Is Air conditioning chemical wash available in Singapore?

Singapore as a tropical country is expected to be humid and warmer than other neighboring countries.  And being also one of the wealthiest countries in the world and due to its economic development, most residents are using air conditioning systems.  To add more to those numbers, are the hundreds of companies, having its presence in the island state, they too contributed to the users of air conditioning systems.

What is an air conditioning system?

According to AS Aircon, to simply put it as a system to convert hot air into cold air, thru the process of condensation.  It is widely used for residential and commercial purposes, mainly to give comfort and relaxing environment to people at home or work.

Air conditioning system as an investment

Installing an AC system in homes and businesses requires a huge budget, we are referring to large homes and buildings or offices.  Because of these, maintenance has become an essential part of making sure that your investment will be protected from damages and will have a long lifespan. One of this is aircon chemical wash.  It is a common AC maintenance practice in Singapore.

What is a chemical wash?

A chemical wash is a process of maintaining your AC unit, by washing every internal part of it with special chemicals.  This is done to make sure that every dirt is carefully removed, denying it to create more damage to the system and restoring its efficiency.

Is chemical wash available in Singapore?

Yes, it is a chemical wash is available in Singapore, like most of AC services. Many AC services companies in Singapore offer chemical washing.  All you have to do is choose among them the best.

When to apply chemical wash to your AC?

Chemical washing should be applied to the following conditions.

  1. The unit does not produce cold air.  The purpose of having an AC is to produce a relaxing and comfortable environment, for the occupants of the house and workplace.  If it does not produce cold air anymore, it needs a chemical wash.
  2. The AC unit is leaking.  One sign that our AC needs a chemical wash is leaking in the unit.
  3. Bad smell comes out from the AC.  Another sign to distinguish the need to chemical wash is a bad smell that comes out from the unit.  Bacteria usually cause it.


The benefits that chemical wash brings to your AC

Here are some of the benefits a chemical wash brings to your AC

  1. The noise of your AC is lessened if not completely diminished.
  2. Leaking of the unit is repaired
  3. Energy efficiency as it works less to cool the air and it transforms into less cost
  4. It also eliminated the bad smell that comes out from the unit
  5. Thermostats and so with the controls are checked
  6. Improve overall efficiency


Singapore: Attractions and Places to Visit

If you are looking for some interesting place and attractions in Singapore, then you are in the right place. We have cut down our list to give some recommended places to visit that would surely make your schedule full the days you are in Singapore.

So, let’s start with our list below!

  1. The Sentosa

One of the most known in Singapore is the Sentosa Island where you can find a tropical park with coconut trees on beaches. Going to the island may need to take on the bridge with a car cable. In here, you can have an exciting struck with the undersea creatures like sharks and dolphins or watch in the 4D cinema. This is the best place to visit if you are with kids and they will surely love you more because of the absolute fun!

  1. Best Singapore Zoo

Are you looking for the best zoo in the world? You can only find that in Singapore which has an open concept zoo that is so spacious and a great inhabitant for over two thousand animals with around three hundred species. Those that are highly dangerous animals are in the glass enclosures for viewing, but before going in there you need to settle some booking and reservation.

  1. Wildlife In Night Safari

If you are living in the city, it must be difficult to see forest animals. How much more to see those wilds that are mostly nocturnal in nature? The Night Safari is open only at night time, which could be of an adventure trail. There is also a show that you can attend in the Night Safari which displays the survival instincts of the wildlife and medley tribal dances. This place is one of the favorites for travel and adventure bloggers.

  1. Birds In Jurong Bird Park

Even if you are not a bird lover, you would really like to experience feeding them in the Jurong Bird Park, the home of over three hundred bird species in Singapore. With the man-made tallest waterfalls and scenic views, Jurong Bird Park is worth to pay a visit.

  1. The Merlion Park In Singapore

We hope everyone is familiar with this iconic landmark in Singapore since we often and almost see it in photographs of most commonly used search engine on the web but for the benefit of those who are still in guessing, this is the statue which is a half fish and half lion that flashes out water to the Marina Bay. Any time of the day, the Merlion Park, this is an alluring place where you can also go shopping on the nearby shops.

  1. Botanic Garden in Orchard Road

This consists of fifty-two hectares where you can find over sixty thousands species of flora. If you are interested in the different hybrids of orchids, then you must visit this cultivated garden in Singapore.

There are too many attractions and interesting places to visit in Singapore and it may need longer days of stay in this country so that you can visit them all. Our recommendations are just for those who only have three to five day stay in Singapore, but of course, you can always extend your stay here for as long as you are permitted and all is legal.

Tips For Travelling In Singapore

If you’re planning a trip to Singapore, then there are many things you will need to keep in mind. When you arrive in Singapore at the Changi airport, the airport alone is like a Disneyland with so many interesting things to see and do. You can get your feet cleaned by fishes, shop till you drop, look at gorgeous butterflies and enjoy as much sushi as you want. However, beyond the airport, there’s even more to see and do. So, in this article, we will be covering a few guidelines that will help you on your trip to Singapore and ensure you have an extremely safe, seamless and enjoyable trip.

First of all, you need to get your money sorted. At the current rate of conversion, one Singapore dollar is equivalent to 0.75 US dollars. It is typically advised that you don’t carry too much cash on you since this is always a risk. However, at the same time, you should still keep some cash on you, in case of emergencies. You should take your Visa card or Mastercard with you and most Visa cards will work overseas. The ATMs in Singapore are very safe to use, so you can rest assured and rely on them. If you feel unsafe using ATMs, then you should only use the ATMs in large shopping malls or shopping centres.

Next, you may be wondering what you should wear and what the weather is like in Singapore. It is mostly humid and warm during the day, with some light rain in the afternoon. As a result, it is important to wear clothes that allow your skin to breathe which means wearing clothes with natural fibres or even dry fit clothing. You should always wear comfortable shoes for walking and be aware of any possible chafing issues. Chafing typically happens because of the humidity so you should get some 3B cream or powder and use it throughout the day as needed. However, if you intend to spend a lot of time indoors, then you should pack a few cardigans or jackets since most buildings are heavily air conditioned.

Now, when it comes to travelling and getting around, you should know that the Singapore people usually take cabs instead of walking. This may be due to the humid weather, however, if you want to see more of the country, then you should consider walking a lot more than the locals. Getting a cab is quite easy and they are also cheap. It will only cost you around $20 to go from the centre of Singapore to the airport. These cabs are also quite safe and you can even catch the train for about $3.

The food in Singapore is absolutely to die for and you should try to taste as much of the local cuisine as possible. You don’t have to be overly careful about water since the tap water is relatively safe. There are lots of sidewalk restaurants that you can visit and you can get a plate of noodles for only $5. Of course, you can visit all the fancy restaurants which cost hundreds of dollars per plate.

Lastly, there are a few things that you shouldn’t do when you’re in this country. For example, it is illegal to chew gum, so you should avoid doing so unless you have a prescription. Also, you should avoid littering, always flush the toilets and don’t eat on the MRT trains.

In closing, we have just looked at a couple of tips for travelling in Singapore. Be sure to keep these tips in mind and I am certain you’ll have a smooth and enjoyable trip.