as of March31st . Many others also RA'd at least six that I know personally. 2 Oracle DBAs I was working with had to train their India replacements over a period of 6 weeks.Initially they were told that they would be working on another account that was a lie. As for myself PBC of 2 and 2+ during my 12 years at IBM suddenly a fabricated 3 last January -Montreal Canada-
Comment 3/27/10: -west coast canada- USA RAed only get max. of 2 weeks pay for max. of 26 weeks. Is it Canadian labor law for getting 3 weeks pay for salaried employees? Of course if we had a North American IBM union we could get more or have a fight to save jobs. -RA'ed2009-
Comment 3/26/10: FTSS - That should not surprise you at all with 26 years in this company. Same thing happened to one of my coworkers with STG. In the past few years I have only known one person who was ever successful in finding a position and that was a fluke. -long time beemer-
Comment 3/26/10: Cut. Atlanta, GA ITD, Complex Engagement Services -Anonymous-
Comment 3/26/10: I can confirm a couple (2) RA's out of our building (GBS) in the vancouver area (all hush, hush), plus I heard a few more across the street (sales/support, not GBS). We also lost our O/T and GBS finally came out with targets that still include 10% O/T 44 to 45 hour work weeks. Of course we've never rec'd actually communication (email) about these O/T targets. It is always verbal, never written. My wife is in the medical industry (which has strong unions). After a decade of both of us working (medical vs. IT), she will finally be the primary breadwinner in our household. I'd hate to be a single income family working at IBM. As for severance, I've heard Band 6 and above in Canada can get up to 3 weeks/year (as part of the hush,hush compaign) and Band 5 or below can get up to 2 weeks/year. -west coast canada-
Comment 3/26/10: -screwed- IBM never does anything wrong or immoral. All claims to the contrary are without merit. The news media and all our government (state and federal) believe this. That is why any investigations on any IBM wrongdoings will never see even a bit of light. -anonymous-
Comment 3/26/10: to screwed - I absolutely will contact Jeff Young, just waiting to receive my separation payment. I urge everyone else in this round to do the same. My theory is not so much "age", but "years" - so they can avoid paying retirement benefits. -screwed2-
Comment 3/26/10: Hey, not getting OT for standby is a very legitimate beef. If we had a union contract, you bet they wouldn't be getting away with stuff like this. Unfortunately, the Alliance had to close down the message boards for topics other than Job Cuts, so we probably shouldn't discuss that here. Why not join the union and continue the discussion over in the Alliance Members section? -anon-
You still don't "get it" do you? IBM is strong with the backing from the Indian off-shoring. You guys are weak and you are talking about what you want this, want that, want OT. Can you just focus on keeping the jobs in USA for now and show some results. -Drgunzet-

Comment 3/26/10: just wanted to follow on my request for people to talk to Jeff Young at McTeague, Higbee, Case, Cohen, Whitney & Toker about age discrimination, like everyone else I understand that IBM has an army full of lawyers and dotted ever I and crossed every T but consider this...If the media could be brought into the discussion with a very public trial then the playing field might be more level. Here are some facts to consider from a company that doesn't want even talk about US headcount
-IBM CEO received 21M last year while continuing to move jobs overseas at a time when the US economy hasn't seen worse times since great depression
-Top IBM exec has just pleaded guilty to insider trading
-IBM has accepted state and federal $$$ for stimulus to add jobs in US
-IBM profits last year were highest ever though they didn't grow the business with Revenue.

This is a company that I joined 24 years ago that I don't even recognize since at one time they seemed to be a company with a sense of fairness/honestly and integrity. But now when you mention that to the executives they just indicate that what got US in they have become this evil empire that will do whatever it takes to make quarterly numbers. Wouldn't it be nice to see a follow on to Michael Moore's Roger and Me called Sam I AM. IBMer are probably more conservative that GM employees which is why we may seem to go away quietly but the facts speak for themselves and should be aired more publicly -screwed-

Comment 3/26/10: I reported my RA from IBM RSS back on Mar 1. Found an awesome job in STG, the manager was prepared to make me an offer. Then STG froze all jobs, at least to those who are being let go. So, I wasted three weeks trying to keep a spot in ibm after 26 years. Class act, IBM, post jobs but don't actually let us have them. -FTSS-
Comment 3/25/10: I was told by my manager today that the Resource Action in Canada earlier this month was significant, he did not mentioned the actual number of folks got RA’d, however, I personally know of 10 people that was let go in TS / ITS in the Toronto are … just as he finish speaking of the RA, he mentioned to me I should be happy to have a job and and goes on to say that all customer / education travels is no longer allowed.. I’m now on the hook for paying my mileage / parking to and from customers… For those who got RA’d, I hope you find a job soon and be happy you are out of this cesspit. I really hate working for IBM, hope to be out of IBM soon, had enough of these uneducated / unskilled managers speaking down to us highly skilled employees… Sucks to be an IBMer…. -zion-
Comment 3/25/10: Work out of the Toronto Lab and the last few days have been the last day for many employees. Our group which is part of AIM lost 15% of it's staff. Other groups in the lab have experienced the same number. Across the lab this would equal 300+ jobs. Hearing the numbers from our teams in Raleigh and Burlingame, I'd imagine the total cuts with this round are well above what your reporting -Joe-
Comment 3/25/10: Hey, not getting OT for standby is a very legitimate beef. If we had a union contract, you bet they wouldn't be getting away with stuff like this. Unfortunately, the Alliance had to close down the message boards for topics other than Job Cuts, so we probably shouldn't discuss that here. Why not join the union and continue the discussion over in the Alliance Members section? -anon-
Comment 3/25/10: To -No-More-OT- : You are complaining about not getting any more OT while everybody else on this site is losing their jobs. You best join Alliance before your job is gone, nevermind your OT. Some people just don't get it. -Unbelievable-
Comment 3/24/10: I don't know what its like in the states but in Canada they have to pay you severance pay. They just don't have to pay the 2 weeks. By by law they have to pay one week/year. -Whatever-
Alliance reply: There is no law in the US that says a company must pay severance.

Comment 3/24/10: Got RA'd. I am in ISSW in the US. We already don't have enough people to fulfill the contracts we have but they are still letting people go. IBM management are morons. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/24/10: I'm wondering if anyone else who was converted to non-exempt is being screwed out of stand-by time for 24/7 on call or hotpager support. I was on an account that allowed us to claim stand-by time while we were primary on-call (hotpager) My new account doesn't allow this but we are still required to be on-call for primary callout. We only get to claim OT if we get paged but we are required to be available. -No-More-OT-
Comment 3/24/10: Is it the GBS or GDS division -public sector? -Anon-
Comment 3/24/10: Re: -Drgunzet- Remember, IBM does not have to pay you serverance pay
So true - IBM doesn't have to pay you anything but minimum wage. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/24/10: -Drgunzet- IBM doesn't care if one tries to apply for a job in the 30 days. Almost all don't stand a chance of finding one anyhow. If IBM denies severance saying you didn't make a fair attempt at lining up a job then they are creeps. IBM justs wants those RAed to disappear as soon as possible with as less notice or visibility as possible. Yes, I wouldn't put it past IBM to deny or even get rid of the severance, But I think it would especially be the case to eliminate it if the have any danger of only being on target of making $10.99 EPS or will have a quarter where they don't make their projected new record profit.. IBM will eventually fail as a corporation because they treat people as disposable resources and strictly as expense and a drain to them and their operations.. Think of IBM as being a living, breathing thing and think of the employees as being the life blood of it. This IBM soon will be like a corpse trying to live with no blood. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/23/10: Got RA'd on March 1 - last year 8 got RA'd in my dept. Today I was offered and accepted a better job w/better pay. My condolences to those left behind. Thanks Sam!!! -Happy!!-
Comment 3/23/10: I'm not sure about all the people cut here in Tucson, but I am aware of at least 3 others beside myself, in different areas. As for the organiziation, ISC, there were 63, including myself -Anonymous-
Comment 3/23/10: Comment 3/22/10: When one gets an RA, do they have to apply for other IBM jobs (either successfully or unsuccessfully) in order to get the severance? I wouldn't think so, but just in case... -Anonymous-
I never took the serverance pay for granted. I always played by the rules and showed efforts in applying for internal IBM jobs, and even tried to follow through IBM's suggestion for me to apply to jobs in other countries eventhough I did not want to move. (Just need to act incompetent, the other groups won't hire you.) Remember, IBM does not have to pay you serverance pay, and remember to thank them on the way out; it's good karma. -Drgunzet-

Comment 3/23/10: a-anticipated-by-former-IBM-executive

Plea anticipated by former IBM executive

Ex-IBM exec looks ready to plead guilty in Galleon rt-moffat-information-update1-.html

Galleon Prosecutors to File Robert Moffat Information (Update2) -Anon-

Comment 3/23/10: I was in the GDS division -public sector. We lost 15 team members to this 3.1.2010 Labor Action -Anonymous-
Comment 3/23/10: On March 1 I was notified that I was impacted due to " a resource action". My employment ends March 31. Division 07, Dept. L46A -Anonymous-
Comment 3/22/10: I've been reading comments about getting the so called one month notice to find another comparable job at IBM. You don't have to look for another position at IBM during your month long notice, to get your severance package. You can look for another position, but IBM will not hire you. I know of someone in Toronto that found and applied for an available and comparable IBM position after being RA'ed. He was then told he would not be considered because he was not qualified. If IBM wants you gone, you are gone, any job search within IBM during this so called "month notice" is just a waste of time.You're better off using your time looking outside IBM. Let IBM cut it's own throat by getting rid of it's experienced front line staff. I also heard a story about an IBM Toronto sales person RA'ed in March. Her manager wanted her to sign a letter saying she was retiring and wanted her to tell all her customers the same. She refused to sign and told her customers that she was being let go. Good for her. This is another typical IBM attempt to cover the truth. I was a front line service tech with 22 years experience at IBM. After I was RA'ed, IBM sub-contracted most of the equipment I worked on, to a cheaper service company. IBM is acting as a middle man on these service contracts. My message to the IBM customers is "if IBM does not want to provide IBM staff to service your IBM equipment, and want to act as a middle man, then I say cut out the middle man and deal directly with the cheaper sub-contract company. The result would be the same and you would actually get what you pay for." -RA'ed in Canada Mar 2009-
Comment 3/22/10: No, one does not have to apply, nor even look on the GOM for another IBM job to get the severance. Only things that can cause the severance to be withheld is a) Turning down another comparable (as defined in the packet) job in IBM (if you're not looking, than someone would have had to come find you and make a formal offer through your manager or b) Something you do in violation fo the BCGs or other terms of employment, where they can terminate you for cause before your exit date. BTW, I say these official-sounding terms not because I am a manager or anything, but a) I was RAed and b) I *was* a manager, so I know the official stuff ;-) -RAed last Jan-
Comment 3/22/10: When one gets an RA, do they have to apply for other IBM jobs (either successfully or unsuccessfully) in order to get the severance? I wouldn't think so, but just in case... -Anonymous-
Comment 3/20/10: If you are an Alliance member, and wish to post comments in a members only forum, we can acomodate you.
First, you must verify your membership by simply including your email address that you used when you signed up as a member. We do not and will not post that information, publicly.
Second, We have set up a private forum for members only. Once we verify your membership and email from your post, we can send you the link to the private forum. You can then register for the forum, using your verified email. I will personally make sure registration is swift, and then you can begin posting comments in several of the sections of the private forum.
Just to be clear: If you use the Job Cuts Reports board to post Job cuts related information, and you are a member, we will still protect your identity and will post your comments with a psuedonym of your choice or as Anonymous.
Again, The private forum is for dues members only. It is protected by the same Federal laws that protect us from anti-union trouble makers and union busters. Be sure to include your email that you used to sign up as an Alliance member. Contact us if you have more questions.

-Rick White
Treasurer, Organizer, IT Administrator
and Health & Safety Representative
CWA Local 1701

Comment 3/20/10: I was in IBM for 13 years. I was trying to work hard to keep my job. Due to I am an asian, I have done most work in my team. I got the bad manager. She has not education at all; but she works up to be a sr. test manager. She always let the team member lie to her and most my team members are good talker without only limited technical knowledge. I am a asian and I am having a accent with the English. But I am the one get all the work done. And my manager always giving overload work and then giving all the credit to team member. She's highly discrimination. I am the only one in my team get laid off (Resource Action). My manager name Linda. I will provide most information after I am officially by eom. I do not want to their provide me the laid off package -Anonymous-
Comment 3/20/10: If you have been recently cut by IBM and believe it is based on age discrimination and you are interested in a class action lawsuit then contact Jeff Young at McTeague, Higbee, Case, Cohen, Whitney & Toker, since when I spoke to him he indicated if there were approx. 50 People involved then he could presue it. I know he has settled cases in the past but can't discuss the outcome.
Here is additional info:
PO Box 5000
4 Union Park
Topsham, ME 04086-5000
Map & Directions
Phone: (207) 725-5581
Fax: (207) 725-1090
E-mail: Contact Us
Web site:

Comment 3/19/10: Please don't post my name. I'm in "BTV" -- Essex Junction, VT. We lost a few recently, but I don't know how many. I know of at least two, personally. I just wanted to share that my co-worker, who's been here 34 years, remarked that it seems that they were targeting remote workers, when for the last few years, they were encouraging people to work remotely. Of the two I know about, one was mostly working from home, doing security (God help us now! Don't know who's going to do it in her place.), and the other was technically remote, out of Boulder, even though he supported Suns here in BTV and was in fairly often. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/19/10: The old good days are the forever memories <article link>-Former Myers Corners Lab employee-
Comment 3/19/10: I am a former IBMer, downsized in 1995. My wife is still there until june 2010. Her job is going to the phillipines. She works in payroll. Payroll travel and a few other dept's are already gone to the Philipines or will be gone by the end of june. I have seen no reporting on this action. The people from the Phillipines were just here getting trained by employees that are losing their jobs to them (how nice).They said they are new hires and were not told they were taking away the jobs of people in the U.S. According to upper-level mgmt, it cost IBM $80k a year for a U.S. employee and only $18k a year for an employee in the Phillipines. They also took away my wife's benefits. I'm tired of IBM sticking it to their employees. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: We wrote about this last year. We even had a poll for people to take on whether they thought offshoring payroll was a good idea. As you can imagine it was a resounding NO. Thank you for the update.
Comment 3/19/10: Here in GBS in Canada, we are getting screwed over every which way. I want to know how we can join the Alliance. I was spared from this RA, but, as I'm training my replacements, it won't be long for the rest of us. I can't believe in the midst of all this, we're not doing
something to protect ourselves. -IBMCanadian-
Alliance reply: Canada IBMers can join the Alliance. See our join form. Our parent organization has locals in both countries. If we get enough Canada members we can start a chapter there.

Comment 3/18/10: To irRational - actually, it does NOT say you cannot moonlight, as that is against employment law. What it does indeed say is you cannot have conflict of interest, and inventions and other intellectual property is indeed IBM's while you're an employee. That does not say that you cannot own a business, work for someone, be a teacher, etc. If you're a SW developer for IBM, nothing in that says you cannot be a business consultant. Sure, you cannot use IBM confidential info in the new work, nor can you compete with IBM, but if it is not in conflict with your position, you most certainly CAN moonlight. I was told this by an employment lawyer when I was RAed last year. People should not be afraid to protect themselves because they think IBM might come after them. Use your own heads, people, an make informed and prudent decisions (e.g. SW developers, don't go start working for Oracle till you're out ;-) and remember, IBM is firing you. Protect yourselves now, because we did not have contracts to before (or still) -RAed last Jan-
Comment 3/18/10: Not sure why there's so much concern about the reporting of the US worker level. Any capable IBM'er can grab a copy of the US Lotus Notes Names and Address book (156K records, about 3 Gig), which essentially has records in a VCF format. Either spend a few hundred dollars on a program that extracts from Notes names files to VCF / spreadsheet, or brute force copy paste the records to a useful format. Remove the non person ID's (typically those without a comma in them, and you've got an accounting of the totals. Grab the name field, and it's nice enough to tell you what site they're associated with, and if they're a contractor or not. A little work, and all the data one desires at the tip of your fingers. -Anon2-
Alliance reply: Thanks for the mechanics of obtaining the information. The point of the concern is that IBM continues to request stimulus $$$ or simply State funding to supposedly create jobs; BUT they continue to offshore an undertermined amount of those jobs, and don't tell the public non-IBMers that they are doing it. That's the concern. There should be MORE concern by the taxpayers, about IBM's actions and policies, not less.

Here is the relevant information:
"A reminder about the February posting requirements of OSHA 300 Log totals:

Both federal and state OSHA regulations require that….

At the end of each calendar year, section 1904.32 of the OSHA Recordkeeping Regulations requires each covered employer to review his or her OSHA 300 Log for completeness and accuracy and to prepare an Annual Summary of the OSHA 300 Log using the form OSHA 300–A, Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses, or an equivalent form. The summary must be certified for accuracy and completeness and be posted in the workplace by February 1 of the year following the year covered by the summary. The summary must remain posted until April 30 of the year in which it was posted.

Helpful Hints

Remember to post only the OSHA 300-A Summary Form. Don’t post the OSHA 300 Log itself

Be sure to complete the additional data elements under “Employment Information” which include the average number of employees and the total hours worked for the reference year.

Make sure the Summary Form is certified by a company executive, who may be an owner, a corporate officer, the highest ranking official working at the establishment, or that person’s immediate supervisor.

Use the Log as a tool in identifying the problem areas and issues in your workplace that demand priority prevention efforts.

Encourage employees to review the Log so they can provide input in recognizing and abating hazards that occur in the workplace.

Call our Statistics unit at (860) 566-4380 to obtain more forms or to answer questions on OSHA recordkeeping issues. -Anonymous-

Comment 3/18/10: To - Beat Up - I believe that OSHA300A (annual) posting is required by law for each site and discloses average number of employees on site (and total hours worked). -anon-
Alliance reply: The problem is that 45% of IBMers don't work at a site.
Comment 3/18/10: Rumor has it that June 1 there will be more lay offs (in GBS anyway). I've heard it from more than one person (financial ops/people in the know). We haven't even gotten through with the March 1 lay offs. This company sucks. **Join the Union**
(Can Alliance Members post non-job cuts info?) -Alliance Member-

Alliance reply: If you are an Alliance member, and wish to post information unrelated to Job Cuts Reports, we can acomodate you in another way. First, you must verify your membership by simply including your email address that you used when you signed up as a member. We do not and will not post that information, publicly. Second, We have set up a private forum for members only. Once we verify your membership and email from your post, we can send you the link to the private forum. You can then register for the forum using your verified email. I will personally make sure registration is swift, and then you can begin posting comments in several of the sections of the private forum. Just to be clear: If you use the Job Cuts Reports board to post Job cuts related information, and you are a member, we will still protect your identity and will post your comments with a psuedonym or as Anonymous. Again, The private forum is for dues members only. It is protected by the same Federal laws that protect us from anti-union trouble makers and union busters. Be sure to include your email that you used to sign up as an Alliance member. Contact us if you have more questions.

Comment 3/18/10: Thanks for the clarification about being a member if I am a Service Area Manager. Can I read the material here? I am looking out for myself too. You never know if a person will get hit 2 or 3 or 4 times by an RA. Luck only goes so long. -Huh-
Alliance reply: Unfortunately, your visits could be considered 'spying' on a union meeting. That said, we can't stop you from visiting the site and trying to keep up with the latest. Just know that if IBM catches you; there could be a few things that they might do to you as punishment. If we believe you ARE spying on us, or pretending to spy, we can file an Unfair Labor Practice against
you and IBM.
This is just friendly advice. It's your call.

Comment 3/18/10: There is an IBM bulletin board outside the cafeteria in Bld 705 in Poughkeepsie with the OSHA and accident numbers as one of the notices. It says that for that reporting period, 1/13/2009 there were 4,861 employees on the Poughkeepsie site. -Beat Up-
Comment 3/18/10: Ok. The firings have subsided. Alliance has been quite loose with their rules to post only jobs lost, counts and where. Has anyone who has visited this site in the last 3 weeks, joined the union?
If not, have you made a donation?
If not, do you still think Alliance should allow your posts to this board if they are off-topic? What's the topic? Read the top of this board; it says..
"Job Cut Reports
This comments section is for the posting of specific information of Job cuts, Resource Actions and Firings."

Ain' t nothin' there about posting questions about COBRA, pensions, 'they made me a manager, can I join', etc. etc. etc.
And even if there were; Are you willing to pay a small amount to come here to vent about those topics?
If not, then how long can you expect Alliance to keep THIS board active? Psssst.. Do Something!
Comment 3/18/10: RUMOR: IBM needs to be protective of its USA headcount and North America headcount as it has some specific requirements (which it no longer meets) in its incorporation and taxes. Under 25 percent headcount means more/higher taxes and automatically kicks in some government reviews. Wouldn't you hide it for as long as you could. -p-0'd X attorney-
Comment 3/18/10: I am at Boston , MA Global Services -Anonymous-
Comment 3/18/10:
Amid offshoring, IBM to stop reporting U.S. worker count
Craig Wolf • Poughkeepsie Journal • March 18, 2010
IBM Corp., whose U.S. work force has been shrinking for years amid
criticism that it's shipping work overseas, will not give out its U.S.
head count any longer. Read full article below: -Anon-

Comment 3/17/10: 6 months or so ago I was RAd, but found other work at the last minute. I guess that is maybe a shocker because they asked me a few weeks ago to be a Service Area Manager. Can a Service Area Manager be a member of the alliance? I guess it take surviving an RA and you get to be in charge of people. So that is how we do it. Took 20 year to figure it out. -Huh-
Alliance reply: If you fire or hire you can't be a member. That's the law. Sorry.

Comment 3/17/10: This comment / oberservation relates specifically to iBM employees in Canada. It is quite evident from the RAs last year and in March that iBM has placed a very large target on any long term employee who is just under 55 years of age. These are reported as 'early retirements' in iBM Canada's official lingo. The reason, I think, for this targetting would be that iBM will owe these employees absolutely no post-retirement benefits and therefore saves iBM MONEY. Under post reirement benefit changes made a couple of years ago, an employee under 55 will get no PRB. If over 55 you get PRB until age 65 (but only if you have enough years of service). -"Kaputt @ IBM"-

Comment 3/17/10: -annonymous-
Comment 3/17/10: -InHell-, please join now. There can be no momentum for contract or strikes without members already on the rolls. If you're waiting for others to take up that slack, why? -CDI drone-
Comment 3/17/10: I work on the Wellpoint account, and on March 1st, at least 42 folks were cut form the account. I belive I have heard 2600 notified of resource action on March 31st, Rumor has it another 41,000 by year end. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/17/10: Also, where does it say in anything you signed with IBM that you will not moonlight?
I'm pretty sure it says exactly that. If I B eMbarrassed moonlights and is caught, s/he'll certainly lose their severance, and if they went to moonlight for a competitor (which given the breadth of IBM's businesses, would be virtually any software or IT shop), likely will be taken to court. What you signed also says that anything you invent or build on your own personal time while employed by IBM, belongs to IBM. (I believe the relevant language is in the Business Conduct Guidelines, which you are required to "sign" every year. The language is purposefully broad and somewhat vague. Is it legal? Probably, since you signed it. Would it be upheld in court? I dunno; how many lawyers work for you, versus for IBM, to test that in court?) Is that unfair? Who cares -- it's legal, and you agreed to it. If we want clauses like this out of our employment contract, then we need the ability to bargain collectively for that. We'll never get it individually. -irRational-

Comment 3/17/10: To -I B eMbarrassed- Why not just keep looking for a job outside IBM, and tell them your availability date is 6/1? Tell them you're currently engaged on a project that times out then. You're being truthful, and you still get paid thru 5/31, get your severance, and start with a new employer. Also, where does it say in anything you signed with IBM that you will not moonlight? You could always start a new job before 5/31 as long as you a) continue to fulfill whatever obligations IBM continues ot ask of you - likely not much since you're on teh RA list and same thing happened ot a friend of mine on last year's and she was never given any new work, just a later exit date... and b) There is no conflict of interest or other IBM BCG violations, which could result in (earlier) termination and loss of severance etc. No one says you can't do two at once if they want you to start, say May 1 or something, and considering we're getting close to April.. Well... -RAed last Jan-
Comment 3/17/10: -I B eMbarrassed- Not to sound like repeating myself again over and over and others who have made the following statement of fact: You are strictly an AT WILL EMPLOYEE! Without a union contract IBM can choose to treat you any way they want, when they want, and if they want. They can transfer you to another position, demote you without cause, extend your employment, shorten it, choose to not give you any severance, etc. You have to know now your employment is all on IBM terms. With a contract it is also on the employees terms to some degree. IBMers: when are you going to understand and do something about this? Every nanosecond you sit and wait and do nothing it will only get worse for you! -da_facts-
Comment 3/17/10: To -I B eMbarrassed- : Be smart. You now have more time while still collecting a pay check to look for another job. It's better than being out of work looking for another job. Spend every minute looking for something else and if you find it, run. Don't sit around and wait for severance. What if you're out of work and that severance runs out? I know a guy that is going on 3 years out of work now. Whatever work you are doing they are not ready to move it yet and need you there longer. Spend every minute at this point looking. You know what their intentions are for you. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 3/17/10: to -I B eMbarrassed- I think it would depend how much severance you're getting to decide whether to leave prior to 5/1. You can take the next couple of month to start looking for a job just put your start date as 6/1. Don't let IBM get away without giving you you're severance (Plus you accrue more vacation days) Oh, and don't forget you're entitled to take all your personal choice holidays. Unless you live in California, you don't get paid for those not taken. Without a union we have NO BARGAINING power. We are the mercy of power brokers. And as we all know, they have NO MERCY for us. Actually, they have contempt. **Join the Union** -Alliance Member-
Comment 3/16/10: For the folks whose end dates have been extended 2 months, is it possible that it has something to do with the WARN act? And if so, why would that affect your ability to receive severance? -WARN Act?-
Comment 3/16/10: I will join the alliance when then have a large enough group in the USA for an organized strike. I am willing to strike at any time. When Henry Ford people like Sam does they shouted in the plants, Strike, Strike, Strike...A little while later Ford was unionized. Alliance keeps saying join, join, join...I say Strike, Strike, Strike....We all walk off for 2 weeks and cripple IBM. Then you will see people join. -InHell-
Alliance reply: Don't you see that your inaction and not joining are the problem. If people like you don't join there won't be a group large enough to strike.

Comment 3/16/10: Read the package real close and you will see the exit date can be June 30, 2010. Also, the number for Smart Money in your packet - call that number, they will give you the details on 401K, medical insurance, retirement, payout and all they have direct access to your package information and employee information to give you situation advise and everything right there... based on many different factors (age, salary, years with IBM) I think it worked out to a grid and they already figured it all out. No Joke! You do have some options and can make the best selections for your family and life. But the $ part is already worked out 100%. If possible have someone with you during the call to help take notes and ask questions. -Annon-
Comment 3/16/10: TO: IB eMbarassed: A number in the March 2009 layoff by GBS were given dates other than 30 days. One person's last date was October. You will get your severance. They are just keeping people to fulfill contracts or other needs they have. Go along with them or you may lose severance. -anonymous-
Comment 3/16/10: Things just keep getting weirder....I was called by my boss 3/1, and was told my last day was 3/31. I got a call yesterday, and was told I have a "stay of execution"....I'm still part of the RA, but my new termination date is 5/31. While at first this looks like good news....what it really means is that IBM has no intention of actually paying me any severance benefits. If I refused the new date, they could deny my severance because they had offered me a "comparable position". And the chances of my still being employed by IBM by 5/31 are close to 0%....why would I not hunt for a new job since I know they plan to get rid of me?.... -I B eMbarrassed-
Comment 3/16/10: IT: A lot to be angry about: -Anonymous-

Comment 3/16/10: I am in ITD as an AIX admin. I was told my new RA date is 5/31. Previously it was 3/31. I was given no reason for the extension when I asked. I am an internal support person and do not support outside customers. -AIXadmin-
Comment 3/16/10: IBM looking at potential office consolidation: -Anonymous-

Comment 3/16/10: To -smart t pants- IBM is just using the tried and true "Buffalo Bill Cody" method of thinning their herd. If you shoot the ones in the back of the herd the rest of the herd does not even notice and stands still and keeps grazing. Makes it easier to shoot more the next day and the next and so on if the herd never tries to protect itself. If a Manager addresses the remaining herd someone will ask Why? Then someone will ask is it over? Any answer given to these questions will be a lie and will eventually be recognized as one so if the manager says nothing the remaining herd may still trust him or her and just stand still for the next round of hunting. It seems to be working by the way as the remaining herd has certainly not flocked to join the union to try to protect themselves. It has just stood there for over 10 years and allowed the hunters free shots. Just meat on Sammy's table . Remember, if a manager communicates at all about firings, you may get the impression the manager could actually do something about them or has something to do with them and then you may treat the manager as an enemy or at least not blindly trust them to be fair. It may cause the manager to feel stress or pressure so do not expect it to ever happen. This is one of the main reasons IBM no longer has face to face meetings when they can avoid them. Its far easier to deny or lie on the phone and not feel the need to pretend to care about employees or care about their feelings. You cannot see the manager rolling their eyes or biting their fist to keep from laughing on the phone you see. If they ignore you long enough, voicemail when you call them, no response to emails, no return calls, then you eventually stop bothering them. Then if something happens they will hit you with a 3 rating because you failed to keep them informed. Its a win win for them. You become a self managing work widget that requires no supervision and just produces profits . Can be fired at will. Can be sold off in mass. Can be discriminated against behind closed doors and you simply have no say and no choice because you just accept it. "Was that a rifle shot Joe?" "Don't pay no attention John , it didn't hit you. Just keep your head down and graze..." And the life of the herd continues. -Exodus2007-
Comment 3/15/10: Department let 4 long term employees go during the first week of March. Got notice today that we now have 4 hire tickets for contractors to backfill the positions (starting around $38K/year). -anonymous-
Comment 3/14/10: Below is the official site for watching what IBM's getting stimulus money for. Notice the hypertext links at the top of the page, for reporting fraud, waste and abuse. :) <link> -Report IBM RA Abuse-
Comment 3/14/10: ITD Shared, Security, & Contract-related services lay-offs were 246, not 216. -Maxed Out-
Comment 3/14/10: During the last three resource actions, the U.S. IBM people managers of the affected employees didn't even tell the co-workers or supervisors. They expected the RAd employee to tell the teams they had been working for. Half of them didn't say a word--just disappeared. I don't blame them. Go to hell IBM! No follow up on whether the RAd employees work would be covered and no replacements named. What chaos! IBM 1st line managers are CHICKEN. They are useless bean counters with no technical or business skills. IBM needs to get rid of the managers and keep the worker bees. Also, does Bob Moffat, Sam Palmisano's adopted son, count in the count of missing U.S. employees? He's not in jail yet so I guess he still counts... -smart t pants-
Comment 3/14/10: "but you realize IBM counts each employee as counting between $175k-$400k"
Gosh they got me CHEAP. I guess I'm an IT prostitute for IBM! Why am I not surprised? -anonymous-

Comment 3/14/10: For decision on 3 month improvement plan... hell no I would not go on that Improvement Plan and lose 6 months salary, but if you have 3 months of severance pay... or if your severance less than 3 months salary or equal, it might be worth the run. Just go for the best prospect on the $ and send some to Alliance while you are at it. They are the only way we can be treated fairly. RA is like a divorce and the grab rule. Calculate the best way to grab the most, the love is dead. -Annon-
Comment 3/14/10: Thanks to -Stimulus Money- for posting that "IBM has received over $64M in stimulus money".
This is a gold mine! But the link in the original message should be

Browse by Recipients to go to and see
International Business Machines Corporation Bethesda, MD $62,235,103
International Business Machines Corporation Fairfax, VA $756,000
International Business Machines Corporation Bethesda, MD $756,000
International Business Machines Corporation San Jose, CA $689,906

Then go to the individual awards
Bethesda $62,235,103:
Fairfax $756,000:
Bethesda $756,000:
San Jose $689,906:

Within each of these, click on each line, vote whether you are"satisfied" with that award, and post a comment. -Gorya-

Comment 3/14/10: "According to, IBM has received over $64M in stimulus money, while continuing to offshore American jobs. This is unbelievable! -Stimulus Money-"
Not defending IBM, but you realize IBM counts each employee as counting between $175k-$400k (depending on division) per year. That works out to only 160-366 jobs for IBM. You can bet the execs identified some pet employees and projects as stimulus that probably are filled by US employees. But they also probably have an equal or greater number of people in BRIC countries supporting those jobs, and will quickly transition those jobs off-shore as soon as the stimulus watchdogs go away. Only we, the employees, can organize IBM, don't expect the government to do it for you. Organize and join the Alliance! --new2rchland--

Comment 3/13/10: Here are the cuts I've gathered from the Montreal, Canada, area. Not sure of the actual teams.
ITD IMS mainframe support : 3
ITD zOS support : 1
ITD capacity/performance : 5
HW installation : 2
CSC : 7
PM office : 3
Of course there are surely more but I haven't heard about them. -Canonymous-

Comment 3/13/10: 6 years-always a 2 or 2+, awards etc and they let me go,had 2 other job ffers frozen on me and then they tell us to get a job at IBM-i am glad to be leaving this company and have other interviews already set up. -tomcat-
Comment 3/13/10: Two of my co-workers affected by an RA were extended for 2 months because their customers complained. -dun-4-
Comment 3/13/10: "According to, IBM has received over $64M in stimulus money, while continuing to offshore American jobs. This is unbelievable! "
I agree. The dems plan to create jobs by giving money away all this stimulus money isn't working. IBM continues to shed American workers while Sammy lines his pockets with millions of dollars each year. It reminds me of Socialism. Sad but true. I have just about given up all hope for America. Let's see the American jobs created with all that stimulus money Sammy!!! -IBMer-

Comment 3/13/10: TO: CA Alliance member- NO, NOT TRUE. You are eligible for COBRA for 18 months if you select it when RA'd - true for everyone with a severance. It is only the COBRA subsidy that you are not eligible for if you have access to the FHA retirement or any other health plan (even if you do not qualify for the FHA money due to having less than 15 years service). You do get the subsidy until the end of the month of your retirement date (and when bridged). This is true even if receiving the TMP benefit, which after to change to paying the full premium for COBRA. -anonymous-
Comment 3/13/10: in RTP, i know someone who was RAed and then was rehired into IBM within 60 days as a contractor doing the exact same job. it happened like 2 years ago and they are still with ibm as a contractor. -anonymous-
Comment 3/12/10: According to, IBM has received over $64M in stimulus money, while continuing to offshore American jobs. This is unbelievable! -Stimulus Money-
Comment 3/12/10: To acquired: you're better off taking the separation package. The performance improvement plan will only extend you another 30 days or so at which time the manager will more than likely determine that you did not make "sustained measurable improvement" and then you can be laid off without a package. I am an ex-manager who was RAed in 09 (along with my entire department due to work being moved abroad), so I know what I'm talking about. -pawn-
Comment 3/12/10: RE HCR (Reimbursement, not savings) A, I can confirm, that , "YES" you can use up the full amount you signed up for, even though you only contributed a small portion of it. I used up all of my $2000 last year, even though I had only contributed a few hundred dollars. You must INCUR the expenses before your last work date, and then submit to Acclairis . There was a question of whether they would accept reimbursement requests over 30 days past your last working date, so I submitted mine a few days after my last date, I had no problem collecting. -Raleigh ex ibmer-
Comment 3/12/10: ComputerWorld - IBM stops disclosing U.S. headcount data -anon-

Comment 3/12/10: TO Austin Alliance Member regarding HCSA - it is true - I did it last year. I had a funny feeling that it would be my time last year and asked to have a total of $3000 deducted. I got let go in May and used it all up before that. I had put in about $1000 but the time I was let go, so they put in $2000 I did not have to pay back. -toni-
Comment 3/12/10: I was just let go after many years of hard work at IBM. IBM is a horrible company -Anonymous-
Comment 3/12/10: to -INVALID_ADDRESS@.SYNTAX-ERROR- Watch out for the COBRA eligibility. I am bridging to retirement in July. ESC told me after 6 months TMP, since I will retire (forced) in July, and I will be offered the "retiree" health Insurance Option (even though it's not subsidized), I am not qualified for COBRA. I checked the rate, and retiree rate is more expensive than COBRA. So IBM knows how to collect more money from you. My FHA won't last more than 2 years. -CA Alliance member-
Comment 3/12/10: You don't need to post this, just wanted you to have this article in case you want to link to it. -marbles-

Comment 3/12/10: IBM stops disclosing U.S. headcount data: -anonymous-

Comment 3/12/10: RE: "The good news is that I am getting my retirement benefits, AND my severence package, AND eligibility for COBRA.>>> Good to hear".
Also apply for unemployment ! -anonymous-

Comment 3/12/10: "This is the first time in at least 5 years that BigBlue did not break out the US workforce."
I bet I know why. It is because with recent RA and RA's coming the USA workforce is now and will be no more than 99,999 employees and will continue to shrink. -anonymous-

Comment 3/1210: This section is only to disclose and discuss Job Cuts and resource action information. Advice on whether you get the FHA, your personal choice holidays and/or vacation days before an RA, whether IBM pro-rates your bonus, GDP, Palmisano's compensation, etc. is not germane to this Job Cuts discussion! The Alliance is now at the "Breaking Point". So now it is not the time to ask folks what their reasons are good or bad for joining or not joining the Alliance! Thousands of your fellow colleagues have already lost and will soon be losing their jobs. The number in days and weeks and months forward will grow as long as employees don't do anything to stop it. If more folks joined the Alliance we might have been able to curb or even have stopped this from happening. If you want to discuss other general topics, general questions like those that were listed above, salary, PBC, etc. then join the Alliance and then the Alliance will make those discussion sections open for use again. Joining the Alliance is making a statement and is good reason why you want it's membership to grow. -sby_willie-
Comment 3/12/10: You are so right! I just can't see today how an IBM employee who says they support the Alliance's cause yet fails to join for a year for just about $0.165 a day. The only way we can collectively save our jobs and benefits is to join, stand up, and fight IBM together. It is no excuse and poor judgement to not join even if these same IBMers are so convinced they will soon be RAed no matter what they do, since even as ex-IBMers who will some day become retired ex-IBMers, the Alliance is fighting to preserve what benefits we still have at IBM before they could disappear forever. The Alliance has been more than patient waiting for employees, and even ex-employees and retirees, to join the fight. The Alliance started in 1999 (and has roots originating out of Endicott even further back than that). -IBMUnionYes-
Comment 3/11/10: If you're an IBM employee, and you dont think the employees need the protections a contract negotiated by a union offers, then ask yourself the following question; Why do execs like Palmisano think they need an employment contract with IBM? They make damn sure if something bad happens that could have a negative impact on them, that impact is more than offset by the protections built into their contract. Consider the case of Glen Tilton, CEO of United Airlines. His employment contract stipulated that should United go into bankruptcy (which it did after he was hired) he would receive an annual multi-million dollar pension, even if United's pension fund was to be entirely liquidated. (Which it was.) All of United\'s retiree's and future retiree's (United's active employee's) lost their pensions because all of the money in United's pension fund was used to pay their creditors. Glen's OK though. Nice, huh? -Anonymous-
Comment 3/11/10: Did anyone read the latest annual report? It just hit the presses. This is the first time in at least 5 years that BigBlue did not break out the US workforce. Sneaky huh? Now we will never know the US workforce going foward. -hi-
Comment 3/11/10: Regarding the HCSA flex account. Some here have suggested that your entire annual designation can be reimbursed if you incur the expenses prior to termination. Has anyone actually confirmed that? As I recall, the Acclaris site tracks not only your annual designation, but also your contributions YTD, and used to only reimburse up to the current contribution. Has this changed? -Austin Alliance Member-
Comment 3/11/10: itd architect division 7 -anonymous-
Comment 3/11/10: To reply to a recent post by Gorya, and with thanks to him or her, I believe a few additional comments >>> are in order:
I was told that IBM considers you of retirement age when you meet two conditions:
(age >= 55)& (age + years of service) >= 65)
Therefore, at age 63, two years of service would make you eligible for retirement.
I got RA'ed on March 1 and will be considered officially retired on March 31.

>>> Age and years of service are irrelevant if you were under age 40 in 1999. Many 'employees' fall into this category.
Here is one example:

The good news is that I am getting my retirement benefits, AND my severence package, AND eligibility for COBRA.
>>> Good to hear.

Another -anonymous- wrote this on 3/08/10:
"The only IBM jobs available will require you to go to either India, China, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, etc." ...
Even BRIC may not be available. The 2010 packet says nothing about Project Match.
>>> Project Match was a joke, and I'm pleased to hear it has been discontinued.
>>> Why declare a 'project', when you, IBM, can already post jobs wherever you want. Heck, let your ex-employees decide whether to apply to work in developing nations. Right? -INVALID_ADDRESS@.SYNTAX-ERROR-

Comment 3/11/10: Alliance, I realize you may not wish to publish this comment as it isn't directly related to an RA w/ statistics.
However, I will say that in my experience, 'protected classes', aren't protected. In my department of ten, at least four were RAed.
Two women, two men. One of the men gay, one not gay. Three of the four had health issues in the past one or two years.
At least one would have passed the fed guidelines for disability, but didn't claim it to IBM. I missed NO days @ IBM in five years. I worked ON MY VACATION, to help my ignorant manager to create her budget for (the next year - won't tell you the year, as this might identify ME).
I had four or five distinct, but related, careers in over 20 years at IBM. I chose my job progression.
I had over twenty managers in my career. As I said, I chose four career avenues. And, I saw managers churn over, whether every four months (one year) or every 18 months (IBM's personal best, I imagine. I made a big mistake in pursuing my last job role. The role itself - very engaging; allowed me to use my past experience to the benefit of both my organization AND me. The mistake: Not trusting my instincts when I interviewed with the hiring manager. She was arrogant, didn't understand our brand, and (later) claimed that 'I'm the very best _____ that our organization has', disregarding the negative comments from our target audience. Sample comment: '(Insert manager name here) has NO CLUE as to what we need. She presented on a topic which she clearly did not understand.'
Good luck to those who remain in IBM or in that organization. If they read this post, they may recognize the manager. -RAed already-

Alliance reply: Permission granted. Please consider joining or making a donation to Alliance@IBM, to show your support for this board.
Comment 3/11/10: Discovered on Monday morning the ITD SSO mainframe Linux on Z series IGA account is migrating all work out of the US to Brazil by the end of May 2010. You know what the black outlook is for the former team mates now. Being North American is definitely third world now, no one wants you or your skills. -Survivor for another day or two-
Comment 3/11/10: In Lexington, MA Cut from the Rational User Technologies group. I am an Instructional Designer -Anonymous-
Comment 3/11/10: -disgusted more- There is plenty you can do. Organize your coworkers, vote in a union and get your GDP or other performance based bonus defined by your labor contract . It worked for AIG. Those folks got their contracted bonuses because it would have been a contract violation had they not been paid. It mattered not to their contract if AIG had to borrow the money to pay them or how hard the times are. A contract is a contract. Even the federal government in the end had to honor their contracts. If you can get IBM to sign a contract favorable to you without organizing into a union more power to you. I do not see IBM giving up one iota of its control over your employment and pay and even continued employment without one though. Just remember that the executives and their families appreciate all your hard work and sacrifice to keep them living large in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed, bad times and all. IBM will never play fair again. They will never respect you or your contributions again unless they are forced to by YOU. I hate to sound like a broken record but the only way to stop this abuse is through organizing. -Exodus2007-
Comment 3/11/10: To the person asking what is a protected class, just Google it. See attached link from wikipedia. -Anonymous-

Alliance reply: Just a reminder to would be posters to this comment section: This is for Job Cuts Reports. We have been a bit lenient recently, because of the massive firings, and allowed posts to veer off course of the purpose of this board. Today, we made an update to the list of fired employees, and added "GBS ASAA: 202" as yet another group being RA'd. The total is now 2901. Our advice is to post information here that reports Job Cuts, only. If you want to come here to rant, then why not sign-up or donate to Alliance@IBM? Members are allowed access to a "members only" discussion board, that we will be implementing soon. We appreciate your support.
Comment 3/11/10: I was recently R/A as part of IBMs H/R Team. you are right 99% of H/R positions are off shore : Egypt, China, Etc. -Ana-
Comment 3/11/10: last year I was a 2, and my GDP was over 4 grand .. this year I was a 2, and my GDP was 665 dollars. because of "hard times" .. yeah WHAT A CROCK. I suppose there's nothing I can do? Other than be glad it's over. -disgusted more-
Comment 3/11/10: Where did IBM come up with the term RA(Resource Action)? In the 70's to 80's employees were considered an ASSET. Beginning in the 90's I was told many times by various managers that I was now an EXPENSE . And we must either reduce or eliminate expenses. Revenue minus Expense equals PROFIT. Nothing has changed today. The term Resource must be a joke. -Former Expense-
Comment 3/11/10: PROTECTED CLASS - used to mean over 40 or woman, or minority or Vietnam era veteran. Essentially it was a "tickey mark" on your employee profile that got a little extra HR review when actions were taken with you (salary equity, promotions, layoffs, diversity balance in areas etc) Who knows if they even care about this any more. Probably not... -RAed last Jan-
Comment 3/11/10: Just the facts: Forget applying for internal jobs, unless you want to move to BRIC countries with local wages. I have a relative who is an IBM exec and she says that they freeze internal hires (but do not announce it, natch) because the whole purpose of these RAs is to move more jobs offshore. -Joe Friday-
Comment 3/11/10: Anonymous said --- I, who belong to a protected class in my group, was the only one being RA'd.
----- what is a protected class?? -Anonymous-

Comment 3/11/10: To: anon 2+ and RA'd:"2+, WFH. and RAed. So maybe there is a pattern here. -anonymous- " Are you new to this site? Have you not been reading the postings here for years? Are you a member of Alliance? If you are posting you must know that PBC ratings have NOTHING to do with your RA. I continue to be amazed at all the surprised people that got RA'd and have a 2 or 2+ PBC. To think that really matters? It should be called a PBS for performance Bull Sh** review. Wake up! Don't cry about your job loss. The only way is to step up and Unionize. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 3/11/10: To Anonymous, I have put the file that explains how you can collect unemployment AND your pension (old plan) at this web link (NO google id required). Good luck. file = "How UI works.txt"-Ben Dover-
Comment 3/11/10: Q. Who enforces the W.A.R.N. Act? (especially in NY)?
A. NY State Dept. of Labor. NY checks the filings but IBM makes sure that they fall below the minimum number of layoffs per site so they never have to report it. -anonymous-

Comment 3/11/10: "What's the difference in accepting the separation package versus being layed off?"
Mainly if you are a PBC 3 it's 1 week pay per year of service compared to 2 weeks pay per year of service. -da_facts-

Comment 3/10/10: -Annon- Yes, it is utterly pathetic that only a handful of people have joined since this latest RA. Careful. You are an "at will" employee and have no union to file a grievance for you. Hate to say it but IBM could just fire you without severance. With a union then we would all have some power to fight this! Without a union your just a lamb amidst the wolves but I reckon you know this. -anonymous-
Comment 3/10/10: "If you leave IBM before age 55 or with less than 15 years of service, you will forfeit your account and will not be eligible to receive any benefits from the Future Health Account." "Is this true even if you are RA’d?"
Absolutely. It is 55 years old on up AND at least 15 years of employment service. You can have 29 years of service but not be age 55 at RA time and you get NO FHA. Nice and fair, huh? This is Big Blew. -anonymous-

Comment 3/10/10: re: acquired. I'd also like to know the details about the alternative severance package. If you take it, would you be coded as if you QUIT (as in you CHOSE to take the package and thus quit, which means no Unemployment). Would be interesting to know how the improvement plan works, what are they measuring? And if it is found that you have not improved, are you then fired? -IBMwho?-
Comment 3/10/10: I must admit I am Dazed, Baffled and Confused. I understand someone holding on hoping to reach 30 years or age 55. I do not understand someone waiting years to be FIRED??? The severance pay is certainly not worth years of being miserable. Why would someone not job hunt and leave for a better job when they find it and that way have no need for severance?? Am I missing something ? Are people really that unable to make a decision and take action on it to improve themselves or their lot in life?? Could this be why only 11 used and abused IBMers have signed up to protect themselves?. Do IBMers really have a masochist streak that gives them pleasure to be abused and great joy to be fired?? The older I get the less I understand I guess. To all who were fired, happy about it or not, Good luck to you all. -Exodus2007-
Comment 3/10/10: TO>>>-Wondering->>> If you were not in the group that was in the NEW OLD Retirement PLAN, the answer is YES. If you are in the NEW OLD Retirement, you can retire, before age 55 with 30 years of service and you get the FHA. The NEW OLD Retirement PLAN is the one they created at the end of 1999 to keep from losing all us Older talent laden folks. Of course they came after us later. -no_ky-
Comment 3/10/10: 2 comments on those below: First for the FHA, I was RAed just shy of 22 years and age 46 (they hit me ON my birthday - fun). I got ZERO from the FHA. I was not 55. For the one there who was RAed and found another job before, last year and this are wayyyy different. I was RAed a few years ago, and found a great gig in another IBM area, with a great team and a really good manager. Then when I got it again in Jan 09, it became readily apparent that no one was finding jobs inside any more. I had several extraordinarily high placed friends (as in Palmisano direct reports, or where Sam was their skip level) who told me to not bother, and even they could not help me. I kept looking till my exit because I'd have kicked myself if I didn't, but gang, try to get your heads around moving on sooner rather than later... -RAed in Jan-
Comment 3/10/10: -IBMJOBS- IBM job fair today If you're looking for work, try Big Blue. IBM in Essex Junction has several openings for maintenance technicians to repair and maintain semiconductor processing equipment. The company will hold a job fair this morning from 9:00 to noon at the Vermont Department of Labor offices in Burlington. You failed to mention a very important fact here. ALL these positions are TEMPORARY,SUPPLEMENTAL, COMPLIMENTARY, or whatever the IBM phrase of the day may be. In a nut shell employment can be anywhere from 1 day to 3 years with job termination by IBM an option at any time. You wouldn't be a scum bag BTV manager attempting to recruit recently fired IBM regular employees would you? How about firing the countless levels of dead wood management that still exist at IBM and rehiring them as supplemental help. The rest can work the drive-thru window at Burger King or stock shelves at the HOME DEPOT. Thanks ALLIANCE for your continued support. I must admit that I am baffled/ashamed by the reluctance of IBM'ers to join the ALLIANCE, guess that's why IBM continues their current mode of operation. Dad just rolled over again, gotta go !!! -Tom Watson Jr III-
Comment 3/10/10: 2+, WFH. and RAed. So maybe there is a pattern here. -anonymous-
Comment 3/10/10: I think most of know by now, that finding another job in IBM after you've been RA'd, is impossible. You probably have a better chance of winning your state lottery. Rumors circulating in my area/division (AS GBS) is that there will major cuts in June. I'm not trying to panic anyone or start dumb rumors, but I've heard it from more than one person. 30% of my department was RA this go around, with India picking up the slack. The employees left, are training their replacements. Of course management won't tell us that but the writing is on the wall, my job role (operations) is no longer considered worthy of being a U.S. position. Anyone trying calling the ESC lately? Or dealing with an off shore person handling U.S. operations. It's pretty much a disaster. **Please join the union** -Alliance member-
Comment 3/10/10: To Lee Conrad: Kudos for the article, "IBM CEO's $21.2M pay is Outrageous" article. MY GOD, doesn't this greedy pig idiot Palmisano get it? Has he NO SHAME??? Screwing so many loyal employees by laying them off, outsourcing their jobs, RAing them , destroying their families, destroying their jobs, and then taking this kind of OUTRAGEOUS pay make any sense at all? HELL NO!!!!! I am MAD AS HELL!!!! The United States is going to HELL in a handbasket and it is CEO's like SAM PALMISANO taking us there. I hope the PALMISANO GOES STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!! -IBMer-
Comment 3/10/10: I heard from a reliable source, that they have tighten and completely cut the ability of a mgr to move people even in the same org. That even in situations where they need to move the HC for approved business alignment, that it is blocked. Therefore, there is no movement of HC. Per my mgr. he thinks it is possible to move within the same org, but from other source they said no HC movement possible. I have applied for jobs and from one was rejected. Have not heard any word from the others. So, they will open up all the jobs in April. Look at your package paper real good... find that project email address and send them an email to say. I do not accept this package, because 30 days is not enough time to find a job. I find it hard to believe that with all this RA only 6 people joined the union. What is wrong with you people? Next we will age to 70, and they will give us sleep forever shots and all of you will be agreeable to wait in line for your turn for the shot? Well, I will be camping in the woods with my shot gun, because I am not going down so easy. I am not mad with a single person and feel confident and happy. -Annon-
Comment 3/10/10: After several years, I am finally getting a severance package! I asked them to put me on the RA list years ago, and I'm finally free! (Well, in 90 days when they finally release me!) Cheers to any others who are HAPPY to be on the RA list! -Finally RAed!-
Comment 3/10/10: Hi, Just me. I have applied for quite a few of the jobs listed in the GOM -- for all of which I am easily qualified. I have received a handful of rejections, but I have not received a response from any of the others. I can easily believe that the hiring managers have been overwhelmed with applications, but I have a couple of informal observations concerning the whole process:

- the number of listings for offshore jobs is about an order of magnitude greater than the number of listings for American jobs. I have applied for both types, but so far I have not gotten past the initial screening process

- the qualifications seem to be less than they used to be. Many of the programming jobs, for example, require only an associate degree. It seems as though IBM is replacing older, more experienced, better educated employees with employees that just meet the minimum requirements of a specific job. Why not? IBM can just fire them when it is finished with them. These are the employees that are going to be building a smarter planet. :) IBM has about as much chance of building a smarter planet as Sam has of fitting through a hula hoop, but I digress.

- many of the new jobs associated with the smarter planet initiative seem to be going to offshore sites. -Anonymous-

Comment 3/10/10: Repeat of what was posted below, with a name to reference if someone would graciously reply. This is about the Future Health Account. It says "If you leave IBM before age 55 or with less than 15 years of service, you will forfeit your account and will not be eligible to receive any benefits from the Future Health Account." Is this true even if you are RA’d? -Wondering-
Comment 3/10/10: To Ben Dover... could you provide the info in a different place. I have no intention of "joining" yahoo's crap. Thanks -Anonymous-
Comment 3/10/10: GBS AIS - Cambridge , MA office let go 1 person that I know of. She is a Business Analyst and is 8 months pregnant. She was so upset she had to be driven home. Shame on IBM and her direct manager, a woman, who did not fight for her! -anonymous-
Comment 3/10/10:

=== excerpt:

Does retirement pay have any effect on my benefits?

If you are receiving a retirement pension from a base period employer, the pension may be deductible from your weekly benefit amount if your employer contributed 50% or more toward the pension fund. If the pension payment is determined to be deductible, the department will reduce your weekly benefit amount dollar for dollar by the weekly amount of the pension that is attributable to the employer. NOTE: If your pension is from an employer you worked for before the base period, it is not deductible. The receipt of Social Security is also not deductible, although you do have to be available for full-time work.

=== end excerpt

As in other states, the Georgia base period is the last 5 calendar quarters (15 months).

Since your IBM pension is based on your employment PRIOR to the base period, and none of your pension was earned during the base period, I believe you should be eligible for unemployment benefits.

The only way you can find out for sure is to apply. Don't be surprised if you get rejected the first time around. Don't give up. Appeal the decision and make it clear that IBM has not contributed to your pension plan since December 31, 2007. Many workers in the unemployment office are not familiar with this fine point of the law and will tell you that you are not eligible. Other people in other states have had to go through the appeals process in order to get the unemployment benefits they are entitled to. -Ben R Ayed-

Comment 3/10/10: I got a 3 on the last PBC - have been offered the option of accepting a separation package or being placed on a performance improvement plan. What\' the difference in accepting the separation package versus being layed off? -acquired-
Comment 3/10/10: I am part of the GBS Application Services Americas Resource Action (ASAA). From the employee notification document they gave me, it looks like there are 202 people affected by the ASAA. Personally, I am located in Seattle, WA, and part of the AS Learning Development group (based in Atlanta, GA). -Anonymous-
Comment 3/10/10: ITo question on benefits from severance check: the severance check does not have ANY reductions, in fact your last paycheck will not have the deductions for 401K in it either. IBM doesn't match those last 2 weeks. And I was RA'D 6 mos. short of qualifying for the retirement healthplan. In NC, your unemployment is reduced by your retirement, i.e. avg max payout $200/wk. if you are retired. $500 if not retired. -Raleigh ex ibmer-
Comment 3/10/10: Finding an internal job after being RA'd does happen. It happened for me. But it helped that I knew a high level project manager for the div that I was getting RA'd from and knew the VP of a div I was hoping to goto… and they both knew each other. I accepted the offer, and made the move. Job was "ok", but not what I was passionate about. Also, at the time, it seemed like IBM was de-emphasizing the type of work I was good at. So I thanked them for the opportunity they provided me and eventually parted ways with IBM for greener pastures. That was a couple years back. The key in all of this is passion. don't just scramble for a job, for having a job sake. Else, you might probably end up getting RA'd again. If you're not passionate about the work (…and at IBM, it's real easy to get pigeon-holed into a job you don't like)... it may not seem like it now, but you will find what you're looking for outside the Big Blue walls. Hope these words are received as encouragement either way. -Anon-
Comment 3/10/10: Who enforces the W.A.R.N. Act? (especially in NY) If IBM refuses to say anything at all - who is checking the numbers? -another-
Comment 3/10/10: Ref: Trying to determine if I should make changes before the check is cut ---> I think you get the first check of the month (already done) and your FLM has the second check already in their desk. It may be too late to make any changes that will affect that second check. -Neal Watkins-
Comment 3/10/10: Think2, everyone's aware (and the data show) that age discrimination is a factor in IBM's layoffs. Trouble is, the documents each of us signed to get our severance includes a covenant not to sue for personal gain. Nothing keeps anyone from filing a discrimination claim....but most people realize there's nothing in it for them so they don't bother. That's really too bad; it allows IBM to continue its discriminatory practices without Federal investigation. -Think-
Comment 3/10/10: Re: Severance deductions - No. They do not deduct from your severance other than taxes. Your last contribution to GLI, 401K, insurance etc is your last regular paycheck. After that, you're not an employee, so insurance would be COBRA if you opt for it, no 401k since you're not an employee... etc.. BTW, remember to apply for unemployment on your FIRST day after the exit interview. You were still working on that exit date, so don't take a chance on getting denied for a silly error. You're done on 3/31? Apply on 4/1... Remember to do it and get it moving asap... -RAed last Jan-
Comment 3/10/10: TO: "I assume if you are RA'd, and under 55, you lose! Correct? That's quite a chunk of change to lose"
You always forfeit the FHA money at any age if you leave before 15 years service. -anonymous-

Comment 3/10/10: Have any of us 2500-3000 RA'd this month found an internal job, or even heard of anyone finding an internal job?? I know chances are very slim at best, and I'm wondering if there is even 1 success story! -Just me-
Comment 3/10/10: To newly RAed. They whacked me last year, so welcome to the Alumni club. If you are still on the old pension plan that was frozen, you should know that (in most states), you can collect that pension AND collect unemployment insurance. This is due to the fact that IBM did not contribute to the pension during your UI base period. Take the UI, you earned it. More info here...
See "How UI works.txt " -Ben Dover-

Comment 3/10/10: -Think- If any definitive correlations could be drawn about the criteria used by IBM to RA employees then a huge class action lawsuit is conceivable. If won, it would be a huge settlement IMHO. If I had to guess the criteria IBM uses for any RA it is probably quite random and scattershot. They just select names out the hat once some higher up comes up with a financial budget and then tells the management below to do a RA. Yep, this is IBM's smarter planet approach. Nothing scientific. Kind of like winning a lottery prize (ever read or seen the short story by Shirley Jackson called "The Lottery"? If you got the black dot: your RA'ed) Sure, management favorites (including most management themselves) are not in the hat but that is used as the control group for the selection process.. Any IBM customers out there or even reading this really should challenge IBM especially if they see a drop in service or delivery since any RA done by IBM are a #1 reason for it. -Think2-
Comment 3/10/10: I was RA'd in 1995 and I just joined the Union, because I STILL feel connected to the IBMers left behind. I really thought it was going to change with the departure of 5-finger Louie, but it has only gotten worse. -Gone in 96-
Alliance reply: Thank you for joining. We still have a lot of people still sitting on the fence. This past week, with all the job cuts and interest in the Alliance, only 11 people joined. The web site had 68,000 visits in 7 days. This organization and web site is the only advocate for IBM employees and ex-employees. We need people to support it.
Comment 3/10/10: To Think: Several charts of an organizations RA's have been made and talked about here. One is posted at the newspaper per this link - see Age Report. Two reports I know of show a strong reduction of those over 50, and one might say starting age 40. -anonymous-
Comment 3/10/10: Don't rush to take your retirement benefits if you do not need the money right now. Let it grow leaving it where it is, as the economy and interest rates improve. The reason is that, at least some states, unemployment benefits are reduced if you get any pension/401K. income. In my state benefits are not reduced for social security income. -anonymous-
Comment 3/10/10: To Fighter: Don't. As someone who was RA's last year, the best advice I can give to those newly RA'd is to just sign the document and move on. IBMers and IBM have been doing this for years. Take the severance and unused vacation checks, sign-up for COBRA if that makes sense, sign up for unemployment, do something nice for yourself the first days like a little vacation or nice dinner out. Fighting internally is just delaying the inevitable unless you really have a case to prove you are not a "3". Fighting with an attorney will only waste your money. You are not alone. You do go through the phases of grief, and fighting is an initial reaction. You will eventually reach acceptance (which is not agreement that you are being treated fairly). The sooner you accept and move on, the stress will reduce and you can use positive energy deciding what you want for the next phase of your life. The severance benefits for most will tide you over to year end, and the economy is projected by many to start with jobs by then. There are lots of temp contract jobs til then, so shoot for them via a recruiter to get some income, if need be. -anonymous-
Comment 3/10/10: IBM job fair today in VT
IBM job fair today If you're looking for work, try Big Blue. IBM in Essex Junction has several openings for maintenance technicians to repair and maintain semiconductor processing equipment. The company will hold a job fair this morning from 9:00 to noon at the Vermont Department of Labor offices in Burlington. Source:
Comment 3/09/10: "If you leave IBM before age 55 or with less than 15 years of service, you will forfeit your account and will not be eligible to receive any benefits from the Future Health Account."
I assume if you are RA'd, and under 55, you lose! Correct? That's quite a chunk of change to lose. -Anonymous-

Comment 3/09/10: Here is the age discrimination data for SWG AIM. You had a 50% chance of getting fired if you were over 50:
age percent fired
21-25 12.5
26-30 8.0
31-35 4.6
36-40 5.3
41-45 5.3
46-50 5.6
51-55 7.6
56-60 5.7
61-65 14.0
66-70 22.2
71-75 0.0


Comment 3/09/10: In the severance check, does anybody know if they still deduct GLI, Personal Benefits, HCSA, LTD Insurance, 401K, and Stock Savings Plan? Trying to determine if I should make changes before the check is cut. I assume the only thing you can control is your GLI, 401K, and Stock Savings Plan. The rest you can’t change. Thanks. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/09/10: ok... in my RA package on page 4 of 31, they give the email of your Resource Action Project Office. Send an email to that "email address" and tell them you disagree with the decision to RA you. They have 48 hours to get back to you. If you were a pbc 3, go out to that link and request a Review Board. Do not sign the Severance Letter or cash any check you may receive. This could take some time to get resolved, so it will depend on your personal situation. And yes, I am damn proud to be a member of alliance! -Fighter-
Comment 3/09/10: "Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn't. You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide against your conviction is to be an unqualified traitor, both to yourself and to your country, let them label you as they may.” Mark Twain

IBM and the Communists should get along well - they have a lot in common. Just wait til Big Red nationalizes Big Blue.

Comment 3/09/10: Used to be that a good day at IBM was when we did something good for IBM and/or our customers. Now a good day is measured simply by the fact that your manager did not call and tell you that you have been \"resourced\" (aka fired). -Ben R Ayed-
Comment 3/09/10: Software Group WPLC Austin cut by half. -Anom-
Comment 3/09/10: To the remaining US IBMers .... watch this video and believe ... that if these people can win, with the deck completely stacked against them, then certainly you can too. -Become One Voice -
Comment 3/09/10: I, who belong to a protected class in my group, was the only one being RA\'d. My new manager was desperate against me when I complained of his PBC comments. Should I believe my manager used RIFs as a cover-up for unlawful discrimination? -anonymous-
Comment 3/09/10: On 3/1 I was also RA'd, but am quite happy to leave all the stress behind. I am in Div 53 - Integrated Supply Chain. Per pkg there were 66 of us RA's. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/09/10: IBM lies. I got a PBC 3 and then got RAed. No justification for the 3 despite the customer telling me I had done great work. They even changed a PBC 2 to a 3 just before I got RAed. Judgment day will come for IBM management team someday and all the money in world wont change it -RAed in July 2009-
Comment 3/09/10: To anonymous Re: SWG Information Management 300 plus and CIO Enterprise Integration - 6 jobs .... Can you send the details of the employees selected from the package? I'm curious (plus it only shows 99 for IM on home page, assuming they need the official copy to update there) Thanks -I'm a union member are you?-
Comment 3/09/10: Even with this history, I was cut.

# IBM Chairman's Recognition Award
# IBM President's Award
# IBM Europe, President's Exceptional Achievement Award
# IBM Director's Award
# IBM Global Services Excellence Award
# IBM Internet Division Excellence Award
# IBM Location Manager's Award
# Two U.S. Software Patents
# IBM Suggestion Award of $78,000
# IBM Means Service Award -anonymous-

Comment 3/09/10: Re: I've been RAed and I'm out of IBM so I really don't need to join -----> So? I'm retired and a member. Join up and do some good. -Neal Watkins-
Comment 3/09/10: How about an official day of mourning on July 29, Sam Palmisano's birthday? Everyone wear black :P -Think Black-
Comment 3/09/10: Edmonton, Canada ITD - atleast 10 -Anonymous-
Comment 3/09/10: Palmisano made $21 mil in 2009. Did Palmisano do as much work as 210 employees, each making $100K/year? Is Palmisano or any CEO truly as valuable as 210 employees who make $100K? I don't see how anyone could be. Maybe 10 to 20 employees....but 210 employees?! Something is wrong with this picture of executive greed and gluttony, especially when the only reason the stock did well is because expenses were cut (e.g., Americans were replaced with cheap, offshore labor). How innovative....not!! -Executive_greed_watchdog-
Comment 3/08/10: IBM CEO's pay ticked higher in 2009 to US$21.2M, according to AP calculationsSource:
The Canadian Press
Posted: 03/08/10 9:49PM
Filed Under: Business News
SAN JOSE, Calif. - The pay package for IBM Corp.'s CEO notched slightly higher in 2009, according to calculations by The Associated Press, as he was rewarded for a year in which the technology company wrung out big profit gains despite a rocky market that clipped sales.

Sam Palmisano, 58, got a pay package that the company valued at US$21.2 million, up from $21.0 million a year earlier, according to the AP's calculations based on pay data contained in IBM's proxy document filed Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The AP's calculations of executive pay sometimes differ from the totals the companies list in the summary compensation table of their proxy statements filed with the SEC. IBM listed Palmisano's 2009 pay package as valued at $24.3 million, a decrease of about $200,000 from the year before.

The AP's calculations of total pay include salary, bonus, incentives, perks, above-market returns on deferred compensation and the estimated value of stock options and awards granted during the year. The calculations exclude changes in the present value of pension benefits.

IBM surprised Wall Street in 2009 with increasingly higher profit forecasts, which helped the stock close the year with a 50 per cent gain. The shares traded at over $130 per share at the end of 2009 and hit a 52-week high of $134.25 on Jan. 19.

IBM's focus on new markets such as "smart" power grids and other high-margin software and services projects, as well as cost-cutting, helped its profits even as sales slipped.

In deciding Palmisano's compensation, the company's board of directors cited IBM's "very strong financial performance" in a difficult economic environment, its posting $10 per share in earnings a year ahead of schedule, and an increase in dividend payouts to shareholders to $2.9 billion in 2009 from $2.6 billion in 2008.

For all of 2009, IBM's net income clocked in at $13.4 billion, a nine per cent jump from the year before, despite a revenue decrease of eight per cent to $95.8 billion, or a five per cent decline adjusting for currency.

For the year ended Dec. 31, Palmisano got:

-A base salary of $1.8 million

-A bonus of $4.8 million based on IBM's performance

-Additional compensation of $1.1 million, which included $320,065 for his personal travel on IBM planes, along with personal security, financial planning and other personal expenses

-$13.5 million worth of stock under a program that awards IBM executives based on the company's performance over a three-year period

He also exercised 80,000 options for a gain of $1.5 million. He had 165,902 shares of stock with a value of $16.0 million vest.

By comparison, Mark Hurd, the CEO of a big IBM rival, Hewlett-Packard Co., got a 2009 pay package that HP valued at $24.2 million, a 29 per cent drop from the year before in part because of a much smaller bonus for Hurd than he previously received, also according to the AP's calculations.

IBM, which is based in Armonk, N.Y., said in the filing that its annual meeting is set for April 27 in Milwaukee. -Jaggua-

Comment 3/08/10: Is it true that Raleigh was spared from RA's? Any other site? -justgothome-
Comment 3/08/10: -Anonymous- wrote this on 3/08/10: "I have a question about layoffs for folks who are at or near retirement age - I am 63, and was spared this time but feel very (very!) vulnerable for the next round. If they do cut me, and declare me to be retired - do I still get the severance package? COBRA?" ...
I was told that IBM considers you of retirement age when you meet two conditions:
(age >= 55)& (age + years of service) >= 65)
Therefore, at age 63, two years of service would make you eligible for retirement.
I got RA'ed on March 1 and will be considered officially retired on March 31.
The good news is that I am getting my retirement benefits, AND my severence package, AND eligibility for COBRA.

Another -anonymous- wrote this on 3/08/10:
"The only IBM jobs available will require you to go to either India, China, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, etc."
Even BRIC may not be available. The 2010 packet says nothing about Project Match.

-RAed- wrote this on 3/07/2010:
"I've been RAed and I'm out of IBM so I really don't need to join." ...
I too have been RAed, but I'm staying in Alliance. You should join. -Gorya-

Comment 3/08/10: Anyone RA'd gets the severance package and benefits. I had to sign a second document that bridged me to retirement. In some if not all states, if you get social security, this does not reduce unemployment compensation. If anyone is eligible for medicare I have no idea how that plays into COBRA. -anonymous-
Comment 3/08/10: I heard that 3000 + or - people took part in "Danieli -vs- IBM". I see that this first round is up to 2600 +/-. If you were "RA'ed" and took part in "Danieli -vs- IBM". Contact the attorneys. They might like another class action. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/08/10: IBM Retail got hit hard last Monday- 40% of direct facing sales reps and support personel. -A fired ibm retail employee-
Comment 3/08/10: new2rchland: out of curiosity, do you know how the folks were"selected" to be RA'd? Anything to do with years of service and/or age? If the selection was made from above, it's quite possible the criteria were related to age, absenteeism, amount of vacation or other objective criteria.... Has anyone compiled the all the age data for this layoff yet? -Think-
Comment 3/08/10: SWG Information Management 300 plus -anonymous-
Comment 3/08/10: CIO Enterprise Integration - 6 jobs -Anonymous-
Comment 3/08/10: My job has ben cut, I received my termination letter, despite the fact I was rated a 2+ the last 2 years. I am based in Canada, but worked in a global marketing role for IBM USA, STG Global Market -Anonymous-
Comment 3/08/10: I have a question about layoffs for folks who are at or near retirement age - I am 63, and was spared this time but feel very (very!) vulnerable for the next round. If they do cut me, and declare me to be retired - do I still get the severance package? COBRA? Or do I just "involuntarily" decide to retire, so I go straight to the retirement benefits (such as they are... )? Thanks for any pointers -Anonymous-
Comment 3/08/10: Half the IBM Board including Sam are on the Council of Foreign Relations board, a group stated mission for globalists...Click here for Sam giving a speech there... to his tycoon cronies -baba-
Comment 3/08/10: -WillNotBe@IBM_soon- The only IBM jobs available will require you to go to either India, China, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, etc. NO USA jobs for those RAed are likely available. That's why IBM said no one was laid off since employees were selected and asked to participate in the resource action and find, secure, and transfer to a job somewhere else in IBM in the 30 days or so. Now isn't that nice to know? -anonymous-
Comment 3/08/10: To -WillNotBe@IBM_soon- And anybody else looking for a job within that 30 days.... You are marked for termination. There are very few examples of somebody finding a job within 30 days. Other managers don't want you. Unless you have friends high up, forget about it. I applied for 8 positions posted and got 1 rejection. The rest didn't even bother to reply. My manager did not even answer my emails for help for the 30 days that remained. When I asked the moron, why didn't you reply to my emails the past 30 days, the answer I got was, I don't know. If I didn't have severance to lose, that manager would have been put through the wall right then and there. You are marked. Move on and get your life back. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 3/08/10: @new2rchland is spot-on. 2nd & 3rd lines came up with names and notified FLMs the day before the RA. -blue-
Comment 3/07/10: About 60-75 SSR's in the NYC, NJ area. The propaganda machine is running wild and telling the poor fools left that the Bank of America contract is the reason they are still employed. What a joke. Can you say "carrot +stick"... Managers are clueless and are trying to sell but they have not the skills nor the training to do so. I'ts a complete joke. -Quimby-
Comment 3/07/10: So evidently the FLM & 2LM can do anything they want to employees and it alright. When I questioned PBC of 3 to 2LM, she said they could work with me and put me on a performance plan... then said of course I am not talking about PBC 4, which is lower than 3. Then ask me if I understood PBC 4... that she was not talking about that. A veil threat! FLM & 2LM must have received some "authority" to do what ever they want. This is a brand new low treatment of employees. 30+ year employee. Now, RA and afraid will be black listed from contractor job, if even question anything. -none-
Comment 3/07/10: Kudos to the Alliance for providing this great service! I've been RAed and I'm out of IBM so I really don't need to join. For those of you sitting on the fence, I suggest that you join and support the Alliance. The Alliance is looking out for your back. I can assure you that IBM isn't. Some day you will wind up on the RA list and go through what I went through. Believe me, it is not fun and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Do yourself a favor and join the Alliance while you are still employed by IBM. The Alliance is looking out for YOU!!! -RAed-
Alliance reply: Thank you. The Alliance is also looking out for IT workers in general. We are one of just a few organizations that does.
Ex-IBMers still in the IT industry are free to join and help us advocate not just for IBM employees but other IT employees as well.

Comment 3/07/10: To 28 yrs 8 months... Take 12 week Family Medical Leave... tell them you have to leave today... that will get you to 29 years and the one year bridge. -Tricky Dick-
Comment 3/07/10: Re: Any idea what type of education I can spend the $2500 grant money on?
You can also get "creative" with your grant money and take classes for non-work-related hobbies. One of my fellow colleagues who got RA'd completed a course for scuba certification. When challenged for the reimbursement, she told them she plans to become a scuba instructor. They bought it - good for her! -pawn-

Comment 3/07/10: I was laid off from the S&D Sales Operations. I work at home in CT; Manager in NY. I'm 50 yrs. old with 28.9 yrs with IBM, with cash balance plan. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/07/10: I am one of those who got affected by RA last week. IBM HR is making it difficult(impossible) for the RA'ed employees to find jobs with IBM. Most of the positions that were available in Feb are now put on hold. I also learnted that the hiring managers have to get a GM level approval in case they want to hire anybody. Given that the affected employees have only 30 days to find a job, IBM is making it impossible to find jobs internally. -WillNotBe@IBM_soon-
Comment 3/07/10: Proof your gov"mt doesn't care about age discrimination. -darwin_was_right-

Comment 3/07/10: Re: Any idea what type of education I can spend the $2500 grant money on?
-------- I think it just has to be accredited in some form. I went to the local comm. college and took a class in German. -Neal Watkins-

Comment 3/07/10: Anon - My scenario: PBC 2's last 3 years with high praise from first line mgr, PBC 3 this year with comment that "there is intense
competition in this band"
Almost the same thing that happened to me, except I didn't get a 3. Same old song and dance about not having any money this year, so bonuses, etc., were meager, but then manager adds "competition is tougher this year doe your band" even though I am doing 3x more work. Even tho I've been "spared" this year, I'm not going to wait around to see what happens next year. I'm already applying elsewhere. I was actually WANTING to be let go on 3/1 just so I can have some of my sanity back with some severence. Now I'll just leave with some of my sanity back and no severence. -Anon2-

Comment 3/07/10: "To the managers who keep it a secret and have no skills your time will come. Then we will laugh. Every dog has their day. Even the ugly ones." Managers who get RA'ed tend to: Not get stuck with a PBC 3. After all why would IBM have a bad manager? They got promoted to be managers since they are supposedly better than the average employee. Thus, they also get more of a chance to make something happen during their 30 day period..If they can't line up another job even as a non-manager, more managers RAed on Friday come back the following Monday as a contractor so they don't tend to be unemployed like us more skilled ex-employees are. Most will get a hefty severance compared (not that IBM managers are paid great or at a premium though) to the scraps regular employees now get. More IBM managers make it to age 55 and get the FHA. More managers have stock options and some even get much bigger GDPs (band 10) on the way out. I can't laugh at what they might get but I can cry seeing what I didn't get now. They are not mutts like us regular employees and at least got to be in the dog show. Why do you think managers do not have the legal right to organize and unionize for themselves? -anonymous-
Comment 3/06/10: Hi ppl.. i am an ibmer from india. i really do sympathize with your situation out there..hang in there and wish you all the
never know..once it becomes costly here..same thing will happen to us -Anonymous-

Comment 3/06/10: Just for s#!ts and giggles, Say nothing but as often as possible, when you go into office, wear a red shirt. ( Red shirts on Star trek were always the ones who went donw on away misson and did not come back) So, basically the way IBM spins it, ALL US emplyees are "red shirts" Don't say anything to mgmt, but in the halls we see another red shirt, can be called the red shirt revolution -Anonymous-
Comment 3/06/10: I didn't use my real name but I am in NJ and we have seen mostly large system CE's and EUS (CE's that only install servers, telcom, networks) in the NY and Phila area. -Bob Bobb-
Comment 3/06/10: I was laid off Feb. 2009, to answer some questions (from Raleigh).
1) Unemployment, file for it because they use the earnings for the first 3 of the last 5 qtrs., sign up for a class - this is what allows you to collect right away
2) HCRA- use up the entire amount for which you signed up for, it doesn't matter how much you have put in - you won't have to pay it back. You MUST use the funds before your last day of work though and then submit to Acclairis, they pay quickly.
3) Education, must be from an accredited or closely accredited institution, many of us used well known online institutions, as well as community colleges, r.e. schools, etc.
4) Insurance, check your spouse, don't just go to Cobra. Your spouse may have a policy that gives you only 30 days to sign on. Lastly, join support groups - this is a tough blow, even if you expected it. Plan to be out for awhile, most of us laid off last spring are still out of work. Good luck. -Raleigh ex ibmer-

Comment 3/06/10: Although I have lost my job, it warms my heart that our top Execs are still paying themselves Millions ( and protecting anyone from a VP level up from getting involved in these ugly layoffs. -fatcat-
Comment 3/06/10: Whatever number IBM gives for Layoffs is a lie. Double it. -Anon-
Comment 3/06/10: "What is the the effective end date for this round? I am hearing that some people received their end date as April 30th. Just confused."
It depends on the whim of IBM. They can give 30 days, 60 days..or even one day of how long you have to find another job or work till your RAed date. Your an "at will" employee. Some folks are extended to fulfill the customer contract or business for IBM. The RA'ed that gets more than 30 days could also be due to the particular state's WARN act provisions. Any way it all stinks if your RA'ed. Your going..going..and gone. -anon2-
Comment 3/06/10: Your end dates may vary. In the past, some people were kept several months to complete a contract / work. Someone notified in Spring 2009 was released in October. Most are however 30 days notice. It used to be you were notified, say, March 27 so the last day was April 27 - meaning you got screwed out of April's accrued vacation. Multiply that times the numbers RA'd and IBM kept a nice sum of money stolen from the people RA'd. Plus the people lost a few days pay. -anonymous-
Comment 3/06/10: More ideas for those newly RA'd. Dell laptops and desktops can be bought now for really great sales prices. The great thing about Dell, if you buy it over the internet you get great options. One option is you can purchase an operating system that is downgraded to XP Professional. If you do development, this may be what you want as many applications do not run yet on Vista. I got a Dell Vostro laptop 15" screen, which allowed me to get rid of a separate monitor. I am very happy with the deal I got. It was delivered fast and start-up was simple. No problems at all for about a year now. Notes is now a free download at the IBM website: -anonymous--
Comment 3/06/10: I was RA'd in Feb 2009 from and was lucky enough to have been employed long enough to get 12 months of paid health care as part of the severance package. The 12 months are up and to my surprise, I only will get another 6 months of COBRA via IBM even though I am in NY. NY passed a law stating that COBRA was extended for 36 months for those let go during a certain timeframe and I qualify. The Employees Services Center states that IBM follows federal guidelines not state. Has anyone else come across this problem and how did it resolve? -1YRGone-
Comment 3/06/10: 12 years with ibm (india Beijing Machines). Just got RA'd (can't call it lay-off, we are now resources, not people). In California, many former colleagues were hit. Shame on ibm for replacing us with people in brazil and India. So much for al l the work we put in -out on the street-
Comment 3/05/10: Directly Relates > -anonymous-

Comment 3/05/10: I agree completely with Whome. This is not about anyone's performance. This is all about Earning per Share (EPS) and headcount. The IBM CFO and CEO declare an EPS figure and they will meet it any way they can. The best way for them is to cut costs. IBM has record earnings. Mr. Palmisano will earn $77,000 per WEEK in retirement. Check out IBM insider trading at
If this is not incentive to join a union, I'm not sure what is. My best to anyone on the RA list and to those that remain and will suffer the consequence of the cuts. The Watsons were building a company. The current executive group is simply amassing wealth. Sad, very sad... -Been There-

Comment 3/05/10: Comment 3/05/10: What surprises me is the surprise that employees show when they get Ra'd. It doesn't matter how many years you got a"1", what your PBC is now or your band level. It also doesn't matter how long you've been there, how much work you do, or if you are smart as a whip. You are fooling yourself if you really think IBM cares one bit about you. After successive years of large first quarter layoffs and watching colleages get shown the door, you guys should know just where you fit in. -Whome-
Despite being a top performer I wasn't the least bit surprised when they RAd me this week. You're either in the club or your going to get the hook at some point. I've also learned they don't care for outsider ISV reps. They either want organically grown brainwashed dopes that believe in small comissions and sharing the communistic wealth or acquisition reps that fit in the club. If you aren't either you're in danger. That includes legacy employees that aren't climbing the ladder - IOW you haven't sucked up enough to stay in the club. Warning to ISV reps that think IBM is less toxic than the other cut throat shops. Those days ar long gone. All these BUEs are a joke. A safe haven for slacker legacy employees. At what point will software sales managers get whacked? -Sweat Shop Victim-

Comment 3/05/10: My sources tell me this latest round was not your typical "bottom's up" RA, where a number is passed down and line management cuts based on performance/relative contribution. Our org was decimated in Austin, Tucson, and people with WFH as their work location code. Whether this is a sign of things to come, or an aberration to kick-start the year, no one is safe. This round, line managers were given a list of people to cut. I know we had 2+ performers cut and kept 3 performers. If you thought you were safe because you were the best in your group, think again. The only way to improve your chances is support the Alliance and get a union inside IBM. -new2rchland-
Comment 3/05/10: First they did away with thanks awards, and now I heard the entire Technical Leadership Exchange (TLE) is gone. How is that related to job cuts? All the people doing TLE got cut. It went down hill when TLE went virtual? Come on. The benefit of TLE was face to face networking. Sad to see all those faces go. Best of luck to you. -anon2-
Comment 3/05/10: princeton nj location 10 divisions SWG, STG, CIO -ts-
Comment 3/05/10: Another good website for those unemployed: -anonymous-
Comment 3/05/10: What surprises me is the surprise that employees show when they get Ra'd. It doesn't matter how many years you got a "1", what your PBC is now or your band level. It also doesn't matter how long you've been there, how much work you do, or if you are smart as a whip. You are fooling yourself if you really think IBM cares one bit about you. After successive years of large first quarter layoffs and watching colleages get shown the door, you guys should know just where you fit in. -Whome-
Comment 3/05/10: I am a 56 yr old senior systems administrator with 22 years making 82k cut from (ITD) Integrated Service Delivery. Cuts were made to the Allianz Life Insurance and Firemans Fund accounts to move more SA jobs to inexperienced rookies in Argentina. I will be delighted to take my 40K severance and leave the stench of these skanky IBM execs behind. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/05/10: To -Smoke and mirrors- I have noticed the offshore resources with USA based Blue Pages info as well (incl Notes, location, office, etc). While it may seem like a scheme, the truth is HR records and Blue Pages are not the same thing, so I do not see this as anything
illegal. They just create the profile for these resources under the same location as their Blue Pages manager. The HR record would contain their actual info, and that is what would be used for any real headcount data from a labor reporting persepctive. -Anonymous-

Comment 3/05/10: An amazing bit of spin here:
<sarcasm> You weren't laid off after all, were you? </sarcasm> -Think-

Comment 3/05/10: I heard that anyone working in Raleigh was spared from the RA on Monday due to tax consequences. Anyone know if this true or know anyone who works in Raleigh that was RA'd? -RA'd-
Comment 3/05/10: ITD Security and Risk Management. At least 7 Security Compliance Advisors released on Monday. The SCA teams are turning away work due to not having people to handle. Can not get people onto the teams. 6 were part of the Danieli -vs- IBM -Anonymous-
Comment 3/05/10: I hope that this is seen as within the topic of Job Cuts; it seems relevant to me. As we discuss the numbers, with the number of workers in the US declining, I have read reference to that barely 100,000 number being somewhat misleading. Clearly, new cheap college grads are replacing older, experienced, "expensive" workers. I understand also that the US workforce also includes non-US citizens (H1B?). Do we have a number as to how many US citizens, working in the US, still exist at IBM? Do we have a number for "over 45s" within that group? I wonder how many are REALLY left. -just curious-
Alliance reply: The Alliance does not have the true number. We are sure somebody within the corporation knows it.
Your analysis of the breakdown of employee catagories is correct, but add in L1 visas.

Comment 3/05/10: What is the the effective end date for this round? I am hearing that some people received their end date as April 30th. Just confused. -anon-
Comment 3/05/10: They finally cut me loose from this prison called SVL. I've been trying to break out for n years. I finally got a 3.. Sweet retirement! Have served since Frank Cary was CEO and programs were punched on cards. Used to be damn proud to be an IBMer. The severence, unemployment is the biggest award that IBM gives out theses days. Although it is no match for what they took away from us, it is the only way a broken old man can break free these days. Hallelujah I'm a bum! -grumpy old man-
Comment 3/05/10: I was laid off in February last year. It is impossible to get work in 30 days. I only know 2 people who did it. To the managers who keep it a secret and have no skills your time will come. Then we will laugh. Every dog has their day. Even the ugly ones. -LaidOff-
Comment 3/05/10: People in IBM need a union. You might read here and think you got it made, please understand they will tear you down over years and kick you to the street. Anybody 45 years old needs to take a serious career assessment and get the hell out while you can get into a more secure job/retirement/benefits. GET READY and take action. While you are at it, please donate and support this "only" place that offers any help/advise. Get off the F#@%^ fence and support. -None-
Comment 3/05/10: I was axed last year. My sympathies to those now going through the same trauma I went through. To those of us who landed with competitors, let us all endeavor to drive IBM into the ground. I know this is petty, but it does make me feel better. -Axed Last Year-
Comment 3/04/10: Any idea what type of education I can spend the $2500 grant money on? Does it need to be through a college, etc? Any details appreciated! -anonymous-
Comment 3/04/10: Software Group Rational, 8 engineers in our site I know of. Some very senior who handle very complex stuff.
My scenario: PBC 2's last 3 years with high praise from first line mgr, PBC 3 this year with comment that "there is intense competition in this band" and a recommendation to reband to the next lower band. I know my performance certainly did not change this year. In the 2009 comments, there was discussion that PBC 3 RA's got less separation pay than PBC 2 RA's -- is this true in any way for this RA? -Anon-

Comment 3/04/10: SSR Texas Tivoli, One of my team mates just resigned to go to a competitor. This place is a sweat shop and the new sales comp plan is a joke. It's a toxic environment in TX software sales to say the least. Just as bad as Oracle and CA. BTW, don't bother fighting through the informal performance plan. It's a set up to get you to increase your FLMs pipeline before they dismiss you. I can't wait to 0 out all my OIs and watch my manager **** a brick because I was the only one with a decent "qualified" (cough cough) pipeline. -Sweat Shop victim-
Comment 3/04/10: ITD Storage Mgmt - 41 years old - been with IBM for 14.5 years. -anon-
Comment 3/04/10: Got caught up in the last round (GBS). Took me about 5 months to land a new job and I am indeed happier. More interesting work and a slight bump in pay (was happy with the old salary). That said, I was prepared to accept less if need be because the opportunities did seem far and few between, and in a competitive region. My advice/lessons learned -
1) don't be shy/ashamed...put the word out immediately to EVERYONE that you are looking for a new job. In other words, network far, wide, and fast.
2) If you received an education grant, don't sit on it...time will pass by quickly so don't risk losing it...should you land a new job before it expires, chances are you won't have time to use it
3) Utilize Outplacement services and if possible, do it on their site and not from home; better to get out of the house (though there is travel cost), network, and there are better services on-site regardless of Right Mgmt tells you.
4) Start exercising and get in shape - it will keep you mentally and physically fit. Best of luck! You will survive this and for the better. -anon-

Comment 3/04/10: IBM Banking Center of Excellence in S&D was decimated.. it is noit in the list you have.. I know personally of about 12 people from the ACI Alliance Group. We were cut without ceremony. IBM has a new trick.. you know the 30 days to find a new job?.. B.S. .. they use that against you. If you dont have an offer on the first day.. you wont have time to transfer.. and even if you do.. you still may not be able to do it.. see.. they got special rules that make it harder to hire someone who is on the RA list than just an external hire. So much for all you've given for all that service. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/04/10: Div 07 Dept: LOHH IGS Systems Administrator Part of Monday's purge. No warning. Very high job evalution reviews. Not much else to say. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/04/10: Reading all the anguish on this board makes me really sad. I was RAed several years ago and my butt is still sore from the ordeal and abuse. You folks still there at IBM really need to support the Alliance. it makes no difference to me since I am out of that hell hole. But for you folks still there why can't you cought up a few bucks and show your support for the Alliance? These folks at the Alliance are working hard and are on YOUR side. Show a little support and join! -Anonymous-
Comment 3/04/10: Lost 5 from Div 1G. Last day 3/31, all notified on 3/1, all Sr people, at IBM for a long time. -anon-
Comment 3/04/10: 10 jobs in california got cut 3 in other states -Wevan-
Comment 3/04/10: Some advice for those newly RA'd from some RA'd last year who have been through the fire.

Don't bother with showing the severance package to an attorney, etc. Just move on. IBM and former IBMers RA'd have already been down this road. This has been going on for many, many years.

File for unemployment. Take some days to just be nice to yourself like a vacation. Take some time to think about what you might do next - it is a great opportunity to change your life in many positive ways. You might even trade overtime and stress on the job for a lower paying job with more family and personal time. You might relocate to a place you've always thought about. You might switch careers out of IT. You can get retraining money as part of the IBM severance package ($2500, I believe), and free grant money up to $4000 from the state level of the Dept of Labor. Check out your local PSG (professional services group), an arm of the state DOL. for additional training in resume writing, mock interviews and more, as well as networking events. The one near me is far better than Right Management. Here is a great website for info:

Unemployment greatly varies by state so go to your state's website. The NY one seems to have good general info in any event. State benefits are for 26 weeks, but there are federal extensions (several tiers). Learn more at this website:
Click Ask the Expert. It is usually uptodate on what Congress is doing and news. Right now Congress passed one month's new funding that covers March 2010. My guess is that the new bill now being discussed in Congress, which will fund unemployment benefits to year end and is retroactive to March 1, will be passed pretty quick. The sooner you let go of IBM, and just move on, the better it will be. -anonymous-

Comment 3/04/10: RA's 03/01/2010. Integrated Technology Delivery - Service management. RCA coodinator (dept. 07 - srve management probl/chg coordination) Div. 7 - Danny VEntresco's org. Plans are to eliminate dept. for global resourcing or new college hires in Iowa as legal terms of support contracts allow. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/04/10: To the person who asked how "far away" IBMers are from forming a union. Unfortunately, we are too far. IBM alliance has 350 members and IBM has 105,000 employees in the US. To be a force the IBM execs reckon with, we need at least half signed up and ready to walk if IBM does not come to the bargaining table. Signing up 50,000 members dispersed all over the US is a monumental undertaking - to say the least. However, this alliance is the best the IBMers have at the moment. By paying dues, IBMers give the alliance the wherewithal to recruit more members so the dream of forming a union can be realized sometime in the future. -anon-
Comment 3/04/10: I was whacked last Feb. Although things were tough, I landed on my feet. Please use all the resources that IBM gives you in your package. I attribute my successful job find to the great coaching from Right Management. Please use all of the training $$ they give you. Things will work out. Take it from me. I was 54 when this happened to me, and never thought I would land again. I was wrong. Believe me, my thoughts are with all of you that are affected by the 'action'. Keep you head up. -Whackedin09-
Comment 3/04/10: Re: Lawyer looking at the sep agreement - I assume the agreement those getting it now have is essentially the same as the one we got. I had a lawyer friend look it over for me and he said it actually was one of the better ones he's seen - simplicity, relatively low restrictions etc.. If you can get last year's (Jan/Feb, anyway), and compare, you might feel comfortable and save some legal fees. FWIW... -RAed last Jan-
Comment 3/04/10: IBM has become a cheap, hollowed-out shell of its former self. As these latest cuts bear out, they've taken the basic underpinnings that any good, not to mention great, company has as its core - trust, fair treatment, and ethical integrity - and pulled them out from under its employees. You don't take any long-term employee or employees who are within months of locking in their full retirement benefits and cheat them from this. The policies they have which allow this say it all - they're not to be trusted. It's a betrayal of what they profess to stand for, let alone what they want their customers to believe. Do they have anybody in that place that understands this? Instead the executive pockets get lined with more money and people who have given their lives to this company are thrown out the door with a shred of what they should have had. They've become a joke but this unfortunately will be on them as the spirit and infrastructure which are being destroyed spread at the rate they're going, unabated. It's a travesty, and an alarm this once great company has fallen so far. The Alliance@IBM is the one shining light that stands for everything good which is being stripped away from IBM's backbone - its people - here in the US and other locations where affected. The Alliance carries the true spirit that made this company great, and that says it all. PLEASE JOIN. -Former True Blue-
Comment 3/04/10: Software Group Rational has been hit hard by the layoffs. I know of at least 8 people effected. 6 on Clearcase and 2 on Clearquest. Support has also been effected. Many of us have been training our replacements in China and India for the last 2 years, but they aren't at all ready to pick up the slack being left by this round of cuts. Existing projects were already extremely overloaded and at risk, with these cuts many will need to be re-evaluated to determine which could be canceled. This round of layoffs is cutting into our key experts with knowledge and experience that cannot be replaced. As others have stated, people on my team were given false PBC ratings of 3 even though they were top performers and had one of their best years ever. -anonymous-
Comment 3/04/10: Just amazed at all the people that are still working at big blow that know about this site, are posting their RA's and probably are not members. If everybody was an Alliance member instead of a lurker it could have made a difference. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 3/04/10: First, I wish all of those who were RA'd the best of luck going forward. It's just a matter of time before we're all gone. I noticed that a few people had questions on personal choice holidays. For US employees, you must use them or lose them unless you live in CA. here is a w3 link that explains how status changes affect holidays. -Here For Now-
Comment 3/04/10: My job is being moved to Ireland, where software engineering salaries are half that of the US, and where the Irish government insists that IBM keep a minimum staff.

Here's more RA coverage:

IBM layoff total surges past 2,500 across 22 work groups, union reports | Rick Smith

Union again raises IBM layoff estimate

IBM eliminates nearly 2,500 jobs across US | George Spohr

IBM Layoffs: 2,544 and Counting | John Paczkowski
" 'Investing in Our People.' Is That Another Layoff Euphemism, IBM?"

Staff cuts at ibm alarm union | Edward Berridge -Gorya-

Comment 3/04/10: I am/was working with a person in India from the "Global Marketing Centre India". He is in GBS working as a Consultant in the Strategy & Change Global Delivery organization in India. My guess is that Marketing functions are another business process area they are looking to outsource. In this case, they are just doing some of the more operational tasks. I think that allows IBM to cut responsibilities in certain Marketing areas but keep things operating. Naturally, they can later decide to staff up more Marketing resource in India to do more. I think this is just another flavor of outsourcing US jobs. They are figuring out how to grab more and more. Considering that many Marketing professionals in IBM are seasoned veterans with 20+ years in the company, it is an area to really cut costs. -anonymous-
Comment 3/04/10: Has anyone seen this? I received my RA on Monday with my last day on 3/31. The account I am on now is hurting for PM's and do not know what they are going to do to get more PM's to cover the work that I and others PM's RA'ed on Monday are leaving behind.

This is from my FLM: Here is the agency that IBM uses to hire subcontractors.

We recently won the GMAC contract. DPE is needing 142 FTEs (all subcontactors) to deliver T&T.

Now, if I do not go to this web site and submit my resume, are they going to come back and kill my Separation Package?

I do not want to work for IBM as they are a joke of a company. Now they are offering me a job to do the same job as a contactor at less pay betting treated worse as I am now???? IBM is really getting SICK.......... -Still Ducking-

Comment 3/04/10: I worked 22 years at IBM, not getting a raise in my last 8 years, then RA'ed in 2009. One thing only will decide if your eligible to be RA'ed, it's salary. If your a contract worker or just starting out, your safe. If you have 10 or more years and being paid in the top half of your department salary range, watch out. Things are looking much better for me now, I found a job at a comparable salary, not overworked anymore, plus I'm now getting raises and praise which I never got with IBM. I'm slowly adjusting to this new environment, which I find strange. There are much better companies out there -RA'd Canada 2009-
Comment 3/04/10: For those who were acquired by IBM beware. All your employment contracts state that your date of hire with your old company (e.g., Cognos, Telelogic, etc.) is only valid the first year after the acquisition. After that, your date of hire is when you were unfortunate enough to become IBM employees. So instead of getting 16 weeks of severance, you will only get 2. IBM is a class act... -Screwed by Big Blue-
Comment 3/04/10: Does anyone have numbers of layoffs by location? I would like to inform my local politicians. -SZCZEBRZESZYN-
Alliance reply: Inform them, anyway. Determining location vs. division, for example, is nearly impossible. Thousands of IBMers, in one Div, work in multiple locations and off-site. All you have to tell your local politicians is that IBMers are being fired throughout the USA, and their jobs are being offshored; which is a fact. Tell your local politicians that you demand that IBM be denied tax breaks and incentives, while hiring off shore replacements to get jobs on Federal or State gov't contracts. See our "Take Action" page.
Comment 3/03/10: The Rochester MN internal IBM home page just posted a story titled"Senior State Executives bring IBM's point of view to Washington". Seems to me that our elected government officials are in pretty tight with IBM executives. IBM is always posting info on well orchestrated site visits by government officials where IBM feeds them some well crafted message about "Smarter Planet". Do we believe there are any government leaders on the workers side? Does anyone keep a list by state of who supports the workers VS who supports IBM executives so we know who to vote for. These government officials should be asking why the parking lots are so empty instead of listening to IBMs latest media campaign. -Anon-
Comment 3/03/10: ITD Performance and Capacity Mangement - Midrange, losing 18 employees. Only 5 remaining. Work is being moved to Dubuque, or offshore -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: I am being laid off as of March 31 as part of the ITD Application Hosting and Database Resource Action. They recommend I have a lawyer examine the severance agreement before signing. There are others on my team with the same seniority but are not being laid off. I do not understand the criteria they are using. I have a solid performer rating (2) -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: Lost job on 3/1 is there any information on what to do to get unemployment in California -norcal-
Comment 3/03/10: Re: Vacation Earned - Vacation accrues MONTHLY. I learned this last year when I "got it." It accrues for each completed month you worked. My last day was Feb 23, 2009so I got no vacation for Feb. Not sure how this works if ytour last day is the 31st, because your exit interview is before the end of the day, so did you really "finish" the month? Bottom line is, it is what it is' they're doing it, so just understand and take whatever $ they give you and move on. Don't agonize over it. It's a waste of energy. -RAed last Jan-
Comment 3/03/10: Looking for some clarification regarding Personal Choice Holidays - is it true "use them or lose them?" I have hearing different things should they be used up before my end date of 3/31??? -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: Does the WARN act for California cover you if your a work-from-home employee? Should we not get a 60 day notice? -RA'ed in California-
Comment 3/03/10: Wow - so there is now a Global Marketing Center in India? That explains some of the odd grammar on the IBM site. -Global Marketing Center in India-
Comment 3/03/10: -13yearsandout- Certainly understand your concern. However, consider your teammates with 26 years, who receive the same severance which you shall receive. Can't prove age discrimination, of course. You may be 99 years old with 13 years' service. Your teammate may be 26 years old with 26 years' service. Good luck - you are (likely) young enough to compete for a new job outside IBM. -@-13yearsandout--
Comment 3/03/10: Thanks for the comments iThink. I was surprised how easily I took the news on Monday. It was almost a sense of relief. 5 years ago, I would have freaked. I had started interviewing for internal jobs and have a few prospects in play. I do not find myself deperate at all to close out on a new IBM job before the deadline. Even if you jump Divisions, there is apparently no relief. 15% workforce trimming every 6mo - 1yr. Targeting Senior people. It is completely demoralizing. No way to live your life. Of course, we need to put food on the table. There is a big world outside of IBM though. Maybe this is just a good kick in the butt for me. -anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: I'm so sorry for everyone who was RA'd this round. I'm one of the lucky? ones who gets to now work 14 hours a day instead of 12 hours a day. I"m so sick of it, I'm exhausted, and I'm getting close to my 30 years so just have to suck it up to get there. I have never wished so much in my life I could quit this place. -anon-
Comment 3/03/10: Some of my colleagues have been given the axe in GTS in Toronto. I frankly wish I was one of them. I'm left picking up the extra work, dealing with irate clients, training inexperienced college grads from the third world countries. Oh, the thought of it is not good. So, to the people who were recently ra'ed, Good Luck to you, but, it's the poor schmucks that are left are the ones that need the luck, because they're just waiting for things to get so bad we quit on our own. -anotherIBMnumber-
Comment 3/03/10: Will be cut 3/31. Top 10% revenue generator. PBC 3 engineered by sleazy leadership. Had enough of Sam Palmisano greed. It's all about him at our expense. I will be happy to work for the competition and take $ from Sam. IBM is unAmerican. In my spare moments, I will write newspapers and magazines until they start publishing the story of how Sam P. is destroying thousands of American lives. Greedy Pigs. -witheld because IBM is sleazy-
Comment 3/03/10: Is there a page that tells us how close we are in membership to being able to "invoke" a union (sorry if I'm not using the right terminology). It's not clear to me that if I sign up, we'll be "x" number away from having union representation at IBM. This sight needs some sort of easily readable "guage" to make it clear when we've past the union representation membership threshold. -anon-
Alliance reply: Just getting to a union recognition vote is only half the battle and we have a long way to go. We need people to join the Alliance as dues paying members so we can survive long enough to get there. In the meantime the Alliance is doing the work of advocacy and organizing. That too is reason for people to join and support the organization. If we see that we are getting to a critical mass of members to push for a vote we will certainly ramp things up. Right now we have 350 members and 5000 supporters. That is always in flux because of people leaving the company. You want a voice in IBM? We are it.

Comment 3/03/10: 202 RA'd in Division 6C (GBS Application Services Americas) -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: Re: withholding on severance checks - This is dictated by the IRS (and the state and local governments). Federal income tax withholding should be a flat 25%. OASDI and Medicare will be "normal" (OASDI is 6.2% up to the wage cap of $106800; Medicare is 1.45% with no cap). State and local will vary depending on the state and locality... -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: Three SSR's let go from Houston on Monday. One point of sale, One Large System laid off. the midrange SSR took a reitrement package. -houston-
Comment 3/03/10: Emailed white house and local congressman to ask about offshoring of jobs - and bill to eliminate taxes on severance pay. You can too - it was easy -another-
Comment 3/03/10: STG NA Sales Ops; Somers NY after 34 years of dedicated service...TJ is rolling in his grave.... -AJ-
Comment 3/03/10: IBM withholds 25% of your severance for federal taxes because they are required by law to do so. If you're >= 55 IBM calls you 'retired' and you are not eligible for the COBRA subsidy, plus you get a nice letter graduating you on your retirement. I kid you not. To the poster who refused to get angry, sometimes anger can be a great motivator, if you have it in you, best to express it somehow. -anon-
Comment 3/03/10: I really feel for my peers who lost their jobs and wish they find something better and sooner. I am friend with few IBM managers and they all felt very bad discharging many talented people, lot of were rating 2, 2+. Lot of young and mid-career American people are on the list. There are lots of clueless VPs and directors in fat management ranks who have never really worked to improve or grow IBM revenue or never faced real IBM clients and customers, are driving this company to ground by mindless cuts. Because these fat-cats are so dumbed down that their survival is possible only by cutting the resources underneath to the bones. There was a very serious discussion in our dept meeting today about the impact on the work-load of the people let go. How can we absorb all the additional work-load :( ? We, who stayed, do realize that we have indirect 20% pay-cut by working 20% more just by this RA. The team is so stressed out, we may just resign en-mass. It is also becoming clear that those who will continue, have higher chances of lower benefits, no severance payouts in future, more cuts and pay cuts. It was evident this time it was not performance or skill based, it was just mindless cuts. Some of my peers feel envy of the people who let go in this cycle. Honestly, it feels like we are on Titanic deck looking at the boats being lowered with people in it and we can't jump because we will be forced to sink with the ship by our fate or force against our will. The Indians who are happy to take up more and more are going a big indigestion. They are bring set-up for a huge failure. Indians are becoming slaves in India and overworking in unhealthy conditions and will revolt. I remind everyone, never forget the day when IBM was kicked out of India overnight for becoming too mean for Indian customers and people in 1977. That day is coming soon. -iThink-
Comment 3/03/10: I am a billable PM in Atlanta working on a large project. I was RA'd Monday at 7:45AM. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: I was fired after 11 years at IBM as a Band 9 and high performance for several years. Managing a Trouble Project, you will be a target to be dismissed (part of the problem, not part of the solution). Political envionment was critical... Avoid GBS! -IBMer !!!-
Comment 3/03/10: My sympathies to those being RA’d. I went through this last March. All I can say is it gets better from here on out! It took a while, but my new firm increased my salary 25% and offer better benefits. Also, they do not have regular lay-offs and it’s real strange – they all are pleasant, professional and have upbeat outlooks. So, don’t let this keep you down! To those who missed the “bullet”, just wait, your time in the crosshairs will come. Performance is not the criteria, your total burden is – not just salary (as is mentioned here a lot) but remember the additional benefits we take for granted here are also not all present in off shore locations. Also, don’t think they care about the quality of service; they care about how the customer perceives it only! Like a sales rep selling a customer on the concept that IBM has 100K+ professionals available to solve the issue they have – ever try to find those resources? And as to skill set – I KNOW the deployment model our RDM used was first free, first deployed, regardless of skill set. I even was told to go to a client and read the Redbook once there to do a job. Consider this like surgery – it hurts a short time, but life will be better afterwards. I didn’t think so at the time, but it’s true now. -RA'd 2009-
Comment 3/03/10: After having spent 8 years with a media / entertainment company only to be outsourced to IBM in 2005 I can only say I am RELIEVED. Of course I will miss my friends and a paycheck but in my 25 years in IT I can honestly say IBM is THE WORST COMPANY I've ever worked for. I'm glad it's over. I'm sick of their managment style and of them sending jobs to India (and elsewhere). I will be contacting my senators, congressmen and the oval office (not that that will do any good since Sam is pals with him). My best wishes to all who are RA'd. I'm sure we will all find better jobs within the next 6 months. Chin up, keep smiling. Take some time to decompress and enjoy life and your families. -Relieved-
Comment 3/03/10: To Greed and Corruption: Is that just a cute pseudo name or have you actually seen improper actions? I talked with an insider several months ago who said that Corporate Finance is looking at the total cost and future costs of individual employees when making job cuts. Of course doing so targets the older and the disabled employees. Is this true? -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: Isn't nice how we're "selected" -- I think it's so we feel lucky and special. Then again, maybe I am?

GTS Internet Security Systems Employees Selected

ADVISORY SOFTWARE ENGINEER 46(1), 49(1), and 55(1).
MARKETING MANAGER - band 09 51(1).
STAFF PROFESSIONAL 45(1), 46(1), and 53(1).
STAFF SOFTWARE ENGINEER 28(1), 37(1), 38(2), 41(1), 45(1), 46(1), and 53(1).

Comment 3/03/10: I was RA'd on 3/1 as well. In Division 7, part of SARM. My department was 100% remote until IBM decided it would be more cost effective to put us all into a building in the middle if Iowa. Those of us that chose to not pick up and move our entire lives were just handed RA notices. And to top it all off, the people they replaced us with (college grads, etc) know nothing about the job role that they are stepping into. I was told that if these people could "fog a mirror", IBM would hire them just to fill the building, meet their quotas and get their tax incentives. In the end, it's just a way for IBM to reduce the cost of their workforce and screw the truly skilled workers out of their jobs. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: I feel bad for everyone that was RA'd this week. Its a really sad state of affairs. Its sad that we, as employees, have zero voice with our management. Until we do, they are free to maximize their profits at our expense in any fashion they choose. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Join the alliance so we can get to the bargaining table and begin to have a voice in our future. For those of you that think this is impossible, PLEASE reconsider. How can it hurt to have a voice ??? -Alliance member-
Comment 3/03/10: This is not IBM speciifc but shows where the jobs arent. Interesting presentation.
Make sure you can view the entire map and title while it plays.
> This is a visual depiction of unemployment, by County for the entire United States
> over the last 2.5 years. Amazing to watch and only takes 30 seconds to view.
> > -Anonymous-

Comment 3/03/10: Please subscribe me. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Go to this link and sign up: Join The Alliance
Comment 3/03/10: Please, everyone, join the Union. It's truly our only hope. -anon-
Comment 3/03/10: Have not had time to read through all the comments, but on Flexible Spending Account, yes it is my understanding that the fund can go negative. If you signed up for say 1200 and only paid 300 in thru March 31 layoff, you can still get reimbursed up to the full 1200. Probably have to verify with Acclaris administrators. In CIO Business Office 75% of those laid off were age 55 and up, 12% cut in aggregate. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: After having spent 8 years with a media / entertainment company only to be outsourced to IBM in 2005 I can only say I am RELIEVED. Of course I will miss my friends and a paycheck but in my 25 years in IT I can honestly say IBM is THE WORST COMPANY I've ever worked for. I'm glad it's over. I'm sick of their managment style and of them sending jobs to India (and elsewhere). I will be contacting my senators, congressmen and the oval office (not that that will do any good since Sam is pals with him). My best wishes to all who are RA'd. I'm sure we will all find better jobs within the next 6 months. Chin up, keep smiling. Take some time to decompress and enjoy life and your families. -Relieved-
Comment 3/03/10: I just noticed that many of the global resources I have worked with for the past several years, now have new Lotus Notes ids to make it appear as if they work in the US. Talk about IBM smoke and mirrors. I assume IBM uses this to ask city & state governments for tax breaks under the auspices of how many people it makes it appear they employee. Clever, but certainly dishonest (no surprise there). -Smoke and mirrors-
Alliance reply: Please email us some examples. We intend to pursue this with Government officials. Send to
Comment 3/03/10: My spouse had a long term coworker let go from the team, IBM GS Lotus Notes email. Coworker was hourly, originally joined the team through an acquisition by IBM -Friend2ndHand-
Comment 3/03/10: See the home page for updated job cut numbers and an opinion piece called "the Breaking Point". Also participate in our Take Action on IBM offshoring or using foreign labor on US government accounts and contracts. -Alliance Staff-
Comment 3/03/10: Several of my Client Solution Executive (CSE) co-workers got the axe as well. -Just the facts-
Comment 3/03/10: re: Taking out your pension and 401K - IMHO, take them both. I did when I was RAed. Reason - 1) Pension - this is still in IBM's coffers and while if IBM sinks and it is protected, (disclaimer; I am not a lawyer) IBM can go after it. After all, they made changes once before, and I have to believe there is a room/floor/building of IBM lawyers trying to figure out how to get their hands on it. 2) 401K - you are restricted to IBM's choices, their management firm, and I felt, and have learned, I can do much better with lower fees with an independent advisor who can choose vastly different vehicles. My advice is take it now, before IBM figures out how to take that back too, and manage your own financial future. It's obvious IBM does not have any respect for people any more so you have to look out for you. Don't leave it because it's easy and nothing will happen. You thought that about doing a great job and being employed at IBM as long as you wanted; right? Look where that go us.... -RAed in 09-
Comment 3/03/10: To Greed and Corruption: Is that just a cute pseudo name or do you actually know of unethical or illegal corruption activities involving IBM's Corporate Finance Department? If there is anything you can report on this board or to Alliance in a confidential manner that would confirm information about the Corporate Finance Department from other sources. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10:
IBM screws US employees again. Notified 3/1 that I had been"selected".
Bouder Colorado
ITD Managed Services Delivery
Division 07Q
Managed Services Delivery -Anonymous-

Comment 3/03/10: Can you really get your PBC rating lowered after it was delivered? That is beyond lowlife for the company.... Cognos layoffs? I thought the targets for the year were astronomical throughout the company! I can't help but notice how again the age ranges listed are all 40's and up, mostly up... Trying to avoid more retirement support in the future? yes, I think they are.... -hum...-
Comment 3/03/10: Ref: "You can take out everything you elected to contribute for the whole year and not have to re pay it" re: FSA --------
I believe it is true. The FSA is pre-funded by IBM and you pay them back over the year. Take it all now. Get that hair transplant you always wanted or a nip/tuck. You have to do it while you're employed so that means this month. After that, it's gone.
The HSA may be different though. Call the ESC. Isn't that all funded by you? You may be able to take it out but you will probably owe taxes on it. -Neal Watkins-

Comment 3/03/10: How sad, someone said that IBM is trying to look like a great place to work for the anniversary, which I've wondered at some of the programs they've put in place over the last year... Yet the underlying issue that will never be addressed is the impending fear all employees will continually feel as layoffs become a year-round, every year activity. We are all overworked from past layoffs and very stressed. On top is the continual fear of being next. Kudos to those who give us a heads up, and especially to those who are alerting the media. Last year it finally hit the big news but somewhat late. Now it should hit faster. Someone needs to do a story on how IBM is helping to make America a poorer nation and making India a richer nation. Clients have no idea, and if they did they would be furious at what level of resources they will get in the future. No blanket disrespect, as many people in other nations are very intelligent, but the ones we work with are not equipped to make intelligent decisions and think through problems outside the normal script of their role. NO problem solving, thought provoking solutions offered. Maybe to help those that have been laid off the alliance could host something with all the what to do and not due when laid off. Either a paper, conference meeting, pre-recorded session... or a separate listing of all the suggestions that are buried throughout these -frustrated-
Comment 3/03/10: We are seeing job cuts at client sites. Maybe the clients should start speaking up. If word gets out that their US IBM workers are being replaced with foreign workers I would think there would be a backlash. For those being RA'd send your clients to this website. -anon-
Comment 3/03/10: This section is only to disclose Job Cuts and resource action information. Now is not the time to ask folks what their reasons are good or bad for joining or not joining the Alliance! Thousands of your fellow colleagues have already lost and will soon be losing their jobs. If more folks joined the Alliance we might have been able to curb or even have stopped this from happening. If you want to discuss other general topics, salary, PBC, etc. then join the Alliance and then the Alliance will make those discussion sections open for use again. Joining the Alliance is making a statement and is good reason why you want it's membership to grow. -sby_willie-
Comment 3/03/10: They're not limiting the current layoffs to steady state ITD people. I know for sure of a Transition & Transformation project manager who was given his 30-day notice on Monday 3/1. And IBM GA people are no longer being sent over to commercial accounts...probably because they are getting rid of people all over the place. -anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: "Just wondering how they prorate vacation time? I have 5 weeks coming 2010 and would sure like to get paid for all of it. "

IBM uses earned vacation. It's generally not strict earned vacation where you cannot take more vacation in a month than you haven't yet earned though. For instance, you can take the first week of January for a vacation even though you haven't earned it yet as long as you work after taking it to "pay it back". So if you already taken more vacation than you earned and got RAed then you will get less of a severance check since IBM will take the money of vacation time you haven't earned. If you have taken less than your earned vacation before being RAed then IBM will add what was not taken, but earned, to your severance check.
So, if you are RA'ed on 3/31:

2 weeks (10 days) earned vacation = 2.5 days

3 weeks (15 days) earned vacation based on years of service = 3.75 days

4 weeks (20 days) earned vacation based on years of service = 5 days

So for you:

5 weeks (25 days) earned vacation based on years of service = 6.25 days

BTW, take ALL your personal choice holidays before you are RAed! It's generally "use 'em or lose 'em" based on any part of the year worked (exception, I think, is CA where you can be paid for not taking them(?) -VacMan-

Comment 3/03/10: Can someone please confirm that unused vacation ( I am in Florida ) will be reimbursed ? I have about 5 days prorated vacation unused ( 20/year, 5 days/quarter) Also, IBM has Future Health Account. I have withdrawal eligibility in 2020. Now RAed, do I get these funds ? or lose all 7,500$ in it now ? The IBM Future Health Account provides you with funds to help pay the cost for IBM medical, dental and vision benefits, if you meet certain age and service requirements when you leave IBM. -Vac_and_FHA-
Comment 3/03/10: "With such a glut of high level Execs (VPs) in IBM, you would think that these reorgs and workload trimming exercises would logically include some of them."
Fat chance. Manage out a VP? LOL. Reasons:
1) VP's are never redundant even if two of them do the same job. They are also not resources. They are always human assets and company investment. Only employees are resources and expense.
2) VP's never will be offshored. Work for local pay in a BRIC? No way. You don't treat your assets this way. It would be a bad investment.
3) They profit obscenely from the RAs with bonuses and stock option grants.

So IBM makes them all immune. Why not ask Dogbert Randy Mac about why no VP's get RAed if you don't like da_facts?

"The money should be safe even if IBM sinks completely."
If IBM sinks completely the creditors get paid. Pension is vapor profit and creditors are allowed to take that part of corporation profit to satisfy their interests. Think Twice about this. Ask someone from US Steel how safe their pension was. Even if IBM doesn't sink completely they have the power with government lobbyists to change pensions. Ever hear of the 1999 cash balance forced conversion theft? With legislation your pension can be reduced further too. Again, think twice. -da_facts-

Comment 3/03/10: More hits in Lexington MA to ClearCase. IBM is killing a cash cow using attrition by RA as the weapon. -Peter ClearCase-
Comment 3/03/10: Half the WPS server group was let go in Foster City CA SWG AIM yesterday. I support developers at ISL Bangalore in Adapter development. It was outsourced 18 months ago from Foster City. Now I see new hires every week in ISL. -Mike-
Comment 3/03/10: To all those RA'd. I suggest that you contact you Congressman and Senator and let them know what is going on. Let them know that IBM is not an American company anymore. Call Obama and let him know. With enough pressure maybe we can stop IBM from getting a few government contracts that IBM will use to pay non-American workers -ANON-
Comment 3/03/10: I have heard that IBM is planning a huge celebration of its brand next year for the 100th anniversary of the company. There is quite a bit of material coming in 2011 about what a fantastic company IBM is to work for. They are trying to drum up the old feelings from the years when there really was "respect for the individual". Honestly, this is a farce now. When all that BS comes out, there should really be a lot of backlash. -anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: someone said "You can take out everything you elected to contribute for the whole year and not have to re pay it" re: FSA -- is this true? Is this legal? I have a health care spending account -- is that the same? -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: 3/1 I was let go. Canada. ITD. Last day 26th. -Loner-
Comment 3/03/10: My own thoughts on taking out of IBM the 401K and pension money - now or later. A consideration more acute probably for those bridged to or otherwise considered retired. The money should be safe even if IBM sinks completely. I understand that IBM's pension system is fully funded and there are government programs for protection. I left both with IBM. If you don't need the money at this time, you might just leave them alone. The 401K is a very low cost plan and has lots of choices. I have the frozen cash balance pension plan. I will take the money when I have to at age 65 - 3 years away. I will take it as an annuity so I have some guaranteed income, along with social security which is indexed for inflation. In a few years from now I should get a larger annuity than today because I will be older and also because I believe interest rates will rise. So I'm leaving it alone to "grow". I also checked the amount against buying an annuity outside of the IBM program provider, and IBM was the bigger payout and the better deal. I heard companies usually do have a better benefit than buying on the open market. I'll recheck that when I do take it. Just my own thoughts. -anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: Some points that came up for those RA'd last year. Don't be surprised when you get your severance check and it is tiny. IBM takes out an overly huge amount for payroll taxes. I got a really big chunk back when I did my taxes for 2009. It is unfortunate you can't keep that up front when you really need it. If you are a newer IBMer and not under the old pension plan, but instead under the frozen cash balance pension plan. You are eligible for the FHA retiree health plans if you are considered retired - including bridged to retirement or fall in the rule of 65 (over 55, and age + service = 65). However, if you have less than 15 years of service, you are not eligible for the FHA money. You just have access to purchase the plans. I found it twice as expensive for the FHA premiums as for COBRA. So while it is access to a group plan, you might find cheaper insurance elsewhere, like a spouse's or association's plans. And hopefully the Health reforms in Washington will help out. Note that once you are bridged to retirement - reach at the end of the month you turn 62, or are otherwise retired (and have access to the FHA retire health plans) you are no longer eligible to receive the federal COBRA subsidy that pays 65% of the COBRA premium. You do get to keep COBRA for the 18 months if you choose to select COBRA when first unemployed. -anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: Kudos to the Alliance for getting word out to the media, better this time than ever before. IBM can no longer get away with its stealth layoffs by flying under the WARN radar. Keep up the good work! -Think-
Comment 3/03/10: Just wondering how they prorate vacation time? I have 5 weeks coming 2010 and would sure like to get paid for all of it.
3 were laid off from GTS SO in the industrial sector that I know of; ages 44, 55 and 62. Don't know if they were men or women. -Anonymous-

Comment 3/03/10: does anyone have the breakdown for the 66 affected for ITD Service Management Delivery? -only a matter of time-
Comment 3/03/10: I see on the Alliance front page that ITD Service Management Delivery count is 66. I\'m not sure where that number came from, but I am in that group, RA'd, and when I add up the totals on the OWBPA Report I received the total is 668, 10x what you show. I just emailed the actual data. -oldgeek-
Alliance reply: Make sure you only count "employees selected". Thank you for sending it.
Comment 3/03/10:
GTS Finance 03/01/10 25 Job Cuts
career FA 39 (1), 46 (1), 55 (1)
Advisor/Lead FA 37 (1), 48 (1), 49 (1), 51 (1), 60 (1), 64 (1)
Advisory Professional 50 (1)
Professional Accountant 60 (1)
Professional exempt 62 (1)
Professional FA 33(1), 39 (1), 41 (1), 55 (1)
Sr. prof FA 41 (1), 56 (2), 57 (1)
Staff prof: 47 (1) 49 (1)
Bus Ctrls Princ MGR 63 (1)
Bus Ctrls senior prof 52 (1)
Function Mgr 56 (1) -Greed and Corruption-

Comment 3/03/10: I just got laid off after 30+ years on Monday. I am in Texas. Mentally and emotionally I cannot allow myself to read the anger in most of these posts. Anger only hurts yourself - I must move on for my own well being. I have always never wanted to end up an angry old man - and now I realized there is only one of those things I can do anything about. - Bye -A Nonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: SWG, Tivoli, div 46, Littleton, MA (Maximo / base services support) -- 2 RA'd. There are probably others I don't know about elsewhere in Littleton, it's a big building. -still there-
Comment 3/03/10: Many thanks to Alliance for doing the only good job of gathering hard facts and then getting the information out about the March 1st layoffs. You do an incredible job and I thank you. -Tulsa-
Comment 3/03/10: Senior Managing Consultant from Telelogic - only 2 DOORS pros left in whole country now -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: more than 20 at costa mesa CA -KKM-
Comment 3/03/10: I see a few Directors but no VP's. With such a glut of high level Execs in IBM, you would think that these reorgs and workload trimming exercises would logically include some of them. The only GM I recall being cut in recent memory was the one who got taken away in handcuffs (who was infamous for laying people off so effectively btw) -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: Rick Smith ( at Local Tech Wire and WRAL TV's web site in Raleigh, N.C. wants to hear from RTP workers about what's happening in your work groups. Send him an e-mail. He's also looking for IBMers who have been RA'd or are still at IBM who would be interested in talking on camera with TV about what's happening. If you are among those who don't see anything wrong with what IBM is doing, he wants to hear from you as well. -Alliance-
Comment 3/03/10: I count 74 in the STG Marketing & Communications plus Sales Support function. I am in Somers. This represents a 15.5% cut for that function. The reason for me and one other Marketing Mgr was Work Elimination for our business area. I noticed a few months ago that they had engaged a person from the Global Marketing Center in India to pick up some of the facilitation of meetings and other execution oriented functions for our specific business area. I think the Marketing function in India provides a safety valve to move certain business functions from "active" to "maintenance". Now, of course, when they do see real work beyond that for the business area, it is easy enough to ramp up the resource in India. So, it is unclear whether much workload was really eliminated or just shifted to India. At any rate, there go another couple of good US jobs and 25+ year dedicated careers. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: what rights do contractors have and can your union support IBM contractors hired by IBM who are U.S. citizens? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Contractors have little or no rights without a union contract. Yes you can join the Alliance.
We want everyone in IBM, as well as ex-IBMers and spouse as members. We need to be the IBM family corporate management has ignored.
Be aware that only current employees can vote in a union certification election. Same with contractors with the company you work for.

Comment 3/03/10: Am I eligible for Growth Driven Pay this year? (Since they decided to classify me as a 3 for the 1st time ever, and then RA me. Not sure if 3s are ever eligible?). -Anonymous-
Comment 3/03/10: STG Server Sales, released on monday. -don't want to tell-
Comment 3/03/10: To those who still remain after yet another slaughter, we do have to unite. Join the Alliance and also limit the amount of OT worked. I was close to 140% billable last year (including my 5 weeks vacation- I am part time...) and received a poor PBC because my project wasn't as complex as my peers. I decided to limit the amount of OT worked and I shut the computer down once I hit my number of hours. They expect us to do "whatever it takes" to get the job done - well, I'm done with that. They have killed my spirit and I refuse to give them all the extra free hours off my back which they then get to bill my customers. I work hard the hours I'm on, but once I hit my total hours, I'm off. And with all the people they let go even more work will fall on those left behind, it's a sad state of affairs.... -Getting sick of this-
Comment 3/03/10: 500 out of 2680 to be made redundant from UK ITD division by 5th June 2010, what uniion in UK is helping in any way if anyone is? -anonymous UK-
Alliance reply: Go here:

Comment 3/03/10: RA'd on 3/1. I was one of the 318 from ITD Distributed Server Management. I was prepared for this. Had been looking for a job outside of IBM for a about a year. Looking forward to starting a new career. Our customer is fighting this in hopes that our jobs can be saved. They know, as we do, that the India team doesn't have the skills needed to support them. The customers business is going the break. I don't want my job saved. I'm ready to go. I'm a dues paying union member. I want to thank Lee and everyone in the union what they have done and will continue to do. The union needs your support. Only way to stop these greedy executive decisions is to join the union and fight this crap. Best of luck to all and God bless. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!!!!! -AmazedDisgrace-
Comment 3/03/10: I was let go last March. But I have kept in touch with my old team mates. They were all cut yesterday (3/2) - I got a total of 68... but it could be more. BTW.. I don't miss IBM at all.
Dave Lewis
Your Personal Technology Consultant. ©
Cell: 860-490-9251
Merchant Circle:

Comment 3/03/10: Me and a co-worker were RA'd last year..she was offered a job she didn't want just before RA. She refused the job right after RA was announced, but before she was given SA. She ended up forfeiting 6 months of severance pay due to refusing the job. Word of advice: if you hear rumors of RA coming up in your department, don't agree to any internal interviews (especially for a job you don't want) until you have read the fine print of your SA. Also, if you accept IBM position soon after you have been released you may end up having to pay back part of severance pay depending on years of service. For example, if you get 5 months of severance pay, but end up being rehired with IBM (or vendor) 1 month after being released, you will have to pay back 4 months of your severance to IBM. In essence, an incentive not to accept a job with IBM after release until after a period equal to the amount of severance pay you received. Good riddance IBM..Thanks for the first class trip to India: a beautiful country I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to visit.:) -IBM sentence over-
Comment 3/03/10: Wonder why STG numbers are so low? Well think Sep/Oct and you'll see STG numbers really high after GA of all latest products. I have long predicted that IBM US will cut 3-5% every year down to 30000, may be even 20000. Wish I had a better prediction. Look, it's a job, I provide my skills to IBM, they pay me for 40 hours. And remember, there REALLY is life outside and after IBM. Good luck y'all. -Anonymous STG-
Comment 3/03/10: Here is the time and place for the IBM stockholder meeting this year.
Annual meeting of stockholders
IBM's 2010 Annual meeting of stockholders will be held on Tuesday,
April 27, 2010 in the Midwest Airlines Center, 400 West Wisconsin
Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Let's rally current and former IBMers to protest everything the company now stands for. I am sure some news agencies will cover it. -Let's Rally-

Alliance reply: If people are going to the stockholder meeting to rally, the Alliance needs to know.
In the past we have called for participation and very few showed up except Alliance members.

Comment 3/03/10: What a sad, sad company. Huge profits and more people losing jobs. My guess is the profits are not real at all. I have been told that over 5,000 will eventually get the axe this quarter alone in North America. There will be more in the next quarter. This company has to start taking a nose dive soon. Workers hate being there, customers hate products and services, and vendors hate working with them. IBM is the greed that is ruining our nation. Let the jobs go overseas so the execs can get their stock options. RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL. Anyone remember that? I HATE IBM. I HATE IBM.. I HATE IBM -No More IBM-
Comment 3/03/10: just short of 13 years with IBM and i'll probably get screwed out of my 26th week. no vacation taken so far so at least i'll have that too. I'm less then a month short of that 26th week, anyone know of a chance in getting that? Also be nice to talk to someone who has gone through this. what to expect, timeframe of severence payment, etc... ITD 3 gone from group of 12. varied locations, and WFH. -13yearsandout-
Comment 3/02/10: 34 jobs gone in NZ, another 580-ish in Australia. All within three days of 'consultation'. Split across GTS in both countries. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Was informed yesterday of RA. Trained my 3 India replacements last week to fill my position. I hope IBM gets everything they deserve. -Trouble-O-7-
Comment 3/02/10: Got my termination letter last night. I was expecting something like this was going to happen. I was more disappointed by my manager sending me an invite via conference call at 9 pm in the evening to break the news. I know the guy was doing his job but I thought he was like a prick to take away my evening just to inform me of my employment being terminated. -rt-
Comment 3/02/10: To those worried about their GDP payout - if you worked thru Dec 31, 2009, you are entitled to your GDP, and I, and everyone I know who"got it" last year (my end date was Feb 23, 2009), right around the middle of March 2009, my GDP check showed up. Whether it would have been more had I stayed is of course something I'll never know, while I got (and you're getting) shafted, at least last year they did not try to completely hose us on GDP - FWIW. -RAed in Jan-
Comment 3/02/10: I was "resourced" this morning by my remote manager after hearing from someone last night that my group was going to be cut in half...all off-shift personnel were gonna get it. Waiting now to hear the final numbers...I work on a customer site away from the IBM offices in Atlanta GA. -Won'tGetScrewedAgain-
Comment 3/02/10: I was RA'ed on Monday. Div 6C - GBS - AS C&M I am/was a Band 9 IT Architect -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Folks that got RAed: Make sure you get your Growth Driven Pay payment. Don't accept any BS from IBM if they try to delay the payment or withhold it and say your severance will compensate for it. Make sure you get that GDP. You more than earned it. For those not RAed: show some solidarity with those RAed. Show IBM you displeasure with what has happened to your colleagues by peaceful, productive resistance . And, oh yeah, start organizing big time! -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Got RAed today (3/2/10). have 28 yr & 11 month with IBM and was given the bridge pkg. I am not surprised. I have been arguing with management over technical issues this past year and lack of resources to do quality job. got a 3 pbc for 2009. refused to sign my pbc. I hope no job shows up so I can move on before stress kills me. -Anon RAed-
Comment 3/02/10: resource action 3/1 from sales & distribution - sales role -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: To the person(s) wondering about the IBM pension plan requiring 30 years of service, this has to do with the older pension plan that IBM had prior to 1999. It still applies to some older IBMers who were eligible to continue having it. Under the old plan (which, BTW, did not require employee contributions like the current plan), one could retire at any age and get pension for life if they had 30 years of service. If they have less than 30 years, then they have to meet certain other "age/year" requirements. -Anon-
Comment 3/02/10: This guy Bunning should be RA'd! -anon-
Alliance reply: It's a moot point now. Bunning's amendment failed in the Senate 53-43 and the unemp benefits bill passed 78-19. So much for grandstanding US senators.
Comment 3/02/10: Does anyone have the breakdown of the STG RA? -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Speaking of organizing. Big business lobbyists are quietly trying to kill the Employee Free Choice act. See the link below for an example. Contact your representatives and tell them you want the bill passed. You can find your representatives in a number of ways, including, which has links to finding your reps and you can usually contact them directly through their website once you find them. -juggernaut-
Comment 3/02/10: IBM CEO Sam Palmisano speaks at an IBM event in 2006 in Bangalore, India. IBM workers invented a system that calculates how to offshore jobs while maximizing government tax breaks.
The Associated Press
By Christine Young
Times Herald-Record
Posted: March 30, 2009 - 2:00 AM
As IBM was firing thousands of American workers last week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Big Blue's application to copyright a computerized system that calculates how to offshore jobs while maximizing government tax breaks.

Update: IBM withdraws its application, calling it an error. In their application to patent a "method and system for strategic global resource sourcing," five Hudson Valley IBMers describe how it weighs such plans as "50 percent of resources in China by 2010," against such factors as labor costs, infrastructure and the "minimum head count to qualify for incentives."

The five Westchester County inventors, Ching-hua Chen-ritzo, Daniel Patrick Connors, Markus Ettl, Mayank Sharma, and Karthik Sourirajan, submitted the application to the patent office in September 2007, but it took a year and a half for that patent to be published online.

None could be reached by telephone Sunday except Ching-hua Chen-ritzo of Mahopac, who declined to comment, and attempts to reach IBM were unsuccessful.

Lee Conrad, national coordinator for Alliance@IBM, a group trying to unionize Big Blue, was stunned to learn of the application.

"This is obviously outrageous — a patent on how to offshore U.S. jobs," Conrad said. "IBM is obviously doing all it can to decimate the U.S. work force, and it is all the more reason why IBM should not get any tax breaks or stimulus money. They clearly are abandoning the U.S. work force."

The application says the system weighs moving into or out of a particular country against criteria such as wages, political systems,"incentive contracts" and the economic impact of "violating and/or satisfying those incentives."

In January, IBM reported that about 115,000, or 29 percent, of its global work force of about 400,000, is in the United States. -Sam-

Comment 3/02/10: Laid off from ITD Storage Management -anon-
Comment 3/02/10:
TD Distributed Server Management Employees Selected
ADVISORY IT ARCHITECT 47(1), 49(1), and 61(1).
ADVISORY IT SPECIALIST 35(1), 39(2), 45(1), and 50(1).
ASSOCIATE IT ARCHITECT 34(1), 40(2), 45(2), and 60(1).
PRIM/PROJ POOL REP - JAZZ 41(1) and 50(1).
PRIM/PROJ POOL REP - RHYTHM 46(1) and 58(1).
SENIOR IT SPECIALIST 38(1), 41(1), 45(1), 49(1), 50(1), 52(2), 54(1), and 69(1).
SSR - SUPPORT 36(1) and 39(1).
TEAM LEAD (FUNCTIONAL) - band 07 36(1), 38(1), 47(1), and 57(1).
TEAM LEAD (FUNCTIONAL) - band 08 39(1), 43(1), 46(1), and 64(1).
TECH SERVICES MGR 1ST LINE - band 08 58(1).
TECH SERVICES MGR 1ST LINE - band 09 54(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF 27(1), 30(1), 33(2), 35(4), 37(4), 38(2), 39(2), 41(1), 42(3), 43(3), 44(1), 45(3), 46(2), 47 (1), 48(3), 49(1), 50(3), 51(3), 52(2), 54(5), 55(2), 56(2), 57(1), 59(1), 60(2), 61(1), 62 (1), 63(1), and 66(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF - ADV 25(1), 26(1), 28(1), 31(2), 32(3), 35(1), 36(2), 37(2), 38(1), 40(3), 41(1), 42(5), 43(2), 44 (2), 45(1), 46(4), 47(2), 48(2), 49(4), 50(3), 51(3), 52(2), 53(3), 54(1), 57(1), 58(3), 59 (2), 62(3), 63(1), and 67(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF - SR 42(1), 43(1), 49(1), 50(2), 51(1), 52(1), 53(2), 54(1), 56(3), 58(1), and 65(2).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF-ADV 32(2), 33(1), 34(2), 35(1), 36(2), 37(3), 38(2), 39(6), 40(3), 41(6), 42(4), 43(4), 44(3), 45 (4), 46(9), 47(4), 48(4), 49(2), 50(9), 51(3), 52(7), 53(4), 54(7), 55(1), 56(3), 57(4), 58 (2), 59(4), 60(1), 61(3), 62(1), and 67(1). TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF-SR 37(1), 38(1), 40(2), 42(1), 44(1), 46(2), 47(2), 48(2), 49(2), 51(2), 52(1), 56(1), 57(1), and 60(1). -Anonymous-

Comment 3/02/10: ITD Security & Risk Mgmt, Public Sector. 2 RA'd. -Glad to be Going-
Comment 3/02/10: Confused by the pension comment-you are fully vested after 5 yrs I don't understand the question about 30 yrs and wanting to know if you will get your full pension?!? Please explain -anon-
Comment 3/02/10: I received notification yesterday in Sales and Services division in NYC. -Friend to all-
Comment 3/02/10:
Location - mobile employees
20 Selected
Div - 12 Sales and Distribution
Business Unit - Marketing and Communications (Demand Generation) -Anon-

Comment 3/02/10: My local CBS station business/tech reporter always stays on top of IBM layoffs. I think he speaks for many people in this piece. -CB from RTP-

Comment 3/02/10: A big THANKS to the staff at the Alliance. Things have got to be hectic. Keep up the good work. -Neal Watkins-
Comment 3/02/10: RA'd today from GTS. Told that my job will be moved offshore to India where workers are less than 1/2 of my "not that much" salary. -Anon-
Comment 3/02/10: Re: getting paid for personal days. This depends on state law. In California you will be paid for them. -GoneIn09-
Comment 3/02/10: To Things2Do: You asked: "If IBM offers anyone job of lower position/band or salary or comfort and decline"
The package I got, and I assume yours is similar is that it has to be a "comparable" job. Further investigation then basically said it had to be similar job roles in the same band. If before the RA they had asked you to "band down", that's one thing. But a lower band job *after* you got this package is (was not then at least) a comparable job... -RAed last Jan-

Comment 3/02/10: Things2do, You cannot decline an offer of a "similar" job and keep the severance. Whether that job is halfway across the country from where you live is irrelevant. The likelyhood of an offer for an internal job is almost nil, but it's possible. So don't apply for something you really don't want. The number of vacation days you have may be less than what you think depending on the exact date the RA occurred. If it is near the end of the month, you won't get a prorated accrual. -anon2-
Comment 3/02/10:
Add Tivoli DIV 46
Location: Austin, TX -Anonymous-

Comment 3/02/10: 40 were let go in Cognos development including me. Close to 20 in support -cognos_laidoff-
Comment 3/02/10: Could someone answer my question per the "GTS security systems vs GTS Security & Privacy Services"? (Original post attached). Also, why people would stay outside the Union and eventually get slaughtered like slient lamb? Is it possible for the Union to run some campaigns to improve the visibility and gain much more members? -Need the answer-
The front page says 41 people were let go in "GTS Security Systems". Did the poster actually mean the department of "GTS Security & Privacy Services"? If so, that's a little strange, as not much happened in the"S & P" group yet. -Why Still No Union Yet- Alliance reply: Oh, YES there IS a union; it just isn't a majority of employees needed to vote in an election and bargain for a contract.... yet .
Comment 3/02/10: I could see my job cut coming; first my appraisal was the lowest I've ever had and the lowest of my team even though we are on the same performance metrics supposedly and I was the one who brought in the most revenue. I was working n the SO group and having a very hard time morally selling something that I personally object to - taking jobs and sending them overseas. Hopefully, a door will open somewhere and my abusive profane manager will eventually be recognized for what he is. -Anon-
Comment 3/02/10: The more IBM obfuscates and refuses to admit these layoffs, the more the company loses its integrity. I think the company is damaging its reputation by refusal to comment on these layoffs. For those of use who have been around long enough to remember how IBM **was**, it is really sad to see what IBM has become.... -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: IBM does business in major markets like the US and Europe and it does business in growth areas of the world. IBM wants to reduce its resource in the more mature markets of the world and grow them elsewhere. On the surface, this is not bad. What makes it bad is the US workforce bears nearly all the brunt as it is simply easy to lay off here. Far lesser performing individuals in Europe stay because they're either organized or because their governments dictate severence packages which benefit the employee and don't disadvantage the economy through unemployment. Not here. IBM doesn't even have to do what it does here. Know it and expect it. They will continue to cut the US because they can. That is until such time as something happens to prevent it or at least put up as much resistance here as exists elsewhere. -Anon-
Comment 3/02/10: Laid off from Global Business Services -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Question: For the people who got layed off just shy of 30 year retirement, does that mean that they will not get their full pension? Can someone please clarify this? -Baba-
Alliance reply: Yes, it could mean that. It depends whether they were allowed to 'bridge'. Historically, IBM has allowed a bridge to retirement if the service is 29 years or more. If it's less than 29 years, they will probably lose their full pension.

Comment 3/02/10: Human Resources Global Administration - Employees Selected
ADMINISTRATOR ANALYST 36(1), 38(2), 41(1), 44(1), 55(1), 56(2), 57(1), and 65(1).
ASSISTANT - band 03 25(1), 30(1), 32(1), 47(1), 48(1), 53(2), 54(1), 55(1), 56(1), 57(2), 58(1), 59(2), 61(1), 62 (1), 66(1), and 67(1).
ASSISTANT - band 04 30(1), 31(1), 32(2), 33(1), 35(2), 38(2), 39(2), 40(2), 41(1), 42(3), 43(1), 44(2), 45(1), 46 (1), 48(4), 49(4), 50(3), 51(1), 53(1), 55(3), 56(2), 57(3), 58(4), 59(2), 60(8), 61(5), 62 (3), 63(2), 64(1), 65(1), 66(4), 67(1), and 68(2).
IBM MANAGER - band 07 47(1), 50(2), 54(1), 55(1), 56(1), 57(1), 61(1), 62(1), 65(1), and 72(1).
VISUAL ID/GRAPHIC DESIGN PROF 29(1), 50(1), 51(1), and 57(1). -Anonymous-

Comment 3/02/10: Reply to Things2Do: I was RAd in 2009.. a few tips: take all of your personal holidays(you will not get paid for these if you do not use them); dont take any vacation days, you will be paid for these (prorated for the year). If you have an FHA - submit what your full year contributions would have been - even though you've only paid in 3 months- but you have to have the receipts by 3/31 (go get prescription sunglasses, etc.) If you dont want to stay at IBM, dont even look or apply for any positions (it's pretty much a farce anyway), because on the off chance you are offered a job, and you dont take it, you will lose your severance benefits. As long as you are not directly competing with IBM in whatever new job you take, your severance should be ok. I got a job with a Business Partner days after my RA notification, I pretty much did nothing for my last month at IBM (certainly did not look internally for a position) and then started my new job that next Monday after my last day at IBM. Good Luck - its great to be away from the IBM bs. -RAdin2009-
Comment 3/02/10: Just heard that two Utah SSR's (branch 033) were RA'd/Fired -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Looks like 20 people were let go Almaden research center -Fred-
Comment 3/02/10: RA'd yesterday with 13 years in Global services. Hoping that the class action lawsuit I signed up for a couple of months ago pays out. -TD-
Comment 3/02/10: I was informed Monday, March 1 that I was selected for a resource action. My last day is slated to be March 31, 2010. I am a financial analyst in the Rochester COE. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Laid off 3/1/2010 after 32 years with IBM. Was working for Malware Security team (Managed Security Service Delivery). -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: CIO - Div 1G -Leaving after 29 years-
Comment 3/02/10: I work at a customer site in Burbank, CA - so far I know of 7 layoffs - the interesting thing is that they have shipped in IBMers from India to train and rotate in and out of this location as well as 2 other customer locations; Florida and Columbus -Name Witheld-
Comment 3/02/10: Div 91 Global E&U. 1/09 was supposed to be my PBC review. Instead I was told -- after getting my 25 year certificate the month before -- that my new position I just moved to was eliminated. I was one of 3 in a group of 12. I received 1 and 2+ ratings. The previous 3 years I was approached on 3 different occcasions by others outside our dept asking me to consider a position in their group but was told by my mgr he couldn't let me go. He didn't have a backup to do my job, which was global ops. When I finally did make a transition, after training my replacement for 6 months, I got RA'd. If I had stayed in the position I had I would have kept my job but they couldn't take it away from my replacement at that point. I should not have kept mum when my boss kept me from moving earlier. Sadly the stock price and qtrly earnings are driving Sam and his team.... It appears improving China's and India's economy is more favorable than improving the U.S.'s... after all their bonuses depend on it. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: AWS (shift workers) for day 1 do not show up until Wednesday morning so it is far from over. -AWS Day 1-
Comment 3/02/10: Did not Obama campaign against and belittle companies who were off-shoring American jobs? Please unify and target the well deserved anger at Obama/Congress for they are allowing it. -Focus The Outrage at Obama-
Comment 3/02/10: I am a work at home employee and part of Software Group. I was layed off yesterday and have 28 years and 8 months with the company. I am 3 months shy of being able to bridge to the 30 year retirment. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: I know your pain. I was sold with the Microelectronics Div, in 2002 with 28 years and 6 months. I, too, missed the "bridge". I joined the Alliance in 1999 and I refuse to give up organizing this company's workers; so that they don't experience what you and I have.
Comment 3/02/10: I have not taken any personal holiday or vacation this year. So as of 03/31, how many I can take or eligible for? If IBM offers anyone job of lower position/band or salary or comfort and decline, will it compromise the RA package ? Is there any nicer and safer way to decline IBM offers ? If customer that I work for, offers me a position on May 1st, will there be impact on the RA benefits ? I am just looking to safely duck away from IBM jobs, take the extra money and have nice vacation. What's your plan? -Things2do-
Comment 3/02/10: The theme I seem to hear the most is that a lot of RA'd folks are"solid contributors" or have great PBC ratings or they have many years of service. Folks I've ben saying this for years "your contributions amount to SQUAT. IBM is rarely if ever considers those factors even if they say differently. It is strictly a numbers and political game that is played over and over again. -RA'd Class of 07 & 09-
Comment 3/02/10: congrats to IBM on making the world a smarter planet.
Alliance reply: How did they do that? By eliminating 2000 jobs and then collecting Stim $$$ to move those jobs to BRIC? How is that smarter?
Comment 3/02/10: I'll soon be 67 years old and now laid off. Scary. Social Security doesn't pay my rent and I'm alone. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: This is a war. Make no mistake about it. American workers are being executed to feed Wall Street greed mongers. It has progressed way beyond "Trimming the deadwood". As you read the comments from people billing 110 percent or more of their time; it sure is not based on performance. When an organization is torching its sales and support structure you can believe they do not plan to be in the market these people service for long. "Work shall set you free" was on a sign in a concentration camp during WW2. It did not. An organization of Allies, a union of soldiers, a band of brothers is what set them free. Join with us. The members of the Alliance. Your co workers. Your friends. Lets start a counter attack that will sweep through this company and then through America and save American Jobs! United we stand! -Exodus2007-
Comment 3/02/10: Could some one please post the selected job list for ITD Mainframe (not sure if Mainframe is the correct title). This would be the folks in mainframe support like Operations, Storage Management, Operating System support, Mainframe Software support, iSeries, OS/400, VM ... to name a few. Thanks -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: -Frances- it beats the heck out of me why the Alliance even published your comment on the job cuts boards, but I have to say that today of all days I am highly offended that someone would take advantage of all our job cuts to come in here trying to sell the Fair Tax and corporate tax cuts. IBM has received tax cut after tax cut at all levels of government and it has done nothing to stop this offshoring. If we want to stop IBM offshoring jobs, then first, JOIN THE ALLIANCE. Second, push for regulation on companies that offshore workers. NO stimulus funds, and no government contracts. -Anon-
Alliance reply: We printed Frances' comment because she/he is among many people speading misinformation about what Corporations continue to ask for: tax cuts. She/he needed to hear your reply, instead of ours. Thank you for making your point, very well!
We agree with you, wholeheartedly!

Comment 3/02/10: It used to be and probably still is: You can look for another job within IBM. If you get one and you get RA'd from that new job within one year, then you get no severance at all. Best to check on that. -Neal Watkins-
Comment 3/02/10: Lots of layoffs in Alberta yesterday...Mainframe folks....any other details out there?? -Alberta Bound-
Comment 3/02/10: There is a quote which I will be below my comment here, and please DO NOT let them get away with obscuring the reality. The quote says there will be more US employees at IBM at the end of 2010 than the beginning. Perhaps. CONTRACTORS! No chance are they going to hire more than they will RA/fire/lose to attrition... Do NOT let them get away with this deceptive statement... -RAed last Jan-
Comment 3/02/10: US GTS Finance 25 HC cut -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Sounds like false advertising, at least stateside... The strength of IBM ITD Global Delivery is embodied in its people, as IBM's most important innovation is an IBMer! With the nearly limitless opportunities that IBM offers, life is an enriching experience for our employees who enjoy work and life both. From great career paths, ongoing learning and development initiatives, mentoring, well planned appraisal cycles, rewards, recognition to workplace flexibility, almost everything is designed for the employees to optimize their career and have a life too! -~outsiderlookingin~-
Comment 3/02/10: Div 07 - I was not hit but a massive number of PMs, Problem and Change SMEs were. Nervous that since Ron Atkins talked about the future locations of PMs in November and again in January left out WAH or Work from non-GDF location as options shortly. Didn't get RA'd yesterday and nervous that the next time they come around it will be 'move or you're gone with no package'. -Formerly Loyal-
Comment 3/02/10: RA'd yesterday after being repeatedly told not likely. PBC was a joke. 1 of 50 from WPLC axed. If you really want to have impact, contact the recruiters at your respective colleges and universities. . .spread the truth about IBM careers.
Here's the list from WPLC. Amazing how they try to copy protect this stuff. . .don't let the truth out!
STAFF SOFTWARE ENGINEER 34(1), 35(1), 45(1), 46(2), 49(2), 51(1), and 64(1).
SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER 49(1), 50(1), 53(1), and 56(2).
SALES SPECIALIST SOFTWARE 31(1), 35(1), 39(1), and 53(1).
ADVISORY SOFTWARE ENGINEER 34(1), 36(1), 42(1), 45(2), 48(1), 49(1), 50(4), 52(1), 54(1), 58(1), 61(1), and 65(1).

Comment 3/02/10: So much for IBM COMMITMENT to Tulsa, OK. Wasn't it just a few years ago IBM had a stockholder meeting there and said how they would grow jobs there? Now where do the jobs go and where is your comitment now IBM? To the state of OK: throw IBM out and demand any money or tax breaks for doing biz you gave them back! IBM = LIARS -OkieDokied-
Comment 3/02/10: As you are asked to train your replacement. Remember you can teach a process, you can "forget" to transfer the knowledge of the skills required in order to function. You can teach a teenager to drive, until they gain the skills and experience they have the highest accident rate. For example when coming to a stop sign, you put your foot on the brake. However, if you are driving a stick shift. If you do not press down on the clutch you will stall in the middle of the intersection in oncoming traffic. Putting it into perspective, when the outsourced third world replacement screws up, the customer is impacted which reflects back on IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10:
CONSLT SOLUTION SALES REP 51(1), 55(1), and 61(1).
SENIOR CONSULTANT 31(1), 35(1), 44(1), 49(1), and 61(1).
MANAGING CONSULTANT 57(1) and 59(1).
FS AMS PARTNER 46(1) and 58(1).
ADVISORY I/T PROFESSIONAL 39(1). -IBMER with 10+ years-

Comment 3/02/10: Notified of RA yesterday by manager and have 30 days to find another job in company outside of Global Administration. Hoping this is the best thing that could ever happen to me - trying to stay positive. -IBM (Former) Assistant-
Comment 3/02/10: Div 16 PS, received RA notice on 3/1 to end of the month. Running utilization at 110%. About 170 people affected this time --
Comment 3/02/10: Anything happening with the fabs in Burlington or East Fishkill? -sad but true-
Comment 3/02/10: ITD Complex Engagement Services Employees Selected
ADVISORY IT ARCHITECT 40(3), 41(1), 42(1), 43(1), 48(1), 49(1), 50(1), 55(1), 56(2), 59(1), and 63(1).
ASSOCIATE IT ARCHITECT 31(1), 32(1), 40(1), 47(1), and 60(1).
SENIOR IT ARCHITECT 48(1), 52(1), and 55(1).
SR TECH SOLUTIONS MGR 39(1), 50(1), and 53(1).
Comment 3/02/10: You cannot get mad, you must get even. The first thing everyone should do is to join the alliance and try to force a vote at some facility. Those of you laid off should think of joining, your vote might be just enough to tip the scale for a vote before March 31. Don't forget what IBM has done to you. When you are out there in the market, if you have a chance to decide for or against IBM products, first ask "have they unionized yet?" If not, then choose someone else's products. -Now is the time-
Comment 3/02/10: Another WFH RA'd 3/1, age 41, Division 53 -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: RA's yesterday as 1 of 24 from Div 05 - GBS Global Financial Services - US job being replaced by offshore resource... -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: ITD Div 07 (9+ years of service) WFH Project Manager RA'd yesterday. Solid 2, 2+ performer. Good luck to you former (and current) IBM\'ers. I wish you the best in your job searches. -RA'd-IBMDad-
Comment 3/02/10: IBM has and will continue to move jobs offshore. Other companies will do this as well, maybe not to the extent of IBM but it will happen. There is nothing illegal about this, its a fact of life now. Be prepared, have your resume updated, have contacts and do whatever you need to, to stay current with your skills. What IBM does is not good for this country and they treat employees badly, but its a fact of todays greedy buisness model. It will eventualy come back to them as they get rid of the highly skilled people. I figured this out years ago and do my job well and only commit to 35-40 hours per week. I give them exactly what they pay for and treat them how they treat me. I am a number to the bean counters and I give them a number back, 40 Hours, not more. When my time comes I will be ready. There is life after IBM keep your head up and stay confident. -IBMer-
Comment 3/02/10: RAed yesterday. 14 years with IBM. Age is over 46. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: IBM layoffs a ‘sliver’? No – A thorn in the flesh
Comment 3/02/10: BPD has RA impacts but total #'s not clear yet. -anonymouse-
Comment 3/02/10: Time for the Big Blue Sickout! let's pick a day..soon. -sick and tired-
Comment 3/02/10: to ex-ibmer, I applaud you that you could recognize you were over worked and under paid and that you took a stand. Too bad there are so many that are too afraid to take a stand. -IBMer#2-
Comment 3/02/10: The front page says 41 people were let go in "GTS Security Systems". Did the poster actually mean the department of "GTS Security & Privacy Services"? If so, that's a little strange, as not much happened in the "S & P" group yet. -Why Still No Union Yet-
Alliance reply: Oh, YES there IS a union; it just isn't a majority of employees needed to vote in an election and bargain for a contract.... yet.
Comment 3/02/10: Location: Dallas Tx, working from home I was on loan to S&D as a consulting IT Architect for a worldwide sales support application when my 'real' dept (ITD Div 07) pulled the plug on me. The 2 teams paying for my services in S&D were blocked from offering me a position.

The following is information regarding job titles and ages of employees notified that they are participating in IBM’s current resource reduction action as required by federal law. This information is as of March 1, 2010. Employees were designated as selected for the IDHD on the basis of one or more of the following criteria (based on the particular situations involved):
?? Work Elimination: Employees performing work that has been eliminated
?? Staff Reduction and Restructuring: Total Assessment of an employee’s relevant skills and performance within a job group, with seniority used as a tie-breaker.
?? Staff Reduction/Job Elimination: Certain job responsibilities currently performed by employees will be absorbed into other roles.
Employees can view their job title (position title as reflected in CERIS), on the w3 Career and Life tab and selecting "About You - your compensation" under Your Money on the left side of the screen. Employee's job titles are shown next to "Position." Employees also can view their band on this same screen. ITD Application Hosting and Database Employees Selected
ADVISORY IT ARCHITECT 34(1), 36(1), 39(1), 41(1), 42(1), 46(2), 47(1), 48(2), 49(1), 55(2), 56(1), 57(1), 61(1), 63 (2), 64(1), 65(1), and 66(1).
ADVISORY IT SPECIALIST 31(1), 32(1), 42(1), 45(1), 46(1), 53(2), 58(2), 61(1), and 63(1).
PRIM/PROJ POOL REP - RHYTHM 24(1) and 26(1).
SENIOR IT SPECIALIST 36(1), 39(1), 40(1), 43(2), 50(1), 56(1), 57(2), and 61(1).
TEAM LEAD (FUNCTIONAL) - band 08 57(1) and 66(1).
TECH SERVICES MGR 1ST LINE - band 09 60(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF 25(1), 30(2), 32(1), 35(1), 40(1), 41(2), 42(1), 46(1), 48(3), 49(1), 53(1), 61(1), and 63 (1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF - ADV 31(2), 33(3), 35(4), 36(3), 37(1), 39(2), 40(1), 41(3), 42(3), 43(3), 44(1), 46(3), 47(1), 48 (1), 49(4), 51(1), 52(4), 53(2), 54(2), 55(1), 56(1), 57(2), 58(3), 59(2), 60(2), 61(2), 62 (1), 63(1), and 65(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF - SR 37(2), 38(1), 39(1), 42(2), 44(1), 47(3), 48(2), 49(1), 50(1), 52(1), 53(2), 55(2), 56(1), 58 (2), and 60(2).
Age and Title Listing Page 1 of 3 Employee Notification March 1, 2010
Title Age (Number of Employees)
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF-ADV 28(1), 33(1), 35(2), 36(1), 37(1), 38(1), 39(1), 40(3), 41(1), 42(5), 43(2), 44(1), 45(3), 47 (1), 48(2), 49(1), 50(2), 51(2), 52(2), 53(7), 54(1), 55(2), 56(6), 58(2), 59(2), 60(1), 61 (3), 62(2), 64(1), and 65(2).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF-SR 41(1), 45(1), 46(1), 48(2), 50(2), 51(1), 52(2), 54(1), 59(4), 60(3), and 61(1).
ITD Application Hosting and Database Employees Not Selected
ADMINISTRATOR ANALYST 44(1), 47(1), 58(1), and 59(2).
ADV IT SPECIALIST (TECH/SS) 33(1) and 55(1).
ADVISORY I/T PROFESSIONAL 38(1), 41(1), 43(1), 47(1), and 52(1).
ADVISORY IT ARCHITECT 29(1), 31(1), 32(3), 33(4), 34(4), 35(5), 36(1), 37(2), 38(3), 39(5), 40(3), 41(7), 42(2), 43 (4), 44(5), 45(3), 46(10), 47(4), 48(4), 49(3), 50(5), 51(2), 52(2), 53(5), 54(3), 55(7), 56 (4), 57(5), 58(4), 60(2), 61(2), 64(1), and 66(1).
ADVISORY IT SPECIALIST 31(1), 32(1), 33(3), 34(2), 36(4), 37(3), 38(2), 39(3), 40(4), 41(2), 42(1), 43(1), 44(2), 45 (1), 46(2), 47(2), 48(1), 49(1), 50(4), 51(4), 52(2), 54(1), 55(1), 56(1), 57(1), 58(1), 59 (2), 63(2), and 64(1).
ADVISORY PROJECT MANAGER 44(1), 48(1), 50(2), 51(1), 55(1), 57(2), 60(1), 62(1), and 69(1).
ASSOCIATE IT ARCHITECT 31(1), 32(3), 33(2), 34(1), 37(1), 38(1), 42(1), 43(1), 44(1), 47(1), 51(1), and 54(1).
CONSULTING I/T SPECIALIST-MGR 32(1), 41(2), 42(1), 44(1), 45(1), 46(1), 48(1), 49(1), 50(1), 52(1), 53(1), 55(2), and 57 (1).
CONSULTING IT SPECIALIST 40(1), 47(2), 48(2), and 52(1).
IT SPECIALIST 30(1), 37(1), 40(1), and 52(1).
PRIM/PROJ POOL REP - JAZZ 51(1) and 57(1).
PROFESSIONAL - EXEMPT 30(1) and 38(1).
SENIOR IT ARCHITECT 35(1), 39(3), 40(1), 41(3), 43(1), 44(2), 46(1), 47(3), 48(2), 49(2), 50(2), 51(2), 52(3), 54 (1), 55(1), 57(2), 58(1), 59(1), 60(1), and 64(1).
SENIOR IT SPECIALIST 32(1), 33(2), 35(2), 36(3), 37(4), 38(2), 39(2), 40(4), 41(4), 43(2), 44(3), 45(2), 48(3), 49 (3), 50(5), 51(1), 52(1), 54(1), 55(3), 56(1), 57(1), 58(1), 59(1), 60(3), 62(3), 63(1), 67 (1), and 73(1).
SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER 51(1), 53(1), 55(1), 59(1), and 60(1).
Age and Title Listing Page 2 of 3 Employee Notification March 1, 2010
Title Age (Number of Employees)
SSR - SUPPORT 52(1).
TEAM LEAD (FUNCTIONAL) - band 07 35(1), 36(1), 39(2), 41(1), 43(2), 50(1), 53(1), and 58(1).
TEAM LEAD (FUNCTIONAL) - band 08 34(1), 35(2), 37(3), 38(2), 40(2), 41(1), 42(2), 43(1), 44(5), 45(2), 46(1), 47(1), 48(1), 49 (3), 50(1), 51(2), 52(3), 53(3), 54(2), 56(1), 57(2), 58(3), 60(1), and 61(1).
TECH SERVICES MGR (2ND LINE) 34(1), 47(1), 50(1), 51(1), 53(1), 57(1), and 60(1).
TECH SERVICES MGR 1ST LINE - band 08 39(1), 44(2), and 47(2).
TECH SERVICES MGR 1ST LINE - band 09 41(1), 43(1), 44(1), 45(2), 47(1), 48(2), 49(4), 50(2), 53(2), 54(1), 55(1), 57(1), 58(1), 59 (1), 61(2), 62(3), and 63(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF 32(5), 34(1), 35(1), 36(1), 37(1), 40(2), 41(2), 42(2), 43(2), 44(1), 45(1), 46(1), 47(1), 48 (2), 49(4), 50(2), 51(1), 52(4), 54(1), 55(1), 56(1), 57(1), 58(1), 60(1), 61(2), 62(1), 63 (1), and 66(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF - ADV 26(1), 28(1), 30(1), 31(2), 32(2), 33(2), 34(9), 35(3), 36(2), 37(6), 38(4), 39(5), 40(5), 41
(9), 42(4), 43(3), 44(7), 45(6), 46(8), 47(3), 48(5), 49(2), 50(3), 51(7), 52(8), 53(6), 54 (6), 55(4), 56(5), 57(2), 58(8), 59(4), 61(1), 63(1), 65(2), and 66(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF - SR 33(2), 34(1), 36(4), 37(3), 38(2), 40(3), 41(3), 42(6), 43(4), 44(2), 45(3), 46(6), 47(6), 48 (7), 49(4), 50(1), 51(3), 52(6), 53(4), 54(6), 55(2), 56(5), 57(2), 58(6), 59(1), 60(4), 61 (2), 62(2), 64(1), 65(1), 66(1), and 67(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF-ADV 29(1), 31(1), 32(4), 33(1), 34(5), 35(2), 36(5), 37(1), 38(7), 39(3), 40(9), 41(7), 42(9), 43 (3), 44(3), 45(8), 46(3), 47(9), 48(6), 49(6), 50(8), 51(11), 52(10), 53(5), 54(5), 55(9), 56 (6), 57(6), 58(3), 59(5), 60(3), 61(4), 62(3), 65(1), and 69(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF-CONSLT 48(1), 51(1), 52(1), 54(1), and 55(1).
TECHNICAL SERVICES PROF-SR 33(1), 38(2), 39(1), 40(2), 41(2), 42(2), 43(2), 44(2), 45(4), 46(5), 47(5), 48(3), 49(5), 50 (3), 51(7), 52(4), 53(4), 54(5), 55(4), 56(1), 57(2), 58(2), 59(1), 60(2), 61(3), 62(1), and 64(1).
This is the end of the Table.
Age and Title Listing Page 3 of 3 Employee Notification March 1, 2010 -Last fish in the barrel?-

Comment 3/02/10: I was RA'd in 2/09 from the Corporate Communications group after 28 years of dedicated service and consistently excellent PBC reviews. Six months later I was HIRED BACK AS A CONTRACTOR TO DO THE VERY SAME JOB (hated to come back but the bills needed to be paid and kids needed to be fed). Earning a better salary now but have no benefits at all and job could end at any time. This once-great company is now a disgrace; founder Thomas Watson Sr. and his son Tom Jr. must be turning over in their graves! My sincere condolences to those of you being affected by the current RA..... -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Sorry to read about all the cuts. You folks really need to get on your congressmen and women about the tax structure in this country. Our current tax structure is a big factor in companies outsourcing as well as downsizing. IMO, The Fair Tax would go a long way to fix this. Even if you don't like The Fair Tax, write to your congresspeople anyway and express your problems with your job going away. They don't think about it all that much unless they hear from their constituents. We all need to step up and tell them to stop creating more taxes and stop telling the American people the economy is getting better when it isn't! -Frances-
Comment 3/02/10: job cuts not a sliver but a thorn -member-

Comment 3/02/10: To -Feel Sorry - the way to read those numbers is x (y) is x=age, and y is number at that age. So, Senior SW Engineer 46 (3) is 3 Senior SW Engineers age 46. So it is a breakdown by age and total at that position and age - or, IBM proactively trying to stave off age descrimination suits. -RAed Jan 09-
Comment 3/02/10: RA'd - ITD div 7. Was told I was picked only because I WFH. 2+ pbc the last few years and yet they kept the 3s. -anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Twelve RA'd out of eighty in my layoff group labeled STG Global Markets code STBG -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Any word if the RAs will continue today? Western Canada seems to have been spared so far, but FLMs and most TLs had themselves set to "In a meeting" or "DND" on Sametime all day yesterday. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: I am ex-ibmer who is very sorry to hear about the job cuts and want to share my 2cents. I was under appreciated, over worked and under paid Indian working in the US. I decided to work on my skills and chose to return to India, while the competition here is tough, i have managed to distinguish myself from the crowd and now am in much better position and make as much as what IBM used to pay me in the US. My only regret is i should have moved back earlier. for those of you, who are from other countries and now working as slaves for IBM consider returning to your native countries if you have the option, yes, there is bad infrastructure and problems of living in a developing nation, but the advantages sure outweigh the disadvantages. -ex-ibmer-
Comment 3/02/10: Isn't a point for the media that the layoffs last and this year are targeting North America? That the USA employee count will dip below 100,000 this year? It does not matter what percent of the total 400,000 employees are RA'd. It is important to focus on the USA base is drastically reduced. That US workers lose jobs when jobs are either offshored or when workers are displaced by imported foreigners under the H-1B, L1 and other visas. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: Job being eliminated. Currently actively working on high profile, state of art, strategic Smarter Planet project with Customer and IBM internal support. Over 40 years with IBM. Innovator, architect, visionary. Consider myself an "asset" not a "resource", and any involuntary separation a firing...not a re-allocation. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: From the RA totals, it looks like GBS USA has not been affected yet. Last year they had their own 5000 RA'd March 27, 2009. If IBM is in the press to cut to gain a savings of $400 million, they have a ways to go. But yesterday's RA will have people gone by month end meaning IBM is using that to make their 1st quarter financial targets. -anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: was offered a job with the Hartford Insurance company right before my RA and I heard they were outsourcing to IBM so I did not take it. Now I see IBM'rs working there are getting cut. What a suprise. The sad thing is when I asked the HR person about IBM taking over they told me oh I don't know anything about that. Ya right. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 3/02/10: Gotta love that "Sliver of its Workforce" phrasing. Yea, you can bet that came directly from an IBM news release. Seems the lawyers and marketing types who come up with this crap are the only ones whose jobs are safe (for now). -Gone in 96-
Comment 3/02/10: Hello, STG Sales rep in Denver. Cut in the RA yesterday my first day back from vacation. -Cut in Denver-
Comment 3/02/10: 500+ from BT/CIO organization cut. Remainder of the 5,000 people management line itemed from their business units to the CIO org exactly a year ago are planned to be actioned over coming months. Their salary was to remain on previous business units books until 12/31/09 for transparency and plausible denial of numbers and evade WARN requirements. As the already bloated CIO organization has taken on Jabba the Hut proportions and provides IBM with no revenue producing processes they can not sustain redundant costs. Cringley was correct in numbers, though off in time frame -Anon-
Comment 3/02/10: Got the ax today. !0 yrs with the company. BUT I see openings for my team??? Oh and they just converted long term supplemental. How is that fair? -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10:
Number of cuts: 2 people
Location: SVL
Division: 7H
Information Management
Dept R35A
This is at a 2nd line level. -Anonymous-

Comment 3/02/10: IT Specialists and Systems Administrators who got RAed: Your severance is not based on your new pay remix. OT is not part of the calculation. Your severance is strictly based on the 15% base pay cut your received earlier. -anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: =Bastard-Job= Artech has been active trying to recruit RAed IBMers. I was RAed last year and have received e-mails from them and I don't know how they got my name. I reckon IBM supplies them with the RA lists. -teched_off-
Comment 3/02/10: -
Sales and Distribution Headquarters - Employees Selected

ADV IT SPECIALIST (TECH/SS) 38(1), 39(1), 43(3), 44(1), 49(2), 50(1),
51(1), 52(2), 57(2), and 61(1).
CONSLT IT SPCL MGR (TECH/SS) 44(1) and 53(1).
CLIENT EXECUTIVE 43(1) and 58(1).
IT SPECIALIST (TECH/SS) 31(1) and 34(1).
MKTG MGR (ADVANCED)(NON-MGR) 38(1), 43(1), 51(1), and 56(1).
MARKETING MANAGER - band 08 32(1) and 37(1).
PROGRAM MANAGER - band 08 55(1).
PROGRAM MANAGER - band 09 46(1).
SR INTEGR MKTG COMM SPCL 46(1) and 54(1).
SR CONSLT SOLUTION SALES REP 49(1), 52(1), 54(1), and 56(1).
SENIOR MARKETING MANAGER 47(1), 48(1), 50(1), 53(1), and 58(1).
SENIOR IT SPECIALIST (TECH/SS) 43(1), 50(3), 51(1), 53(1), 58(1),
59(1), and 66(1).

Comment 3/02/10: The "RA class of 2009" has a Yahoo group at:
Newly-RAed folks can glean some tips and ideas from those who went through the same ordeal a year ago. -Anonymous-

Comment 3/02/10: ABC TV news is saying 850 cuts so far. How are these cuts going to stimulate the USA economy and help job creation? Time to unionize NOW. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Our number is currently at 1614 (check our front page) And I believe we will be updatin that number to over 2000 by the end of the day. IBM has been telling the Press (AP) that Alliance@IBM is not a union. Job cuts do not stimulate the economy. IBM continues to lie about lack of US skills while those "skill lackers" train their Indian, Russian, Brazilian, and Vietnamese replacements. Why not make sure IBM has to acknowledge that Alliance@IBM IS a union (because we are) and Organize toward a union contract? There's never been a better time than NOW!
Comment 3/02/10: ITD - Div 07 Customer Facing PM RA'd yesterday -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: I was laid off today. I'm in Denver, co IGS Qwest Account No sure how many but I herd there was 100s -Anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10:
Tivoli Data
STAFF SOFTWARE ENGINEER 34(1), 35(3), 38(1), 41(1), 52(1), and
SOFTWARE ENGINEER 24(2), 26(1), 32(1), 33(1), and 43(1).
SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER 36(1), 47(1), 51(1), 53(1), 66(1), and 68(1).
SENIOR CONSULTANT 32(1), 42(1), and 46(1).
MARKETING MANAGER - band 10 40(1).
MARKETING MANAGER - band 08 64(1).
ADVISORY SOFTWARE ENGINEER 32(1), 45(2), 46(2), 50(2), 51(1), 57(1),
58(2), 60(1), 65(1), 66(1), and 67(2).
-Fed Up-

Comment 3/02/10: RA'd from ITD div 07 IBMGS. Is the severance package real (up to 26 weeks salary for years of service) or does IBM find some technical excuse NOT to pay this to us? - SeeYaIBM -Rick-
Comment 3/02/10: 2007 People aprox let go in SWG so far -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: As of Midnight 3/1/2010, we calculated 1614. Where did you get your numbers from?
Comment 3/02/10: the blanket statement from communications at HQ repeatedly stating that IBM reserves the right to shift skill sets in response to customers is the biggest joke of all. having worked on a new cost cutting review ongoing now, it is all about cost. customers already joke openly about our offshore resources, their continuous delays, their inability to deliver effectively, even their inability to learn the english language. -anonymous-
Comment 3/02/10: 9 out of 22 folks in my groups RA'ed. Div 7G, SWG AIM in Austin. -AIM Austin Alliance Member-
Comment 3/02/10: I was RA'd today. I'm a WFH in Div 07. I can't say I'm sad. -happy-i'm-free-
Comment 3/02/10: Can you explain how to read AIM layoff info (by Anonymous)?. what does the value and value inside paranthesis indicate?. ADV PROJ MGR(MGMT INFO ACCESS) 49(1). -feelSorry-
Alliance reply: the 49 is the age of the person(s) selected for resource action (1) means 1 person of that age selected.... Lee
Comment 3/02/10: Manager says job going to Hungary. -Shot Yesterday at 11 AM ET-
Comment 3/01/10: oh, i forgot to say .. not only was I RA'd (11+ years with IBM .. 1, 2+, 2) -- but the contractor that has a green card (from India) .. was NOT let go. unbelievable. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist; Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist; Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew; Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me. - Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Caught the RA bullet after dodging all the STG/MD bullets since 2001. Everyone in my dept is floored by it, since I was brought on in June to fill a gaping hole. Definitely not something my direct management had control over. I'm looking at this being a silver lining opportunity. Only one in my Dept. Work out of SoCal for BTV. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: RA'd today from ITD Shared Services. I was told that my job is going to Argentina. Hasta la vista -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: ITS - 5 years, great reviews, top revenue contributor architect - laid off today. -Now ex-IBMer-
Comment 3/01/10: The Hartford Insurance CT 10 so far ITD Distributed Server Management -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Here is some data from SWG AIM:

SW Grp Applicatn & Integration Middleware-Employees Selected

ADVISORY PROJECT MANAGER 39(1), 51(1), and 52(1).
ASSOC MARKETING MGR (ADVANCED) 63(1).31(1), 33(1), 34(2), 35(1),
36(1), 37(2), 39(1), 43(3), 44(1), 45(1), 46(2), 48(1), 50(3),51(2),
52(3), 53(1), 54(1), 55(1), 57(1), 58(1), 59(1), and 68(1).
MANAGING CONSULTANT 33(1), 34(1), 42(1), 43(1), 49(1), 53(1), and 66(1).
SENIOR MANAGING CONSULTANT 40(1), 42(1), 50(1), 61(1), and 64(1).
SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER 41(1), 45(1), 46(1), 47(1), 50(1), 51(1),
55(2), 57(1), 60(1), 61(1), 62(1), and 63(1).
SOFTWARE ENGINEER 23(1), 24(3), 26(2), 28(1), 29(1), and 55(1).
SR SOFTWARE ENGINEER MANAGER 34(1), 45(2), 48(1), 49(1), and 51(1).
STAFF SW PRODUCT DESIGN PROF 31(1).26(1), 27(2), 28(1), 30(2), 32(1), 35(2), 36(1), 37(2), 38(1), 39(1), 41(1), 43(1), 45(1),48(1), 51(1), 52(1), 54(1), 58(2), and 59(1).

Comment 3/01/10: Div 1G/HQ - work from home in Calif. Only one RA'd in my dept (of 6). -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Toronto GDF. At least 3 employees. Probably more. 80%-90% of our accounts have been moved off shore since 2009 (GD). IBM's treatment of employees is disgraceful. -JustANumber2IBM-
Comment 3/01/10: I was RA'ed from the IBM Toronto last year. It was the best thing ever happened in my life. I love what I'm doing now. For Toronto folks looking for an opportunity in your after-IBM life, contact me, I might be able to line you up for your next move. -GC-
Comment 3/01/10: Though I know my manager did a poor job doing his job, it seems consistent with upper management. Those who are "Left Behind" should not fear, but buff up their resume and look elsewhere; even if the pay is less. IBM is not IBM anymore - just the name of a legend company that is going down. -Not2fear-
Comment 3/01/10: Spoke to an exec in one of the SWG divisions. They were told to cut headcount by 5%; basically it was up to them to arrive at the list of names. Most just pulled out the PBC 3's and decided from there. -StillThere-
Comment 3/01/10:
IBM cuts hundreds of jobs, small fraction of company's 400K workersSource: The Canadian Press
Posted: 03/01/10 9:34PM
Filed Under: Business News
SAN FRANCISCO - IBM Corp. cut more than 1,500 jobs across a number of divisions Monday, a sliver of the technology company's nearly 400,000 workers worldwide. IBM wouldn't comment. Documents submitted by laid-off workers to the Alliance(at)IBM, a labour union representing a small percentage of IBM employees, indicate that at least 1,518 jobs were cut. It's not known where the positions were located. IBM, which is based in Armonk, N.Y., generally doesn't release details of its job cuts. The company's overall head count has grown over the last few years despite ongoing job cuts. -Jaggua-

Comment 3/01/10: I heard there were 57 people who were part of the RA who worked in sales support in Dallas. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Been told that California's Software Group based in SVL had several people notified today however it seems as it is a token effort ( one here, one there ) not 10% of folks in any department. -NotInIndia-
Comment 3/01/10: I have heard of at least 5-6 people from the ECM part of IM. -X-IM guy-
Comment 3/01/10: Got RA'd today. Not sure why - maybe my salary was too high?? Div 07, ITD. I know of several others - seems widespread, and occasionally deep. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: A friend at the IBM Rational Lexington, MA facility (soon to move to Littleton, MA) reports that about 70 people were cut today. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Talk about lazy reporting and investigation. IBM must have submitted this to AP. -Anonymous-

Comment 3/01/10: After 3 years, got the "resource action" notice. I count 64 in the West IMT S & D. 40%. Seems like a lot. IBMs competitors should be salivating at less IBM feet on the street. -STG West-
Comment 3/01/10: Looks like someone from Boulder can re-apply for their job:


My name is Neha and I'm a recruiter at Artech. Artech has an urgent contract for one of our direct clients:

Job Title: Systems Administrator
Location: BOULDER, CO
Duration: 12 Month

Job Description:

Responsible for day to day installation and maintenance of supported services and their associated licenses software projects. Demostrates proficiency in all related technological skills. Addresses and resolve problems in a timely and pro active manner, including implementing previous actions. Performs planning and execution of scheduled changes, including written change installation and back out procedures. Provides insight and feedback to all leadership positions regarding current support issues. Writes shell scripts to automate support processes for maximum efficiency. Assumes primary responsiblity for one or more items in the team skill matrix.

Skill requirements:

AIX system adminstration, TCP/IP networking, High availability Cluster Multi Processing (HACMP) installation, configuration and debug. Licensed product installation and maintenance of binaries. Example: apache, Websphere, db/2, MQSeries, TSM etc Hardware: pSeries Regatta (LPAR), Storage area Networks (SAN), SCSI DASD and tape devices

If you are qualified, available, interested, planning to make a change, or know of a friend who might have the required qualifications and interest, please call me ASAP at (973) 993-9383 Ext.3310, even if we have spoken recently about a different position. If you do respond via e-mail please include a daytime phone number so I can reach you. In considering candidates, time is of the essence, so please respond ASAP.

Artech is a global IT Consulting company with over 30 Fortune 500 customers. You may visit our website at to learn more about us.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Neha Chhabra
(973) 993-9383 Ext.3310 =Bastard-Job=

Comment 3/01/10: Almost 12 years of service. Got the call this afternoon. Consistent 2+ performer with a few 1s thrown in there. In IGS->AIS->AD. Unsure who else in my dept was affected. -Not Surprised-
Comment 3/01/10: It is surprisingly sad to hear people say "they had no idea it was coming". People, it is coming, now you know. Organize!!! -No-One-Is_immune_from_Lay_OFFS-
Comment 3/01/10: Here in Poughkeepsie, ITD Distributed Server Management just got hit with a bunch of resource actions. I know of at least 3 in my department including myself, in the Zseries Linux Support team, and a few others in the GNA project management area. In our case, the team leader wasn\'t even made aware of the cuts, so I\'m not sure how they arrrived at the decision, but the 3 in our team had joined a couple of years ago after our jobs in GNA were outsourced to India. This time, the outsourcing is going to Brazil, but the people haven\'t even been hired uet to do training. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Well, I didn't get RA'd today, but somewhere between 5 and 10% of the US WebSphere Application Server Development team got axed ... DIV 7G - SWG/AIM - I suspect the entire project will go to India soon, just like Java did. -Alliance member-
Comment 3/01/10: Notified today - last day is 3/31. -Anonymous from GBS-
Comment 3/01/10: Sales and Distribution Marketing & Communications 20 Selected -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Well, aparently IBM has convinced mainstream media that if they don't comment, the layoffs aren't happening. Only AP is reporting cuts, and they insult us by calling them a 'sliver' of the 400k workforce. Please forward the alliance numbers to your local media! Reply to articles and blogs informing them of their errors! Everyone needs to help get the word out... -media machine-
Comment 3/01/10: Dallas and Atlanta Inside Sales Center lost most of their General Business Mid Market Inside Sales Reps today. Not sure about Atlanta, but Dallas lost 24 -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: At least 5 people let go from SWG at the Dallas Diplomat location today. 2 more known colleagues let go from STG in Austin. -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: See the current count of employees who have been RA'd on the front page of this web site. If you don't see yours there, send it to us at -Alliance staff-
Comment 3/01/10: RA'd today 3/1. ITD div 07. .. should I proceed to step 13 in the pkg? -- 13. Consider contacting the IBM Employee Assistance Program for emotional support. -FreeAtLast-
Comment 3/01/10: I was RA'ed today as well. I am a ISSW person in florida -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: I was laid off today... I'm in GTS Security Systems -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: IBM Global Finance has had 10 layoff today in Armonk, NY -A-
Comment 3/01/10: Thinking, "it's not going to happen to me", as someone said, is only part of the problem. Many people think it just doesn't matter, or they're afraid. They think speaking up or supporting unions are going to get them singled out. Eventually, you\'re going to get #$%^&ed one way or the other and either you go out fighting, with some integrity, and doing the right thing for yourself and for others, or you go out curled up in a ball on the floor crying. I joined the Alliance a while back as a member when they first started doing the 10% pay cut thing as a retaliation for those lawsuits. Do I think the Alliance is going to save me? No. But it's a statement. I'm a member for the same reasons I write letters and call companies who jerk me around - because they shouldn't get away with it. Are they going to change their policies because one 'nuisance customer' complains? Nope. But again, that's not why I do it. It's the principle. And it's the fact that if I feel that way, I can guarantee you that millions of others do too. And if they spoke up too, just imagine.....Stop being pushed around, even if it doesn't matter - say something. Join a union, call someone, write a letter, call ALL of your representatives. Do *something* instead of nothing from now on, even if you think it won't make a difference. Because it will, at the very least you'll have done the right thing and told "them" that they didn't. And tell everyone you know to do the same. Get a bumper sticker, a t-shirt, a hat, and get your a## out to the next rally or protest and be counted. It's not just IBM, it's everything these days - corporations are getting larger and greedier and individuals are counting for less and less and getting @#$% on. You have to start speaking up, whether you got RA'd or whether you didn't. Because things aren't going to get better by themselves. -juggernaut-
Comment 3/01/10: Rif'ed today after 14 years w/the company and a consistent 2+ pbc rating. SWG WPLC group....looking forward to new opportunities. According to my paperwork 50 people let go from wplc today. -rifed-
Comment 3/01/10: Lost 30% of our staff, approx 20 people, in ITDelivery, div 07. The same jobs are available in Dubuque, if you're willing to move on your own, and you're willing to take lower pay. Apply Now! -GrinNBearIt-
Comment 3/01/10: ITD Layoff - Project Manager -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: I got the call about 11:30 AM this morning PST, that my last day will be 3/31/10. I work in the Mobile Services Division. I was acquired by IBM when the company I worked for hired IBM to contract their IT division and now I am laid off from IBM. Looks like about 98 jobs from my Team. I am in Oregon. I am with the Mobile Wireless Team -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Add 9 to the ITD SSO. 9 out of my dept today, doesnt include those that have received the "move or quit" notes. These were all WAH people. If you did get RA'ed, feel lucky that you get a package...the rest of us will probably get the relocate or..... notes. -justme-
Comment 3/01/10: Notified today of RA, I work in Global Business Services. -Bummed-
Comment 3/01/10: I am in CIO and counted up the numbers and it looks to be 275 in our area -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: I got the ax today. 28 years at IBM in sales. I'm in S&D in the Intermountain area. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: At least 12 gone from div 7 in atlanta from high visibility ibm contract on 3/1/10. All high performers, no warning. Acct. mgmt team had no idea it was coming. Literally had rug pulled out from beneath them.. Delivery, which was already a challenge on this acct., will be crippled beyond belief. No word yet on who will fill those roles. -littleblue-
Comment 3/01/10:
Location: San Jose, CA
Cut Jobs: 2
Div: 07 RFS Mgmt-Indv
Bus Unit: ITD Geo Svc Delivery -Anonymous-

Comment 3/01/10: I'm in Rochester, working for Global Services in the support center, and I have been laid off. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: 3 members of a team supporting 1 account- all 3 given notice today. -AX'd-
Comment 3/01/10: -UNhappyIBMer-, if the BRIC hires we've had to train and rescue are an indication, then yes, they're keeping only the dead weight. One of my team mates, a senior system admin and great problem solver, got hit today. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Would everyone stop blaming offshoring already? Global Resourcing hasn't been the culprit since '08. Everyone in ITD being RA'd today needs to know their jobs are going to GDF Dubuque, which is just as bad. -InTheKnow-
Alliance reply: We have had employees contact us today to report that they were training their offshore replacements. The replacements weren't from Iowa. Look at our chart on where IBM hired in 2009 on the front page of this web site for more information.

Comment 3/01/10: I got notice today -Gong-
Comment 3/01/10: 6 positions cut. CIO RUN TOWER 6 GUD All techical positions 2 IT archictec's , 2 Webshere admin, 1 System admin, 1 Notes admin -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Alliance, seeing a lot of notes and posts, anyway to do a count of how may got hit by the "IBM's of March"? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Have you seen our front page? It has the counts for the divsions and groups that we have received RA pkgs from, so far. We are trying to keep it updated, as soon as we get new information. It is about 1200 as of 7pm.

Comment 3/01/10: RA'd today. Won't miss this company one minute. -glad2bgone-
Comment 3/01/10: Received word today regarding RA and last day 31FEB. WFH, division 07 opened my mouth about unethical behavior regarding management requests. Reported through chain and though ranked 3rd in overall performance was targeted. Watch out IBM clients. Looking for a small co with ethics and integrity. -Better than Blue-
Comment 3/01/10: Be aware that your severance is calculated based on your official IBM start date. If you came to IBM from an acquisition (who didn't) those weeks/years do not count at all towards severance calculation. Noone will tell you this until the end. -a member-
Comment 3/01/10: I already chimed in about being RA'ed. Was curious though. In my department I get frustrated because the people getting hired have little to no IT knowledge and they are not great learners. Anyone else experience this? Are they only letting go of the good people and keep the dead weight? And managers? -UNhappyIBMer-
Comment 3/01/10: I got the usual word I'm NOT layed off (yet). Have a 1 rating for 7 out of 10 years and average about 110% utilization rate in AMS and I will say that is no buffer against layoffs. Seen it years ago so it's no surprise. Never so much as seen the bench since I started over a decade ago. The firing practices may be legal but there's no reason not to put up a huge stink about it. I'm not one to agree a labor contract is the panacea to everything but whatever it takes to get the word out to the world that this is our problem in this country. -SaFe4now-
Comment 3/01/10: Just heard from my manager about RAs in other depts. We, who were just recently outsourced to IBM about 8 months ago are not affected (yet!). But the cards we are being dealt are not good. -webchiizguru-
Comment 3/01/10: Cannot believe the large RA when we don't even have enough people to do the work for our customers as it is! Don't they know customers don't want people from other countries that they can't understand?!? -Anon-
Comment 3/01/10: GTS -lost job today 03/01/2010 -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: 2 people RA'd in my group today. That I know of. Boulder location, SARM group -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: I am an Alliance member. I was cut today as part of a "skill-based" 50-person RA in WPLC (the group formerly known as Lotus and Iris), in Littleton, MA, Div 8 SWG. I have never worked at home. I was an Advisory Software Engineer, 12 years at IBM, always with good performance reviews, and PBCs of 2 or 2+. I loved my work and my colleagues but I hated IBM. So don't cry for me, I'm GLAD to be out! -Gorya-
Comment 3/01/10: I was RA'd today, Cognos division code is 12 (First post didn't post for some reason) -Anon-
Comment 3/01/10: Rochester MN (and other locations, RTP, etc) - STG Sales Support about 80 selected in RA -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Good luck with your new business model Sammy. Those 3rd world dumps you're outsourcing American jobs to are prime for war, civil unrest, theft and sabotage that were little to no concern in the US except now in places where you have brought them here on H1B's. And, BTW, since you no longer build any machines, per se', better be thinking of a new name for the company. -you'
Comment 3/01/10: I got the axe today too. div 07. ITD. Several others I know got it too. Seems to be pretty wide spread. be interesting to see a total. IBM has long been in the crapper and it's only a matter of time before the customers and shareholders see it too. -freedomatlast-
Comment 3/01/10: work in finance - got RA'd today -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: CONFIRMING - LAY OFF AS OF 3/31/2010. SWG- FINANCE. ISSIM -anon-
Comment 3/01/10: At least one gone from our dept. of 9 people. ITD Div 7 - We are buried in work and are gearing up for a new green-dollar project for the customer but it didn't seem to matter ... I was not sure that we would be able to pull it off before... Now I am sure it will blow up. -anon-
Comment 3/01/10: I'm one of 72 in Jim Sellinger's organization. -GoneN2010-
Comment 3/01/10: SARM getting hit hard; I know of myself and 3 others. I currently support Alliance :) -anaonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: CIO org got hammered thanks to mismanaged reorg last year! How come no managers go? Duh... -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: I was RA'ed today. Division 7 SSR been with the company for 10 years and this is the thanks. Always a 1 or 2 rating. Always tapped to train people or mentor and now here I am RA'ed. IBM doesn't care about your work ethic or the quality of work you do. You are just a number in an equation that says you are no longer wanted. I know one other in my group is out as well. Do not know about anymore. -Unhappy IBMer-
Comment 3/01/10: RA'd this am. 4 from STGCFWEST, 1G dept. 2 in Tucson, AZ and 2 in San Jose, CA. -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: RA for our entire group today, which was already in the process of being transitioned to Dubuque. OWBPA report shows 668 total cut for ITD. -oldgeek-
Comment 3/01/10: Global sales ops - know of 1 so far but many to come I hear -sick of this BS-
Comment 3/01/10: Was RA's last Feb 09 came back as a contracctor. Much better environment then SWG No more PBC, IDP and other crap to put up with. -NowAConsultant-
Comment 3/01/10: 3 of 27 RA'ed for Div 7, ITD-SSO Enterprise Messaging team (Geographically diverse team). -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Just found out more details. My division is 1E. Two of my department's 10 employees got laid off. The department does technology development. -HappyIBMer-
Comment 3/01/10: SSR's hit today.....Don't have a headcount.... -anony-
Comment 3/01/10: 2 In my team today got the news. -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: CIO Org massive cuts --- Div 1G to be honest i knew my cheese was moved upon being moved back in to this division... no connections to my 2nd level and up mgmt. Glad to be out of this crappy company.... just hope to land new job. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: just got my notice about 3:30 pm est. GLobal services - Email and collaboration been here 4 years, 9 months, since I was outsourced here. -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: I got the RA call this morning. I'm in the BT/CIO. From the package looks like the cuts are pretty deep. Lots of luck to those who got it today and those that still have to stick around and put up with worrying about it every quarter. -Glad-its-over-
Comment 3/01/10: Cuts being made in the Lotus group at the new Littleton, MA campus. Don't know how many. Almost nobody's talking yet. I survived -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Re: Please point me to any links that tell me what things I should be remembering to do. Thanks -another-
See my earlier post, today. Hope it helps. -Neal Watkins-

Comment 3/01/10: 20 in Nashville, quite a few in Atlanta but no word on how many yet. -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: We need more information about job cuts in ITD all sub-groups. Please send them ASAP! -Alliance-
Comment 3/01/10: btw, if anyone is counting the totals for W.A.R.N. verification, I'm in POK, NY.-another-

Comment 3/01/10: 31.5 years, will be 58 in of the 124 Global Admin employees RA'd. Was top performer for 30 year, bad management IMHO resulted in 3 rating 2008 (the year my husband died), got a 2 this year but figured I'd be out. IBM doesn't give a rats ass about people anymore. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: All remaining US positions in my dept were RA'd today, including mine (Div 7, ITD-TIM). Seven positions total. -Ben-
Comment 3/01/10: Reporter with The Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vt) keeping tabs on this. If you work for the Vt IBM plant send me an e-mail: -dan mclean-
Comment 3/01/10: IBM Global Financing, (US) is affected. Don't walk - run. -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: SVL got hit today. 3 in my team alone -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Division 07 Has been hit with cut's today. My department was affected but I don't have a head count yet. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: ITD Americas Distributed Server Management ... from what I heard a lot of people were cut from that department -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Used to work for SWG Div 61. Got RA'd last year April29, 2009. Thought I would be ok due to years experience and credentials(10years at IBM)BOY was I wrong. Took me 9 months to find work. Almost ran through unemployment. Wished I had joined when I got the feeling we were going to be laid off. Join The Alliance and get your ducks in a row. -FormerSWG-
Comment 3/01/10: In Div 7, Ron Atkins org -- got the axe this morning. Heard 6 of 27 managers were going going gone, too. -Not.bitter-
Comment 3/01/10: Boulder, Co (but worked from home in Denver), just me but I assume more, one of the PM's on the account got it to, she's from New York. ITD, Div. 7 I assume more at my location got hit, but none that I know of yet. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Got my walking papers today. Div 7 SWG. Last day on 3/31. I felt this coming for a while now and I'm glad that I got the head start on the job search. I'm sad to have been laid off, but I'm happy that I'm finally free =) -finallyfree-
Comment 3/01/10: Getting layed off from IBM Globals as of 03/31/2010 due to jobs going overseas. Was part of MQ Websphere Projects Team. -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: hmmm, first time I posted this today didnt seem to go thru. I was set up with a PBC 3 this year and just got the RA. ITD. Please point me to any links that tell me what things I should be remembering to do. Thanks -another-
Alliance reply: We're getting 2500 hits per hour, on this web site. That could be the reason. Glad you kept trying.
Comment 3/01/10: Our team of 5 got cut to two just now. CWME (Middleware Support in ITD) -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: RA's at the Littleton, MA Software Group. Mostly work at home folks it sounds like. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: I'm in IGS. At least one person in my department of nine was RA'd today. Same number as last year. Elsewhere in IGS, my best friend was RA'd. Ugh, I'm glad to have dodged the bullet, but when it comes, I will have nothing but good things to say about IBM. I have always been treated well here and will never bad-mouth this company. It's among the very best, and contrary to some of the posts here, IBM doesn't OWE its employees ANYTHING. The days of employee/employer loyalty are gone forever. We're all contractors now. Embrace it! -HappyIBmer!-
Alliance reply: Embracing it with a contract would be much better. Organize and embrace that.
Comment 3/01/10: Four people I work with in Toronto Canada have been RA'd today. Their last day will be end of March. Operations is not a good place to be any more - jobs that can be outsourced are slowly and steadily being outsourced. IBM have been masterful at keeping this and other past RA's out of government and media scrutiny. I have high PBC ratings but have no illusions about my prospects of continuing employment with IBM. -Town-
Comment 3/01/10: One of my colleague under my manager in Software Group (issw) was just laid off. A very sad day. -anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: I was RA'ed today out of an IGS dept based in Boulder, CO. My org has ~150 employees and I was told we had a 25% cut today. But on the bright side, I keep reading news reports about how the recession is over! -out-on-my-ear-
Comment 3/01/10: Got the call this morning Div07 ITD/SSO. Still in shock was always a 1 or 2+ rating but last year was only given a 2 but also was on maternity leave, something seems "wrong" with that. Good luck to everyone effected today!! -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: RA'd today.. got 26 out of 32 in my department. All PM's in ITD Dev 07. -RA'd today-
Comment 3/01/10: I've been a member over a year. The writing is on the wall. Our colleagues (and maybe me since I haven't heard word yet) are being let go. If more people had joined the union we could have been at the bargaining table instead of a rotten 1x1 telling you that you just lost your job. Are those non-members just NOT interested in protecting their interests? I tried to get a bunch of people to join, but everyone thinks, NOT ME, until IT'S THEM and then its too late. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JOIN - WE CAN WORK TOGETHER TO KEEP OUR JOBS AND KEEP OUR COUNTRY STRONG ! If you think your upper mgmt cares about you, think again, they ONLY care about making their goals in life, not yours. -alliance member-
Comment 3/01/10: No cuts in IDT in the EFK GDF but some employee changed from exempt to non exempt and 15% pay cut with paid OT -Tony-
Comment 3/01/10: resource actioned today. IBM Global Technology Services Security SPL -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Hi Everyone! I am a contractor with IBM and have been laid off twice since 2002, once as an IBMer a new house and a new baby, and second time in 2007 as a single mom of two young children with high rent. Times have changed for sure. If interested I have written an article"The New North American Trend - I've been laid off! How to cope?"( luck to everyone, stay strong! -Mel-
Comment 3/01/10: "..told it was skill based and not performance based.."
It's a lie. Typical IBM big blew. They are getting rid of all the folks with the skills and keeping the dumba$$ yes men and women who don't have a clue and have no skills to carry out this and other RAs. -anonymous-

Comment 3/01/10: If you are RA'd, be sure you get your FSA money OUT ASAP. You can take out everything you elected to contribute for the whole year and not have to re pay it. Also sign up for a local class to get unemployment AND severance for added pay! These things won't be shared to you. -Annonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: 5 in my 2nd line's org. 2 in my dept. 1 in Tucson, 1 in San Jose. Standard package 3.31.10 leave date -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: It seems that the criteria they are using to RA an individual this time around is, if you are not certified in your area of expertise, you are the first to go. This so-called Skills based resource action is a joke, when for the past 5-10 years they have not provided any training whatsoever even when the training dollars were available for those needed certifications. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: ITD, was laid off today...there is a package -Kimberly-
Comment 3/01/10: Re: "I asked why I was laid off a few weeks after receiving a 2+ PBC rating with glowing comments, told it was skill based and not performance based.' I just talked to a coworker of mine that was laid off for performance reason s(or so they told her). Interesting how IBM just picks a reason that suits them. -Interesting coincidence-
Comment 3/01/10: IBM Mechanicsburg lost about 70% of its PIMS IT force this morning. 40 total employees, 28 RA'd, 12 Staying, 2 still unknown. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: I was RA'd today....Cognos division. -Anon-
Comment 3/01/10: The same SDMs, PDMs who laid off hundreds of programmers few years back are getting laid of. Its their turn now. -Jack-
Comment 3/01/10: Seriously "skill based" means you are an american making american wages.. they want CHEAP FORIEGN workers to replace US workers .. period.. eventually ALL US folks will be gone .. especially operations folks ... -Anon-
Comment 3/01/10: It's not just division 7. I dodged this bullet (my heart goes out to all of you who didn't) but others in my dept got RA-ed today. We're in division 53. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: ITD/SSO Div 07 Transitions group. Was told I'm safe but that my dept. was affected. RA is happening across entire organization. Joined the alliance 2 years ago when they cut my pay. Come on people let's make history and get a contract. -safe for now-
Alliance reply: Agreed. Thank you for your support! The time to be scared the least, is when you are afraid the most. That's the time to ACT!
Our advice to all US IBMers is Join The Alliance and DO SOMETHING... like O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E!

Comment 3/01/10: 129 from GBS Public Sector. -StayedTooLongAtTheFair-
Comment 3/01/10: I got notified this morning I have been RA'ed... DIV: 07 Unit: ITD/SSO -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Just RA'd from IBM after 14 years of agony in ITD division 07. Manager scheduled a very atypical 15 minute 1-on-1 conference. Severance package includes 1 week of salary for every 6 months of employment. Looking forward to brighter days AFTER IBM. I asked why I was laid off a few weeks after receiving a 2+ PBC rating with glowing comments, told it was skill based and not performance based. What that means is that they needed to fire some more US workers. -Goodbye IBM-
Comment 3/01/10: I was just told (09:45 PST) on 3/1/2010 that software group was cutting jobs. Unbelievable!!! The company posts great profits and then lays off employees. AHHHH!!!! I wasn't part of the action, but this really makes me sick. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: 5 individuals including myself. have been released today. Killing the goose that .lay the golden egg. -layoffs 3/1/2010-
Comment 3/01/10: GTS - Complex Engagement Services - (1) TSM GTS - SO General Business CSE (1) -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Div 07. Tech Services. 4 cuts from staff of 27. Mobile workers - no specific location. -NoMoreIBM-
Comment 3/01/10: Legacy Telelogic, came into Rational Services with the acquisition in Jul 08. Had 2+ PBC last year, 3 this year and just got the call. Last day 31 March. -Rational in No. VA-
Comment 3/01/10: I was cut last year Feb 2009. Damn near lost my home. Found another job rather quickly 400 miles away taking a serious, serious cut in salary. You're nothing but a means to and end...a number...IBM will cut you right now and replace you with another resource in India or elsewhere. 13 billion in profit is not enough. I can tell working from the customer side now, quality and support are in a downward spiral. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Lee, have you received any packages that may help in determining numbers? -LowlySDM-
Lee reply: I have received 2. STG technology Development 24 cut. CIO Application and Infrastructure Service, 160 cut.
For those looking at numbers cut on your RA pack, be sure to count only the sections that say "Selected"

Comment 3/01/10: I am a reporter following IBM's progress in Dubuque. Thanks. -Eileen Schmidt-
Comment 3/01/10: Cut from GTS Marketing in Atlanta. From IBM Security. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Got the word today from my manager in BTCIO, one person in my dept,. is affected. The management speech included phrases like, cost control, right sizing, and cuts were based on job roles, locations, skills, and relative performance. I do not know the locations of layoffs as our organization has "virtual" teams spread out over the country and globe. I will try to obtain a resource package. Yet another bullet dodged for now. -Alliance member-
Comment 3/01/10: ITD CES (div 07) had huge layoffs. Out of 322 total, 288 to stay and 34 are on RA list. About 10% RAed. Associate Architects, PM, Executive architect, exec PM, Sr IT Arch, Sr PMs, Advisory Architect are on the list. This is not a good sign at all when Sr Achitects and PMs are being RAed. This is not their skills issue, it its IBM's business ramp down. Watch out below -Out Of Muck-
Comment 3/01/10: Any Resource action in Canada? It has been very quiet above the 49th parallel. -concerned-
Comment 3/01/10: I am in NA demand programs and I was just laid off ... div. 12 Sales& Distribution -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: RA hit our dept. today (GBS IGA). I am not impacted, but others in my dept. are. I don't know who or how many were impacted since most of us Work@Home. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Yup - got my pink slip today too. Not that surprised - a couple others on my team got it too. I just better not have to talk to anyone in India today! - Beaverton, Oregon -Susan-
Comment 3/01/10: I got my notice first thing this morning. I am being told by some folks that this round could be as hi as 30% of DIV 07. I was with SARM, work from home. -Adios IBM-
Comment 3/01/10: RIF'd this morning from STG sales (FTSS technical support). Heard a number of 40% but not sure what the extent. I live in Austin but am a mobile employee associated with Retail Store Solutions in Raleigh. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Global Administration (secretaries and managers) got cuts. About 10% of the population. -anon-
Comment 3/01/10: I have been let go as of the 31st. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Are the remaining IBMers not affected by the recent RA finally going to join the Alliance to try to stave off another future RA? When R U folks going to take some action? The only action I see is folks getting RAed. -JoinTheAlliance-
Alliance reply: Our advice is Join The Alliance and DO SOMETHING... like O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E!

Comment 3/01/10: Job Cuts across GBS (div 5): operations and practitioners. Around 30% in my area alone (operations). -anon-
Comment 3/01/10: It's time to begin collecting data on how many employees are picked up in IBM's acquisitions, to get a better picture of how many people are being let go. As of today, IBM has about 300 new employees as a result of buying Initiate Systems. -Think-
Comment 3/01/10: Just got my RA notice today at 11:20am ET. Separation date of 03/31. Worked in the GBS Migration Factory -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Alliance - are you aware of ANY other company in the United States that has cut 30,000 Americans in the last 5 years only to hire overseas? That's equivalent of a football stadium. -annonymous-
Alliance reply: We've known since before 5 years ago, that IBM fires more people per capita in the US than any other company...and that factoid, goes largely unreported by the media.
Hopefully the media will start talking about it today.

Comment 3/01/10: CIO office laying off today possible 500 -xxxxxx-
Comment 3/01/10: SARM and ITD and PMs hit hard. Over 30% of one dept in Lex, RTP, Atl, Denver. All in name of "workload requirements" of work shifted to Dubuque and offshore. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: OFF-TOPIC: Keep your eyes on IBM & insider selling at IBM. IBM 2010 ANNUAL STOCKHOLDER MEETING-A REAL CLIFF HANGER ! Details-
Comment 3/01/10: It's true, I received my notice today. Effective 3/31 is my last day. I have 31 years service and am 61 years old. No discrimination here. I'm in ITD in Tulsa Ok. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Layoffs happening with WebSphere Application Server, AIM in RTP this morning. -RTPGuy-
Comment 3/01/10: Job cuts in Fishkill GDF. No numbers yet -NYer-
Comment 3/01/10: Job cuts today - 3/1/2010 in Demand Programs a division formed last year from what was formerly Marketing and Market Intelligence. Don't know the full extent just know of 4 already thins morning that were cut from about 20 that I regularly work with. Have not heard from everyone, but I am sure it's deeper than that with my immediate folks.-Longtimer-
Comment 3/01/10: To those of you RA'd today, please know that this is not the end but the beginning! Life after IBM gives you the freedom to find something better. You are not alone. Take solace in the company of your fellow RA'd and join the union to help the others to follow. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Apparently another resource action going down today. I'm in Boulder and I just got notified my last day is March 31. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: GTS/ITD 1 employee RA'd in department -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: To all, please send RA package to so we can count the number cut and prove to the media that cuts are taking place. Names are confidential.

Comment 3/01/10: I'm in GBS Div 6C - there are RA's going on in my area (we are scattered all over the US). Received the "you are not affected" call, but others under my 2nd line aren't as fortunate. Good luck to all those who are let go - hoping you find a better environment to work in than this. -Getting sick of this-
Comment 3/01/10: Got word that RA happening today in CIO's office. 3 in my department affected - not sure about others. -CIO's Office-
Comment 3/01/10: Division 7 Layoff occuring for Shared Services Business Analysts 4 in my dept probably more as the day progresses. These are mobile employees so no one location affected. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Sorry to hear of all the cuts. You can check out my previous post in"Job Cut Archive2" about the sequence I encountered. Perhaps a little dated now, but worth a look. It's dated 5/12/08. -Neal Watkins-
Comment 3/01/10: Well I guess I may need to think about changing my name since "Still Ducking" does not apply anymore. I just talked to my FLM and received my package with a 3/31 separation date. My manager told me that this is a 75% reduction in this department and all of the other departments in the FLM group. So that means about 20 others in my department (plus about 60 others in the other departments) are waiting for the FLM to get to them to tell them their time is up at IBM. I am a Project Manager in ITD Div 07. So this is going to be a long day for many. For me, I have seen this coming and am prepared for it. But, I feel sorry for those that do not have a clue, as this will be really hard on them. There are many in my department like that. They put their nose on the line IBM draws on the ground and start following it with the attitude IBM is there to protect them. The package I received is a normal package with 1 week for every 6 months from "most recent hire date".
I am happy I am done with IBM. -Still Ducking-

Comment 3/01/10: Div. 7 - ITD Project Managers getting hit. Maximum severance - 6 months. -No faith No Trust-
Comment 3/01/10: To "Grand Finale": unless the rules have changed, the max severance IBM would offer is 26 weeks. To "Fate": I tried to get another position during the 30-day window, but no luck. One manager explained to me that, for him to take me on, he'd have to lay off one of his folks. In other words, headcount was frozen during the Feb 2009 RA. That said, a good friend of mine got RAed, and was "saved". But he had very high-level connections, and a couple of VPs went to bat for him. So it all hinges on whom you know. -Anonymous-
Comment 3/01/10: Layoffs happening today in Rational Software, Lexington MA. -irRational-
Comment 3/01/10: Got resourced with a PBC rating of 2 in Division 48 for something out of my control, not technical skills or performance. -RA'd-
Comment 3/01/10: Just got call from my manager. He said an RA is happening today but I am not part of it. Div 6C-AIS. Targeting mainframe skills... again and others. Glad I joined Alliance last year. -IBMer2Long-
Comment 3/01/10: RA today in ITD. Some great co-workers moving on. We'll miss you guys. -InTheKnow-
Comment 3/01/10: Was reading the Alliance@IBM job cuts and wondering about "The Big Date 3/1". Just received a phone call about being on the RA list. I have mixed feelings right now, should I celebrate or be worried ? But I am not in panic or fear. I am confident of myself and find something better. If they offer me 36 weeks of severance and I get hired within a month somewhere else, now that will be a reason to celebrate. Good Luck to all who will be taking up my work and I can tell you will regret it to take it up from me :) -Grand_Finale-
Comment 3/01/10: Today is layoff day...just got the "you are safe, but be sensitive to others" call -Sales-
Comment 3/01/10: I was RA'd in 2003 and was able to find a job on the last day of my 30 day notice. I am not sure if that was luck or fate. I see people post on here and just because they are RA'd they throw in the towel before their 30 days have expired. I think most people take flight rather than fight. Or maybe they feel guilty for living beyond their means and they want to roll over and die without joining the Union for one last effort to fight for what they believe in. -Fate-
Comment 3/01/10: managers in RTP are contacting people now to advise if they are affected or not -another round ongoing-
Comment 3/01/10: -AnoninRTP-: In regards to the WARN notices by state:

Here is the North Carolina website for WARN notices:

Here is the one for New York:

Here is the one for Connecticut:

Note: IBM typically does RAs where they don't have to post the number of employees permanently terminated by staying below the reporting minimum. That way IBM does not have to disclose the exact number of RAs they have done. -sby_willie-

Comment 3/01/10: Good luck on Monday, everyone! I'm sure there's going to be a lot of posts on Monday as dust settles. For those who will be spared, congrats to you. For those who will be RAed, I hope you will have a good fallback plan and be blessed in their next ventures beyond IBM! Let's get ready for BATTLE! -God Bless!-
Comment 2/28/10: I'm not surprised that there is another RA. I was let go in July. I found another job where people treat you like a person and not a number. It's a small firm and I work only 35 hours a week and no weekends or late hours. I couldn't be happier and I have a manager that I see everyday that knows what I do. IBM did me a favor letting me go. I have my life back. By the way, I was always a 2+. Rating doesn't matter. It's your salary that matters. Good luck to everyone tomorrow but remember there is a world outside of IBM. -LauraCroft844-
Comment 2/28/10: I'm hearing from the very few people that I know left that the rumors are flying all over about March RA's. Sign of the times. Not enough people left anywhere anymore. -SignOfTheTimes-
Comment 2/28/10: Do we have any WARN "warnings" posted for NC, NY and other states? This should tell us of pending RA's. -AnoninRTP-
Alliance reply: Historically the WARN notices have been posted the same day IBM starts the resource action.

Comment 2/28/10: saw many managers huddling on Friday in toronto and know lots of folks that got 1on1 invites for monday from their managers that never schedule such meetings. They also confirmed not everyone in their dept got such an invite...Looks like Monday is it...How Sam has killed this spirit of this company and we thought Bill Gates was the devil! -Disgusted-
Comment 2/28/10: The Procurement group has been centralized in China and there are no new jobs in the US although for the most part it's been attrition and they have been able to scrape together a budget so the layoffs have not been too bad, at least in the more complex areas of work. -old procurement guy-
Comment 2/28/10: Let's keep the postings here just for Job Cuts and RA information which is what it is intended for. The Alliance will gladly open back up the General, Raise and Salary, PBC, and the other comments sections once membership inproves. -sby_willie-
Comment 2/28/10: -sTILL dUCKING- Thanks a lot for confirming it, and I am sorry to hear that you may be RA'ed. I also work in division ITD 7 and it has been strange how my management has been so hush hush about it, when before, I was able to squeeze out some info from them. I've always been rated as a 2+ so I'm hoping I'll be immune this time. But it will really suck if they RA someone on my team because all our projects will slip and I'm sure none of us are ready to take on more workload. Has your group been GDF'ed or GR'ed yet? I'm sure that is a major driver. -Curious-
Comment 2/27/10: It is up to us to turn around the loss of Alliance membership I joined you should too! The Alliance is too valuable an organization to lose. -IBMer-
Alliance reply: Thank you and the others that joined the past couple days. We have a long way to go but we can turn this around and make the Alliance a force to be reckoned with. We understand times are tough and many IBMers have lost their jobs.
The Alliance is the movement that gives voice to the concerns of all IBMers, ex-IBMers and tech workers. Help us keep it going.

Comment 2/27/10: About "Before I was shown the door I was told by a manager that IBM was looking to do away with the rest of its negotiators and contracts staff in favor of a central contracts preparation center in India."
No reason this could not be done. Wasn't the Purchasing / Procurement headquarters moved to China a few years back? -anonymous-

Comment 2/27/10: Just renewed. As others have already said, what will you do if this site/organization goes away? You could be a 3-performer or "top/above average" contributor in an area making big cuts, walk in 3/1 and have no idea what's coming. At least you know Monday *could* be your day. - new2rchland-
Comment 2/26/10: Bay Area Lab (Foster City, CA) - Software (WebSphere Process Server development and support). Big RA on Monday 03/01. Estimated 40-50% will be RA'd in the lab.1on1s ready for Monday morning. It's really sad after a huge effort in the 4th quarter working late nights and weekends for nearly 3 months. Other labs in San Francisco Bay Area-Silicon Valley will be affected. -ToBeOrNotToBeAnIBMer-
Comment 2/26/10: In Canada the RA actions will not be rumor come Monday March 1, 2010. Looks like all RA actions will be via off shoring, last date of employment is March 25th. Various areas of the business being impacted. -Time To Go-
Comment 2/26/10: To -Curious- Yes there is suppose to be a big RA on Monday. I am a Project Manager in ITD Div 07. I have been with IBM for over 21 years and am ready to get away from this abuse. In all of my years at IBM I have always been a 2+ or a 2. Family was always more important to me than kissing up and killing myself to try for a 1. This time I was rated a 3 for the first time. My manager did not want to give me a 3, but when he turned in the ratings for his department, 2nd and 3rd line managers reviewed them and made all of the 1st line managers lower the ratings. I have been lucky the last several years to have IBM managers that were from the good ole days. I have been able to be very open with them and they have been open with me. On our last department meeting, he was as straight with us as a manager could be with a department facing some big changes. After the call, he and I talked one on one about what was coming. He did not have all of the details on when at that time. But what was probably going to happen he was pretty sure of. He has about 30 PMs under him. Monday, if things happen as it looks like they could, most of them including me will be RA'ed. Also, the manager he reports to has also set him up to be RA'ed with us. He was talking with the other managers in his group and by the ratings, only one of them will probably be left and that manager will probably be assigned the PMs that are left from the other managers that were also RA'ed. When he found out the date for sure he said he would send me a cryptic Sametime as it may be monitored. He sent it yesterday that said Monday was the day. So, as soon as I hear more on Monday, I will post to this site. For everyone that is ready to get out of this place, like me, I say good luck. But if you got a 2 or 3 PBC (or if you got a 2+ but had a 2 as your prior PBC rating), do should not need any luck this time. For those that want to stay, good luck, you can have it. For those that have to stay, sorry I hope you can find something else to enable you to get out. Life and family is not worth this place. -sTILL dUCKING-
Comment 2/26/10: RA actions occurring now in Australia, started on the 23rd. Around 200 are being cut, I would in one of the smaller states and there have been 8 RA actions there, including killing off one whole ITS service division. Very sad for those people in a state that work is booming in. -Geoff-
Comment 2/26/10: There is a choice which everyone is entitled to make, fight or flight. Don't equate leaving with stupidity or ignorance. It is an informed intelligent decision. I do not like the field as it is...even *if* IBM were a better company, it's turned into a factory job. If I wanted to stay in a factory job and felt I had no other options, I would fight. Basically, I'm not Norma Rae working in a small town textile mill--I am intelligent and willing to work hard in a field and/or company I feel passionate about--and it ain't IT and it definitely ain't IBM. Again, we don't have to allow ourselves to be treated poorly, but fighting is *only* one option--there are others. I am not leaving because I have no other choice, I am leaving because I have other better choices. -BoulderBlu-
Alliance reply: Good luck to you. So long. Glad we could be here to let you vent and express your opinion. Sorry that you didn't see the value in joining Alliance and/or making a donation; so as to keep this web site available for you to vent and express your opinion. Again, Good luck to you.

Comment 2/26/10: I am not going to give up the fight even though I got RA'ed. I chose to stay a member of the Alliance. The Alliance is not going to force you to join. You have to join because you feel it is the right thing to do. I believe in standing together with my fellow brothers and sisters that are still working in IBM. I hope they never go through another RA like I and other before have went through. If we can stop even a single job cut and one IBMer from being RAed then we are starting to win the battle. Please ask yourself a question when you read this: Who is going to try to make IBM a fairer and better place to work? It is it's people, the employees organized and working together for a common good. Without Alliance membership you will have no chance to try to make IBM better for you..and for us all. -sby_willie-
Comment 2/26/10: Slowly but surely through lack of action IBM chokes the life out of the only unified voice that opposed their greed and oppression. People who think things are bad now and could not get worse. Wait untill you have no voice left at all. No warnings. No one to answer your questions. The reason there is fear of the dark is the fear of the unknown. With the torch of freedom of the Alliance snuffed out; will you even see the headsmans axe as it swings its bloody edge at your necks? It seems to me you will not care. -Exodus2007-
Alliance reply: You have been a long term supporter of Alliance and always a wise counsel for advice and observation.
We thank you very much for having our back. We hope to continue to have yours as well.
Rick White
Treasurer, Organizer, IT Administrator
and Health & Safety Representative
CWA Local 1701


Comment 2/26/10: I am hearing a lot of rumors from different people too about a big big RA Monday - March 1. That will give folks 30 days notice to be out by the end of the quarter. Anyone else hearing this? -Curious-
Comment 2/26/10: Just joined, and I encourage those who can to do the same. -Gone in 96-
Alliance reply: Thank you for your support and supportive words.

Comment 2/26/10: BTV John DiToro retired. Or going to work half time after vacation. Nothing on this in local press? -No Thanks-
Alliance reply: What does this have to do with impending Job Cuts at IBM?

Comment 2/26/10: I wonder if your recent announcement will instill a sense of urgency in the visitors to this site, to consider joining the Alliance. -IBMer#2-
Comment 2/26/10:
IBM offers voluntary redundo - two days into 'consultation'
By John Oates • Get more from this author
Posted in Financial News, 26th February 2010 11:23 GMT

IBM is offering staff voluntary redundancy just two days into the consultation period.

The discussion period began 23 February and IBM yesterday announced a"voluntary separation programme".

The offer is to UK staff at IBM's Global Services Delivery. They have until 8 March to express interest in leaving Big Blue. Managers will then notify staff of their decision and make them an offer by 16 March, and staff must make a final decision by 30 March.

A source told The Register they were surprised at how quickly the process was moving, but assumed there was significant pressure to get everything done in time for the end of the financial quarter.

The source said the last time Big Blue went through major redundancies there was a certain amount of spare capacity due to people transferring across to IBM as part of transfer agreements and outsourcing deals. This time cuts will hit muscle, not just fat.

A spokeswoman for IBM said it was inappropriate to comment during consultation.

Staff have elected an employee council as part of the consultation process. -Anon-

Comment 2/25/10: "I think it will take too long, so long that it will not benefit me, personally".
Why not at least TRY??? Look up SOLIDARITY in Websters. We need folks to stick it out. If we are to benefit personally with a union effort we need to stand together then we will all benefit personally. I applaud the Alliance for closing the comments sections. The excuses for not joining are more than naive ignorance. -anonymous-

Comment 2/25/10: Before I was shown the door I was told by a manager that IBM was looking to do away with the rest of its negotiators and contracts staff in favor of a central contracts preparation center in India. Apparently, after the legal department did a hostile take over of the Contracts and Negotiations functions (Arthur Kentros' group) budget (legal could not work within its own budget so they did away with negotiations as a separate function and absorbed the budget) it was decided to off shore the work. I've been away for awhile. Wondering if there is any news on that. -Sad But True-
Comment 2/25/10: RE: However, if we don't post these comments, the poster complains that we are censoring them. We walk the tightrope everyday.

1) Would it still be censoring if you make an upfront statement that items without details (define your parameters) will not be posted?

2) So what if they complain! They're probably not card carrying members anyway. -JustMe-
Alliance reply: After our announcement tonight, it may be a moot point. This is the only section that we will continue post comments to. All others are closed, until further notice. See our Archives for past comments, up until today.

Comment 2/25/10: RA's in STG on Monday, 3/1. Count on it. And don't ask me to prove it. Proof will be on Monday. -mickey mouse-
Comment 2/25/10: Here's why I am out, and don't work to change things. I think it will take too long, so long that it will not benefit me personally. I do not want to continue to work here. Basically, I went to school to get a graduate degree in IS and now am being treated like a factory employee...well, less than a factory employee. It was good while it lasted, but I am ready to move on, into health care--where unions already exist for some occupations. Any way, it's not Stockholm Syndrome, it's not "couldn't happen to me." I've been preparing for this day for about 5 years now..and am ready to leave. I don't like IT enough to stick it out...I out of 17 years, I really enjoyed about 2 of those, which is pretty sad. -BoulderBlu-
Comment 2/25/10: Probably going to get shot down, but I have a suggestion. I think it's common knowledge that RAs happen pretty much every quarter. So is there really a need to post generic "An RA Is going to happen - it's a big one! "without anymore specifics? Like I said, we all know RAs will continue to happen, usually every 3-4 months to coincide with the quarters And 1Q seems to be the "big one". I suggest unless you have better info, like actual numbers, departments, organizations, etc, then don't post info everybody already knows. I just don't see a continued need to keep posting that RA will happen every quarter, without giving more specifics. It's common knowledge for all of us. If you have specific sites being targeted, that's one thing, but I'm quite sick of the broken record generic RA announcements here with "I know more than you do, but I'm not telling" attitude. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: We totally agree with you. Our header to this section specifically says "
Information needed:
What is Your location? We need to know. How many job cuts at your location. What locations are cutting jobs. Name of Division and Business Unit."
However, if we don't post these comments, the poster complains that we are censoring them. We walk the tightrope everyday.

Comment 2/25/10: "Amazing. IBM has had so many R.A. 's that employees are now experts at when they get announced. How they get announced. Why they get announced. Whats saved by announcing them before a new month. Amazing. Everyone proving they know more then anyone else and one upping each other whenever they can. And yet No one is organizing to stop this torture. Amazing. -Exodus2007- "
I agree. I think employees are not organizing for two reasons. The first is that they are afraid of retribution and retaliation by management and the second is that they think it will never happen to them. The sad thing is that it most likely WILL happen to them. Stand up to the bully management and take control of your employment. FLM's will ultimately respect you for it. No one respects a wimp. A whip will always get picked on by a bully. Join the Alliance and Support a Union. -IBMer-

Comment 2/25/10: Learned Helplessness... Stockholm Syndrome... Golden Handcuffs (stock options)... Rention Bonuses... surely not job security. Not sure what prevents folks, still left, from attempting to improve their situation. Glad I personally did... by getting out, before all this madness (...selling my stock options along the way). Still, would have been nice to unionize the place. -Happily Out..-
Comment 2/25/10: Amazing. IBM has had so many R.A. 's that employees are now experts at when they get announced. How they get announced. Why they get announced. Whats saved by announcing them before a new month. Amazing. Everyone proving they know more then anyone else and one upping each other whenever they can. And yet No one is organizing to stop this torture. Amazing. -Exodus2007-
Alliance reply: As always Exodus2007, you hit the nail on the head...and if Alliance cointinues to lose members and not gain any, then there won't be anywhere for the 'experts' to post their observations. Ironic, isn't it? I guess then it would be "no news is good news". Amazing.

Comment 2/25/10: Meeting notice sent from manager to meet on 03/01-- VERY atypical. First place I checked was here--sure enough, postings about 3/1--going to be a long weekend. -boulderblu-
Comment 2/25/10: I would like to know any layoff in the SVL, (Silicon valley lab) san jose, ca. Can IBM use firing instead of layoff to eliminate the benefit package? -yoyoshi-
Comment 2/24/10: I'm the one that posted the note about 3/1. It's happening. ITD for sure, don't know about other areas. Can't tell you any more than that for fear of being exposed. Sorry. -Anonymous-
Comment 2/24/10: I agree, I hate it when people post a damned RA RUMOR with nothing to back it, like they are playing with everyone and it is a sick damned joke to play. However, it is not illogical to lay someone off on the 1st of the month when there are 31 days in the month, it has happened before where 30 days notice is given. As many have, I listened to the Services BUI all hands call today. What a pathetic waste of time. They talk about the same hype year to year and they think they have this service pegged down to business analytics software, ie. SAP and Oracle. When do you think they will realize that their best asset is the people and this is where there investments will actually return growth. Why does it seem the bottom fell out of this big blue can and the last few of us are hanging on the edge hoping not to fall out? -IBMer#2-
Comment 2/24/10: Australia and NZ are being hit, rumours of around 800 across the board, and jobs being replaced from India. Four weeks notice, last day March 24. Great way to get people motivated as trainers for their replacements. -Waltzing Matilda-
Comment 2/24/10: IF there are going to be announcements it will probably follow what they did in March of 2009. WARN talked to the 54 people laid off on March 27th - employed at East Fishkill - affecting both STG and GBS. I know STG people were caught off guard. -Internal Accounts are Dead-
Comment 2/24/10: In AIM Jim Duncan having "kickoff meeting" tomorrow this is where he will ask us to "go extra mile" meanwhile he is sending jobs to india and China, has NOT given raises to MOST of his people for over FIVE years, but managers sent out note "He will be serving Ice cream" Yay!, no raise for 6 years, sending jobs overseas, the new PBC crap expects us to do 100% more? What, so his fat ass can go play golf? When he shits on us? Wants US to "transfer skills" when we do, he has plans in place to fire us so he can show profit?Jim Duncan did YOU get raise in past 5 years? Because MOST of your people did NOT! And you have the balls to say "I got Ice cream"? We are not special olympics people, my take is you plan to move stuff to China, good luck on that, and when you do, when it falls through, you are on your f'in own -Anonymous-
Comment 2/24/10: Re: RA notifications coming on Monday, 3/1. Bank on it
Once again, WHAT FRIGGIN ORGANIZATIONS does this pertain to? Remember, there is more to IBM that just YOUR area. Is this for STG? ITD? what?
Comment 2/24/10: Regarding: "A notifications coming on Monday, 3/1. Bank on it."
I doubt it. IBM does RA's a few days before the end of a month to avoid paying that month's earned vacation days. They don't do things on the 1st of a month. -anonymous-

Comment 2/24/10: Comment 2/23/10: RA notifications coming on Monday, 3/1. Bank on it. -Anonymous-
Anything else to back that up besides it being a rumor to get people worried for the weekend? -ANON-

Comment 2/24/10: lots of team members in SSO Australia handed their 4 week notice today. Rumor is that its 10% across the board. -somedude-
Comment 2/23/10: on COBRA.. and this I have checked and double checked (I'll let you know if it doesn't work as IBM ESC says)..... I got a new job (yay, only took 8 months) and my new benefits start on Mar 1. My Feb automatic deduction "bounced" (on purpose) so I owe for Feb. Now.. I need to have continuous coverage or my new medical won't cover pre-existing conditions. So the early Feb payment is for the month of Feb and per IBM ESC I have until March 3 to get them the money for February. So for anyone thinking of dropping coverage, apparently the pre-existing condition clause (conditions you had 6 months prior won't be covered for 6 months after hire) is common but only applies if there is a BREAK in your health coverage. Very interesting, did'nt know that. -willy wonka-
Comment 2/23/10: "RA discussions probably happened late 2009 for any 2010 RAs (at least anything in the first half of 2010). What's probably happening now is FLMs are being told "start thinking of X of people to get rid of".
I agree but what a spineless job. Why would anyone want to be a FLM? When my number is up and my spineless FLM tells me I've been selected for a resource action (like I've won some sort of booby prize) I'm going to give him the one finger salute (i.e. middle finger) and then fall on the floor and complain of chest pain. I want IBM to call for an ambulance and have EMT's come up and carry me out on a gurney. I'm going to make it as painful as possible for my FLM and for IBM. I hope someone takes some pictures of me on the gurney and sends them to the local paper too. The public needs to know about the abuse going on in IBM. -IBMer-

Comment 2/23/10: RA notifications coming on Monday, 3/1. Bank on it. -Anonymous-
Comment 2/23/10: Hello, in the Job cuts section there is what appears to be incorrect info in a post re COBRA. COBRA payments need to be RECEIVED by the due date - this is very clear on the statements. If payment is late, your COBRA can be cancelled. The original poster should read the statement carefully to understand the due date and any possible grace period. (That may be what the original responder intended to say.) -COBRA tip-
Comment 2/23/10: <To Anonymous> It's called Stockholm Syndrome. Folks in threatening situations, who are isolated and or terrorized, develop a defense mechanism based on the identification, submission and/or cooperation with their respective tormentor. -Anonymous MeToo-
Comment 2/23/10: Re: RA discussions... RA discussions probably happened late 2009 for any 2010 RAs (at least anything in the first half of 2010). What's probably happening now is FLMs are being told "start thinking of X of people to get rid of". -anonymous-
Comment 2/23/10: It was around this time last year that the RA's were being decided upon for the March '09 actions. I reckon talks are well underway for this round now. I wish you folks would organize soon since this is getting all too repetitive and predictable. How much longer are IBMers going to sit and do nothing to stop the madness of these regular RAs? -anonymous-
Comment 2/22/10: To Snaked re: COBRA premium on time - for the most part, it only needs to be postmarked on time, and coverage does not get immediately dropped. In fact, I am covered under another plan now, and when i called to formally "drop COBRA" they kept telling me I was going to keep getting coverage even though I was late on payments till I called them. So getting it in on time is important, but don't panic if the check does not clear before the due date. -RAed last Jan-
Comment 2/22/10:

Many H-1B workers get temporary jobs, study finds
Offshore firms seek permanent residency for few H-1Bs; U.S. firms have mixed plans
Patrick Thibodeau

February 22, 2010 (Computerworld) Many employers sponsor H1-B holders to have them fill temporary posts, not to become full-time residents of the U.S., according to a study released last week by the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington D.C. -based nonprofit think tank.

The different ways companies use H-1B visas can be stark, according to the study, which was authored by Ron Hira, an associate professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology and longtime critic of the H-1B visa program. (Download a PDF of study here.)

For example, large offshore, India-based vendors mostly seek permanent residency for just a small percentage of their workers, while some U.S. firms, such as Microsoft Corp. and Qualcomm Inc., are more likely to begin the green card process for employees. "Rather than attracting the 'best and brightest' for permanent immigration, as many have claimed, the programs have increasingly been used for temporary labor mobility to transfer work overseas and to take advantage of cheaper guest-worker labor," wrote Hira.

The study was called misleading by a spokesman for Compete America, a coalition of vendors, universities and other sponsors of H-1B visa holders. Spokesman Eric Thomas in particular questioned the use of L-1 visa data in the study. The L-1 visa is used by multinational companies for intra-company transfers. "That's how the system was designed, and that's how it's working. Lumping different visa categories into one bucket is a clear attempt to skew the data," he said. -Anon-

Comment 2/22/10: I'll be the first admit that drama makes an article more interesting, but as much as the drama effect, the localization of the drama can have an negative effect. When you people localize the layoffs, such as "The IBM execs hate Burlngton, VT.", do you not realize that people that are not from VT are not affected. When writing, try to include"Everyone", not just poor me. After all, a Union is not A local Union, but a National one for the United States. Anything less than a National one would not suffice in any kind of negotiations. -USA-1701-
Comment 2/21/10: "There have been many Burlington, Vermont permanent employees recently separated from IBM for receiving a "3" PBC rating for the second consecutive year. If history repeats itself they will be contacted by HR in about 6 months in an attempt to rehire them as Supplemental (LTS, Complimentary) employees. Was also told by Maintenence 1st level manager that IBM Burlington plans to hire college graduates from Vermont Technical College (VTC). You guessed it, they too will be SUPPLEMENTAL positions. Not sure why Vermonters are afraid to join the union, guess they have no balls. I'm starting to regret starting a factory up here....... -Tom Watson Jr. III -"
Burlington, VT days have been numbered ever since they built the ASTC and new fab in Fishkill. The IBM execs hate Burlngton, VT. The site has always been a thorn in their side. When Burlington outperforms Fishkill in yields it is an embarassment to the company. Burlington was once the technology leaders and trained Fishkill employees but the execs will never tell you that. IBM has had 20 years on the methods to screw Burlington employees. Two 3's in a row is their means to justify giving you the axe. You probably didn't deserve the 3 but IBM will make sure the shoe fits. The Burlington site is about the worst it can get for an IBM employee. Do yourself a favor and find another job before IBM kicks you out. -BTVer-

Comment 2/21/10: Tom Watson Jr. III: One would logically think that IBM would only rehire back the PBC 2's and higher as supplementals and contractors. For this IBM, which is definitely far from your father's IBM, to rehire back the PBC 3's whom this IBM has branded as "needs improvement, did not make business commitments, of the lowest contributing performers", even though most of these folks objectively did much better for this IBM, would show just how atrocious and pathetic the PBC process is, as an appraisal system. But then again this IBM might be so desperate as a cheap a$$ company that they will rehire anyone as a lowest paid supplemental or contractor. This IBM would probably go the junior college hire route in VT this time around if I had to make a guess (I wouldn't be surprised that not even a GED is needed to work for this IBM now if IBM can pay training or minimum wage just to save a few pennies). Your father would be appalled seeing how this IBM continually cuts it's employees down and lavishly rewards its middle and upper management, executive, and even the Board of Director ranks. Your father was a leader. Of course your grandfather was. Both were much better men than any of the so-called leaders this IBM has running (or should I say "ruining"?) the company today. Sam Palmisano and the rest of his inner circle of executives, cronies, and captains would not be around under your father's watch. Your father and grandfather were at least fair, and valued employee loyalty and commitment. Thus, the cause for employees organizing was not really a consideration since they did what they could to keep the IBM employees content and proud to work in their IBM. Sadly, this IBM doesn't. Tom III: are you in favor of this IBM organizing? I hope your father and grandfather are resting in peace. Again, they were much the better men. -VTBigBlew-
Comment 2/19/10: There have been many Burlington, Vermont permanent employees recently separated from IBM for receiving a "3" PBC rating for the second consecutive year. If history repeats itself they will be contacted by HR in about 6 months in an attempt to rehire them as Supplemental (LTS, Complimentary) employees. Was also told by Maintenence 1st level manager that IBM Burlington plans to hire college graduates from Vermont Technical College (VTC). You guessed it, they too will be SUPPLEMENTAL positions. Not sure why Vermonters are afraid to join the union, guess they have no balls. I'm starting to regret starting a factory up here....... -Tom Watson Jr. III -
Comment 2/19/10: A reminder for all fairly recently RA'ed IBMers in regards to continuing health benefits coverage under IBM:
Make sure you allow 2 WEEKS processing TIME if you send your monthly COBRA premium by mail! If you pay by personal check your payment needs to be received before the end of the grace period specified on your invoice to avoid having your coverage dropped. I submitted my invoice payment on 2/4/2010 and my check still hasn't cleared according to my bank statement. I then called the IBM ESC and they do say the check was received and has been processed on 2/18/2010(!). So if I sent the check by mail in at the middle or end of the month I could have run the risk of having my COBRA coverage dropped. -snaked-

Comment 2/18/10: IBM Awarded Contract to Modernize the U.S. Government's Acquisition and Procurement System: URL -WillThisBeOffShoredToo?-
Comment 2/18/10: Excellent article on bad management that could have been lifted right out of IBM: -CDI_Drone-
Comment 2/17/10: Out of the whole degenerate culture for good, RAed past April, and have not been on this site for a few months? You can't be completely 'cured' because you're back talking about one of those elusive jobs that pay bette and exclaiming your happiness. -Not all that happy-
Comment 2/17/10: Re: IBM has eliminated the Thanks program. Did it without an annoucement to employees or management That's actually not true. Granted, there was no e-mail announcement, but it was actually posted on the Thanks Awards website in early 2009 that 2009 would be the last year for it. It's just that nobody reads that kind of stuff. I agree, an email announcement should have been made in 2009, but they did communicate it, just in a half-assed way. -anonymous-
Comment 2/16/10: IBM will carefully time the next round of RA's to maximize the jump that will happen in the stock price since Wall St. likes to hear of layoffs so investors like the executives will be better able to exercise their stock options for max value. If the RA's don't improve the stock price then the IBM board of directors (they make over $220,000 for about 250 hours of work a year) will allow another stock buyback to boost the stock price to take care of executive stock options. Investing in the employee in IBM is a myth. Investing in greed is a truth in this IBM. -IBMpawn-
Comment 2/15/10: I was RAed past April and have not been on this site for a few months. Now reading all this, i could not feel happier, that i am out of this whole degenerate ibm 'culture' for good. I work free lance now and make more than i did after 10+ years at ibm.. Dont hold on to your jobs, and take abuse and lies, LEAVE! There will never be any kind of justice, if you have not figured it out yet. -Happy-
Comment 2/15/10: IBM has eliminated the Thanks program. Did it without an annoucement to employees or management. -No Thanks-
Alliance reply: <sarcasm> Really? No, not IBM...honest? Why those basterds!!! </sarcasm>
Comment 2/12/10: GBS middle manager in Canada mentions there is a big layoff coming in 3-6 months. In same conversation she also notes that morale is so low the best people are leaving anyhow. IBM wants low-paid robots they can overcharge their customers for. -used-and-tossed-
Comment 2/12/10: Most of us already know what this article says. Just wish our executives had read it: -Still Here-

Comment 2/12/10: mawithtwokids: IBM is already trying to source through contracting now these jobs I reckon:


My name is Rajinder and I'm a recruiter at Artech.

Artech has an urgent contract for one of our direct clients:

Job Title: Systems Management Specialist AIX/UNIX Location: ESSEX JUNCTION, VT

Job Description:

Required skills: Sun tester -Burlington Manufacturing line support.
Special skill requirements: Sun Solaris 7,8 & 9 Operating systems, AIX - level 5
Solaris NIS domain password file configuration - level 4 Networking setup - Solaris, applied - Linux RHEL & HP - level 4
Solaris security, patching - level 4 Software setup - level 4 Must be ITAR certified

If you are qualified, available, interested, planning to make a change, or know of a friend who might have the required qualifications and interest, please call me ASAP at (973) 993-9383 Ext.3332, even if we have spoken recently about a different position. If you do respond via e-mail please include a daytime phone number so I can reach you. In considering candidates, time is of the essence, so please respond ASAP.

Yes, the stealth layoffs and trying to replace full-time IBM positions with contractors continues to escalate. -headhunted-

Comment 2/14/10: To -used-and-tossed- What kind of company has IBM become? It's almost as though they are happy that the talent is leaving.. Every time I think they've sunk as far as they will go, it becomes apparent, they are still not at the bottom. -tiredofitall-
Comment 2/14/10: Job cut rumors in Scotland -NY member-

Comment 2/14/10: Folks just do not get it. Workers are no longer IBMs most valuable asets. Executive compensation is. Untill you take away that absolute power at the collective bargaining table by organizing the IBM workforce nothing you say, think, feel or want will matter to the executives as long as they get theirs. Period. -Exodus2007-
Comment 2/11/10:
Big Blue eye glares at UK workforce
Lay-off consultation starts here

By John Oates
Posted in Financial News, 11th February 2010 15:36 GMT

IBM has confirmed it is considering making more UK staff redundant, although no final decision has been made. A conference call this morning informed all UK staff at IBM's Global Services Delivery unit that there would likely be redundancies, depending on the results of the consultation. We were sent the following statement: "IBM UK is embarking on a process of consultation. It would be inappropriate to discuss the matter further during this consultation period." An IBM insider told us: "The formal consultation period begins 23 February and will last 90 days. It has come out of the blue and is a total shock. And from a work perspective - we already struggle to get work done with the people we have." Big Blue laid off 5,000 people ( last year, mostly in the US. News of the upcoming lay-offs will go down like ton of bricks with the UK workers. Feelings are already running high after the firm scrapped its final salary pension scheme. Sandra Gidley, Lib Dem MP for Romsey, raised questions in the Commons last month over the "shoddy" way IBM had treated its employees over pensions. -Anon-

Comment 2/11/10: So it appears they are offshoring technical support for the mainframe, mid-range etc products. I'm assuming this is the internal support that the SSR or customer calls or gets connected to when they place a call. Wow! What a surprise.. NOT!!!
For years I've been hearing stuff like "IBM will never do that","It's the first line of contact with the customers" and so forth...BULLCRAP.
WAKE UP PEOPLE! STOP DRINKING THE KOOLAID. It's all about M_O_N_E_Y!!! Customers are SCREAMING! about incompetency amongst the field force. What does IBM do? Send them more DVD's to learn how to fix products they have never seen. What they really should do is send the field force to a Rosetta Stone class so they can learn how to speak Urdu or Filipino in the hopes that they can communicate with their internal support people. Do IBM employees even realize how underpaid they are? I have met "techs" working for Fortune 100 companies whose only task is to "ping servers" all day, look at logs and place service calls to the appropriate vendors. They are making $100,000 per year + benefits.. The SSR fixing the machine is lucky to be making 50k with overtime. Hell, go manage a McDonald's and make more. Get ready SSR's because ESA is ending your job and the big one is right down the pike....Organizing is the only way but unfortunately IBM is real smart and they are banking on the noobs, living at home with mama, buying that Corvette and working for IBM with the promise of "greater things to come" to keep them going. And guess what? It will work like a charm. It has for the past 100 years. -PissGetty-

Comment 2/10/10: Story of laid off IBM'er in PoK looking for a job. -Anon-

Comment 2/08/10: -loyal for 30 years- I feel for you. I can empathize. Truly. PLEASE take care and may better health be with you! IBM better let you make 30 years of service!!! After 25+ years of service to IBM I was RA'ed from IBM on 9/23/2009. 2009 was a nightmare for me healthwise: in the hospital for a week three times. I was on medical leave and the day I returned I was RA'ed. My IBM director made the RA decision on me, NOT my manager... IBM RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL? Long gone. History. A figment of the imagination for the less experienced IBMer... yes, so sad.. Now from my sponsored IBM health benefits provider is so interested in my health...they call me and ask how I am doing now unemployed since I am no longer an employee. I get or "qualify" for no FHA as well from IBM now. Am I bitter? NO. I'm just proud I joined the Alliance in 1999!!!!! And I would do it all over again! Regrets? Yes. I just wish more IBMers will join the Alliance and stand in solidarity with me. . -Bill McGreevy Jr-
Comment 2/08/10: "A friend of mine this week that works at IBM East Fishkill NY manufacturing. Building 330 was told by His manager that he has to get rid of another eight employees. It appears that they are getting rid of their employees in drabbles and drapes! -Who's next?-"
This is IBM's strategy. It is called stealth layoffs. Screw the employee below the radar so you won\'t be seen doing it. These strategies are planned from the top starting with Sam Palmisano. What a dirtbag slimball scumbag of a CEO. I hope Sam enjoys his millions while he rots in HELL. His millions will be worthless down there. -IBMer-

Comment 2/08/10: A little harsh on -loyal for 30 years- don't ya think? - samtheman-
Alliance reply: Meant no ill will or harshness. Just pointing out reality. No offense was intended. Naive is defined as uninformed. Just trying to inform.

Comment 2/07/10: 29 1/2 years as a as stellar performer and loyal IBMer. Went to my Manager the other day with a minor health problem looking for some assistance and changing my work load. Was told "the job is what it is where it is, do it or you can retire". WOW, how's that for "respect for the individual" and sensitivity. This company is going down the drain fast. -loyal for 30 years-
Alliance reply: No offense intended; but you didn't already know that IBM stopped 'respect for the indiviual' 20 years ago, or more? IBM has changed many policies and methods of doing business that all disrespect employees, individually and collectively. Expect your manager to put your name at the top of the next RA list. To not expect that is, naive. Sorry, if that offends you.

Comment 2/07/10: Comment 2/04/10: what's division is ITD? -Anonymous-
ITD is Dead Snake !!! Most of it gone to India and Brazil. All IBM Internal Accounts gone. People working in ITD still have there neck on sharp knife -Ramki-
Comment 2/07/10: -UnionProtectsAmericanJobsFromOutsourcing-
Comment 2/05/10: A friend of mine this week that works at IBM East Fishkill NY manufacturing. Building 330 was told by His manager that he has to get rid of another eight employees. It appears that they are getting rid of their employees in drabbles and drapes! -Who's next?-
Comment 2/04/10: Since 2005, a lot of the my friends and colleagues have been let go. Like so many others, they were good people, doing a good job, but their jobs were shipped overseas or consolidate on a couple of poor souls that were left to deal with the workload they left behind. I'm at the point now where I just want to know when the RA's are going to start. I'm praying that it's soon as I expect that I'll be included in this one. We all know that the potential is there for anyone to be let go at anytime, so knowing that will happen, there's only two choices, sign up with Alliance IBM and take back IBM like they did in Argentina, or work on an exit strategy (or both). The only enticement to stay with this company is if there's a union representing us. That's the only way IBM will become the company it once was, one that valued its employees and their talents, not one that bids out the work to the lowest country with no experience. It's a poor way to run a company, and it really does hurt the stockholders because they could be making more money per share each quarter. Until IBM changes, it's just going to be a cash cow for the execs, with a Board policy to drive away the most talented workforce in the world, by forcing everyone to chase the now illusive carrot, and taking away any monetary incentive to remain loyal to IBM. For those that think they're in a safe place, think again. I was there once... the RA's will find you or your team, department or organization. So what are you going to do now to prepare for then? -Anonymous-
Comment 2/04/10: This comments section is for the posting of specific information of Job cuts, Resource Actions and Firings. Stating that there is a 100% certainty of an RA coming is like saying the sun will rise. Since IBM is quite clear that annual RA's are it's business model. The post is like the ones who found better jobs, better pay, more respect for the individual, yet never say what company they work for. -Internal Accounts Are Dead-
Comment 2/04/10: what's division is ITD? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Integrated Technology Delivery

Comment 2/04/10: Those of you who are afraid the statement of a date ruins credibility should stop reading right and skip to the next post. I can state with 100% certainty there is an RA coming up that will have a substantial number of ITD folks leaving on 5/31. That is all I can share at this time as any further disclosure could reveal my identity. -Anonymous-
Comment 2/03/10: papa, you can't state that it never happens. I've witnessed a manager sit on a call and lay out exactly when an RA is going to happen and roughly how many will be hit and then go on to suggest we *ALL* start thinking about future careers. He finished it up by saying he'll deny ever sharing the information till the day he dies. -YayIBM-
Comment 2/03/10: To>>-papa->>In the past that may have been true, but with todays incompotent MGMT-- they just don't understand, until they are too out the door-no -no-ky-
Comment 2/03/10: To ALL predicting RA's: Anyone who has worked for IBM for any serious amount of time, knows that management NEVER announces an RA to a dept or team prior to the actual RA. Managers have to sign many docs, some stating they cannot disclose on the time the RA is going down. Posting "rumored" info is fine. Please avoid posting RA dates as if they are fact, when you\'re not sure. It hurts the credibility of the site. -papa-
We all know that the rumor mill most times is true. Some one at a meeting asked a director if it was true that we were closing shop and merging with another group (We all heard it and some from mgt. in the bar). He said they weren't even considering it. 2 weeks later he annouced the merger and the closing of our group. Human nature is to talk about things not keep secret. Also there are other signs people can see when these things happen -SamtheMan-

Comment 2/02/10: To ALL predicting RA's: Anyone who has worked for IBM for any serious amount of time, knows that management NEVER announces an RA to a dept or team prior to the actual RA. Managers have to sign many docs, some stating they cannot disclose on the time the RA is going down. Posting "rumored" info is fine. Please avoid posting RA dates as if they are fact, when you're not sure. It hurts the credibility of the site. -papa-
Comment 2/01/10: -A Nony Mouse-: Does the transfer of technical support include iSeries software support out of Rochester? -Vendor scum-
Comment 2/01/10: re this post: I heard Friday that a Territory Manager in the Northeast announced to his team that Feb 3 there is an RA. He announced to his team that all of them were safe. I however just got an invitation for a phone call at 4pm on Tuesday Feb 2nd.... -Annonymous-
The phrases "You are safe", or "___midlevel manager says that our department is safe___"? These phrases are code for "We have already decided to lay off (ahem, RA) a large percent of our department. However, we think YOU are idiots, so we will tell you, "___ is / are safe". Why does management find it important or necessary to delay telling the truth? No idea. I laughed at my manager, asked him or her "oh, really?", and still got the same idiotic response. "_____ says that we are safe". Safe from what, exactly? Hurricanes? -You are not necessarily safe-
Comment 2/01/10: Another 10% "work reduction" for CDI workers for the five weeks starting 1 February 2010. In effect, another 10% pay cut on top of the 13% we took more than a year ago. -CDI_Drone-
Comment 2/01/10: Let us fill this, and hope it will help to stop outsourcing of our Jobs. -Ramki-
Comment 2/01/10: @ -moreOffShore-, thanks for the Cebu article. The article demonstrates the same poor communications style that IBM clients (oops - IBM customers) can expect in the future. And, I believe, these same clients will accept marginal English grammar and vocabulary, in order to save 50% or much, much, more in costs. -reply to-moreOffShore--
Comment 2/01/10: I have a suggestion/request for folks posting RA information - PLEASE PLEASE post what area of IBM you are in. ITD/GBS/etc. Division would be nice, too. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: Thank you for reminding everyone here to provide "location". As a matter of fact; see the top of this comments section for ALL the information we request from posters to this comments section.

Comment 2/01/10: -Gone_in_09- You are correct in your summation of how you were treated. It's all cost driven and political. The 3's are only their way of qualifying you for the next reduction in force. It's a tidy system leadership is more than willing to enforce. -soon to be Gone_in_10-
Comment 2/01/10: I heard Friday that a Territory Manager in the Northeast announced to his team that Feb 3 there is an RA. He announced to his team that all of them were safe. I however just got an invitation for a phone call at 4pm on Tuesday Feb 2nd.... -Annonymous-
Comment 2/01/10: I see you say IBM hired 3500 in the USA last year. Was this largely due to acquisitions by acquiring other companies employees and adding them to IBM? -anonymous-
Alliance reply: The information we received did not specify.

Comment 2/01/10: IBM opens 2nd global delivery center in Cebu. -moreOffShore-
Comment 1/31/10: "In this new era of globalization the interests of companies and countries have diverged. In contrast with the past, what is good for America's global corporations is no longer necessarily good for the American people."
That quote says so much about IBM. They don't care about their employees or this country. -FutureUnemployedIBMer-

Comment 1/31/10: I had 20 years service with IBM, the highest paid and most senior SSR in my branch. In the past 7 years ,working for my last manager, he always gave me a 2 rating saying I was overpaid as it is. Then on the year of my layoff, I got a 3 rating and a few months later, my notice followed. My manager told me that one of the reasons I was let go was because I never got anything over a 2, The 1's I got working for my other manager didn't count. Now that I'm gone, my friend who still works at the same branch just got a 3 rating in Jan. He happens to now be one of the 2 highest paid SSR in the branch (now that I'm gone). This is no coincidence, The contract workers and lower paid technicians are getting the better ratings while the more experienced are getting the shaft. When they cut, they start from the top and work their way down so the cuts add up to more money saved. And I bet my ex manager is getting bonuses and 1 ratings by keeping salary costs down. I'm glad I'm out of IBM now that I found a job in the medical sector where they treat their employees much better. If I have a message for the more senior non-management IBM employees, it would be to start looking elsewhere now and find a better job before you get the axe. Because all your years at IBM don't mean a thing. -Gone_in_09-
Comment 1/29/10: -Whatever-: Wanna bet? Off shore or not, there is a long term trend to disenfranchise employees by converting them to hourly piece workers at an hourly rate but without benefits or job security. I can only speak for the US where our laws and legislatures are happy to turn a blind eye; but I imagine it's the same everywhere there is a mature (skills and demands, not age) workforce. The second of two quotes from IBM is almost chilling. -Miss Gruntled-
Comment 1/28/10: Well now that a new bill coming in by the President not allowing any tax breaks for US companies who hire overseas will be passed maybe IBM will bring people back or move out all together. Either way people will get a clear picture soon enough I think. -Whatever-
Comment 1/28/10: Any word on RA's in Canada? -Anonymous-
Comment 1/27/10: Latest rumour passing around IBM:
5.2 Global Sourcing
January 2010 IBM will transfer the majority of its operational and technical support infrastructure for both mainframe and midrange services to a primarily India-based support model. The areas of support include mainframe and midrange Server Operations, Production Control, Operating Systems, Storage Administration, CICS, and DB2. Today, these services are staffed across the United States, Argentina, and Brazil. To accomplish this move, IBM will hire and staff positions in India, then perform knowledge-transfer from existing organizations to the India-organization. IBM will retain local positions for project office and key technical positions.

Knowledge Transfer Plan
The key component of this transformation is achieving an efficient and effective transfer of institutional knowledge of the product set and of the DFS-managed environment. Tasks to address these knowledge gaps and the associated knowledge transfer will be scheduled into a labor transition plan which is separately shared with DFS. The IBM project office and Sr. Project Delivery Executive will work with DFS to ensure a smooth transition. This timing of transitioning labor is dependent on IBM's ability to staff positions and perform knowledge transfer with the effort scheduled to begin in 1Q2010 and continue into 2011. -A Nony Mouse-

Comment 1/26/10: will replace you. Why should IBM pay you 80K to"improve your skills" doing TopCoder for fun/learning if they can pay some clever nerd in Siberia 5K for the same work with no strings attached (i.e., no health insurance, no 401K, etc.)? How is this a good thing for US IBMers? There is no motivation for us to compete other than that of intellectual exercise, and if you want that, go get your will be better use of your time. -Anonymous1-
Comment 1/26/10: The perception that the higher your PBC rating the less likely you are to be RA'ed is exactly what management wants employees to believe. Work 'em to near death then throw 'em out. Suckers! -anon-
Comment 1/26/10: Friend of a friend I trust said his area in STG announced an RA today. No info on size, location RCH and probably others. -annonymous-
Comment 1/26/10: -Gone_in_07- Yes, you are absolutely right! The overwhelming perception of the IBMers that are left in the USA (now under 100,000) is that the higher your PBC rating the less likely you are to be RA'ed. Nothing is more further than the truth. If the PBC was a a true indication of remaining at your job how come myself who was a PBC 2+ was RAed when IBMers with a PBC 3 remained employed (at least longer than myself)? Yes I wish IBM would get a union globally. The IBMers now really, really need it. It's the only hope left. -Gone_in_09-
Comment 1/25/10: Why do I always see layoffs referenced to PBC ratings? Your PBC has NOTHING to do with your layoff. There are 2 things that have to do with your layoff. 1. How many people top management is telling the little first line managers they need to cut. And 2, at the little first line manager level, who their pets are and who are not. If you are not the first line managers pet, you are gone, period! The PBC is a smoke screen. It has nothing to do with anything. If you want to keep your job from going overseas, get raises, get real variable pay based on performance, a union is the only way you're going to get it. Thinking you're safe because you have a 1 or 2 PBC is pure dreaming. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 1/24/10: The TopCoder Algorithm contests are great. If I were an IBM manager, I'd hire (or retain) any developer who was Div I. Of course I'm not an IBM manager and real IBM managers don't understand coding and are unable to recognize people who are halfway decent at it. IBM just doesn't understand software development anymore. I totally recommend the TopCoder Algorithm contests for any IBM developer who wants to improve his skills. -Anonymous-
Comment 1/24/10: In the IBM Global Services business, two initiatives are now squeezing out US employees:
(1) Offshoring and (2) -Anonymous-

Comment 1/23/10: Hey -XX, What's an ISA, and which John Black are you talking about? There is more than just one -SD-
Comment 1/22/10: -Concerned IBMer- I'm concerned about what has happened too. You don't have to be a PBC 3 to get hit with a stealth layoff which is IBM's version of a "drive by job rubout": solid PBC 2+ and even PBC 1's get hit all the time, too. When will everyone understand NO ONE IS SAFE from a stealth RA or an RA or hundreds or thousands announced at one time. These stealth firings add up slowly but surely as well. -MHVer-
Comment 1/21/10: I am a friend of an East Fishkill employee that got hit with a stealth layoff. He was a solid "2" performer. IBM dumped him like a piece of garbage. Folks, the time has come for a Union contract to protect our jobs. Support the Alliance! -Concerned IBMer-
Comment 1/21/10: ALLIANCE NOTE: 5 comments were moved to the PBC Comments section because their content was more relevant there, than here.
Comment 1/20/10: "It's not going to be at the $3.7 billion spend takeout that we saw last year," Loughridge said. But such reductions, he said, will be an"ongoing part of our overall business model."
So is it going to be MORE or LESS IBMers being RA'ed going forward now in 2010? IBM says their EPS target will be "at least $11 per share". The only way they can do it with yearly declining revenues is cost cut and expense cut more aggressively than they are already doing. Maybe Loughridge means IBM will spend less on RA's now. That does not mean their will be less RA's this year: if the severance payout is cut from the RA packages then more RA's are possible at less expense for IBM. But the man isn't saying. Hate to see what cost actions IBM will do when they have a disappointing quarterly report. This gravy train they are on now can't go on forever. -anonymous-

Comment 1/20/10: There was recently commentary here about jobs in Iowa. This column (link below) says that another reason for putting the datacenters in Iowa is that a lack of sufficient employees lets them hire even more H1Bs to staff it. Plus, IBM will still get its Iowa tax breaks for it. -jmcnamera-
Comment 1/20/10: -For Christine Young admirers- Yes, you got it! Probably those let go in the SRA were probably not at least Alliance subscribers and are in utter shock they are now permanently fired. Yes, they are also still afraid to "spill the beans" since they are still afraid of IBM. IBM managers usually tell those RA'ed that "talking about it" means they can forfeit the terms of their severance package. If IBM didn't do anything intrinsically wrong with the RA then why should IBM try to put a gag order out on those affected??? IBM KNOWS they are wrong and still uses the controlling FEAR to get away with it all. Oh, BTW, IBM is in the Poughkeepsie Journal today. Front Page. They made a record quarterly profit. Even though revenues are down, down again. Surprise, Surprise. I wouldn't rush out to buy the newspaper today. Better use of the $.75 for it is a cup of cheap coffee! Also, no reaction sought from Craig Wolf from the Alliance. I wonder if Wolf asked for an Alliance reaction as he has done in the past? Or is IBM now using FEAR to control Mr. Wolf now by requesting a gag order on him? Maybe if he mentions the Alliance now in his articles IBM will pull advertisement money out? -MHVbeamer-
Comment 1/19/10: -To -MHVbeamer and Alliance@IBM-
What I didn't understand here is why didn't any of employees from IBM East Fishkill that were let go only two weeks ago say something here? They didn't know about this website or they are afraid to spill the beans???
I dropped my subscription to the Poughkeepsie Journal because it never played tough against IBM's labor practices as the Times Herald Record always did. I begin to wonder where Christine Young is. The last few articles pertaining to IBM in the Times Herald Record weren't by Christine Young. Is she still with the Times Herald Record? Christine is far better than Craig Wolf!
-For Christine Young admirers-
Alliance reply: We agree with you that Chris Young did a great job on IBM. She has unfortunately left the Times Herald and gone back to school.

Comment 1/19/10: Re on your site:
"The Alliance@IBM Communications Workers of America Local 1701, will work to reduce and eliminate the H-1B visa program; and supports efforts to cut the number of such visas now permitted. We also call for the restoration of jobs and opportunities that have been lost by U.S. workers especially in technical and professional sectors, as too many companies seek to expand their bottom lines at workers' expense."
Please note H1-Bs have become passe ... companies like IBM with global subsidiaries are now fully (and legally) , milking L1 visas which have no restrictions at all... and, if not directly, IBM will use "prefferred contractors" to veneer this strategy. -Mad-

Comment 1/19/10: Regarding the situation in UK about the pension and job cuts, you should understand that the GM of IBMUK (UKISA) has been appointed recently as GM of IOT North East. This triggers 2 questions:
- will IBMUK under public pressure get relief ...or
- will all of Europe undergo the same treatment as IBMUK by the new IOT-GM.
I suspect the 2nd, however out of Switzerland, his new location, he might not have the powers to overturn country laws in Europe.
The better choice would have been to send this guy back to his home country,- Australia. -ibmerfromeurope-

Comment 1/19/10: -Friend of E.Fiskill Employee- Yes, these silent RA's not being reported is not helping stop them from happening. Even the Poughkeepsie Journal seems to be mum on IBM labor actions so far this year. Of course the newspaper needs to get confirmed word of the RA's to report it. What is something, is that the Poughkeepsie Journal appears to be more interested in following how many deer are killed on Vassar property than how many IBMers are culled by a RA in East Fishkill. Nothing against deer or wildlife, but aren't human lives affected by labor actions more important and newsworthy? -MHVbeamer-
Alliance reply: Craig Wolf of the Poughkeepsie Journal has reported on IBM job cuts more than any other media outlet. But as you state, to get the word out, he needs to have the information.

Comment 1/19/10: One event that might be impacting IBM's behavior regarding foreign workers and offshoring might be the new USCIS memo clarifying the definition of the employer/employee relationship for H-1Bs. They are howling about this on the sites that cater to Indian guestworkers, so it might be significant. -Barb-
Comment 1/18/10: RE: BTV sale. It had crossed my mind that perhaps the Skypoint Solar Inc announcement would be the IBM location....could be coincidence too. "MONTPELIER — A start-up company, Skypoint Solar Inc., is considering a Chittenden County location for the launch this year of a manufacturing plant that would employ 400 people making flexible, thin film solar cells." -dougie-
Comment 1/18/10: to -Jonesy- re: work may stop going to Argentina
I agree - I'm sure it's related to them unionizing - good for them! But I doubt IBM will keep the work in the US - there are other cheaper countries to send it to.-anonymous-
Comment 1/17/10: I'm surprised no one reported 25 or 26 employees in E.Fiskill were SRAed two weeks ago. SRA, silent resource action, continues from time to time in IBM Hudson valley. -Friend of E.Fiskill Employee-
Comment 1/17/10: I work in mainframe support in Canada. We have been 'training our replacements' in Argentina for several years now. Just recently I started hearing that Argentina is 'no longer financially competitive'. Rumour is that further transfer of support to Argentina will cease and actually be terminated. I cannot help but believe this is related to the success of Argentina IBMers in unionizing. -Jonesy-
Comment 1/17/10:,1122220.shtml
Relative to potential sale of Burlington site, see above. Part of the justification for Vermont's bond rating comes from the stability of that site / workforce. Hmmm. -Think-

Comment 1/16/10: -CDI_Drone- Sounds like you are doing all you can do and more then most. Unions have been formed ,obviously, without the free choice act so continue talking with co workers. The legislation needed to organize is already in place. No help from congress is needed. Just enough co workers signed up. The free choice act would just make it a little easier. It would still require enough co workers signed up to form a majority. My comments are directed more for the folks on the fence and to provide moral support to those who are already members. The fragmentation of the workforce whenever possible is one of the union prevention tools IBM uses. It is much harder to broach the subject of organizing when you are not face to face with your co workers. I applaud your efforts -Exodus2007-
Comment 1/15/10: Exodus2007, I've joined and I've talked about it with my fellow USA co-workers, who are spread all over the country. What else can I do? I've already contacted my legislators about the worker free choice act, but I fear my red-state legislators are as anti-union as they are anti-choice. -CDI_Drone-
Alliance reply: Thank you for what you have done and are continuing to do. Just a reminder... some Republicans,
some Conservatives, some Democrats, and some Progressives ALL support unions, labor and working people. Some of our members are politically
to the right; some to the left; and some are independent. The focus that we all share is seeking a written contract with IBM, that we all can benefit from. Take that focus to your legislators, and make sure they understand that you, too, are focused on seeking the Employee Free Choice Act passed. You're their constituent. Make them listen to you. ..and continue to organize. Don't give up.

Comment 1/15/10: Which part of neither party is looking out for you don't you folks get? You have to look out for yourselves by organizing. The government is unable to hear your voice because the heads of the unions are speaking . Without having a union voice or some other special interest speaking for you you will not be heard. Far too many tiny voices so only the large voices get listened to. Wanna stop the offshoring? Get it in writing. Get it in a contract or it ain't worth a damn. -Exodus2007-
Comment 1/14/10: IBM UK's programme of redundancy by stealth has now been exposed in the UK Parliament. The recording is at:
and the transcript is at:

This shows that IBM UK staff have strong support in the UK Parliament, and there was very strong criticism of IBM UK's actions from MPs of all parties. It is now clear that IBM UK has been planning for some time to combine closure of the final salary pension schemes to existing members with a programme of redundancy by stealth aimed at staff over 50. Over 800 staff have been forced to 'volunteer' for early retirement without any of the usual redundancy or early retirement packages. Some have already left, the remainder will leave in tranches over the next few months. IBM UK has taken great care to keep within the letter of the law with these changes, but this debate shows that it has not avoided real damage to its reputation. The Minister who replied to the debate can do very little, but she offered strong support. Her concluding words were:

"It is important that the IBM board looks at our debate today and that it takes due notice of the surprise, worry and anger that have been expressed. I have a great deal of sympathy with those feelings, which have been well reflected in the debate, and I hope that IBM will take note of them." -RecentlyRetiredUK-

Comment 1/14/10:
IBM mentioned as one who slashed jobs yet was very profitable. -CDI_Drone-

Comment 1/13/10: To compliment Rick's question on Obama flip-flopping, can anyone show a single piece of legislation he is backing to seriously stop offshoring? What I've seen so far is typical politician lip service with no action. -Incognito-
Comment 1/13/10: No proof of Stim funds? check this: -old timer-

Comment 1/12/10: I seem to remember hearing our now president promise to put a lid on the loopholes that make it attractive to offshore American jobs? Then shortly after he was elected I saw a photo op with Obama and several CEO's including Sammy the sponge and I realized what a crock Obama's promises would become. Talk about giving the foxes keys to the hen house. Am I imagining this? Why aren't the American public protesting in the streets about this? Oh yea, I forgot, "The Superbowl", American Idol, Tiger, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton etc..... -Quimby-
Alliance reply: No, you are not imagining this. The question remains whether the President actually gave Sam P. any Stim funds at all.
We have no proof of that happening, so far. If you know of some articles that prove Obama has flip-flopped on the Offshoring thing; please post the link here.
The President did host a number of CEO's shortly after he took office. Sam P. was one of them. Check out this link to an interview I did for a blog about IBM's anti-american attitude toward it's US workers:
It has some YouTube videos at the bottom of the page that show Palmisano talking about stimulus money and IT jobs in the US.
BTW.. that same day, IBM had just fired 5,000 people in the US. This is plain hubris coming from Palmisano.
He's a LIAR!
Comment 1/12/10: To Pete Moss, I have been there, was told in November of 2008 that the China lab was going to help with the backload. In March I got my walking papers. Good luck, use your personal days soon, you do not get those in your severance -ClearCase Charlie-
Comment 1/11/10: I request my fellow IBMers in VT to contact their Senators about the job cuts /outsourcing. If the 2 powerful Senators from VT cannot help them in this democratic congress, then I see little hopes of help from our congress reps. -IBMERinSD-
Comment 1/11/10: Aren't many if not most of the Indians working at IBM in the US on L1 visas? As far as H1B holder being paid prevailing American wages, the three cases I know of, the visa holders were being paid about 1/3 less than regular employees. If employers were not saving money on this why would they bother? Everyone knows the 'shortage of skilled American engineers' is a total pile of bullshit. -Anon-
Alliance reply: Bravo! You've said it so well. It IS a total pile, that IBM has continued to add to since they began the offshoring project, waaaaay back in the 1990's. They got the 'bull market' and IBM US workers got the Bull....

Comment 1/11/10: We've started 'KT' with folks in India for work. We are being told the the offshore team is there to help up by taking some of the workload off our backs in order to free us up for other work. The first call today was attended by my manager. He asked many questions about specifics that should be included in the documentation. It's apparently my job is going away very soon. I would be able to deal with this a lot easier if mgmt just told us the truth. The lies are what is getting to me. -Pete Moss-
Comment 1/11/10: "If you can't spare any money, send emails to your Congress representatives."
It *MIGHT* educate them on the H1B issue but these elected stooges are the ones who allow the H1B program to stay around. Until Congress realizes that those people who elected them are those they should help and answer to rather than appeasing the corporate lobbyists NOTHING will happen. I suggest if you can't spare any money, how about signing a card saying you at least support the Alliance. BTW, what ever happened to the EFCA? I thought that was something the President and Congress wanted to pass. Oh, I just forgot what I just mentioned, pardon me: they don't care about the laborers, only the corporate lobbyists! -anonymous-
Comment 1/10/10: re: Flabbergasted Gotcha! The reason I said it looks low is because last time I was at IBM in xxxyyy city I probably saw at least a few hundred suspect H1B visa candidates just on that visit alone. -Quimby-
Comment 1/10/10: Look UP H1B Visa openings at IBM by state: -Anon-
Comment 1/09/10: re: "IBM # 4 on the list of top 25 companies with H-1B visas in 2009. IBM had 695, which looks a little low?"
H-1B visa employees must be paid the prevailing American wages, unlike the 50k IBM employees based in India. IBM now prefers to outsource to its own India sites rather than relying upon H-1B workers and/or 3rd party outsourcers like Wipro. IBM\'s massive transfer of jobs to BRIC countries end runs around the H-1B quota system, which is why we need new safeguards put into place. If everyone would make it their New Year's resolution to take some small action towards this goal, we could perhaps make some headway. I would recommend supporting Alliance as a member, an associate, or via a one-time contribution. Whatever you can afford. If you can't spare any money, send emails to your Congress representatives. Do something, though, as inaction is like slitting our own throats. -Flabbergasted-

Comment 1/08/10: IBM # 4 on the list of top 25 companies with H-1B visas in 2009. IBM had 695, which looks a little low? -Quimby-

Comment 1/07/10: Alliance: am I advocating people leave IBM instead "of fighting back and organizing"? heck yes. its all fine and dandy to push for organization and I sincerely hope that someday it happens.. although I have to admit I'm highly skeptical of that, too. mostly what I see out of IBM'ers is a sit and wait attitude towards their jobs and it's not changing, is it? are your numbers growing significantly? any closer to the dream today after 2+ years of IBM seriously raking its employees over the coals? most employees sit around secretly hoping that someday, when Sam retires the pendulum will swing back in their favor.. I loved working for that company but I have to say, I've since left for another large company that does treat its employees with respect, values talent and rewards it's employees. they're also honest and as the economy sank we were flat out told we could either forego all raises for a year or potentially face layoffs.. easy choice, not to say its all peachy, there's bad too but it's a lot easier to deal with.. you can fight and organize all you want but it wont solve the core of the problem, IBM's management is seriously broken. you can do better. -Jeff-
Alliance reply: You can't "hope that someday it happens." and then advocate to people, not to bother trying.. That makes no sense to me. If you truly hope for something, it is not idle hope. Taking action to make it happen, makes the 'hope' actually work. Those that get discouraged , like yourself, are not far away from actually choosing to fight. Do you think it will be a tough thing to do? Absolutely. Very tough. But, there are many of us that simply will not give up...regardless of the "IBM'ers sit and wait attitude towards their jobs". Why? Because that is EXACTLY what IBM wants to stop us from doing. There are thousands of IT workers, like yourself
, that are out of work. Very few of them were represented by a union contract. IT workers deserve to be considered worthy of written labor agreements. They are professionals and blue collar, alike. We outnumber management. It's time we all woke up to the fact that we have collective power, if we want to use it. Like I said.. it's doable...not easy, but doable.
Comment 1/07/10: My ex-IBMer friend told me this over the weekend - Job cuts happens at IBM in the following ways
(1) Sending positions on the established projects to offshore and eventually the US resource goes to bench..
(2) There is a term 'US Landed' - Here an offshore resource is brought on a long term to fill a position - happening now and will continue similar to stated in the article 'IBM Abandons US Workforce' - A concerned American worker -Anon-

Comment 1/06/10: IBM practices *resource actions* since forever ... now about every other month ... At least they haven't closed ... yet ... and haven't outsourced all available jobs ... yet. -Anonymous-
Comment 1/06/10: I don't doubt layoffs but the cited article is written at the level of a middle school newspaper article. Better sources please! -worrier-
Alliance reply: It is obvious, by now, that the article is highly suspect for several reasons; however, the warning it issues is valid, in a general sense. The possibility that IBM could raise the job cuts to those numbers is certainly a reasonable worry. ..and that's the point that we will continue to make: Organize and stop wasting your time worrying about losing your job. Do something. Start the process of talking about this with your co-workers, someway, somehow. It's that simple. Focus on gathering like-minded IBMers to become a force to be reckoned with. It is doable....not easy, but doable.
Comment 1/06/10: Hey -jeff,- yes, the article is PROBABLY exaggerrated and sheer hyperbole. BUT how 'bout if it is and comes true? What are folks doing now to prevent it from becoming true? I don't hear a bunch of USA IBMers demanding a contract to protect themselves from such a possible mass firing, correct? Now wouldn't that be a prudent action? A positive step in the right direction? -anonymous-
Comment 1/06/10:
Hat in hand, U.S. turns to India to create jobs Officials put aside anger over outsourcing to woo any company that’s hiring.
Comment 1/05/10: I'm hardly an IBM apologist as a former employee who was laid off in '07 but concerning that bizcovering article about IBM tripling it's layoffs for '10.. how trustworthy is the source there? the article isn't really well written, they don't cite anything about their sources and tripling what? 16k layoffs? IBM is going to hack away at 48k people this year? how many are left in NA total? I dunno, i'm a little skeptical. i'm sure ibm has grand plans to cut more people but sometimes, just because its been written down on a website doesn't necessarily make it true. btw, standard advice: leave ibm before they leave you -jeff-
Alliance reply: Ok. So to review: The article's numbers are probably false; but IBM will probably cut more people anyway,..and BTW.. to avoid losing your job, just quit IBM and don't bother fighting back by organizing and standing up for your job? Is that what you're advocating? Is this what you see as a solution that will ease IBMer minds, during a time of record unemployment? (nearly 20% in some states)
Comment 1/05/10: "$400 million worth of salaries and benefits" Fuzzy math would yield roughly 8000 or so folks are slated for an RA in 2010. That's sounds bout right. -anonymous-
Comment 1/04/10: re: BTW.. $400 million worth of salaries and benefits? That's quite a few people, no matter how you count.

Actually, $400M isn't that much at the executive level :) -anonymous-

Comment 1/04/10: IBM Triples US, Canada and Uk Layoffs in 2010 -Anonymous- (moved from general comments)
Comment 1/04/10: 500-1000 employees to be cut 1Q 10 at BTV plant. Deal to sell plant close to being announced. John DiToro to make announcement to press soon. -BTVer-
Comment 1/03/10: IBM job posting for an IMMIGRATION CASE MANAGER IN RTP -anonymous-

Comment 1/03/10: 1Q cuts are not new news...was flashed here long ago - Comment 11/09/09 8-10k USibm(BluePig) job cuts 1Q10, confirmed by two seperate people -Fact_Jack- -Fact_Jack2-