Break the secrecy inside IBM!

August 8, 2012

Let's be clear, IBM executives are not looking out for your interests and are doing all they can to keep you in the dark.

IBM employees are realizing that CEO Rometty's "Roadmap 2015" (nicknamed "Roadkill 2015") is putting their jobs and livelihood in jeopardy. CFO Loughridge has aleady stated that more job cuts were coming. No suprise to most.

IBM cut over 2500 US jobs in February and other small resource actions are a regular occurence.

Cost cutting, pay cuts, and selling off pieces of the company are being done to boost the stock price and executive bonuses.

When job cuts do happen, IBM tries to keep the number of jobs cuts, where the cuts are taking place and if the work is being offshored a secret from employees, the media and government.

It is the Alliance@IBM, by gathering data and RA packs from affected employees that helps break the "stonewalling" by IBM.

But we need you to help be our watchdogs inside IBM.

When job cuts take place please send RA packs and information on where jobs are being offshored to:

Let us know when US employees are terminated and h1-b visa and L1 visa workers remain.

Let us know when pay cuts take place.

Let us know when working conditions deteriorate.

Tell the Alliance@IBM and we will break the secrecy! (Your name will remain confidential)

If you want an advocate and fighter for your interests and concerns, then join us and be part of a movement to re-gain dignity and respect for IBM workers.

Membership is confidential.  IBM will not see your name. Join today at our web site:

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