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Has the alliance considered a paypal link? An easier way for some people to pay you. Just a thought. I am happy to contribute and that would be an easy way for many people. -StillanIBMer-
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09/03/09: Alliance needs contact with ex-IBM employees who were RA'd while h1b visa worker remained.
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Comment 03/14/14: To Anonymous - PBC 1. I have a 1 PBC rating also. My manager stated at a dept mtg that we would be receiving the 6% between 3/15 and 4/15. In a meeting a few days ago, she mentioned that I would be getting that money. So I think it's still coming. Although I won't turn it down it certainly doesn't mean anything to me either. -Disillusioned-
Comment 03/14/14: "Me thinks tho dost protest too much." or is it "Qui s'excuse, s'accuse?"
(Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp has not relinquished its customers' data to the U.S. government and would challenge any orders to do so, the company said in a blog post on Friday.
The post by the world's largest technology service provider is the latest backlash by a tech company against U.S. electronic surveillance practices, after published reports on Wednesday that alleged the government used websites to break into computers.
"IBM has not provided client data to the NSA or any other government agency under any surveillance program involving the bulk collection of content or metadata," Robert Weber, IBM's senior vice president of legal and regulatory affairs, wrote in the blog post.
"If the U.S. government were to serve a national security order on IBM to obtain data from an enterprise client and impose a gag order that prohibits IBM from notifying that client, IBM will take appropriate steps to challenge the gag order through judicial action or other means," Weber said. -Anon-
Comment 03/14/14: "Morale is at an all time low at. Btv. Nigel, no raises, don't like your job, go flip burgers McDonald's. This from our site executive." @Joe
WTF??? Do they really think IBM jobs are so good, and there's no other better companies out there?? What a joke! It's more like: "don't like you job? ok, quit IBM for a better job at a better company for better pay and more future growth".
Comment 03/14/14: If I recall IBM used wiggle room last year when they shifted the payroll increase date when they also said regarding GDP pay out in 2014. "That it would be paid around April 1st". -anon-
Comment 03/14/14: Took the package last summer voluntarily after 37 years. Body was pretty much broken and the mind not far behind. However, after a 9 months of retirement I find the anger diminished considerably and the sky is now clear. No one should believe for a minute that management at the first or second level enjoys doing IBM's bidding. They need jobs like anyone else and will do as told like any other abused, terrified minion. In private conversations any manager will tell you how disgusted and sick it makes them. They don't get paid to destroy lives. No, I am not a retired manager, only a lowly CE from NY/NJ. You guys need to stop fearing organizing. I know people that are even afraid to go to this website for fear of reprisals. Stop stooping. Stand up , pay your dues and fight a bit. Sign your name too it is much more effective than something as clever as 'anon'. IBM need to maintain a critical mass of employees in order to fulfill contracts and in many geographies will soon learn the people they counted on do not want to work given the prevailing conditions. It will be at this point that upper management may realize their arrogance and in some small way perform an act of contrition. As an afterthought, when you do retire, consider taking the lump sum because as things seem to be going, IBM may not be able to meet their pension commitments unless someone with a vision and guts takes the helm. Burning, slashing, and terrorizing won't cut it forever. Good luck to you all. -Chris s/n 823964-
Comment 03/14/14: >
"People who have received such undeserved 3 appraisals, unsupported by management, need to organize and report this to the media."
Oh, please. The corporate media doesn't care. Why would you think they care? They've slept through the dismantling of unions and middle-class jobs for decades, and you think they're going to sit up and change habits for some white-collar IT workers who feel they were given unfair assessments? No one else but you, and perhaps some of your fellow IBMers, cares. And judging by the lack of employees joining this union, not many of your fellows care either.
Alliance reply: It is true that the MSM does not seem too concerned enough to highlight the troubles of IBM workers in the US. However, Alliance@IBM's profile continues to become more prominent, globally and many media outlets, other than "main stream" are paying attention. There is also an increase in IBMers joining Alliance, lately. It's not a huge amount and it isn't enough to call for a vote; but the activity suggests hope, that IBMers are realizing that the only way to have their voice heard, and the best way to fight back, is to organize in a large group of IBM workers that will not be ignored any longer.
BTW.. Thank you for continuing to send comments to this board. We appreciate your long term support of our efforts to advocate and organize for IBM US workers, -irRational-, in a most rational way.

Comment 03/14/14: I 'work' for IBM to get a paycheck, nothing more, anymore. Resume has been sent out for months and if one day someone shows interest in a 'seasoned' IBMer, I'll become an exIBMer, gladly. To other IBMers.. Do NOT stay at IBM for the future, stay only for the present (paycheck). -Employee#12345-
Comment 03/14/14: -StorageDude- STG can still "sell" NetApp but rep wont get paid. Why bother? You ask the future of IBM Storage? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out... Maybe someone from the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering can help? It's only a matter of time before Storage is sold off to Lenovo. Not convinced? Look where the manufacturing if being shifted to... CHINA! -OutaHere!-
Comment 03/14/14: Well I guess it's official, no sign of the promised 6% for"Top Performers" - PBC 1. Don't really see the point of PBC at this point. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/14/14: I'm rating Mrs. Virginia Rometty-Nicosia: She is PBC 3. She is on a 60 day improvement plan and better not be "distracted"! -Warren's_friend_in_IBM_HR-
Comment 03/14/14: "Your commissions due would not be included in your severance package, but IBM must pay them!"
Thanks for the info. I hate IBM (I've Been Mislead)! I made hundreds of thousands last year for this company as a IBMer marketeer and then they RA me which is bad enough and now have me to grovel for my hard earned commissions? I'm taking a deep breath and then I am going after IBM for my hard earned work (my commission they (IBM)promised). This company is run by BLUE penny pinching rich devils! IBM is pure evil. PLEASE anyone on the fence, join the union before it is too late.
Comment 03/14/14: I believe the union-mgmt discussion to be an interesting and valuable one. The CWA 7777 "WhatAboutUnionDues" resource contained much information I had not fully considered. I wonder about the size/scope of effort(s) involved with IBM negotiations, however. Just the legal involvement(s) by themselves might approach 12+ months and literally millions of dollars in professional representation. Is it the intent that CWA 1701 would somehow front these expenses until such time as an agreement (with accompanying member-dues) was reached? Or that legal counsel retained might agree to some sort of multi-year contingency deal where they were fully compensated after successful settlement was achieved? These aren't reasons NOT to do something, merely front-loaded costs that should be factored into overall consideration. -SimpleMath-
Alliance reply: Before negotiations take place there needs to be a union election at the appropriate bargaining unit. Then a negotiating committee made up of employees and CWA staff hammer out a contract. These costs are bore by CWA national.

Comment 03/14/14: What's next IBM? Another incestuous stock buyback or another round of RAs before stockholder's meeting? I say both. LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD. -trexibmer-
Comment 03/14/14: Damning article in Fortune today.
FORTUNE -- For years, IBM (IBM) was that rare tech giant: beloved by investors despite sluggish revenue growth. That was because the company was as determined as it was clever about ratcheting up its earnings-per-share figure. But two years into Ginni Rometty's tenure as CEO, the company faces a double dilemma: Revenue is shrinking while the company is having trouble hitting its ambitious EPS targets. roadmap vowed $10 EPS by 2010 and reached that figure a year early. But this time some are wondering how the company will get there. Including IBM. In the company's annual report released this week, Rometty wrote in a letter to shareholders that "our performance did not meet our expectations" as revenue and operating income both declined in 2013. Yet IBM is determined to reach that $20 EPS goal in any way it can. Some analysts have suggested the company has so many levers to pull in driving earnings per share higher, like aggressive buybacks and layoffs, that the roadmap has lost relevance. IBM beat the Street's profit forecast last quarter, for example, largely because of lower taxes. This year, it will be aided by the $2.3 billion sale of its server business to Lenovo. -anonymous-

Comment 03/14/14: Keep in mind that the description for a PBC 2 does not mention anything about being relative to anyone else. If you're ranked lower than a 2, then ask your manager which part of the description below you failed to live up to:
2 Solid contributor
Consistently meets job responsibilities; is reliable in doing job; demonstrates appropriate level of knowledge, skill, effectiveness and initiative.
Comment 03/14/14: My PBC 3 rating was *far* more devastating than being RA'd. I could have stomached being let go with a good rating, accompanied by a reasonable description of shift in business priorities. But I will never forgive the bozo who told me I was "distracted" and not a significant contributor after a year in which I contributed more than in several years prior. What a pathetically cowardly way to accomplish what real leadership would with honesty and genuine good business conduct character. -the-king-of-distraction-
Comment 03/14/14: My sympathy goes out to all the affected IBM'ers during the latest RA's and thus, I thought I?d share my own story. After 15 years with the company, I left voluntarily in 2011 because I saw the writing on the wall - the yearly RA's, excessive focus on curbing employee cost, etc. And all this despite record company profits! By the end of my time, I just didn't want to be part of it anymore. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. As echoed in previous comments, you can do better after IBM- better salary, work/life balance, opportunities, and just having more fun when you work at places where people don't just see you as a number (or a Green Dot!). I know its scary - it was for me, but now I wonder why I didn't leave earlier!
To those who want to stay at IBM, I hope you can play a part in making it a great American company again. But in my opinion, that will never happen due to current mgmt. obsession with pleasing Wall Street. The only way to turn it around is for the employees to 'take the company back'. And that cannot happen without an organized effort. In the past, there was no need to organize. Mgmt 'could' still screw you, but they didn't because of company culture(respect for the individual, etc). Now, the culture has clearly changed and not only 'can' they screw you, but they are doing it every year. There needs to be check and balance and the Alliance appears to be the only group setup to organize and provide a voice for workers to have a say in the direction of the company and the welfare of its employees.
Finally, I will admit ? I viewed this site for years but never contributed. I was always on the fence about the Alliance, but looking back, I realize, it was the only way to get a good source of information, especially when you work from home. So, please accept my donation as a small re-payment for all those years of keeping me informed. And keep fighting the good fight!
Comment 03/14/14: Word has it that sales rep on STG and S&D are not being credited for nSeries products anymore. Is that true? What does it says about IBM-NetApp relationship and the future of IBM Storage? Is this part of IBM strategy to get rid of mid-size storage business as well? -StorageDude-
Comment 03/14/14: PBC means nothing to IBM management. It is all determine by headcount at the beginning of the year for the number of RA in a given department. Age is the major consideration
for RAs. Without a union IBM will continue this age discrimination practice. Join the union. -ANA-

Comment 03/14/14: If we did go union how much are union dues?? This seems to be a big issue with people I talk with -unhappy @BTV-
Alliance reply: Please review this PDF file for an explanation regarding union dues:

Comment 03/14/14: Morale is at an alltime low at. Btv. Nigel, no raises, don't like your job, go flip burgers McDonald's. This from our site executive. -Joe-
Comment 03/14/14: Except from the 2013 annual report: "Secondly, even with these additional capabilities, the company recognizes that the size of the Power platform will not return to prior revenue levels. The company will take action by right-sizing the business for the demand characteristics it expects." -Dropping the M-
Comment 03/14/14: Documents: State-IBM jobs agreement forged in 2013, not 2014.
The agreement between IBM and the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering calling on the company to retain 3,100 jobs in New York through 2016 was signed last June.
But Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not announce the deal until Feb. 24, just days before IBM announced sweeping layoffs companywide. The job cuts were widely rumored to be in the works and were expected to hit IBM?s facilities in the Hudson Valley, but never materialized following Cuomo's announcement.
"It is extremely odd that it was inked in June but announced in February," said Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, R-Fishkill, whose district includes residents employed at IBM's facilities in Dutchess County. "That is very strange to me."
The agreement requires IBM to retain 2,350 jobs in the Capital Region, East Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, Yorktown Heights and Utica, along with a net increase of 750 jobs. The job commitments from IBM were tied to a $55 million state investment announced the same day between IBM and the state for the company to add 500 jobs in Buffalo at the Buffalo IT Innovation and Commercialization Hub. That agreement was signed in September and IBM so far is the only tenant at the hub.
"The job agreement was contingent on the nano deal in Buffalo," said Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi in an email. "The Buffalo agreement was signed in September, but had to be approved by IBM's board. The announcement was made when the deal was final."
Comment 03/14/14: To DGC, if you and the other Indian employees feel that strongly about it, you should take it up directly with your government. That might actually achieve something. I fail to understand how complaining about it here would compel the Indian government to take any action. -anon-
Comment 03/13/14: Managers are being FORCED to give a quota of PBC 3 appraisals. This is wrong since a PBC 3 carries an implication of poor performance and even results in a performance improvement plan and possible termination without severance. It is a damning appraisal, regardless of what BS you're told. IBM is avoiding severance packages (and hoping to encourage attrition) through the PBC 3 quotas, and it is absolutely unethical and unfair. People who have received such undeserved 3 appraisals, unsupported by management, need to organize and report this to the media. I've shared IBM's scheme with friends in IT outside of IBM, and they are shocked that IBM has stooped to this slimy level of unethical behavior. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/13/14: Year after year people come here and complain about their PBC yet do nothing to fight it. A union contract would change how this evaluation works. Why do you all just moan and not do anything? Why do you just put up with the abuse? It boggles the mind. -anon-
Alliance reply: Alliance agrees with you. Our mission has been to organize IBM US workers AND to be an advocate for them. IBM US workers have no other options to STOP the abuse by IBM. IBM will continue to abuse their own workers until the workers decide to stand up and fight. That can't come too soon, from our view.

Comment 03/13/14: To -Liberated- fighting pbc3, I went from 2+ for many years, got new manager for two months downgraded me to a 2 and then the next year to a 3, that after 35 years. This year back to a 2, it does not matter what they rate you at. No raise, no variable pay bonus, a 4 and a 2 look exactly the same, and it's all bogus anyway. It doesn't matter how good you are, they rate you according to your butt kissing ability. -pbc3b4-
Comment 03/13/14: To -market_this_IBM- : Your commissions due would not be included in your severance package, but IBM must pay them! When I left IBM on my own last year, it took two months but IBM did finally pay all commissions owed to me. Document what you are owed and send an email with those details to your manager, for documentation in case the commissions aren't paid. I kept detailed records of my revenue numbers, just in case there was a problem with my commissions. -FreeFromIBM-
Comment 03/13/14: To Anonymous' comment on 3/13/14 about fighting a PBC 3?....You may as well try fighting it you have nothing left to lose at this point..I was a 2+ and was mysteriously "distracted" to a 3 rating..and laid-off 9/2013. I was actually bullied at work by a team lead who systematically character assassinated me. My first line knew, my second line knew, HR knew "it was a mess, no one cared". This is IBM. Fighting the 3 at least made me feel like I went out fighting, but the closure some people are seeking I do not think will ever come when you are let go after 38 years of exemplary service, you never get over how IBM has treated you when you gave them so much of your life.. -ANONYMOUS-
Alliance reply: This is why Alliance has been fighting for and trying to get US IBMers to organize, so that having a contract proactively sets the rules by which any IBM employee would be let go.
Comment 03/13/14: Re: fighting PBC 3: My manager also told me he was forced to give me the 3. I wasn't going to fight it (waste of time) but I did include some very pithy comments when I signed it (at the very last minute, might as well make the manager squirm). That was a Friday afternoon. On Sunday afternoon my 2nd line had sent me an email and scheduled a 1-1 so I got my open door anyway. He seemed surprised to hear that my manager told me he was forced to give the 3 to me specifically. He "said" he would investigate but the number didn't get changed. He told me that it was "relative contribution" not whether or not I was a good employee and it should not affect my future. Oh, really? If I try to get a different job in IBM, there is NO manager that is going to even consider hiring me after seeing that 3! I didn't get tagged for the RA this time so now I'm in for another few months of trying to pretend that I actually care about this job... because if I get another 3 they will use it to reduce the severance that I've EARNED. p*ss on you, IBM! -BoulderAnon-
Comment 03/13/14: Job cuts in Bromont - Canada today ! Another sad day for ibmers. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/12/14: @hmmmmm PBCs -- are (alas) alive and well - my manager has said that first drafts must be in the system by March 31. -15yearsandcounting-
Comment 03/12/14: One year no TCR and 3 months of stolen MBA, this year no GDP... I can not imagine any other company having such highhanded performance compensation. Well, the lucky side of the story is that Q1 performance will be driven by our "motivation". :o) -Oliverro-
Comment 03/12/14: The RA plan has not been thought out well. An example is the ISC RA where all level 6 US based AR CSR's have been offshored to Mexico or Amalgamanted collection agency. The offer at Amalgamated is $35K annual with no benefits. Taking this offer would not violate the package and RA payments would still be made. Most if not all current IBMERs in AR are not taking this as it is more than insulting. Due to this, those remaining have no direction or understanding of what will be expected of them moving forward. It's mid March with quarter close. IBM's cash position will suffer and may never recover. We used to take pride in our cash collection teams - no more! Others are being asked to mentor their peers in Mexico. Reminds me of an old western movie - two men, one with a shovel, the other with a gun. Clearly the man with the shovel is digging his own grave. Ridiculous! -Really?-
Comment 03/12/14: Indian government and labor laws should revoke IBMs license to operate and slap a huge penalty for violation of labour laws. Those still sitting on their backsides and being rewarded for their faliures are "Aunty" head or tail of the company, a joker who is called head of comm sector. Got this role because his predessor fled to join a client where he is reduced to a glorified postman. And a few band 10s whom heaven knows how they got into IBM in the first place.. oh actually they came in through influence of the chap who left. All in all a shit company inside and outside. To all the CTO, CFO and other stakeholders of companies out there that have engaged IBM. If you believe you will get quality service. Think again. Terminate your SO and take charge before IBM screws you all over. -DGC-
Comment 03/12/14: -dun-4- I started my management career back in the early 80's and as a 08 at the time was given a few stock options. This continued yearly until the mid 90's . I would also work with my management team and provide my high performers with stock options as long as I could. After 2000 I hadn't heard of any options given to the lower bands. So it was done in the past. -lastdino1-
Comment 03/12/14: this is not a right time to work in IBM. Only safe business is sterling commerce. People are safe there, they r enjoying the personal life without going to office and without taking the transfer. no one is asking about them. Good job IBM. Keep it up. Who all are working you hv given the peanuts and other are enjoying. best of luck. Now good people will leave the IBM. Now you will having only avg people. -abc-
Comment 03/12/14: Anyone had any luck successfully applying for an open internal position after being RA'd? -PBC2-
Have you read the comments in the comment section, and/or the Archived comments from other visitors yet? Have you taken a look at the many features of the Alliance@IBM web site in the "Menu" section and searched for some answers BEFORE you sent your comment? The Alliance@IBM web site provides many answers to questions that have already been asked and answered by Alliance staff, members and former visitors, in the past.

Comment 03/11/14: I am a band 9 that was RAed. I received stock options about 10 years ago. As far as those shares of stock that we are suppose to get in 2015, Ginni got about 70,000 shares a $0 on Feb 1!!!!! Do the math... 13000 x 7 shares..Yeah the execs got no pay increase, but they have secretly lined their greedy pockets with no cost shares. Explain that one Ginni!!!! Such a hypocrite -Well-
Comment 03/11/14: I don't have high long term prospects for a company whose management is loathed by its employees. When your employees call you pigs, it cannot be good long term. I might be wrong. I recall TJ Watson Jr. loved his people and they him. Have you ever read his quotes? Current management is a 180 degree turn from his style. -TJ-

Comment 03/11/14: Another set of layoffs coming on 14th march... attention: brazilian ibmers!!! share here any updates! -lindomar-
Comment 03/11/14: Why I'm Still Blue On Big Blue. IBM continues to underperform the market, despite funneling cash flow into buybacks and dividends. Its software business has grown into a mess of revenue streams and moving the needle via acquisitions is becoming less of a reality. Big Blue continues to lose market share in databases, app server software and process automation, and it trades at a valuation that's already generous. Over the last couple of years, IBM (IBM) shares have notably underperformed, declining while the market has grown. Investors have been disappointed by the fall in revenues, with the short-term outlook being less than exciting. The nature of its business has been changing quickly and it is attempting to downplay its now low margin hardware business, while focusing more on higher margin businesses, such as software and the cloud. Management has been doing its best to create value for investors by paying out a majority of its cash flow via dividend payments and share buybacks. I'd argue that the quality of its earnings is questionable as earnings growth has been driven by tax rates and share buybacks rather than genuine revenue growth. -Anon-

Comment 03/11/14: To -dun-4- Yes it is true about band 8 and 9s and even lower receiving stock options. This happened a few years back with a group of relatively new starters and was meant as an incentive to keep them. Unfortunately (?) I missed out too. -OnThinIce-
Comment 03/11/14: We have to stand up (not behind) those in IBM China that lost their IBM job in IBM China for standing up to IBM abuses! Show some solidarity! Some way, some how. Let's do it NOW! This is a GLOBAL problem with IBM! -IBM UnionYES-
Comment 03/11/14: This Big IBM Bet Doesn't Deserve a Pass
Despite persistent revenue declines over the past couple of years, the Street has always had a love-affair with IBM. Even though management has wasted well over $16 billion in acquisitions the past couple of year in search of growth, none has been found.
Although IBM produces strong cash flow and above-average return on equity, the stock has lost roughly 20% of its value in the past nine months. Investors have demanded better. Recently, CEO Ginni Rometty insisted that the company is not exiting hardware. Yet this affirmation comes on the heels of IBM's decision to sell the x86 computer server business to Lenovo.
Sure, IBM did well in the deal, which secured $2.3 billion. I will credit Rometty for successfully monetizing a business the company no longer cared to pursue. But cash has never been the issue for this company. The problem has been growth. And the server business was a strong profit producer.
The Street has applauded the decision. But that's only because it comes with 25% reduction in IBM's workforce, most of which will be shed from the company's hardware division. When has that ever been good news? The company called it "rebalancing its workforce" so that it can better focus on its new priorities including analytics, cloud and cognitive computing.
Comment 03/11/14: Why doesn't my RA package reflect age distribution detail anymore - isn't this a reqmt under OWBPA? -Anita Job-
Alliance reply: This has been discussed quite a bit in this comment section as well as in articles on our main page.
Clearly IBM is suppressing and hiding not just age date, but numbers cut and their divisions.

Comment 03/11/14: To Anon: What are you talking about? Band 8 and 9s getting stock options. I've been working here for 29 years and NEVER received any sort of perk such as stock options. The only think I got was that 1k in stock (which every other peon in the company received on the centennial anniversary of IBM). I do not think I will ever see those stocks as I am anticipating being RA-ed before that date. Those stocks were just another carrot dangled in front of all the ibmers, but will never be seen. Did anyone thing what happens to the stock options if you are RA-ed before maturity? I am willing to bet that the executives will receive those stock options as another bonus for a good job. Just wait and see - those stocks that you think you are getting will be lining the executives pockets soon enough, and the ibmers across the globe, will be filing unemployment claims instead! IBM gives one thing with one hand and takes two away with the other hand. REMEMBER THAT! -dun-4-
Comment 03/11/14: -Everyone and their dog is a Vice President!- When Gerstner was hired I had nine levels of management. By the time he retired I was down to five. When I retired in 2010 there were eleven. The only thing I can come up with is the current batch of executives watched"This is Spinal Tap" one too many times and hire Nigel Tufnel as their management consultant. For thos unaware Nigel had his amps silk screened to go to eleven which is one louder than ten. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 03/11/14:
Top executives gave up annual bonuses, and IBM announced layoffs for the first time in 10 years. Rometty reaffirmed IBM's goal of $20 a share in adjusted earnings by 2015,up from $11.67 in 2010. First layoff in 10 years??? What was the thousands of IBMers in USA let go in 2009? Or the ones let go from last year? That was not a layoff??? LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD.
Comment 03/11/14: Lenovo to inherit half-empty IBM factory as workers quit Lenovo will inherit a half-empty Chinese factory as part of its planned $2.3bn acquisition of IBM's low-end server business, according to striking workers at the facility and a labour lawyer who said more than half of them had decided to take severance. Their decision to leave came after IBM fired as many as 20 workers who objected to the terms of their transfer to the Chinese computer company, which announced in January that it would buy out the US tech company's x86 server business. -Anon-
Comment 03/11/14: IBM is spending, but is it enough to buy the cloud? Summary: Big Blue appears set on a dual strategy to offload hardware businesses as quickly as possible, while snapping up software and cloud companies with equal speed.
Comment 03/11/14: -Anonymous- you don't get a financial statement if that is what you are expecting. You just get the package statement about "X weeks of pay for every 6 mos of service". You can calculate what that dollar amount is yourself. You will receive a separate check for unused vacation. The "X weeks of pay for previous years Service" is deemed a "settlement", rather than an advance on pay. That means it will be taxed somewhat differently than is your pay, and I think you need to make arrangements on taxes associated with the payments - either IBM will withhold the tax, or you may have to make the tax payments to state/feds yourself. Check with your accountant on this.
You continue to have health insurance coverage from IBM per their statement about subsidized coverage based on years of service BUT you have to pay IBM directly for that coverage. They will bill you, and you send in a check. You can call Employee Services to find out what that monthly charge will be. After your eligibility for subsidized coverage ends you can continue purchasing insurance from IBM at the unsubsidized rate. (By the way - your Dental insurance is not subsidized after separation. You have to pay the unsubsidized rate for that immediately upon separation. Also - if you are contributing to a Health Care Reimbursement Account - you can only apply charges for expenses incurred prior to separation. You cannot use that account for post-separation expenses).
This is something you need to check on right away. If you don't have access to a health insurance plan adviser, I urge you to immediately check in with the provided placement firm (Right Management??) and ask for a referral to the health insurance advisory firm. It may be the case that you should drop IBM's subsidized coverage and enroll in a new plan immediately. Otherwise, at the end of your subsidized coverage you will be unable to join a new plan and you will be locked into paying the unsubsidized IBM rate.
Comment 03/11/14: In a non Lenovo impacted division. It's almost middle of March and we've not received any exhortations from management to groups and departments about doing our 2014 PBC? PBC's gone bye bye? -Hmmm-
Comment 03/11/14: "Bands 8 and 9 give them just enough stock options to shut their mouths."
Partly true, but not toally. But you overall point is well taken, One of 700!. Some got stock options if they were hired during the internet bubble but most don't get them at all, maybe unless they are management. Band 8 and 9 and especially 10 usually are more politically astute, have some folks that look out for them (in middle management sure helps), and know how the IBM elephant operates. BUT it doesn't stop them getting RAed. In fact, they are probably now "caught in the middle" and are real targets due to their salary costs. LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD -Anon-

Comment 03/11/14:

Ten workers reportedly sacked in IBM China strike Summary: Workers continue to press for higher compensation as protests go into their ninth day over the IBM-Lenovo server deal. -Terminator-

Comment 03/11/14: IBM fires striking workers in China. Lenovo says - not our problem. In a statement on Monday, Lenovo pointed out that it still hasn't taken over the relevant business "regulatory hurdles still stand in the way" and therefore "the strike at the IBM server factory in Shenzhen is the internal matter for IBM.?"
"To ensure a smooth transition Lenovo is committed to provide opportunity for all employees from IBM?s x86 server department who transfer to Lenovo, without any reduction of their wages and benefits" the Chinese manufacturer insisted.
However, the 5-day-old strike continues. Per Reuters' analysis, this is partly the result of a growing labor shortage in China, which is "emboldening" workers to stand up for their rights - and no doubt spurring on manufacturing outfits like Foxconn to cozy up to Google for its nascent factory-automating robotics efforts.
Workers at a nearby Nokia plant also downed tools last November, in protest at the terms of the sale of Nokia's handset business to Microsoft.
IBM itself isn't budging. According to a Tuesday report in the Shanghai Daily, the company has fired 20 of the protestors for "disobeying company orders, absence without leave and gathering together during work times."
Comment 03/10/14: Cloud, Big Data, Analytics "we are not exiting hardware". Hmmmm..... no more outsourcing? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/10/14: "IBM bets the farm on big data in annual report"
IBM betting the farm on big data and cloud is chasing the market. IBM should be leading innovation. Unfortunately IBM big data is just repackaged version of open source offerings. There are better, more creative competitors that innovate - HortonWorks/Cloudera/MapR with fire in their bellies. IBM overprices and sells to unsuspecting customers for 90% margins. This is not sustainable. As for cloud: Amazon innovates and drives costs down. It passes the savings on to customers. IBM drives cost down for itself by employing third world labour but charges first world prices to customer and keeps difference. This profit is not reinvested back into its employees but is likely divided and distributed to shareholders and management.
IBM will not survive long with employees that seem to distrust and despise management and is paralysed in fear of being made redundant and lied to. IBM also lacks founder's drive and fire. Watson's are long gone and have been replaced with management with no vision and is likely busy enriching themselves. Only a whole sale management change will work. These are only my opinions and is not that of IBM. -tg-

Comment 03/10/14: IBM's silence on numbers of job cuts speaks volumes. Their refusal to release numbers and the amount of highly read news articles shows that the Alliance has a voice. IBM is cutting it's loses, basically they bet on a horse in kentucky Derby, lost, then had a meeting and the decision was to cut more meat and bone off to make the vehicle lighter, with no clue they are no longer cutting fat. At this point after 7 quarters of reduced revenue and many statements about cloud and analytics which they are woefully behind on and overpriced in the market. They will continue to fail. Bleeding? Cut off the bleeding leg, so now how will you stand? The executives cashing in shares shows they are packing their golden parachutes. hey, if I was an executive on a sinking ship, I'd be kicking off stowage to line my boat. IBM is quickly becoming the "texas Instruments" Glad I was laid off when I was, anyone still staying, , no raises, no bonus, PBC numbers artificially lowered to meet their expectations. You deserve better than that. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/10/14: I looked at my so-called Report to chain in Blue Pages, and noticed that there are 11 levels between me and Big Grandma. Assuming each manager manages 10 people, there are more employees in IBM than the planet's population!
I also saw that there are about 5 "Vice Presidents" in the Report to chain. A VP reporting to a VP, who in turn reports to another VP and so on.. Talk about Smarter Planet, would you now, Ginny? Why do you need so many Vice Presidents? If you cannot clearly provide a job title, you most certainly cannot justify their existence in the company, so why not get rid of some of those Vice Presidents instead of the Band 6-10 employees?
-Everyone and their dog is a Vice President!-
Comment 03/10/14: One of 700 is 100% correct. -Anon-
Comment 03/10/14: "You do realize that the sole reason for a public company to exist is to return value to its stockholders?"
That is the current business theory that a lot of corporate finance types subscribe to, but it's only partly true. A business needs to do something that customers think is worth spending their money on. They need to have employees who care about what the company does so they can make the best products. It's a three-legged stool - no one leg is more important than the other. Unfortunately, the stockholder-value fetish is driving companies to make bad decisions about their employees. I was RA'd in 2011 and am so glad to be out of that crappy environment. I'm now working at a company that understands this. If you're unhappy either change your environment or get out. Don't wait for them to push you out. -Ex-Research RA-

Comment 03/10/14: From the IBM Essex Junction/Burlington site legal posting board. OSHA ?Summary of Work Related Injuries? form for year 2013: Annual average number of employees = 3,731 dated 1/14/2014 -IBMnumbers-
Comment 03/10/14: In the last week IBM has been promoting its Master the Mainframe championship. I have seen many IBM generated PR pieces on this topic. So, IBM wants college students to invest in the mainframe but, at the same time, is divesting itself of these same skills. Of course, college students will never pick up on the hypocrisy of IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/10/14: IBM bets the farm on big data in annual report Hardware and chip research stay, servers and storage 'shift' to Linux and pastures new. IBM is utterly focused on big data and analytics as its future growth engines, according to its annual report published over the weekend. But the company has hedged a little on the future of its semiconductor and hardware businesses.
“But let me be clear—we are not exiting hardware,”
Rometty adds. "IBM will remain a leader in high-performance and high-end systems, storage and cognitive computing, and we will continue to invest in R&D for advanced semiconductor technology.”
Just what is meant by continuing to invest in semiconductors isn't explained, which may keep eyebrows raised after recent rumours suggested Big Blue would offload its chip business. The phrase "continue to invest" does not rule out a sale and ongoing joint research engagement. -Anon-

Comment 03/10/14: I agree with Anonymous. IBM does not want to employ you. They are not addressing or fixing issues. And they couldn't care less about you. The greedy execs have been very successful in breaking up IBM into segmented groups. Bands 1-7 let them eat cake. Bands 8 and 9 give them just enough stock options to shut their mouths. 1st and 2nd line Managers do as Executive Management tells you no matter how offensive or morally wrong it might be. Executive Management is Gordon Gecko on Steroids. Greed is good and anything that gets in the way just bull doze it. 5 year planning LOL. 32 years with company , took the transition program, couldn't stomach the company anymore. Good luck to all that are left. Good god what are you waiting for. UNIONIZE!!! -One of 700-
Comment 03/09/14: To -IBMPIGS- Although the exec's sell off their stock and direct buy backs there is nothing illegal about it . Maybe unethical but then again there is no ethics in the business world. So they will continue to do this as long as it is legal. -lastdino1-
Comment 03/09/14: -IBMpigs- I don't disagree with what you are saying, and I think the leaders of IBM have lost their minds personally, but I was just responding to a prior post that said IBM should stop listening to shareholders and just worry about customers and employees. Just putting things in perspective. So far the market has put up with IBM leaders because they are giving them a return. But they are doing it by self cannibalization.... eating itself. Eventually it will run out of self to eat and will be left as a hull of what once was. Then the house of cards will fall and the shareholders will sell. -GotOutIn13-
Comment 03/09/14: Jobs are being cut also in Europe, it is not only in the US. India and China employees are being let go too. In few weeks, I will be finally gone from the place I used to love so much. After 6.5 years. There is no future there. -snowbunny-
Comment 03/09/14: I got RA'ed March 31st. I got my packet from IBM and the separation agreement paper. but. No where did the list my severance pay or when i will receive it. Does any one have any information on how this procedure works. Please I need to know. My wife is very ill. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/09/14: OSHA requires all employers to list accidents at each work location every year. IBM is required to do this for its work sites too. At IBM Rochester this OSHA accident notice is placed on the wall by the cafeteria entrance. The OSHA form also lists total number of workers employed at the work site. For IBM Rochester the 2013 form says 3,200 workers. To find out US employment counts someone at each IBM US location should post the number of workers. I am sure after the RA the number will be less. I will look for the 2014 notice and post the results here. -Anonymous-active employee-
Comment 03/09/14: "The 'good' news is that this isn't about outsourcing to .."
It does not matter to me where they are outsourcing; outsourcing is bad to the US job market. Americans are struggling to find jobs to feed their families. -john-

Comment 03/09/14: Reuters has reported this today, but it is about what happened earlier this month. Great article. I didn't see it put here, so take a look:
It seems that the Chinese are upset with more companies than just IBM... -IBM_workers_unite!-

Comment 03/09/14: What will the future IBM look like and how will it effect current employees and investors. Cloud services will replace most if not all current standalone HW and SW offerings. Financial services to fund HW and SW will disappear because cloud services are ongoing annuities that do not require financing. Cloud apps like big data and Watson will increase and be a service like cloud itself but at a premium rates. Current mainframes, Power, etc will be replaced with commodity platform specific cloud services. Outsourcing of datacenter operations will not be needed anymore due to the nature of the cloud.
Consulting will realign to providing cloud and how to migrate to it from current data center models taking the best of both models with private and hybrid cloud service models.
So the future IBM will only have three main silos; cloud services, consulting, and cloud apps all mostly commodity prices with little opportunity for differentiation other than cloud apps.
Of the current 400k + IBM headcount do you think will be required. If you go through the current headcount by silo you will see its much less than 100k at best. For investors its mostly commodity services with little room for previous IBM high margin differentiation.
No matter if you are an employee or investor the future of IBM is bleak to say the least and full of RAs and more financial disappointments that 2014 will provide a glimpse of that future...
Comment 03/09/14: I was RA'd at nearly 40 years. I had my time and it was time to go. But what still pisses my off is how Management just delivered the RA notice and made no effort to thank me for my years of service and my dedicated effort. Nope, you're just expendable, give me your badge. I now hope IBM sinks to oblivion. Worst management in corporate history. I am ashamed that I ever was associated with this company. Will never admit to working there. -IBM Management Sucks-
Comment 03/08/14: The 'good' news is that this isn't about outsourcing to India this time. They are getting slashed and burned too. Maybe their jobs are being outsourced to .... China? If it's cheaper it must be better right? Quality isn't important, until the customers wake up -anonymous-
Comment 03/08/14: "You do realize that the sole reason for a public company to exist is to return value to its stockholders?"
Sure I do! But when IBM executives that are SEC insiders can become multimillionaire shareholders themselves and the decisions they make are self serving and incestuous does not lead at all times to the best interests of ALL stockholders, individual and institutional.
There was a sound reason why Watson Sr. and Jr. did not go over the top with stock grants to themselves or executive team ('..we don't want to look like pigs..').
You cannot tell me all these IBM executives who get stock options and stock awards today don't have vital financial and business information that can swing shareholder prices. When they authorize a stock buyback they become even more pig greedy rich themselves. One can wonder if they always have the best interest of the corporation at heart based on a merry-go-round of RAs and business direction.
So if IBM's BOD and executives don't return value to the shareholder who will truly be blamed and who will lose out the most? -IBMpigs-
Comment 03/08/14: According to the NC employment security commission you can receive your benefits (max $350 per week) before your severance runs out if you are taking a course from an institution of higher learning. NC has 19 weeks of unemployment and does not participate in the federal extension of benefits. Does anyone know what the total number of those laid off in the March round? -GAR-
Comment 03/08/14: Yes, when times are good, IBM will continue to outsource and RA, and when times are bad, they will accelerate the effort to outsource and RA. There is no escape for the American IBMer. The resulting toxic and demoralizing working environment is a deliberate act by IBM to encourage attrition. They do not want to employ us here. If you are feeling unwanted, it's because you absolutely are unwanted. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/07/14: STG Storage Techline laid off at least 7 specialists from the US & Canadian team. Roughly 50% of the team so far. -anon-
Comment 03/07/14: "but because of IBM global downsizing (basically outsourcing my job to India"
Yes this is the main problem outsourcing of jobs, it has nothing to do with performance as my manager said -John-

Comment 03/07/14: -Gone in '98- You do realize that the sole reason for a public company to exist is to return value to its stockholders? If they could get a better return in some other investment, their would be no company. Now most investors are in for the long term, and for that reason they care greatly about the management of the company, treatment of employees and customers. You can't keep generating return the way IBM is proceeding so eventually the stockholders will pull away. For a private company, this isn't an issue, and this is why Michael Dell wanted to take Dell private. -GotOutIn13-
Comment 03/07/14: -Anonymous- asked "Can I request/demand an RA package?" There is no mechanism for you to demand an RA, no matter how many years you've been at IBM. You can ask your manager for an RA (that's what worked for me) but the response varies with each manager; and even if your manager does agree, you might have to wait years for the next RA to hit your group. -Gorya-
Comment 03/07/14: 30 year guy I talked to an old co-worker last week who had 39 years. He said he went to his manager back in late Jan. and told him he would save a co-worker if they would RA him so he could retire. They gave him the RA package last week and he is happy and gone. It can be done if you have a good relationship with your manager. PBC 2+ employee -lastdino1-
Comment 03/07/14: @ -Anonymous-. You can get RA'ed if you try hard enough, but not by demanding it. Rather, you have to become a burden to IBM for sufficiently long time (4-5 months). Don't know what your position is, but if you're measured by utilization then maintaining it close to 0% throughout should work. What you're talking about is a voluntary redundancy and you need to a strong union to get that in US. -RA'ed-
Comment 03/07/14: Hearing about more voluntary departures following this RA.
"I can't continue to generate work knowing that we no longer have the team to execute that work. Makes my efforts meaningless. Time for me to go." -15yrsandcounting-

Comment 03/07/14: To -Gone in '98- ....You wondered why companies like IBM are catering to large shareholders. The answer is easy when you think about it in the right light. Employees cater to customers; EXECUTIVES cater to large shareholders. Why? Because they ARE large shareholders. If you take note of all the posts about executives selling 0-basis shares of stock, you'll realize how much they have at stake in pumping up the stock so they can dump it before the market realizes they've cannibalized the product line. -Gone in '14-
Comment 03/07/14: -Linuxguru-: I still wonder how many thousands have been RAed due to IBM managements bad decisions and indecisions. Add OS/2 for operating system software which was very glaring. There was also some program offerings and IBM IUO packages that were darn good too that never saw real light of day. Windows NT 3.1 was a joke compared to OS/2 server unless you loved to see the BSOD often. OS/2 would run on most x86 and microchannels (e.g. IBM 8595's) And then IBM totally mismarketed OS/2 Warp under Gerstner as well as all of the PS/2 line and Microsoft and Apple made out great and as the late great Paul Harvey used to say "And now you know the rest of the story!" -sby_willie-
Comment 03/07/14: "I have over 30 years with IBM. Can I request/demand an RA package?"
Negotiate with this IBM? LOL! You have no labor contract with them. IBM calls all the shots. You are also an "at will" employee.
If you try I bet management with force retirement on you meaning you get no severance. Why would IBM want to RA you now if they have to pay you more (give you severance when retirement eligible in IBM's jaundiced eyes)?! That is their sick logic. There is no logic why you might have survived when others have been RAed, but usually if you are salary or pay budget friendly (meaning low, low paid in the salary band) you have a better "longevity" with IBM. It is all what IBM gets out of you. And what they can keep from giving you! Work your 8 hours only, no more. Do less strenuous, intensive and highly visible work, and only what is assigned. This approach might make you more RA eligible. But then again who knows with this IBM? Do Join the Alliance if you haven't already maybe someday with a contract you could negotiate an equitable exit package.
Comment 03/07/14: When I was RA'd in 2009 IN NC, I was able to collect unemployment immediately, even with the 6 mos. severance package. I just had to take a class or some type of education. -NC-
Comment 03/07/14: What is amazing is all of these big companies like IBM catering to the big share holders. They are not customers , nor are they employees. They remind me of vultures that hang around until the meat is gone and move unto something else. They do not care about the companies future, only the current price of stock. IBM executives all fit into this category. When IBM is beyond a point of no return because of their actins, they will move on to something/somewhere else with all the money they stole. -Gone in '98-
Comment 03/07/14: I have over 30 years with IBM. Can I request/demand an RA package? Has anybody been able to force IBM to give them an RA package? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Good luck with that strategy. Check out this board's earlier posts--even the archives. You'll get plenty of advice from RA'ed IBMers on whether "demanding" to be RA'ed is a good idea.

Comment 03/07/14: Kudos to our IBM brothers and sisters in China! We stand united with you in your quest for fair treatment and better working conditions! If IBM disciplines or fires just ONE of these workers who peacefully demonstrated IBM should be brought to justice. -IBMUnionYES-
Alliance reply: There has been some critical comments about Chinese workers, Indian workers and others since the job cuts started a few weeks ago. Chinese workers and other offshore workers didn't "take" our jobs.
These jobs were sent by corporate executives who saw a way to make bigger bucks for themselves and stockholders. These workers are in the same boat as American workers or worse. They are not the enemy.
We are all being used as pawns to further corporate wealth that does not trickle down to working people .

Comment 03/07/14: IBM today, management sucks.. Me, me , me.. I, I , I. Brag, Brag, Brag, empty vessels make the most noise.... -Anon-
Comment 03/07/14: This grand plan may backfire. In my area the word is out that SSR's are targeted for March 31. We have had 5 people with tons of experience and talent quit in the last week. I am from a small state and there are only 4 SSR's left in the state. Customers will suffer. Get the word out to your customers. Hit IBM where it hurts, in the pocket book. Talk to co-workers. We need a huge push right now to get membership in the Alliance to surge. That, more than anything else, will open the eyes of management. The only concern in IBM is for shareholders. Customers are not valued. Much like employees, or resources, are not valued. Maybe IBM would be happier without either customers or employees. It might make that magic $20 EPS target a little tough to get to. It seems senior management is just interested in raping a pillaging the company. They will sell their " free " stock and run. Leaving this company in ruins. You can't run a successful company and have it's employees loathe it and it's management. It just won't work. Unite my friends. Join the Alliance!!! IBM- I've been misled.... -Anonymous-
Comment 03/07/14: @-Gone- and others. Curious, has there ever been a breakdown of RA's by gender? Second, the number of nearly 400K employees keeps being bandied about by the Corporate shill Doug Shelton. While IBM may"employ" that figure, that does not mean they are "employees". Five years ago there were over 100K contractors, vendors, supplemental's counted in the mix, today that number has more than doubled to over 250K. IBM's actual "employee' headcount, ones that they issue W2's or equivalent, make 401K payments, etc is significantly less. To illustrate, a construction site can "employ" thousands of workers, the construction company itself actually has only a few hundred"employees". -Numbers Game-
Comment 03/07/14: "IBM hardware X, P and Z are some of the best designed in the world including systems software."
I have to second that - I last worked for IBM in 1997, and it was a privilege to work with the really competent engineers who developed old-style IBM hardware and system SW. PowerPC was a technical standout, and the reasons it didn't win against x86 are mostly due to bad decisions by IBM management over the years. It has created immense value and wealth for other companies who managed it better, like Apple. The real pity is that this time around, there isn't anything of that calibre that can save IBM.
Alliance reply: The PowerPC "miss" was one of many ridiculously dumb moves that IBM management mangled into a mess or shelved like a piece of forgotten technology. RISC comes to mind, and so does Micro-Channel technology. There are others. Many former IBM engineers still marvel in disgust at IBM's ability to balk and freeze with the technology opportunities that were theirs to take. It is said that IBM could just not get used to the idea that "Consumer Machines" and software could be just as lucrative as "Business Machines", in the global economy that IBM itself, wanted to "lead".... "We're 'International Business Machines'
not 'International Consumer Machines' !!!!" <smh>

Comment 03/06/14: Reading the recent comments ilustrates the conundrum that is IBM, - such potential......missed. Senior leadership is so focused on the short term ePS that they are missing the greatness. Watson is phenominal....but we are losing the great minds. Software acquisitions are best of breed, but we do not focus on integrating each of these stellar companies into the IBM solution. Result, acquisition money wasted. Worst of all.....the human on wants to work at IBM anymore. Great potential ---- lost. Very sad to watch. -Concerned IBMer-
Comment 03/06/14: Heard San Jose swg Tivoli started today. 60 days notice. -More-
Comment 03/06/14: I quit two days ago amid the RA's and despite management begging me to stay....why did i go?? Well I think most people are prepared to put up with a lot of crap in a sales role, but two weeks ago I and a few colleagues were told that 'a decision had been made' to change how our 2013 commission would work which effectively halved what IBM OWES ME in commission and leaving some colleagues owing back to IBM. unethical and due to dumb arse management. I never worked at such a company before loathed by emloyees and begrudging customers. 2.5 years wasted but glad to be emancipated. Dont trust any commitment from IBM, their 'values' (ha ha) mean absolutely nothing when it comes to screwing employees and customers.... Truly a disgusting and morally retarded organization! -Happilygone-
Comment 03/06/14: Boeing Will Freeze 68,000 Nonunion Workers? Pensions by 2016
Boeing Co. (BA), the world's largest planemaker, will freeze pensions for 68,000 nonunion employees and executives, shifting benefit payments to a 401(k)-style plan, as it works to cut costs. The change will take effect Jan. 1, 2016, the Chicago-based company said today in a statement. Employees will be able to keep any accruals already made to their pensions provided on Boeing?s defined benefit plan as the company shifts payments to a defined contribution plan. Employees hired since 2009 and new members of 28 unions are already on this plan. Boeing is curbing pension expenses that, at $3.45 billion over the last 12 months, are the third-highest among large U.S. corporations, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. General Electric Co.'s (GE) $5.05 billion expense was the largest, followed by Exxon Mobil Corps' $3.73 billion. Boeing aims to provide workers with an "attractive" benefit, "while also assuring our competitiveness by curbing the unsustainable growth of our long-term pension liability," Tony Parasida, the company's senior vice president of human resources and administration, said in the statement. -anonymous-

Comment 03/06/14: You can see that TJ Watson JR. is long gone. "No subject occupies more executive time at IBM than the well-being of our employees and their families." -TJ-
Comment 03/06/14: IBM is spending money promoting a lunch wagon? Seriously Do you plan to be there Martha Stewart like wearing an apron filming an episode of Chef Ramsey and Kitchen Nightmares - "Ginni's Baking Company"?
How about asking Mills and LeBlanc about SWG code quality issues, the effects of RA's, T2R, skills having left impact.
Why not let WATSON do something useful and beneficial to the bottom line besides media fluff. Decades worth of "big data", exists to do an analysis and fix what's become broken. -Anon-

Comment 03/06/14: To -changeisgood-: Even with a LinkedIn Premium account, you cannot see those viewers (who have viewed your profile) who have turned on anonymity in their settings. -BlueNoMore-
Comment 03/06/14: "I explained to them I was laid off not for performance reasons (which my manager can verify), but because of IBM global downsizing (basically outsourcing my job to India where they could hire 3 engineers with my salary). Just be honest."-Anon-
Great advice! I was laid off along with my whole team in 2013. I have my old manager at IBM as a reference who can attest to the fact that I was a model employee. It is not a stigma to be laid off from IBM, trust me! Recruiters know that IBM is notorious in the industry for mass firings that have nothing to do with individual performance. -happy-to-be-gone-

Comment 03/06/14: Cuts everywhere and morale in the dump. I just signed up, but I fear its already way to late to do anything. For those Lenovo bound (the rumor is 1/3 going or less). they'll put your mission/you in a box for about 2 years, while the new company figures out how to stream line further. -Mr. B-
Comment 03/06/14: "Words are important. The word 'Personnel' has been replaced by the term 'Human Resources.' Now managers say "Have you got a resource?" when they mean 'a person.' A resource is something that you use up and throw away. Need I say more?"
My idiot manager/director of product referred to people as headcount. "We need more headcount." This also reflected in utilizing us as a bunch spare parts. No training. No concern. No career development. Just use up and toss when burned out. -Narnia-

Comment 03/06/14: Thank you Alliance. -Deb-
Comment 03/06/14: IBM bows to it's stockholders. Whatever it takes to improve the profit margin they will do. The employee is the least important part of that equation. No one at IBM should feel IBM just can't get along without them. Those that do, have a very long, hard and painful way to fall when they get their pink slip. If we equated IBM to those animals living in the wild, Mother IBM would eat all of her young if necessary to survive,'s that simple, period. -Ben-
Comment 03/06/14: Im reading a lot about how only the older generation is being laid off. This is not true. IBM laid off over 15 college graduates that it just trained for over a year and heavily invested in them. 6 months in the field and gone. -Gone-
Alliance reply: Actually it is true, but you are right, recent grads are getting cut too.

Comment 03/06/14: I'm amazed at people like -StupidQuestion-. Alliance has the right response, but I wonder if a followup answer could clarify?
Here's my suggestion:
IBMers that decide to join or donate to Alliance must do more than that, if they want to see a union contract.
There needs to be participation at other levels. Alliance needs the donations and the dues to continue to function as a voice for IBMers that have none. BUT, IBMers that join the Alliance and still work at IBM must also put some time into real organizing. Sitting back and waiting for a union contract to be won is not organizing. Get serious about this. This is the best time to go after IBM and make your strength known to the Corporate Execs.
Collective action brings solutions. Alliance has made these points over and over, since they began. For some reason, some people just don't see that there must be a concerted and active effort to form a union and work toward a contract. It also takes public demonstration. The obstacles to unionizing IBM in the US are daunting, no doubt about it. BUT, doing nothing or sitting back and asking questions like "what is the union going to do for me?", is not helping. If you don't understand how unions really work, then take some time to look around the Alliance web site. There are all kinds of informational pages that can help. I've been a member for 15 yrs. And I've been doing my part. Not just paying dues, but also speaking out and making IBMers aware that they ARE important to this cause. I'm just saying that you can't be on the sidelines forever. You MUST participate and be active, along with paying some dues or donating. That's the way it really works and makes a difference. -BlueEyedBlindness-

Comment 03/06/14: @FirstTimeLaidOff I was RA'd in June/July 2013. When I was out interviewing for other companies, I was simply honest. When asked, I explained to them I was laid off not for performance reasons (which my manager can verify), but because of IBM global downsizing (basically outsourcing my job to India where they could hire 3 engineers with my salary). Just be honest. A lot of my interviewers sympathized with me, mentioning that if that happened to them, they would be downright furious. One even asked me if he should sell his IBM stock due to the company's condition. -Anon-
Comment 03/06/14: Ginni's Lunch Wagon? What's next, IBM plumps its revenue by competing with McDonalds, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts? Will they provide Blue Kool-Aid at SXSW too? Or is that a Jonestown special? -anon-
Comment 03/06/14: The corp has completely missed the market. I'm in STG which is rapidly becoming extinct and commodotised. They could go back to a disruptive model for H/W acquistiion but god forbid short them pain for long term gain. Our client support group lost 5/9 excluding the Lenovo fiasco. All senior all extremely competent. Where is the organic revenue growth? What happened to the revenue from 100+ acquisition addiction. Were they just done to financially engineer results. How about being a company that provides what customers need/want and that people want to work for? Writing is on the wall. The Board needs to take action soon to sweep Armonk and restore vision, employee and client confidence. SW being commoditized. Services is labor contrained and going to 3rd world delivery. Financial engineering the earnings works well doesn't it. When there is 1 share of stock left and $40 of earnings there will be a lot of empty buildings and ruined lives. -hardware guru-
Comment 03/06/14: Seriously IBM??? Why don't you have Watson find out a solution for the mass layoffs IBM is doing instead of becoming a food truck? ROTFLMAO. -Bill-
Comment 03/06/14: @FirstTimeLaidOff- I'm indicating my availability as the week after the final date they gave me. Reading the packet, you're 'expected' to be available to wrap up your position, and then there's the tricky wording about if you are offered an equivalent position internally and turn it down, you become ineligible for the severance I wouldn't risk them finding out you got something new and 'offering' you something you'd never want to actually do. So I'm talking to companies and ramping up on the additional skillsets they're interested in. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/06/14: @-FirstTimeLaidOff- if you're given 30 day notice then you are still employed during those 30 day after that you can apply for Unemployment. Lots of people say it's firing but it's not. It's a layoff and be sure to tell UI that, if you say fired then you won't be entitled to collect unemployment. -whatever-
Comment 03/06/14: Expect more Rometty Roulette once 1st QTR results are in. -anonymous-member-
Comment 03/06/14: -Watson's tumbler-: Technically, if labor law recently has not been amended or changed, a manager that has no personnel (direct reports) or hire/fire authority (e.g. staff manager) can join a union. NB: since you are a manager you can be fired without cause. It depends on your conviction and how brave you are to join the good fight. -WhoCanJoin-
Comment 03/06/14: IBM is trying to hide the fact that Southbury, CT has only building B and the CSB open. Bldg. C was closed and Bldg. A has been closed for almost a decade. Somers, NY (Westchester county) also has at least one OB closed. Other IBM sites also have vacancies in office space. Where do you think these IBMers went? In an RA no less. The ones left probably work from home..for now..awaiting the next RAs that will come like each sunset. -sby_willie-
Comment 03/06/14: February jobs report is due out tomorrow and I think it will be dreadful or anemic at best (maybe $150K jobs created).
The employees RAed in September like have lost the unemployment insurance if they are still unemployed in RTP. Six weeks from now the rest also lose their unemployment insurance that they have paid into all their working career. Of course IBM is to blame for this. IBM is negative job growth enemy #1 in this country. They also did not sign on to pledge to make an effort to hire the long term unemployed. IBM wants tax breaks and handouts: The CREATE GOOD JOBS AND PROVE it with real employment numbers! -anonymous2-

Comment 03/06/14: Words are important. The word 'Personnel' has been replaced by the term 'Human Resources.' Now managers say "Have you got a resource?" when they mean 'a person.' A resource is something that you use up and throw away. Need I say more? -Anon-
Comment 03/06/14: Question for my fellow RA-ed...for those of you interviewing during these 30 days (or have interviewed during the 30 day notice), how are you addressing your employment status? Are we still technically employed through the end of the month? Or is it preferable to just say we are laid off (even if we started the job hunt before the RA?). Or don't say anything unless it comes up (or it's past Mar 31)? -FirstTimeLaidOff-
Comment 03/06/14: To -Serverguy- I checked my profile, and saw the same IBM Business Strategist/Corporate "person" had viewed my profile as well,during the week of Feb 15. Apparently, you can only see who's viewed your profile by upgrading to Premium though. -changeisgood-
Comment 03/06/14: About this whole Watson push. I would think that considering the head of Watson bailing out recently.. he sees no way to achieve the $10B market Ginny envisioned - while no doubt smoking ganga perhaps. The management is not engaged in high margin business with high barriers to entry like TJ Watson Jr did with System/360 decades ago. Analytics and cloud will become commoditized very soon and will be driven down to a point were it is no longer compatible with 100% margin IBM business model. Service is already being pushed down to low levels of margin by other entrants with access to cheap slave labor pool in developing countries. -Observer-
Comment 03/06/14: NY Times on Shenzen strike: -Anon-

Comment 03/06/14: -Anon- said: "It seems like the new direction of IBM is heavily based on Watson doing well. To be honest I am not sure there is even a market for this, and it will be interesting to see the direction IBM decides to take when Watson fails. I am sensing IBM we will have a new leader soon," Whether it pans out or not, IBM needs new management. I cannot be confident in management that is absolutely soulless in its treatment of its employees, is deceptive and lacks vision. They follow and react to market changes and competitors and badly that. Their prime objective is to make Goldman Sachs scum and Wall Street investors rich while lining their own pockets by putting the long term survival of the firm in jeopardy. Unlike the Watsons, they have no passion for the business nor concern for their employees - only Wall Street scum. I think by the 2020, Think pads will have the IBM logo again. By then, IBM will have been sold, lock stock and barrel, to Lenovo and will be its subsidiary and the logo will be a servicemark of Lenovo. These are my opinions only and not of IBM's. -Anon2-
Comment 03/06/14: So, this is where our GDP has gone, to buy Ginni a Lunch Wagon. Step right up folks, get your burrito's, RA's, Sell Off's, Stock Options.
"When hordes of technorati and live music fans gather here for the annual South By Southwest (SXSW) festival next week, they'll have plenty of culinary treats to choose from. But we have something really different to bring to the table"

"IBM's Watson food truck. You've probably watched Watson compete on TV, but now for the first time you can see, taste and smell the results of its creativity. The bright orange truck will serve up exotic delicacies including Indian Tumeric Paella, Italian Grilled Lobster and Ecuadorian Strawberry Dessert. Unlike the menus of the other trucks, these dishes were created through a collaboration between Watson, a cognitive computer, and award-winning chefs at New York's Institute of Culinary Education (ICE)."
Comment 03/05/14: If your worried about telling your team mates or fellow IBMers about being laid off, don't be! What will they do, RA you? Management makes it out like it's a "big secret". Screw them! Tell the world about it! It's not your fault and your not a bunch of slackers (PBC 3 or not). New employers know these things happen. Grieve a little for the job loss, then go out and make more money than your manager.
I hate the way IBM can do what ever they want like a big bully, while their employees walk on egg shells hoping it won't be me. I got it in July. It's been tough going, but I wake up every day saying today I'm getting a job offer. Get in touch with other IBMers who lost their jobs. Help support each other in finding new positions. My friend (RA 7/2013) and I send each other job leads all the time.We also bolster each other up. It's good to have someone who is walking in your shoes to talk with. I know that new position is just around the corner for me. In regards to Roadkill 2015 - all the C levels have been with IBM for years and many just care about increasing their bank accounts for when they retire in the next few years. They will leave the mess for someone else to clean up. Join the Union for all you others. -IBM, a Lenovo Company-

Comment 03/05/14: This is always so sad. They missed me this time, but my time will come. We all know this but we don't join until its too late. There is going to be a whirlwind soon. The hardware business is done. The cloud uses cheap standard hardware built by the cloud vendor. The software is open source. This collapses the IBM business model. You don't get hardware sales, software licenses, don't need salesmen for those things or consultants to teach customers to use and operate the systems they aren't buying anymore. The microelectronics div is gone. IBM doesn't have the volume of server sales to amortize the cost of new generations of microprocessor designs. You can't compete with companies that sell 100 million processor chips a year if you only make a few tens of thousands. Your costs price you out of the market. So all of us that remain in those areas need to plan for the upcoming changes. At least if we join the alliance we will have some say in how those changes are implemented. -LostInBand10-
Comment 03/05/14: This latest round of RA's is bad enough, but the media and other folks have forgotten about the 35,000 IBM employee's(mostly offshore employees)that were transitioned to Concentrix due to the purchase of IBM Customer Care BPO group by Synnex (which was originally announced on September 2013). With the latest round of firings, IBM will probably have less than 395,000 employees globally. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/05/14: I apologize for saying the words "IBM garbage." Although some of the non System/Z or System/P related software has a lot left to be desired especially when it comes to value, I must say IBM hardware X, P and Z are some of the best designed in the world including systems software. I would like to say thanks to you all that made my life great for designing such reliable systems. Good luck to all that were 'RAed'. Hopefully affirmative action Ginny herself will be RAed and replaced with more competent and honest management. I don't care if it is Linda Sandford or Fred Sandford, we need a change in management! Support the alliance as well. TJ Watson(s) rolling over in grave(s). -IBM Watcher-
Comment 03/05/14: Over the years, what exactly has this Alliance done to protect IBMers from further RAs etc? Just wondering. I was RAed and I am over 50. I have over 30 years with IBM. -StupidQuestion-
Alliance reply: It is very hard to protect IBM employees from RA's without a union contract and worker involvement. My question to you is why didn't you join and help us get to a contract so we can stop these job cuts. After 30 years you couldn't see what was coming?

Comment 03/05/14: RA'd 3/3/2014 Band 9' PBC 2, 35 years with the company, STG z Sales. Not bitter but a sad day for all. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/05/14: It seems like the new direction of IBM is heavily based on Watson doing well. To be honest I am not sure there is even a market for this, and it will be interesting to see the direction IBM decides to take when Watson fails. I am sensing IBM we will have a new leader soon, but before that comes we need to push harder than ever to get the name of the Alliance out there. If your co-workers do not know what the Alliance is send them the link. This isn't something we should feel bad about; but too many of us do. The Alliance can help us receive better treatment, treatment that all employees deserve. Let's turn this around. Join the Alliance now, I am now. -Anon-
Comment 03/05/14: Hearing of more cuts in IBM Canada STG System x platform, FTSS, Slaesreps and managers, 9 so far, also IBM Canada Techline and Customer Care dept got hit. -Anon-
Comment 03/05/14: From -Fay-'s link on strike at IBM Shenzhen. Some banners read:
"Improve the terms. Pay for my youth" "Workers are not products. We are not resources. Please don't sell us. We deserve respect and have human rights." -Anon-

Comment 03/05/14: As they cut hard working good people, IBM thinks those left behind will pick up the extra work. Most of us already are more than booked full time, so this time around, I said "No more, I'm overflowing with work." IF everyone of us said the same thing, what would happen? Enough is enough. I'm joining today, because I've had enough -Just say No-
Comment 03/05/14:
IBMer's should be doing this instead of just crying on this forum... -Best Wishes IBMers-
Comment 03/05/14: Just for your count, the 3 from Dept (Endicott) Me 63 old, 42 of IBM
Another more than 50, more than 20 years IBM.
Another more than 50, and 20 or more IBM.
Another more than 50, and also many years of IBM. And the sad thing, most in there are more than 50. Few below that. -Anonymous-

Comment 03/05/14: -Over55- In NC you have to wait to collect unemployment until your severance money runs out. If you are eligible for the old pension plan you will be able to collect unemployment concurrantly due to IBM freezing the pension plan. You might have to appeal this the first time around and have to show proof that IBM has not contributed to the plan. ... If you contact the Employment Security Commission (an oxymoron I know) they will be able to assist you on when/how to file. If you live in the Durham area you might want to call the Raleigh office. I have a child who lives in Durham and got very poor service until she started contacting the Raleigh office. Wish you well. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 03/05/14: Amazing. People post on here pretending to not be aware that this has been going on for 20 years. Then there are those having their lawyers look things over for possible law suits. Hint. IBM has more lawyers then you and 20 years experience not losing law suits over firing at will employees. Save your money, anger and frustration. Those that are left on the board in this checkers game IBM management is playing with your lives, guess who is next. The rules are IBM can fire you whenever they want. They can give whatever reason they want or no reason at all. Any reason they give will be a lie or meant to give your manager the satisfaction of belittling you one last time because they really dislike you for whatever reason. IBM hates what they do not control. They cannot control you joining the union and they cannot control you finding another job and quitting. If you live in an area where jobs are few and options are limited the union is your best option. Double union membership every month and watch IBM start to get really scared. Do nothing and your the ones who should be scared. The next bell tolls for you -Exodus2007-
Comment 03/05/14: What is really sad to me is that most RAed IBMers don't know what benefits they lost or still have once the are gone from IBM. From simple things like how much is my severance? Do I get medical benefits? should I take my vacation days? Can I file for unemployment? etc. IBM feeds off this naivety and lack of knowing these things. IBM HR does a truly lousy job of telling, communicating to IBM employees in all regards. And this is to be directly blamed on IBM management and their lack of true leadership. The Alliance communicates. And has been communicating quite well with what they have since 1999. But you have to listen and take heed their message and JOIN for them to remain as this communicating force. Let's try to work to get IBM to call off an entire RA, better employment for IBMers, and preserve retiree benefits before we lose them. We can try to do this but only through the Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701! -sby_willie-
Comment 03/05/14: IBM lost its charm in India and they got bunch of folks from other companies and screwed IBM and they victimised employees. No executive was sacked it is all the nonsenses of executive. -Murthy-
Comment 03/05/14: I was a member of the RA class of 2002 who just had his IBM medical group plans terminated. IBM US headcount peaked at 250k and is now less than 88k. All transnational co. like IBM decided long ago they could make more money off foreign nations as opposed to the saturated US one so they shipped jobs overseas to provide a form of bribe to do more business with IBM. Putin just threatened to confiscate all US assets in Russia. He did us all a favor showing how globalism has weakened us all because part of that threat would be IBM assets and jobs. Ok let them have a few IBM assets and McDs but China is another threat. There both nations would have a gun to each other's head. The cold war has been replaced with economic and cyber forms and the middle class has been caught right in the middle; what we did to Iran is now coming home. If you are stuck in IBM with high service time you have only two options quit or join the union because you are walking the last mile right now.... -ctman2-
Comment 03/05/14: Since Lou became CEO, IBMUS employees have had no job security. He accomplished mass layoffs in Endicott and Endicott has never recovered. Unfortunately without a union there will never be any accountability for what he did to Endicott. Endicott today is on its back economically. How many more towns will Sam and Ginni destroy. The only thing that will stop this corporate destruction and greed is a union. -ANA-
Alliance reply: Ana, many of us worked for Endicott for several years and saw what you saw; however, there are other US locations that have been devastated just as much if not more than Endicott. You are correct that these locations, i.e. Endicott, have not recovered. This was not just Lou Gerstner's idea or plan. This was a concerted effort by major US corporations to fulfill their quest for unquenchable greed and power, by offshoring millions of US jobs in the name of cheap labor. Hindsight is 20/20; but if IBM had been unionized in 1994, the plans of those Corporate executives would have been truncated greatly. Layoffs may have still happened; but they would have been measured and the workers laid-off would have been called back when work picked up.

Comment 03/05/14: I'd encourage everyone to take the time to complete Glassdoor reviews for IBM (while keeping it factual) so that people know what is going on within the company. Way too many planted reviews there suckering people to believe that IBM is a great place to work. -jbod-
Comment 03/05/14: So - can exempt (non-overtime), but non-management (still a worker bee) join the union? Seems like there's a little bit of conflicting information out there in that overlap. -Watson's tumbler-
Alliance reply: Yes.

Comment 03/05/14: Comment from the Alliance facebook page:
"Maybe a strike, protest, news or something can occur when Ginni is in the Dallas area next week. Ginni Rometty Town Hall - Coppell Location, Cafeteria area, 1177 S Belt Line Rd, Coppell, TX Mon. March 10, 12 noon - 1:15 pm CT" -member-

Comment 03/05/14: It's sad to read many of these posts, especially the lack of awareness to these staff reductions. This has been going on virtually annually since 1994. The numbers are small today compared to the mass firings of 94 & 95. Every IBMer needs to understand... management sets hard numbers. Years of service don't matter, PBC ratings/past performance don't matter, critical skills don't matter, personal hardships don't matter... only in limited cases "Protected Status" might matter but they'll replace those with unprotected top performers without hesitation. Managers/Execs get RA'ed... there's just less due to about a 30:1 or higher ratio of non-managers. All that matters are the numbers to meet the cost take out. You're also seeing higher proportion of over 40/50 age groups with high years of service because that's the predominant demographic left. Outside of delivery centers in the US very little younger, new hires have been brought on board in the last decade. All of you have a choice... organize or take your chances. Remember the odds always favor the house. Best of luck to all of you. -Anon-
Comment 03/05/14: Folks, Using the word "fired" implies the person who lost their job did something to deserve it. I say I was forced into early retirement. Semantics I know but one has to do everything positive to come out ahead after the loss of a job, especially in the manner IBM let us all go. -No_Respect_For_The_Individual-
Alliance reply: Use whatever term you wish to, obviously. Historically, "Fired" is a euphemism and an old terminology for sure. IBM's first leader Thomas J. Watson Sr. was "fired" from one of his first jobs. The term is said to have come from the company taking the person's desk outdoors, and lighting it on fire. Once that happened, you knew you were done. The connotation "Fired", meant losing your job, ever since. The reason that "fired" is more realistic to use instead of "layoff" is that Unions typically had 'layoffs" when the company's business was weak and without much work. Once work picked up, those 'laid-off" were asked to come back to work. Since IBM cut jobs en masse in 1994, for the first time, those cuts have been referred to as "layoffs". IBM is to blame for misusing the terminology of a union shop to characterize their workers losing their jobs.
No matter what you call it, it is a job loss just the same.

Comment 03/05/14: It is interesting to check your linkedin profiles these days. Some interesting people visiting them "Business / Corporate Strategist at IBM". Would this be part of there RA selecting process? -serverguy-
Comment 03/05/14: In 30 years at big blue I've not seen anything like the toxic work environment I'm in. I got word in GBS "you are safe, for now". I've joined the Alliance for $15 a month. I've learned much the past week from this site, Thank you! If YOU are reading this post and are not paying dues, I challenge you - join the Alliance now! -Black-n-Blue-
Comment 03/05/14: IBM has given 30 days notice to the people being RAed. Does the WARN Act apply ? The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act A Guide to Advance Notice of Closings and Layoffs -Lloyd-
Comment 03/04/14: I worked for IBM/Lexmark and was "Phillipine"d after 20+ years. You guys have it made with the packages you are getting. -Bob-
Comment 03/04/14: If you reside in CT, under the prior pension plan, taking retirement benefits, and looking for work you can receive unemployment benefits. No reduction based on pension amount. Is because IBM stopped contributing to plan at end 2007. Be sure to print prior plan document on net benefits. -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: I am not sure if IBM's foray into cloud or Watson will pan out. Cloud is now overcrowded with competitors and the margins will be driven down to the 2% margin model which companies like Amazon and Costco are built to handle. IBM is a lazy 90% margin company and survives by duping customers into buying their overpriced garbage. IBM is not built like Costco(retail) or Amazon(retail and cloud) to handle the 2% margin business like the cloud will become. Also Watson will be running into a lot of head wind from other competitors like Google. Even the head of Watson bailed out recently. The only thing that is proprietary to IBM and will be hard to duplicate and has a high cost barrier to entry for competitors and has high margins is the tride and true Mainframe/System Z and its software (IMS, DB2 etc). Unfortunately IBM management has their heads so far up their a**es looting IBM, that they will not see it until its too late.
"I can't help but wonder if Saxena bailed because he knew this wasn't going to work and he decided to get out while the getting is good. With The Entrepreneur's Fund, he's back on familiar territory - supporting and nurturing start-ups. But now he doesn't have to get Watson to an unrealistic level of income." -IBM Watcher-
Comment 03/04/14: From what I see, your PBC number/rankings doesn't matter when it comes to RA. PBC is a fraud/carrot stick trick you to make you work like dog. There are 2 numbers that matter, your age and your salary. That's it! The higher the 2 numbers get, the higher the chance the bullet is chambered in your game of Russian Roulette and IBM employment. I would recommend against doing more than 40 hours. Do 40 hours for what you are paid and go home. Why risk your family and your health and cause irreversible damage. Don't do this for IBM for God's sake! -Asd-
Comment 03/04/14: I guess the idiots in IBM management didn't realize that the Chinese won't roll over and take it like US workers. If you use chrome browser you can translate to english: -Fay-
Comment 03/04/14: -upset-: She should have taken a disability leave and then maternity leave. At least it would delay the inevitable and give her more money in the short term and less medical costs in the long run. But LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD. And this is solid proof! RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL(s) (her baby) and family oriented IBM is clearly NOT! -trexibmer-
Comment 03/04/14: I got a response via email from HR about the OWBPA requirement to provide numbers. This is what they said: "IBM will no longer be providing the age and employee data as per the direction of IBM Legal as this is not required and there were concerns with employee privacy based on providing the information." Clearly, IBM Legal has spent a lot of time working on this, to find a loophole for some time. I have my attorney looking at it. Has anyone else? I was referred to page 32 of the package, which basically tells you to use the Open Door process, and then arbitration. Really? -NotmyIBM-
Comment 03/04/14: From all my years of seeing these mass firings, there have been VERY few managers that have gotten the boot. Standard operating procedures is usually whole teams are eliminated or off shored and the only person left in the US is the manager. -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: Everyone in my group that was fired (RA'd) was over the age of 45. IBM is hiding the fact that it is firing older folks and only hiring recent college graduates. -Over The Hill and waiting for my turn-
Comment 03/04/14: As part of creating my new PBCs for 2014, I had to align my goals with the remainder of mgmt up through Ginni. This included a reference to being "maniacal"
1: affected with or suggestive of madness <maniacal laughter>
2 : characterized by ungovernable excitement or frenzy : frantic <a maniacal mob>
After all that has happened, our fearless leader still thinks the few of us remaining will follow her anywhere. Most of us that remain, would not pull her out of the water if she was drowning. At best, we all play along for the benefit of another 3 months of pay. With absolutely no offense towards anybody, anywhere, wasn't it Hitler in the closing days of WWII, that ordered his non existent phantom armies to the battle, thinking that somehow he could save Germany from defeat? Is it just me, or should Ginni be wearing her own set of jack-boots. Again, no offense intended to ANYBODY (other than perhaps Ginni).
Comment 03/04/14: Welcome to the party. RAs have been going on for years at IBM. In all honesty I do not know how anyone could not know of someone who was not affected at one time or another. It is what it is, for those who got RAed move on and for those still at IBM keep your resume up to date. -been there-
Comment 03/04/14: At least 10 z hardware t-sales given 30 days yesterday most older. -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: To all those who were just RA-ed: Make sure you TAKE all your personal choice holidays. You will lose them if not taken before your departure date. SAVE your vacation time. IBM will PAY you for the unused vacation time that was not taken. (It is pro-rated based on the number of full months you have already worked this (2014) calendar year. If you had an unofficial deal with your manager and had vacation days carried over from previous years into 2014, you will NEED to take them before you depart. DO NOT code those days in claims as vacation days, or it will be counted as vacation time taken off your 2014 year totals. Good luck everyone! (Both those who were RA-ed and those who are left and will need to take up even more job responsibilities). -miss_understanding-
Comment 03/04/14: I was RAed in 2010. For those over 50 yrs old. You can look forward to working contract jobs at 6 to 9 month intervals. Good luck and may GOD be with you. -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: WBUR (Boston's NPR station) did an interview today with a reporter from Britain's Guardian newspaper concerning IBM's Roadkill 2015 and the recent layoffs. See -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: @-Notes- System z will be next. -anon-
Comment 03/04/14: -anonMHV- Looking at last year's figures Sandford is selling her IBM shares like they are going out of fashion. See 02/01/14 receives 18,513 shares at $0. Same day sells 8,738 for $1,543,044. Nice work Linda and all with no bonus. Maybe she knows something. -OnThinIce-
Comment 03/04/14: -Over55-: My wife was RA'ed last year in RTP after 20 years. She got the same package. You need to wait for your package to run out of cash, then you can apply for unemployment. Trust me, I tried and just because it's in one lump sum does not make the start/end date change for unemployment. No way around it because they verify with IBM no matter what you say on forms. Good luck and there is life after IBM! I'm a former IBMer, 3rd generation family and wife found awesome job about 5 months after RA last year. Keep your chin up and land another job in a few months after you rest and you'll have money in the bank! :-) -Ex-IBMer-
Comment 03/04/14: The Strike on SHENZHEN China is from Lenovo's acquisition. It's a joint venture factory, with lower pay comparing to IBM China regular staff. They are not satisfied with the contract termination compensation. -blessu-
Comment 03/04/14: To anyone RA'd - There is a group call The Chosen on LinkedIn EXCLUSIVLY for RA'd individuals. There is good info on navigating through the post IBM world. -StillBlue-
Alliance reply: It would be a good jesture if some one mentioned Alliance@IBM in the LinkedIn group.

Comment 03/04/14: Sad but true, I got RA's yesterday out of Tampa, FL. I worked as a Technical Specialist on the IBM Storage Side supporting one of the big four IBM distributors and over 1000 of their IBM resellers. Never got below 2+ on my PBC, won the 2013 IBM Eminence Award and it still could not save my job. As I found out the reason was because a big chunk of the funding for my headcount came from the System x side of IBM. It use to come from IBM Storage, but my department code was switched last fall. My manager could never tell me why it was switched, but now I know. What is deeply disturbing and a clear indication of very bad leadership, there was zero consideration for the current capabilities and skills of the RA?d employees. If someone had looked at my resume and skills profile they would have seen that I have many of the skills IBM needs to grow; Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Power Systems, software. No one even looked and no one evened cared to look. Of course, IBM ordered their managers to pull all of their non-critical job postings off the job board - making it next to impossible to find another role within area where skills are needed. Oh well, it's now IBM's loss and a competitor's gain!! -BigBlueScrewed-
Comment 03/04/14: How do I handle Unemployment in NC. Receiving 26 wk Sev pay.30+ years service. Now my co-workers have isolated me like I have the plague. If they only knew Ibm has them on the list. Also next RA will be with maybe no Sev pay. -Over55-
Comment 03/04/14: Guys, if you are a part of System Storage or P systems you WILL be RAed. Expect this to happen. -Notes-
Comment 03/04/14: A colleague of mine from GBS was RAd during (her) very advanced pregnancy. IBM was aware she was pregnant before the RAs started. -upset-
Comment 03/04/14: Ginni got nearly 70,000 shares of stock at $0 around Feb 1. Talking about a hypocrite -anybody notice-
Comment 03/04/14: All we want to know are ages of all the RAed employees. I don't care about their former titles. Let me draw my own conclusions as I look at how skewed the graph is, at greater than 40, 45, and 50. IBM knows they are specifically targeting the older employees, otherwise they would be more transparent. Seems like a lot of 2+ employees. 2+ is the new 1. -Ha-
Comment 03/04/14: Any System x ATS/FTSS got RA'd? or are their turn coming after Lenovo hand picked the ones they want to keep.. -Anon_x-
Comment 03/04/14: Hey Ginni, If IBM were the house of cards, you would be President Walker and Thomas Rosamillia would be Frank Underwood. Why has IBM recently failed it's stockholders and whose advice have you been taking? Coincidence? -House of Stock Buybacks-
Comment 03/04/14: Just watched the news clip of IBM workers on strike at Shenzhen, China. I must say fellow Americans and Canadians are taking the RA rather meekly. Did you bring your Vaseline? The buzz on Weibo is very negative on IBM. Ginny just wasted gas and time visiting Beijing trying to rebuild trust. IBM will see decline in the middle kingdom in the foreseeable future. -No longer blue-
Comment 03/04/14: Firings - I'm not going to call them "resource actions" - hit the Technical Sales group in the Great State of Texas. Here's the breakdown of the body count as far as I know:
Enterprise Storage FTSS - 5
Industry Storage FTSS - 5
Enterprise Power FTSS - 6
Industry Power FTSS -5
Tape Systems FTSS - 12
Storage Sales - 5
Power Sales - 5
Power ATS - 8
I was NOT affected and am now one of the three Storage FTSSes for the entire state. Guess Ginni's really trying to "grow the business", huh? -Ano Nymous-

Comment 03/04/14: -Concerned IBMer-. I don't know what a 1.5 PBC rating is. I assume you were rated a 2+ and your manager gave you some line that you were very close to a 1. Total BS to get you to work more hours etc etc
To -Embarrassed-. Don't be embarrassed. It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done you were let go because of the insane 2015 roadmap EPS target. It is not a question of if you will get laid off in IBM just a question of when it will be your turn. Good luck! -longtimebeemer-

Comment 03/04/14: I almost made 30 years but got the call yesterday. I am a solid performer but guess it doesn't matter. Management seemed to take care of themselves. STG Technical Sales. -Almost30years-
Comment 03/04/14: RA'd from Austin after 17 years, 40+ age. I never had a rating below 2 but was working remotely, so RA was not unexpected. About OWBPA stats not being included, my take is that would make the waiver for age discrimination suits unenforceable. But just the fact that they're disregarding the rules and not disclosing the numbers, as maddening as it is, doesn't imply that they're discriminating or you could win a lawsuit. Maybe IBM thinks they have a reasonable case against such action and they don't want to disclose numbers, so they disregard the regulation. From what I read, it's not easy to win an age discrimination suit, particularly in a mass lay-off where the purpose is to cut costs. Selecting senior workers with higher salaries for termination is not illegal. Circuit City tried that strategy (it was disastrous). If IBM goes and hires a younger worker to fill your position (same band and job description), then you might have a case. Bottom line is that you have to prove they're firing you because of your age, not because they're cutting costs by eliminating higher paid positions. But I'm not a laywer and would be interested to hear a legal opinion about the OWPBA not being included. -STG_Pseries_RA-
Comment 03/04/14: After asking who I send my signed Separation Agreement to I was told I would be asked to sign a separation agreement on the last day of employment - an agreement that will be sent to me - apparently not the agreement my manager emailed to me after our RA conversation. Here is the reply I received: "I will send you the Separation Agreement once your exit has been processed. You will need to sign it on your exit date or after it. Then you will send it to an address I will provide. (I will also send you a shipping label)". I have sent a follow up email for clarification that the Separation Agreement which states "YOU ARE ADVISED TO CONSULT WITH A LAWYER BEFORE YOU SIGN THIS AGREEMENT" is in fact not the Separation Agreement I will be signing. Now I know how IBM's customers feel. One statement made by Ginni that I will never forget is "the power of a story". STORY - "a fictitious tale, shorter and less elaborate than a novel." -SoTrue-
Comment 03/04/14: I was RA'd yesterday & I am relieved, honestly. As a newbie IBMer, I don't have to dread doing my job anymore. As a Sys X Specialist I was never onboarded into my role, nor transitioned, never provided guidance as how to navigate the "IBM waters", the Client Reps ignored my efforts to work w/them and when I took the issue to their mgr, he ignored me as well indicate that x86 is irrelevant to his quota. When I took that to my manager, he did nothing to support me or the brand. I was more technical than my FTSS and when I asked for additional technical training, was provided BS ppt slides Sales uses. My inside rep in CAN spent their time smoking/chatting w/coworkers - again I reached out to their as well as mine as nothing was done. When I indicated I would like to continue my edu/professional development w/IBM he provided 0 interest, guidance or understanding as I was direct to watch videos online or find someone myself to reach out to (keep in mind, I am new to the company). In addition, when I asked about a mentor & mentioned possible areas I was interested in, he provided 0 information or contacts for me to reach out to and discredited each team/group I was interested in as "they're going to be laid off, or "the morons", or "desk monkeys w/no future", etc. His recommendation was to stay in System X! Also, he provided 0 recommendations for mentors. I asked for the baseline info for my territory so I could understand my quota, the "potential weight" of my territory & wasn't provided anything - again, how am I to know where to spend the bulk of my time if the Client Reps aren't interested in selling my product and he provides no clarity. From 1 half year to the next, my territory was changed - accounts constantly being shuffled. All in all, my job was a glorified cold caller AND I STILL PERFORMED at 75% of my rev/prof quotas but that still wasn't good enough. In the end, I had my PBC last Fri, was told I was safe and then on Mon was told I was RA'd. -NowFormerIBMer-
Comment 03/04/14: To those of you who were fired by IBM and are now asking: "Can the union start a class action suit, or can the union help with this or that". What have you done to help the union? Have you joined or donated to the union yet? To those of you not fired yet, join the union now. The more who join, the more powerful the union will become. If you stick your head in the sand and do nothing, we will continue to get the same treatment from IBM. -JustDoIt-
Comment 03/04/14: Forty to Fifty IBMers were laid off in the INM Federal unit lead out of Bethesda Maryland. Also several of IBMs Advanced Technical Support personnel were let go. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/04/14: NYS employees not safe. RA postponed. Moving towards a Services & SW Company. PBC's don't matter. They choose your rating long before you enter your accomplishments. -Voldemort-
Comment 03/04/14: xServer factory against Severance in Shenzhen China. -IBM Shenzhen Factory Worker Strikes-

Comment 03/04/14: STG Storage presales hit yesterday -BlueNoMore-
Comment 03/04/14: IBM China Shenzhen is on strike. -IBM China Shenzhen-
Comment 03/04/14: When it comes to layoffs favoritism still plays a strong role in IBM , so we are all surprised when we are R'ad. No matter how much work we put in, work all the holidays putting our work first and family last , in the end we are screwed only god iIs watching, the truth the lies etc. feeling sad...thank god for this site we can express ourselves now and not be suppressed. -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: For the older workers and the Alliance talking about a promised pension, I am a younger worker that was promised the same thing. I have 17 years in. I was pomised a lifetime pension when I started. That was taken away from me for a Cash Balance plan. I can guarantee you one thing, if you are on the old plan and under the 30 year mark for it, you are pretty much gone before you meet that bridge date. IBM wants as few people on the pension as possible. When I hired on, I was offered the promise of a career, not a job. The first 6 years were a career. The next 5 years were a job. 3 years after that I thought I had a career again. Unfortunately, that is not the case, just a job. Anyone remaining needs to treat IBM as a job and watch out for yourself. Look externally for a job. Once you find one,give your 2 week notice, take all PC days and accumulated vacation, and don't train people your job. -BrokenPromises-
Comment 03/04/14: Did anyone get RA'ed with two consecutive PBC 3s, and if so, did you get the full severance package? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/04/14: Yesterday, thousands IBM employees went on strike against the layoff plan.
-Thousands IBM shenzhen employees went on strike-
Comment 03/04/14: Very unusual strike is happening in a IBM supplier factory at Shenzhen, China. More than 1000 workers participated. The factory is moving away due to the X86 acquisition. You can see a video @ -ChineseLabor-
Comment 03/04/14: I got the axe today in div 12 after 15 years and THREE consecutive 1 PBC ratings and zero raise over this time. Believe me, I'm not a butt kisser, hence probably why I'm getting the boot, but I did EVERYTHING right. Every process timely and precisely. I EARNED every 1 I got. Y'all know the game and you know its not easy to achieve that. Averaged working on $50M in Power revenue a year for over 10 years. I haven't read the package contents yet, but looks like I just got it. I supposedly will still get that great 6% bonus for 1 performers, but we'll see. I've had other opportunities with IBM and not sure I want any of them. I know the game on jobs now. They won't hire across division or those that have been RA'd. I'm sure we're black flagged somehow. It would only temporarily delay the inevitable. -Dumped in ATS-
Comment 03/04/14: RA'd last Thursday, 25+ years, 3/31 my last day. To add insult to injury, there is a new law in NY, as of 1/1/14. You do not get unemployment until your Separation lump sum is used up 6 months from now. And, in October the amount goes from $405 to $420. The DOL website is very vague but if you Google it there is lots of info out there and it was reported in the Syracuse paper. -Anonymous in NY-
Comment 03/03/14: So Buffet was on CNBC this morning. when asked about his IBM investment he said he loved the share repurchases but he also did say he wants to see revenue growth from IBM. Good luck Ginny... my bet is Ginny will be RAed by year end. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: Given IBMs constant practice of RA'ing older employees, why has Alliance not organized a class action lawsuit with the EEOC against IBM? I would certainly join that lawsuit and I'm sure many of the readers on this page would do so as well. So why hasn't it happened yet? -RAdToday-
Comment 03/03/14: I was RA'd today. Almost 31 years. 2+ appraisal. Still a bit shell shocked, but more importantly, when I called my HR Partner to request the OWBPA stats, she told me that IBM was not required to provide those to anyone. From what I have read about the law, this seems to conflict completely. Have a call in to my labor attorney to discuss before I sign anything. -30+years-
Comment 03/03/14: Like many of you, my manager gave me a 3 rating and used the RA to ensure that I will be let go even though I have only been with the company for a short period of time. QUESTION: is the RA considered to be confidential or do they have the right to make an announcement and tell your team, extended team and clients that their version of what happened? Are my confidentiality rights being violated if I haven't shared this information with anyone? -Bamboozled-
Comment 03/03/14: X_number- Regarding your Q - How many employees works for System X right now? Just around 7500 or much higher than this number? Based on the words of a BUE, Lenovo is only taking 1/3 of the System x employees and the rest will be package out. Only repeating what I hear.. -Anon-
Comment 03/03/14: @Zheng: I was RA'd last year and was hired a long time ago before I came to the US. In my case the service years outside US counted towards my severance. So, go for it and make sure your manager and yourself put this question in front of HR. -Fairness101-
Comment 03/03/14: didn't come as a shock, thank you to this board for warning me or I would have lost it. embarrassed and haven't told anyone yet. My presales tech person got it also. STG Sales North America -Embarrassed-
Comment 03/03/14: One person alone cannot make a difference, and it is only by joining with others that our voices can be heard. I am very grateful to the Alliance for the website they maintain and the sharing of information. For years I've taking advantage of the site without contributing a dime and its about time that that changes. So, as of today, I've joined the union. Not sure if I'll be around long enough to benefit, but I have friends and co-workers that are years away from retirement and a union is their only hope. -new member-
Comment 03/03/14: As a sign of support, both for folks laid off as well as people who survived, I changed my status from associate to voting member. I would encourage other IBM'ers to do the same. At this point, it is pretty clear that management in Armonk does not care about the employees at all. With the relentless focus on the EPS target of 20$ per share for 2015, it is even questionable if they really care about IBM's shareholders or customers. If IBM cared about it's customers, it would focus on developing innovative products. -Guest-
Comment 03/03/14: -Willie Rae- While it might be possible to discern who is being laid off it doesn't matter. IBM is breaking the law by not providing this information in the packet provided to the employee. This information is required so the employee and their legal representation can make a learned decision on whether to waive their rights to sue for age discrimination. While I am sure the information can help unionization efforts I feel the lack of it is only to make it harder to determine that IBM is firing people based on age and avoid lawsuits. -anaoymous_retiree-
Comment 03/03/14: Dumped at 58, 18m after being enticed from a position I had held for 12Y. Not very amused. -PSSTOFF-
Comment 03/03/14: Noticing a bit of a pattern within these posts: unusually low PBC (3) than layoff. Resume is out now as I went from 1.5 in to a 3 in 6 months. Manager said "he had to work within a pre-defined Matrix and some people had to get a 3;". Not earned but rather 'had to get'. Seriously? He has yet to quantify how he made those decisions. I just had my best quarter ever, but guess manager is positioning to cover his favs! IBM is by far the sleaziest company I have worked with in my entire career. I hope my resignation saves at least one other position. -Concerned IBMer-
Comment 03/03/14: Willie Rae - "The reason for IBM no longer sharing the titles, ages and position information is really simple. It is very easy to map the data to the actual person that was impacted."...... While that may be true, the REAL reason is that IBM is firing a large percentage of people in the over 40 (and even over 50) demographic. They may be SAYING they want to protect privacy of the individuals involved, but since when does IBM respect ANYTHING with regard to their employees? Their REAL intent is to muddy the waters where a possible age discrimination lawsuit is concerned. Every single person that I know personally that was an RA victim this past week was in the over 40 demographic, and many were over 50 with more than 25 years of service. -BoulderAnon-
Comment 03/03/14: To Nick Danger: Project Apollo had its own name so that people can refer to it easily. It was not because of pride. -confused_blue-
Comment 03/03/14: IBM spent so much money on education for employees for eg Mitts program , alap etc. did any of this help the employees, there are some who are in higher bands who never went through this training etc. the future looks for high tech jobs... Good luck for the future -no name-
Comment 03/03/14: Does anyone have news on any RAs in Toronto lab? -IBMer-
Comment 03/03/14: John Kelly has wrecked quite a few high technical IBM careers from what I heard. I even heard somewhere that some highly regarded technical expert committed suicide with him mentioned in the suicide note. I would have liked to have seen Linda Sanford be chosen instead of Rometty. Linda, IMHO, was more deserving and probably more capable. But when does IBM do the right thing or get it right these days? -anonMHV-
Comment 03/03/14: Warren Buffet, 5 key Investing "Don'ts". #4, "Don't go for the Quick Profit". Please read this and someone ask Warren why the heck he, or anyone invests in IBM stock? As Warren says, "I could do certain things to jiggle up the price of Berkshire in the short run. It would not be good for the company over five or 10 years." IBM Exec."jiggling" has me and 1000's of others RA'ed -Case study in process-
Comment 03/03/14: Ginny Rometty should go on undercover boss. LOL!!!! IBM would have to put millions into a makeover for her just so she would be disguised enough to not be recognized! She would have to have her voice trained also... She couldn't even open her Sametimes, e-mail, and phone calls all at the same time. It would be a waste of time. Putting her to work on, say, the 300mm line would be hazardous to fellow workers. Won't happen. Guaranteed. -UnderCoverBoss?-
Comment 03/03/14: Just made a donation to help towards the site costs. For all those who come here for information like I have been, you should do the same. If it wasn't for this site, we would all be in the dark on what is happening to fellow ibmers in other areas. -Guest-
Comment 03/03/14: The reason for IBM no longer sharing the titles, ages and position information is really simple. It is very easy to map the data to the actual person that was impacted. As a former manager that has retired from IBM, I used to look at the packet and then query Bluepages and 99% of the time my guess would be correct regarding who was hit. When the population was larger it would be next to impossible to make a determination of the actual person(s). This I believe is the first sign of fear by IBM of the employees organizing. Numbers, titles and ages don't mean much but when you can put names and faces to the data, it gets real for a lot of people. I hope the push continues to restore the IBM basic beliefs. -Willie Rae-
Comment 03/03/14: Has it been confirmed that this action is known internally as Project Apollo? Doesn't anyone find it disgusting that they would take so much pride in this "project" that they give it a name? This tells me that some people are going to get awards and win PBC points for their "outstanding contributions to Project Apollo." Maybe they'll even get a plaque that they can proudly hang on their wall. -Nick Danger-
Comment 03/03/14: Very sad day. Layoffs continue in STG today. Many technical sales specialists affected. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: Hearing of RA's being handed out today in STG. Any confirmation? -Watson's tumbler-
Comment 03/03/14: RA this morning for approx 25% of the STG Technical Sales team. Most ages 50+ -anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: To -FedUpwithIBM-. You will likely get a Personal Pension Plan (Cash Balance) payout. Go to your NETBENEFITS account online and see your balances. -Anon-
Comment 03/03/14: hi -FedUpwithIBM- ... I am so sorry to hear about your RA after you have worked so hard, and were so dedicated for the past 15 years. But let me ask you - why do you think you should have something for a retirement? I am 38 years old and worked this many hrs unfortunately as well :-( and when I get RAs, I won't get anything either. -Canada_Ibmer-
Alliance reply: We will answer this because we know quite a few would and we don't want to bog down the comments section.
The reason senior workers think they should have a pension is because the company said they would over many many years until they started going back on their word.

Comment 03/03/14: I am an IBM System z architect. I would like to know if you are keeping track of how many System z people are getting laid off. Also I would like to know if you intend to communicate this to the students in the System z Academic Initiative. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: 2 of us in Customer Information area were cut on Feb 27th. They brought others in from Blue Harmony project and pushed others out -Anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: IBM set to slash another 500 workers
The IBM ethos "change is a constant in our industry and transformation is a permanent feature of our business model". -serverguy-

Comment 03/03/14: @-Zheng- It depends what is in the employment contract you signed with your current country. -Michael-
Comment 03/03/14: Not longer blue, let go last Thursday... anybody else in Lexington Ky make the list? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: The red tide has started in STG sales. Mainframe, Power and Storage teams are getting their calls this morning. "Business conditions have changed and your [are / are not] affected." One long-term manager characterized it as the broadest and deepest they'd ever seen at IBM. -FYeahI'mDistracted-
Comment 03/03/14: Got axed last week after given a PBC 3, which included nothing but lies made up by mgr! No sense in contesting PBCs in IBM. I was given a 30 day Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), which was so widely written, that they could use any excuse to say that I didn't complete it satisfactorily. I even got two emails from manager saying two different excuses for my failure on the PIP.
Life sure will be different when these managers come begging for a job later on at my new place of employment! They won't get my recommendation. So I had 30 days to complete the PIP, I immediately started looking for a new job and got an offer with even more pay! So I got laid off on 2/28 and started my new job on 3/3! I got lucky.
I will NEVER go back to IBM. I'm sure Ginni will be looking for a new job soon. She is running the company into the dirt fast. Never before I have felt more relieved than I do today....
Comment 03/03/14: To -Non IBMer- Why would virginia ever go on Undercover Boss? Every boss which has gone on that show did so because they wanted to uncover the problems in their business in order to make things better not only for the company but also for their rank and file employees. Every ibm ceo since gerstner has been about setting themselves up for more money, not about fixing problems and making things better for the entire organization. It'll be a cold day in hell before any ibm executive goes on that show to really make any meaningful changes in the company. In fact, the only affiliation virginia would have with that show is if ibm bought CBS and then laid off the entire crew of Undercover Boss. Just sayin'. -RA'd in Tucson-
Comment 03/03/14: Just got the dreaded 15 minute invite from my manager for this afternoon. I have been with IBM for less then a year in a customer facing technical role. Spoke to a friend of mine who is a Storage CTS on the east coast and he has been RA'd along with 40% of his team. Great strategy to increase sales, get rid of almost half of your customer facing support. -Unreal-
Comment 03/03/14: Just got called today, Monday 03/03/14 by manager saying that the group got affected. RA's in NA are still happening as of today. Feel sorry for the people that were let go. -Anonymous4G-
Comment 03/03/14: -hmm- Yes, don't take your vacation time now! If you take more than your earned vacation for this year, IBM will deduct that from your RA severance! DO TAKE ALL YOUR Personal Choice Holidays -IBM$uck$-
Comment 03/03/14: In answer to Zheng, "If you have worked in IBM in more than one country ... won't your service reference date start from the first country and not the latest country, for the purpose of calculating redundancy payment? Anyone knows the answer? -Zheng-",
Redundancy is calculated from your latest country. SRD is only used for pension/retirement requirements. That is what they told me. I had done 2 years in EU. Each IBM country is "independent" entity. RA'd from IBM US in June 2013. -SD-

Comment 03/03/14: -Anon- Coincidence that Greenock is on the block when Scotland is contemplating independence from the UK? IBM is not our friend -IBMnotCelticFriend-
Comment 03/03/14: Palmisano's strategy was all about the BRICs and the growth emerging markets would deliver.
China no longer buying IBM. India economy on the ropes and demanding back taxes. Russia invading Ukraine and seeing its economy crumble. Brazil seeing slower growth and impact by turmoil in Argentina.
Hey, Ginny. Go ahead and trash all those people in your Developed markets. piss off all your customers with bad service.
Then layoff lots of people in those BRICs to promote IBM goodwill. 2Q14 is going to be a Wallstreet disaster. How you like the CEO job now? -SoftKitty-

Comment 03/03/14: -FedUpwithIBM-
It has happened to you as it happened to me.
As a sick "BONUS" of your RA with severance package: you also LOSE ALL your FHA since you are not 55 years old despite meeting the 15 years employment requirement.
It has happened to you as it happened to me.
The Alliance has made it clear to us older workers for years now: organize IBM labor and fight or lose some or all of your after-IBM retirement benefits. I am still an Alliance member even though I was RAed a few years ago. I want to try to fight and protect what little IBM retirement benefits I have left! The Alliance will do that for us if we get more members (full and associate) and contributors to sign up. -sby_willie-

Comment 03/03/14: -FedUpwithIBM- : I was RA'd at 52.5 with just 1.5 years until 30 years of service. My manager was RA'd with just months until joining the 25 Year Club. While no one ever said being 50 would be easy, I never imagined that being a 50-year-old in IBM would become nearly impossible. -all-too-true-
Comment 03/03/14: To -FedUpwithIBM-. You should have your cash balance to be used for retirement. If you have a financial planner work with them on your options. Otherwise I've heard good things about Fidelity helping people out. I have a cash balance but was able to retire, for whatever that was worth. I wasn't 40 on 7/1/99 so I lost FHA money when I was RA'd last year. Utilize Right Mgmt if they are still used by IBM to assist people with resume' writing, interview tips, etc. -Still_Blue-
Comment 03/03/14: I just want to correct something I read over and over again which is IBM is being run by HR and Finance and that is why this is happening. Remember, that HR and Finance people had to go to business school and take all business classes. Engineers don't. SW developers don't. And in Business school they DO NOT teach you to focus on wall street numbers. Wall street is viewed as a funding source. Period. Instead they teach you to value every asset you have and your greatest asset is people. Finance organizations in IBM have been quietly decimated over the years with overseas "centers of excellence". HR has gone through similar long term reductions that rarely make the news. If HR and Finance were in charge, that would never have happened. We can be replaced with any of the other million HR or Finance people out there looking for a good job. Even our CFO could be replaced in an instant because contrary to what others may claim, his job is standardized. There are literally hundreds if not thousands who could step in and take his job in an instant. Most of the people that run IBM and will be rewarded by roadkill 2015 are engineers. Anyone can be bought including HR and Finance people, but let's stop blaming finance and HR who are simply puppets doing what they are told. These decisions are being made by business unit heads who 99% are former engineers. -Don't Blame HR and Finance-
Comment 03/03/14: I got RA'd Thursday, I am 52.5+ years old, I have over 15 years with IBM, I am less than 2.5 years from being able to take the early retirement package. After 15 years of 60-80 hour work weeks, working through holidays and vacations, no overtime, NOW they RA me? I only needed 2 years and 3 months for early retirement. I was hired Feb 1999, now I get zero for retirement? Can that be true? :( -FedUpwithIBM-
Comment 03/03/14: Let the 2014 IBM Hunger Games begin -Guest-
Alliance reply: On the contrary. Let the Hunger games END. Organize and Join Alliance@IBM to organize an end to the "games" that IBM plays with IBM worker' jobs, careers, families and their very lives. T
he pendulum is moving. Let's do this.
Comment 03/03/14: As far as I see it, IBM has 3 options for the workers in ?tech jobs? in NYS ? none of which are good to the workers. I feel this way because of the lack of respect that IBM has shown to its employees since ?93. It has steadily gotten worse and when then have the gall to not only be disrespectful but also not forthcoming with information about anything regardless if it is a layoff and now even the NYS deal, one cannot think that the choices are anything but bad.
Choice 1: the NYS deal has given the state officials the knowledge that IBM has a sale pending for the Mfg bldgs (chips) or the deal is close to happening, and by saying that this deal to save 3100 jobs is good until 2016 just buys IBM time for the sale which could happen in 6 to 12 months (maybe longer, maybe shorter). Not only that though, IBM gets out of being the ?bad guy? ? read - no bad press for IBM, when the sale is announced and people are let go by the buyer.
Choice 2: IBM will continue the cuts under the table regardless of the deal with NYS by keeping the numbers low to stay under the radar with NYS. This will be done over several weeks or months in order to again get out of being the ?bad guy? with respect to not getting any bad press.
Choice 3: IBM is only going to delay the RAs for a week or maybe even for a month or 2, although we all know that Ginny wanted to count this against the 1st qtr. The deal with NYS only delays it. Just remember that there are 3900 employees in Dutchess County that weren?t really mentioned in the deal. What happens to them?? My best guess is that Choice 2 is most likely, but I can see the other choices being just as likely given any number of unknowns about the deal with NYS. Good luck to all.
At least one politician in NYS is questioning the deal - -tired of the bs-

Comment 03/03/14: Sometimes you wonder why a manager is even needed when the technician is the one who actually runs the department, Morale is very low right now and managers try to avoid, Talking to anyone. -Anon-
Comment 03/03/14:
IBM to shutter Greenock x86 line after sale to Lenovo - reports MP seeks clarity, 'monitoring situation very closely'.
Mystery still surrounds one of the UK's last server production outposts in the Silicon Glenn amid reports of IBM shuttering the Greenock site when Lenovo acquires its x86 division.
According to local newspaper Greenock Telegraph, workers at the plant are bracing themselves for closure with manufacturing set to move to China once the sale of the volume server biz is concluded.
Employees are fearful that with only a storage line made at the facility there will be no economies of scale to keep the lights on and, "this will eventually go too," said one source quoted by the paper. -Anon-

Comment 03/03/14: Can UK employees join? Thanks -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: UK and other international IBMers can join only as associate members. Your membership helps keep the Alliance going and helps in the organizing. We are also part of the
IBM Global Union Alliance of IBM unions in 21 countries. <link to Global union list>

Comment 03/03/14: If you have worked in IBM in more than one country ... won't your service reference date start from the first country and not the latest country, for the purpose of calculating redundancy payment? Anyone knows the answer? -Zheng-
Comment 03/03/14: No layoffs in Lenexa that I'm aware of. I'm shocked that I didn't hear about this until last Friday - no managers or other employees have even mentioned it. I feel for the the IBMers that received the axe. I'll keep this community posted on any updates. -KIBMer-
Comment 03/03/14: Bangalore - Manyata Tech Park. I was called for a meeting with mgr, senior mgr, and HR person on Thursday, and informed that my position is no longer required. I was asked to write a resignation letter on the spot, and the acceptance/relieving letter was handed to me immediately also, prepared and signed by the "Country Process Owner - Separations". I asked why it is being termed as Resignation when it is a RA, and was informed that this is due to the company's sensitivity towards it's (ex) employees, so that they face no stigma (supposedly - is it true?) when applying elsewhere. I am not sure if that is the real reason or they want to make sure there is no documented evidence of layoffs in this country
In any case, I was told to accept the "offer" immediately (leave premises within 1-2 hours, take backup - no issues), or I could stay on for another 7 days and the "offer" would not be valid in that case. Other than these, I felt they treated the matter quite fairly. Though I took the "immediate termination" option, I was told that I would remain on the payroll for another 22 days, which is in addition to the "offer". -Resign after 17 years @IBM, or is it?-

Comment 03/02/14: The Alliance needs to know how many workers were fired in last weeks resource action. If you have that information and details please email the information to Names will be confidential. -Alliance-
Comment 03/02/14: Excellent article on IBM, roadmap 2015 and the job cuts: -member-

Comment 03/02/14: To -hmm-: When I was RA'd in 2010, I had accrued one week of vacation and was also entitled to 3 personal days for that year. I had to use the 3 personal days during that month, but the week's extra vacation pay was added to my severance check. To -ReleasedFromIBMPrisonCamp-: My thoughts exactly!! -Gorya-
Comment 03/02/14: Ginny Rometty should go on undercover boss. I know there is no way she would, but maybe just maybe she could see what she is really doing to the company if she did. Maybe I am asking to much of IBM's leadership to get in touch with the real people who make this company what it is. -Non IBMer-
Comment 03/02/14: I only discovered that I was affected by Project Apollo when Finance kept asking me about billing details about charing my cost. I asked my boss about the Financial details required and she said budget wasn't approved. That was it ... what does that mean? I went to my location manager and he went hounding my functional manager, set me up with HR for redeployment and I am still waiting to hear what will happen to me. No one knows!? I don't understand the lack of professionalism here? -Zheng-
Comment 03/02/14: to -hmm- Don't take your vacation. You will get a check for them along with the severance check. -Still_Blue-
Comment 03/02/14: To -hmm- It is my understanding that personal days are lost once you leave. i.e. I had been told many years ago to use personal days first, i.e. first 5 days you take off for the year are personal. Only then use your vacation days. For vacation days they will pay you for the portion you have earned and not used when you leave. Not sure what happens if you used more then you earned... Your manager should be able to answer that one. I was 'RA'd'(fired) in July of 2013. I discovered this round 'triggered' the feelings from last summer, even though I am no longer part of the company. The sting after 32 years doesn't go away that soon. -GoneinVermont-
Comment 03/02/14: I was RA'd in 2012 after 35 years and responded by sending "thank you" e-mails to my first-, second-, and third-line managers. The IBM we knew no longer exists; it is now controlled by executives hell bent on achieving the RoadKill EPS goal while destroying the lives of the company's employees, and IMHO, ultimately the company itself.
The good news is that even Wall Street and the mainstream press is catching on...there have been several articles in the past month that use the term "financial engineering" in a less than complementary fashion.
IBM has been on a downward path since at least the mid-90's, putting H.R. and Finance in control of the company at the expense of innovation. I've tried to do my part to publicize the company's shenigans on my site. Please check it out! I also encourage current and former employees to submit IBM reviews to Glassdoor. See
With one review, you'll have access to the full history of all of the IBM Glassdoor reviews. (I do select some of the Glassdoor reviews for inclusion in the weekly updates.) -no_longer_alwaysontheroad4bigblue-

Comment 03/02/14: Has anybody heard about Bromont? -anon-
Comment 03/02/14: There *is* life outside of IBM, and it's better than life inside IBM. I got tossed last year, and within a month I had a very cool job at a high-tech startup in Manhattan. And y'know? It's *much* nicer being at good company than at a dysfunctional hellblob like IBM. 'cause any decent high-tech company will *care* about the people who work at it. -Bard Bloom-
Comment 03/02/14: -member-
Comment 03/02/14: Just made a donation to the Alliance. I've never really been a union supporter because I've seen what can happen when they get out of control. But now I'm thinking the pendulum has swung too far the other way. -Sad in Vermont-
Comment 03/02/14: Over 20 percent of San Jose DFSMS dev staff cut. 12 out of 60. Not good for the future of IBM storage or servers -STG tech-
Comment 03/02/14: What else can they take from its long serving employees ? I saw this on the ibmpension yahoo group. First time I have heard of this. Page 128 of IBM's 10-K for 2013:




Nonpension Postretirement Benefit Plan
U.S. Nonpension Postretirement Plan
The company also amended its life insurance plan. Employees retiring on or after January 1, 2015, will no longer be eligible for life insurance. Existing retirees and employees retiring during 2014 continue to be eligible for retiree life insurance.
-longtimebeemer -

Comment 03/02/14: About 200 laid off between Tucson and Boulder. -Anon-
Comment 03/02/14: Regards to finding an internal job once you've been RA'd. All transfer within GBS are frozen. Any exceptions need to be approved by old George Metz and HR maven Deb Butters Don't expect any transfers to approved. They never are (unless you're connected to the Armonk mafia.) -Anon-
Comment 03/02/14: To hmmm - They will pay you the vacation they owe you for the 3 months you were on the payroll. Assuming you have not used any yet this year, you will get 1/4 of your yearly vacation. PC days do not get compensated so you need to use them or lose them before your last day. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 03/02/14: Regarding vacation .... Be sure to look at your online info and see how it accrues. You will have to repay if you use more than you have earned for the year. I would not use any more vacation... All your out time is you looking for a job at this point. See if you are entitled to use the personal days . If so use them so you dont feel like you should sign in but make sure you wont have to pay for them. Any unused earned vacation will be paid to you on separation day. -Brenda-
Comment 03/02/14: All of these RAs sounds like Lou laying off thousands of IBMers when he became CEO. IBM will continue to destroy the USIBMers and their families. IBM destroyed the economy of Endicott , just like they are doing today in the Hudson Valley . Without a union IBM will continue to destroy towns in upstate New York and families who work for IBM. -Former IBM Endciott Employee-
Comment 03/02/14: @hmm - You can use the personal choice days immediately. Vacation days are earned throughout the year, if you take them all now, you will have to repay the value of the unearned days. Given a 3/31 departure date, 1/4 of your 25 days are earned, so 6 days could be used without any repayment. -LastManStanding-
Comment 03/02/14: To Mea Culpa. As IBM's largest shareholder outside of it's self. He may hold some sway telling the board what to do. If he starts selling IBM stock it will be disastrous for the price. Looking at Blue Pages one noticed that there have been some non publicized high profile demotions by push down in the management stack. They may still hold the title, but instead to direct reports, they are now several levels down. Executive wise there are things to keep an eye out for. Two SVP's that have turned or will turn 60 - the standard IBM exec retirement age. Linda Sanford, who cashed in about $14M in stock towards end of 2013, and John Kelly. -Anon-
Comment 03/02/14: I heard STG sales will get the ax next week. This makes sense because they would get to keep us around for 30 days and get through the quarter end. I read the comments about the CSRs, wondering if anyone can comment on the CSRs being told on 3/31 or 3/31 would be their last day. The CSRs I know have all been with IBM for decades, have priceless experience, work all hours of the night & weekends, and do an incredible job. I am not aware of any new hires to replace them. The acceleration of STG demise will start gaining speed. Look for weaker results going forward. -waiting-
Comment 03/02/14: Berkshire Hathaway's annual letter to shareholders has included pages on the stock market and where it's headed in previous years. This year? Silence. -Mea Culpa - I bought IBM stock-

Comment 03/02/14: I confirm that the New York RA was not called off, just significantly reduced. IBM reduced it on Feb 26th, less than 24 hours prior to the RA. Governor Cuomo's announcement was on the 24th, and IBM execs took 2 days to decide they couldn't afford to lose their NY state tax breaks. Regarding what's next - IBM is trying to sell the fab, meaning that hundreds of additional RAs are on hold (including PBC 3's). If the sale doesn't happen, STG head Tom Rosamilia is going to execute another huge RA for his organization. -Rochester RA-
Comment 03/02/14: I'm interested in hearing from ssrs headed for Toshiba on the ssrs slated to stay with IBM if in fact all are being fired. Originally all ssrs moved to the rsd division, we're to go to toshiba. Then the game changed and half in my team were going and half were staying ibm. I saw the writing on the wall as i was slated to stay. I left with 26 years service. My decision was right for me but was a hard one to make.Fill us in ssrs. -Ex SSR-
Comment 03/02/14: To all those who were recently layed-off. It happened to me after almost 30 years with ibm when I got caught up in the 2013 RA. Everything will be ok. At first, you'll be upset/anguished/fearful. A whole range of emotions including relief. All normal. After this subsides, you'll start to regain your life. YOU are not 'owned' by IBM anymore. You'll start to do things with your family and friends, you wont be worried about that call in the middle of the night asking you to work once again. Good luck all! Enjoy your new life. I promise! You'll be amazed at how your personality changes for the better once you get this huge monkey off your back and you realize there are other employers out there that actually VALUE your skills and abilities. -miss_understanding-
Comment 03/02/14: IBM fires small-town workers for Wall Street numbers. That?s the good part. -anon-

Comment 03/02/14: Relating to job postings. To replace a pending retiree, internally a high level (band 10) special skills technical position posting was created specifically for me. I went through the official process applying and never heard back. When I checked I was told that there was no funding so the position would be eliminated. The position was also posted externally. I applied using a fictitious name and was told that the position had been filled. It calls into question the 3K jobs corporate shill Doug Shelton puts forth. -What Jobs-
Comment 03/02/14: It appears that a Director in the newly formed Cognitive Computing organization at T.J. Watson bailed last week. -Anon-
Comment 03/02/14: @-Clueless in 2013-: You are right. It is a total waste of time to look for another job in IBM when RA'd. Even though it sometimes looks like other managers are interested, it won't happen. I had this situation last year when I was RA'd and I have plenty of examples that demonstrate how things work. On day 1 of your notification spend ALL energy on outside job hunting and don't get lured into false hope. Managers are lying everywhere. Remember, IBM just punched you in the proud, take the money and leave. -Fairness101-
Comment 03/02/14: clueless in 2013 - Thanks for the advise! I heard the same thing today from two former co-workers who were laid off in June. I was looking, but now I've decided to focus on the outside and take my severance and RUN! It's pretty insulting and a slap in the face that our managers tell us to look for a job internally when it's nearly impossible to get one after being RA'ed! What a joke! I also found out they can't give us professional recommendation letters with the IBM header on it! BUT, I we can use our PBC write ups as proof of our hard work. -LaidOffinTucson-
Comment 03/02/14: RA'ed on 2/28 from San Jose. Solid 2 and 2+ for last 5 yrs. it's a relief. I am moving on to places treasure my skills. I heard couple more got ra'ed at San Jose. -Tried-
Comment 03/02/14: Got my notice in GA. 26 weeks severance at 67. I was ready to retire anyway, so the package will be a bonus. And, NO MORE PBC'S! -FinallyFree-
Comment 03/02/14: When RA'd if you are required to sign papers in order to receive severance payment then IBM must provide unemployment benefits. Google your state's unemoyment law and read it. Don't assume you won't get, research it. Also if you are retiring and getting pension you are still entitled to unemployment benefit. Since IBM stopped contributing to your pension many years ago there is not a conflict. I am in Texas but it is easy to research. Copy the info to a doc cause you will have to provide it but you will get the benefits. And use every penny of retraining money. Community colleges have great continuing education programs in all areas. Don't leave any money on the table. You have earned whatever you can take away from this. Good luck finding a new passion - I wish you well -Brenda-
Comment 03/01/14: How does vacation work? I have 25 vac days and 5 personal holidays. Can I use them up until the end of the month? -hmm-
Comment 03/01/14: That would hypocritical of IBM to block all job transfers since the note I received implies that you can stay if you find a new job. Sounds like it's all a big fraud. Yeah, don't train your replacement...what are they going to do? Fire you? Haha. They are NOT going to give you a partial pbc rating, so just tell them to get lost and figure it out themselves, if they are so smart. Haha -bleck-
Comment 03/01/14: It is becoming clearer by the day that there will be a regime change coming at IBM that will be every bit as sudden and dramatic as the change that occurred during the transition between Akers and Gerstner. All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. My heart goes out to all those good, dedicated employees let go by the current ruling elite. These dastardly deeds will not go unnoticed by our great creator. -Anon-
Comment 03/01/14: STG Tucson - number so far is 100 and counting -none-
Comment 03/01/14: I was told by a credible source (a mgr) that it is indeed true that at the last second 250-300+ names (technical jobs) were pulled off this week's RA list in Poughkeepsie. These folks are spared for now until the NY deal with the Gov is sorted out. Quite a few were indeed let go in Poughkeepsie this week but it was about half (or less) of what was targeted -PokLongTimer-
Comment 03/01/14: So I know of one person let go in MD under my third line, but they did not sit in EFK (sat in Endicott). Also I know of an MD department in BVT that got hit, but management would not comment. I know of one other person that reports to a department in EFK, but works remotely that got let go. Many sizing are going on in EFK teams, so we suspect they are preparing for something. We all just wish they'd sell MD to a company that actually cares about making good hardware. -In EFK MD-
Comment 03/01/14: This RA may not have affected you personally, but in some way it will, whether it is due to an increased workload or simply having to work in an environment where you have no job security and feel like you always need to look over your shoulder(especially when stock prices are going down). We need to stand up for the basic rights that we deserve as employees, and the first step is to join the Alliance. From what I understand this has been a long, hard-fought battle with IBM and the Alliance, and it is sad it has to come to us needing a union to have our voices heard but that is what it has come to. So the way I see it, we all have two options, 1) join the Alliance in the hope that it will make a difference and help restore the balance in IBM, and tell everyone you know the true colors of IBM, or 2) watch IBM fall-short of roadmap 2015(which it will) and witness an even larger RA if not much worse. On a side note, where can we find the number on the people who have joined the Alliance? Perhaps if this were tracked, it would bring more incentive to people who have been thinking of joining the Alliance. -Anon-
Alliance reply: We have done this in the past and we have had membership drives with a gauge showing how many joined in a given time period. Didn't seem to help. Since January we have had about 25 new members, and we thank those that did join. We have a little over 300 dues paying members (we do lose people over time that have left IBM) and about 5200 non dues paying supporters. Not all are current employees. We also get asked what the Alliance mission is and what we stand for. That information is all on our main page. You can also ask questions at

Comment 03/01/14: I left IBM voluntarily in Feb 2014 after working in STG on AIX for 2.5 years. I was a recent college graduate with a MS degree...when I put in my 2 weeks with my manager, he on the spot offered me a 25% raise to stay with IBM. It is sad that even in the midst of other people on my team being RAd, things like that can happen. When I put in my 2 weeks, it was right after the alliance announced the dates for the RA, so I figured that I would be able to save someone else's job by leaving voluntarily before names were due to be submitted. I am happy I worked for IBM, but I honestly cannot be proud. IBM is not the same company that it once was, but it still looks good on a resume. -anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: @Andy...Can you elaborate on the information you posted about the CE cuts on 3/31??
"Field Service Representatives (CE's)accross the country are bing laid of effective 3/31. At this time unknown numbers, but likely in the hundreds. This does not include the CE's that were moved to Toshiba." -Colorado CE-

Comment 03/01/14: Except one state, what's that? -Sleepless in Austin-

Comment 03/01/14: When the last Watson (the man,not the machine) left IBM in late 80's, it all started going to hell. It has accelerated as time goes on. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: Given past/present RAs & early retirements some questions for the group relating to IBM age based bias/discrimination: A) accessing benefit money accrued age 40-50 and B) old pension plan vs portable plan & employee participation choice offered in 1999.
a) Benefit Account Access ($2500/yr accrued age 40-50). Current IBM policy is age 55 w/15 yrs to receive this. Those retiring, RAd before age 55 currently would lose these funds. Those 52 w/ 30 yrs would lose this (30 yrs svc used to be criteria entitling full retirement offerings) Now one w/ less seniority, but is 55 has access to these benefit funds. Is this not an age bias/discrimination violation w/ dept of labor?

b) Old Pension Plan vs Portable Plan.
In 1999 IBM rolled out the portable pension plan. After pushback IBM settled upon age 40 w/ 10 yrs of service as the criteria to choose old vs new plan. There is a group of IBM employees in there later 30s w/ more than 10 yrs of service. (ie. 38 w/ 16; 37 w/15 yrs having more seniority than those at 40 w/10) How is this not an aged based bias/discrimination by the IBM? Does is not violate any dept of labor laws? A more equitable measure would have been a numeric decision criteria of say age+service >50 w/ those 40 w/ 10 setting the numeric threshold. So those 38 w/ 16, 37 w/ 15,...etc would meet the criteria of >50. This would have offered a fair means for this population to choose there respective pension plan as was offered to those 40 w/ 10.
IBM used >= 40 as the cut off merely because that group fell into a "protected class".
Are these situations valid to protest to the EBSA (Employee Benefits Security Administration)?
(Employee Welfare & Pension Benefit Plans representative would likely undertake the review. Seems w/ these age based discrimination concerns MANY can go to the dept of labor web site & log a protest.
Thoughts from the group? Has anyone already pursued this journey? -AgeBiasQuestions-

Comment 03/01/14: Found out my son-in-law's brother was part of the rebalancing group(He has never been in hardware). IBM plans to get out of all hardware and manufacturing. The new "ibm" will be a services company. He was told there will be no raises, no incentives, no transfers for three years. He couldn't say anything before, but he said writing is on the wall. He just left IBM and told my son-in-law to let me know. -it's over-
Comment 03/01/14: I was "effected" by a resource action in pok in the supply chain group. Over 55 years old with 37 years of service and thrown out like daily trash. Looking forward to my next and better stage in life. Wishing all those left behind the best since it's just a matter of time now. -fedupanddone-
Comment 03/01/14: I retired from IBM towards the end of last year. Couldn't take the environment. Yesterday, while the layoffs were occurring in Vermont, I received a phone call asking if I would be interested in returning to IBM as a contractor. Is it me, or does this seem bizarre and heartless to you? -Puzzled-
Comment 03/01/14: To those who just lost your job and are considering looking within IBM for another position, I strongly advise that it's not worth your time, effort, as well as anguish. You're better off immediately focusing elsewhere for a job. I got laid off in '13 and spent much energy and time in the 30-day notice period trying to remain with IBM. I had very desirable skills in an area IBM desperately needs, and two IBM managers tried extremely hard to hire me, and I had a lot of other interest too, but every move was eventually blocked. I inadvertently overheard from one manager that the hiring organization needs to compensate the firing organization by financially compensating that org by doing something like laying off 1 or 2 additional people to make room for you. Internal transfers also requires Ginny-level sign off. So, that's not easy - your transfer odds are pretty close to impossible. You're better off immediately investing all of your time and focus outside of IBM. I regret losing those 30 days, and hope you don't. -clueless in 2013-
Comment 03/01/14: To -ReleasedFromIBMPrisonCamp- "Well said", after 29 years I'm still here but miss the old days where we were all so energized and pumped to work here and so proud to be an IBMer. I'm hanging on in EFK STG and we heard we are good till 2016. I have many friends in BTV because my depot is split and just don't understand what is going on with this group. Though we are happy the lay off numbers were light in BTV and EFK.. we wonder why?? What is going on and what is next??? That is a horrid way to come into work each day. I AM a member of the union and encourage all to join, they have done a great job lately working to help us!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: Time to revolt. If you have been RA'd do NOT train your replacements. Offer no information to help them learn your job. Contact your customers. I see SSR's are slated for a March 31 dismissal date. They are the last face of IBM in front of the customer. We will lay off the older more experienced SSR's. Please inform the customers what IBM is doing. Customers love their SSR's and will leave in droves when they find out what IBM is doing to their only line of support. Make customer lists this week and call them ALL!!! Make it hurt them. Let their customers know that IBM has no concern for existing contracts or obligations to customers. And for Gods sake get off your butts and join the Alliance. And please take a pass on the severance pay and sue IBM for the blatant age discrimination they are culpable of. There has to be grounds for class action age discrimination suit here. We need to demand the OWBPA is followed. Your attorney needs that information for the lawsuit.It is obvious IBM is trying to break the law and will likely get away with it if we don't stand up.It is our only chance for change. I've Been Misled-IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: IBM corporate management are law breakers, criminals, and crooks when it comes to labor law. We see it. They settle suits and cases left and right when it comes to labor/employment issues. There is list of them going years' back. These corporate felons need to read the BCG as a start and learn to READ the labor law to OBEY IT. -anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: I was part of the July, 2013 'RA' after 17yrs of a career with excellent reviews, awards, etc. After IBM took over in 2001 things began their long, slow, unbearable decline. With the exception of a few people left, a place that was once so vibrant with wonderfully talented and dedicated people has become a ghost town. People no longer interact or share ideas. Instead they're heads down and driven like slaves. They are treated with disregard by Mgrs who only know how to use scare tactics to manipulate them e.g., constantly told to 'work smarter' (who was the IBM jackass that started that phrase?) with no help to do that; to take on more responsibility, even though the workload increases exponentially as staff is reduced; to be a leader, even when there's nobody and nothing to lead. Way too may Chiefs and hardly any Indians to do the real work. The list of denigrating tactics goes on. My message to those that are suffering from the humiliation and self doubt caused by these layoffs is, don't suffer any longer. You haven't done anything wrong and IBM is way too stupid to realize what they're losing. Know that, everything has a silver lining. It only took me ~1/2 hour after my notice that I found mine. My life has changed dramatically for the better. Looking back I only laugh with joy that I no longer have to experience that kind of treatment. I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to meet so many good people and to work on such a great product. That said, I despise IBM and everything they stand for, not because they chose to remove me, but because of the dirty, despicable and unethical way they run their business and how they blatantly lie to their workforce and their customers. It is shameful and I'm so happy not to be part of it anymore, no matter what my future holds. Whatever you choose to do post-IBM, I hope this will help to put some perspective on what has happened and know that you'll be much better off. I wish all a more fulfilling next stint. -ReleasedFromIBMPrisonCamp-
Alliance reply: Sorry for your job loss in 2013. All the negative aspects of working for IBM, that you have cited have been said before. This company will continue to do to their employees, whatever they feel like, as long as IBM employees allow them to. Alliance@IBM has been actively working to help change that "paradigm". The focus that IBMers should be using is to organize. IBMers just like you, who have dedicated their energies and loyalty to a company that abuses them at every turn. The ONLY way to change that, while still working for IBM is to organize. Now that IBM has gone so far as to stop reporting job cuts as before in their RA pkgs; it's just another example of their disrespect for their own workforce. If the workforce unites, organizes and fights for a contract; IBM will immediately see that their employees have finally put "s
ome perspective on what has happened and know that IBM workers will be much better off....
Comment 03/01/14: I guess we will never know the true #'s affected by div/group other than the comments listed here unless someone higher up can leak the info out -not knowing-
Comment 03/01/14: Submitted to The Watson Mobile Developer Challenge.
"A mobile bracketology application utilizing cognitive computing and WATSON to determine odds of the IBM Board of Directors booting Ginni as they did John Akers. Factoring in number of employees terminated, business units sold off, customer law suits in proportional to EPS target." -Anon-
Comment 03/01/14: I'm understanding IBM Roadmap 2015 = stock market crash. Now I see the picture :) -Anon-

Comment 03/01/14: I am a 1 rated band 10 employee of 17 years at IBM and am fed up with the executive leadership at all levels of IBM. What a disaster. I am on the list to lenovo, which is better than staying at IBM, but it is not my first choice. All those still at IBM or moving to lenovo I recommend you look around. There are great companies that need great employees badly. IBM vs. Lenovo, I choose neither. -Rated1-
Comment 02/28/14: I was notified of RA on 02/27/14. There are five others also affected under the same 2nd line manager. All of us are over 50 and in NJ. -Distressed-
Alliance reply: This is why employees need the OWBPA report included in their RA docs'. Lots of age discrimination in job cuts.

Comment 02/28/14: I got RA news today from RSD group I know that 20 was let go from my div plus at least another 75 from 2 more eastern side RSD divisions -Craig-
Comment 02/28/14: For all that are being let go. I have been there, and let me tell you this, there IS LIFE after IBM. Remember it is not you that failed, it is the company that is failing. Cut to the bone and yet they still want more. One thing they seem to not remember, these thousands of people are talented, most will work for IBM customers and most will not look favorable once they understand that IBM is running so lean that it can no longer support its customer base. And when it comes time to recommend a direction, more than one X-IBMr will not recommend the once great IBM -Been There-
Comment 02/28/14: Don't think the question was whether NY jobs were lost, as they were..even the IBM spokesman was quoted as saying you should trust those that said they were laid off from NY. One can read the agreement with NYS as being MD specific (Cadigan org), so the question is whether there are confirmed losses in the Hudson Valley from within MD...there are clearly some from VT and Endicott from MD, and clearly from other orgs (ISC, other parts of STG). Can anyone confirm a Hudson Valley layoff from within MD? -Efk'ite-
Comment 02/28/14: Got resourced today.. Crazy.. Time to move on.. -Crazy-
Comment 02/28/14: @Stepping Stone.."This has been happening for five years. The current RA cycle has been running since the beginning of 2009. Stop acting surprised. Start standing up. -Stepping Stone-"
Don't know where you have been but I was RA'd in 2007 6 months after getting a promotion and had to train 5 clueless heads in India. That's the problem, you all have had your heads in the sand for years thinking or not knowing this has been going on for a lot longer than you THINK! -Anon-

Comment 02/28/14: How many employees work for System X right now? Just around 7500 or much higher than this number? -X_number-
Comment 02/28/14: Don't let anyone kid you. 'Technical people' in Poughkeepsie were let go. Got to be at least 40 in STG/ISC z mfg and support. -zGuy-
Comment 02/28/14: Article IBM workers sold to Lenovo need to read. -Alliance-

Comment 02/28/14: Some 2nd-line areas in AIX Austin were lightly touched, others were not touched at all. I only know about a couple of them, however. There may have been some areas hit harder.
However, a lot of people have left voluntarily since last year (myself included). In some depts, more left voluntarily over the past year than were cut. They were counting on attrition, but it appears they got more than they had wanted. My guess is that they lost so many that they cannot cut in some areas without killing AIX altogether. Maybe that's what they want eventually, but not instantly like another deep cut there might have done.
Comment 02/28/14: Got RAed from IBM kenexa. Heard that VPs and Managers are also kicked out. Heard few sr management folks were behind some unnecessary job cuts on the direction from CTO/CKO in Wayne, PA location -anonymous-
Comment 02/28/14: I wish all victims of this week's RA the very best as you move on with your professional lives. I've not yet been informed by my manager whether or not I've been selected for this RA, presumably because she's out of town on business. Is anyone else in this same situation? Also, is it true that the severance package for this RA is 1 week's pay for each 6 months of service? Thanks! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/28/14: Field Service Representatives (CE's)accross the country are bing laid of effective 3/31. At this time unknown numbers, but likely in the hundreds. This does not include the CE's that were moved to Toshiba. -Andy-
Comment 02/28/14: I know of 4 in BTV that were managers RA'd they were set to retire months ago but changed their minds and waited for this to get the package. guess that beats a slap on the back like a line worker gets when they retire -Still here-
Comment 02/28/14: Just curious, what actions could The Alliance take to stop the layoffs? I have worked in many unionized organizations and"Management Rights" seemed to offer free will to make management decisions about workforce. -Curious IBMer-
Alliance reply: In IBM unions in Europe and elsewhere job cuts are negotiated, numbers challenged and alternatives worked on. In those unions job cuts are voluntary first. They have contracts that spell this all out in detail.

Comment 02/28/14: Comment 02/28/14: Question to the alliance, do you need to be an IBM employee to join the alliance? -tyrone- Alliance reply: Ex-IBM employees and retirees can join the Alliance.
Let me add to the Alliance response: ANYONE can make a donation. If you can't join, you can still support. -No Excuses-

Comment 02/28/14: This has been happening for five years. The current RA cycle has been running since the beginning of 2009. Stop acting surprised. Start standing up. -Stepping Stone-
Comment 02/28/14: I was RA'd 2 weeks ago. Just found out that IBM is going to challenge my claim to Unemployment Insurance. -Damaged in Dubuque-
Comment 02/28/14: Let's remember the real reason IBM has gotten into this steady cycle of arbitrary firings during good times and bad. It's all about Shareholder Values. Wall St. loves it when IBM fires people. Every time there's an RA, the stock goes up. It's management's duty to do what pleases the stockholders. Until they are convinced that this is not good for their investment, nothing is going to change. The internet is a big place. Somewhere there must be a scientific study that shows that a pattern of mass firings is harmful to a company's long term health. Somehow, that has to be communicated to the stockholders (or at least the major ones). Suggestion: include the word "chainsaw" in your google search. - Nick Danger-
Comment 02/28/14: 55+, solid 2+ performer, replaced by someone in India who is not qualified -Sigh-
Comment 02/28/14: Comment 02/28/14: What does the CEO and the other execs. see for the future of IBM and its share value? Take a look at Pick your favorite exec. and see what they think the future holds. There seems to be a common theme. -OnThinIce-
I just checked out the executives and their stock status through your link, they have all been granted shares worth millions, as of 2/ much for no bonuses and so much for true teaming. I guess they feel they "deserve" their compensation for some reason but they are really acting in a most brutal and selfish manner..taking millions in compensation then justifying the termination of hardworking, dedicated and loyal employees...BTW, RAed last July, life is much better now; most in high-tech now see IBM as a joke.... -REBIRTH-

Comment 02/28/14: Hundreds permanently RA'd in STG Tucson lab. Managers targeted band 8 & 9 engineers. IBM has lost talented technical people who have contributed for many years. Key product developers leaving with impact to product quality and ability to deliver future products on time. System Test lab hit hard also. List being worked on for next RA. -Sad times in IBM-
Comment 02/28/14: 6 RA'd from ISC GL NA. About 15% and there will be a request for more departures with the X Series divestiture. -Sad in Boulder-
Comment 02/28/14: I'll be honest that I don't have great hopes for organizing IBM or making much of a difference in Roadkill 2015 agenda. Any chance of changing IBM's direction will have to go through the courts. That said, I really appreciate the information that the Alliance has gathered and shared about what's truly going on. I've made a donation to support your on-going efforts. -Anon-
Comment 02/28/14: Several of my colleagues were let go in RTP, does any one know if FLMs have been hit in this round of RA's? -John-
Comment 02/28/14: I hear no mention of East Fishkill, NY. For the record, there were cuts there yesterday, some in my own department. I was told I was safe, but many of us are looking to move on after this scare. Very random; think you're safe, think again. -Anon-NY-
Comment 02/28/14: I was told that all AR collectors in the US were affected. Many collectors in Canada were affected too. Jobs are moving to Guad, Mexico. -Rea-
Comment 02/28/14: Word on the street is that NY was spared from the RA. I've heard from a few folks in Pok and Fishkill that were RA'd but they worked for a department/manager from another state, not NY. -JoeFriday_JustTheFacts-
Comment 02/28/14: Where is my damn RA? I received a 3 due to increased quota of 3 handouts required this year. So, I should have been RA'ed. Why not? Is it because they plan on sticking me with another 3 next year and forcing me out without severance? Nice trick, IBM - first 3 after 25 years. How fishy is this? IBM is trying to rob me of my severance. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/28/14: I am a 17 year employee from Canada who was let go yesterday with 30 days notice so I will be done my IBM career with IBM Canada Ltd. on March 28th at 49 years old. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/28/14: -Sorry Old Sap-: The BCG are written by IBM HR to protect IBM from any perceived or real employee misbehavior. IBM executives and upper management are not true employees (they have separate employment contracts) so BCG does not apply to them! -da_facts-
Comment 02/28/14: I got the axe after 28 years in 2009. Didn't matter that I had worked my tail off, made many sacrifices in my personal life, received great feedback from customers, got stellar performance reviews..I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and nothing else mattered. My heart goes out to all of those affected by the current RA. Blows my mind that the OWBPA info. was not included--this can't be legal. IBM has become a joke and the sr. managers running the place are despicable, soul-less creatures..can't wait until it happens to them. -Beenthere-
Comment 02/28/14: Got the RA call yesterday morning. Div 7 Security Specialist out of RTP age 57 with 32 years of service. 26 weeks sev pay. -Bill-
Comment 02/28/14: Does anyone have information on the RAs that happened in Austin, TX? I know STG and POWER have a big presence there. Is anyone left there, or is building 045 already a ghost town? -GladToBeGoneFromIBM-
Comment 02/28/14: "How can Pok RA's have occurred yesterday if Cuomo was against it? Can IBM be countered for performing this recent downsizing in the Hudson Valley? -Curious-"
You are joking right? IBM doesn't care what Cuomo thinks. Cuomo and his idiot sidekicks made a deal (read gave an incentive) to IBM to keep 3100 employees there through the end of 2016. Well, there are about 7000 current employees there. That gave IBM the OK to still get rid of 3900 current employees.
Comment 02/28/14: The NY tax deal specifically mentioned "technical jobs". From what I heard, technical jobs in the Hudson Valley were removed from the RA list, but non-technical people were still let go in the Hudson Valley. -ProudMember - EF-
Comment 02/28/14: Question to the alliance, do you need to be an IBM employee to join the alliance? -tyrone-
Alliance reply: Ex-IBM employees and retirees can join the Alliance.

Comment 02/28/14: Sad in Vermont - If you don't need the severance go ahead and take it and then use it to sue them for age discrimination. Since they didn't include to OWAPA documentation as required by law, the agreement you sign not to sue is null and void. we need somebody who received one of these packages to sue them in court. Read this: -longtimebeemer -
Comment 02/28/14: Boulder layoffs are happening today and I was one of the lucky ones selected. Like the others no OWBPA numbers. As I'm over 40 I asked my manager why no numbers on total effected and since he didn't know he is going back to ask (I won't hold my breath for a response from him). Like I and others have said, IBM in sinking over the executives greed. If you want any stability in your life or even want to see IBM come back from the dead, join the Alliance NOW! Alliance, thank you for all the support and information you provided over the years. I'm glad to have been a proud member of the Alliance@IBM. -Robert-
Comment 02/28/14: Folks, I was let go in 2012. This is nothing new. It pains me to see IBM employees have not embraced the union.. if you want fair treatment it is your only hope. Keep suffering or unite! I now work in a union workplace - LOVE IT! -Vickie-
Comment 02/28/14: -FYeahI'mDistracted-: FHA requirement is 15 years IBM employment service AND at least 55 years old to qualify. I don't think IBM takes the severance into account to make it to 15 years... Yes, it would be fair, moral and empathetic of IBM to do it so those can get the FHA when just falling short of the requirements but IBM is a beast and a nasty unconscionable animal at that. -FHA'ed-
Comment 02/28/14: @-Anonymous- I was laid off in July 2013 after receiving a PBC 3 and trying to appeal it. The process was very involved. I invested tons of time and emotional effort into it and resulted in NOTHING but aggravation. Not worth it. Good luck to you and all who are being let go. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/28/14: My group was not impacted by this RA but I'm curious if any PBC 3 rated were fired and if so, was the severance pkg any different? -DodgedBulletThisTime-
Alliance reply: Now is your chance to do something for yourself and your co-workers, since you dodged the bullet: Organize Now. Don't wait. 1st-Join Alliance@IBM. 2nd-Ask Alliance for help with handing out flyers, talking to your co-workers, and going public with your effort. 3rd-If you work remote, then find a a way to talk to your co-dept members and get them to join and do the same thing you are doing. Now that IBM has once again made a chess move with the "OWPBA" rule, it will be harder for Alliance and everyone else to know how many IBM US workers there really are. In lieu of that, making contact with your co-workers and sharing information is the only thing left to raise awareness through this web site and your co-dept. members. "Dodging the bullet" is not a sports activity or Olympic event. Don't treat it like one.

Comment 02/28/14: to answer a few questions below I am with STG sales. I did hear about a few X raps getting hit. I thought they would have been safe with the Lenovo sale but apparently not. I also heard the entire US accts receivable group was Eliminated. If you know anything about IBM invoices, they are very difficult to understand. Good luck to IBM collecting payments when the work is being done offshore. I just don't see things getting any better at this company without a change of the entire leadership team. Wwe need someone with a vision unfortunately it is probably too late as the damage has been done through the years. for those that remain, I would compare IBM to a concentration camp where you are just waiting to be led to the gas chamber. you never know when it will come and it makes no sense. I can honestly say I am embarrassed to work for this company the way we treat our clients in people. Time for me to move on before my number is called. good luck to all down with the Fuhrer -embarrassed-
Comment 02/28/14: I note that Joanne Collins-Smee is still working at IBM according to blue pages. Hard to believe after the James Castelluccio age discrimination verdict against her costing IBM millions..just shows what seems to be valued these days. -Truthfully-
Comment 02/28/14: I finally joined the union today , the last straw was removing the owbpa reports , closely followed by all the spin around " new" jobs in NY. The lying and silence has to stop! Needs of the economy and change might require new skills in new places but the sun needs to shine on how all of this change gets executed. Otherwise all the poor graduates who get sucked in will waste their lives on false promises like those of us who wake up with more than 20 years of service. Best wishes to all that got the bad news yesterday . The rest of you do something and join now, -Awake finally-
Comment 02/28/14: One possibility with the OWPBA documentation not being included in the RA packages is that with the deal cut w/ the NY Gov (Tax Relief kickbacks likely garnered by IBM)is that "make-up job cuts" in other states could not be tabulated in time for the update. OWPBA info likely to come within the legal notice period w/ the release form that one signs upon exit/severance acceptance. Privacy protection claims are bogus/BS/smoke screen lacking the truthful explanation. -RetiredIBMer-
Comment 02/28/14: If IBM is stopping disclosing age and the numbers in the RA then the RA was an outright FIRING, correct? If it was a layoff, RIF (Reduction in Force), RA, or whatever you want to call it the ages and numbers have to be disclosed as per the EEOC. -anon-
Comment 02/28/14: What does the CEO and the other execs. see for the future of IBM and its share value? Take a look at Pick your favorite exec. and see what they think the future holds. There seems to be a common theme. -OnThinIce-
Comment 02/28/14: After 30+ years and a stellar career of accomplishments and value for the business, and upon recently taking another job, I was told I was being RA'd. For most of my career I have to say I was treated very well and had outstanding managers. I recently moved out of management, at my choice, and because of my stellar performance thinking it 'safe' to try something new. What a huge mistake!!! What I didn't realize was just how bad some of IBM's managers had become and how 'little' they are (big egos, hurt easily = rain of hell upon employee). Wow! In any case, trying to decide what I should d next. I don't really need the severance I hate to give it up. I want to fight as I feel wronged, like so many others. But I do know fighting is very expensive. In any case, thinking next steps. -Sad in Vermont-
Comment 02/28/14: There seems to be some misconception that NY Dutchess county was exempt from the RA yesterday. I do not know the number, but I do know people who were fired. -Anon-
Comment 02/28/14: -Waiting4Lenovo- My understanding is that no System x employees is affected until Lenovo and IBM create the in-scope list of the 7500 moving to Lenovo. The remaining 13,000 or so System x
employees will be shown the door, hate to the bearer of more bad news but that?s reality at Big Blue. Good luck to all, the ones leaving us and especially the ones left behind. -Anon_X-

Comment 02/28/14: There are six of us at the IBM Center for Microsoft Technologies in Kirkland, WA that were RA'd yesterday out of a total of about 65 people. Four of those folks are in System x and PureFlex
firmware development. So yes, the pending sale to Lenovo did not forestall the ax. The other two people are also in STG. Age breakdown - four are 50+, one 40+ and one 30+. We also share facility with about 30 or so folks from the Software group. No words on what happened there. -Red Pill Blue Pill-

Comment 02/28/14: My heart goes out to all of you that were surprised yesterday. I'm still here, almost 30 years, but I'm sure my days are numbered. There is absolutely no respect for the individual left in this company. Very sad... -Long time IBMer-
Comment 02/28/14: Article on job cuts and mising numbers data -member-

Comment 02/28/14: DIV 7T, multiples gone, looks like 4-6 so far. It seems random like just had to loose X number of people. Way too old for this to happen to me. -TooOldForThis-
Comment 02/28/14: Rochester RA - I doubt the validity of your post regarding managers flying into NY to perform layoffs. IBM is too cheap to actually fly a manager to a location to layoff somebody face to face.
They will just call you on the phone. I have seen it many times. Besides, there have been reports of layoffs in NY. -longtimrbeemer-

Comment 02/28/14: Look at this!

Comment 02/28/14: Here's a classic. The Managing Director in Australia had the top managers i n the country all flown to Sydney for a presentation. One of those managers was RA'd while there for the presentation. I ask anyone to justify that if you can ! It's clearly not about saving the company it's about saving a few peoples (the very few right at the top) retirement fund. -Maybe Next-
Comment 02/28/14: I was RA'ed yesterday in RTP. I was the only person in my dept left in the US. ISC DIV 47, System X. I had 31+ years. -Tired of IBM-
Comment 02/28/14: How can Pok RA's have occurred yesterday if Cuomo was against it? Can IBM be countered for performing this recent downsizing in the Hudson Valley? -Curious-
Comment 02/28/14: I was working on a critical customer RFS that was understaffed to begin with, very high-visibility, with penalties, and we could not get additional resources. I didn't even have a backup for what I was doing. I can't see someone stepping in and doing what I was doing. This will definitely have a negative impact on the project and the customer. It doesn't make sense how they make the cuts. More chaos at IBM. -SurpriseCut-
Comment 02/28/14: First of all my best wishes and thoughts to my US colleagues from Germany!
Also wanted to share this with you ... you can see who has advantages on shares increase and why some people don't need their bonus!;_ylt=AwrBJR4TzfNSmgcAS3CTmYlQ?s=IBM
-oliverro -
Comment 02/28/14: Resource action @ IBM V?c, Hungary. 5% effected, still ongoing and hiring freeze. -determ-
Comment 02/28/14: Donated today in honor of those RA'd. Lost many in GBS and GTS. Soon there will be more managers than resources as more carnage to come. Your corp does not respect you. Respect yourself and organize your thinking with others. Maybe they will hear the voice of many over the one. -Blue @IBM-
Alliance reply: Thank you for your support. It is appreciated.

Comment 02/28/14: 15-20 of us in STG division in San Jose California lost our jobs today. -ApolloCasualty-
Comment 02/28/14: Stg australia, 27 and counting, headed to 50ish in stg Gts 4 local confirmed -PaddyStorage-
Comment 02/28/14: RAd today .. got the feeling I was never a part of the team ever since I was hired on two years ago .. leads, fellow designers, office neighbors all kept to their established circles and always gave you that "look" as you passed them in the hallway .. wishing luck for everyone RAd today -not-welcomed-
Comment 02/28/14: Confirmed RA at Bangalore . One of my colleague has been RA'd. Dont know numbers yet -Crystal-
Comment 02/28/14: Did anyone actually sign the "Covenant not to Sue" that you were given today? If not, the mandatory OWBPA data will probably be attached to the copy you actually sign weeks down the road, at which time IBM Management is calculating that a lot of the indignation over this latest mass-firing will have dissipated, and any adverse publicity will be significantly muted. -Voting Alliance Member-
Comment 02/27/14: -SawItComing-: Wow, 14.5 years...did they at least vest your Future Health Acct? It seems that would only be fair as the 26 weeks would take you to the full 15 years. -FYeahI'mDistracted-
Comment 02/27/14: Ref : IBM CEO meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang on restoring trust
If IBM CEO Ginni Rometty wants to restore trust with the Chinese government before meeting with Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Yang, maybe she should restore trust with IBM customers, employees and governments such as the Australian State government of Queensland and others (search IBM litigation). Trust means that IBM does use every legal means possible to avoid paying taxes to governments (see India vs IBM on taxes). Does IBM demonstrate "social equity and trust" by using a Dutch tax haven to boost profits and provide the wealthy with even more wealth.
Restoring trust with employees, customers and governments means taking real actions vs worthless words and empty promises. The Chinese should ask IBM to start by paying more government taxes, on an equitable basis and providing fair pensions, giving cost of living allowances to employees and retirees. Empty promises fail to establish trust. IBM"Trust" is not improved by eliminating 2014 bonuses and salary increases for many employees while making huge profits and giving massive financial stock options to executives. A good start would be to stop blocking information sent by the "IBM alliance" a union for IBM employees. Trust is not words it is actions. If many IBM employees do not trust IBM why should the Chinese government. We invite Vice-Premier Wang Yang, to check with IBM employees worldwide -An IBM shareholder for social justice-

Comment 02/27/14: Div. 5, AIS, GBS - 2 Consultants from my group.-GottheGuillotine-
Comment 02/27/14: I was two weeks from a new job role within IBM, a new suddenly that job has been eliminated and I'm RA'ed. They even let me move offices for crying out loud! I'm a 2+ performer. I feel totally shocked and like the rug was pulled out from under me. I was let down by my current manager, and when I went to try to leave, I've been let down by the new manager as well. Some have said I have grounds to go to HR, but is it worth the fight? Maybe on principle alone. But, maybe it's time to move to a new company who treats their employees better than IBM does. I've also heard several names of co-workers hit and I'm just, I'm not alone and I'd rather be hit than someone with children. -LaidOffinTucson-
Comment 02/27/14: The hardest part for me is the realization that the Business Conduct Guidelines are quite possibly the most concrete example of"protesting too much" ever written. The disgusting greed-mongers running the place couldn't possibly know less about conducting business in accordance with such guidelines. I read and signed off on those guidelines a couple dozen times assuming that those overseeing the writing of them were model citizens worthy of my respect. It turns out they're worse than wolves in sheeps clothing. They're vile, in the same league as a Bernie Madoff - complete and total waste of the human genome. May they rot in a place that the "distracted" in hell couldn't even conceive of. -Sorry Old Sap-
Comment 02/27/14: Got the boot today too. No pre-planned meeting on the calendar although I could feel it coming. Almost 13 years. Sad day but think I'll be happier in the long run. Division 1G/CHQ/CIO -Under 40-
Comment 02/27/14: In response to -User-: I worked for IBM Sterling and was let go last July 2013. Last year my manager had our dept. color Easter eggs two days after Easter, It took over and hour to color them and with my managers permission I took pictures. I then created a slideshow and put it on Youtube. My simple minded Manager didn't realize you were suppose to boil the eggs first and the color didn't really take. Here is the video of our hard work. GLAD-TO-BE-GONE. -Bill Horn-
Comment 02/27/14: Does the law specify when the OWBPA information has to be disclosed? Maybe IBM will hold the OWBPA information until employee exit interview. -anon-
Comment 02/27/14: Several managers flew into New York sites (Poughkeepsie, Albany) to lay off employees on the 27th. Due to political pressure, Apollo was called off in the state of New York and they had nothing to do! Beware to employees in other states - you will be RA'd instead to make up the difference! -Rochester RA-
Comment 02/27/14: div 53 USA A/R team - me and many friends - those i know 50+ yrs old. 33 years in IBM - they have a new acroynm ... -RA Retiree-
Comment 02/27/14: I got spared today but already looking for the next position. Til then? Wikipedia "Work To Rule" -watching and waiting in Austin-
Comment 02/27/14: Sorry to hear about those affected by the RA. Good luck in all you do! Did anyone related to System x or PureFlex get cut? I thought we were going to find out within 30 days from Jan 26th whether or not we are"in scope". Rumor around the water cooler is that some might get cut before Lenovo determines who is "in scope". What's the deal?? -Waiting4Lenovo-
Comment 02/27/14: If you are on this site complaining about IBM and you were not fired today, you need to join the union. NOW. Nothing will change until we have a union to represent us and we need to organize now. . Put your money where your mouth is, there are more of us then them. Sell all your stocks by March 15th to drive down the stock price. It's about time management got the shaft back. It's bullshit that they care about our privacy, to say that was the reason they did not share the numbers laid off, they are arrogant and think we are a bunch of suckers who will allow IBM to use and abuse them. They want to hide how many minorities and the number of long term IBMers with large salaries they fired. Let's show them what we are really made of. Join the union now!! -Join the union now!-
Comment 02/27/14: Age: 26, GBS, Houston - Let go today while billing client. I thought folks that were on bench usually get let go??????????? wtf is happening! -Anonymuos Man-
Comment 02/27/14: RE: Older Workers Benefit Protection Act"OWBPA" applies to an employee who is 40 years old and is part of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, requires employers to follow a strict timeline to get a valid release of any age discrimination claims. This requirement applies even when the departures are spaced out over a period of time, as long as it is part of the same decision-making process. The employer must provide the following information to the employees:
+ the class, unit, or group of employees that were covered by the
exit program (whether voluntary or involuntary);
+ the eligibility factors for the program;
+ the time limits applicable to the program;
+ the job titles and ages of all of the individuals who (in the case of a voluntary exit incentive program) are eligible for the program, or who (in the case of an involuntary termination program) were selected for the program; and
+ the ages of all individuals in the same job classification or organizational unit who are not eligible for, or who were not selected for, the program
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") always has the right and responsibility to enforce the ADEA, as with the other laws under its regulation. Accordingly, releases may not include provisions that prohibit employees from (a) filing a charge or complaint with the EEOC, including a challenge to the validity of the waiver agreement; or (b) participating in any investigation or proceeding conducted by the EEOC. Above is a snippet from
We all have a choice, join the Alliance and force IBM to follow US laws or you can roll over YET again saying thank you master, please take more.
The choice is yours. -Robert-

Comment 02/27/14: Almost 20 years in, fired yesterday, not even so much as a 'thank you for devoting most of your adult life to IBM'... not that I'm surprised. STG (Hardware) in Australia has been decimated, other areas too including SWG (Software). As usual we don't know the real numbers. It's a common theme - the strongest feeling I have is one of relief. Relief that I'm now on my way out of this wretched place. The glory days are gone folks - IBM is becoming a shell of its former self. My heart goes out to those poor folk who still work at IBM and have to put up with all the 'stuff' that is showered down on them from on high. I also pity our customers - in the field IBM technical staff have been cut to the bone (and beyond actually in some cases - down to ZERO). How does IBM expect to support these customers? How can they keep taking customer's money and provide such a shoddy service? Oh that's right, because decency and ethics was replaced by greed some years back. Congratulations IBM on creating an absolute army of former employees who totally despise you and will do everything in their power as customers or competitors to undermine and eradicate your business. As the saying goes "They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind." IBM's day of reckoning is coming - and it will be coming at lot faster than a lot of people think. -theend-
Comment 02/27/14: Surviving so far but to those who have gotten a package, if no OWBPA, what does the package list as "factors it (IBM) used in making selections" -SSF-
Comment 02/27/14: All in Houston and Louisiana that were in not accepted for Toshiba are laid off-also guy from Beaumont-It was expected. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: While I am not an attorney from everything I've read not including OWBPA report violates the law. Any time more than two people are let go they need to provide the information that was in those OWBPA reports. My suggestion is some of those affected file a complaint with the Labor and Justice Departments as this won't be the first time that IBM has thumbed their nose at US Labor law until called on it. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 02/27/14: If only our clients knew how scared and demoralized we are and how much time we spend on this site trying to get any kind of info on ra's we should be getting from our management. -Anon-
Comment 02/27/14: After many years of doing what I thought was the "right" way to work for a company, I am shown the door with indifference from management for past accomplishments. RTP IBM'er for many years in Div 7T. I was not amazed why so many people from China (Lenovo) hit my Linkin page in the last couple of weeks? Interesting? Sad day for me, I worked so many hard hours over the years to meet project milestones. So many invention patents and disclosures. Always played as a team member. Oh to the next chapter! -TheGoodhasGone-
Comment 02/27/14: I work(ed) for RSD. 38 years with IBM, 60 years old. Got my RA today.I delayed getting surgery because of workload. I scheduled it for March and then get this news. They won't release ages because it is definitely aimed at getting rid of the older employees. This is not IBM anymore. -Linda-
Comment 02/27/14: Boulder folks hit. Technical PMs, DPEs and other. IGA moving a dept to Ireland to exploit tax advantages. -Boulder based-
Comment 02/27/14: Well so far anyone that was in rad that didn't go to the TGCS Toshiba has been RA'd. 25 years. -DownSouth-
The company needs to disclose "the job titles and ages of all individuals who are eligible or who were selected for the program (the use of age bands broader than one year, such as "age 40-50" does not satisfy this requirement) and the ages of all individuals in the same job classifications or organizational unit who are not eligible or who were not selected. "

"If I file a charge with the EEOC after signing a waiver, will I have to return my severance pay?

No. Because provisions in severance agreements that attempt to prevent employees from filing a charge with the EEOC or participating in an EEOC investigation, hearing, or proceeding are unenforceable."

"Agreements that specifically cover the release of age claims will also include additional information intended to comply with OWBPA requirements."

"Although your severance agreement may use broad language to describe the claims that you are releasing, you can still file a charge with the EEOC if you believe you were discriminated against during employment or wrongfully terminated. In addition, no agreement between you and your employer can limit your right to testify, assist, or participate in an investigation, hearing, or proceeding conducted by the EEOC under the ADEA, Title VII, the ADA, or the EPA. Any provision in a waiver that attempts to waive these rights is invalid and unenforceable." -headed home-

Comment 02/27/14: Relating to job numbers. Today, Computerworld put up this article from 4 years ago. The last few paragraphs are so timely. IBM stops disclosing U.S. headcount data -Anon-
Comment 02/27/14: 3 employees in CIO laid off this AM. There were only 3 us employees and 5 Hungary in the entire dept.. -Pok CIO-
Comment 02/27/14: I was just back from maternity leave on 14 Jan, and laid off today. At least 10 ppl are fired today in my office. All the jobs are going to .mexico. And we get to train those replacements before we leave. -Mimi-
Comment 02/27/14: Slashdot picked up the RA's
-Anonymous IBM Coward-
Comment 02/27/14: I got RA'd this morning after 14.5 years service. As I look back on my IBM career I see it as mostly a waste of time. It was great in the beginning but in the last few years I haven't worked on a good project. I got a paycheck and that's the only reason I stayed. More than half the people I enjoyed working with left long ago. I'm somewhat relieved as I wanted to leave anyway so the package just makes it a little easier. I'm from GBS AIS, Div 5. -SawItComing-
Comment 02/27/14: It looks like they have opened themselves up to age discrimination lawsuits if they didn't provide OWBPA information according to an article on this website -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/27/14: Manager told me today I was not being RAed "this time". Was trying to figure out if he's a jerk or giving me a hint. Have decided it's both. Refused to say how many were affected in the department, but clearly there will be some. -still_suffering_in GTS-
Comment 02/27/14: A rumor from a local active beemer, but one with logical legs, that as a result of Monday's announcement from the Governor's office ref commitment by IBM to NYS, all active IBMers working and living in Dutchess Cty are safe from current RIF. -Glad to be Retired 5yr in POK-
Comment 02/27/14: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE *** Don't take this lying down. You are unlikely to get the machine to slow down or get your job back but at the very least let the world and his dog know what is happening. Write to your representative, write to the media, NYTimes, Bloomberg, your local rag. Tell your neighbors, tell the people in a bar, tell strangers in the street. Shame these greedy parasites that are running the company. -OnThinIce-
Comment 02/27/14: I am not a lawyer but I think if IBM laid off more than one person over 40, they are required by law to provide the OWBPA information to the over 40 individuals affected. Maybe somebody can look this over. -Longtimebeemer-

Comment 02/27/14: RA'ed. Got an invite from my boss this morning for a 30 minute. GBS comms. 1 week for every 6 months -Dunzo-
Comment 02/27/14: GBS in RTP. Not hit in this pass. Team seems intact. What amazed me is how many of my colleagues said they didn't even know this was coming. -Anon_in_RTP -
Comment 02/27/14: -Anon-
Comment 02/27/14: "IBM is addressing concerns raised by employees that the age/title information IBM previously provided infringed on employee privacy," the IBM spokesperson explained. "Based on this privacy concern, IBM has removed that data from packets."
WHAT?? WTF? Once you get RAed everyone in your IBM department, your clients, working with you on projects, your fellow workers in other departments, etc. knows you got RAed since you have been terminated by IBM and disappear from IBM Bluepages. So where is the privacy there??? To protect the existing employees AGES and Band levels not RAed? IBM is playing those left as fools! There is no IBM RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL anymore. Period. If you are band 10 or higher (D,C,B,A,AA) you probably do not get RAed which is no surprise. If this is a miniscule, microscopic IBM attempt to insinuate respect for the individual, it is total BS IBM! So why is AGE being withheld from the RA package information? I smell AGE DISCRIMINATION in this latest RA. It is so obvious. IBM is SICK, SICK, and SICK physically and mentally. -InternationalBusinessMadness-

Comment 02/27/14: I was quite prepared to go quietly in the night, but IBM's casual disregard for the law has me pissed. I had a brief conversation with an employment attorney this afternoon. He's very interested in discussing a possible action based on the lack of OWBPA disclosure. He said we might want to wait until after we're within the 21-day window of 3/31, but I'll learn more on Tuesday. -Tom-
Comment 02/27/14: According to what I read here it is a legal requirement to list numbers , ages and titles in the layoff documents. Look here.. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: RA from the software group, cloud computing. -Chopping Block-
Comment 02/27/14: Storage San Jose hit too, no numbers -JustInTyme-
Comment 02/27/14: Just got the axe. 55 yr old, GBS, 3 yrs with IBM. 3 weeks severance! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: I got the call today! Yay! Finally! But, do have a question can they really make us sign away all of our rights to get the RA Package? What is the advice that you've heard on this issue? -Todd-
Comment 02/27/14: RTP, NC was hit... Wife got hit last year and now another person in her old dept got it. Just a matter of time before it happens to you. There is life after IBM, Former IBMER -RTP-
Comment 02/27/14: I guess what they mean by "IBM is addressing concerns raised by employees that the age/title information IBM previously provided infringed on employee privacy," is that employees like Ginni would prefer to keep the numbers private, so, she voiced a concern and a policy was born! -whatever-
Comment 02/27/14: I thought the release of OWBPA was required by law, but not sure if it varies by state. The reasoning is supposed to be that you can't give up your right to sue for discrimination when signing the severance letter IF stats on age, titles, etc are not disclosed. The agreement essentailly becomes invalid. How can you determine discrimination when the statistics are withheld? That has been the rule anyway. I wonder if this possibly varies by state, or is it because IBM just lost an age discrimination lawsuit. Too all of my fellow IBMers who have been cut today, you have the right to OWBPA information! Good luck to all of you -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: Sooo disgusted with this company anymore...People do not matter, so don't bust your butt trying to get ahead in this corporation. -Long Time IBMer-
Comment 02/27/14: Received message early this morning from my Manager that job cuts were underway but my position was safe. I feel sad though, for those that were cut. I'm sorry. Wishing you all the best and hope your find your way. This environment is totally unhealthy and counter-productive. IBM no longer gives a hoot about its most valuable resource...the people behind the name. -WreckITGinny-
Comment 02/27/14: To those of us who are still gainfully employed by IBM, what are you waiting for? Join the Alliance now while it can still make a difference! You really have nothing to lose because if you do nothing, you may be included in the next round and be assured, there will be a next round. On another note, yes,it would be good to see how many have joined. The numbers would not have helped weigh my decision when I did join because I just got fed up with the Company's continued business plan of taking away from the employees that finally made up my mind. -What are you waiting for?-
Comment 02/27/14: It is true that it is the law to provide OWBPA reports. But if IBM doesn't supply them, who exactly is going to enforce that law? Sadly nobody is. -Ex Roch Beamer-
Comment 02/27/14:
IBM stops disclosing numbers, ages, titles in layoff documents -Alliance-

Comment 02/27/14: Just lost my job after 32 yrs and 7 months. So much for getting great PBCs that still get you RAed ! -Dedication is Meaningless-
Alliance reply: Sorry for your job loss.
To all: We need to know your division, location and if you know how many have been cut. It appears that the RA packs for this time have had the OWBPA report (ages/title/number selected) stripped from the document. IBM does not want anyone to know how many are being cut.

Comment 02/27/14: Please stop using the term "RA", coined to be the institutionalized, palatable, less scary code word for "Layoff". Sooner you can say it out loud (Laid off by IBM), sooner you can recover. Been there...doing ok ! Good luck ! -Mac-
Alliance reply: Actually "layoff" is incorrect as well. FIRED is the proper term. Layoffs is a term that is typically used by companies with union employees that get called back after a layoff, when work picks up. IBM stole that term from union shops, to make it "less scary" than fired.

Comment 02/27/14: 'You are not affected' is the biggest lie after 'you have a career' Even if not let go, your work increases and your stress level rises. -Weary-
Comment 02/27/14: A bunch laid off in Poughkeepsie Manufacturing, engineers to operators. Thanks Cuomo. They grab the tax money and keep screwing the people for their own greed! -Joe-
Comment 02/27/14: 2 of us were hit with the the RA this morning, usual package details ...Div 07, GBS, work out of RTP,...personally I am sort of glad it happened as the last few years have sucked and I wont be looking internally... -it happened-
Comment 02/27/14: The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few or the one. Gin--- is the one. At least I got to work for IBM when IBM was IBM. Respect for the individual is no longer in practice. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: I was concerned to read your comments that there were no OWBPA reports. Isn't it the law to provide that? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: I was RA'd in July and have many IBM friends who are interested in joining the alliance but who have questions about how many members you have and how many you need in order to unionize. Maybe if that information was easily visible, people would be more likely to join. It is easier to make a goal when you can see it if that makes any sense. Thank you for looking out for us when IBM didn't. -RA'd in July-
Comment 02/27/14: Laid off this morning and received my package shortly after the call. There is no information on the number of people affected and age distribution. Anyone else (not) seeing this? Has IBM found a way to be even more secretive about layoffs? -Ed-
Comment 02/27/14: I was RA'd today, CHQ. I am honestly not quite sure who I am more sorry for...myself or the colleagues I leave behind. Morale in the company is so bad with so many working double and almost triple jobs. Surprisingly all I feel at the moment is relief. -Bewildered-
Comment 02/27/14: Looks like my whole team got the axe (about 5 or 6 of us), less than a year after formation. Not sure who's going to be left to turn out the lights, as even last month I was working with people trying to cover what was left empty after the LAST round of layoffs. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: Just let go after only eight months. I was told to move my relocate my family but I didn't. Good thing. I knew there was something unsettling about IBM front the get go. Just give me my crappy severance and screw off IBM. -Bamboozled in VT-
Comment 02/27/14: Many confirmed RSD(non Toshiba)SSR's hit today. Evil bunch running this organization! -tired-
Comment 02/27/14: Job cuts and we set back and say well I'm safe. I hear people saying what can a union do. I say take a number and wait your turn. -John-
Comment 02/27/14: Can confirm STG layoffs. At least 4 from my team, one more in another team. Trying to secure a package to send in. How long will IBM survive is the remaining question now! -IrrelevantBM-
Comment 02/27/14: Manager called (GBS IGA). Layoffs today. People under DPE (2nd line) affected. Do not know counts. All of you people affected, take heart - you are the lucky ones. Life will go on and will be better! This is such a caustic environment - it's no way to live, and this is your one life! Good luck to you all! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: Any news from IBM Research - Yorktown, Austin, Almaden, Tokyo? -IBM Research-
Comment 02/27/14: Stock options will be the death of America. Executives focus ONLY on growing personal wealth, by driving up stock prices. That's all the so called "Road Map to 2015" is geared toward. -Options_Must_Go-
Comment 02/27/14: To -stick it to IBM-: It's true that IBM can't touch you if you're on disability, but they would certainly lay you off on the day you return to work. My condolences to the thousands who were cut today. -Gorya-
Comment 02/27/14: Just had my RA call, have 21 days to sign the 'package', last day will be March 31st...I am a consultant in GBS US...onto greener pastures!! Liberation Day indeed -freeFromIBM-
Comment 02/27/14: I just received word from my manager that the layoffs are occurring in Poughkeepsie and that I was not impacted. Best wishes for all my colleagues who got the word that their services are no longer required. So very sad to see the Company fall so low! -Spared This Time-
Comment 02/27/14: Entire IBM AR team level 6 people RA'd today. Probably 75 employees in Integrated Supply Chain - CSO. Work will be in Mexico. Sad day for all my friends and coworkers. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: Confirmed 550 people being let go in Rochester -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: AIS/GBS hit. Severance package same as previous ones. Don't have numbers of those affected. -Anon-
Comment 02/27/14: Are we about fed up with this treatment. This site slows down to a crawl telling me IBM'ers are coming here in droves to find out what is happening. Management teams aren't talking. Will you please wake up. I finally did. After years of looking at this site and thinking IBM had my best interest at heart I finally joined. They do not. They will continue to take away everything the employees have. Then reprimand us for being distracted. Enough! Support this site. Join! Tell your co-workers. IBM is not looking out for you. Management gets rich on the backs of employees. I have been covered by IBM insurance since birth. Second generation. My father was assigned his position by Tom Watson Junior. Who by the way is turning over in his grave. Respect for the Individual. My rear end. Join the Alliance!! Put some fear into IBM! Bring back the workers that made the image this company is today. I've Been Misled-IBM -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: Got RA in Tucson. STG. Typical severance, 1 week per 6 months worked from most recent date of hire. -Tucson-
Comment 02/27/14: Well the stock price is in positive territory today, which can mean only one thing...layoffs are occurring (since that is the only news that causes the stock of this dead-ass company to go up anymore) -ant-
Comment 02/27/14: After almost 20 years, the last few being utterly ridiculous I am gladly taking IBM's package and heading for the door. Onward to greener pastures. I hope others affected share my attitude toward this action. It's Liberation Day! -DancingOutTheDoor-
Comment 02/27/14: Officially RA'd this morning. Was saved from an RA 2 years ago so wasn't surprised when I got this one...still I'm disgusted with IBM. -TwiceStruck-
Comment 02/27/14: Confirmed mgrs are calling affected employees in gts. I was selected but no reason given -Ben fired-
Comment 02/27/14: I know of 3 people who were laid off today in Essex. Two engineers and a technician in STG. More to follow.... -Vermont Woodchuck-
Comment 02/27/14: The cuts in POK have begun. Sad day...Watson is rolling in his grave. -SadObserver-
Comment 02/27/14: Got a 20 min meeting invite last night from my 2nd line, I will be RA'ed today, I work in RTP NC in GBS...will post more after today's afternoon call -freeFromIBM-
Comment 02/27/14: After 17 years I just got relieved of duty with no real reason IBM promised me a career not a job and I gave them everything and drank the kool aid I would encourage no one to work with or for them. - Antrhony-
Comment 02/27/14: Layoffs are underway in STG. Was just told that I was "safe". Till next time ... -GinnyTookus-
Comment 02/27/14: Rochester Feb 27, 8 AM. One by one in alphabetical order each person is getting called in to the managers office. It is ON. -Still Here-
Comment 02/27/14: I left IBM in July 2013. I am thinking about all US IBMers today since I know that anxiety that you are feeling. As others have said, life it so much better on the other side so consider it a push in the right direction if you get RA'ed today. If you don't get RA'ed today, I would still highly recommend that you put some safe guards in place so you are ready when the time comes. First, consider moving you healthcare outside of IBM if you don't have any pre-existing conditions (now). It is only harder to change later and COBRA is a complete joke. Second, get term life insurance outside of IBM instead of IBM GLI. Once again, it only gets harder to qualify as time goes by. I speak from experience. IBM caused me to have to go on anti-anxiety, sleep and high blood pressure medication and that was held against me in my health exam for both health and life insurance. If you haven't been driven to that point yet, the time is now to increase your independence from IBM. Best wishes to you all! -BlindSidedinRTP-
Comment 02/27/14: We were all expecting RAs yesterday. Even the local press talked about it coming. Any "official reason" what happened? Anyone knows what the size of the package would be, if someone with 10 years of service is RA-ed? -AnonymousInRTP-
Comment 02/27/14: Department meeting at 9 am Business meeting update. -IBMer-
Comment 02/27/14: The cull is on at BTV -D-
Comment 02/27/14: there are other bushiness where they are giving wasting money like sterling commerce, every year they are giving laks to the employee why not they are not taking out the people. People are enjoying there and other worst part they don't know what is happening in other businesses in India. Why only STG and SWG unit. why not Sterling business. It is happening too bad with employees. -User-
Comment 02/27/14: My meeting to get fired is 1 hour and 25 minutes away, that is unless she reschedules again, it was supposed to be yesterday afternoon. She's evaded me for several days now and when I questioned her about a rumor she almost tore my head off. I went through this once before (as a 1 performer) and found another job internally. This time, I don't even care to try. I feel sad that I will be leaving many trusted friends and colleagues, but elated that I no longer have to work with many others that will never again be in my contact list. I do know there is hope, I've been actively looking for other employment for several months now and expect to hear today from a company that actually values what I have to offer. The only thing I want to know now is what does the package look like and where can I sign. Good luck to all of those who 'have the call' today. I promise you there are companies out there that want and value you. -AlmostGone-
Comment 02/27/14: I experienced the Hudson Valley RAs in 1993 and 1994. By far these two events were the largest to date. It took some time to deal with those events since we lost buildings full of people in one day, as if they all died in a plane crash. But back then IBM lost billions. The cuts were painful but necessary. There was so much fat in the company back then. These RA's lately are borderline criminal. I don't know how the CEO and her cohorts can look themselves in the mirror everyday, and I don't know how the board and Wall St continue to give her a pass. Where is the organic growth? I got RA'd last summer and now work for a vendor doing the same thing I did before, making about the same amount of money. I don't know how they pulled that off. Good luck to all out there today. Be mentally prepared and you will come out of this stronger than before. -Still_Blue-
Comment 02/27/14: THE IRONY! Soon all that will be left will be managers (the 3100). I will end up with a lower paying job somewhere and paying NY taxes which will go back to IBM so the managers can keep their jobs while I struggle every week. I've got to get out of this state!
Ginny: the common dialog here seems to be no one knows if it will be them. That means everyone here sees their coworkers are as valuable as they are and cannot fathom who might be let go, themselves or someone else. Ginny, that is a clear message that your cutting deep into the arteries.
Africa: be mindful what happened to India. IBM went on a hiring frenzy in India when they wanted to "tap" that market. However, after a few short years India no longer was the hot new market so IBM dumped the India jobs. Africa is beginning to look like an India instant replay.
-no where else to work in this town-
Comment 02/27/14:
Just looking at these numbers posted by "RA'ed 3Q in 2013":
RA Selected: 123
Not Selected: 494
Total: 617
So, this is 20% for GBS IGA?? Wow, no wonder it's so awful here. I also work in GBS IGA - please let the guillitine fall tomorrow, and let it be quick. It's getting more and more clear that all of GBS IGA in the US is damned. Just when I think it could not get worse, it gets worse. It is an incredibly demoralizing organization, full of political slimeballs and dishonest people, desperately climbing all over each other, trying to stay employed. I've had enough of the games here. Bring it on. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/27/14: Is anyone appealing their 3 appraisal via the panel board? We all know there were far more of them this year, at least in certain areas of IBM. Can anyone please elaborate on what the appeal process is like? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/26/14: -stick it to IBM- As much as I despise what IBM is doing, and seemingly have as much a chance of getting laid off tomorrow as anyone else, what you are suggesting sounds like fraud to me which is no better than IBM asking vendors to delay their invoices to April 1st. -Its all downhill from here-
Comment 02/26/14: I've been here since the mid-80s.... my parents were both IBMers.... I always said I would work hard and go 'down with the Titanic'.... I'm hearing 'Nearer My God To Thee' and I'm running for my life vest. This is so depressing. I've worked my tail off for all these years, and I have gotten nothing but harassment, demoralizing messages from management, and a carp-ton of depression. I will be relieved if I get the ax tomorrow. Thank God I've been socking away for retirement like a friggen squirrel. -beenhereforever-
Comment 02/26/14: I was at my dad's side for month before he passed in early June last year (very nice of my mgmt team to support that). The following week kids and I were at Disneyland where I got the call that I was part of permanent layoff. I was expecting it and grateful not to be tied to IBM anymore. I have part time work in related field now as a contractor (not with IBM- with a company that still has soul). Yes it can happen on vacation, yes it can happen on leave. Don't take it personally - no one is safe or special. At some point you will fall within desired demographics and you will be gone. I had been there 33 yrs with great reviews most of my career. Happier as a part timer, getting sleep and health. Peace be with you all. -Brenda-
Comment 02/26/14: I been through layoffs at company that wasn't IBM. The day it happened, all the execs were there and were as open as they could be. An "all employees" email went out explaining what was happening. An all-hands meeting was held after it was completed. The execs explained why they felt they had to do it, that it was over for the foreseeable future and articulated the plan going forward. They encouraged the remaining employees to reach out to those who were let go and check they were doing OK. That's leadership. No one liked the layoffs but everyone understood and got back to work with a new purpose. The IBM execs are cowards, hiding under their rocks. -Hide under a rock-
Comment 02/26/14: Redundancies in Australia across SWG & STG have started this week. My role was made redundant on 31st December and the redundancy program is fortuitous for me as I was destined for nothing but many others are hearing the news this week with 4 weeks deployment notice. The selection of those made redundant does not make sense with many being talented, energetic, knowledgeable people in their field. May we all see this as an opportunity to release the shackles and explore new opportunities. -At Peace-
Comment 02/26/14: I left voluntarily in mid 2013 only after 1.5 yrs. It became apparent to me just after 6 mo.'s or so that the intimidation from my FLM for above average performance and a PBC rating of 2 that I could be on the next wave out, and that was no way to live. For those about to be RA'd, yes it might sting initially, but my hope is that you land in such a better place, you really don't want to rot there waiting for your turn. -LongGoneInCali-
Comment 02/26/14: My nerves are frayed. I need a glass of wine. This is so unfair. I didn't sign on for this. I signed on in 2001 because IBM promised me a CAREER. I promised them my dedication, loyalty, honesty and willingness to do anything I could to get the job done. Sadly, this arrangement has turned into something unfair and driven by greed. IBM's vision is far away from retaining and gaining more customers. It is fixated on wall street. Along the way IBM lost its soul to the street, along with it went their reputation for innovation. IBM is just International Business MACHINE. No heart, no soul. Just a old greedy fat lazy bastard of a machine. -DownWithGinny-
Comment 02/26/14: I was RA'ed at end of Aug (notified on June 12)in 2013. My manager told me he needed to select one of only two US employees in my program. I was IBM certified Executive PM and PMP with PBC 2+ for the past 3 years. Funding was available because I managed the program finance.
OWBPA in 2013 for GBS IGA.
RA Selected: 123
Not Selected: 494
Total: 617
. - RA'ed 3Q in 2013-
Comment 02/26/14: I have worked in other companies. Yes, there were layoffs when trading conditions demanded it. We all understood that, and while it was hard, there was no ill feeling towards the company - it was part of business, and frankly it was important to the long term health of the business. What IBM is engaged in is entirely different. The rush to an arbitrarily earnings goal does not make business sense and it certainly can't be confused with a strategy. Buying shares when you could be investing in the core business suggests that there is nothing that the company feels is worth investing in - there are no more ideas.
I have been RA'd this time and I am entirely happy. In previous companies I have worked for, redundancies came as a shock. No warning. But we understood and dealt with it because we knew 'why'. At IBM, firings are well signposted. Utterly blameless and hardworking employees are wondering if this is their time. Everyone assumes their time will come, they just don't know when. Employees are haunted with the prospect of redundancy. People don't expect to retire from IBM. The GDP situation suggests that hard work is pointless. This is not a normal company, and its policies are designed to antagonise the employees and keep them on edge. How can that be useful?
So, we have 400k employees, mainly demoralised, few incentivised. Are they working at 60% capacity? Who knows. But firing 4% and neutering 96% looks about as much a strategy as chasing $20 in 2015.
The beauty of capitalism is that bad and unprofitable ideas are supplanted by better ideas. In this way, IBM's contribution to innovation is clear. Smart people are released to places where they can make a greater economic impact. I don't mean to belittle the experience of individual employees, but trust me, as IBM declines, innovative new businesses grow. Be part of it.
Comment 02/26/14: I got an invite today for a quick 15 minute PBC review call tomorrow too. Will really blow my mind if I get canned -pbcanother-
Comment 02/26/14: "Other than Ginni, who's left?" R U kidding me? LOL.. How many IBM BODs, IBM Sr. VPs, VPs, GMs, Directors. etc. That's more than a handful. A very $$$rich$$$ handful for not doing their job well at all. -IBMpigs-
Comment 02/26/14: "I've read a lot about IBM cuts, but no mention of the many contractors at IBM who have been let go. The number is much higher when all reductions are counted."
An IBM contractor is just treated as a IBM Purchase Order (PO). Not as a person; just a work resource. Nothing more. -contracted-
Comment 02/26/14: Just got the MANDATORY meeting invite for tomorrow...I guess they are dropping the bomb on the US tomorrow. Honestly, I just want it over with, everyone here is on pins and needles. -TucsonIBMer-
Comment 02/26/14: NY State can tell who IBM is employing by checking W-2 earnings data. BUT.. it cannot tell where in NY State the taxpayers working for IBM are working from which IBM site. That is the rub with this so called NY State 3,100 Hudson Valley 'job retention' agreement. We will not know. Nor with NY State where the IBM employed in NY State are. IBM will not say the employee site counts due to their own self called 'competitive reasons'. IBM: who are you competing against?? -NYpieceOmind-
Comment 02/26/14: When I was RA'd last year... Notified in June, gone in July. It was an early morning phone call. I worked from home and a co worker notified me that all managers under our second level were signed on by 7 am that day, which he thought was odd... And, it was... They were signed on, looking for their 'victims' to be signed on. I received a phone call, but did not answer it as I didn't recognize the number(didn't look like the normal IBM number). Received a ping shortly after and the rest is history... No 15 minute meeting scheduled. I think how it is delivered may vary by the group you are in.. .-goneinvermont-
Comment 02/26/14: I was RA'd last year, that right after one of many conference calls chaired by an inept VP repeatedly directing the f--king word at everyone on the call. Sad evidence of the crashing of IBM. I am so glad to be out of that company, others achieving same will some day feel the same. IBM is failing, be glad to be done with it. Hopeless .-OutofcrapIBM-
Comment 02/26/14: My former second line who retired from IBM told me they can not touch you if on short or long term disability. For those who have PBC reviews tomorrow might want to visit the emergeny room tonight with some 'whip lash', back problems, chest pain, whatever it takes and drag it out as long as possible. I still have not had a PBC review myself so time will tell. For those that remain, I am sure it will be more depressing than ever. -stick it to IBM-
Comment 02/26/14: The Alliance should publicly declare a vote of no confidence in Ginny. A lot of non-alliance members would jump on that bandwagon right about now. -losing faith-
Alliance reply: Alliance has already done that, with every CEO and executive of IBM since 1999. We've declared a vote of confidence in the IBM workers to organize. If we hadn't, we wouldn't be here today talking about it.

Comment 02/26/14: I've read a lot about IBM cuts, but no mention of the many contractors at IBM who have been let go. The number is much higher when all reductions are counted. -Andrew-
Alliance reply: That is because there are no documents that list the job cuts for contractors like they have to do for current employees. Each IBM RA package has an OWBPA report that lists number of employees "selected" and number "not selected" for termination.

Comment 02/26/14: I would like to know just what IBM is going to make money on in the future. Where years ago the goal was to be a 100 billion dollar company is it now the target to be a 10 billion dollar company and just follow the Technology world instead of leading it? -Don-
Comment 02/26/14: Don't read anything more in the delay than managerial and HR ineptness. I have seen this before where they have delayed a day or two because of fear of getting sued by older workers or other minorities. They have a number they have to hit and they are making sure they have their butts covered. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/26/14: @-ForReal?- that's the way it was done for me. Many in GBS were let go the second week in Feb. No warning, no separation package beyond 2 weeks pay ("minimized separation allowance" I think they call it)... wondering if WARN ACT will kick in. probably not though because most GBS'ers are considered "remote workers" so there aren't >500 people in each location to cut... -PBC'ed out-
Comment 02/26/14: Other than Ginni, who's left? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/26/14: I think Rometty will be an RA victim herself before the IBM Stockholder's Meeting. What a talking skirt (nothing against gender here)she is. -CEOmustGO-
Comment 02/26/14: PBC review and it is only February? LOL... IBM doesn't even conduct mid year PBC level set reviews anymore... Yeah, suspicious. Don't be distracted! Challenge your idiot IBM manager. Make your case NOW. -PBCthis-
Comment 02/26/14: IBM committed to keeping 3100 IBM jobs in Hudson Valley, NY thru 2016: How about committing to keeping ALL jobs in Hudson Valley (about 7000 or so, we really don't know?) and maybe adding a thousand or so more and PROVE it?! Now that might be at least a better than half commitment IBM! -FishFooled-
Comment 02/26/14: US RA Lists to be distributed to managers tonight and execution of the RA is tomorrow. Incompetence in action! In the words of the clash ... "Should I stay or should I go?" Best to all. -Just Waiting For The News-
Comment 02/26/14: Ginni is in the news today. The business channels are talking about her delivering the keynote at mobile world and the Watson challenge. They probably pushed the RAs 1 day out so the layoff news wouldn't overshadow this other propaganda. -Beensy-
Comment 02/26/14: @"Gone in AZ": They actually gave you two days notice? The last couple times IBM has "canceled my purchase order" (the euphamism for laying off contractors) I've gotten at most 2 hours. First of those two my contact at the contracting company called me a little before 5PM (just as I was about to leave for home) to say it was my last day. The next time the various contracting companies for half of our department told us early in the afternoon it was our last day (my company told me by email, not even a phone call). The only reason IBM likes contractors is it's even easier to dump contractors than regular staff. -Contr_in_pok-
Comment 02/26/14: I do not understand what is happening in the US press and why the people who read this list are not responding. The CEO publicly announces that she and her execs. are giving up their bonuses and every press agency carries the news. She and the other execs. then quietly pocket up to $3 million in zero cost shares. If everyone who reads this contacted NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today, etc etc who carried this IBM CEO propaganda and told the truth about how the company works and the execs. are pillaging the company then perhaps people would take notice. At the moment Alliance are viewed as the bad guys. Everyone get your act together are start to spread the word.
Read   and the comments to see what I mean. Don't let them get away with this. -OnThinIce-

Comment 02/26/14: Am wondering. If IBM says so many employees are come clients are still attracted? Why aren't clients leaving in droves. Are they stupid? -dirrt-
Comment 02/26/14: My manager just scheduled a PBC review with me on Thursday afternoon. Is this how it's being done? -ForReal?-
Comment 02/26/14: One theory about delaying RAs is for IBM to avoid bad press and fallout while IBM Pulse is going on in Vegas. Ends today. -BlueNoMore-
Comment 02/26/14: I feel so sorry for our IBM Taiwan brothers and sisters with the recent RA. I hope you make out okay in the future.. So where does AIX & POWER mo now? It's tough enough to have to compete with mainland China (and no matter what they say it is still a communist government in mainland China) and deal with IBM at the same time. -RAed_Taipei-
Comment 02/26/14: "As far as I know, it's IBM policy that new hires under a year are exempt from RAs." -Schrodinger's Cat-
I was RA'd along with most of my team 11 months into my job. Many were RA'd with in 6 months. This was in 2013. No RA package for me, no severance, they stopped paying into my health insurance two weeks later and my coverage went from $150/mo to $600/mo. We were supplemental so maybe we don't count as human beings in IBM's eyes, just cheap labor they can profit from then dump. Good luck guys. -ibm-is-ruthless-

Comment 02/26/14: Heard today won't be the day for the firings. Several co-workers said their manager is scheduling 15 minute meetings for Thursday, so it looks that is the date. Some managers schedule these short meetings with each employee... so you won't know if fired until then (let's call it what it is). -AnonymousInMN-
Comment 02/26/14: I was all set to get RA'd today but my boss rescheduled the meeting so I guess I have at least one more day of employment. Of course, having said that, the day is not over yet -Bewildered-
Comment 02/26/14: I have reason to believe I am on the RA list. Just had a regularly-scheduled call with my manager. No mention of RA. -On the Way Out-
Comment 02/26/14: Alliance: I'm Sorry it took me so long to donate. I just did. Gov Cuomo: Get Out IBM: You SUCK
Employees of EFK & BTV with mortgages and families: I'm Sorry... -CogInAWheel-

Alliance reply: Thank you for your donation and your support. We appreciate it.
Comment 02/26/14: ISL Mumbai @Nirlon will be shut down by march end. All employees are asked to move to pune and banglore. who can't move they are asked to leave. -S-o T-otally G-one-
Alliance reply: To those being RA'd today, please send us the RA doc so we can count the numbers in the OWBPA report included in your doc. This is the only way to prove cuts are taking place. Names are confidential. Send to

Comment 02/26/14: ISL Mumbai @Nirlon will be shut down by march end. All employees are asked to move to pune and banglore. who can't move they are asked to leave. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/26/14: UK Apollo already underway. The first leave next week. Seems to cover some brands (STG, TSS, Finance) but no one sure of exact numbers. This is hard environment to work in. Most I know are very demoralised. -Anon-
Comment 02/26/14: Yeah, no wonder we are all "DISTRACTED" IBM?! IBM you confuse us so much with lousy or non-existent communication and you supposed to be an information technology company now. The Alliance communicates! Smarter Planet IBM? No way! Alliance? Yes! -distracted?-
Comment 02/26/14: Still at IBM - wanted to give a brief comment regarding"distraction": We fortunately see that people are distracted and motivation is low. Why "fortunately" you may ask? Well, I hope that Q1 2014 result will be very bad ... hope this will reactivate the brains of our executives. *Cheers* -oliverro-
Comment 02/26/14: -VTRetiree2013- IBM won't hesitate to RA you if you're on vacation. I was RA'd on vacation once. This was a few years ago... but IBM hired a special courier to get the package to me that day so the countdown for leaving could begin on schedule. I got the call from my manager early, and the package came later on that day. Where there's a will, there's a way. If IBM wants you out, you're out. -Ben Dover-
Comment 02/26/14: RA's On / RA's Off / RA's overseas / $1B set aside to fund / selling divisions / and on and on and on ... is it any wonder we are distracted!? -Beensy-
Comment 02/26/14: IBM Taipei have announced to close TSTL System POWER lab today. All employee under this lab have been terminated. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/26/14: BTV is being put on hold due to a possible "packaging" of the ASIC hierarchy under foundry allowing it to be sold with the fabs. The rest of STG outside of BTV will still get notified today. -btv_scoop-
Comment 02/26/14: This week in Vermont the children are off from school and many people are out of town/work. I couldn't imagine a large layoff when so many people are not at work. -VTRetiree2013-
Comment 02/26/14: The way I see it is if IBM called off or delayed the RAs it was not because of information the Alliance obtained; it was because the Alliance got the word out to the public and IBM backpedaled to save some face. If it wasn't for the Alliance then IBM would have no impediments or even a threat of fear and would do anything it wants, when it wants. -flyonthewall-
Comment 02/26/14: -Nervous B-: 8 weeks salary. -Amon-
Comment 02/26/14: One has to keep in mind accounting wise the $1B rebalancing charge is being charged against Q1. That does not mean the full actual expense has to be. As the 697 folks in Pok found out when they were RA'd in June. IBM expects to bury the charge against the $2.3B "revenue" from sale of x86. By taking charge against an early quarter, they expect numbers through the year to be down so any expense would stand out. -Accountant-
Comment 02/26/14: -Nervous B- historically, the layoff package has been 2 weeks for every year worked, with a minimum of 4 weeks and max of 26 weeks. So, if you were employed <1 year, a 4 week package (plus another 30 days to "find a new job in IBM" is what I would anticipate. Good luck everyone!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/26/14: They fired me last week, with 5 month salary. Instead if they could give me lesser 3 month notice with work from home, so that I wont have access to office. That would help me find better job as salary would credit to bank account for 3 months. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/26/14: Not sure about any where else but RAs are happening in Australia. At this stage I have only heard of sales people - STG / ITS. In one team 4 of 6 sellers gone. -Maybe next-
Comment 02/26/14: Redundancies (RA's) are under way in Australia. From what I have heard so far today there are lots of good folks in STG technical positions who are being made redundant. I don't know if the scope will widen to other parts of the organisation. As a long time STG'er this looks like the true beginning of the end for the hardware business at IBM. If any customers are reading this web site I would urge you to think twice about engaging or continuing to engage with IBM. Put simply there's not enough technical staff left to give you the quality of service you deserve (and are paying for!). The IBM ship is sinking and I sincerely doubt "Cloud", "Watson" etc. are going to save the business. Good luck to all. -gonetomorrow-
Comment 02/26/14: IBM Taiwan has laid off the whole Power systems team and the storage team. roughly ~100 people. -Taiwan-
Comment 02/25/14: -Nervous B- As far as I know, it's IBM policy that new hires under a year are exempt from RAs. My manager told me this when the RAs of 2011 happened. Of course IBM could just change this with no notice. -Schrodinger's Cat-
Comment 02/25/14: Here is the start and origin of pain for millions of middle class Americans and job/entitlement loss and thanks to Jack Welch and GE this was realized in full force and other corps were forced to emulate including IBM:
In 1976, Finance professor Michael Jensen and Dean William Meckling of the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester published their paper in the Journal of Financial Economics entitled ?Theory of the Firm: Managerial Behavior, Agency Costs and Ownership Structure.
"to ensure that the firms would focus solely on making money for the shareholders, firms should turn the executives into major shareholders, by affording them generous compensation in the form of stock. In this way, the alleged tendency of executives to feather their own nests would be mobilized in the interests of the shareholders." -anon-
Comment 02/25/14: Anyone know what the RA package for under a year is? Should have researched better. -Nervous B-
Comment 02/25/14: It appears that IBM is calling off layoffs according to the WCAC News in Burlington:
ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt. - Pink slips have been called off at IBM Essex Junction. A source in the company tells WCAX News planned layoffs will not happen Wednesday. It's not clear why Big Blue decided against the job cuts. It's also unclear if they've simply been postponed. -BTV Terrified-

Comment 02/25/14: Did anyone see this yet? -gonein2013-
Comment 02/25/14: OK all you managers that are just as upset as we are, what is going on with the job cuts? What areas are going to be hammered? What areas have the cuts been called off? -had it-
Comment 02/25/14: Deferment of invoices - this is more serious than BCG. This represents accounting fraud and is criminal in nature. Its a question of whether the supplier wants continued IBM business or discharge its role as a responsible entity and report the action to DOJ, SEC etc.. -WolvesofWallSt-
Comment 02/25/14: Vermont's WCAX reports pink slips at BTV have been called off for 2/26. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/25/14: boss Commented that he had not rec d anything from HR yet On Tues. Meaning RA still on for Wed in US. -Lost in space-
Comment 02/25/14: -W_Account- there is an all hands in Marlborough MA tomorrow. Instead of it being the usual all day affair it is just an hour. -pointy stick-
Comment 02/25/14: In re: Jaded In previous RA's co-workers told me they were notified in all different ways. One said she was called on her cell phone, another said he was pinged and asked if he"had a minute to chat"...etc. None said the RA happened at a formal meeting. Most were caught off-guard by the casual way in which it happened. -DontPingMe-
Comment 02/25/14: If tomorrow would be THE day, massive amounts of employees should have a 1:1 of 15 mins in their calendar now....I have not seen anyone posting any such information yet, so have things been called off? -Fairness101-
Comment 02/25/14: OK, since Wednesday 2/26 is supposed to be the big day for RA's in the U.S., has anyone gotten meeting requests notices from their managers? Earlier, we had heard the date of 01/24 for selection submission, 02/22 for final lists of those selected to go back to the managers, 02/25 for all managers to receive the RA package materials for each selected employee, and 02/26 for formal notification to the selected employee. My question, has any of this been confirmed? -Jaded-
Alliance reply: We got that information from sources inside IBM. I guess it comes down to who you believe, IBM or the Alliance? There certainly has been enough info from inside that confirms what we have been saying. We also got that information out to the media, especially in NY. IBM wasn't saying anything about it but we were. How do you think Governor Cuomo found out? Because of us.
We are now hearing that many jobs will be saved because we got this news out early before the job cuts happened. We will of course be monitoring this "deal".

Comment 02/25/14: -Execution Problem- Do you really think IBM cares about negative publicity when it comes to firing people? There will be no national outrage. They will just issue their normal "We do not comment etc etc' statement and be done with it. This agreement is not going to stop them from firing people in the Hudson Valley tomorrow. They will still be over the 3100 employees they promised to keep. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/25/14: If that's true that is literally an example straight out of the Business Conduct Guidelines presentation this year as something not to do! -justanotheribmer-
Comment 02/25/14: NY, NY, NY What about BTV? Are we doomed too ?? -Mr. X-
Comment 02/25/14: "Ginni will be making a video chastising employees about not executing properly."
IBM now calls this as being "distracted". Question is: distracted? from what? Ginni has to go. She is clearly overly distracted!
Comment 02/25/14: -IBM_Is_Desparate- If this is is really ironically hilarious. The exact scenario was used in the dorky BCG materials as an example of a VIOLATION of BCG. -Report THEM!-
Comment 02/25/14: "I am a former IBMer who now works for an IBM supplier. Big Blue are asking us if we are ok with them delaying putting our invoices into their payment system until April 1st. -IBM_Is_Desparate-"
I recently completed the Business Conduct Guidelines video, and it seems to me that IBM is in violation of their own BCG's... -DoASISay-NotAsIDo-

Comment 02/25/14: Hey all, SO tomorrow is the day? There any link between my account's VP calling an "All Hands Meeting" tomorrow and this potential slaughter Wednesday (if the rumors are true)? How many other accounts out there having one too? -W_Account-
Comment 02/25/14: In response to IBM_is_desparate... so funny that IBM asked suppplier to delay invoices until April 1. I am positive that we just heard how unethical this is in our latest mandatory Business Conduct Guidelines class... -Pegeen-
Comment 02/25/14: Here is an article that shows the dirty laundry from ibm India. -dirrt-
Comment 02/25/14: Contractors are not safe either. I worked for IBM for almost 10 years as a contractor and supplemental and was let go with 2 days notice on 2/10 and gone by 2/12. -Gone in AZ-
Comment 02/25/14: How IBM messed up in India that is partially to blame the world wide job cuts. -Disappointed-
Comment 02/25/14: Looks like IBM had an "execution" problem in Q1, they couldn't even get a resource action correct. While taking money from NYS to essentially reaffirm a job comittment that was significantly below existing levels, the media and local politicians widely misinterpreted what actually occurred. Even the Dutchess County Executive told the media that "maybe some IBM'ers would be rehired". Now IBM is really in a bind. If they do a layoff they will receive nation wide negative publicity. New plan is to increase the number of layoffs outside New York to compensate. There will still be layoffs in NYS but they will be called normal MIS, management initiated seperations that they do every year. Oh yeah (now this part is parody) Ginni will be making a video chastising employees about not executing properly. This blunder was their fault of course. -Execution Problem-
Comment 02/25/14: "..get rid of your IBM shares..." Ok, but I would keep just ONE. At least you can still attend an IBM Stockholder Meeting and can voice your concerns perhaps directly to Ginni and the IBM top brass. If you have not been to an IBM Stockholder's Meeting you would be surprised how similar it is to what controlled communist politburo meeting must be! Selling all but ONE share is a good protest. -anonymous_shareholder1-
Comment 02/25/14: Lee, you need to contact gov Cuomo's office now and try to get support from his office to ensure he will be outraged at the soon to happen layoffs in NY after the sweetheart tax breaks and new free Buffalo building from the NY taxpayers. Cuomo will win over the populist crowd for his reelection campaign and the Union will get good press from a powerful ally! It's win win for everyone! -Worker Bee-
Comment 02/25/14: The 3,100 jobs are spread between Albany, Dutchess and TJ Watson. How many people work in those locations? More than 7,000. That's the reduction you're looking at. Devastation. And guaranteed for 2 full year's wow! Starting when 1/1/14? Nothing mentioned on that. Viva la tax break please! -b. brinkerhoff-
Comment 02/25/14: When asked by the Press to clarify some details in the Cuomo / IBM announcement, the mysterious IBM spokesman Doug Shelton declined to offer any details, saying it was the state's announcement. Sounds like IBM is playing NY for a sucker, AGAIN!!! -Jsb2b-
Comment 02/25/14: The 10,000+ US RA is coming tomorrow. Are you next? Whatever happens, do not just sit down and take it. Join the Alliance, speak out, raise awareness within your community, tip the media with information, advise any prospective job seekers away from IBM, get rid of your IBM shares, do not recommend IBM services/products to anyone, etc. Small efforts taken by a large group of people can have a huge impact! -WalkTheWalk-
Comment 02/25/14: I was told by management contractors were easier to deal with while talking about hiring new resources so where do you think this is going -here come the contractors-
Comment 02/25/14: Just like IBM to try to spin "good" (sarcastic) news by the NY State 3100 jobs create non sense announcement so close to impending BAD news of another RA this week. LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD -trexibmer-
Comment 02/25/14: How do we really know 7000 IBM jobs are in the Hudson Valley now? Are they actual IBM employees, managers, or contractors in that ESTIMATE and where are they? Show us the number breakdown IBM now. As a NY taxpayer I have a right to know where my taxes are going or not going! -numbers_pleeze-
Alliance reply: IBM will not show you any numbers that they aren't legally obligated to show. IBM has not released actual headcount numbers of their US employees since the end of 2009. Your right to know where your taxes are going comes from NYS government. If NYS knows
the numbers of employees being fired and the actual number of IBM employees presently active in the Hudson Valley, then they should be petitioned by the taxpayers to get that information. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of IBM's "lies by omission" and NYS 's collusion.

Comment 02/25/14: You should have a twitter account... It would get more attention and press.. And people could get info without having to come to this site -Anon-
Alliance reply: Yes, we DO have a Twitter account. Actually, we have two. @Allianceibm and @alliancenatcord. We have had both of them since 2009. if you visit our front page there are links to Twitter and Facebook at the top of the page, center column (Spotlight). Our Facebook account is "Allianceibm Cwa". Please peruse our entire web site. There is nearly 15 years worth of information about organizing IBM. We have been getting Media attention for most of that 14 year period (since 1999). The "internet news" seems to cover what IBM does, much more than the MSM; however, through it all, Alliance@IBM continues to be the source for information about IBM employees that IBM employees do not get from IBM. Our web visitor counter is 7.2 million and counting. We've averaged 23,000 visits daily for February 2014, so far. You can support our cause of IBM employee advocacy and the work toward a collective bargaining agreement, by making a donation or joining us as a full member for $15/month. Join here or Donate here Thank you for your support!
Comment 02/25/14: This is insanity! Total spin! Essentially Cuomo's actual announcement should have been IBM will "only" fire close to FOUR THOUSAND people in the Hudson Valley and this is supposed to be a good thing? The IBMers at East Fishkill are at their breaking point due to the stress. Thanks, Coumo...for NOTHING! -spinstartshere-
Comment 02/25/14: IBM says bye-bye to hardware and hello to the cloud.
Here are two things you didn't know about IBM: More than 200,000 of its employees are located in the Netherlands, and it is the third-largest seller of software applications in the world. OK, the first item isn't exactly correct; those 200,000 employees are only in Holland on paper -- it's a perfectly legal tax dodge [1]. But the second item is exactly right, says Forrester Research analyst Andrew Bartels. By next year, he says, IBM's application business will be worth about $8 billion, behind SAP and Oracle and ahead of Microsoft, excluding sales of Office. "IBM simply doesn't like to talk about the application business because it makes its partners uncomfortable," Bartels tells me.
Comment 02/25/14: Gov. Andrew Cuomo's IBM announcement Monday in Buffalo left unclear some details important to IBMers wondering about their futures in a climate of downsizing and important to the mid-Hudson economy, where IBM Corp. remains the top private employer.
State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, said: "Anything Gov. Cuomo can do to keep a multinational corporation like IBM honest is to be applauded. That said, this isn't our first time to the rodeo. IBM has consistently accepted taxpayer-funded windfalls while systematically offshoring American jobs, and unfortunately I do not see an immediate solution to this fundamental reality. "The devil will be in the details and if IBM isn't held to a firm standard, they will find a way to wiggle loose at the expense of local taxpayers and employees," Ball said. "That leaves room for IBM to cut a lot more jobs," he said. So IBM is committed to preserving 3,100 jobs. Who is going to check that? Is IBM going to release employment numbers yearly? I don't think so. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/25/14: Anybody know the count of Kenexa employees laid off in India, so far? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/24/14: I am a former IBMer who now works for an IBM supplier. Big Blue are asking us if we are ok with them delaying putting our invoices into their payment system until April 1st. Some of the invoices date back to 2013. It is not as if IBM is short on cash, but they are clearly trying to manipulate Q1 results to look better than they real are. To those who remain, there is no honor in working for IBM anymore. -IBM_Is_Desparate-
Comment 02/24/14: Why in the world would anybody want to work for IBM today? -Former IBM'er-
Comment 02/24/14: So NYS wants to appear to be the savior of all these jobs? Well, maybe they shamed IBM enough and pointed out the tax benefits that IBM has been enjoying for supposedly providing all these jobs in NYS. So, you get to keep your "job". Sounds like living with your ex spouse after getting a divorce. Anyway, regarding the comments about GLOBALFOUNDRIES hiring, be very careful. I worked at GF and I encourage everyone to review reviews before considering that option. Good luck to all. -becareful-
Comment 02/24/14: Wow, these numbers from the NY announcement today don't really protect anybody. There are 7000 current employees in the area. IBM has "promised" to keep 3100 employed in the area through 2016. Plus, they said they will hire 750 in Dutchess County. So, if you subtract 750 from 3100, that leaves 2350 of the current 7000 employed they need to keep. This is not a real good deal for the current employees is it ? IBM could potentially lay off 4650 current employees from the Hudson Valley through 2016 and still be in compliance. Unless they were threatening to completely pull out of the area this year I don't understand how this saves any IBM employees job there this round of layoffs. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/24/14: Pok Journal article basically says were losing 3900 jobs in the Hudson Valley by 2016. That's a 50%+ cut in the workforce we have today. Why didn't anyone ask from the Journal "How is that a good thing less jobs and more unemployment in NYS?" -anon-
Comment 02/24/14: Smoke and mirrors if you get a chance to read the agreement you will see that IBM has negotiated the deal so that they will meet the 3100 and still fire the local workforce. You should know by now they don't do anything they can't meet. -lastdino1-
Comment 02/24/14: Alliance web site now blocked at Boulder CO IBM as of this morning. As the rumors of the upcoming layoff this week flew around the halls this morning, many employees in Boulder tried to access the Alliance Web Site and are now receiving a blocked site message. Several of us had visited the site on Friday 2/21. We feel this is due to upcoming RA and uproar it is going to cause. -ChinaCat-
Alliance reply: Alliance@IBM's web site is mobile friendly. It can be accessed from your phone. Reminder:
Don't use any IBM equipment to access Use your own personal phone.

Comment 02/24/14: Regarding this comment by Molinaro - "The news today is good. It?s good for those who will not lose their jobs," Molinaro said. "It is good for those who may be reemployed by IBM, and it?s good for Dutchess County ? in the context of stabilizing job losses and focusing on recovery."
It's good? For those who got laid off last year??? How dumb do these politicians think we are? Can IBM take back the stress and financial insecurity those folks have been going through? Is IBM going to rehire these people with their pensions and years' "served" reinstated? It's unbelievable that anybody would expect all of us who arent fired this week, and any former employee who is rehired, to feel thankful to IBM and/or politicians who created this very demeaning current situation. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/24/14: So how is NY State gonna positively know IBM has added the 3100 jobs when IBM never gives out NY or any State employment numbers? Hey IBM: some specifics like is it going to be in the Mid Hudson Valley at East Fishkill or Poughkeepsie campuses (Well, we know it will not be Kingston) or the upper Hudson Valley at Nanotech campus Trust IBM? Fool me once, but never twice! -IttyBittyMachines-
Comment 02/24/14: Don't know how this NY deal will work out or if it stopped the NY job cuts on Wednesday, but if it did I want to thank the Alliance for getting the word out on job cuts over a month ago. I am sure the Governor's reaction was due to this news. For all those NY IBMers that just had their jobs saved, thank the Alliance and join. -anon-
Comment 02/24/14: This NY State deal is horrible! What a way to spin something. This is IBM-speakease meaning we are going to lay YOU off. If there are currently approx. 7000 employees in the Hudson Valley, NY area, approx. 4000 employees will be RA-ed in order to keep the total number of employees at 3100. Oh, wait, the agreement says something about new hires. That means they will lay off MORE than 4000 and bring in a bunch of new contractors and workers from overseas. IBM lies by omission and spins things to make them look like they are helping keep jobs in the state, but in reality, many more people will be out of work. Don't believe their LIES! -miss_understanding-
Comment 02/24/14: I do not trust IBM or NYS. IBM to keep 3100 jobs in NY (Hudson Valley) What about the other 4000 employees in the Hudson Valley? There are 7000 employees in the area. -Smoke and mirrors-
Comment 02/24/14: Funny. It suddenly dawned on me that "1701" (Alliance@IBM's CWA Local number) is the same as the address on North St. in Endicott where I once mailed my receipts for home office phone line reimbursements (until they *finally* started accepting digital copies in the expense tool, which of course was long after the rest of the planet had already become smarter). It's all making sense now! -Aha!-
Alliance Reply: Basically the former IBM Workers United org originated in IBM Endicott in the mid 1970's. From there came the eventual Alliance@IBM. Once Alliance@IBM was official, we became a CWA Local and chose our local number as 1701. Also, remember that the "Starship Enterprise" ship of the show Star Trek, had the number 1701 as its designation, too. Not sure if that makes any sense, but it's only trivia, in the long run.

Comment 02/24/14: So, it seems that IBM and NY are agreeing to retain at least 3100 tech jobs in "the area", including new tech jobs to be created. So, looking at the numbers of employed IBMers today and a refresh of talent/ looks like we are looking at some more RA's to come between now and 2016. It all depends on what is defined as a "tech job" of course. At least, that is my interpretation. This is good news for politicians and young folks who are looking for a nano technology job with IBM in NY, but probably BAD news for many IBMers working in NY today. -Fairness101-
Comment 02/24/14: "Confirmed RA in IBM Malaysia, which happened 2 days ago. Around 100+ employees were fired. There is speculation that another round of RA will happen soon." -disappointed-
Any idea what is the selection criteria? I know this is part of project Apollo and apparently no country is spared except maybe their new found African market.
-1st line-
Comment 02/24/14: The rumors I have read on this board indicate that this week the 2014 RA tsunami should reach the US. I just wanted to say good luck to all my fellow IBMers. We do not deserve this but unfortunately without a union we are at thier mercy. Please share any information you hear, or know of as fact. I personally, come here several times a day for information. I am a dues paying member and appreciate the work that the Alliance does to keep us informed. Think about it, where is the first place you go-to when you hear of RA's? This board is our only communication across the continents and these United States. -Alliance_Fan-
Comment 02/24/14: IBM: More Cloud, Less People There is something very different about the latest $1 billion IBM is throwing at cloud computing. This sum says as much about the way the cloud is changing IBM as it says about the way IBM is pursuing the business of renting software and computing power over the Internet. And yes, the effects on the company almost certainly include layoffs somewhere down the line. -Anon-
Comment 02/23/14: Dutchess IBM jobs would be retained in new deal with New York state, officials say. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and IBM are set to announce a major economic-development agreement Monday that would preserve jobs in Dutchess County and expand the company's high-tech footprint in New York. The agreement includes a commitment from IBM to keep at least 3,100 high-tech jobs, mainly in Dutchess, through 2016, administration officials told the Journal?s Albany bureau. IBM cut 697 jobs in Poughkeepsie and East Fishkill last September, the latest in a series of local layoffs. The company now employs about 7,000 people in Dutchess, and how the agreement affects the remaining jobs was unclear.
The job commitment includes an increase of 750 positions that were largely lost through downsizing last year. The employment agreement is for jobs in the semiconductor sector and related fields, administration officials said. It largely impacts the facilities in East Fishkill and Poughkeepsie, but also at IBM?s Yorktown Heights, Westchester County, location and in the Albany area. -Liars-
Comment 02/23/14: Say what?|breaking|text|
saved? -Brenda-

Comment 02/23/14: Is there any news on Australia cutoffs yet? -what's in name-
Comment 02/23/14: Just a heads up but was talking to a buddy down in fishkill today and he said wednesday is the day for RA actions in the NY area.Good luck to all -lastdino1-
Comment 02/23/14: So I resigned on Friday after 14 years at ibm, having accepted a position elsewhere. I had the honor of working with many great people - and a handful of real characters... I share people's disgust with many executive decisions - most recently the 401k change and crazy focus on the EPS target. For whatever reason what really offended me was when while laying off thousands they decided to pay $1 million to setup an office for Sam P. after he retired. The optics alone were so bad and the fact the board and Ginni felt that was the right thing to do really shows a level of arrogance that makes me shake my head. Frankly in the end I am not pro-Union. My reasons are many but I'd guess I'd net it out by saying if IBM had a Union back in the 1990's I am confident it would just have gone under. I don't believe Unions can provide company's the flexibility they need to change with the market. Having said all that IBM deserves a lot of the criticism, and the pressure the Alliance provides. I respect the Alliance members and leadership for speaking out and trying to force change. I wish everyone at IBM the best, and hope this next wave of changes is not too painful. -14 and enough-
Comment 02/23/14: IBM has laid off more than one third of it's US employees over the last 5 years while growing the workforce overseas. Why does the media ignore this? -Anonymous-
The answer is simple. They are not laying off the media. Its really not a lay off . When people are laid off they have the potential to return to the same job when business picks back up. What IBM does is called Firing. There is NO chance you will return as anything but a temporary contractor. What I wonder is why the remaining 2 thirds do even less then the media when its them who have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
Comment 02/23/14: Those people who think ibm gives out severance payments because they want to avoid lawsuits are only kidding themselves. What happened when 401k matches were changed to lump sum payments? Did they fear lawsuits and reversed their decision? Nope. ibm has an army of lawyers who probably welcome any kind of legal challenge. You are nothing to them. Just an ant on the bottom of the big blue shoe. Unless you join the union and fight for your rights, your single voice means nothing. -Blue Eyed Blind-
Comment 02/23/14: @IBMrTaxBreakCheats, You are correct about parking lots. What media and politicians should do is have fly overs (or drones) take images of site parking lots middle of the day. The Somers facility is a ghost town with one bldg moth balled, all the others have roped off lots. T.J. Watson even with the "new jobs" is never more than 3/4 full. Both sites in years past were bulging with cars parked on ancillary roads as there were not enough spots. Same with PoK, Fishkill - recall when I84 was built the Lime Kiln Road exit was added to handle all the IBM traffic. Rt 52 was backed up for a mike in the AM rush hour. Now, pick a spot, any spot. Guess her highness worried about finding a spot at T.J. Watson as they built a helicopter landing pad for her a year or so ago. In a 'let them eat cake" moment" While folks were being RA'd there she made an arrival scene in view of all. -Anon-
Comment 02/23/14: Rumors have begun to circulate about a possible GlobalFoundries buyout of IBM BTV. Has anyone reported this possability? -Canned@BTV-
Comment 02/23/14: I fully agree with the Bangalore eda person, the Bangalore management promotes mediocrity and protects "yes boss" type of employees. most of the managers made enough money already and are looking forward to risk free life. it's interesting how these low skilled (ms office) people call the shots and decide the fate of the hard working technical work force. Ihope some accountability is brought to the managers and tech people's ratings, awards and promotions are made based on technical contributions. as of today the ratings, promotions and awards are arbitrary and at sole discretion of manager. i know of several talented people including my tech lead were deprived of promotion while yes boss' got promoted. shame on the management for losing all top talent and building a laid back low performance work culture. -anon-
Comment 02/23/14: Here's my layoff story. I got laid off at Bangalore on 14 Feb 2014.
I was in the middle of responding to an email from my US teammate, when my second line manager called me for a meeting, and told me that "IBM has decided to reassess its skill set, blah blah, and it has been decided that your skills are not essential in future, etc. etc.".
There was also another HR guy, who then proceeded to do the paperwork.
I was given a package amounting to about 5 months of salary. Then they literally "escorted" me out of the building and took away my badge.
I was essentially made a scapegoat to protect the mediocre people whom the management of another team finds easier to control. (I was in the EDA, and the Processor team's manager essentially controls the EDA.) I got 2+, 1 and 2+ (in 2010, 2011, 2012), and was promoted twice in consecutive years, but this time round, I was given a 3 because ... guess what ... I was "distracted". 2 hours later, my first line manager was also laid off. Now we are looking for new jobs together! :)
PS: I was making plans to look for other jobs starting March anyway, so if anything, this so-called rebalancing only helped me, since I don't need to serve out the stupid 3 month notice period (that's right, notice period is 3 months in IBM India, and it cannot be bought), and I also got the "package". -Anonymous-

Comment 02/23/14: There is no gdp program but rating 1s get the special bonus. in Australia its only the usual fire 5% of the workforce and replace them with grads. With redundancy payouts ibm has only ever paid bare minimum. as for ibm being a resume stain in oz it really depends on skillset and accounts you've worked on. For example the myer debacle might look bad but it was really caused by the failure of an infosys product still in warranty from them. Ibm was providing level 2 support services. -anon-
Comment 02/23/14: IBM is no longer the good company it once was when i joined a few decades back. employees are now treated like expenses and not a single opportunity is missed to get rid of them. exec do not realize that they need real good employees and a good work culture to do the next big thing. i don't think i can find a job outside given that the stuff i have been doing might be done with a younger generation. Iwill wait for my turn to be thrown out from here, and then figure out a way to pay my bills. my advice to younger generation is to up skill and find a better job. -anon-
Comment 02/22/14: I am sorry to see so many RA'd. A silver lining for all of you: Folks in technical areas should be in a good position to find a better job. I was RA'd in 2013. After a few months of contract work for various companies, I've landed my dream job. I make 20% more than I did at IBM, and the environment is so much more positive! Also a standard 5% growth bonus for ALL employees. No PBC bs. I wish you all the best. Keep your chins up, keep applying, life will get better. I promise. -happy-to-be-gone-
Comment 02/22/14: -whatever- Where did you find your information "2 weeks notice per year worked" in Canada? Looking forward to being RA'd, but I've suffered too long to be going for free. -ibmIsBeingPlundered-
Comment 02/22/14: Though I suppose the underlying policy can change at any time, for any reason -- the 2013 GBS layoff saw 2 weeks' severance pay for every year of prior employment. Additionally, those (2013 GBS layoff) candidates received approx. one month's advance notification, so they had ~4 weeks to "look for new jobs within IBM." We've already seen examples where such relatively-generous terms were not extended; only time will tell what Big Blue does or does not offer going forward. -SimpleMath-
Comment 02/22/14: @Pants on Fire. There were articles in the local papers about that and some county legislators tried to block it. IBM also wanted the tax break to help with asbestos mitigation during office renovations even though the mitigation has been going on for decades. -Anon-
Comment 02/22/14: Is IBM required to give severance pay in the USA? No, they are not. However, if they do not give the pay, they are taking a risk. The risk is that without the lure of the severance pay, the job cut packets will get to the media and people will take them to court for wrongs where they will be forced to present information in public. With the way IBM wants to keep this out of the public eye, I am willing to bet that even PBC 3s get a severance package of some sort. As for IBM suing those that do not follow the agreement, I am sure IBM is suing them. Again, they are good at coming up with settlements out of court, especially in states like MN where one does not have to file a case in court to start a lawsuit. For those who do not need the severance money, consider if the cost to your rights is worth it. -Gone since '02-
Comment 02/22/14: whatever: ok, let's then also cut scaring people about RAs too. I think you are giving IBM too much credit on how they handle severance. -whadayathink-
Comment 02/22/14: Liar liar Pants on Fire: Absolutely right! Is it IBM deception or obfuscation or just plain ignorance (my vote)?
IBM also bullied and threatened the Town of Yorktown about tax assessments for TJ Watson Research. Such fine corporate citizens IBM is (well, maybe in Armonk still).. IBM has lost net jobs in East Fishkill and Poughkeepsie too. IBM makes it difficult to prove (but look at the parking lots over the past year or so..) since they don't supply site numbers or employees at these sites anymore ("for competitive reasons")??? YET they still get the tax breaks (PILOT) since IBM says "they are creating jobs". Sure, create one job and RA or outsource or move jobs three at the same time from EFK and/or POK. PROVE you are creating jobs IBM! Trust IBM on their word? Try to get ANYTHING from IBM not for their behalf in writing!
Comment 02/22/14: Re: Blue's Tax's "Between 2000 and 2013, IBM received $880 million in tax breaks from state and local governments, mostly via industrial development agencies, to expand operations in New York, said the Washington-based group Good Jobs First."
An example is the T.J. Watson Research Center two years ago asking the town of New Castle for and receiving a tax break it was claimed " the creation of 400 jobs". What IBM neglected to tell the town was that the 400 jobs were coming from closure of Watson's satellite site in Hawthorne - about 15 miles away. Net reality not a single new job was created. It was part of an over all cost consolidation. -Liar Liar Pants on Fire-

Comment 02/22/14: IBM claims that they respect the laws of the places where they operate. It is very sad to say that its policies are made to cheat and fool its employees and government. Tax evasion in India roughly $1b is one example.
Another example is fraud with US Government. When IBM sends people to US, they mention salary X as the gross salary the employee will get. The same amount X is communicated with the consulate as being paid to the employee. On other hand IBM claims that the taxes paid to US Government from the gross salary being paid to the employee is actually paid by IBM. IBM thus takes the tax refund amount received by the employee. If consulate was informed that X salary was paid to employee then how can IBM claim part of that X is paid by IBM? Isn't it a fraud and cheating with US Government and the employee. I heard there are very strict laws in US if someone is being paid less than minimum wages in U.S. Does U.S. Government has any nexus with these big companies. Thinking of filing a lawsuit as I am already RAed. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/22/14: People need to stop scaring others about reduced severance. There is no proof of that, plus in Canada you're entitled to one week pay per year worked regardless of PBC. Plus you're also suppose to be given 2 weeks notice per year worked so if anyone actually fought it you would get 3 weeks pay per year worked but no one does and they take the 2 weeks. Ibm is actually saving $$ on the two weeks. Only way you would get nothing is if you're a contractor, you quit or got fired. -whatever-
Alliance reply: There is no guarantee of severance pay in the US:

Comment 02/22/14: "If they ever drop severance, you can bet there will be more people talking about getting RA'd"
So IBM gives you a severance, blacklists you from getting another IBM job, and basically fires you without cause and says they did nothing wrong and tries to institute a gag order to protect IBM's interests? LOL. IBM = FUD
Has IBM ever went after anyone they RAed? Once that severance is in your hands you are terminated from IBM. Period. So why can't you talk? You are no longer an IBMer. I bet these ex-IBMers would still be scared about speaking out, severance or not. They can talk after they spend their severance, get another gig, or collect unemployment. These are the same IBMers who still will not even join the Alliance, and anonymously at that. Get something called a real labor contract. -RASpeakUp-

Comment 02/22/14: For those IBMers who were RAed and now no longer get unemployment insurance (UI) benefits:
How come the US and state governments don't consider you unemployed when you are not retired and still looking for a job that IBM took from you just because you have no UI left? It makes no sense to me that the unemployment rate is going down when IBM employment in the USA is going down with continued drive by firings and RAs. It's like these people fall of the face of the employed world. It is wrong. It is sad. These people are still alive. They had jobs. And yet it continues.. -6.5%&going_down?-

Comment 02/22/14: "IBM has laid off more than one third of it's US employees over the last 5 years while growing the workforce overseas. Why does the media ignore this?"
Because IBM can. Because IBM can see to it. Because IBM can stop reporting USA employee counts and still get tax breaks based on job numbers, retention, and job creation they don't reveal. IBM still has billion$ of $$$ to influence and even threaten the media and keep it largely out of the big news markets. Some news does get out to news outlets but it is sporadic and limited. IBM is basically buying out the big news media and the State and local county government economic development agencies. -anonymous2-

Comment 02/22/14: Surprised that PWC has not issued a "going concern" letter. With all of the creative accounting methods meant to bamboozle investors, its a wonder their independent auditor has not resigned. Prediction: we'll watch IBMs demise in a future episode of American Greed. -GreedWontWin-
Comment 02/22/14: -Goodbye- That's how they did me last June: a sudden, untitled meeting with my manager. And in an unexpected turn of events, they got rid of him too, which at the time seemed like at least a molecule's worth of justice given a really offensive thing he'd said in my PBC meeting(s) earlier in the year. -empathy-
Comment 02/22/14: To -whowantsmyshares- The 6% bonus is confirmed, PBC 1s will get it. FYI - some managers was informed that no GDP for anyone, others heard differently. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/22/14: In regards to the Stock Awards IBM gave the Employee's for making the 2010 Roadmap. The Award was given on 06/16/2011. 7 Restricted Stock Units ( RSU's). The Award does NOT Vest until 12/01/2015. So the bottom line is: If you are not Employed on 12/01/2015...You Get NOTHING! This is the excerpt from the Awards Document:
Termination of Employment
In the event you cease to be an employee (other than on account of death or becoming disabled as described in Section 12 of the Plan) prior to the Vesting Date(s) set in your Equity Award Agreement, all then unvested RSUs under your Award shall be canceled. -Seems Unfair-

Comment 02/22/14: A new report that finds IBM Corp. paid far less than the 35 percent corporate tax rate over 12 years is no surprise to tax experts who say that's legal and common among U.S. multinational firms. According to the report from Citizens for Tax Justice, IBM paid an effective corporate tax rate of 5.2 percent between 2001 and 2012. The group released its analysis after Bloomberg News published a story this month about IBM?s offshore tax strategies. Citizens for Tax Justice also said Armonk-based IBM paid an average 29.3 percent tax rate on its overseas operations during the 12-year period, a rate about five times higher that it paid in the U.S. IBM says the group's analysis "is misleading and does not represent an accurate depiction of IBM's tax liability owed on its U.S. operations"
Comment 02/22/14: Appears that management rats are jumping the IBM ship: Current IBM management=no vision, no courage coupled with unfettered corruption and greed. My opinion.
-Idiots Become Managers-
Comment 02/21/14: To all those top performers (PBC 1) Ginni promissed a 6% bonus, well she just changed her mind. Has this been verified on VT or anywhere? -whowantsmyshares-
Comment 02/21/14: To -pointy stick - regarding - I overheard a conversation at the beginning of the year and now the cogs are clicking into place. I strongly suspect actually next Monday (24th) the knives will be out in the US, at least in the north east .......My manager schedule a meeting with me today for Monday Feb 24, don?t have a good feeling about this at all. Guess this is it for me if you are correct? -Goodbye-
Comment 02/21/14: IBM has laid off more than one third of it's US employees over the last 5 years while growing the workforce overseas. Why does the media ignore this? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/21/14: The one of the reasons for so little RA press coverage is that if you accept the severance, you also agree to not speak to the
press. If they ever drop severance, you can bet there will be more people talking about getting RA'd. -Gettin-Hosed-

Comment 02/21/14: IBM is having it's own Olympic games. Think of all of the countries involved. The winners get to keep their jobs (for a little
while anyway). At least IBM is sharing the RA with Asia & South America this time. Europe, North America and Australia would hate to hog all the fun. Ginni Rometty, you seem to be "distracted", the IBM employees of the world give you a PBC of "3". Your RA is coming! -IBM Olympics-

Comment 02/21/14: Big Blue investors may not have a winning hand. -Anon-
Comment 02/21/14: Heard that only 1s & 2+s RA'd next week will get full severance pkg. 2s will get 1/2, and 3s will get nothing. -Anon-
Comment 02/21/14: -Anonymous- Regarding the ACA. There are calculators available for you to use to estimate what your insurance costs would be based on your location etc. They use the Modified AGI to calculate how much money you will make in 2014. I am not sure if the separation pay is included but I assume it is because it is taxable. If you live in a state where you can collect unemployment, that will also be taxable and included in the MAGI. If you also include 3 months of income you received before being laid off, I doubt you would be eligible for much of s subsidy in 2014. If you are still unemployed or working part time in 2015, it would be more likely to help you. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/21/14: I have gone up two levels and to ask for a package if RA's are coming to my segment. I've had very positive interactions with companies that concentrate on customer value, innovation and product engineering rather than short term financial engineering. I'm hopeful that outside IBM, things are much better. All the real talent that I worked with have already left IBM. There's a perception that the only reason anyone is still here is that they can't find another job. There is no passion for IBM and what they do. IBM markets to it's employees as if they are customers. Look at Ginni's 2014 speech, it was nothing but propaganda. How the CFO can publicly say that $1B is put aside for layoffs and a few days later the CEO fail to even mention it in a ~30min all-hands talk is beyond insane to me. IBM treats their employees as if they were retarded children. -Exit stage right-
Comment 02/21/14: Is there an actual number available of how many people have been RA'd? It seems strange there has been such little coverage of what is happening, and how many of my co-workers that do not know what is going on. I just recently started working for this company, and I am not impressed in the least bit, hopefully there is a turning point but that seems unlikely. To all that have been RA'd and I have read many of your stories I am sorry you were treated the way you were. -Anon-
Alliance reply: First, IBM stopped publishing actual head count in 2010. They will never again share those numbers as they did in the past, so that a calculation can be made to figure out the number of firings. The Alliance front page has estimates of IBM employee numbers, calculated since 2009, based on RA packages from affected workers. Second, if you are referring to Mainstream Media coverage, then you won't really see it. Most of the media coverage is internet based and not from the big corporate media outlets. If it wasn't for Alliance@IBM, even that coverage would be non-existent. Finally, thank you for making important points about what IBM has been doing to its employees for two decades. Your empathy is appreciated; but your support of the effort to organize IBM US is valued even more. If IBMers in the US organize and fight for a collectively bargained contract, the misery of layoffs/firings and abuse *could* come to an end. Thank you for your comments.

Comment 02/21/14: to one who posted on bailing shares. Its just not execs @ IBM, execs @ other tech firms are also bailing out for last 6 months. Look out for Google and Amazon. I expect IBM house of cards to fall faster in a year or two. -to_bailing_shares-
Comment 02/21/14: Does anyone have any news on upcoming redundancies in Australia? I know of GMU folks based in Oz who are going - but no word yet for us local employees. Been over 20 years and I've never seen morale so bad as it is at the moment. My advice to anyone with any marketable skills - get out while you can, I've tested the market and I can tell you having IBM on your resume is now seen as a *negative*. Remember - as the old song says "There is Power in a Union". -Ozzie-
Comment 02/21/14: The rule of thumb is that if IBM is taking a $1 billion charge then they are taking out $2 billion of payroll. Therefore if each employee affected his $100,000 per year, then the total employees targeted for layoff would be 20,000. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/21/14: Confirmed RA in IBM Malaysia, which happened 2 days ago. Around 100+ employees were fired. There is speculation that another round of RA will happen soon. -disappointed-
Comment 02/20/14: -Anonymous from Brazil- Don't be shocked, IBM has been doing this to US employees for years. It doesn't matter if you are a good performer, a dedicated employee etc etc. When they need to cut to save money, everyone is fair game. It is not a matter of if you will get laid off, it is just a question of when you will be laid off unless the workers organize. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/20/14: (looking back over a few heart-wrenching posts)
"Ginni promissed .. changed her mind .. good luck .. same old BS .. good performance .. dedicated and honest .. shocked that IBM is firing very good and decent people .. Most staff doesn't even know .. job cut numbers .. sad cycle .. outrage .. job cuts in the US .. day of reckoning...."
Ah, the words of the unorganized! I was one of them. I vaguely recall kind people handing out literature at one of the Poughkeepsie cafeterias (B/414 to be precise) from time to time, me smugly thinking, "What kind of idiots could possibly want to organize against so benevolent and generous a company?"
Well, I was out last July, at least a decade too young to be retiring. WAKE UP, little snoozy, WAKE UP! -rip-van-sink-el-
Comment 02/20/14: To all those top performers (PBC 1) Ginni promissed a 6% bonus, well she just changed her mind. Nothing, nada, zero and as for a pay raise for PBC 1s, well good luck, it's based on your band level and what point you are / market value etc, same old BS song and dance they give us year after. -Anon-
LOL. Me thinks Ginni will be sacked by the board before she pulls a Carly Fiornia on IBM and takes it to the brink. Ginni seems to be, in over her head. I remember her Think40 challenge to endeavour to spend 40 hours educating your self. Well it was all lip service from above because the program had no money set aside or teeth and the managers were not mandated to help workers to participate in the program. Much of it was you using your own private time and/or money going on the Web and educating yourself. It was a scam and is a proof of IBM's disinvestment in its employees as it funnels more of the profits to Wall Street scum. -another anon-

Comment 02/20/14: In preparation for upcoming layoffs in the U.S., does anyone know how our health coverage might be positively impacted by the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka "Obamacare")? I am theorizing that post-layoff we would now be eligible for unemployment benefits as well as full ACA benefits at no cost? If not currently in need of superior medical care (i.e. working through a current medical condition), it seems like paying $$$ for COBRA would be a waste. I'm curious for the opinions or findings of those who have explored this topic further. Good luck too all in the next few weeks, and thanks for Alliance for making this public forum available. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/20/14: As we near the day of reckoning for job cuts in the US, many of us that have seen this happen before, expect there to be white hot outrage at IBM. Unfortuantely we have also seen that outrage dissipate quickly. I can only say, keep stoking that outrage and convert it into organizing. Otherwise we keep repeating this sad cycle. -member-
Comment 02/20/14: It is almost impossible to report on the job cut numbers ... here in canada most people work from home, they don't meet in the office to talk, and RAd people are not exactly proud when RAd, so we don't even know that someone has been's always very hush hush. Most staff doesn't even know resource actions are going on. -hush-
Alliance reply: The fact that you are visiting our page and hopefully getting useful information is a plus in your favor. The more your co-workers that know about Alliance@IBM's page, the better. Find ways to communicate what you know to them. Spread the word.
An informed workforce is an organized workforce.

Comment 02/20/14: For those in the NY/VT area who may soon be looking. Global Foundries is adding $2 bil in capital and 1000 new jobs by years end. -Waiting with bated breath-
Comment 02/20/14: In Brazil, we heard about 400 to 1,500 employees being or to be fired (from a total of around 20,000 employees). This week, each day I come to the office I hear about at least 2 or 3 people I know that have been fired (from GBS, SO Delivery, etc.). Some of them use to have a good performance, were very dedicated and honest and had a friendly attitude to all their colleagues, were working in IBM for more than 10 years (some of them for 30 or 40 years !), many in their late 40s to early 60s, some managers (even 2nd lines). I mean, I am shocked that IBM is firing very good and decent people, dedicated employees, only to save some money... -Anonymous-
Comment 02/20/14: Getting conflicting info regarding the 6% bonus for top performers. Some teams hearing they will get it. others stating No GDP for anyone.. -Anon-
Comment 02/20/14: To all those top performers (PBC 1) Ginni promissed a 6% bonus, well she just changed her mind. Nothing, nada, zero and as for a pay raise for PBC 1s, well good luck, it's based on your band level and what point you are / market value etc, same old BS song and dance they give us year after. -Anon-
Comment 02/20/14: Hmmmm.... IBM Directors bailing shares. -Anon-
Comment 02/19/14: Any second line manager here that can share what ibm strategy is? how many RAs are expected this year? How about Brazil? -Johnin sap-
Comment 02/19/14: In Brazil, many former Blue Harmony team members are being fired, just because they had the "bad luck" of not having allocation at this exact month, no matter how they contributed in the past, or how much they would be able to contribute in the future. What a short term management "strategy" ! Managers seem to be acting in "despair mode". -Anonymous-
Comment 02/19/14: Today Mexico GDL site started with the RA -Anonymous-
Comment 02/19/14: China STG RAs is confirmed. I work with a few teams in China. Some of the teams were all cut. So far, the number I have gathered from the teams that I work with 23 out of 33 will be gone in 2 days. Waiting to see next week US STG. -Anon-
Comment 02/19/14: If they are making massive cuts in India, China and Brazil I would suspect there are far more than 15K overall worldwide being cut. The cost and savings to IBM to layoff somebody in those countries is much lower than the cost in the US because their wages and burden rates are much lower than a US, Western European or Australian employee. Add this 15K + number to probably 50% of the current STG X-series team that Lenovo will not offer positions to and there will be well over 20K roadkilled by IBM one way or the other very shortly. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/19/14: IBM remains stingy on details regarding U.S. layoffs - -BlueNoMore-

Comment 02/19/14: RA started today in IBM Phils. No details yet on how many will go. Some in GTS/TSS have already been informed. -anonymous-
Comment 02/19/14: Any recent updates on IBM India RA Action? Has Kolkata been affected yet or GBS GD for that matter? -whats-in-a-name-
Comment 02/19/14: China is now the go to exploitation target for tech and US corporations. I know a lot of our development has gone to China from the US. Africa is on the frontier for re-exploitation after China. After that it will come back to the US. By then US will become attractive again. It is already happening in manufacturing as it is coming back to the US. As you can see, you cannot rest on your laurels and plan your life around US corps. At least in India this will help reduce the crushing inflation on the working classes as they had to compete with overpaid, surly tech workers amongst them and possibly bring religion and Zen back into Indian life as US corps exit. Bangalore a once beautiful and temperate British hill station for the hot months, has now seen its 300 year old trees destroyed and reduce into a cramped ugly metropolis. Hopefully the tech workers will leave Bangalore and move to Beijing and Banaglore will come back to its original inhabitants. -dd-
Comment 02/19/14: Flash news: Second wave of RAs in STG India will start in second quarter ..June 2014 and Mgrs are busy as ever preparing the list .. -STG India-
Comment 02/18/14: IBM India SWG Rational labs shootout news==100 out of 300 engineers flushed out of IBM building in waves of tears.....The remaining are support staff and key developers.Basically IBM SWG Rational India and products are busted lock-stock-n-barrel. -blindIBM-
Comment 02/18/14: RAs in Brazil, full power, so far about 400, mostly PBC 3 in Technical areas, and any in Manager area (BDM, SDM, TPM and Ms). -anonymous-
Comment 02/18/14: Anyone in the System X STG group who got sold to Lenovo who's not actively looking for a new job is being foolish. We keep hearing how Lenovo knows how to sell in bulk. If that's the case why didn't IBM make them their #1 re-seller? -Sold-to-Lenovo-
Comment 02/18/14: Does anyone has any news about the lay offs in Brazil? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/18/14: The RA started in Mexico on Feb 17th, the is a rumor saying 300 will be out -vigilant-
Comment 02/18/14: I overheard a conversation at the beginning of the year and now the cogs are clicking into place. I strongly suspect actually next Monday (24th) the knives will be out in the US, at least in the north east. -pointy stick-
Comment 02/18/14: Rumour has it the Australian redundancies expected either this week or next. Pay outs expected to be less than previous years. Management ordered to get a set number of people off the books by 31st March. All brands. This despite new managers re-locating to Australia (at great cost!) to take up new roles (instead of putting locals in to the jobs). Existing bad managers getting their own cronies in because they are Yes men. -GoingGoingGone-
Comment 02/18/14: Heard from manager that China STG cuts will be announced tonight (Wednesday there). No information/comment on whether US STG will also be tommorow. -If you can dodge a wrench-
Comment 02/18/14: We still stand in solidarity with out global IBMers in Canada, Australia, European countries, China, and South America, and now especially in India with the massive disrespectful and undignified RA firings.
The Alliance has made it clear it wants to stop further RAs not only in the USA but ANYWHERE IBM employees are! If we helped in Bangalore stave ONE IBM employee's job we are proving our actions are working. We just NEED MORE TO JOIN our cause: here in the USA and in other countries. Strength is in numbers/members.
Comment 02/18/14: Today, I heard some people from India SWG were RA'ed by giving rating 3. The number of of people were 5-6. More to go in coming days. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/18/14: RA happened in EDA Bangalore site. Overall 9 people so far. Mainly in server side. ASICS is on hold. More to come -Sam-
Comment 02/18/14: -concerned_but_frustrated-: and to all of Research Triangle Park, NC:
I am also concerned and frustrated that the vast majority of IBMers in Raleigh and Cary have not caught on to joining the Alliance. I don't know why other than fear and ambivalence which is a bit disconcerting given IBM's continued labor practices. If you have been at RTP long enough for a few years you should have noticed someone who they called "Mr. Picket Man" at just outside the main Cornwallis gate in the AM before start of the daily shift. He was an Alliance member. And I know he was no myth no matter what IBM management might tell you: he was a REAL person, humble and empathetic, not at all disgruntled, honest, insightful and spoke the hard truth about IBM for anyone who would read his signs or listen. I know he existed: I was there with him to help him one beautiful spring day holding one of his hand crafted signs! And darn proud to help him! He was even interviewed by local radio and TV in Raleigh. The Alliance has had albeit sporadic presence in RTP for years. Sadly, IBM made sure of it that Picket Man was RAed since IBM can't stand to hear the truth. But he fought the good fight! Lee Conrad has been at RTP a few times himself.
Check you RTP break (snack) areas or cafeteria someday soon.
You might seen an Alliance flyer there. If we just get one or two people to canvass these areas at random times more word will get out. It is never too late to get the word out.
Comment 02/18/14: 15 people fired from Mumbai Nirlon office (Netsol division), stores person reported 10 tps already received and 5 more expected. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/18/14: I worked for IBM Research for many years, and left a couple of years ago to another industrial research lab. On a side note, I can only say that this was the best decision I made in my career. Most of the researchers I know (especially those who worked at Research in its heyday) treat IBM as a dead end these days. I used to get IBMer's CVs with lists of papers and patents, and usually did my best to help them in my current job. Recently, they're full of press releases, instead. As a bit of friendly advice: Please don't include these. They look bad, and only make it hard for us who want to help fellow IBMers. Remember, in places that still do research, only academic publications count. -Former IBMer-
Comment 02/17/14: IBM Rational india also RA'd a hell lot of people yesterday. But unlike the STG employes who were given just 2 hours these people have been informed in advance about the layoffs. -IBMRational-
Comment 02/17/14: To all: please keep to the purpose of this comment section. It is for reporting job cuts and things that lead to job cuts. And remember, this is a moderated section. -Alliance-
Comment 02/17/14: worst thing about working so much overtime is that it's not even for our clients or for things that matter. I spend so much time planning fluff so that our superiors' forecast reports look good and after 60 hrs weeks i have no time to work on anything valuable. -feeling-stupid-
Comment 02/17/14: not heard of any more layoffs today in India or elsewhere, whats happening? india stg 50 ibmers were shown the door, what else? when is the next round coming? -kavya-
Comment 02/17/14: Every year, another layoff. Every year, more people coming here crying, "How can they do this? Don't they know that it hurts morale / looks bad / is immoral / blah blah blah?" IBM will continue to do this until 1) employees have some leverage to stop it, or 2) they break the business. You can leave, wait for the business to break, or join the union and try to force the behavior you'd like to see. There is no alternative. -irRational-
Comment 02/17/14: RE: -Anonymous Coward- - Yes, I cannot fathom what planet those Glassdoor reviews come from. They either have to be brand new, new hires, or fake posts by HR to make working for IBM look palatable. -robot-glassdoor-poster-#2134-
Comment 02/17/14: WHY CAN'T IBM OFFER BUYOUT's for employee's nearing retirement versus laying off employee's indiscriminately? I am an older employee nearing retirement and it would probably incent me to leave. It would kill 2 birds with one stone -
1) reduce staff, probably thousands and
2) help maintain the little to non-existent morale that is left.
Also, since accepting a financial package is considered voluntarily quitting, IBM could save unemployment insurance. Guess, they would rather buy back shares and pay executive bonuses instead. -IBM_Think_About_it-
Alliance Reply: IBM does not care what you think about buyout's for workers nearing retirement. Besides, they've done that and stopped doing it in the 1990's, in the US. You are an "At Will Employee" and unfortunately, you have no guarantees regarding your retirement or when IBM will fire you for any reason or no reason. It's time that US IBM workers come to grips with this reality and then decide to form a union and stand together to achieve a union contract for IBM workers.

Comment 02/17/14: I'm curious if IBM still recruits at US college campuses. Even more curiously, I wonder if they use the blantantly fraudulent pay range charts to entice recruits. -Jeff Johnson-
Comment 02/17/14: When it comes to layoffs, the real hard workers are let go. These are the people that don't call in sick, and there are people that go away on 6 months disability and come back and they seem to be fine. There are still manager's favorites who don't put in their hours of work but report everything that goes on in the dept to the manager; and lastly they lay off all the skilled workers and how many of these first line managers went to college and finished some education and how to pick the list of good workers that go first and the favorites remain? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/17/14: The Alliance updates on stg Bangalore job cuts led to very bad press coverage in India. SSE and EDA job cuts were put on hold initially, and now we hear the stg Bangalore jobs cuts are a done deal. On behalf of SSE team I would like to thank Alliance for saving some of our jobs and providing some time for us to find another job in a better company. -anon_thanks_alliance-
Comment 02/17/14:
Country = UK
Union Affiliate = n\a
Job Title = anonymous
IBM Division = IBM UK
Message = IBM UK is losing hundreds of jobs this quarter through voluntary separation, which will go involuntary if not enough volunteers. All divisions affected, ISC, GTS, S&D, etc. This after the sale of its global BTO CRM business, and sale x86 to lenovo,hundreds more out the door, well done again IBM execs! your 2015 strategy is working. -anonymous-

Comment 02/17/14: I'm pretty sure the reviews on are planted by HR or management. I don't see, how given the current turmoil, the CEO can have a >50% approval rating, and >50% company recommendation. Many of the recent reviews read suspiciously. -Anonymous Coward-
Comment 02/16/14: Whats even more sad is that most people don't seem to realize that the bonus money that no on is getting is actually being used to layoff your fellow co-workers lol ugly way to do business. -whatever-
Comment 02/16/14: Many talk about being RA'd, but don't post detail about the RA package offered. I understand not wanting to admit this to friends and co-workers, but what is the hurt posting on an anonymous forum? Also, for the record: RA began hitting at Partner level for IBM GBS US mid-Jan. Please post your package here- it will help other IBMers better plan for their families... -GBS_2+-
Comment 02/16/14: -anonymous-: I remember the 60 hour work week well. It was a relief from the 70 hour work week. It was usually caused by having to do things the dumb way because doing things smarter ways were interpreted by coworkers and management as "not being a team player", which didn't bode well at PBC evaluation time. That kind of mentality fostered by coworkers and management pretty much guaranteed that the workplace would remain a "least common denominator planet" instead of a smarter planet. And so it goes when recognition and reward aren't skills and accomplishments based. -same-old-same-old-
Comment 02/16/14: -@not-a-star 2- Nobody has been "complacent" in their jobs. Majority of the Indians always keep an eye on changing jobs, and few people work more than 5 years at one company. The only exception to this are the mediocre employees who cannot possibly do anything else than what they are doing (and eventually move into management).
The concern here that most of us "RA"d employees have is the manner in which we were shown the door. I got RA'd last week, but guess what, I had been looking to move out of IBM anyway.
If anything, this only benefited me, because I got a pretty decent package (by IBM's "standards"). However, that still doesn't justify the unethical and unprofessional handling of the issue. They should have given notice to the employees at least a month in advance, not 2 hours before and then snatched the laptop away.
PS: Coming back to the above point, it probably makes sense why they did it that way. You see, if they had informed in advance about the upcoming layoffs, people would have quit their job anyway (even those who were not on the "list"), and then there wouldn't be too many people left to be laid off.
Comment 02/16/14: China RA happened at the end of Jan. STG 60% cut, SWG and GBS 10% cut. More PBC 3 dilivered in Jan. -China IBMer-
Comment 02/16/14: Making Retirements Less Secure
It is easy to see why companies are switching to lump-sum contributions: It saves them money. They get to keep until the end of the year the money they would have ordinarily put into workers' accounts every week or every two weeks. Businesses that choose this approach also get to keep the money that they would have contributed to the retirement accounts of workers who leave for other jobs or are unfortunate enough to be laid off before the end of the year.
But these gains come at the expense of working families that face an increasingly insecure retirement. Studies show that most Americans are not putting aside enough money for retirement, and these new 401(k) policies make it that much harder for them to do so.
Lump-sum payments expose workers to potentially greater financial risk, because retirement funds that would have been invested in stocks and bonds over the course of a year when companies matched contributions with every paycheck will, under these new policies, be invested all at once at the end of the year. If stocks are rising, as they have been in the last few years, that means the lump sum will be invested in the market when stocks are more expensive than if they were purchased throughout the year. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/16/14: The Myth of the Bell Curve
There is a long standing belief in business that people performance follows the Bell Curve (also called the Normal Distribution). This belief has been embedded in many business practices: performance appraisals, compensation models, and even how we get graded in school (Remember "grading by the curve?"). Research shows that this statistical model, while easy to understand, does not accurately reflect the way people perform. As a result, HR departments and business leaders inadvertently create agonizing problems with employee performance and happiness. -Anon-

Comment 02/16/14: Something to listen to after you've been RA'd because you didn't join the union: -Remove Rometty-
Comment 02/15/14: What happens when you swap out all your experienced personal with interns? Here is why Boeing 787 is grounded AGAIN in 2014.
"HubG Precisely. But we should not be too soft on Boeing: It was the bean counters at Boeing that heard about the general malicious rumour that ' you can get rid of your top employees, to whom you pay " too much ", and let your other employees " rise to the occasion " - do their jobs for less pay."
It was the mentally challenged bean counters who offered early retirement packages, and got rid of the people who knew how to do the job. And so the time came that production at Boeing ground to a halt! The guys that knew the proper work-arounds to assembly problems had gone. Obviously, the same false propaganda was applied to the designing and engineering personnel. These basic faults should have never been there in the first place. It puts Boeing at the level of technically challenged chinese car makers." -Boeing-

Comment 02/15/14: All clues indicates RA in STG China will be on next week, some teams required all regular employees in office on Tuesday. It's not easy to fire an employee in China, labor law requires some specified procedures and conditions to relieve the contract; minimum severance package is also better than US and India. If IBM makes me unhappy on the severance, I would unionize other RAed and charge a lawsuit. -ChineseLabor-
Comment 02/15/14: To the Alliance: I use this site for info and I appreciate the service you provide, but nearly every other IBMer I talk to has no idea what the Alliance is. Your article cited below says you have 300 dues-paying members with all respect, that's not going to cut it. There are more people than that in the RTP cafeteria on a busy lunch day. Where is your message? Where is your advertising? Are you on any TV spots, print media,social media...? What exactly is the plan for growing the membership? I can reach a handful of people, but if the masses have not heard of the Alliance, shouldn't there be some other action? -concerned_but_frustrated-
Alliance reply: Thanks for your comments. There is no way we can afford advertising or TV spots. Do you know how much that costs?
With more members we certainly could afford it and you're right 300 members doesn't cut it. Have you joined?
We find it hard to believe employees in RTP don't know about the Alliance. We have been in every newspaper and on every TV news show quite a bit the past 3 years in the RTP area. We are on facebook (link on main page) and twitter. We have sent mass emails to employees in RTP .
We were even in RTP 2 years ago trying to get people to a job cuts informational picket line in front of the site to no avail, after much publicity in the local news, in emails and on the Alliance web site. It always seems people start paying attention just before another round of mass firings.
But the real organizing still has to be done by supporters like you reaching out to their co-workers and pointing them to the Alliance web site which has tons of info on what we are about. The message is simple: if you want better working conditions and respect in the IBM workplace, help build the Alliance so we can get IBM to the negotiating table.

Comment 02/15/14: Here is how the Alliance is organizing. The UAW at VW organized the traditional way, get a majority of cards signed then petition the government for an election. In other situations where the company is not neutral, a full scale war is waged on the workers by the company. Even with majority support the union sometimes loses because of those attacks. The workers only become union members after a successful vote. Then they negotiate for a contract. The Alliance on the other hand, knowing the terrain we are in, has employees join the union now, before a vote. It is possible that if enough IBMers at a given site or business unit joined the Alliance as full members then the government could recognize the union (with proof) and we start contract negotiations. -Alliance-
Comment 02/15/14: Your 60-hour work week is not a badge of honour. It is a problem.
There is a sense of pride over being able to state that we worked an exorbitant amount of hours this week, last week, or last month. I know because I've done it in the past, and probably still do it *sigh*. After all, saying you worked a 60 hour week is indirectly telling the listener how busy your design firm is; how successful your product is; how important you are to your employer. It's essentially a humblebrag.
But as you dig into the 60-hour work week, you realize it is a problem. Not just for the obvious reasons either, like work/lifebalance, burnout, how unhealthy it is, errors that come with being tired and so forth. -anonymous-
Comment 02/15/14: @ -Puzzled- Shhhhhhhhh, That's a secret! Customers don't know there is actually hardware behind the cloud. "Smarter Planet" depends on dumber customers. -Anon-
Comment 02/15/14: -orgethics-: Nothing would make me happier than to see IBM suffer a crushing blow to their business; but that's not what I would really recommend. That said, there have been all manner of prophetic crystal ball predictions about IBM's demise, since before 1994 when Lou Gerstner (a non-IBMer) took over. IBM was a lumbering staggering behemoth that had it's head handed to the BoD when the stock went to $40/ share. IBM survived. It wasn't a survival that the IBMers championed.....especially when the workers were sacrificed for "the good of the company's survival"....still, they kept going. There have been many "Cringleys" and "Cramers" that have said IBM is doomed...yet they keep firing people and keep surviving. Do I approve? Absolutely NOT! I think that the IBM workers (non-management) themselves must join this union in droves and mount a great Bull for a hell of a ride toward a contract AND a successful company. Why not? Everything else has been thrown at them in the past 25 years, to discourage their very employment. It's time for the workers to take a crack at what really is the "right" change to make: Unionize. Do it now. Join en masse. Pay some dues. Talk to your friends and co-workers in IBM and decide to step up to the plate. Remember; "it ain't over till it's over"... Let's do this thing. -BlueEyedBlind-
Comment 02/15/14: IBM is coming across more and more everyday as a company which has bastardized the concept of ethical behavior and management. Truth is it will never sustain in the long run. IBM is doomed. Wall street is going to get a rude shock soon. I pity the average IBM investor who is being taken for a ride. It will soon be over and will be very painful for hundreds of thousands if employees and maby clients. Clients who are still trying to sign deals with IBM better watch their backsides b4 its too late. -orgethics-
Comment 02/15/14: "But remember, there is much we can do even without a contract."
Can you please be more specific? Are there any *specific* actions have been made by Alliance so far beyond outlining its mission? I can not get out of an impression the only thing Alliance does so far is that it brings some unhappy people together to whine about their hard lot at IBM. -Band 8 employee-
Alliance reply: Well there certainly seems to be a lot interest. And what you call whining we see as employee's justifiable concerns about the health of the company and their jobs.We had over 200,000 visits to this site in January alone.
The Alliance has been outspoken and active since 2000 when members testified to congress on the takeaways in our pension. That resulted in tens of thousands of employees getting choice in pension.
We have held rallies and informational pickets at IBM sites around issues such as job cuts and offshoring of jobs.
Attended IBM stockholder meetings and raised issues important to employees and retires.
Massive amounts of outreach to the media on what is going on inside IBM.
We contact political leaders at all levels on issues that impact IBM employees and retirees.
Help IBM employees on a number of issues from job loss, TAA benefits, discrimination and health and safety issues.
Work with international IBM unions on common issues, projects and actions.
Expose the "under the radar" job cuts and resource actions.
Fight against pay cuts, benefit cuts and job cuts.
Work with IBM employees at various sites to improve conditions. And much more.
But it is key that we have members and supporters actively helping the organization. IBM understands numbers. We have to show the executives ours. We need to push back harder.

Comment 02/15/14: With all the RAs happening in India, which geography is the next "wholy grail"? There is a lot of talk about Africa, is that where this is headed? Seems like China is spared in these RAs, unless they are not allowed to post by other reasons.... -Nat Geo-
Comment 02/15/14: Tom wrote: "Does the Alliance have any comment on the decisive defeat of union representation at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee?" Well, I guess anything less than a majority vote is a defeat, but "decisive" seems a little strong. 47% of the VW workers voted to unionize, despite unprecedented government interference. quotes the UAW president:
"We're outraged at the outside interference in this election," King said. "Never before in this country have we had a U.S. senator, a governor, and a leader of the Legislature threaten the company with no incentives (for a plant expansion) and threaten workers with a loss of product. It's outrageous."
Frankly, I thought that the establishment of a worker's council, as VW has in their factories in every country except the U.S. and China, was the company's best hope to turn around the quality issues that keep Volkswagen from being successful in the U.S.
-An Alliance member-
Comment 02/15/14: I've recently become a dues paying member of the alliance and am wondering ... how close are we to getting a union vote in the US? How many members are required to get a vote. So sorry I didn't join years ago. -Curious-
Alliance reply: First of all thank you for joining the Alliance and thanks to the 20 new members in January and February.
We are a very long way off. We have just over 320 members and associate members, and over 5000 supporters. To petition the government for a vote under the US department of labor process we must show we have a majority of current employees interested in a union at IBM. That is done by joining the Alliance in any of our three catagories. Then it depends on what division/business unit or site has the most signups. IBM will of course fight this by all means.
The Alliance has been organizing in a non-traditional manner and we are in it for the long haul. While a contract is the goal there is a lot of advocacy work that needs to be done now. See earlier comments and the link organizing for the long haul.
The Alliance also is the only worker organization in IBM that is getting the word out on job cuts, changes in policy etc. Without the Alliance, IBM employees would only get news and information from the company.
So to all, please join us and help make the Alliance stronger. Put aside your anti-union views and look at us as an employee association that wants to bring respect and dignity back into the IBM workplace.

Comment 02/15/14: Re: SoftLayer as a replacement for X86... The "cloud" doesn't run on thin air, it runs on servers. The servers have to come from SOMEWHERE. So is IBM going to buy them from some other corporation?? -Puzzled-
Comment 02/15/14: For those that are new in IBM, the PBC system is a *ranking system* and not a *rating system*. IOW somebody has to be on top and someone has to be on the bottom even if you all walk on water. It's like trying to win at the rigged games at a carnival midway. The only time you will win is if the carnival barker let's you win. -#23_Grease-
Comment 02/15/14: While I appreciate the principles and effort of Alliance@IBM, I'm not understanding how a US-based union could make much of a difference with a global business like IBM, with its access to a global labor pool. For argument's sake, let's say all US IBM employees joined Alliance@IBM and attempted to negotiate a contract. Isn't IBM's logical and legal move to simply hire those willing to work for less outside the US as much as possible, and perpetually exercise its "at-will" rights in the US to weed out union-leaning types and hire less principled US employees? In that context, isn't the Alliance@IBM effort a bit like trying to heat or air-condition the outdoors with a window unit? It seems to me that corporations now hold too many of the cards, have too much influence on gaming the playing field, and apathy in the US workforce amplifies all that. I'm not trying to downplay the principle or effort, but I'd like to hear more about how Alliance@IBM could possibly overcome the momentum of the forces/factors I'm referring to. I get the feeling that only far more significant social/political/economic changes on the scale of the entire world could make a difference with respect to entities - corporations - that operate on the scale of the entire world. -the-900-pound-gorilla-
Alliance reply: You raise some very good points. The Alliance and other US unions have certainly been grappling with those questions. The Alliance has recognized this and is why we have been a part of a worldwide IBM labor movement for many years. The Alliance will be meeting with its international counterparts soon and I expect a policy/ideas article will be in the works. But remember, there is much we can do even without a contract.
Comment 02/15/14: NoStrategy: Oh, but IBM does have a strategy: promote those who memorize and parrot the most business buzzwords and slogans, and *distract* those who actually do the work *from* that work with gobs of non-technical education, certification, and meaningless evaluation. That's how you arrive in a place where you have to sell off difficult aspects of the tech business like hardware and focus more on the hand-waving side of the tech game. And it's hardly new. I watched it roll out over nearly 3 decades. -strategy-hound-
Comment 02/15/14: Does the Alliance have any comment on the decisive defeat of union representation at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee? The defeat is a stunning humiliation for the U.A.W. -Tom Rausch Former IBM Man Number 5917272; Left IBM In Summer 1993-
Alliance reply: Yes, we keep organizing. There are no shortage of issues and concerns that affect IBM workers. We understand how difficult it is to get a traditional union certified in the US. There were even politicians that waded in against the VW/UAW union. All kinds of opposition is to be expected when workers want a voice and some control in their workplace, including massive anti-union propoganda. The Alliance continues to build support in IBM. See this article:

Comment 02/15/14: from the India folks: This sudden and completely unexpected move by IBM has created ripples across the IT industry, as such behavior by the management is only expected by a B-grade company, having no morals or ethical responsibility towards it's employees. Being an ex-IBMer, I still cannot relate and accept this situation. I am amazed at how complacent people get in their jobs. The India plant has only been around since the turn of the century and they thought they had it made. I saw one post from an Indian employee on here saying how much more talented and skilled they were than their US counter emps. Well, the skill sets have leveled out now, huh? IBM just axed 2000 in India. not-a-star hit it spot on. Listen to what he said. Remember the drive that got you here because that is the drive you will need for sitting back in your chair soaking up the temporary employee benefits. Do something to make others proud. Stand up for yourselves and Unionize. You have already proven to management you are not worth fighting for, thus the layoffs. Make them put their focus on making more money and not cutting costs by standing up and being brave. I left IBM for a better job, but I will be the first to admit, there are not a lot of "better jobs" out there. The corporation I work for has the same push on its employees, long hours, 24x7 availability expectations, carry a cell phone for the company, good pay, skimpy benefits, and a non caring jerk for a manager. No greener grass on the other side. -not-a-star 2-
Comment 02/15/14: Did anyone think that all of this make the employees unhappy is a long term strategy? Tim Ringo did mention that the long term strategy for IBM is to reduce head count by a 66% - particularly in high cost areas US/Europe etc. By creating mass panic and unhappiness, they would have made many people to leave on their own without having to pay severance. According to Tim, IBM wants to reduce employee related expenses and wants to automate or contract its way out of employee obligations and expenses. However, this is short sighted of US corporations. As people are under employed or unemployed.. they lack the buying power to purchase goods or services which, in the end will comeback to affect US corporations - as it is already. For example, if less people are coming to the malls or shops, IBM will sell less Informix based retail equipment to retailers etc. Of course, the idiots in IBM management and Wall Street do not think deeply. They rule by Cognos reports and metrics in an ivory tower. -Think Deep-
Comment 02/15/14: "... just how much it would cost employees if every employer tried to do what AOL did. The answer? Close to $50,000 in today's dollars by the time they retired ..."
-ashamed to have worked for IBM-
Comment 02/15/14: people r much afraid to join ibm or work in ibm. already started looking outside.. -@ibmer-
Comment 02/15/14: IBM - people say human resource makes a company and human resource sinks a company. The so called IBM leaders have failed every workers hard work and every policy. My only question to these so called executives and think tanks is what were they doing when Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Oracle were laying their foundations. What were they doing when Google, Amazon and others were busy in changing the face of technology.....probably making plans to cheat employees of their money and office politics to get their ass l*ckers a promotion. IBM clients need to know that they cannot get good services til their suppliers are good. What can you expect from a supplier who does not care about their own employes, how can they take care of your needs? -None-
Comment 02/15/14: Its been confirmed about SWG in IBM india having resorted to RA's. Not published in news articles yet. Resource names have been finalized, and will be communicated to SWG employees next week. -Sam-
Comment 02/14/14: IBM management reminds me of inept British generals in WW-I. They had no vision or strategy only one tactic - send the men over the trench again and again and again as they were ripped to shreds by German machine guns. IBM management today, more than ever, needs men/women of great character and strength - like TJ Watson. Current managment is a dud and Ginni will be a failure. -IBM-
Comment 02/14/14: Verbally told of PBC 2 for 2013 despite good performance and significant overtime, though it's not in writing yet. I was told I hadn't done any major redesign of my program, but I've regularly said that it doesn't need any and the people in it agree. I used to get regular PBC1s and never less than 2+ or old 2, so really disappointed. And I found out that there's no 2013 GDP by accident since I hadn't had time to watch Ginni's 30-minute video in which (I now discover) she obliquely mentions PBC1s will get GDP and so we have to infer nobody else will. Yet profit last year was still over $25b and we found money to buy back more crazy numbers of shares to keep the price up for the execs' share options. It's not good, is it? -Can't Say UK-
Comment 02/14/14: In the 12 years I was at IBM, the company changed drastically. It started with little things (no more free lunches, etc) and eventually ended with major changes ( 401K), which mostly affected us blue collar workers. The morale after the summer 2013 layoffs was infectious and I honestly hated going to work. I combated this by just working from home, but in the end I just saw too many people who didn't care anymore. A lot of people had and still have the "I'm waiting for my [severance] package" mentality, which I will admit, I had for some time as well. I also saw many friends who were laid off, struggle to find jobs and that really bothered me. I spent the better part of six months studying and applying for jobs outside of IBM. I frequently encountered negative comments and stereotypes about IBMers from recruiters, HR personnel, and other engineers. Unfortunately, regardless of your skill set there is a general pessimism towards IBMers. I think the longer your tenure at any company, the more skepticism people will have towards your skill set. Looking back I think I thought the severance package was worth waiting for mainly because I had started to believe what some managers at IBM had instilled in me: fear and self-doubt. Many times when I complained about pay, bonus money, or ratings, I got the good old "you should be happy you have a job". The last one my manager gave me was,"IBM offers a lot of flexibility for you and your family". It is not IBM's responsibility to keep you skilled, but it?s usually good question to ask yourself: can this job/company help me grow professionally? I feel pretty blessed that I left and I think it was a smart move emotionally and professionally. I have encouraged friends to leave as well, but for some that just seems impossible. I don't think you can right the ship, there are just too many messed up things going on there. I hope the best for all IBMers and hope that I am wrong about IBM. Good Luck IBMers. -goodluck and goodbye-
Comment 02/14/14: My advise.....I was RA'd last year and I felt bad at that time, but now I am so glad IBM gave me that push in the back. For a long time I contemplated of leaving, but that RA was the push I needed. Now, I earn MUCH more and I do a job I really like. And I took the severance as a nice gift. I was not unemployed for a single day and I had multiple job offers and interviews almost every day. Many RA'd people with good skills don't have to may be thankful later on that IBM gave you that push in the back to find a better life. That's how I see it. A lot of folks have to focus on a life outside of IBM....don't assume it is your destiny to stick around in IBM until you retire. If you are still in IBM, it is critical to do projects and sharpen skills that you really need in your interviews. So, cut down on anything Microsoft Office related and design work, or even programming. Also, get in the faces of clients as much as possible and show what you can do. Remember, it is NOT important what IBM'ers think of you, as it really does NOT matter, but make sure you look good to clients and business partners you work with. -Fairness101-
Comment 02/14/14: IBM USA is NOT unionized. Given that, here is how IBM USA employees are viewed by IBM Executive Management: Inept, helpless, weak, afraid. Thus, treat them as we wish, ruin their lives, they can't fight back. And they are right. Unless current IBMers step up and unionize, you will get what is certainly coming. And that makes you exactly what they think you are. -Ex IBMer-
Comment 02/14/14: @Oliverro - You are wrong my friend.
1. Stockholders and EPS are now IBM's only responsibility and focus.
2."...being CEO means...IBM economic responsibility for workforce..." You got to be kidding, that horse left the barn a long time ago.
3.IBM no longer has more than 400K employees. Since they sold GPS Customer Service group to Synnex (transition completed), 35,000 employees are now off IBM's books. -SlimPickins-

Comment 02/14/14: I was subject to the same grade-A gung-ho bullsi*t by my manager. He was a kiss-as* SCRUM master or so - some agile crap. He may have had some good ganga because what he and IBM practised (underhanded sneaky nonsense) were completely different from what they preached. He pushed me to do more work to get a higher PBC all the while knowing 2-3 months ahead that he and the 2nd line manager was planning to RA me. IBM management=pure scumb*gs.
-oliverro- said: We had a nice video message from Steve Mills, shared by our actual Tivoli GM Deepak: Deepak really mentions that video as very important and great ... video shows management style. It would be important to be an exemplary leader for the whole team, being open & passionate for the team. Not sure what kinds of drugs those guys take ... but it must be good stuff. I can not imagine that they believe what they talk since what we currently see happening around the world has NOTHING to do with good management style. Unbelievable!
Comment 02/14/14: Israeli media outlets are reporting that IBM is laying off product developers at its Diligent operation but leaving support staff roles untouched. According to Israeli biz news site Calcalist, Diligent, XIV, and Storwize "all three Israeli companies acquired by Big Blue" were housed by the firm in the R&D division of its Storage Technologies Group in Haifa, Israel. Daily paper Haaretz has a similar Diligent story, writing: "IBM plans to shut down its Diligent product line and is expected to lay off its small workforce in Israel, which has been engaged in product development and upgrading." -Anon-
Comment 02/14/14: Having worked for IBM in India, I have tons of internal material which highlights the fraud going on within IBM in India. BCG violations are going viral in that country. The legal department team of IBM India outsources work to their relatives, the top management team scams millions to line their own pockets, the talent hired is so below par it is a joke - the list goes on. Of course the "ivory tower" in Armonk is aware, as it was escalated to them. As a result, the India MD Shanker Annaswamy was recently offloaded for another as ?competent? manager. The entire organization lacks the ethics required to be a a sustainable business model. Maybe that will be Palmisano & Rometti's legacy -Indian-
Comment 02/14/14: So I had a pbc 1, but it came at a lot of cost, worked 70-80 hrs weeks for many months, not by choice but i got assigned to multiple project because there were no people left to work on them. I did not even spent xmas with my 2 year old because i was working all the time. i am seriously considering looking out for a new job but it makes me wonder if other companies could be better... How could they?... Corporate greed is not isolated to ibm, don't all companies exploit their employees to the max? I am hopeful there is a better place. -FrustratedAndExhausted-
Comment 02/14/14: At least I don't feel like I'm walking around with a target on my back anymore. IBM took it at my exit interview. -RA'd in July-
Comment 02/14/14: Reason for the X86 sale is not what it appeared to be. IBM Sees SoftLayer as x86 Server Replacement
IBM Corp. isn't necessarily getting out of the server business with the sale of its x86 server unit to Lenovo. It sees its SoftLayer hosted infrastructure services as a replacement for the product and a point of entry for partners to get into cloud computing services.
Comment 02/14/14: Generous 401k plans used to be a way to attract employees to a company (back when job seekers actually had quality offers from multiple companies). ibm is not interested in hiring anyone anymore (i.e., Project Apollo, Phoenix, Mercury, etc.). Why do you think they're cannibalizing the 401k program? Eventually they will take away the matching portion too. If you don't join the union and make your voices heard, they will just keep taking away your benefits until there is nothing left. -Exodus2002-
Comment 02/14/14: The best manager I ever had at IBM was full of creative ideas and practical solutions. But while he always had his opinion, he WANTED his staff to challenge him, rip his ideas to pieces and help build a better plan. Everyone, whatever level, was listened to equally. He created a awesome, fun environment. Unfortunately he managed up the same way he managed down, and he equally challenged his management and championed his employees. This did not sit well with the IBM senior management who simply want to issue orders, not be part of a conversation. Ultimately he left in frustration, even though IBM didn't want him to (probably because customers loved him, due to his refusal to up-sell anything until the stuff they'd already paid for was working as the sales guy promised). Every single communication I see from senior management is about numbers or vague high-level abstract ideas with nothing tangible attached to them. IBM is sinking because of the obsession with saving a penny now, even if it means giving up a dollar down the road. -On the way out-
Comment 02/14/14: TechWire asked: "Can someone enlighten me as to what IBM's new strategy really is?"
It appears IBM does not have a strategy, or at least it's in shambles. Here is the proof: IBM announces on a Friday that they are selling the semiconductor arm of their business and then 3 days later, announce that they are a not selling it. A decision like that is a long term strategy and for IBM to flip like this proves they don't have one. IBM has dug its own grave by the tunnel vision of higher EPS and Road-Kill 2015. The moral of IBM's employees, their life blood, is at an all-time low. IBM?s chickens have come home to roost and the upper level execs are thrashing. -NoStrategy-

Comment 02/14/14: It's worth Googling for "IBM values" and "IBM values at work" -- I took a moment to sit down and read these, very seriously. From my interpretation, I'd say the corporation is meeting at best 50% of these, mostly on the "innovation" side -- and, sadly, the innovations seem to be "creative tax dodges, ruthless cost optimization, and workforce reshuffling." Dedication to Every Client and Trust/Responsibility/Relationships are blatantly lacking, to the point where I think investors could call senior leadership on the carpet. These sorts of airy-fluffy intangibles might not mean much compared to"earnings per share," but, in my experience, they ARE ultimately linked to success or failure. -SimpleMath-
Comment 02/14/14: Report in "The Hindu"
Comment 02/14/14: IBM and Jaiprakash Associate consortium group has proposed a $4 billion semiconductor plant near New Delhi, India. -STGsMixedMessage-

Comment 02/14/14: @Lastdino1 - you are in la-la land or in a group where you can easily out perform people. There is not one metric that I am beaten on in my team but it is not my turn this year due to the skew. That doesn't exist of course. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/14/14: How many of you woke up this morning and planned how you were going to deprive your families of things they desperately need? By not joining, organizing and getting union representation that's exactly what you are doing. Leaving money, benefits and job security on the table. -Exodus2007-
Comment 02/14/14: We had a nice video message from Steve Mills, shared by our actual Tivoli GM Deepak: Deepak really mentions that video as very important and great ... video shows management style. It would be important to be an exemplary leader for the whole team, being open & passionate for the team. Not sure what kinds of drugs those guys take ... but it must be good stuff. I can not imagine that they believe what they talk since what we currently see happening around the world has NOTHING to do with good management style. Unbelievable! -oliverro-
Comment 02/14/14: I did a search on LinkedIn this am and guess who had the most postings? .........yup, IBM. A ton of Coop and Intern positions. Did you also know that there is a program office that is chartered with finding kids of executives with those internships? It's true. Openly posting for internships and coops, the would likely lead to hiring a new hire after letting go of experienced workers. Search in New York under "Transformation" Project management, etc. and you will see. -Bluewho?-
Comment 02/14/14: IBM India Rational Labs on the firing line coming Monday -blindIBM-
Comment 02/14/14: In my expereience in ibm for 4 years, as per my knowledge, pbc is the worst tool. How can a manager identify the person's performance? In ibm India almost 99 percent of manegers do not know what they are doing. How they judge others..all managers do not follow any process or guidelines. They are doing what they think is right. They've all made a mockery of BCG and PBC. -unknown from india-
Comment 02/14/14: 401(k) Squeeze: Companies Delay Matching Funds Employers are squeezing their workers? retirement savings, holding back on both the amount and the timing of 401(k) matching funds and dragging out vesting schedules. Taken together, these measures are making it more difficult to save for old age. -Anon-

Comment 02/14/14: I shake my head at some of the arrogance here per 'all the real 3s are already gone and now they're picking on us superstars' Come down off your thrones, you stars getting hit now are no more special than many who have lost their jobs throughout the years. Wake up. IBM Management doesn't care for alleged superstars either. Join the Union. -Not a star-
Comment 02/14/14: For all beating on the PBC system it won't make much difference. I used to write my PBC's to a one standard and when it sold well to my mgr I would use the same one year after year. Just change some of the targets. Because your mgr doesn't look at your last PBC this system worked great. Also I would call 4 performance meetings with my mgr and tell him how good I was doing. It's all in how you market yourself and not your actual metrics.It's the game of work and once you know how to play you can win. It all depends on what your goals are. -Lastdino1-
Comment 02/14/14: I am beginning to feel and sadly at that that the PBC 3"distracted" folks *could* get a reduced severance. IBM better not think "distracted" was not doing your job based on performance! Then IBM can construe the RA in two tiers: RA package for PBC 2 and above and a separate one for PBC 3. -theybetternot-
Comment 02/14/14: IBM management seriously lack the meaning of the term good will. The enemies they create in mistreated employees will prove fatal. They basically created an army of people bad-mouthing IBM and its products at companies and conferences. Idiots Become Managers. -Foo-
Comment 02/14/14: IBM insiders selling. -InsiderSelling-

Comment 02/14/14: Can some one enlighten me as to what IBM's new strategy really is? Will it be successful? Just curious. Also was the slaughter of the innocents style massacre of its employees necessary or is it attributed more to the misguided EPS chase to quell the Wall Street masters? I remember Jim Cramer saying that IBM management "has lost control of the business." Any comments from someone in the know? Thanks. -TechWire-
Alliance reply: While trying to understand "what IBM's strategy really is" could be a worthy quest; an alternative could be to understand what the IBM workers strategy can be, to organize and form a union of IBM workers that work toward achieving a collectively bargained agreement with IBM Management. It is achievable. This is what Alliance@IBM has been trying to do for nearly 15 years. The continued 'slaughter ' of IBM workers' jobs is a constant reminder that IBM workers need to seek the enlightenment of a concerted effort to protect themselves from the kind of abuse that IBM continues to dish out, year after year, ALL over the world. IBM IS unionized in some countries, and those locations have issues that they deal with, too. However, they have an organization that can mount a concerted effort to resist IBM and its constant firing of IBM workers and the ruination of their lives, in the process.

Comment 02/14/14: @ -Accel-Career-Dev-Victim- While I understand your frustration, I don't agree with your comments. We did not "gleefully" take your jobs or celebrated while your folks were being laid off. Even though we do not know many of you personally, it was still hurting us when they were asking you to leave last year. We did not ask your senior leaders to snatch your jobs and give them to us. If you do want to fight, pick the right enemy. It's a sick game they have set up, pitting one country against other, to create a system of mutual hatred and distrust, and it is disappointing to note people such as yourself, giving them what they want. -Indian ex-IBMer-
Comment 02/14/14: I was with IBM STG till 2012. Had to quit. Reason ??? It's obvious.... PBC. I was rated 3 in 2011 for not getting along well with my manager and being more of a challenge to him. I was much more skilled technically and otherwise than him. However, he was skilled in making his top management happy at the cost of people like me (poor employees). I was band 8 and an Architect still struggled to prove my point. Even after going through IBM's so called grievenace shell "The Open Door". All nonsense. I was told your manager has assessed you correctly. The next year I worked for another group and rated PBC 1 (very rare a gentlemen & honest manager). I got an offer with 50% more salary. I never thought my market value is such. In my exit interview with HR I was told PBC is the reason. She said...."But, you are rated 1". I said, check my last year's PBC. And as most of the people mentioned here, "distraction" word was there as usual. -Glad-I-Left_STG_2Yrs_back-
Comment 02/14/14: I would like to mention a point here which does not seem to be in the heads of our executives any more: Although shareholders are important, I doubt that they are the only one responsibility here! Being a CEO of a company like IBM also means to have an economic responsibility for the workforce. Having more than 400k employees means to be responsible for 400k families! To give people a place where they are proud to work and feel honored for their work. WHERE THE HELL IS THIS RESPONSIBILITY? -oliverro-
Comment 02/13/14: -FormerIBM- Please be specific about the posts you are complaining about. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/13/14: @FormerIBM Many of these comments are not racist or sexist at all. The Alliance does a good job in filtering those comments out. It is not sexist to criticize the decisions and poor leadership of IBM's CEO. The India RA (and soon to come US RA) is another example of IBM continuing to exploit and take advantage of its employees worldwide, which I'm surprised does not disgust you. If you really believe what you say you believe, what better way to protest these actions than by joining the Alliance? -anon-
Comment 02/13/14: <slaps self in the forehead> OMG! Had I only not wasted so much time creating PBC's, documenting accomplishments, sitting through assessments that had little to do with what I documented, becoming certified in conduct guidelines that executives trample in spirit if not letter, updating skills databases that would never be consulted, becoming certified in open source guidelines that I'd never be allowed to exercise, learning about patent processes that I'd rarely have time to pursue, learning about agile processes that were really primarily waterfall processes merely called agile to sound good, reading DOM's, and seemingly endless other tasks not burdening those competing with IBM, I JUST MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN SO FRIGGIN' *DISTRACTED* AND THUS GOTTEN A 2 INSTEAD OF A 3! -for-the-love-of-sudden-enlightenment-
Comment 02/13/14: I wanted to respond to a few replies to my comment of how IBM on one's resume is a negative and not a positive. If you were/are in a high profile position, a fellow or other highly skilled marketable employee, then of course you will have an easier time obtaining employment and getting much better pay. However, what about the vast majority of you NOT in management or in a lower Band level? That is what I meant. IBM's name on a resume *can* carry some weight, it depends on your skills and expertise. Also, in NY, unemployment benefits as of 1/1/14 will NOT be given until you have exhausted your severance pay FIRST. It is calculated on a weekly basis based on the check you receive. Someone else here provided the link, but there is no point in waiting for a package; get out now before it is really too late. I really do sincerely wish you all the best. I'd not wish this abuse to even my worst enemy. -*Glad_to_be_Gone_too*-
Comment 02/13/14: The racist and sexist diatribes on this board - against the chairwoman, against Indians - ought not to be tolerated. It's no less disgusting that IBM's perverse policies. -FormerIBM-
Comment 02/13/14: Jeff Johnson, what the IBM executives are thinking? who the heck knows!? (I'm convinced they are not human) but their strategy is so myopic and fundamentally faulty wreckless and is simply "pump and dump": cut all costs, use those cuts to incestuously buyback stock and artificially manipulate the EPS, lavishly reward themselves, and hope Wall St. buys it completely with decreasing revenues the norm. IBM's main business is to fool investors to increase EPS. Period. Customers and employees (i.e. resources) don't matter or are in the equation anymore. LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD and will not get any better looking into that cloudy crystal ball. -trexibmer-
Comment 02/13/14: -Corporate Greed- It makes no difference if your PBC results are 4000 words or 2 sentences, it is a total waste of time. Your PBC rating was decided many months before you documented your results. I was a manager for awhile in the 1990's and I would tell my employees not to waste a lot of time writing and documenting results in PBC. It is all a joke to make the employee feel like they have some control over their destiny ! -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/13/14: -Accel-Career-Dev-Victim- I think you should have more of a beef with IBM executive management, and not the Indian IBM workers. Do you feel the same about IBM Chinese workers too? An IBM worker is an IBM worker no matter what nationality. It is INTERNATIONAL business machines still..but then again, for how long? -IBMGlobalResource-
Comment 02/13/14: Count me in...I was told I was "distracted" because of a family illness that went on for 9 months! I didn't do enough as others in my band. -distracted-
Comment 02/13/14: PBC 3 without the word "distracted" here. I truly felt my manager and his manager were forced into handing out the 3's, despite nobody left actually being a 3. They wrote absolutely nothing negative on my PBC 3 other than the 3 itself. I am one of the last US technical resources left on my project, so this is likely what made me a candidate for the 3. What angers me is why not lay me off? Why insult me with a 3 that I do not deserve? Is it because IBM is trying to avoid giving me a severance package? I am very suspicious now. I think this is another new GAME (like the 401K match delay) intended to save money (severance) and screw the employees. The only thing IBM is good at anymore is saving money and financially engineering it into earnings. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/13/14: -Corporate Greed !!- 4000 words? PBC wise in Research one has to summarize a years worth of one's accomplishments onto a single PPT slide that includes a picture of you so management know's who they are talking about. Only after you get your # and feedback in early January can you actually fill in boiler plate and submit via the on-line process. -anonymous-
Comment 02/13/14: Taking a Poll - How many folks who got PBC 3's had the word"distracted" in their reasoning speech? I did! It makes me laugh to think the "Brain Trust",actually had to script this stuff. Show of hands? -FUBAR-
Comment 02/13/14: Interesting reading about how a union actually can benefit a company. And it makes me wonder if it could be used as an argument for a union in IBM -Anon-
Alliance reply: It certainly could be used. And it has already been established as a similar model in Unions and works councils in IBM locations in Europe and Japan, to name a few. That's why Alliance@IBM has joined as a member of the IBM Global Union Alliance (IBM union links page).

Comment 02/13/14: Many decades ago Indians broke the yoke of medieval feudalism only to be entrapped by the lure of riches by global organizations over the past two decades. We reap what we sow. -Who-was-trained-not-to-spit-in-the-fan-
Comment 02/13/14: Dear Indian "IBMers" (soon to be ex-), I am thinking of starting a campaign against IBM's atrocities, perhaps by getting a few politicians and media people involved. But of course, one individual doing it won't carry any weight and only create negative publicity for the "revolters". (You know how these things work in India.) Are you willing to lend me your support? If a substantial amount of willingness to support flows in, I will reply here again with more details on how we can organize -Anonymous from India-
Alliance reply: There is an organization in India that is affiliated with the IBM Global Union alliance. It is UNITES Professionals and the email is We encourage all IBM India workers to contact them.

Comment 02/13/14: IBM continues to block Alliance email alerts to internal addresses. To ensure that you get the alerts please join the Alliance in any of our 3 levels of membership. OR -Alliance-

Comment 02/13/14: Sorry, but after IBM outsourced and India gleefully took the jobs that were being better done in the U.S. I have little empathy for those folks. Solidarity cuts both ways, and they saw what they were doing in Bangalore. I worked for Big Blowhard for 20 years as a tech editor until they decided to use those pos's as roosting places for appeasing relocated engineering spouses through the clandestine "Accelerated Career Development Program" for women and minorities. Like others in the field I was "rationalized" by "mutual agreement" resignation in the 80's, one week short of 20 years when I would have gained more clout legally. Never since the late 1800's has collective bargaining been more crucial than now. But empathy with India just doesn't come easy. Chickens are still chickens when they're roosting.
Fight the good fight, but bear in mind the long-term payoff when you pick the bones of others for your own short-term gain, Bangalore!
Comment 02/13/14: -Movie Start- Exactly! I don't idolize USA sports stars like Alex Rodriguez and other millionaire cheats. And USA movie stars are largely people who are just like Ginni and IBM executives: self-centered, egoist, greedy, and no commitment to long term relationships. BUT...USA movie stars and sports stars do belong to a union. So they know the value of a contract and so should you! -anon-
Comment 02/13/14: Had my Yearly PBC appraisal at IBM East Fishkill NY and utilized all 4000 word characters to justify what I had accomplished.My manager review explained that I walked on water and still only received a 2 rating. Another coworker also received a two rating with only a paragraph input using a cut and paste approach, with protest told his manager that he could not sign it and he signed it for him. Also,heard that 50% of PBC reviews including management were only rated a two and we would not be receiving our usual Yearly variable pay. Interesting part is that upper management wasn't signed or closed out anyone's 2013 PBC and the link from PBC Blue pages is no longer available. No talk about this Year's 2014 objectives. Serious manpower and morale issues here and with the new pending layoff have never recovered from the last STG layoff. Our site also had a complete reorganization and our new micro manager never as much looks you in the eye and we haven't had a department status meeting since then. Told another employee that before his second line told him about the previous layoff he had already heard about it from a member of the Alliance! They just don't care,no longer in the PC business with the manufacture of computer micro chips up for grabs. Main interest now is for their corporate Share Holders.Using expendable employees as blood money and everything going down the drain!! -Corporate Greed !!-
Comment 02/13/14: Comment regarding Rometty trying to restore trust --- Ginni does not want trust since she does not care. She only wants to somehow ensure that the sales targets for China can be met. Nothing matters for that girl ... just plain dollars. She already sold her soul. Hope the Chinese government does not care either and buys somewhere else. -oliverro-
Comment 02/13/14: To Glad_to_be_Gone_too: Yes, there are numerous people in IBM having only skills in producing slideware and marketing crap, conducting conf. calls, managing e-mail and spreadsheets, and really no idea of what it takes to design and deliver an IT solution in the real world. Probably, the GBS folks working on projects have typically the best odds to find jobs, but most people in a strategy role, or a program management type of role in any will be hard to explain your skills, besides the already mentioned MS Office suite. -Fairness101-
Comment 02/13/14: "IBM's Rometty meeting with Chinese officials to "restore trust" - Meeting with Lenovo CEO to ask "Maybe you'd like to buy z also?" -Anon-
Comment 02/13/14: Regarding 3 month notice period in India- I think that is totally stupid. IBM (and every other company) is able to pull this because no employee has pulled them to court yet on this issue. Only, if we had labour union, in software industry, rules of this sort would have not existed. -FromHell-
Comment 02/13/14: Another interesting phenomenon that was applied in executing the RA in IBM India are mentioned below:
1> All departments / BUs have a head count freeze - this means that no department has the hiring approval from IBM USA to increase HC
2> Freeze on inter BU transfers - No one is allowed to move from one department to another
3> PBC ratings were a gimmick ( lots of Top contributors fired yesterday
I have been closely monitoring the situation and this RA action is affecting 400 - 500 IBMERS. -Current STG Staff_fearing RA-

Comment 02/13/14: Not as an employee, but as a stockholder (at least at present) I have to wonder what IBM executives are thinking? Continued job cuts can only indicate they are either making signficant efficiency improvements (trust me, this isn't happening) or they are conceding defeat in existing markets and wishfully expecting success in all new ventures). I'm guessing it's the latter so as a stock holder, I'm very concerned. -Jeff Johnson-
Alliance reply: There is a 3rd possibility: IBM realizes that their "offshoring" strategy since 1999 was never really designed for any long term stockholders other than their own executives. Their business model of destroying hardware and buying other small software and services companies to boost their revenue and stock price is showing the weak fibers of its fabric. IBM employees have been the "whipping boys & girls" at every turn in their quest. As a stock holder, you must have seen this in the past 15 years. Our mission has always been to get the US IBMers to see this and step yup to the plate and do something about it. It's the "same ole same old". The stock holders (not the executive ones) should also organize as a share voting block and demand that IBM cease the idiocy that it continues to practice. Just a suggestion.

Comment 02/13/14: For those of you in India. Please stop worshiping movie stars and cricket players. They will do nothing for you. Instead spend your time in labor movements that will yield better results such as a more equitable society and a decent living. Worship and idolize labor leaders of the past for their struggles and what they left for you - not idiot cricket players. This may sound harsh but it is the truth. -Movie Start-
Comment 02/13/14: Glad_to_be_Gone_too: Sobering words, all the more so for being consistent with what I experienced at IBM. Innovation *always* took a backseat to blind obedience to management and project management. *ALWAYS*. After a while it became kind of a game of chicken with reality, knowing that innovating would cast one in a bad light, thus making skill acquisition mostly a waste of time, and yet suspecting that there would have to be competitive marketplace consequences *somewhere* along the line. And so now there's this glut of RA'd IBMers looking for work who didn't have to be much more than sheep to succeed within IBM, and thus are wholly unprepared to compete with those who worked in truly innovation-driven environments. The IBM tech stigma/stain is painfully valid. At 52, I can only hope to catch a break and be able to personally demonstrate the skills that I acquired independent of the IBM internal games demanded by managers and project managers, which I mostly had to hide/bury while with IBM in order to not be labeled and penalized as "distracted" or otherwise not as much of a "team player". -sadly-concurring-
Comment 02/13/14: It was so bad to see fellow IBM'ers leave. They were crying all around in STG Bangalore. Its time the Government of India had stricter labor laws. Why doesn't IBM care to at least let employees serve a minimum notice instead of firing them in 2 hours. On the contrary when employee plans to leave, management mandates for a 3 month notice period. -Unknown-
Alliance reply: IBM is doing the same nasty treachery in India, that they have done in the US and the rest of the world. American IBM workers know this all too well. We are very sorry for what is happening there. If you have any specific information re: Indian labor laws, please send us a comment with that info.

Comment 02/13/14: Don't do your 2014 PBC! Seriously, the PBC doesn't matter. Your rating is already in and your RA date is probably determined already. Why waste your precious time? JOIN THE ALLIANCE instead of writing your PBC! Don't give IBM management and HR any satisfaction by doing it and obeying them. Your FLM is rated on PBCs done on time. Your manager and second line will then have to actually do their jobs.. FIGHT BACK DO NO PBC 2014 this way! -PBC'd-
Comment 02/13/14: IBM's Rometty meeting with Chinese officials to "restore trust"
Really? Trust: please define it IBM. She doesn't even meet with resources in NY USA in Armonk's backyard. If she is abroad now she should go to India on the way back to"restore lost trust" due to the recent RAs. But I doubt she will. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: There is significant value in IBM's operations in China, and consider what amount of other (Global) US corporations have vested there, (many of IBM's customers) and the fact that China holds more than a $Trillion worth of US Treasury bonds that play a big role in the global market's "breathing apparatus".
IBM Execs know which side their bread is buttered on, despite what they seem to do. IBM does not care as much about India as they do China. No uprising is allowed by workers in China.

Comment 02/13/14: @Belle I agree that IBM does not pay employees competitive salaries. I was laid off in the 2013 spring/summer RA within STG in Austin, TX. I was a band 6, and weeks after being notified of my RA I landed another job at a Fortune 500 company that pays 20K more per year than IBM paid me. HR/recruiting at my new job insisted this was the market value pay for most jobs in my experience bracket. To any IBM'ers still left in STG in Austin, join the Alliance and get out while you can! IBM does not pay any of you the competitive salary you deserve! -Anon-
Comment 02/13/14: @-An Indian dreaming for a better India- Thank you for your perspective. What we see in the U.S. is referred to as the "Indian Mafia". Where your H1B Visa ones in management protect and promote others at the expense of non nationals. -Anon-
Comment 02/13/14: I am posting in this forum to let you know how things in India work. Will post more in the days to come. Corruption is a main issue in India. Someone rightly said "You bribe in foreign countries to get something illegal done but in India, you bribe to get what you are entitled to get done"

Indian Government and entrepreneurs + actors and cricketers have looted the country for decades. Not many jobs have been created in India and without the IT boom, many of us would have been doomed without jobs.

It companies in INdia suck everything out of you - the life and what is left of the dead body. Working hours are long. Some companies even keep track of physical access to compute working time. Salaries are very low, rewards low. The top management and yes-men reap all the rewards. We are entitled to approx 20 vacation days per year but are seldom allowed to use them. >90% of Indian managers are junk and are just not fit for the job. There is lot of back stabbing and mutual welfare is very rare.
A couple of years back, a new social movement promised much but we have not seen much yet - such deep rooted is corruption.

Just as executives get paid well, our actors and cricketers are paid mammoth amounts. These people endorse products as well and our product prices are much higher because of it. Inflation is in double digit. Sometimes it is distressing to know that half the population is dishonest - we got the leaders we deserved. Government employees do not do their jobs without bribes. We have poor teachers in educational institutes. Another debatable point is the existence of reservation based on caste in education as well as jobs. How many know all about India? -An Indian dreaming for a better India-

Comment 02/13/14: I heard EDA and ASIC RAs are on hold for time being. Not sure how long though. -deplysadIBMIndian-
Comment 02/13/14: Its just not STG, Resource Action is going in SWG as well.It started today in Bangalore.Highest RA ever.Almost 70% fired today mostly PBC 2's.Hope they all find jobs soon.Team morale is really down. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/13/14: re: "glad to be gone too". I was RA'ed last summer - employed for nearly 20 yrs in Global Administration @ the Somers, NY campus where I supported high caliber executives (band 4). Having Big Blue on a resume still holds weight (okay, a lot of weight). However, amazed at the salary difference - we were worth SO MUCH MORE! For those in GA that will be effected by the next round(s) --- brush yourself off and stand tall again. You will find employment and be compensated for what you are worth. I do strongly believe we were (are) the best of the best - globally! Hoping our paths cross once again! God Bless. -Belle-
Comment 02/13/14: In the old days IBM to me as an outsider translated to: well dressed, well spoken people executing a good strategy and selling top shelf, well designed products and services with great management and execution. Today IBM means to me: inept and dishonest management engaged in financial engineering, abuse of employees, product lines you don't want to buy because you don't know when it will be dumped by IBM, instability, poor execution on services/consulting etc. and chaos caused by a ill-conceived strategy of catering to the shareholder above the scared customer and the needs of your employee. -WhatIsIBM-
Comment 02/13/14: I haven't received my 2013 PBC results/rating either, and was wondering what is going on with that. Curious. -NoPBC-
Comment 02/13/14: The carnage in India is proof that multinational (especially US based) corporations will brutally do what is best for them and Wall Street. They will use India while India is cheap and then abandon it and move on to something cheaper - Africa is likely the nest exploitation target. Hence, it is important you also do what is best for you. This means slaving away for more than 40 hours is ill advised. PBCs and utilization ratings are designed to extract all your paid vacation time back to IBM. To hit the utilization that is required of you, you would have to work 44 hours or more. IBM would have gained back your paid vacation time. In the end, when you are old, IBM will have separated from you but the same will be said for your neglected family and life. PBC is a fraud that is used to discard you when needed or to make you needlessly work harder like the galley slaves on a Ben Hur Roman ship. People, without some form of collective bargaining/union you will just keep playing musical chairs and be abused by companies run by shareholders and crooked management - like IBM. Make sure to encourage others that will be staying to join the Alliance. Anyone try complaining to Buffet? Where is that much ballyhooed and supposed mid-western ethic, character and honesty when we need it? Also make a big stink of it on the blogs like below:
Comment 02/13/14: More excitement in STG Bangalore. Para medics and ambulance showed up in stg facility at noon today, and a senior manager who oversaw firing in SRDC group was whisked away in a wheelchair with a broken back according to some eyewitnesses. The cause in not known, another manager said it was an accident and got nothing to do with firing. The RAs for SSE and EDA teams were temporarily put on hold, causing stress to the employees of those groups whose fate is not yet know -anon-
Comment 02/13/14: @-*Glad_to_be_Gone_too*- Really? Google has so many ex-IBMrs ranging from ex VP's down - One is their director of Research. They almost have an entire division of former IBM folk. Microsoft too including one that is a MS Fellow. Lets not forget David Ferrucci, the IBM Fellow that first conceived WATSON and lead the team to the Jeopardy win was FIRED, written out of its history by IBM - now works for a Hedge fund. -Brain Drain-
Comment 02/12/14: I left IBM on my own a while while ago. I finally got fed up of people with no real interest in my career being in charge of it and took control back from them. I have to say that I have not been this happy for a looooong time. What's really sad is that it has come to this. When I joined IBM through an acquisition I thought it was a great career move with fantastic opportunities. Instead it became a millstone. I don't regret my time there, wonderful and talented people, some great products but overall it was a soul sucking experience that I am happy to have put an end to. It's sad but IBM has become a company run by accountants and accountants have little interest in real technological innovation. Overall I am sure IBM will survive in some form but I suspect that eventually it will become just another also ran in the technological race. -glad-to-be-gone-
Comment 02/12/14: I was RA'd yesterday at IBM STG Bangalore, it was a ruthless meeting with manager and HR citing reasons which I could have debated for hours for their misdoing , as you are aware bosses are "always right" .. Gave 2 hours time to leave and laptop was seized.The treatment was gruesome and inhuman and I think IBM has trained the managers very well to take these action. To quote some examples of inhumaness , there is an employee who is on honeymoon unaware what is in store for him when he returns as he is on the hit list. -EX- Employee STG Bangalore-
Comment 02/12/14:
1. IBM Australia is changing disability payments from "to age 65" to "5 years maximum"
2. IBM Australia is changing redundancy entitlements to 1 week per year of service.
3. Reviews in progress to get rid of yet more people -anon-

Comment 02/12/14: Some advice for those of you still with your heads in the sand. My company has hired ex-IBMers in the past and it was a disaster. Of the 8 or so individuals in 4 years at the company I work for, all of them were either fired or had resigned. The Director of my company had even told me the HR department will not even consider candidates with an IBM background. You all chose not to unionize. Now, IBM's name is going down the toilet and when you are finally RA'd, you will find it tough to find a job as some employers view your tenure with IBM as a negative and not positive. Best of luck to you all. I am feeling even more blessed I was let go in 09' before more damage was done as is being done to you all now. I'll be making my donation to Alliance very shortly so the remaining sheep can continue to check this web site. You all need this important avenue of information. Thank you, Alliance. -*Glad_to_be_Gone_too*-
Comment 02/12/14: Re: Kavanaugh and Adkins: if you knew the IBM India firings were going to happen yesterday you should be ashamed of yourselves for selling IBM stock! That sounds suspiciously like insider trading to me. Is there any reason the executives are not pursued and prosecuted for insider trading? -july2013er-
Comment 02/12/14: Am I the only one to sense that the IBM business model has failed? The cheap labor approach has failed and that was the crux of their plan. I suspect the board of directors will have to take drastic action soon. -Dave-
Comment 02/12/14: Worried at IBM please STOP ,This is the biggest statement that worries me when I work in IBM ..( I work hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime and yet, I don't see a raise nor a bonus. )I work what it says on my contract 37h no more no less I have seen many pay offs etc many tupes .....please please please for your own sanity please do not work any more hours that your contracted to do please work fiat hours as they call it you not thought off any different to the ones who work over and above their hours give the time back to your Family -It's all a bluff-
Comment 02/12/14: Layoffs has started in Brazil. Based on the rumors,the target is over 1.500 resources. Good luck all. -IBMBR-
Comment 02/12/14: -snowed-in- Which division? IBM regulars or contractors? -curious-
Comment 02/12/14: Kavanaugh and Adkins: if you knew the IBM India firings were going to happen yesterday you should be ashamed of yourselves for selling IBM stock! -anonymous-
Comment 02/12/14: Reuters: IBM's Rometty meeting with Chinese officials to"restore trust" - 2:40 PM
Reuters reports IBM (IBM +0.3%) CEO Ginni Rometty is traveling to Beijing to meet with government officials in an effort to "restore trust with Chinese regulators and reverse slumping sales." Like many U.S. enterprise IT peers, IBM's sales to the Middle Kingdom (and more broadly, to the Asia-Pac region) have nosedived; they dropped 23% Y/Y in Q4. All signs suggest the NSA spying uproar is a major culprit. Also hurting IBM in China: Its sales within the country disproportionately depend on a hardware business that saw an eye-popping 26% Y/Y global revenue drop in Q4. Big Blue recently partnered with data center owner 21Vianet (VNET +1.5%) to begin offering cloud infrastructure services within China.
Comment 02/12/14: I'm in Tech Sales for STG in the US, and I still haven't received a PBC review for 2013. What's up with that? Has anyone else not been given a 2013 assessment yet? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/12/14: IBM stock price is up today. Just chop off intellectual cost and destroy lives is all it takes. Enjoy your fat greed Ginni. Cash out some more stock now. It will not be long before you find out you are no leader and can't afford clothes to hide behind anymore. No threat here: it is reality. I reckon you will not be making any trip to IBM India anytime soon either. -PigsCanFly-
Comment 02/12/14: Thought I would share since I know IBM management reads these comments. If you don't unionize and fight back then your only other option is to leave because you will eventually be fired. I went to another company and we have watched the senseless slaughter of good people by these endless firings, particularly in IBM hardware, with keen interest. You see, we have IBM equipment installed but since they have made it very clear they want out of the hardware business, we have decided for the good of our own company that we will help them get out of the hardware business even quicker. Which is why we are replacing IBM blades and Power machines with DELL blades, IBM DS8* storage units with EMC symmetrix, and IBM tape libraries with HP everstor. We can no longer bet the company on IBM's dismal long term prospects. Many of our business partners are doing the same thing. As for their services, mobile, cloud and data analytics, NO THANKS! You can keep your Watson and go play some more jeopardy. -misty-
Comment 02/12/14: Discussion of IBM India RA on Hacker News: -anon-
Comment 02/12/14: RA has started in STG Pune. Though the numbers are very high& affects all the levels, around 20 employees are asked to leave as of 02/12. Action is expected to continue till friday. The severance package is same as reported earlier. All this because of idiotic & senseless actions of higher management who neither understand the market nor have any vision. What happened to that IBM ISL which I joined 10 years back? -ShameOnIBMIndia-
Comment 02/12/14: Similar program in Germany as in Netherlands. About 400 people, mostly senior staff, from STG will be trageted. Including System p&z development. So much for all the praise that Schroeter did shed on the mainframe ... R&D budget is definitely to precious to be spent on breathing new life into this dinosaur. -anon-
Comment 02/12/14: To those unfortunate employees who have been mistreated and let go unceremoniously. .whether in Netherlands or Australia India or US...pls share this union site link with local and national media, local politicians, social media. Let IBM know how not to treat decent human beings. Tell your stories on national TV. Hit where it hurts. -mediakill-
Comment 02/12/14: I have seen it close quarters how IBM is working interms of pbc. Basically for firing they are using all these nasty poltics. What general employee suffers, How many mangers got layoff from this..unless and until if ibm doesnt get rid of brainless people, these type unethical things are bound to happen. There is no policy and no BCG is there. IBM Fired me last August because of their illegal work. I have raiased the issues of some serious BCG violation against top mangers. The issue was that they forced me to work under a different person id in the health care system which is completly illegal and unethical under BCG and is also a client violation. It is a serious issue which I had raised against top mangers. Because of that they had given me rating 3 and throw them out. I did not raise these things to client because fearing for my career. My question is, if ibm is firing resoiurces how many are ibm mangers? They are simply doing nothing and taking salary. IBM india is not a hub for revenue, its a hub for nasty politics and brainless people. All projects are going out from IBM India because of incompetent and inefficency of mangers. The days are very near when all projects will go away from ibm. -unknown from india-
Comment 02/12/14: I'm hardly surprised by IBM's selling off business units representing things that are hard to do. My PBC 3 rating in January of 2013 was a farce of Romettian proportions, a stunning demonstration of IBM's inability to recognize and leverage skill sets conducive to innovation and adaptability. Despite having far exceeded my business commitments, I was charged with being "distracted". Well, my"distractions" consisted of leveraging my software development skills to automate creation and testing of technical information deliverables, as well as automatically monitoring search engine rankings, and picking up additional skills to that end. Mostly on my own time, mind you, which is why I still managed to far exceed my business commitments. Had that happened in 2013 instead of 2012, it might have been called "Think 40". Instead, it was called "being distracted". Coworkers without such skills, or who didn't expand the scope of their skills in ways that could amplify their contributions were retained. Given that microcosmic snafu, it makes sense that IBM can't compete with companies that value "skilling outside the box", so to speak. IBM will cling to its obedient servants who are careful to not stray too far from doing things the same old IBM ways to the very end, which is clearly fast approaching - at least in ecosystems where innovation truly matters, and where the market is no longer fooled by abstract mumbo jumbo like "creating a smarter planet". The proof is in the pudding, and IBM's pudding is now no more than powder and water. Also, my condolences to Indian IBMers (well, *former* IBMers) who are now experiencing IBM's callous indifference. Seems like just yesterday (it was 4 years ago, actually) that my career shifted from software development to being shuffled between organizations that didn't really want me after my software development project was moved to India. Apparently it's your turn to be seen more as a commodity than a creative human being. -skills-be-damned-
Comment 02/12/14: There are many contractors working in System x. What is our fate? Am I right to assume that IBM doesn't include us in the number of people expected to move to Lenovo? -StormyWeather-
Comment 02/12/14: Workforce rebalancing has been announced in IBM Netherlands. About 240 people will be invited (project is described as manager induced voluntary leave), mainly from GTS and GIESS. Selection criteria among others: 1) Over 54 years old, 2) Under 40 and PBC 2 or worse for years in a row 3) Band 5 and below 4) Too many years of poor performance 4) Role has become redundant. Managers will approach employees, all to be completed by April 1. -OnceProud-
Comment 02/12/14: IBM STG India Bangalore division of POWER hardware and firmware is affected. About 50 RA'd today alone. More to come in next 2 days. -unknown-
Comment 02/12/14: PBC for 2014 coming soon --- Hi All, we've just received an email from HR telling us that we should get prepared for 2014 PBC. Funny! Lets challenge management this year with regards to "why should I make PBC ... there is no money involved any more!". For me - given the actual situation - PBC is senseless. Cheers. -oliverro-
Comment 02/11/14: A few people are being walked out in fishkill too. -snowed-in-
Comment 02/11/14: STG INDIA operation has started and people with 12+ years with POWER Firmware not spared ... Operation still in progress and numbers are huge and likely to touch 15% in PFD alone. -ANON-
Comment 02/11/14: Clearly, the inept IBM Senior Executive Team, without a clue, is gutting the company to save their own sorry selves. This is only a start, this will get worse up to and beyond Roadkill 2015. For anybody who is left, either unionize and fight this crap or it's over. Don't let these thieves steal your lives. -IBM Doomed-
Comment 02/11/14: The age of the EPS scam is over.
Comment 02/11/14: To Something's Rotten and its Stench is Getting Worse- I agree with everything you say, EXCEPT your second sentence.
"This is the compensation that Ginni said she and her reports would forgo in her "2014 Kickoff Message For All IBMers" presentation."
She did NOT say, that the Executives would give up their "Non Equity Compensation" which I know is $$cash.
NO, she said "BONUS". Column D is titled Bonus. The only way we will know who is right/wrong is by reading the next Proxy Statement due out in a month or so and reading the entries in the respective columns. Did anyone ever wonder why a Column (D) with $0 has remained in the statement for so long? The Exec BONUS program was discontinued several years ago. IF I WERE THEM, I would play the BONUS vs. Non Equity Compensation trump card this year. -Proxy Reader-
Alliance reply: How about the IBM workers? If you were them what strategy would you "play" as a trump card that helps them change the way IBM treats its employees in the workplace? Alliance@IBM has some suggestions; but we'd like to hear yours. Please elaborate.

Comment 02/11/14: To all IBMers in India: I feel bad to hear about your layoffs. I was RA'ed by IBM after 29 years of service. IBM destroyed my home town of Endicott NY with massive layoffs in the late 80s early 90s for nothing more than executive greed, The only thing that will stop this greed is a union. -ANA-
Comment 02/11/14: -BlindSidedinRTP- I returned from an STD and was notified of RA before a cup of coffee. The RA was finalized by my IBM Director. I also lost all my FHA. He never even acknowledged me as being a Quarter Century Club inductee. Basically I didn't exist in this Director's eyes anymore. Found out this IBM Director retired/quit IBM in December after at least 30 years and being at least 55 yrs. old (so he got his FHA and full pension) and in January became a President of a elderHealthcare company... Heaven help those folks being cared for there. I bet the care staff splits pills to save money to maximize profits. -STD'd&RA'ed-
Comment 02/11/14: Shame on you IBM management for inhumane treatment with India job cuts! You treated Indians like resource widgets. These people are human beings. Ever hear of RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL? Ever realize humans have dignity? Can't say IBM upper management is even close to being human anymore. You management are so far from nirvana and hell is warming up to you. -Solidarity4IBMIndia-
Alliance reply: We understand your anger and frustration. We are sorry for your job loss and how you have been used and abused by IBM.
IBM continues to seek cheaper and cheaper labor costs, without regard for its own employees. This is the real nature of IBM and all global corporations today. Alliance@IBM has been advocating for employees to join together and demand changes in their workplace, here in the US.
A collectively bargained contract that binds IBM and a union to agreement on the details of their service to IBM with wages, salaries and benefits that represent respect for the individual, the workers as a group, and even IBM's company are what Alliance@IBM has also advocated for US IBM workers since 1999. India's labor laws and business laws may differ from the US.
If you have a specific understanding of India's labor laws and workers rights within the workplace, please share them here.
Alliance@IBM is also part of the IBM Global Union Alliance. We are working toward, and hope that IBM workers can be united throughout the world and someday see the return of respect for IBM workers, no matter where they are in the world.

Comment 02/11/14: @RTPBased, I would not be surprised to see STG cut by 65%. x86 is as good as gone. Power is an overpriced architecture that can no longer compete on a cost-to-performance ratio. Mainframe is a behemoth that will trudge along, but at what price. Storage will struggle but survive simply because IBM thinks it can play in the Cloud business (good luck IBM). STG layoffs will just be the start in a week or so. There will be another massive layoff in the 3rd or 4th quarter as programs complete. The best thing in the world happened to x86 in being sold. The only question there is how long can anyone stay after 24 months. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/11/14: IBM Ends Chip Business Buyout Search, Seeks Partner

Comment 02/11/14: I heard from someone who is close to many senior VPs that STG is going to be cut by 65%. Seems extreme but you never know... -RTPBased-
Comment 02/11/14: IBM employees caught tampering with Wikipedia -Anon-
Comment 02/11/14: IBM STG INDIA is doing RA and it is very deep and numbers are huge.. -ANON-
Comment 02/11/14: IBM today had a massive layoff in STG bangalore more than 40% staff was let go off in a single day. Be it PBC 1 or 2 doesnot matter you are just asked to leave IBM premises by immediate effect. I fail to understand how joB cut will help management to achieve 20 EPS. The upper executives lack vision and clarity to restructure business process. Good bye to ibm hopefully will be in better place than ibm. -RA_STG_Bangalore-
Comment 02/11/14: Bye-Bye STG - "Lenovo's IBM ties may pave way for enterprise storage acquisition" -Toasted in Tucson-

Comment 02/11/14: I have been having this constant discussions with my managers about PBC ratings. It is not a mechanism to appreciate someones' work or abilities, but to deny the raises. The latest news was about Rometty 'not funding' the bonus. What the heck does that mean? She says, executives also will not receive it. But they get free stocks and millions in bonuses, anyway!! She says we have to focus on the customer. I work hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime and yet, I don't see a raise nor a bonus. Then there is the novel idea of keeping the 401K match, till the end of the year. They are using our money to fund the salaries of the top execs. The regular IBMer is slogging and struggling and does not even get the wages he/she deserves. IBM is pathetic. And to push up the stock they will start laying off more. Makes no sense, when the regular IBM employees don't make the market wages and yet the company comes out with some stupid formulae to say that we are some of the best paid, to deny raises. -Worried_at_IBM-
Comment 02/11/14: Just heard from a colleague in Bangalore that job cuts there have begun. Workers asked to leave on the spot. He claims 6 out of 23 people in his department. -David-
Comment 02/11/14: STG Bangalore literally turned into a slaughter house today. Several employees were called to a meeting and RA'd. Their TPs were confiscated and they were asked to vacate premises immediately. Severance package was on an average 3 months basic component of salary, which is like 6 weeks full pay. RA per department as on today:
SRDC 40%
Processors 15%
SRAM 80%
SSE Just began, final numbers not available
RAs expected to last till friday. The fear is that HCM might be wiped off totally in a day or two. EDA and methodology numbers not yet available.
People broke down after seeing the inhuman treatment. Laptops along with the cases were confiscated, so several employees were seen crying and exiting building carrying and balancing their personal belongings with their two hands -STG INDIA-

Comment 02/11/14: IBM does not need to make you a PBC rating of 3 to get rid of an employee. You have no contract. You can be let go for no reason (Fire at Will). As one can see they are getting PBC 3 when they are not deserved. It's a tool to get you to work harder and add a veil of legitimacy before you are let go. -samtheman-
Comment 02/11/14: "I no longer respect IBM and no longer respect myself for continuing to work for IBM."
Amen. And if anyone reading this comments section or has visited this Alliance website has not joined the Alliance yet then do you feel the same way about yourself? I could not respect myself either if I did not join the Alliance in solidarity to try to reform IBM. The Alliance has protected my anonymity so I am not afraid I joined. -anonymous_member-

Comment 02/11/14: -BlindSidedinRTP-, You're certainly right that IBM has no heart. A team member was RA'd a few years ago as soon as he returned from STD, so when I went out on STD this year it was no surprise to me that I was RA'd as soon as I came back. I am much happier not working in the toxic environment that IBM has become. I suggest you consult a lawyer. The severance package is given to avoid lawsuits, you have nothing to lose. -LifesTooShort-
Comment 02/11/14: Job cuts in India STG.Announced today including managers.Asked to return laptops with in 2 hrs and leave premises. -fromBLR-
Comment 02/10/14: -BlindSidedinRTP- sorry to hear about your situation. You basically became a liability risk to your org which is likely why you were picked. Empathy (the feeling that you understand and share another person's experiences and emotions : the ability to share someone else's feelings) ---This was lost a long time ago. Nowadays your manager and uplines only care who will do the work and not about you or your health! -buddy-
Comment 02/10/14: -BlindSidedinRTP- Based on what you said did you get a lawyer since Federal HIPAA Law was violated (your IBM second line did not have to know your specific illness, only your immediate FLM and/or IBM HR)? You were clearly violated as far as the federal law says. BUT, then again, going against IBM it is so tough to prove the fault(s) and who(s) culpable.. If your 180 day window is not up yet I would pursue a lawsuit against IBM. From this post you might have a good chance or winning a settlement, even if it is only your severance. This is precisely why we need an IBM UNION NOW! LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD for your health and for anything good. -trexibmer-
Comment 02/10/14: STG System x management is creating a list of who will be moving to Lenovo as we are all aware off. However, what you may not be aware off is, not everyone in STG System x platform is moving over to Lenovo. The folks that are remaining with IBM will be given 90 days to find a job, if unsuccessful; you will be packaged out the same time your co-workers will be moving to Lenovo. The ones who move to Lenovo based on the PC acquisition have less than a 50% chance of keeping their jobs after two year. Word is you will know your faith within the next month. Good Luck all unless you daddy is in upper management to protect you. -Anon-
Comment 02/10/14: My manager gave me a PBC 3 and verbally told me that I was not a PBC 3. He implied that he had no choice. I just want the RA package at this point. IBM is not worthy of having me as an employee. That is sincerely my feeling now. I no longer respect IBM and no longer respect myself for continuing to work for IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/10/14: RA'd last year after 35+ years, after initial dismay, so glad now to be out of there. Contacts within my old org tell me everyone is very down, and given the Executive plan, it will only get worse. Nothing will change there until a Union can stop the Executive power and money grab. Without that, it's hopeless. Wake up people. -Happy to be out of IBM-
Comment 02/10/14: -now screwed by nys- The key statement about pension is the employer has contributed to the pension during your base period. This is the first 4 of 5 calender quarters in which your claim begins. Since IBM froze the plan they have not contributed so you are eligible for UI. From what I have seen you can be denied the first time you apply but get approved upon appeal with proof of IBM having frozen the plan in 2007. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 02/10/14: IBM Is Paying More to Borrow Money as Sales Decline
IBM's borrowing costs are rising even as those of its peers fall, underscoring concerns that the world?s largest seller of computer services is struggling to find its place in the cloud. IBM sold 10-year bonds last week with a 3.625 percent coupon, exceeding the cost of similar-maturity 3.375 percent notes issued in July even as average yields for debt in the company?s AA rating tier contracted. Quarterly revenue dropped 5.5 percent in the last three months of 2013 to $27.7 billion, the biggest decline since the U.S. economy exited its last recession, as an industry wide shift to offsite data storage erodes demand for IBM?s hardware.
Comment 02/10/14: The whole company and PBC system s ucks. It falsely ranks good employees as 2 and 3 while the main reason for non performance is the ceo and the top rungs. If they did well most employees will get 1. Shame on the management. Am glad I moved to greener pastures. IBM will soon vanish...poof. -peebeecee-
Comment 02/10/14: To -Anonymous-: IBM doesn't give out severance to look good. IBM gives out severance to avoid unlawful termination lawsuits. I was a manager who had an employee with a drug problem, and I was advised by HR to offer a package to avoid such a lawsuit. -Ex-IBMer-
Comment 02/10/14: To -Anonymous- regarding Short Term Disability. I tried it both ways and unfortunately both backfired. When I became ill in 2009 (caused by IBM stress and 60-80 hour work weeks, btw) my manager told me that I had two choices: tough it out or go on unpaid leave (which was incorrect, of course). I toughed it out, worked all the way through my illness including travel and was awarded with a 2 PBC and it was recommended that I find another job within IBM. When I became ill again in 2011 after changing jobs I decided to go the STD route to protect myself and to give myself the grace to be able to get better after 13 years of service. My 2nd line told me that I hadn't "given him enough headlights" and got really annoyed when I wouldn't tell him what I had. I had to get HR involved on that one. I came back full power after a 6 week leave and worked my tail off until I was let go without warning in 2013. No severance. PBC 2+ for 2011 and 2012. I figure that my 2nd line cut me as soon he could without it looking like it was directly tied to my leave. The crazy part is that I was an extremely high performing employee as soon as I got better. There is no empathy for someone dealing with anything personal - health, family issues, etc. It is very sad and I am so glad that I am gone. IBM has no heart. -BlindSidedinRTP-
Comment 02/10/14: RAs started in STG Bangalore, hearing that large numbers impacted. Will keep you posted on the details as i get them. the job market is reasonably good outside and the average experience here is about 6-7 years.people are not too worried. most were anyway sick of the company and its junk policies. -Bangalore RAs started-
Comment 02/10/14: Updates from the STG India. People were reacting to the sale of semiconductor business news rather harshly, well wishers were asking me when was I planning to leave IBM, and the others sarcastically asked me what am I still doing here in STG. Felt very embarrassed walking in the corridor today. The general perception here is that if you are still with IBM, it is because you did not find a job elsewhere. Phew !! that just means to say IBM STG is being considered the worst place to be at this time. We all at STG India would like to express solidarity with the IBM USA work force preparing for yet another RA in the coming weeks. Rest assured we do not feel any better being employed with IBM either. The flood gates are opening and I anticipate that we will lose all our above average work force in the next 3 months. Good luck to you all, I am sure there is life outside of IBM. bye for now, time to update my resume, keep in touch. -STG INDIA-
Comment 02/10/14: To "-$1KO'ed RE: when IBM is going to take the $1K stock award for employees making it to 2015 off the table?" I had provided information on this previously. If you are referring to the $1K of stock granted (Special Equity Grant) after the Roadmap of 2010 was achieved, which does not Vest until Dec. 1, 2015, those employees who were employeed on Dec 31, 2010, performed consistently, and remained employed through June 16, 2011 were eligible for the grant. Morgan Stanley has the stock in each employee's name. Sign on or contact Morgan Stanley to understand how to track it. Morgan Stanley contact # 801-617-7416 -Anon-
Comment 02/10/14: analyst sees a IBM bailout on cards in future when the QE winds and interest rates prop back up to normal levels.

Comment 02/09/14: For a while there I was thinking one of my biggest wastes of time as an employee was the yearly Business Conduct Guidelines certification. But suddenly I'm remembering all the time I wasted on the various "skills assessment" nonsense over the years, which meant absolutely nothing in terms of anyone ever contacting me because they needed someone with my skills, or the few times I went applying elsewhere internally, and I still had to somehow express all my skills explicitly in other ways despite having done so exhaustively many times in the so-called "smarter planet" of the internal IBM biosphere. Any companies outside IBM reading this: they don't even know the capabilities of those working for them. *Forget* about them getting anything requiring more than half a brain - e.g. *your* data right - right. -fooled-more-than-twice-blush-
Comment 02/09/14: IBM 401k deferral referred to as grade-A bullsh*t. -401K-

Comment 02/09/14: When Lou became CEO and did away with full employment that is when IBM US employees should have joined a union. IBM US employees have been treated unfairly ever since full employment was done away with. It is amazing that CEOs at IBM continue to make millions while downsizing continues. TJ Watson would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how the IBMUS employee was being treated by these executives, Join the union. -ANA-
Alliance reply: Thank you for your support. Unfortunately, Alliance@IBM did not exist in 1994. However, "IBM Workers United" did exist--even so, there was not any way that IBMers would have joined a union at that stage of the game, either. Joining today, however, is very easy and if enough IBMers joined today; there *could be* an even chance of electing a union in IBM USA. Click here to see the history of organizing IBM. There are several flyers here, that were handed out and distributed company wide, even back in those days.

Comment 02/09/14: In regards to AOL reversing their decision on end of year 401(k) distribution and IBM not doing so, remember the Alliance had a petition against IBM's decision. Only 1000 signed. Why do you think IBM didn't reverse? By not signing the petition IBM workers gave IBM a green light. -Alliance-
Comment 02/09/14: The Alliance receives many questions that are answered on the main page of this website. Don't just hang out on job cuts. Explore! -Alliance-
Comment 02/09/14: Outsourcing STG sales to business partners is only the first step in a broader plan across IBM. Look at the pharma companies and be warned if you are in a sales order to make Roadkill 2015, IBM will begin to transfer SWG sales roles to business partners; starting with items considered "commodity parts". such as WAS or portal. Sales reps will be fired en mass but will be allowed to be hired by business partners, just not for the same product/territory. Info Mgmt and Analytics will be the last to be sold off but all are vulnerable. You may get hired by the business partner, but at 2/3 your current pay. However, bonuses and commissions might be better...or at least easier to understand. STG is the first salvo but won't be the last. I suspect SWG CTP's will be spared, at least for awhile, since technical resources are hard to come by and are still needed. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/09/14: Have you at least joined the Alliance as an associate member? R U gonna at least TRY to stand up to IBM? Tick..Tick..Tock.. February 26th will soon be on the clock. -TempusFugit-
Comment 02/09/14: @JustNeedToVent: I agree in principle. Too many complainers and people that can't do anything beyond exactly what they've been shown. In my experience though, when you do take some initiative, keep your skills up to date, and seek opportunities in the growth areas, you still get hosed. Many of the good job postings (especially in SWG) won't take transfers from other divisions. Last week I had an offer to move to a new cloud project with a team that's actually growing. Of course now I am told I can't have a release date. Current department is 1/3 the size it was last year so if they're not told to move people, then nobody leaves. I know I could push the issue with HR, but the new team is on an aggressive schedule and waiting 3 months would put me too far behind. I would be more than happy to work on one of the new 'big 3' and really contribute something meaningful. There are so many artificial barriers that have nothing to do with talent or skill set. Really sad. -Stuck-
Comment 02/09/14: Unfortunately, NYS unemployment overhaul as of 1/1/14 in regards to severance and pension. See page 'VI' for changes.
"No UI benefits will be paid to a person for any week for which the person receives dismissal pay. This applies to any dismissal pay, regardless of whether the employer is legally bound by contract or statute to make such payments. If the dismissal payment is in a lump sum amount it will be allocated on a weekly basis and the claimant will not be eligible for UI benefits for any week for which the dismissal pay is allocated. However, dismissal pay will not affect the UI claim if the initial payment of dismissal pay is made more than thirty days from the last day of employment. This provision takes effect January 1, 2014. Pension Payments. If a claimant is collecting a pension from an employer that is chargeable on the claim and that employer contributed to the pension, the claimant will not be able to collect benefits." -now screwed by nys-

Comment 02/09/14: @-Voting Alliance Member- Further skewing of the percentages. Some groups were told that nothing higher than a 2 could be given. HR is a partner in the decision process defining to higher level management what the numbers "should be". -Anon-
Comment 02/09/14: Regarding Short Term Disability. When I had surgery my first level asked if I was going on STD? He quantified the question by stating "If I did, it would impact my performance review." I did not go on STD, my attitude towards and respect for IBM has changed as has my work. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/09/14: I wonder when IBM is going to take the $1K stock award for employees making it to 2015 off the table? I bet only the PBC 1's will see based on recent cruel-hearten IBM executive and HR policy. -$1KO'ed-
Comment 02/08/14: I'm seeing a lot of questions in this forum about benefits, severance pay eligibility, disability, etc. This tells me that IBM Employees have completely lost faith in IBM Management as far as getting a straight answer about anything. On the other hand, if IBM Employees had a Labor Contract negotiated through Union Representation and Collective Bargaining, you wouldn't have to ask these types of questions because it would all be spelled out in your Contract. Moreover, you would also have a Shop Steward (who is NOT an IBM Manager and has the best interests of the Employees she or he represents at heart) available to answer questions and take grievances to Management. As has been mentioned before, having Union Representation may not be a perfect solution, but it is the ONLY ... I repeat, THE ONLY solution available to IBM Employees who fall under the jurisdiction of US Labor Law to get us out of our current predicament. Join the Alliance TODAY!!! The sooner we have enough IBM Employees join the Alliance, the sooner we can petition the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for a vote and begin negotiations for your wages and benefits that will be set forth IN WRITING, and not what some crooked IBM Senior Manager decides they're going to be! -Voting Alliance Member-
Comment 02/08/14: Did anyone notice that AOL tried this week to pull the same 401K move that IBM did, delaying matching payments until December, and was forced to drop the idea after public ridicule? The AOL CEO first said lots of companies were doing it, but news reports quickly showed that IBM was the only other major company to stoop to that level. Tonight, AOL dropped the idea. What does that say about IBM? -Metta World Fleece-
Comment 02/08/14: I was just reading an article on USA Today that was bashing companies for holding 401k matches until the end of the year. IBM and AOL were highlighted as examples. Not five minutes later, the front page had a news flash that AOL had reversed their decision. IBM stands alone. -Headed out-
Comment 02/08/14: @Proxy Reader: You need to look a bit further to Column "g", entitled "Non-Equity Incentive Plan Compensation", of the table on Page 43 of the document to which you refer. This is the compensation that Ginni said she and her reports would forgo in her "2014 Kickoff Message For All IBMers" presentation.
In that same presentation, she went on to say that the vast majority of IBM Employees would also not be receiving Growth Driven Profit-Sharing Program (GDP) payments. Payments under both of these programs are often referred to as a "bonus" in the vernacular. The point of the original post was that just days after Ginni said "we did not generate a pool for GDP payments", she turned around and took $6M in zero-cost basis stock grants. Moreover, if you'll examine the 2011 Summary Compensation Table on Pages 42 and 43 a bit further, particularly Column "j", you'll see that Ginni's predecessor received almost $88M in Total Compensation for just the 3 years reported in that document. So, with apologies to William Shakespeare: That which we call an Executive Bonus by any other name would smell as foul. -Something's Rotten and its Stench is Getting Worse-

Comment 02/08/14: @-curious-: PBC skews, which vary according to business unit, are determined by the financial needs of the business. How was the financial performance of a business unit in the past year? Is a business unit looking to retain or separate Employees from the business? How much does Management plan to pay out in GDP bonus/variable pay in the coming financial cycle? How many Employees does Management plan to RA (fire) this year? (They will receive 3's so a record of "poor performance" can be "built" to justify firings and stave off lawsuits.) There are a host of other considerations that go into formulating skews, which are reviewed and re-reviewed by HR and Finance many times before they are finalized. Historically, the skew has been around 10% 1's, 25% 2+'s, 30% 2's, and 35% 3's. However, I have heard about VERY few 1's this cycle, so that may be as low as 1 or 2%, especially in light of Ginni's recent announcement that only 1's will receive GDP payments this year. -Voting Alliance Member-
Comment 02/08/14: STD vs vacation time - no your STD is applicable from day1 of your illness. Your manager can start paperwork as soon as 3 days of absence -Answer1-
Comment 02/08/14: @-Someone worried- if you're not a contractor you'll get a package doesn't matter what your PBC rating is PBC is just for bonuses pretty much and there are none this year. You can still be a PBC 1 or 2+ and still get let go. Only way you won't get a package is if you quit. -whatever-
Comment 02/08/14: At least in NY, you are eligible for unemployment if you are laid off, even if you take your retirement. (You must continue to look for work) -Annon-
Comment 02/08/14: At least with layoffs in IBM's past, single '3's have received a full package. (Of course, all 'rules' are subject to change) Yes, the curved moved this year. Less '1's and '2+', and more '3's. Just the way it is. -Anon-
Comment 02/08/14: My heart goes out to those who've recently received their undeserved PBC 3 ratings and are about to witness the drive train of the bus they've been thrown under go rumbling by. The truth is that all your feelings of being part of a team, of pride in working for a great company, of being a respected individual bringing innovation that matters to bear upon creating a smarter planet... all that... is about to evaporate as though none of your career ever happened. Managers whom you may have considered mentors will avoid you. Coworkers who were less effective than you will remain because of their age or other factors unrelated to skills and contributions. Furthermore, you will need to account for where you were with any ongoing intellectual property, package it, and turn it over to those same coworkers. If you work remotely, you will have to play the executioner to wiping your workstation clean, packaging it up, and sending it back. The joy you once knew in balancing work and life via that workstation, and being able to jump back into the ongoing action at all hours of the day and night will be gone. You will learn the hard, cold truth that IBM couldn't care less about innovation that matters or creating a smarter planet. Rather, it cares only about creating a more attractive stock. That is IBM's one true product. And oh, what a fool you've been for imagining that your participation was in the service of anything more than that purely abstract product. It's going to sting, and sting hard as the more-significant-than-you-could-have-imagined component of your proud identity known as "being an IBMer" is ripped from your chest. Welcome to the underbelly of the American Dream, the old and chipped lead paint beneath the thin veneer of corporate slogans. And good luck. -empathetic-
Comment 02/08/14: If you have medical condition requiring surgery, fill out an MTR and you should qualify for STD. Do not be convinced to use your vacation time when you are recovering under Doctor's orders. Also do not use your FLMA unpaid time off: that is to take care of other family, not you! Also, IBM cannot legally RA you when you are on STD. They can if you are on vacation. -anonymous-
Comment 02/08/14: -STD vs vacation time-: Having and recovering from surgery is no vacation.. File for STD! I did when I had surgery. -sby_willie-
Comment 02/08/14: -ScaredIBMer- No. PBC 3 is not an automatic out. Its highly variable. I was a PBC 2 but was laid off over a PBC 3. PBC 3 is usually a starting point to earmark you for the slaughter house but does not mean you will see it in the next round if there are others in the pipeline ahead of you and what percentage of head cuts was asked of your department.
Also your state unemployment compensation law will determine how much UC benefits you will receive or how long payout will be deferred. It will be a formula based of how much severance and other benefits you received. Call your state UC benefits center and ask. Also any other part time income will affect it as well. To add insult to injury my state's UC system had just been screwed up by IBM when I had to apply. The state had fired IBM for incompetence in upgrading the unemployment compensation system - the very company the laid me off. Irony. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/08/14: To -JustNeedToVent-: It's sad to me that, with all that's happened with IBM in recent years, there are still people with this attitude. Look beyond IBM at what the country has become:
The greed of IBM executives and their counterparts at companies like it are one of the biggest reasons we've come to this. There's no longer any concern for employees -- only feeding the greed of the richest. Employees toil away with no raises, diminishing benefits, and zero job security for years -- while the executives continue to make outrageous sums of money that are completely out of line with historical precedent. It's slowly but surely destroying the company and the country. You ask what would I do? For one thing, I would do away with ridiculous incentives for executives based on EPS. Their incentives should be based on top-line revenue growth. Revenue growth at this company has been stagnant for close to a decade. Truly grow the company -- which will benefit not just stockholders and executives, but all employees -- and earn your rewards. Instead, they continue blindly toward 2015 and completely hollow EPS growth by offshoring jobs, ending pay increases and incentives, reducing benefits, and playing tax games. That is no way to run a company -- although, long term, it's a fine way to ruin it (and the country). My attitude is not poisonous at all -- I want nothing more than for IBM to be successful. But not just for rich executives and shareholders -- but for all the employees who are truly the ones that make the company great. That's why I support the Alliance -- and why you should too -BigBlueBayou-

Comment 02/08/14: Several area state lawmakers, Democrat and Republican, gathered with community activists and organized labor near the IBM Poughkeepsie facility on Thursday to decry company layoffs despite state subsidies of almost $1 billion to the company.
They called the IBM grants "corporate welfare" and promoted transparency and accountability for large corporations. The activists said Big Blue has laid off or outsourced an estimated 4,000 jobs in New York. State Sen. Terry Gipson, D-Rhinebeck, said,
"I think we"d be better off taking a lot of that money that we"re giving IBM and other corporations like that and then investing it in the entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them create jobs. I have a bill, "Hire New York," that does just that." -Anon-

Comment 02/08/14: People need to really think before asking some of these questions. IBM does not have to offer any benefits in a layoff. Any benefit given is simply to make them look good. Asking if you are getting severance check is ridiculous. I know it sounds bad or cruel. IBM does not have to provide anything. If you are rated a 3, be prepared to be let go any day. Start making connections, get people's contact information, get as large of a network as you can. Chances of finding another job without knowing someone is extremely difficult. I have been asked by friends and colleagues about the x86 sale. They keep asking if IBM will provide the 401k match. I laugh at them. I ask them when IBM does anything to benefit the employee. I told them they have lost their 401k match for 2014 and the 7 shares of stock for being there in 2015. They actually believe IBM will provide those to them. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/07/14: ibm's focus on shareholders and not customers is what's killing the company -Anon-

Comment 02/07/14: The chip factory started back in the 60's with the 360 system. It grew to it's present size but talk of selling it goes back to the 90's. IBM got out of building RAM and as Intel processors were integrated into the main frames the direction of the chip plants changed. The rumors of it being sold started back in the 90's with sony or toshiba and samsung looking. Now with global foundries it just may come true. If you look at IBM's service strategy you can see chips just don't fit. So it's just a wait and see and if it happens well then hopefully they get a good price. Then maybe everyone here can focus on the IT people to see if they want a union. -lastdino1-
Comment 02/07/14: I was rated a PBC 3 and the meeting with my manager was rater confusing with him saying "i should not be rated a 3", if he "would rate me right now i would not get a 3" and such bs... Putting away all i've done and focussing on a minor negative point... i fell so betrayed for all those years (i know most of you guys feel the same way). What should i expect now on feb. 26th, will i get a severence package, does the "year employed" calculation include part-time student and long-term supp working years? Will i ever get a package offer or i could be left with nothing? -Someone worried-
Comment 02/07/14: Utilization rates in an IBM organization can range from say 110% ( I have not seen a utilization rate less than 110%) to 120% a year. Since IBM does not take your 'earned vacation', holidays , personal choice days or sick days into account a utilization rate of 110% means an employee works the equivalent of 44 hours or 5 1/12 days for all 52 weeks in the year (120% would be six days a week). Basically in IBM, with these utilization rates you have no 'earned vacation', holidays, personal choice days or sick time since you are 'expected' to work extra hours for any time off. You are also being evaluated on your achieving this 100% plus utilization rate. Since the older employee has more vacation time it appears to me that IBM is openly and clearly practicing age discrimination since the employee with more vacation time has to work more hours to compensate for their 'earned vacation'. For example, am employee who attempts to take their 4 weeks or 5 weeks vacation has to work an additional 132 (3 weeks time 44 hours at 110% utilization) or 144 hours (3 weeks times 48 at 120% utilization) over the employee who only has 2 weeks vacation. Join the thing is for sure, IBM is not going to treat you any better in the future. -Joe-
Comment 02/07/14: I was a PBC3... will I be let go? What do I do???? -ScaredIBMer-
Comment 02/07/14: Regarding the sale of the semiconductors business. First of all, the article says it may be part of Ginni's turnaround strategy ? She has a strategy ? This is all part of achieving roadkill 2015. Secondly, this doesn't really surprise me. I think the direction they are going in is to eliminate any and all hardware development and rely solely on software and services. This would greatly reduce capital expenses, the problem of being tied to an area because of investment in buildings and equipment etc etc. By only offering services and software they could eliminate not only expenses but also a lot of employees. They could start using the crowdsourcing model for software development and offshore most of its services people. IBM US employee population would then be very small which is exactly where they want to get to. If I was working in any hardware division I would definitely be spending time getting my resume updated. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/07/14: -member-

Comment 02/07/14: Can someone clarify the severance eligibility?. My understanding is that IBM can deny 2 weeks per year severance if you get PBC 3 for two consecutive years. But you still get severance like any other for one PBC 3. Is my understanding correct?. -anonymous-
Comment 02/07/14: If you need a surgery and will be out for a few weeks (4-6), would you have to take all of your vacation time before you can get STD? -STD vs vacation time-
Comment 02/07/14: With enough years under my belt and eligible for an IBM pension immediately upon being RA'ed from IBM, can anyone tell me if I would be eligible for unemployment benefits in New York State while collecting my pension (Note: I am not eligible for Social Security benefits yet). -anonymous-
Comment 02/07/14: After 14 years of service and 13 years of night shift, I received a PBC 3 in 2011. The excuse was, I was not a flexible, team player. Problem was, I never knew what department or building to report to ahead of time. They had a "LEAN" schedule for us but it would change nightly because of call outs, needs of the business, whatever. So I would hoof it to wherever I was supposed to be, do the best I could because I may not have been in that area for months. When I complained, Manager gave me a mental health form to fill out and said I had already earned my second PBC 3. (In April). When I quit, manager said I could come in after shift change to sign papers because I must be too humiliated to face anyone. -Stella-
Comment 02/07/14: Managers being forced to move employees coded as mobile to work at home. What does this mean? I can speculate, it revolves around the reporting of job cuts in specific office locations. So moving more bodies to work at home status may avoid the reporting requirements of cuts. Thoughts? -Anon-
Comment 02/07/14: I want to know what the heck any of you would do given STG's (and overall IBM for that matter) revenue position and ever declining growth. Wall Street isn't stupid and doesn't care that we made money; they care about our sales because it represents the true health of the business. Just because IBM continues to find ways to lower our effective tax rate does not mean we are in a position to pay out a bunch of bonuses to our line staff or executive team. The leadership knows they better do something or the viable, cutting edge talent will find jobs elsewhere. This site has such a poisonous and victim mentality that it's doing nothing but harm to the company workforce. Just remember that a lot of the time, a job RA'ed is another gained in a completely different part of the business. We are investing heavily in our Watson, Softlayer (Cloud), Design, and other spaces - I see young, cutting edge, new faces every few months here at my site and it really excites me that someone in the executive staff is waking up. People worried about being cut need to freshen their skills and get back to a competitive position in the industry. Make IBM want to keep you. There are plenty of competent leaders in this company who take note of good talent and will move you into a safer area. -JustNeedToVent-
Alliance reply: The poisonous atmosphere is not coming from us, it is coming from an executive management team that treats employees as liabilities not assets.
Just read the archives for job cuts and you will read thousands of stories from hard working loyal employees that were thrown under the bus while IBM bought back billions and billions of dollars of stock in order to boost the stock price and their bonuses.
Read the stories of the thousands that had to train their offshore replacement and then lose their job. Read the stories of IBM workers forced out because of their age or health issues. Read about trumped up performance issues. And see the decline of not only morale but of a once great company that valued their workers.
Those young workers you speak of should read those comments and see their future.

Comment 02/07/14: to Given the up-coming job cuts, is there any value in contacting your local congress representatives and/or local media? -Anon-
it might actually help when they consider extending the un-employment benefits for long term un-employed. But don't bank on it. -reality-check-

Comment 02/07/14: Proxy Reader: Right you are! What the IBM executives should have done is willfully forfeit the stock options due instead of exercising and ca$hing them out for million$ on February 1st. That would show some executive leadership. IBM executives foregoing their BONUS as a leadership stance for a small GDP pool and no GDP for PBC 2+,2 is empty and contempt. But the IBM executives don't care as much for their BONUS for this year since it would have been much less this year due to lousy IBM revenues and they can make more or make it up in $tock option$. -anon-
Comment 02/07/14: Yes, company is selling out its silverware to reach the great 2015 goal. After that Ginni and all her creative sheltered zone surfer will be gone and IBM has to see how to handle the remaining sulky rest. Sad story. -oliverro-
Comment 02/07/14: Instead of saying or expressing the sentiment of "Let the RA come I want it so I can leave crummy IBM" why not join the Alliance RIGHT NOW and work to organize yourselves before this month is done. If you join the Alliance and distribute flyers (on your break time (e.g. lunchtime) in non-work areas and talk to fellow IBMers and you are RA what do you have to lose??? It is your only way of not playing into IBM management's hands. Asking for an RA or accepting an RA to just happen is what a union buster wants and IBM management clearly is union-busting by preventing the Alliance from sending you e-mails! Complacency, naivety, and frankly FUD is what IBM management wants by you wishing on a dark star of an RA coming to you. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 02/07/14: No More IBM Chips? Company Looks to Sell Its Semiconductors -Anonymous-

Comment 02/07/14: If your are a PBC 3 and NOT selected for an RA IMHO a winning lawsuit against IBM is slim to close to none: you are an "at will" employee and you still have a job. NOW if you get a PBC 3 and IBM terminated you (fired) so to even avoid a one week pay per year work severance pay (IBM standard separation pay), then you might be able to sue if you can prove discrimination in the workplace, whether based on age or bias. But this is a tough thing to prove. It is easier to join the Alliance with the hope of getting a contract which can protect your labor rights in IBM. But we need you and thousands of others to do this! -AllianceMember-
Comment 02/07/14: I am a PBC 3. If I am RAed on February 26th will I get two weeks pay per year of work severance from IBM or is it one week pay per year of service I would get? What i mean is do I get the same RA package as a PBC 2 or higher? -RA?-
Comment 02/07/14: Thanks for the memories. -David-

Comment 02/07/14: IBM explores sale of semiconductor business -FireSale-

Comment 02/07/14: Internal document about software development explicitly states the projects are to be staffed with "millennials" . I guess old farts can't code . -Stinky Old Fart-
Alliance reply: That is age discrimination. Please email us a copy or send hardcopy.

Comment 02/07/14: To -Proxy Reader-: You're being pretty naive. Yes, the executives all gave up their bonuses. Bonuses are **nothing** for the execs. That gesture was nothing more than smoke and mirrors designed to make them look better to all us minions (the real ones getting screwed). They may have passed on a million or two, but they make **tens or even hundreds of millions** in stock options. Believe me, they're not giving up those. Join the Alliance! -BigBlueBayou-
Comment 02/07/14: My time with IBM was a perpetual struggle to sneak genuine innovation past management and too many coworkers who saw it as disruptive to their quest to rise into the upper echelons of "leading and directing". The environment was generally such that one had to pour more time and energy into political innovation (that technical innovation *might* see the light of day) than into technical innovation. It wasn't about bringing the best widget to market: it was about bringing the best widget to market that - first and foremost - got those warring with each other over who got to "lead and direct" promoted.
Okay, there was one other area of significant innovation: *talking* about innovation. The IBM I joined in 1985 slowly morphed into what might be called "Innovative Blathering Machine", clinging fiercely to corporate political correctness in the form of hollow phrases like"Six Sigma Quality", "Innovation that Matters", "Smarter Planet".
LOL! I was constantly astounded by what a stupid planet IBM *itself* was, quashing innovation in the name of org charts every possible opportunity. The dichotomy between how IBM portrayed itself and what I knew about it was a perpetual source of fear, loathing, and insecurity, as in "just when *is* the other shoe going to drop?"
Well, for me it dropped last summer when they kept younger slogan chatterers and got rid of the only person in the shop who could make machines sing.
Word to the wise who make it through the next RA. If you want to innovate, go somewhere else. If you want to stay with Innovating Blathering Machine, put your finger on the pulse of business phrases in vogue, and chatter up that nonsense every chance you get in earshot of those who've come to equate innovation with being able to parrot that crap. And hope the ship doesn't completely sink before you reach retirement age, which for IBM is more like 50 these days. -truth-of-the-matter-

Comment 02/07/14: International Business Machines (IBM) to become International Business Systems (IBS) as the massive sell-off of all things hardware continues. Now the semiconductor division is on the block. -Blue_Flu_Lou-
Comment 02/07/14:WSJ: IBM mulls sale of semiconductor manufacturing ops - 4:38 AM
IBM is considering a sale of its semiconductor manufacturing operations, which produces chips for its high-end servers and for external customers, the WSJ reports. However, IBM would keep its chip-design operations; alternatively, according to an earlier FT article, IBM could keep the whole business and seek a partner with which to create a joint venture. The FT reported about the prospective sale but didn't distinguish between the production and design parts of the division. There was no word on the value of the business, although Bernstein reckons it earned revenue of $1.75B in 2013 and made $130M in pretax losses.
The reports come after IBM said last month that it had agreed to sell its low-end server division to Lenovo for $2.3B. Evisioneering analyst Rick Doherty said he'd be "shocked" if IBM did sell the semiconductor operations. "Take away the Silicon part, and IBM may not be the tech giant it is 10 years from now," Doherty said.
However, the business has become a less important part of IBM?s operations in recent years, as the company has expanded its software and services activities. -More Gone-

Comment 02/07/14: To all IBMers, you have to do two things so the changes will come.
1) Join the Union.
2) Cut the amount of work you do by half. Nothing will change until this company is about to fall off the cliff. -Anon-

Comment 02/07/14: I fired my executives in December. This was a fiscal and career development decision. I had 10+ great years at IBM, but the last couple were trending downward. The serious offenses were:
1. BS speak to employees, questions evaded, like ones about bonus and raise metrics. We heard that profits are up, money is spent on stock buybacks and executive stock options. Next we hear that revenue is down and bonuses are cut.
2. Going back on retirement promises. Introducing the December 15th vesting date for 401k match. A third of the employees sacked next summer.
3. Sacking good employees while protecting ineffective and morale busting managers (reassign the manager before the RA).

I moved to Big Data. I tried within IBM as well. I got the impression that working in STG made me damaged goods. I do not know whether IBM will prosper or not. Bets on Watson etc. may pay off. However, I have doubts about the future of STG. I see a lot of angry comments. How would you manage the a winding down of a unit if you were charged with the whole company? Abandoning hardware may be a mistake, but remember that IBM used to make typewriters. Only top management sees all the cards and have a chance of playing them right. Showing respect and provide transparency to the employees would mean truthfullness to allow/plan transfers to other units or an exit. This undeniably increases risks and costs money. No law provides these protections. Few IBM-ers join the union. People do not vote either. Dissatisfied employees direct their wrath to their management and executives, but fail to see further. I am not defending the execs. I hope that I would not screw over so many people for getting a bonus.
I give credit to my 3rd line, who said regarding the future of STG: we all have to make up our own minds. I thought that exempt workers cannot join the union and I did not know any members. Maybe we all think that we are special and that we do not need a union. -executives-fired-

Comment 02/06/14: From the Alliance. Action items:
Print out and distribute "roadmap 2015" flyer (on main page of this site) at your breakroom or cafeteria on your own time, not work time.
Wear black and blue every Wednesday to signify the pain IBM executives inflict on workers. Set up informational picket lines about job cuts and Roadmap 2015. Do this offsite or near an IBM facility. Contact your local media and all your political reps on what executives are doing to workers and the company. And above all start forming organizing committees at every location and business unit. Contact the Alliance for assistance. -Alliance-

Comment 02/06/14: I wonder if those of us with over 13 years (eligible for maximum 26 week severance) and our first PBC "3" this year will NOT get selected for RA since IBM has something more sinister in mind for us? That is, potentially firing us next year instead or encouraging us to leave on our own? Is that what the increase in "3"s is about this year? So, if I am NOT selected for RA, wouldn't this sound like a potential lawsuit? There is no evidence whatsoever of lack of performance on my part. My GBS project assessments, reviewed by my manager, were all "outstanding" in their rating, so the PBC of "3" was incredibly incongruous and contradictory. What IBM is doing is unethical. I am actually hoping for an RA since I have lost respect for IBM. If I don't get the RA, I may consult a lawyer. I think IBM is trying to deny some of us severance. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/06/14: To: Something is Rotten in the State of Armonk - Executives do not receive a BONUS. Please read the corporate Proxy Statement. I am referencing March 12, 2012 document, page 42 column D. Bonus stated is $0. (They may receive other types and forms of compensation, but they don't receive a BONUS.) Note: Please don't shoot the messenger, namely me. -Proxy Reader-
Comment 02/06/14: Just got word from a reliable source that the RA date is Feb 19th NOT Feb 26th. Already packing up my desk... -PBC_3_in_2013-
Alliance reply: What division are you in? It is entirely possible we will be facing 2 RA's.
Comment 02/06/14: Given the up-coming job cuts, is there any value in contacting your local congress representatives and/or local media? -Anon-
Congressional representatives aided and abetted offshoring, and the media is only interested in hysteria that leadeth unto advertising dollars. The only solution is to band together with others of like mind to sit down at the table opposite the money changers and help them understand that a smarter planet doesn't happen for free.
Comment 02/06/14: This has been IBMs pattern since Lou started massive layoffs. The only way he was able to save IBM was to have massive layoffs. WIthout a union IBM will continue to treat their employees as headcount with no respect. To all young IBMers join the union. This is your only chance to be treated professionally and not like a bunch of cattle who upper management could are less about. -ANA-
Comment 02/06/14: Contract employees let go this morning in Rochester. Not sure of the total numbers. Some were contacted last night at home while others were personally greeted this morning. -JustAnotherBrickInTheWall-
Comment 02/06/14: I feel like a loyal partner who does not want a divorce but feels it is sadly inevitable between me and IBM. I've been too unhappy for too long. Life is too short for this. Let the RA come... -Ready for the divorce-
Comment 02/06/14: AOL takes IBM's 401K model further with more damaging results. Will Ginni follow suit? -Anon-

Comment 02/06/14: -IBMwife-
Comment 02/06/14: Vermont bracing for more IBM layoffs........ -Vermont Woodchuck-
Comment 02/06/14: My fellow IBM'ers, you never cease to amaze me. You gather in groups and talk about how bad Obama is, how bad Obamacare is, and how unions suck. You don't realize that your only chance of keeping your job is joining the Alliance. And when you are finally part of a RA, you better hope they still have Obamacare, unless you want to pay the outrageous 102% IBM group rates. I am not surprised most IBMer's refuse to join the Alliance. All you need do is chat with them. And when you lose your job, you will probably blame it on Obama. Your time is now, or it is never. JOIN THE ALLIANCE. Be a part of history. Lee Conrad has tried so very hard for so very long to help us, At some point, and that time is now, we need to help ourselves and sign up. -Last Call-
Comment 02/06/14: To htoad: Spot on. The last round of cuts in June came right after Innovate was over. Go figure. -IBMer-
Comment 02/06/14: Check this:;_ylt=AwrBJR4TzfNSmgcAS3CTmYlQ?s=IBM -Dude-
Comment 02/06/14: To ALL IBMers regularly reading this: Is there a way to also share thoughts IBM internally within one of our many/plenty BLOGs and/or communities? I think it would be worth to get several of our thoughts heard by our executives. What do you think about that? Wouldn't it make sense? -Anonymous-
Alliance Reply: Depending on your specific location, you may experience a great deal of resistance to post union pointed messages on IBM's blogs/communities--especially if you access those blogs on IBM's equipment. Alliance@IBM's advice is to be careful. If you are not in the USA, then the rules for discussion of union organizing in your workplace or on IBM's network may be quite different than they are here in the US. If you have more questions, please send an email to
We will try to help.
Comment 02/06/14: IBM is heading downward. They no longer care about their employees and there is no investment in people. Also, IBM used to be very innovative but more and more they are buying other companies to hide losses instead of creating new software or technologies. What about taking all the technologies they have and truly creating integrated solutions? IBM feeds on other companies that have succeeded instead of coming out with anything new themselves. You can only hide losses by cutting people for so long. I think it has got to the point where they are cutting into bone now. IBM you have forgot who got you to where you are. Mr. Watson must be turning over in his grave to see how you have ruined people's lives. So glad I got out of there. The company is doomed under current leadership. I went to another company and I have to say it feels so good to work for a company that has better pay, better bonuses, and better benefits. Good to know not every company is like IBM. -previous employee-
Comment 02/06/14: Interesting timing of the job cuts if 2/26 is the day. That is the last day of the IBM Pulse conference, a major SWG customer event. Lots of emails to sales reps recently, pleading to get customers signed up, as enrollments are well below expectations. They don't want to disrupt the conference support effort, so my guess is that SWG will be hit right at the end of the conference. -htoad-
Comment 02/05/14: Given the up-coming job cuts, is there any value in contacting your local congress representatives and/or local media? -Anon-
Alliance reply: Yes.

Comment 02/05/14: Barbarians At The Gates, This could have been written for IBMer's:
Washington - Vice President Joe Biden defended the role of organized labor, saying opponents are mounting a long-term war to attack unions.
"These guys on the right, they know without you there. they call every shot," Biden told more than 1,000 UAW members and retirees on the final day on its four-day annual political conference here. "You guys are the only guys keeping the barbarians at the gate."
He criticized right-to-work laws approved in Michigan and Indiana. "Did you ever think you would see a day when right to work would pass in Michigan?" Biden said. "It's not a right to work." He held up a chart that said the fall in unionization had been a factor in the decline in wages.
"You built the middle class. Labor built the middle class," Biden said. "You never leave anybody behind--even when it costs you politically and when it doesn?t benefit you directly."
The vice president said widening disparity between the wealthy and those who earn less was hurting the country.
"We are stronger when we grow from the middle out," Biden said.
"If Americans don't believe it's going to be OK, then we have a problem," he said.
Biden said if people can't join a union, people won't get fair wages.
"That's the moment when it's over," Biden said. "we have to be vigilant and unrelenting in our fight to protect and expand collective bargaining."
-Barbarians At The Gate-

Comment 02/05/14: SimpleMath - There is no safe place. I worked in SWG for many years and there were many layoffs there even though there was money being made. I suspect this layoff will include people from all divisions. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/05/14: Any specifics on what sites on the 26th? STG I'm assuming... -BOHICA-
Comment 02/05/14: From Burlington. -member-

Comment 02/05/14: To all who have posted here since February 01 this year, if you have not joined the Alliance yet do so now. Your voice will only be seen here. With the Alliance and a union your voice will heard. IBM is entering its final stretch for Roadmap 2015 and these RA's coming this quarter wil not be the end. This business strategy isn't viable and Wall Street knows that and so do we. -Tommy-
Comment 02/05/14: From the Alliance: Sources have told us to expect job cuts Feb. 26th. Organize and fight back now! -Alliance-
Comment 02/05/14: How can all THIS be motivating? We saw our GDP declining year-to-year, although IBM made record profits. We also saw our TCR/MBA decline at the same time... Quite frustrating for an employee to see that a company does not want to have their employees participate in case of good profit. Even now only "1" are worth? A "2+" is too bad so to speak? Oh no Ginni, come on. I think you can do better! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/05/14: Software Group historically sees ~40% profit margin on goods/services sold. This isn't to say that SWG might not have a "bad quarter," or suffer along with the rest of IBM, of course -- and I'm leery of labeling any part(s) of the corporation as 'safe' -- but I think they would/will be the last ones hit by any sort of blanket reduction. (Having just said that, offshoring and individual product-terminations remain constant risk.) -SimpleMath-
Comment 02/05/14: Just saw an email that there is a freeze on transfers into GBS NA till April 30th. This means the RA lists are being prepared! Good luck to all -Anonymous-
Comment 02/05/14: To -Anony-Mouse- Back in the day, when you transferred to another location, 99% of the time IBM would buy your house and pay all moving & living expenses. I had the opportunity to relocate to any place in the USA along time ago and IBM was going to pick up the entire tab for doing so. Today, I wouldn't go anywhere if they asked unless they gave me a guarantee 5 years of employment in writing. So I guess I'm staying where I am. -40_ Year IBMer-
Comment 02/05/14: Article on roadmap and job cuts. -member-

Comment 02/05/14: With respect to age discrimination, well, as Mr. T might have said, "I pity the fools".
I was the oldest and the only in my team to be cut loose last July, but was also the only who could do more than merely parrot phrases like "going forward", or do work closer to improving the bottom line that what was *said* to be doing a lot while (to the emperor management without clothes) accomplishing little or nothing courtesy of bs project management tools like Clear Quest and Clear Case. They're so utterly clueless that you'd think the company were run by what were once called "AOLers" on the internet. I pop in here from time to time anxious to see what kind of beating those who've championed Wall Street success over Main Street enlightenment are taking. It's a bloodbath so out of line with the IBM I once imagined I worked for that I suspect my biggest regret in life will be all the time I wasted reading and signing off on the Business Conduct Guidelines for nearly three decades. Bob Moffat was apparently just tip of the iceberg. Complete and total scumbags from the very top down through most of the first lines. And that's being kind. -Yawn-

Comment 02/04/14: -Dislocated- When I hired on as a new hire, IBM paid for my moving expenses plus a $4k stipend for misc. expenses up front (which was vested after a year). When I transferred within IBM by my own free will, I received an additional two weeks of paid time off to move, but other than that I had to pay my own expenses. (But at least all of those expenses were tax deductible). I would expect however that if the transfer was at the request of IBM that they would pay to move you. Note that one of the reasons I transferred was to relocate to an area with a higher number of technical jobs in the event that I got RAed. -I have been moved-
Comment 02/04/14: Just days after Ginni announced that she and her reports would not be taking a bonus, and that the vast majority of IBM Employees would also not be receiving a bonus, she exercised zero-cost basis stock options worth $6M and immediately sold half of the shares for almost $3M. -Something is Rotten in the State of Armonk-
Comment 02/04/14: Is it true that SWG will not be hit with layoffs this round? I have heard that layoffs will be in STG, and discretionary in SWG. Anybody know anything? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/04/14: To -Former IBM Employee Wins Up To $4 Million In Age Discrimination Suit-
I used to work for Jim Castelluccio. He was a really good guy and was shown the door because he stood firm for his people. Good for him and for the jury. Hope others have success as IBM pushes them out the door. -LowlySDM-

Comment 02/04/14: While I am no longer employed by IBM, I keep in contact with people I used to work with who stiil have jobs in my old unit. Scuttle butt is some groups in IBM China are experiencing upwards of 25% turnover. Dissatisfied people resigning and going to work elsewhere. BIG RA numbers coming soon to China and movement of some work back to Western Europe/USA. -SuperFly-
Alliance Reply: Even IF this is true; no US IBMer should rely on their former job with IBM coming back, or their current job in IBM as being safe. Don't forget that IBM offshored those jobs for one reason: Cheap Labor...much cheaper than they pay for a US worker.
Organize and fight for your jobs now.

Comment 02/04/14: To "contract_obsvr" - That's why you quit at the end of the fourth quarter for a better job and get a little payback ;) Join the union while you are still there guys. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you don't get the chance, life outside the Titanic is fine. -BlueCoatFloor-
Comment 02/04/14: IBM nearly HALVES its effective tax rate in 2013-report. Big Blue reportedly benefits from shuffling profits through Dutch subsidiary.
IBM has managed to legally reduce its tax payouts by billions of dollars after sending its profits through a Netherlands subsidiary that acts as a holding company for more than 40 of its firms worldwide, according to Bloomberg.
At the end of 2012 IBM had accumulated $44.4bn of offshore profits on which it hadn't paid US taxes, the sixth-highest total of any American company, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from its securities filings.
In its results for the end of 2013, released last month, IBM listed its effective tax rate as 15.6 per cent, down from 24.2 per cent in 2012, giving the firm a tax provision $1.84bn lower than it had initially budgeted for.
The company said in an October filing that its tax rate was lower than it had forecast because of a "more favourable expected geographic mix" of revenue, but it didn't give any further details.
-IBM Tax Dodger-
Comment 02/04/14: PBC top performers will received 6% salary as GDP. Everyone else will receive nothing. How is this fair? Dirty paws have taken away even this small incentive. Low life corporate thieves running this show. Rot in hell bastards. -GDP_GinniDeniesPay-
Comment 02/04/14: Jury awarded $999,891.70 in back pay and benefits in age discrimination case. Also awarded $500,000 in compensatory damages for emotional distress and found that
"IBM knew or showed reckless disregard for whether its termination [of employee] constituted age discrimination."
(There is another website with more info but for some reason the link to this story may not work unless you are redirected to it by a google search. So if you want to read more, go to and search on "Former IBM Employee Wins Age Discrimination Suit" Then in the google search results, click on link for story.)
-Former IBM Employee Wins Up To $4 Million In Age Discrimination Suit-
Comment 02/04/14: If you think that coming back to IBM as a contractor after RA is ok. It is not: it is worse!
#You get no days off paid
#You get no vacation time
#You are sick; you don't get paid (IBMers might get a complimentary flu shot. You pay for yours fully with generally no health insurance)
#You get furloughed without warning by IBM's whim; no pay for furlough.
#You work after hours with no OT (generally). Any OT if permitted needs to be pre-authorized by IBM.
#Training? What training? You fend for yourself mostly if you happen to not know something.You generally get the crap assignments and TO DOs: your IBM contractor badge makes sure of it..Here in IBM today, gone before end of 8 hour shift. No job. Maybe No UI (if 1099 worker). No pay. Keep your personal belongings box ready at all times.
#Lastly, your pay is only reduced in time. A raise? LOL! LOL!
#The ONLY good thing about being a contractor, no PBC to worry yippy! -contract_obsrvr-

Comment 02/04/14: IBM named 37/50 happiest place to work in America!?!. WTF!!! How did they come to that conclusion. -wtf-

Comment 02/04/14: Been warning new(ish) co-worker about iBM practices and RA history, but he is still clutching to his iBM Kool-Aid IV for dear life thinking he is safe because of his 2+ and long list of PBC accomplishments. When the axe comes swinging for all of us in a few weeks he won't know what hit him. Poor sap. -Idiots Become Managers-
Comment 02/04/14: In Ref PBCJoker and the idea of a blue day (a.k.a. protest by everyone taking a sick day):
It's much better, safer for what little job protection you currently have, and productive if everyone considering this idea would JOIN THE ALLIANCE! If we get a labor contract someday then any call for a blue day is a strike day and that has some legit job protection and is a true day of action.
Comment 02/04/14: Does IBM even pay any relocation costs anymore? Maybe just a budget rent-a-truck without moving dolly? This is another ploy by IBM to get more resources (o.u.a.t. employee workers) to resign by refusing a work (re)assignment which means no severance which one would get with an RA. IBM's new "Respect for the Resource" is the polar opposite of IBM's old RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL! Respect, what Respect? -Dislocated-
Comment 02/04/14: -Confused- That's how IBM used to work, many years ago. Your job might move across country, but you still had a job. IBM was said to mean "I've Been Moved." -Anony-Mouse-
Comment 02/03/14: Anyone care about things in China? Our team was brought up by US senior engineers, but on last summer, some of them, our mentors, friends were forced to leave, frustrated us. Now IBM screwed up Snowden case, revenue in China declined dramatically; there are rumors that STG China will cut 60% jobs, and non-sales jobs cut to 0. -ChineseLabor-
Alliance reply: Yes and please keep us informed.

Comment 02/03/14: It's a bit of a mystery, writes Sacconaghi, why IBM is sticking to the EPS roadmap when it appears less and less relevant:
"We expect IBM to repurchase $15B or more of its shares this year, and rebalance its workforce by at least 13,000 heads. Many investors believe IBM should be investing in its future by buying new technologies and investing in building capability, rather than rightsizing the organization. So why is IBM steadfastly driving to its roadmap? It is hard to say. Perhaps IBM genuinely believes it can invest and do what?s right for the business while simultaneously achieving its roadmap. Perhaps it is worried about disappointing Wall Street"
Comment 02/03/14: Relocate for IBM. Only if its to an area with plenty of job opportunities for when you get RA'd in a year or two. As the "NEW" person in the organization you will have no political allies. New to your job and a virtual unknown you will certainly be rated a 3 the first year, that's a given. Unless you are damned good or damned lucky you will not impress the 2nd line or other managers that do the rankings in time for the second year so your a 3 again. Two threes and your out. In a strange town, away from friends and family. Unemployed. Bad chance to take in todays toxic IBM environment. -Exodus2007-
Comment 02/03/14: Confused, I would never in my wildest dreams relocate for IBM. The company is neither reliable nor trustworthy anymore. Twenty years ago, I would have done it. Not anymore. No way. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/03/14: Today is the BCG deadline. Funny how we the grunts have to complete this BS when neither line management or execs adhere apply the guidelines described therein. The exec audio in the module is a complete joke.... -Depressed-
Comment 02/03/14: IBM uses Dutch tax haven to boost profits -Alliance-

Comment 02/03/14: I was just asked if I am willing to relocate to a different state, with my entire family. To sell my house, car, etc. and get settled elsewhere, for a another opportunity within ibm :-( i fear if i turn it down, that's the end of my career. Why would anyone even consider moving to a different state though, for work? I can't even imagine giving up my friends, etc. not for IBM where I can be RAd a month from now. -confused-
Comment 02/03/14: PBC 2+ guy here! Worked my butt off last year. Over achieving my utilization by 14%, helping sell a crap load of service engagements (approx. 500K), met all my other objectives... and I will get nothing in incentive pay! So, this year I am maximizing my time off (bench) and looking forward to receive my RA package... hopefully before year end. And if not, I will enjoy my time off... -Anonymous-
Comment 02/03/14: For IBM Canada workers -anon-

Comment 02/03/14: Working harder than what you are payed for or 40 hrs in an attempt to get a PBC 1 or 2+ is a complete waste at IBM. It's simply foolish. Do your 40 hrs and go home. Killing yourself or destroying your health or family for IBM is simply insane or stupid. In the end you would have lost your health and family and would be laid off with meager severance anyway - if that. It will not pay off like the old days. Only people that will benefit will be upper management and the shareholders. The only positive thing I can say for IBM is that at least they give you a severance and lay you off. Many shareholder run companies now will simply fire you for cause (not following employee handbook etc) with no severance, health or unemployment. It saves them money. Oh and start a labor movement within IBM also. -slack-
Comment 02/03/14: Ref PBCJoker and the idea of a blue day - I have often wondered what would happen if we all worked a 40 hour week. Unfortunately, so many have had effective pay cuts by becoming non-exempt that they have to work at least 44.5 to make the salary they used to. -whostosay-
Comment 02/03/14: I really wish the IBM Employee ISSUES Alliance Yahoo board is restored. The Retiree, Pension, Health board seems to have a more either IBM management or trolls that are anti-union since the Employee ISSUES board was hacked. We still need a place to talk about other than IBM Job Cuts to recruit new members. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: The IBMunion yahoo group is still up, but has been inactive because most were posting at employeeissues. So lets move issues there.

Comment 02/02/14: Comment regarding entry from 01/31 - Tom Crane
I always hear such comments from GBS/GTS colleagues who are "forced" to claim hours another way than they occured. Please remind those bad guys that they would break the IBM Business Conduct Guideline ... you can get them at their nuts and directly get upper management involved in case they try to force you doing so! Does not mean to say that upper management is better ... but they are all afraid of breaking any business guidelines because this would be a reason to get them fired! I think it started to become a difficult time for us brave IBMers, but I think it is worth fighting for a great company like that (don't mean our execs now) ... at least we have nothing to lose any more, right?! Regards -Anonymous-

Comment 02/02/14: I am one of the few IBMers to receive a 1 this past year. I have worked my butt off for IBM and my group is profitable. We are all going over to Lenovo and are very happy about it. Ginni has a strategy that does not include hardware or traditional services. It is softlayer, Watson and smarter computing. Everything else is on the block. -Top Contributor-
Alliance reply: Please be aware that many that were sold to Lenovo in the PC sale, lost their jobs in Lenovo job cuts. You all might be happy now, but without a contract or employee representation you will be at Lenov's mercy just like you were at IBM's.
Comment 02/02/14: PBC1 guy here. Got the same raise last year as a PBC3. Getting the same bonus this year as a PBC3. I've said it before on this site but what is really needed is for a well organized IBM Blue Day. Imagine the confusion and bad PR is even 30% of the workforce called in sick. Follow this up by work to rule. Do exactly what your manager asks you to do - TO THE LETTER. You'll be amazed at how quickly things will start to fall apart. For now, I'll continue to as little work as humanly possible, make excuses, take sick days off and basically do whatever the hell I feel like doing. IBM doesn't notice or care anyway. -PBCJoker-
Comment 02/01/14: IBM's CEO, other top execs give up 2013 bonuses
-They should just resign. Period-
Alliance reply: And the IBM workers should join Alliance@IBM and make a move together, that will show them the power of collective action. When Corporate Executives resort to 'benevolent' actions to get respect from their employees for their sacrifice, they are ignoring all the sacrifice that thousands of workers have already made, involuntarily.
This is simply a "chess move" that the Executives use to get empathy and cooperation from the IBM workers. Don't let IBM Executive arrogance and condescension fool you. Join the Alliance. Help make the collective chess move response.
Get busy fighting for your jobs, or get busy losing them.

Comment 02/01/14: Ref the comment: Since IBM is blocking access to the Alliance on their 9. IP network shows that they fear employee labor organization. ALL readers of this website worldwide should copy and paste following and send it to their members of the Senate or Parliament (UK,India, Australia, New Zealand etc)
Ref : Blocking of access to union websites or union emails
Dear senator,
The current legislation protects the handout of printed communications from union organizers. Today, however employees are blocked from receiving or accessing union emails or accessing union websites by many socially irresponsible corporations. The law protecting union activity should be extended to all electronic union communications. The tracking of this activity should also be forbidden. Specifically, blocking or interfering with union electronic communications or tracking of union activity should be forbidden. With appropriate criminal penalties and jail time for executives. NOT fines as corporations will simply pay the fine as a cost of doing business. This is to prevent corporations who violate the law as they now do for Visa requirements, now simply pay the fine, and laugh. -All readers should send this to their Senators-

Comment 01/31/14: At 8:00am - January 31 - we received the following:
It is hard to believe we are at the end of January. Let me start by thanking you for your efforts in 2013. We needed to bang the Utilization drum hard in 4Q. This is probably why 2014 week 1's utilization (UTE) was much lower than planned. I would like to recover week 1 with a request to charge three more hours a week (each) for the remaining nine weeks of Q1. If we all do that we will keep the wolves off the door step.
In addition...
o Look for opportunities on your current projects to place someone from our bench. We have talent available across all Bands ready and willing to be engaged. Our bench is high and they need your help to get Billable.
o Be diligent in submitting your hours each week in ILC. Follow-ups on missing labor take time and utilization reports are reviewed weekly so accurate data is important. You did a great job last year so keep it up. Work with your project Partner/PM to get to minimum of 44 hours/week if you are not already there. o We will revisit capped projects to see if there is any flexibility on those engagements. The Americas leadership is all over this and I would like us to be best practice.
Thanks for your efforts, you make all the difference in meeting our goals.
Tom Crane"

Doesn't bode well for those of us in AIS. At the end of the first month we are already way behind the forecast. High bench numbers probably mean there will be RA's in AIS. Who ever does the forecasting for this organization should be fired for incompetence. Just what I want to do after being rewarded for all of the extra hours last year with a big double zero - 0 bonus and 0 raise. Hate to think about the other "best practices"!
-I Don't Think So-
Comment 01/31/14: You cannot be RA'd while on medical leave, but you can be RA'd as soon as you return - I was. Once you have been notified of a layoff, I believe that any subsequent medical leave will end on your last day of employment. To those working long hours: Why? It won't protect you from layoffs. I worked 8-10 hour days, did what I could and then left for the day. Harder workers than I were laid off years before I was. Sometimes it just makes no sense. I was finally laid off last August and had a celebration for it. -Glad to be gone-
Comment 01/31/14: I worked for IBM Australia for the last 19 years - variously as 'casual','contract','fixed term hire' - all the while requesting to become a regular employee. Finally, I lost my job in December 2013. IBM is sending all administration, technical support jobs etc to cheap countries by 2015 as we all know. My wage was not high and IBM was constantly finding ways to make the wage I had lower (finally non-existent). The management handled the terms of employment appallingly. I was a Subject matter expert in various areas over the last few years. I have been replaced by brand new employees who are labelled SMEs with no experience or knowledge. However, they are very cheap. IBM's customers will suffer. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/31/14: IBM Selling SDN Unit? -BigBlueBayou-

Comment 01/31/14: International statement on job cuts: -Alliance-
Comment 01/31/14: To "Regarding the health rebates" and all who are leaving IBM this year: I have been gone from IBM as of 1/31/11 (wish me happy anniversery). It was the beginning of the year so when I left I wrote down my id and password for the health rebates. I followed through with it even though I was no longer an employee. I completed around April and then two weeks later the $300 was deposited into my bank account. It was the most pleasing money I ever got from IBM as I no longer worked for them. Make sure you follow through and get from them after all they have taken from you. -Gone Three Years-
Comment 01/31/14: Since IBM is blocking access to the Alliance on their 9. IP network shows that they fear employee labor organization.
So if IBM is blocking Alliance information then YOU as an IBM EMPLOYEE has the way to change things that IBM fears that can be accomplished through the Alliance if you join. Just THINK TWICE. You can stop IBM job cuts. YOU HAVE THE POWER. -IBMUnionYES-

Comment 01/30/14: I was let go last July after more than 10 years. I can clarify some questions.

1) 401k loans can be paid back in installments. If they are not current by the end of the year the loan is counted as a withdraw. So you pay tax + 10% penalty. I had about 30k loan and I am still paying on it.

2) Flexible spending account. If you use it all (#2,500) b4 your last day and the amount paid in is less than amount taken out you do NOT have to pay the balance. I only paid in about $1,200 and spent the whole $2,500. I found a lot of jobs out there for skilled tech people if you are willing to move.
I had multiple job offers within weeks and they were all significantly higher than what I was paid at IBM. The one I took was more the 50% higher. Recruiters laughed at me when I told them what I made.
On top of that my insurance is better and I pay nothing for it. I really love my new job and my only regret is not leaving sooner.

My dad and I were life long IBMers. It has been a slow decline from what it was when I was a kid getting gifts from IBM at xmass parties and going to the field days. Now we are lucky to get pizza and soda. Have to scrounge for office supplies. Every year they took something away. It felt like I was dying slowly with IBM. It was so depressing and demoralizing.
I know I was not chained to the desk, NOW. I just didn't know I had options before. Now I know I was a fool. Its my fault for staying too long. It wasn't all bad. IBM gave me a lot in the beginning, but I stayed too long.
I never really believed anyone when they said they were glad to leave IBM. I can assure you life IS better without IBM.
Good luck to you all and keep positive. -RAed in July-

Comment 01/30/14: I was let go in 09 while on vacation 400 miles from home at a close relatives' funeral. The call came between the viewing and the funeral. I was so stunned I couldn't even attend the funeral. So there I was, away from home and kicked to the curb. It doesn't matter who you are, how hard you work, who you know, how many vacation days you work or days you work sick. It doesn't matter how many times you miss your kids functions, birthdays,New Years Eve, or anything else. I doesn't matter how many nights you pull an all nighter. Believe me. I did all of that. If you are still there, you are probably doing it too. You are being used so stop it. It won't change anything because one day your number will come up and I'M not talking p b c. You can be a 2+. I was. Didn't matter. Yall need to get a union or get out. I am glad I'm gone. I've been gone nearly 5 years. Nothing has changed at IBM. Plenty has changed for me. I am no longer in that abusive, threatening relationship. Sign me, GLAD I'M GONE -mbb-
Comment 01/30/14: As of Feb. 1st 35,000 Customer Service FTE's are now off of IBM's books and transitioned to Concentrix. Now how to trim some of the 395,000 global FTE's that are left. -SlimPickins-
Comment 01/30/14: Ginni, I need to laugh when I hear "...we did not generate a pool for GDP payments..." from You. Looking back the last 5 years (when we were still making good profit), GDP is continuously decreasing since. You took our employee's GDP bucket to make senseless promises to shareholders to increase EPS - to shareholders who are only concerned about money, not about IBM as we are (or should I say: as we used to be)? So 2013 was a great success for all IBMers who are IBMers with their hearts! Showing you that you will only get high performance with going the extra mile if you are willing to pay for high performance. Not adhering to these rules will even bring better years than 2013 was. THINK -Unfortunately-Still-IBM-
Comment 01/30/14: With IBM's future in hardware cloudy, Dutchess County must aggressively seek new jobs from other sources, County Executive Marc Molinaro told the Dutchess County Economic Development Corp. today. He mentioned IBM Corp.'s announced workforce reduction plans and said,
"We certainly are uncertain whether IBM will remain in the hardware business at all."
IBM's two plants in Poughkeepsie and East Fishkill are predominantly in hardware and remain the county's largest employer. IBM has said it will have a major "resource action" in the first quarter. The last one eliminated 697 jobs from Dutchess County IBM payrolls last September. -Anon-

Comment 01/30/14: have been working 70+ hrs and thought it will slow down after New Years, but it has not... on the contrary, some people have left and instead of getting a replacement for them, we now have to pick up their work. I am not sure how long more we can survive like this. Everyone is overworked. -overworkdIBMer-
Alliance reply: Those kind of hours are not healthy. We keep getting reports of employees having serious health problems because of this. There is a reason workers fought for the 40 hour work week. Is it time to fight for it all over again? YES.

Comment 01/30/14: Rumor of the day, IBM to Gene Amdahl. "All is forgiven, how about buying zSeries?" Seriously, with Lenovo announcing an Enterprise Division the other day. Analysts guessing Storwise is next on IBM's chopping block. Pseries? Any Linux box will do the same. All may probably go to Lenovo at some point. Probably better bets on that than IBM ever reaching 200 again. -Going, Going, Gone-
Comment 01/30/14: To the person with the child and high medical costs. Check with your state. See if you can qualify for a family medical leave. If you are RA'd consider requesting this. Many states will have employer honor 6 weeks paid leave. Suggest you send a note to your manager now to set the stage and inform them of your possible decision. -Anon-
Comment 01/30/14: Interesting how IBM treats loyalty here (and this since years!). I am with IBM since approx. 17 years now and if I compare how I think about that company compared to what I still thought years ago ... wow. I fully understand and agree that employees should support to get no salary increase (I even want to avoid "bonus" here since I am already sad on this) if a company really suffers and has to foster major challenges. But how were we treated last years: No salary increase (or minimum below inflation) during a time when IBM was (still) making record profit ... I think this has not been a good sign from our leaders and the payback is partially reflected in 2013 results. Why should I go the extra mile if I am not honored to do so any more? -Anonymous-
Comment 01/30/14: And it has started for STG. My colleagues in Protectier project were told yesterday that they are closing down the group. Almost everyone will be fired. Same as SONAS project. -Anon-
Comment 01/29/14: Regarding the health rebates (exercise and personal vitality - totaling $300). If we complete these before leaving IBM yet do not get the $150 mailed prior to leaving (via RA), will we still get them? I am contemplating whether to get the Fitbit instead of the $150 since that's a bird in the hand rather than a check that may not arrive if I am not on payroll. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/29/14: To >>-numbersguy>> If you have the ability to RETIRE, then you should have the ability to continue to pay off the loan on a payments basis the same as you currently do. Unless they have changed the rules, IF the amount is $5000 or less, then you have to pay it all off. Above that you could get a payment stub mailed to you each month and if you make the payments (as I did) all is well. I am not sure if that applies, if you are not retirement eligible, but, it should be. -Huggie-
Comment 01/29/14: Ford Motor Company reported an $8.6 Billion dollar profit for 2013 and announced each of its 47,000 U.S.unionized UAW employees would receive a bonus check of $8,800. GM reports in February and is expected to report a $8 Billion dollar profit which would mean a bonus of $7000 per unionized employee. Chrysler/Fiat reported a $1.3 Billion dollar profit and a $2,500 bonus per employee. IBM reported a net profit of $16.5 Billion for 2013 and notified employees the small percentage of "1" performers would be the only ones getting a 6% bonus, and that they would be firing over 10,000 employees, mainly from STG. You have 2 choices: you can stand in line and wait to be slaughtered and watch history pass you by, or you can take a stand and be a part of this movement and make history. The choice is yours. -Its_Your_Choice-
Comment 01/29/14: Buddy, you're right. Reality is I am one of the last of the technical resources in a dumpy area of GBS (on the IBM Account), full of thugs and scoundrels. Soon, nobody will be left but project managers in the US directing GRs. I see no reason to keep those PMs in the US, either, frankly. They will likely be "encouraged" out with a "3" next. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/29/14: It's amazing signing up for benefits with Toshiba as we transition on March 1. For a family plan (employee,spouse,and 3 or more children) is $400 per month cheaper than IBM. Think somebody has been padding the bank account eh? -Tired-
Comment 01/29/14: Regarding Ginni's 2014 kickoff, how many of you noticed the great opportunity for DATA mining of comments on her video? Let's see, most of the "we love you" comments come from India and Brazil, but I see we do have some American butt kissers in HR and sales groups, too. If you do some business analytics on this data, you could calculate per capita butt kissers in each country and each division of IBM. I think it would be quite interesting. -The Emperor Has No Clothes-
Comment 01/29/14: here about 200 in Brazil GDC.... -Santa Claus-
Comment 01/29/14: Heard from a reliable source that subk cuts coming Friday, 1/31. -Margaret-
Comment 01/29/14: "...we did not generate a pool for GDP payments..."
Ginni, you mean ALL business sectors did not make their numbers or got even close? We (IBM) make sure of it now by setting the bar as high we want so we can dangle that carrot from the sky now to over 90% of the resources. Ginni, take your lowest 10% of business sectors for 2013 and RA that Senior VP(s), VP(s)! IBM executive management has lost all accountability, reasonableness, and perspective.
Comment 01/29/14: Too true: "Over the past six months a familiar conversation is 'Sorry, the people who knew how to do that were RA'd in September. No one knows how that application or process works anymore.' or 'Sorry, that function was transferred to (place your favorite low income country here). The staff we trained to take over the work left a few months later and now no one understands the inner workings of this project.' PBC ratings are driven down not by curves, rankings, or personal performance but the need to limit salaries." -Anonymous-
Comment 01/29/14: Well, I spent a whole day in HELLBM office to read this comments I could not stop laughing because its so true, I joined IBM in 2012 then we were forced to move to Blue Harmony and believe me it was a "harmony" first year with the company. I had 2+ PBC, then BH came staying here more than 10 hours daily and every weekend, my personal life suffered, trying to solve the problems and stuff and I was told I am not supportive to the team and got 3 PBC so the contract ends and I have saved my self from this slavery where anything you can do it still going not be enough. I feel so sorry for the people who have to be here for any reason. -_HELLBM_-
Comment 01/29/14: Hearing another 1000 or more for the redundancy pile in Australia this in 1st Qtr...could be more by year end...what's another 10 or 20% reduction in the workforce again this year...not even shocked anymore...just expected. Again the true numbers never really make it into the media here... Mgmt doesn't seem to have any more ideas than getting staff to take leave and make staff redundant to meet the numbers..Guess I could even do that..Same way of operating for a long time now..getting boring.. :( -Anonymous-
Comment 01/28/14: re: Anonymous getting a 3. The reason you got the '3' was because they needed a sucker to give it to. They do not need you any longer, you're likely the quieter employee on your team so you get the target on your head. Not to worry the RA will be soon and you'll be the first to get it. Sign up with the union so this nonsense can be stopped. -Buddy-
Comment 01/28/14: To the person with daughter's medical expenses: The EEOC bars employers from discriminating against an employee with a family member who has a disability. Not sure whether that applies to you but eeoc web site is -Anon-
Comment 01/28/14: I had a 10k loan when I got laid off last June. I called Fidelity and was advised the 10k would be added on as income for 2013 and I would have to pay taxes accordingly on the additional income. That was all, it burnt but I didn't have to worry about paying it back. -To family question and 401k loans-
Comment 01/28/14: For those of you who don't have the time (or stomach) to listen to all the drivel in Ginni's "2014 Kickoff Message For All IBMers", here are her statements that apply to the GDP Bonus and Salary Increase Program, which start at roughly 23:40 into the webcast:
"So this year ... we did not generate a pool for GDP payments ... authorized a payment of 6% of compensation for ... the 1 performers, our top contributors ... salary increase program continues ... for our top contributors" -Ginni Got the Goldmine and We Got the Shaft-

Comment 01/28/14: Ginni's doing what John Akers wanted to do. SeekingAlpha: IBM reportedly considering sale of software-defined networking unit Sources tell re/code IBM, fresh off selling its x86 server unit to Lenovo, is thinking of selling its software-defined networking (SDN) unit. Big Blue is reportedly asking for as much as $1B, a figure one exec calls "pretty optimistic." The company is said to have informally approached Cisco, Dell, H-P, Juniper, and Fujitsu "to gauge interest." Cisco, Juniper, and H-P have each already launched a slew of SDN-related products. SDN, a relatively new technology/concept. shifts network intelligence and provisioning capabilities to software-based controllers. By doing so, it aims to improve provisioning times and resource efficiency, and allow proprietary switches to be replaced with commodity/white-label gear; that last feature has many Cisco investors on edge. Back in 2012, VMware paid ~$1.2B for Nicira, widely considered the early leader in the SDN software space. -anon-
Comment 01/28/14: @gonein2013 - I don't think that's the correct advice, to take out a distribution to pay the loan. If you cannot pay the loan balance, you just default on the loan, it should not be reported to any credit agencies, and you then just pay taxes on the balance as if it were a distribution (income tax + 10% penalty). It actually can be quite helpful to default on the loan, as getting a hardship withdrawal is not as easy as it sounds, you have to have clear documentation of hardship and it has to be certain categories of debt. -anonymous-
Comment 01/28/14: To Anon who asked "If I do get laid off, will I be required to pay back 100% of the loans? If I don't have the ability to pay back immediately, what happens to me?"
Unfortunately, yes, you are expected to pay back any 401k loans when you leave the company. If you don't, it is considered a withdrawal. It will be considered taxable income and, if you're under 59-1/2, it probably gets hit with a 10% penalty, as well. (Withdrawals for medical emergencies can avoid the penalty, but it must be done in the year the bills were paid.)
Comment 01/28/14: "If I do get laid off, will I be required to pay back 100% of the loans? If I don't have the ability to pay back immediately, what happens to me?"
Another option is to NOT pay it off. You will have to pay the taxes on the amount plus a 10% early withdrawal penalty. But this may be more cost effective than trying to pay it back, especially if you're let go. -Just Me-

Comment 01/28/14: @Need to act -- you cannot join, but you can DONATE. I used Paypal as a way to support the ongoing work to maintain this open forum for us. -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 01/28/14: -Need to act-: Why not get your first lines (FLMs) together and tell the executives a thing or two! You are also "at will" just like your direct reports so if you want to make change you need to make waves and risk termination just like those employees under you selected for RAs. Fight the good fight. It does take courage. If you want to change IBM positively you also need to try but without a union behind you. -sby_willie-
Comment 01/28/14: Re: Family question and 401k loans - if you do get let go, you will be able to continue with the same payments you have now, it just won't be coming out of a paycheck. If you don't think you can handle the payments without your income (as it was for me) you can take a withdrawal and pay them off in full. Of course there are penalties for doing that, but in my case it was my best options. Good luck. -gonein2013-
Comment 01/28/14: Alliance - I can't seem to find the US law that prohibits managers from joining unions - can you show us where that is? -Anon-
Alliance reply: Managers and supervisors are also not protected by the NLRA, and cannot join unions or be part of the bargaining unit. These employees are considered to be part of a company’s management rather than its labor force.
In Oakwood Healthcare Inc., (348 N.L.R.B. 37 (2006)), the NLRB broadened the "supervisor" category, with the result that more employees will now be found to be supervisors. The Board found that employees who have the authority to make work assignments or direct the work of other employees may be supervisors if those tasks require some independent judgment and discretion, even if they spend only 10% to 15% of their time on these supervisory duties.

Comment 01/28/14: Comment 01/27/14: I have a family type of concern question and wonder if anybody can help answering. In 2013, I faced medical expenses for my daughter and had to take max loans out of my 401k. On top of that, her medical conditions definitely drove my performance down. If I do get laid off, will I be required to pay back 100% of the loans? If I don't have the ability to pay back immediately, what happens to me? -Anonymous-
When you leave the company with a 401(K) loan, the loan converts to taxable income your out of pocket cost will be the future federal and state income tax due on this taxable income -numbersguy-

Comment 01/28/14: "If I do get laid off, will I be required to pay back 100% of the loans? If I don't have the ability to pay back immediately, what happens to me?"
I just left IBM and had a loan - you still have to pay it back but not right away. They switched the bi-monthly paycheck deductions to a once monthly payment, either from a coupon or bank deduction. The same terms apply. You can also take your entire 401k as a distribution, in which case the loan is cancelled but you will still have to pay taxes on it. -Anon-
Comment 01/28/14: Why can't non-exec management join? We are ground troops like everyone else and not part of the old guard senior leadership making these decisions without truly knowing how to implement without needed investment in many areas. There are hundreds of first lines just like me that have had enough -Need to act-
Alliance reply: As mentioned before, managers are prohibited from joining under US Labor law.

Comment 01/28/14: I received a "3". It was not utilization for me. It was because I'm one of the last IT Specialists left in my group. Most of the technical team has been offshored. I've watched a lot of colleagues get RA'ed. I always figured I'd eventually get the same - but instead, I'm first getting insulted by this undeserved "3". -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/14: Despite what Ginni says, don't get the impression Cloud is making money. In fact, they're losing their butts in records #'s. SCE was sold and merged with Softlayer (a $4bil acquisition), and they quietly RAd the entire SCE staff early last year except for a few butt kissers. SCE+ is a multi$bil hog that only has a handful of customers, and continues to hemorrhage cash by the $millions. But it *IS* in vogue, and since Rackspace, Amazon is making money at it, well Ginni can get a free ride on that media wave too. But IBM doesn't have the inherent mechanisms to pull off Cloud. Cloud (of all kinds) at this company is on short notice, and in a year it won't resemble anything they're thinking. Face it, IBM Exec Management could screw up a 1 car funeral. The two best days of my life:
1) The day I was hired by IBM and
2) the day I got out of this forsaken hostile dump. Just think, no more High-School PBC exercises, no more college children as people-only managers, no more grade school show-and-tell in front of class and teacher each Friday for Utilization explanations, no more screaming and fighting in meetings. Just no more! -Cloud means you can't see where you're going-

Comment 01/27/14: Today, I received notice that I am going to be replaced on the project. I'm the 4th PM to be let go. The first thing I thought of, after I got past the shock and surprise, was regret over the countless hours I spent managing this project, including 2 all-nighters in the last three weeks. Over the weekend, I had come to the realization, particularly after reading some of the posts in this Board, that this job was not worth neglecting my family and friends over. I also had been ready to quit because of verbal abuse from IBM management. I will probably be without work for a while, since I am a long term supplemental and we receive no severance packages. I know there's a bright world beyond IBM, and am looking forward to finding another spot where I'll have a higher salary and a better work-life balance. Life is too short! Thank you, Alliance, for your work here. I will definitely be donating to the cause. -Crazy-
Comment 01/27/14: "And maybe she has worked it so the majority of 1 performers are involved in DATA, CLOUD & ENGAGEMENT."
LOL... I doubt it. The PBC 1's are too smart for Virgina Nicosia Rometty's antics. The PBC 1's just look out for just what their PBC is..#1.
Comment 01/27/14: "Hearing that the rumored ~15,000 Q1 job cuts will land heavily in Western Europe this time."
Possible. Sure. But I think USA "at will" employment policies and a lack of a labour council or union due to IBM employee apathy means IBM will probably go to the path of least resistance: USA and secondarily Canada. It's tough to RA in France and Germany. UK is a bit like USA. No sense in any big RA in BRIC. Why do you think IBM is so big there? Due to cheap labor and/or bad labor or about non-existence labor laws. The Alliance@IBM CWA has been telling employees that want to be informed and listen for about 15 years now (and the IBM Resistor movement largely in Endicott even longer) that you have to call out IBM to protect your job, your benefits, and your work safety. Wherever you are: LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD. -trexibmer-

Comment 01/27/14: This is why IBM needs a union, not job cuts. A retiree recently submitted an estimate for some dental work only to discover that the IBM benefits that supposedly would only cover 60%. However surprise surprise the rates used, were based on the 1998 fee guide. That's right, 16 years ago work since retiring at the end of 2001. Using the 1998 fee guide - is a demonstration of a slimy company supported by even more slimy customers. Maybe Warren should try this dental plan. Of course IBM management is already toothless and clueless -IBM Customer support AKA my word is worthless-
Comment 01/27/14: Re: Coffee: I heard some divisions have free instant coffee but that was downgraded from their original starbuck coffees. TBH, I know a few CEO's in other companies and they are all bewildered by the fact that IBM cuts on these things, since coffee is very cheap compared to salary and giving employees free access to coffee can boost productivity in a way that'd more than offset the cost of the coffee.
It's all about incompetent paper pushers in the administrative offices that play around with numbers and without regard to the more subtle consequences. This also ties into the whole cutting bonus this year. They think they can save their money at the expense of 2 and 2+'s, but you know what, these guys will likely not work as hard (or leave the company with their knowledge) after being treated that way. As for me, it's time to start looking for a job in a more optimistic company. -Anon-

Comment 01/27/14: Re: About "disappointed for having to pay for other division's losses". - Unfortunately, that -26% for hardware is the elephant in the room. With hardware forever gone, IBM should rename itself as IB. -Anon-
Comment 01/27/14: In some divisions or areas of business, IBM has delivered more "3" appraisals this year, largely to encourage attrition and avoid severance. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/14: I have a family type of concern question and wonder if anybody can help answering. In 2013, I faced medical expenses for my daughter and had to take max loans out of my 401k. On top of that, her medical conditions definitely drove my performance down. If I do get laid off, will I be required to pay back 100% of the loans? If I don't have the ability to pay back immediately, what happens to me? -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/14: IBM management is a mixture of Animal Farm & 1984. Sadly. For the rest of us, Atlas shrugged.... -Old Major-
Comment 01/27/14: I'm disturbed by people complaining about other groups not making as much money. It isn't as though we as individuals are responsible or can impact which group earns what (assuming we aren't in sales). I'm in software, I do my job, and I believe I do it well. But my IBM co-workers who support hardware work just as hard, and are just as valuable regardless of what their 'group' earns. We are all employee's of IBM, and all deserving of respect and fair compensation. It is unfair of IBM to grant bonus's and ascribe worth due to something completely out of the employee's control. I hate that I am seeing us do the same thing to each other. -LackOfRespect-
Comment 01/27/14: SimpleMath, your reasoning is perfect, and I am right behind you. Waiting around for the severance package is not worth the mental toll. IBM was counting on many of us coming to this conclusion - looks like it's working for them. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/14: What a hoot with Kenexa folks now that are on the chopping block! Where's the support going to come from?
"IBM has created a cloud-hosted software suite designed for automating and improving human resources tasks. The IBM Kenexa Talent Suite includes new and existing applications from IBM and from Kenexa, a human resources software vendor it acquired for US$1.3 billion in 2012. It's designed to help human resources professionals and business managers with processes like recruitment, training and performance assessment." -ByeByeBlue-
Comment 01/27/14: Friday is my last day with IBM. Took me 7-8 months to find a new gig (outside market is still shaky), but I did find one, and am leaving on my own terms. To stay on the "job cuts" and "surviving" themes -- you might consider a few numerical tradeoffs, such as
"how much of my ~6% retirement match will I be throwing away by leaving pre-Dec-15" (only a few hundred bucks, in January), and "what (if any) raise/bonus will I be missing by leaving pre-spring/summer" (that's an easy answer this year for all but a tiny fraction of the company), and, fuzziest of all,"what (if any) severance monies will I lose by pre-empting the layoff."

This last question isn't even up for debate in my mind; whatever few extra weeks/months you might gain in temporary bridge pay are almost certainly NOT worth the continued months of anxiety, fear, stress, and ongoing skills atrophy.

Lastly: I believe IBM has already factored this into their own attrition plans (US employee discomfort/stagnancy = more voluntary departures = fewer severance payouts), and, further, this recent no-bonus/no-raise revelation will make the decision even easier for ~90% of the workforce. I can hear the floodgates opening now... -SimpleMath-

Comment 01/27/14: Is this year any different than any other years in terms of RAs, or business as usual? To those with PBC 3s: yes of course you are not a low performer, but comparing to peers your results were the lowest. They had to select someone based on something like utilization. Even if you exceed your ute target, the lowest person is the lowest. -feeling-blue-
Comment 01/27/14: Hearing that the rumored ~15,000 Q1 job cuts will land heavily in Western Europe this time. One major European country might lose as much as a quarter of its workforce. Europe generally has strong labor protections and more employees who support strong unions, so this will not be at all cheap for IBM to pull off. It's quite desperate, really. But then there's $2.3 billion from the X86 server business sale to spend. IBM is likely to lose a lot of great talent, unfortunately. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/14: Hearing that there are non-sales people in STG being converted to commission based plans. Meaning it is a massive pay cut due to the fact they can't actually sell anything in their positions. -Too-much-fun-
Comment 01/27/14: While you all debate who will get bonuses upper management is figuring ways to reduce your earnings and eliminate people. Please don't fiddle while Rome burns. Join the union -Samtheman-
Comment 01/27/14: Last year IBM had the opportunity to sell xSeries Servers to Lenovo and couldn't agree on a price. Then over two quarters, IBM hardware business sunk. X, Z, and P are all down. Now Lenovo walks in and names it price for xSeries and the rest of the company is told no GDP except for ass licking 1's who get 6% of salary. Management keeps cutting resources, communication, skills, and assets and every year revenue goes down. It is 8 consecutive quarters of revenue decline and management keeps doing the same thing expecting a different result. It is Ginni and the senior leadership team that must be fired. They have lost the trust and confidence of the entire workforce by sacrificing human resources for material greed. And our customers notice. Delivery quality is declining everywhere. Non-performance lawsuits are rising. Hard to fathom how the company is dooming itself just 2 years after celebrating its 100 year anniversary. -Fedup-
Comment 01/27/14: I just finished listening to Ginni's 30 min or so 2014 state of the union (For IBM). I am excited to hear she has a plan. DATA, CLOUD & ENGAGEMENT. As she has indicated....IBM has thrown a ton of money at this and I believe it is possible that these new areas can generate revenue and make a profit. The bad news in my perspective is these new directions do not have the word MACHINES in the Game Plan. What IBM has been living off of for the last decade in conjunction with Services is MACHINES. If you take Hardware out of her can see where we are headed. STG get ready! In Ginni?s plan....any hardware platform can run the software for DATA, CLOUD & ENGAGEMENT. Such good news for HP , EMC, SUN, etc etc etc. I think they are licking there chops. Even though she has missed the mark in 2012 & 2013 she still is going to Honor 1 rated employees. The majority of employees I have talked to had there rating dropped one notch. A lot less folks to pay the Bonus. And maybe she has worked it so the majority of 1 performers are involved in DATA, CLOUD & ENGAGEMENT. Ginni also indicated with the sale of x86 to Lenovo ('Our Good Friends') that the IBM Employees transitioning over will be gladly accepted by Lenovo. Maybe....but for how long. How many of the IBMers from the PC Sale are still with Lenovo. In closing...she has no intent to invest in the Hardware side of the buisness.....She will cut resources and tolerate it until the profits drop below her expectations and then sell it off to someone else who can make it profitable for them. We are in trouble! Remember! She has a plan....but again....she has missed the mark for the last 7 quarters. Lets see what quarter 8 holds? -Worried-
Comment 01/27/14: There are a few negative comments to Ginni's 2014 kickoff, lost in the midst of all the 'awesome inspiring' drek - mainly people who point out that only giving GDP to 1 performers is serious demotivation for the rest of us.
There was a time when I was proud to be an IBMer, when it was a big goal for me, but that time is long past. Over the years, I've seen a lot of layoffs and pruning of benefits. Of contractors used in greater numbers and in many cases paid a pathetic slice of what they would have made as regulars. I don't know if Lenovo will treat us any better, but at least I can hope. In the meantime, I plan to eagerly watch IBM flounder and see what other whipping boys they create, once the hardware business isn't around to blame. -IBMer_no_more-

Comment 01/27/14: Ginni. You Are Responsible for What's Broken. If the culture is broken, only leadership can fix it. If leadership doesn't establish and protect a healthy culture, some unhealthy culture will fill that vacuum. If the leadership culture itself is unhealthy, there begins the rot, and soon the fish is lost. If the strategy or direction is broken, only leadership has the power to decide and to change it. The decision as to who the company is and how it will compete and win belongs to leadership. If the vision is wrong, it is leadership?s vision. Leadership chooses where and how to compete. If that's wrong, leadership has to do something to change it.If the organization doesn?t execute, leadership that is responsible for that failure. Only leadership can demand and ensure that the organization does the work, that it keeps its promises. Leadership sets and keeps the standards. -A fish rots from the head down-
Comment 01/27/14: -@worriedsystemx-, When a sale is done, the people associated with that sale are also done. They gave a statement of 30 days to determine if you are "in scope". That is BS. That work was done before the sale mainly because there is intellectual property in the people. If you want to find out how quickly you know, try applying for an internal job as a System x employee. They may not lock you out, but you are definitely flagged to be rejected. The good news is that you have about 18 months of employment to look for another job while trying to assess what Lenovo plans. It is difficult to judge based on the PC sale. People that work there love the company. The real people that get screwed are the ones that are on IBM's old pension and do not have 29 years in. They will get moved to the cash plan which amounts to about 90% pension reduction. I do not have strict numbers, but a good 30% of System x have 30 years in and were waiting for packages. This sale gives them pension + paycheck for a year. Many of those will go after a year at Lenovo. -A-
Comment 01/27/14: Cringely writes that IBM is doomed for selling the Intel server business.
Big Blue's strategy and execution remains ineffective, the future is not bright for U.S. employees -RA'ed in '09-

Comment 01/26/14: Tim Ringo articles that define what IBM's plan to whack their employees. -Ringo-

Comment 01/26/14: When I read posts and the subject of PBC ratings comes up it seems some people have no clue how meaningless the PBC system really is. I read posts from those who boast of being a 1, 2+ or even 2 suggesting they think the system is fair. But God forbid the dreaded 3 gets put in front of them, all of sudden the system is a sham. The reality is and always has been that the system is a sham regardless if you got a 1, 2+, 2, 3 ,4 or 99. How many employees know what being a 1 really requires? From what I remember, before being RA'd, a 1 requires going way above and beyond the job description. It also requires some incredible effort or input that saved the company buckets of $. The 1's I knew didn't come close to that requirement. I worked with someone who complained to our manager that he deserved to be a 1. His argument was that he was with the company for 30 years. He felt for that reason he was a 1. Never mind pushing off his work on others, disappearing for the day at noon without notice and being the most negative force on the team. He was a 1 in his mind. He got the 1 just to shut him up.
I knew someone who got a 3 for no reason other than volunteering for a special project, performing well and getting a 3 because, "He didn't have the day to day #'s as his counterparts." Of course he didn't. He was working on a SPECIAL PROJECT he volunteered for when our team was ASKED IF THERE WERE ANY VOLUNTEERS! I always felt the system was a joke. The 2?s and 2+?s, meant nothing to me. I tried my best, did a good job and was a loyal employee. That's all that mattered to me. The PBC rating system is a political sham. Keep that in mind when you compare yourself to your colleagues, and most importantly, if IBM shows you the door. I know the stress. I was there too. I was never so proud when I got the job with IBM, and never so relieved when it was over. -anon-
Comment 01/26/14: To all of you potential Lenevo new employees just look at what happened when they bought the PC division. Plan you future by looking at the past. -lastdino1-
Comment 01/26/14: Wonder what's in store for GBS? Anyone have any insights? -Anon-
Comment 01/26/14: "Lenovo is all about streamlining their business and heard from current Lenovo employees." And most are not USA employees! -anon-
Comment 01/26/14: The Alliance has been tellin' ya' since 1999 you are going to lose your benefits and then your job due to no fault of your own.. and YOU STILL DO NOTHIN'! When R U gonna join them and fight for your job? U have the power if you are smart enuff to use it! I think they call it a written contract on paper. -hits_home-
Comment 01/26/14: Remember when Cringely wrote in 2007 that IBM would shed 150,000 jobs? IBM even came out and officially stated that it wasn't true. Well, guess what? Another IBM LIE. By the time 2015 rolls around IBM will have shed this number (RAs, voluntary resignations, division sell-offs, retirements, etc). Still think Cringely was wrong? Still believe IBM when they tell you anything? Imagine a company actually coming out stating the information was incorrect, all the while KNOWING it was the truth? Still believe you are safe from an RA if you keep your nose to the grindstone, don't cause any trouble and work 24x7. THINK TWICE and prepare..An RA is headed your way. Just a matter of time. Unionize or accept your fate. What more can I say. Cringely's article from 2007: -miss_understanding-
Comment 01/26/14: All this talk of only PBC 1-rated IBMers getting bonuses is fine and dandy, what many may not know is that in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg no bonuses were paid (regardless of PBC rating) for 2012 despite the rest of IBM getting paid bonuses. Just because Ginny says there will be a bonus doesn't mean there won't be local exceptions. -ImAnIBMers-
Comment 01/26/14: -YouCanMakeADifference- Here's a link to the article:
Tim joined IBM Global Business Services in 2006 after 16 years at Accenture, where he was Executive Partner Human in Accenture's Human Performance Service Line and is now a partner at Maxxim Consulting. -InBangaloreMaybe?-

Comment 01/26/14: -what now?-: IBM is all in the cloud and in love with their Watson (anyone remember HAL and opening music of Sprach Zarathrusta?) hunch of silicon wafers and iron. If they can't get up to at least 40,000 feet in the cumulonimbus and cirrus they are in big trouble in my honest opinion. -sby_willie-
Comment 01/26/14: I heard there was a videoconference for all X Series employees last week after it was learned that they were being bought by Lenovo. Anybody have any information on what was said? Did they say all the employees were going to go to Lenovo or just a portion of them? Did they guarantee your pensions, vacation time etc etc? -longtimebeemer-
Comment 01/26/14: The imminent drastic downsizing of STG should come as no surprise. Remember a guy named Tim Ringo? In early 2010 he was the head of IBM Human Capital Management when he leaked to the industry publication "Personnel Today" that IBM's intention was to eliminate the vast majority of IBM employees and hire them back as contractors, making 1/2 pay and no benefits. IBM denied Mr Ringos comments, said he had no authority to speak for the company, and mysteriously Timmy disappeared from bluepages 2 weeks later. Outsourcing experts said employers from both the private and public sector were increasingly using the model as they looked to squeeze people costs post-recession. Ringo also stated that IBM's global workforce of 399,000 permanent employees could reduce to 100,000 by 2017, the date by which IBM is due to complete its HR transformation program. If you want any chance at all to derail this transformation and keep your job, you need to join the Alliance today. What more proof do you need? -YouCanMakeADifference-
Comment 01/26/14: Always time for RAs and sniper job cuts coupled with a massive incestuous stock buyback and now NO GDP for PBC 2+ and PBC 2 employees? GDP for PBC 1s only? How many of them are there now, particularly non-management? Great way to further polarize the workers Ginni: you make Jack Welch look more benevolent every nanosecond.
Where is the T in Teamwork Ginni? So PBC 2+ employees are not adequate contributors anymore in your myopic eyes? So PBC 2 is the "new" PBC 3? If IBM is only investing in PBC 1s then that shows utter contempt for the vast majority of it's workers. Can we assume Ginni you are a PBC 3 and no one on your team is greater than a PBC 2? LOL Old MacDonald mentioned IBM's most important resource was it's resources (ahem, employees) so I guess that retired to the farm with him. LIFE@IBM IS ____ (you THINK TWICE and fill it in!) -trexibmer-

Comment 01/26/14: Hey Ginni, saw a little something on Linked In that you should think about - "Never push loyal employees to the point that they no longer care". Good luck with the call to action crap when the non-pbc 1s tell you to pound sand. - deaf to the call -Gary-
Comment 01/26/14: -worriedsystemx- I've been through a few transfers. In fact, that is how I got to IBM. Once your name is on the list, you are going 100%. The good news is your job is probably safe for 1-2 years. Take that time to gather your thoughts and make your move. -Beentransfered-
Comment 01/26/14: IBM is probably one of the very few companies that doesn't even offer free coffee. With it watching its expenses like a hawk, did IBM miss the opportunities to enter the more marketable businesses? Microsoft has Bing to compete with Google, Surface to compete with Apple, what does IBM have that can compete with Google and Facebook? When paradigm shifts, if you are not in the game, you are out of business. IBM keeps selling away the stores, what's next? -what now?-
Comment 01/26/14: To worriedsystemx - I was told by System x IBMers under STG that they are locked down; they cannot apply for any job within IBM. I'm not sure if that is true for anyone supporting System x outside of STG e.g folks in TS (Country Support) / ITS / GTS etc. From what it looks like, only SSRs supporting System x are safe, Lenovo needs IBM to perform the break fix work for the next 5 years.
I don't believe Lenovo will keep half of the 7500+ IBMers moving over, especially the Presale / some Salesreps and remote support staff not part of Atlanta Help Desk. Lenovo is all about streamlining their business and heard from current Lenovo employees, they will use the channel partners and their current PC salesreps to drive their server sales once the dust is settled
Comment 01/26/14: Point to remember looking at the $1B workforce rebalancing charge to be taken in 1stQ. It does not mean that the entire action and related cost will be taken before March. It's an accounting bury the cost trick similar to 1stQ last year but the Lenovo deal fell through. This year it won't be a highlighted item as it's offset by the $2B from announced Lenovo sale. Resulting RA's can take place through the year as evidenced by the 600+ terminated in PoK in July. -Anon-
Comment 01/26/14: Ms. Rometty confirmed during her Q4 employee call that only PBC-1-ranked staffers would receive bonus payouts, and that those payouts would total ~6% of salary. Some sort of salary-adjustment (raise) plan will also happen for those performers, though, based on the previous 90%-of-market ceiling, I wouldn't expect much. The hardware sell-off is painful to witness.
This deal was on the table (to Lenovo) for 4-to-6 billion last year; one can't help but see the China-delays-buying-x86, China-boycotts-IBM-post-Snowden, IBM-revenue-plummets, China-buys-x86-at-a-discount progression as cruelly strategic. To link this to "job cuts" and stay on-topic, Services (GBS/GTS) will be the next area hit -- their results have been poor (though rosy compared to STG), and there won't be much left to cut (or hide behind) in Hardware anymore. -SimpleMath-

Comment 01/25/14: Talked to a couple of IBM'ers last week to get them to join the Alliance. Many agreed that there needs to be a forum for employees. But they are not willing to join the allaince because:
1. There are not familiar with the agenda of the Alliance.
2. They are not convinced it will make a difference. -Anon-
Alliance reply: It is amazing that after 14 years and 7 million visits to the web site there are still IBM workers who claim they don't know what we are about. We have tons of information on the main page of our web site that says it all. Our missions statement on the web site is this:
Statement of Principles:
Alliance@IBM/CWA Local 1701 is an IBM employee organization that is dedicated to preserving and improving our rights and benefits at IBM. We also strive towards restoring management's respect for the individual and the value we bring to the company as employees. Our mission is to make our voice heard with IBM management, shareholders, government and the media. While our ultimate goal is collective bargaining rights with IBM, we will build our union now and challenge IBM on the many issues facing employees from off-shoring and job security to working conditions and company policy.
As we have said before we can make a difference if workers make it so.

Comment 01/25/14: The difference between the PC sale and server sale is that there is no duplication of work. In the PC sale, Lenovo already had a high number of employees in the PC business. This is not the case with servers. It is a completely different deal. Either way, people in System x now have almost 2 years to find a new job. This is far better than the 10-18k in Storage and P getting whacked next month.
As for the area in IBM making money, it is because IBM has no real structure for business. They leave the high profit service area out of the low margin hardware business. Why should one organization see 100-200% profit while the other doing the real work gets beat to death for an industry of single digit profit? If IBM thinks they can compete, let them. This is the Titanic that is already going down. Services - good luck competing with Accenture. Cloud - Amazon, Google, and others have you bent over already. Software - anyone can write code. -Anonymous-

Comment 01/25/14: Is anyone else noticing that managers have less people to manage and they are still around. To cut the amount of managers, they are hiding (cough) I mean finding new non-mgmt jobs for them to fill. How nice.... -EyesOpened-
Comment 01/25/14: The gdp for '1' performers only is not a rumor, it was laid out in Ginni's 2014 kickoff webcast. -anonymous-
Comment 01/25/14: Is it true they got a bunch of ex-IBM'ers to go to Poughkeepsie as contractors for the final server push then laid them all off last week. Sounds like they used peoples misfortune of losing their jobs last year to their advantage. -EFK'ED-
Comment 01/25/14: once the sale to Lenovo was announced, does the names of the employees moving to Lenovo are final? Is there a way to find another place inside IBM in another division or are you "marked" forever? -worriedsystemx-
Comment 01/25/14: do you know if there is a class action going on for age discrimination?-The blue-
Alliance reply: We have not heard of any new class actions for age discrimination in quite some time. Visit this link to learn more:

Comment 01/25/14: About "disappointed for having to pay for other division's losses". I am so tired of being a whipping boy for IBM. The truth is that HW is distinctly disadvantaged as services gets all the maintenance agreements and SW gets any contracts longer term. Couple that with a need to sell HW for a loss to get in, and is in any wonder why our counterparts find themselves dripping in $. Further complicating this is the face that priority in STG has z, p, and then x. I for one am glad to be done with it. I am not sure I see viability in services only model... but I do wish you the best of luck selling service contracts on Dell and HP systems. -Dugo-
Comment 01/25/14: A colleague told me that bonuses are cut from all but the top performers this year. Is that true? Normally, this colleague is very pro-IBM. But this time even he is disappointed for having to pay for other division's losses (our division's making money). And FYI, even though we aren't top performers, we still have good PBC rankings. If what he said is true, it's as if our hardwork and devotion are not appreciated unless we are at the absolute top. -Anon-
Comment 01/25/14: Yes Indian Ibmers get pbc 3 and get RAed but no severance or anything. It really sucks in ibm India. Management is rotten to the core and only sycophants survive. .@ss licking gets u promotions...pathetic work environment. -RA ibm india-
Comment 01/25/14: While those transferred to Lenovo may miss the IBM ax, I wouldn't count on anything other than short term. Of the 1800+ transferred in RTP to Lenovo in 2005, there are only between 100 to 150 left, mostly in management and marketing positions. -IBMtoLenovoAndOut-
Comment 01/25/14: Some PBC 2+ as way back as 2009 got no GDP, particularly those on a leave (medical, maternity/paternity, military, etc.) I know my IBM Director made sure I was not in the GDP plan in 2009. -sby_willie-
Comment 01/25/14: IBM is like the titanic except it is filling up deck by deck slowly. Worker Bees live on lower levels and with each RA are being tossed off (or drowned within) the ship. -Going Down-
Comment 01/24/14: Any one paying attention to the recent net neutrality ruling and connected the dots back to cloud services and IBM . If the ruling stays, the cloud strategy will blow back on face of IBM. What's stopping the ISP's to charge the service provide? And bye bye Netflix. -cloudNonsense-
Comment 01/24/14: After 29 years with IBM I was finally given the heave-ho in 2013. I feel for everyone who will be affected by this years RA. Please know that there is life outside IBM. You will feel stress at having to find another job, BUT...I can tell you from experience that there will also be a massive amount of relief. The biggest benefit I was not prepared for was the feeling that I had my life back in control. My life always revolved around 24x7 coverage, not being able to plan a weekend or for that matter a day off from work without being called back unexpectedly. It's the most amazing thing to be able to plan something with the family and not have to cancel the event. Best of luck to everyone! -miss_understanding-
Comment 01/24/14: 15 billion in stock buyback + the dividend payouts, 0 for employees. Just the stock buybacks are 30-40,000 per employee - yet we can't get $1000-$3000 bonuses? An organized "do not disturb" in sametime for a morning may get some attention. -canuck-
Comment 01/24/14: If you are one of the soon to be lenovo employees and are able to retire from ibm you should consider doing it as soon as possible. good luck -benthere-
Comment 01/24/14: OK, that does it. I just read some of the comments on Ginni's 2014 kickoff -- written (every one!) by a happy, inspired, optimistic, hard-working, committed employee. Sometimes posts on this Alliance board go a little overboard on negativity... but given the events of this week, those comments were ... mind boggling. I am hitting Paypal to say thank you the Alliance for this OPEN discussion forum. -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 01/24/14: Just confirmed that the only ones getting GDP bonuses this year will be those with a 1 PBC rating. -ModernDayTitanic-
Comment 01/24/14: Hearing that call center workers at IBM's Smyrna Georgia site are having their jobs sent to Bulgaria. -anon-
Alliance reply: First of all, any workers losing their jobs because work is moved offshore are eligible for Trade Act Adjustment benefits
Second, the alliance is tracking job loss and offshoring. Post information here or send to

Comment 01/24/14: Lenovo is Communist Chinese government influenced. *Maybe even owned* If you want to work for them, ask those that got transferred with the IBM Thinkpad to see if they are still all there. Remember how fast the IBM logo was removed in favor of Lenovo after that "deal"? I doubt Lenovo will honor the transferring of IBM benefits earned. So if you are 54 years old and not 30 years at IBM you lose lots. -Goners-
Comment 01/24/14: "Why not tell the media about how IBM is branding more of us as "3"s. I think this is unethical to assign invalid appraisals to encourage attrition and avoid bonuses. Are they trying to set people up to avoid severance? Very unethical. -Anonymous-"
I ask you, why would the media care what your rating is within the corporation you willingly work for? Why would any other person in the world outside IBM care? It must be fair. You didn't quit. Are you looking for everyone else to fight your battle? Only YOU can prevent employee abuse. Join the union. Get others to join.
Comment 01/24/14: Any idea what will happen to the folks that?s not part of STG supporting System x products at customer locations and is not moving to Lenovo as part of this deal. Example, folks in the Service organization, how will this announcement impact them after the deal is completed, they will now be supporting products that IBM does not own anymore. My guess is customers will ask for Lenovo employees to replace those folks, since Lenovo (ex-ibmers) employees are closer to their products and will be familiar with their in-house support process. Looks like a good reason for IBM to get rid of all remaining System x skills since they support products IBM no longer owns. It's not like IBM will retrain those folks. Any information will be appreciated. -Samson-
Comment 01/24/14: The x86 sale to Lenovo looks very promising for those that will be gone from IBM. IBM is still going to reduce 10-15k employees. Most of those are going to be from STG. The System x team is now not part of those discussions which mean P and Storage are going to get the brunt of it. At least in the X group, they get 6-9 months before the deal is done, another 12 months at least with Lenovo with a good chance of staying on beyond that. IBM is definitely not the company my dad started at in 196x. He was smart and took the FAP in the late 80s. Left on a Friday, back on Monday as a Supplemental making more money. He warned me to think IBM would be like it was when he started. -Gone-
Comment 01/24/14: Why not tell the media about how IBM is branding more of us as "3"s. I think this is unethical to assign invalid appraisals to encourage attrition and avoid bonuses. Are they trying to set people up to avoid severance? Very unethical. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/24/14: Asking for the RA package could backfire and cost you up to 13 weeks severance and maybe some COBRA medical. IBM management now wants to conserve as much $ as it can for a desperate stock buyback. Stock buybacks are IBM BAU but now it might be for sheer survival. It's better to work at IBM in organizing a union than asking for a package. A contract will beat an exit package for an IBM resource (ahem, employee), THINK TWICE. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 01/24/14: I would like to know if any RA's are happenning in India. Do Indian employees get severence package? -Need_to_know-
Comment 01/23/14: With the sale of X86 (low end server), can someone comment on value of ASIC and Foundry? My understanding is that ASIC/Foundry is to fill remaining fab space. Looking forward, value of ASIC/Foundry is quickly diminishing. Could BTV be next in line for quick sale? -Anon-
Comment 01/23/14: These comments about Warren Buffett make me sick. He "wants" the share price to lag so IBM can buy back more shares. If he's so smart, how come he doesn't remember that back in '93 the stock price went to $42/share and IBM had to borrow billions just to make payroll? Better put your stop-loss orders in Warren, because Ginni apparently is NOT a student of history, and IBM is headed in the same direction it was 20 years ago. -Ginni Akers-
Comment 01/23/14: IBM's 'Smarter Planet' Needs a Tutor:
"Samuel Palmisano sure knows how to make an exit ... It feels in a lot of ways like Palmisano set Rometty up ... Rometty, who inherited an IBM that recently set an all-time trading high, suddenly has a sagging share price, chaotic financials, and a fixer-upper on her hands."
However, it's on Rometty if she continues to pursue this ill-conceived Roadkill 2015 plan laid out by Palmisano that will ultimately lead to her own downfall, as well as severe, if not terminal damage to the IBM Corporation. -Grand Nagus Palmisano-

Comment 01/23/14: I've been at IBM for 3 years. I am hopping off this sinking ship while I still can. I have been an LTS, converted to full-time and then had my conversion revoked during 2013's RA. I will no longer live with the sweatshop hours, job security anxiety, and empty promises by management. Good luck to to all still chained to the IBM slavemasters. -ByeByeBigBlue-
Comment 01/23/14: Even if we got a couple thousands IBM'ers signed up for the Alliance, I have little hope that this is going to make a difference. For starters, for some reason, the majority of the employees don't seem to care and have decided not to join. More important then that, IBM management is running the company into the ground. Many skilled people have been laid off or have already left. Reminds me of the early 90s. I applaud Alliance's efforts and joined last year. Wish more would do the same.Folks, our jobs are on the line! -Anon-
Comment 01/23/14: "Warren Buffet's view on his 6% of IBM. "Although IBM stock has been under pressure of late, Buffett doesn't mind, saying he won't be selling IBM, and furthermore: "We should wish for IBM's stock price to languish throughout the five years."
Buffett's carefree attitude is based on his buyback calculus. Even if IBM stays flat, an $11.5 billion buyback program, along with a 12% dividend increase, makes Buffett's current shares more valuable.
And history proves more buybacks are likely: The company has returned more than $150 billion to shareholders in the form of dividends and share repurchases. The company has slashed its share count by a third in 14 years and paid a continuous dividend -- now yielding 2% -- since 1916." -Anon-
Comment 01/23/14: No GDP payout for 2+ and below performers Only 1 performers. Was in Ginni's broadcast today. She said it with a smile on her face too! -Anon-
Comment 01/23/14: A Cringely Ouch! IBM sells Intel server business, company is doomed IBM today sold its Intel server business to Lenovo, yet another example of Big Blue eating its seed corn, effectively dooming the company for the sake of short-term earnings. It?s a good move for Lenovo and an act of desperation for IBM. -Anon-
Comment 01/23/14: Just watched Ginni's propaganda video. Wow! The comments were making me physically sick. It's good that she was giving the full and honest story, but unfortunate that she ran out of time before getting a chance to explain the $1B set aside for job cuts. -Crazy Train-
Comment 01/23/14: -Gonein13- I couldn't agree with you more. If you are sure you want to leave, ask for a package. The managers have to provide the names of people to be let go to their bosses based on quotas they are given. If they have a volunteer that gives them one less they have to worry about anteing up. It will also save someone else who might want to stay. I was a manager for a short time in the late 90's and would have loved to have people like that in my back pocket when they were soliciting names. Unless you are totally invaluable they will probably honor your request because it is easier for them. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 01/23/14: I wonder how the x86 sale plays into the coming resource action. Does IBM need to thin the herd to get down to the 7,500 employees they're selling to Lenovo, or are they handing it off as-is? -Gone one way or another-
Comment 01/23/14: IBM sells x series to Lenovo. WOW. I thought IBM stands for International Business MACHINES? Pretty soon IBM will not have any machines or employees for that matter! -InternationalBusinessMalmanagement-
Comment 01/23/14: Let's see...35,000 employees exiting from sale of Customer Service business; 7500 from Server business; and another 10-15K expected to be RA'ed (based on $1Billion set aside according to CFO on earnings call. That's reduction of 52,000 to 57,000 FTE's out of 430,000 global employees. Wow! -SlimPickins-
Comment 01/23/14: Ref WSJ article. they really believe IBM will survive till 2034? Lol. I will be surprised if it survives 2015. Got a false pbc 3 last year joined a competitor. Life is good. IBM is riddled with the cancer of will die a painful death for all the wrongs it is doing to honest employees. Rot in hell blue. -wsj-
Comment 01/23/14: -Never-Ask- wrote " I see many posters talk about asking for a package or RA. Never do that unless you trust your manager completely..".
I did ask to be RAed and did not really trust my manager. I was given a full RA package at next cut. A manager friend told me that having someone asking for an RA was a plus for any first line manager with a conscience since it saved cutting someone else. If you want to go badly I would ask for a package. Better than staying regardless in my view, and now sounds like the time. -Gonein13-

Comment 01/23/14: 7,500 employees vaporized.
"Thurs AM: Lenovo agrees to buy IBM server business for $2.3 billion.Lenovo expects the acquisition of IBM's low-end x86 server business to raise its profile in the enterprise market Lenovo Group has agreed to buy IBM's x86 server hardware business and related maintenance services for $2.3 billion, it announced Thursday. Lenovo plans to offer employment to about 7,500 members of IBM's staff world-wide. The deal encompasses IBM's System x, BladeCenter and Flex System blade servers and switches, x86-based Flex integrated systems, NeXtScale and iDataPlex servers and associated software, blade networking and maintenance operations.
" -Anon-
Comment 01/23/14: Lenovo buys IBM's server business in China's biggest IT acquisition -gonegonegone-
Comment 01/23/14: What a nightmare these shareholder run companies have become to work in. If you don't have customer, employee, product, community .... and shareholder dead last in that order, you are a disaster in the making. Such is IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/23/14: -40 year employee- Many contractors had their contracts cancelled October 31st. There were no warnings and first level managers had no say so in the matter. Everybody is vulnerable. -ex contractor-
Comment 01/22/14: How could I possibly be surprised to see news of another resource action when they let me go last summer while retaining less qualified - albeit younger - peers? The disintegration of IBM is the classic consequence of greed in bed with rash stupidity. It will soon be Ginni and a couple henchmen holed up in Armonk like Tony Montana at the end of Scarface. "Say 'ello to my little EPS friend!!!" -not even remotely surprised-
Comment 01/22/14: I asked for a package, but I'd happily accept being let go with the "No Solicitation" and "No Compete" agreements null and voided. -Crazy Train-
Comment 01/22/14: yeah you will most likely be laid off with a pbc 3 but wait until that happens, at least you can get a severance package and until then just look for new opportunities. -edmonton-
Comment 01/22/14: No point to appeal PBC ratings, the managers have quotas on PBC 3s they have to give out and nothing can change the results once approved from top. Most likely your manager did not even want to give you a 3 but he was forced to give it to someone and your utilization was the lowest from peers. -cnd_ibmer-
Comment 01/22/14: Why does the man who led STG into this hole still have a job?? SVP of Corporate Strategy, no less. Failed execs keep jobs ... folks doing the work get canned. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/22/14: Analyst, Last sentence Ouch!
"For the $18 billion spent on returning funds to shareholders, the company managed -5% in revenue, -1% in net income but at least EPS was positive at 4% (which was the worst annual growth rate since 2009). Once again, no recovery narrative here, only a representation of just how QE infects the economic system with distorted incentives that actually work against the economy. I still fail to see how this all could be possible in a growing, recovery-like economy. It would at least be plausible were IBM and GE, among so many others, on their way to being replaced by smaller and more innovative competitors. But that is just not the case, there?s is not an idiosyncratic story here. It is a macro story of malfeasance at the highest levels." -Anonymous-

Comment 01/22/14: Saw this rather hilarious article extolling the virtues of the PBC system. This "analyst" seems to think it makes for employees who are vested in IBM's success. -anon-
Comment 01/22/14: Hey Ginni, how's that offshoring strategy working out? Getting rid of the experienced American workers for low cost know nothing foreign workers is a recipe for disaster and it is now showing in the quarterly reports. The iceberg has been hit. You're on the way down. -Big Blew retiree-
Comment 01/22/14: Herb Greenberg (CNBC) lays out part of the problem - -BlueNoMore -
Comment 01/22/14: Starving your kids and family of time by staying late at IBM in hopes of getting a 2+ or 1 is a waste for most people. In the new IBM it is rare that it will pay off. More than likely you will end up laid off anyway divorced and you would have just robbed you kids of time you will never get back and regret. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/22/14: @anonymous - "I firmly believe IBM's problems were well known to Ginny when she took over."
She damn well better have known as she was part of IBM's senior management team for years before. If it can be shown she was not was she clueless or did Greasy Sammy cook the financials along with Loughridge. Wonder if possible for class action suit against Sam to claw back his $50M retirement parachute. -Anon-

Comment 01/22/14: Appealing your PBC rating will NOT help. As a matter of fact, the moment you start whining about your PBC rating, your immediate manager will themselves offer to escalate to higher levels even before you do! One, they don't need to suffer the aggravation of having to deal with you any more. Second, the managers will happily let you talk with higher levels because they themselves know that they are faithfully following the order of higher levels to lower ratings. Your escalation will only prove to the higher levels that your manager was doing his/her job very well just as ordered! -BeenThereDoneThat-
Comment 01/22/14: I see many posters talk about asking for a package or RA. Never do that unless you trust your manager completely. IBM has a policy of letting employees go without the package if they ask for it. -never ask-
Comment 01/22/14: Head count reduction has been IBMs policy ever since Lou became CEO. Sam Ginny and Lou will continue to make millions while they continue to RA employees to make the numbers each quarter. IBM needs a union to protect the employees or else RAs will continue. -ANA-
Comment 01/22/14: In response to -contractor1- years ago my manager told me that contractors were hired because the WOULD be the first to go, but in the last few RA's, contractors were retained and full time IBM employees were shown the door. I guess the answer is that no one is safe at this stage of the game. -40 year employee-
Comment 01/22/14: Getting a 3 is like getting a Mafia kiss of death. You have been marked for death. Appealing a 2 or 3 upstream is like appealing a mob hit contract upstream to the mob bosses who ordered the hit in the first place. Needless to say PBC is a totally dodgy and corrupt system. Join the alliance! -FooBAR-
Comment 01/22/14: Awesome analysis... I love the comment the analyst made that IBM may have "over-optimized their model". -Anonymous-
Comment 01/22/14: Check out CNBC report:
IBM is good at "Engineering growth that no one believes" = cooking the book. Shouldn't growth come from research & developement through innovation and engineering... not from bean counters cooking the book. It may work for a while but people will see through. -Engineering Growth-

Comment 01/22/14: CNN reported today that IBM will be laying off 15000 to 18000 employees in 1st qtr 2014. due to missing revenue projections. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/22/14: Not a good sign when the Wall Street Journal calls out your financial practices.
"Does IBM Love or Hate Itself? Stock Buybacks Make Firms Look Attractive, but Also Deprive Them of Capital for Real Investment.
There is a rare type of organism that eats itself alive. One of them is International Business Machines Corp.
For the past 20 years, IBM has been an avid, methodical buyer of its own stock. In 1993, it had 2.3 billion shares outstanding. Today it has 1.1 billion, shrinking at more than 1% per quarter over the past few years. At that pace, there will be no more publicly traded IBM shares left by 2034." -Anon-

Comment 01/22/14: Instead of biding your time and hoping to be RAed soon, why not ORGANIZE NOW and get your contract and set IBM on the right course. It is crystal clear in 2013 IBM executives don't have a clue on how to run IBM. What do you have to lose since your job is going to be lost without a union contract! THINK TWICE and do it now! -sby_willie-
Comment 01/22/14: Expect all employees to have to forgo their incentives (bonus, pay raise, etc...). This is the year we are not getting anything at all. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/22/14: What happens to our stock options if we get RA'ed? What are the implications of a single 3 with an RA? Do we still get full severance? -Had enough and ready to go-
Comment 01/22/14: Received a 3 for the first time in a very lengthy career. Unfair. Undeserved. The question is what to do next? Ask for the RA? I'm not seeing a future here for anyone but political bureaucrats. Technical folks should move on. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/21/14: Wow, Some of the posts I am reading reminds me of playing the violins while the Titanic is sinking. Posters thinking that Ginni has a clue and is going to turn it around (really ?) to people asking if certain parts of STG will be affected (all jobs in STG will be affected) to posters calling for a strike (should have been done 10 years ago) to employees still giving up their weekends and holidays and getting a 3 and then thinking it is sad the company has come to this. No, that is not it at all. It is sad you career has come to this ! Feels like I am reading posts from a bunch of sheep. Wake up people, this is the IBM of 2014, they will do anything to fulfill this crazy Roadmap 2015 strategy and if it means cutting YOU, it doesn't matter! It doesn't matter what you have done for IBM or what your appraisal rating is. Be prepared to leave and always focus on your skills and career! -longtimrbeemer-
Comment 01/21/14: As per the prior posting about 401k matching I went back to my 2011 through 2013 paychecks and found that in 2011, while on commission, I did receive a 401k match for each commission payment but for 2012 and 2013 I did NOT for my excellence awards. Unfortunately I moved from commission to bonus in 2012, for the exact same job, which resulted in substantial savings for IBM. I need to get ahold of the 401k plan document to review the criteria for matching. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/21/14: Anyone have any information on how this STG RA is going to affect contractors? Do we expect contractors to be laid off before or after IBMers? -contractor1-
The Alliance received information that STG employee names for inclusion in a new resource action must be turned into IBM executive management by Friday Jan. 24, 2014. -Alliance-
Comment 01/21/14: Has anyone heard if STG customer facing positions will be impacted by the upcoming RA? I find it ironic that they announce RA, yet they continue to post new job postings. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/21/14: Confirmed. Layoff list to be submitted by Friday. Firings in Feb, usual 30 days. Please take me. The end is bliss. -Bonkers-
Comment 01/21/14: Recommend every employee ( present / invested in IBM stock ) to read this analysis to understand what is going in the company.
The accounting gimmick continues.
I would be very wary in an environment where interest rates rise. The firm will be caught in blues for not showing adequate revenue growth on the debt its taken on now. Present employees : Appears management have given up on idea of growing revenues. Capex has fallen. Upto you to decide to stick on or not. -messInIBM-

Comment 01/21/14: I firmly believe IBM's problems were well known to Ginny when she took over. However, I also knew she would not undo what Sam did in her first year as it would have significant impacts across IBM. Every new CEO needs to tread carefully as to not alienate Sammy's support base, nor move sharply away from what others regard as a working strategy (employee morale and treatment aside). That said, eliminating the CFO was HUGE in my mind to get back to a day where IBM was well regarded. She knows how to fix IBM. The key test will be whether she actually does what she knows to be the right thing. Maybe in the next year or two she will put programs in place to cater to employee morale. Time will tell. Until then, she still has an uphill battle and a lot of trust still to be earned. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/21/14: "my senior team and I have recommended that we forgo our personal annual incentive payments for 2013, said Ginni Rometty." She is a three at best. Three's do not get a bonus. If you are in hardware..BOHICA -Biker1mike-
Comment 01/21/14: Given the 3 today. Like a kick in the gut after on call over the holidays and checking emails while on vacations. Doing the job when the global team fails for hrs. Not a knock on the global team they just don't stay around long enough to get the experience needed. Started with a Career trying to hold on to a job. Sad to see the company has come to this.. -House of Blues-
Comment 01/21/14: 2014: "IBM, which has already carried out a string of job cuts in recent quarters, expects to record a fresh $1B workforce re-balancing charge in Q1."
2013: $1B workforce rebalancing in 2Q, resulted in RAs. Need I say more? -BOHICA-

Comment 01/21/14: IBM employees need to be aware that IBM continues to block our email alerts to internal addresses. In order to receive these at such a critical time please join the Alliance as a supporter here:
And if you really want to help join as a member. -Alliance-

Comment 01/21/14: 10,000 to 15,000 jobs cut? time for a strike! -Strike-

Comment 01/21/14: The Alliance@IBM has received information that managers in Systems Technology Group and the acquired business Kenexa, must submit a list of names for a resource action by Friday, January 24th. This years resource actions, and there will be more through the first quarter, is code named project Apollo. CEO Rometty, in response to the earnings report said this,
"in view of the company's overall results, my senior team and I have recommended that we forgo our personal annual incentive payment for 2013".

Big deal. They are rich enough to withstand that. They should forgo their jobs.
As we go through another critical time for employees we need now more than ever for people to say no to Roadmap 2015. The Alliance is here to help organize and fight back.
Information is also key. Send RA packs to the Alliance at
Comment 01/21/14: Managers at IBM Kenexa were also asked to submit their list of names for RA by this Friday. -Tim-
Comment 01/21/14: @-Blue_Flu_Lou- During the Q4 analyst call today "workforce re-balancing in Q1" was mentioned several times. -anon-
Comment 01/21/14: I was rated a 2 on my PBC right before I was let go in February of 09'. As many have stated, it's a joke. When I confronted my 2nd line in a teleconference after my RA, he told me that even though I was a "2" performer, there were others that performed better than I did. My reply to him (and he already knew) was that I didn't think there was a difference between one 2 to another 2 and that the process is flawed (and still is). The 3rd line refused to even speak to me being the spineless little gnome he is. If what's left of you don't organize, you continue to get what you deserve. In hindsight IBM did me a tremendous favor in the end. Good luck to you all. -*Glad_to_be_Gone_too*-
Comment 01/21/14: From the earnings announcement... expect resource actions in 2014 to be similar to 2013 - except mostly in 1Q. -Eyes Open-
Comment 01/21/14: Well the reaults are out and they suck ..revenue down 5% to 99b. We all know what that means. IBM is not worth working for anymore. I have decided to parachute out when I have the chance. -Sinking feeling-
Comment 01/21/14: Kiss PBC pay good bye. Q4 numbers out:"Total revenues for the fourth quarter of 2013 of $27.7 billion decreased 5 percent (down 3 percent adjusting for currency) from the fourth quarter of 2012.
"We continued to drive strong results across much of our portfolio and again grew earnings per share in 2013. While we made solid progress in businesses that are powering our future, in view of the companys overall full year results, my senior team and I have recommended that we forgo our personal annual incentive payments for 2013, said Ginni Rometty, IBM chairman, president and chief executive officer.
As we enter 2014, we will continue to transform our business and invest aggressively in the areas that will drive growth and higher value. We remain on track toward our 2015 roadmap for operating EPS of at least $20, a step in our long-term strategy of industry leadership and continuous transformation." -PBsCrewed-

Comment 01/21/14: The feedback from the company-wide Employee Engagement Survey will be made available in February. My expectation is that we will not receive the raw data, but rather a "heavily interpreted" version of the results. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/21/14: I am curious as to whether the IBMers who received "3" PBC ratings recently had any recent one-on-ones cancelled by your manager? I have not been rated yet, but in the past couple of months my manager has cancelled our one-one-one the last minute either by sametime or just not shown up to the meeting then ping me and tell he she is on another call and will get with me later, which never happens. I fear that the PBC "3" might be coming my way. I AM NOT A 3, and if I am rated as such, then I will act accordingly, like a "3". I will sign on at 9, sign off at 5, no weekends, take my lunch break every day. Not one bit of extra effort will be exerted on IBM. I will spend my time networking and doing my resume and looking for another job. It is sad because I really WANT to be an IBMer, I like my co-workers, team leader and my manager, I am sure it is not her fault at what she is being forced to do by upper equity vested goon management. -ForceMeToBeThree-
Alliance reply: Use your time to help organize the Alliance. Talk to your co-workers, send us names of IBMers and their email address. Don't just go meekly out the door.

Comment 01/21/14: @soon to depart - Definitely file for unemployment. Good chance IBM will not contest this at all. And if (unlikely) they *do* contest it (ie saying you were "fired with cause") - then make a strong case for yourself. The boards find for the employee in the vast majority of cases. -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 01/21/14: Paul: "RA coming 1st quarter. Code name Apollo."
We had Project Mercury last year and now Project Apollo. Makes me wonder what happened to (or with) Project Gemini? -Blue_Flu_Lou-

Comment 01/20/14: Of the 88,000 or so USA beamers how many are IBM managers? Strange how less IBM managers are RAed compared to the resources (ahem..employees..or as WaldyMart calls associates) It's who you know and what you don't know I reckon. Anyone know the 'number' that can be left for the 2015 roadkill to be achieved? -SmarterPlanet?-
Comment 01/20/14: I have been given rating 3 again. Work for India, not much evidence, Is fighting really helps me. Do we have any Law in India where we can ask IBM to terminate? -Anonymous-
Comment 01/20/14: To -Soon to depart- did they put you on the measured mile after the first 3? If so, you're probably right. If not, maybe you still have another year, although I don't know why you'd want to endure that hell for even another day. -WatsonIsDead_LongLiveWatson-
Comment 01/20/14: Has anyone heard word on results of or feedback from the company wide survey this past Oct / Nov? -Anon-
Comment 01/20/14: You should probably be eligible for unemployment. Check the NYS Dept of Labor Site for the Unemployment Insurance Claimants Handbook, at -Ben Cooked-
Comment 01/20/14: I'm not bitter anymore, but would like to get out. I quit being an IBM manager when I found out on the morning of day I was delivering PBC results that the ratings I had given my employees had been changed with no discussions with me. Obviously I still had to"own the decision", which meant some hasty re-writes. Has anyone experience with requesting a package? I don't understand why they don't offer voluntary packages. They could offer less than the RA ones and have no legal worries. -Crazy Train-
Comment 01/20/14: RA coming 1st quarter. Code name Apollo. RA names being gathered now. Employees to be notified last week of February and will be gone by last week of March. -Paul-
Comment 01/20/14: Mass cuts coming:
IBM Revives Effort to Sell Low-End Server Business
Revives An Effort That Came Close To Yielding A Deal Last Year

IBM is exploring a sale of its low-end server business, according to people familiar with the matter, reviving an effort that came close to yielding a deal last year.

Dell Inc. is one party looking at the IBM business, the people said, though it is unclear how seriously. -Anon-

Comment 01/19/14: @laid-off-2013: An employer trying to claw back money that has already been paid to you is probably illegal. Contact the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Regional Office for your area:
I had a situation similar to yours a number of years ago, and my former Employer backed down real quick, once they got a phone call from an NLRB Attorney. -Voting Alliance Member-

Comment 01/19/14: I was a 3 again this year. That makes two years in row, and I'm certain to be let go. Since I won't be departing as part of an RA does anyone know if I will qualify for NY state unemployment insurance payments? -Soon to depart-
Comment 01/19/14: Anyone missing funds from their 401(k) employee match in 2013? Every employee receives a different match percentage of pay, depending on the savings plan they are a part of. This figure also depends on how much they contribute to their 401(k). A few of us have noticed that IBM did not match bonuses as they have in years past. When excluding bonuses, it appears the employee match, compared with the total pay from the last paycheck, minus bonuses, comes out to be an even figure. In other words, shorted 401k matching funds for bonus money. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/19/14: IBMers expect that if they perform to the same level this year as they did last year, they'll get the same PBC rating. But that's not the case. IBM cooks the HR books with their "high performance culture" theories which say that employees are expected to grow within their position year to year. They are expected to be more productive, have more leadership than last year, etc. So long as employees stay on this growth curve, they'll get the same rating as last year. But as soon as their growth slows down, they have less value to the company, and their ratings start to decline. Even though they're performing at the same level as before. Of course, it's not possible to keep growing in your position. So the longer you're in grade, the more stale you become, and the more likely it is to have your ratings decline. And eventually, you get axed. This is how IBM gets rid of older employees. The HR system is designed to ensure that ratings do decline over time. It's "move up or move out." -Ben Cooked-
Comment 01/18/14: I worked as a long term supplemental starting in 2012. Most of my group was laid off in Q3 2013. A word of caution: IBM went after me 2 months after termination, claiming that I was overpaid, threatening collections. I tried to appeal but got a call center with at 45 min wait time and person who spoke very poor English. I am warning RA'd supplementals that IBM can and will go after you post termination, there is little you can do to fight it. I decided to pay up to avoid collections and protect my credit score. YMMV. -laid-off-2013-
Comment 01/17/14: RA'd in IBM Pok. Last day valentines day. 26 weeks severance. Happy valentines day to you too. -Happy valentines day-
Comment 01/17/14: I personally no longer care about PBC anymore. Whether I get a 1 or a 3, the money is crap. Instead I focused on doing the least amount of work, just enough to make my service utilization which is already low anyway. The rest of the time I do stuff that benefits me only not the IBM company. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/17/14: @Voting Alliance Member - what makes up the HR skew applied to PBC ratings? what factors does HR take into consideration? are they purely objective? -curious-
Comment 01/17/14: IBM is in the crapper.. ITS is having a problem using its workforce. no jobs.. Why? Customers are running.. the company is crippled and not able to respond to customer demand. The funny part.. A director signiture is now required for even customer paid travel.. So.. guess I cant show up at their site.. Too bad. -Stillin-
Comment 01/17/14: To all IBMers who are worried about PBC ratings. It does not matter. IBM is an { at will employer } and they can make you part of the resource action with no reason given any time management needs to lower headcount. Join the union and get a contract. -ANA-
Comment 01/17/14: Was rated a 2 again. After years of 1s and 2+s. With no explanation why. My manager even said I went above and beyond. But like many here, I dont care any more. I told him I think the PBC process is a joke. To take the many efforts and accomplishments of employees over a year and then force them to justify those efforts for an arbitrary number is insulting. And now there isn't even monetary gain associated. So I no longer give a you know what. Resume is updated. Looking for someone who appreciates my efforts. I wish I would have found this site years ago. I would have joined. But now I have nothing but loathing for IBM and am rooting for it's demise. -Fed Up-
Comment 01/17/14: "Mongo just a pawn in the game of life" Blazing Saddles. The only way things change is with a new sheriff. Leave Management in charge of your financial well being and you are nothing but a pawn like Mongo. Join the union. Encourage others to join the union. Who knows. You may even get an extra serving of beans for the next stockholders meeting. -Exodus2007-
Comment 01/17/14: I am not sure if IBM is really giving more "3"s to reduce variable pay. Reason: IBM has a "numeric factor" anyway in order to determine the size of the overall bucket for money to spend. In last years the numeric factor decreased and decreased ... means that i.e. a 1 or 2+ is getting fewer money every year. I think IBM realized that this nonsense has reached a level where many many IBM colleagues think"Mh, it is not worth to try to get a 1 / 2+. Lets just do business as usual and enjoy some more spare time.". I think that's a valid attitude and honestly: I don't care which grade I get if this is not associated with money. Would you? -oliverro-
Comment 01/16/14: Ginni is a failure and is bringing down IBM. Managers giving PBC 3's are also to blame because without a quality staff IBM is nothing. Managers don't do the real work. Corp IBM cannot see the forest for the trees, even when its a plain as day. IBM will be the next AOL, Blockbuster Video, Blackberry. Just NO strategy except to cut wages on the low earners. That will not get the stock to where they want it to go. Moving most centers to India is the next move and we all know its coming sooner than later. The writing is on the wall. -johnny2times-
Comment 01/16/14: Back in 2002/2003 IBM pulled the same thing with PBC ratings. This is done to save millions by not awarding employees the March bonus. I got a 3 rating that year as well. I didn't sign my PBC that year. However I did add a comment requesting management to let me know why I was never notified that my performance had dropped during the year and why I wasn't put on notice so that I could improve my performance. My manager signed the PBC and it went to the 2nd line to sign. The 2nd line never signed it.....Around the March time frame, my manager came back to me and asked why I never signed my PBC. I mentioned that I was waiting for someone to contact me to discuss my comments. Her reply "What comments?" Apparently, someone went in and DELETED everything I had written. I had saved a hardcopy submitted PBC so I KNOW the comments were submitted. Watch OUT! -miss_understanding-
Comment 01/16/14: For all these not signing their PBC, it does not matter one bit, been there bought the tee shirt. No bars on the windows. If you don't like it get out. Make it your choice to leave -Blue disharmony-
Comment 01/16/14: Cringley's Prediction for 2014: IBM throws in the towel: Any minute some bean counter at IBM is going to figure out that it is statistically impossible for the company to reach its stated earnings-per-share goal of $20 for 2015. Cutting costs, buying revenue, repurchasing shares and short-changing both customers and employees no longer adds-up to enough financial power to get the job done. This will lead to a management crisis at Big Blue. On top of that throw half a dozen customer lawsuits over bungled projects and it doesn?t look good for the regime of Ginni Rometty. -NotHopeful-

Comment 01/16/14: The issue is that more people are receiving "3"s this year than previous years. IBM is likely doing this to reduce variable pay, encourage people to leave to avoid severance, and to make the RA list easier to build and justify. The problem is that nobody left is a 3 performer. For many, the "3" appraisal is unfair and undeserved. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/16/14: IBM is not on the Fortune 2014 Best Companies to Work for list. The Cheesecake factory however is. Maybe Penny (Big Bang Theory) would make a better CEO than Ginni? -Anonymous-

Comment 01/16/14: CNN Published 100 Best Compnaies to work for. IBM did not even make the list.
Shame on you IBM.... Rather than people centric, IBM is driven to meet $20 eps by 2015. A number that was decided many years ago and out dated. Who's paying the price? Employees who were RA'd and those to be RA'd. I am so glad I am out and working for company who cares. -Shame on you IBM-

Comment 01/16/14: IBM doesn't have to use PBC to thin the ranks. It adds a veil of legitimacy to a process of reducing headcount. I see how people react when they get a three... What should I do? Should I challenge or not. Will it prevent me from losing my job? Should I sign or not? You could be a 1 and if that job can be done overseas or cheaper they will do it. Only a contract will give you protections. -samtheman-
Comment 01/16/14: To anon, regarding not signing the PBC in protest of the 3 rating. Nothing happens except it gets some attention usually. In fact, it's probably already expected by your Mgr and his Mgr. They know at this point they are forcing people into aligning them into a probable RA that is already in the works. So, at this point I would not only not sign it but i would comment why you disagree so you can grease the skids for any escalation which HR is already prepared for anyway. Sorry, I know it's not too encouraging but at this stage you have been picked as number to fill a quota although they will always say not so and always say it's based on performance. Not true! Unfortunately I had to play under those rules and hated every moment knowing i wasn't really being honest with employees. I had a boss that wouldn't stand up and back up his Mgrs. for what was right. Glad to be gone. Best of luck! sincerely -g.r-
Comment 01/16/14: To anon, you don't have to sign your PBC, but your manager will probably still have it entered in the system. The only thing by you signing it, says that your manager reviewed it with you, and they have checked off on it, their manager checked it and so on. If you don't sign it, it is still in the system and they will say they reviewed it with you. When it comes to PBC distributions, organizations already know what their skews will be. My suggestion is to keep your skills marketable. Sent home in 2009, and moved my pension plan, and 401K from IBM. Since I am not there, not leaving my money. Left corporate america all together, and don't miss. Somethings to remember in life. I had a life before IBM, during IBM, and life continues after IBM if you so choose. -Gone09-
Comment 01/16/14: Left the business in dec. Had to do pbc. Cut and paste 2012. Made a 2+ again. Expected that would be 3 since left on own. At least some management has class -gg-
Comment 01/16/14: IBM is demeaning good employees by giving them a 3 for its own selfish reasons greed and survival. It sucks. All pbc 3 should file suit for the mental agony loss of self confidence and brutality being inflicted by managers to keep the flag flying. Or better still just is going to sink sooner rather than later anyway. -pee bee see-
Comment 01/16/14: Anon, you were a PBC 2 until maybe just before your PBC was finalized (maybe your FLM fought for you to stay a 2 but your second line or director just ordered you to be a 3 due to an HR quota/skew) or you were way off the deep end of your pay midpoint earlier this year (barely 'competitive' pay) or you were in a skill set that would qualify for an MBA. Generally, only PBC 1's and 2+'s can or usually get raises; only a few, select PBC 2's get a small, miniscule raise if they can even garner one.
Being a PBC 1, 2+, or 3 or even getting a recent raise does not guarantee immunity from an RA: I was a PBC 2+ and got snipered out in the 2009 'big RA' and got a nice 0% raise..
I know it makes no sense how you can get a raise and now be a PBC 3 and maybe RA eligible, but IBM MAKES NO SENSE. The idiotic and cruel IBM upper management is ruining and running the asylum in a quest to fulfill Roadmap 2015. Unfortunately, they made you a 'contributor' to obtaining their greedy and lofty goals. -trexibmer-

Comment 01/16/14: There seem to be a lot of questions about how the peer review of a bad appraisal works. I tried to make a message that explained that, but too complex to get in 1000 characters. -anon-
Comment 01/16/14: I went from a 2 to a 3 this year for some nitpick reason...I manually kept track of my 40 hours of education and did not enter it into Talent@ibm. I got a raise in 2013. How does a raise and pbc 3 go together?? What happens if I don't sign the pbc? -anon-
Comment 01/16/14: @-Seymour-: First, my condolences on receiving a "3" rating. I'm sure that was devastating and not at all reflective of your hard work. However, please understand how the PBC system truly works: all employees in a department are ranked, a skew from HR is applied, and that is how your rating is determined. The "commitments" and "results" parts are nothing but a bunch of baloney to give an illusion of fairness. It is a purely subjective assessment by Management, and ends up being just a "popularity contest". At this point, you should definitely talk to your 2nd Line Manager, and then appeal to a review board. In this environment, there is very little downside. However, you should also prepare for what is probably coming next. Start looking for a job outside IBM immediately, and take a look at the Alliance@IBM Job Cut Survival Kit which has a lot of good ideas. If you believe you have been a victim of age discrimination, you may also wish to consult with an experienced labor law attorney. -Voting Alliance Member-
Comment 01/15/14: Yes you can go before a panel review to protest your PBC rating. There is information out there on how to accomplish it. HR will assign a person to assist you. I have never known any one to present their case and be turned down. A few have kept their job afterwards and even managed to get a job in other area. It is worth trying to keep the job an additional year in hopes the job market will improve. Each year you write your PBCs that is a contract for a year's work. It was by prep work for PBC review panel that HR educated me on the PBC process. I recommend that you go for it! Going to upper mgt to discuss it is useless. -RA'd Austin/2010-
Comment 01/15/14:
2014 is here and the countdown for Roadmap 2015's goal of $20 earnings per share has begun. CEO Rometty and other executives are determined to reach that goal even if it destroys employees lives, short-changes customers and damages the business.

It is not just the Alliance saying this, it is said throughout the company by workers who feel they will be discarded to reach that goal.

The goal of $20 eps has been meeting resistance in the marketplace already. Missed targets and a series of poor quarters do not bode well for meeting the goal.

So what does the IBM executive team do? Keep the pressure on by more cost cutting and more firings? Or come to their senses and realize they are pushing a bad business model.

Unfortunately it will probably be business as usual and the employees will pay the price. PBC evaluations are taking place and reports once again show that large amounts of workers are unfairly seeing their number drop. That puts you at risk for being targeted for a "resource action".

But the company is also paying a price. Not only are good and talented employees being "RA'd", many are leaving the company because the workplace has become toxic. Those that remain report long and abusive hours, units cut of staff so deeply that the customer suffers, and work piles up on those left to take up the slack.

It really is time to put the IBM house back in order but it won't be the executives that do it. We all must do it.

First of all we must organize, build the Alliance everywhere, and bring IBM executives to the negotiating table. They can not be in charge of our future because frankly they consider employees liabilities to the goal of $20 eps.

We must say NO to the executives blind, greed driven goal of $20 eps. It is time to rebuild and save the business, utilizing the talents of IBM workers, not the bean-counters.

We are at a critical point. Do we continue to allow corporate management to push a path that does not reward employees but does reward large investors and executives?

Or do we push for a better future for employees, the business and our customers?

Let's organize, speak up and rebuild. Lets bring back respect and dignity to the IBM workforce.

Start today by joining the Alliance, the only advocate for workers.

Important links:

IBM job cut reports:


Building employee power in IBM: -Alliance-

Comment 01/15/14: In all seriousness, _I_ (and doubtless many others) would really benefit from seeing (or vicariously hearing/reading about) the PBC appeal process. I mean that non-sarcastically. It also seems very on-topic for this Alliance Job Cuts forum; what can employees do, what recourse (if any) is available, how will the mechanistic HR-machine respond, etc. Concrete factual narratives would serve better than blanket no-one-cares assumptions (which may, sadly, themselves be correct). Please keep us posted. -SimpleMath-
Comment 01/15/14: @foobar - AIX is dead anyway. IBM invested a Billion dollar 10 years ago to support Linux thinking it would kill Windows. Windows is still going strong in the Enterprise, Linux took off of course but at the expense of AIX. Now IBM is investing another Billion to support Linux on Power to try to save the hardware, but the OS, AIX, is dead for sure. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/15/14: A manager who posted here said that we should all challenge the "3", especially if it is a drop from a history of better appraisals. Flood the review process with challenges to make a statement. They have done this deliberately to squeeze variable pay, as if we didn't all see that coming with the establishment of variable pay years ago - just another tool set up to screw the workers. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/15/14: -Seymour-: If you do get a peer review and get your PBC 3 to a 2 you will probably be RAed in the next round anyhow. Maybe you stay and work in IBM uncomfortably for another year...
I was always a PBC 2+ and got RAed. Your PBC rating means nothing (oh well a PBC 2 and above get some little $ with that GDP thing..)
If you had a union contract this would not happen!!! The Alliance has been saying this since 1999 but IBMers don't THINK about it, let alone THINK TWICE! -IBMUnionYES-

Comment 01/15/14: Sure hope Obama rips IBM RTP over unemployment. Doesn't NC only get 20 weeks UI at this point? Ok, where are the jobs? ONLY 74K job creation last month is NOTHING! How many in NC? -tar_healed?-
Comment 01/15/14: AIX organization took a 20% hit from the RAs. Since then about another 20% have left the company or transferred to Linux. The org is crippled and cannot produce the products in plan. -foobar-
Comment 01/15/14: -Seymour-: If you are going to escalate your review (it certainly can't hurt), the best chance at success is to ask for a peer review instead of going through your management chain who already approved this rating. A friend of mine did that (granted a few years ago) and had a 3 overturned back to a 2. Even if it doesn't do any good it will make your management have to do some work. Good luck. -East Fishkill Member-
Comment 01/15/14: -Seymour-: I am not saying that appealing your appraisal works in all instances; but it did work once for me. This is not to say that we shouldn't have a union (I pay my dues) or that labor in this country isn't flat on its back (it is, and we're all partly to blame for that because we elected the people we did). But, if you are dealt an injustice, you should protest it. Write your appeal as if your job depends on it--because it does. -BeenThere-
Comment 01/15/14: -Seymour-: Since you're getting a lot of advice from here, including from the Alliance, how about posting an update to tell everyone here how it turns out? Let's see if "escalation" does you any good. Let's see if you find another job in IBM. Let's see if NOT organizing all the years you've been at IBM was the right thing for you to do, ok? I'm sure all these people posting advice would like to know what happens with your plan to escalate. How about coming back here and giving us all a report, ok? -postanupdate-
Comment 01/15/14: A former co-worker of mine confirmed the item below about the midwest account that refused to put in the extra hours for Jan. They formulated an email response and all sent the same to managers. They agreed that 45 hours was fair, but giving up weekends has become way too common when they are already on call 24/7 and often work weekends due to projects and problems. I guess mgmt also tried to tell them that they would have to make up any days they took off at the first of the year - most of which was deferred vacation from 2013 they they had to give up for the 3rd additional ask in December. They said the continual ask for additional hours was not a long term solution to meeting unrealistic utilization targets. Who can blame them... When will it stop? -Deb-
Alliance reply: It will stop when this action by the mid-west account is replicated across the company. It is time everyone did what they did. Send a message to the executives: no more abuse!
Comment 01/15/14: Regarding comment 01/14/14 PBC rating: I agree that most probably the direction came from upper mgmt to make you a 3. Nevertheless, PBC is based upon the business committments (PBC goals) which you established. So your rating can not be 3 if you met/overachieved your goals. Review that and if you find discrepancies talk to your manager. -oliverro-
Comment 01/15/14: Does a "3" impact severance? Also, for those with a few stock options, will we lose those with RA? Do we have to cash them in before RA? I know that we lose them if we quit. Thanks. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/14/14: For -seymour- escalation wont work. Instead use the time to prep your resume, build your network and prepare for the inevitable. -waste of time-
Comment 01/14/14: To: -Seymour- when your manager told you that you did not contribute as much as your peers, he/she probably meant only one thing - that your utilization was not as high as the others'... even if you met the target. Ute is almost the only thing that counts. It's not about high profile work. -canuck-ibmer-
Comment 01/14/14: -Seymour-, Escalating and trying to appeal your PBC decision will not help. The second line manager is probably the one that asked to give you a lower PBC rating. It happened to me. PBC has become so corrupt that it useless. I had a 2 and I got let go because of my age. A PBC 3 employee got to stay. If you had 23 years you must be at least 40 and most like has been targeted for your age and your pay. Once you have been targeted you are like an impala in the sight of a cheetah on the African plain. Barring an act of God.. you are done. -Foo-
Comment 01/14/14: I also feel that I will receive a 3 this year. For 25 years, I was a 1 or 2+. The last 2 years, I have dropped to a 2. It was alarming as I had contributed just as much as prior years. I suspect that this year, I will drop to a 3 as IBM tries to encourage more of us to leave. My manager has already hinted that appraisals will be dropping across the board, and he has indicated there is frustration with this at lower management levels as all non-performers are gone. So, people who are performing are now going to be labeled non-performers as IBM looks for ways to encourage attrition and make the next RA selection list easier to build. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/14/14: -Seymour- Definitely you should protest your '3' if you think it invalid. Document all your reasons thoroughly and present to your second-line manager. I agree with you that what job you are given determines whether or not you can shine when compared to your peers. Nevertheless, some second-line managers are reasonable. Even if yours is not, you will feel much better if you present your case; and, it worked for me. -BeenThere-
Comment 01/14/14: -samtheman- and -anonymous_retiree-: Thanks for clarifying the facts. That sounds potentially ominous for a companies' pension annuities being sold to an insurance firm. No wonder those retired Verizon managers are concerned! -sby_willie-
Comment 01/14/14: ISSW in the US is also planning to do some RAs I have heard and I will try to confirm these rumors shortly. The VP of ISSW services and support is moving to a new position and a new VP is taking over. The rumor is the new guy is going to do some clean up to start on better ground. Results in ISSW in the past few years have been mixed. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/14/14: For those mentioning job cuts/RA rumours, it might be helpful to note what section of the company you are in (nothing that would be too specific obviously) but maybe something at at least "GBS, GTS, etc" level. -what next-
Comment 01/14/14: Five days before Xmas my manager told me for the first time in my 23 years at IBM my PBC rating would be a "3". I was told at mid year I was a "2", and was never told anything different at the monthly one-on-one meetings. He said it wasn't that I didn't complete my assigned duties it was just that I didn't contribute as much as my peers beyond my assigned duties. He said I was just low on the ranking list and I fell just below the line for "3"s. With IBM having layoffs every year, I plan on escalating, what have I got to lose. Does anyone have any advice on how to approach the escalation? What are the points I should be refuting? Are there any laws IBM is breaking with this PBC vs ranking/rating? I feel the job you are given determines how much you can shine. That if you aren't given high profile work you can't contribute more. As proof I offer my past assignments were I have been rated a "1" and"2+". But since my old job was eliminated and I joined a new group I get crappy jobs. -Seymour-
Alliance Reply: IBM is not "breaking" any laws. It's business as usual for IBM. Escalate all you want. It won't help. More than likely, upper management are the ones that gave your manager the direction to make you a "3", in the first place. This is why we have been telling IBMers since 1999, that IBM sees you as an "At Will Employee". You have no protection from any union contract and very little from the Labor board of your State. Want some advice? Start looking for a new job now. IBM has made it clear that your days are numbered at IBM. Sorry for your situation and your impending job loss. Better luck to you in the future.

Comment 01/13/14: After five years, it'd be nice to say it's been better out there, but it really hasn't been. Many companies have followed IBM's new business practices, and it's getting worse all the time. Tech is an incredibly difficult and frustrating nightmare these days, and it never gets to that "plateau of stability" we IBMers once had. Oh, but the economy is improving...uh, yeah. -the_hell_tech_became-
Comment 01/13/14: -sby_willie- The PBGC has nothing to do with insurance companies or their failure with annuities. These are strictly covered under state insurance and contract law. The only time the PBGC is involved is with company run pension plans. Once a company sells a retirees benefit to an insurance company it is no longer part of a company plan so PBGC coverage is terminated. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 01/13/14: Any more news or details on upcoming RA's?? Anxiously waiting to see what happens, will there be the std. packages, etc.... -Waiting on an RA package-
Comment 01/13/14: To further expound on my comments on the upcoming RAs - my source said that the high level execs are complaining about the results and that management just wants to cut headcount. Also that the upper execs 'don't give a sh **' about their people' (exact quote). -Anon again-
Comment 01/13/14: Well just had my review. The annual PBC. Manager forced to reduce most if not all people in unit. I was reduced. Can't fight it as it is so subjective and constant clamor about we must do more every year and raise the bar. We are already down 35% soon to be 40% of the people in the unit with the same work needing to be done. Command from above as IBM sales lacking and stock price falling. I'm not is sales, but suffer the consequences. So tired of this process. -anonymous-
Comment 01/12/14: Today I'm saying goodbye to IBM after 8 years of service. Ever since IBM announced the furlough, I have been actively seeking another job. It took me 6 months to land a new job. One of the biggest challenges I faced was employers kept saying "we don't want to hire IBMers". Sad as this may seem, this is one of the toughest challenges IBMers will face. IBM is big, bloated, and very bureaucratic. Employers know this, and they don't want that (especially small business). I have always supported the union, and I wish all who remain the best of luck. I'm looking forward to not wondering if I will have a job next week or not, no more PBC's, and a bigger paycheck with a smaller company. -GoneFromSTG-
Comment 01/12/14: Heard thru the grapevine, an account in the Midwest stood up and refused to put in the extra hours demanded for January. Can anyone verify? Might join in if true. -None-
Comment 01/11/14: How does IBM reconcile that people employed for years with 1 and 2+ appraisals have suddenly dropped to 2 and 3? Come up with another way to lay us off. It's unfair and misleading to drop appraisals. -Anonymous-
Alliance Reply: IBM doesn't reconcile anything when it comes to the workers, no matter where they are located.
You'll never get IBM to treat you "fair"; unless you have a union contract signed by your union and IBM Management. IBM's motive IS to fire as many IBMers as it takes to meet the 2015 Roadmap. Fight back. Join Alliance@IBM and get co-workers to do the same. Then take some collective actions to organize enough IBMers to get a union election. It may be hard and it may take time; but if you do nothing, then you should expect to be treated "unfairly".

Comment 01/11/14: @What Next, @Curious: Here is the announcement on the 9th: -Anon-

Comment 01/11/14: -samtheman- Thanks for noticing! I meant to add: "..only when the insurance company fails or goes bankrupt chapter 11". Yep, the PBGC only goes in as a last resort once the creditors are taken care of. -sby_willie-
Comment 01/10/14: Two upcoming RAs. One end of January for the 2013 '3' performers. And one in March/April timeframe for some '2' performers. This is in GBS. Was also told cuts in recruiting in January due to reduced new hire requirements. -Anon-
Comment 01/10/14: Of the 74K jobs created last month in the USA how many ya think were created by IBM? -curious-
Comment 01/10/14: I know about extinction; I'm a dinosaur after all. IBM is not going to be happy until all resources (o.u.a.t know as human employees) are RAed and cloned Watson supercomputers are the only resources or virtual employees left!
You don't have to pay or give any benefits to a machine no matter how artificially intelligent it is.
I reckon that is IBM's SmarterPlanet?
Of course there will be IBM executives in Armonk and around the world for IBM just to reap in the greed and wealth a hunk of iron is giving them just for what is left of human presence. Far fetched? Well, Think Twice. -trexibmer-

Comment 01/10/14: GBS consultants who exceeded 100 hours in overhead (non-billable) 2013 work were asked this week to supply VP-level leadership with a single-paragraph justification for said activities. Difficult to say whether this is the 'typical' Feb/March resource-cleanup, or a broader exercise... but, whichever way you slice it, it can't be good. More to follow. -SimpleMath-
Comment 01/10/14: -sbywillie- You have some facts incorrect. The PBGC does not insure the annuities that are created when pension obligations are transferred. They also can not reduce benefits. The payouts are only guaranteed by the ability of the insurance company to pay. So if the insurance companies fail that could cause problems. The insurance companies are regulated by state agencies. -samtheman-
Comment 01/09/14: sby_willie - If IBM buys annuities for all eligible retirees and terminates the retirement plan you no longer have PBGC coverage. At that point the annuity is covered under each individual states insurance and contract laws. The monthly payout of the annuity will be the same as you are already receiving and cannot be lowered. The biggest problem with the annuity is the coverage in the event of a failure of the issuer. With a pension you have the deep pockets of the PBGC and federal government. With an annuity your state will try to get another company to take over the annuity. If that is unsuccessful you will receive anywhere from $100k-$500k depending upon the state you live in. This amount is not enough to buy a new annuity for the same monthly payout of most folks pensions. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 01/09/14: Dues paying member here. Just got PBC results from manager. Went from a 2+ to a 3. Was forced into a new role in mid 2013, I have the skills but not the tribal knowledge (and coworkers are "too busy" to cooperate when I ask questions), therefore I'm "the lowest contributor in the department". Apparently the fact that "I can be taught" (hence my 1 and 2+ reviews in the past umpteen years) means nothing. Even if I fight, I'm sure it will be a losing battle; I'm now at the top of the list for the next RA. On the one hand, I'm really PO'ed, on the other, it's a relief. But overall? I'm really DISAPPOINTED in my USA colleagues... if they'd get over their FUD, they would have ORGANIZED long ago and that would have prevented the whole gut-wrenching scenario from ever happening. -BoulderAnon-
Comment 01/09/14: Read about the new Boeing contract -,0,975063.story#axzz2puirDmFH
Or hear about it -
And that's with the help of a union! If only IBM was the only problem company! It's too many years down the road for me, but I sure wish I had gone to work for the government when I got into the labor force -- I'd still have a defined-benefit pension and I wouldn't have constant fear of being fired for no reason. My friend in NASA says no one gets fired, ever. (I suppose occasionally someone does get fired, but you'd have to do a *really* bad job.) -Anonymous-

Comment 01/09/14: As a Manager, we were forced to select 2+ to be 2s as we had no 3's left. This is to stop people from being eligible for promotion (have to be 2+ or 1 for 3 consecutive years). Then my VP did it to me - told me I had the biggest year ever then rated me a 2 so he could RA me. I was initially shocked (and so were my clients) but I feel only relief now to be out of all the 2-faced Executive lies and a general feeling that no matter how hard you work, it doesn't matter because if you are not in a GR country your time is limited there. -_glad2begone_-
Comment 01/08/14: So, what's the important announcement at 9 AM US Eastern Time (sitting at the top of W3 home page) -What next?-
Comment 01/08/14: An 'important announcement' is apparently happening on the IBM Linkedin page tomorrow morning at 9:30 am, according to w3. -Curious-
Comment 01/08/14: This is slightly off topic since it is not specifically discussing a job cut but can potentially affect you once RAed:
If IBM can de-risk and transfer the employee pension assets if means a few things:
1) IBM does not wish to fully fund the pension anymore.
2) the vapor profit for maintaining the pension funds that IBM reaps is not profitable enough for them to keep it.
3) IBM feels they will be unsuccessful in reducing pension annuities legislatively through lobbying on their own and don't want the liability anymore.
Once an employee pension is, say, transferred to an insurance firm, IBM is no longer liable for the existence or viability of the pension plan. So the insurance firm can possibly reduce the annuity or even mismanage the pension trust funds and then fail to fully or adequately fund it and then the PBGC would step in. -sby_willie-

Comment 01/08/14: If IBM earnings and revenue continue to be down, I don't have to tell you an RA will happen somewhere, Most likely in a HCC versus an LCC (lower cost country (in terms of labor)).
So when are you going to try to do something about this instead of just looking and browsing become at least an Alliance associate supporter?
You have the power to do something to stop this if you want to. It is called organizing and getting a labor contract through collective bargaining. LIFE@IBM IS STILL NOT GOOD. -trexibmer-

Comment 01/08/14: On w3 today: Important IBM announcement tomorrow morning! Anyone know what's up? -centex-
Comment 01/08/14: IBM Migration Factory senior management indicates that there are plans to convert all existing consultants to FTE status on or before 2/1/14 and layoff those who do not convert. This is apparently not public information and not information that has been provided to current staff. -Anon-
Comment 01/08/14: As for robbed's pension theory, I'd thought of the same scenario just a few days ago except I also thought that much of the buy-back stock would go to exec options and the government wouldn't care since that would be just one less but huge potential liability. However, it might backfire were the market to justifiably see this as nothing but dispersion. -Anon-
Comment 01/08/14: More IBM Aus misery - Websphere failed for website of largest Aus dept store over Xmas period 26Dec to 2Jan. 'Rumour' has it was simply licence certification issue. Thinks are rock bottom here with GD everywhere. Good luck all. -JumpedonWriting-
Comment 01/07/14: -robbed- Yes, this has happened in another corporation already: Verizon management pension funds were transferred or de-risked to Prudential. So all IBMers who have been RAed and expect their pension for retirement or to roll it over to their own IRA better beware. Why not get a contract and get some legal protection to make sure IBM doesn't touch your pension? -sby_willie-
Comment 01/07/14: @longtimebeemer... I'm looking for a "LIKE" button, because you summarized extremely well the logic many applied in deciding for the T2R program. I just wish they would do it again so that I could sign up!!! -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 01/06/14: My theory on the pension given the rumors about forcimg everyone who qualifies to take the old pension and leave or stay and get the cash balance is IBM will be able to farm out the pension obligations to an insurance company who provides annuitues. IBM will give them enough cash from the pension fund to legally satisfy the remaining obligations and eliminate the obligstion from the boks. The excess cash will then be used to buy back stock and reach the EPS goal for the 2015 roadmap. -robbed-
Comment 01/06/14: A couple of employees freed up by the back-burnered Blue Harmony project joined a project swapping out existing contractors and sending them on their way. Hope for other BH resources they'll find spots, too, vs ending up in RA by default. Once placed, however, may give management another opportunity at re-balancing. -BlueCacophony-
Comment 01/06/14: On a call this morning with a bunch of GRs who appear to not only work for IBM but do full time childcare - screaming children in the background. It seems every call I'm on these days has screaming children. How many people are actually working on the IBM payroll these days? -Anonymous-
Comment 01/05/14: Alliance, Please allow this on your Job Cuts board. It's not about IBM specifically but it is about the damage and death that has occurred as a result of NAFTA. This policy allows money/capital to cross the borders of North and South; but not people from the south. This policy has lost 700,000 jobs from the US and diluted workers' rights and destroyed environmental protections for 20 years. NAFTA needs to end, now:
NAFTA = Death: Artists Mark NAFTA's 20th Anniversary With Border Protest -EndNAFTA-

Comment 01/04/14: -@elongshore- Although I agree that we lost some good people - I think that it makes good business sense for IBM to offer retirement incentives to the higher-paid older employees. They can't RA all of us, because of the ever present possibility of age discrimination suits. And for older employees, a retirement"sweetener" may offer a desirable alternative. I know I would be interested now. But from what I've heard, HR considered "ease into retirement" as something of a failure - they expected, but did not see, massive enrollment in that program. That's apparently why the program was one and done.... I expected it to become an ongoing option, but no. -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 01/03/14: To Anon - It is about time they get rid of some DEs. They can't bill their time since they are way too expensive and frankly I don't even see most of them even be technically good! In SWG services, the ISSx orgs we bill customers over $300 per hour. Customers are fed up and won't be paying these rates much longer. The solution is to lower the rates and get rid of the fat or the people who can't bill. That includes DEs and low level management (level 1 to 3). -Anonymous-
Comment 01/03/14: -elongshore- You are right, a large number of very experienced professionals took the T2R program and left the company recently, I being one of them. However, not all of us went on the program to avoid a layoff. Many of us were planning on retiring anyway by the end of 2013 and being able to walk into a part time job was an attractive option. I think most of us would have happily taken a layoff to get the severance. I know I volunteered to be laid off many times before I went into T2R. I did volunteer to take a poor PBC rating for 2013 hoping it would allow somebody who was staying to avoid havng to get a 3. Good luck to all that are still there. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 01/03/14: @Anon: It's not just customer facing technical folks. Burlington took a major hit this summer. Now we're bleeding people (leaving by choice.) Some went South (Boston area), some went West (Intel, including a director), and now a Canadian entrepenuir has opened an IP startup right down the road, and about a dozen engineers have left to work for him (DE, STSM, Sr Engineers, some laid off who were back as contractors). -Anonymous-
Comment 01/03/14: @trexibmer There was an article about a week ago that last years X86 sale to Lenovo is back on the burner. Loughridge said in the Q2 or Q3 call, that "divestitures will take place in 2014". He used the divestiture term in the plural sense indicating more than one sell off. -Anon-
Comment 01/03/14: @elongshore, I agree. Since last week I have received ten goodbye notes from long timers who were customer facing technical folks. Coupled with that are some surprising job changes announced on LinkedIn, etc. including now former DE's (Distinguished Engineers). This loss of technical skills flies in the face of Ginni's Q1 internal rant about wanting 24 hour customer response. -Anon-
Comment 01/03/14: IMHO more job cuts can be on the way in 2014 since IBM's CLOUD strategy is FOGGY at best. IBM is not a leader in the CLOUD just a follower-on. IBM is desperate to make it to 2015 EPS Roadmap target and RAs are unfortunately the only way to get there with how IBM is now. -trexibmer-
Comment 01/03/14: IBMers and ex-IBMers: I hear your outrage about Retiree Health Benefits change (i.e. continued broken promises) loud and clear; but please closely watch your pension (if you have one) in 2014. Towers Watson (once known as Watson Wyatt) who brought you the 1999 IBM pension heist is still influencing lobbying groups and you can be sure IBM executive management wants to try to influence the future of PPAs with Senator Harkin retiring.

Any change(s) to ERISA or your IBM pension will not be to your benefit!

A must read is Ellen Schultz's excellent book "Retirement Heist". If you don't find it's contents even mildly disturbing I don't know what you are reading to the contrary.

LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD (and not getting any better UNLESS you try to actively participate in securing your retirement benefits any way you can! Gee, wouldn't a contract with IBM be nice?!) -trexibmer-

Comment 01/03/14: several thousand us workers retire from IBM, those who opted for the 3 day work program in return for no layoff. Major talent pool eliminated. Lots of highly experienced seasoned professionals MIA. US workforce is reduced further. -elongshore-
Comment 01/02/14: Retiree health payments is in paid in arrears. Heck, even IBM can not charge you for something you don't get anymore. -Gary-
Comment 01/01/14: If IBM messes with retirement benefits is there no way of getting together and file a class action suit? -Retirees-
Comment 01/01/14: It is truly sad that IBM still screws their retirees and employees. After 30 years with IBM and a retiree IBM did A great job by taking away my health benefits when we were promised we would have our health benefits for life. So much for respect for the individual. IBM needs a union in 2014. -ANA-
Comment 12/31/13: "401K match did indeed show up in my 12/31 statement. It's sad that we've reached the point where I didn't fully trust the company. -Anonymous-".
It is sadder still that everyone was watching for it and had the same fears of getting screwed somehow, that you did, and yet the Union membership did not surge in response to this screw job and after yet another year we are still not within reach of a contract.
Here is hoping that nothing more gets taken from you and your family in the coming year. Happy New Year. -Exodus2007-

Comment 12/30/13: 401K match did indeed show up in my 12/31 statement. It's sad that we've reached the point where I didn't fully trust the company. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/29/13: This article has been posted before, yet as an IBMer laid off
in 2009 after 25 years (many in management) I was shocked by the insights in
As for the continual and massive layoffs of IBM workers (especially in America), I believe #5 in the article is the #1 reason.
What matters to the execs (any with a moral backbone are long gone by now) is making their short-term bonus objectives, regardless the long-term impacts on IBM.
In an ongoing game of "chartsmanship," where execs, fed by their ambitions and greed, take any actions short of illegal or immoral ones to "make the numbers."
We were once rewarded for providing outstanding customer service, thus we would "under promise" and "over deliver"; unlike today when the standard is to "over promise" and "under deliver." Short of an absolute miracle I see no chance of IBM becoming the great, customer-focused company it once was.
Comment 12/27/13: Feds Say Foreign Competition Led To Some IBM Layoffs -Alliance-
Comment 12/19/13: "I just checked my 401K statement, and I don't see an IBM contribution yet. My deduction shows (Dec 13th payroll), but not IBM's match." Yes, the match is at the end of the year for everyone on the payroll on December 14th. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/19/13: Only reason I'm posting this link is not to bash, but to warn that it will most likely lead to even more layoffs since the Exec team knows of no other way to 'adapt'.... -Misty-
Comment 12/18/13: @Shawn - Ginni herself said pretty much the same thing last month when she was in Austin. Straight up told the audience,
"if you are not working on cloud, mobile, or the openpower push then you are working on the wrong stuff".
Total disconnect between those at the top and those in the trenches, which IMO includes the first 2 or even 3 rungs of management. -centex-

Comment 12/18/13: Is it just me? Or do any others feel like entering year-end PBC results is an exercise in futility because our fate is sealed already. That anonymous note from an FLM really made me feel totally helpless and hopeless about IBM. I still had some loyalty to them; even after all the carnage of the past few years. Now I feel nothing but disgust and contempt. -Anti_Pep_Rally-
Comment 12/17/13: I just checked my 401K statement, and I don't see an IBM contribution yet. My deduction shows (Dec 13th payroll), but not IBM's match -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: It is our understanding that the IBM contribution is on Dec. 31.

Comment 12/17/13: STG exec in Tucson last week for a town hall and described his strategy as: instead of doing many things well, I want to do a -few- things very well. Also reiterated personal mantra of: Every IBM'r should re-evaluate every year if he or she still has passion for the business. Translation - If you don't leave on your own there will be more layoffs coming to STG in 2014. -Shawn-
Comment 12/17/13: I was an immigrant worker to the USA and a professional hire by IBM. I was paid substantially less than other new hires. The higher paid American born employees were often "RA'd" I was never let go. I did not buy medical benefits from IBM as these were too expensive. In the last years due to my small net income (below a net of 20k) I put zero dollars in the 401k pension. By the time I was told "to look for another job" My net income was below the food stamp support level. IBM asked people to give food to the food banks where people like me could get support. In effect ibm was asking the employees in some case to subsidize the IBM payroll IBM needs a union so it can improve its image and not be despised by its customers and employees. I have heard Even IBM managers say they do not trust IBM. My redeployment outside IBM has been very successful -Immigrant Worker-
Comment 12/16/13: Single 3, full package in July. I experienced non-trivial identity crisis no longer being an IBMer because I'd really believed the rah rah for decades. But once I was able to finally admit to myself that I'd spent a few decades in denial of how senseless so much of my technical experience was in so many ways that would astound even Dilbert, the relief that washed over me washed away the identity crisis. It was nice to once again see the world in eyes that were no longer perpetually rolling. -3 cheers for the 3 that set me free-
Comment 12/16/13: Regarding the post sent anonymously by an IBM manager in regards to dropping appraisals, kudos to that person for being honest and exposing the truth. Why can't IBM be honest and just tell employees that they are no longer needed because their jobs are now being done in India, China, Brazil, Mexico, or wherever? Why add insult to injury by dropping someone's appraisal to a 3 when it is not deserved? Everything nasty is done with purpose by these scheming IBM US executives, so I'm guessing they'd like us to quit to avoid severance packages. I doubt it's merely for their convenience in making HR layoff selection lists easier to generate... -Anonymous-
Comment 12/16/13: Message: ===== IBM 401K Alert =====
Missing: 401K Match
Date Missing: 1/15/13
Last seen with: Ginny and Randy. Match was to be returned yesterday unharmed but is still reported missing and possibly spent on executive compensation and washroom remodeling. -Anon-

Comment 12/16/13: IBM employee sues computer giant for bonus
An IBM sales executive on a salary of $295,000 is suing the company because it paid her a bonus of $543,000 ? half a million dollars less than she believes is owed to her.
Fiona White is an account manager in IBM's business solutions area who, according to a statement of claim filed in the Federal Court, is suing the company for loss and damage.
Ms White has worked for IBM since October 2010 and is still working at the computing and consulting giant ? despite suing the company and attempting to penalise it $138 for each day that her outstanding bonus is not paid.
Legal counsel for Ms White appeared in a directions hearing on Monday morning over the matter. IBM had a two-person legal team opposing Ms White.
-More Trouble Down Under-
Comment 12/15/13: To -military reservist and employee-: Thank you for your service. IBM can do what they want in most cases, I hope you'll have a case against them. I was appraised a 2 or 2+ for years and for the last 4yrs didn't get a raise because my manager said my salary was penetrated over 100% in my band. I was a band 7 programer. Then go let go in June and 60 yrs old. Hummmm. Good luck to you... the rest need some help. -Outta there-
Comment 12/15/13: -military reservist and employee- We all thank you for your service, but take note that while you were gone, most of us didn't get a raise either. Ask you manager where you stand in the range for your band. If you're not below the minimum, or at least in the bottom 20% as a 1 or 2+ performer, your where you would have been, anyway. -No raise here, either-
Comment 12/14/13: Blue Harmony was more about offsetting the knowledge-loss due to the multi-year plan to reduce US headcount. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/14/13: IBM's problem is it's strength. They don't focus on improving their weaknesses. They wanted to transform delivery via Blue Harmony (globalized tools and processes); moving from a multi-national company to a global company. That was the message, but the real goal was a bit more superficial and dubious. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/14/13: I was a "single 3" in the june RA, and I got a full package. I do know a "double 3" who left a few months earlier. He got a half-sized package. -anon-
Comment 12/13/13: Not only is IBM taking advantage of their retirees and their employees still working, they are trying to skirt the law when it comes to the members of the military - or at least they are in my case. Due to the on-going conflicts around the world, I have been on a military leave of absence from IBM for a couple of years. I am now exercising the reemployment rights afforded to my under USERRA. They are trying to deny me a pay raise due to the fact that I've been gone for several years. IBM is violating USERRA by not treating me as if I was there. So I'm going to hold their feet to the fire. They WILL give me a pay raise that will take effect on the date I return or they will have a military attorney representing my case against them before a judge. -military reservist and employee-
Alliance reply: Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country.
Are you aware of any other Veterans/IBM employees that are being treated this way at IBM? Please keep us informed on your situation. If you would like to share any other information about this, with Alliance@IBM staff, please contact

Comment 12/13/13: Many IBM failures and technical debacles have been cited here. I think a large number of these failures can be attributed to IBM's support model which is based on LEAN and low cost Global Resource. I believe this support model can work well with simple or straight forward projects. However, IBM has many complex solutions and as the complexity of a project increases the ability of this support model to function adequately decreases. But you'll never see any mention of the failure of IBM's support model in any root cause analysis because it is politically incorrect to find fault with this support model. -Joe-
Comment 12/12/13: For what it is worth, the single '3's that I have know, we were included in RA's did get the full package, and were eligible for unemployment. I don't know about 'double 3's -me-
Comment 12/12/13: When will the insanity end? The Blue Harmony project was doomed from the beginning. Internal systems are so complex and fouled up it's no wonder the plug was pulled. Having known others from countries already on BH whom have suffered the transition, this may be a good move. Good luck to the poor souls who are now looking for work. Hopefully the executives participate in some of the actually leveling supposedly going on. I think not, but it feels good to say it! -wonderman-
Comment 12/12/13: Union stevedores get a bonus for every container they unload during the year. They get their container checks around this time of year. They are 10's of thousands of dollars. Can you imagine SSR's getting a bonus for every call they take? That would pay off big time for the hard workers. That could be part of the SSR's contract. Worrying about what severance packages a 3 might get doesn't pay the bills. Getting organized and getting a contract does. -Exodus2007-
Comment 12/12/13: Here's "Throwback Thursday" link on Alliance's web site that I found while browsing. It's a transcript of a IBM HR meeting re: Offshoring and Unions in the US and Europe. This was held in March of 2003...over ten years ago. -Alliance Member-

Comment 12/12/13: @15yrsandcounting I was given a 3 before my layoff and got my full package (26 weeks). -GoneandVeryHappy-
Comment 12/12/13: It's clear that the PBC systems sole purpose is to have the list ready for RA's. At last year?s Jam, the PBC thread had something like 3 times as much interaction as the next most popular topic. Senior management have resoundingly ignored it. In the action items there is one tiny acknowledgment "FLM's now have sole discretion on choosing between 2's and 2+'s". Really? That's the take-away from that jam thread? It's obscene. -It'll get worse before it gets better-
Comment 12/12/13: IBM can "Fire at Will". You can have a 1 or a 3. It doesn't make a difference. The severance package for a 3 is half what a 2 or higher will get. That and to make you work harder before you get laid off are the reasons they make people 3's. It's like the BS that you have 30 days to find a job. How many people have found (or been allowed to take) a job in the 30 day window? If you are fired for cause IBM can challenge unemployment payments. You have no contract which would have some protections. -samtheman-
Comment 12/12/13: Looks like another RA in Australia in January. Hearing it internally and externally. -anon-
Comment 12/12/13: @15yearsandcounting -- 3's do get a severance package when they are RA'd -Anon-
Comment 12/12/13: IBM is currently starting to pay the fee for not investing into their employees any more. Years of exploitation without participation of employees in revenue/profit increase ... this led to a decline of employee's loyalty for IBM. Several IBMers don't care any more how IBM is doing and/or performing since they are not financially involved. -*IBMer*-
Comment 12/11/13: According to "Quora":
" 'Blue Harmony' is a internal IT business transformation project with the aim to radically simplify the company's IT environment used to support several critical customer facing business processes to make them easier for IBM customers, business partners and IBMers to interact with, more consistent worldwide and to provide more opportunities for self-service on the web. With Blue Harmony IBM plans to reduce the number of software applications they use for these business processes by, as much as possible, moving business processes onto a single global installation of SAP's Business Suite."
-Neal Watkins-

Comment 12/11/13: I am also interested in whether a 3 rating will prevent a package from being provided with the eventual pink slip. I am ready to go after 40 years, and one way to do it might (sadly) be to to go from a 2+ to 3. -Geezer-
Comment 12/11/13: Regarding firing with a 3, or not, my limited understanding is that the "package" with threes is not as "generous" as the usual resource action package. For example, for a long time employee, only 13 weeks salary instead of 26. But of course the "package" is not carved in stone either. I can't answer about unemployment benefits and whether you are eligible or not. -anon-
Comment 12/11/13: Both interpretations are valid. Once the candidate receives a(t least one) PBC 3 rating, he/she can be dismissed at any time, as the 3 serves as "prior notification of unsatisfactory performance." In my experience, this is typically reserved for two consecutive 3-ratings. More to the point, however, a layoff can happen at any time, for reasons other than an individual performance rating -- recent examples include "the client/subject-area you previously served is no longer necessary" and "you relocated to a region/domain where we have less/zero demand." None of which is to say you can't protest a termination (typically via HR 'Open Door' escalation). -SimpleMath-
Comment 12/11/13: The interesting part about the manager's note below... IBM does not need to make us all 3s to lay us off, they have laid off 1s in the past. But I think (not positive) that laying off a "3" performer is equivalent to firing with cause -- ie no package. Anybody else know about this? -15yearsandcounting-
Comment 12/11/13: To -Merry X-Mas-: No, that offer was not just sent to people who wanted to retire by the end of 2013. It was sent to everyone within certain age/service years boundaries, including me--and I had NO intention of retiring by the end of 2013. Instead, I left IBM on my own earlier this year, and am now with a company that appreciates older, experienced workers instead of trying to push them out. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/11/13: More on Blue Harmony, formally, they are putting the program "on pause." Questions still abound, but program is paused as opposed to stop. Not sure of difference, but they are going to try to redeploy GBS folks into customer accounts, etc. Redirect spend and focus to the Cloud services and other rev generated projects and not invest in BH next year. Focus will be on COE team to help them support China/Germany already deployed on BH. Redeployment of BH people will occur...some will move to COE...but not many. Job board will be created within CIO for other opportunities. -Anon-
Comment 12/11/13: -@Blueallover- quite an assertion about Blue Harmony! Not hearing anything about that out here... any evidence to support your statement? If it's true... I agree, it's huge. -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 12/11/13: The following was sent to the Alliance from a manager:

IBM continues to prepare for another round of job reductions. Currently, the management discussions for this years performance assessment are ongoing. Despite the fact that most if not all "low performers" have been laid off during this June's resource action, the directive is to create a PBC distribution that contains 2-5% of the dreaded "3" grade ("among the lowest performers"). This means we will be forced to select solid and even above average performers for the "3" grade and possibly for elimination. Also it has been communicated that managers will now be ranked together with engineers...indicating that the ranks of particularly first-lines may be targeted to achieve a reduction in management levels.

Latest surveys among management show that there will be a significant population of "3" grades for 2013. In most cases these grades happen only because management has to achieve the preset quotas. This means that a lot of these prospective "3"s did NOT have a clue this is going to happen to mid-year review or any other feedback during the year as required by HR policy. There will also be a sizable number of IBMers whose grade will drop from a "2+" to a "3", i.e. two steps down compared to the previous year. Without any feedback, this will lead to a lot of amazement come PBC time.

Most in lower management are outraged by this. Especially after the RA, this is perceived as an unjust punishment, and absolutely contrary to the "performance culture" that HR keeps advertising. While we are trying to speak up, our influence is in the end rather limited. May I ask you to make IBMers aware of the possibility of escalation after the PBC delivery, and encourage them to take this step if a "3" has been given? I think a powerful message needs to be sent, and clogging the system with escalations will draw attention. -Alliance-

Comment 12/11/13: To -Anonymous- That offer was to people who wanted to retire by the end of 2013 and be given a "guarantee" not to be laid off before then. Several in Tucson have taken that offer as the site retirement congratulatory emails have been showing up in the inbox. -Merry X-Mas-
Comment 12/11/13: @Blueallover, sorry to hear that. Curious, what is "Blue Harmony"...are the workers technical, or sales, etc.? Thank you and good luck to all who work in that area. -GotTheBlues-
Comment 12/11/13: Anyone have more info on the Blue Harmony project being cancelled? -DodgeBullet-
Comment 12/10/13: Hold onto your hats. The Blue Harmony program is being terminated. Possibly hundreds of workers to find new jobs in next 30-60 days. Many employees will really be blue now... -Blueallover-
Comment 12/10/13: One reason there may have been no large RA in December is that there is already be a large number of people forced to leave IBM within 3 weeks. In 2012, many IBMers including me received an email offering us the chance to work 24 hours a week for 70% of our pay. I declined because I knew there was no way I could work only 24 hours per week and still do my job effectively and support clients and IBM teammates. So I'd wind up working the usual 40+ hours per week at 70% of my pay. But I know many people did accept the offer, and they'll all be gone by 12/31. At least they got their 401K match for this year! -Anonymous-
Comment 12/10/13: This part of the Bridgestone/IBM laswuit is disturbing. It appears job cuts and offshoring are some of the reasons: Bridgestone states that IBM "assigned individuals, including the chief technical architect for the project, who did not possess the proper knowledge, skill, education, training, experience, technical expertise, and qualifications to perform the services necessary for the successful design and implementation." The lawsuit also says a lot of the work was outsourced to IBM workers in India and China who possessed less than stellar development skills and practices.-member-
Comment 12/10/13: What happened to all the comments? -anon-member-
Alliance reply: We archived all previous comments.
You may access them here: Job Cuts Reports latest archives
Our reasons were basically because the comment section had veered too far off the topic of Job Cuts and we were asked by our members to put the section back on track to the topic. We agree.
See below re: our response to -Wall Street Watcher- Thank you for your support of Alliance@IBM. We appreciate it.

Comment 12/09/13: Is your job being offshored? Are you a contractor who lost their IBM job or has been furloughed? This is the place to let us know. -Alliance-
Comment 12/06/13: I get the feeling that the IBM execs are basically doing nothing but writing vague, high level, meaningless blog posts. I get many notes with a link to their latest blog post, and when I read it I think to myself, well that was pointless. Good grief, who is steering the ship? -anoneemus-
Comment 12/05/13: IBM resorting to resurrecting vintage tactic of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty,Doubt) "IBM?s Big Plans for Cloud" Ambition is an impressive thing, particularly when a desire for world domination is combined with existential survival.In 2014, the company will make a series of announcements that will shiver all challengers, according to Lance Crosby, chief executive of SoftLayer, Maybe. IBM already claims to lead in cloud computing revenue, with $1 billion in revenue in the past quarter alone. IBM is arguably the laggard among the top four providers. As the SoftLayer purchase indicates, it has had to buy big for what the others have mostly grown internally.Mr. Crosby has two bosses between him and Ms. Rometty, and numerous executive vice presidents above him that may agree on the eventual future, but have their own views about the speed with which they?ll move there. -Wall Street Watcher-
Alliance reply: All articles not job cut related will now be placed in the "News Articles" section on main page, right column.

Comment 12/04/13: @-johnny2times- they hire managers with less then a year experience because they can offer them less $$$ someone with experience is going to expect more. Someone with no experience will take whatever IBM offers and be under the impression its a good deal. -whatever-
Comment 12/04/13: Not to start rumors, but I just saw a second cryptic message from an IBM mgr on another social media feed that makes me think maybe job cuts have started perhaps at the 1st line level. *again not confirmed - just suspicious * -Just wondering-
Comment 12/04/13: IBM Shrinks - Analysts Hate It IBM reported earnings on October 16th, and the news was not exactly what analysts and investors were expecting. The company showed a marked slowdown in sales and profits misses estimates. The shares had already been on a pronounced downward trajectory since hitting an all time high on March 15th, and the weak earnings report did nothing to change the stocks direction. The shares fell hard after the earnings report and subsequently rebounded into November. But since last week, IBM's stock has resumed its downward movement. -Wall Street Watcher-
Comment 12/03/13: As of 12/3 IBM stock has lost $40 (19%) per share in the last 9 months. When is someone going to figure out that this company is headed down the drain. Even Cramer has said to not hold IBM stock. -Gone in '09-
Comment 12/03/13: @Stratocumulus - I am not an executive troll but a paying alliance member. I am so so sorry I still care about IBM, even though it's mismanaged. But it seems like most people here would be happy if IBM completed wasted away... if you lost your job at IBM, I am very sorry, but those of us that are still here care about this company. There's nothing constructive about "ha ha IBM's failing again at X in the marketplace" ... just childish stuff that @alliance apparently also takes pride in, or it would be moderated out. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: We walk a fine line between moderation and outright censoring posts. Some comments have a mix of good and bad in them. We certainly do not take pride in the the thought of IBM failing. That hurts the workers not the exec's who would bail with golden parachutes. You have not seen the worst of the posts because we do not post them. We will continue to moderate this comment section. In the meantime, lets close this thread as we encourage all to post contructive comments here. Thank you for your support and membership.
Comment 12/02/13: To @PayingMember, I don't think most posts are implying that someone staying with IBM is stupid. I think that it's more about encouraging IBMers to look outside at a robust market for experienced IT professionals. iBM has done such a well crafted slow bleed of benefits and respect for the employees that many are not seeing the benefit if leaving. If they had gone from 15 years ago to now in one step, there would have been a revolt. I didn't realize how bad it was until I moved on and now see how it feels again to work for a company that values it's people. -In the rearview mirror-
Comment 12/02/13: How can IBM Dubuque hire someone with less than 1 full year work experience as a manager, yet pass up applicants with 10+ years? Then they wonder why things are falling apart. I stuck it out as long as I can, but its def time to fly. Dead end job, no tuition reimbursement at IBM Dubuque, no raises, no respect,....ect ect. -johnny2times-
Comment 12/02/13: To -Anon- on POWER. The POWER series has been in decline for some time now. If you go back to the transcripts of the Quarterly earnings, people can see that Power has lost -31%, -24%, and -37% at constant-currency starting with Q1 of this year. It's an odd business model to think IBM is going to make money selling Power to SoftLayer if our customers are not buying. -RTPer-
Comment 12/01/13: I agree with @anonymous. Instead of a forum in which IBMers share information, the Alliance has become the place where angry ex-IBMers go to vent. I am tired of being called an idiot for still having a job. (Yes, I know I could be RA'd tomorrow. Today I am choosing to stay here.) Can we move the haters to a separate forum? -PayingMember-
Alliance reply: We will not be creating a "haters" forum anytime soon. We continue to monitor comments sent to us and we try to keep "hater" comments from being posted. However there are many IBMer's, former and current, that have sent us information that is true; but nonetheless very unflattering to IBM and its behavior and treatment of IBM customers and IBM employees.
Alliance posts this information so that ALL IBMer's can get a clear view of what IBM employees are up against.
Thank you for supporting Alliance@IBM. We truly value your membership.

Comment 12/01/13: Looks like executive trolls are here trying to defend IBM. Sorry, too late. All that time spent on trying to dupe investors for the past 10 years should have been spent innovating. Now both your employees and your investors have turned on you, and there's no turning back. Cloudy with a chance of...? The end. -Stratocumulus-
Comment 11/30/13: @anonymous, I thank the Alliance site for allowing what you refer to as 'bashing' IBM. Since IBM does all it can to keep the employees in the dark as to the true state of the company, if it wasn't for input from employees in each sector sharing what they are experiencing, people would think they are alone in their situations. -ex-IBMer-
Comment 11/30/13: Cloud news vs job cuts are directly connected. If IBM Qx revenue is down due to executive's failures to foresee technology futures. Employees are made to take the fall for their mistakes. Hence the Job Cut RA's. -Longtimer-
Comment 11/29/13: Support IBM Lansing Workers! 250 have signed the petition on the Alliance web site. We can do better! Sign today! -Alliance-
Comment 11/29/13: Dear Warren, About IBM...
The public cloud changes everything about IT, and IBM (IBM) is destined to be one of the victims. I tried to make the case to Warren Buffett in a six-page letter sent in April. My effort to persuade obviously failed - he still owns the stock - but the argument still holds. Here is the letter, a narrative that includes Jim Sinegal of Costco (COST), Amazon Web Services (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), Bob Feller and Michael Jordan. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/29/13: Consider: The 3 stool legs of the roadmap are 'share repurchase', 'operating leverage', and 'growth'. Inside growth, CLOUD is one of the 4 big plays. This is documented at least back as far as the 2010 annual report. Does it not strike anyone as totally unbelievable that Gartner just ranked IBM LAST in the IAAS cloud space and we had to buy Softlayer this year just to be semi-competitive in the cloud? What has IBM been focusing on for the past x years? Repurchases and operating leverage of course. Meanwhile, the hard work of transforming and changing for the future has languished. Ginni must be beside herself right now and Mills must be on the hot seat re missing the Cloud. Druckenmiller is spot on. -HI-
Comment 11/28/13: Alliance - why do you allow posts that are simply IBM bashing (like IBM not competing well in cloud computing) and not even remotely resembling a job cut report or rumor? -anonymous-
Alliance Reply: The Alliance believes it is good for the employees to be informed of the state of IBM's business. In some cases the downward trend of a business unit can trigger job cuts or other adverse situations for the workers. Better to know than not know.

Comment 11/28/13: Executives have sold over 127 million in options so far this year. Greed is a teribull (Charles Barkley) thing. -JoeFriday_JustTheFacts-
Comment 11/27/13: Amazon Is Crushing IBM, Microsoft, And Google In Cloud Computing, Says Report -Wall Street Watcher-

Comment 11/25/13: Leaked IBM data shows work force in RTP down 30% since 2009 -Anon-
Comment 11/25/13: in regards to
previously posted by "Just Wondering", where does it indicate IBM was at fault? I have no love for IBM but I'm missing where IBM is to be blamed. The other link you posted was from 4 years ago, too...if you're using a 4 year old article to support a current article and the only correlation is "BART"...seems like poor 'reporting' to shouldn't have to go to these lengths to make IBM look bad. -Glad-I-Left-

Comment 11/25/13: @PigStain - what's really interesting is who this SVP reports to. -weary-
Comment 11/24/13: @PigStain Linda Sanford is probably preparing to bail. She's 60, traditional IBM exec exit age. Why stick around as one of the architect's of the 2015 roadmap disaster? From her IBM bio. "She is responsible for executing organizational change to enable growth, productivity and innovation and acheve the goals of the IBM 2015 Roadmap." -Anon-
Comment 11/23/13: Campbells: I worked on that account until a few months ago, they pulled it. Think its going bye bye. Artech layoffs: I have had to train some of those contractors, yet they were making 3 times my hourly wage. Glad to see the bad ones get the boot finally. Some lied about their experience to get their jobs in the first place. Some are top-notch however. Where DBQ really needs to cut back is management and lead positions. Anyone with a non-priv laptop really is of no benefit to supporting the accounts. All they do is complain about BS like missed cirats. Do some real work or take a walk bums. -markymark-
Comment 11/23/13: Sanford Linda S who is Senior Vice President at International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM), sold 32,295 shares at $185.09 per share for a total value of $5,977,429. The shares recently traded at $184.13, down $0.96, or 0.52% since the insider sale. To all IBMers in your face. This is typical of an IBM executive/This is why IBMneeds a Union -ANA-
Comment 11/23/13: RealityCheck.... you said...
....if you have had a job in IBM for years with the word "program" in your title, you have not been building up any skills and are quite useless in most jobs and companies; the market wants people who know how to design and build IT solutions.
I am not sure what IBM title you are referring to but I have held numerous "Progam Mgr" roles in my 10+ years in IBM. My new position specifically has "program" in my title and I am making 35% more in salary today with my new employer. In general, while I believe the market wants people to design/develop IT solutions, the market ALSO needs people to integrate individual teams to ensure "we build what we said we'd build", and manage the influences as well as expectations that act upon a program from the inside and out.
Comment 11/23/13: Another IBM customer computer maintenance upgrade muck up?

IBM boasts about how the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit Uses IBM Technology to Improve Safety and Reliability
-Just Wondering-
Comment 11/22/13: "IBM should be investing in its business and taking on the 'challenge of the Amazons of the world' instead of doing share buybacks, according to Druckenmiller."
"IBM has been puffing up its bottom line by cutting costs and buying back stocks, which is not a viable long-term strategy, Mr. Druckenmiller told the network"
I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Druckenmiller. This question is: when will IBM Senior Management wake up and finally realize that this ludicrous, ill-conceived Roadkill 2015 plan is fundamentally flawed and destroying the IBM Corporation? You're not fooling anyone, IBM Management. Even stock analysts outside of IBM can plainly see what is going on. Why can't you? -Asleep at the Switch-

Comment 11/22/13: Things must be far worse than we've been led to believe. Now, even the rats are leaving the sinking ship: -Pig Stain on Your Fat Chin-

Comment 11/22/13: I read about the CIA loss, and the fun tax problem in India and thought I'd post. I left voluntarily in January of this year. I really do miss parts of IBM. They did many things right, with tons of smart and hard-working people, even up into the first line of management. But the squeeze for ever more productivity and cost reduction was too much for me. My new employer has a lot wrong with it, and they have a LOT to learn about being a reliable vendor, but I have taken 2 vacations this year, and at about 5:30pm every weekday I take a train home and forget about work. I am not sorry that I left, and I encourage everyone in the US at IBM... not to blindly leave, but definitely to keep your eye on external options. In the end, if IBM has to contend with a tighter labor market for top notch knowledge workers, it will be better for the employees and for IBM too. -J_C-
Comment 11/22/13: IBM RAs. When are IBMers going to wake up that a union is needed/ I spent almost 30 years with IBM AND AFTER LOU GERSHNER BECAME CEO IBM has always had layoffs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. its about top executives making their numbers by having a large number of RAs so the executives can receive their bonuses. -ANA-
Comment 11/22/13: Looks like someone on Wall Street sees through IBM's stock price nonsense: -Anonymous-

Comment 11/22/13: Anyone hearing some things about meetings with senior technical people within US GBS in the next few days? -hmmmm-
Comment 11/22/13: IBM falls as Druckenmiller makes short case
Hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller has called IBM (IBM -1.5%) one of the "more high probability shorts" he's seen in years, and declares Amazon Web Services (AWS) is "killing" the IT giant. He's also critical of Big Blue's slumping free cash flow, and its efforts to boost flagging growth via M&A. AWS is expected to pull in less than $4B in revenue this year, but is growing at a rapid clip. In addition, analysts have argued every IT dollar eaten up by cloud services results in a greater amount of on-premise IT spend being lost. IBM recently bought Web hosting/cloud infrastructure provider SoftLayer for a reported $2B in order to better take on Amazon, as well as rivals such as Microsoft, Google, VMware, and Rackspace. Though off its October lows, IBM remains down 5% YTD in a year during which the Nasdaq is up over 30%. Shares were hit hard last month by a Q3 revenue miss.
IBM (NYSE: IBM) stock was hit on Friday after it was recommend as a short idea by Stanley Druckenmiller at the Robin Hood conference.
Update: In a follow up interview with Bloomberg TV, Druckenmiller called IBM a high probability short. He thinks its business will be replaced by cloud computing. He also said he is long Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) but it wasn't as large has his IBM short.
Comment 11/22/13: Was informed today (11/22/2013) by Artech handler that I was laid off at the end of the day. She said her team has been busy all day telling contractors they have been sacked. -Sacked Contractor-
Comment 11/21/13: I was just informed by a HR contractor friend of mine that there were "10 subks laid off effective today" (Thursday, November 21,2013) in the Dubuque GDF Service Center. This friend of mine was hired (as a Contractor) only ~8 months ago or so. He was in the HR Recruiting for a 2nd Line Manager. He said he did not see this coming in any way. So, maybe all GDF's are being told to cut-back? -Buster Brown in Dubuque-
Comment 11/21/13: Is something in the works for tomorrow? Read something a manager posted on a social media site that makes me think there is. -anonymous-
Comment 11/21/13: IBM, you want innovation? You want loyalty? Bring the jobs home and stop the constant RAs. The atmosphere is too toxic for productivity. We're all mentally gone already. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/21/13: Lots of truth in this article:
-Gone in '98-
Comment 11/21/13: I read a comment about not building up skills while in aware that most jobs outside IBM require real skills....if you have had a job in IBM for years with the word "program" in your title, you have not been building up any skills and are quite useless in most jobs and companies; the market wants people who know how to design and build IT solutions. -RealityCheck-
Comment 11/21/13: Does anyone know if Campbells Soup fired IBM yet.I left in 1Q13 and IBM was almost thrown out the door by them. I worked on a few others on that list of disgruntled customers...Very glad I left on my own... -Rich-
Comment 11/21/13: With the constant layoffs, does anyone at IBM actually get any work done vs applying for jobs during work time? There can't be any motivation to work. -m Dell-
Comment 11/21/13: If you want to keep you jobs, don't answer truthfully on opinion surveys. It seems they are used by unscrupulous IBM managers to create shortlist for layoffs. If you need the jobs .. just say everything is great and you love working at IBM! My opinion. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/21/13: IBM Rips Into Bridgestone Over $600 Million Lawsuit: -#Train Wreck-
Comment 11/20/13: cust sat lowest point ever after huge $$outage$$. execs now are pushing techies to be "innovative". stagnant and toxic environment is not ripe for innovation. -all_hands_down-
Comment 11/20/13: Software patent reform just died in the House, thanks to IBM and Microsoft
On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider legislation aimed at reining in abusive patent litigation. But one of the bill's most important provisions, designed to make it easier to nix low-quality software patents, will be left on the cutting room floor. That provision was the victim of an aggressive lobbying campaign by patent-rich software companies such as IBM and Microsoft.
-Wall Street Watcher-
Comment 11/20/13: This Bridgestone fiasco sounds just like the BMW debacle a few months ago. It's like deja-vu, all over again. -Yogi Berra-
Comment 11/20/13: To -Working Again-: Did you start the new job before using 60 days job looking inside IBM? Did you still receive a seperate package? Does one have to wait for 60 days to be able to get package? Thanks a lot. -hello-
Comment 11/19/13: So, let's see .... Disney Corporation, State of Texas, State of Indiana, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, National Football League, Hilton Hotels Corporation, ServiceMaster Corporation .... And now you can add Bridgestone Americas to the list of unhappy former IBM customers. Somebody once told me: "If you take care of the customers that walk through your door, you'll never have to spend a dime on advertising", but I guess Ginni doesn't believe that. Her philosophy seems to be: "Screw your customers and employees for everything they're worth, so I can cash in my stock options and skedaddle before this house of cards comes crashing down." -Nurse Mildred "Ginni" Ratched-
Comment 11/19/13: All Employees in the United States have a Right to Organize and Collectively Bargain for Compensation and Benefits without Management Interference:
Your forebearers suffered extreme deprivation and even death to win these rights for you. Honor their memory by knowing your rights and availing yourself of them: -Organize IBM Now!-

Comment 11/19/13: OK, I'm done. I had to do the calculation as to whether it was better to stay and wait for a package, or leave on my own terms and take a job I really wanted while being in a better position to negotiate. I decided the latter. What really swung it for me is that my skills were always depreciating while at IBM. The rest of the industry is not impressed with IMBer's anymore. I came to the conclusion it's better to get out while I'm still worth something. The IBM ship is huge and has a lot of momentum, it's going to take a while to fully sink, sadly it's going to take a lot of people with it. For me, I couldn't handle anymore years re-arranging the deck chairs while I waited for my fate. IBMer's, even if you're not sure you want to leave, you owe to yourself to take a look at what's going on in the rest of the industry. I was amazed at what's available - IBM is not typical. -Done-
Comment 11/19/13: Bridgestone Americas is seeking $600 million in compensation from U.S. technology giant IBM for installing a flawed computer system, court papers say. In a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Nashville, Bridgestone says that it ordered a state-of-the-art computer system from IBM to manage its distribution, warehousing, transportation and sales operations.
-Another Unhappy Customer-

Comment 11/19/13: Bridgestone sues IBM for $600 million. -Anonymous-

Comment 11/19/13: After 7 long horrible years in IBM S&D I am finally moving to a new company next month. Pay is great so is the role. IBM really does not deserve good talent. Leaders managers are all powerless creatures who survive by playing games and most are useless anyway. They are just adding to the fat. Good riddance. Hope things are brighter on the other side. -longgone-
Comment 11/19/13: Amazon's CIA Win Hurt More Than IBM's Pride -Anonymous-

Comment 11/19/13: Should not have laid the below off in the first place.
From IBM's career portal: 300mm FAB Dev OPs Technician Hot job -EFK'ED-

Comment 11/18/13: I will echo -IBM_in_rearview_mirror- comment. After many years, I found it difficult to fathom how off-kilter the place had become, complete with the bullying management and vicious layoffs just to artificially inflate EPS. All the while IBM's self-protective exec inner circle continued to enrich themselves even as growth stalled and cust-sat tanked. Finally decided to go find something else since I realized I couldn't stand the place anymore. It took a few months but I eventually found my opportunity and jumped on it. Crafting that two-week notice was a blast! Even better, I landed in a place where they actually appreciate their workforce and treat them like real human beings, not despised widget-resources. We have employee appreciation picnics and get raises! It is a much better world out there soadvice: "it's easier to find one while you still have one." But once you do, jump as fast as you can from that sinking blue ship. -I-left-in-2012-also-
Comment 11/18/13: A petition in support of IBM Lansing MDC workers:

Please support these workers and sign the petition. -Alliance-
Comment 11/18/13: To all Americans out there who are being laid off; My apologies since I am one of those offshore people who are replacing your lot. I understand how you all feel, but the conditions in India are horrible. We are overworked like crazy at lower rates than imaginable. Don't know about the US; but the thing which I found here is that, most managers are useless creatures who are just sucking the life out of the company and throwing it into the gutter. They are extremely unprofessional and manipulative. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/17/13: From Albany, NY "nano-tech" fab. IBM will not back fill open tech positions and almost no overtime allowed. IBM technicians are now being told they have to train state workers to backfill the jobs. Looks like Ginnie and Cadigan have made NY Gov. Cuomo and the State University a new IBM outsourcing partner. You have to wonder if the techs down there know they are most likely training the own replacements. -Heard from Nano-fab in NY-
Comment 11/17/13: To miss_understanding... I didn't wait to be RA'd, but decided instead that it was time to move on after 30 years. I spent about 5 months finding a job that I love, at a higher level with more money, and better benefits. Then I resigned and put IBM in the rearview mirror. For me, the time was right to move on. I am so happy I made the move... the toxicity of everyone waiting for the eventual "RA", and just trying to hang on is seriously unhealthy. By the way, I was willing to relocate which greatly opened up my options. -IBM_in_rearview_mirror-
Comment 11/17/13: I got cut 3/28/2012 and found a much better job next week. The job market for IT was (and still is) very hot. I lived in Texas and am very happy I switched the job. I never looked back.. keep positive attitude and Good luck! -Glad_To_Be_Gone -
Comment 11/17/13: Wall Street sees boom time ahead for Amazon?s cloud biz
At least one Wall Street research firm was very happy with what transpired at AWS re:Invent this week. Amazon Web Services revenue could soar ten-fold between now and 2022 to more than $30 billion a year, according to projections by Morgan Stanley analyst Scott Devitt. In a research note, Devitt raised his stock price target from $380 per share to $404 per share. -Wall StreetWatcher-

Comment 11/15/13: I would suggest that anyone look to the and apply, I got a job as a patent examiner and I'm very happy..they do not use age as a screen.... -Ich Bin Muede-
Comment 11/15/13: I'm technically too young for retirement, but having been somewhat frugal along the way, IBM's cutting me loose in July opened up an even better door than creating useless products for greedy capitalists. I'm learning for the joy of it and applying it to things that matter to me. I could *never* go back to dumbassed managers and coworkers scratching and clawing to appear better than each other. In retrospect, that was a sad, pitiful existence. I'm so thankful I was finally spared that ongoing humiliation. -happily retired-
Comment 11/15/13: "I am glad to have found a better job. I see the 2014 PPO would have cost me a $1,308 increase to a total of $11,239 for less than stellar benefits. Exceedingly too high risk to work for IBM. -exTivoli-"
It's not hard to figure out that IBM is going to make employee benefits so lousy that they will be grateful to get their $7,000 "IBM Health Dollars" to spend on Extend Health / Towers Watson's health exchange in 2015. Then IBM will be out of the health insurance business for good. Aren't you all glad you sat by and refused to form a Union??? -Jsb2b-

Comment 11/15/13: To -miss_understanding- I was laid off in BTV in June and finally got a job with 1/2 the pay in October. I'm sure it depends on where you live, jobs in Vermont are a bit hard to find for tech people. -Daisy-
Comment 11/15/13: -miss_understanding- it took me 6 months last year after I was invited out at the end of March. Keep up the fight and know that life is excellent after IBM. I landed a full time job at the same money/benefits and then resigned 8 months later and am contracting for a huge oil company at a rate that would make a director level at IBM jealous. Big Blue is circling the drain. I am surprised they didn't lay anyone off this week and bank their 401(k) matching. -LowlySDM-
Comment 11/15/13: To -miss_understanding-. I got RA'd on 7/12. Interviewed on 7/15. Job offer on 7/15. Start date on 9/2. Same pay. Better benefit. To anonymous: Stack ranking is not used for raise anymore. It's used for who IBM will get rid of next. -Working Again-
Comment 11/15/13: IBM Faces a Crisis In the Cloud
IBM (IBM) is having an identity crisis, and it sure is something to watch. You may have heard about Big Blue?s recent ad campaign that takes a dig at (AMZN). In its marketing material, IBM claims to power 270,000 more websites than Amazon, via its cloud computing service. It?s a flimsy jab at Amazon because IBM has been a major laggard in the cloud rental market, having bought its way into the business in July with its acquisition of SoftLayer Technologies. Far from being a cloud pioneer .... -WallStreetWatcher-
Comment 11/14/13: To those who have found employment outside of IBM...How long did it take you to land another job? I was layed off on September 10th and still haven't found anything yet. -miss_understanding-
Comment 11/14/13: Why do we care about stacked ranking? With a 1 or a 2+ you still get no raises, no bonus and no job security. -anonymous-
Comment 11/13/13: So a US judge slapped down IBM as manipulative. .. and they were "thwacked" for gaming the bidding process ... gee, no kidding !!! Try taking IBM to court like I did and you will see how"manipulative" they are. They lied under oath; my primary witness reported to me that an IBM H.R. manager informed her that if she signed an affidavit for me it could "harm" her; they tampered with original documentation to falsely portray me as a problem employee and other illegal/unethical variations on a theme. Both the NYSDHR and the Court believed their lies against me -- I suppose because IBM would NEVER do anything like THAT!!! This is the same corporation accused of bribing overseas authorities in order to get contracts! !! At least now outsiders are seeing the real IBM. -Susan-
Comment 11/13/13: This is hilarious. IBM just got FedRAMP certification for it's SmartCloud. Why you ask? This is the very same offering IBM just dumped and is moving customers onto its SoftLayer acquisition. Certification for one platform does not hold for another. How are they going to explain that to customers? -StretchingTheTruth-

Comment 11/13/13: Excellent blog and comments on new IBM ad against amazon. -cloudydays-

Comment 11/13/13: Microsoft abandons "stacked" ranking: -Anon-

Comment 11/12/13: I am glad to have found a better job. I see the 2014 PPO would have cost me a $1,308 increase to a total of $11,239 for less than stellar benefits. Exceedingly too high risk to work for IBM. -exTivoli-
Comment 11/12/13: IBM sinks further into the quagmire. Are all their past 'good deeds' now coming back to bite them? How about all the cheap off-shore labor? IBM's definitely not at the top of the heap anymore. How about some more layoffs IBM? You're on a deep nose dive down now. Better hire another consulting firm to come in and analyze your business like you did in the 1990s. A new paradigm shift is needed here, or its a race to the bottom of the pile for you!! -miss_understanding-

Comment 11/12/13: I've never seen a large company go down the drain so quickly and ferociously as IBM. It is truly astounding (even now) at how different this company used to be. Relieved that life is much better outside of IBM now, even more than when it was at it's "height". -Anon-
Comment 11/12/13: Folks. The BOHICA boys choir is warming up ( Bend Over Here It Comes Again). I have confidence in IBM executives. They would not have changed the matching contributions if they were not going to capitalize on it. When will enough be enough? -Exodus2007-
Comment 11/11/13: Hey irRational, I was in an IBM office that implemented eXtreme Programming. It resembled more of a clothing sweatshop in Bangladesh. It also implemented paired programming where you are chained to another human being for 8 hours as he watches what you type all day and correct you. It's like being in a highway cleaning prison chain-gang in orange jump suits where you are chained to another prisoner as you work. If you hear "paired programming" or eXtreme Programming, run for you life, lest you want to be a mindless automaton in a dead end job with even more clueless managers. It's great for clueless morons just out of college but not for mature adults. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/11/13: IBM 'needs' an RA this week. Think of the potential profits. A ton of 401k matching funds, Christmas holiday pay, New Years holiday pay and health insurance savings. That's just too much to leave on the table. Executive bonuses need funded..... -dave-
Comment 11/11/13: dandaman, I think you're giving the execs too much credit. Most of them don't understand the details of software development or support well enough to grok the problems that churn in dev/support staff causes. Ask them, and I suspect you'd find that most of them believe software is amenable to being done in an assembly-line fashion, with interchangeable cogs being rotated in or out of any line as needed. -irRational-
Comment 11/10/13: I am not sure what IBM can do specifically on increasing revenues. The entire economy is in a whack due to QE.
GDP got printed as 2.8 % positive. The dollar output is and increase of 195 billion for the quarter, but 85 billion per month ( 255 billion ) is not counted in. Subtracting it makes it a negative 60 billion which is a contraction.
For those still trying to figure out IBM blues : If an economy consists of 10$ and produces 10 gallons of milk, cost of milk is about 1$ a gallon and GDP=10$. Now to same economy create another 10$ and add it, so economy consists of 20$, cost of milk is 2$ a gallon and GDP = 20$. But has the economic growth come about by creating or by inflating asset prices? Layoffs will be norm, whether its IBM or not. Will be accelerating if its IBM.
Comment 11/09/13: I don't think there will be another RA this year. However, it is coming next year, after 1Q2014. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/09/13: What about IBM trying to support the CIA cloud? (if they had won the contract) Bottom line is that Amazon staff has to go through a series of technical interviews to prove their abilities before hired. IBM hires people with basically no technical experience, does no technical interviews and then puts the new hires in technical lead and support positions. A recipe for disaster. Add to that the managers are more concerned with internal BS like CIRATS being overdue than actually supporting the accounts. I have never seen such a flawed structure of a support model in my life. Hence why its failing bigtime. Some are speculating it's designed for failure so they can pack it up and move everything overseas and say "hey, we tried here in the US and it just did not work out" any thoughts? -dandaman-
Comment 11/09/13: IBM has posted a preview of the HealthCare costs summary for employees at
My plan total shows a 27% increase, one of the largest I have seen in 29 years at IBM. -FeelingillAlready-

Comment 11/09/13: Will the bloodbath of RA's that we all know is coming before Dec15th finally be the catalyst that causes IBMers in America to wake up and organize like their lives depend on it? I hope so because its fast becoming last one out turn off the lights. An employee union would certainly be a wake up call to the board of directors and the stockholders of IBM that they better start fixing the poor management decisions that are destroying this once mighty company. -Exodus2007-
Comment 11/08/13: "Because Marissa Said So" Yahoos Bristle at Mayer's New QPR Ranking System and 'Silent Layoffs'
According to a multitude of top-ranking posts on an anonymous internal message board used by Yahoo to vent their frustrations to top staff, employees there are becoming increasingly upset by an evaluation system instituted by CEO Marissa Mayer that has apparently resulted in the firings of more than 600 people in recent weeks.
Some inside the company are incensed that the "Quarterly Performance Review" system forces managers to rank some of their staff with designations of "Occasionally Misses" and "Misses," even if it is not the case, via what is essentially a modified bell curve. Those fired recently had gotten lower scores at least two times in recent quarters, said multiple sources, as I reported last week.!
-Yahoo mimicking IBM-
Comment 11/08/13: Amazon CIA cloud row: US judge slaps down IBM as 'manipulative', inferior Big Blue thwacked for attempts to game the $600m bidding process. -anonymous-
Comment 11/08/13: "Will November 15th be considered a "safe" date...considering they normally give 30 days separation notice?"
Yes, but managers are in training now for next week.
Comment 11/08/13:
"..A key component of this regime is the weakening of anti-trust legislation and the enforcement of intellectual property rights. But according to Mirowski this is not the actual cause of the privatisation of the university and the commodification of knowledge; these are more so to be seen as catalysts speeding up the process. Rather the cause is to be found in the fact that corporations were given ample scope to offshore and outsource. This removed their previous ties to their domestic nation-state in a way that fundamentally undermined the existing structure of the university...." -T.G.I.C-

Comment 11/08/13: -Anon-
Comment 11/07/13: IBM has only ONE.... I repeat... ONE commercial client in their cloud environment. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/07/13: IBM CFO to retire by year's end - SeekingAlpha
IBM discloses CFO Mark Loughridge will "retire from the company" at year's end. Martin Schroeter, currently the head of IBM's Global Financing unit and once the company's treasurer, will replace him. (8-K) Loughridge, who will turn 60 next month, has been IBM's CFO for nine years. While Big Blue's top-line performance has fluctuated during this time, it has almost consistently delivered EPS growth thanks to cost cuts, buybacks, and a focus on higher-margin products/services. -WallStreetWatcher-

Comment 11/07/13: IBM claiming its better than AWS is like a puny midget claiming to be a basketball superstar. Get real you marketing morons. -cloudy-
Comment 11/07/13: IBM getting desperate, sinking to new lows
IBM makes cheeky grab for AWS's cloud crown Gartner squints at Big Blue's 'truth-stretching' claims -anon-

Comment 11/07/13: Wondering why no word from H.R. on 2014 health insurance plan options? -

Comment 11/06/13: Will November 15th be considered a "safe" date...considering they normally give 30 days separation notice? This would be to make it to the 12/15 401(k) "match" date. That would be next Friday...crazy that I should have to calculate like this. Supposed to be spending my time being a wild duck not a chicken. -Turkeys-
Comment 11/05/13: To -ibm- If you want "wild ducks" then don't feed them (i.e., don't pay them). Of course that also means you will have no ducks in your pond. If you want work done, then you'll need to pay them (i.e., tame them). You can't have it both ways -ibm- -Shawn-
Comment 11/05/13: My peers and I have business analysts type jobs now and are being told by our manager that we must move to a sales specialist job, we will receive training, pay stay same for 6 months then drop down to what the sales people get plus commission. I'm not a sales person, never have been and can't see myself in sales. Obviously this is IBM's way to get out there and sell sell sell and if you can't cut it I'm sure we'll get RA'd or what have not. -Anon-
Comment 11/05/13: IBM Shows How Non-Innovative It Has Become: Threatens To Sue Twitter On Eve Of IPO Over Bogus Patents -WallStreetWatcher-
Comment 11/04/13: Hear Blue referred to as LiBM....seems to suit the "modern" persona it has created for itself.... -Anon-
Comment 11/04/13: You know what happens to wild ducks come hunting season? -not-gonna-happen-
Comment 11/04/13: Read more on Wild Ducks here: -RS-
Comment 11/04/13: IBM's New Strategies - Patent Trolling And Dodgy Advertising -Anon-

Comment 11/04/13: to -treasure_this- I think they meant "wild ducks". I was privileged to be part of IBM Research when this meant something. A wild duck refers to people who are willing to think differently and not go along with the common wisdom, who are willing to drive true innovation. There were a lot of us back then, but we were almost extinct when my job was eliminated. Fortunately I am now happily being a wild duck again and fully supported by my employer. -2009 RA and glad to have moved on-
Comment 11/04/13: IBM's New Strategies - Patent Trolling And Dodgy Advertising -Anon-
Comment 11/03/13:
The 5 worst performing stocks in the Dow, Caterpillar, Coca-Cola, IBM, McDonald's and ExxonMobil are 2013 dogs of benchmark average. -Anon-
Comment 11/03/13: to -oldibmer- nobody is indispensable .. I thought I was at one point 25 yrs ago. It's not my work ethics that changed, it's IBM's respect for their employees. I saw many " indispensable people" laid off or pushed out.. in the last 15 yrs. So if you are still there, good for you, but don't think it's because the company thinks you are indispensable. -indispensable-
Comment 11/03/13: To -oldibmer- You must be a salesperson, as you are stuck on a specific date. The posts, at the time, said SCHEDULE AROUND the end of OCTOBER. IBM missed some key numbers in 3Q and a lot of stuff got rescheduled. Have not heard the change has been dropped. Keep your panties on and don't be surprised when it happens. Remember, they MUST BE RETIRED BY YE2014, so it has to happen by the END 3Q2014, but due to legalities it will be done before then. -Huggie-
Comment 11/03/13: As for "wild goose," look here for "wild duck," a term I hadn't heard for decades.
-dead duck-

Comment 11/03/13:
The 5 worst performing stocks in the Dow Caterpillar, Coca-Cola, IBM, McDonald's and ExxonMobil are 2013 dogs of benchmark average. -Anon-
Comment 11/03/13: -treasure_this- As in bend over quick and touch your toes cuz Ginni gonna show you where the wild goose goes!
Managers have been trying to guess who said what in opinion surveys since I started with IBM. In one feedback session I was in Manager reads a particularly negative response and says well we know how xyz answered it. Xyz responds, check the attendance records, I didn't take the survey this year. I am sure the Manager still thought he said it even though he really didn't take it. Such are the morons running this outfit.
Comment 11/02/13: That dumb IBM survey said something about a wild goose? I can't remember the phrase but it made me laugh. Where do they dream up this horse crap. -treasure_this-
Comment 11/02/13: I'll never be surprised to hear that others are out innovating IBM. After all, in my last calendar year there, I implemented a personal "Think 40" to improve my skills, and even did so such that my studies led to useful tools for my team. What was the reward? Demeaning castigation in my PBC review for "seeming distracted", despite the fact that I not only exceeded in all the areas of my PBC, but I'd even volunteered for - and delivered - additional work throughout that year. It's a good thing I frequently instituted a what I want to call a"personally directed 'Think 40'" throughout my career, or I'd have absolutely no marketable skills. -thankfully the distractable type-
Comment 11/02/13: GDF model is to hire non technical leads to boss around the technical admins? Who was the brainchild who thought this up? So now we have to first explain everything to the dimwit lead then have them send an email telling me what I just told them the day before. And yes, all the FLM's and SLM's are POS too. Take your GDF model of BS and stick it where the sun dont shine. Just waiting for Dec 15th for my 401k match and I am long gone. What a bunch of horrible people to work for. -gdf'd up-
Comment 11/01/13: To -oldibmer- I'm not sure about any other comments, but my sources point to the changes to come in 2014 1st or early 2nd quarter announcements. Not sure where you heard October from. -dun-4-
Comment 11/01/13: What an irony. IBM was not selected to help out with Obamacare website issues. Companies selected are FB,RH, Oracle. So much so for WebSphere stack of products. Even if they wanted to help, where will they get people from? India, China? No one here. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/01/13: OK it is now November. Where is the pension change announcement that several folks said would happen in October? Check your source - what happened? My guess is that IBM wouldn't want to do this because too many indispensable folks would be forced to leave. IBM likes to control who goes and who stays.-oldibmer-
Comment 11/01/13: New IBM paradigm: IBM only hires the best and the brightest. IBM only pays below the average market rate. In Lake Woebegon Days it was said that it was a place "where all of the children are Above Average "IBM" where all of the employees are paid Below Average" It doesn't matter if you are a Top Contributor. This company is like one of those muzak radio stations that is run by computer. 5 year roadmap, salary rules, HR practices. Who needs managers. Just let Watson spit out the rules. -Blue_Flu_Lou-
Comment 11/01/13: India's tax office has asked International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) to pay 53.57 billion rupees ($865 million) in taxes, alleging that the global technology company's local unit has under reported its income, a senior income tax official said. The tax official said IBM India had reported only 20% to 30% of its income in India. -TAXManCOMETH-
Comment 10/31/13: Who in their right mind would say what they really think in that 'survey'. Responses get sent to managers with more than 5 reports (so pretty much everyone) and any manager worth their salt can figure out who said what. -not-gonna-happen-
Comment 10/31/13: IBM aims to pay 90% of average means they want less than average employees. Soon as I find an alternative to this hell hole I am gone.Used to be great, now it is just a job. -Oh-god-take-me-now-
Comment 10/31/13: What happened to merit raises this year? This is a transition year to a new program so that results in a skipping merit raises / top contributor awards? Seriously? -Fedup-
Comment 10/31/13: @Survey: Describe IBM in 3 words, huh? How about "Circling the Bowl". -Stop Roadkill 2015 Now-
Comment 10/30/13: You are only eligible for a minuscule MBA bump if you are not within 90% of the midpoint?? Yet the HR promo material indicates IBM pays competitively. Is competitive 10% less than average? Conflicting message. I thought the midpoint was actually the midpoint. Is this new this year? -MBA_IS_A_JOKE-
Comment 10/30/13: In iBM Australia a couple of years ago the max redundancy package was 65 weeks for someone with say 25 years or more service.... then 52 weeks this up till middle of this year...last round decreased to 26 weeks max...supposedly next round will be the Government minimum of 12 weeks... only find out what you get after getting told.... -Anon-
Comment 10/30/13: @-Gettin-Hosed- Agree with you. Just saw the survey, what B.S.!!!! They have no concept of IBM'ers that have NO external customer facing responsibilities, NO place to say Q's are not applicable. Only three Q's of value. Do you like your job? Would you recommend it to a good friend? (Really...) Are you a happy IBMr? One is asked to describe IBM in 3 words: "It's The Titanic" -Survey-
Comment 10/30/13: "IBM has almost bizarrely fixated on a Soviet-style set of 5-year plans to 'earn' a specific dollar amount per share. Cutting R&D and staff is necessary to do this these days, and so it goes. This is not what great companies do.... IBM is doing what troubled large companies often do, which is point to their famous brand names and use their allies in the media and the financial establishment to promote the stock while they are losing ground to stronger competition. What IBM executives do not do is buy the stock...." -Gorya-

Comment 10/30/13: Ironic, with today's FB quarterly results announcement (new technology vs rusting iron). If Warren Buffet had purchased 65 million shares of FaceBook stock instead of IBM a year ago. He would have more than doubled his money. -WallStreetWatcher-
Comment 10/30/13:,2817,2426521,00.asp? Was IBM's Watson a Publicity Stunt From the Start? -Anon-
Comment 10/30/13: A high-profile legal battle over a $600 million spy agency contract has finally come to an end. IBM has withdrawn the injunctive action it filed after Amazon received a favorable ruling regarding its $600 million cloud computing contract with the CIA.
"In light of the government's recent submissions emphasizing its need to move forward on the contract, IBM has withdrawn its motion,"
reads a statement provided to VentureBeat by an IBM representative. "IBM maintains its position that the [Government Accountability Office's] findings were appropriate." -Anon-

Comment 10/30/13: Understatement of the year by Jason Steinberg in SeekingAlpha article: (IBM) sees revenue decline in an area where its massive backlog keeps growing and this points to some execution problems. Yah duh, right? Full article at
Comment 10/30/13: IBM's Enhanced Share Buyback Is Unfortunate, As Is Media Coverage Of It.
Comment 10/29/13: Some select excerpts: "Too big to grow .... Share buybacks have represented over 50% of the company's earnings growth over the past 10 years .... Customers are tired of the 'Big Blues' of the world .... We're looking at something south of $150 a share .... No sales growth anywhere .... Customers are having a hard time getting their arms around the value proposition for IBM .... From a management perspective, you're seeing significant mis-execution .... Revenues have declined year-to-year for 6 straight quarters" -Handwriting on the Wall-
Comment 10/29/13: IBM Adds $15 Billion Buyback After Six-Quarter Sales Slump.
"This is one of the biggest tools they have to increase earnings per share if their growth rate is flat,"
said Ivan Feinseth, chief investment officer at Tigress Financial Partners, who doesn't own IBM shares. "If they're not growing, they can reduce their share count."

Comment 10/29/13: So if Infosys got fined for Visa fraud and have been forcing US employees to train Indian workers in their US offices to ship the jobs to India, why haven't Sam and Ginny been investigated for doing the same thing for more than a decade. Is IBM that squeaky clean? -Jsb2b-
Comment 10/29/13:$34m-fine-to-settle-visa-fraud-charges-justice-dept-to-announce/
Infosys to pay $34M fine to settle visa fraud charges, Justice Dept. to announce -Anon-
Comment 10/28/13: Just realize that the target of 90% is really 90% penetration to the mid way point of the salary range (50%). Example> salary range is 50K to 100K with mid point of 75K. The 90% is really 75K times 90% or 67/5K. I use to think when they said 90%, I thought it meant 90% into the entire range or much closer to 100K than the other formula. if You make 75K in that range of 50-100K, then you are 100% penetrated from their view point. For years, 100% really meant reaching the 50% point in the scale. -blueladydiPOK-
Comment 10/28/13: So the story from GBS management is - all top performers - PCR 1 - got a 2% bonus this year from the CEO herself. All resources at or below 90% pay range with PBC of 1 or 2+ got MBA adjustment and some resources were selected by the data-mining tool for a one time pay increase of 1 to 10% based on their likelihood of leaving IBM. -nopayraise-
Comment 10/27/13: Market what---MBA was given out in STS UK last week but was more off a flogging match everyone got some whether your above it or not , papering over the big cracks and no SIP for the high end performers. Why have a process to reward your top employees if you don't reward them, operation road kill? -Operation road kill-
Comment 10/27/13: I can confirm the salary plan rumblings -- target is "90% of market," meaning if you are above that salary-point, you get nothing (could possibly get a 1% 'good job' bonus, but not likely), if you are at 90% of market, you get the same, and if you are below 90% of market pay, you might get a 1% or 2% salary bump. This isn't quite the same as "moving everyone to 90%," of course, but, if done over multiple years, it would effectively freeze the high-earners and (slowly) boost the low-earners until everyone was at approx. 90%. In reality, no one will see any significant cash, low-paid or otherwise. -Simple_Math-
Comment 10/26/13: Received .09% MBA, at low end of band. Joked with mgr that it was 'stock market' based, he winced. He said some areas received 0%. -Longtimer-