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Has the alliance considered a paypal link? An easier way for some people to pay you. Just a thought. I am happy to contribute and that would be an easy way for many people. -StillanIBMer-
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09/03/09: Alliance needs contact with ex-IBM employees who were RA'd while h1b visa worker remained.
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Comment 08/31/14: Hey, if we don't start organizing IBM, and America in general RIGHT NOW, Management will take back Labor Day as a holiday. I don't think it is that far fetched. WHO brought you the five day 40 hour work week, OT pay, benefits, vacation time, and something called a pension? Oh, maybe Labor Day will be a Management holiday only since they think they are the only ones working! :) Think about it. Think Twice. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 08/31/14: Labor day is a day to respect the workers. IBM has lost all respect for its workers. Just this week Ginni sold 6.7 million dollars worth of stock and Sam and Lou enjoy millions of dollars while IBM continues to RA employees. CEO families are doing great, workers are getting the shaft. This labor day weekend, all IBMUS employees need to organize and have a union, or this corruption will continue against the IBM worker. Join the union. -ANA-
Comment 08/29/14: Ginni just sold $6.7M worth of stock on 8/27. Execs get richer, workers get poorer. -Insiders still selling-
Alliance reply: Workers get poorer until they decide they've had enough. Then they get organized.
Labor Day is recognized for good reasons, and the reasons are not barbecuing or going to a park.
One hundred years ago, big business and corporations had a stranglehold on their workers. The rich kept getting richer and the workers kept getting poorer and dying sooner. Then they did something about it, because they'd had enough. Thank unions for 8 hour days, sick pay, living wages, and earned retirement and pensions. Get organized now. If you continue to wait, all of the gains that were made 100 years ago, will certainly be lost forever.
Comment 08/29/14: Not sure if this is new news to anyone - but there is a small banner hanging on the Essex Junction tech park sign claiming "IBM is hiring". Guess you do need people to get product through the line. -RAtired BTV'r-
Comment 08/29/14: -Anonymous-

Comment 08/28/14: Wow. Conspiracy theories and toxic exhortations abound! Look, it's a large company. It's easy to get screwed over. It is what it is and corporate culture world wide has changed. Adapt and you can succeed. It sucks, but it is what it is... Responding to it with hatred and venom won't accomplish anything. Fight from within. -ChaosEnsues-
Comment 08/28/14: More cuts for contractors in the Dallas area. Roadkill 2015 here we come. -JS-
Comment 08/27/14: -VietVetIRetiredBMer- It probably has a lot to do with the fact that the US has borrowed an untold amount of money from China in the past 6 years. -longtimebeemer-
Alliance reply: The IBM business and trade with China is complicated, by the sale of US Treasury Bonds to the Chinese government. Also, IBM has moved some operations to Vietnam, for even cheaper labor costs than China. IBM, not unlike most other Global Corporations, has no loyalty or patriotic allegiance to the USA or any other country's government. Their single, eternal goal is to maximize profits. Period.
Comment 08/26/14: Has anyone heard about rummors of IBM selling GBS business Unit? -Anonymous-
Comment 08/26/14: Oh, I don't want to sound too political, but isn't China still a communist country? And how many wars have we fought against communism? How many thousands of USA lives lost? At least two (against North Korea and North Vietnam) both we essentially "lost".
So how come our USA government through the Aug. 15 OK from the Federal Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States allows USA citizens working for IBM now, to become paid slaves to communism thru Lenovo???
This is making me physically sick. I had friends that died fighting communism (backed by China) and now our USA government just follows the money and doesn't give a damn... PLEASE, PLEASE IBMers join the union, this Alliance. I don't like where we are heading as IBM and a country. Ok, IBMers won't physically die in a war, but their careers logically will die with this so-called transfer.
Comment 08/25/14: -BlueEyedBlindness- My recollection of Akers was that he actually drove a Volkswagon diesel Rabbitt to work at least occasionally at the now Old Armonk HQ. He wasn't a big man but he was taller than Gerstner (who is real short of stature and charisma and lacks some digits on one hand, hence the TFL references).
I also think Akers had none of the arrogance that was Gerstner's modus operandi.
Yes, Akers tried to hold onto the believe that IBM didn't have to change and could cling to mainframe revenue.
At least Akers was a man and stepped down. If Gerstner was still in charge and the BoD wanted to make a change he would be going down kicking and screaming and demanding a lucrative exit package worth at least a $1B. RIP Jack Akers. It wasn't all your fault: IBM management underneath was sniping at you, as they still do now. And now we see decades later it is not totally his fault why IBM is where it is. -anonIBMer-

Comment 08/25/14: It is interesting how there is no mention in all the media of John Akers post IBM failure in attempting to start an airline with Frank Lorenzo, nor any mention that John Akers was on the board of Lehman Brothers when it went bankrupt. Nice try at rewriting history. -ReWriting History-
Comment 08/24/14: As IBM workers we have power but we don't use it in an organized way. For those IBM workers being moved to lenovo, DEMAND the same $6000 deal the Chinese IBM workers got. If managment doesn't deliver take a sick day off all together. If they still don't deliver, take 2 sick days off and on and on. it is time we stopped being victims. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/24/14: Hmmm, about 81.5K USA IBMers remain. We can only guesstimate since IBM doesn't want ANYONE to know. Why? a big mystery or master coverup so IBM can get away with their big State and Federal Tax Breaks. Honest, sincere, disclosure never hurt anyone IBM, right? Now minus another 7500 with the Lenovo "deal" (paid slave transfer) for the xSeries. Still think another 4000 will go before YE 2014 based on RAs, performance force outs MIP terminations) just so IBM might make their Roadmap 2015 EPS goal. Leaving IBM at 70,000 USA. Going forward I expect another 20K to go from USA by 2020. Probably to Africa or "tech ships" just off of USA shores. Mostly non-IBM management or "customer facing positions". IBM middle management and above is safe as always since you gotta fill up 590 Madison Avenue and CHQ Armonk, NY. Just for "brand marketing" the "smarter planet". Join the Alliance; JOIN THE UNION! Protect your job. Get a contract. -sby_willie-
Comment 08/24/14: I see that former IBM Chairman & CEO John Akers has passed.
He may be the last of the "old school" IBMers. I worked there when he was in charge. He had no idea what to do about personal computers. He never even touched one and refused to use one in his office. His beliefs were entrenched in the idea that IBM was an international"business" machines (mainframe hardware) company. He really never thought that IBM would be a "consumer" machines company (ICM). They can say all the BS they want about his attempt to 'save" IBM from going down the drain; but he knew the company was doomed. Gerstner convinced the BoD that Akers was too slow. Akers didn't think so; but stepped down anyway. When the Jackal shows up, you better leave..know what I mean? RIP John Akers. -BlueEyedBlindness-

Comment 08/23/14:
John F. Akers, the chief executive and chairman of IBM during a turbulent time when the rise of the personal computer undercut the profitability of the mainframe computer business, died on Friday in Boston. He was 79. His death was confirmed on Saturday by Edward Barbini, a spokesman for IBM, who said the cause was a stroke.
Comment 08/23/14: Ok, clearly some CAs are working hard on this forum. IBM management wants you to leave on your own. Be advised if you resign/quit YOU GET NO UNEMPLOYMENT benefits unless you can get a good lawyer and see to it you quit do to emotional distress, forced out, etc. Usually the grass is greener outside of IBM but sometimes not, especially salary wise. So treat all "it's better away from IBM" with THINK 2X. It could be IBM management egging you to leave. Which is what they want to make Roadkill 2015. -IBMGodISWatching-
Comment 08/23/14: Isn't Lenovo controlled by the Chinese Communist Politburo? If so that explains the $6,000 "deal" being offered. -RedStar-
Comment 08/23/14: -IdiotsBecomeManagement- I think there's lots of questions about it because a lot of visitors are not from the U.S. It seem U.S. employees are getting screwed more than most being "at will" employees, in other countries that's not the case. People see this as an open forum not just a U.S forum. -whatever-
Alliance reply: Alliance tries address U.S. issues first, because "in other countries" their rules are different; which THEY are very aware of in most cases. "At Will Employee' policy is strictly a US labor policy of individual states' rights. Alliance is and always has been involved with "other countries'" IBM locations, and their labor issues as we understand them. Also, as was mentioned previously, there are Unions & Works Councils within IBM in other countries (IBM Global Union Alliance links).
They have protections and contracts and agreements that NO IBM US employees have. That is the perspective that US IBMers should consider and think about making happen here in the US. This is also what Alliance@IBM has been doing for 15 years.

Comment 08/21/14: Worked for > 10 years in IGS/SYSTEM X. Writing is on the wall, so left in 2013. Many talented colleagues left as well. Very puzzled by how it will succeed after 2015, with so many talented ppl leaving -left in 2013-
Comment 08/21/14: In the netherlands and some other european countries IBM has made contracts about severance. In the netherlands the workscouncil has negotiated a contract that gives up to 24 months severance based on your years employed and your age. So you see that the company has different standards per country. So i say to my american colleges get a severance contract with IBM -dutchibmer-
Comment 08/21/14: The selling continues -Insiders still selling-
Comment 08/21/14: If you are still with IBM, you need to update your resume and start networking. The company has become so short-sighted that quarter results are all that matters for the 2015 management bonuses. Left on my own recently, so glad to be a place that wants everyone to do well within normal work week hours! - Be Prepared -Glad to be gone-
Comment 08/20/14: IBM's Problems May Be Fatal -Gorya-
Comment 08/20/14: Development and test schedules in Tucson are being modified (i.e., line items de-committed) to accommodate resource movement (i.e., certain regulars are being re-assigned to other managers to be saved no doubt and contractors are being let go gradually heading into 4Q). You don't need to look at the writing on the wall. There WILL be more mass firings in the Tucson labs before 2014 401k matches are paid. Better join the Alliance as you're looking for a new job before you get labeled as "distracted, disconnected, or disengaged" for 2014. -Shaun-
Comment 08/20/14: Although this is old news, after the strike in IBM China over the sale to Lenovo, the remaining workers were given $6000 to accept the transfer to Lenovo. How much did US workers get? Zero! -Alliance-
Comment 08/20/14: US SWG services employees have been told to make sure they charge the full 40 hours every week they are deployed. This applies to the rest of Q3 and Q4. Things are going downhill.. -Anon SWG-
Comment 08/20/14: "One of the main questions that arises at the time of a layoff is whether severance will be paid. Many people operate under the assumption that they have a right to severance pay. There is, however, no general right to severance.
That is, there is no law which states that employers must provide severance pay to employees who are being laid off. Instead, severance is voluntary on the part of the employer. The employer can offer to pay severance or it can refuse to pay severance. In general, it is entirely up to the employer." -stillatIBM-
Alliance reply: Thank you for sending this article to us. Alliance recommends that ALL IBM visitors to this comments section, READ this entire article for a better understanding of what rights you have in regard to severance pay without a union contract or an individual employment agreement.

Comment 08/20/14: -China IBMer- quick questions: If they accept the low package how much time they have to find a job in/out side IBM or do they have to leave immediately? -curious??-
Comment 08/20/14: I would concentrate on working towards organizing your coworkers and getting a union contract. This is what the Alliance has been preaching for. Then you don't have to be curious: it will all be spelled out in writing! -da_facts-
Comment 08/20/14: It's just 'amazes' me to no end that IBMers think they are entitled to severance pay when IBM RAs them! -IdiotsBecomeManagement-
Comment 08/19/14: What makes the Alliance think IBM would be willing to sign a union contract and negotiate any terms with the union? All current and future members are "at will employees", and therefore can be fired anytime for any reason. -Will IBM respect the Union?-
Alliance reply: You are correct that all current IBM US employees are "At Will Employees". However, "future" IBM US employees *could* be unionized and work for IBM and be represented by a union contract. The big "IF" is very simple. IBM workers need to join Alliance@IBM and continue to organize their co-workers, until a majority of IBM workers authorize the Communications Workers of America to *represent* them in negotiations for a collectively bargained agreement (contract). Organizing and bringing an election of a union to a company is never easy. There is much work and courage of conviction that must take place in action, by a majority of IBM employees. If these actions succeed, IBM will have to bargain with the unionized IBM workers' CWA representatives.
For your information: There are already union contracts and union representation within IBM locations, in several other countries in the world. These unions & works councils are members of the IBM Global Union Alliance
(Alliance@IBM is also a member).
Comment 08/19/14: IBM and Boston authorities 'tested facial recognition software' that secretly scanned every person at two music festivals IBM ran a test of its Intelligence Operations Center that took over ten cameras at Boston Calling festival in May and September 2013 Each attendee at the festival was run through a facial recognition scan that identified 'skin tone,' 'head color' and clothing texture, according to report Operation was run and secret and only revealed when a Boston newspaper found an IBM report detailing the surveillance that had been posted online. -Anon-

Comment 08/19/14: "I think by law they have to give you 1 week per year. If it's a layoff they are suppose to give you 2 weeks notice per year or pay you out"
If IBM wanted to be more cruel than they are they could fire everyone with trump up causes (lying on CLAIM, threatening management, insubordination, etc.) and then not only no severance but generally no UI either. No USA law says a company has to give severance pay that I know of. Why do you think contractors get no severance when their work is terminated?
Alliance reply: Ok. Let's flatten this controversy, right now. THERE IS NO LAW that says ANY company has to give terminated/separated/RA'ed/Retired employees *Severance pay* at ANY time. Unless you have a union contract, or an individual employment agreement with your employer that covers "severance"; you are an "At Will Employee". The "At Will Employee" policy is in effect in every state of the United States. All employers that are non-union use this policy and will continue to use this policy. The labor laws of all states do not apply to a company's own rules and practices in the work place. If IBM decides to fire you for ANY reason or NO reason, you have no law protecting you or forcing IBM to give you ANY severance whatsoever.

Comment 08/19/14: This can't be good - International Business Machines (IBM) Korea is launching another round of restructuring to counter steep drops in profits, officials said Monday. - -Anonymous-
Comment 08/19/14: According to sources, what happened in China will happen soon in the US -- RA's in SWG. No numbers, but supposed to be similar to what happened in STG earlier this as SWG "needs to be right-sized". -Ginny Tookus-
Comment 08/18/14: "I think by law they have to give you 1 week per year. If it's a layoff they are suppose to give you 2 weeks notice per year" -whatever-
Hate to burst your bubble but there is no such law. An employer only owes you your last paycheck and any accrued vacation - not a dime more. This is why you need unions so that such things can be negotiated and put in your employment contract.
Comment 08/18/14: IBM China SWG cut people by 10-15% in the first half of Aug. The package this time is lower than STG cutting people in Mar. of this year. Manager said if employee does not accept this low package, the manager will issue PIP within one week. -China IBMer-
Comment 08/18/14: -gone in '13-: "RAs: They are mass firings."
Sure they are! The Alliance has been saying it for at least a decade but not enough of human beings outside of the Alliance challenges IBM management about it. Local, State, and Federal Government does not press IBM to disclose the mass firing (RA) and drive by snipiring (individual IBM employee MIS) numbers. You can't count on your elected officials to get this information out. Time to join the Alliance, huh?
Comment 08/18/14: -IBMer- So IBM USA sells it's paid xSeries slaves to China's Lenovo. Isn't democracy in the USA great? The USA politicos follow the $$$ just like the Chinese politborocrats."Pigs and man; man and pigs, and no one can't even tell the difference."
(Closing quote from George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM). -IBM$ucks-

Comment 08/18/14: The standard package is 1 week per 6 months, so one pay check a year. Up to a max of 24 weeks. 2000 for education and 6 months medical. I think by law they have to give you 1 week per year. If it's a layoff they are suppose to give you 2 weeks notice per year or pay you out That's why they go the 2 week per year thing. Works out cheaper. This is for full time not contractors. -whatever-
Comment 08/18/14: "what happens when wall street sees the stock price and EPS growth party is over, with IBM left as a weak shell of an IT -steve-"
That is not important to management or Wall Street. IBM is simply a host vehicle to profit from. Whether it is left as a dry exoskeleton of its former self is immaterial to management or to investors. Its more important to wall street and current management that they profit! That's all. The Watson's had a personal stake in the company and its people. Current management doesn't. Today, society has become more secular. Humans are simply resources to use or abuse, not your brother or creation of God etc.
Comment 08/17/14: Any IBM managers want to chime in on what is being reported? ie being told to give employees artificially lower reviews, putting people on pip to force them out? You can post anonymously here -Anonymous-
Comment 08/17/14: -ExIBMerLenovoEmployee- I don't know what kind of package Lenovo offers but I do know Lenovo calls it a LAYOFF, not an RA! -longtimebeemer-
Comment 08/17/14: Did they give you the option of taking the severance package before putting on 30 days PIP ? If yes did they give you a few weeks to find a job internally/externally if you go for severance package and not PIP ? -curious??-
Comment 08/17/14: Your manager can declare your work deficient at any time, even if you had no change in performance.
1 Week/year is normal for anyone fired for job performance reasons. 2 Weeks/year is only if there is a declared "Resource Action."
In most states, without a union contract, they legally could fire you with no warning, no reason, and no severance pay at all. -Anon-

Comment 08/16/14: Anyone knows what type of RA Package Lenovo has offered to those that have been RAed? -ExIBMerLenovoEmployee-
Comment 08/16/14: "IBM says $2.3 bln server sale gets regulator approval"
I guess this shipped has sailed... best of wishes to all 7500 employees who found themselves forced to move to a new company in order to please Ginni's hunger for her 2015 bonus -IBMer-

Comment 08/16/14: Cadigan is nothing more than a richly paid and compensated used car salesman. With no training. No credibility. A poor salesman at that. Kick the tires at your own risk. He is trying to get the best price to sell off a still serviceable fab that IBM doesn't want to invest $.01 to upgrade the line. Do yourself a favor all at BTV: THINK TWICE! JOIN THE ALLIANCE, sign up for a union, get a vote, get a contract! It is the only thing you can do now! -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 08/15/14: Say good bye System X folks - Lenovo deal has been approved.
Comment 08/15/14: A fellow IBMer from Israel tried to access the Alliance site from IBM's internal network. Guess what... the access was blocked and a "you're forbidden to access this site" message appeared.... They are afraid... -IBMer-
Alliance reply: Thank you for the information. This is not news. IBM has been blocking Alliance@IBM's web site for years, all over the world; not just in the US.
This is especially true in recent years because we are also members of the IBM Global Union Alliance
Allliance@IBM has always cautioned IBMers to NOT try to access our site from inside IBM or from IBM internal servers. It may be grounds for termination.
However, Alliance@IBM is keenly aware that several servers from IBM site locations inside the US, constantly monitor and access our web site anyway.
It's not hard to prove that it comes from inside IBM; bit it's not easy to determine "who" is accessing our servers.
We're very glad that this continues to happen. Our web site's number of visitors is well past 8 million, as proof.
Our web site can also be accessed from your mobile device, if you prefer.

Comment 08/15/14: I find it baffling that everyone refers to "RA's". Let's call them what they are and avoid the political correctness and soft-selling of IBM's actions. They are mass firings. -gone in '13-
Comment 08/15/14: Mike Cadigan spoke in BTV and said all is well with new tooling and some new hires (because of the people that left for GF).
Maybe the good news is now that GF is out, IBM is willing to invest again in our fab. I hope so... he seemed to think we're good for a while in BTV.
Not sure if I believe him or not though. -John R-

Comment 08/15/14: Wasn't the last RA package in March 2014 offering 1 week of salary for every year of service, up to 26 weeks? how is that different from the minimized package? -Sigh..-
Comment 08/15/14: Now that many managers have left the company, the secrets start to spill. For example, things are really bad when Distinguished Engineers are demoted back to STSM or asked to retire. Or worse when STSMs and Band9s which represent IBM in standards groups and boards are laid off. Or the management trend to profile employees to assign retention bonuses to those most likely to leave. Oh, and let's not forget the list tracking who is single and who has kids. Where the latter is less likely to get a raise or promotion because they're less likely to leave. Add to this the trend to promote based on diversity rather than ability, experience, or skill and you can see a corrosive culture of epic proportions. -WhatIfountOutThisWeek-
Comment 08/15/14: I've had enough. I've been with IBM for 10+ yrs. Received consistent 1 and 2+ ratings. Identified as a TR, Master Inventor, Patents, etc. I participated in just about every company event and group. However, the management lies and politics are unbearable, the bonus is pathetic, and the raises are worse. It's a disservice to myself and my family to stay here. All of my talented co-workers have left for greener pastures. Other friends outside of IBM work less, have more fun, and make much more for equivalent experience. As soon as I started applying the potential employers lined up. Signing bonuses of 50K+ and 50% raises are fairly common for those in Raleigh and Austin, California and others easily command much much more. My advice to all is.... Get a job outside when you have a job inside. When IBM replaces you (which they will!!!) with a cheaper international based resource, your negotiation power in a new position will be next to zero. -Band9TechnicalResource-
Comment 08/14/14: Totally agree with some of the previous posts. Stop whining and join the union. I joined several months ago (not exactly sure when) and really regret that I didn't do it much, much sooner. -Mary-
Comment 08/14/14: -performance2+- What is the minimum separation package look like ? 1 week for every year? Also did they give you a month to be at IBM to find a another job in/out side IBM if you choose minimize pay? Or they want you to leave immediately after you choose to take minimized package and not PIP ? -curious?-
Comment 08/14/14: Seriously guys, just how much more of this BS do you want to put up with? Roadmap, RA, PIP, PBC123, etc.
The longer you stay, the more crap they would send your way. Why do you waste precious weeks of your life worrying about all that? Do as I did: get another job, submit your resignation letter and get out. I am now totally free from having to worry about nonsense like "Will I get PBC3?" "Will I be put on PIP?" "What would be my RA package?", not to mention the endless sequence of "newsletters" "communications" and"social messages" from every executive and his dog. In hindsight, I find it amusing to recall how much time I wasted on that crap. Life is much better now.
Alliance reply: To all, please do not send any more comments about getting out of IBM. The purpose of the Alliance is to advocate for employees, to fight back and to organize. We are not in the business of encouraging people to leave.

Comment 08/14/14: A Union could help IBM survive the current business environment, with a focus on best-practices and standardized work rules. The picture is always of a union hurting business, but look at IBM's lack of business success. Getting control on compensation rules and integrating family life balance would improve moral like is seen at healthcare, education and agency workplaces, where unions are in place. Pay is higher, vacations longer, great pensions, great benefits and a successful, happy workforce. -IBMband10PBC??-
Comment 08/14/14: ...keeping to facts, not complaints... Latest IBM EPS = 14.63. Company must boost net gains ~37% or cut expenses ~27% (or both) to make the promised 20. One-time sales of x86 and chip fab will help to reach this figure, but they are single short term profits which have to be timed "just right" (if they happen at all). International tax dodges are a third method, though authorities are getting wise to these. So, mathematically, there are two "impacts." The 2014 belt-tightening to lie, cheat, and steal so as to get to the 20 number (if even possible) -- and, then, the post-2015 nuke where all the belt-tightening and tax dodges and division sales implode, and the real fiscal reality sets in.
I ask, non-emotionally, and non-sarcastically: how can this be avoided? At best, you have a 27% to 37% chance of losing your job (or being forcibly restructured). At worst, you have ~16 months before post-2015 armageddon. Call me crazy, but I just couldn't stomach those odds. -SimpleMath-

Comment 08/13/14: Hatred spewed towards IBM.Instead of being ticked off get even.What is the one thing that would send IBM reeling?
A union. My Dad was an Ibmer in the 1950's. He and his peers never would have put up with this crap so why are you?
Hit them where it hurts and show them you do have a choice. -Not an ibm fan-

Comment 08/13/14: I received my first PBC 3 in 2012 in BTV. When I qustioned it, manager said you just got another 3 for next year. I never had a chance. Please everyone, get out while you can. Enjoy your family and health while you still can. -Stella-
Comment 08/13/14: The days of the big RA package are gone. Ibm wants to trim headcount but doesnt want to pay to trim. First step is being told your a low performer and offerring minimized package if you refuse you go on pip and 30 days later they will get rid of you and not pay anything. Trust me once on pip you wont survive. Take what they offer and leave and dont look back. -anon-
Comment 08/13/14: It seems like upper management must be getting paid by the email and blog post. The company has dissolved into a Dilbert-esque parody. Nobody can get any work done because they are being bombarded by useless fluff emails from everyone in upper management with pathetic links to their blogs and other ridiculous crap. If people actually read this stuff, the company would grind to a halt (or hasn't it already??). Put a fork in it, but RA me first! -Band10PBC1WishingForRA-
Comment 08/13/14: 'our reward for surviving past RA's is an inferior package and a couple extra years of circling the drain'

Well, ya can do TWO things.
1) DO NOTHING and enjoy the Casey Jones train ride and just pick up the IBM paycheck till RA time

2) DO SOMETHING and ORGANIZE and get some rules and agreements with IBM in a LABOR LAW ENFORCED CONTRACT which is your right as a USA employee!
Alliance Reply: Thank you. Well said.

Comment 08/12/14: Stop whining .. either join the alliance to protect the workers and build a union, or suffer in silence. -Mary-
Alliance Reply: Thank you. Well said.

Comment 08/12/14: The entire corporate fictionhood is a scam to allow people to privatize profits, socialize losses, and avoid criminal charges for wrong doing. IBM senior mgmt. is a pro at this. -Anon-
Comment 08/12/14: -Anonymous-: As I mentioned in my original post, the lowest PBC I received was 2 and I even received 1 in the past. I guess they just need to cut even more cost for their race to hell. -RA'ed-:
Thanks for the explanation on minimized separation. That's exactly what I received.
You are right. It doesn't matter how much or how good you performed. Politics is all that matters. -low performance 2+-

Comment 08/12/14: I am so confused by the comments I read on this page. Everyone seems to 'hate' the new IBM whilst still in love the old IBM. I get it but I do not get the inaction. Quit or unionize. The old IBM is gone and has been for years. The new IBM only cares about Wall Street. Two solutions, quit and find a private company or unionize. -Ex IBMer-
Comment 08/12/14: I assume this 'minimized separation' of one week per year worked has a max of 13 weeks? If that's not true and the max is 26 weeks then anyone with 26 years or more of service will get the full severance. And I agree with other poster that it's usually offered after two consecutive '3's. I hear it's a one time shot, you have a given amount of time to decide to take it and if you don't, it's not offered again. -anon-
Comment 08/12/14: Is the low perf package truly 1 week per year worked? If so, I'd be happy as it would still be 6 mos for me. What about unemployment? It's still a layoff, so I would think unemployment would be included just like any other RA, right? -Anonymous-
Comment 08/12/14: The days of the golden handshake RA are gone, Folks. Our reward for surviving past RA's is an inferior package and a couple extra years of circling the drain. Hasn't it been FUN?!? -Anonymous-
Comment 08/12/14: I know a lot of people hoping for another RA. Gee, that's got to create a productive workforce, huh? The separation package (usually offered after two consecutive PBC 3 ratings) is a piss poor version of the more generous RA package, which has been offered to about 4K US employees annually for the last 6 years. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/12/14: -Low performance 2+-, are you saying that they put you on the PIP even though you never received a PBC 3?!? Geesh, it's getting quite unfair and nasty, isn't it? Why not just do another RA? Why not just do one big RA of 50% of the US workforce and be done with it already?!? I am SOOOO SICK of this!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 08/12/14: looking to be RA-ed-: Minimized separation is one week pay for each year worked. Half the standard severance. If you leave voluntarily generally you do mot qualify for unemployent benefits since you quit/resigned your job on your own unless you can prove you were indeed forced out or was put under extreme duress to leave. But you usually need an employment lawyer to help you out on that. -RA'ed-
Comment 08/11/14: Hello low performance 2+, Can you explain how much they offered for minimized separation package. -Medium perf-
Comment 08/11/14: IBM performance rating is a joke. If you pixx off your manager or don't play the political game, you can be the best performer and you will still be RA'ed. With no employee union contract, you are at the mercy of greedy and corrupt management. Join the union -Ana-
Comment 08/11/14: -low performance 2+- that is exactly what happened to me in late 2012-- I had always been a solid performer, no complaints from anyone in my management chain. Got notice that my performance was"insufficient" and that I has 6 months to improve. I worked my you-know-what off, and by all accounts my first two levels of management thought I had fulfilled the terms sent down by HR. But then the summer 2013 RA arrived and I was on it. Guess it was a blessing as the severance was twice as good. I'm now happily retired. -anon-
Comment 08/11/14: Starting to see the folks who were RA'ed in the Spring show up as contractors and supplementals. How does an RA really save any money in the short term with a payout of 6 months salary, lost productivity, loss of morale, lost work product, loss of sales, etc.? -Ginny Tookus-
Comment 08/11/14: Contracts being let go in Toronto in the past few weeks. Roadmap to Hell is showing cracks. -TOIBMer-
Comment 08/11/14: @-ExIBMerHistoryRefresh- Thanks for your post and the reminder. You know what's crazy, for 7500 wrapped up in this "repeat" exercise (I'm one of them looking forward to my interview Tuesday with a competitor), there seems to very little conversation around these topics. You've posted some facts, I've posted some facts, but there seems to be little discussion around these topics, or general concern from my colleagues around these items. Seems like everyone is drunk from the cool aid or immune to the fact that as soon as a way can be found to shift your job to China, it will. Absolutely seething to tender my resignation, hopefully Tuesday afternoon. P.S. Forget the fact that no "Red" people will be eligible for any bonus until July 2015, ya'll can split my copy of . Think there won't be a copy of that on every desk on "day 1" with a date to have it finished for group discussion or test to ensure train of thought compliance? -NoMSG-
Comment 08/11/14: This came from guidotti and its being enforced by dunderdale, all internal transfers are frozen as well as external hires. If you want to poach somebody you have to go to a board. Managers keeping folks from transfers in fear of losing headcount (IBM managers stopped caring about employees some 5 years ago, treat them as replaceable cogs) but at. The same time keeping them in a very bad place to be - can't transfer can't focus. There is a concerted effort to give more 3's this year and communicate it during mid year review (have you noticed it in your w3 news instructions in having your midyear review). IBM stooped to a new low, only roadmap to hell matters now. IBM is creating a monster, show me one IBMer who was treated poorly - and ibm treats everybody poorly now if you are not a sycophant or an exec - and still entertains the possibility to buy/recommend IBM and I'll show you either an brainless bloodless person or a masochistic one. Beware. -Camms (whaaaat) manager-
Comment 08/11/14: To -low performance 2+: That is a first low from IBM,( I have been a PBC 2 and 1 since I joined the company. Then I was suddenly informed that due to my LOW PERFORMANCE I need to either leave voluntarily with minimized separation package, or choose to be put on performance improvement plan) but you have to realize IBM hires imbeciles for management case in point Ginni. Getting an attorney would be a waste of your time and money. The best thing you can do is think of it as a blessing and get out. Trust me your manager is doing IBM's dirty work and then your manager will be gone. Good Luck! -RA'D in 2013-
Comment 08/10/14: low performance 2+, what is "minimized separation package"? If you leave voluntarily, you won't be eligible for unemployment benefits, right? -looking to be RA-ed-
Comment 08/10/14: At U.S. - Africa Business Forum, Ghana's Fidelity Bank Chooses IBM to Drive Transformation Agenda --
I wonder if these folks at Ghana Fidelity Bank saw the Carlson article? Or are aware of IBM's failures at the State of PA, the State of IN, the State of TX, the NFL, ServiceMaster, Hilton Hotels, etc.?
-3V3R 0NW@rd. . .-
Comment 08/10/14: To "BrokeInEFK", check your rumors. Those may be the folks working with GF. They all receive a bonus to cover the inconvenience (and keep GF from poaching them?) -UpInTheHills-
Comment 08/10/14:
Water negotiations with IBM stall, raising new doubts
Negotiations between IBM and the public agencies that provide water to its Town of East Fishkill plant have stalled, raising new doubts about IBM's future in southern Dutchess County, an exclusive Poughkeepsie Journal investigation has found.
The troubles come more than a year after the Journal first reported that IBM Corp. was willing to renew its 10-year commitment to buy up to 2 million gallons of water daily drawn from the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie and delivered via pipeline. The current commitment ends in 2017.
The issues have arisen primarily because IBM now wants to pay less if it exits the deal early, according to internal documents obtained by the Journal via Freedom of Information Law requests and interviews with officials involved in the negotiations. -IBM Bailing-

Comment 08/09/14: I have been a PBC 2 and 1 since I joined the company. Then I was suddenly informed that due to my LOW PERFORMANCE I need to either leave voluntarily with minimized separation package, or choose to be put on performance improvement plan (i.e., the hell). I know sometimes the company gave people 3 to force them out with less or no severance, but to force a solid performer, plus to leave based on the past half-year performance? That's the new low! Could anyone please recommend some good employment lawyers? -low performance 2+-
Alliance reply: If you choose to spend your money on an attorney to fight IBM, that is your choice. But know this: You are an "At Will Employee". That means that IBM can fire you for any reason or no reason. IBM makes their own rules concerning the PBC, their salary pay outs; even the way they decide to make changes to the 401(k) plans being paid at the end of the year, instead of bi-weekly like they used to do. IBM can break or revise ALL those rules whenever they choose. There is nothing illegal about it. Any attorney worth their education should be able to confirm what Alliance@IBM is saying here. Until you have a written contract (whether it is an individual contract or a collectively bargained contract) signed by you (or your union representative) and the IBM company, that guarantees specifics of your performance plan; you have no standing or power to dispute the way that IBM does business with their employees--You. Keep that in mind, when you decide to contact an attorney. It may save you a stack of money that you can use to support yourself and your family until you find another job. IBMers in the USA need to understand that Organizing to get a union contract is their ONLY option to level the "At
Will Employee" playing field.

Comment 08/09/14: I was RA'D in 2013 and that was the happiest day of my life. I have to admit being in management at IBM has to be the lowest form of human life out there. Our manager did everything possible to fire us or make us quit before the RA'D happened. Not sure if she thought she would save money on severance or she was just being a true blue blooded idiot IBM manager, but we are gone and so is she. I can only say get out if you can and not to go through all the stress, because IBM does not care about their people that's a fact. -RA'D in 2013-
Comment 08/09/14: This is a link to IBM management principles from past CEOs. How far IBM has come down from that today. -GTA-

Comment 08/09/14: IBM below may have won the suit in a court of law but will lose in the court of public opinion long term. I think many CIOs will likely think twice before inking a contract with IBM. TJ Watson Jr. always aimed for a WIN-WIN with the customer. IBM wins $14.2 million suit against Carlson over contract cancellation. -tj-
Comment 08/08/14: A bunch of people are getting 2-year retention bonuses in Microelectronics. Not me, despite getting a 1 last year and leading a major project. All I got was a lousy Blue Points reward from my manager. I guess the writing's on the wall that those of us who didn't get a retention bonus won't be staying around whatever happens with GloFlo. Instead of union contracts we now have people indebted to IBM. Good luck to everyone. -BrokeInEFK-
Comment 08/07/14: The FEB'14 RA sent shock waves to a lot of employees in the STG India site, about 20% of STG India who managed to find a job outside have left. Some who could not find suitable jobs outside managed to jump to other departments where IBM is currently investing (Cloud, Big Data, Analytics). The rest are frustrated at their inability to find a job outside of IBM, and confused with the lack of direction for STG, and angry because the latest leadership changes in STG India only made things worse. The employee morale here is lower than a snake's belly. With all this mess, I am not sure how IBM can produce any quality products going forward, looks like we are entering a viscous circle. There are fears that there might be more RAs in the making, given that Glo-Flo ditched us. I find this site a great place for IBMers across GEOs to know what is happening. Please share some updates from your Geo/Site. -STG-INDIA-
Comment 08/07/14: IBM CEO interpretation of Einstein's theory. E=MC2"Executive = Money Cash Screw" -Anonymous-
Comment 08/07/14: Just because you can teach Elephants to dance doesn't mean they can run a company!! You should have taken the money you spent on elephant dance lessons, and spent it on developing new technology. -MR EF-
Comment 08/06/14:

IBM-Apple App Deal for Businesses Hits Snag as China Spurns IPad

IBM's goal to dominate the business application market through a partnership with former rival Apple Inc. (AAPL) has hit a snag where IBM has faced challenges before: China. China's government excluded Apple products such as iPads and iPad Minis from the list of products that can be bought with public money because of security concerns, according to government officials familiar with the matter. That means the business-software apps IBM is building for those tablets may face hurdles reaching the burgeoning Chinese corporate market. -Anon-

Comment 08/06/14: For those IBMers going to Lenovo at the RTP site, this is something of what to expect within the 1st year. A 20% job cut. A history refresh. That's what happened to the 350 of 1,800 ex-IBMers. So get your resumes ready and start thinking ahead. -ExIBMerHistoryRefresh-

Comment 08/06/14:
Ginni couldn't entice GF with $1,000,000,000 to take the chip fab well guess how she'll raise a billion without enticing them? Duh. Another RA coming soon. Another financially engineered cost cut to try to get to $20 EPS. Full steam ahead, don't oil the main bearings, damn the torpedoes, and and the icebergs, the jagged rocks in the shoals IBM Titanic!
Comment 08/06/14: Andrew Stevens shown the same door as Jim Bramante it appears.
PWC virus downloaded by Ginni continues to wreak havoc within the company. Good call GR.
-out of the blue-
Comment 08/05/14: Ginni is trying to sell the chip unit so she Sam and Louie can get their big fat bonuses at the end of the year. There will definitely be more RAs now until the end of the year. US IBMers need a union to protect their families from these three corrupt and greedy CEOS . Join the union -Join the Union-
Comment 08/05/14: GlobalFoundries is hiring and has an ad in the Burlington Freepress today for a job fair on Tuesday Aug 5 from 6-8pm at the Sheraton in Burlington -JustSaying-
Comment 08/05/14: Looks like Ginni is running a reverse garage sale. She's paying folks to take her junk? Help the bottom line by taking take a hidden 1-2 billion dollar write off. Imagine if that money was invested in EFK's physical plant instead. -anon-
Comment 08/05/14: IBM GF Explore New Partners -justsayin-
Comment 08/05/14: For those tracking numbers, IBM has recently stated that if the System X divestiture gets approved (which is still uncertain) it will be losing 7,500 jobs. This appeared as a full page ad this month in Wired, and is available on too: "Can a move spark a transformation? See it happen with System x."
Noteworthy is that it was signed "Sincerely, The entire System x Team". But do you really think each and every one of the 7,500 is sincerely excited about leaving IBM? Well, most probably are elated to get out of IBM, but do you think they did an employee survey to determine this stated consensus? What's most interesting is that no single person, like an Adalio Sanchez-level executive individually signed it. Maybe they don't want to be too accountable for this massive and historic loss for IBM, which is short changing its long-term future? Or, maybe they just don't have the authority, as it seems everything is spiraling further out of control? -eXer-

Comment 08/04/14: Einstein, Bohr, Newton, and Galileo would ALL get 3's -- for being distracted. "What have they done for us lately?" -Anon2-
Comment 08/04/14: Ginni's desperation knows no bounds:
IBM Said to Have Offered GF Cash to Take Over Chip Unit.
IBM was willing to pay Globalfoundries Inc. to take on IBM's money-losing chip-manufacturing operations, according to a person familiar with the process. IBM was offering about $1 billion to persuade Globalfoundries to take the unit, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the negotiations were private. Globalfoundries wanted to be paid about $2 billion, enough to offset the division's losses, the person said. IBM's willingness to pay underscores the urgency for Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty to get less profitable businesses off the books. Even so, letting the deal unravel shows Rometty wasn't willing to exit at any cost. -Anon-

Comment 08/04/14: GBS Got the boot March 2014 full payout, early retirement, now hearing from people who are getting RA's with reduced payout after 2-3 weeks bench time. 2 in my small circle so who knows how many. Even heard a person being replaced by H1B and going to bench. These are not 3 performers getting 13 weeks pay with just 3 weeks notice. What is IBM doing? -Gonein2014-
Comment 08/04/14: Well - IBM may try to sell its chip mfg business but it will still maintain integrity in the research initiatives - or will it? -RAtired BTV'r-

Comment 08/04/14: It is very sad to see how IBM STG managers follow the senior managers direction to kick out the old workers. The young /inexperience workers get the high visible projects even they are clueless. There is no moral code. -dark blue-
Comment 08/03/14: Re the PBC process, if IBM employed Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo one of them would get a 3! -Glad To Be Gone-
Comment 08/03/14: To previous post by eXer. The issue is larger than it appears on the surface. I'm currently working on a government contract, and with the chance our new IBM HMC's (all System X) are going to be made by Lenovo, all of our POWER8 orders are on HOLD. There's no way they're going to let a Chinese company build HMC's being used by the government. We're now placing orders for POWER7 systems instead (since the POWER8's will utilize a new HMC). This may mean the demise of AIX in our organization in the future. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/03/14:

The job fair is from 6 to 8 PM Tuesday 8/5 at the Hyatt House, 100 Westage Business Center Dr, Fishkill, NY -Interviewing-

Comment 08/02/14: "IBM Australia/NZ MD Andrew Stevens retires. Profits plummet. It is a bad time in Australia at the moment. I am just glad to be out of IBM. Guess he'll end up with a "golden handshake"
Golden Handshake?? Perhaps he doesn't deserve a "Golden ANYTHING" based on his performance ... Perhaps another PW acquisition horror story for IBM (my opinion):
During Stevens' tenure, IBM Australia has watched its profits plummet.
The company reported total revenue for the 2013 financial year tumbled by a third, and net profit for the year went down to AU$233 million from the AU$355 million profit recorded during the previous financial year.
The company also made recent cuts to its local workforce, where 500 jobs were expected to be slashed in March, in addition to the 1,500 jobs culled during June 2013, as part of a global restructure plan. -anon-

Comment 08/01/14: Now is the time to find another job. Not q1 2015... -Anonymous-
Comment 08/01/14: I recently saw a cloud provider's (IBM competitor) business update that included a bullet point on the fact that IBM are deeply discounting (providing credits) on attempted Softlayer sales. Discounting on a already commodity priced offering? It doesn't bode well for IBM replacing lost revenue with cloud growth. -Where's the growth?-
Comment 08/01/14: To -Anonymous-, I have been a solid '2' for over 14 years at the same band level and all of a sudden I am dropped to a '3' due to 'relative contribution'. And this year I will most likely see the same, so two '3's in a row. Like you, performance has not changed. I'm sure I'll be shown the door with a reduced or non-existent severance. -anon-
Comment 07/31/14: I was a PBC 2+ or equivalent for 25 years. Then, boom, a 2 and then boom, a 3, and now I'm looking at another 3. Has my performance changed? No. Is IBM looking for a way to manage me out without severance? Yes. I'm sure I'm not alone. This is just another "initiative", intended to avoid more billion dollar"restructuring" (aka layoff) costs. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/31/14:
With IBM future foggy, Dutchess eyes $250k jobs fund Dutchess County leaders are considering a boost in funding aimed at attracting jobs and investment to the local economy. With the county's largest private employer, IBM Corp., reported to be trying to sell its microchip manufacturing business, doubt about the future of workers at the East Fishkill chip site have added urgency to the jobs issue.
Comment 07/31/14: @-anonymous-Who posted the news on CEO walkout: Why do you "hope" for Ginny to walkout, instead of, uhm .. well, walking out of IBM and getting yourself a better job? Come on, you *should* be able to get a better job if you try. Are you so madly in love with IBM that you will stick to them till the ends of the Earth? -CleanPro-
Comment 07/31/14: 12,000 shares sold in the last 4 weeks by IBM insiders, only 1,000 bought. Nice to know the folks at the top have zero confidence. Join the club folks! With the GF deal cratering, and cloud becoming a non-profit commodity business, looks like the screws are tightening more every day. I have no shares, but if I did I'd sell now too while they have peaked. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 07/31/14: IBM Australia/NZ MD Andrew Stevens retires. Profits plummet. It is a bad time in Australia at the moment. I am just glad to be out of IBM. Guess he'll end up with a "golden handshake" which is more than what I got when I resigned on my own terms - I got sent a bill yet I have evidence I was next on the list for RA! Company is a joke and all I can say is good riddance. For those that remain, stand up or get out - the grass is truly greener on the other side -glad2bgone-
Comment 07/31/14: All should stop referring to IBM's System x business as "low end". It's not. That's just IBM executive spin to justify selling off the whole division, as if they were doing something smart. In reality x servers are relatively high-end, leading the technology and innovation curve in STG for the other HW lines to benefit from. Wall Street and US Military tanks and fighter jets use System x servers because they are high end. X could be called "high volume"; however, with the growing uncertainty of the potential sale to Lenovo (US Gov might not allow Chinese x firmware controlling our military), it's freezing sales. If the sale doesn't go through, IBM will end up with a "low volume" and "high end" (but starting to trend down from neglect) business pulling along less of the more profitable SW and services. And, all those dedicated IBMers who put their hearts into building the best x servers in the world - many are doomed whichever way x goes. Join forces now - your job might be next! -eXer-
Comment 07/30/14: "..None of us even knew she was here. You would think maybe the site workforce would be made aware of a visit by the CEO.."
Not the first time Rometty went incognito to an IBM site. I spotted her at EFK just after she was made CEO near the main EFK cafeteria. Her visit was probably to size up EFK microelectronics operations, and who knows maybe that was preliminary advance scouting for the current GF sell that is now off from all reliable sources. These IBM executives want to keep a low profile. Why I don't know..other than irrational fear(?)
Comment 07/30/14: -Join the Union-: Actually I think the discrimination starts earlier than 55 year old. Once you are 55 years old with 15 years of IBM service you get the FHA. If you are only 54 years 364 days old when IBM RAs you LOSE ALL YOUR FHA! Unless your an IBM executive once you turn the big Five-Oh your targeted. We are on a Roadmap to Hell! No doubt about it. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 07/29/14: 6 stocks go higher after CEO's walk out the door....we can only hope IBM will be #7 on the list. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: Don't get your hopes too high for CEO Rometty to walk out. It would be better if you could hope that you and your co-workers could organize and fight for a union contract. Numbers make a difference for unions, just like numbers make a difference to the CEO's that live by the stock market. Let the CEO's, whomever they might be, play their game and lose. You should play YOUR game to win. And organized workers' numbers could be much bigger than theirs.

Comment 07/29/14: Several contractors in the Netherlands and possibly also IBMers were let go today. -IBMer-
Comment 07/29/14: I spent a little over 3 yrs at IBM. While there I got a PBC of a 2 and (2) 3.....The problem I had was I got 6 Outstanding PAs! So how can someone who gets outstanding PAs during a year end up with a 3? Well let's see, first I was over 50 when i was converted to full-time IBMer. I know they love to let us old-timers go. Second, I know that my salary was higher than other Band 9s in my group who were much younger than I. Good riddance IBM. You should go the way of DEC, SUN, etc... -TexasEx-
Comment 07/26/14: IBM management is not only sexist about women in the workplace , but they also have a history of discrimination against women and workers over 55. They are the worst company to work for when it comes to discrimination due to age and sex. IBM US employees need a union to protect this type of discrimination in the workplace. IBM H/R is useless when it comes to discrimination. Join the union. -Join the Union-
Comment 07/26/14: What's the latest in the France TSS strike? I haven't been able to find anything in English language since early July. -still_suffering-
Comment 07/26/14: My area is again actively replacing US-based workers with people based in other countries. One contractor was let go this past week, another person will be let go next week. Both IBM employees and contractors are under consideration. Management is being pressured to get US workers off the books, regardless of the impact to the customers they are supporting. -still_suffering-
Comment 07/25/14: IBM Is a 'Kindred Spirit': Whoa, Tim Cook, Whoa!
What I'm saying here is this: If this deal is so amazingly "landmark," the details provided do not match the hype. If the collaboration is real, it would be fairly easy for Tim Cook just to say so. He could at least give us a hint that the collaboration with IBM will extend much deeper than collaborating on how to handle invoicing. Personally, I'm taking all this with a grain of salt. -anon-

Comment 07/25/14: ...Ginnie asked someone in the command center...
Q:"What do you do every day that is stupid?"

A. Work for IBM without a union contract!" I'd say!
Comment 07/25/14: Regarding Ginni in RTP, what was she even there for? None of us even knew she was here. You would think maybe the site workforce would be made aware of a visit by the CEO but apparently the company's most valuable asset isn't worth keeping informed. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/25/14:

IBM Said to Reject Globalfoundries Offer for Chip Unit
IBM's talks to sell its money-losing chip-manufacturing operations to Globalfoundries Inc. have ended after the two companies failed to agree on terms, according to people familiar with the process.
"The breakdown of the talks is a setback for IBM Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty as she attempts to meet 2015 earnings goals by shedding less profitable units and reversing nine straight quarters of revenue declines."
-Bad Number's Ahead-
Comment 07/25/14: At the dog & pony show in the triangle the other day Ginnie asked someone in the command center "What do you do every day that is stupid?" Bless her heart, had she asked me I would have stood up and said "Ma'am, I worry about getting pulled into the next RA".
Are they really that out of touch? -Magnolia-

Comment 07/25/14: You are gonna love this:
IBM is among the "Top 5" companies to work for in India. -Anonymous Coward-

Comment 07/25/14:
The Fed suckered IBM into a failing cloud strategy?
Economist David Stockman, who is probably best known for being President Reagan?s budget director back in the era of voodoo economics, has been particularly outspoken about IBM as a poster child for bad policy on the part of the U.S. Federal Reserve. How this would be isn?t immediately obvious but I think is worth exploring because IBM is far from the only company so afflicted. There?s an important effect here to be understood about corporate motivations and their consequences.
Comment 07/25/14: All businesses do not enter into buy/sell negotiations until each party signs agreements not to talk to much less hire the other parties employees. These agreements are usually in force during and last for sometime after negotiations end. The process of hiring employees of this caliber is not done over night and has probably been ongoing for some time. IBM is either foolish (doubtful) or a party to this ongoing charade. -60Hurtz-
Comment 07/24/14: -JustSaying- I'm sure these three have employment contracts with GF and probably got a nice signing bonus! A raise perhaps too?! -IBM2GF-
Comment 07/24/14: Here's a good one, they will probably just get a slap on the wrist but really need to go through at least 6 months of diversity training, lol.. -sinking ship-
Comment 07/24/14:
Female coder live-tweets overheard sexist remarks 'made by IBM execs' at lunch who refuse to hire young women because they 'get pregnant again and again and again'
Comment 07/24/14: GlobalFoundries hires 3 more IBM execs -JustSaying-

Comment 07/24/14: @-Jason-, The answer to who left IBM and was hired by GF is here: -anon-

Comment 07/23/14: I just saw this.... IBM: "Environment - If you're a woman looking for a company that appreciates you" here:
Who the #@%$ came to that conclusion??!?
Comment 07/23/14:
There's no single stock that funds hated more last quarter than $200 billion tech behemoth International Business Machines (IBM). All told, early-filing investment funds sold off 2.56 million shares of IBM in the last three months, shedding more than 15% of their holdings in the firm. Now the question is whether it makes sense to join them in the selloff.
Alliance reply: The real question is not about IBM's stockholders' participation in a selloff--the question is whether IBMers will finally stand up together and take some action and push back against the Roadmap to Hell?
If you aren't a member or aren't aware, this comments section is paid for by Alliance members and its purpose is getting information and reports about Job Cuts. We decided to post your comment to remind everyone that comes here that in order to take action and push back, worrying about what IBM does with their "holdings" is not on the list of "things to do". Joining Alliance@IBM and organizing is at the top of the list. FYI.

Comment 07/22/14: -bongo- Remember whenever you see an IBM executives lips moving or quivering, they are LYING! Standard IBM executive CYA. That's why they are more slippery than teflon or butter or oil on a hot skillet. -anonymous-
Comment 07/22/14: "...but rather a standard 1 month severance without regards for years of service..."
I thought you only get 1 week of employment service up to a max of 13 weeks with consecutive PBC 3s with an RA?
So IBM changed this? Another devious an unethical way of cutting costs since the IBM executives have NO CLUE HOW TO MAKE REVENUE. Ginni should be a PBC 3 for two years running!
Comment 07/22/14:
Why The IBM-Apple Agreement Could Fail
The supposedly "landmark" deal faces some serious obstacles. An iOS centered mobility management solution will not do well in a BYOD dominated market. IBM is a newcomer when it comes to mobility management and lacks the clout that Apple needs to thrive in this market. IOS security woes are a major obstacle for highly regulated industries. This problem isn't likely to go away through IBM's partnership.-anon-

Comment 07/22/14: 6 weeks since I left ibm, sleep is easy now. I pray for my remaining friends. -grayson_ex-ibmer-
Comment 07/21/14: -jason- my sources told me that Tom Callfield recruited them. The names I heard was George Jorodomino , Deb Leach and some other young up and comer. Also heard someone name Hank Demarico who was an exec who got retired is also hired by GF..Could be a message here. -lastdino1-
Comment 07/21/14: Re: -SimpleMath- The next logical follow-on question: even IF they carve off these large chunks of the enterprise to reap one-time billion dollar payouts and (temporarily) make their numbers, does that really have much meaning in the long term?"
LOL - "long term" is not in IBM's vocabulary. What can they do to make the numbers look good for NOW, to hell with 1 year from now. -Glad-I-Left-

Comment 07/21/14: To jsb2b, the IBM earnings report is for just one quarter yr (second quarter). So you have to multiply by 4 or look at the full year forecast for the full year earnings. The 20.00 per share in 2015 is a full year EPS. -wackomole-
Comment 07/21/14: Question to bongo... not sure if it's allowed on this website, but if it is, tell us the names of these execs who left for Global if you can. -Jason-
Comment 07/21/14: -Curious-, two consecutive "3" appraisals generally results in layoff without the more generous RA-type severance packages but rather a standard 1 month severance without regards for years of service. IBM HR is enforcing more "3" appraisals to increase attrition and force employees out without standard severance. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/21/14: (I am trying to link this post to actual job-cut forecasts... I think we generally err on the side of excessive negativity here, without constructive end-product.)
Seems clear, at this point, that to make $20 EPS, IBM must divest its x86 server business and (much of) its chip-fab business. (Ideally both.)
If one sells without the other (e.g., x86-to-Lenovo goes through, chip-fab-to-GF-or-Tower fails), the number is still theoretically reachable, but will be difficult. If neither happens (e.g., both x86 and EFK deals delayed post-2014), expect November-to-March bloodshed.
The next logical follow-on question: even IF they carve off these large chunks of the enterprise to reap one-time billion dollar payouts and (temporarily) make their numbers, does that really have much meaning in the long term? What will keep this target-or-die crisis from recurring (whether officially forecast or not) in 2016, 2017, 2018?
Comment 07/21/14: A little audience participation exercise for the"theoretically almost RED team", since all the internal reporting MAY be just a tad one sided... Go out to Search Lenovo Layoffs and sort by oldest... SPOILER ALERT: May 2nd 2005 was the first day for the 2000 lucky RED transfers at the time. First major layoff? Less than a year later March 17 2006. Next major layoff? April 19, 2007. Transferred people gone in total? 600, or 30% in 2 years time. Pretty close to one a day if you look at it that way, transformation at it's best! In case you haven't noticed the shift of work east has already begun. P.S. Posted from my shiny new envy laptop, guess what it's NOT. -NoMSG-
Comment 07/20/14: "IBM outstanding stock shares are scarcer..."
Yeah, it's called stock price manipulation. Does anyone think IBM can ever become a $200 a share company anytime soon??? Can anyone figure out since Gerstner accelerated IBM stock buybacks in 1993 what the TRUE IBM stock price is without all these incestuous Billion dollar buybackSSS financed by IBM stockholder $$$?LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD and not getting better anytime soon. Roadkill to Hell and bust I'm afraid. LISTEN to the Alliance folks! They know what they are telling you all is true!!! Then THINK 2X for yourself and JOIN the Alliance! -trexibmer-

Comment 07/20/14: 3+ executives left to GF from Fishkill last week. Not exactly a morale boost. One of those same execs gave people a "there's nothing to worry about" meeting only 2 months ago. #rolemodels -bongo-
Comment 07/20/14: In response to the seekingalpha article, I present to you facts: -Another Ex IBMer-

Comment 07/20/14: anon....what is the "3-check your out without severance now. That's the latest plan"... I havent heard that one? -curious-
Comment 07/19/14:

U.S. Senator blasts Microsoft's H-1B push as it lays off 18,000 workers Republican lawmaker takes issue with U.S. corporate belief that there's a STEM shortage
On the floor of U.S. Senate Thursday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) delivered a scalding and sarcastic attack on the use of highly skilled foreign workers by U.S. corporations that was heavily aimed at Microsoft, a chief supporter of the practice.
Sessions' speech began as a rebuttal to a recent New York Times op-ed column by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, investor Warren Buffett and Sheldon Adelson, a casino owner that has chastised Congress for failing to take action on immigration reform. But the senator's attack on "three of our greatest masters of the universe," and "super billionaires," was clearly primed by Microsoft's announcement, also on Thursday, that it was laying off 18,000 employees. -anonymous-

Comment 07/19/14: The Fed's Financial Repression At Work: How Big Blue Was Turned Into A Wall Street Slush Fund

IBM is a poster child for the ill-effects of the Fed's financial repression. In effect, the Fed's zero interest rate policies are telling big companies to issue truckloads of debt and use the proceeds to buyback shares hand-over-fist. That way fast money speculators on Wall Street are appeased by the resulting share price lift, and top executives collect bigger winnings on their stock options. -Anon-

Comment 07/19/14: Ginni is hellbent on $20 EPS by 2015. Last report was $4.21 EPS. How is she going to jump $16 to get to $20 in less than 6 months? Fire every employee world-wide??? -jsb2b-
Comment 07/19/14: Corporate greed and stupid management is taking over -this says it all: -John Doe-

Comment 07/18/14: The author is very wrong, and Cringely comments on it. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/18/14: I always thought Think40 was a failure in my opinion. It was very frustrating in that it was yet more lip service from IBM management with no funding attached to it. It was more fend for yourself initiative. IBM couldn't be bothered to even train its employees for its own software. I am taking the liberty of re-branding Think40 to mean Think! before you commit to doing more than 40 hours for IBM! Do not cheat your family of their due time to give to IBM. It will never pay-off. You will be tossed out in your old age (40 or above). That's another Think40 - the age at which you will feel age discrimination. Much like adult film actresses that look back and lament in their old age, you will too. These are all my opinions. -anon-
Comment 07/17/14: Have you read what is happening in IBM France? See what dirty pool IBM management plays? Putting striking workers behind the 8 ball? IBM: a RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL corporation? Not in my my dreams; in my nightmares though... Gosh, the Watsons must not be resting in peace now they knew how this IBM they created and groomed is now. You in the USA need a contract! Otherwise IBM will continue to run roughshod over you! -Support_IBM_France-
Comment 07/17/14: IBM Shares Grow Scarcer as Buybacks Bring Count Below 1 Billion
IBM shares are getting scarcer as the company acquires its outstanding stock, making each share of the company more valuable. -nonymous-

Comment 07/17/14: IBM Sales Sink Again, for the Ninth Straight Quarter
IBM posted yet another quarter of falling revenue, its ninth in a row, as the 103-year-old technology company continues to struggle to adapt to the cloud era of computing. Shares fell 1.5 percent in after-market trading. -Anon-

Comment 07/17/14: IBM Is The 'Poster Child' For What's Wrong With Corporate Behavior Today -Bad Behaviour-

Comment 07/17/14: When's the next RA, or can IBM not afford it? Oh that's right, they will 3-check you out without severance now. That's the latest plan. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/17/14:
IBM local job numbers fall to new low
IBM's total Dutchess County headcount fell to its lowest in decades in early 2014. A report made by the company, and obtained by the Poughkeepsie Journal, revealed a count of 6,897 at the end of February, a drop of 10 percent from one year earlier. That was 771 jobs gone off the IBM payroll.
Comment 07/16/14: -Sam- IBM keeps everyone, except their select few inner circle, former executives, and current executives, and middle management (band D), in the know. Everyone else just has to speculate, hope, and try to keep the faith that all will turn out OK or stay the status quo (which isn't that good, eh?). IBM DOES NOT COMMUNICATE even close to effectively anymore. It is all FUD and/or obfuscation when any news comes out, sanitized, from IBM. "...IBM does not speculate..." is Mr. Doug "Talking Head" Shelton's -I'veBeenMisinformed-
Comment 07/16/14: You better believe the Alliance when they say you are all on the Roadmap to Hell! This is no exaggeration. IBM's Roadmap 2015 is gonna be a failure and IBM knows it and has not enough runway left this year to make that $20 EPS no matter they do. They are trying to pull out all the stops with the recent Apple alliance but it is a case of a little to late. Let's see what the 2nd QTR numbers are gonna be. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 07/16/14: So, a group of greedy corporations, including IBM and Abu Dhabi, shake down NY for $135 MILLION and it's presented as a good thing? -Ralph Montefusco-
Comment 07/16/14: Do IBM employees have to serve notice and pay the expenses for training, etc if they don't? -Anonymous-
Comment 07/16/14: Sam from mfg here.... I know it's only speculation (just like on CNN) but does ANYONE have any guesses on what the heck is happening in STG BTV or EFK?? By the way, thank you Alliance! -Sam-
Comment 07/15/14: And all over IBM America the BOHICA boys choir is warming up for yet another encore performance and still so few refuse to bend over. Have the Lenovo bound figured out which dialect of Chinese to buy from Rosetta Stone so they can pretend to communicate with new owners? Those headed to Malta rejoice as English is the primary language. For those of you reading this who still claim to not know about any union effort in IBM enjoy the bliss ignorance begets. -Exodus2007-
Comment 07/15/14: Managers meeting in EFK today, Cadigan announced GF deal is off... -anonymous-
Comment 07/15/14: I'm BTV manufacturing... doesn't look too good for us here in Vermont. -Sam-

Comment 07/14/14: For everyone enjoying the red kool aid after signing the dotted line, a friendly reminder/after dinner chaser to go with the clearly spelled out at-will employment clause.
If you haven't educated yourself on glassdoor on general sentiment toward your "theoretical" new employer, you should. If you are not actively making a contingency plan for your career regardless of what you do, you should. Remember "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face"... I wonder if there are any plans to shift work en masse to China if the deal goes through?... -NoMSG-

Comment 07/14/14: GF is advertising in IBM locations for personnel for Malta. My guess is that they have decided that it's cheaper and easier just to cherry pick people than to buy the whole of MD, especially as they've indicated they want people more than physical assets. -Dave-
Comment 07/13/14: More offshoring, my friend of my just got laid off from UnitedHealth. Management and subordinates of a customer call center trained their replacements in Malaysia. They gave them two weeks to train them before being let go. My friend was told Malaysian English sounds more American than other foreign countries English, which is why they opened a huge call center there.
I don't understand how they help American customers in Malaysia. How can your personal information be accessed by foreigners? How is that even lawful? I would think at a minimum that would violate HIPPA requirements. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/13/14: Alliance do we assume that the people who "outed" themselves on the facebook page have already made it known to IBM who they are. If no I guess it's out now. Good luck. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/12/14: Does reading about the potential global foundries sale count towards my think 40? #wastedhours -Anonymous-
Comment 07/12/14: Rumor is IBM and GlobalFoundries talks have hit a snag. They are NOT talking to each other anymore. IBM is pursuing PLANB. -anonymous-
Comment 07/12/14: "Who wants to contact Weird Al Yankovic to do the honors?"
If you want it done, then do it.. Typical, let someone else do it for you, just like forming the union. I had handed out thousands and thousands of fliers, even at Sommers, walked the line at stock holders meetings, worked the telephones calling people, and worked for 14 years to help.. What has anyone else done? -A non mouse-

Comment 07/12/14: NY Senator Schumer Calls Ginny about East Fishkill, Buy She Ain't Talkin: Rometty, however, "was totally mum'' during a Thursday phone conversation about the future of the company's East Fishkill facility, Schumer said. New York's senior senator said he called IBM's top executive to ask about the future of the East Fishkill plant in Dutchess County, which is rumored to be for sale."She said she didn't have anything to say on that,'' Schumer said."Nothing imminent. I made a strong pitch that I hope you'll keep East Fishkill, keep all the jobs there. Even if you'll have to modify what the factory does.'' "She did say that these new research jobs, a large proportion, a good proportion would go to New York,'' he said. "I asked her where in New York. She said she couldn't say." -Ginny Aint Talkin-
Comment 07/11/14: Folks - Re: "Diane Gherson's son was awarded a Watson's scholarship?"
Know that this scholarship reflects her son's abilities not his parent's politics/leanings/whatevers and it is a need based scholarship with a floor of 2000 USD - i.e. that is all he will get. As you are surely aware this will not cover much with the yearly estimated tuition for public schools closing in on 16,800/year and private schools ~2X that figure - she will be paying for the rest.
-fair but off-centered-
Alliance Reply: This topic is closed. No more posts on Ghersons son or Watson Scholarships

Comment 07/11/14: Watson Scholarship is based on student merit - not financial need. Her child should be congratulated for this high honor. Also -the Watson Scholarship is only a couple of thousand dollars per year, not a full ride. The uninformed and hateful remarks on this board detract from it's very important purpose. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/11/14: Be sure to visit the IBM global union alliance facebook page with pictures of worldwide IBM employees against IBM's "Roadmaps" at And don't forget to click the "like" button. -Alliance-
Comment 07/11/14: Well said IBM Patriot. You articulate the disease state well. Best analogy I can conjure is a diagnosis of cancer. On one hand, death is lurking, on the other a cure is possible. Everyone thinks time is the mitigating factor., but success is a combination of time and disease management. IBM has time but no interest in a cure and a leadership team completely isolated from the diagnosis. Terrible to watch a great company now in hospice. -Ex-IBMer-
Comment 07/10/14: Why does the "Roadmap to Hell" make me think of AC/DC? I think it's time for a parody music video, Folks. That should attract some attention. Who wants to contact Weird Al Yankovic to do the honors? -Anonymous-
Comment 07/10/14: Curious or the least bit surprised with this Big Blew? Nah! Like Diane Gherson can't afford Ivy league, Big 10, PAC, or elite universities tuition for her son... Why pay a $.001 for collegiate education if IBM will pay it all for her and her son? Greed. Greed. Greed. To the rich belong all the spoils. It costs them nothing. -IBM$ucks-
Comment 07/10/14: Largely caused by IBM in East Fishkill. Cleaned up by taxpayers $$$. -FishFooled-
Comment 07/10/14: Re: "Diane Gherson's son was awarded the Watson's scholarship?" I think you mean "..a Watson scholarship.." since dozens are given each year. Back in days gone past there was more to be outraged about with nepotism. One former exec of mine got both son and daughter hired even though they did not pass muster in interviews. Not an isolated case. -Oldtimer-
Comment 07/10/14: @IBM Scientist, John E Kelly is SVP of Research. He has no connection with Microelectronics Division. Yorktown chip lines are 80's, 90's vintage. These lines are for developing samples, not production chips. Clean room - Fab workers are Fluor employees no longer IBM'rs. -Yorktowner-
Comment 07/10/14: What an act of deception. Notice in the $3 Billion chip announcement the word FISHKILL isn't mentioned once, just Albany and Yorktown. It is a ploy so that when they announce they are abandoning FISHKILL analysts wont say they are abandoning chips. $3 Billion over 5 years is $600 million a year, less than they have ever spent historically on chip research. How does that saying go:
"You can fool some of the people....." -NOTHING BUT DECEPTION-

Comment 07/10/14: They must be feeding this to the universities, since the EF fab is being sold. looks like vapor ware -Anonymous-

Comment 07/10/14: IBM patriot, well said! -Michele-
Comment 07/10/14: IBM hiring microelectronics scientists. Is this the same John Kelly the has been sinking the Microelectronics Division for years?
"The effort, Mr. Kelley said, will have two main goals. The first will be to wring further improvements from current silicon chip technology, by shrinking the tiny circuits from today's 22 nanometers down to 7 nanometers, a few atoms wide. The second goal is to accelerate progress on novel and promising, if unproved, approaches - designs that employ quantum physics, carbon nanotubes and chips inspired by the brain, called neuromorphic chips. To step up its chip research, Mr. Kelly said IBM would be hiring more scientists and investing in industry partnerships and academic collaborations."
-IBM Scientist-
Comment 07/10/14: Mandatory IBM Challenge. Testing from ThinkFridays. More harassment.
IBMers Challenge CAMSS Privacy Statement Information about you such as your name, employee serial number, email address, location and business unit will be used to register you for this program. This information, along with your program completion status and as permitted by local law, the number of attempts you make at completing each of the test's modules, will be recorded, and shared with your first-line manager(s) (in-country and functional managers as applicable) to assist with coaching and development discussions. This information will also be available to the program administrator, and it will be anonymized before it further shared. Any survey you elect to answer will remain anonymous. Completion of program activities will be recorded in IBM CareerSmart/Talent@IBM and credited to Think40. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/09/14: You are a Resource and as a US IBM employee, no longer considered an asset but a liability. I highly recommend the following:
1. If you are an exempt employee, work the 40 hours per week you are paid for. No more evenings or weekends of unpaid overtime.
2. Take ALL of your earned vacation this year. Do not carry over any vacation into 2015.
3. If you are sick, stay home and recover. Do not think you are being a hero coming into work sick.
4. Hire a professional to update your resume and start looking for another job now.
If you think for one second what you do is of vital importance to IBM, you are wrong. Executive management does not care, even if you do perform critical work. Face reality and understand that anyone in IBM can be replaced, no matter how much knowledge and expertise you have. I have seen it first hand at BTV. -truthVT-

Comment 07/09/14: For IBM leaders to watch: -E-
Comment 07/09/14: Do you find it curious (aka wrong) that Diane Gherson's son was awarded the Watson's scholarship? Shame on her for even allowing him to apply. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/08/14: Is there an area in which one can post a listing seeking a prospect who may be interested in buying a business in another industry? Thanks -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: No.

Comment 07/08/14: Stand in solidarity with the TSS France Team. Think of something you can do to show your support. Even if it is taking five minutes more for lunch to report back to work. "If we don't hang together, we will surely hang separately" - Benjamin Franklin - -IBMUnionNow-
Comment 07/07/14: Backlash stirs in US against foreign worker visas
"Last month, three tech advocacy groups launched a labor boycott against Infosys, IBM and the global staffing and consulting company ManpowerGroup, citing a 'pattern of excluding U.S. workers from job openings on U.S soil.'"
Nice to see Big Bleu prominently mentioned in such a positive light. . -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 07/07/14: An Open Letter to IBM Management:
If you are in fact reading this, know that this is coming from a BTL selected, Ivy educated, flag-waiving IBM patriot and a manager in a profitable IBM division. Please know that we employees understand the need for IBM to remain competitive, and that, in order to do so, any company will require headcount reduction. The backlash you see here, and hear of elsewhere is not one related to monetary poverty, but one that is centralized in a different kind of poverty. A poverty of employee dignity. It is difficult for us to hold our heads high and state that we work for the best company in the world, we know it is an untruth.
When we employees buy our IBM stock at a 5% discount through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan or at the market price in our 401ks, to hold as an investment for our families, it is hard to watch IBM executives flip the stock like daytraders without a meaningful cost basis. Our executive team has sold over $43,000,000 in stock in 1H2014. Zero dollars were spent in 1H2014 acquiring the stock, unless you count option exercises. The next batch of "leaders" at IBM see this, we answer puzzled inquiries from our employees about your actions. I am not sure what to tell them, as I am unsure how securities analysts continue to view this as anything but a vote of"no confidence" by management.
The worst part, and what will likely be identified post-mortem in the halls of elite business schools for the next century, is the cause for the continued recession of top-line growth. It is caused simply by the insulation of the executive team by self-aggrandizing sycophants. They attempt to satiate our queries with hopeful colloquialisms and half hearted explanations on contrived "town-hall" calls.
In the end, both they and you treat the average IBMer like an illiterate laborer, despite shouting to the world about our collective brilliance. You have created a culture where any given IBMer might smile to your face and shake your hand as they congratulate you for improving bottom line while they curse your ethics and your tenure here at this once fine company. Sincerely, An IBM BTL Next Gen "Leader" -IBM Patriot-

Comment 07/07/14: OK France nice job so lets see what the results will lead to. Please publish what you have won for the employees. -lastdino1-
Comment 07/07/14:
Guess it's easier to try conquering a smog cloud rather than the real Cloud. . . -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 07/07/14: As the job market has improved some of key client architects for very prominent customers are leaving IBM. Their customer knowledge and experience will be quite difficult to replace. Especially as there is no loyalty to the people in the trenches. In the Army when the sergeants stop re-enlisting, the war is lost. -weary-
Comment 07/06/14: File under Ignorance is Bliss.
"IBM will partner with Beijing - increasing the monitoring and forecasting capabilities of the Chinese capital to reduce its issues of severe smog. IBM aims to help the city through its collection of real-time emissions data and forecasting expertise, and to help it attain its 10-year Green Horizon initiative."
IBM would like to forget the spectacular failure of it's "Deep Thunder" weather forecasting initiative with New York's Consolidated Edison
Comment 07/06/14: There's not much you can do about the 2015 roadmap it's to close to it's target date for them to change coarse now. It's up to you tho what happens next. It'll be interesting to see what happens in 2015 how many shareholders will sell off if IBM misses their target or creates a new roadmap of the same thing. There's a good chance their stock will nose dive in 2015. You should protect yourselves now or have an exit strategy. -whatever-
Alliance reply: It is time to start planning on how we halt the next Roadmap.

Comment 07/05/14: With "Congrats to the TSS France Team" I meant of course congrats for being so brave and stand up. That's what all IBM workers worldwide need to do. We don't have much more to lose, we only can win. Writing here in the forum is important to share information and to organize, but writing alone won't stop Agenda 2015. Again, as written quite a few times already: Organize yourself, join the unions and go on strike. TSS is one of the areas where it is really painful for IBM. I am sure there are others as well. We have at least the chance to show them that we are not willing to accept everything. To all IBM workers: Hold your heads up, be proud, strong and courageous and don't give in like this. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS, AGAINST JOB CUTS AND FOR YOUR WORK BEING APPRECIATED AGAIN. -Time_to_act-
Comment 07/05/14: If IBM leaves the East Fishkill fab., can Dutchess County NY possibly put a lien out on IBM's PILOT and demand reimbursement of property taxes due since that would seem like a breach of faith when the agreement was signed and extended? -Fishkilled-
Comment 07/04/14: Congrats to the France TSS team on strike and good luck. Hopefully this starts a movement all over the world. We should stand up and organize in all countries. That's the 'onliest' chance to stop this madness. -Time-for-a-change-
Comment 07/04/14: Remember do not spend more than the 40 hours you are paid at work. Do not do more than your paid - not for IBM anyway. Go home. Spend time with your family. No matter what you do, if you fit the bill to reduce cost (age, salary etc.), you will be tossed out like yesterday's garbage. Your boss is no longer TJ Watson Sr. or Jr. Do things with the deathbed test. For example, on your deathbed, are you likely to say "I wish I had spend more time at work for IBM and less time with my family" ? No. So don't do it. You will regret it later. -test-
Comment 07/04/14: Really, there was any question? Lenovo, IBM deal approved by China? 4:42 AM
Lenovo's (LNVGF) $2.3B deal for IBM?s (IBM) low-end server business has been approved by the the Chinese Ministry of Commerce's anti-monopoly bureau. The acquisition is still awaiting approval in the U.S., as the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States investigates possible American national-security risks under the proposed deal, including concerns of the Pentagon's use of IBM servers. -anon-

Comment 07/04/14: Ginny (pun intended between Ms. Rometty and one who consumes too much gin) Please watch the Twilight Zone Season 5 Episode 33 - "The Brain Center at Whipples", then try to sleep at night..... man has value, man has worth... -BTV-No-Mo-
Comment 07/03/14: Endicott went through what the city of Poughkeepsie and other cities near Poughkeepsie are gong through now. There were restaurants that closed on Washington Ave, a car dealership closed, Union Endicott School district lost tax revenue, and the real estate market crashed. IBM does not care about their employees and how many plants and employees are RA'ed. Join the union before all of IBM US employees are RAed. -ANA-
Comment 07/02/14: EFK goes:
then BTV..
Comment 07/02/14:
Small business owners near IBM not optimistic.
WICCOPEE – It's beginning to look like a ghost town. Small business owners near the IBM East Fishkill plant say things have been slow before, but not this bad, as they — and the dwindling number of IBM workers who stop into their restaurants for lunch or a snack — wait with bated breath for news about the property on which their livelihoods rely. Evidence of the plant's diminished use appears in covered-up stoplights near entrances, grass or weeds growing up through cracks in parking lots visible from the road, nearby eateries that have closed and other empty spaces in commercial buildings. "We all depend on IBM," said Eddie Pun, owner of Oriental Kitchen, a restaurant on Route 52 near the IBM plant.
Comment 07/01/14: IBM financial engineering/fraud is running out of low hanging fruit:
Comment 07/01/14: I've been told that GBS has changed it's bench policy, shrinking time to being "offered" a separation from 90 days to four weeks... -anonymous-
Comment 07/01/14: Layoffs coming. All jobs have been frozen. RAs are forthcoming. Numbers were not good for 2q. Revenue down. More heads must roll. Watch out if your over 50 and make 90k. IBM is struggling to bring new customers in faster than they are leaving. -Aloha-
Comment 07/01/14: Playing the odds of getting laid off at IBM is like playing Russian Roulette.
The difference is you have a 15 shooter cylinder with 15 chambers. To determine the number of bullets at the next draw do the math below:
* Every 4 years of age you are over 40, add 1 bullet.
* Every $8K of salary you are earning over $60K add 1 bullet.
* If your division is targeted then add 2 bullets.
* If are in banding level over 9, take out 1 bullet for every levelyou are over 9.
* Add 1 bullet of every 2 PBC levels you are at below 1. So PBC 2 is 2 bullets = +2 and 2 or 2 levels.
* If you have a union contract pull out 5 bullets - you don't have one so forget this altogether.
The number of bullets you have chambered will determine your survival rate at the next pull of the trigger. So this reflects how little PBC actually plays into you survival chances at the next RA.
Comment 07/01/14: To -Anon- "Hence employees that were expected to be transferred, may not be now." They will still be transferred, just to the unemployment line. IBM already wrote all those people off originally identified in the Lenovo transfer. Do not expect the company to "re-absorb" them back into the fold otherwise RoadKill 2015 will be a failure. -Exodus2014-
Comment 07/01/14: The "day of reckoning" for EFK is fast approaching: IBM EFK: WHY NOT do something positive:
Take a break for 15 minutes at 2PM. Hit the restrooms en-mass even if you don't have to! Go to the snack machines in the break areas. Take a break! Go outside for a breath of fresh air. Call a loved one on your cell phone, check you car's tire pressure/oil level in the parking lot...etc. Then join the Alliance!
Comment 07/01/14:
Dell Exec: Campaign To Go After IBM Business Is Working
Add Dell to the list of companies courting IBM partners and customers, trying to win their business ahead of IBM's sale of its x86 server division to Lenovo.
Last week, Dell reported it has experienced healthy growth in the number of partners and customers that have made the switch. -anon-

Please see our page for comments on IBM Retiree Issues:

Comment 07/01/14: See Alliance main page for news on IBM France TSS strike. -Alliance-
Comment 07/01/14:

Comment 07/01/14: Your question about "scope" would be defined by Lenovo or IBM. If you had a union contract the meaning would be defined. -samtheman-
Comment 06/30/14: "How can IBM say you are in scope for Lenovo transition in March 2014. Then on June 24, 7 days before you are to receive the Lenovo job offer, tell you , that you are no longer in scope."
Welcome to not having a labor employment contract and being an at-will employee! Join the Alliance to make a difference! -IBMUnionYES-

Comment 06/30/14: In the latest Barron's Most Respected companiy list, IBM falls from #10 last year to #52 this year. I'm sure we are all in shock over this one. I think its time for a mid year PBC review for the entire executive team. Perhaps they should be rated 3's and put on a performance plan. Time for you to go Ginni. -anonymous-
Comment 06/30/14: Scope vs not being in scope. Due to issues related to the potential X86 sale. IBM may not be selling off all that was originally expected. Hence employees that were expected to be transferred, may not be now. -Anon-
Comment 06/29/14: For those who are about to be laid off, we salute you. If you are "over qualified (age)" and are ready to work where age is not a bias, look into patent examination (staffing up). There are many here from the 'company that shall not be named' and it's all on you. Many commute back to their homes on weekends, every other weekend, or in some cases back to California when they can. No need to sell and move if that works for you, and after a time you can telework from your home. It pays the bills! -Ich Bin Muede-
Comment 06/28/14: How can IBM say you are in scope for Lenovo transition in March 2014. Then on June 24, 7 days before you are to receive the Lenovo job offer, tell you , that you are no longer in scope. You are not the only one being pulled back. Cause they had too many people tagged as in scope? Whats up with that? This smells Fishy. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/28/14: "why don't you ask your manager to put you on the RA list then you can get a package and split."
Risky strategy and I'll tell you why:
1) If you are currently a PBC 2 you could easily be dropped to a PBC 3 by your manager since you expressed your intentions. This could cost you half severance payment IF you get RAed.
2) You could be fired for performance soon after expressing your intentions. Then you get nothing and possibly no unemployment benefit eligibility.
Best thing to do is look for another job and only do your job for 40 hours at IBM. Nothing, nothing extra. Just don't go the extra mile for them at all.
If you are already a PBC 3 then you will likely be RAed within the year anyhow after your next PBC 3 so just take it easy and only do the minimum requirements for your job until then. The productive thing to do is join the Alliance!
Comment 06/28/14: A big announcement next week, joint venture with gf for BTV. Will finish the year with IBM. Next year all gf. Loss of vacation pay, tdsp, plant to close by 2016. This is straight from a 3rd level manager. So sorry Vermont. -Joe-
Comment 06/28/14: @whatever and others. Any use of IBM internal network is subject to auditing or monitoring it's in the BCG you sign every year. ST messages can be analyzed for context via Kenexa offering for social media (IBM absorbed HR company)
All external traffic goes through a transparent proxy, All internal site access that requires IIP credentials can be summarized. There is no group that spends their time looking 24 x 7, but in big data terms the information is there. -Ex IBM CIO Org Drone-

Comment 06/28/14: Don't believe for a minute there is no Sametime admin. I know for a fact Ibm uses the same key word search that they use while watching your email. It's a constantly evolving algorithm. You can bet they have added "roadkill" "ginni" and all the others that show up here in this forum. The software keeps count of the keywords and flags the highest counts. Ibm even touted this about a year ago when they offered software to companies to monitor what their employees were saying about them in social media. (And don't use asterisks to cover up words like roadkil*, they get a high ranking in the flag count.) -sametime_admin-
Comment 06/28/14: Big moving event in Ottawa Cognos building. Workers who have longer years in the company used to get better cubicles. But this time many of them are assigned worse cubicles than less year workers (worker compare to worker, not worker compare to manager). A way to discourage, embarrass and push senior workers to leave without RA cost. -cognosriverside-
Comment 06/27/14: LOL @-depressed- why don't you ask your manager to put you on the RA list then you can get a package and split. As for sametime no they don't monitor chats if they did I would have been gone along time ago. They don't even have anyone supporting the sametime servers. IBM wouldn't spend the $$ on monitoring it. The only time they might is if someone reported you as being abusive or something on chat. Even if someone wanted to look at the logs I don't think anyone in IBM would even know who to ask. -whatever-
Comment 06/27/14: Another Customer Bails on IBM
Roadchef exits IBM Global Services for direct supplier relationships
Motorway services company Roadchef ended an outsourcing contract with IBM Global Services (IBM GS) when its IT was up for refresh and decided to move to SAP. At the same time, Roadchef ended its relationship with IBM GS. It also carried out other projects, including the implementation of a wide area network and a desktop refresh. The company used different technology suppliers and brought IT management back in-house to its seven IT staff. Sharkey said the company wanted to work directly with different IT suppliers, rather than through an IT service provider.
"From my experience, you get a better response if you work with people directly,"
he said.
Comment 06/27/14: T2RTAKER - I took the T2R last time and didn't know anyone who was told hey needed to work more than the agreed upon 24 hours a week.That is not part of the program. Tell your manager that you will be there 3 days a week for 8 hours a day so he/she should plan the amount of work they intend to get from you accordingly. If you don't get satisfaction you can go to HR or just work 24 hours a week. They aren't going to fire you for adhering to the program and they can't lay you off. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 06/27/14: -Depressed-. IBM has the right to track anything you do on your work computer or on the IBM network. There is no such thing as privacy in that context so basically don't say, send via text, sametime or email or post on a blog or anywhere else from inside the IBM firewall, ANYTHING you do not want them to be able to attribute to you because they can simply use it as a reason to fire you. Not that they need that any way, being 'at will' but why give them help! Even outside the firewall, one has to tread carefully because it's all ammunition for them if they chose to use it and trust me, some managers will. -Glad To Be Gone-
Comment 06/27/14: -depressed- asked the same question I came here today thinking about: Does IBM Management spy on sametime conversations? If so, I'm a gonner. Co-workers and I constantly chat about the declining and sad state of affairs at IBM and our do-nothing FLM and SLM. -LetsBeFrank-
Comment 06/27/14: Hey Big Bob - One thing YOU need to keep in mine is that wonderful statement included in all the annual reports regarding Executive Compensation: The Board Of Directors makes a conscious decision and proclamation to pay these folks ridiculous amounts because they are all "1 Performers" and the Board is afraid they will leave IBM and go elsewhere unless they continue these nonsensical compensation packages. While I find this statement to be wildly amusing since I no longer am with IBM, the fact of the matter is if you are going to pay these people like they are the "Best and the Brightest" then they should be expected to perform to that level. Kah-Peesh? -Happily Departed In 2013-
Comment 06/27/14: For those like me who used to work so hard, going above and beyond and putting in so much extra time but are now refusing to do so, or those that are taking T2R and trying to keep your work hours to a limited number, here is the answer. Just make sure to carefully document everything that you do during your work hours. If you ever get accused of being 'distracted' or not productive by your manager, just pull out your daily or weekly list of accomplishments. Just be more organized than your manager (usually not hard!) That's what has worked for me. -HelpYourself-
Comment 06/27/14: At the IBM East Fishkill Site we are seeing a lot of County officials and prospective Real Estate buyers who have been touring the site along with upper management. Also,the site property is being resurvey along with a host of surveyors.The latest is that there will be an upcoming announcement on who will own the EF site. Building 334 was been cleaned and is being converted into a major conference center which will support up to 4,000 people for the all hands on event! -Bring in the Chairs!-
Comment 06/27/14: @depressed - The need to get something out the door to generate revenue no matter what the quality is is paramount. If and only when a customer reports a problem it is fixed. Time to stress test and debug products before being released causes delays in release. Because of self imposed loss of qualified technical staff by RA's or folks leaving there have been crisis meetings in SWG. -Anon-
Comment 06/27/14: @Wondering, There have been changes, one has to keep a close eye on Netbenefits. For example if one retired 12/31/13 the lump sum amount (prior pension plan) was several 10K higher and they offered 100% joint survivor. If you retired a day later 1/1/14 you lost the several 10K in lump sum and now only 50% Joint Survivor is offered. In my case the difference was about $40K 12/31/13 vs 1/1/14. -Longtimer-
Comment 06/26/14: It looks like Day 1 at Lenovo is on track for August 1. Lenovo has leased a new office space for x86 nearby in RTP. Anyone have an estimate for the remaining employee population at RTP? A site that once hosted 12,000+ IBMers is most certainly under 5,000 today. -RTP x86 to Lenovo-
Comment 06/26/14: I am slowly getting sick of my job as a dev in IBM. Everyday, we have client support issues. Fix this, fix that. That takes up 80% of my time. It's endless because:
1. We support 1 new version each quarter and the management didn't see fit to expand our manpower.
2. We have subpar developers who keep breaking things and their supervisors (who are in fact competent) not watching them closely enough
3. The upper management is hellbent to keep adding more and more to the product when the code is becoming increasingly unstable.
I really am looking for an exit from this. It's a comfortable workplace but I joined the industry to be at the forefront of innovation and not to endlessly fix stupid bugs caused by half competent coders. By the way, does IBM management spy on sametime messages? -depressed-

Comment 06/26/14: -helpless- Without a union we are ALL helpless. Some of us realized it 15 years ago. Some just now. -Exodus2007-
Comment 06/26/14: To the person who said "Tens of thousands took T2R...". Please have more respect for us all than to make ridiculous claims like that. You even include "sales execs" in your blather, and those folks were not even eligible for the program. And let's quit calling the CEO dumb and stupid. Disagree with her all you want as do I, but she has an engineering degree from Northwestern folks. She is neither dumb nor stupid. -BigBob-
Comment 06/26/14: Taking the T2R. 3 day workweek starting 6/28. Boss said 3 days with 2 hours ot each working day = 30 hour workweek for me. Talked to others I know that are taking the T2R and they said it was stated to them it's 3 8 hour days with 2 off and and anything over 8 counts as hours owed back to you before you leave. Anyone else being told they need to work over the 24 hours a week they were told? -T2RTAKER-
Comment 06/26/14: Sounds like everyone agrees, the 2015 roadmap is going to kill IBM US.
Raising EPS is not a strategy, it is only results of a good strategy that obviously, we don't have. I'm not getting why Alliance as a union of the mother company in the US is not organizing a strike in sync with other unions World Wide to request that "Roadmap" to be cancelled, Ginni to be disembarked of course with no compensation has she made enough harm to that company already, and request an actual IBMer to be designated as CIO, so that he can put back our main resource that is IBMers in the heart of our strategy. Without this all what is said here is just verbiage and will not avoid our boat to continue sinking. TSS in France started a strike on their own, but obviously, 80 people on strike will not be enough in the balance, so quite useless. I know a strike is not in US citizen culture, not in mine either, but I don't see other ways.

Comment 06/26/14:

Comment 06/26/14: -helpless-, don't be a puppet. Work your 40 hrs then close the laptop. Take care of yourself and your family. IBM will bleed u dry and throw away the carcass. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/26/14: An important read for IBM mgmt:
There is great part in there covering elements of job sat. Let's review today's IBM:
"Job satisfaction" includes a number of values that are to be considered by anyone...?
- Wages/Benefits <-cuts, stagnation, furloughs, 401k delay, pension games
- Job sec. <- 'Resources' in many units are regularly in fear of their job
- Company Culture <-Once great, in freefall
- Ethics & values <-Respect For the Individual long gone, Superlative Customer Service long gone for cost savings & target games, Pursuit of Excellence in NA questionable due to mass demoralization
-Support & training <-No budget Think40 is a joke /w no support, just another ticky mark
- Company loyalty to its employees <- HA HA HA
- Location <- Work from just about anywhere?but best if that location is overseas
The only logical choice is to bail or Union up & actively fight. Your choice. -YouCantRAMeIQuit-
Comment 06/26/14: Hearing rumblings, rumors in EFK about upcoming IBM announcement; happening next Wednesday, July 2. People are being asked to update their vacation plans, if they will be at work next week. Layoffs, GF deal; who knows. -endless-
Comment 06/26/14:
IBM, Lenovo server deal in limbo over security worries (Reuters) - IBM's proposed $2.3 billion sale of its low-end server business to China's Lenovo Group is in limbo as the U.S. government investigates national security issues, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. U.S. security officials and members of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) are worried that IBM's x86 servers used in communications networks and in data centers supporting the Pentagon's networks could be accessed remotely by Chinese spies or compromised, the newspaper reported.
Comment 06/25/14: I'm wondering what happened to the rumors that there would be changed to the retirement plans to try and force US employees to retire. At one point, there were posts on here that said there would be changes announced that would ultimately force US employees to retire by year end 2014. -Wondering-
Comment 06/25/14: Nobody here knows anything about a feeling of limbo right? Apparently 7,499 other people aren't significantly concerned...

Somebody surely will pocket a few million and it will get forced through I'm sure. I'm packing my parachute fold by fold everyday and can't wait to pull the rip cord! Food for thought for anyone contemplating "loyalty" in 2014, I've been here 8 years too long.
Geez that sounds like a fitting handle. What planet are you on with this comment? Is IBM holding you hostage?
Does IBM have a corner on the employment market? Have you looked for other jobs? If you are a salaried employee, every hour over 40 you work is volunteer time and your compensation/hourly rate declines as a result. I am going to happily be a hired gun the rest of my career, loyalty is no longer in my dictionary as it certainly isn't in any company's especially this one. Not to be harsh, but it's people like you "working 12 hour days" who allow management to try and overload everybody instead of staffing properly. What are those 12 hours a day getting you by the way... Underpaid versus the market I assume, perhaps an ulcer, maybe strained family relationships? My heartfelt suggestion to you, stop bitching and feeling sorry for the situation and find other employment, that's what I and anybody who cares about their future should be doing at this point. -GutterOil-

Comment 06/25/14: CIA wants more AWS. -in the weeds-
Comment 06/25/14: First it was the GM, Watson leaving IBM to join a hedge fund. Now the GM of SaaS/Cloud left IBM and joined eBay. and -ex-blue-
Comment 06/25/14: @helpless.... do you need help updating your resume? No one on their deathbed ever said, "I wish I had worked more weekends and spent less time with my family." Ever.
Change is scary - but the atmosphere of joyless forced labor camp you describe is even scarier. IMHO, time to move along... and if there is some way for us to find one another through the Alliance, I am sincerely offering to help with your resume. -fifteenyearsandcounting-

Comment 06/24/14: I worked in the Endicott Plant from 1981 to 1986 4 or 5 of those years were in Bldg 018. I left the Endicott area in 1992. How does one get included in the lawsuit? I was never notified of anything even though I was exposed to many dangerous chemicals in Bldg 018. -longtimebeemer-
Alliance Reply: The lawsuit was originally setup on behalf of those that came forward from the Village of Endicott residents. It was not focused on the IBM employees. Some of the plaintiffs however, were former IBM employees AND they were also residents of the Village of Endicott. Alliance@IBM representatives made efforts to bring the NYS Dept of Health and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health in, to study the effects on 35,000 IBM Endicott employees health records and IBM's industrial hygiene records. Those results were published and made public in January of 2014. If you were an employee of IBM Endicott between the years 1969 and 2002, then you were included in that study.
Comment 06/23/14: IBM at the Crossroads: Employees Talk In the Shadow of Layoffs -Anon-
Comment 06/23/14: T2R -- Any HR types lurking out there? I would love to know an approximate number of folks who took the T2R option this time around - I know that the company was disappointed with the acceptance rate in 2012. My hand is up.. ok, that's 1... -fifteenyearsandcounting-
Comment 06/22/14: I have been working 12 hrs day including most weekends and it's not enough to do all the work that is required. I have no time to even cook dinner on a Saturday for my family. I have no time to take care of basic items like medical appointments. I feel sad, frustrated and helpless and don't see any lights at the end of the tunnel. -helpless-
Comment 06/22/14: "Tens of thousands" It's probably wishful thinking but you're probably in the ball park. -anonymous-
Comment 06/22/14: Full steam ahead to Roadmap 2015 IBM! Captain Ginni: do you have you hand on the rudder? Your deckhands never see the light of day in the boiler room. Oh yeah, forget the weather reports of high seas, wind, storms. And those buoys out there in the channels you'll ignore as long as EPS has any chance to go up. -AncientMariner-
Comment 06/22/14: "Tens of Thousands of Sr. Technical Engineers, Sales Execs, Programmers, and architects are taking T2R package."
But how many thousand will decide to come back as yellow badge IBM contractors and be treated worse than 2nd class workerbees? -curious-

Comment 06/22/14: Pennsylvania Won't Renew IBM's Contract for Botched Project
An IBM spokesperson said the company was "surprised" by the state's decision. In addition, the spokesperson said that,
"IBM is fully prepared to continue to bring the benefits of a contemporary unemployment benefits system to the state and its citizens, and we stand ready to work with the state to resolve this matter."
In other words, don't blame us, instead the blame should be placed on the state's mismanagement of the system contract for the modernization effort ending up resembling IT roadkill. -Anon-

Comment 06/22/14: This article in the weekend WSJ on Workday pretty much sums up what a CEO should be thinking in regards to their employees... "We've thought about it very carefully and the employees come first. If you do that, customers will have a wonderful experience. Happy employees create happy customers. And ultimately you will have happy shareholders. We try to tell people not to focus on the stock price. If you continue to innovate and improve performance, the share price will ultimately take care of itself.".....
Perhaps Ginnie should read the WSJ from time to time. I'm sure she can afford a subscription.
Full article - -Anonymous-

Comment 06/21/14: I lived in Endicott on the north side and many people have gotten cancer from the ground water caused by IBM chemicals into the ground water. -Cancer Victim-
Alliance Reply: It has been verified through health studies by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the NYS Dept. of Health that the cancer rate for Endicott village residents and IBM workers is 2 to 3 times the rate compared to a general population not living or working in that area. However unfortunately, it cannot be scientifically proven that the cancers are directly caused by the toxic waste
. There is a $100 million lawsuit pending and investigations of the site for persistent contamination is on-going (which began with a clean-up of a chemical spill in 1979). There are citizen groups and government agencies still involved in the clean-up and the recovery of this Class II designated Superfund site.
For more information, please visit this Facebook page: and our health & safety page here:
Comment 06/20/14: On lowering SoftLayer prices: Looks like the elephant can't dance in the Cloud! -IBM$uck$-
Comment 06/20/14: Tens of Thousands of Sr. Technical Engineers, Sales Execs, Programmers, and architects are taking T2R package. No more regular beatings, no more 80 hour weeks, no more RAs, no more excuses. This does however further drain the company of it's already shrinking intellectual assets (seasoned veterans). This is just an effort to further reduce US headcount and offshore more jobs to countries that cannot execute for 1/2 the price. Read this closely - THE SHIP IS GOING DOWN ! Good luck to all that remain on a stinking rotten Titanic on the verge of PANDEMONIUM. The RAs will continue, the beatings will continue, and the bonuses will continue to be non-existent. The tide is turning and the Titanic is going down.
What else can they take away besides 401k match, pensions, LTD, STD, vacation, bonuses, promotions,future health account, US Jobs, and increase cost for LTD, STD, health, dental and other standards. Join the union now before it's too late.
Comment 06/20/14: Forbes blasts IBM again. Why The World's Dumbest Idea Is (Finally) Dying.
"As revenues fall, IBM's higher earnings targets are met through relentless cost cutting, tax reduction gadgets and share buybacks funded by borrowing. While IBM's share price soars, as the top managers and big investors extract cash from it in a weird kind of reverse-Ponzi-scheme, IBM steadily becomes an increasingly unproductive shell, a mere shadow of its once truly-innovative self. As a triumph of financial engineering, IBM 'makes money from money', while its future is being systematically destroyed. How many more of such disasters will we have to witness before the shareholder primacy idea finally dies?" -anon-
Comment 06/19/14: "IBM lowers its SoftLayer cloud prices while no one is looking" IBM is too late to the big dance and once it's midnight the ride home becomes a pumpkin! -The_FOG_is_a_CLOUD-
Comment 06/19/14:
Mentions IBM. Can anyone express the message and thoughts any better? LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD. -trexibmer-

Comment 06/19/14: Remember the old Dayton Princeton Site? Thats another site that ground water was polluted by IBM. How do they just walk away from everything they do wrong to peoples lives? -Over55-
Comment 06/18/14: I believe that the state of NY owns the former IBM site in Fishkill. If that is the case then under Federal and State labor laws you can pass out fliers, freely talk, and organize Alliance members and supporters just outside the doors as well as lunch, snack, and break areas! For instance, EFK parking lots are fair game for organizing. So what R U all waiting for?! -Alliance Supporter-
Comment 06/18/14: I still feel if IBM makes anyone who signed a non-compete agreement and then fires you without the enhanced separation package should have you released from the agreement. If IBM deems you a PBC 3 thus, in their opinion, lacking in making business commitments then what should IBM fear from you competing against them? They can't hold you hostage in finding another IT job if they rate you as "unacceptable".. -anonymous-
Comment 06/18/14: Sorry, red Mandarin font not available for the chosen ones who are "transitioning". -ThanksAward-
Comment 06/18/14: -Off-to-Lenovo- The grass might seem much greener...But, please remember, Lenovo is controlled by Chinese communists and their interests. And any communist ultimately don't play fair, just like mother IBM. -don't_be_fooled-
Comment 06/18/14: @-Off-to-Lenovo- You're using the term "we" somewhat loosely my friend. Have you done any polling of people who transferred in 2005 or Lenovo employees in general about their sentiments on the Lenovo experience? I have, not a lot of "highly recommends". Look at Glassdoor if you don't have contacts you're comfortable to engage 1 on 1. After they have the IP and know-how the agenda will quickly become "how fast can we move x,y,z to China for cost savings". Think TSTL history on a grander scale. Are you paid at market value? I'm not. And people are supposed to be happy with a "comparable offer"? What is the incentive to transfer, continued employment and a shiny new cubicle? ror Lenovo and IBM appear to have the arrogance of thinking they have the employment market cornered... And I wonder why the CFIUS approval hasn't been granted yet hmmmm. Just like Uncle Sam very well may do, I think I'll pass... -GutterOil-
Comment 06/17/14: Lenovo had the roadshow the other week. Obviously it is slanted to be positive, but everything about it was very positive. They operate like IBM used to in the 70s and 80s. Not exactly the same, but close to SAS. The only negative was the 401k match. IBM matches 100% of the first 6% if you are employed on Dec 15. Lenovo matches 50% of the first 6% immediately. Easy to deal with the difference by gains throughout the year.
We only have history to show from the PC sale. However, there is a huge difference. Lenovo had a complete PC division already and wanted the name and sales channels. It is different with the x86 business. They have almost no footprint and duplication of work. All I know is that we are leaving a terminally cancerous company to a company that is greeting us with open arms and potential.
Comment 06/16/14: To: longtimebeemer & Alliance: I believe that the state of NY owns the former IBM site in Fishkill. I think it was "transferred" as part of the incentive to put in the 300mm semiconductor line. -gone2013-
Comment 06/16/14: For sure there is lead in the water at EFK. That is a fact jack! I bet the homes around the site off Lime Kiln Rd. and Old State Rd. in East Fishkill/Wicoppee and vicinity have elevated TCE levels from any waste wash from the fab.
Of course IBM will deny it as "without merit".
BTW: IBM was asking Dutchess County to reduce the price it paid per gallon of water delivered to EFK by the pipeline under the Dutchess Poughkeepsie Railroad rail trail since it contained to much urea (a nature waste product produced by mammals (i.e humans) and IBM contended it was "too contaminated" to be used in EFK even though the urea level was well within environmental limits. Reckon IBM wanted the water for about "settlement" of tax on the water supply. -Pok'edEFK-

Comment 06/16/14: IBM has polluted the East Fishkill site. Part of the remediation is to constantly pump water from underground wells in order to contain the plume of toxic chemicals from spreading into the water supply. Most of the area residents have wells. A few years back IBM helped pay for a water supply from the Hudson River. It took years for them to lay the pipeline, only to find that the water was too salty to use. How many ways can you say 'Major F***-Up'. IBM only pretends to be a good community citizen all the while using the town and state for their own greedy profits. -24 Yr Resident of East Fishkill-
Comment 06/16/14: This IT worker had to train an H-1B replacement.
The references in the article sure make this sound like a Big Blue facility. . .
Comment 06/16/14: HR can get copies of non competes and confidentiality agreements you signed. -Left 2013-
Comment 06/16/14: -anon- Take a trip to the Triple Cities (Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott) area to see what will happen when IBM leaves East Fishkill. -longtimebeemer-
Alliance reply: Endicott is also heavily affected by the pollution or "plume" of toxic chemical waste (TCE) that lurks under nearly 300 acres of the Village of Endicott. Most of it is IBM's waste from 40 + years of releasing, dumping and spilling the waste; either accidentally or otherwise. The clean-up of the former IBM Endicott facility has been underway since 1979--and it's still going on. In spite of that 24/7/365 activity, there is still a significant amount of toxic waste to be cleaned up. The Federal government assigned this site as a Superfund Class 2 situation, in 2004.
The question that should be asked by the East Fishkill community is: What kind of pollution is IBM leaving behind there?

Comment 06/16/14: If Global just took some workers from BTV and EFK and left the plants... wouldn't it take a couple of years to dismantle the plants? Just asking, I'm in mfg in BTV and hoping for a chance to stay on while looking for another job. -James-
Comment 06/16/14: What if IBM left East Fishkill? IBM actually partially has already left East Fishkill! Take a look if you can of the West Campus. It is not a pretty site. What will IBM East Fishkill look like after IBM totally leaves? Take a look at the remains of the former IBM Kingston plant. Ugly dumps of dirt and rubble and probably toxic to boot. -anonymous2-
Comment 06/16/14: IBM lowers its SoftLayer cloud prices while no one is looking -4n0nyM0u5-
Comment 06/14/14: What if IBM left East Fishkill? -anon-

Comment 06/14/14: Need help for my NCAs. I am planning to leave IBM soon but I've lost my copy of non-competition agreement I signed when I was hired in2013. I am at IBM GBS. Does anyone have a copy of that document? Would that be possible to send me a copy? Many thanks here! -Leaving-
Comment 06/14/14: FYI: IBM Wiccopee is IBM East Fishkill (EFK). IBM Burlington is IBM Essex Junction (BTV). -da_facts-
Comment 06/14/14: Insightful comments on LinkedIn from people who left IBM. Perhaps, the power of social media can influence change. -Social-

Comment 06/14/14: The problem isn't with insufficient IBMers joining the Alliance, but with technology workers in GENERAL ->
... it doesn't matter if you're a ditch digger or a software engineer ... YOU NEED A UNION TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS! Companies have legions of lawyers to protect theirs ... who do YOU have?? .....Exactly ... -Exodus2014-

Comment 06/14/14: -theDeal- I do not know what the Lenovo deal will be. However when Printing Systems was sold to Ricoh they were considered resigned from IBM and qualified for IBM retirement benefits based on where they stood in the plan. For those eligible for full benefits they could start drawing if they wished. For those not eligible they were limited to the vested rights rules. Same with the FHA. Once they were with Ricoh they were under it's plan which I believe is a 401K only plan. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 06/13/14: IBM local chip plant future cloudy
Questions about the future of IBM's Wiccopee plant are increasing with a new report that IBM Corp. and GlobalFoundries are nearing a deal for part of Big Blue's semiconductor business.
Would the plant be part of the deal? Nobody is talking, and even the financial media that claim to have inside information aren't saying it's a done deal.
The latest report from Bloomberg this week states that if GlobalFoundries buys IBM's semiconductor manufacturing business, its primary interest is in getting the talent and the intellectual property, rather than real property, such as aging chip plants. -Chips Ahoy-

Comment 06/13/14: Please join the Alliance if you are viewing this site and have not joined yet. IBM has not announced another RA layoff/firing but you can bet one will happen before this year is out. Right now individual RAs (sniper firings based on PBC 3's) are still happening. We need to stop this madness. We have to be vigilant and united! The only way is to join the Alliance! -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 06/13/14: Executive Compensation is the reason for no Bonus Checks -SEC Filings-
Comment 06/13/14: Can any x86 IBM employees who are affected by the Lenovo deal provide some details as to what the transfer will mean once you become a Lenovo employee. Will your years of service carry over? If you were getting 4 weeks of vacation will that carry over? If you where on the old pension, will that transfer to Lenvovo or will your pension stay with IBM? etc, etc. Or, have no details been released yet? -theDeal-
Comment 06/13/14: I agree something/someone/some group needs to collectively stand up for the employees that stuff the wallets of these greedy leaders. What puzzles me is why this push for organization is not more well known. Perhaps leveraging social media would get the word out. Has that been advanced? -Concerned ibm'er-
Alliance reply: The Alliance web site has had well over 8,000,000 hits from all over the world's IBM locations. Alliance has a Twitter account and a Facebook account (see our front page, Spotlight section). We have consistently sent emails to IBMers on a regular basis, since we began in 1999. We have press coverage by hundreds of internet news and blog sites.
Whether or not our "push for organization" is well known, is debatable. The key to the whole process are the IBM workers' efforts to organize their co-workers, once they've become Alliance@IBM members. Joining is easy and there is a join section and a donate section on this comments page. The IBM workers must make the effort to join, AND organize at every opportunity. You must never expect the union to do it all, while you stand on the sidelines. Promotional expenses for advertising Alliance@IBM publicly can be astronomical. The best advice we can give you is to join the Alliance, and then get your co-workers to join. There are risks associated with any organizing campaign. Being anonymous is not one of those risks. Consider joining today, and start the process in your dept or function and organize. It is the ONLY option left that will work.

Comment 06/12/14: Hearing at IBM East Fishkill that the site has been sold with an offical announcement this Monday.. -Left in the Bag !-

Comment 06/12/14: From a financial security point of view it is irrelevant to these Execs if IBM eventually goes over the cliff. They will have screwed as much as possible out of our company, built by the IBM serfdom and secured their family dynasties future. Many an English Lord can trace his ancestry back to brigands, pirates and mercenaries who found fortune and favour. The Gerstners, Palmisanos and Rommetys will be no doubt doing damage to this world for generations to come. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/12/14: -Getting the Shaft- Yes, notice they sell more than they acquire. The $0 per share dispositions at non Open Market is something isn't it?!? Not only do we desperately need a union. We need to reign in these thieves. We need and should demand more ethical management from IBM. IBM management say times are tough (so no raises, continued RAs, a 401k match change, increasing healthcare costs, etc.) and IBM executives continue to reward themselves lavishly with stock in the million$..they lie and deceive to us by these actions!!! -$ellSell$ell-
Comment 06/12/14: IBM is worried about loosing customers in X86 sale to Lenovo.

Comment 06/11/14: IBM Said Near Deal With Globalfoundries for Chip-Making -anon-

Comment 06/11/14:
It seems as though some IBM executives are doing very well while the rest of us get the shaft. We need a union in this company.
Jun 8, 2014 GHERSON DIANE JOfficer 1,398 Direct Option Exercise at $0per share. N/A
Jun 8, 2014 GHERSON DIANE JOfficer 513 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $186.78 per share. 95,818
May 5, 2014 ARNOLD COLLEEN F.Officer 5,460 Direct Sale at $191.06 - $191.1 per share. 1,043,0002
May 2, 2014 KELLY JOHN E IIIOfficer 1,799 Direct Sale at $193.43 - $193.48 per share. 348,0002
May 2, 2014 KELLY JOHN E IIIOfficer 1,500 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share. N/A
May 2, 2014 KELLY JOHN E IIIOfficer 12,742 Direct Sale at $192.77 - $193.41 per share. 2,460,0002
May 2, 2014 KELLY JOHN E IIIOfficer 21,972 Direct Option Exercise at $101.33 per share. 2,226,422
May 2, 2014 KELLY JOHN E IIIOfficer 7,431 Direct Sale at $192.56 - $192.76 per share. 1,432,0002
-Getting the Shaft-
Alliance Reply: The Alliance has been saying this for 15 years. Every year, IBM Executives "exercise their options" and every year IBM fires hundreds if not thousands of US IBMers. Yet, it seems that
all that negative activity doesn't affect the majority of IBMers enough to sign up, join, and take some concerted action to get a majority of IBMers to form a real union that can call for a vote and install a union within IBM. IBM will never run out of "shafts", as long as IBMers keep making them for IBM. Organize. Seriously.

Comment 06/11/14: I watched this video and at the tail end of the video I immediately thought about IBM's roadmap and the impact on their
"most valuable asset". -Anonymous-

Comment 06/11/14: Warren Buffett Is Missing Red Flags At IBM -anon-

Comment 06/10/14: -Dave- No. Once your manager has your badge, verifies your corporate credit card is $0 balance, collects your laptop, and informs HR, and you are removed from CERIS by EOD, you are paid up till you are "shown the door". IBM does not pay you for work not given even if you offer 2 weeks service before you leave. It's all up to IBM management and IBM management is paid to $ave all them $.001s to make Roadkill 2015. -IBM$ucks-
Comment 06/10/14: IBM is toast by 2025. It will wiggle past Roadmap 2015 selling things off like a cheap tag sale UNLESS YOU ORGANIZE NOW and SAVE YOUR WORKPLACE!!! IBM might still be around come 2025 as Itty Bitty Machines Corporation. -da_facts-
Comment 06/10/14: A Big Blue Deja' Vu: Is It 1914 Or 1984 For The Long-Term IBM Investor?
Tom Watson Sr. inherited a company in financial and cultural trouble.
John Akers inherited a company in financial trouble.
Ginni Rometty inherited a company in cultural trouble.
The next path chosen "not the roadmap enforced" will determine IBM's long-term future. History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. -ByeByeBlue-

Comment 06/9/14: It's absolutely true that depending upon what area of IBM you work in, it ranges from dismal (SWG) to the fires of hell (GBS IGA). -Anonymous-
Comment 06/9/14: -Not so confident- IBM executive insiders hardly ever invest their own real salaried money in IBM stock. They only take the stock options and stock bonus crack and reap the greed and 'tax planning purposes' when they exercise/sell it. -OtherPeoplesMoney-
Comment 06/7/14: Agreed on "The Decline and Fall of IBM" ebook. It puts to paper what a lot of us have/are seeing. There's a few things that I don't think he got quite right and/or are more dependent on what section of the company one is, but all in all, very accurate and paints a detailed picture of what is going on. The sad thing is - I doubt anything will change until the company is too far gone. It will be interesting to see what happens after EPS 2015. -*Watson's_Tumbler*-
Comment 06/6/14: If we IBMers don't care enough about our fate to organize, why should anyone else care enough about us to save us? Is everyone here a member? If not, please tell us what's holding you back. From what I read here, we're all in agreement that it can't get much worse for us. -Union member-
Comment 06/6/14:
No senior exec is investing. So they're not believers in hitting the 2015 target, I suspect.
-Not so confident-
Comment 06/6/14: The Decline and Fall of IBM...WOW, I just started reading this book and all I can say is every IBM'er ought to either join the union right now, or bail on the company. -anonymous-
Comment 06/6/14: -Lost in Band 10-: ha. just have your friends copy the job requirements and place them in their resume. The mgr probably doesn't have any US resources to really validate that the resumes are accurate. Existing resources are probably in India, and FLM's can't think for ---t and need someone to tell them if the resume is valid or not. -KD-
Comment 06/6/14: More often than not the pattern is you are rail-roaded out of your job on trumped up charges of non-performance and your smug FLM says you can appeal this decision up stream. This seems to be a non-stater and unfair considering the upstream managers were in collusion when they trumped up the charges against you and convicted you of non-performance in absentia. This would have been like appealing to Gestapo leaders for false conviction. Good luck with that one. -anon-
Comment 06/5/14: "Its too bad Sam Louie and Ginny are hiding from the IBM employees. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered from these three CEOs. -ANA-"
But who will ask those questions? Not the government. Not the Board of directors. Not the rank and file employees. Certainly not anyone in management. If IBMers do not organize no one will ever fight for them. If IBMers do not fight for themselves then there is no fight.
Comment 06/5/14: The 2 week notice v Walked out the door question has been asked a lot. The answer (at least in NY), comes down to management discretion. I have seen people allowed to work as long as they wanted, after announcing a job offer at another company, others were walked to the door when they told management. (in one case, 2 people, same company, same manager... Different results.) And, AFAIK, pay stops when you leave (period) -CommonSense-
Comment 06/5/14:
HP and IBM List North Korea as a Supplier in Conflict-Mineral Reports.
IBM's filing said North Korea processed gold that may be used in its products. Douglas Shelton, a spokesman for the company, declined to comment, saying only that IBM expects suppliers to "procure minerals from responsible sources." -Ginnis Gold-

Comment 06/5/14: In re: -I don't believe it either-: Those long job ads are called tombstone ads. It means the IBM manager has already selected a foreign person to hire. Then the manager draws up a job description that is entirely based on the prospective hires education and resume. So only one person can possibly meet the requirement. Legal taught us to do this back when I was hiring in the 90's. Then HR does the paperwork to the government to prove that since on one else applied for the job IBM is forced to hire the foreign national. If someone does apply for one of those jobs the manager has to review the resume and qualifications and perhaps interview him, then write an explanation of why he wasn't qualified. So if you want to have some fun, have friends and family apply for those jobs. The company can't ignore them legally so they have to spend time and effort disqualifying them. -Lost in Band 10-
Comment 06/5/14: Given the current political environment, does anyone realistically see the xSeries divestiture to Lenovo being approved by the US Government?
-China Rising-
Comment 06/4/14: IBM's "Yellow Brick Road 2020" is without the ruby slippers! -TheGreatOz-
Comment 06/4/14: Regarding job postings. One was created specifically for me to back fill. I applied, did not hear back, pressed the issue and was told it "was filled". Not possible, the position was for specific skills and could not legally be filled by an offshored person. Later I was told the listing was pro-forma, That in reality there was no money to fill it. -anon-
Comment 06/4/14: Ginni, start cooking the books for 2Q.
"Lenovo, IBM Said to Seek Extension in U.S. Review of Deal".
The decision to refile with CFIUS "does indicate that things haven't gone smoothly," said Harry Clark, a lawyer at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP in Washington. "At some level some challenges have been encountered," he said. "That could be anything from they were relatively modest and there's time to get it all done and they may have clear path to getting it done, or it could mean it's a desperate situation."
-Uh Oh-
Comment 06/4/14: The Decline and Fall of IBM -bad tidings-
Alliance reply: In regards to Cringley's introduction there was local reporting in Rochester MN and other locations as well. The Alliance comments section has been read widely worldwide by the media, and Robert Cringley.

Comment 06/3/14: -Really?-
Comment 06/3/14: U.S tech worker groups boycott Infy, IBM and Manpower -Anonymous-

Comment 06/3/14: Per Forbes Critics point to Palmisano?s exit package from IBM, enabling him to clear an estimated $225 million, including all the options, restricted stock, pensions, deferred compensation, bells and whistles. The crook ( Sammy ) walks away with millions from IBM, while he Ginny and Louie continue to cut back pensions benefits salaries and retirement health insurance on the backs of hardworking IBMers. IBM employees need a employee union contract to stop this greed and corruption. Its to bad Sam Louie and Ginny are hiding from the IBM employees . There are a lot of questions that need to be answered from these three CEOs. -ANA-
Comment 06/3/14: An interesting document is floating around for what is to come after Roadmap 2015. It's titled "Yellow Brick Road 2020". -Gone-
Comment 06/3/14: To -We don't buy that line-: Dude, your sure right on 100% about this!
In NY State, IBM lists available jobs, but they are all bogus (except the ones in Nanotech perhaps). A few jobs look like the one I had before RA. In fact, one was probably my actual job assignment! Of course these bogus employment postings are not challenged by NY State and the NY Dept. of Labor for PILOT, tax breaks, and job creation initiatives. Some job postings, like in the NY Times, Gannett group newspapers, are almost a column long of job qualifications and descriptive duties making it clear no one could possibly have all the requirements for the IBM job. So IBM uses this to lobby for more H1B visas since all IT workers in USA are 'under qualified' in IBM's very cataract-ed eyes.
-I don't buy it either-
Comment 06/3/14: If leaving IBM and you admit you are leaving to a competitor, I know you will be walked out the door immediately. You still are laid your two weeks whether walked out the door or not, correct? -Dave-
Comment 06/3/14: I talk to a guy from a local institutions. He mentioned where they did a POC with IBM for some software. It all went well until.. IBM presented the institution with the final contract. The contract apparently put in clauses that increases the TCO over 5 years. The institution contracts guy was pissed for this slight of hand by IBM. He immediately terminated the relationship with IBM. Dupe the customer for more money to give to shareholders.. That ought to work well long term! -contract-
Comment 06/2/14: I used to be an IBM'er. I hated the place. I went to HP instead. over the years I have noticed HP is quickly following in IBM's shoes, like lemmings and the pied piper. Well today is layoff day at HP and unfortunately I was affected. My manager would not say how many people on my team were affected today. the deal is you get paid out the 60 days warn notice, and one week per year of service. A minimum of 11 weeks gets paid out overall. -EX Hp'er-
Comment 06/2/14:
China's Inspur vows to take over IBM's local business Inspur Group Ltd, a Chinese domestic server maker, says 80 ex-IBM employees have joined after it recently started a campaign to lure customers from Big Blue.
Late last week the Chinese server business unveiled its "IBM to Inspur" initiative in Jinan, Shandong province, vowing to take over IBM's server business in the country after reports indicated China's government has banned local banks from using IBM servers due to security concerns.
On Thursday, Inspur told Chinese media the company is ready to 'comprehensively' take over IBM's server business in China. Some 80 IBM former employees have already joined Inspur, according to the company.
-China Uh Oh-
Comment 06/2/14: Re: "There have been two instances I'm aware of where management threatened to walk the employee our the door if they didn't disclose where they were going."
Mislead them, give a Mark Twain "lie" since IBM management has been misleading FUD to us for many years now. Touche' They can't fire you if you are already leaving!
Comment 05/31/14: How many of you have taken loans from your 401k in recent years to "catch up"? No raises...diminishing benefits...low, to no morale. Many of my co-workers, if not all of them - - have not gotten a raise in years. Cost of living continually rises yet IBM pay has remained stagnant. This place is a waste of time. But we all know that already. -Belt_axe-
Comment 05/31/14: Forbes Article - Why IBM is in Decline -ibmindecline-

Comment 05/30/14: IBM's Shelton said, "IBM's long-standing commitment to workforce diversity recognizes the contributions that all individuals make to IBM's success, regardless of age. At any given time, IBM has thousands of open positions in the U.S., many of them are entry level positions in our business' strategic growth areas." <=== alot of those jobs are bogus, or are intended for a specific person with no chances of any kind of competitive internal selection process. I had applied for an internal job before I was let go on 3/31, that was perfect for me. My mgr pressed the hiring manager and was told it was for someone else in the org. There's some IBM requirement that the job be posted, although the hiring manager has no intention of considering others... totally bogus process. BTW, I was contacted by a recruiting manager about a position I applied for outside of IBM. The person noted I had been with IBM for over 20 years and wondered why I wanted to leave. ha. Dude, I was laid off. -We don't buy that line-
Comment 05/29/14: "Suit says IBM targeted older workers for cuts" -- -anon-

Comment 05/29/14: "To _Anon_ and _Anonymous_, Why exactly would someone not want to disclose where they are going if you've given notice? " You should not freely disclose private information about yourself. You don't know when it will come back to bite you. Its one thing if you post on DICE when looking for a job but to post a running tab or your personal or professional life is just plain foolish. People who post to linkedin and facebook post content for free with which they make millions with paltry if any returns to you. At least make them pay for it. -The Network-
Comment 05/29/14: There has been a lot of discussion recently about IBM stock buybacks. Here's an article making the rounds about that:
This draws a straight line between buybacks and executive compensation, particularly options.
And, this: "During the 7-years ending in 2013 IBM booked about $100 billion in net income, and spent virtually every single penny on share buy backs." This is entirely criminal. There is an IBM bubble coming, and when it bursts, you'll know why. -Ben Dover-

Comment 05/29/14:
Three former IBM employees, all laid off last year, have filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging they were victims of age discrimination. -anon-

Comment 05/29/14: Lawsuit for layoff of IBMers. -Joe-

Comment 05/29/14: Lenovo is probably using IBM intellectual secrets to create it's own mainframe line. The Chinese bankers who are masters in currency manipulation and shadow banking and probably many politburo members too wouldn't want it any other way.
Never could trust a communist government and we just had Memorial Day to prove it. Obvious Big Blue doesn't mix with Red. Now watch for more IBM RAs in of all places: China. -anonymous-

Comment 05/29/14:
An employee who was laid off at IBM?s East Fishkill semiconductor plant in July has filed an age discrimination against the company.Before his termination, McCormack, who worked in coding, applied for at least 15 positions at the company, according to his lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in White Plains.
He didn't get any of the jobs. IBM managers and supervisors told him those positions had been targeted for "young persons" who had recently graduated from college, according to the lawsuit. McCormack, however, had recently graduated from college: In 2012, he received a degree in computer engineering.
Comment 05/29/14: Hmmm, with HP announcing that they are laying off more folks, it appears to be a two-way contest between two of the CEO's of the IT titans. Who will win the contest, Ginny or Meg. At least Meg is up front with the numbers. -Ginny Tookus-
Comment 05/28/14: The huge increases in pay for IBM CEOS started when Louie became CEO. He was the one who destroyed a great company with his greed and corruption. He has destroyed many IBM families with RAs. Sam and Ginni have followed. Those three have employment contracts, without a union all other IBMers are at will employees. IBM employees need a union to protect us from greed and corruption by the these three CEOs who stole our pensions, benefits, retirement and salaries so they could receive millions per year in perks private jets ect, stock options, and salary They and their families are will taken care of ON THE BACKS OF HARD WORKING IBMERS, while the rest of us worry about RAs every quarter. Join the union -ANA.-
Comment 05/28/14: Another nail in the SoftLayer coffin.
IBM: Can SoftLayer Save Their Cloud? Asks UBS; A Lou Gerstner Moment
UBS's Steve Millunovich today reiterated a Neutral rating on shares of IBM, which he believes faces something of a Lou Gerstner moment in its evolution, banking on the acquisition last year of startup Softlayer Technologies to help the company?s position in cloud computing.
Comment 05/28/14: IBM faces age bias suit. A former employee of IBM's semiconductor plant in East Fishkill filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Big Blue this month, claiming the multinational corporation laid him off because of his age..... -JustSaying-

Comment 05/28/14: Why do the actions of the Chinese government surprise anyone? IBM like many American corporations turned a blind eye to the fact that their proprietary information would not be safe. Confidentiality agreements or not it was known that Chinese employees owed their loyalty to the government not IBM and would provide the government whatever they wanted. Once the Chinese government got what it needed it could do away with IBM. Just think how much of this might have been avoided if IBM US employees had been unionized. While there is no guarantee this wouldn't have happened it would have been a lot less likely with the work being performed here with US employees. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 05/28/14: "It is important to not put where you work on LinkedIn" ... How did this board go from layoff rumors to absurd career advice? -Anon-
This is the hide under the desk mentality that has prevented organization at IBM. Even after leaving, people are scared of the Big Blue Monster. Better to hide under the desk or melt into the woodwork than risk anything that might sound like resistance . Sad indeed isn't it? -Exodus2007-

Comment 05/28/14: My buddy just got his third Transition to Retirement reminder, the deadline for his response is June 6. I wondered why I didn't get one since our age is similar and I have more years in IBM. It turns out that commission employees are not eligible. Anyone know why? I was really hoping for it to get off this sinking ship. Same reason that some folks didn't get their GDP bonus, despite Ginny saying she was giving it to "non-Executive PBC 1's" without qualifying it as non-commission only. More lies. --NoTransition--
Comment 05/28/14: To -also_in_RTP-. It's better to keep your integrity and respect and walk out rather than cave into their abusive pressure. If you're already on the way out, I doubt the 2weeks pay would make up for the horrible feeling you may have with disclosing where you're going. I knew I would feel like $#!+ if I caved in so I didn't and feel so much better now. -sad_in_RTP-
Comment 05/28/14: -OuttaThere- you did the right thing taking your whole FSA! Good for you to look after yourself other than give any credit to the Big Blue Pig! Remember take care of #1 and don't step in #2 (IBM)! -IdiotsBecomeManagement-
Comment 05/28/14: "China Orders Banks To Remove High-End IBM Servers"
Chinese government is still communist and we lost thousands of lives and had thousands of wounded we just memorialized this weekend. Once Lenovo gets into high end servers then as Paul Harvey used to say "you now know the rest of the story".
Comment 05/27/14: The CEO Got a Huge Raise. You Didn't. Here's Why.
Pay for globe-trotting CEOs has soared to new heights, even as most workers remain grounded by paychecks that are barely budging. While pay for the typical CEO of a company in the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index surged 8.8 percent last year to $10.5 million, it rose a scant 1.3 percent for U.S. workers as a whole. That CEO now earns 257 times the national average, up from a multiple of 181 in 2009, according to an analysis by The Associated Press and Equilar.
Those figures help reveal a widening gap between the ultra-wealthy and ordinary workers around the world. That gap has fed concerns about economic security - everywhere from large cities where rents are high to small towns where jobs are scarce. Here are five reasons why CEOs are enjoying lavish pay increases and five reasons many people are stuck with stagnant incomes. -Anon-

Comment 05/27/14: China Orders Banks To Remove High-End IBM Servers -anon-
Comment 05/27/14: Not the kind of headlines that you want:
The Chinese government is reviewing whether domestic banks' reliance on high-end servers from International Business Machines Corp.
(IBM:US) compromises the nation's financial security, people familiar with the matter said -NoMorale-

Comment 05/27/14: Re: "There have been two instances I'm aware of where management threatened to walk the employee our the door if they didn't disclose where they were going."
Who cares? If you give notice, and they walk you out early they're only hurting themselves. Hell, I think I'd call their bluff if they threatened that.. I'm glad I left in 2012 on my own accord.
Comment 05/27/14: More trouble for Ginni in China.... -anon-

Comment 05/27/14: "It is important to not put where you work on LinkedIn" ... How did this board go from layoff rumors to absurd career advice? -Anon-
Comment 05/27/14: China kicking IBM when it's down.
China ponders ban on IBM servers
The dispute between China and the USA over backdoor-riddled information technology equipment has just heated up, with Bloomberg reporting Chinese authorities are wondering whether the time has come for local banks to ditch their IBM servers. The newswire's report mentions "high-end" servers and suggests Chinese authorities 'are reviewing whether Chinese commercial banks' reliance on the IBM servers compromises the country's financial security.Might China therefore be taking aim at an American icon? IBM's hardware division is not in rude health. Even the mere suggestion Big Blue is in cahoots with US authorities won't make it any easier to shift boxes, making life harder for IBM at a time it needs to be fighting off spookware allegations like it needs a hole in the head.
Comment 05/27/14: To _Anon_ and _Anonymous_, Why exactly would someone not want to disclose where they are going if you've given notice? You are already quitting. If they ask you to leave that day, who cares... it relieves you of having to work out 2 additional weeks. I was happy to tell my old manager and friends where I was going... letting them see that there are other places to work. Also, you are advising not to put where you work on LinkedIn.... that is a big mistake as I've known a lot of people to get jobs through networking on LinkedIn, and it helped me. Again, why the secrecy as to where you are going... if you are quitting, who cares what IBM knows about you??? -Gonein2013-
Comment 05/27/14: Everyone, and I mean everyone who reads this forum should join Alliance. You're here, so you must recognize some value in it. Nothing will change until enough people join. It's only $15 a month for full membership. Fifty cents a day? Who cannot afford that? -Anonymous-
Comment 05/27/14: -IdiotsBecomeManagement-: Oops, I meant FSA, not HSA! And as I'm sure you know (since you caught the error re HSA), there is no legal way IBM can come after an employee for using their entire FSA amount for a calendar year, even if they leave before the end of the year, if there are enough qualified medical expenses while employed. -OuttaThere-
Comment 05/26/14: @I'veBeenMowed - being knighted is not royalty. Not even close. But I agree with everything else. -Anon-
Comment 05/26/14: IBM selling the VT plant will destroy the economy of Vermont. I lived in Endicott and I saw how Lou Gerstner destroyed Endicott and the surrounding areas economy. Real Estate plummeted, car sales plummeted, revenue down in restaurants bankruptcies increased, and IBM families destroyed. In less than two decades IBM went from employing 10000 IBMers in Endicott, to today approximate 700. Its all about greedy and corrupt CEOS. Join the union -ANA-
Comment 05/25/14: "also used up my entire HSA for the year, although I had only paid into it for a month. :-)"
Be forewarned IBM will likely come after you for HSA reimbursement. It might take time since the elephant is slow but it will happen unfortunately for you. Every last $.001 to make the IBM executives filthier rich and to get to that magic 2015 EPS. -IdiotsBecomeManagement-

Comment 05/25/14: "CEOs greed and corruption have destroyed this once great company"
Sir (he was knighted in the UK so he is officially royalty) Louis Gerstner II perfected that poison pill. Just like large Corporations are just like our USA Government: greed, corruption, and a willingness to do nothing (except for their very selves) of any real, substantive value for the majority of the people. Labor Day will probably mean more in this country in a few years with the systematic death of the middle class that made this country what it was.
We can call it Labor Memorial Day but the 1ers% will make it law to call it End of Summer Vacation Day (to ONLY be observed by the top 1% and NO EXCEPTIONS. For everyone else it is observed as a Monday 12+ hour workday).
Comment 05/25/14: -sad_in_RTP-: Yes, of course do not disclose what company you'll be joining when you quit IBM!! Is this even a question?? This should really be common sense guys... There is absolutely no reason to mention ANYTHING about your plans after you leave IBM. Who says you're going anywhere. When you quit IBM, all you're announcing is your resignation from IBM; it's up to you when you want to announce anything further, which should be well after you have any involvement with IBM.
"For those of you leaving IBM. Do not disclose where you're going, they'll try to pressure you to find out but hold your ground. There have been two instances I'm aware of where management threatened to walk the employee our the door if they didn't disclose where they were going. Hold your ground, it's your right to privacy."
Comment 05/25/14: To -sad_in_RTP-: When I left IBM last year, I gave two weeks notice but did not say where I was going. When pressed on that by my manager, I told him I was going to an IBM Partner. And that was true. It was also true that I was going to a major competitor of IBM's, but IBM does the "coopetition" with the best of them. Before I left, I used all of my floating holidays for the year (I left in January) and also used up my entire HSA for the year, although I had only paid into it for a month. :-) -OuttaThere-
Comment 05/25/14: @sad_in_RTP: I agree with standing firm on keeping your new employer as private info, but isn't IBM allowed to walk you out the door anyway? I'm getting close to this event myself. -also_in_RTP-
Comment 05/24/14: -sad_in_RTP- BTW, I was RAed in the "big one" in 2009. I got information that IBM's Wellness Assistance Program was no longer covering Wellness office visits after my RA so my name was still on file and was still in IBM's Wellness Program database. Since I am no longer an employee of IBM and no longer will get ANY retirement health benefits; I asked to be taken off the IBM Wellness Assistance Program list since it none of IBM's business to know now. So now IBM knows my post-IBM Wellness issues like mental health and chiropractic services since it was billed incorrectly to IBM as late as early 2012. It made me wonder whether IBM has a "dead peasant's life insurance" policy on me! IBM no longer respect's employees or ex-employees privacy. IBM will do whatever they can and say it is to "stay competitive" and if that means finding out about it's (ex)resources whereabouts, happenings, issues, etc. IBM will do it. -BigBlueBrother-
Comment 05/24/14: Globalfoundries does not want Burlington. Its a dinosaur. They would be better off tearing it all down and using the land for another 400,000 $ housing project for all those IBMers that will lose there jobs. The writing is on the wall people. Get out of Chittenden county before your property value drops 50% -Glad 2b gone-
Comment 05/24/14: To -barely remember the place-, I worked in Endicott Building 18 for several years. There were 12000 IBM employees.I Was RA when Lou became CEO. Working now for another fantastic company. Visited Endicott last Month. Once home of IBM is now just a shell of this once great company. EFK is going the way of Endicott IBM. Those days are gone for ever, CEOs greed and corruption have destroyed this once great company and its IBM families. Join the union -ANA-
Comment 05/24/14: New numbers show what's at stake if IBM sells Vt. plant.
News that IBM may sell its chipmaking operations, including the Essex Junction plant, prompted the GBIC to dig deep into Big Blue's economic impact in Vermont.
"IBM has been an incredible economic contributor," Cioffi said. GBIC estimates IBM employs about 4,000 people in Vermont. Its study shows that 10,000 families are directly or indirectly supported by IBM. The analysis reveals the plant injects $1 billion into the overall Vermont economy. Losing that, says Cioffi, would set Vermont's economy into a tailspin. "No economy could sustain the loss of 4,000 jobs," Cioffi said. "It would be catastrophic. It would shock us into a real estate recession and an economic recession worse than the one we are trying to get out of now." -VTAnon-

Comment 05/24/14: For those of you leaving IBM. Do not disclose where you're going, they'll try to pressure you to find out but hold your ground. There have been two instances I'm aware of where management threatened to walk the employee our the door if they didn't disclose where they were going. Hold your ground, it's your right to privacy. -sad_in_RTP-
Comment 05/24/14: I finally quit IBM in January after 8 years. However for 4 of those years I was on mobilization orders with the US Army - some stateside & some deployed overseas.
IBM was kind enough to offer a pay differential - the difference between my salary & my military base pay. Once I came back from my deployment to Afghanistan, IBM (in it's infinite wisdom) decided that I owed them over $38k in overpayments. Of course they are hopelessly wrong but will they admit that? Nope! Will they come to the table and discuss it? Nope!
I am giving them one more chance to recognize their mistakes on a phone call. After that I just may have to approach the media as well as my military employer representative to put additional outside pressure on them.
Just sick & wrong of IBM to err this boldly while a servicemember is called to active duty! -Screwed_over_Soldier-
Alliance reply: We are sorry for the way IBM disrespects you and your service to our country. Thank you for your service.
Depending on the state you live in, your representative *may* be able to help you "persuade" IBM to drop their pursuit of the $38k.
Notwithstanding the fact that you were an "At Will Employee" at IBM and you had no collective bargaining agreement to protect your rights at work.
Please contact us at for more information.

Comment 05/23/14: I found a very eye-opening graphic listing the top 5 feeder schools for several prominent American companies. Notice anything odd about IBM?

Comment 05/23/14: IBM screws its own vendors, customers.
IBM Stops Selling NetApp Units to Favor Own Storage Devices IBM will stop buying and reselling storage technology from NetApp Inc. as part of a plan to move customers to its own products.
IBM plans to formally withdraw from selling NetApp?s new N series systems on May 27 and shut down development on the product line, according to an internal memo reviewed by Bloomberg. Instead, the company will encourage clients to buy IBM-made offerings, the memo said.
IBM, seeking to reinvigorate slumping hardware sales, has shifted its focus to newer technologies and product upgrades. The move is poised to be a setback for NetApp, which gets about 2 percent of its revenue from IBM, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. While NetApp has said that its IBM relationship has presented challenges, it hasn't disclosed the reselling shutdown. -Nony-
Comment 05/23/14: Interesting article about IBM corruption. Rank and file are forced to take BCG training instead of actual job training. Job training today is non-existent. Time wasted on BCG training and other nonsense. I suppose executives are exempt from BCG rules. -anon-
Comment 05/23/14: To -I'mLeaving- not worry they will make you work right to the last minute. I recently quit and they worked me right up to end of notice. Also they harassed me about a laptop that I had returned 4 years previously and that started on second to last day. The final bit of harassment was no final payslip so you have to guess if they agree with what vacation pay etc that you are owed. I had to search for a HR phone number. When I called about payslip and record of employment the IBM rep was less than courteous.You will be treated as "nicely" as you are now right to the bitter end. Just makes the company I am at now look that much better. I have gotten more perks in a month than I got in 10 years at IBM. -former canuck ibmer-
Comment 05/23/14: @SalesYouAreOuttaHere, Interesting. I wonder how Mills and LeBlanc take into consideration the ongoing crisis meetings because of product quality, product delivery slippage, inability to deliver Level 2 service because the technical skills required have been RA'd or leaving on their own. Are they so clueless? remote? or just acting as if nothing is wrong? -Anon-
Comment 05/23/14: To -SlimPickens-, Maybe GPS customers have gotten fed up with IBM doing unto them as IBM does to itself (GBS / IGA)? As a former colleague once said with apologies to Ford, "IGS, Quality is job None". -anonymous-
Comment 05/23/14: A bit of history: Sammy went to an all women IBM recruiting drive determined to get a job at IBM so he could avoid the USA draft for Vietnam. He got the job in IBM and avoided the draft. That should tell you something about eroding IBM "leadership" this Memorial Day. Remember and Thank ALL Veterans that answered the call and did their duty instead of trying to get out of it to pursue their own dreams and aims. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: History can sting any American that has marketed themselves as "special" to the patriotic American dream. Patriotism and loyalty to America has especially been hijacked by corporate executives (and even presidents) in the past decades, as a method to "own" for their personal gain. America is an 'empire' run by corporate interests that use the government to and for their own ends.
Sam Palmisano is not the first "self-appointed, important person" to skip doing their REAL duty to their country, and he won't ever be the last. The best advice here is to ignore his past and every other one like him, and choose to be your own leader or lead with your co-workers and organize. You'll still be able to appreciate and thank all the veterans for their service and, if you are a veteran, be proud of your service to your country and to your co-workers. You are the union, and you and your co-workers are the part of IBM that makes the company what it is. You always have been. You are also the part that makes America what it is. Real.

Comment 05/23/14: Whenever I read about some Wall Street analyst casting doubts on IBM's ability to survive or another analyst criticizing the strategies being followed by IBM executives, I get a perverse feeling of joy. This would be understandable if I were a competitor but I AM A CURRENT IBM EMPLOYEE! I hope I am alone in feeling this way. If not, what does that say about IBM when its OWN employees agree more with its detractors than its executives? -ReportReader-
Comment 05/23/14: -I'mLeaving - It all depends but there's no obligation to give them ANY notice, at least here in the land of the free. Whether you do or not is up to you. They may take the two weeks, they may show you the door. I think it depends on where you are going to. If a major competitor or you refuse to say (and there's nothing says you have to tell them) then they may well show you the door. If a smaller or non competing company then they may accept the two weeks. I've seen both situations. Either way, good luck in the future. -I'm Free-
Comment 05/23/14: I held out for what I'm worth after being shown the door last summer, now working in a fantastic environment. The futility of trying to champion innovation in a shrine to cluelessness is a distant memory. So sad to hear of the demise of EFK, where I joined IBM in an extremely cold stretch of winter in early 1985, my first two weeks in a hotel near the corner of 52 and 376. Fishkill was some 15,000 employees strong. I worked in the 300 Building, seemingly a city unto itself. Surely the construction of the 600 complex signaled guaranteed employment for longer than I could possibly live. But slowly it all slipped away, one incompetent clown promoted into management after another. A decade later, process and obedience trumped innovation and respect, the writing dripping off the walls. Another decade and those of us with half a brain stood like deer in headlights, in a perpetual state of not sure whether to laugh or to cry. Goodbye, blue-blooded dream of an IBM of those days! -barely remember the place-
Comment 05/23/14: Summers, Nick. "The Trouble With IBM". Business Week, May 22, 2014.

Business Week article discusses problems with Roadmap 2015. -Gorya-

Comment 05/23/14: If you have to try to sell of the blood (the chips) to Global Foundries "GF" what makes up the heart (the mainframe) of a big computing based company that IBM is not organically sound. This doesn't sound healthy going forward as a mainframe company which IBM still essentially is. The mainframe is what makes IBM unique no matter how IBM wants to portray itself as as a services company which it is failing at. -anonymous-
Comment 05/23/14: Trust your gut instinct guys and good luck, my instinct still tells me IBM does not have a bright future. The IBM India Bharti Airtel subcontracting fraud is shocking, highlights again the greed and ethics right at the very top.
"You can have tons of talent, but it won't necessarily keep you fed. If you have sharp instincts, through, you'll never go hungry. Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 All the best to all." -RAed 2012 aged 41-

Comment 05/22/14: Folks. The IBM that Ginni, Sammy and Lou operate in is totally different than the one you cling to your miserable jobs in. For one they ALL have contracts that define their pay, benefits and severance packages if they are terminated. Second, no one can RA them. There is no reports to chain for them. Just the board of directors who they have preloaded with their own people to ensure they stay in power. Just like the *gerrymandering* most politicians do to stay in power. Why do you waste time second guessing each other about which way IBM is going to screw you next and secretly hope the company goes bankrupt for making you miserable. Put that time and effort into organizing. Then you will actually get something for your efforts besides frustrated. This Memorial day remember the Veterans and others who gave their lives for your freedom. Don't waste their efforts. -Exodus2007-
Comment 05/22/14:
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Is A Year Away From Delivering On A Plan That Has Tied Her Hands For Years
In Palmisano's time, enterprises were curious but distrustful of cloud computing. They didn't think it was as safe and reliable as doing IT themselves. And back then, it wasn't.
Palmisano all but dismissed cloud computing during IBM's investor's day in 2010, saying, "Enterprise will have its own unique model. You can't do what we're doing in a cloud."
Flash forward to 2014 and cloud computing tech has matured, the risks are lower and there are options for running every kind of software in the cloud, including Oracle databases and SAP financial software. It's not clear why Rometty has stuck with the promise rather than go her own way. Given IBM's culture, and the long history of this promise, it isn't easy for her to ditch it. And now, one year away, she's determined to fulfill it.
Comment 05/22/14: Not a positive outlook from this analyst.
"Whether IBM CEO Rometty recognizes it or not, the real cloud, the one that really matters - the one that most of the world's compute function will eventually run on is this: multi-tenant public cloud. In this all-important market, IBM is not a player."
...... -RAtired-
Comment 05/22/14: The only thing inspiring thing about Sammy was he knew how to lie to the IBM community. Sammy, Louie, and now Ginny are great liars to Wall Street and the IBM employees. What IBM needs is a union to stop this greed and corruption by these three CEOs. Join the union. -Stop the Lying and Deceit-
Comment 05/22/14: Spot on article, cudos to Businessweek, Wall St. about had enough... -misty-

Comment 05/22/14: Just watched a new mandatory internal Steve Mills video that kept emphasizing (quoted ver batim) "one of the things that I've been pressing Bob on quite a bit is the idea that our technical people can effectively provide much of the coverage that our sales specialists are called upon to provide". He said we don't have to keep going in"two by two" with a sales and technical person, we need to get down to a "one" model (as if we don't always go in there with the "IBM Clown Car" of more like 12). Sounds like a major cut is looming in the area of sales. Resonates with what was said earlier about them wanting to fire mass sales people immediately around impact (folks who haven't made their numbers). I'm technical, don't know how that would work since many of us just don't have the polish that sales folks do. He said he wanted tech folks to start dedicating one day a week to call on accounts that have no IBM stuff currently. -SalesYouAreOuttaHere-
Comment 05/22/14: At long last I have found another opportunity away from IBM. The last round of cuts was a signal that IBM is no longer interested in the HW business. Anyone know if when I give my 2 weeks notice whether they will show me the door immediately or have me finish it out? I am Technical Sales specialist so my assumption is they won't want me involved in anything once they know I intend to leave. -I'mLeaving-
Comment 05/22/14: Does IBM CEO Rometty Understand Cloud?
IBM seems to be trying to redefine everything that SoftLayer does as cloud, although SoftLayer's business is almost all dedicated hosting (bare metal, sold month-to-month), not cloud IaaS in the usual sense of the word. There's abundant confusion as a result. Whether IBM CEO Rometty recognizes it or not, the real cloud, the one that really matters - the one that most of the world's compute function will eventually run on is this: multi-tenant public cloud. In this all-important market, IBM is not a player. -anon-

Comment 05/22/14: Another damning article on IBM (Ginni) "The Trouble With IBM" From Bloomberg BusinessWeek. -anon-

Comment 05/22/14: Worth the read: -miss_understanding-

Comment 05/22/14: IBM announced that on July 1st 2014 Global Process Services (GPS) will integrate with Global Business Services (GBS) group. Expect lots of reorganizational synergies and redundancies (ie. RA's). -SlimPickens-
Comment 05/22/14: Speaking of Lenovo.
Lenovo CEO hopes U.S.-China cyber-theft case will not affect IBM, Motorola deal approval
Comment 05/22/14: Harvard Business Review just came out wtih an interesting set of articles. One of those articles,
"The Price of Wall Street's Power" and "Managing Investors," which is an uninspiring interview with Sam Palmisano. He explains why IBM should have such high earnings per share. Frankly, it wasn't convincing. Maybe it makes sense when the company has lots of spare cash, but cannibalizing oneself to meet unreasonable targets is a very different rationale. Plus, it is hard to see how high end semiconductor development can fall into the commodity category. If that was the case, IBM should be able to find a buyer for the microelectronics business. -coupon-

Comment 05/21/14: Word on the street in Essex (BTV) is that FAB sale will be in July to GF. -Vermont Woodchuck-
Comment 05/21/14: A little food for thought for my 7,499 soon to be "Red" colleagues, from people who have already been there and done that.
"At the risk of sounding xenophobic, Lenovo is a Chinese company and every year more and more of the U.S. based functions (and jobs) are shifted to China. If you are seeking a role at Lenovo outside of China it would be best to land a Geography specific role, but also realize this will limit career growth."
"A few years ago, I would've said this was the best place to work. Now, there is too much uncertainty and too much change (without a clear change management process in place). 2 rounds of layoffs this year (2013) with rumors of more at the beginning of the year. People are jumping ship. There is only a retention plan for Executives, nothing for managers or individual contributors. No career advancement - they would rather hire externally to quickly fill a gap." There's more where that came from, visit if you're not high on the Kool-Aid.
Comment 05/21/14: For those IBMers headed to Lenovo on or about Aug. 1 as part of the x86/Pure Flex divestiture, here's some encouraging news:
Imagine that -- a tech company that grows revenue. For the record, growth is not just in China but globally. -x86 in RTP-

Comment 05/21/14: A classic quote by one of our major shareholders, Mr, Warren Buffet; this is a classic:
"I try to buy stock in businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them. Because sooner or later, one will". -Warren Buffet, Source: At a panel discussion after the premier of the documentary "I.O.U.S.A" (2008) -sittingandwaiting-

Comment 05/21/14: Don't Expect Another Earnings-Per-Share Target From IBM.
Comment 05/21/14: @thisisoneway - do you even understand the IBM NZ fiscal calendar? This just adds yet another negative, uninformed and non-productive post to this page. Alliance, please do a better job filtering these -anonymous-
Comment 05/21/14: I was a dues paying member of the Alliance. I paid because it provides tremendous value and insight into an environment where managers exploit employees at _ALL_ levels. I've moved to a new employer, and it's a shame how one discovers that respect, compensation, and benefits are much better on the outside. I encourage all of you to interview and apply elsewhere. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your career. Best of luck to all those who remain behind and ignore the warnings. -Me-
Comment 05/20/14: There is zero chance of this company turning around with the amount of unhappy people in the company. It just is not enough to say "you are lucky enough to have a job". Works in the third world, not the first world. - Anon-
Comment 05/20/14: email sent 15 May:
"-Hi Team - further to Andrew Stevens email 2 April 'Our growth initiative enablement roadmap', the call to action is for each IBMer to make a fast start and dedicate 10 hours of Think40 in 1Q (before June 30th) to this new curriculum."
That is one way to meet Qtrly targets - re-define the calendar :-) - this is one way -

Comment 05/20/14: "IBM is asking for 250 people to take a bus every Monday to GF from EF."
And the employees will be paying for the commutation. And it will be a bus with a bad heater core or no A/C and they'll feel every pothole and bump past the Albany politico cesspool that made this all possible.
Comment 05/19/14: IBM buys startup to give Watson "depth of personality" IBM has bought Cognea, a startup developing virtual assistants that interact with users via A.I.-based personalities. Terms are undisclosed.
Big Blue plans to integrate Cognea's technology with its Watson A.I. hardware/software, with the goal of allowing Watson to deliver "conversational services." Potential end-markets mentioned by the company include "virtual personal assistants, health coaches, companions for elderly people, investment advisors, tutors, travel agents, customer care agents and shopping advisors."
IBM, hungry to halt double-digit server revenue declines, promised to invest over $1B in Watson in January, including $100M in startups working on software/services for Watson systems. But while the company is hoping Watson produces $10B/year in revenue in ten years, the platform had only produced $100M in revenue as of last October. -Anon-

Comment 05/19/14: Saw this on this website. I wondered whether any IBMers had ever been subjected to this kind of pressure from their management? "What Happened In The Basement?" -BlueEyedBlindness-

Comment 05/19/14: IBMers to work for GlobalFoundries: Prelude to a sale? -Nonymous-
Comment 05/19/14: For those of you contemplating or chosen to work in the GF Malta plant, you will be right at home as though it were IBM EF itself. Read the Glassdoor reviews on GF especially those specific to Malta. Don't expect things to get better, but continue to expect more lousy treatment. Wow, I am so glad I'm not in the technology industry anymore. I can't imagine how many of you sleep well at night wondering when the ax will fall. -*Glad_to_be_Gone_too*-
Comment 05/19/14: IBM is asking for 250 people to take a bus every Monday to GF from EF. Work all week and return Friday, for 10 months! All just to get the tax break from the state. Talk about a "work-life" balance plan. I hope all the EF people have the guts to say NO to this crap. -anon-
Comment 05/19/14: This statement from Ginni is disturbing and disheartening -
"If you are uncomfortable with what's going on now in IBM, that's how I want you to stay."
This is not how you motivate people. It reminds me of what John Akers said in his desperate last months,
"I don't want to see people standing around the water cooler."
You know what, Ginni, I'd like to provide value to the IBM company, but you won't let me. You're too busy moving work overseas where you can threaten and abuse employees without constraints. So, you say if I'm not working on cloud, data, or engagement, I'm working on the wrong things? Well, please help me work on the right things me by making it easier to transfer out of this cesspool of GBS IGA despair. -Anon-

Comment 05/19/14:
IBM Shows Robust Growth In Cloud: Does It Matter?
IBM continues to show strong growth in cloud revenues after spending billions on developing its cloud offerings.
However, the company has a lot of work to do before this starts having any impact on its top line growth.
IBM has touted two major cloud deals, but these might not have any meaningful impact on the growth of its cloud revenues.
Comment 05/19/14: "With every news story that comes out of India and Central and West Africa, what sort of company have we become when the CEO thinks that we can depend on them to pull us around."
The strategy is smart when you consider what is happening there is a 20-year view. Central/West Africa corporations on Cloud is a sweet spot for this type of GEO. The results are disruptive for sure. The delivery approach IBM is taking is horrible. The organization change is infantile.
Comment 05/18/14: IBM EFK: Going, Going.... soon gone. Sad. Very Sad. Way to not go IBM.Big Blew. Big Blow.-Dutchess_distressed-
Comment 05/17/14: GF will probably just use the BTV and EFK sites to store toxic waste that they can't get away with dumping in Malta. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/17/14: The one paragraph in todays Poughkeepsie Journal that is all you need to know:
"IBM is going to be using GlobalFoundries in Malta as a foundry going forward," said G. Dan Hutcheson of VLSI Research in San Jose, Calif.,
"and the Fishkill facility is getting long in the tooth. It's now become a fairly old fab. Fabs don't last forever. They do begin to age."
The East Fishkill site is toast. All work going to GF in Malta. GF not taking East Fishkill. -The End is near-

Comment 05/17/14: With every news story that comes out of India and Central and West Africa, what sort of company have we become when the CEO thinks that we can depend on them to pull us around. It is a desperate, last roll of the dice, attemtp to save herself. Thankfully Wall Street is as tired of her rhetoric as are the rest of us. -Anon-
Comment 05/17/14: Boeing conducted unfair practices against U.S. engineers says NLRB: -Alwyn Scott-

Comment 05/17/14: Why You Don't Want to Own IBM:
"In the case of IBM, looking beyond the short-term trees at the long-term forest should give investors little faith in the CEO or the company's future growth prospects. Much is being hidden in the morass of financial machinations surrounding acquisitions, divestitures, debt assumption and stock buybacks. Meanwhile, revenues are declining, and investments in R&D are falling. This cannot bode well for the company's long-term investor prospects, regardless of the well scripted talking points offered last week."
-Adam Hartung-

Comment 05/16/14:
WICCOPEE - About 150 to 200 IBM technical employees based at the semiconductor plant here will be dispatched to work at a partner company, GlobalFoundries, at its growing plant in Saratoga County, the Poughkeepsie Journal has exclusively learned. -Anon-

Comment 05/16/14: -Old Farts- Yep, but why is she so bitter or may I say disgruntled? She might be part of the old club, but she gets full retirement medical for life, executive pension, 401(k), bonuses, top hat SERP, office for life, travel for life, etc. etc. all paid for by IBM mostly as unfunded benefits. We other old farts don't get a smidgen of that. Maybe she is truly DISTRACTED by lack of revenue growth? LOL! -IrritableBowelMovement-
Comment 05/16/14: "If you are uncomfortable with what's going on now in IBM, that's how I want you to stay." Is Ginni crazy or just heartless? This is what a slave owner used to say to their property. -anonymous-
Comment 05/16/14: CEO's lying to themselves. Does this sound familiar? -Anonymous-

Comment 05/15/14: ANA: She had a very hostile attitude and was very very bitter toward older IBMers. <=== Why was she bitter towards older IBMers? Since she is 56 yrs old, she's part of the club. what's she complaining about? -Old Farts-
Comment 05/15/14: Can an Employee Accept a Severance Payment and Still File a Discrimination Claim? -David Barron-

Comment 05/15/14: Former IBM'er here - regarding CLAIM, I also remember getting strange emails about hours being claimed in my name on projects and clients where I did absolutely no work. I didn't claim the hours myself I just got notified of these claims. I then asked my boss about it and he gave me some strange explanation that "these are just maintenance hours to a customer, don't worry about that" or something like that. I always thought it was strange but I have no proof that anything was wrong.
On the other hand, I know that for a month or so they charged a client as if I was working full time on the account when I was working only half-time, but that was to cover up the fact I was only working half-time since I had been assigned to a different account also and things were so political and tense it was impossible to back out of either engagement. Of course I got no overtime despite doing twice the work! -Anon-

Comment 05/15/14: Another IBM botch up: Don't blame SAP, blame npower and particularly IBM Global Services.
They must hold the record for the most botched implementations in the industry. SAP works. Yes, it can be clunky and awkward at times, but it does work. In the hands of a good implementation team and the proper support, SAP can sing like a bird. There used to be a saying that 'no one ever got fired for hiring IBM'. Lately, that alone should be grounds for termination. -Foo-

Comment 05/15/14: IBM sets sights on restoring hardware unit after Q4 slump Summary: IBM's new businesses aren't growing fast enough to offset its hardware unit, but the firm's chief executive is betting on China as a major growth opportunity. -anonymous-
Comment 05/15/14: IBM reaffirms ambitious $20 EPS goal ? but no one but IBM seems to care
IBM is hell-bent on achieving its promised earnings per share goal by next year. Analysts aren?t sure why it bothers.
"I agree with analysts like Bernstein Research?s Toni Sacconaghi who say the $20 EPS goal is more public relations than substance if profit comes from lower tax rates, layoffs and stock buybacks. IBM still has to convince the world that it can do cloud as well as, or better than Amazon, Microsoft, and a raft of other competitors." -Nonymous-

Comment 05/15/14: In the middle of the second quarter, one of the IBM AMS leaders simply decided to command the entire IBM AMS IT army to go forth with an overall utilization target of 131% for the entire Q2.
IBM continues to try to meet their goals by specializing in financial engineering, commanding thousands of employees to simply start billing their customers 55 hours per week for the remaining two months of the quarter to achieve that overall 131% Q2 utilization. Don't you think if the work was already there, we would already be doing it in a planned fashion?
This doesn't get nearly enough attention...salaried workers in the trenches are disgusted,suspect lots of fraud happening to meet billing targets, and the great unsaid - crazy forced, billed 'overtime', but of course that word is never used.
Utilization targets..."if you don't meet them, may lead to executives re-evaluating headcount".
Comment 05/15/14: My reluctance to accept IBM's current trajectory to 'glory' is primarily because of my opinion and beliefs as follows:
1. Its long established culture and beliefs are ignored. Its beliefs and by extension its culture was based on:
    A. Respect for the Individual.
    B. The best customer service in the world.
    C. The pursuit of excellence.
As long as this is being ignored you cannot succeed. In an age of iPads and gizmos, its hard to convince people of intangible things such as justice and fair play and culture.

2. IBM's culture that made it successful in past years has eroded away since it buys and integrates so many companies at a break neck pace and brings in people that are not compatible with its culture or beliefs that have since eroded away - much like Rome integrating barbaric cultures of the north. Haphazard integration of PWC and its foreign culture was the first mistake - and the beginning of the end of its culture.

3. Current management is more focused on cloud and flashy gizmos than actually fixing its sick culture.

4. Management lacks the the type of powerful vision to lead the way the Watsons had done in years past. For what they are paid, they are mediocre at best. I say this because they seem to be chasing markets verses creating them and leading much like TJ Watson Jr. and the S/360 or like Steve Jobs. Current IBM leaders seem to be more reactionary and seem to be chasing whatever bubbles to the top today - and badly that. These are simply my opinions. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/15/14: Wall street is not buying IBM's hype.
Comment 05/15/14: India key in IBM revival, says CEO Virginia M Rometty to staff
BANGALORE: Virginia Marie "Ginni" Rometty, IBM's chief executive officer, conveyed a message of tough love to employees in India during a low profile visit to Bangalore last week. Rometty, 56, who is trying to win over Wall Street's sceptical investors about her efforts to reinvigorate the $100-billion company, spoke about India's rising importance as she implements her gameplan, employees who heard her said.
"If you are uncomfortable with what's going on now in IBM, that's how I want you to stay. That's the only way we will transform this company together," an employee recounted her as saying. -Anon-

Comment 05/14/14: I resigned! I would suggest to all the IBMers that can, should. IBM is a huge machine and nothing we have done seems to make a difference. I was in Sales, could have continued working here as long as I kept selling. I could not look a customer in the eye and"sell" them on IBM. Software and Services are great, but the company is horrible to their employees. Unionization is another avenue to pursue, but that is slow is progressing. However you choose to go forward, do it now and do it big. The only way to impact the top leadership is to make them work. No worker bees someone is going to have to step up. -Concerned IBMer- now EX IBMer-
Comment 05/14/14:
IBM Says Tech-Shift Impact Similar to Financial Crisis
Comment 05/14/14: SERIOUSLY?
"IBM CEO: Revenue 'Is Not The No. 1 Priority On My List' "

There's been a lot of hand-wringing over the shrinking revenues at IBM. But CEO Ginni Rometty wants investors to know that reduced revenue is really part of her grand plan to grow profits.
Comment 05/14/14: I was cut from IBM Rochester MN in 2003. I have been working for a insurance company for the last 12 years in Minneapolis MN where they treat everyone like a person and pay way more then IBM. I just found out IBM is trying to get money from our company by claiming we misused licence agreements by more than 15 million dollars. We disproved their claims and paid them nothing. This was such a sick desperate attempt to get money from us.... so glad I do not work for such a evil sick company/management people anymore. -Roger-
Comment 05/14/14:
The Dow Takes a Breather as IBM Takes a Dive
So far, the market has reacted negatively to the statements, sending IBM down. The likely reason? The presentation has been light on specific reasons for optimism, and heavy on things we already know. The big picture strategy makes perfect sense in speeches and press releases. We've all read the SEC filings, listened to the interviews, and understand the plan.
What investors want to see now is tangible results. How are IBM's customer's responding to the new cloud technology products? Will Watson, IBM's famous supercomputer, ever achieve enough scale to move the revenue needle in a meaningful way? When will the company start to grow again?
The executives presenting today have their finger on the pulse of the company. Investors want to feel a strong, healthy heartbeat when Rometty speaks. And as of yet, that hasn't happened.
Comment 05/14/14: This video link is not about IBM. But it IS about a company (Nokia) that has begun to shed workers in India for a variety of reasons. One of the most interesting things about this video, are the "almost free land" and 'public utility status' that Nokia got from the Indian government as well as other *incentives* to move their operations to India, in 2005. These *incentives* are similar to what IBM was given. Now, the Indian workers are feeling the effects of offshoring and plants shutting down. Sound familiar IBMers? IBM is on the lookout for cheap labor and *incentives* from countries that will allow their workers to be exploited, too. IBM has also fired IBM India workers.
The workers of the world need to unite. IBM workers of the world need to unite. The video is lengthy but it's worth watching: -BlueEyedBlindness-

Comment 05/14/14: To -15yrsandcounting-: We were called to a conference room years ago and the manager told us we had to claim 15% OT every week on our account, no matter what, and if we didn't do it, it was going to cause us a lot of problems, so just make it happen. It came back to bite them in the AZZ soon after when the OT lawsuit was settled and I got my check, hahahahahah. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 05/14/14: Anyone else notice who was noticeably absent from the Z anniversary? Some of our biggest customers were there, but little-ms-Ginny couldn't even be bothered to make a 5 minute video. There's a pretty clear message for you Z folks. Never mind that you've been keeping the bottom line black. :-( -waiting_my_turn-
Comment 05/14/14: -Sharon-: Us peons have no visibility to upcoming announcements... I always wondered about these leaks about upcoming announcements... It had to be mgt, a girlfriend/boyfriend of a manager, or the support staff. Which is it? -Not me-
Comment 05/13/14: I saw Ginny's interview on CNBC this morning. She had a very hostile attitude and was very very bitter toward older IBMers. Expect more RAs for the older workers She said that the bottom line revenue interview for each quarter was as important as satisfied customers. That is why RAs continue at IBM to make the numbers every quarter. Theses CEOs Lou, Sam And Ginny are all about bonuses and stock options and don't give a damn about IBMers. IBM needs an employees union. -ANA-
Comment 05/13/14: Ginni, your customers don't share your vision.,ibm-dont-compare-softlayer-to-amazon-web-services.aspx
IBM: don't compare SoftLayer to Amazon Web Services. Far different to rival AWS, argues IBM.
Some questioned the high price of the Softlayer deal when it was announced in June. SoftLayer had revenue of US$400 million a year when IBM acquired the company from GI Partners, a private equity fund based in Menlo Park, Calif.
A CEO for an IBM Premier partner, who did not want to be identified, said he is skeptical of the SoftLayer cloud infrastructure offering. He said his Fortune 500 customers are not willing to risk their business in a public cloud environment such as SoftLayer.
"It's too big a gamble," said the CEO. "If their systems go down, it could cost them $1 million USD a day. They would rather have their own data center, man it themselves and pay their own electric bill." -Anon-

Comment 05/13/14:

Ginni Rometty, IBM chief executive, says the group is reinventing itself but Wall Street is growing impatient
Comment 05/13/14: Ginny doing the road show trying smoke and mirrors at the NYT and today on CNBC. When asked by David Faber today if IBM is done with divestitures after the Lenovo deal Ginny responds:
ROMETTY: "I would say-- I would always answer never, I mean, because it's continuous transformation. If I have learned anything in my decades with this company, it's constantly changing this company for the future. That's what I'm here for."
Only way she is going to make $20/share by 2015 is to joint venture and dump Microelectronics Division.
Comment 05/13/14: You Want IBM's Cloud? You'll Have to Pay for Watson First. The question is how much of IBM's proprietary advantage is real, and how much is a sales pitch? Like rival Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard (HPQ_), Rometty says her company is "poised for growth" but based on Watson's promise rather than the mainstream of cloud. -anonymous-
Comment 05/13/14: IBM/Softlayer Scores Another Massive Hybrid Cloud Deal. Or Does It? Devastating commentary on IBM's PR machine from Forbes.
Comment 05/13/14: -Steven Pearlstein- Yep! When do the IBM executives and insiders buy IBM shares on open market with their OWN MONEY? Like go to a stock broker and say buy me 10,000 shares IBM common and here is my personal check or hard cash for the buy? They get $0 option stock grants and only use their own funds to purchase these options if they make $$$ otherwise they forfeit those options and get another batch of the $0 stock candy. -anonymous-
Comment 05/13/14: Big Blew makes it harder to sue.... -anonymous-

Comment 05/13/14: IBM continues R/A due to age discrimination . If you are over 49 IBM will find a way to get rid of you. All of this started under three figure Lou. I am a third generation IBMer my grandfather had 27 years my father had 32 years and I retired from IBM with 27 years of service. Growing up in Endicott New York, it was a great place to live and work until Lou became CEO. He destroyed my home town and a lot of IBMer lives. IBM needs a union contract to protect the IBM employees of today. Join the union. -ANA-
Comment 05/13/14: On the Bloomberg story:
"Under the old approach, fired employees could either accept severance pay and waive their right to bring an age discrimination claim, or reject the severance offer and preserve the right to pursue legal action. Now, IBM doesn't have to disclose the age and titles of coworkers in a group layoff because it's no longer asking fired employees to waive legal action, since it's offering arbitration in such cases, Bloomberg reported." <===
IBM didn't disclose the data during the 3/31/14 layoffs... so we got no arbitration and no list. Actually, why would anyone really care about the title of the laid off employees? I just want to see the ages to see if the majority of the people are 40+. I couldn't care less about their titles. -Say what?-

Comment 05/13/14: To IBM$uck$ - 20 years ago I started as a secretary to upper level and though this is a forum on job cuts it ties in. Whenever there was a "anonymous complaint" or negative feedback on surveys... the managers would gather and figure out exactly who "anonymous" was.... and that person would be targeted ! I left years ago but my husband still works there.. can't wait for him to leave. -Sharon-
Alliance reply: All the more reason to join the Alliance and work with a group of members instead of doing it on your own.

Comment 05/13/14: The Supreme Court saddles up for an attack on retiree benefits: -Michael Hiltzik-

Comment 05/13/14: Revenue Growth: What Has Happened To IBM's Sales Culture? -anonymous-

Comment 05/13/14: Troubling pattern at IBM. Nice to know you all work at a company that overtly breaks the laws as it discriminates - it seems. Nice to know IBM employees have a backbone and fight to stop it - not. -anon-

Comment 05/12/14: -miss_understanding- Yes, a big HMMM! IBM is more disrespectful to workers and dares them to challenge why they have stopped AGE disclosure in RAs. Sure it is AGE DISCRIMINATION and IBM knows it. But IBM knows the employees are worse than the dumbest of sheep: they don't even know how to flock to try to protect themselves.
That Doug Shelton: what does he look like? Is he WATSON? Says same things ALL THE TIME like a warped skipping 12 inch vinyl record.
"IBM has stopped disclosing age data in resource action to protect (ex)employee privacy"
WTF? When did IBM care about IBM privacy since getting rid of RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL as an IBM pillar belief?
Oh, about the IBM Open Door process being fair?!? LOL!!!! It's an IBM HR device; not a process.
Everyone I knew who used the IBM Open Door "arbitration" process had that door slam or hit them, on the way out! -IBM$uck$-

Comment 05/12/14: Not sure how many other ways we can say this... let me try saying it more loudly instead. IF YOU POST FALSE BILLING INFORMATION IN CLAIM, *YOU* ARE LIABLE. -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 05/12/14: @Anonymous - Contract CLAIM. Unless you can directly relate your CLAIM billing to invoice, you're making an assumption on the relationship between your time and the bill which could be wrong. Your activities are for internal project cost accounting. Without proof of how your CLAIM is measured into dollars, I wouldn't say anything to the client. There are often times a lot of things rolled into an invoice before the clients sees it. There can be give back in labor (no-charge T&M), there can be billing breaks on volume labor. To assume that everything that is CLAIMED is straight line billed is not wise. You need more information on the invoicing side or you need to give us that information in order for a more-informed opinion. -Ed-
Comment 05/12/14: Things that make you go HMMM: -miss_understanding-

Comment 05/12/14: The IBM CLAIM process is just as rigged and unethical as the IBM PBC process. IBM management uses it for it's own agendas and corrupt goals. -da_facts-
Comment 05/12/14: IBM Poised for Growth, Chief Says: -Anon-

Comment 05/12/14: Unioneer is right - my manager told me to increase my utilization to 128%, but he did NOT tell me to falsify anything. I just know for a fact that productivity in those extra hours is irrelevant. Nobody cares about that. It's all about billing the hours. -A-
Comment 05/11/14: Corporations can't stop gobbling up their own stock: -Steven Pearlstein-

Comment 05/11/14: I'm an IBM contractor, on their AT&T account. Month after month, we are given a list of CLAIM project numbers and percentages to which to charge our time. The projects are often ones we have nothing to do with. Then, every month, we are asked to go in and change those numbers - always to *different* projects we have nothing to do with. I have records of all these requests, in order to protect myself. My question: Should I blow the whistle to the client? This all smells like possible fraud to me. Thanks. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/10/14: Claim is your own responsibility if you are not putting in correct hours then your the one in the dock not your FLM ...get real here you not in school I was asked why I was flat recording 37 hours PW and I replied by saying that's what's on my contract nothing more nothing less bye bye I never heard of them again,Use Them as much as they abuse you rake no crap -Band 6-
Comment 05/10/14: -RAtirement- Re: Freedom of Information request.. To what end? What would it accomplish to know 10, 10000 or 10 Million have been filed? Not busting on you, I just don't understand why anyone would care. The government cannot regulate how IBM treats "At Will Employees". That's why we need a contract. No one else but we the employees can affect this situation. Waiting for management to have a change of heart sure won't work. Waiting for IBM employees to grow a pair figuratively speaking has not worked in 15 years . The only bright side is the more of us they get rid of the less number wise it takes to reach 51 percent. -Exodus2007-
Comment 05/09/14: Falsification of CLAIM or any business records. You sign it, YOU are the one responsible, YOU will take the fall for it. If you have any hard copy documentation being told to falsify or alter records keep copies. IBM will point the finger at you, take legal action against you! Regarding IGA billing, it may be "blue money", but it still comes out of a department, division budget which is funded by real money. There used to be a tool where one could view burden rate costs. That being the cost incurred by IBM for supplying services per employee. It was identified at one time that IGS was billing $500 per employee per month to support a Notes ID. The tool since disappeared. -Anon-
Comment 05/09/14: About the situation where an IBM Global Account employee ("anon") was being told to show higher 128% utilization. I hope you guys are not naive enough to believe that a manager would have ever told him in writing that he has to knowingly submit inaccurate claims. No manager would have told him that he can take a vacation day and still claim that as working day. All the employee was told was that he needs to up his utilization to 128% and he needs to do whatever he can to get there. If that means working during a planned vacation day, so be it. -Unioneer-
Comment 05/09/14: Has anyone ever submitted a Freedom of Information request to the EEOC to determine how many discrimination complaints have been filed against IBM? -RAtirement-
Comment 05/09/14: There was a special edition of Think Magazine that was published September 1989 commemorating the 75 year anniversary of IBM.I found it stashed away in a box in a closet today. It saddened me greatly to read this magazine and remember how great a company IBM was once to work for. Page 8 listed IBM's Basic Beliefs:
1) Respect for the Individual.
2) The best customer service in the world.
3) The pursuit of excellence.
Watson Jr on page 78 said "And the final and most important lesson: A corporation's beliefs must always come before policies, practices and goals. The latter must always be altered if they violate fundamental beliefs." How far IBM has fallen in 25 years -longtimebeemer-
Alliance reply: If the IBM employees in the US had stepped up 15 years ago, and decided to organize then, it's probable that things would be different today. This can STILL happen. It still depends on the IBM workers' unifying and standing up for the beliefs that the Watsons tried to continue to instill throughout the company. Organize and join together. Join the Alliance and let's get to work at uniting IBM US workers and returning to the fundamental beliefs that TJ Watson held above "policies, practices, and goals".

Comment 05/08/14: To -Anon- who was asked to reach 128% utilization (53 hours per week, even if on vacation) in IBM Global Business Services "on the IBM account" and said: "The question is why this CLAIM increase benefits IBM's quarterly results when it is blue money?"
The answer is it won't increase IBM's overall quarterly results, yet it will pad GBS's pockets. Your managementteam in GBS on the IBM internal account have their own internal billing targets that they are supposed to meet. So they are willing to have GBS employees submit falsified CLAIMs (reporting and billing time NOT worked on internal projects as if it was). This falsified reporting won't impact IBM's overall bottom line, however, it does negatively impact the IBM divisions being falsely "billed" while padding GBS' pockets since internal funds will flow from these divisions to GBS. When these managers/execs get promoted it will be further evidence that IBM's own internal measurement systems foster and reward unethical behavior.
-RAd in 2009-
Comment 05/08/14: -Screwed- 40 years old the cutoff. Why? So IBM can avoid age discrimination implications. Of course it was discrimination. Ask respected actuary Andy Lang. He'll tell ya. I suggest the take into account age and years of service like if you are 39 years old with 16 years old you are treated like the 40 year old with 15 years of service. And the extreme case of having 21 years of IBM employment and being 38+ years old. IBM HR told me "..gee, well maybe it was considered, but what is done is now done..move on" and I said "yeah, like spilt milk! -sby_willie-
Comment 05/08/14: IBM has been RA older workers for younger workers ever since LOu was CEO. He was a master at age discrimination. He was the one who destroyed the older workers careers. IBM employee needs a union contract to stop this destruction of older workers. Join the union. -ANA-
Comment 05/08/14: Re: CLAIM. If you are asked to put information into the system that is not reflecting your true working hours, you need to ask your manager if they are asking you to falsify company records. That will usually get them to back off, but it will also ensure that the target is on your back. -Stepping Stone-
Comment 05/08/14: I heard from a 2nd line today that just before and during Impact, execs in SWG sales passed the word that cuts would have to be made, and anyone that is not making their numbers should be fired immediately. There was some pushback from managers, who wanted a chance to be able to lobby for anyone that had extenuating circumstances, so there is a reprieve/delay. The message was that results at the corporate level cannot sustain the current headcounts, which must be cut. Also, the GDP bonus that Ginny said the 1 PBC folks would get was converted into an outstanding contributor award by payroll (probably for some tax benefit or so they don't have to 401k match as I think someone said), which then eliminated anyone on commission from receiving the award, so there you have a brand new batch of top contributors (PBC 1) who are highly motivated to leave and work for the competition. -ShipGoingDown-
Comment 05/08/14: To -Anon-, who was being told to falsify hours to meet 128% utilization.... If you DON'T report your manager, YOU are violating BCG. I'd suggest a simple email to Ginni or HR, saying you're being directed to violate the guidelines and afraid of the consequences of not complying and/or reporting the problem. -Anon2-
Comment 05/08/14: @T2Rworkedforme - thank you for posting about your experience. Re getting ahead of delegating work to others - it would help if they gave us more than two weeks of lead time on the announcement - ie I will not have a definite "accepted" for T2R until June 16, then will tell my team that I'm PT as of July 1. In my present job, that is quite do-able - for others, a month of lead time would probably be useful. But I am looking forward to that acceptance email! Thanks again for posting about your positive experience and your suggestions on how to make T2R work. -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 05/08/14: IBM Favored Young College Grads, Age Bias Suit Says
Law360, New York (May 07, 2014, 8:37 PM ET) -- Three former International Business Machines Corp. employees lodged a putative class action in New York federal court, alleging the company had discriminated against older workers through a hiring policy that favored young college graduates in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, according to documents made public Wednesday.
In a putative class complaint, dated April 28 but made publicly available on Wednesday, former IBM employees John McCormack, 46, Mark Lingl, 48, and Ron Shelton, 58, allege they were laid off at the same time... -JustSaying-
Comment 05/08/14: IBM reminds me of 3rd world dictatorship.
1. Corrupt leaders looting and hoarding wealth for themselves at the expense of the common people.
2. Common people suffering and being abused and taken advantage of.
3. Corrupt and rigged judicial process/system. Monkey courts absent of any justice. (hint PBC appeals process)
4. You could be charged and convicted without due process - given bad PBC rating and subsequently RAed or fired.
I personally know of organizations that are about near ridding themselves of all IBM software and hardware. They are sick of its sales people and its products and high fees and its poor standing in the court of public opinion.
Comment 05/07/14: ANON: Where do the BCG factor in? ha ha Ask your FLM. haha -RAtirement-
Comment 05/07/14: ~screwed~ I got you beat in the screwed department. On 7/1/99, I had 19 3/4 years with the company and was 39 3/4 years old. Actually, 1 month shy of turning 40. So after 31 years I retired voluntarily with the cash plan, and had to battle with IBM for 6 months to get my 401K match back. I never received 3 patent awards I was supposed to get as a retiree, even after signing a lot of patent documents after I retired. But I got that $100 goldish watch. I'm so glad to now be working for a great company that truly values it's employees. -GoneIn2013-
Comment 05/07/14:
3 insiders sold IBM stock within one month. The stock was not purchased by any insiders in the month of intensive selling. All 3 of these insiders decreased their holdings by more than 10%.
Comment 05/07/14: I took T2R in 2012. I never worked one second past the 24 hours agreed upon. My manager was actually the one that told me I should never even consider doing more than 24 hours. I worked Wed - Fri and turned my computer off all other hours regardless of what was going on. It is each person's own personal decision on what is best for them but if you are planning on retiring anyway and want a part time job, you should consider it. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 05/07/14: Was told we need to stretch utilization to 128%. I was told to increase my CLAIM hours to 53 per week until EOQ. Also, either skip vacation, or CLAIM it regardless of planned vacation. Note that I am on the IBM Account in GBS, but still, the unethical, deceptive, financial engineering continues. The question is why this CLAIM increase benefits IBM's quarterly results when it is blue money? -Anon-
Comment 05/07/14: IBM's chip business: Experts speculate on rumored sale. -anon-
Comment 05/07/14: If you lose FHA even after working 30 years for IBM and lose it due to the 55 yrs old requirement, the Union should help fight for the all the IBMers affected. Whoever is affected, should join the Union to help fight for your benefits being taken away by IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/06/14: I think as far as IBM as an employer goes, we are beating a dead horse, as for IBM, their 2015 plan basically has been to photoshop photos of horse, bet all raises for employees, all profit sharing, , all executives are in a money grab, in horse race scenario, every quarter they lose the race, their solution originally was to cut the fat, they cut fat and lost race, so they cut muscle, now they are cutting bone, None of the executives seem to realize that they are basically "selling the truck for gas money" They themselves are deliberately setting it up so they can take their share and ge4t the golden shower I mean parachute, At some point in future, this 5 year plan will be identified , but only after execs have left with a robber barren worth of share, and they al know that and someone will be put in place to rebuild Humpty Dumpty. The current execs are only looking to how much can they get before Humpty falls from the wall -Itsart-
Comment 05/06/14: Bill, I was 39.5 years old on 7/1/1999 and had 16 years of service. That's sad that someone only 6 months older than me with one year of service, would have an advantage over me. -Screwed-
Comment 05/06/14: I took the T2R 2012 package. Once I was on my T2R schedule, I declined meeting invites that were outside my work hours. My schedule was (4) 6 hour days and I was done by 1 pm. I made a priority list of everything I was doing prior to T2R. I made it clear to my management that I was not able to do all this work in 24 hrs per week and they needed to abide by the commitment they made to me. Their choice was to either re-allocate the lower priority work or decide that maybe what they wanted me to do really wasn't all that important and no one should do it. It took about a month to get everyone "trained". So, if you are considering T2R know that it is your responsibility to enforce your schedule. BTW, I was a FLM and I regularly donated (and still do) to this site because I believe that a unionized workforce benefits everyone. This was the only place to get the real info. So, give up a week of Starbucks and send that money to support this site instead. -T2Rworkedforme-
Comment 05/06/14: "B323 has a buyer! Road Map 2015 in place and on target. Where will you be? -IBM to Real Estate!-"
A buyer for B323? Who? How much? When? -Blue Flu Lou-

Comment 05/06/14: WOW. So we are divided by FHA and Non FHA as well as 40+ in 1999 and Non 40+ in 1999. I stand corrected. Silly of me to believe even folks with the same coverage would really HAVE the same coverage. That would make it too easy. -Exodus2007-
Comment 05/06/14: -Exodus2007-: It's at least 55 years old first and foremost AND at least 15 years of IBM employment for FHA eligibility. -da_facts-
Comment 05/05/14: Yes FHA >=55 years old and employed by IBM at that age. No FSA < 55 years old when RAed or leave IBM age. 30 years of IBM service (once "retirement eligible") doesn't matter if you are NOT yet 55 years old in regards to FHA eligibility! -FHAformula-
Comment 05/05/14: To those working 30yrs or more, you don't loose your FHA if you don't make 55 yet. But you cannot use that account till you reach 55 yrs of age. Clarify with IBM benefits. RA'ed on 3/31/2014. -anonymous-
Comment 05/05/14: The full eligibility requirements for FHA are listed in section 1.4.4 of the "About Your Benefits - Future Health Account" Document number USHR 117 on the NetBenefits, Reference Library page. You do not need to be 55 if you meet the age 40 on 7/1/1999 with one year of service age requirement and have 30 yrs or more of service. -Bill-
Comment 05/05/14: @RAtirement: Sorry to whack all of your assumptions. I am not a management troll, not a manager at all. Born in 1947. Hired by IBM in 1998 when I was 51. Turned 67 this year. Will be 68 when I retire in 2015. Can start Soc Security whenever it makes sense. (ie anytime after 66, and I am way past that!) T2R is a great program for me. -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 05/05/14: To -Exodus2007- If someone was not 40 on 7/1/1999 They needed to reach 55 to get FHA, regardless of years of service. I had 31+ years when I got RA'd last summer but I was not 55 and I lost my FHA, which was close to $35K. I got $100 of that back when I got my retirement gift LOL. -no_respect_for_the_individual-
Comment 05/05/14: I'm been at IBM 30 years as a non-exempt and am very close to retirement. I will not take the T2R , people in the "outside" world this our retirement amount is like a teacher's package...not We get about 30% of that salary... yes I am grateful but hope to stay longer (unfortunetly) . For as many years as I can remember I have put in extra hours at work, due to projects or "emergencies" that if I had left work would have looked VERY bad for my performance review. In probably 60% of the instances, I was told "just take the time off"... managers play "this game" we all know it.... so many times I wanted to tell state government..... but even more times I had hoped for a Union because I'm afraid I'd be targeted to be laid off is I didn't play this game !!!! -closeout not out-
Comment 05/05/14: To -Exodus2007-: huh? I have 32 years with IBM and I'm under 55. RA'ed 3/31, and the ESC said I do NOT get the FHA because I'm under 55. 55 IS the number.
To -15yrsandcounting-: Sorry, but you sound like a mgt troll.... You are going to retire and immediately collect SS at 68 at the end of 2014? So, IBM hired you when you were 53? I don't think they would hire such old people, and it's very rare to have someone nearly 70 on the payroll. -RAtirement-

Comment 05/05/14: To -Exodus2007- 30 is NOT the magic number anymore, at least not when under 55. I had 32 years and was 53 and no FHA there was a little clause you must be 55... So, I lost 30K+ put aside for me because I was 1 1/2 years shy of 55! -GoneinVermont-
Comment 05/05/14: I was RA-ed in September 2013 after 29 years 5 months. I took the 'bridge to retirement' which resulted in an effective retirement date of 4/30/2014. I turned 50 in March. I see conflicting data regarding the FHA. Do I qualify or not? Besides the kick in the *ss I got out the door, do I qualify for the retirement gift at this point? The ESC had to look into this, and haven't gotten back to me yet. Just wondering if there is something I need to do at this point to push things along. -confused in POK-
Comment 05/05/14: Ginny- take T2R! You'll be 57 this year and have more than five years with IBM! It's the ONLY way you will be around 18mo from now! -ilol@t2r-
Comment 05/04/14: If you were 39 at the end of June, 1999 then you do not get the FHA money unless you are 55 with at least 15 years of service. Check Fidelity for effective/availability date of the account. I would have left two years ago if it was based on 30 years. I was one of those 'distracted' phrase appraisals so even if I wanted to the T2R I cannot. But only IBM would offer a chance to work 'less' hours for their most 'valuable' if they promise to leave in 18 months. Must be their method to avoid severance to a large group. Resource Actions are normal seasonal events. Idiot company. -NotReallyTrue-
Comment 05/04/14: If you received the T2R offer you were also added to the"Connections" page for information and document access. Last count heard was about 17K names added. -anonymous-
Comment 05/04/14: IBM breaks labor laws? No surprise. They do it all the time: unchallenged. Why do you think they "agreed" to "remix" exempt employees to non-exempt and give them IBM mandated 15% salary decrease??? IBM does what IBM wants to. To benefits IBM management and their bottom line. PERIOD. IBM $uck$ Join the Alliance PLEASE! There is no other way IBMers to get what you truly deserve which is much better than current treatment. -beammeaboard-
Comment 05/04/14: Ready to retire? Want to see what IBM rewards you with?
IBM company code is 1706. My wife's comment, I quote "WHAT CRAP!" Looking in Kohl's or on Amazon prices average out to about $100. -anon-

Comment 05/04/14: For the person that is 30 years but not 55. The 30 years is the magic number. With 30 years you get FHA. Without 30 years its 55 and some other number. Isn't it neat how even within the company our benefits are so convoluted by age, years of contiguous service and so on that we have trouble understanding what we actually have. A Union contract could fix that. -Exodus2007-
Comment 05/04/14: Does anyone know how does the transfer of the x86 division to Lenovo is progressing? More important, how does Lenovo know how much/what terms to offer the job to the x86 guys? Did IBM gave Lenovo the x86 financials/personal files in order to allow them to make the offers? is that legal? -lenovo-soon2b-
Comment 05/04/14: Another way of looking at "doing the math" ... I was (seriously!) considering retiring at the end of 2014, and starting Soc Sec payments on my 68th birthday in January. So full salary to end of 2014, then SS. With T2R.... taking a hit with 70 percent salary for second half of 2014, granted. BUT... for all of 2014, I have a part time job with IBM that will pay considerably more than any other part time options in my area. And I can use that time to actually develop a better paying freelance practice. T2R is a winner for me, even after doing the math. -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 05/04/14: Well, IBM doesn't make the best employer to work for list anymore, but they do make other lists: -dun-4-
Comment 05/03/14: -anon- about GDF parking lots. Really? Where is your GDF? And no one complains to IBM about this?!! I sure would! You need a UNION contract so you are reimbursed for this ya think? -GDF'ed-
Comment 05/03/14: IBM tries to convince the State's Department of Labor that they are hiring but they are not filling those positions. And the State DOL's are not and have never challenged IBM to see if the jobs for hire actually get filled. If you are unemployed in NY or NC or some other US State you can see this fact. -anonymous-
Comment 05/03/14: My manager tells me exactly how many hours to CLAIM, and at the end of each quarter, he bumps them up. He does not care if I work them or not. I am on the IBM Account, so it's blue money, but still, what a waste of time and crock of sh**. -Anon-
Comment 05/03/14: IBM must be breaking some US Labor laws???, when they ask people to work on their vacation days, etc (which is what you are doing in order to meet those utilization goals. Once, I had this Resource manager who asked me to CLAIM 44 hours for x # of weeks, so they could bill the customer for these hours. I said, I was super productive and finished the work in 40 hours.. No need for OT. She told me to post the hours anyway. I said no, that would be lying. She got on my case about and escalated to my Business Manager. the BM said he understand what I was saying, but just post the 4 hours/week, anyway. I said that was fraud and goes against BCG. The BM said ok. ha -RAtirement-
Alliance reply: IBM is not breaking any labor laws re: working on Vacation days.
There's no labor law forcing companies to even provide "vacation" as a benefit. Union contracts, on the other hand, can be negotiated to include specific benefits such as vacation, and rules that protect workers from losing their vacation.
Also, Alliance suggests that workers document ALL incidents of management pushing their workers to "claim hours" that were not actually worked, so the company can defraud their own customers. That IS actionable and the customers could sue IBM for fraudulent business practices, if they found out.
As far as BCG violations go, the government cannot enforce IBM's own rules of business conduct. IBM can break their own rules any time they see fit. But, once again, with a union contract to protect the workers, those IBM rules cannot violate the contract agreement with their employees.

Comment 05/03/14: NBC News reported on unemployment numbers on 5/2. They said that (among others) IBM is hiring. What. The. F. Yeah, sure. IBM is hiring at minimum wage to replace all the people that got FIRED in Feb/March. And as far as T2R is concerned, I have 30 years but I'm not 55 and I got a 3 this year because I was forced into a different job in July, and was "the lowest contributor in the department.... (What do you expect, I was in firehose learning mode for the rest of the year, of COURSE I wasn't contributing as much as I was previously....!!!!!! what a CROCK!) I am a dues paying member but I'm sorry. I have very little hope that the Alliance is going to be able to do anything for me beyond this board. Too many of the grunt IBM population are too uninformed or too scared (or both) to join the union in high enough numbers to actually come to a vote. If and when things change, it will be FAR TOO LATE for me. -anon-
Comment 05/03/14: Thing is, if you are retirement eligible, you may not get a chance to be RA'ed. You may instead become a victim of the other"initiative" to get rid of people - the "PBC 3" check - two 3's, and you are gone. Kiss goodbye any severance. Another fun initiative if you are in GBS on the IBM Account is forced transfer to commercial and travel jobs. Refusal to transfer implies resignation. In that case, kiss goodbye both severance and UI. So, I am not eligible for retirement, but if I were, I would take the T2R and get the hell out. Who knows what new "initiatives" they'll cook up. You can bet that they will not get better. -anon-
Comment 05/03/14: T2R may not be a bad deal for those who are planning to work post-IBM. Since it is always easier to get another job when you already have a job, you can use the next 18 months to find a better job outside IBM. You cannot be be laid off and you only work 60% of the time so you can be stress-free and can get to enjoy life a little. You can learn new skills that can help snag another job or look into starting a business etc. while you continue to be on IBM's group health plan and 401k. Then when you finally do find a better post-IBM career, you just ditch IBM and move on. Could wok for some. -NotHopeful-
Comment 05/03/14: I was qualified back in 2011 for the T2R. I did the math and it didn't work. I stuck around until March 31, 2014... So I got full salary for almost 2 years, instead of this 70% nonsense... Desperate times for "Carly Rometti", calls for desperate measures... If this T2R can guarantee that you can make the end date and be 55, to get the FHA, go for it.... I was screwed by being too young on July 1, 1999, and also too young on March 31, 2014 to get the FH -RAtirement-
Comment 05/02/14: The only reason one should even consider taking the T2R would be if it will guarantee you the Future Health Account. Otherwise it is ludicrous. I know of 7 people that took it last time and all wish they hadn't. Why? Simple math. You will get paid 70% of your salary. 70% x the rest of 2014 and all of 2015 equals 105% of your annual salary for working 18 months. There is no severance pay (remember, you are exempt from being laid off). You will get 26 weeks salary if you don't take the T2R and get laid off. So basically you need to work 6 months and then it's a wash even if you do get laid off. IBM would love you to take the T2R. Unless it qualifies you for the Future Health Account, my colleagues all said it was a mistake for them to sign up for it. -Avoid T2R-
Comment 05/02/14: 131% utilization for this quarter? Spoke to my FLM & told him I don't think so. Methinks another group push back email is warranted. This time, maybe CC some local papers & politicians that are up for re-election... -I Will Not Comply-
Comment 05/02/14: How And How Not To Launch Mobile App Development Initiatives
On Wednesday both IBM and Facebook announced new initiatives to spur innovation in app development. Facebook's gambit to take over the mobile apps industry from the ground of up is a classic example of Mark Zuckerberg's strategy to innovate by firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately IBM's mobile app development initiative for Watson is a bit of a joke. Regrettably all of the worst qualities of IBM have manifest themselves in The Watson Mobile Developer Challenge. -Anon-

Comment 05/02/14: How to prop a stock for fun and profit.
Warren Buffett A "Wildcard" For IBM.
If or probably when IBM starts scaling back its share buyback program, the stock could stall. However, if Warren Buffett remains a key buyer of the company's shares, he could make up for that decline, at least for now, according to Bernstein Research analysts.
Comment 05/02/14: Reading the negative feedback about T2R - I had two friends who took the offer in 2012, with NO problems. Worked three days a week, and only booted the computer 9-5 on those three days, period. Both worked right into December, both were happy with the program. I guess if you are working crazy hours now, you should probably think carefully about how you will set those limits.... but I know it is possible. (And yes, I will definitely be applying. I will make it to 17 years with IBM, and be gone.) -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 05/02/14: -Xmgr- The problem with IBM's so called market rate is it does not, or did not, compare equivalent jobs or even industries. Numerous times it would leave out companies that were well known in software in the comparisons for software engineers. Instead I was compared to telecommunications administrators at AT&T, manufacturing engineers at 3M and so on. For the comparison to be valid it should have contained companies like Google, Oracle, Sun, etc. The reality is the market based compensation plan is just like the PBC process. It serves no purpose other than to keep dissension down and to pretend that some form of fairness exists. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 05/02/14: "atest at IBM East Fishkill NY is that they are now dismantling the West Complex with the former MCL area up for surplus and B323 has a buyer! Road Map 2015 in place and on target. Where will you be? -IBM to Real Estate!-"
Maybe that's why it looks like the entire side of one of the West Complex buildings has fallen off. Very sad... In the early '80s there were entire EF departments working from POK because there was no room at EF. Not just IBM but this town and country are reorienting themselves around $$$$$, forget families and communities. -IBM_Kid-

Comment 05/02/14: got a T2R email, I'm not even 50 yet. -anonymous-
Comment 05/02/14: Ethics Issues At IBM: Will It Hurt Earnings? -Arne Alsin-

Comment 05/02/14: I think with the Transition to Retirement, you may be immune from being RA'd but you also forfeit any severance package when it's time to go. Be sure to check on that before you sign anything -whatever-
Comment 05/02/14: I participated in the first T2R program and knew several others who did the same thing. For all of us, it worked out great. We were all planning on retiring within the next couple years anyway so it was like retiring and getting a part time job immediately. I don't think any of us ever worked more than the 24 hours per week. Advise picking 3 days a week to work and leave your computer off the rest of the time. With the no layoff guarantee you can basically do whatever you want as long as you are prepared to retire. The only way they can get rid of you is by firing you and then they will have to justify all the good ratings they gave you etc etc. No FLM wants to do that. They will also give you a small severance if you get fired. You can also leave at anytime during the 18 months and retire with little or no notice. So, if you are planning on retiring anyway, this is a viable program if you want a part time job. -anonymous-
Comment 05/02/14: The difference with this years Transition to Retirement is that you have to apply and be accepted. No guarantee that you will be accepted. Two years ago anybody that signed up for it was accepted. I guess that is IBM's way of controlling who stays and goes. (pick the highest payed first). -Van-
Comment 05/02/14: One problem with Transition to Retirement...3's are not eligible! Last time this program came around I was not ready. This time I am ready. Was going to retire next year if I wasn't RA'd before that but because I was 'distracted' and got a 3, NOT eligible. Did not fight the rating thought it pointless. Now I wish I did. Is it too late to fight this? All I want is a 2 to be eligible for this program. -f'd Again-
Comment 05/02/14: Old and in the way - It looks like they are protecting themselves from T2R program if they sell your division to another company. They are saying that if they sell your part of the company, T2R doesn't apply to you in the new company. -anonymous-
Comment 05/02/14: -ANA- IBM has not hidden behind full employment and respect for the individual since Gerstners first year. He did away with both. He also scrapped opinion surveys, killed morale and stole pensions. Are there really folks out there who had not noticed? -Exodus2007-
Comment 05/02/14: Fake candidates are getting recruited in IBM for DBS Bank Project- Singapore in Hydeabad office..
Interested people can apply
Comment 05/02/14: Be careful with Transition to Retirment. The # of hours may not be 60% of 40 hrs but rather 60% of 50 or 55 hours which some organizations consider "working hours for exempt professionals". I know some people who took this last time offered and were surprised when they were told they needed to work 35-40 hours a 70% pay for a normal 40 hour week. I guess IBM can have their cake and eat it to. -becareful-
Comment 05/02/14: I guess the execs/management were hammered in that global survey last year for, among other things, not communicating enough. So their solution is apparently to spam everyone one with useless emails about cloud and mobile, over and over. We wanted useful communication, not just a higher volume of useless email. They don't get it. -Watson's tumbler-
Comment 05/02/14: It's not just IBM, apparently... -15yrsandcounting-

Comment 05/02/14: What the transition to retirement really means is you will be required to perform your function of 100+ % work in 60% of the time for 30% less money. I knew someone who took the transition offer last time around and he never slowed down due to tight schedules and commitments. Do not think that a person who is salary will see any different in the work load. The idea might work for someone on the clock, but I do not think you would be able to not show up if you are on a real production line. As to old saying goes "product takes precedence". -Ich Bin Mueder-
Comment 05/02/14: The transition to retirement program is a joke. I know about 20 people who went through the program last time. All except 1 person was still expected to work long hours. When they did not, they received sub par performance reviews. Almost all of the people got disgusted and quit before their planned retirement date. -Ginny Tookus-
Comment 05/02/14: Latest at IBM East Fishkill NY is that they are now dismantling the West Complex with the former MCL area up for surplus and B323 has a buyer! Road Map 2015 in place and on target. Where will you be? -IBM to Real Estate!-
Comment 05/01/14: Transition to Retirement being offered again this year, received the email today. Looks like the same deal as in the 2012 program: 70% pay for 60% schedule, immunity from RAs, retire by end of 2015. -Survivor-
Comment 05/01/14: IBM is offering Transition to Retirement for anyone with at least 5 year service 55 years old. Wonder if this is just a way of keeping layoff costs down ?? Sure seems like they are encouraging US employees to exit stage left. Should I stay or should I go. Ship is sinking fast it seems. -nonnymous-
Comment 05/01/14: IBM's Culture Is Its Best Long-Term Investment Metric: -Peter E. Greulich-
Interesting and accurate on IBM's deteriorating culture - the write-in comments are even better...-Misty-

Comment 05/01/14: Just heard from a coworker that the Transition to Retirement program is being offered again (at least in IGS US). It sounds similar to the one two years ago. This time those eligible have to retire by end of 2015. I know many on here dismissed this the last time around, but I found it to be a win-win for those who were going to leave soon anyway. -CJ-Roc-
Comment 05/01/14: Just received the new U.S. retirement offer, which guarantees 70 percent pay for 60 percent work, plus exemption from resource actions if you retire by Dec. 31, 2015. Applies to PBC 2 and above. But I'm not sure about the fine print.
"Employees who are ineligible for 2014 Transition to Retirement are those who don't meet the eligibility requirements above and/or:
*Are in-scope for any business development activity that may be announced (e.g. acquisitions, divestitures, outsourcing deals) prior to January 1, 2016. This means if you are included in a corporate transaction after electing to participate in 2014 Transition to Retirement, your election will become null and void. Q3."

There are other limitations, but defining "corporate transaction" is a big one. -Old and in the way-

Comment 05/01/14: Without a union contract for the IBM employees it will not matter who becomes the CEO. Lou, Sam , Ginny , the new CEO ,they are all the same. They are all corrupt and greedy people. Their families do great while RAs continue in IBM and families loose income, and job security, benefits . For all these years IBM has hid behind respect for the individual and full employment. These two factors no longer exsist in IBM. For the sake of all IBM employees join the union and have a union contract. Lou had a contract, Sam had a contract. Ginny has a contract, the new CEO will have a contract, its about time employees in IBM have a contract to protect their jobs and families. -ANA-
Comment 05/01/14: Canada having another RA in June. Also, heard that another "transition to retirement" program to be announced. -anon-
Comment 05/01/14: -Xmgr- What happens if you are off the low end of the market reference point on the salary chart? I was like about $1,000 off the low end I was PBC 2+ performed this year too. I also was not transferred to another IBM site region where the pay would be lower. -lowballed?-
Comment 05/01/14: This should not be any surprise. Demoralized employees run by greedy execs engaged in self enrichment. What can go wrong?
"In March, IBM CEO Ginny Rometty shared with shareholders the company's plans to revamp the business around cognitive and cloud computing, as well as systems of engagement."
Right cloud computing .. over commoditzed and will be more so.. make nickels and dimes from a million ruby coding script kiddies is a great strategy to replace S/360 profits. What could go wrong?
IBM Australia profit plummets by a third: -anonymous-

Comment 05/01/14: Why We?re in a New Gilded Age: -Paul Krugman-

Comment 05/01/14: They shoot horses don't they? The hubris of our executives continues to grow unabated. I work for GBS, NA. Mgmt is obsessed with utilization rate and we are continually bombarded with emails about utilization. We have forced weekend workdays, only our mgmt calls them innovation weekends.
The latest proclamation to come down from the mountain and our astute leaders is that they are going to require 131% utilization rate for this quarter. Basically, our mgmt requires employees to work the equivalent of 6 ? days every week of the year with no vacation, sick time or holidays.
Now since management has only informed us of the 131% utilization rate this week when the quarter was 1/3 done, some employees will have to work even more in the next two months to meet this number. So management is concerned about their employees being able to meet this utilization rate but the rumor is they will motivate their employees by public floggings. Join the union!
Comment 05/01/14: In regards to the "strong" rumors about Rometty being gone, so what!! It will make no difference to your crap working conditions until you get a union. Meanwhile she'll be sipping brandy on the deck of her yacht flipping you the bird. Wake up people. -boat-bit**-
Comment 05/01/14: Looks like 100 acres at the Poughkeepsie Campus are for sale: -dun-4-

Comment 05/01/14: GBS ... 5 of 50 gone today. -Woodcock-
Comment 04/30/14: Ha That is what I said. She has an employment contract that spells out what she gets when she leaves or is forced out of IBM.. None of the people here have a CONTRACT I'm sure she will get millions when she leaves IBM along with other benefits like Sam did. -samtheman-
Comment 04/30/14: To -Anon-: "market reference points" are from when IBM does competitive salary benchmarks. The basic concept is to see the range of salaries paid for comparable job at other companies to understand if your compensation is reasonably aligned. If your manager gives you a chart with your salary plotted against a high/low range, that's where you stand vs the market reference points. -Xmgr-
Comment 04/30/14: So it has come to this: -tired_and_blue-
Comment 04/30/14: To all GDFers: Why, Why, Why, Why, Why?...don't you join the Alliance!? -CarsRnotServers-
Comment 04/30/14: -Samthman-: don't you think Ginny has some special exec contract, which will give her a severance package of 70 million to get out? They aren't going to give her one weeks salary for each 6 months of service, up to a max of 26 weeks -Ha-
Comment 04/30/14: I agree with Not Engaged. The first line managers have no power to hire RAed people, except transfers within or outside of the division, can't give merit increases to 2+ employees, have very little pull to give deserving employees pay increases, can't place employees on the old pension even though they had the years of experience but were "too young", can't give out stock awards at $0, can't organize a simple face to face meeting without getting 10 levels of approval, can't hire US employees and have to settle for inexperience global resources who don't have the knowledge, can't keep high performing employees off the RA lists.... Exec mgt set the tone and policies for the low morale, NOT the first lines! Whatcha gonna do? Fire the FLMs next for being ineffective? -not engaged either-
Comment 04/30/14: IBM's token first female CEO will be known as a failure with 8 or 9 consecutive quarters of declining revenue. Do they take away her Augustus Club membership too? Haha -John-
Comment 04/29/14: What are "market reference points"? -anonymous-
Comment 04/29/14: The Real Retirement Crisis: -Randi Weingarten-

Comment 04/29/14: I heard from someone who works in HR that the employee engagement survey results were absolutely terrible (at least in her SWG brand). Senior management have spent a while spinning the results to make them sound only bad (up from disastrous) and expect the first-line managers to fix the problem! As a former FLM myself, I found this hilarious considering I had absolutely no influence over anything of significance. -Not Engaged-
Comment 04/29/14: Why all the talk about Ginny being fired? She has an employment contract that will take care of her if she is replaced or terminated. Do you? You think the person who would replace her will be any different? The Board of Directors picked Sam, Lou and Ginny. -samthman-
Comment 04/29/14: I spent 10-years and some months in IBM and I had "access" to many levels of the organization with respect to the nature of the role I played. FLM, SLM, TLM, Directors and VP. On the lives of my children, without a doubt in those 10-years can tell you that:
a) there were more executives and managers that shook their head at the decisions made from above
b) they implemented those decisions using the fire-first, aim-second approach. maybe sometimes they would ask if the organization was"ready" but not all of the time
c) If they had concerns maybe there would be a debate but the culture is such that you argue and debate to a point - and then implement anyway -anonymous-

Comment 04/29/14: "There is an excpetionally strong rumour that Carly Rometty will be gone after the stockholder meeting."
My thoughts exactly ..Ginny "Carly Fiornia" Rometty, me thinks, will be ousted soon before the bleeding gets worse - much like the shareholders ousted Balmer. Me also thinks she is in over her head and is reflective of Palmosamo's ignorance for selecting her. My opinion. -anon-

Comment 04/29/14: -BlueFluLou- IBM supplemental treatment vs. IBM contractor treatment. It sure sounds about the same only difference is who writes your paycheck. -anonymous-
Comment 04/28/14: To say many managers do not like the way IBM is being managed and treating it's employees is an understatement!! Sadly, any open challenges to the status quo would be career suicide within management ranks. Even if it's based on moral and sound business ethics. I left a management assignment a few years ago for those very reasons. The PBC process is a farce. Even if you wanted to reward performance the salary grid and market reference points prevent it. The restructuring of job classifications for exempt/non-exempt virtually cut off career growth for all but the lowest entry level bands. The only way to change any of this is to organize and seek collective bargaining agreements. I'm very impressed with the new approach and message from the Global Alliance! I hope "The Street" picks up on this and existing IBM employees especially in the US wake up and get organized. -Anon-
Comment 04/28/14: Re: June. There is an excpetionally strong rumour that Carly Rometty will be gone after the stockholder meeting. There are open mutterings now, from very senior people, that she is not up to it and are trying to distance themselves from her. Hopefully, loose lips sink ships. -Anon-
Comment 04/28/14: To -curiousNH-: Its age discrimination. IBM gets rid on the long term employees and hires college grads with little business acumen, questionable loyalties, little/no work experience. Is that how you would want to run your own business? -RAtirement-
Comment 04/28/14: -curiousNH- Read the job posting for the mfg jobs in Burlington closely. The job add that I read clearly says " Long Term Supplemental positions " Supplemental = Temporary. It does not matter if IBM says "Long Term" IBM can, will and has terminated these positions at the drop of a hat. Read the archives here, plenty of examples of supplemental employees being told not to show up the next week. No severance, no transition assistance, you are just gone. Every time there is a bad quarterly report you see supplemental employees being hit. Cut back to x days/week, x weeks of unpaid furlough, or just fired and gone. IBM is firing full time regular employees with lots of experience then turning around and hiring supplemental employees. IBM can cut loose supplemental employees even easier than regular full time employees. If that is they type of stability that you can live with then go for it. Just know what you getting into. -BlueFluLou-
Comment 04/27/14: Hi, just some questions about the IBM plant in Essex Junction. The website says they are hiring, yet the headlines say 400+ people were laid off. And some further digging led me here, with all this talk of reducing staff, obsolete facilities, etc..
So what's the deal? How can a company downsize and be hiring at the same time? Especially if the facility is supposedly obsolete? Is it worth looking at starting a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) career in chip manufacturing in Vermont? What can you expect to earn starting in the industry? I already work 12 hr rotaing shifts in cleanrooms (biotech) so I think it would not be a difficult transition. Thanks, I know it may be off topic to many of you, but I'm just exploring options.
Alliance reply: So you are not an IBM employee? What do your instincts tell you? From our perspective, it appears that IBM wants to be out of the hardware buisness, completely and permanently. Others may disagree with us. So, stay tuned to this comment section for other IBMers' PoVs.

Comment 04/27/14: It would have been nice to HAVE ALL of the IBM managers that have come to this page, be honest with IBM employees that PBCs were a sham and caused RAs and the destruction of IBM employees' lives. Too bad these managers did not join the union and were for the IBM employee instead of greedy and corrupt CEOs Sam Lou and Ginny. I hope all IBM managers join the union -ANA-
Alliance reply: IBM managers are not allowed to join the union, by Federal law. No way around it unless they quit being managers. But IBM would simply fire them, if managers decided to quit management (or revolted en masse). IBM would not keep them on as regular employees. Your suggestion is not without our agreement, though in sentiment. Alliance@IBM has known for years that many managers--even some in 3rd level positions-- do not like the way IBM is being managed into an "abyss". That's why it is up to the non-management workers to organize and bring a union into IBM USA. It's very hard to do, but it's the ONLY thing to do for the workers that will ultimately breathe new life into IBM's workforce in the US.
Comment 04/27/14: BTV new one 3 week furlough in June, then apply for job with GF do you believe it? -molevy-
Comment 04/26/14: Part of 2013 IBM selected firings called a resource action and my UI ran out. What does Judge Easterbrook (who killed the Cooper vs. IBM appeal but I got NO PENSION since I was hired mre recently by IBM)) and Speaker John Boehner have in common?: both think they know the "time value of money" which I no longer have. Gotta borrow from my 401k I guess..what else to do? No bailout for me. I'm too little to succeed after I appear to have failed. I'm from the Raleigh, NC area (RTP) which should help why my severance and UI is now shot. -U$AGovt$ucks-
Alliance reply: Whether the govt sucks or not, just remember who put you and tens of thousands of other IBM workers in the same position: IBM management.
The govt is not the place to go to get any kind of labor justice, after everything is said and done. The place and the thing that gets you justice and a voice in this situation are a Union and a Contract. This is why Alliance@IBM has said over and over and over: Organize and build a union of IBM workers that can overcome IBM management with a majority election of their own union, and from there, force IBM to come to the bargaining table; where pensions, benefits, layoffs, working conditions, salary-wages, and health & safety rules can be *negotiated* ahead of time. Then once it has been agreed upon, the contract is signed by the union reps and the IBM executive management reps. Then you have all the legal power and solidarity you need to do your job, and do it well.

Comment 04/25/14: "Unions spell out 'demands' to IBM, plan to step up organizing"
This is probably the first time I have seen leadership from Alliance@IBM and their sister organizations across the globe. Continue to increase the pace folks because the more IBM applies focus on "anti-union" campaigns the more worried they become - which shows that you guys are doing the right thing. Any small organization can move faster than IBM; and in my mind there is a glimmer of hope you can achieve some global movement that will create reverberations throughout the industry let alone in IBM.
Comment 04/25/14: Wako- excellent find about IBM stock buybacks! IBM is just rabidly buying back stock to improve EPS with no regard for stockholder value and has been doing it since Gerstner. -IBMstockholder-
Comment 04/25/14: What other states besides CT does IBM not contribute unemployment? -gimmedamoney-
Comment 04/25/14: Mike former manager... You assume competence in the RA decision making. I can tell you there is none based on what I have seen and the sales and delivery people who are left with screaming or confused clients when key customer facing people working on client projects in the "big plays" of mobility, big data and cloid are RA'd while the IBM partners (e.g. Parasites) in the offices give themselves big titles like director of digital strategy never having delivered a single thing. These people are not being replaced with offshore resources, and in many cases these are being RA'd as well. IBM isn't even offering replacements in nearly all cases and this costs us revenue and profit. Its not just GBS but in SWG, GTS and GPS as well. Other companies aren't eating our lunch, we are actively giving it to them. Its like a market exit in ALL lines of business. Maybe Buffet's strategy is to break up IBM and make a mint on the "consultation fees" in this process. -anon-
Comment 04/24/14: You know why -gone2013- people come here to this website? For truthful information. Not the IBM rhetoric always-in-their-favor-spin. IBM is not informing their employees or public. Not about anything except their own news on things. Which is not saying too much of substance. So the Alliance@IBM CWA has a real purpose. There is substance here. If it wasn't for the Alliance who would be forthright? -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 04/24/14: Please be advised IBM management is ratcheting up their anti-union campaign and also rebutting all anti-IBM sentiments on Yahoo boards since it appears it is going to be a rough period coming up, including the upcoming JAX stockholder meeting. -anonymoussupport-
Comment 04/24/14: Also if you were RAed by IBM when a NY resident and later hired as a contractor for IBM (say by Manpower) and let go you also can collect unemployment and collect your pension. -itsafactjack-
Comment 04/24/14: Anyone hear of something big happening June 1? i.e. job cuts? -KC-
Comment 04/24/14: I want to sincerely thank both the Alliance@IBM and a former IBMer from CT who posted:
"If you reside in CT, under the prior pension plan, taking retirement benefits, and looking for work you can receive unemployment benefits. No reduction based on pension amount. Is because IBM stopped contributing to plan at end 2007. Be sure to print prior plan document on net benefits. -Anon-".
I had initially been turned down by the CT DOL, as I was collecting a pension. After reading the above blog, I appealed the decision and won. A huge thanks to my CT colleague for taking the time to share this information - and my sincere appreciation to the Alliance@IBM team for this incredibly valuable website. -Thank you!-

Comment 04/24/14: IBM global unions call for reorientation of IBM: -Alliance-
Comment 04/24/14: -John-
Comment 04/24/14: Could Fiscal Conservatives Help Fight Workplace Discrimination? Check out... -Anonymous-

Comment 04/24/14: Pretty good analysts statement on share buy backs by IBM -Wako-

Comment 04/24/14: Anyone else noticed IBM blocked this page? I can only access it at home now. It used to work just fine... Today it said "forbidden". Kinda made me laugh though... Glad I am leaving at the end of April. -FewDaysToGo-
Alliance reply:
Sorry to hear of your job loss. IBM has been blocking the Alliance site, off and on for some time, depending on the IBM location, in the US. We always remind our members not to access the Alliance web page from inside IBM, because IBM *could* fire anyone if they find out. These are the precautions that we recommend for US IBMers. We aren't aware of the specific rules in IBM locations outside the US ; however, that same caution should be taken for the same reasons, in our view. By the way, the Alliance page can be accessed using your mobile device, too. Thank you for the information.
Comment 04/24/14: Jet Blue pilots vote to unionize.
Jet Blue pilots have enough courage to took out for their best interest even at Jet Blue which is arguably the most employee friendly airline in the US.
Why aren't more IBM employees able to look out for themselves instead of continuing to be lambs lead to the slaughter? -BFL-

Comment 04/24/14: "The union will not give a forthright answer to this. I have heard that the union only has 200 to 300"
IBM management is not forthright with it's headcount numbers when it determines what tax breaks and incentives they get. IBM doesn't tell anymore. They will not even give a ballpark figure on RA firings. Competitive reasons IBM, c'mon that is not forthright or even has an ounce of integrity! The Alliance is forthright: always has been and always will.
So -gone2013- if you are an IBM manager or union buster, troll, or corporate apologist, just go away, -gone2013-. It is now 2014 anyway!
-Go Alliance!-
Comment 04/24/14: Just a quick summary of what is now left in IBM storage sales (John Polly is the VP, a part of division 12) in the US: Started January 2014 with 28 in management and 196 employees. RA'ed 2 managers and 40 employees in March.
This is the entire direct sales force for IBM in the US. 156 employees remain to cover all of this geography. Plus, about 25 of those employees are not even assigned in the field. EMC has that many sales reps in the state of Texas.
-Storage Dude-
Comment 04/23/14: Question by -Anonymous- "I have one question for the Union. How many people do you need to join the union?"
Assuming IBM has 83,000 employees in the US, the Alliance needs AT LEAST 30% (27,667) employees who are willing to sign a card that says they want to be represented by a union. If it can get over 50% (41,501), that's even better. We are at 300 now.
Alliance reply: To clarify, the Alliance also is a membership organization and advocate for employees. What that means is that we can do a lot, way before we get to the point of calling for a union vote. We all know that getting to that point is difficult.
Getting to that point is possible on a smaller scale. For example if the majority of workers at the Dubuque GDF joined the Alliance as full members, we then have an Alliance chapter that can start the process of negotiating with IBM over workplace issues.

Comment 04/23/14: To -Gone2013- What kind of fool complains about an organization that they think is a waste of time, on that organization's web site?? If you think organizing an IBM union in the US is a waste of time because Alliance@IBM member numbers are "too low", why bother coming here to say that in the first place? Are you a union-buster? Are you anti-union? Have you ever benefited from any of the information that can be found on People like you are simply baffling to me. The Alliance replier went too easy on you, in my view. Why not troll on somebody else' board, eh? -BlueEyedBlindness-
Comment 04/23/14: I don't think the Alliance and IBM Global Unions and works councils are making DEMANDS per se; they just sound like REASONABLE ACTIONS that they want IBM to follow. Why is it that a Union DEMANDS and a CORPORATION makes a CONCESSION? Like Unions have no right to tell a corporation whose employees' they represent how they want them to be treated? IBM is placing DEMANDS on it's employees and are not CONCESSIONING anything! It's like IBM's way or no way. -anonymousUnionsupporter-
Comment 04/23/14: Question by -Anonymous- "I have one question for the Union. How many people do you need to join the union? It seems to me that you have keep asking people to join and I have always wondered how many people do you need to ACT?"
Answer: The union will not give a forthright answer to this. I have heard that the union only has 200 to 300 members in IBM-US. The union has no leverage or influence, and never will with numbers of anonymous members this low. -Gone2013-
Alliance reply: Gone2013, We have answered this many times in this comment section. You gave an answer without even looking into the archives. We are not hiding anything. Everyone should stop worrying about how many members we have and join. Is there some magic number people need to see before joining? That is absurd and counter productive. Frankly it is just an excuse to sit and do nothing. The Alliance, regardless of its numbers does a lot of work and organizing.
See this article...again.

Comment 04/23/14: Hey you -RAtirement- There is nothing called cheap or costly resources. All are the same for IBM to fire. As they pay as they get ... so they paid less and hence no one is sticking to their jobs in India -HappytoGO-
Comment 04/23/14: The problem with IBM management (and much of corporate America) is this focus on share price rather than on the business itself. IBM is cannibalizing itself to artificially prop up the share price. The article posted earlier by bigblew said it quite well -
worth a repost - -Anon-

Comment 04/22/14: ANA: They all got their "bonuses" on Jan 31/Feb 1. Not sure what all those $0 cost shares were... part of their employment contract or some kind of "performance" payout... At any rate, it doesn't look good, even if legal, because 4 weeks after, IBM laid off thousands of IBM'ers... How many jobs could have been saved, by NOT giving out those shares? -RAtirement-
Comment 04/22/14: The trouble with this new IBM management is that they could not care less about IBMers . All they care about is their bonus at the end of the year and how many stock options they can cash in to make millions, while RAs continue, PBCs are a shame, benefits are lost, wages decline, raises no longer are available. Mr TJ Watson Sr and Mr TJ Watson Jr would be rolling over in their graves if they would see today how Lou Sam and Ginny have treated the IBM employee. To these three people it is all about greed. IBM needs a union contract for their employees to stop this unjust behavior and for the employees to be protected. Join the Union -ANA-
Comment 04/22/14: Would luv to hear Ginni is out as CEO come stockholder's meeting. What a dunsel! IBM needs to clean house in MANAGEMENT above first line now to survive. 2nd line and above management RAs should be the next round of cuts. -anonymous-
Comment 04/22/14: -No more share buybacks!-: Scary. IBM should not be considered as 'too big to fail'. If it does fail not one $.01 of my tax money will pay to bail them out and keep them afloat!!!!! How many have been RAed and fired over the years making most of them 'way too little to succeed'????? Where is their bailout????? -EPS$***-
Comment 04/21/14: Hold on to your hats! Latest Bloomberg Report on IBM Share Buybacks says Ginny must turn to 'increasing revenue or reduce expenses further' in order to meet profit goals. Investors are becoming fatigued with IBM and more fearful of the ruination of long-term financial health due to the EPS strategy/roadmap. -No more share buybacks!-

Comment 04/21/14: Nick J - I don't know why you would have left a good job to join IBM but be grateful you are gone so soon. Good luck in the future and use better judgement and some research when picking your next employer. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 04/21/14: I wonder if it is any coincidence that Connections and Developerworks is unable to stay up for more than 10 minutes. We just don't have the staff these days. It is an utter and total embarrassment at the moment. -Anon-
Comment 04/21/14: I was a manager for 10 years and was RAd last summer. I've laid people off and can tell you this: It doesn't matter what you do or how well you do it, you are an expense to IBM and RAs are about $$. IBM will continue to lower delivery standards until they reach the point where customers scream, they will improve just enough to make the screaming stop. The hope is that over time the customers will get tired of screaming and simply expect less. Jobs will continue to either be shipped to lower cost countries or eliminated all together until the screaming starts again and the process will be repeated. Your PBC is simply a tool and, like a hammer, it can be used to create or destroy. When it comes to RAs, you're assessment has very little to do with whether your name makes the list or not. The real deciding factor is whether eliminating or having lesser skilled (aka cheaper) workers perform the work will generate an unacceptable level of screaming from the customer. -Mike-
Comment 04/21/14: -da_facts- is correct. The pbcs are subjective and are constrained by artificial quotas placed on the number of 1s, 2+s, etc the org is authorized for. The managers will always find some nit to pick on, to avoid giving you a 1, etc. -RAtirement-
Comment 04/21/14: -anon- This IBM executive regime thinks the only WATSON to notice now is a hunk of iron that "liked" to mentally beat up humans on Jeopardy! It is sad this present IBM "Executive ME first" regime forgets it's true leaders and forebearors just like it forgets it's retirees and present employees. I heard that TJ Watson Sr. begged Gerstner to " his company" when TFL took over as CEO. I guess after that Lou took it that it was HIS (not the Watson's) company to save.. what an insult to TJ Jr. and even Sr. IMO. This IBM executive regime also "celebrated" the wrong anniversary of IBM's 100th year... the celebration was cafeteria hot dogs and hamburgers at IBM site parking lots... As a Union we can fix history and also correctly remember and commemorate it. -IBMUnionNow-
Comment 04/21/14: A long time ago the PBC/Appraisal process was used to identify peoples performance. Back then it was used to support promotions , salary increases and awards. Today it is supplemental to the ranking system.Everyone is ranked and the PBC matches. Usually when PBC 2's get fired it is based on their ranking. Look at it this way if you had 10 employees all rated as a 2 there would still be a ranking 1-10. When the RA happens the bottom goes. Now whether the PBC is an honest assessment that's a different topic. Every company ranks their employees even unions. It is the only way to determine who is the most productive.We did it back in the 60's and still do it today. It's just more visible then it used to be. Back then no one talked about their rating or salary. Today this is discussed in the lunch/break areas as well as the offices.The advantage of a union is it takes longer to fire someone but in times of bad business it still happens. So either go get another job or join the union. -lastdino1-
Comment 04/21/14: I am a ex-RA'd employee of IBM. I have one question for the Union. How many people do you need to join the union? It seems to me that you have keep asking people to join and I have always wondered how many people do you need to ACT? -Anonymous-
Comment 04/20/14: To -anon-.. Of course there is no mention of the anniversary of the death of TJ Watson Jr.. There is no longer respect for the individual, which was one of IBMs CORE values until it was quietly removed by Sam? or Lou?. We know that Lou got rid of full employment, another CORE value from Watson Sr. -RAtirement-
Comment 04/20/14: Employee Salary rip off or 'creative rounding'. Looking at the sheet for my MBA/TCR salary increase. It has been nagging me where it shows monthly and annual salary that doesn't match actual gross pay. Looking at last weeks pay stub it is apparent that IBM is basing the percentage on (24) payroll periods = 48 weeks, not (26) = 52 weeks. 1 PBC performers is your 6% GDP based on full salary or less? -Anon-
Comment 04/20/14: I bet most RAed just fall short of FHA eligibility by IBM's design. -trexibmer-
Comment 04/20/14: So called Performance Reviews or Appraisal Processes are strictly subjective instruments used by a companies' Human Resources Department for whatever means they want to use it for. It rarely leads to objectivity even if the employee is rewarded by it. -da_facts-
Comment 04/20/14: 12/31/2013 was to the 20 year death anniversary of the death of the legendary IBM CEO and son of the founder and father of the s/360 mainframe - TJ Watson Jr. Not a single word from this management. Any comparison to him would put the current management to shame; so naturally his passing would go unnoticed. -anon-
Comment 04/20/14: I think PBC rating is totally independent of being RA'ed. I have been a consistent 2+ but was RA'ed last quarter and yet a friend in a sister dept was rated a 3 and he was safe. -Anon-
Alliance reply: You are right. But there are many *supposed* reasons that IBM uses for RA's. None of those reasons make any real sense, as applied. The bottom line is that IBM RA's people because they believe it will increase their bottom line--of profit$.
Remember: You're an "At Will Employee". As an "At Will Employee", you can be fired for any reason or no reason without notice; or you can quit for any reason or no reason without notice. IBMers need to step away from the "trees" of IBM, so that they can see the "forest" for what it is. Stop trying to play by IBM's rules. Start playing by the rules of an organized labor force that fights for a contract for its union members. Once that occurs, you won't need to wonder whether PBC ratings are independent of being RA'ed. Join us.

Comment 04/19/14: RAed after 10 months, glad I left a good job to be a number for Big Blue.. On my way to a reseller to put EMC/Netapp/Pure in any shop I can get into.. -Nick J-
Comment 04/19/14: I didn't notice a peep on here about the Mozilla employees speaking out about their CEO, now stepped down. Why aren't IBMers similarly announcing their outrage with the Executive management? Oh, that's right, the social web guidelines likely means they can fire you for it. Future looks bleak without a contract... -IBMbarrassed4U-
Comment 04/19/14: Good perspective from David Stockman on IBMs "growth" strategy. -bigblew-

Comment 04/18/14: To -IBMer in search of justice.
Dear IBMer,
There is no longer any justice in IBM. The new IBM is run by corrupt greedy executives and 3 CEOs (Lou Sam and Ginny WHO only care about themselves and the quarterly profits. You and everyone else at IBM is a at will employee, and Executives at IBM can do what ever they want to screw the employees when it comes to raises promotions, benefits, pensions, and retirement benefits and RAs. WIhout a union contract this will continue. Join the Union. -ANA-

Comment 04/18/14: Re: the -IBMer in search of Justice- comment. Amazing once again, that there are IBM employees that *think* IBM's PBC system can be "studied" by the feds or even a State government for wrong doing of some kind. Seriously?? No government labor laws cover company created rules and systems. Why is this fact so misunderstood among IBMers? This is not the first time I've seen this question on this web site's comments sections. I personally think Alliance's patience with questions like this is way over and above what they should be. I wonder how many IBM workers actually are this uninformed? wow. - BlueEyedBlindness-
Alliance reply: We have continued to answer questions, as best we can, regardless of whether they have been asked many times before. Not being informed of labor laws and being an At Will Employee, is the exact reason why Alliance continues to answer these questions without judging anyone. We never intend to insult anyone or be condescending to get our point across.
This why Alliance@IBM exists: to inform and provide an alternative to the propaganda, lies and abuse that IBM dishes out to their employees on a daily basis. Thank you for your support.

Comment 04/18/14: HR appeals regarding PBC issues will no longer result in a "Panel Review". HR case managers now handle the appeals, and it would now take an act of God to actually get beyond them to a Panel Appeal. This is because the systemic downgrading of PBCs across target IBM organizations is a business strategy. HR knows that if these cases go to "Panel Review", fairness will prevail. This isn't about fairness. It's about contorting the PBC system into a tool used to advance a corporate business strategy. More 2's and 3's means more attrition, more forced RAs and inferior severance packages, meaning cost savings. Is it legal to screw employees this way? Of course, it is! I must say that I now envy both of my parents who were government workers and had unions protecting their interests. -Anon-
Comment 04/18/14: I have a simple question. Has anyone or any group challenged the PBC system as discriminatory? After the latest inquisition I sat down with a friend who is a senior executive in HR at a fortune 100 corporation and described the yearly bloodletting we go thru, as well as shared my PBC's for 2014. My friend was shocked at what I told her, and was especially curious as to how IBM was able to deal with the disparate impact caused from such a process. In fact, she was sure that this was an issue based on the resource action process I described. Has anyone looked into this? Is there any way to request the government run a study on IBM?s PBC system? I think all of us would do anything to get rid of this horrid, unfair, unjust, yearly inquisition! -IBMer in search of Justice-
Alliance reply: Simply put, the answer is no. Why? Because IBM can break their own rules any time they want to. The Federal government has absolutely NO SAY about what IBM does with their own policies. The best way you have to "get rid of this horrid, unfair, unjustly, yearly inquisition" is to form a union and fight for a collective bargaining agreement. All IBMers in the US are "At Will Employees" and have no say about how IBM conducts its employee policies; which include the PBC system, the Salary system, the workplace conditions, the benefits (if any) and the circumstances involving RA's. The labor laws generally vary from state to state; but even so, they are stacked in favor of Corporations and business....NOT the worker or employee. If you know of others you work with that also don't know this information, it would be a good idea if you informed them. It would even be a better idea if you and other IBMers currently employed, joined the Alliance and organized throughout the company locations in the US. With the a majority of IBMers, we could bargain for a legally binding contract that would most definitely include protections against discrimination by IBM on many levels, legally. Are you willing to do that?
For more information on "At Will Employee" status and other questions, see this page:
Comment 04/18/14: Anony:You get what you pay for. How are those cheap resources from India working for you, Ginny?? Haha -RAtirement-
Comment 04/18/14: Comment 04/14/14 from GDF comments:
got told 10 more days of furlough for 2nd quarter. After 10 in the first. poor ibm must really need the money! BASTARDS! -billy-
Comment 04/18/14: Client execs in Gb being transferred last Monday and next Monday to SWG. At least part of them, don't know what will happen with the rest, probably laid off. The drive towards business partners continues. What is the logic to transfer unskilled folks to SWG? More client dissatisfaction to come... -Midwestern anon-
Comment 04/18/14: If you treat your resources (ahem, human employees) poorly you can't expect good results. If you browbeat them to improve and threaten them (RA them) it will make it worse in the long run. When will Ginni Withchetty realize this simple fact??? -da_facts-
Comment 04/18/14: GBS Hiring totally frozen. No new hires until at least 3Q. Doesn't include some of the delivery centers (i e Baton Rouge) Any exceptions need to go through a painful process to get approval. -Anon-
Comment 04/17/14: hahaha. Seen on Twitter: @complianceweek: You gotta love modern Corporate America: IBM reports lower profits due to higher cost of laying off workers -Erin-
Comment 04/17/14: STG down 23% for yet another quarter ..
How low can you go?? .. my money says POWER will be next on the auction block .. living in the Unix days are over and it's too late to catch up to Linux -no_longer_IBM-

Comment 04/17/14: IBM to immediately reduce 25% of all US contractors. First release date is 4/18 with the next wave set for 4/25. IBM looking to adjust Subks and put on hold and red or amber (troubled) accounts. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/17/14: I was RA'd 2/27/14. IBM says I am retired. I have not signed up for my Annuity as of yet. Or have I signed up for my cheap retirement gift. Fidelity seems eager to close me out. -Over55-
Comment 04/17/14: Regarding "analysts being confused".... great article. It should be clear to everyone that IBM is in a free-fall at this point with the analysts. The analysts won't admit IBM is in a free-fall state until next year at the earliest because the numbers are just not that low to call-out IBM. The "quality" of the numbers is something that has been on their mind for quite some time. Since there is a pattern of behavior here they can begin calling a spade for what it is.... a spade. Watch Microsoft folks. They will soon be considered a stronger competitor of IBM's Lotus Notes e-mail platform since they are now in the cloud and Notes is not. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/17/14: I smell more RAs...and soon.. -POK'eybyIBM-
Comment 04/17/14: Earnings fell what a shock or not. Just as an example, I was RA'd 2/28, however, I was on a large project at the time where the customer liked me to the point of extending my contract. I was billing the customer over 48 hrs. per week and this most likely would of extended through September with the possibility through the end of the year. Since I was on a DOU to an AMS account, my division did not even consider this and went ahead with the RA. Now does that sound like good management? It just goes to show you that the customer is not even considered and the bad management that exist within IBM now. -AnonPM-
Comment 04/17/14: Not only is the erosion of the company becoming obvious to the street and customers, but internally it feels like the infrastructure is crumbling rapidly. There are huge technical problems on about every internal webcast I try to join. Where is all of the great virtual, elastic, extreme scaling goodness that we tout? Not eating our own dog food? No skilled employees to maintain and equipment/software decaying? Not to mention case after case of egregious security problems. The site that we are asking customers to use has huge security problems, and they will be putting personal information and their schedules on there. The mobile app for last year's Impact conference was a laughing stock, just horrible. -Anony-
Comment 04/17/14: The analysts finally appear to have lost their patience with IBM. If the analysts are confused, and don't quite understand what the company is trying to say, what about regular investors? -anon-
Comment 04/17/14:
What's a right pain in the ASCII for IBM? Its own leech-like hardware biz Keep your eyes on our cloud while we remove this pesky thing, say execs IBM's earnings for the first quarter of the year show that the company's hardware division has turned into a leech sapping Big Blue's profits.
Comment 04/16/14: Quote from the NY Times article: "IBM?s quarterly profit was hurt by a charge of $870 million for the severance costs for workers laid off. Every year, the company, which employs more than 400,000 people worldwide, sheds employees in markets and product areas that are declining and adds workers in other units." -Anon-
Comment 04/16/14: NY Times: Profit and revenue slip at IBM -Anon-

Comment 04/16/14: I was RA'd or fired or however IBM wants to say it back on 2/28. After 3 yrs as an IBMer and more as contractor, I was so furious at the way I was treated as an IBMer. I got a 2 and (2) 3 on my PBCs. In three years, I had 4 different managers, none who had a real clue on how to manage people or even what I was doing! When they actually lied on those two 3 PBCs, I never bothered to contest them with HR. What difference would have made anyhow?! Now I heard that my old group in GBC converted a contractor and tried to hire an old ex-IBMer, who told them NO.... It still irks me the way I was treated and it seems like others were treated the same way. Just remember, you stepford managers, what comes around, goes around.... -EXTXIBM-
Comment 04/16/14: Based on IBM's 1st QTR 2014 results you can bet on another RA real soon. -nostradamus-
Comment 04/16/14:
NEW YORK (AP) -- IBM says its first-quarter earnings fell because of a large charge related to reorganizing its work force. Revenue fell amid an ongoing decline in its hardware business. -Anon-

Comment 04/16/14: Mexican mobile phone operator sues IBM for $2.5 billion: -Nate Raymond-

Comment 04/16/14: IBM hit with $2.5 billion lawsuit by (Reuters) Mexican mobile phone operator,0,5918955.story
Comment 04/16/14: Ginni made 14 million in 2013 yet RAs continue. Ginni Lou and Sam are all three corrupt and greedy executives. Without a union, this type of corruption and greed will continue to both employees and retires will continue to loose benefits ,have no salary increases, and RAs will continue. The PBC program is a shame in IBM . Join the union to stop this corruption. -ANA-
Comment 04/16/14: -Over55- ...and you have that Gubbernor who only approves 20 weeks UI so even if the House finally approves an extension RTPers unemployed for a longer time probably don't get any further benefit. And the gubbernor in NC I heard thinks most on UI just don't want to work in the first place...and backs it up with false statistics and veiled threats too. Makes ya wonder if he is on the IBM executive payroll?!? -TarHeeledIBMer-
Comment 04/16/14: People here occasionally wonder if it would be a good idea to request being included in the next RA. I suspect the wisdom of doing so varies greatly by organization and your relationship with your manager.
Last year, I told my boss that I was in a position to retire and would hate for someone less fortunate to get RA'd when I would probably be leaving soon, anyway. Well, she must have thought it was a good idea, since SHE RAtired in the next round, as did one of the other 1st lines in our group. The funny thing is, both of them were immediately replaced by non-managers. It might have worked out well for all involved, but it's hard to explain how managers are surplus when they're backfilled. It's just another example of how poorly the RA process is managed.
Alliance reply: Without a union contract, IBMers in the US can expect much more "poorly managed" processes than just RA's. IBM "manages" RA's for IBM's benefit, not the employee. The sooner IBMers realize that IBM will continue to abuse and mismanage their workers, the sooner IBM workers can organize and change that paradigm. Get busy fighting for your jobs, or get busy losing them.

Comment 04/15/14:
"There are billionaires like Warren Buffett and Larry Page who don't pig out ... As the chief executive of Google, co-founder Page takes a $1 annual salary ... But there are others who can't keep their hands off the dough."
Ginni, for example, is number 48 on this list: -Pig Stain on Your Fat Chin-

Comment 04/15/14: To -Over55-: what do you mean that IBM can go after you? are you still an IBMer or are you retired? How could they go after you, if you are retired? Did you contact EEOC to file a complaint or to file a suit? -RAtired-
Comment 04/15/14: @-BlueEyedBlindness- ok, what you say makes more sense to me now, thanks for clarifying, and I agree. -Anon-
Comment 04/15/14: @Gone For Good - My wife is still an employee at IBM POK. She has an office, but works from home virtually all the time. We are relocating to be closer to my new job in the greater NYC area, but she will keep her office. Unfortunately I left just in front of last year's Fall layoffs. Wish I could have saved one of the cuts from my Dept. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they punch her ticket, but we figure that at least one of us should get a package after our 50+ years with this place... -Happy To Be Gone From POK-
Comment 04/15/14: Citigroup downgraded IBM to "neutral" from "buy" and set a $200 price target. The firm cited valuation as the reason for the move -anon-
Comment 04/15/14: Well EEOC in NC contacted me today, seems like a waste of time in a "Right to Work" state to do anything Legal with IBM. Was told IBM can go after me if I open a case. I really wish my old co-workers the best of luck. IBM Retirement is not what you think. But I can say I feel more at ease now that I am out of that Hell hole worring every QTR if I have a job or not. -Over55-
Comment 04/15/14: -@Happy To Be Gone From POK- My wife was just RA'd from POK on 3/31 and the reason given is that she does not have an office in NY. We bought a retirement home out of state last year and after getting 2 levels of management approval for her to work from home permanently, we sold our NY home and moved. Ironically, right after we bought the other house, I was RA'd in June. No one knew about the new house then but they sure were jealous that I had a plan. To everyone, have a fallback plan for when IBM comes gunning for you. And they will! -Gone For Good-
Comment 04/15/14: To -Morale in the Toilet-, IBM executives have lost all respect for their employees. Sam Ginny and Lou are corrupt greedy executives. As long as their is no union, this greed and corruption will continue. Join the union so the younger IBM employees will not have to deal with this corruption latter in their careers. -ANA-
Comment 04/15/14: -longtimebeemer- Fidelity administers the plan for IBM. Each year I get a plan summary on how the pension plan is doing. Your pension is guaranteed by the PBGC. If it is sold off as an annuity it will no longer be insured by the PBGC. -samtheman-
Comment 04/15/14: -Anon- I think you misunderstood my point. You're obviously correct about UK's laws. I was saying that IBM's Business Conduct Guidelines are IBM's rules for their employees; BUT, the UK judge cited IBM for breaking it's own rules of conduct. Notwithstanding the UK laws, IBM demonstrated that they don't respect their own rules and break them to achieve their goals. In the US, many IBMers seem to think that there are labor laws that protect employees from IBM executives breaking IBM's own "rules". There are not. This was my point. And I'm not wrong about it. The alternative is a union contract that is collectively bargained for and contains specific rules that the company AND the workers agree to adhere to. I totally agree with your statement that the UK's modicum of laws were in play in this case; however, IBM in the USA is not restricted by as many of those types of laws as they are in the UK. I was simply appealing to IBM workers in the US, and saying that they need to organize and work to gain a collectively bargained contract to protect themselves from IBM's shenanigans. I hope that IBM's appeals re: the UK judge's ruling, are denied. Agreed? -BlueEyedBlindness-
Comment 04/15/14: Just FYI, the previous rumor that the growth-driven profit sharing bonuses that Ginny said would go to PBC 1's was not paid out on April 15. No, this is not some inconsiderate person whining about their bonus while people get laid off, I'm just reporting it because it's important here to provide information about our devious company. I'd actually welcome a package myself, I work hard because that's the ethic I was taught by may parents and the military, and I'm not a butt-kisser. I'm anything but, and have been called on the carpet more than a few times for saying it like it is, to both my management and our customers. I'm in my mid-50's and just biding my time. I don't see anyone around me putting in the effort they used to back around 2001, when we were all very energized. I certainly don't work as hard as I used to and it's taking a toll on my conscience. I just don't want to deal with switching and starting over with another company at this point. So, I'll bide my time a little longer and see what shakes out. -MoraleInTheToilet-
Comment 04/15/14: @blueyedblindness: you are just wrong. In the UK we have a modicum of laws that protect us. I assume you are making the same mistake that CHQ made when dealing with the UK and that "their" rules applied. The judge in 325 pages has made it quite clear that they don't and IBM has to remedy it. To quote the judge "Whether this is an appropriate way of dealing with HR relations in the US, which is the culture with which CHQ, Mr Ferrar and Mr Chrystie were imbued, I do not know. I do not find it an attractive or acceptable way to deal with matters in England." Which, in our culture, is damning. -Anon-
Comment 04/15/14: IBM doesn't want to employ us. RA's, forced commercial/travel work, the retirement 2014 initiative, no variable pay in 2014, dropping appraisals, forcing PBC 3 by quota, etc. All of these initiatives have made for a miserably demoralizing work environment, and IBM knows it. They don't want to fix it. THEY WANT IT THIS WAY! -Anonymous-
Comment 04/14/14: For the estimated 3800 let go in the recent RA, I am one of them and am still in Blue Pages so the 3800 is low. In fact, a few let go in July and Sept. were still in Blue Pages when I left in March. -Suspect in NY-
Comment 04/14/14: -samtheman- I thought that was the way the pension already worked. If you are on the old plan I believe that when you retire, IBM just purchased an annuity from Fidelity that covers the monthly payment you are to receive for the rest of your life and then you receive monthly payments from that annuity from Fidelity. I know that my pension payments are all recorded in Netbenefits and sent to my bank account by Fidelity Investments every month, not IBM. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 04/14/14: -samtheman- -anonymous-
Comment 04/14/14: Got RA'd today after 14 years in SWG. Was told I was part of the 2nd wave of cuts that started in 1Q. I was really tired of the constant cuts and got a decent package so I'm happy. Goodbye IBM. - Canned in Canada-
Comment 04/14/14: 21 years with IBM, and left on my own accord for a much better job with much better pay and benefits. I have lots of connections in the Hudson Valley and have heard of 2 recent instances where NY employees were transferred to another state (CT) and were immediately RA'd upon reassignment. The obvious inference is that this is being done to reduce / avoid reporting these actions. Anyone else heard of this. I would have never thought IBM would stoop this low, but nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to this once great but now pathetic company.... - Happy To Be Gone From POK-
Comment 04/14/14: Re: IBM UK exec breaks IBM Business Conduct guidelines and a UK Judge points that out...
Here's the lesson in a nutshell served up for all IBMers. Lesson: IBM did not break any laws by breaking their own rules. The judge can make any comment or judgment regarding IBM breaking their own rules..BUT the judge cannot impose any punishment whatsoever. If IBM has broken UK laws, then yes, IBM can be judged for that. But not if they break their own rules. Why did I bother mentioning this? Because I've read several of the comments here and in the Alliance comments "archives". Many of those comments demonstrate confusion, misinformation, and outright naivety' about labor laws and internal corporate and business "rules". That's why workers need to look through the entire Alliance@IBM web site and read up on union contracts and what they stand for and who they protect, because without one, IBMers are at the mercy of IBM execs that will even break their own rules to have power over their employees jobs and lives. A contract shifts that power to the workers. Organize and stand up together. It's the best move you can make. -BlueEyedBlindness-
Alliance reply: Our web site has a great deal of information that can help IBM workers organize and grow their numbers. We encourage all IBMers to use it. And Alliance@IBM members dues and donations pay for its availability. Thank you for commenting.

Comment 04/14/14: IBM Earnings Preview: Technically Better, Still Worried About Revenue Growth -Anonymous-

Comment 04/14/14: A long but worthwhile read on 'Corporate Malfeasance & the Myth of Shareholder Value.' A short excerpt to peak your interest: "The business-knowledge elite manipulates the behavior of large corporations, enriching themselves (money managers and institutional investors, securities analysts and bankers, and corporate executives) by skimming profits from the pension reserves of workers and from the investments of the lumpen bourgeoisie." Full paper here: -Won't get fooled again-
Comment 04/14/14: When I was at IBM, I guess I never realized how many companies used IBM as an industry bellweather, copying everything they did, including their offshore "business" model. It's really sad to see, and be a part of other companies hellbent on circling the drain like IBM did. I used to believe that if you were an honest capitalist, you'd eventually get to where you wanted to be through hard work. IBM and many other companies have betrayed that honesty, and turned their back on the very people who helped build them up. We need to unionize EVERYTHING and take our country back. - Fed_Up_American-
Comment 04/13/14: I'm sure IBM is looking to unload it's pension obligations to a company like Prudential, They can pay them a fixed sum to pay retiree annuities to replace pensions. IBM still has to pay insurance premiums to the PBGC whose rates are going up to sure up their funds. Look for many companies to unload their pension plans -samtheman-
Comment 04/13/14: RA (redundancy in the UK) to start in IBM UK this quarter. Managers will be told "this is how many people you can have in your team, decide who you are keeping". Those that just escaped in 1Q will not be so lucky in 2Q. Quite what the clients will make of this erosion coupled with the x86/networking sell off, the loss of the court case, and the blatant breach of its own business conduct guidelines to staff, trust is almost non-existent and you will not find an employee in the UK that trusts IBM any longer. Fortunately as that does not show on the balance sheet it really doesn't matter. -Anon-
Comment 04/13/14: -new2rchland-, my count of 3800 is US regulars only. The count is based on bluepages diffs. -Anon-
Comment 04/12/14: Executive Pay: Invasion of the Supersalaries
Browse the proxy statements of the nation's largest corporations and you'll find the instruction manuals for this apparatus explaining how to finely calibrate the pay of top executives with company performance. -Anon-

Comment 04/12/14: Think your pension is safe? Think again. The pensions of millions of Americans are being threatened because of trouble in a part of the retirement world long considered so safe that no one gave it a second thought.
The pensions belong to people in multiemployer plans - big pooled investment funds with many sponsoring companies and a union. Multiemployer pensions are not only backed by federal insurance, but they also were thought to be even more secure than single-company pensions because when one company in a multiemployer pool failed, the others were required to pick up its "orphaned" retirees.
Today, however, the aging of the work force, the decline of unions, deregulation and two big stock crashes have taken a grievous toll on multiemployer pensions, which cover 10 million Americans. Dozens of multiemployer plans have already failed, and some giant ones are teetering - including, notably, the Teamsters' Central States pension plan, with more than 400,000 members. In February, the Congressional Budget Office projected that the federal multiemployer insurer would run out of money in seven years, which would leave retirees in failed plans with nothing.
Comment 04/12/14: Why R U ALL STILL WAITING FOR THE NEXT RA??? Do you learn anything from the IBM past???! Has anyone counted up all the RAs? Why would anyone waste their time? They Happen and they happen because IBMers let them happen! Wake Up. Think Twice. Organize. Join the Union now. How long do you want to be a victim?? -IBMUnionNow-
Comment 04/12/14: Anon, I was the person who submitted the info on the RA in 2Q. My first line manager told me and I consider it pretty reliable. I tried to ask questions, but he clammed up. The folks under George Metz (GBS operations exec) are always on the chopping block. Just a guess, but once that 2015 target is met, you'll see a slew of execs cash out and leave. -Anon2-
Comment 04/12/14: Found in a fortune cookie: "The axe soon forgets, but the tree always remembers". Sleep well Ginny...And to all the 'trees' out there. May you find better opportunities than the ones IBM offered. -dun-4-
Comment 04/12/14: I thought the retirement gift was "cheesy" as well sent a note to HQ personnel..was told IBM focuses their "nice" gift at quarter century time, smaller, modest gift at retirement...just sayin... -Thefielder-
Comment 04/12/14: Got my 25 in and called it quits for a better place. My gift selection was quite good. Don't think they knew it was there....High end surround sound blue ray outputs. Like 800 bucks retail. Likely not there any more but rounded out my man cave well. Best thing I ever will remember from ibm. -gg-
Comment 04/12/14: -SoGrim- did your manager tell/notify HR Payroll properly you were staying an extra pay period? Or did your manager just "forget"? once your resignation letter was accepted? -anon-
Comment 04/12/14: -retired/RAed- as a regular employee, NO! You usually get nothing could lose any retirement benefits. You could even be prosecuted by your former company for wrongdoings. If you are an executive or middle management, even lower management, sometimes possibly YES, you would get an "exit package" similar to a severance with some strings attached or all depends of who you know and what's in it for the company. They even have negotiation for these folks..not usually available for the normal Joe or Jane employee. -FiredOrNot-
Comment 04/12/14: I was laid off from BTV in last summers layoff. Was retirement eligabile, didn't see much in the gift catalog that appealed to me, picked a gold diamond ring that looked nice in the picture. When I received it I was quite surprised, it looked like a ring from a gumball machine, I could have squished it with two fingers. Threw it in a bedside drawer, been sitting there ever since. - Retired2013-
Comment 04/11/14: Next week another RA. Either 4/15 or 4/16. They will just stay under the NY WARN act for EF (250 minus the small # laid off in February as the number is cumulative for 90 rolling days. BTV won't fair as well. RA will be 500 - the February #. So much for the Poughkeepsie Journal breaking news headline banner claiming Cuomo struck a deal to save jobs. Cuomo tried to take credit for a deal struck last June. Onward to $20 by 2015 Ginny! And don't forget your bonus for ridding the company of the x86 low end servers. Sammy got a bonus for ridding the company of the low margin PC business. I know that I'm not as smart as all the IBM executives but I thought you get a bonus for turning around a division. Like making X86 more profitable. The best of luck to all those affected next week. Hold your head high, you are better than these people. -Hold Your Head High-
Comment 04/11/14: -Anonymous- is your 3800 number a raw count or of regular employees? I saw a huge number of vendors and contractors let go, but the US number appeared to be about half of what you're saying. - new2rchland-
Comment 04/11/14: Please tell us more about the RA in 2Q in GBS. How credible is this? When exactly will it happen? End of May? I am really hoping for an RA package and wondering if I can trust my manager enough to ask for one. I don't have another job lined up yet. It's just that I can't take it anymore. -Anon-
Comment 04/11/14: -ANA- It's colloquially called "precommitted incentives" basically nothing short of IBM have a real downer of a year they get their bonuses guaranteed. -anonymous-
Comment 04/11/14: Watch IBM's 1st QTR earnings closely. If they have a soft or just above quarter expect another RA. The only way IBM knows how to INNOVATE to create earnings! It's $20 EPS and or bust... -nostradamus-
Comment 04/11/14: As for the "gifts," all junk so I didn't bother. -RAd Twice-
Comment 04/11/14: Info- I was told by NC Unemployment to file after my six month Sev-Period is over. $350.00 a week. Was $550.00 a week last year. New Law in NC. -Over55-
Comment 04/11/14: Yo -gone- We call it RAtirement -former BTV'r-
Comment 04/11/14: When you are fired for poor job performance, discrimation, passing trade secrets, contract fixing, etc. do companies normally give out severance pay? - retired/RAed-
Comment 04/11/14: -joe- I agree! I looked at the gift catalogue before I left, and the gifts are CHEAP. After 30 years, is that all you are worth to IBM? $3.33/Year. Those gifts would be more appropriate for IBM'ers celebrating their 10 year anniversary... I wonder what gift Adkins picked? ha! - Retired/RA-
Comment 04/11/14: Looks like IBM tried to screw UK workers and lost. I suppose in the UK government and corp doesn't join forces to screw the individual. Possibly. -anon-
Comment 04/11/14: @anon and @joe, The gold watch I referred to is not solid gold... Probably just $100-200. I wasn't trying to it was a big deal. It was just one of several indications that I did retire, yet IBM had me recorded in there system as terminated, so I didn't get my 401K match. With Fidelities help, we got it fixed so I was able to get the $xxK I was owed. That was a big deal to me. -GoneIn13-
Comment 04/10/14: It appears that about 3800 US employees were impacted by this latest RA announced at the end of February. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/10/14: My manager just told me another RA in GBS 2nd quarter. I don't know any other details. -Anon-
Comment 04/10/14: Dear -IsItorIsn't-, It was an "RA" aka:firing, but since I had 35+ years, it became a retirement. The package included a "covenant not to sue".
Dear -JoePal-, No sweetheart deal. Typical RA/"firing" package which has been unchanged for years, with a "covenant not to sue". -gone-

Comment 04/10/14: What the IBM-Globalfoundries deal could mean for Fishkill and Essex plants: -JustSaying-

Comment 04/10/14: Dear -Gone-, I suspect you got a sweetheart deal from IBM. Contracts or signed agreements can always be questioned by courts. EEOC rights trump illegal employment actions, imho. - JoePal-
Comment 04/10/14: IBMs compensation is designed for top executives. All top executives in IBM have a contract which their compensation and benefit structure based on their contract. All IBM Employees have no contract without a union. Without a union contract, IBM will continue to shaft their employees in all areas of salary and compensation and benefits. Lou, Sam and Ginny will continue to screw the IBM employee. Join the union. -ANA-
Comment 04/10/14: -Gone- So everyone who agreed to take the RA severance agreed to be separated from IBM and essentially accept being fired without cause? -IsItorIsn't-
Comment 04/10/14: To -GoneIn2013- Gold Watch in 13? I was let go and forced to retire at that point last June. I googled just about all of the gifts in the catalogue and they ran about 100 bucks.... "big deal". -joe-
Comment 04/10/14: Based on Bluepages
Since Jan 2014- Down 4238 full time US employees.
Since Jan 2013 - Down 12,053 full time US employees. This does not count contractors. -the sky really is falling-

Comment 04/10/14: Was it ever determined (or estimated) how many US based people were affected by the RA the end of February? -curious-
Comment 04/10/14: -@Anonymous- in BTV Mike Cadigan (general manager of IBM Microelectronics division (makes chips for STG in Fishill and Burlington), a part of the Systems and Technology Group (STG) which makes the Z and P series mainframes, had a town hall in Fishkill, NY on 4/8. The town hall was preceded by an All Managers meeting, with HR topics on the agenda. In the employee Town Hall Cadigan brought up how Ginny made mention in the Annual report that IBM is committed to hardware. He mentioned the 'rumors' that were in the media about the Microelectronics Business being up for sale. He even poked fun at the NY Times saying that there was even a story that said that FaceBook was going to by IBM Microelectronics.
One brave soul asked him a very pointed question. I'll paraphrase the best I can remember: 'Mike, you said that IBM is committed to hardware, but IBM said that they were 100% committed to the x86 business right up until 2 weeks before they sold the business to Lenovo. I tend to trust what I read in the NY Times more than what I hear from our CEO'. Cadigan's reply was something along the lines of "I wouldn't" , which I took to mean that he wouldn't trust the NYTimes more than he would trust Ginny.
I don't have any idea what was discussed in the Manager only meeting other than it was billed as a preview of what the employees would hear in the Town Hall and that HR would be filling in managers on something.
I do think that the last piece of info that I got out of IBM HR that made my life better was in the previous century, BOHIC again. He ended by saying that if it should turn out that we get sold it would be good for us to be in as strong a position as possible, so let's execute and don't be "distracted" by the media stories. Anything notable in the Q&A in Burlington?
Comment 04/10/14: Dear Over55, The paperwork I signed in 2013 said that I would not take legal action against IBM once I received my severance. Did your paperwork say the same? If so, IBM can take action against you. -Gone-
Comment 04/09/14: I voluntarily left the nightmare after almost 15 years. After giving two weeks notice and staying an extra two weeks to help my manager, I found out that my two checks prior to departing were held back, pending determination of whether I owed money--payment was stopped AFTER I received the paystub. Seriously?? What company withholds two paychecks after an employee volunteers to stay longer than they had to? Without warning, I might add! Not a problem for me, fortunately. Be aware that your paychecks may stop immediately once IBM knows you're leaving...even though you're still working. -SoGrim-
Comment 04/09/14: Thank you for the "Anonymous" post on 3/4/14 regarding unemployment benefits in CT. I learned that CT does not reduce unemployment due to severance pay IF it required signing an agreement foregoing your rights. With respect to reducing unemployment due to pensions, it depends on whether the employer contributed anything in the "base period" in which they calculate potential unemployment benefits. In my case, IBM stopped contributing to the old plan in 2007, years before the base period. As a result, I received 26 weeks of retroactive benefits. Every state is different, so check details carefully, appeal if necessary, and provide a copy of the 2006 IBM press release: -Anonymous-

Comment 04/09/14:You think you have a non-management career in IBM? THINK TWICE. 95% of you will not make 10 years in IBM if hired today UNLESS you make it to ER (Executive Resources) or kiss the right management a$$ then 99% of you in fast track management will be around in IBM 25 years from now. With a union you can have a career in IBM! -YaThink-
Comment 04/09/14: To -GoneIn2013- how did you get a gold watch? I retired last year and all the retirement gift choices I saw were pretty underwhelming. -Anon-
Comment 04/08/14: BTV employees have been sent a note that Cadigan will be onsite 4/9/14, no agenda was given for the talk. One can only assume he will dodge questions and claim that he is being kept in the dark by the corporation and not answer any RA questions. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/08/14: I remember in the separation docs that you can file an EEOC sit but wave the right for any monetary damages. -samtheman-
Comment 04/08/14: If STG sells to Global (or someone else) can they just take away anybody's pension who isn't retired yet without notice? Or is that illegal? From what I have heard it's illegal, but they could give people a one time payment equal to the amount of money in their account, provided they are vested or turn pension over to the new company??? I'm wondering if I should bail out now from BTV as I'm vested ? I know in the past IBM has rolled the pension over to new company. Without a union to speak for us and my lack of trust in IBM.. I need to make a decision. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/08/14: If STG sells to Global (or someone else) can they just take away anybody's pension who isn't retired yet without notice? Or is that illegal? From what I have heard it's illegal, but they could give people a one time payment equal to the amount of money in their account, provided they are vested or turn pension over to the new company??? I'm wondering if I should bail out now from BTV as I'm vested ? I know in the past IBM has rolled the pension over to new company. Without a union to speak for us and my lack of trust in IBM.. I need to make a decision. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/08/14: I can't believe I've been gone 7 years and nothing has changed on this site. Everybody still talking about their PBC rating which is a sham, how badly they are treated, and low morale. 7 years and nothing has changed. For those left at IBM, you only have 2 choices. If you really want to stay at IBM, you have to stand up and fight for your rights. The only way is to organize and unionize. Otherwise you have no chance. Your second choice is to leave before they throw you out onto the street and find a job some place else. Those are your two choices. What's it gonna be? -Gone_in_07-
Comment 04/08/14: To -RAd 2014-: In my day (2010), a "Bridge to Retirement" was an UNPAID leave of up to one year, until the date you would be eligible for retirement. Severance was separate from the bridge and followed the usual "2 weeks per year of service". Eligibility for UI varies by state, so would depend on how Florida regards severance. It would be best to check with a lawyer. To -Over55-: Bravo for filing with EEOC! Let us know how it works out. -Gorya-
Comment 04/08/14: To -RAed in Florida-, Florida has a one week waiting period after a layoff and then counts the number of weeks severance as pay. So if you had 4 weeks severance, you would have to wait 1 + 4 = 5 weeks before collecting an unemployment check. Since you are bridging to retirement, you probably are receiving 26 weeks of severance, so you have to wait 27 weeks to collect unemployment (so the 2nd week in October)."IBM Retirement" means little/nothing to Florida's unemployment system. -anon in Florida-
Comment 04/08/14: To>>-Floridian->>You must not be an IBMer or you would know that IBM DOES NOT PAY YOU while you are on a IBM BRIDGE to RETIREMENT. Payment would come via a separate Separation Package. -HUGGIE-
Comment 04/08/14: Insightful commentary on IBM/GlobalFoundries deal:
Here are two snips from that article: ...To make it plain and simple: IBM made the choice to put financial engineering ahead of real chip engineering, and now it is suffering the consequences... ...IBM's chip plant in Burlington, Vermont, is pretty old in terms of the process technology it uses, and therefore it is not worth all that much except for the skilled workforce and government permits it has to operate in the area... (if true, then it seems that IBM is shooting itself in the foot by firing many of its skilled BTV workforce) -JustSaying-

Comment 04/08/14: @SoonToGo, I left voluntarily in September 2013, after 30+ years (no package), and had quite an ordeal getting my 401K match. I called Fidelity after I didn't get it in 30 days as I was originally told. They said to wait until 12/31... nothing. Then started an inquiry and found I was listed in IBM system as terminated, not retired. I had a retirement letter from Ginni, a gold watch, and had a retirement dinner??? Fidelity was able to get this corrected and I finally got my match, plus a true up on lost gains during that period. So don't trust them to get it right without "help". I suspect my manager did something wrong when I left, because she hadn't ever handled someone leaving voluntarily... only RAs. -GoneIn2013-
Comment 04/08/14: The Jan 2014 OSHA notice in Bldg 001 in RTP shows 5171 employees. The 500 complex may be separate. I'm sure OSHA expects those notices to be placed in a prominent location, such as near the main entrance or cafeteria. IBM puts it in by a back door near the computer center. -Anon-
Comment 04/08/14: I really think if the US govt does it's due diligence on the Lenovo deal they will kill the deal. First, IBM got rid of all the experienced high-priced technical people to make the numbers look good, they could care less about the people, Lenovo, the customer base, or national security. It was primarily to make Q2 system x look good. Finally, forget about the Chinese putting in back doors in firmware, all they need to do is delay some patches and/or bug fixes during a critical time and they could cripple the capabilities of the large clusters of x86 systems and thus indirectly control some of these key systems that the our government agencies depend on. Do you think the US will get higher priority than the North Korean friends when it comes to support calls? -Concerned-
Comment 04/07/14: -Over55- I tried but my papers disappeared during 9/11 since they went to the EEOC there... If you file with EEOC I don't think it carries much weight legally unless you have a so-called "slam dunk" case. It can't hurt to try though... -I'veBeenMaligned-
Comment 04/07/14: To Over55: I believe the EEOC process is a two step process, but I could be wrong... The first step is to file a formal complaint against IBM for age discrimination. Filing a compliant is different from an actual age discrimination lawsuit, which you aren't suppose to do, if you signed that agreement, and took the severance package. - Retired/RA-
Comment 04/07/14: Filed with EEOC today for age discrimination. What are the odds that anything will come from it. We all know IBM wants and does Ra Older workers with time in the company to save money. Also can IBM come back at me? I did have to sign the document on my last day in order to get paid. -Over55-
Comment 04/07/14: To: RA'd in 2014 (in Florida). A bridge to retirement is simply a severance pay that continues paying you until your future retirement date instead of until a time calculated by the formula "2 weeks per year of service". Since you will be receiving money from your employer until Nov, 2014, you are not eligible for any unemployment benefits during this period. You can apply for UI benefits after November if you are actively looking for a job then. -Floridian-
Comment 04/07/14: @ihateibm - No Lump sum from the severance pay does not affect UI in Texas. Apply as soon as you can. -anon-
Comment 04/07/14: Poor Ginny only $15.4 million. She and Lou and Sam continue to RA employees while ripping off USIBM employees and retirees. IBM needs a union to stop this corporate greed and corruption. The only thing that will stop this corruption is when the union calls a strike and all IBM employees go out on strike. That will be the best day in IBM employees history. Join the Union -ANA-
Comment 04/07/14: Received a call this (Monday) morning from "Joelle," who "represents a financial and regulatory investigatory firm" seeking to file some sort of class-action suit against IBM, and is seeking information from former employees of same. CallerID returned "Operator 0" on my phone. Is this legit? And, if legit, is it related to the weebly link posted previously? -SimpleMath-
Comment 04/07/14: Israel media is reporting major layoffs in IBM Haifa Research labs: -ExIBMer-

Comment 04/07/14: Let me give you an insider view of IBM Burlington where I work and what's been happening amid recently job cuts. We've loss a good portion of our staff, due to the last "Resource Action", and with talks about another Resource Action coming on April 15, 2014 (I'm surprised there hasn?t been more talk of it). I'm told this RA is being performed to reduce the headcount for the eventual GlobalFoundries sale.
I can't handle working here anymore, each day living in fear as to whether I'll keep my job. Many of my colleagues have also resigned or like myself are looking for new jobs outside of IBM. I was shocked to see so many subject matter experts leaving the company for new opportunities. I discourage any new hire from taking a job in Burlington, because they don't raise your salary very much each year since our market doesn't have many engineers and they use that to justify 0-1% raises. Everyone in Burlington is demoralized and morale is reaching 0%. Management during the resource action has been appalling. They have tried to justify it with every excuse you can think of. From what I can tell many people are RAed because management is trying to silence employees that speak up and question their aimless strategy. A second line manager (formerly a third line) in the Fab had an employee RAed because of a personal vendetta against him. The employee was a above average 2+ performer, and complained to IBM HR, but despite the manager behaving unethically and breaking the business conduct guidelines he will go unpunished. I often wonder to myself why he is not RAed he routinely shows up late to meetings, he is clueless on most matters that impact our clients, and he doesn?t know anything about the Fab processes. Clients have said that they prefer not to deal with our second line manager because he has zero credibility. He also tries to shift the blame to other employees in his organization, and hides the mismanagement in his area from the director of the 200 mm fab, and the VP of semiconductor operations. My first line managers drink the Kool-Aid and will do whatever upper level management wants them to do. I wouldn't want to be in their position, because any manager that speaks ups is immediately punished. During our recent layoffs the only manager to get the ax was one that spoke up to our directors and told them their strategy was wrong. Working in this division of IBM is just absolute punishment. -BTV Nightmare-

Comment 04/06/14: Just received a random survey from IBM called "Global Integrity Survey"....
"Dear IBMer,
You have been randomly selected for participation in the IBM Global Integrity Survey.
This survey is voluntary and, as all surveys are in IBM, it is completely anonymous - all personal information submitted becomes anonymous at time of submission. This survey is conducted in accordance with IBM Employee Survey Review Board guidelines and IBM survey policy, and is being hosted on an IBM approved external website. Your opinion is very important to us. Survey results will be used to identify areas for improvement within our compliance programs...."
There is no integrity at the executive level or even 2nd line management and up. Do they really need a survey to find a clue?? omg - Clueless in Armonk-

Comment 04/06/14: To Observer: the EFK 2013 OSHA form says 3675 avg employees. -Anon2-
Comment 04/06/14: Perhaps we should take up a collection?
Study Finds BofA's Moynihan, IBM's Rometty Among Underpaid CEOs
"Another CEO who came in as slightly underpaid was IBM's Virginia Rometty. IBM is among a number of companies that have strived in recent years to closely tie performance to compensation. Rometty's going rate, according to Crystal, was $15.4 million, though she took home around 9.5 percent less." -anon-

Comment 04/06/14: One of the worst managed company. Moreover STG is handled worst. No plans for employee retention. They are putting all the resigned list into RA list. Don't know what they want to show to the world..Company speaks of Ethics, Trust and so on.. But doesn't live up to that... -Anonymous-
Comment 04/05/14: The idea of Lenovo buying IBM's server unit doesn't sit well with the FBI.
Not long ago, Lenovo announced its plans to buy IBM's low-end server business for $2.3 Billion / $1.69 Billion, but not everyone is as enthused
about the idea as the company itself. In fact, some US higher-ups are very worried.
Major infrastructure and telecommunication companies always need to subject themselves to close scrutiny by the government. After all, government agencies themselves rely on their services, both for carrying out their job and for doing so in a secure fashion. Many of IBM's servers are used by the Pentagon, the FBI and US telecoms, and it is experts from IBM that are often called in to deal with system failures, security issues and the like. After all, customer support is an integral part of such a company's business. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/05/14: He's probably wishing he didn't buy all that IBM stock.
"A new statistical analysis of Mr. Buffett?s long-term record at Berkshire Hathaway has just been done, for four of the last five years, Mr. Buffett has been doing worse than the typical, no-frills Standard & Poor?s 500-stock index fund ? so much worse that it's unlikely to be a matter of a string of bad luck. Mr. Buffett has begun to behave like an investor with no alpha at all." -anonymous-

Comment 04/05/14: I was RAd 3/31/14 but Brdged to retirement 11/30/14. In Florida, can I collect un-employment? Question is since this was not voluntary is un-employment available to me now? - RAd 2014-
Comment 04/05/14: 4th April 2013. Mr Justice Warren's judgement of IBM UK in the UK High Court of Justice. 700 UK IBMers left IBM as a result of pension changes (Project Waltz.) See
and -UK IBM retiree-

Comment 04/05/14: -SoontToGo- I was separated on July 15th 2013 and retired on August 1st 2013. The IBM Matching 401k for 2013 was deposited Sept 30th 2013, and included the 401k match from Jan 1st 2013 through July 15th 2013. My full 401k remains at Fidelity Investments. I don't have any reasons to move it elsewhere. -dja-
Comment 04/05/14: About East Fishkill: Once we see at least ONE RA related to the 300MM Fab then we will know... -FishFooled-
Comment 04/05/14: To -No_Respect_For_The_Individual-: When I finally told my family that I was retiring from IBM, because I was laid off, the reaction was"wow! I thought IBM was run better than that!". I had given them some insight into what was happening inside the company... info that I had not previously shared. I think IBM still has mindshare that it is a well run company, but we all know it's not the same company anymore, where decisions are made by the paper pushing accountants who know nothing about Technology, yet they are the ones who make technology decisions for IBM now. -Perceptions-
Comment 04/05/14: RA'd after 38 years. I was able to retire, but the timing was not mine. I need 2 more years of employment. Question about unemployment in Texas. Does anyone know, with the lump sum retirement from IBM, does that kill eligibility for unemployment checks in Texas? - ihateibm-
Comment 04/05/14: Pension ruling in UK
..."The Judge also concluded that the way in which IBM announced, consulted, and implemented the Project Waltz changes was in breach of its Imperial duty of good faith to its employees, and that IBM also breached its implied contractual duty of trust and confidence of its employees."
"The Judge has also found that the consultation process was not carried out in a way which was open and transparent and in accordance with IBM's own philosophy as set out in the Business Conduct Guidelines and Core Values to "avoid misrepresentation" and to engender "trust and personal responsibility in all relationships". He concluded that this constituted a breach of duty and of the consultation regulations. In particular, the business reasons for Project Waltz presented to employees were limited to the operational improvements and savings needed as part of the UKI Transformation, and did not make clear IBM Corporation's requirement for the UK to deliver pension savings as part of the IBM?s 2010 earnings per share roadmap."
Comment 04/05/14: To -In The Know-: I was RA'ed but was Retirement eligible. I live in Virginia and applied for unemployment benefits. Wasn't sure if it would go through or not, since I indicated that I have applied for pension distributions (new plan). Much to my surprise, I do qualify for 26 weeks of unemployment benefits, per the letter I got from the State of VA today. - Retired/RA'ed-
Comment 04/05/14: To -SoontToGo-: It took about 2.5 months to receive the match. My last day on the active payroll was 7/12 and I actually saw the match around Labor Day. No pun intended. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/05/14: The FAB sales may be the best thing for people still working in those areas. Having a company that would be willing to invest again in semiconductors would be refreshing, much like the way IBM invested in selling ASICs on the open market 20 years ago. -Still_Blue-
Comment 04/04/14: In order to get the magic $20 EPS, the latest rumor is that all technical sellers in SWG will go back on a leveraged pay plan for 2nd half. Mgmt is trying to sell this as a wonderful thing....think about all the extra money you will make. What they don't say is that quotas will be cranked up accordingly so most will make far less than their pay before. Given the mass firings, 401 match down to once a year, etc., there is no way IBM would increase their payroll costs. Sure, a select few will come out ahead, but 90% will lose in this "deal". Many I know are looking to get out now. This is all so pathetic.... - RoadKill_2015_Lives_Again-
Comment 04/04/14: Net body count for GBS Australia Q1 wa 550ish including RA's, voulantary leavers and the few hiring tickets. Q2 round is pending. And the pipeline looks poor worst I've seen in thr last few years. -Ozzie GBS Gal-
Comment 04/04/14: potential Sale of EFK: I thought you can start up a Biz in NY State and get a 10 year tax break. So why can't IBM work the deal? Shut down for a day reorg and then apply for the deal.. -FishFool-
Comment 04/04/14: For the reference to IBM managers requesting employees to not talking about pay. This is illegal see below. Provide the Alliance with details
In 2002 Vermont adopted an equal pay law,theEqualPayAct. Whodoesitapply to? Any employer, employment agency, labor organization, or any person seeking Vermont employees. What does it mean? It is illegal to pay wages to employees of one sex at a rate less than the rate paid to employees of the other sex for equal work that requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility under similar working conditions.
Employers cannot require employees to sign a wage non-disclosure agreement or make employees agree not to disclose their wages as a condition of employment. Employees are protected from discipline, discharge, or any retaliatory act for disclosing their own wage. In 2005 Vermont adopted a Wage Disclosure Law. What does it mean?
Employees can disclose and discuss their wages without fear of discipline, discharge, or retaliation.
Write Down What Happened. Were you offered a lower starting salary, or did you discover that you are being paid less than a co-worker? Were you disciplined or discharged because you disclosed your wage to a co-worker? Unequal pay also violates federal law.
Find Out How Others Have Been Treated At Your Workplace. Share information with co-workers on ways to improve pay, benefits, promotion opportunities, work schedules and other working conditions. Vermont's law is similar to the federal Equal Pay Act passed in 1963 which is enforced by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Vermont Attorney General's office notifies EEOC of complaints that involve the federal law.
Talk to Your Employer. Check your employee handbook for procedures for filing a grievance or resolving a problem. Put your complaint in writing.
Decide Whether to File A Charge. The Vermont Attorney General has the authority to investigate complaints of wage discrimination and to seek civil penalties and damages from employers who violate the equal pay law. Damages are usually double the individual's unpaid wages.
How Does The Equal Pay Law Work For You? Vermont employees have the right to equal pay for equal work.
Equal work means work that requires equal, but not identical, skill, effort, and responsibility, and is performed under similar working conditions. It is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against you for filing a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. Employees can be paid different wages when the difference is a result of:
* A seniority system;
* A merit system;
To file a complaint of wage discrimination, contact the Attorney General's Civil Rights Intake Unit: Pavilion Building, 109 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05609; (888) 746-9195 (VT only) or (802) 828-3657; or file online at
* A system in which earnings are based on quantity or quality of production; -Anonymous-

Comment 04/04/14: To "Soontogo" I retired effective 11/30/2013 (not part of RA, although I volunteered in 2012 and 2013), I received my matching 401K within 1 week, in fact before the normal 12/15 date and I still had my 401K with Fidelity, I transferred it out of IBM in late December -new2013retiree-
Comment 04/04/14: Maryland's governor blamed IBM and its software for the website's technical problems.
"We take responsibility for fixing this, and we'll see IBM in court," O'Malley said.
IBM said in a statement that it went beyond its contractual obligations to help Maryland meet enrollment goals and that state officials didn't properly manage the exchange.
Comment 04/04/14: Lenovo's bid for IBM server unit reportedly sparks national security concerns -Anon-
Comment 04/04/14: More cuts in Brazil today, Sales Transaction Support. Bid Manager roles being transitioned to GDCs. About 15 folks were cut this morning and more to come in the next months as more positions are being trained in Hortolandia center. -anon-
Comment 04/04/14: Thanks IBM for laying me off. It was tough in the beginning, but found my self in the process and understood my value is much higher then what IBM used to make plus got separation of course ;) -H1B laidoff-
Comment 04/04/14: Heard on a call this afternoon that there was a RA announced this morning that affected S&D where a number of Client Execs were affected that supported some large core accounts. -IBMer again-
Comment 04/04/14: Lenovo-IBM Deal Probed by U.S. Over Servers at Pentagon
Lenovo Group Ltd. must convince government officials that buying a server unit from International Business Machines Corp won't give China back-door access to U.S. secrets and infrastructure. -Anon-

Comment 04/04/14: "Received 1% salary TCR effective 4/1. After tax's breaking it down to a weekly amount, it barley covers the cost of coffee and a bagel per day."
Are you an Alliance member? If so great. If not, why not take your piddly TCR from generous IBM and join now? It is only $0.165 a day to join the Alliance as an associate member. And it costs only $0.493 a day to join as a full-time Alliance voting member. - IBMUnionYES-

Comment 04/04/14: Let me TRY TO understand something: Once you are RAed from IBM you no longer work for or are not employed with IBM. Period. So how can severance pay be considered any way close to earned pay (work for compensation, i.e. PAY in legal tender)? If IBM is going to report severance pay as "work income" then they have to again announce age and numbers of those getting severance pay during an RA or drive by!!! What is happening in this country and with the USA Congress who does next to nothing?? It is getting worse than absurd! God bless America. How about God PLEASE SAVE America! -IBM$ucks-
Comment 04/04/14: article on possible sale of IBM EF -anon-

Comment 04/04/14:
Report says IBM selling chip branch East Fishkill plant's future seems uncertain again -Anon-

Comment 04/04/14: Only IBM innovation left is how to do financial engineering to try to boost EPS at all cost. Is it also innovation how to wreck a corporation by these RAs? Haven't seen too many of those Smarter Planet campaign commercials lately. I guess those folks who say "I am an IBMer" can't say that anymore since they probably have been RAed... -IneffectiveBusinessMeanderings-
Comment 04/03/14: Kiss Burlington, Fishkill, good bye:
"Globalfoundries Inc. has emerged as the lead candidate to buy International Business Machines Corp.'s IBM -0.44% semiconductor manufacturing operations, people familiar with the matter said. IBM has also held talks with chip makers Intel Corp. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. these people said. TSMC has dropped out of the talks, the people said. Intel is still involved, but Globalfoundries appears to have a stronger interest, these people said. Talks between IBM and Globalfoundries are ongoing and a deal isn't imminent, these people said. The transaction involves thorny issues, including control of intellectual property and terms under which the ultimate buyer of the facilities may keep manufacturing chips for IBM computers, they added. Price is also another sticking point, with IBM initially asking for more than $2 billion and bidders coming in north of $1 billion, the people said." -Anon-

Comment 04/03/14: Question for retires in 2013 that left before Dec. When did you receive your 401K match, when you left, or in December like everyone else? Had you transferred your 401K out of Fidelity previously, if so how was the match handled? -SoontToGo-
Comment 04/03/14: Rumors that IBM will start reporting severence pay as salary in all states. Good luck with filing for unemployment if that is true. -In The Know-
Comment 04/03/14: Well sad to say Netbenefits does not let you run numbers for Pension since Iam no longer with the company/Retired as Ginny would put it. You now have to work with Fidelity who just wants you done with them. -Over55-
Comment 04/03/14: To Exodus-2007 - Maryland isn't the only state blaming IBM for healthcare site failures. Minnesota has blasted IBM as well. Way to go IBM...keep up the good work.. RA all the senior workers with experience, then let the junior-less experienced workers run the show. -dun-4-
Comment 04/03/14: I was wondering if anyone has heard of addition resource actions at IBM Canada this year for reg employees? -Anon-
Comment 04/03/14: @temp@ibm Received 1% salary TCR effective 4/1. After tax's breaking it down to a weekly amount, it barley covers the cost of coffee and a bagel per day. Looking at place in the salary range info, competitive? After years just off bottom end. Insulting to say the least. -Anon-
Comment 04/03/14: Well, some of us are in crap-hole areas of the company where it's nearly impossible to get better than a 2 these days, and we've seen our organizations offshore to 80%+ and seen many colleagues RA'ed over the last 5 years, so yeah, it's annoying to hear complaints about bonuses from areas of the company where the grass just happens to be greener by sheer LUCK. Your manager doesn't want you to talk about your bonus since it is the same as bragging about being a 1 performer, given that we all know only 1 performers are getting the bonus. Many of us have had years where we deserved a 1 but got a 2+ and years where we deserved a 2+ and got a 1. It's LUCK, about 90% of the time - right place, right time, opportunity, visibility, and LUCK. -Anon-
Comment 04/03/14: I've heard from a few folks that management has been saying the following. "at some point money is irrelevant, it's about the people you work with". What a bunch of BS. There's no money, ALL of the talent is leaving, and they treat us like $#!+... I don't see IBM recovering from this.... -Anonymous Coward-
Comment 04/02/14: Unfortunately this round is not over . The names of people in NY state left out because of the deal with the governor are being revised now. Once legal gives the ok those people will be Ra/fired like the rest of us. -Anon-
Comment 04/02/14: -da_facts- Actually, public perception about IBM is probably neutral bordering on unfavorable. While people may not see the rampant mismanagement we do, they're not seeing any distinguishing innovations either. Very little differentiates IBM from any other bloated corporation. -Ano Nymous-
Comment 04/02/14: Talking about bonuses on a "job cuts report" forum is much like Ginny saying she's forgoing her bonus. It's a punch in the gut for the RA'd people. There's allot of people on this forum who just lost their job. -No_Respect_For_The_Individual-
Comment 04/02/14: Don't talk about bonus or raises. Boy is that funny. A local manager has asked that the employees receiving a Top Contributor adjustment to not talk to other employees about it. They feel that talking about the top contributor pay raise would make moral even lower than it already is. Make any excuse you can to keep employees from talking to each other about what is wrong here. Yes, I got a top contributor adjustment and I AM A VERY PUBLIC MEMBER OF THE ALLIANCE. I am also very much aware that a few more of us will be tapped by the end of April. -Got Mine-
Comment 04/02/14: Maryland Governor blames IBM by name on Fox45 local news for Maryland's Healthcare website failure. Says we will see IBM in court. -Exodus2007-
Comment 04/02/14: To: -Jobless and now broke- As you'll see reading through the rest of the forum, you weren't really laid off - you were fired. Sorry. -Anon-
Comment 04/01/14: "All the people who the managers are scared of, get a raise so they don't go running off to second level"
Maybe. But more likely this is the scenario now: IBM Directors usually hold the budget so ultimately has to approve the raises. That IBM Director, if a male, is now playing golf somewhere since it is Spring and the country clubs are open. So generally forget about a raise being approved in time!
Comment 04/01/14: -Surreal feeling- Like lambs to the future slaughter... New Hire Orientation is New Hire Brainwashing except I don't think IBM can afford the new test flavor of their Kool-Aid! They have to use every last $0.001 to getting to EPS $20. - BigBlew-
Comment 04/01/14: IBM is still living off of the vast public perception that it is a stellar company to work for. Most of the public still believes it. The public largely doesn't even hear a peep of IBM layoffs in the USA. So the public still thinks IBM has a stable workforce where you can work a career there if you want. Nothing is farther than the truth. This IBM is far from your father or mother's IBM! Bad news with IBM is released and watered down in sanitized spin press releases. So IBM's good perception is still existing, though eroding slowly due to the younger souls now around. Once the perception is gone so will IBM. -da_facts-
Comment 04/01/14: To -Jobless and now broke- I guess you didn't believe us when you this forum told you: "RA = FIRED"! There is no plan to bring you back. -Huggie-
Comment 04/01/14: To -Surrealfeeling-. You have a group of new hires. I have not seen a new hire in our group in years. -stillatIBM-
Comment 04/01/14: Yesterday was my last Day at IBM Germany. It's a strength feeling. But I am not unhappy as the outlook for new jobs/opportunities are really bad. I've never understood the companiy strategy to reduce skilled people in major European contries while increasing it in Asia. Who is our customer? Regards, -WH-
Comment 04/01/14: I'm a z FTSS (or CTS) who was RA'd. I think IBM is making a mistake in believing that they can depend on Business Partners to sell IBM products for them. For years I've seen people in the field working hard to help sell BP proposals. In one account I am aware of (and I believe there are others) all the selling was done by IBM and the BP just took the order. Now with the co-sell model, more of the selling responsibilities will have to be performed by the BPs because the IBMers who back stopped them are no longer there, and the ones who are left are spread too thin to cover all the customers. And despite what IBM management might want to believe, the BPs follow the path of least resistance. If they are trying to sell IBM storage, and the customer is leaning towards a competitor, with no IBMer working with them and the customer, the BP will gladly and happily sell the competitive product. They have neither the time nor the inclination to invest the resources in a customer that it takes to convince them that IBM has the better product. -anonymous-
Comment 04/01/14: To -MarchRetire?- These folks didn't all retire on 3/31 of their own free will. They were RA'd and were either retirement eligible or were close enough to bridge to it. The fact is, they were RA'd. Calling it retirement is marginally better but I bet if you asked them in private, they would tell you they were RA'd... they were probably glad to get the severance and be gone, although it wasn't on a schedule of their choosing. -LowlySDM-
Comment 03/30/14: Today was my last day at IBM. As I was walking in for the last time, it was sort of strange seeing the weekly group of new hires lining up for New Hire Orientation. IBM doesn't want you unless you are paid a very low salary. Sales teams were swarming the building trying to close stuff for the quarter. Funny that for the other ~89 days of the quarter, you don't see them around, working with such a feverish pace. -Surreal feeling-
Comment 03/30/14: Here is a comment from about 2005 that was posted in one of Alliance's "Archive Visitors Comments" section. Looks like even upper management was not happy about what IBM was doing to its workers:
"As a third line manager in RTP with over 25 years of service with IBM, I find it unconscionable, that I am asked to stand before a group of employees and announce that we are creating a new career position for my operation and how exciting this is for all of us.
What isn't said outright is that there will only be a limited number of these positions open to the current population, and as soon as they are filled you can certainly count on the rest of what Corporate now considers the back office work will move to Brazil. When does all this stop? How long can we hide this from our customers as we have tried to do for the past year? I am afraid that Sam is going to box this company into a position that we will all regret in years to come. -Anonymous-
Editor's note: Alliance@IBM has no way of knowing whether or not these comments are actually from a 3rd level manager. However, our members and supporters have been making these same observations for some time. IBM needs to stop Offshoring...."
Comment 03/30/14: I applied for North Carolina unemployment about 2 weeks after I was laid off (July 2013). I received it for about 3 months and was then notified that I have to REPAY all (~$4K!). Before filing my first claim, I read/researched when I can apply and many sites state that since you didn't receive an ongoing check (just one all inclusive check for the 6 months), then you can claim benefits. When I contacted them, they told me I cannot claim that time because my check included those months. What's going on here? I'm reading more and more about IBMers being able to file claims immediately so are they discriminating against me? They will not budge on this so what do I do??? - ifeelcheated-
Comment 03/30/14: Just got laid off after only 9 months on the job, and when I received my severance checks, surprise surprise, they took out over 2000 because of the mobility package. When I signed the contract , it stated I would have to pay back if I quit or was fired, but they laid me off. Can anyone explain how they can legally do this? -Jobless and now broke-
Comment 03/30/14: "There is really no career planning progression to 90% of the workforce except for the execs."
AMEN! Stultification IBM style? We need a union contract with defined career paths and progressions. -IBMUnionYES-

Comment 03/30/14: "Why was I so gullible to not think the new plan would NOT give me the same or more money at retirement (unless perhaps if interest rates had skyrocketed."
YOU were not the only one hoodwinked by IBM! Well, IBM tried to "sell" the cash balance plan to just about EVERYONE as being a "cost neutral" conversion implementation meaning it didn't hurt the future retiree based on a 6% average yearly return on the cash balance account which IBM supposedly "front loaded". IBM also said they did not do it to save money originally and then said it saved about $200M in "administrative costs" by switching to a cash balance pension plan from the defined benefit plan. P.S. the YTD return for the cash balance plan is now only 1.1%... The formula is USA T-bill rate + 1% still. -da_facts-

Comment 03/30/14: I just had 3 very experienced guys in my dept. retire today on 3/31/2014. 1 seemed overjoyed while 2 others did not seem too happy about it. But I have no other information about it. I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on what IBM did here? Thanks. -MarchRetire?-
Comment 03/30/14: Folks are losing their jobs and people are complaining about bonuses. Alliance - why don't you create another forum so people can talk about their bonuses amongst themselves? After all, isn't this forum titled"Job Cuts Reports"? -No_Respect_For_The_Individual-
Alliance reply: We won't be creating any separate forums to talk about bonuses. We do agree with your point, though. However, it might be a way for IBMers to recognize what's more important for all IBMers' future: Organize first and then collectively bargain. Worry about bonuses last.

Comment 03/30/14: IBM can't even communicate details of an RA anymore. And now about the GDP situation: I can see effective COMMUNICATION IS NOT in Ms. Ginni's makeup. She has got to work on being clear to even appear articulate. And unless she gets effective communications crash course lessons right now the Stockholder's Meeting might be interesting to HEAR! I guess IBM HR communications staff suffers the same malady (whoever is left in Armonk for communications besides "Talking Head Doug Shelton"). -anon-
Comment 03/30/14: Corporate America's switch to private health-care exchanges could be a bigger deal than Obamacare. Are you ready for private health-insurance exchanges? Some of the biggest employers in the U.S. "AT&T, DuPont, General Electric, IBM, Time Warner, and Walgreens" have started to shift the management of health-care costs onto their employees. Increasingly, workers must use so-called private health-care exchanges, self-directed marketplaces in which they can select their coverage and pay for it via a contribution from their employer. While small and midsize companies have used such exchanges for years, the giants of Corporate America have only begun to embrace the model in the past year or so as health-care reform has taken hold. -Anon-
Comment 03/30/14: KJ: so IBM bleeds more $ with a "new bonus pay plan" design and implementation. No TDSP in this bonus; not surprised. Do all PBC 2+ qualify? How about those over their midpoint? -Curious-
Comment 03/30/14: I am quickly learning that IBM is not the great company I thought it was. Apparently it was at one time, but that time has passed years ago. It is not the leaders of today's version that brought it down, but rather the Board and the leaders combined over the years with the incentives that drive their success factors that have led to the company we see today. That is hard to reckon with as an employee because besides organizing there is nothing we can do as individuals. Holler and scream all you want at Ginni and her cronies, they are getting paid and congrats from the Board. In fact, they are successfully meeting the Board goals. Our choices - organize or quit. -Concerned IBMer-
Comment 03/30/14: I just wanted to clear up the apparent confusion regarding GDP and raises. There were NO GDP payments this year. The 1 performers will receive a bonus payment, similar to an award, which is why no TDSP option is available. The 1 and 2+ performers will get a pay raise, effective either last pay period in March or first pay period in April. -KJ-
Comment 03/30/14: While many complain about RA, PBCs, GDP, I believe there are even bigger lingering motivation issue with employees. Many of us are struck with same position for years, with managers failing to vacate their positions for decades (until they retire or die). There is really no career planning progression to 90% of the workforce except for the execs. I would say if you are in 30-49 years of age group, Career in IBM is really your career killer. Any alternative views? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/30/14: GDP is to only 1s not to 2+ and was paid on 3/31. Increase (TCR) is effective 4/1 and will show up on 4/15 for all 1s and some 2+s -temp@ibm-
Comment 03/30/14: -Over55- file now in NC and let that jerk NC governor who only gives you 20 weeks unemployment use tax money to have the NC DOL use a stamp and letter to notify you when you are allowed -TarHeeled-
Comment 03/30/14: To Over55, in North Carolina you should apply for unemployment as soon as you can after your last day at IBM. You might have to wait one week, but no longer than that. -under55-
Comment 03/30/14: To Resume Re-tooling Time - I was told I would get a small raise and also as a PBC1 I'm eligible for the GDP, but neither were in the 3/31 paycheck. I think someone said the GDP at least would be in 4/15, to keep it from affecting 1Q financials (but what will keep it from affecting 2Q, the way things are going??). -MoraleInTheToilet-
Comment 03/30/14: Only pbc1 get 6 percent. Pbc2+ do not get anything. Not GDP this year since there was no growth. Assuming that's why 401k deduction was not in it (ibm never matched bonus 401k contribution anyway as far as I know) -pbc1-
Comment 03/30/14: To JazzOrGlobal: They are also doing a lot of "staging around BTV" . People in Vt should be happy someone wants to buy the plant, it's old.. very old and as NPR said probably only has 5 or so good years left anyway. People in BTV should be positioning themselves for an exodus no matter who buys it if they are young enough to do so. I was let go in EFK a few years ago miss the fine workers and friends at IBM, but not IBM . Good luck BTV ! -John-
Comment 03/30/14: To RA'ed in California, you should apply the first work day after your last day of work at IBM. But, make sure that you do include your package dollar amount. It does not impact what your weekly unemployment will total. Also keep in mind that because our unemployment % is below the national average you are only eligible for 26 weeks of payment. You can apply for an extension but they are making peoples lives he ll in qualifying for it now. I was rejected for any extensions when I was RA'd in 2012. I had to appeal and go through hoops multiple times. -RA'd in 2012-
Comment 03/30/14: So, are some SSR's still supposed to be getting RA'd on Monday? Someone mentioned 3/31 as the date, but nothing since. Honestly don't see how we could ever make it with any less than we currently least in my group. -49R SSR-
Comment 03/29/14: Some PBC 2+ get a GDP this year? Really?! I thought Ginni said only PBC 1 get a GDF this year so what is the REAL STORY? Okay, GREAT, if PBC 2+ are eligible now...(?) So Ginni where is some for PBC 2 now then? IBM Management apologists better not be on this UNION forum! -JoePaycheck-
Comment 03/29/14: To -resume-re tooling-. So IBM is still giving the same BS that only one and twos are eligible for a raise. I will assure you Ginni will be getting her bonus and stock options. This farce will continue as long as there is no union. Join the union to stop this corrupt policy in reference to raises. -ANA-
Comment 03/29/14: @ResumeRe-toolingTime, Seriously? It was stated two months ago that only 1's would get any GDP. 2+'s get nadda, Nothing showed in pay stub received covering 3/16-3/31.
@screwed-again, It is not up to IBM to decide how any GDP is allocated. As an employee, YOU, are the one who makes the percentage selection. You are given the opportunity to change allocations via NetBenefits. -Anon-

Comment 03/29/14: Signs of the Burlington plant of being sold are as follows:
1)Global Foundries on site touring with executives.
2)TowerJazz on site, touring with executives.
3)No mention of 2014 PBC submission due on 3/28 in Burlington MFG and engineering.None.
4)Confirmed with colleagues in EFK that all PBC submissions were due Friday 3/28.
5) The fact that all Personal Business Commitments are due by the 1Q in all divisions of IBM is very very interesting.
Based on the ease of transition to an Israeli company, over Saudi's Global Foundries, the match of RF applications, the fact that TowerJazz will be able to corner the market, eliminate it's competitor, and would be in a position to be the #1 supplier of custom RF/SiGe,and CSOI applications (and IBM could get a better price) leads to a logical conclusion TowerJazz will be part of or owning the Burlington site in the near future.
In any event, IBM is selling this plant. It won't be long until we all know the new owners/partners. -JazzOrGlobal-

Comment 03/29/14: Who is behind the data collection from ?? Is this a management troll? -No Trolls please-
Alliance reply: This is not a management troll. We know who it is and discussed this with him.
It is a serious attempt to find out if workers are being blacklisted in RA's.

Comment 03/29/14: To Resume Re-tooling Time: I'm a 2+ and didn't get any increase in my 3/31 paycheck...Unless it is coming as a separate payment on Monday. I think we have heard 6% for PBC1's... that's the % for PBC 2+? -Where's my money-
Comment 03/29/14: Heard today that GDP and the salary increase will be in 3/31 paycheck. Only 1 and 2+ are eligible. And of those not all got an increase. Blamed missed numbers for the limited amount being paid out. IBM spends $Billion$ a year buying back stock - the money is there but just not for the troops who do the work. -Resume Re-tooling Time-
Comment 03/28/14: The OSHA form at Albany NANO was blank until this week. Average number of employees is listed at 151. I wonder if this board had something to do with the report suddenly being posted. -Albany NANO OHSA report-
Comment 03/28/14: So for those lucky few who are getting variable pay this year it appears there is a new name to this bogus bonus and none of it goes to 401K. Which means this bonus is getting taxed at close to 40%. -screwed-again-
Comment 03/28/14: When can we apply for unemployment in CA? Are we eligible on April 1st or after completion of accrued years of service pay? -RA'ed in Califonia-
Comment 03/28/14: Wegman's was rated top supermarket in USA again. Why? They state:
"We have always believed that if you meet the needs of your employees, they will in turn take care of your customers. That has been the central philosophy of this company for many years, and it has a proven track record of working."
Hear that Ginny? IBM used to believe in that. When it stopped, it started to eat itself alive. -jsb2b-

Comment 03/28/14: Alliance Question: what is the current status of the selling of Burlington site and several buildings in East Fishkill (310, 320, 321)? -no where else to work in this town-
Alliance reply: We don't know. Hearing the same rumors you are.

Comment 03/28/14: Can't get a job after being RA'd? Think you have been blacklisted? -Anon-

Comment 03/28/14: To -Afraid to take flyers-. I was one of those handing out flyers in Fishkill at the main gate and at gate 5. We watched the security cameras track us. I put flyers in the break room and sat at the table to talk. I WAS A FISHKILL EMPLOYEE at the time. I am still an IBM employee with 33 years in the company. I wear an Alliance lanyard for my badge. Most of the people I started with have been resourced and none of them ever went public if they were an Alliance supporter. As long as we are afraid of taking a stand we will get what we deserve. If they decide to RA me at least I can say I tried to help my fellow employees. I now mentor new hires to get their contacts in the industry, polish the resume and get out. -Still a Public member-
Comment 03/27/14: I am seeing a pattern here of PBC 3 performers being told they were "distracted". Who came up with this plan to use this particular word? Those of you who received the 3, what group are you in - e.g., STG, GBS, GTS? The quota for PBC 3s appears to have gone up this year - in some organizations more than others. Why? To encourage attrition? To avoid severance costs? It is a dirty move. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/27/14: Even if IBM makes their $20 EPS, no IBM resources other than IBM management will make their stated goals in their PBC since all employees are essentially "distracted resources", except maybe Watson which can cognitively keep making gourmet flavored IBM kool-aid for the distracted resources. -da_facts-
Comment 03/27/14: @Anonymous Coward. The ability to copy previous years data into one new PBC has been there for about ten years. -anon-
Comment 03/27/14: -concerned IBMer- Exempt employees can unionize. Most IBM non-management employees should qualify. I'm not well versed on the exact break point but generally management cannot unionize. For non-management there are some restrictions related to how much you control others work load and career but I don't know the details. -anonymous-retiree-
Comment 03/27/14: Comment 03/24/14: How many Persons with a disability(PWD) have been RA'd in the last couple of years or encouraged to go on disability after asking for accommodations? -Anonymous-
I am a PwD and while I was not RA'ed, I left of my own accord in 2011. I could tell I was targeted and I believe the expense of accommodation services I was using was probably one of the factors (but of course, we will never know for sure). There were two PwD's in my department and we were both gone by 2011. In hindsight, leaving was the best move I ever made because multiple people from my old department were RA'ed this time in 2013.
Comment 03/26/14: Look at the top 50 CEOs rated by their employees, Ginny why aren't you setting our company goals to make the list? Oh, wait $20 EPS is more important.
-Wrong priorities-
Comment 03/26/14: X86ers TUPE If you have a email outlining your in scope to move to Lenovo there us not much you can do It's a lockdown meaning you can't apply for jobs or take any severance packages Your IBM pension I Believe will be frozen on the day you become a Lenovo employee 1st Nov -Joe-
Comment 03/26/14: I'm not 100% About the 2 yr thing but I think I do know that your seniority will transfer over no issue ..... I know cause I was part of the first sale (thinkpad). -lenovo guy-
Comment 03/26/14: There are good sources at BTV claiming another layoff is coming soon. Good luck sounds like 300 + or - -Free@last-
Comment 03/26/14: Wow, so the PBC tool now asks if you want to copy the prior years goals for this year. That's should be blatantly obvious that it's a scam..... -Anonymous Coward-
Comment 03/26/14: I don't care about not getting a bonus (although they shouldn't be giving it to anyone). The bonus is for if we exceed the stated goals. I budget each year assuming I'll get nothing. The persistent lack of MBA or even cost of living / inflation annoys me more. The market is pretty hot, even if IBM isn't. That's why I quit for a ~20% bump in salary. -Moved on-
Comment 03/26/14: "anonymous", You are correct. Jobs can be at risk when trying to organize into a Union. That is especially true in a company like IBM that does not value the human resource. That drives some questions: The National Labor Relations Board typically oversees "serious" organizing efforts. One of their roles is to determine what categories of employee are 'eligible' to organize. Have we compiled a list of job categories or identified the type of employee that could organize? In other organizations the line is typically drawn between Exempt and Non-Exempt employees. But IBM seems to treat everyone as Exempt from overtime pay. Second question or offer, I am willing to do more than simply send money. People need to be protected so they can keep their homes and feed their families and at least exist on the lowest level of Maslow's Hierarchy, what can I do to help? -concerned IBMer-
Comment 03/26/14: In North Carolina when do you file for Unemployment? After 6 months or now. -Over55-
Comment 03/26/14: Can anyone who is affected by the x86 server sale to Lenovo reply to this question: I read that if you are offered a job with Lenovo, you must take it, else you must quit/retire and you can cannot work for Lenovo or IBM for 2 years. Is this true? And most importantly, if you transfer to Lenovo, what happens to your pension if you are on the old IBM pension plan? And what happens to your years of service, vacation days per year, etc. -x86ers-
Comment 03/26/14: To samtheman and Alliance: I was RA'd in 2013 as one of those 'distracted' workers. While I support a union you all have to understand why it's so hard to come forward and go public while working at IBM in support of a union, management does not need anymore ammunition to tag us for dismissal. I can only speak for IBM workers in the Hudson Valley, the IBM jobs we have provide a very generous salary that cannot be matched in many other places. We have lived here all our lives, bought homes, raised our families. This is why drawing unwelcome management attention in support of a union keeps us away?we are willing to keep taking it on the chin so we can afford to keep our homes and feed our families. I am in support of a union but am tired of the comments for being too 'weak' to unionize. I would have been willing to canvas the entire Poughkeepsie site to get folks to join, but can you guarantee that I won't come across that one employee who would go to my manager and blow the whistle on me? I will always put that paycheck first to support my family. I challenge any other older worker like myself who had 30-35+ years and was let go. How is life now? Can you survive on your pension in the Hudson Valley? Wish you still had your full-time paycheck? I was not weak but trying to survive. This is why back in the day when folks were on site handing out union fliers we were too afraid to take one for fear of being seen taking one by some snitch or manager. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: We're sorry for your job loss. There have been many IBMers that have lost their job, anyway, whether they were organizing openly, or not. Most every member that has done organizing inside IBM has risked their job. There just isn't any other way to gather people together and fight back. We DO understand your situation. We have several members that feel the same as you do. Those members have joined Alliance and paid dues and continue to send us information about what is going on in IBM; especially during mass firings. This is a tremendous help. If you can support us with a donation or a $5.00/month associate membership, that would help too. Thank you for your support.

Comment 03/26/14: The only INNOVATION left in IBM is how they report RAs! Now IBM leaves out the age of those RAed (to avoid age discrimination), position level/band (to show they are not going after eliminating specific skill sets or experienced people, see age discrimination) and numbers RAed (so they can RA 500 or more at a site and not report it as per WARN Act). -sad'n'true-
Comment 03/25/14: I was RA'd in 2002. Since then I have come to this site for information. There is a highly recognizable pattern prior to and following an RA. First fear and then outrage resulting. I silently endured a prior co-workers statement following their RA, "they got rid of valuable employees this time". That is the crux of the biscuit. Earlier RA's in my opinion produced more outrage, IBMers are becoming trained to accept annual or semi-annual RA's. -JoePal-
Comment 03/25/14: Page 78 of IBM's 2013 Annual Report shows that for 2013 IBM had a total revenue of $99.8 billion. And after expenses of taxes, development, research, interest, etc, IBM had a net income of $16.4 billion for 2013. So IBM now says that after making a profit of $16 billion, they can't afford to give contributing employees a bonus or raise? For those of you who have not joined the union yet because you are not sure what the union can do for you, let me ask you; how has not joining worked out for you? Please join now. Many people ask, when will there be a union vote; Keep in mind, IBM will hire union busters if there ever is a vote. Why not just join now? If everyone joined, we would not even need a vote and we would all be getting our bonuses this year. Stop complaining, reading these comments and doing Nothing! JUST JOIN. The IBM Annual Report can be found here: -JustJoin-
Comment 03/25/14: In response to Cassandra. It is just as well that IBM no longer offers insurance to those eligible for Medicare. Why? Because the IBM insurance is SECONDARY to Medicare.
Example: I was RA'ed last July. I immediately continued with COBRA, with the idea of signing up for Medicare immediately before COBRA coverage ended. Wrong move! I had a medical problem for which I tried to use my COBRA, and the claim was denied three times. I called IBM and they told me that I should have used Medicare, because IBM COBRA was "secondary". I said that I have not signed up yet for Medicare. They said that IBM ASSUMES that I had signed up for Medicare. Claim denied. Net result is that I paid for six months of COBRA and was never able to use it to file a claim. Best advice: if you worked for IBM sign up for Medicare as soon as you lose your job. Don't let them do it to you twice. -namecnassianer-

Comment 03/25/14: An Open Letter to IBM's Open Letter. Last week, IBM published an "open letter" about "government access to data," where it tried to assure its customers that it's not handing everything over to the NSA. Unfortunately, the letter leaves open more questions than it answers. -Anon-
Comment 03/25/14: The disbelief, anger, and the "why me, never seen it coming" of the recent RA seems to have cooled again...Why does this always seem to happen? If those left would be in disbelief and angry at their present situation and future uncertainty and refuse to resign to the sentiment of "woe is me" and organize, positive measures can happen! If anything the feelings should not cool, but those left around (this time) should not just cower and submit to IBM management but JOIN THE ALLIANCE NOW! -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 03/24/14: How many Persons with a disability(PWD) have been RA'd in the last couple of years or encouraged to go on disability after asking for accommodations? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/24/14: IBM India Battles Fraud Amid Scramble To Save Its $2.5B Airtel Contract IBM India Battles Fraud Amid Scramble To Save Its $2.5B Airtel Contract -Anon-

Comment 03/24/14: Another point for those RA'd to consider. When you turn 65, IBM forces you to Medicare for your primary health insurance. If your spouse is covered by you and younger than you, s/he will be dropped from the IBM plan along with you, but will be unable to be eligible for Medicare until s/he turns 65. -More Health Insurance Woes-
Comment 03/24/14: mar 31st, 2014 I am being laid off from IBM under the Broadridge Account. I beleive I am being singled out by my ex manager. Prior to working for IBM I was with ADP, never written up in 25 yrs, now 1 year/10 mths with IBM, I get 2 bad PBC ratings -Anonymous-
Comment 03/24/14: Any word on the TSS RAs? -Jacob-
Comment 03/24/14: A friend in Ottawa reports many farewell lunches in the weeks since the RA passed them by... presumably all people who hoped to leave with a package, but needed to leave in any case. (Ottawa was clobbered in the 2013 RA.) -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 03/23/14: Comment 03/20/14: A couple of months ago (2013) my manager, in a team meeting spoke about a new compensation package that was to begin in the new year. Has anyone heard another mention of it, or is that gone too, like our GDP. -GinniGinniWhy-
Ha!! You know as well as any of us that once something has been taken away by ibm, it never, ever returns.
-VT Woodchuck-
Comment 03/21/14: Look out folks, the RAs that were on hold pending the fab sale are back in plan now. Managers need to load names into the tool by March 26 and employees will be notified in mid-April. Big cuts for affected organizations, in the US and elsewhere. -RAed-
Comment 03/21/14: It is a little more complex who has the FHA than over 40 in 1999. I was over 40 in 1999 and am on the prior pension plan but I also have an FHA. My husband has the prior pension plan and no FHA. He is a few years older and a few more years with IBM. By the way that was the year the alliance saved my pension. I was cut from the prior pension for several months and then, I am sure due to the uproar from the alliance at that time, I was reinstated. Thank-you! -StillAtIBM-
Comment 03/21/14: To anonymous-Ant- if you had the old (Defined Benefit) pension you probably had the old medical plan too, not the FHA. No I have the old pension plan(monthly annuity) and FHA. When I go to the Fidelity website I can watch the lifetime balance drop by about 900./month!! lol..So it seems like there may have be changes to various retirement rules since I left. -ant-
Comment 03/21/14: I am a retiree since July of 2013. I was a GM, member of the I&VT for many years. I read the comments here, and while I will not debate them, I will say that not every senior leader is / was a money grabbing exec. In fact there were many that remembered old value and lived by them. Treated people with respect and fought for them, always. Pushed back on issues and ensured clients came first. Took the attitude that clients payed our salaries. Not all leaders are categorized as evil, in fact I know many good people remain. -tm-
Comment 03/21/14: New IBM compensation package for next year? LOL It'll be called IBM Pay Remix Plus! You'll all (exempt and non-exempt bands) get paid less since more of you hard earned paycheck with be at risk pay as determined by your PBC and IBM management subjective whims. -IttyBittyMachines-
Comment 03/21/14: I read this forum and everyone is discussing after the fact (RA'ed) and not looking at what organizing can do. Those still left will have to unionize or you'll be here making the same after the fact comments or complaints. -samtheman-
Comment 03/21/14: As IBM exists the hardware arena, let us pause a moment and remember RCA, GE, UNIVAC, Burroughs, Honeywell, DEC, CRAY, KODAK, XEROX, Motorola, HITACHI and most recently fading HP.
IBM essentially invented the role of the PC in businesses only to lose the market and sell the business. Once IBM led the industry in communications controllers . . . gone. Sent men to the moon and back safely . . . no matter, not enough profit in Federal Systems Division and feds too hard to deal with. Led the industry in retail POS systems . . . SOLD. Premiere provider of check processing systems and competitive in other banking hardware . . . checks were to be obsolete by 1990 . . . NOT. Have long history of leading data storage technology and solutions . . . IBM is now #3 and will likely lose more market share along with database licenses due to sell of a large part of the server business. Now some analysts are suggesting that the chip manufacturing business is next.
Comment 03/21/14: FYI, IBM no longer offers medical insurance to retirees who are eligible for Medicare (including people on disability). No prescription coverage, no Medigap supplemental medical policies, no dental, no vision. Some people get a annual HSA contribution from the company, but IBM has an arrangement with an outside insurance broker to sell us private insurance, and you only get the HSA if you buy a private insurance policy from that broker (even if you can find a cheaper price for an identical policy on the open market). There's a lot of discussion about these changes on the retiree comments page - the changes took effect in January 2014, and the broker was originally named Extend Health. I hadn't seen this mentioned explicitly on this page, and it sounds like this may be an unpleasant surprise for a number of people who are retiring in this RA. -Cassandra-
Comment 03/20/14: A couple of months ago (2013) my manager, in a team meeting spoke about a new compensation package that was to begin in the new year. Has anyone heard another mention of it, or is that gone too, like our GDP. -GinniGinniWhy-
Comment 03/20/14: Re: FHA - You can only use it to make payments for IBM defined insurance offerings. That means you can not use it for COBRA insurance IE Oxford. Keep up use by selecting IBM dental and or visual coverage. -Anon-
Comment 03/20/14: Regarding the site OSHA forms people are quoting...Can anyone tell me if the number on the form is the total number of employed people on the site (IBMers, supplementals, contract employees, workers for other companies like janitorial staff, cafeteria staff, etc., employees of companies who rent space, etc.) or if the number is just employees of the IBM corporation? -SoftKitty-
Comment 03/20/14: It's worse than you think on those who lost their FHA account due to ineligibility. If you don't make the eligibility rules IBM has set for your FHA account, not only do you forfeit the balance, but you also lose any opportunity to buy into IBM retiree health insurance, even with your own money! Sadly, this is a hard, cold fact in today's IBM. -FHA is Not Yours, It's IBM's-
Comment 03/20/14: "I think if you have 25 years or more, or are over 55 you automatically get the option to bridge." I had 25 years when I got RAed, my empty IBM Quarter Century book with no letters in it, a severance check 15% lighter since I was recently"pay remixed", and no notice from my IBM Director that I even existed, and no bridge. I was not yet 50 years old. -I'veBeenMaligned-
Comment 03/20/14: -Ant- if you had the old (Defined Benefit) pension you probably had the old medical plan too, not the FHA. You were born at the right time(!) (over 40 years old in 1999) since if you were born later you could have screwed into the cash balance plan (a legal connived pension heist) and FHA (basically a FUTURE HELL ACCOUNT that IBM reneged on lifetime retirement medical coverage that they promised all employees). To get the FHA you have to be 55 years old AND have at least 15 years of IBM employment or added bridge to retirement if you had a moral FLM to get it for you. I can't stress enough that IBM can take the FHA away at any time. Besides it is funded like with poker chips, not real $money$, a"notional" account. IBM think they only lose their job with an RA. They usually lose much more than they realize!!! -anonymous-
Comment 03/20/14: The OSHA form 300A dated 1/15/13 posted on the IBM Poughkeepsie bulletin board cites avg annual number of employees as 3750. -Observer-
Comment 03/20/14: Re: FHA account. All should be aware, as IBM does not tell this outright that you forfeit your FHA balance in total if you are without medical insurance after retirement for even one minute. This information is available on the Fidelity website but it is hidden in a 'library'. Most of Fidelity's admins do not know about this but when pressed will find out and show you where to see it on the site. Imagine your rage when you have been stripped of your FHA because of a hidden fact you had no reason to suspect. This applies to all retirees not just RA's employees. -Chris s/n823964-
Comment 03/20/14: I just saw the latest opinion survey results. It's interesting that they report the results of your department vs the"Best of IBM" and vs the "Industry." What they don't show is how larger organizations and/or IBM overall did. Obviously, the results are so bad that the company isn't willing to share the information. It's not much "news" if one department looks bad, but they don't want word leaking out that there is a pervasive morale problem. Apparently, our 1st line managers are supposed to fix this problem. Good luck with that, Ginny. -Ed M-
Comment 03/20/14: Ed - "Be Careful Out There" was correct. Your information packet is not a signed commitment - you don't get THAT until your exit interview (as your signing that you won't sue). If you read the packet, it's very clear that IBM CAN pull it back at any time before you leave. The reason doesn't have to be acceptable to the employee and continued employment doesn't even have to be in the same job, at the same level, or pay. Be VERY Careful. -Ed M-
Comment 03/20/14: There is a Supreme Court case pending to decide whether severance payments are subject to SS and Medicare taxes. The IRS (obviously) says Yes, but it's a question of whether the payments are effectively wages, or are they settlements. (They're subject to Income tax, either way). A decision is expected as early as June. For those being fired now, pay attention; for those in the past, you might need to file a refund request with the IRS if your amendment window is running out.
-Ed M-
Comment 03/20/14: IBM Mexico job cuts -anon-
Comment 03/20/14: -Dazed_&_Confused- As far as retirement medical coverage is concerned there are no legal protections if you do not have a contract. This means IBM can make as many arbitrary changes as they wish or cancel the coverage altogether. As this issue applies not to employees but retirees I think claiming age discrimination is impossible. Personally I would not be surprised to see IBM drop all retiree medical funding sooner than later. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 03/20/14: What is the current known country-wise count of RA'd employees? If that's not available, what is the total global RA'd count? -anon-
Alliance reply: Those numbers are still being counted.
Comment 03/19/14: FWIW, I had the same experience with the FHA. I was within 90 days of being eligible for the retirement bridge. My 1st line went forward with a legitimate business case to move my end date, which would still have been within the RA window. It was denied immediately. A co-worker will turn 54 with 30 yrs service within the RA window. She was also denied am extension to reach a retirement bridge. -FleetingHealthAccount-
Comment 03/19/14: Link on home page on RH side does not work. The link for "IBM not required to disclose age" does not work -Jon Doe-
Alliance reply: Thanks for letting us know. I discovered an "errant" character in the link 'string'. I fixed it and it worked correctly for me, afterward. I couldn't send you an email to thank you, so I posted your comment to say thanks. BTW.. We appreciate that you were visiting our front page. Many of our visitors just come to this forum/board and never see the rest of what we have to offer. Please "peruse" the whole web site, at your convenience. There is a lot of valuable information here.

Rick White
Treasurer, Organizer, IT Administrator
and Health & Safety Representative
CWA Local 1701
Twitter ID: @Allianceibm
Facebook: Allianceibm Cwa
Comment 03/19/14: To Dazed_&_Confused- I left via RA in 2009. I was 52. The"bridge to retirement" gave me 30 years service. I have the old pension and the FHA. I don't know if there have been any changes to the rules since "09. As of 2009, the Bridge, was automatic for anyone who was within 1 year of retirement eligibility. Whether that eligibility was reached by years of service OR age. -Ant-
Comment 03/19/14: Thanks for the comments. Still assessing next steps if any exist to preserve FHA. I think if there are many of us in a similar situation lodging a complaint w/ the department of labor won't hurt while getting some attention. Whether anything pans out or not is up in the air. At a minimum we can be on the offense and do what we can to put IBM in an uncomfortable position as they are us. I vaguely recall this in 1999 though thought 30yrs of service trumped all. FHA= 15 yrs of service& 55yrs old along w/ the Pension Old vs New Plan w/ those 40yrs old & 10yrs w/ IBM getting to choose plans.
I am in the group where in 1999 I was 37yrs old w/ 15yrs of service. So I was forced into the new plan (-$600K+ in value lost) even w/ more seniority then those w/ 40/10. So if IBM can change the rules then "it is what it is". The concern is if in changing the rules there is an "age bias" or "age discrimination" that would violate dept or labor law. Couple that with what I would call predatory "herding/culling" of older workers. Workers that cost them more in benefits & salary. Using PBCs in an unethical way to herd & cull older workers. Being "At Will" is one thing, though have they crossed a legal line? All we need is one 1st/2nd line to come clean w/ the process. Certainly they would want a clear conscience before ultimately meeting their maker.
Alliance reply: First, Age bias or discrimination is very hard to prove. It's been tried before with limited results. The legal costs are sometimes very high, too.
As far as the "Pension Heist" and the subsequent change by IBM Execs to allow 35,000 IBMers to get the choice between the "old" pension and the Cash Balance in 1999; If it wasn't for Alliance@IBM, that decision most likely would have never been made. Again, with "At Will Employment" comes the acceptance by the employee, of IBM's practices and rules. Could they have "crossed a legal line"? Maybe. But the best way for IBMers in the US to get guarantees with a contract is to organize. Unions consist of many workers and a company must bargain fairly, according to States' and Federal Labor law, and continue to abide by those laws as long as that contract is in force. Individuals fighting back alone or with just filing "class action" suits does not guarantee anything; much less making any IBM manager adopt a "clear conscience". Instead, fight back through organizing and encourage IBMers past and present to join Alliance@IBM. The comments here, that helped you, have been paid for by Alliance members' donations and dues. Please consider a donation or becoming an associate member. Thank you for your support!

Comment 03/19/14: -Dazed & Confused- are you calling a 1 year leave of absence what was actually a 1 year 'bridge' so that you could qualify for full retirement benefits when it comes to FHA, etc.? One of my team members received a 1 year bridge when he was RA'd to make him eligible. -RA'd IBMer-
Comment 03/19/14: To -MoraleInTheToilet- I was RA-ed in September 2013, and I was also offered the 1 year LOA/bridge to retirement. I think if you have 25 years or more, or are over 55 you automatically get the option to bridge. I'm not sure what it buys you if you are on one of the newer cash balance pension plans, but it does permanently put on your record that you went on LOA instead of being RA-ed. Maybe that helps if you are job seeking and don't want to say you were laid off. I dunno. -miss_understanding-
Comment 03/19/14: I am gonna have to disagree with -Be Careful Out There-. I have a signed separation document from IBM saying my last day is on 03/28. They can't just say the documents we signed is void and we will retract the RA offer entirely or fire you. All I have to do is work until 03/28. I have all the right not to sign another document and stick to that one I've already signed. -Ed-
Comment 03/19/14: "I received separation agreement my manager says I have to sign or not get my Sev Pay. The documents mentions age discrimination multiple times, will signing this hurt me later when dealing with IBM. Everything is in IBM's favor."
Yes, it is all in IBM's favor. Separation pay is given with the proviso that you will not sue IBM for wrongful anything. When I was a manager I had an employee who was fired for a drug issue. HR advised me to give him separation in return for the protection against a future lawsuit. If you think they're giving you "what they owe you" or doing something out of the kindness of their hearts, forget it. It's cheaper than defending against a lawsuit, that's all. -Research RA-

Comment 03/19/14: @Hope is Gone: they did away with "Respect for the Individual", so they can call you whatever names they want. We want names. Which execs have a limited vocabulary that consists mostly of 4 letter words? DOes anyone call the execs to the carpet for creating a hostile work environment? -WeWillSurvive-
Comment 03/19/14: I got out on LTD in 2001. I saw all this coming. I got hired in 1985 and worked what was called GTD. I am so grateful for my journey. I know it hard out there and I pray for all those in BTV who are still left. -Got Out-
Comment 03/19/14: to -Dazed_&_Confused- what is that about the "permitted 1yr leave of absence"? Does everyone have that ability if RA'd? I'm worried because I'm over 55, but only just hitting 14 years, so if RA'd I'd like to play that card to reach 15 years and be eligible for my Future Health Account, etc. -MoraleInTheToilet-
Comment 03/19/14: More cuts in Australia. Dozens going by March 31. IBM acts like it is going out of business.. clients are getting sick of having named resources in contracts RA'ed. Its like IBM doesn't want to be in this market anymore:
Amenities and perks have disappeared.
Stressed and worried bosses
Hushed meetings.
Departing staff aren't replaced.
Plunging stock price and bad press.
Risk taking is discouraged.
Salespeople are freaking out.
No pay rise.
The best people are leaving. Low morale. -Anon-

Comment 03/19/14: In BTV no promotions no bonus pay no raises BUT they spend 90K putting in new floor tiles in the lobby when the carpet that was there was fine very puzzling place we all are wondering why -puzzled-
Comment 03/18/14: To add to -sby_willie's- post, one doesn't want to have a vote w/o a strong majority support because if the vote fails, another election can't be held for an entire year. I recall hearing a case where, during that year, the company stripped most if not all of their employee's benefits. hmmmm.... Sounds to me like ibm's got it easy - their workers haven't even made it to the vote in 14 years while ibm continues to rip them off. -Dave-
Comment 03/18/14: "Is this not a form or age bias or age discrimination (to deny IBM retirement medical benefits)?"
Tough to prove in USA Court though sure sounds like it. Could it be IBM is not releasing the ages of those RAed because of this? 30 years employment in IBM does not make you eligible for all retirement benefits anymore in this IBM.
Comment 03/18/14: -Dazed_&_Confused-: This is FHA (Future Hell Account) for those that are not 55 years old when they are RAed from IBM. The Alliance has made this clear in the past that you need to be AT LEAST 55 years old AND (N.B. NOT OR!) have at least 15 years to qualify for the Future Health Account which is used to buy from notional funds retirement insurance from IBM. The similar thing happened for those who were 39 years old with 21 years of IBM employment that were forced to the cash balance pension in 1999. Those that were 40 years old with only 10 years of IBM employment got a choice between the traditional IBM defined benefits pension plan or cash pittance heist.. -da_facts-
Comment 03/18/14: -Dazed & Confused- Being an at will employee, IBM sets all the rules. These FHA rules have been documented since 1999. The time has long passed to start complaining now. It does amaze me how many IBMers don't understand the rules laid down by IBM long ago especially regarding the FHA. I always knew 2 milestones were very important. Age 55 with at least 15 yearswas first and 30 years was second. I am sorry to see this happen to you. Maybe if we had organized over the past 15 years it wouldn't be. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 03/18/14: -Dazed_&_Confused- I retired with 31 years and age 51 and am using my FHA and have access to IBM group plans once the FHA runs out. I am on the old pension plan but don't remember if that made a difference. The key was my 30 years of service which trumped the age/service requirement. Unless it has changed you should be eligible for the FHA at 30 years. Who is telling you that you are not eligible and why? If it is HR try another person or supervisor. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 03/18/14: Dazed & Confused: yes, it's a cruel joke along with the cash balance. You must be 55 yrs old and retirement eligible to receive the future health account dollars set aside. So, in addition to losing your hard earned traditional pension, you'll have no health care bennies. -Anon-
Comment 03/18/14: RAd in 2013 w/in less than a year of 30 yrs. Will be able to retire at 30yrs following the permitted 1yr leave of absence. At the 30yrs though I will be 52 and am told that I "..will forgo any/all access to the $25K+ funds on account already (set aside from age 40-50) along with participation in IBM Retiree Benefits at "group rates". How is IBM able to approve folks 55 (& over) w/ 15 yrs of service access to these funds and deny someone age 52 w/ 30 years of service from these benefits? Decision is purely age based not recognizing seniority.
Is this not a form or age bias or age discrimination? The 30 years used to be the "trump card" and still is to some extent for one to declare as "retirement eligible". Wondering if this is something that can be reported to the US Department of Labor?
Comment 03/18/14: To -Ed-, who is getting advice that he can't be forced to work an extra week to close the quarter...
Ed, I don't know if your adviser is an actual attorney, but you're getting bad information. While no one can force you to come to work, IBM CAN retract the RA offer entirely. They CAN schedule you to work that week. They CAN fire you "with cause" if you don't show up for work that week (meaning you get no RA package AND no Unemployment Ins). Even if you DO come to work that week, they CAN fire you anyway with no package. You have very few rights and an attorney should know better. Be careful.
-Be Careful Out There-
Alliance reply: Also extremely important for ALL IBMers to know: You are an "At Will Employee". See this page for more information re: At will Employment ->
Also remember that when IBM makes their own rules, IBM can break their own rules and there's little an employee can do about that; since the State or Federal Labor Dept. has no jurisdiction over company rules *unless* those company rules conflict with those labor laws.

Comment 03/18/14: UnionGuy is right. IBM management would want us to call a vote right now since we don't have a majority of signed (but names kept anonymous so IBM can't find out who signs) union cards to win the vote and get collective bargaining agreement at this moment. A failed, defeated union vote serves IBM management to their betterment. This ask for a vote has been done many times before on various boards and blogs by some union busters and IBM corporate apologists as a basic labor taunt. The Alliance will be ever patient, continue to organize, and wait for the right time when it comes for a vote. -sby_willie-
Alliance reply: While there certainly have been taunts by union busters, we also get serious questions about "the vote". Most do not understand the difficult process of getting a vote and the right to negotiate. We continue to educate and inform.

Comment 03/18/14: -Over55- maybe sign the RA separation agreement with your date of birth (DOB) after your signed name? just an idea.. -anonymous2-
Comment 03/18/14: To -da_facts- : You're correct about the GDP Holdback. I was with Big Blew the year they instituted this. We got no raises that year. (The beginning of the 'no raise for you this year shennigans), but we also didn't get the GDP, as it began the following year. So YES!!! That GDP crap is all a shame. It was a new way for IBM to keep your salary from increasing. If IBM gives someone a 5% GDP, that is a one-time thing. BUT... If you used that same 5% monies as a raise it now becomes the new baseline from which all future raises are based against. This was just another cost savings measure. I am always amazed that people are so happy with the GDP. That was part of your salary anyway. and IBM could say anything they want in order to take it away from you. -dun-4-
Comment 03/18/14: I received separation agreement my manager says I have to sign or not get my Sev Pay. The documents mentions age discrimination multiple times, will signing this hurt me later when dealing with IBM. Everything is in IBM's favor. -Over55-
Comment 03/18/14: "would it hurt to pull a vote ???" Strange as it sounds right now IBM management would want us to. Support, along with timing, is everything. As the Alliance has explained it is more than a voting process and CWA with the AFL/CIO would want to make sure Local 1701 gets certified as a collective bargaining unit. A vote could be called at 30% minimum signups/memberships I believe but ideally one doesn't call a vote until at least 50.01% card membership is met. If we lose the election then I believe we cannot set another vote for a few years even though we might have 100% signups by then. I also wish we had gotten the Employee Free Choice Act passed. That would make the cause easier for each of us and the Alliance! As you see it is a tough fight but one with patience and persistent is well worth winning! -UnionGuy-
Comment 03/18/14: -Boned_By_Blew-: very good observation! Basically the GDP was a pay "holdback": IBM kept part of your pay you already should have earned as "competitive pay" and then disburses it later in the next year. Not too many IBMers viewed the GDP as "performance based pay" since it was all based on the PBC process which is a just a budget target exercise by management to weed out and discourage workers: a terrible process and continued failed process instituted by Gerstner. Now IBM will do a holdback to it's supposedly best performers. That is not setting a good example! -da_facts-
Comment 03/17/14: Union campaigns begin to make a difference in Bangladesh...
Hmmmm... What a concept, eh? -BlueEyedBlindness-

Comment 03/17/14: I retired 2 years ago at 30 years, had more than enough of a company in decline. My wife still works at IBM and I thus get to hear what is still going on. And things are clearly far worse. I listen to calls with Executives using abusive profanity directed at employees and its clear to me that IBM has lost all that it once had. I wish I could suggest hope but unless something radical happens, IBM is on the road to doom. Great job, Rometty, a failure. -Hope Is Gone-
Comment 03/17/14: As an IBM stockholder I voted my shares today. I voted against the Executive Compensation Plan and several directors, including Ginni and a couple of directors who were CEO's of companies that filed for bankruptcy. I doubt my voteswill change anything, but it made me feel better. Does anyone know how or when the severance pay will be paid out? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/17/14: GDP payouts for PBC 1's are getting 6% as said by Ginni. Slap in the face to anyone who busted their rumps to get a 2+. This was a mistake by Ginni and IBM. It will end up costing them in the end. -bigblusea-
Comment 03/17/14: Here is what I sent management when the 401(k) holdback came out. I didn't send it to them, but I really wanted to:
Dear IBM:
Beginning January 1, 2013, I am changing the timing of my IBM "over and above effort and caring" from 24x7 to an annual contribution at the end of the year. The amount and quality of the work IBM receives - which makes my results among the best in the workforce - is not changing. I must be employed on December 15 of each year for IBM to receive my contribution for that year. For eligible projects, my effort and caring contribution will be deposited to the project on December 31, 2013 (and on the last business day of each subsequent year). IBM contributions to projects are not affected by these changes. In the event I choose to leave the company IBM will receive their effort and caring contribution on my last working day, based on the eligible effort and caring credit accumulated during that calendar year. -Anonymous-

Comment 03/17/14: Just got of the phone with my legal counselor to discuss the latest IBM offer to force me to work an extra week to close the quarter. I was offered a package 2 weeks ago and my last day of work was supposed to me 03/28/14. Now they want me to work an extra week "to close the quarter" or I won't get my severance pay. It is confirmed that IBM has no right to force anyone to work a single min extra. Unless you feel they are compensating you fairly for the extra time you lose finding another job. -Ed-
Comment 03/17/14: Flipping burgers is way more honest and respectable work than MANY of these executives do. Seriously. It's amazing what a false sense of their own value many of them have. How does one get so arrogant with nothing to show for it? Most are a bunch of frat boys who cheated their way through college and happen to be part of an exclusive network by luck and family connections. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/17/14: For all those fellow souls who were freed from this mentally abusive relationship aka IBM employment, be sure to make IBM pay you all that you have earned. Eg, if you were forced to not take all your vacation last year so as to support your customer IBMs policy is to have these excess vacation days be applied to the following year as immediately earned. Ie, you were forced to work on 2 vacation days in 2013 translates into Jan 1 2014 you have already earned two of your max vacation days. For someone like me who has been at IBM over 15 years this translates into 7 days of earned vacation by the end of March.
Unused/excess vacation
You may take your accrued vacation before you have earned it. However, vacation taken before it?s earned is considered a salary advance. If you separate from IBM before you earn the vacation you have taken, IBM will seek reimbursement for the value of the unearned days.
You're required to take all earned vacation each year. Vacation earned but not used is considered excess and will result in a reduction to the maximum number of new days you can earn the following year.
For example: In 2007, an employee uses 10 of 15 earned vacation days. As a result, the employee will retain the five unused days in 2008 but will earn only 10 new days instead of 15 in 2008, so the total is still 15 days.
Updated on 02 May 2012 -Anonymous-

Comment 03/17/14: Has anyone had difficulty finding a job after an RA action. Do you know your status in regards to your ability to return to IBM? Have you heard rumors of your status? Sorry to be cryptic, but with snoops out there, I am holding my ace -Toadstool-
Comment 03/17/14: "State-IBM jobs agreement forged in 2013, not 2014"
So if contractors were included in the IBM employee national job figure back in 2013 with NY State I never imagined an IBM PO (Purchase Order) is a job! That is all a contractor is to IBM. Nothing permanent, just fleeting, and basically unaccounted (able). RAs anyone? So the new 2014 has got to be the same. -da_facts-

Comment 03/17/14: Does anyone know if this is the first time GDP Payout has been nullified? I have been with IBM since 2004 and have received a meager distribution every year, until now. I might add that the amount that I received broke down to about $7.00 per hour, based on the mandatory 10% overtime rule that IBM imposes on their salaried"resources". I believe the new precedent for GDP payout going forward will be "1" performers only, and we all know how many "1's" there are. This is another, IBM takeaway ploy to cut costs for the Roadkill, similar to pay your own cell phone, pay your own home phone line, pay your own ISP, annual 401k matching contribution, annual increase in HC premiums, etc, etc. Yep, GDP is gone forever for the 2 & 2+ population. -Boned_By_Blew-
Comment 03/16/14: would it hurt to pull a vote ??? you might get more than you think if workers were insured it was in confidence. just thinking. -just vote-
Alliance reply: As we have said before, we can not just call for a vote. There is a process through the (Federal law) US labor department that must be followed. A lot of requirements; the main one being we have to prove, through signups, that there is sufficient interest in a union to call for a vote in an appropriate bargaining unit. No such sufficient interest exists anywhere inside IBM.

Comment 03/16/14: To: Chris s/n 823964, I could not agree with you more. I have been retired for several years. I did not have any problems. I have read the after the fact comments on this site as they pertain to unfair treatment. All have known these facts for a long time, and yet not many sign up. In the past I had concerns about unions, however now as I watch the practices of many large business's I must and have changed my perspective to organizing and unionizing. -ZioGiorgio-
Comment 03/16/14: GDP pay out in 2014: "That it would be paid around April 1st".
IBM will pay it out when it is convenient for them whenever that will be. If the PBC 1s get upset they have to wait and wait IBM doesn't give a rat$ a$$. Of course it will not be paid out this month since that would hurt the 1st QTR results with less profits.
Comment 03/16/14: Another blow to IBM's cloud plans. WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Navy is shifting large amounts of data to the Amazon Web Services cloud, and expects the move to produce huge savings.
"We are in the process of putting most of our public-facing data in an Amazon cloud service,"
said Terry Halvorsen, the Chief Information Officer of the Department of the Navy, in a keynote at Meritalk's Data Center Brainstorm event Thursday. Halvorsen said the move could save the Navy as much as 60 percent versus the cost of managing that data in its own data centers.
Comment 03/16/14: "Morale is at an alltime low at. Btv. Nigel, no raises, don't like your job, go flip burgers McDonald's. This from our site executive. -Joe-"
I recall Caddingan saying we could go stock shelves with milk at the nearest grocery store if we weren't happy in Essex. That sneering comment did no go over well with the crowd. A mob mentality was much closer than he could have ever imagined it -VT Woodchuck-

Comment 03/16/14: 75 RA in Bromont,Canada last week. -Anon-
Comment 03/15/14: To the PBC3s and the "distracted" -- OINKMONK has inserted "wiggle room" into the PBC rankings in the form of the following statement: "I understand that my management will assess me based on not only WHAT I achieved in my Business Goals above, but also on HOW I achieved them, as evidenced by professionally demonstrating: [blah, blah, blah]." Despite superior performance relative to that of other colleagues, management can invent a reason -- like "distracted" -- to hand you the PBC3 required by their PBC quota system. -Liberated-
Comment 03/15/14: -Joe- and -nwzimmer-: This site executive sounds eerily close to the same sentiment that king IBM scandal ex-Sr. VP Robert Moffatt told some IBMers: "..if I wanted loyalty I would get (hinting: hire or keep) a dog.."
Yes, these IBM executives are jerks. And they are playing you all as fools if you believe one word from them! -anonymous-
Comment 03/15/14: To -anon- who addressed me Yes. Of course. I will leave no stone unturned. That I put it up here. You saw it and so will many others. -DGC-
Comment 03/15/14: Just curious. How can the Alliance turn around IBM? How can you stop the layoff's, RA's? In EVERY union contract I have ever read (clearly to all) "management reserves the right to make decisions about workforce needs, the right to determine start and stop times as well as shift and workdays." How can the Alliance deal,with that power clause? -Questioning-
Alliance reply: Yes, the management rights clause is powerful, but the contract is a document that has input from the workers and management and then signed off on by both. The contract could have clauses that seek alternatives to job cuts. Lay offs could be temporary and workers called back. Overtime and use of contractors while regular employees get terminated would also be looked at.
The resource action process taking place at IBM is a mess. Workers are targeted for reasons not connected with their work performance or the state of their business unit.
Don't underestimate the power of an organized and mobilized workforce in bringing fairness, balance and sanity back into IBM.
Clearly IBM management is messing everything up.

Comment 03/14/14: To Anonymous - PBC 1. I have a 1 PBC rating also. My manager stated at a dept mtg that we would be receiving the 6% between 3/15 and 4/15. In a meeting a few days ago, she mentioned that I would be getting that money. So I think it's still coming. Although I won't turn it down it certainly doesn't mean anything to me either. -Disillusioned-
Comment 03/14/14: "Me thinks tho dost protest too much." or is it "Qui s'excuse, s'accuse?"
(Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp has not relinquished its customers' data to the U.S. government and would challenge any orders to do so, the company said in a blog post on Friday.
The post by the world's largest technology service provider is the latest backlash by a tech company against U.S. electronic surveillance practices, after published reports on Wednesday that alleged the government used websites to break into computers.
"IBM has not provided client data to the NSA or any other government agency under any surveillance program involving the bulk collection of content or metadata," Robert Weber, IBM's senior vice president of legal and regulatory affairs, wrote in the blog post.
"If the U.S. government were to serve a national security order on IBM to obtain data from an enterprise client and impose a gag order that prohibits IBM from notifying that client, IBM will take appropriate steps to challenge the gag order through judicial action or other means," Weber said. -Anon-
Comment 03/14/14: "Morale is at an all time low at. Btv. Nigel, no raises, don't like your job, go flip burgers McDonald's. This from our site executive." @Joe
WTF??? Do they really think IBM jobs are so good, and there's no other better companies out there?? What a joke! It's more like: "don't like you job? ok, quit IBM for a better job at a better company for better pay and more future growth".
Comment 03/14/14: If I recall IBM used wiggle room last year when they shifted the payroll increase date when they also said regarding GDP pay out in 2014. "That it would be paid around April 1st". -anon-
Comment 03/14/14: Took the package last summer voluntarily after 37 years. Body was pretty much broken and the mind not far behind. However, after a 9 months of retirement I find the anger diminished considerably and the sky is now clear. No one should believe for a minute that management at the first or second level enjoys doing IBM's bidding. They need jobs like anyone else and will do as told like any other abused, terrified minion. In private conversations any manager will tell you how disgusted and sick it makes them. They don't get paid to destroy lives. No, I am not a retired manager, only a lowly CE from NY/NJ. You guys need to stop fearing organizing. I know people that are even afraid to go to this website for fear of reprisals. Stop stooping. Stand up , pay your dues and fight a bit. Sign your name too it is much more effective than something as clever as 'anon'. IBM need to maintain a critical mass of employees in order to fulfill contracts and in many geographies will soon learn the people they counted on do not want to work given the prevailing conditions. It will be at this point that upper management may realize their arrogance and in some small way perform an act of contrition. As an afterthought, when you do retire, consider taking the lump sum because as things seem to be going, IBM may not be able to meet their pension commitments unless someone with a vision and guts takes the helm. Burning, slashing, and terrorizing won't cut it forever. Good luck to you all. -Chris s/n 823964-
Comment 03/14/14: >
"People who have received such undeserved 3 appraisals, unsupported by management, need to organize and report this to the media."
Oh, please. The corporate media doesn't care. Why would you think they care? They've slept through the dismantling of unions and middle-class jobs for decades, and you think they're going to sit up and change habits for some white-collar IT workers who feel they were given unfair assessments? No one else but you, and perhaps some of your fellow IBMers, cares. And judging by the lack of employees joining this union, not many of your fellows care either.
Alliance reply: It is true that the MSM does not seem too concerned enough to highlight the troubles of IBM workers in the US. However, Alliance@IBM's profile continues to become more prominent, globally and many media outlets, other than "main stream" are paying attention. There is also an increase in IBMers joining Alliance, lately. It's not a huge amount and it isn't enough to call for a vote; but the activity suggests hope, that IBMers are realizing that the only way to have their voice heard, and the best way to fight back, is to organize in a large group of IBM workers that will not be ignored any longer.
BTW.. Thank you for continuing to send comments to this board. We appreciate your long term support of our efforts to advocate and organize for IBM US workers, -irRational-, in a most rational way.

Comment 03/14/14: I 'work' for IBM to get a paycheck, nothing more, anymore. Resume has been sent out for months and if one day someone shows interest in a 'seasoned' IBMer, I'll become an exIBMer, gladly. To other IBMers.. Do NOT stay at IBM for the future, stay only for the present (paycheck). -Employee#12345-
Comment 03/14/14: -StorageDude- STG can still "sell" NetApp but rep wont get paid. Why bother? You ask the future of IBM Storage? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out... Maybe someone from the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering can help? It's only a matter of time before Storage is sold off to Lenovo. Not convinced? Look where the manufacturing if being shifted to... CHINA! -OutaHere!-
Comment 03/14/14: Well I guess it's official, no sign of the promised 6% for"Top Performers" - PBC 1. Don't really see the point of PBC at this point. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/14/14: I'm rating Mrs. Virginia Rometty-Nicosia: She is PBC 3. She is on a 60 day improvement plan and better not be "distracted"! -Warren's_friend_in_IBM_HR-
Comment 03/14/14: "Your commissions due would not be included in your severance package, but IBM must pay them!"
Thanks for the info. I hate IBM (I've Been Mislead)! I made hundreds of thousands last year for this company as a IBMer marketeer and then they RA me which is bad enough and now have me to grovel for my hard earned commissions? I'm taking a deep breath and then I am going after IBM for my hard earned work (my commission they (IBM)promised). This company is run by BLUE penny pinching rich devils! IBM is pure evil. PLEASE anyone on the fence, join the union before it is too late.
Comment 03/14/14: I believe the union-mgmt discussion to be an interesting and valuable one. The CWA 7777 "WhatAboutUnionDues" resource contained much information I had not fully considered. I wonder about the size/scope of effort(s) involved with IBM negotiations, however. Just the legal involvement(s) by themselves might approach 12+ months and literally millions of dollars in professional representation. Is it the intent that CWA 1701 would somehow front these expenses until such time as an agreement (with accompanying member-dues) was reached? Or that legal counsel retained might agree to some sort of multi-year contingency deal where they were fully compensated after successful settlement was achieved? These aren't reasons NOT to do something, merely front-loaded costs that should be factored into overall consideration. -SimpleMath-
Alliance reply: Before negotiations take place there needs to be a union election at the appropriate bargaining unit. Then a negotiating committee made up of employees and CWA staff hammer out a contract. These costs are bore by CWA national.

Comment 03/14/14: What's next IBM? Another incestuous stock buyback or another round of RAs before stockholder's meeting? I say both. LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD. -trexibmer-
Comment 03/14/14: Damning article in Fortune today.
FORTUNE -- For years, IBM (IBM) was that rare tech giant: beloved by investors despite sluggish revenue growth. That was because the company was as determined as it was clever about ratcheting up its earnings-per-share figure. But two years into Ginni Rometty's tenure as CEO, the company faces a double dilemma: Revenue is shrinking while the company is having trouble hitting its ambitious EPS targets. roadmap vowed $10 EPS by 2010 and reached that figure a year early. But this time some are wondering how the company will get there. Including IBM. In the company's annual report released this week, Rometty wrote in a letter to shareholders that "our performance did not meet our expectations" as revenue and operating income both declined in 2013. Yet IBM is determined to reach that $20 EPS goal in any way it can. Some analysts have suggested the company has so many levers to pull in driving earnings per share higher, like aggressive buybacks and layoffs, that the roadmap has lost relevance. IBM beat the Street's profit forecast last quarter, for example, largely because of lower taxes. This year, it will be aided by the $2.3 billion sale of its server business to Lenovo. -anonymous-

Comment 03/14/14: Keep in mind that the description for a PBC 2 does not mention anything about being relative to anyone else. If you're ranked lower than a 2, then ask your manager which part of the description below you failed to live up to:
2 Solid contributor
Consistently meets job responsibilities; is reliable in doing job; demonstrates appropriate level of knowledge, skill, effectiveness and initiative.
Comment 03/14/14: My PBC 3 rating was *far* more devastating than being RA'd. I could have stomached being let go with a good rating, accompanied by a reasonable description of shift in business priorities. But I will never forgive the bozo who told me I was "distracted" and not a significant contributor after a year in which I contributed more than in several years prior. What a pathetically cowardly way to accomplish what real leadership would with honesty and genuine good business conduct character. -the-king-of-distraction-
Comment 03/14/14: My sympathy goes out to all the affected IBM'ers during the latest RA's and thus, I thought I?d share my own story. After 15 years with the company, I left voluntarily in 2011 because I saw the writing on the wall - the yearly RA's, excessive focus on curbing employee cost, etc. And all this despite record company profits! By the end of my time, I just didn't want to be part of it anymore. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. As echoed in previous comments, you can do better after IBM- better salary, work/life balance, opportunities, and just having more fun when you work at places where people don't just see you as a number (or a Green Dot!). I know its scary - it was for me, but now I wonder why I didn't leave earlier!
To those who want to stay at IBM, I hope you can play a part in making it a great American company again. But in my opinion, that will never happen due to current mgmt. obsession with pleasing Wall Street. The only way to turn it around is for the employees to 'take the company back'. And that cannot happen without an organized effort. In the past, there was no need to organize. Mgmt 'could' still screw you, but they didn't because of company culture(respect for the individual, etc). Now, the culture has clearly changed and not only 'can' they screw you, but they are doing it every year. There needs to be check and balance and the Alliance appears to be the only group setup to organize and provide a voice for workers to have a say in the direction of the company and the welfare of its employees.
Finally, I will admit ? I viewed this site for years but never contributed. I was always on the fence about the Alliance, but looking back, I realize, it was the only way to get a good source of information, especially when you work from home. So, please accept my donation as a small re-payment for all those years of keeping me informed. And keep fighting the good fight!
Comment 03/14/14: Word has it that sales rep on STG and S&D are not being credited for nSeries products anymore. Is that true? What does it says about IBM-NetApp relationship and the future of IBM Storage? Is this part of IBM strategy to get rid of mid-size storage business as well? -StorageDude-
Comment 03/14/14: PBC means nothing to IBM management. It is all determine by headcount at the beginning of the year for the number of RA in a given department. Age is the major consideration
for RAs. Without a union IBM will continue this age discrimination practice. Join the union. -ANA-

Comment 03/14/14: If we did go union how much are union dues?? This seems to be a big issue with people I talk with -unhappy @BTV-
Alliance reply: Please review this PDF file for an explanation regarding union dues:

Comment 03/14/14: Morale is at an alltime low at. Btv. Nigel, no raises, don't like your job, go flip burgers McDonald's. This from our site executive. -Joe-
Comment 03/14/14: Except from the 2013 annual report: "Secondly, even with these additional capabilities, the company recognizes that the size of the Power platform will not return to prior revenue levels. The company will take action by right-sizing the business for the demand characteristics it expects." -Dropping the M-
Comment 03/14/14: Documents: State-IBM jobs agreement forged in 2013, not 2014.
The agreement between IBM and the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering calling on the company to retain 3,100 jobs in New York through 2016 was signed last June.
But Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not announce the deal until Feb. 24, just days before IBM announced sweeping layoffs companywide. The job cuts were widely rumored to be in the works and were expected to hit IBM?s facilities in the Hudson Valley, but never materialized following Cuomo's announcement.
"It is extremely odd that it was inked in June but announced in February," said Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, R-Fishkill, whose district includes residents employed at IBM's facilities in Dutchess County. "That is very strange to me."
The agreement requires IBM to retain 2,350 jobs in the Capital Region, East Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, Yorktown Heights and Utica, along with a net increase of 750 jobs. The job commitments from IBM were tied to a $55 million state investment announced the same day between IBM and the state for the company to add 500 jobs in Buffalo at the Buffalo IT Innovation and Commercialization Hub. That agreement was signed in September and IBM so far is the only tenant at the hub.
"The job agreement was contingent on the nano deal in Buffalo," said Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi in an email. "The Buffalo agreement was signed in September, but had to be approved by IBM's board. The announcement was made when the deal was final."
Comment 03/14/14: To DGC, if you and the other Indian employees feel that strongly about it, you should take it up directly with your government. That might actually achieve something. I fail to understand how complaining about it here would compel the Indian government to take any action. -anon-
Comment 03/13/14: Managers are being FORCED to give a quota of PBC 3 appraisals. This is wrong since a PBC 3 carries an implication of poor performance and even results in a performance improvement plan and possible termination without severance. It is a damning appraisal, regardless of what BS you're told. IBM is avoiding severance packages (and hoping to encourage attrition) through the PBC 3 quotas, and it is absolutely unethical and unfair. People who have received such undeserved 3 appraisals, unsupported by management, need to organize and report this to the media. I've shared IBM's scheme with friends in IT outside of IBM, and they are shocked that IBM has stooped to this slimy level of unethical behavior. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/13/14: Year after year people come here and complain about their PBC yet do nothing to fight it. A union contract would change how this evaluation works. Why do you all just moan and not do anything? Why do you just put up with the abuse? It boggles the mind. -anon-
Alliance reply: Alliance agrees with you. Our mission has been to organize IBM US workers AND to be an advocate for them. IBM US workers have no other options to STOP the abuse by IBM. IBM will continue to abuse their own workers until the workers decide to stand up and fight. That can't come too soon, from our view.

Comment 03/13/14: To -Liberated- fighting pbc3, I went from 2+ for many years, got new manager for two months downgraded me to a 2 and then the next year to a 3, that after 35 years. This year back to a 2, it does not matter what they rate you at. No raise, no variable pay bonus, a 4 and a 2 look exactly the same, and it's all bogus anyway. It doesn't matter how good you are, they rate you according to your butt kissing ability. -pbc3b4-
Comment 03/13/14: To -market_this_IBM- : Your commissions due would not be included in your severance package, but IBM must pay them! When I left IBM on my own last year, it took two months but IBM did finally pay all commissions owed to me. Document what you are owed and send an email with those details to your manager, for documentation in case the commissions aren't paid. I kept detailed records of my revenue numbers, just in case there was a problem with my commissions. -FreeFromIBM-
Comment 03/13/14: To Anonymous' comment on 3/13/14 about fighting a PBC 3?....You may as well try fighting it you have nothing left to lose at this point..I was a 2+ and was mysteriously "distracted" to a 3 rating..and laid-off 9/2013. I was actually bullied at work by a team lead who systematically character assassinated me. My first line knew, my second line knew, HR knew "it was a mess, no one cared". This is IBM. Fighting the 3 at least made me feel like I went out fighting, but the closure some people are seeking I do not think will ever come when you are let go after 38 years of exemplary service, you never get over how IBM has treated you when you gave them so much of your life.. -ANONYMOUS-
Alliance reply: This is why Alliance has been fighting for and trying to get US IBMers to organize, so that having a contract proactively sets the rules by which any IBM employee would be let go.
Comment 03/13/14: Re: fighting PBC 3: My manager also told me he was forced to give me the 3. I wasn't going to fight it (waste of time) but I did include some very pithy comments when I signed it (at the very last minute, might as well make the manager squirm). That was a Friday afternoon. On Sunday afternoon my 2nd line had sent me an email and scheduled a 1-1 so I got my open door anyway. He seemed surprised to hear that my manager told me he was forced to give the 3 to me specifically. He "said" he would investigate but the number didn't get changed. He told me that it was "relative contribution" not whether or not I was a good employee and it should not affect my future. Oh, really? If I try to get a different job in IBM, there is NO manager that is going to even consider hiring me after seeing that 3! I didn't get tagged for the RA this time so now I'm in for another few months of trying to pretend that I actually care about this job... because if I get another 3 they will use it to reduce the severance that I've EARNED. p*ss on you, IBM! -BoulderAnon-
Comment 03/13/14: Job cuts in Bromont - Canada today ! Another sad day for ibmers. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/12/14: @hmmmmm PBCs -- are (alas) alive and well - my manager has said that first drafts must be in the system by March 31. -15yearsandcounting-
Comment 03/12/14: One year no TCR and 3 months of stolen MBA, this year no GDP... I can not imagine any other company having such highhanded performance compensation. Well, the lucky side of the story is that Q1 performance will be driven by our "motivation". :o) -Oliverro-
Comment 03/12/14: The RA plan has not been thought out well. An example is the ISC RA where all level 6 US based AR CSR's have been offshored to Mexico or Amalgamanted collection agency. The offer at Amalgamated is $35K annual with no benefits. Taking this offer would not violate the package and RA payments would still be made. Most if not all current IBMERs in AR are not taking this as it is more than insulting. Due to this, those remaining have no direction or understanding of what will be expected of them moving forward. It's mid March with quarter close. IBM's cash position will suffer and may never recover. We used to take pride in our cash collection teams - no more! Others are being asked to mentor their peers in Mexico. Reminds me of an old western movie - two men, one with a shovel, the other with a gun. Clearly the man with the shovel is digging his own grave. Ridiculous! -Really?-
Comment 03/12/14: Indian government and labor laws should revoke IBMs license to operate and slap a huge penalty for violation of labour laws. Those still sitting on their backsides and being rewarded for their faliures are "Aunty" head or tail of the company, a joker who is called head of comm sector. Got this role because his predessor fled to join a client where he is reduced to a glorified postman. And a few band 10s whom heaven knows how they got into IBM in the first place.. oh actually they came in through influence of the chap who left. All in all a shit company inside and outside. To all the CTO, CFO and other stakeholders of companies out there that have engaged IBM. If you believe you will get quality service. Think again. Terminate your SO and take charge before IBM screws you all over. -DGC-
Comment 03/12/14: -dun-4- I started my management career back in the early 80's and as a 08 at the time was given a few stock options. This continued yearly until the mid 90's . I would also work with my management team and provide my high performers with stock options as long as I could. After 2000 I hadn't heard of any options given to the lower bands. So it was done in the past. -lastdino1-
Comment 03/12/14: this is not a right time to work in IBM. Only safe business is sterling commerce. People are safe there, they r enjoying the personal life without going to office and without taking the transfer. no one is asking about them. Good job IBM. Keep it up. Who all are working you hv given the peanuts and other are enjoying. best of luck. Now good people will leave the IBM. Now you will having only avg people. -abc-
Comment 03/12/14: Anyone had any luck successfully applying for an open internal position after being RA'd? -PBC2-
Have you read the comments in the comment section, and/or the Archived comments from other visitors yet? Have you taken a look at the many features of the Alliance@IBM web site in the "Menu" section and searched for some answers BEFORE you sent your comment? The Alliance@IBM web site provides many answers to questions that have already been asked and answered by Alliance staff, members and former visitors, in the past.

Comment 03/11/14: I am a band 9 that was RAed. I received stock options about 10 years ago. As far as those shares of stock that we are suppose to get in 2015, Ginni got about 70,000 shares a $0 on Feb 1!!!!! Do the math... 13000 x 7 shares..Yeah the execs got no pay increase, but they have secretly lined their greedy pockets with no cost shares. Explain that one Ginni!!!! Such a hypocrite -Well-
Comment 03/11/14: I don't have high long term prospects for a company whose management is loathed by its employees. When your employees call you pigs, it cannot be good long term. I might be wrong. I recall TJ Watson Jr. loved his people and they him. Have you ever read his quotes? Current management is a 180 degree turn from his style. -TJ-

Comment 03/11/14: Another set of layoffs coming on 14th march... attention: brazilian ibmers!!! share here any updates! -lindomar-
Comment 03/11/14: Why I'm Still Blue On Big Blue. IBM continues to underperform the market, despite funneling cash flow into buybacks and dividends. Its software business has grown into a mess of revenue streams and moving the needle via acquisitions is becoming less of a reality. Big Blue continues to lose market share in databases, app server software and process automation, and it trades at a valuation that's already generous. Over the last couple of years, IBM (IBM) shares have notably underperformed, declining while the market has grown. Investors have been disappointed by the fall in revenues, with the short-term outlook being less than exciting. The nature of its business has been changing quickly and it is attempting to downplay its now low margin hardware business, while focusing more on higher margin businesses, such as software and the cloud. Management has been doing its best to create value for investors by paying out a majority of its cash flow via dividend payments and share buybacks. I'd argue that the quality of its earnings is questionable as earnings growth has been driven by tax rates and share buybacks rather than genuine revenue growth. -Anon-

Comment 03/11/14: To -dun-4- Yes it is true about band 8 and 9s and even lower receiving stock options. This happened a few years back with a group of relatively new starters and was meant as an incentive to keep them. Unfortunately (?) I missed out too. -OnThinIce-
Comment 03/11/14: We have to stand up (not behind) those in IBM China that lost their IBM job in IBM China for standing up to IBM abuses! Show some solidarity! Some way, some how. Let's do it NOW! This is a GLOBAL problem with IBM! -IBM UnionYES-
Comment 03/11/14: This Big IBM Bet Doesn't Deserve a Pass
Despite persistent revenue declines over the past couple of years, the Street has always had a love-affair with IBM. Even though management has wasted well over $16 billion in acquisitions the past couple of year in search of growth, none has been found.
Although IBM produces strong cash flow and above-average return on equity, the stock has lost roughly 20% of its value in the past nine months. Investors have demanded better. Recently, CEO Ginni Rometty insisted that the company is not exiting hardware. Yet this affirmation comes on the heels of IBM's decision to sell the x86 computer server business to Lenovo.
Sure, IBM did well in the deal, which secured $2.3 billion. I will credit Rometty for successfully monetizing a business the company no longer cared to pursue. But cash has never been the issue for this company. The problem has been growth. And the server business was a strong profit producer.
The Street has applauded the decision. But that's only because it comes with 25% reduction in IBM's workforce, most of which will be shed from the company's hardware division. When has that ever been good news? The company called it "rebalancing its workforce" so that it can better focus on its new priorities including analytics, cloud and cognitive computing.
Comment 03/11/14: Why doesn't my RA package reflect age distribution detail anymore - isn't this a reqmt under OWBPA? -Anita Job-
Alliance reply: This has been discussed quite a bit in this comment section as well as in articles on our main page.
Clearly IBM is suppressing and hiding not just age date, but numbers cut and their divisions.

Comment 03/11/14: To Anon: What are you talking about? Band 8 and 9s getting stock options. I've been working here for 29 years and NEVER received any sort of perk such as stock options. The only think I got was that 1k in stock (which every other peon in the company received on the centennial anniversary of IBM). I do not think I will ever see those stocks as I am anticipating being RA-ed before that date. Those stocks were just another carrot dangled in front of all the ibmers, but will never be seen. Did anyone thing what happens to the stock options if you are RA-ed before maturity? I am willing to bet that the executives will receive those stock options as another bonus for a good job. Just wait and see - those stocks that you think you are getting will be lining the executives pockets soon enough, and the ibmers across the globe, will be filing unemployment claims instead! IBM gives one thing with one hand and takes two away with the other hand. REMEMBER THAT! -dun-4-
Comment 03/11/14: -Everyone and their dog is a Vice President!- When Gerstner was hired I had nine levels of management. By the time he retired I was down to five. When I retired in 2010 there were eleven. The only thing I can come up with is the current batch of executives watched"This is Spinal Tap" one too many times and hire Nigel Tufnel as their management consultant. For thos unaware Nigel had his amps silk screened to go to eleven which is one louder than ten. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 03/11/14:
Top executives gave up annual bonuses, and IBM announced layoffs for the first time in 10 years. Rometty reaffirmed IBM's goal of $20 a share in adjusted earnings by 2015,up from $11.67 in 2010. First layoff in 10 years??? What was the thousands of IBMers in USA let go in 2009? Or the ones let go from last year? That was not a layoff??? LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD.
Comment 03/11/14: Lenovo to inherit half-empty IBM factory as workers quit Lenovo will inherit a half-empty Chinese factory as part of its planned $2.3bn acquisition of IBM's low-end server business, according to striking workers at the facility and a labour lawyer who said more than half of them had decided to take severance. Their decision to leave came after IBM fired as many as 20 workers who objected to the terms of their transfer to the Chinese computer company, which announced in January that it would buy out the US tech company's x86 server business. -Anon-
Comment 03/11/14: IBM is spending, but is it enough to buy the cloud? Summary: Big Blue appears set on a dual strategy to offload hardware businesses as quickly as possible, while snapping up software and cloud companies with equal speed.
Comment 03/11/14: -Anonymous- you don't get a financial statement if that is what you are expecting. You just get the package statement about "X weeks of pay for every 6 mos of service". You can calculate what that dollar amount is yourself. You will receive a separate check for unused vacation. The "X weeks of pay for previous years Service" is deemed a "settlement", rather than an advance on pay. That means it will be taxed somewhat differently than is your pay, and I think you need to make arrangements on taxes associated with the payments - either IBM will withhold the tax, or you may have to make the tax payments to state/feds yourself. Check with your accountant on this.
You continue to have health insurance coverage from IBM per their statement about subsidized coverage based on years of service BUT you have to pay IBM directly for that coverage. They will bill you, and you send in a check. You can call Employee Services to find out what that monthly charge will be. After your eligibility for subsidized coverage ends you can continue purchasing insurance from IBM at the unsubsidized rate. (By the way - your Dental insurance is not subsidized after separation. You have to pay the unsubsidized rate for that immediately upon separation. Also - if you are contributing to a Health Care Reimbursement Account - you can only apply charges for expenses incurred prior to separation. You cannot use that account for post-separation expenses).
This is something you need to check on right away. If you don't have access to a health insurance plan adviser, I urge you to immediately check in with the provided placement firm (Right Management??) and ask for a referral to the health insurance advisory firm. It may be the case that you should drop IBM's subsidized coverage and enroll in a new plan immediately. Otherwise, at the end of your subsidized coverage you will be unable to join a new plan and you will be locked into paying the unsubsidized IBM rate.
Comment 03/11/14: In a non Lenovo impacted division. It's almost middle of March and we've not received any exhortations from management to groups and departments about doing our 2014 PBC? PBC's gone bye bye? -Hmmm-
Comment 03/11/14: "Bands 8 and 9 give them just enough stock options to shut their mouths."
Partly true, but not toally. But you overall point is well taken, One of 700!. Some got stock options if they were hired during the internet bubble but most don't get them at all, maybe unless they are management. Band 8 and 9 and especially 10 usually are more politically astute, have some folks that look out for them (in middle management sure helps), and know how the IBM elephant operates. BUT it doesn't stop them getting RAed. In fact, they are probably now "caught in the middle" and are real targets due to their salary costs. LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD -Anon-

Comment 03/11/14:

Ten workers reportedly sacked in IBM China strike Summary: Workers continue to press for higher compensation as protests go into their ninth day over the IBM-Lenovo server deal. -Terminator-

Comment 03/11/14: IBM fires striking workers in China. Lenovo says - not our problem. In a statement on Monday, Lenovo pointed out that it still hasn't taken over the relevant business "regulatory hurdles still stand in the way" and therefore "the strike at the IBM server factory in Shenzhen is the internal matter for IBM.?"
"To ensure a smooth transition Lenovo is committed to provide opportunity for all employees from IBM?s x86 server department who transfer to Lenovo, without any reduction of their wages and benefits" the Chinese manufacturer insisted.
However, the 5-day-old strike continues. Per Reuters' analysis, this is partly the result of a growing labor shortage in China, which is "emboldening" workers to stand up for their rights - and no doubt spurring on manufacturing outfits like Foxconn to cozy up to Google for its nascent factory-automating robotics efforts.
Workers at a nearby Nokia plant also downed tools last November, in protest at the terms of the sale of Nokia's handset business to Microsoft.
IBM itself isn't budging. According to a Tuesday report in the Shanghai Daily, the company has fired 20 of the protestors for "disobeying company orders, absence without leave and gathering together during work times."
Comment 03/10/14: Cloud, Big Data, Analytics "we are not exiting hardware". Hmmmm..... no more outsourcing? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/10/14: "IBM bets the farm on big data in annual report"
IBM betting the farm on big data and cloud is chasing the market. IBM should be leading innovation. Unfortunately IBM big data is just repackaged version of open source offerings. There are better, more creative competitors that innovate - HortonWorks/Cloudera/MapR with fire in their bellies. IBM overprices and sells to unsuspecting customers for 90% margins. This is not sustainable. As for cloud: Amazon innovates and drives costs down. It passes the savings on to customers. IBM drives cost down for itself by employing third world labour but charges first world prices to customer and keeps difference. This profit is not reinvested back into its employees but is likely divided and distributed to shareholders and management.
IBM will not survive long with employees that seem to distrust and despise management and is paralysed in fear of being made redundant and lied to. IBM also lacks founder's drive and fire. Watson's are long gone and have been replaced with management with no vision and is likely busy enriching themselves. Only a whole sale management change will work. These are only my opinions and is not that of IBM. -tg-

Comment 03/10/14: IBM's silence on numbers of job cuts speaks volumes. Their refusal to release numbers and the amount of highly read news articles shows that the Alliance has a voice. IBM is cutting it's loses, basically they bet on a horse in kentucky Derby, lost, then had a meeting and the decision was to cut more meat and bone off to make the vehicle lighter, with no clue they are no longer cutting fat. At this point after 7 quarters of reduced revenue and many statements about cloud and analytics which they are woefully behind on and overpriced in the market. They will continue to fail. Bleeding? Cut off the bleeding leg, so now how will you stand? The executives cashing in shares shows they are packing their golden parachutes. hey, if I was an executive on a sinking ship, I'd be kicking off stowage to line my boat. IBM is quickly becoming the "texas Instruments" Glad I was laid off when I was, anyone still staying, , no raises, no bonus, PBC numbers artificially lowered to meet their expectations. You deserve better than that. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/10/14: I looked at my so-called Report to chain in Blue Pages, and noticed that there are 11 levels between me and Big Grandma. Assuming each manager manages 10 people, there are more employees in IBM than the planet's population!
I also saw that there are about 5 "Vice Presidents" in the Report to chain. A VP reporting to a VP, who in turn reports to another VP and so on.. Talk about Smarter Planet, would you now, Ginny? Why do you need so many Vice Presidents? If you cannot clearly provide a job title, you most certainly cannot justify their existence in the company, so why not get rid of some of those Vice Presidents instead of the Band 6-10 employees?
-Everyone and their dog is a Vice President!-
Comment 03/10/14: One of 700 is 100% correct. -Anon-
Comment 03/10/14: "You do realize that the sole reason for a public company to exist is to return value to its stockholders?"
That is the current business theory that a lot of corporate finance types subscribe to, but it's only partly true. A business needs to do something that customers think is worth spending their money on. They need to have employees who care about what the company does so they can make the best products. It's a three-legged stool - no one leg is more important than the other. Unfortunately, the stockholder-value fetish is driving companies to make bad decisions about their employees. I was RA'd in 2011 and am so glad to be out of that crappy environment. I'm now working at a company that understands this. If you're unhappy either change your environment or get out. Don't wait for them to push you out. -Ex-Research RA-

Comment 03/10/14: From the IBM Essex Junction/Burlington site legal posting board. OSHA ?Summary of Work Related Injuries? form for year 2013: Annual average number of employees = 3,731 dated 1/14/2014 -IBMnumbers-
Comment 03/10/14: In the last week IBM has been promoting its Master the Mainframe championship. I have seen many IBM generated PR pieces on this topic. So, IBM wants college students to invest in the mainframe but, at the same time, is divesting itself of these same skills. Of course, college students will never pick up on the hypocrisy of IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/10/14: IBM bets the farm on big data in annual report Hardware and chip research stay, servers and storage 'shift' to Linux and pastures new. IBM is utterly focused on big data and analytics as its future growth engines, according to its annual report published over the weekend. But the company has hedged a little on the future of its semiconductor and hardware businesses.
“But let me be clear—we are not exiting hardware,”
Rometty adds. "IBM will remain a leader in high-performance and high-end systems, storage and cognitive computing, and we will continue to invest in R&D for advanced semiconductor technology.”
Just what is meant by continuing to invest in semiconductors isn't explained, which may keep eyebrows raised after recent rumours suggested Big Blue would offload its chip business. The phrase "continue to invest" does not rule out a sale and ongoing joint research engagement. -Anon-

Comment 03/10/14: I agree with Anonymous. IBM does not want to employ you. They are not addressing or fixing issues. And they couldn't care less about you. The greedy execs have been very successful in breaking up IBM into segmented groups. Bands 1-7 let them eat cake. Bands 8 and 9 give them just enough stock options to shut their mouths. 1st and 2nd line Managers do as Executive Management tells you no matter how offensive or morally wrong it might be. Executive Management is Gordon Gecko on Steroids. Greed is good and anything that gets in the way just bull doze it. 5 year planning LOL. 32 years with company , took the transition program, couldn't stomach the company anymore. Good luck to all that are left. Good god what are you waiting for. UNIONIZE!!! -One of 700-
Comment 03/09/14: To -IBMPIGS- Although the exec's sell off their stock and direct buy backs there is nothing illegal about it . Maybe unethical but then again there is no ethics in the business world. So they will continue to do this as long as it is legal. -lastdino1-
Comment 03/09/14: -IBMpigs- I don't disagree with what you are saying, and I think the leaders of IBM have lost their minds personally, but I was just responding to a prior post that said IBM should stop listening to shareholders and just worry about customers and employees. Just putting things in perspective. So far the market has put up with IBM leaders because they are giving them a return. But they are doing it by self cannibalization.... eating itself. Eventually it will run out of self to eat and will be left as a hull of what once was. Then the house of cards will fall and the shareholders will sell. -GotOutIn13-
Comment 03/09/14: Jobs are being cut also in Europe, it is not only in the US. India and China employees are being let go too. In few weeks, I will be finally gone from the place I used to love so much. After 6.5 years. There is no future there. -snowbunny-
Comment 03/09/14: I got RA'ed March 31st. I got my packet from IBM and the separation agreement paper. but. No where did the list my severance pay or when i will receive it. Does any one have any information on how this procedure works. Please I need to know. My wife is very ill. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/09/14: OSHA requires all employers to list accidents at each work location every year. IBM is required to do this for its work sites too. At IBM Rochester this OSHA accident notice is placed on the wall by the cafeteria entrance. The OSHA form also lists total number of workers employed at the work site. For IBM Rochester the 2013 form says 3,200 workers. To find out US employment counts someone at each IBM US location should post the number of workers. I am sure after the RA the number will be less. I will look for the 2014 notice and post the results here. -Anonymous-active employee-
Comment 03/09/14: "The 'good' news is that this isn't about outsourcing to .."
It does not matter to me where they are outsourcing; outsourcing is bad to the US job market. Americans are struggling to find jobs to feed their families. -john-

Comment 03/09/14: Reuters has reported this today, but it is about what happened earlier this month. Great article. I didn't see it put here, so take a look:
It seems that the Chinese are upset with more companies than just IBM... -IBM_workers_unite!-

Comment 03/09/14: What will the future IBM look like and how will it effect current employees and investors. Cloud services will replace most if not all current standalone HW and SW offerings. Financial services to fund HW and SW will disappear because cloud services are ongoing annuities that do not require financing. Cloud apps like big data and Watson will increase and be a service like cloud itself but at a premium rates. Current mainframes, Power, etc will be replaced with commodity platform specific cloud services. Outsourcing of datacenter operations will not be needed anymore due to the nature of the cloud.
Consulting will realign to providing cloud and how to migrate to it from current data center models taking the best of both models with private and hybrid cloud service models.
So the future IBM will only have three main silos; cloud services, consulting, and cloud apps all mostly commodity prices with little opportunity for differentiation other than cloud apps.
Of the current 400k + IBM headcount do you think will be required. If you go through the current headcount by silo you will see its much less than 100k at best. For investors its mostly commodity services with little room for previous IBM high margin differentiation.
No matter if you are an employee or investor the future of IBM is bleak to say the least and full of RAs and more financial disappointments that 2014 will provide a glimpse of that future...
Comment 03/09/14: I was RA'd at nearly 40 years. I had my time and it was time to go. But what still pisses my off is how Management just delivered the RA notice and made no effort to thank me for my years of service and my dedicated effort. Nope, you're just expendable, give me your badge. I now hope IBM sinks to oblivion. Worst management in corporate history. I am ashamed that I ever was associated with this company. Will never admit to working there. -IBM Management Sucks-
Comment 03/08/14: The 'good' news is that this isn't about outsourcing to India this time. They are getting slashed and burned too. Maybe their jobs are being outsourced to .... China? If it's cheaper it must be better right? Quality isn't important, until the customers wake up -anonymous-
Comment 03/08/14: "You do realize that the sole reason for a public company to exist is to return value to its stockholders?"
Sure I do! But when IBM executives that are SEC insiders can become multimillionaire shareholders themselves and the decisions they make are self serving and incestuous does not lead at all times to the best interests of ALL stockholders, individual and institutional.
There was a sound reason why Watson Sr. and Jr. did not go over the top with stock grants to themselves or executive team ('..we don't want to look like pigs..').
You cannot tell me all these IBM executives who get stock options and stock awards today don't have vital financial and business information that can swing shareholder prices. When they authorize a stock buyback they become even more pig greedy rich themselves. One can wonder if they always have the best interest of the corporation at heart based on a merry-go-round of RAs and business direction.
So if IBM's BOD and executives don't return value to the shareholder who will truly be blamed and who will lose out the most? -IBMpigs-
Comment 03/08/14: According to the NC employment security commission you can receive your benefits (max $350 per week) before your severance runs out if you are taking a course from an institution of higher learning. NC has 19 weeks of unemployment and does not participate in the federal extension of benefits. Does anyone know what the total number of those laid off in the March round? -GAR-
Comment 03/08/14: Yes, when times are good, IBM will continue to outsource and RA, and when times are bad, they will accelerate the effort to outsource and RA. There is no escape for the American IBMer. The resulting toxic and demoralizing working environment is a deliberate act by IBM to encourage attrition. They do not want to employ us here. If you are feeling unwanted, it's because you absolutely are unwanted. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/07/14: STG Storage Techline laid off at least 7 specialists from the US & Canadian team. Roughly 50% of the team so far. -anon-
Comment 03/07/14: "but because of IBM global downsizing (basically outsourcing my job to India"
Yes this is the main problem outsourcing of jobs, it has nothing to do with performance as my manager said -John-

Comment 03/07/14: -Gone in '98- You do realize that the sole reason for a public company to exist is to return value to its stockholders? If they could get a better return in some other investment, their would be no company. Now most investors are in for the long term, and for that reason they care greatly about the management of the company, treatment of employees and customers. You can't keep generating return the way IBM is proceeding so eventually the stockholders will pull away. For a private company, this isn't an issue, and this is why Michael Dell wanted to take Dell private. -GotOutIn13-
Comment 03/07/14: -Anonymous- asked "Can I request/demand an RA package?" There is no mechanism for you to demand an RA, no matter how many years you've been at IBM. You can ask your manager for an RA (that's what worked for me) but the response varies with each manager; and even if your manager does agree, you might have to wait years for the next RA to hit your group. -Gorya-
Comment 03/07/14: 30 year guy I talked to an old co-worker last week who had 39 years. He said he went to his manager back in late Jan. and told him he would save a co-worker if they would RA him so he could retire. They gave him the RA package last week and he is happy and gone. It can be done if you have a good relationship with your manager. PBC 2+ employee -lastdino1-
Comment 03/07/14: @ -Anonymous-. You can get RA'ed if you try hard enough, but not by demanding it. Rather, you have to become a burden to IBM for sufficiently long time (4-5 months). Don't know what your position is, but if you're measured by utilization then maintaining it close to 0% throughout should work. What you're talking about is a voluntary redundancy and you need to a strong union to get that in US. -RA'ed-
Comment 03/07/14: Hearing about more voluntary departures following this RA.
"I can't continue to generate work knowing that we no longer have the team to execute that work. Makes my efforts meaningless. Time for me to go." -15yrsandcounting-

Comment 03/07/14: To -Gone in '98- ....You wondered why companies like IBM are catering to large shareholders. The answer is easy when you think about it in the right light. Employees cater to customers; EXECUTIVES cater to large shareholders. Why? Because they ARE large shareholders. If you take note of all the posts about executives selling 0-basis shares of stock, you'll realize how much they have at stake in pumping up the stock so they can dump it before the market realizes they've cannibalized the product line. -Gone in '14-
Comment 03/07/14: -Linuxguru-: I still wonder how many thousands have been RAed due to IBM managements bad decisions and indecisions. Add OS/2 for operating system software which was very glaring. There was also some program offerings and IBM IUO packages that were darn good too that never saw real light of day. Windows NT 3.1 was a joke compared to OS/2 server unless you loved to see the BSOD often. OS/2 would run on most x86 and microchannels (e.g. IBM 8595's) And then IBM totally mismarketed OS/2 Warp under Gerstner as well as all of the PS/2 line and Microsoft and Apple made out great and as the late great Paul Harvey used to say "And now you know the rest of the story!" -sby_willie-
Comment 03/07/14: "I have over 30 years with IBM. Can I request/demand an RA package?"
Negotiate with this IBM? LOL! You have no labor contract with them. IBM calls all the shots. You are also an "at will" employee.
If you try I bet management with force retirement on you meaning you get no severance. Why would IBM want to RA you now if they have to pay you more (give you severance when retirement eligible in IBM's jaundiced eyes)?! That is their sick logic. There is no logic why you might have survived when others have been RAed, but usually if you are salary or pay budget friendly (meaning low, low paid in the salary band) you have a better "longevity" with IBM. It is all what IBM gets out of you. And what they can keep from giving you! Work your 8 hours only, no more. Do less strenuous, intensive and highly visible work, and only what is assigned. This approach might make you more RA eligible. But then again who knows with this IBM? Do Join the Alliance if you haven't already maybe someday with a contract you could negotiate an equitable exit package.
Comment 03/07/14: When I was RA'd in 2009 IN NC, I was able to collect unemployment immediately, even with the 6 mos. severance package. I just had to take a class or some type of education. -NC-
Comment 03/07/14: What is amazing is all of these big companies like IBM catering to the big share holders. They are not customers , nor are they employees. They remind me of vultures that hang around until the meat is gone and move unto something else. They do not care about the companies future, only the current price of stock. IBM executives all fit into this category. When IBM is beyond a point of no return because of their actins, they will move on to something/somewhere else with all the money they stole. -Gone in '98-
Comment 03/07/14: I have over 30 years with IBM. Can I request/demand an RA package? Has anybody been able to force IBM to give them an RA package? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Good luck with that strategy. Check out this board's earlier posts--even the archives. You'll get plenty of advice from RA'ed IBMers on whether "demanding" to be RA'ed is a good idea.

Comment 03/07/14: Kudos to our IBM brothers and sisters in China! We stand united with you in your quest for fair treatment and better working conditions! If IBM disciplines or fires just ONE of these workers who peacefully demonstrated IBM should be brought to justice. -IBMUnionYES-
Alliance reply: There has been some critical comments about Chinese workers, Indian workers and others since the job cuts started a few weeks ago. Chinese workers and other offshore workers didn't "take" our jobs.
These jobs were sent by corporate executives who saw a way to make bigger bucks for themselves and stockholders. These workers are in the same boat as American workers or worse. They are not the enemy.
We are all being used as pawns to further corporate wealth that does not trickle down to working people .

Comment 03/07/14: IBM today, management sucks.. Me, me , me.. I, I , I. Brag, Brag, Brag, empty vessels make the most noise.... -Anon-
Comment 03/07/14: This grand plan may backfire. In my area the word is out that SSR's are targeted for March 31. We have had 5 people with tons of experience and talent quit in the last week. I am from a small state and there are only 4 SSR's left in the state. Customers will suffer. Get the word out to your customers. Hit IBM where it hurts, in the pocket book. Talk to co-workers. We need a huge push right now to get membership in the Alliance to surge. That, more than anything else, will open the eyes of management. The only concern in IBM is for shareholders. Customers are not valued. Much like employees, or resources, are not valued. Maybe IBM would be happier without either customers or employees. It might make that magic $20 EPS target a little tough to get to. It seems senior management is just interested in raping a pillaging the company. They will sell their " free " stock and run. Leaving this company in ruins. You can't run a successful company and have it's employees loathe it and it's management. It just won't work. Unite my friends. Join the Alliance!!! IBM- I've been misled.... -Anonymous-
Comment 03/07/14: @-Gone- and others. Curious, has there ever been a breakdown of RA's by gender? Second, the number of nearly 400K employees keeps being bandied about by the Corporate shill Doug Shelton. While IBM may"employ" that figure, that does not mean they are "employees". Five years ago there were over 100K contractors, vendors, supplemental's counted in the mix, today that number has more than doubled to over 250K. IBM's actual "employee' headcount, ones that they issue W2's or equivalent, make 401K payments, etc is significantly less. To illustrate, a construction site can "employ" thousands of workers, the construction company itself actually has only a few hundred"employees". -Numbers Game-
Comment 03/07/14: "IBM hardware X, P and Z are some of the best designed in the world including systems software."
I have to second that - I last worked for IBM in 1997, and it was a privilege to work with the really competent engineers who developed old-style IBM hardware and system SW. PowerPC was a technical standout, and the reasons it didn't win against x86 are mostly due to bad decisions by IBM management over the years. It has created immense value and wealth for other companies who managed it better, like Apple. The real pity is that this time around, there isn't anything of that calibre that can save IBM.
Alliance reply: The PowerPC "miss" was one of many ridiculously dumb moves that IBM management mangled into a mess or shelved like a piece of forgotten technology. RISC comes to mind, and so does Micro-Channel technology. There are others. Many former IBM engineers still marvel in disgust at IBM's ability to balk and freeze with the technology opportunities that were theirs to take. It is said that IBM could just not get used to the idea that "Consumer Machines" and software could be just as lucrative as "Business Machines", in the global economy that IBM itself, wanted to "lead".... "We're 'International Business Machines'
not 'International Consumer Machines' !!!!" <smh>

Comment 03/06/14: Reading the recent comments ilustrates the conundrum that is IBM, - such potential......missed. Senior leadership is so focused on the short term ePS that they are missing the greatness. Watson is phenominal....but we are losing the great minds. Software acquisitions are best of breed, but we do not focus on integrating each of these stellar companies into the IBM solution. Result, acquisition money wasted. Worst of all.....the human on wants to work at IBM anymore. Great potential ---- lost. Very sad to watch. -Concerned IBMer-
Comment 03/06/14: Heard San Jose swg Tivoli started today. 60 days notice. -More-
Comment 03/06/14: I quit two days ago amid the RA's and despite management begging me to stay....why did i go?? Well I think most people are prepared to put up with a lot of crap in a sales role, but two weeks ago I and a few colleagues were told that 'a decision had been made' to change how our 2013 commission would work which effectively halved what IBM OWES ME in commission and leaving some colleagues owing back to IBM. unethical and due to dumb arse management. I never worked at such a company before loathed by emloyees and begrudging customers. 2.5 years wasted but glad to be emancipated. Dont trust any commitment from IBM, their 'values' (ha ha) mean absolutely nothing when it comes to screwing employees and customers.... Truly a disgusting and morally retarded organization! -Happilygone-
Comment 03/06/14: Boeing Will Freeze 68,000 Nonunion Workers? Pensions by 2016
Boeing Co. (BA), the world's largest planemaker, will freeze pensions for 68,000 nonunion employees and executives, shifting benefit payments to a 401(k)-style plan, as it works to cut costs. The change will take effect Jan. 1, 2016, the Chicago-based company said today in a statement. Employees will be able to keep any accruals already made to their pensions provided on Boeing?s defined benefit plan as the company shifts payments to a defined contribution plan. Employees hired since 2009 and new members of 28 unions are already on this plan. Boeing is curbing pension expenses that, at $3.45 billion over the last 12 months, are the third-highest among large U.S. corporations, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. General Electric Co.'s (GE) $5.05 billion expense was the largest, followed by Exxon Mobil Corps' $3.73 billion. Boeing aims to provide workers with an "attractive" benefit, "while also assuring our competitiveness by curbing the unsustainable growth of our long-term pension liability," Tony Parasida, the company's senior vice president of human resources and administration, said in the statement. -anonymous-

Comment 03/06/14: You can see that TJ Watson JR. is long gone. "No subject occupies more executive time at IBM than the well-being of our employees and their families." -TJ-
Comment 03/06/14: IBM is spending money promoting a lunch wagon? Seriously Do you plan to be there Martha Stewart like wearing an apron filming an episode of Chef Ramsey and Kitchen Nightmares - "Ginni's Baking Company"?
How about asking Mills and LeBlanc about SWG code quality issues, the effects of RA's, T2R, skills having left impact.
Why not let WATSON do something useful and beneficial to the bottom line besides media fluff. Decades worth of "big data", exists to do an analysis and fix what's become broken. -Anon-

Comment 03/06/14: To -changeisgood-: Even with a LinkedIn Premium account, you cannot see those viewers (who have viewed your profile) who have turned on anonymity in their settings. -BlueNoMore-
Comment 03/06/14: "I explained to them I was laid off not for performance reasons (which my manager can verify), but because of IBM global downsizing (basically outsourcing my job to India where they could hire 3 engineers with my salary). Just be honest."-Anon-
Great advice! I was laid off along with my whole team in 2013. I have my old manager at IBM as a reference who can attest to the fact that I was a model employee. It is not a stigma to be laid off from IBM, trust me! Recruiters know that IBM is notorious in the industry for mass firings that have nothing to do with individual performance. -happy-to-be-gone-

Comment 03/06/14: Cuts everywhere and morale in the dump. I just signed up, but I fear its already way to late to do anything. For those Lenovo bound (the rumor is 1/3 going or less). they'll put your mission/you in a box for about 2 years, while the new company figures out how to stream line further. -Mr. B-
Comment 03/06/14: "Words are important. The word 'Personnel' has been replaced by the term 'Human Resources.' Now managers say "Have you got a resource?" when they mean 'a person.' A resource is something that you use up and throw away. Need I say more?"
My idiot manager/director of product referred to people as headcount. "We need more headcount." This also reflected in utilizing us as a bunch spare parts. No training. No concern. No career development. Just use up and toss when burned out. -Narnia-

Comment 03/06/14: Thank you Alliance. -Deb-
Comment 03/06/14: IBM bows to it's stockholders. Whatever it takes to improve the profit margin they will do. The employee is the least important part of that equation. No one at IBM should feel IBM just can't get along without them. Those that do, have a very long, hard and painful way to fall when they get their pink slip. If we equated IBM to those animals living in the wild, Mother IBM would eat all of her young if necessary to survive,'s that simple, period. -Ben-
Comment 03/06/14: Im reading a lot about how only the older generation is being laid off. This is not true. IBM laid off over 15 college graduates that it just trained for over a year and heavily invested in them. 6 months in the field and gone. -Gone-
Alliance reply: Actually it is true, but you are right, recent grads are getting cut too.

Comment 03/06/14: I'm amazed at people like -StupidQuestion-. Alliance has the right response, but I wonder if a followup answer could clarify?
Here's my suggestion:
IBMers that decide to join or donate to Alliance must do more than that, if they want to see a union contract.
There needs to be participation at other levels. Alliance needs the donations and the dues to continue to function as a voice for IBMers that have none. BUT, IBMers that join the Alliance and still work at IBM must also put some time into real organizing. Sitting back and waiting for a union contract to be won is not organizing. Get serious about this. This is the best time to go after IBM and make your strength known to the Corporate Execs.
Collective action brings solutions. Alliance has made these points over and over, since they began. For some reason, some people just don't see that there must be a concerted and active effort to form a union and work toward a contract. It also takes public demonstration. The obstacles to unionizing IBM in the US are daunting, no doubt about it. BUT, doing nothing or sitting back and asking questions like "what is the union going to do for me?", is not helping. If you don't understand how unions really work, then take some time to look around the Alliance web site. There are all kinds of informational pages that can help. I've been a member for 15 yrs. And I've been doing my part. Not just paying dues, but also speaking out and making IBMers aware that they ARE important to this cause. I'm just saying that you can't be on the sidelines forever. You MUST participate and be active, along with paying some dues or donating. That's the way it really works and makes a difference. -BlueEyedBlindness-

Comment 03/06/14: @FirstTimeLaidOff I was RA'd in June/July 2013. When I was out interviewing for other companies, I was simply honest. When asked, I explained to them I was laid off not for performance reasons (which my manager can verify), but because of IBM global downsizing (basically outsourcing my job to India where they could hire 3 engineers with my salary). Just be honest. A lot of my interviewers sympathized with me, mentioning that if that happened to them, they would be downright furious. One even asked me if he should sell his IBM stock due to the company's condition. -Anon-
Comment 03/06/14: Ginni's Lunch Wagon? What's next, IBM plumps its revenue by competing with McDonalds, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts? Will they provide Blue Kool-Aid at SXSW too? Or is that a Jonestown special? -anon-
Comment 03/06/14: The corp has completely missed the market. I'm in STG which is rapidly becoming extinct and commodotised. They could go back to a disruptive model for H/W acquistiion but god forbid short them pain for long term gain. Our client support group lost 5/9 excluding the Lenovo fiasco. All senior all extremely competent. Where is the organic revenue growth? What happened to the revenue from 100+ acquisition addiction. Were they just done to financially engineer results. How about being a company that provides what customers need/want and that people want to work for? Writing is on the wall. The Board needs to take action soon to sweep Armonk and restore vision, employee and client confidence. SW being commoditized. Services is labor contrained and going to 3rd world delivery. Financial engineering the earnings works well doesn't it. When there is 1 share of stock left and $40 of earnings there will be a lot of empty buildings and ruined lives. -hardware guru-
Comment 03/06/14: Seriously IBM??? Why don't you have Watson find out a solution for the mass layoffs IBM is doing instead of becoming a food truck? ROTFLMAO. -Bill-
Comment 03/06/14: @FirstTimeLaidOff- I'm indicating my availability as the week after the final date they gave me. Reading the packet, you're 'expected' to be available to wrap up your position, and then there's the tricky wording about if you are offered an equivalent position internally and turn it down, you become ineligible for the severance I wouldn't risk them finding out you got something new and 'offering' you something you'd never want to actually do. So I'm talking to companies and ramping up on the additional skillsets they're interested in. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/06/14: @-FirstTimeLaidOff- if you're given 30 day notice then you are still employed during those 30 day after that you can apply for Unemployment. Lots of people say it's firing but it's not. It's a layoff and be sure to tell UI that, if you say fired then you won't be entitled to collect unemployment. -whatever-
Comment 03/06/14: Expect more Rometty Roulette once 1st QTR results are in. -anonymous-member-
Comment 03/06/14: -Watson's tumbler-: Technically, if labor law recently has not been amended or changed, a manager that has no personnel (direct reports) or hire/fire authority (e.g. staff manager) can join a union. NB: since you are a manager you can be fired without cause. It depends on your conviction and how brave you are to join the good fight. -WhoCanJoin-
Comment 03/06/14: IBM is trying to hide the fact that Southbury, CT has only building B and the CSB open. Bldg. C was closed and Bldg. A has been closed for almost a decade. Somers, NY (Westchester county) also has at least one OB closed. Other IBM sites also have vacancies in office space. Where do you think these IBMers went? In an RA no less. The ones left probably work from home..for now..awaiting the next RAs that will come like each sunset. -sby_willie-
Comment 03/06/14: February jobs report is due out tomorrow and I think it will be dreadful or anemic at best (maybe $150K jobs created).
The employees RAed in September like have lost the unemployment insurance if they are still unemployed in RTP. Six weeks from now the rest also lose their unemployment insurance that they have paid into all their working career. Of course IBM is to blame for this. IBM is negative job growth enemy #1 in this country. They also did not sign on to pledge to make an effort to hire the long term unemployed. IBM wants tax breaks and handouts: The CREATE GOOD JOBS AND PROVE it with real employment numbers! -anonymous2-

Comment 03/06/14: Words are important. The word 'Personnel' has been replaced by the term 'Human Resources.' Now managers say "Have you got a resource?" when they mean 'a person.' A resource is something that you use up and throw away. Need I say more? -Anon-
Comment 03/06/14: Question for my fellow RA-ed...for those of you interviewing during these 30 days (or have interviewed during the 30 day notice), how are you addressing your employment status? Are we still technically employed through the end of the month? Or is it preferable to just say we are laid off (even if we started the job hunt before the RA?). Or don't say anything unless it comes up (or it's past Mar 31)? -FirstTimeLaidOff-
Comment 03/06/14: To -Serverguy- I checked my profile, and saw the same IBM Business Strategist/Corporate "person" had viewed my profile as well,during the week of Feb 15. Apparently, you can only see who's viewed your profile by upgrading to Premium though. -changeisgood-
Comment 03/06/14: About this whole Watson push. I would think that considering the head of Watson bailing out recently.. he sees no way to achieve the $10B market Ginny envisioned - while no doubt smoking ganga perhaps. The management is not engaged in high margin business with high barriers to entry like TJ Watson Jr did with System/360 decades ago. Analytics and cloud will become commoditized very soon and will be driven down to a point were it is no longer compatible with 100% margin IBM business model. Service is already being pushed down to low levels of margin by other entrants with access to cheap slave labor pool in developing countries. -Observer-
Comment 03/06/14: NY Times on Shenzen strike: -Anon-

Comment 03/06/14: -Anon- said: "It seems like the new direction of IBM is heavily based on Watson doing well. To be honest I am not sure there is even a market for this, and it will be interesting to see the direction IBM decides to take when Watson fails. I am sensing IBM we will have a new leader soon," Whether it pans out or not, IBM needs new management. I cannot be confident in management that is absolutely soulless in its treatment of its employees, is deceptive and lacks vision. They follow and react to market changes and competitors and badly that. Their prime objective is to make Goldman Sachs scum and Wall Street investors rich while lining their own pockets by putting the long term survival of the firm in jeopardy. Unlike the Watsons, they have no passion for the business nor concern for their employees - only Wall Street scum. I think by the 2020, Think pads will have the IBM logo again. By then, IBM will have been sold, lock stock and barrel, to Lenovo and will be its subsidiary and the logo will be a servicemark of Lenovo. These are my opinions only and not of IBM's. -Anon2-
Comment 03/06/14: So, this is where our GDP has gone, to buy Ginni a Lunch Wagon. Step right up folks, get your burrito's, RA's, Sell Off's, Stock Options.
"When hordes of technorati and live music fans gather here for the annual South By Southwest (SXSW) festival next week, they'll have plenty of culinary treats to choose from. But we have something really different to bring to the table"

"IBM's Watson food truck. You've probably watched Watson compete on TV, but now for the first time you can see, taste and smell the results of its creativity. The bright orange truck will serve up exotic delicacies including Indian Tumeric Paella, Italian Grilled Lobster and Ecuadorian Strawberry Dessert. Unlike the menus of the other trucks, these dishes were created through a collaboration between Watson, a cognitive computer, and award-winning chefs at New York's Institute of Culinary Education (ICE)."
Comment 03/05/14: If your worried about telling your team mates or fellow IBMers about being laid off, don't be! What will they do, RA you? Management makes it out like it's a "big secret". Screw them! Tell the world about it! It's not your fault and your not a bunch of slackers (PBC 3 or not). New employers know these things happen. Grieve a little for the job loss, then go out and make more money than your manager.
I hate the way IBM can do what ever they want like a big bully, while their employees walk on egg shells hoping it won't be me. I got it in July. It's been tough going, but I wake up every day saying today I'm getting a job offer. Get in touch with other IBMers who lost their jobs. Help support each other in finding new positions. My friend (RA 7/2013) and I send each other job leads all the time.We also bolster each other up. It's good to have someone who is walking in your shoes to talk with. I know that new position is just around the corner for me. In regards to Roadkill 2015 - all the C levels have been with IBM for years and many just care about increasing their bank accounts for when they retire in the next few years. They will leave the mess for someone else to clean up. Join the Union for all you others. -IBM, a Lenovo Company-

Comment 03/05/14: This is always so sad. They missed me this time, but my time will come. We all know this but we don't join until its too late. There is going to be a whirlwind soon. The hardware business is done. The cloud uses cheap standard hardware built by the cloud vendor. The software is open source. This collapses the IBM business model. You don't get hardware sales, software licenses, don't need salesmen for those things or consultants to teach customers to use and operate the systems they aren't buying anymore. The microelectronics div is gone. IBM doesn't have the volume of server sales to amortize the cost of new generations of microprocessor designs. You can't compete with companies that sell 100 million processor chips a year if you only make a few tens of thousands. Your costs price you out of the market. So all of us that remain in those areas need to plan for the upcoming changes. At least if we join the alliance we will have some say in how those changes are implemented. -LostInBand10-
Comment 03/05/14: This latest round of RA's is bad enough, but the media and other folks have forgotten about the 35,000 IBM employee's(mostly offshore employees)that were transitioned to Concentrix due to the purchase of IBM Customer Care BPO group by Synnex (which was originally announced on September 2013). With the latest round of firings, IBM will probably have less than 395,000 employees globally. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/05/14: I apologize for saying the words "IBM garbage." Although some of the non System/Z or System/P related software has a lot left to be desired especially when it comes to value, I must say IBM hardware X, P and Z are some of the best designed in the world including systems software. I would like to say thanks to you all that made my life great for designing such reliable systems. Good luck to all that were 'RAed'. Hopefully affirmative action Ginny herself will be RAed and replaced with more competent and honest management. I don't care if it is Linda Sandford or Fred Sandford, we need a change in management! Support the alliance as well. TJ Watson(s) rolling over in grave(s). -IBM Watcher-
Comment 03/05/14: Over the years, what exactly has this Alliance done to protect IBMers from further RAs etc? Just wondering. I was RAed and I am over 50. I have over 30 years with IBM. -StupidQuestion-
Alliance reply: It is very hard to protect IBM employees from RA's without a union contract and worker involvement. My question to you is why didn't you join and help us get to a contract so we can stop these job cuts. After 30 years you couldn't see what was coming?

Comment 03/05/14: RA'd 3/3/2014 Band 9' PBC 2, 35 years with the company, STG z Sales. Not bitter but a sad day for all. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/05/14: It seems like the new direction of IBM is heavily based on Watson doing well. To be honest I am not sure there is even a market for this, and it will be interesting to see the direction IBM decides to take when Watson fails. I am sensing IBM we will have a new leader soon, but before that comes we need to push harder than ever to get the name of the Alliance out there. If your co-workers do not know what the Alliance is send them the link. This isn't something we should feel bad about; but too many of us do. The Alliance can help us receive better treatment, treatment that all employees deserve. Let's turn this around. Join the Alliance now, I am now. -Anon-
Comment 03/05/14: Hearing of more cuts in IBM Canada STG System x platform, FTSS, Slaesreps and managers, 9 so far, also IBM Canada Techline and Customer Care dept got hit. -Anon-
Comment 03/05/14: From -Fay-'s link on strike at IBM Shenzhen. Some banners read:
"Improve the terms. Pay for my youth" "Workers are not products. We are not resources. Please don't sell us. We deserve respect and have human rights." -Anon-

Comment 03/05/14: As they cut hard working good people, IBM thinks those left behind will pick up the extra work. Most of us already are more than booked full time, so this time around, I said "No more, I'm overflowing with work." IF everyone of us said the same thing, what would happen? Enough is enough. I'm joining today, because I've had enough -Just say No-
Comment 03/05/14:
IBMer's should be doing this instead of just crying on this forum... -Best Wishes IBMers-
Comment 03/05/14: Just for your count, the 3 from Dept (Endicott) Me 63 old, 42 of IBM
Another more than 50, more than 20 years IBM.
Another more than 50, and 20 or more IBM.
Another more than 50, and also many years of IBM. And the sad thing, most in there are more than 50. Few below that. -Anonymous-

Comment 03/05/14: -Over55- In NC you have to wait to collect unemployment until your severance money runs out. If you are eligible for the old pension plan you will be able to collect unemployment concurrantly due to IBM freezing the pension plan. You might have to appeal this the first time around and have to show proof that IBM has not contributed to the plan. ... If you contact the Employment Security Commission (an oxymoron I know) they will be able to assist you on when/how to file. If you live in the Durham area you might want to call the Raleigh office. I have a child who lives in Durham and got very poor service until she started contacting the Raleigh office. Wish you well. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 03/05/14: Amazing. People post on here pretending to not be aware that this has been going on for 20 years. Then there are those having their lawyers look things over for possible law suits. Hint. IBM has more lawyers then you and 20 years experience not losing law suits over firing at will employees. Save your money, anger and frustration. Those that are left on the board in this checkers game IBM management is playing with your lives, guess who is next. The rules are IBM can fire you whenever they want. They can give whatever reason they want or no reason at all. Any reason they give will be a lie or meant to give your manager the satisfaction of belittling you one last time because they really dislike you for whatever reason. IBM hates what they do not control. They cannot control you joining the union and they cannot control you finding another job and quitting. If you live in an area where jobs are few and options are limited the union is your best option. Double union membership every month and watch IBM start to get really scared. Do nothing and your the ones who should be scared. The next bell tolls for you -Exodus2007-
Comment 03/05/14: What is really sad to me is that most RAed IBMers don't know what benefits they lost or still have once the are gone from IBM. From simple things like how much is my severance? Do I get medical benefits? should I take my vacation days? Can I file for unemployment? etc. IBM feeds off this naivety and lack of knowing these things. IBM HR does a truly lousy job of telling, communicating to IBM employees in all regards. And this is to be directly blamed on IBM management and their lack of true leadership. The Alliance communicates. And has been communicating quite well with what they have since 1999. But you have to listen and take heed their message and JOIN for them to remain as this communicating force. Let's try to work to get IBM to call off an entire RA, better employment for IBMers, and preserve retiree benefits before we lose them. We can try to do this but only through the Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701! -sby_willie-
Comment 03/05/14: IBM lost its charm in India and they got bunch of folks from other companies and screwed IBM and they victimised employees. No executive was sacked it is all the nonsenses of executive. -Murthy-
Comment 03/05/14: I was a member of the RA class of 2002 who just had his IBM medical group plans terminated. IBM US headcount peaked at 250k and is now less than 88k. All transnational co. like IBM decided long ago they could make more money off foreign nations as opposed to the saturated US one so they shipped jobs overseas to provide a form of bribe to do more business with IBM. Putin just threatened to confiscate all US assets in Russia. He did us all a favor showing how globalism has weakened us all because part of that threat would be IBM assets and jobs. Ok let them have a few IBM assets and McDs but China is another threat. There both nations would have a gun to each other's head. The cold war has been replaced with economic and cyber forms and the middle class has been caught right in the middle; what we did to Iran is now coming home. If you are stuck in IBM with high service time you have only two options quit or join the union because you are walking the last mile right now.... -ctman2-
Comment 03/05/14: Since Lou became CEO, IBMUS employees have had no job security. He accomplished mass layoffs in Endicott and Endicott has never recovered. Unfortunately without a union there will never be any accountability for what he did to Endicott. Endicott today is on its back economically. How many more towns will Sam and Ginni destroy. The only thing that will stop this corporate destruction and greed is a union. -ANA-
Alliance reply: Ana, many of us worked for Endicott for several years and saw what you saw; however, there are other US locations that have been devastated just as much if not more than Endicott. You are correct that these locations, i.e. Endicott, have not recovered. This was not just Lou Gerstner's idea or plan. This was a concerted effort by major US corporations to fulfill their quest for unquenchable greed and power, by offshoring millions of US jobs in the name of cheap labor. Hindsight is 20/20; but if IBM had been unionized in 1994, the plans of those Corporate executives would have been truncated greatly. Layoffs may have still happened; but they would have been measured and the workers laid-off would have been called back when work picked up.

Comment 03/05/14: I'd encourage everyone to take the time to complete Glassdoor reviews for IBM (while keeping it factual) so that people know what is going on within the company. Way too many planted reviews there suckering people to believe that IBM is a great place to work. -jbod-
Comment 03/05/14: So - can exempt (non-overtime), but non-management (still a worker bee) join the union? Seems like there's a little bit of conflicting information out there in that overlap. -Watson's tumbler-
Alliance reply: Yes.

Comment 03/05/14: Comment from the Alliance facebook page:
"Maybe a strike, protest, news or something can occur when Ginni is in the Dallas area next week. Ginni Rometty Town Hall - Coppell Location, Cafeteria area, 1177 S Belt Line Rd, Coppell, TX Mon. March 10, 12 noon - 1:15 pm CT" -member-

Comment 03/05/14: It's sad to read many of these posts, especially the lack of awareness to these staff reductions. This has been going on virtually annually since 1994. The numbers are small today compared to the mass firings of 94 & 95. Every IBMer needs to understand... management sets hard numbers. Years of service don't matter, PBC ratings/past performance don't matter, critical skills don't matter, personal hardships don't matter... only in limited cases "Protected Status" might matter but they'll replace those with unprotected top performers without hesitation. Managers/Execs get RA'ed... there's just less due to about a 30:1 or higher ratio of non-managers. All that matters are the numbers to meet the cost take out. You're also seeing higher proportion of over 40/50 age groups with high years of service because that's the predominant demographic left. Outside of delivery centers in the US very little younger, new hires have been brought on board in the last decade. All of you have a choice... organize or take your chances. Remember the odds always favor the house. Best of luck to all of you. -Anon-
Comment 03/05/14: Folks, Using the word "fired" implies the person who lost their job did something to deserve it. I say I was forced into early retirement. Semantics I know but one has to do everything positive to come out ahead after the loss of a job, especially in the manner IBM let us all go. -No_Respect_For_The_Individual-
Alliance reply: Use whatever term you wish to, obviously. Historically, "Fired" is a euphemism and an old terminology for sure. IBM's first leader Thomas J. Watson Sr. was "fired" from one of his first jobs. The term is said to have come from the company taking the person's desk outdoors, and lighting it on fire. Once that happened, you knew you were done. The connotation "Fired", meant losing your job, ever since. The reason that "fired" is more realistic to use instead of "layoff" is that Unions typically had 'layoffs" when the company's business was weak and without much work. Once work picked up, those 'laid-off" were asked to come back to work. Since IBM cut jobs en masse in 1994, for the first time, those cuts have been referred to as "layoffs". IBM is to blame for misusing the terminology of a union shop to characterize their workers losing their jobs.
No matter what you call it, it is a job loss just the same.

Comment 03/05/14: It is interesting to check your linkedin profiles these days. Some interesting people visiting them "Business / Corporate Strategist at IBM". Would this be part of there RA selecting process? -serverguy-
Comment 03/05/14: In 30 years at big blue I've not seen anything like the toxic work environment I'm in. I got word in GBS "you are safe, for now". I've joined the Alliance for $15 a month. I've learned much the past week from this site, Thank you! If YOU are reading this post and are not paying dues, I challenge you - join the Alliance now! -Black-n-Blue-
Comment 03/05/14: IBM has given 30 days notice to the people being RAed. Does the WARN Act apply ? The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act A Guide to Advance Notice of Closings and Layoffs -Lloyd-
Comment 03/04/14: I worked for IBM/Lexmark and was "Phillipine"d after 20+ years. You guys have it made with the packages you are getting. -Bob-
Comment 03/04/14: If you reside in CT, under the prior pension plan, taking retirement benefits, and looking for work you can receive unemployment benefits. No reduction based on pension amount. Is because IBM stopped contributing to plan at end 2007. Be sure to print prior plan document on net benefits. -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: I am not sure if IBM's foray into cloud or Watson will pan out. Cloud is now overcrowded with competitors and the margins will be driven down to the 2% margin model which companies like Amazon and Costco are built to handle. IBM is a lazy 90% margin company and survives by duping customers into buying their overpriced garbage. IBM is not built like Costco(retail) or Amazon(retail and cloud) to handle the 2% margin business like the cloud will become. Also Watson will be running into a lot of head wind from other competitors like Google. Even the head of Watson bailed out recently. The only thing that is proprietary to IBM and will be hard to duplicate and has a high cost barrier to entry for competitors and has high margins is the tride and true Mainframe/System Z and its software (IMS, DB2 etc). Unfortunately IBM management has their heads so far up their a**es looting IBM, that they will not see it until its too late.
"I can't help but wonder if Saxena bailed because he knew this wasn't going to work and he decided to get out while the getting is good. With The Entrepreneur's Fund, he's back on familiar territory - supporting and nurturing start-ups. But now he doesn't have to get Watson to an unrealistic level of income." -IBM Watcher-
Comment 03/04/14: From what I see, your PBC number/rankings doesn't matter when it comes to RA. PBC is a fraud/carrot stick trick you to make you work like dog. There are 2 numbers that matter, your age and your salary. That's it! The higher the 2 numbers get, the higher the chance the bullet is chambered in your game of Russian Roulette and IBM employment. I would recommend against doing more than 40 hours. Do 40 hours for what you are paid and go home. Why risk your family and your health and cause irreversible damage. Don't do this for IBM for God's sake! -Asd-
Comment 03/04/14: I guess the idiots in IBM management didn't realize that the Chinese won't roll over and take it like US workers. If you use chrome browser you can translate to english: -Fay-
Comment 03/04/14: -upset-: She should have taken a disability leave and then maternity leave. At least it would delay the inevitable and give her more money in the short term and less medical costs in the long run. But LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD. And this is solid proof! RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL(s) (her baby) and family oriented IBM is clearly NOT! -trexibmer-
Comment 03/04/14: I got a response via email from HR about the OWBPA requirement to provide numbers. This is what they said: "IBM will no longer be providing the age and employee data as per the direction of IBM Legal as this is not required and there were concerns with employee privacy based on providing the information." Clearly, IBM Legal has spent a lot of time working on this, to find a loophole for some time. I have my attorney looking at it. Has anyone else? I was referred to page 32 of the package, which basically tells you to use the Open Door process, and then arbitration. Really? -NotmyIBM-
Comment 03/04/14: From all my years of seeing these mass firings, there have been VERY few managers that have gotten the boot. Standard operating procedures is usually whole teams are eliminated or off shored and the only person left in the US is the manager. -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: Everyone in my group that was fired (RA'd) was over the age of 45. IBM is hiding the fact that it is firing older folks and only hiring recent college graduates. -Over The Hill and waiting for my turn-
Comment 03/04/14: As part of creating my new PBCs for 2014, I had to align my goals with the remainder of mgmt up through Ginni. This included a reference to being "maniacal"
1: affected with or suggestive of madness <maniacal laughter>
2 : characterized by ungovernable excitement or frenzy : frantic <a maniacal mob>
After all that has happened, our fearless leader still thinks the few of us remaining will follow her anywhere. Most of us that remain, would not pull her out of the water if she was drowning. At best, we all play along for the benefit of another 3 months of pay. With absolutely no offense towards anybody, anywhere, wasn't it Hitler in the closing days of WWII, that ordered his non existent phantom armies to the battle, thinking that somehow he could save Germany from defeat? Is it just me, or should Ginni be wearing her own set of jack-boots. Again, no offense intended to ANYBODY (other than perhaps Ginni).
Comment 03/04/14: Welcome to the party. RAs have been going on for years at IBM. In all honesty I do not know how anyone could not know of someone who was not affected at one time or another. It is what it is, for those who got RAed move on and for those still at IBM keep your resume up to date. -been there-
Comment 03/04/14: At least 10 z hardware t-sales given 30 days yesterday most older. -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: To all those who were just RA-ed: Make sure you TAKE all your personal choice holidays. You will lose them if not taken before your departure date. SAVE your vacation time. IBM will PAY you for the unused vacation time that was not taken. (It is pro-rated based on the number of full months you have already worked this (2014) calendar year. If you had an unofficial deal with your manager and had vacation days carried over from previous years into 2014, you will NEED to take them before you depart. DO NOT code those days in claims as vacation days, or it will be counted as vacation time taken off your 2014 year totals. Good luck everyone! (Both those who were RA-ed and those who are left and will need to take up even more job responsibilities). -miss_understanding-
Comment 03/04/14: I was RAed in 2010. For those over 50 yrs old. You can look forward to working contract jobs at 6 to 9 month intervals. Good luck and may GOD be with you. -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: WBUR (Boston's NPR station) did an interview today with a reporter from Britain's Guardian newspaper concerning IBM's Roadkill 2015 and the recent layoffs. See -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: @-Notes- System z will be next. -anon-
Comment 03/04/14: -anonMHV- Looking at last year's figures Sandford is selling her IBM shares like they are going out of fashion. See 02/01/14 receives 18,513 shares at $0. Same day sells 8,738 for $1,543,044. Nice work Linda and all with no bonus. Maybe she knows something. -OnThinIce-
Comment 03/04/14: -Over55-: My wife was RA'ed last year in RTP after 20 years. She got the same package. You need to wait for your package to run out of cash, then you can apply for unemployment. Trust me, I tried and just because it's in one lump sum does not make the start/end date change for unemployment. No way around it because they verify with IBM no matter what you say on forms. Good luck and there is life after IBM! I'm a former IBMer, 3rd generation family and wife found awesome job about 5 months after RA last year. Keep your chin up and land another job in a few months after you rest and you'll have money in the bank! :-) -Ex-IBMer-
Comment 03/04/14: The Strike on SHENZHEN China is from Lenovo's acquisition. It's a joint venture factory, with lower pay comparing to IBM China regular staff. They are not satisfied with the contract termination compensation. -blessu-
Comment 03/04/14: To anyone RA'd - There is a group call The Chosen on LinkedIn EXCLUSIVLY for RA'd individuals. There is good info on navigating through the post IBM world. -StillBlue-
Alliance reply: It would be a good jesture if some one mentioned Alliance@IBM in the LinkedIn group.

Comment 03/04/14: Sad but true, I got RA's yesterday out of Tampa, FL. I worked as a Technical Specialist on the IBM Storage Side supporting one of the big four IBM distributors and over 1000 of their IBM resellers. Never got below 2+ on my PBC, won the 2013 IBM Eminence Award and it still could not save my job. As I found out the reason was because a big chunk of the funding for my headcount came from the System x side of IBM. It use to come from IBM Storage, but my department code was switched last fall. My manager could never tell me why it was switched, but now I know. What is deeply disturbing and a clear indication of very bad leadership, there was zero consideration for the current capabilities and skills of the RA?d employees. If someone had looked at my resume and skills profile they would have seen that I have many of the skills IBM needs to grow; Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Power Systems, software. No one even looked and no one evened cared to look. Of course, IBM ordered their managers to pull all of their non-critical job postings off the job board - making it next to impossible to find another role within area where skills are needed. Oh well, it's now IBM's loss and a competitor's gain!! -BigBlueScrewed-
Comment 03/04/14: How do I handle Unemployment in NC. Receiving 26 wk Sev pay.30+ years service. Now my co-workers have isolated me like I have the plague. If they only knew Ibm has them on the list. Also next RA will be with maybe no Sev pay. -Over55-
Comment 03/04/14: Guys, if you are a part of System Storage or P systems you WILL be RAed. Expect this to happen. -Notes-
Comment 03/04/14: A colleague of mine from GBS was RAd during (her) very advanced pregnancy. IBM was aware she was pregnant before the RAs started. -upset-
Comment 03/04/14: Ginni got nearly 70,000 shares of stock at $0 around Feb 1. Talking about a hypocrite -anybody notice-
Comment 03/04/14: All we want to know are ages of all the RAed employees. I don't care about their former titles. Let me draw my own conclusions as I look at how skewed the graph is, at greater than 40, 45, and 50. IBM knows they are specifically targeting the older employees, otherwise they would be more transparent. Seems like a lot of 2+ employees. 2+ is the new 1. -Ha-
Comment 03/04/14: Any System x ATS/FTSS got RA'd? or are their turn coming after Lenovo hand picked the ones they want to keep.. -Anon_x-
Comment 03/04/14: Hey Ginni, If IBM were the house of cards, you would be President Walker and Thomas Rosamillia would be Frank Underwood. Why has IBM recently failed it's stockholders and whose advice have you been taking? Coincidence? -House of Stock Buybacks-
Comment 03/04/14: Just watched the news clip of IBM workers on strike at Shenzhen, China. I must say fellow Americans and Canadians are taking the RA rather meekly. Did you bring your Vaseline? The buzz on Weibo is very negative on IBM. Ginny just wasted gas and time visiting Beijing trying to rebuild trust. IBM will see decline in the middle kingdom in the foreseeable future. -No longer blue-
Comment 03/04/14: Firings - I'm not going to call them "resource actions" - hit the Technical Sales group in the Great State of Texas. Here's the breakdown of the body count as far as I know:
Enterprise Storage FTSS - 5
Industry Storage FTSS - 5
Enterprise Power FTSS - 6
Industry Power FTSS -5
Tape Systems FTSS - 12
Storage Sales - 5
Power Sales - 5
Power ATS - 8
I was NOT affected and am now one of the three Storage FTSSes for the entire state. Guess Ginni's really trying to "grow the business", huh? -Ano Nymous-

Comment 03/04/14: -Concerned IBMer-. I don't know what a 1.5 PBC rating is. I assume you were rated a 2+ and your manager gave you some line that you were very close to a 1. Total BS to get you to work more hours etc etc
To -Embarrassed-. Don't be embarrassed. It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done you were let go because of the insane 2015 roadmap EPS target. It is not a question of if you will get laid off in IBM just a question of when it will be your turn. Good luck! -longtimebeemer-

Comment 03/04/14: I almost made 30 years but got the call yesterday. I am a solid performer but guess it doesn't matter. Management seemed to take care of themselves. STG Technical Sales. -Almost30years-
Comment 03/04/14: RA'd from Austin after 17 years, 40+ age. I never had a rating below 2 but was working remotely, so RA was not unexpected. About OWBPA stats not being included, my take is that would make the waiver for age discrimination suits unenforceable. But just the fact that they're disregarding the rules and not disclosing the numbers, as maddening as it is, doesn't imply that they're discriminating or you could win a lawsuit. Maybe IBM thinks they have a reasonable case against such action and they don't want to disclose numbers, so they disregard the regulation. From what I read, it's not easy to win an age discrimination suit, particularly in a mass lay-off where the purpose is to cut costs. Selecting senior workers with higher salaries for termination is not illegal. Circuit City tried that strategy (it was disastrous). If IBM goes and hires a younger worker to fill your position (same band and job description), then you might have a case. Bottom line is that you have to prove they're firing you because of your age, not because they're cutting costs by eliminating higher paid positions. But I'm not a laywer and would be interested to hear a legal opinion about the OWPBA not being included. -STG_Pseries_RA-
Comment 03/04/14: After asking who I send my signed Separation Agreement to I was told I would be asked to sign a separation agreement on the last day of employment - an agreement that will be sent to me - apparently not the agreement my manager emailed to me after our RA conversation. Here is the reply I received: "I will send you the Separation Agreement once your exit has been processed. You will need to sign it on your exit date or after it. Then you will send it to an address I will provide. (I will also send you a shipping label)". I have sent a follow up email for clarification that the Separation Agreement which states "YOU ARE ADVISED TO CONSULT WITH A LAWYER BEFORE YOU SIGN THIS AGREEMENT" is in fact not the Separation Agreement I will be signing. Now I know how IBM's customers feel. One statement made by Ginni that I will never forget is "the power of a story". STORY - "a fictitious tale, shorter and less elaborate than a novel." -SoTrue-
Comment 03/04/14: I was RA'd yesterday & I am relieved, honestly. As a newbie IBMer, I don't have to dread doing my job anymore. As a Sys X Specialist I was never onboarded into my role, nor transitioned, never provided guidance as how to navigate the "IBM waters", the Client Reps ignored my efforts to work w/them and when I took the issue to their mgr, he ignored me as well indicate that x86 is irrelevant to his quota. When I took that to my manager, he did nothing to support me or the brand. I was more technical than my FTSS and when I asked for additional technical training, was provided BS ppt slides Sales uses. My inside rep in CAN spent their time smoking/chatting w/coworkers - again I reached out to their as well as mine as nothing was done. When I indicated I would like to continue my edu/professional development w/IBM he provided 0 interest, guidance or understanding as I was direct to watch videos online or find someone myself to reach out to (keep in mind, I am new to the company). In addition, when I asked about a mentor & mentioned possible areas I was interested in, he provided 0 information or contacts for me to reach out to and discredited each team/group I was interested in as "they're going to be laid off, or "the morons", or "desk monkeys w/no future", etc. His recommendation was to stay in System X! Also, he provided 0 recommendations for mentors. I asked for the baseline info for my territory so I could understand my quota, the "potential weight" of my territory & wasn't provided anything - again, how am I to know where to spend the bulk of my time if the Client Reps aren't interested in selling my product and he provides no clarity. From 1 half year to the next, my territory was changed - accounts constantly being shuffled. All in all, my job was a glorified cold caller AND I STILL PERFORMED at 75% of my rev/prof quotas but that still wasn't good enough. In the end, I had my PBC last Fri, was told I was safe and then on Mon was told I was RA'd. -NowFormerIBMer-
Comment 03/04/14: To those of you who were fired by IBM and are now asking: "Can the union start a class action suit, or can the union help with this or that". What have you done to help the union? Have you joined or donated to the union yet? To those of you not fired yet, join the union now. The more who join, the more powerful the union will become. If you stick your head in the sand and do nothing, we will continue to get the same treatment from IBM. -JustDoIt-
Comment 03/04/14: Forty to Fifty IBMers were laid off in the INM Federal unit lead out of Bethesda Maryland. Also several of IBMs Advanced Technical Support personnel were let go. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/04/14: NYS employees not safe. RA postponed. Moving towards a Services & SW Company. PBC's don't matter. They choose your rating long before you enter your accomplishments. -Voldemort-
Comment 03/04/14: xServer factory against Severance in Shenzhen China. -IBM Shenzhen Factory Worker Strikes-

Comment 03/04/14: STG Storage presales hit yesterday -BlueNoMore-
Comment 03/04/14: IBM China Shenzhen is on strike. -IBM China Shenzhen-
Comment 03/04/14: When it comes to layoffs favoritism still plays a strong role in IBM , so we are all surprised when we are R'ad. No matter how much work we put in, work all the holidays putting our work first and family last , in the end we are screwed only god iIs watching, the truth the lies etc. feeling sad...thank god for this site we can express ourselves now and not be suppressed. -Anon-
Comment 03/04/14: For the older workers and the Alliance talking about a promised pension, I am a younger worker that was promised the same thing. I have 17 years in. I was pomised a lifetime pension when I started. That was taken away from me for a Cash Balance plan. I can guarantee you one thing, if you are on the old plan and under the 30 year mark for it, you are pretty much gone before you meet that bridge date. IBM wants as few people on the pension as possible. When I hired on, I was offered the promise of a career, not a job. The first 6 years were a career. The next 5 years were a job. 3 years after that I thought I had a career again. Unfortunately, that is not the case, just a job. Anyone remaining needs to treat IBM as a job and watch out for yourself. Look externally for a job. Once you find one,give your 2 week notice, take all PC days and accumulated vacation, and don't train people your job. -BrokenPromises-
Comment 03/04/14: Did anyone get RA'ed with two consecutive PBC 3s, and if so, did you get the full severance package? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/04/14: Yesterday, thousands IBM employees went on strike against the layoff plan.
-Thousands IBM shenzhen employees went on strike-
Comment 03/04/14: Very unusual strike is happening in a IBM supplier factory at Shenzhen, China. More than 1000 workers participated. The factory is moving away due to the X86 acquisition. You can see a video @ -ChineseLabor-
Comment 03/04/14: I got the axe today in div 12 after 15 years and THREE consecutive 1 PBC ratings and zero raise over this time. Believe me, I'm not a butt kisser, hence probably why I'm getting the boot, but I did EVERYTHING right. Every process timely and precisely. I EARNED every 1 I got. Y'all know the game and you know its not easy to achieve that. Averaged working on $50M in Power revenue a year for over 10 years. I haven't read the package contents yet, but looks like I just got it. I supposedly will still get that great 6% bonus for 1 performers, but we'll see. I've had other opportunities with IBM and not sure I want any of them. I know the game on jobs now. They won't hire across division or those that have been RA'd. I'm sure we're black flagged somehow. It would only temporarily delay the inevitable. -Dumped in ATS-
Comment 03/04/14: RA'd last Thursday, 25+ years, 3/31 my last day. To add insult to injury, there is a new law in NY, as of 1/1/14. You do not get unemployment until your Separation lump sum is used up 6 months from now. And, in October the amount goes from $405 to $420. The DOL website is very vague but if you Google it there is lots of info out there and it was reported in the Syracuse paper. -Anonymous in NY-
Comment 03/03/14: So Buffet was on CNBC this morning. when asked about his IBM investment he said he loved the share repurchases but he also did say he wants to see revenue growth from IBM. Good luck Ginny... my bet is Ginny will be RAed by year end. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: Given IBMs constant practice of RA'ing older employees, why has Alliance not organized a class action lawsuit with the EEOC against IBM? I would certainly join that lawsuit and I'm sure many of the readers on this page would do so as well. So why hasn't it happened yet? -RAdToday-
Comment 03/03/14: I was RA'd today. Almost 31 years. 2+ appraisal. Still a bit shell shocked, but more importantly, when I called my HR Partner to request the OWBPA stats, she told me that IBM was not required to provide those to anyone. From what I have read about the law, this seems to conflict completely. Have a call in to my labor attorney to discuss before I sign anything. -30+years-
Comment 03/03/14: Like many of you, my manager gave me a 3 rating and used the RA to ensure that I will be let go even though I have only been with the company for a short period of time. QUESTION: is the RA considered to be confidential or do they have the right to make an announcement and tell your team, extended team and clients that their version of what happened? Are my confidentiality rights being violated if I haven't shared this information with anyone? -Bamboozled-
Comment 03/03/14: X_number- Regarding your Q - How many employees works for System X right now? Just around 7500 or much higher than this number? Based on the words of a BUE, Lenovo is only taking 1/3 of the System x employees and the rest will be package out. Only repeating what I hear.. -Anon-
Comment 03/03/14: @Zheng: I was RA'd last year and was hired a long time ago before I came to the US. In my case the service years outside US counted towards my severance. So, go for it and make sure your manager and yourself put this question in front of HR. -Fairness101-
Comment 03/03/14: didn't come as a shock, thank you to this board for warning me or I would have lost it. embarrassed and haven't told anyone yet. My presales tech person got it also. STG Sales North America -Embarrassed-
Comment 03/03/14: One person alone cannot make a difference, and it is only by joining with others that our voices can be heard. I am very grateful to the Alliance for the website they maintain and the sharing of information. For years I've taking advantage of the site without contributing a dime and its about time that that changes. So, as of today, I've joined the union. Not sure if I'll be around long enough to benefit, but I have friends and co-workers that are years away from retirement and a union is their only hope. -new member-
Comment 03/03/14: As a sign of support, both for folks laid off as well as people who survived, I changed my status from associate to voting member. I would encourage other IBM'ers to do the same. At this point, it is pretty clear that management in Armonk does not care about the employees at all. With the relentless focus on the EPS target of 20$ per share for 2015, it is even questionable if they really care about IBM's shareholders or customers. If IBM cared about it's customers, it would focus on developing innovative products. -Guest-
Comment 03/03/14: -Willie Rae- While it might be possible to discern who is being laid off it doesn't matter. IBM is breaking the law by not providing this information in the packet provided to the employee. This information is required so the employee and their legal representation can make a learned decision on whether to waive their rights to sue for age discrimination. While I am sure the information can help unionization efforts I feel the lack of it is only to make it harder to determine that IBM is firing people based on age and avoid lawsuits. -anaoymous_retiree-
Comment 03/03/14: Dumped at 58, 18m after being enticed from a position I had held for 12Y. Not very amused. -PSSTOFF-
Comment 03/03/14: Noticing a bit of a pattern within these posts: unusually low PBC (3) than layoff. Resume is out now as I went from 1.5 in to a 3 in 6 months. Manager said "he had to work within a pre-defined Matrix and some people had to get a 3;". Not earned but rather 'had to get'. Seriously? He has yet to quantify how he made those decisions. I just had my best quarter ever, but guess manager is positioning to cover his favs! IBM is by far the sleaziest company I have worked with in my entire career. I hope my resignation saves at least one other position. -Concerned IBMer-
Comment 03/03/14: Willie Rae - "The reason for IBM no longer sharing the titles, ages and position information is really simple. It is very easy to map the data to the actual person that was impacted."...... While that may be true, the REAL reason is that IBM is firing a large percentage of people in the over 40 (and even over 50) demographic. They may be SAYING they want to protect privacy of the individuals involved, but since when does IBM respect ANYTHING with regard to their employees? Their REAL intent is to muddy the waters where a possible age discrimination lawsuit is concerned. Every single person that I know personally that was an RA victim this past week was in the over 40 demographic, and many were over 50 with more than 25 years of service. -BoulderAnon-
Comment 03/03/14: To Nick Danger: Project Apollo had its own name so that people can refer to it easily. It was not because of pride. -confused_blue-
Comment 03/03/14: IBM spent so much money on education for employees for eg Mitts program , alap etc. did any of this help the employees, there are some who are in higher bands who never went through this training etc. the future looks for high tech jobs... Good luck for the future -no name-
Comment 03/03/14: Does anyone have news on any RAs in Toronto lab? -IBMer-
Comment 03/03/14: John Kelly has wrecked quite a few high technical IBM careers from what I heard. I even heard somewhere that some highly regarded technical expert committed suicide with him mentioned in the suicide note. I would have liked to have seen Linda Sanford be chosen instead of Rometty. Linda, IMHO, was more deserving and probably more capable. But when does IBM do the right thing or get it right these days? -anonMHV-
Comment 03/03/14: Warren Buffet, 5 key Investing "Don'ts". #4, "Don't go for the Quick Profit". Please read this and someone ask Warren why the heck he, or anyone invests in IBM stock? As Warren says, "I could do certain things to jiggle up the price of Berkshire in the short run. It would not be good for the company over five or 10 years." IBM Exec."jiggling" has me and 1000's of others RA'ed -Case study in process-
Comment 03/03/14: Ginny Rometty should go on undercover boss. LOL!!!! IBM would have to put millions into a makeover for her just so she would be disguised enough to not be recognized! She would have to have her voice trained also... She couldn't even open her Sametimes, e-mail, and phone calls all at the same time. It would be a waste of time. Putting her to work on, say, the 300mm line would be hazardous to fellow workers. Won't happen. Guaranteed. -UnderCoverBoss?-
Comment 03/03/14: Just made a donation to help towards the site costs. For all those who come here for information like I have been, you should do the same. If it wasn't for this site, we would all be in the dark on what is happening to fellow ibmers in other areas. -Guest-
Comment 03/03/14: The reason for IBM no longer sharing the titles, ages and position information is really simple. It is very easy to map the data to the actual person that was impacted. As a former manager that has retired from IBM, I used to look at the packet and then query Bluepages and 99% of the time my guess would be correct regarding who was hit. When the population was larger it would be next to impossible to make a determination of the actual person(s). This I believe is the first sign of fear by IBM of the employees organizing. Numbers, titles and ages don't mean much but when you can put names and faces to the data, it gets real for a lot of people. I hope the push continues to restore the IBM basic beliefs. -Willie Rae-
Comment 03/03/14: Has it been confirmed that this action is known internally as Project Apollo? Doesn't anyone find it disgusting that they would take so much pride in this "project" that they give it a name? This tells me that some people are going to get awards and win PBC points for their "outstanding contributions to Project Apollo." Maybe they'll even get a plaque that they can proudly hang on their wall. -Nick Danger-
Comment 03/03/14: Very sad day. Layoffs continue in STG today. Many technical sales specialists affected. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: Hearing of RA's being handed out today in STG. Any confirmation? -Watson's tumbler-
Comment 03/03/14: RA this morning for approx 25% of the STG Technical Sales team. Most ages 50+ -anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: To -FedUpwithIBM-. You will likely get a Personal Pension Plan (Cash Balance) payout. Go to your NETBENEFITS account online and see your balances. -Anon-
Comment 03/03/14: hi -FedUpwithIBM- ... I am so sorry to hear about your RA after you have worked so hard, and were so dedicated for the past 15 years. But let me ask you - why do you think you should have something for a retirement? I am 38 years old and worked this many hrs unfortunately as well :-( and when I get RAs, I won't get anything either. -Canada_Ibmer-
Alliance reply: We will answer this because we know quite a few would and we don't want to bog down the comments section.
The reason senior workers think they should have a pension is because the company said they would over many many years until they started going back on their word.

Comment 03/03/14: I am an IBM System z architect. I would like to know if you are keeping track of how many System z people are getting laid off. Also I would like to know if you intend to communicate this to the students in the System z Academic Initiative. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: 2 of us in Customer Information area were cut on Feb 27th. They brought others in from Blue Harmony project and pushed others out -Anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: IBM set to slash another 500 workers
The IBM ethos "change is a constant in our industry and transformation is a permanent feature of our business model". -serverguy-

Comment 03/03/14: @-Zheng- It depends what is in the employment contract you signed with your current country. -Michael-
Comment 03/03/14: Not longer blue, let go last Thursday... anybody else in Lexington Ky make the list? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/03/14: The red tide has started in STG sales. Mainframe, Power and Storage teams are getting their calls this morning. "Business conditions have changed and your [are / are not] affected." One long-term manager characterized it as the broadest and deepest they'd ever seen at IBM. -FYeahI'mDistracted-
Comment 03/03/14: Got axed last week after given a PBC 3, which included nothing but lies made up by mgr! No sense in contesting PBCs in IBM. I was given a 30 day Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), which was so widely written, that they could use any excuse to say that I didn't complete it satisfactorily. I even got two emails from manager saying two different excuses for my failure on the PIP.
Life sure will be different when these managers come begging for a job later on at my new place of employment! They won't get my recommendation. So I had 30 days to complete the PIP, I immediately started looking for a new job and got an offer with even more pay! So I got laid off on 2/28 and started my new job on 3/3! I got lucky.
I will NEVER go back to IBM. I'm sure Ginni will be looking for a new job soon. She is running the company into the dirt fast. Never before I have felt more relieved than I do today....
Comment 03/03/14: To -Non IBMer- Why would virginia ever go on Undercover Boss? Every boss which has gone on that show did so because they wanted to uncover the problems in their business in order to make things better not only for the company but also for their rank and file employees. Every ibm ceo since gerstner has been about setting themselves up for more money, not about fixing problems and making things better for the entire organization. It'll be a cold day in hell before any ibm executive goes on that show to really make any meaningful changes in the company. In fact, the only affiliation virginia would have with that show is if ibm bought CBS and then laid off the entire crew of Undercover Boss. Just sayin'. -RA'd in Tucson-
Comment 03/03/14: Just got the dreaded 15 minute invite from my manager for this afternoon. I have been with IBM for less then a year in a customer facing technical role. Spoke to a friend of mine who is a Storage CTS on the east coast and he has been RA'd along with 40% of his team. Great strategy to increase sales, get rid of almost half of your customer facing support. -Unreal-
Comment 03/03/14: Just got called today, Monday 03/03/14 by manager saying that the group got affected. RA's in NA are still happening as of today. Feel sorry for the people that were let go. -Anonymous4G-
Comment 03/03/14: -hmm- Yes, don't take your vacation time now! If you take more than your earned vacation for this year, IBM will deduct that from your RA severance! DO TAKE ALL YOUR Personal Choice Holidays -IBM$uck$-
Comment 03/03/14: In answer to Zheng, "If you have worked in IBM in more than one country ... won't your service reference date start from the first country and not the latest country, for the purpose of calculating redundancy payment? Anyone knows the answer? -Zheng-",
Redundancy is calculated from your latest country. SRD is only used for pension/retirement requirements. That is what they told me. I had done 2 years in EU. Each IBM country is "independent" entity. RA'd from IBM US in June 2013. -SD-

Comment 03/03/14: -Anon- Coincidence that Greenock is on the block when Scotland is contemplating independence from the UK? IBM is not our friend -IBMnotCelticFriend-
Comment 03/03/14: Palmisano's strategy was all about the BRICs and the growth emerging markets would deliver.
China no longer buying IBM. India economy on the ropes and demanding back taxes. Russia invading Ukraine and seeing its economy crumble. Brazil seeing slower growth and impact by turmoil in Argentina.
Hey, Ginny. Go ahead and trash all those people in your Developed markets. piss off all your customers with bad service.
Then layoff lots of people in those BRICs to promote IBM goodwill. 2Q14 is going to be a Wallstreet disaster. How you like the CEO job now? -SoftKitty-

Comment 03/03/14: -FedUpwithIBM-
It has happened to you as it happened to me.
As a sick "BONUS" of your RA with severance package: you also LOSE ALL your FHA since you are not 55 years old despite meeting the 15 years employment requirement.
It has happened to you as it happened to me.
The Alliance has made it clear to us older workers for years now: organize IBM labor and fight or lose some or all of your after-IBM retirement benefits. I am still an Alliance member even though I was RAed a few years ago. I want to try to fight and protect what little IBM retirement benefits I have left! The Alliance will do that for us if we get more members (full and associate) and contributors to sign up. -sby_willie-

Comment 03/03/14: -FedUpwithIBM- : I was RA'd at 52.5 with just 1.5 years until 30 years of service. My manager was RA'd with just months until joining the 25 Year Club. While no one ever said being 50 would be easy, I never imagined that being a 50-year-old in IBM would become nearly impossible. -all-too-true-
Comment 03/03/14: To -FedUpwithIBM-. You should have your cash balance to be used for retirement. If you have a financial planner work with them on your options. Otherwise I've heard good things about Fidelity helping people out. I have a cash balance but was able to retire, for whatever that was worth. I wasn't 40 on 7/1/99 so I lost FHA money when I was RA'd last year. Utilize Right Mgmt if they are still used by IBM to assist people with resume' writing, interview tips, etc. -Still_Blue-
Comment 03/03/14: I just want to correct something I read over and over again which is IBM is being run by HR and Finance and that is why this is happening. Remember, that HR and Finance people had to go to business school and take all business classes. Engineers don't. SW developers don't. And in Business school they DO NOT teach you to focus on wall street numbers. Wall street is viewed as a funding source. Period. Instead they teach you to value every asset you have and your greatest asset is people. Finance organizations in IBM have been quietly decimated over the years with overseas "centers of excellence". HR has gone through similar long term reductions that rarely make the news. If HR and Finance were in charge, that would never have happened. We can be replaced with any of the other million HR or Finance people out there looking for a good job. Even our CFO could be replaced in an instant because contrary to what others may claim, his job is standardized. There are literally hundreds if not thousands who could step in and take his job in an instant. Most of the people that run IBM and will be rewarded by roadkill 2015 are engineers. Anyone can be bought including HR and Finance people, but let's stop blaming finance and HR who are simply puppets doing what they are told. These decisions are being made by business unit heads who 99% are former engineers. -Don't Blame HR and Finance-
Comment 03/03/14: I got RA'd Thursday, I am 52.5+ years old, I have over 15 years with IBM, I am less than 2.5 years from being able to take the early retirement package. After 15 years of 60-80 hour work weeks, working through holidays and vacations, no overtime, NOW they RA me? I only needed 2 years and 3 months for early retirement. I was hired Feb 1999, now I get zero for retirement? Can that be true? :( -FedUpwithIBM-
Comment 03/03/14: Let the 2014 IBM Hunger Games begin -Guest-
Alliance reply: On the contrary. Let the Hunger games END. Organize and Join Alliance@IBM to organize an end to the "games" that IBM plays with IBM worker' jobs, careers, families and their very lives. T
he pendulum is moving. Let's do this.
Comment 03/03/14: As far as I see it, IBM has 3 options for the workers in ?tech jobs? in NYS ? none of which are good to the workers. I feel this way because of the lack of respect that IBM has shown to its employees since ?93. It has steadily gotten worse and when then have the gall to not only be disrespectful but also not forthcoming with information about anything regardless if it is a layoff and now even the NYS deal, one cannot think that the choices are anything but bad.
Choice 1: the NYS deal has given the state officials the knowledge that IBM has a sale pending for the Mfg bldgs (chips) or the deal is close to happening, and by saying that this deal to save 3100 jobs is good until 2016 just buys IBM time for the sale which could happen in 6 to 12 months (maybe longer, maybe shorter). Not only that though, IBM gets out of being the ?bad guy? ? read - no bad press for IBM, when the sale is announced and people are let go by the buyer.
Choice 2: IBM will continue the cuts under the table regardless of the deal with NYS by keeping the numbers low to stay under the radar with NYS. This will be done over several weeks or months in order to again get out of being the ?bad guy? with respect to not getting any bad press.
Choice 3: IBM is only going to delay the RAs for a week or maybe even for a month or 2, although we all know that Ginny wanted to count this against the 1st qtr. The deal with NYS only delays it. Just remember that there are 3900 employees in Dutchess County that weren?t really mentioned in the deal. What happens to them?? My best guess is that Choice 2 is most likely, but I can see the other choices being just as likely given any number of unknowns about the deal with NYS. Good luck to all.
At least one politician in NYS is questioning the deal - -tired of the bs-

Comment 03/03/14: Sometimes you wonder why a manager is even needed when the technician is the one who actually runs the department, Morale is very low right now and managers try to avoid, Talking to anyone. -Anon-
Comment 03/03/14:
IBM to shutter Greenock x86 line after sale to Lenovo - reports MP seeks clarity, 'monitoring situation very closely'.
Mystery still surrounds one of the UK's last server production outposts in the Silicon Glenn amid reports of IBM shuttering the Greenock site when Lenovo acquires its x86 division.
According to local newspaper Greenock Telegraph, workers at the plant are bracing themselves for closure with manufacturing set to move to China once the sale of the volume server biz is concluded.
Employees are fearful that with only a storage line made at the facility there will be no economies of scale to keep the lights on and, "this will eventually go too," said one source quoted by the paper. -Anon-

Comment 03/03/14: Can UK employees join? Thanks -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: UK and other international IBMers can join only as associate members. Your membership helps keep the Alliance going and helps in the organizing. We are also part of the
IBM Global Union Alliance of IBM unions in 21 countries. <link to Global union list>

Comment 03/03/14: If you have worked in IBM in more than one country ... won't your service reference date start from the first country and not the latest country, for the purpose of calculating redundancy payment? Anyone knows the answer? -Zheng-
Comment 03/03/14: No layoffs in Lenexa that I'm aware of. I'm shocked that I didn't hear about this until last Friday - no managers or other employees have even mentioned it. I feel for the the IBMers that received the axe. I'll keep this community posted on any updates. -KIBMer-
Comment 03/03/14: Bangalore - Manyata Tech Park. I was called for a meeting with mgr, senior mgr, and HR person on Thursday, and informed that my position is no longer required. I was asked to write a resignation letter on the spot, and the acceptance/relieving letter was handed to me immediately also, prepared and signed by the "Country Process Owner - Separations". I asked why it is being termed as Resignation when it is a RA, and was informed that this is due to the company's sensitivity towards it's (ex) employees, so that they face no stigma (supposedly - is it true?) when applying elsewhere. I am not sure if that is the real reason or they want to make sure there is no documented evidence of layoffs in this country
In any case, I was told to accept the "offer" immediately (leave premises within 1-2 hours, take backup - no issues), or I could stay on for another 7 days and the "offer" would not be valid in that case. Other than these, I felt they treated the matter quite fairly. Though I took the "immediate termination" option, I was told that I would remain on the payroll for another 22 days, which is in addition to the "offer". -Resign after 17 years @IBM, or is it?-

Comment 03/02/14: The Alliance needs to know how many workers were fired in last weeks resource action. If you have that information and details please email the information to Names will be confidential. -Alliance-
Comment 03/02/14: Excellent article on IBM, roadmap 2015 and the job cuts: -member-

Comment 03/02/14: To -hmm-: When I was RA'd in 2010, I had accrued one week of vacation and was also entitled to 3 personal days for that year. I had to use the 3 personal days during that month, but the week's extra vacation pay was added to my severance check. To -ReleasedFromIBMPrisonCamp-: My thoughts exactly!! -Gorya-
Comment 03/02/14: Ginny Rometty should go on undercover boss. I know there is no way she would, but maybe just maybe she could see what she is really doing to the company if she did. Maybe I am asking to much of IBM's leadership to get in touch with the real people who make this company what it is. -Non IBMer-
Comment 03/02/14: I only discovered that I was affected by Project Apollo when Finance kept asking me about billing details about charing my cost. I asked my boss about the Financial details required and she said budget wasn't approved. That was it ... what does that mean? I went to my location manager and he went hounding my functional manager, set me up with HR for redeployment and I am still waiting to hear what will happen to me. No one knows!? I don't understand the lack of professionalism here? -Zheng-
Comment 03/02/14: to -hmm- Don't take your vacation. You will get a check for them along with the severance check. -Still_Blue-
Comment 03/02/14: To -hmm- It is my understanding that personal days are lost once you leave. i.e. I had been told many years ago to use personal days first, i.e. first 5 days you take off for the year are personal. Only then use your vacation days. For vacation days they will pay you for the portion you have earned and not used when you leave. Not sure what happens if you used more then you earned... Your manager should be able to answer that one. I was 'RA'd'(fired) in July of 2013. I discovered this round 'triggered' the feelings from last summer, even though I am no longer part of the company. The sting after 32 years doesn't go away that soon. -GoneinVermont-
Comment 03/02/14: I was RA'd in 2012 after 35 years and responded by sending "thank you" e-mails to my first-, second-, and third-line managers. The IBM we knew no longer exists; it is now controlled by executives hell bent on achieving the RoadKill EPS goal while destroying the lives of the company's employees, and IMHO, ultimately the company itself.
The good news is that even Wall Street and the mainstream press is catching on...there have been several articles in the past month that use the term "financial engineering" in a less than complementary fashion.
IBM has been on a downward path since at least the mid-90's, putting H.R. and Finance in control of the company at the expense of innovation. I've tried to do my part to publicize the company's shenigans on my site. Please check it out! I also encourage current and former employees to submit IBM reviews to Glassdoor. See
With one review, you'll have access to the full history of all of the IBM Glassdoor reviews. (I do select some of the Glassdoor reviews for inclusion in the weekly updates.) -no_longer_alwaysontheroad4bigblue-

Comment 03/02/14: Has anybody heard about Bromont? -anon-
Comment 03/02/14: There *is* life outside of IBM, and it's better than life inside IBM. I got tossed last year, and within a month I had a very cool job at a high-tech startup in Manhattan. And y'know? It's *much* nicer being at good company than at a dysfunctional hellblob like IBM. 'cause any decent high-tech company will *care* about the people who work at it. -Bard Bloom-
Comment 03/02/14: -member-
Comment 03/02/14: Just made a donation to the Alliance. I've never really been a union supporter because I've seen what can happen when they get out of control. But now I'm thinking the pendulum has swung too far the other way. -Sad in Vermont-
Comment 03/02/14: Over 20 percent of San Jose DFSMS dev staff cut. 12 out of 60. Not good for the future of IBM storage or servers -STG tech-
Comment 03/02/14: What else can they take from its long serving employees ? I saw this on the ibmpension yahoo group. First time I have heard of this. Page 128 of IBM's 10-K for 2013:




Nonpension Postretirement Benefit Plan
U.S. Nonpension Postretirement Plan
The company also amended its life insurance plan. Employees retiring on or after January 1, 2015, will no longer be eligible for life insurance. Existing retirees and employees retiring during 2014 continue to be eligible for retiree life insurance.
-longtimebeemer -

Comment 03/02/14: About 200 laid off between Tucson and Boulder. -Anon-
Comment 03/02/14: Regards to finding an internal job once you've been RA'd. All transfer within GBS are frozen. Any exceptions need to be approved by old George Metz and HR maven Deb Butters Don't expect any transfers to approved. They never are (unless you're connected to the Armonk mafia.) -Anon-
Comment 03/02/14: To hmmm - They will pay you the vacation they owe you for the 3 months you were on the payroll. Assuming you have not used any yet this year, you will get 1/4 of your yearly vacation. PC days do not get compensated so you need to use them or lose them before your last day. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 03/02/14: Regarding vacation .... Be sure to look at your online info and see how it accrues. You will have to repay if you use more than you have earned for the year. I would not use any more vacation... All your out time is you looking for a job at this point. See if you are entitled to use the personal days . If so use them so you dont feel like you should sign in but make sure you wont have to pay for them. Any unused earned vacation will be paid to you on separation day. -Brenda-
Comment 03/02/14: All of these RAs sounds like Lou laying off thousands of IBMers when he became CEO. IBM will continue to destroy the USIBMers and their families. IBM destroyed the economy of Endicott , just like they are doing today in the Hudson Valley . Without a union IBM will continue to destroy towns in upstate New York and families who work for IBM. -Former IBM Endciott Employee-
Comment 03/02/14: @hmm - You can use the personal choice days immediately. Vacation days are earned throughout the year, if you take them all now, you will have to repay the value of the unearned days. Given a 3/31 departure date, 1/4 of your 25 days are earned, so 6 days could be used without any repayment. -LastManStanding-
Comment 03/02/14: To Mea Culpa. As IBM's largest shareholder outside of it's self. He may hold some sway telling the board what to do. If he starts selling IBM stock it will be disastrous for the price. Looking at Blue Pages one noticed that there have been some non publicized high profile demotions by push down in the management stack. They may still hold the title, but instead to direct reports, they are now several levels down. Executive wise there are things to keep an eye out for. Two SVP's that have turned or will turn 60 - the standard IBM exec retirement age. Linda Sanford, who cashed in about $14M in stock towards end of 2013, and John Kelly. -Anon-
Comment 03/02/14: I heard STG sales will get the ax next week. This makes sense because they would get to keep us around for 30 days and get through the quarter end. I read the comments about the CSRs, wondering if anyone can comment on the CSRs being told on 3/31 or 3/31 would be their last day. The CSRs I know have all been with IBM for decades, have priceless experience, work all hours of the night & weekends, and do an incredible job. I am not aware of any new hires to replace them. The acceleration of STG demise will start gaining speed. Look for weaker results going forward. -waiting-
Comment 03/02/14: Berkshire Hathaway's annual letter to shareholders has included pages on the stock market and where it's headed in previous years. This year? Silence. -Mea Culpa - I bought IBM stock-

Comment 03/02/14: I confirm that the New York RA was not called off, just significantly reduced. IBM reduced it on Feb 26th, less than 24 hours prior to the RA. Governor Cuomo's announcement was on the 24th, and IBM execs took 2 days to decide they couldn't afford to lose their NY state tax breaks. Regarding what's next - IBM is trying to sell the fab, meaning that hundreds of additional RAs are on hold (including PBC 3's). If the sale doesn't happen, STG head Tom Rosamilia is going to execute another huge RA for his organization. -Rochester RA-
Comment 03/02/14: I'm interested in hearing from ssrs headed for Toshiba on the ssrs slated to stay with IBM if in fact all are being fired. Originally all ssrs moved to the rsd division, we're to go to toshiba. Then the game changed and half in my team were going and half were staying ibm. I saw the writing on the wall as i was slated to stay. I left with 26 years service. My decision was right for me but was a hard one to make.Fill us in ssrs. -Ex SSR-
Comment 03/02/14: To all those who were recently layed-off. It happened to me after almost 30 years with ibm when I got caught up in the 2013 RA. Everything will be ok. At first, you'll be upset/anguished/fearful. A whole range of emotions including relief. All normal. After this subsides, you'll start to regain your life. YOU are not 'owned' by IBM anymore. You'll start to do things with your family and friends, you wont be worried about that call in the middle of the night asking you to work once again. Good luck all! Enjoy your new life. I promise! You'll be amazed at how your personality changes for the better once you get this huge monkey off your back and you realize there are other employers out there that actually VALUE your skills and abilities. -miss_understanding-
Comment 03/02/14: IBM fires small-town workers for Wall Street numbers. That?s the good part. -anon-

Comment 03/02/14: Relating to job postings. To replace a pending retiree, internally a high level (band 10) special skills technical position posting was created specifically for me. I went through the official process applying and never heard back. When I checked I was told that there was no funding so the position would be eliminated. The position was also posted externally. I applied using a fictitious name and was told that the position had been filled. It calls into question the 3K jobs corporate shill Doug Shelton puts forth. -What Jobs-
Comment 03/02/14: It appears that a Director in the newly formed Cognitive Computing organization at T.J. Watson bailed last week. -Anon-
Comment 03/02/14: @-Clueless in 2013-: You are right. It is a total waste of time to look for another job in IBM when RA'd. Even though it sometimes looks like other managers are interested, it won't happen. I had this situation last year when I was RA'd and I have plenty of examples that demonstrate how things work. On day 1 of your notification spend ALL energy on outside job hunting and don't get lured into false hope. Managers are lying everywhere. Remember, IBM just punched you in the proud, take the money and leave. -Fairness101-
Comment 03/02/14: clueless in 2013 - Thanks for the advise! I heard the same thing today from two former co-workers who were laid off in June. I was looking, but now I've decided to focus on the outside and take my severance and RUN! It's pretty insulting and a slap in the face that our managers tell us to look for a job internally when it's nearly impossible to get one after being RA'ed! What a joke! I also found out they can't give us professional recommendation letters with the IBM header on it! BUT, I we can use our PBC write ups as proof of our hard work. -LaidOffinTucson-
Comment 03/02/14: RA'ed on 2/28 from San Jose. Solid 2 and 2+ for last 5 yrs. it's a relief. I am moving on to places treasure my skills. I heard couple more got ra'ed at San Jose. -Tried-
Comment 03/02/14: Got my notice in GA. 26 weeks severance at 67. I was ready to retire anyway, so the package will be a bonus. And, NO MORE PBC'S! -FinallyFree-
Comment 03/02/14: When RA'd if you are required to sign papers in order to receive severance payment then IBM must provide unemployment benefits. Google your state's unemoyment law and read it. Don't assume you won't get, research it. Also if you are retiring and getting pension you are still entitled to unemployment benefit. Since IBM stopped contributing to your pension many years ago there is not a conflict. I am in Texas but it is easy to research. Copy the info to a doc cause you will have to provide it but you will get the benefits. And use every penny of retraining money. Community colleges have great continuing education programs in all areas. Don't leave any money on the table. You have earned whatever you can take away from this. Good luck finding a new passion - I wish you well -Brenda-
Comment 03/01/14: How does vacation work? I have 25 vac days and 5 personal holidays. Can I use them up until the end of the month? -hmm-
Comment 03/01/14: That would hypocritical of IBM to block all job transfers since the note I received implies that you can stay if you find a new job. Sounds like it's all a big fraud. Yeah, don't train your replacement...what are they going to do? Fire you? Haha. They are NOT going to give you a partial pbc rating, so just tell them to get lost and figure it out themselves, if they are so smart. Haha -bleck-
Comment 03/01/14: It is becoming clearer by the day that there will be a regime change coming at IBM that will be every bit as sudden and dramatic as the change that occurred during the transition between Akers and Gerstner. All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. My heart goes out to all those good, dedicated employees let go by the current ruling elite. These dastardly deeds will not go unnoticed by our great creator. -Anon-
Comment 03/01/14: STG Tucson - number so far is 100 and counting -none-
Comment 03/01/14: I was told by a credible source (a mgr) that it is indeed true that at the last second 250-300+ names (technical jobs) were pulled off this week's RA list in Poughkeepsie. These folks are spared for now until the NY deal with the Gov is sorted out. Quite a few were indeed let go in Poughkeepsie this week but it was about half (or less) of what was targeted -PokLongTimer-
Comment 03/01/14: So I know of one person let go in MD under my third line, but they did not sit in EFK (sat in Endicott). Also I know of an MD department in BVT that got hit, but management would not comment. I know of one other person that reports to a department in EFK, but works remotely that got let go. Many sizing are going on in EFK teams, so we suspect they are preparing for something. We all just wish they'd sell MD to a company that actually cares about making good hardware. -In EFK MD-
Comment 03/01/14: This RA may not have affected you personally, but in some way it will, whether it is due to an increased workload or simply having to work in an environment where you have no job security and feel like you always need to look over your shoulder(especially when stock prices are going down). We need to stand up for the basic rights that we deserve as employees, and the first step is to join the Alliance. From what I understand this has been a long, hard-fought battle with IBM and the Alliance, and it is sad it has to come to us needing a union to have our voices heard but that is what it has come to. So the way I see it, we all have two options, 1) join the Alliance in the hope that it will make a difference and help restore the balance in IBM, and tell everyone you know the true colors of IBM, or 2) watch IBM fall-short of roadmap 2015(which it will) and witness an even larger RA if not much worse. On a side note, where can we find the number on the people who have joined the Alliance? Perhaps if this were tracked, it would bring more incentive to people who have been thinking of joining the Alliance. -Anon-
Alliance reply: We have done this in the past and we have had membership drives with a gauge showing how many joined in a given time period. Didn't seem to help. Since January we have had about 25 new members, and we thank those that did join. We have a little over 300 dues paying members (we do lose people over time that have left IBM) and about 5200 non dues paying supporters. Not all are current employees. We also get asked what the Alliance mission is and what we stand for. That information is all on our main page. You can also ask questions at

Comment 03/01/14: I left IBM voluntarily in Feb 2014 after working in STG on AIX for 2.5 years. I was a recent college graduate with a MS degree...when I put in my 2 weeks with my manager, he on the spot offered me a 25% raise to stay with IBM. It is sad that even in the midst of other people on my team being RAd, things like that can happen. When I put in my 2 weeks, it was right after the alliance announced the dates for the RA, so I figured that I would be able to save someone else's job by leaving voluntarily before names were due to be submitted. I am happy I worked for IBM, but I honestly cannot be proud. IBM is not the same company that it once was, but it still looks good on a resume. -anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: @Andy...Can you elaborate on the information you posted about the CE cuts on 3/31??
"Field Service Representatives (CE's)accross the country are bing laid of effective 3/31. At this time unknown numbers, but likely in the hundreds. This does not include the CE's that were moved to Toshiba." -Colorado CE-

Comment 03/01/14: Except one state, what's that? -Sleepless in Austin-

Comment 03/01/14: When the last Watson (the man,not the machine) left IBM in late 80's, it all started going to hell. It has accelerated as time goes on. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: Given past/present RAs & early retirements some questions for the group relating to IBM age based bias/discrimination: A) accessing benefit money accrued age 40-50 and B) old pension plan vs portable plan & employee participation choice offered in 1999.
a) Benefit Account Access ($2500/yr accrued age 40-50). Current IBM policy is age 55 w/15 yrs to receive this. Those retiring, RAd before age 55 currently would lose these funds. Those 52 w/ 30 yrs would lose this (30 yrs svc used to be criteria entitling full retirement offerings) Now one w/ less seniority, but is 55 has access to these benefit funds. Is this not an age bias/discrimination violation w/ dept of labor?

b) Old Pension Plan vs Portable Plan.
In 1999 IBM rolled out the portable pension plan. After pushback IBM settled upon age 40 w/ 10 yrs of service as the criteria to choose old vs new plan. There is a group of IBM employees in there later 30s w/ more than 10 yrs of service. (ie. 38 w/ 16; 37 w/15 yrs having more seniority than those at 40 w/10) How is this not an aged based bias/discrimination by the IBM? Does is not violate any dept of labor laws? A more equitable measure would have been a numeric decision criteria of say age+service >50 w/ those 40 w/ 10 setting the numeric threshold. So those 38 w/ 16, 37 w/ 15,...etc would meet the criteria of >50. This would have offered a fair means for this population to choose there respective pension plan as was offered to those 40 w/ 10.
IBM used >= 40 as the cut off merely because that group fell into a "protected class".
Are these situations valid to protest to the EBSA (Employee Benefits Security Administration)?
(Employee Welfare & Pension Benefit Plans representative would likely undertake the review. Seems w/ these age based discrimination concerns MANY can go to the dept of labor web site & log a protest.
Thoughts from the group? Has anyone already pursued this journey? -AgeBiasQuestions-

Comment 03/01/14: Found out my son-in-law's brother was part of the rebalancing group(He has never been in hardware). IBM plans to get out of all hardware and manufacturing. The new "ibm" will be a services company. He was told there will be no raises, no incentives, no transfers for three years. He couldn't say anything before, but he said writing is on the wall. He just left IBM and told my son-in-law to let me know. -it's over-
Comment 03/01/14: I was "effected" by a resource action in pok in the supply chain group. Over 55 years old with 37 years of service and thrown out like daily trash. Looking forward to my next and better stage in life. Wishing all those left behind the best since it's just a matter of time now. -fedupanddone-
Comment 03/01/14: I retired from IBM towards the end of last year. Couldn't take the environment. Yesterday, while the layoffs were occurring in Vermont, I received a phone call asking if I would be interested in returning to IBM as a contractor. Is it me, or does this seem bizarre and heartless to you? -Puzzled-
Comment 03/01/14: To those who just lost your job and are considering looking within IBM for another position, I strongly advise that it's not worth your time, effort, as well as anguish. You're better off immediately focusing elsewhere for a job. I got laid off in '13 and spent much energy and time in the 30-day notice period trying to remain with IBM. I had very desirable skills in an area IBM desperately needs, and two IBM managers tried extremely hard to hire me, and I had a lot of other interest too, but every move was eventually blocked. I inadvertently overheard from one manager that the hiring organization needs to compensate the firing organization by financially compensating that org by doing something like laying off 1 or 2 additional people to make room for you. Internal transfers also requires Ginny-level sign off. So, that's not easy - your transfer odds are pretty close to impossible. You're better off immediately investing all of your time and focus outside of IBM. I regret losing those 30 days, and hope you don't. -clueless in 2013-
Comment 03/01/14: To -ReleasedFromIBMPrisonCamp- "Well said", after 29 years I'm still here but miss the old days where we were all so energized and pumped to work here and so proud to be an IBMer. I'm hanging on in EFK STG and we heard we are good till 2016. I have many friends in BTV because my depot is split and just don't understand what is going on with this group. Though we are happy the lay off numbers were light in BTV and EFK.. we wonder why?? What is going on and what is next??? That is a horrid way to come into work each day. I AM a member of the union and encourage all to join, they have done a great job lately working to help us!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: Time to revolt. If you have been RA'd do NOT train your replacements. Offer no information to help them learn your job. Contact your customers. I see SSR's are slated for a March 31 dismissal date. They are the last face of IBM in front of the customer. We will lay off the older more experienced SSR's. Please inform the customers what IBM is doing. Customers love their SSR's and will leave in droves when they find out what IBM is doing to their only line of support. Make customer lists this week and call them ALL!!! Make it hurt them. Let their customers know that IBM has no concern for existing contracts or obligations to customers. And for Gods sake get off your butts and join the Alliance. And please take a pass on the severance pay and sue IBM for the blatant age discrimination they are culpable of. There has to be grounds for class action age discrimination suit here. We need to demand the OWBPA is followed. Your attorney needs that information for the lawsuit.It is obvious IBM is trying to break the law and will likely get away with it if we don't stand up.It is our only chance for change. I've Been Misled-IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: IBM corporate management are law breakers, criminals, and crooks when it comes to labor law. We see it. They settle suits and cases left and right when it comes to labor/employment issues. There is list of them going years' back. These corporate felons need to read the BCG as a start and learn to READ the labor law to OBEY IT. -anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: I was part of the July, 2013 'RA' after 17yrs of a career with excellent reviews, awards, etc. After IBM took over in 2001 things began their long, slow, unbearable decline. With the exception of a few people left, a place that was once so vibrant with wonderfully talented and dedicated people has become a ghost town. People no longer interact or share ideas. Instead they're heads down and driven like slaves. They are treated with disregard by Mgrs who only know how to use scare tactics to manipulate them e.g., constantly told to 'work smarter' (who was the IBM jackass that started that phrase?) with no help to do that; to take on more responsibility, even though the workload increases exponentially as staff is reduced; to be a leader, even when there's nobody and nothing to lead. Way too may Chiefs and hardly any Indians to do the real work. The list of denigrating tactics goes on. My message to those that are suffering from the humiliation and self doubt caused by these layoffs is, don't suffer any longer. You haven't done anything wrong and IBM is way too stupid to realize what they're losing. Know that, everything has a silver lining. It only took me ~1/2 hour after my notice that I found mine. My life has changed dramatically for the better. Looking back I only laugh with joy that I no longer have to experience that kind of treatment. I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to meet so many good people and to work on such a great product. That said, I despise IBM and everything they stand for, not because they chose to remove me, but because of the dirty, despicable and unethical way they run their business and how they blatantly lie to their workforce and their customers. It is shameful and I'm so happy not to be part of it anymore, no matter what my future holds. Whatever you choose to do post-IBM, I hope this will help to put some perspective on what has happened and know that you'll be much better off. I wish all a more fulfilling next stint. -ReleasedFromIBMPrisonCamp-
Alliance reply: Sorry for your job loss in 2013. All the negative aspects of working for IBM, that you have cited have been said before. This company will continue to do to their employees, whatever they feel like, as long as IBM employees allow them to. Alliance@IBM has been actively working to help change that "paradigm". The focus that IBMers should be using is to organize. IBMers just like you, who have dedicated their energies and loyalty to a company that abuses them at every turn. The ONLY way to change that, while still working for IBM is to organize. Now that IBM has gone so far as to stop reporting job cuts as before in their RA pkgs; it's just another example of their disrespect for their own workforce. If the workforce unites, organizes and fights for a contract; IBM will immediately see that their employees have finally put "s
ome perspective on what has happened and know that IBM workers will be much better off....
Comment 03/01/14: I guess we will never know the true #'s affected by div/group other than the comments listed here unless someone higher up can leak the info out -not knowing-
Comment 03/01/14: Submitted to The Watson Mobile Developer Challenge.
"A mobile bracketology application utilizing cognitive computing and WATSON to determine odds of the IBM Board of Directors booting Ginni as they did John Akers. Factoring in number of employees terminated, business units sold off, customer law suits in proportional to EPS target." -Anon-
Comment 03/01/14: I'm understanding IBM Roadmap 2015 = stock market crash. Now I see the picture :) -Anon-

Comment 03/01/14: I am a 1 rated band 10 employee of 17 years at IBM and am fed up with the executive leadership at all levels of IBM. What a disaster. I am on the list to lenovo, which is better than staying at IBM, but it is not my first choice. All those still at IBM or moving to lenovo I recommend you look around. There are great companies that need great employees badly. IBM vs. Lenovo, I choose neither. -Rated1-
Comment 02/28/14: I was notified of RA on 02/27/14. There are five others also affected under the same 2nd line manager. All of us are over 50 and in NJ. -Distressed-
Alliance reply: This is why employees need the OWBPA report included in their RA docs'. Lots of age discrimination in job cuts.

Comment 02/28/14: I got RA news today from RSD group I know that 20 was let go from my div plus at least another 75 from 2 more eastern side RSD divisions -Craig-
Comment 02/28/14: For all that are being let go. I have been there, and let me tell you this, there IS LIFE after IBM. Remember it is not you that failed, it is the company that is failing. Cut to the bone and yet they still want more. One thing they seem to not remember, these thousands of people are talented, most will work for IBM customers and most will not look favorable once they understand that IBM is running so lean that it can no longer support its customer base. And when it comes time to recommend a direction, more than one X-IBMr will not recommend the once great IBM -Been There-
Comment 02/28/14: Don't think the question was whether NY jobs were lost, as they were..even the IBM spokesman was quoted as saying you should trust those that said they were laid off from NY. One can read the agreement with NYS as being MD specific (Cadigan org), so the question is whether there are confirmed losses in the Hudson Valley from within MD...there are clearly some from VT and Endicott from MD, and clearly from other orgs (ISC, other parts of STG). Can anyone confirm a Hudson Valley layoff from within MD? -Efk'ite-
Comment 02/28/14: Got resourced today.. Crazy.. Time to move on.. -Crazy-
Comment 02/28/14: @Stepping Stone.."This has been happening for five years. The current RA cycle has been running since the beginning of 2009. Stop acting surprised. Start standing up. -Stepping Stone-"
Don't know where you have been but I was RA'd in 2007 6 months after getting a promotion and had to train 5 clueless heads in India. That's the problem, you all have had your heads in the sand for years thinking or not knowing this has been going on for a lot longer than you THINK! -Anon-

Comment 02/28/14: How many employees work for System X right now? Just around 7500 or much higher than this number? -X_number-
Comment 02/28/14: Don't let anyone kid you. 'Technical people' in Poughkeepsie were let go. Got to be at least 40 in STG/ISC z mfg and support. -zGuy-
Comment 02/28/14: Article IBM workers sold to Lenovo need to read. -Alliance-

Comment 02/28/14: Some 2nd-line areas in AIX Austin were lightly touched, others were not touched at all. I only know about a couple of them, however. There may have been some areas hit harder.
However, a lot of people have left voluntarily since last year (myself included). In some depts, more left voluntarily over the past year than were cut. They were counting on attrition, but it appears they got more than they had wanted. My guess is that they lost so many that they cannot cut in some areas without killing AIX altogether. Maybe that's what they want eventually, but not instantly like another deep cut there might have done.
Comment 02/28/14: Got RAed from IBM kenexa. Heard that VPs and Managers are also kicked out. Heard few sr management folks were behind some unnecessary job cuts on the direction from CTO/CKO in Wayne, PA location -anonymous-
Comment 02/28/14: I wish all victims of this week's RA the very best as you move on with your professional lives. I've not yet been informed by my manager whether or not I've been selected for this RA, presumably because she's out of town on business. Is anyone else in this same situation? Also, is it true that the severance package for this RA is 1 week's pay for each 6 months of service? Thanks! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/28/14: Field Service Representatives (CE's)accross the country are bing laid of effective 3/31. At this time unknown numbers, but likely in the hundreds. This does not include the CE's that were moved to Toshiba. -Andy-
Comment 02/28/14: I know of 4 in BTV that were managers RA'd they were set to retire months ago but changed their minds and waited for this to get the package. guess that beats a slap on the back like a line worker gets when they retire -Still here-
Comment 02/28/14: Just curious, what actions could The Alliance take to stop the layoffs? I have worked in many unionized organizations and"Management Rights" seemed to offer free will to make management decisions about workforce. -Curious IBMer-
Alliance reply: In IBM unions in Europe and elsewhere job cuts are negotiated, numbers challenged and alternatives worked on. In those unions job cuts are voluntary first. They have contracts that spell this all out in detail.

Comment 02/28/14: Comment 02/28/14: Question to the alliance, do you need to be an IBM employee to join the alliance? -tyrone- Alliance reply: Ex-IBM employees and retirees can join the Alliance.
Let me add to the Alliance response: ANYONE can make a donation. If you can't join, you can still support. -No Excuses-

Comment 02/28/14: This has been happening for five years. The current RA cycle has been running since the beginning of 2009. Stop acting surprised. Start standing up. -Stepping Stone-
Comment 02/28/14: I was RA'd 2 weeks ago. Just found out that IBM is going to challenge my claim to Unemployment Insurance. -Damaged in Dubuque-
Comment 02/28/14: Let's remember the real reason IBM has gotten into this steady cycle of arbitrary firings during good times and bad. It's all about Shareholder Values. Wall St. loves it when IBM fires people. Every time there's an RA, the stock goes up. It's management's duty to do what pleases the stockholders. Until they are convinced that this is not good for their investment, nothing is going to change. The internet is a big place. Somewhere there must be a scientific study that shows that a pattern of mass firings is harmful to a company's long term health. Somehow, that has to be communicated to the stockholders (or at least the major ones). Suggestion: include the word "chainsaw" in your google search. - Nick Danger-
Comment 02/28/14: 55+, solid 2+ performer, replaced by someone in India who is not qualified -Sigh-
Comment 02/28/14: Comment 02/28/14: What does the CEO and the other execs. see for the future of IBM and its share value? Take a look at Pick your favorite exec. and see what they think the future holds. There seems to be a common theme. -OnThinIce-
I just checked out the executives and their stock status through your link, they have all been granted shares worth millions, as of 2/ much for no bonuses and so much for true teaming. I guess they feel they "deserve" their compensation for some reason but they are really acting in a most brutal and selfish manner..taking millions in compensation then justifying the termination of hardworking, dedicated and loyal employees...BTW, RAed last July, life is much better now; most in high-tech now see IBM as a joke.... -REBIRTH-

Comment 02/28/14: Hundreds permanently RA'd in STG Tucson lab. Managers targeted band 8 & 9 engineers. IBM has lost talented technical people who have contributed for many years. Key product developers leaving with impact to product quality and ability to deliver future products on time. System Test lab hit hard also. List being worked on for next RA. -Sad times in IBM-
Comment 02/28/14: 6 RA'd from ISC GL NA. About 15% and there will be a request for more departures with the X Series divestiture. -Sad in Boulder-
Comment 02/28/14: I'll be honest that I don't have great hopes for organizing IBM or making much of a difference in Roadkill 2015 agenda. Any chance of changing IBM's direction will have to go through the courts. That said, I really appreciate the information that the Alliance has gathered and shared about what's truly going on. I've made a donation to support your on-going efforts. -Anon-
Comment 02/28/14: Several of my colleagues were let go in RTP, does any one know if FLMs have been hit in this round of RA's? -John-
Comment 02/28/14: I hear no mention of East Fishkill, NY. For the record, there were cuts there yesterday, some in my own department. I was told I was safe, but many of us are looking to move on after this scare. Very random; think you're safe, think again. -Anon-NY-
Comment 02/28/14: I was told that all AR collectors in the US were affected. Many collectors in Canada were affected too. Jobs are moving to Guad, Mexico. -Rea-
Comment 02/28/14: Word on the street is that NY was spared from the RA. I've heard from a few folks in Pok and Fishkill that were RA'd but they worked for a department/manager from another state, not NY. -JoeFriday_JustTheFacts-
Comment 02/28/14: Where is my damn RA? I received a 3 due to increased quota of 3 handouts required this year. So, I should have been RA'ed. Why not? Is it because they plan on sticking me with another 3 next year and forcing me out without severance? Nice trick, IBM - first 3 after 25 years. How fishy is this? IBM is trying to rob me of my severance. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/28/14: I am a 17 year employee from Canada who was let go yesterday with 30 days notice so I will be done my IBM career with IBM Canada Ltd. on March 28th at 49 years old. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/28/14: -Sorry Old Sap-: The BCG are written by IBM HR to protect IBM from any perceived or real employee misbehavior. IBM executives and upper management are not true employees (they have separate employment contracts) so BCG does not apply to them! -da_facts-
Comment 02/28/14: I got the axe after 28 years in 2009. Didn't matter that I had worked my tail off, made many sacrifices in my personal life, received great feedback from customers, got stellar performance reviews..I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and nothing else mattered. My heart goes out to all of those affected by the current RA. Blows my mind that the OWBPA info. was not included--this can't be legal. IBM has become a joke and the sr. managers running the place are despicable, soul-less creatures..can't wait until it happens to them. -Beenthere-
Comment 02/28/14: Got the RA call yesterday morning. Div 7 Security Specialist out of RTP age 57 with 32 years of service. 26 weeks sev pay. -Bill-
Comment 02/28/14: Does anyone have information on the RAs that happened in Austin, TX? I know STG and POWER have a big presence there. Is anyone left there, or is building 045 already a ghost town? -GladToBeGoneFromIBM-
Comment 02/28/14: "How can Pok RA's have occurred yesterday if Cuomo was against it? Can IBM be countered for performing this recent downsizing in the Hudson Valley? -Curious-"
You are joking right? IBM doesn't care what Cuomo thinks. Cuomo and his idiot sidekicks made a deal (read gave an incentive) to IBM to keep 3100 employees there through the end of 2016. Well, there are about 7000 current employees there. That gave IBM the OK to still get rid of 3900 current employees.
Comment 02/28/14: The NY tax deal specifically mentioned "technical jobs". From what I heard, technical jobs in the Hudson Valley were removed from the RA list, but non-technical people were still let go in the Hudson Valley. -ProudMember - EF-
Comment 02/28/14: Question to the alliance, do you need to be an IBM employee to join the alliance? -tyrone-
Alliance reply: Ex-IBM employees and retirees can join the Alliance.

Comment 02/28/14: Sad in Vermont - If you don't need the severance go ahead and take it and then use it to sue them for age discrimination. Since they didn't include to OWAPA documentation as required by law, the agreement you sign not to sue is null and void. we need somebody who received one of these packages to sue them in court. Read this: -longtimebeemer -
Comment 02/28/14: Boulder layoffs are happening today and I was one of the lucky ones selected. Like the others no OWBPA numbers. As I'm over 40 I asked my manager why no numbers on total effected and since he didn't know he is going back to ask (I won't hold my breath for a response from him). Like I and others have said, IBM in sinking over the executives greed. If you want any stability in your life or even want to see IBM come back from the dead, join the Alliance NOW! Alliance, thank you for all the support and information you provided over the years. I'm glad to have been a proud member of the Alliance@IBM. -Robert-
Comment 02/28/14: Folks, I was let go in 2012. This is nothing new. It pains me to see IBM employees have not embraced the union.. if you want fair treatment it is your only hope. Keep suffering or unite! I now work in a union workplace - LOVE IT! -Vickie-
Comment 02/28/14: -FYeahI'mDistracted-: FHA requirement is 15 years IBM employment service AND at least 55 years old to qualify. I don't think IBM takes the severance into account to make it to 15 years... Yes, it would be fair, moral and empathetic of IBM to do it so those can get the FHA when just falling short of the requirements but IBM is a beast and a nasty unconscionable animal at that. -FHA'ed-
Comment 02/28/14: @-Anonymous- I was laid off in July 2013 after receiving a PBC 3 and trying to appeal it. The process was very involved. I invested tons of time and emotional effort into it and resulted in NOTHING but aggravation. Not worth it. Good luck to you and all who are being let go. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/28/14: My group was not impacted by this RA but I'm curious if any PBC 3 rated were fired and if so, was the severance pkg any different? -DodgedBulletThisTime-
Alliance reply: Now is your chance to do something for yourself and your co-workers, since you dodged the bullet: Organize Now. Don't wait. 1st-Join Alliance@IBM. 2nd-Ask Alliance for help with handing out flyers, talking to your co-workers, and going public with your effort. 3rd-If you work remote, then find a a way to talk to your co-dept members and get them to join and do the same thing you are doing. Now that IBM has once again made a chess move with the "OWPBA" rule, it will be harder for Alliance and everyone else to know how many IBM US workers there really are. In lieu of that, making contact with your co-workers and sharing information is the only thing left to raise awareness through this web site and your co-dept. members. "Dodging the bullet" is not a sports activity or Olympic event. Don't treat it like one.

Comment 02/28/14: to answer a few questions below I am with STG sales. I did hear about a few X raps getting hit. I thought they would have been safe with the Lenovo sale but apparently not. I also heard the entire US accts receivable group was Eliminated. If you know anything about IBM invoices, they are very difficult to understand. Good luck to IBM collecting payments when the work is being done offshore. I just don't see things getting any better at this company without a change of the entire leadership team. Wwe need someone with a vision unfortunately it is probably too late as the damage has been done through the years. for those that remain, I would compare IBM to a concentration camp where you are just waiting to be led to the gas chamber. you never know when it will come and it makes no sense. I can honestly say I am embarrassed to work for this company the way we treat our clients in people. Time for me to move on before my number is called. good luck to all down with the Fuhrer -embarrassed-
Comment 02/28/14: I note that Joanne Collins-Smee is still working at IBM according to blue pages. Hard to believe after the James Castelluccio age discrimination verdict against her costing IBM millions..just shows what seems to be valued these days. -Truthfully-
Comment 02/28/14: I finally joined the union today , the last straw was removing the owbpa reports , closely followed by all the spin around " new" jobs in NY. The lying and silence has to stop! Needs of the economy and change might require new skills in new places but the sun needs to shine on how all of this change gets executed. Otherwise all the poor graduates who get sucked in will waste their lives on false promises like those of us who wake up with more than 20 years of service. Best wishes to all that got the bad news yesterday . The rest of you do something and join now, -Awake finally-
Comment 02/28/14: One possibility with the OWPBA documentation not being included in the RA packages is that with the deal cut w/ the NY Gov (Tax Relief kickbacks likely garnered by IBM)is that "make-up job cuts" in other states could not be tabulated in time for the update. OWPBA info likely to come within the legal notice period w/ the release form that one signs upon exit/severance acceptance. Privacy protection claims are bogus/BS/smoke screen lacking the truthful explanation. -RetiredIBMer-
Comment 02/28/14: If IBM is stopping disclosing age and the numbers in the RA then the RA was an outright FIRING, correct? If it was a layoff, RIF (Reduction in Force), RA, or whatever you want to call it the ages and numbers have to be disclosed as per the EEOC. -anon-
Comment 02/28/14: What does the CEO and the other execs. see for the future of IBM and its share value? Take a look at Pick your favorite exec. and see what they think the future holds. There seems to be a common theme. -OnThinIce-
Comment 02/28/14: After 30+ years and a stellar career of accomplishments and value for the business, and upon recently taking another job, I was told I was being RA'd. For most of my career I have to say I was treated very well and had outstanding managers. I recently moved out of management, at my choice, and because of my stellar performance thinking it 'safe' to try something new. What a huge mistake!!! What I didn't realize was just how bad some of IBM's managers had become and how 'little' they are (big egos, hurt easily = rain of hell upon employee). Wow! In any case, trying to decide what I should d next. I don't really need the severance I hate to give it up. I want to fight as I feel wronged, like so many others. But I do know fighting is very expensive. In any case, thinking next steps. -Sad in Vermont-
Comment 02/28/14: There seems to be some misconception that NY Dutchess county was exempt from the RA yesterday. I do not know the number, but I do know people who were fired. -Anon-
Comment 02/28/14: -Waiting4Lenovo- My understanding is that no System x employees is affected until Lenovo and IBM create the in-scope list of the 7500 moving to Lenovo. The remaining 13,000 or so System x
employees will be shown the door, hate to the bearer of more bad news but that?s reality at Big Blue. Good luck to all, the ones leaving us and especially the ones left behind. -Anon_X-

Comment 02/28/14: There are six of us at the IBM Center for Microsoft Technologies in Kirkland, WA that were RA'd yesterday out of a total of about 65 people. Four of those folks are in System x and PureFlex
firmware development. So yes, the pending sale to Lenovo did not forestall the ax. The other two people are also in STG. Age breakdown - four are 50+, one 40+ and one 30+. We also share facility with about 30 or so folks from the Software group. No words on what happened there. -Red Pill Blue Pill-

Comment 02/28/14: My heart goes out to all of you that were surprised yesterday. I'm still here, almost 30 years, but I'm sure my days are numbered. There is absolutely no respect for the individual left in this company. Very sad... -Long time IBMer-
Comment 02/28/14: Article on job cuts and mising numbers data -member-

Comment 02/28/14: DIV 7T, multiples gone, looks like 4-6 so far. It seems random like just had to loose X number of people. Way too old for this to happen to me. -TooOldForThis-
Comment 02/28/14: Rochester RA - I doubt the validity of your post regarding managers flying into NY to perform layoffs. IBM is too cheap to actually fly a manager to a location to layoff somebody face to face.
They will just call you on the phone. I have seen it many times. Besides, there have been reports of layoffs in NY. -longtimrbeemer-

Comment 02/28/14: Look at this!

Comment 02/28/14: Here's a classic. The Managing Director in Australia had the top managers i n the country all flown to Sydney for a presentation. One of those managers was RA'd while there for the presentation. I ask anyone to justify that if you can ! It's clearly not about saving the company it's about saving a few peoples (the very few right at the top) retirement fund. -Maybe Next-
Comment 02/28/14: I was RA'ed yesterday in RTP. I was the only person in my dept left in the US. ISC DIV 47, System X. I had 31+ years. -Tired of IBM-
Comment 02/28/14: How can Pok RA's have occurred yesterday if Cuomo was against it? Can IBM be countered for performing this recent downsizing in the Hudson Valley? -Curious-
Comment 02/28/14: I was working on a critical customer RFS that was understaffed to begin with, very high-visibility, with penalties, and we could not get additional resources. I didn't even have a backup for what I was doing. I can't see someone stepping in and doing what I was doing. This will definitely have a negative impact on the project and the customer. It doesn't make sense how they make the cuts. More chaos at IBM. -SurpriseCut-
Comment 02/28/14: First of all my best wishes and thoughts to my US colleagues from Germany!
Also wanted to share this with you ... you can see who has advantages on shares increase and why some people don't need their bonus!;_ylt=AwrBJR4TzfNSmgcAS3CTmYlQ?s=IBM
-oliverro -
Comment 02/28/14: Resource action @ IBM V?c, Hungary. 5% effected, still ongoing and hiring freeze. -determ-
Comment 02/28/14: Donated today in honor of those RA'd. Lost many in GBS and GTS. Soon there will be more managers than resources as more carnage to come. Your corp does not respect you. Respect yourself and organize your thinking with others. Maybe they will hear the voice of many over the one. -Blue @IBM-
Alliance reply: Thank you for your support. It is appreciated.

Comment 02/28/14: 15-20 of us in STG division in San Jose California lost our jobs today. -ApolloCasualty-
Comment 02/28/14: Stg australia, 27 and counting, headed to 50ish in stg Gts 4 local confirmed -PaddyStorage-
Comment 02/28/14: RAd today .. got the feeling I was never a part of the team ever since I was hired on two years ago .. leads, fellow designers, office neighbors all kept to their established circles and always gave you that "look" as you passed them in the hallway .. wishing luck for everyone RAd today -not-welcomed-
Comment 02/28/14: Confirmed RA at Bangalore . One of my colleague has been RA'd. Dont know numbers yet -Crystal-
Comment 02/28/14: Did anyone actually sign the "Covenant not to Sue" that you were given today? If not, the mandatory OWBPA data will probably be attached to the copy you actually sign weeks down the road, at which time IBM Management is calculating that a lot of the indignation over this latest mass-firing will have dissipated, and any adverse publicity will be significantly muted. -Voting Alliance Member-
Comment 02/27/14: -SawItComing-: Wow, 14.5 years...did they at least vest your Future Health Acct? It seems that would only be fair as the 26 weeks would take you to the full 15 years. -FYeahI'mDistracted-
Comment 02/27/14: Ref : IBM CEO meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang on restoring trust
If IBM CEO Ginni Rometty wants to restore trust with the Chinese government before meeting with Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Yang, maybe she should restore trust with IBM customers, employees and governments such as the Australian State government of Queensland and others (search IBM litigation). Trust means that IBM does use every legal means possible to avoid paying taxes to governments (see India vs IBM on taxes). Does IBM demonstrate "social equity and trust" by using a Dutch tax haven to boost profits and provide the wealthy with even more wealth.
Restoring trust with employees, customers and governments means taking real actions vs worthless words and empty promises. The Chinese should ask IBM to start by paying more government taxes, on an equitable basis and providing fair pensions, giving cost of living allowances to employees and retirees. Empty promises fail to establish trust. IBM"Trust" is not improved by eliminating 2014 bonuses and salary increases for many employees while making huge profits and giving massive financial stock options to executives. A good start would be to stop blocking information sent by the "IBM alliance" a union for IBM employees. Trust is not words it is actions. If many IBM employees do not trust IBM why should the Chinese government. We invite Vice-Premier Wang Yang, to check with IBM employees worldwide -An IBM shareholder for social justice-

Comment 02/27/14: Div. 5, AIS, GBS - 2 Consultants from my group.-GottheGuillotine-
Comment 02/27/14: I was two weeks from a new job role within IBM, a new suddenly that job has been eliminated and I'm RA'ed. They even let me move offices for crying out loud! I'm a 2+ performer. I feel totally shocked and like the rug was pulled out from under me. I was let down by my current manager, and when I went to try to leave, I've been let down by the new manager as well. Some have said I have grounds to go to HR, but is it worth the fight? Maybe on principle alone. But, maybe it's time to move to a new company who treats their employees better than IBM does. I've also heard several names of co-workers hit and I'm just, I'm not alone and I'd rather be hit than someone with children. -LaidOffinTucson-
Comment 02/27/14: The hardest part for me is the realization that the Business Conduct Guidelines are quite possibly the most concrete example of"protesting too much" ever written. The disgusting greed-mongers running the place couldn't possibly know less about conducting business in accordance with such guidelines. I read and signed off on those guidelines a couple dozen times assuming that those overseeing the writing of them were model citizens worthy of my respect. It turns out they're worse than wolves in sheeps clothing. They're vile, in the same league as a Bernie Madoff - complete and total waste of the human genome. May they rot in a place that the "distracted" in hell couldn't even conceive of. -Sorry Old Sap-
Comment 02/27/14: Got the boot today too. No pre-planned meeting on the calendar although I could feel it coming. Almost 13 years. Sad day but think I'll be happier in the long run. Division 1G/CHQ/CIO -Under 40-
Comment 02/27/14: In response to -User-: I worked for IBM Sterling and was let go last July 2013. Last year my manager had our dept. color Easter eggs two days after Easter, It took over and hour to color them and with my managers permission I took pictures. I then created a slideshow and put it on Youtube. My simple minded Manager didn't realize you were suppose to boil the eggs first and the color didn't really take. Here is the video of our hard work. GLAD-TO-BE-GONE. -Bill Horn-
Comment 02/27/14: Does the law specify when the OWBPA information has to be disclosed? Maybe IBM will hold the OWBPA information until employee exit interview. -anon-
Comment 02/27/14: Several managers flew into New York sites (Poughkeepsie, Albany) to lay off employees on the 27th. Due to political pressure, Apollo was called off in the state of New York and they had nothing to do! Beware to employees in other states - you will be RA'd instead to make up the difference! -Rochester RA-
Comment 02/27/14: div 53 USA A/R team - me and many friends - those i know 50+ yrs old. 33 years in IBM - they have a new acroynm ... -RA Retiree-
Comment 02/27/14: I got spared today but already looking for the next position. Til then? Wikipedia "Work To Rule" -watching and waiting in Austin-
Comment 02/27/14: Sorry to hear about those affected by the RA. Good luck in all you do! Did anyone related to System x or PureFlex get cut? I thought we were going to find out within 30 days from Jan 26th whether or not we are"in scope". Rumor around the water cooler is that some might get cut before Lenovo determines who is "in scope". What's the deal?? -Waiting4Lenovo-
Comment 02/27/14: If you are on this site complaining about IBM and you were not fired today, you need to join the union. NOW. Nothing will change until we have a union to represent us and we need to organize now. . Put your money where your mouth is, there are more of us then them. Sell all your stocks by March 15th to drive down the stock price. It's about time management got the shaft back. It's bullshit that they care about our privacy, to say that was the reason they did not share the numbers laid off, they are arrogant and think we are a bunch of suckers who will allow IBM to use and abuse them. They want to hide how many minorities and the number of long term IBMers with large salaries they fired. Let's show them what we are really made of. Join the union now!! -Join the union now!-
Comment 02/27/14: Age: 26, GBS, Houston - Let go today while billing client. I thought folks that were on bench usually get let go??????????? wtf is happening! -Anonymuos Man-
Comment 02/27/14: RE: Older Workers Benefit Protection Act"OWBPA" applies to an employee who is 40 years old and is part of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, requires employers to follow a strict timeline to get a valid release of any age discrimination claims. This requirement applies even when the departures are spaced out over a period of time, as long as it is part of the same decision-making process. The employer must provide the following information to the employees:
+ the class, unit, or group of employees that were covered by the
exit program (whether voluntary or involuntary);
+ the eligibility factors for the program;
+ the time limits applicable to the program;
+ the job titles and ages of all of the individuals who (in the case of a voluntary exit incentive program) are eligible for the program, or who (in the case of an involuntary termination program) were selected for the program; and
+ the ages of all individuals in the same job classification or organizational unit who are not eligible for, or who were not selected for, the program
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") always has the right and responsibility to enforce the ADEA, as with the other laws under its regulation. Accordingly, releases may not include provisions that prohibit employees from (a) filing a charge or complaint with the EEOC, including a challenge to the validity of the waiver agreement; or (b) participating in any investigation or proceeding conducted by the EEOC. Above is a snippet from
We all have a choice, join the Alliance and force IBM to follow US laws or you can roll over YET again saying thank you master, please take more.
The choice is yours. -Robert-

Comment 02/27/14: Almost 20 years in, fired yesterday, not even so much as a 'thank you for devoting most of your adult life to IBM'... not that I'm surprised. STG (Hardware) in Australia has been decimated, other areas too including SWG (Software). As usual we don't know the real numbers. It's a common theme - the strongest feeling I have is one of relief. Relief that I'm now on my way out of this wretched place. The glory days are gone folks - IBM is becoming a shell of its former self. My heart goes out to those poor folk who still work at IBM and have to put up with all the 'stuff' that is showered down on them from on high. I also pity our customers - in the field IBM technical staff have been cut to the bone (and beyond actually in some cases - down to ZERO). How does IBM expect to support these customers? How can they keep taking customer's money and provide such a shoddy service? Oh that's right, because decency and ethics was replaced by greed some years back. Congratulations IBM on creating an absolute army of former employees who totally despise you and will do everything in their power as customers or competitors to undermine and eradicate your business. As the saying goes "They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind." IBM's day of reckoning is coming - and it will be coming at lot faster than a lot of people think. -theend-
Comment 02/27/14: Surviving so far but to those who have gotten a package, if no OWBPA, what does the package list as "factors it (IBM) used in making selections" -SSF-
Comment 02/27/14: All in Houston and Louisiana that were in not accepted for Toshiba are laid off-also guy from Beaumont-It was expected. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: While I am not an attorney from everything I've read not including OWBPA report violates the law. Any time more than two people are let go they need to provide the information that was in those OWBPA reports. My suggestion is some of those affected file a complaint with the Labor and Justice Departments as this won't be the first time that IBM has thumbed their nose at US Labor law until called on it. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 02/27/14: If only our clients knew how scared and demoralized we are and how much time we spend on this site trying to get any kind of info on ra's we should be getting from our management. -Anon-
Comment 02/27/14: After many years of doing what I thought was the "right" way to work for a company, I am shown the door with indifference from management for past accomplishments. RTP IBM'er for many years in Div 7T. I was not amazed why so many people from China (Lenovo) hit my Linkin page in the last couple of weeks? Interesting? Sad day for me, I worked so many hard hours over the years to meet project milestones. So many invention patents and disclosures. Always played as a team member. Oh to the next chapter! -TheGoodhasGone-
Comment 02/27/14: I work(ed) for RSD. 38 years with IBM, 60 years old. Got my RA today.I delayed getting surgery because of workload. I scheduled it for March and then get this news. They won't release ages because it is definitely aimed at getting rid of the older employees. This is not IBM anymore. -Linda-
Comment 02/27/14: Boulder folks hit. Technical PMs, DPEs and other. IGA moving a dept to Ireland to exploit tax advantages. -Boulder based-
Comment 02/27/14: Well so far anyone that was in rad that didn't go to the TGCS Toshiba has been RA'd. 25 years. -DownSouth-
The company needs to disclose "the job titles and ages of all individuals who are eligible or who were selected for the program (the use of age bands broader than one year, such as "age 40-50" does not satisfy this requirement) and the ages of all individuals in the same job classifications or organizational unit who are not eligible or who were not selected. "

"If I file a charge with the EEOC after signing a waiver, will I have to return my severance pay?

No. Because provisions in severance agreements that attempt to prevent employees from filing a charge with the EEOC or participating in an EEOC investigation, hearing, or proceeding are unenforceable."

"Agreements that specifically cover the release of age claims will also include additional information intended to comply with OWBPA requirements."

"Although your severance agreement may use broad language to describe the claims that you are releasing, you can still file a charge with the EEOC if you believe you were discriminated against during employment or wrongfully terminated. In addition, no agreement between you and your employer can limit your right to testify, assist, or participate in an investigation, hearing, or proceeding conducted by the EEOC under the ADEA, Title VII, the ADA, or the EPA. Any provision in a waiver that attempts to waive these rights is invalid and unenforceable." -headed home-

Comment 02/27/14: Relating to job numbers. Today, Computerworld put up this article from 4 years ago. The last few paragraphs are so timely. IBM stops disclosing U.S. headcount data -Anon-
Comment 02/27/14: 3 employees in CIO laid off this AM. There were only 3 us employees and 5 Hungary in the entire dept.. -Pok CIO-
Comment 02/27/14: I was just back from maternity leave on 14 Jan, and laid off today. At least 10 ppl are fired today in my office. All the jobs are going to .mexico. And we get to train those replacements before we leave. -Mimi-
Comment 02/27/14: Slashdot picked up the RA's
-Anonymous IBM Coward-
Comment 02/27/14: I got RA'd this morning after 14.5 years service. As I look back on my IBM career I see it as mostly a waste of time. It was great in the beginning but in the last few years I haven't worked on a good project. I got a paycheck and that's the only reason I stayed. More than half the people I enjoyed working with left long ago. I'm somewhat relieved as I wanted to leave anyway so the package just makes it a little easier. I'm from GBS AIS, Div 5. -SawItComing-
Comment 02/27/14: It looks like they have opened themselves up to age discrimination lawsuits if they didn't provide OWBPA information according to an article on this website -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/27/14: Manager told me today I was not being RAed "this time". Was trying to figure out if he's a jerk or giving me a hint. Have decided it's both. Refused to say how many were affected in the department, but clearly there will be some. -still_suffering_in GTS-
Comment 02/27/14: A rumor from a local active beemer, but one with logical legs, that as a result of Monday's announcement from the Governor's office ref commitment by IBM to NYS, all active IBMers working and living in Dutchess Cty are safe from current RIF. -Glad to be Retired 5yr in POK-
Comment 02/27/14: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE *** Don't take this lying down. You are unlikely to get the machine to slow down or get your job back but at the very least let the world and his dog know what is happening. Write to your representative, write to the media, NYTimes, Bloomberg, your local rag. Tell your neighbors, tell the people in a bar, tell strangers in the street. Shame these greedy parasites that are running the company. -OnThinIce-
Comment 02/27/14: I am not a lawyer but I think if IBM laid off more than one person over 40, they are required by law to provide the OWBPA information to the over 40 individuals affected. Maybe somebody can look this over. -Longtimebeemer-

Comment 02/27/14: RA'ed. Got an invite from my boss this morning for a 30 minute. GBS comms. 1 week for every 6 months -Dunzo-
Comment 02/27/14: GBS in RTP. Not hit in this pass. Team seems intact. What amazed me is how many of my colleagues said they didn't even know this was coming. -Anon_in_RTP -
Comment 02/27/14: -Anon-
Comment 02/27/14: "IBM is addressing concerns raised by employees that the age/title information IBM previously provided infringed on employee privacy," the IBM spokesperson explained. "Based on this privacy concern, IBM has removed that data from packets."
WHAT?? WTF? Once you get RAed everyone in your IBM department, your clients, working with you on projects, your fellow workers in other departments, etc. knows you got RAed since you have been terminated by IBM and disappear from IBM Bluepages. So where is the privacy there??? To protect the existing employees AGES and Band levels not RAed? IBM is playing those left as fools! There is no IBM RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL anymore. Period. If you are band 10 or higher (D,C,B,A,AA) you probably do not get RAed which is no surprise. If this is a miniscule, microscopic IBM attempt to insinuate respect for the individual, it is total BS IBM! So why is AGE being withheld from the RA package information? I smell AGE DISCRIMINATION in this latest RA. It is so obvious. IBM is SICK, SICK, and SICK physically and mentally. -InternationalBusinessMadness-

Comment 02/27/14: I was quite prepared to go quietly in the night, but IBM's casual disregard for the law has me pissed. I had a brief conversation with an employment attorney this afternoon. He's very interested in discussing a possible action based on the lack of OWBPA disclosure. He said we might want to wait until after we're within the 21-day window of 3/31, but I'll learn more on Tuesday. -Tom-
Comment 02/27/14: According to what I read here it is a legal requirement to list numbers , ages and titles in the layoff documents. Look here.. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: RA from the software group, cloud computing. -Chopping Block-
Comment 02/27/14: Storage San Jose hit too, no numbers -JustInTyme-
Comment 02/27/14: Just got the axe. 55 yr old, GBS, 3 yrs with IBM. 3 weeks severance! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: I got the call today! Yay! Finally! But, do have a question can they really make us sign away all of our rights to get the RA Package? What is the advice that you've heard on this issue? -Todd-
Comment 02/27/14: RTP, NC was hit... Wife got hit last year and now another person in her old dept got it. Just a matter of time before it happens to you. There is life after IBM, Former IBMER -RTP-
Comment 02/27/14: I guess what they mean by "IBM is addressing concerns raised by employees that the age/title information IBM previously provided infringed on employee privacy," is that employees like Ginni would prefer to keep the numbers private, so, she voiced a concern and a policy was born! -whatever-
Comment 02/27/14: I thought the release of OWBPA was required by law, but not sure if it varies by state. The reasoning is supposed to be that you can't give up your right to sue for discrimination when signing the severance letter IF stats on age, titles, etc are not disclosed. The agreement essentailly becomes invalid. How can you determine discrimination when the statistics are withheld? That has been the rule anyway. I wonder if this possibly varies by state, or is it because IBM just lost an age discrimination lawsuit. Too all of my fellow IBMers who have been cut today, you have the right to OWBPA information! Good luck to all of you -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: Sooo disgusted with this company anymore...People do not matter, so don't bust your butt trying to get ahead in this corporation. -Long Time IBMer-
Comment 02/27/14: Received message early this morning from my Manager that job cuts were underway but my position was safe. I feel sad though, for those that were cut. I'm sorry. Wishing you all the best and hope your find your way. This environment is totally unhealthy and counter-productive. IBM no longer gives a hoot about its most valuable resource...the people behind the name. -WreckITGinny-
Comment 02/27/14: To those of us who are still gainfully employed by IBM, what are you waiting for? Join the Alliance now while it can still make a difference! You really have nothing to lose because if you do nothing, you may be included in the next round and be assured, there will be a next round. On another note, yes,it would be good to see how many have joined. The numbers would not have helped weigh my decision when I did join because I just got fed up with the Company's continued business plan of taking away from the employees that finally made up my mind. -What are you waiting for?-
Comment 02/27/14: It is true that it is the law to provide OWBPA reports. But if IBM doesn't supply them, who exactly is going to enforce that law? Sadly nobody is. -Ex Roch Beamer-
Comment 02/27/14:
IBM stops disclosing numbers, ages, titles in layoff documents -Alliance-

Comment 02/27/14: Just lost my job after 32 yrs and 7 months. So much for getting great PBCs that still get you RAed ! -Dedication is Meaningless-
Alliance reply: Sorry for your job loss.
To all: We need to know your division, location and if you know how many have been cut. It appears that the RA packs for this time have had the OWBPA report (ages/title/number selected) stripped from the document. IBM does not want anyone to know how many are being cut.

Comment 02/27/14: Please stop using the term "RA", coined to be the institutionalized, palatable, less scary code word for "Layoff". Sooner you can say it out loud (Laid off by IBM), sooner you can recover. Been there...doing ok ! Good luck ! -Mac-
Alliance reply: Actually "layoff" is incorrect as well. FIRED is the proper term. Layoffs is a term that is typically used by companies with union employees that get called back after a layoff, when work picks up. IBM stole that term from union shops, to make it "less scary" than fired.

Comment 02/27/14: 'You are not affected' is the biggest lie after 'you have a career' Even if not let go, your work increases and your stress level rises. -Weary-
Comment 02/27/14: A bunch laid off in Poughkeepsie Manufacturing, engineers to operators. Thanks Cuomo. They grab the tax money and keep screwing the people for their own greed! -Joe-
Comment 02/27/14: 2 of us were hit with the the RA this morning, usual package details ...Div 07, GBS, work out of RTP,...personally I am sort of glad it happened as the last few years have sucked and I wont be looking internally... -it happened-
Comment 02/27/14: The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few or the one. Gin--- is the one. At least I got to work for IBM when IBM was IBM. Respect for the individual is no longer in practice. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: I was concerned to read your comments that there were no OWBPA reports. Isn't it the law to provide that? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: I was RA'd in July and have many IBM friends who are interested in joining the alliance but who have questions about how many members you have and how many you need in order to unionize. Maybe if that information was easily visible, people would be more likely to join. It is easier to make a goal when you can see it if that makes any sense. Thank you for looking out for us when IBM didn't. -RA'd in July-
Comment 02/27/14: Laid off this morning and received my package shortly after the call. There is no information on the number of people affected and age distribution. Anyone else (not) seeing this? Has IBM found a way to be even more secretive about layoffs? -Ed-
Comment 02/27/14: I was RA'd today, CHQ. I am honestly not quite sure who I am more sorry for...myself or the colleagues I leave behind. Morale in the company is so bad with so many working double and almost triple jobs. Surprisingly all I feel at the moment is relief. -Bewildered-
Comment 02/27/14: Looks like my whole team got the axe (about 5 or 6 of us), less than a year after formation. Not sure who's going to be left to turn out the lights, as even last month I was working with people trying to cover what was left empty after the LAST round of layoffs. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: Just let go after only eight months. I was told to move my relocate my family but I didn't. Good thing. I knew there was something unsettling about IBM front the get go. Just give me my crappy severance and screw off IBM. -Bamboozled in VT-
Comment 02/27/14: Many confirmed RSD(non Toshiba)SSR's hit today. Evil bunch running this organization! -tired-
Comment 02/27/14: Job cuts and we set back and say well I'm safe. I hear people saying what can a union do. I say take a number and wait your turn. -John-
Comment 02/27/14: Can confirm STG layoffs. At least 4 from my team, one more in another team. Trying to secure a package to send in. How long will IBM survive is the remaining question now! -IrrelevantBM-
Comment 02/27/14: Manager called (GBS IGA). Layoffs today. People under DPE (2nd line) affected. Do not know counts. All of you people affected, take heart - you are the lucky ones. Life will go on and will be better! This is such a caustic environment - it's no way to live, and this is your one life! Good luck to you all! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: Any news from IBM Research - Yorktown, Austin, Almaden, Tokyo? -IBM Research-
Comment 02/27/14: Stock options will be the death of America. Executives focus ONLY on growing personal wealth, by driving up stock prices. That's all the so called "Road Map to 2015" is geared toward. -Options_Must_Go-
Comment 02/27/14: To -stick it to IBM-: It's true that IBM can't touch you if you're on disability, but they would certainly lay you off on the day you return to work. My condolences to the thousands who were cut today. -Gorya-
Comment 02/27/14: Just had my RA call, have 21 days to sign the 'package', last day will be March 31st...I am a consultant in GBS US...onto greener pastures!! Liberation Day indeed -freeFromIBM-
Comment 02/27/14: I just received word from my manager that the layoffs are occurring in Poughkeepsie and that I was not impacted. Best wishes for all my colleagues who got the word that their services are no longer required. So very sad to see the Company fall so low! -Spared This Time-
Comment 02/27/14: Entire IBM AR team level 6 people RA'd today. Probably 75 employees in Integrated Supply Chain - CSO. Work will be in Mexico. Sad day for all my friends and coworkers. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: Confirmed 550 people being let go in Rochester -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: AIS/GBS hit. Severance package same as previous ones. Don't have numbers of those affected. -Anon-
Comment 02/27/14: Are we about fed up with this treatment. This site slows down to a crawl telling me IBM'ers are coming here in droves to find out what is happening. Management teams aren't talking. Will you please wake up. I finally did. After years of looking at this site and thinking IBM had my best interest at heart I finally joined. They do not. They will continue to take away everything the employees have. Then reprimand us for being distracted. Enough! Support this site. Join! Tell your co-workers. IBM is not looking out for you. Management gets rich on the backs of employees. I have been covered by IBM insurance since birth. Second generation. My father was assigned his position by Tom Watson Junior. Who by the way is turning over in his grave. Respect for the Individual. My rear end. Join the Alliance!! Put some fear into IBM! Bring back the workers that made the image this company is today. I've Been Misled-IBM -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/14: Got RA in Tucson. STG. Typical severance, 1 week per 6 months worked from most recent date of hire. -Tucson-
Comment 02/27/14: Well the stock price is in positive territory today, which can mean only one thing...layoffs are occurring (since that is the only news that causes the stock of this dead-ass company to go up anymore) -ant-
Comment 02/27/14: After almost 20 years, the last few being utterly ridiculous I am gladly taking IBM's package and heading for the door. Onward to greener pastures. I hope others affected share my attitude toward this action. It's Liberation Day! -DancingOutTheDoor-
Comment 02/27/14: Officially RA'd this morning. Was saved from an RA 2 years ago so wasn't surprised when I got this one...still I'm disgusted with IBM. -TwiceStruck-
Comment 02/27/14: Confirmed mgrs are calling affected employees in gts. I was selected but no reason given -Ben fired-
Comment 02/27/14: I know of 3 people who were laid off today in Essex. Two engineers and a technician in STG. More to follow.... -Vermont Woodchuck-
Comment 02/27/14: The cuts in POK have begun. Sad day...Watson is rolling in his grave. -SadObserver-
Comment 02/27/14: Got a 20 min meeting invite last night from my 2nd line, I will be RA'ed today, I work in RTP NC in GBS...will post more after today's afternoon call -freeFromIBM-
Comment 02/27/14: After 17 years I just got relieved of duty with no real reason IBM promised me a career not a job and I gave them everything and drank the kool aid I would encourage no one to work with or for them. - Antrhony-
Comment 02/27/14: Layoffs are underway in STG. Was just told that I was "safe". Till next time ... -GinnyTookus-
Comment 02/27/14: Rochester Feb 27, 8 AM. One by one in alphabetical order each person is getting called in to the managers office. It is ON. -Still Here-
Comment 02/27/14: I left IBM in July 2013. I am thinking about all US IBMers today since I know that anxiety that you are feeling. As others have said, life it so much better on the other side so consider it a push in the right direction if you get RA'ed today. If you don't get RA'ed today, I would still highly recommend that you put some safe guards in place so you are ready when the time comes. First, consider moving you healthcare outside of IBM if you don't have any pre-existing conditions (now). It is only harder to change later and COBRA is a complete joke. Second, get term life insurance outside of IBM instead of IBM GLI. Once again, it only gets harder to qualify as time goes by. I speak from experience. IBM caused me to have to go on anti-anxiety, sleep and high blood pressure medication and that was held against me in my health exam for both health and life insurance. If you haven't been driven to that point yet, the time is now to increase your independence from IBM. Best wishes to you all! -BlindSidedinRTP-
Comment 02/27/14: We were all expecting RAs yesterday. Even the local press talked about it coming. Any "official reason" what happened? Anyone knows what the size of the package would be, if someone with 10 years of service is RA-ed? -AnonymousInRTP-
Comment 02/27/14: Department meeting at 9 am Business meeting update. -IBMer-
Comment 02/27/14: The cull is on at BTV -D-
Comment 02/27/14: there are other bushiness where they are giving wasting money like sterling commerce, every year they are giving laks to the employee why not they are not taking out the people. People are enjoying there and other worst part they don't know what is happening in other businesses in India. Why only STG and SWG unit. why not Sterling business. It is happening too bad with employees. -User-
Comment 02/27/14: My meeting to get fired is 1 hour and 25 minutes away, that is unless she reschedules again, it was supposed to be yesterday afternoon. She's evaded me for several days now and when I questioned her about a rumor she almost tore my head off. I went through this once before (as a 1 performer) and found another job internally. This time, I don't even care to try. I feel sad that I will be leaving many trusted friends and colleagues, but elated that I no longer have to work with many others that will never again be in my contact list. I do know there is hope, I've been actively looking for other employment for several months now and expect to hear today from a company that actually values what I have to offer. The only thing I want to know now is what does the package look like and where can I sign. Good luck to all of those who 'have the call' today. I promise you there are companies out there that want and value you. -AlmostGone-
Comment 02/27/14: I experienced the Hudson Valley RAs in 1993 and 1994. By far these two events were the largest to date. It took some time to deal with those events since we lost buildings full of people in one day, as if they all died in a plane crash. But back then IBM lost billions. The cuts were painful but necessary. There was so much fat in the company back then. These RA's lately are borderline criminal. I don't know how the CEO and her cohorts can look themselves in the mirror everyday, and I don't know how the board and Wall St continue to give her a pass. Where is the organic growth? I got RA'd last summer and now work for a vendor doing the same thing I did before, making about the same amount of money. I don't know how they pulled that off. Good luck to all out there today. Be mentally prepared and you will come out of this stronger than before. -Still_Blue-
Comment 02/27/14: THE IRONY! Soon all that will be left will be managers (the 3100). I will end up with a lower paying job somewhere and paying NY taxes which will go back to IBM so the managers can keep their jobs while I struggle every week. I've got to get out of this state!
Ginny: the common dialog here seems to be no one knows if it will be them. That means everyone here sees their coworkers are as valuable as they are and cannot fathom who might be let go, themselves or someone else. Ginny, that is a clear message that your cutting deep into the arteries.
Africa: be mindful what happened to India. IBM went on a hiring frenzy in India when they wanted to "tap" that market. However, after a few short years India no longer was the hot new market so IBM dumped the India jobs. Africa is beginning to look like an India instant replay.
-no where else to work in this town-
Comment 02/27/14:
Just looking at these numbers posted by "RA'ed 3Q in 2013":
RA Selected: 123
Not Selected: 494
Total: 617
So, this is 20% for GBS IGA?? Wow, no wonder it's so awful here. I also work in GBS IGA - please let the guillitine fall tomorrow, and let it be quick. It's getting more and more clear that all of GBS IGA in the US is damned. Just when I think it could not get worse, it gets worse. It is an incredibly demoralizing organization, full of political slimeballs and dishonest people, desperately climbing all over each other, trying to stay employed. I've had enough of the games here. Bring it on. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/27/14: Is anyone appealing their 3 appraisal via the panel board? We all know there were far more of them this year, at least in certain areas of IBM. Can anyone please elaborate on what the appeal process is like? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/26/14: -stick it to IBM- As much as I despise what IBM is doing, and seemingly have as much a chance of getting laid off tomorrow as anyone else, what you are suggesting sounds like fraud to me which is no better than IBM asking vendors to delay their invoices to April 1st. -Its all downhill from here-
Comment 02/26/14: I've been here since the mid-80s.... my parents were both IBMers.... I always said I would work hard and go 'down with the Titanic'.... I'm hearing 'Nearer My God To Thee' and I'm running for my life vest. This is so depressing. I've worked my tail off for all these years, and I have gotten nothing but harassment, demoralizing messages from management, and a carp-ton of depression. I will be relieved if I get the ax tomorrow. Thank God I've been socking away for retirement like a friggen squirrel. -beenhereforever-
Comment 02/26/14: I was at my dad's side for month before he passed in early June last year (very nice of my mgmt team to support that). The following week kids and I were at Disneyland where I got the call that I was part of permanent layoff. I was expecting it and grateful not to be tied to IBM anymore. I have part time work in related