Best Aircon Servicing Deals In Singapore

Are you looking for the best deals on aircon service Singapore? If you are, you are not alone. Everyone relies on cool, pure air-conditioned air to remain comfortable at home and at work. When air con is forced to run so often it is not unusual for it to sometimes run into problems. For these times, you need reliable service. But, the best aircon servicing deals are not always the cheapest.

There are aircon companies out there that promise they have the cheapest prices for service, repair, and installation jobs. You may want to keep looking until you find a better company. The reason? The cheapest service is not always the best service.

Quality Comes First

When shopping for a good aircon servicing deal make sure to compare several companies and their prices before you hire anyone to do any work. If a price seems unusually low, double check to see what reviews others have left for the company.

Sometimes businesses will offer short-term low-prices as special offers. This is fine if the company has a reputation for delivering excellent quality. These deals are only for limited times. They are not regular prices.

You and your family or your coworkers depend on the aircon to work correctly every day. If it needs servicing, a gas top off or a chemical wash there are companies that offer special deals for these routine services. For repairs, however, you should be careful about enticing, low-price offers.

Reputation and Commitment

Repairs must be done properly and must be done safely. The aircon service you hire should have licensing and have proof of having worked in the area for years. Their reputation will say a lot about the work they do.

Reputable companies offer warranties on any of the repairs that they do. Typically, you will find a company offers 90-day warranties. If something goes wrong in that period, the service technicians will return to your home or office and fix the AC again at no charge to you.

The best aircon service deals also come from the companies that have a commitment to customer service. They want you to be happy with their work. They want your aircon to work safely and efficiently so they make sure that the unit gets repaired properly before they leave.

They are prompt and will uphold the commitment they have for their appointments. The best services take appointments online as well as by phone. Contact the hotline number for any emergency calls after hours. No matter when you call, they provide you with a time and date for your AC appointment.

The best services come on time or a few minutes early. They know that customers cannot be kept waiting.

Besides all the above the best deals are available from companies that offer a variety of service packages. Choose from one-time general servicing, a yearly maintenance package, a troubleshooting package, chemical cleanings and more.

Yearly Service Maintenance Packages

Sometimes the best deal is the deal that takes care of maintaining your air conditioner. This way, it will be less susceptible to breaking down during the hottest weather. Service companies offer specials quite often on yearly maintenance.

A maintenance package is one that you pay for in advance and can expect the service visit at a set time and date. The AC will be inspected, cleaned, coils vacuumed, the filters changed, and electrical contacts tightened.

If there are any special deals or promotions, they are listed on the company website. But, do not be afraid to ask about any deals if you call to make your appointment by phone. To find out more about billy aircon and other aircon tips, follow us.

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