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Comment 05/15/15:

Comment 05/15/15: Columbia MO mayor McDavid should be an IBM Director or higher. He talks like one of them. The building is more important than the jobs apparently. When do people and jobs matter? Not to IBM and not to politicians. -anonymous-
Comment 05/15/15: Where are the GDF sites? I know of East Fishkill NY, Colmubia MO, Dubuque IA, Costa Rica. There has to be some of them in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, and elsewhere, right? Or is that all of them? -anonymous-
Comment 05/10/15: Can't understand why a Columbia or a Dubuque can't unionize? So IBM threatens and scares so much; just about everyone is even reluctant to at least try? -GDF'ed-
Comment 04/21/15: How is Toronto doing? -GDF'ed-
Comment 04/18/15:
ANOTHER BROKEN IBM PROMISE! Just add it to an ever growing list.
Comment 04/16/15: 600 in Dapuke?? Heck no, its much less. Maybe when you factor in the heads working from home now who used to be assigned a desk in Dapuke. Writing is on the wall, IBM is not staying there too much longer and that gawd for that. Most have been dying to get out of that town sooner than later. With IBM or without. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/13/15: Discrimination in the workplace at IBM! Covert Discrimination: No Subtle Matter -Formeribmer-

Comment 04/07/15: Bet still no answer from Iowa or Dubuque elected officials on the IBM "resource action". IBM; YOU MADE A PROMISE. DO YOU EVER KEEP A PROMISE MADE? Of the 600 left in Dubuque wonder how many contractors (not IBM employees) that is. I bet about a 100 or so are IBM managers who tow the IBM Corp. line and who sell their mother to keep their jobs when the resources they manager are thrown out on the street. -Dupuked-
Comment 04/01/15: "600 people in Dubuque building" So much for the Big Bleu promise to the State of Iowa and Dubuque. IBM are just plain habitual liars. It is a recurring action: they have lied over the years to Austin TX, Tulsa OK, RTP NC, EFK and POK NY, Essex Jct. VT, Rochester, MN..etc. about headcount and employment commitment. Now that it is a new fiscal year the first priority of business for Iowa and the City of Dubuque is to go after IBM. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: The local and state politicians in Dubuque and other areas that gave IBM tax breaks and public money think IBM can do no wrong. They need to be educated. Here is a letter we sent to Dubuque politicians:

Dear Iowa political leader,

As you know job cuts have happened at the Dubuque IBM site for the past few years. Workers are losing jobs while IBM offshores key contracts. This will continue and more jobs are targeted for job cuts at the end of June. I have asked IBM Dubuque workers if there has been any response from political leaders. They say the response is slim to none.
It appears everyone wanted to be at the grand opening but when jobs are cut political leaders are missing.
Are you willing to take a stand with IBM workers and challenge IBM on the offshoring of jobs from IBM Dubuque? Will you tell IBM that they broke their deal by sending work out of the state and out of the country? We and the workers await your response.

Comment 03/31/15: 600 people in Dubuque building. They still have managers that don't have the wisdom nor any time to take control of a team. I hear when putting change for my toyota not to get ticketed, "I HATE THIS PLACE" just biding time to leave state. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/15: CEO Ginni: "I'm a big believer in lessons learned. Constantly with the team we go over why, why, why? What did you learn and what would you do different, right? The only bad mistake is a mistake you don't learn from," she said.
Read more:
Ginni: I thought the GDF's use the "Five whys" from Mike Daniels blueprint from Toyota on how to run the GDFs. So , where DID the other TWO WHYS GO Ginni? You are in denial, Ginni. Maybe mad since you are consistently doing the same things (RAs) and hoping for different results. You do not have the answers and are not in the CLOUD but in the FOG since you don't ask and look at the WHYS enough! Wake up should go to GDF training camp now and maybe 'learn' something! -GDF'ed-

Comment 02/20/15: Any other GDF affected as badly as Dubuque in the RA? East Fishkill? Toronto (Ontario, Canada), Columbia, MO? -GDF'ed-
Alliance reply: Columbia had 100 workers terminated.

Comment 02/18/15: I am still in severe Denial..... Q: Where is the nearest IBM GDF SGA Meeting tonight? <SGA - Support Group Anonymous> -Bertsch216-
Comment 02/15/15: Dubuque GDFers: How outraged R U???? IBM has broken EVERY promise made to U! Show IBM where they can shove their BS. If they are doing the time and work breakdowns refuse to comply. They are just using any data collected against you. -Dupuked-
Comment 01/02/15: When is IBM going to sell off the POS tool Rational TSRM and it's step child, Maximo? I guess since it is all one big POS that even IBM WATSON can't figure out how to keep it running as a problem/change "system" no one wants to even risk a bid of a $.01 on it! -irRATIONAL-
Comment 12/03/14: I left IBM in the summer. It was unbearable in the GDF. I moved to a different company and it is like night and day. For those who are looking for a job stick it out and get out. THe grass is greener on the other side. P.S. the job that I started at got outsourced to india and the job that I was at is now getting outsourced by the end of the year. Sinking ship indeed there is no looking up. -nobodyspecial-
Comment 11/25/14: IBM is hunting. Hunting for resources to target for an RA. Don't be a turkey this season GDF folks: join the Alliance and take the stuffing out of IBM! -GDF'ed-
Comment 11/20/14: GDF employees say hello to Mr. Jetter who has been promoted to your new Sr. VP. Nice for him but not nice for you. Just hang on for the ride (instead of joining the Alliance; which is the ONLY thing to do!) and you'll find out your fate. "Meet the new boss; same as the old boss". The same old song plays. -Won'tGetFooledAgain?-
Comment 11/16/14: The silence of the lambs here is deafening. RAs are a coming and what are GDF'ers doing about it? -HannibalLechter-
Comment 10/21/14: GDF'ers: Ginni says your EMPTY CALORIES. Better take heed and stock up and eat your Wheaties if you don't join the Alliance. Join the Alliance before your sold off or worse RA'ed en mass.The Alliance knows your not empty or 0 calories. You are much more. We need you all to join us! -Think2X-
Comment 10/17/14: Hey GDFers: Tell your FLM or better yet your DPE that the change you announced yesterday to your UNIX login banner with date of 10/16/14 has been changed to 10/20/14. See what happens. IBM has basically done this to it's stockholders by moving the 3rd QTR 2014 financial accounting announcement. -GDF'ed-
Comment 10/04/14: GDFers: you have a sev. 1 problem every day to work on and close. It is not a tickey in Maximo or TSRM. If you don't what it is then maybe if you lose your job you finally will figure it out what that sev. 1 problem is! -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 09/14/14: GDFers: you will not get fired for contributing to this board. Don't be scared. -GDF'ed-
Alliance reply: Apparently your comments do not get many responses. It's been nearly 30 days since your last comment. The obvious answer is that morale is rock bottom and no one cares enough to speak out or fight back. However, Alliance DOES appreciate your support and inquiries.
Thank you.

Comment 08/20/14: Reality to GDFers; Is there LIFE out there? I am trying to listen. -MrFripp-
Comment 07/17/14: GDFers: do you enjoy the IBM IT sweatshop delivery model and the uncertainty each day you got to work and each problem ticket you might get dumped on or directed to you? Do yourself a favor and get a contract and get some order and sanity in your work life! Do it by joining the Alliance before the next IBM knee jerk RA or further, yes, further, cost cuts the GDFs will undoubtedly see. -cut2bone_now_the_marrow-
Comment 07/09/14: Are their any GDFer willing to join the Alliance? What R U afraid of or waiting for??? The GDF is the Webster definition of an IT sweatshop no matter where you work. -GDF'ed-
Comment 07/03/14: you know when your time is to go? Join the Alliance before it is too late! -GDF'd-
Comment 06/17/14: How is the mood in EFK GDF with the threat to move the EFK 300mm fabs to GF? If they move the fabs do you fear you will be moved out or transferred to another GDF? -curious-
Alliance reply: Apparently your curiosity does not get many responses. It's been nearly 30 days since your last comment. The obvious answer is that morale is rock bottom and no one cares enough to speak out or fight back. However, Alliance DOES appreciate your support and inquiries.
Thank you.

Comment 05/18/14: GDF'ers: R U listening? U can't be under a gag order or R U? -curious-
Comment 05/12/14: How's MAXIMO and TSRM working or not? Are changes having to be re-opened and approved again and again since the approvers have been RAed? Do you have to use a Time Management Tool again to try to justify what you do? -curious-
Comment 05/12/14: GDFers: Get off that sev. 1 call now: join the Alliance! -GDF'ed-
Comment 05/08/14: -ANONYMOUS-
Comment 05/01/14: GDF Parking lots? Hah! That's a good one. We either park on the street and feed the parking meter every couple of hours or pay a monthly fee to use one of the local city ramps and walk to the office. -anon-
Comment 04/30/14: To all GDFers: Why, Why, Why, Why, Why?...don't you join the Alliance!? -CarsRnotServers-
Comment 04/29/14: I spent 8 years of my life as a loyal staff of IBM Regional Contact Centre. The first 3 years was great, until GDF kicks in. Life after GDF was hell to me. GDF causes a lot of dissatisfaction and job were streamlined and leveraged accross account. Staff were pushed to thier maximum. Now, looking back on it, there is no doubt that GDF has failed. An advice to the management, buck up and listen the people you are working for, not the results. Idiot! -Anonymous-
Comment 04/23/14: R the GDFs on their way out in the USA? I hear the GDF parking lots have more and more spaces left now...guess the contractors have all left? -GDF'd-
Comment 04/18/14: -billy- I hear ya! I think some GDF contractors not furloughed are going to get their contracts (ahem, IBM purchase orders (PO)) prematurely terminated due to the pathetically poor 1st QTR 2014 results. -nostradamus-
Comment 04/14/14: got told 10 more days of furlough for 2nd quarter. After 10 in the first. poor ibm must really need the money! BASTARDS! -billy-
Comment 04/12/14: Have we done that TMS (Time Management System) tool recently? Sounds like the Cogentiva project from the recent 2 season HBO series called "Enlightened" by Mike White with Laura Dern. Once IBM GDF management and higher ups gets the data are you gonna be needed anymore as a System Admin or a Green Teamer since they would say you are "distracted" with your time and productivity? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/30/14: Is EFK GDF safe or moving to POK? Heard the layoffs were delayed due to some possible fab sale rumour there(?) -GDF'ed-
Comment 03/08/14: People RA'd at Dubuque GDF. Even former site 3RD Line Manager"retires". His last day is the same as the RA'd people -Anonymous-
Comment 03/01/14: How many in the GDFs got wacked in the RA? -Curious-
Comment 02/19/14: T minus 10 and counting to 2015's inevitable. -GDF&%$ed-
Comment 02/13/14: GDFs are cost overhead. IBM would sell or vend out the GDFs in a micronanosecond if they could. That means the GDFs will always go to lower cost areas and any competitively paid personnel will be removed. GDFers: your end is in sight unless you do something about it and join the Alliance ASAP and get a labor contract. -GoshDarnFacts-
Comment 02/11/14: Anyone in IBM GR India get RAed in GDF? I pray in solidarity you all make out alright no matter what. -curious-
Comment 02/07/14: I feel so sorry that the GDF model is not and has not worked. I felt it was great idea but the execution left so much to be desired. I had managers that were great and a few that were simply not up to the task. I am glad I left when I did. Pay was not equal to the work and stress levels. Best wishes to all, learn as much as you can. Be a sponge and learn all that IBM can give then find your dream job somewhere else. -Samson-
Comment 01/31/14: How many subcontractors are in the GDFs now? Has to be a majority, right? -curious-
Comment 01/24/14: Drop off your sev. 1 call and tell Lenovo to handle it if it is x86 hardware issue. -SamA-
Comment 01/23/14: I think we all are toast in the GDF here in the USA now with the sale of more IBM hardware to Lenovo. The GDFs will just offshore quickly to Beijing and Shanghai... Roadmap 2015 is Roadkill 2015 for sure now. -Dupuked-
Comment 01/16/14: Is there an uptick in sev. 1 Maximo/TSRM tickets callouts? Is Mike Daniels successor making changes or not doing anything? Is the GDF model finally a failed experiment? How is life in the GDF? Anyone out there? -curious-
Comment 01/10/14: How's it going lately at the Global Disaster Framework sites? -curious-
Comment 01/05/14: Mega Scrogged: Did the DBQ Site Exec send out a Lotus Notes e-mail to everyone during 12/24 in the early PM wishing a Happy Holiday? Or at least your FLM did? That would mean it is time to stop working and "go home". When I worked at IBM multiple managers would tell me to pack up, say, maybe no later than 2PM. When I was non-exempt I even got paid for 8 hours. Guess those days are history or extinct? I guess since employees are resources in IBM and not even associates (Walmart), you can't give them anything tangible anymore.. LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD. -trexibmer-
Comment 12/18/13: So the DBQ Site Exec announced that we can work from home on 12/24 or 12/26. That is our XMAS gift from the company this year-no nice holiday team dinner, no $100 bonus check-no $50 WalMart gift card-not even a flippin frozen turkey! BFD-we can, sometimes quite easily depending on mgmt, work from home anytime with no OT pay. This is a Happy Holiday? -Mega Scrooged-
Comment 12/03/13: Please be aware that individuals filing complaints against IBM in Dubuque may face frivolous criminal charges being brought against them by the Dubuque County Attorney's Office. IBMers should not engage the Dubuque Human Rights Commission, instead, file directly with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, and/or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. All complaints should be filed with State and/or Federal authorities, DO NOT ENGAGE THE CITY OR COUNTY OF DUBUQUE, IOWA. A racketeering investigation is pending with the FBI, Iowa Code § 730.2 grants triple damages for any employee who has been blacklisted in such a manor. Furthermore, it has come to my attention that IBM may be using their contract with the USPS to block mail sent from government agencies to complainants. If you have filed a complaint and are now not getting mail, file a complaint with the Postal Inspection Service and have your mail sent to a private P.O. box. -They like to play games-
Comment 11/15/13: Of course people are afraid of IBM management retaliation. Many of us like me spent all I had to relocate for a POS company. I hear negative comments every day from people that work in Dbq. -Mino-
Comment 10/23/13: Round table one of the 2nd line managers called us the India of Dubuque... wow! This place is horrible, the pay is obnoxious and the work is really a joke. I'm hoping I'm RA'd before I decide to leave, and plenty ppl have walked out of this place just fed up and hey you can't do any worse than this hell. Only way to move up is if you are rubbing elbows or other parts with ppl or married to them. Skill is not a winner here. -Let_the_countdown_BEGIN-
Comment 10/23/13: GDFs: are you still out there? No one commenting about what is going on now? -GDF'ed-
Comment 10/12/13: GDFers are scared. They are going to lose plenty of jobs. Maybe that is why the lack of comments here? -GDF'd-
Comment 10/08/13: I've noticed that the posts on this site have really ground to a halt. Is this because the employees left just don't care what is happening at IBM? I could see a general discontent before I left a few months ago. It's nice to work at a business where people don't want to watch the company they work for burn to the ground. -Glad_To_Be_Gone-
Comment 09/09/13: For the Dubuque GDF. Iowa state law demands employees who are on-call/standby be compensated. Keep in mind that the customer has already been billed the standby pay premium in their contracts with IBM. Yet the rumors are spreading around that the standby pay will soon come to a stop, hence breaking Iowa state labor laws. Standby [11 IAC 53.9(3)] -gollygwill-
Comment 08/20/13: salary and hourly doing the same work This is what caused IBM to "settle" a class action law suit...back in 2007? 2008? whatever. It's what caused a lot of employees to lose 15% of their pay. I would consult a lawyer because there *IS* some legality behind it based on the past actions. -anonymous-
Comment 08/20/13: working4free: In absence of a written contract spelling out your job role and activities, ask IBM HR (good luck) why. You could contact your US State Department of Labor and inform them of this. Be sure to document your observations. If I recall IBM had to "remix pay" by moving salaried employees to hourly employees based on job titles to comply with FLSA law. So obviously IBM has not done a good job of complying with it still! Many feel IBM pushed the envelope with the US Government saying the FLSA law is way outdated so IBM could justify the dumb down of their employees' USA wages. The GDFs are a prime example of the practice and abuse of dumbing down wages which your certainly all too aware of. -tick_tock_or_not?-
Comment 08/19/13: I'm using the furlough to find another job than the cesspool I'm currently in! -GDF'ed-
Comment 08/12/13: Please advise if it is legal to have both salary and hourly system administrators performing the same job function. The pool I work in is setup this way and it causes a lot of friction -working4free-
Alliance reply: Absent a union contract that would spell out job responsibilities and how you are paid, yes it is legal.

Comment 08/06/13: If you are a W-2 IBM contractor and are furloughed more than one consecutive week of work (e.g. one week and one day), file for UI. You may even get one day of UI benefits or at least get your "elimination, un-paid UI week" credit. In many US states you are qualified to received benefits since you are an "at will" of IBM contractor and "no work = no pay and no benefits" W-2 employee. -Advice-
Comment 07/30/13: You mean to tell me IBM has HOURLY non salaried 24x7 workers working on my contract? These folks can shutdown my servers and if on UNIX can issue an "rm * fr" and wipe out all my files if inexperienced or untrained??? They promised me ONLY band 6,7,8 would work on my account! So I felt I can trust IBM with EXPERIENCE with salaried level employees. I can't sleep good tonight now.. IBM, what's the deal? Come clean to me. -IBM_Customer-
Comment 07/30/13: Let your IBM customers know you are paid as an HOURLY worker and are not allowed to work OT even as 24x7 support even if you are band 5 or less. Systems Administrators in the IBM GDFs should be at least band 7. You can shutdown, rebuild, and install servers and DBs (Windows, AIX, RedHat, Solaris, DB2, Oracle, etc.) That don't sound like and hourly worker to me!!! You have intellectual power! You are PROFESSIONALS people and need IBM to recognize that! -GlobalDeliveryFarce-
Comment 07/30/13: IBM GDF = Global Delivery Fallacy No wonder Mike Daniels retired and reaped his million$! -GDF'ed-
Comment 07/29/13: I left DBQ GDF in April. In my group FLM was actively encouraging Band 7's to quit IBM -- everyone who left was replaced by a Band 4. Now there's only a handful (<5) of Band 7's. I have to laugh tho, I was the only one who knew how to handle a specific install at the customer -- boy IBM sure saved a lot of money by getting me to leave. Just another example of why customers will abandoned IBM in droves as part of Roadkill 2015. -ex-Dubuquer-
Comment 07/29/13: More job cuts happening in Boulder Global Delivery Framework. Contractors will be effected this go around around and be notified July 31st, their last day! IBM regs will be hit a little later. Happy to be on my way out... -P-
Comment 07/26/13: Anyone hear of contractor furloughs in the GDF for those contractors not already axed? -GDF'd-
Comment 07/01/13: -GlobalDeliveryFarce-: "Is their life out there?" I remember being at a King Crimson concert in the early 1990's and Robert Fripp made that same remark! Then all of a sudden the audience came alive. Why can't you GDFers respond the same? -Crimso-
Comment 06/22/13: GDFers: Is their life out there? Or are you all too busy working on your tickets using those TWO stupid problem and change management apps. Maximo (Minimo(!)) and TSRM that lack all navigation and an automated change and problem approval process? -GlobalDeliveryFarce-
Comment 06/13/13: RA in Columbia MO GDC. No firm numbers yet, or in what pools, but rumor has it that its going to be 10. -anonymous-
Comment 06/12/13: Anyone in any of the GDFs get the RA today -GDF'ed-
Comment 06/07/13: I am so sick and tired of this company and my useless management staff. The GDF is such a joke and an awfull working encironment. The pay is crap. The work is a joke and management servs no purpose but to cover thier asses. -Gdfpm-
Comment 05/24/13: IBM in Ireland... Contractor.. Don't do it.. It's a TRAP..! -John doe-
Comment 05/19/13: GDF's North America are now toast: You are not allowed to make profit and don't make revenue. Ginni will swing the axe like a Clayborn sword. Wonder why Daniels left? He saw this coming. -GDF'ed-
Comment 05/13/13: Sounds like East Fishkill GDF will see IBM employee job cuts announced before end of this month. A slew of contractors have already left. -fishfooled-
Comment 05/10/13: So much for IBM's promise that it was committed to the GDF in Dubuque? So the other GDFs better watch their backs very closely now. Costa Rica (remember the "welcome wagon" from the other GDF personnel for them?), Brazil, and even Chile might be the GDF hotbed by 2014. -Depuked-
Comment 05/09/13: Hey -DBD GDF-: Most people here are saying IBM is not staying past 2014 at the Roshek building. This coming from business insiders in DBQ. They never signed the additional 5 year option on their lease. Time will tell..... -Anonymous-
Comment 05/09/13: The DBQ GDF has just started to lay people off and the center is going to be no more in 5 years. People have been getting to go packages for the past 5 months. -DBQ GDF-
Comment 05/02/13: EFK GDF has has contractor cuts. All contractors remaining can't work over 36 hours a week. So much for being on call this weekend and being available for most of the next week. Sev. 1's assigned to me as a jazzer will have to be reassigned or something. My poor IBM client customers! What a way to run a business model into the ground :) -GDF'ed-
Comment 04/27/13: No wonder Daniels left. His train set has derailed. Now can the GDF ever get back on track? -GDF'ed-
Comment 04/27/13: Yes contractors lost 4 hrs a week. At $55 per hr that still comes out to $3,960 every 2 weeks. Average hourly wage in Dubuque for perm IBMer is $18 for the same job. Contractors are making $2,520 more every 2 weeks than the IBMer is. I think the contractors can handle the 4 hr cut. What about the moron making $18 per hr after spending close to 3 years in Dubuque? I have had to train some of those contractors, they are not $55 per hr admins trust me. One of them did not even know what a host file was. And they wonder why company morale is so bad. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/24/13: Job cuts under way. Contractors and regs will be hit in the GDF Happening now and next week. Contractors Will be required to work 36 hours a week going forward. -getting out-
Comment 04/21/13: To everyone in GDF thinking you will get a non-GDF job after you hit your 2 years in GDF or whatever the time limit is now. Here in Columbia that has been accomplished by an entire 2 people and shows no time of increasing any sooner. That is if the waiting period won't be increased again (it was less when the center opened) Managers will block even the simplest of internal to the center job transfers, I read once on here that once you are in GDF you will never get out, it seems to be more true everyday.
The laughing stock comment is spot on. Can't say I've heard of people being re-hired as contractors in Columbia but I'm sure it's happened. The latest idea is this "TAMeSSO / GIAMA" project. Though this has been in the works for years.
Mainly instead of having a normal username + password to access the servers you need to create X "reusable" IDs while the tool "injects" the username and password in, sounds like a timesaver right?
Everyone who has heard of this project including the people implementing it on the ground level know it is a laughing stock. Every team has found some way in which it will destroy their productivity because the tool will only support connections in certain ways.
Are you a UNIX admin who likes to use multissh to log into 30 servers at once to cut down your workload? - UNSUPPORTED, you now have to log into each server manually increasing the workload exponentially. Other teams have it worse as they will lose very important job functions, but IBM doesn't care they just keep going on and on about how much money it will save in onboarding costs. (Remember the Awaiting Account Assignment Claim code?)
Everyone just hopes that they will not be the team who cannot access their accounts systems when the entire ITIM tool falls over during a sev1. Which it inevitably will, we all know how IBM can't even keep ISM dispatch running for more than a week straight. For other news from Columbia they are starting a new concept of"Single account pools" for some of the heavier FTE accounts instead of segmenting the work all across the building a single pool will be created. Therefore in the pool will be the project managers, exchange admins, etc and they will only work on that single account. Overtime has also returned for all pools after the freeze last year. But many overzealous managers are going to great lengths to hide that from their teams and still denying requests instantly. After all what's the point of actually managing a team when you can just pad your own PBCs? -Columbia'd-

Comment 04/19/13: to ex-GDFer: it has become more of a laughing stock than anything. The roundtable discussions are my favorite. Trying to watch a second line manager tell you that you that the contractors are not making 3 times your salary when you know darn well that they are because you are friends with most of them. Looks like some IBMers are opting to quit for 30 days then get hired back on as a contractor at fair market value wages. (Another thing the SLM's are denying in the roundtable meetings) Can only laugh at this point. -trainkeptrolling-
Comment 04/19/13: GDF runs too top heavy. I have never seen a place that needs so many managers and leads per account. 7 non-priv users giving orders, 2-3 priv users doing the actual work. Guess who is getting paid the least? My opinion is to clean house in the GDF starting at the top, they would save a bundle. Or continue with the same business model and lose money every year. And it's also funny to see that the "Blue Coat" security is only installed on the priv users workstations. In other words, the leads and managers can surf the web all they want. What else they going to do all day? Look at cirats that are past due? Close em then you useless tools, quit bothering a sys admin with BS biotch work. -marymoon-
Comment 04/17/13: How is the GDF now post-Daniels? East Fishkill, Dubuque, Columbia, etc.? -ex-GDFer-
Comment 04/07/13: Gotta luv that HBO show "Enlightened". Remember that Time Management tool? Cogentiva? Gotta like the Abaddon Industries management. IBM management? Sounds like life in the GDF. Wonder if IBM and other corporate giants had anything to do with HBO cancelling plans for this comedies' third season? -anonymous-
Comment 03/28/13: "These three mouskeeters" Gotta give Mickey the Mouse club more credit for civility than these (ex)executives. Maybe you meant musketeers. It is more fitting, eh? -anonymous-
Comment 03/20/13: PBC's are in, with the required 40 hours of training for the year. There is no way we will have that time for that, and at the end of the year it's going to be counted against us. -Little fish-
Comment 03/20/13: The GDF's have to be one of the most toxic work environments I have ever seen. Overworked, under-payed and way way way way way way over-processed. Drop the attitudes FLM's, you are pretty useless to the entire division and you know it. Pay the backbone what they deserve already instead of getting mass extraction for the least amount of money. It will hurt you in the long run if you keep trying to operate like this. -toxicavenger-
Comment 03/08/13: These three mouskeeters can't get their schedules straight! Never could when in IBM and never will. Typical IBM (ex)executives. Waste a lot want more. And Ginny's gotten her green jacket. Palmisano deserves a green straightjacket. Akers deserves a bit less criticism or ire since it was largely the folks under him, like Palmisano and Rommetty, that started IBM's downfall. Maybe they are celebrating Mike Daniels riding off into the global sunset? -anonymous-
Comment 03/06/13: Earlier this week 3 IBM corporate jets at Augusta,GA airport. Former CEO's Palmisano, Akers and Gerstner along with current CEO Rometty had dinner at Augusta National. Not a real good use of company funds, especially when employees get no raises and more layoffs coming.. At lest they could have all used the same jet! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/21/13: IBM becomes a relic of a USA corporation by 2025. Profits with little, if any revenue, is not sustainable. -nostradamus-
Comment 02/16/13: columbia'd: the same exact stories used to run in Dubuque. Truth is IBM never hit their mark and still receives their tax breaks. Another line of crap is average salaries. The only way they hit $27 per hr is because there are SDM's making 6 figures. The majority are making $14-$20 per hr. If you dont believe me, go ask em. Telegraph Herald in Dubuque had the nerve to put Average Salary $46,000 in bold type on their front page. Not the case even after 2+ years there. IBM is becoming a laughing stock company to work for. Resume padding at best. -jerrysignfeld-
Comment 02/14/13: One of the local TV stations in Columbia recently did a story on how many people have been hired at our GDF center. Honestly it is pretty terrible reporting but it does hash out the average wage. (Average not Median)

But then again maybe I think it is terrible reporting as we all know what really goes on inside which should be reported on instead. -Columbia'd-

Comment 02/13/13: Stay away from GDF if you can. We have more people making reports on change control dates and times then actual workers. The hire the locals to create very pretty reports full of bad data. -Little fish-
Comment 02/10/13: hey manny, I am surprised city data forum even kept that post active. The moderator is a real PITA and removes anything posted that resembles true. I had several posts removed regarding IBM and was not even close to as brutal as the segment you posted. -hero4hero-
Comment 02/10/13: -GDF'dup- Repeat after me: Roadmap 2015 Roadkill 2015. If you think IBM cares one bit about Dubuque or even Iowa. THINK TWICE. -GoshDarnFailure-
Comment 02/10/13: Mike Daniels must have known what is going on. And for awhile in Dupuke. So it's da-dit-dat-dit-so-long GDF folks for him! No wonder he is retiring before that ^%$# hits the big circular fan. -GDF'ed-
Comment 02/09/13: To: -ExIBM43-, wow did you hit the nail right on the head. This is exactly what goes on still. It's a joke to most and most are looking to get out. The morons who bought homes here are the ones still kissing arse because they are stuck in dapuke. The complete nepotism that goes on there is a disgrace. I have no respect for anyone in that building anymore. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/07/13: I left IBM Dubuque just as 'Wave 2' was beginning. Fortunately, my group was a part of a different division and was not subject to the GDF methodology. Those groups that were 'GDFs', however, suffered substantially. Here is some of what I witnessed:
1. Overtime was frozen.
2. Contractor laptops inauspiciously stopped working towards the end of the pay period - consequently after they had worked substantial overtime. They were forced to turn their laptops in to the Help Desk and go home for the day, losing all the hours for the day or days their laptop was being 'fixed'. So the overtime hours that they did work were credited as regular pay.
3. New employees with less experience sometimes making 15k more a year than their counterparts who had been there over a year.
4. Female employees entering relationships with higher ups and being promoted to team lead positions.
5. Managers hiring friends and family members to their teams as highly paid contractors, and signing off on all overtime requests.
6. Account focals who would not distribute work tickets to other team members on the account - and then put in 20+ hours of overtime to close these tickets. When, if they had properly dispatched the workload to the team members, the work would have easily been completed within the 40 hour week.
7. Employees being given 5+ accounts to manage closing 300+ tickets per week, while high paid team members (that were usually family members of the manager) whom were called 'specialists' were only required to work on 'high level tickets' matters. Not suprisingy, these 'High Level tickets', were primarily for monitoring - so the 'specialist' essentially got paid for staring a screen and submitting stats on an excel sheet once per hour - which honestly took no more 5 minutes to do, effectively working less than an hour a day and ofcourse being paid for the full 8 plus overtime, if after hours monitoring was deemed to be 'critical'- (ofcourse the decision was left up to the 'specialist' where or not it was critical or not - so i`m sure you can imagine it ALWAYS was, and they would often claim 20+ hours of OT which was approved without any review). -ExIBM43-

Comment 02/03/13: -wundering-: I know in Dubuque we are still hiring, but they have no signed the additional 5 year contract extension to stay here. Kind of hoping they don't renew. I would rather see some of these managers and leads out of work -GDF'dup-
Comment 02/02/13: Mr. Daniels is cashing out:
I bet the GDP pays less than his stock award cash out in the GDFs. -11,000,000_or_so-

Comment 01/25/12: Does anyone in the GDFs get a PBC 1 or have a chance for it other than the management? -Debuked-
Comment 01/15/12: Anyone told they have to go to Columbia to keep a GDF job? -wundering-
Comment 01/15/12: Have to repost something off citydata forums.
Default IBM Dubuque GDF nightmare So peeps, just wanted to hear what all of the IBMers have to say after making the biggest mistake of their lives by taking this crappy job and moving to a waste of a town called Dupuke. Reading some of the BS optimists posts from a year ago only makes me laugh harder at how wrong you were, and now you know it too. No raises for 98% of the staff, that's right 98% received nothing in over 2 years, no cost of living, no performance increases either. Which makes me wonder WTF a PBC is really for? They stress the importance of completing your PBC all the time, yet do not deliver on rewarding anyone's work. Oh, the 2% who got increases barely broke 1% increases. Gee, thanks Big Blue. Total craphole to work in/for.
P.S. Just wanted to send a big ... to all the native Dubuquers who raised their rental properties when they heard IBM was moving here. The good news is that IBM wont be staying long and you will lose most of your tenants.
Good luck on the job searching to all the IBMers. We all deserve more than this pile of crap job. End
Alliance reply: To the person who sent this, we edited some of your comments because they were over the line for our web site rules.

Comment 01/01/12: I have over 15 years of IT work experience. I noticed towards the end of my time at IBM that they were hiring inexperienced "wannabe IT" people to work on complex environments. I really feel sorry for these customers. The GDF model should work but not the way it is being implemented. People are being treated poorly, hours are being cut, there is no OT but the workload is high. They have team leads who have no clue and managers who do not care. There is so much waste in time and resources. I love little Dubuque but I am glad to be out of IBM. I would have wanted to grow my career at IBM but piss poor treatment of employees just drove me out. -anonymous-
Alliance Reply: Your example is still another reason why IBMers and IBM contractors must organize.

Comment 12/23/11: I work as a contractor in Dubuque. I am on-call for 12/26 which is an IBM Holiday. IBM employees get paid holidays; I do not. So I have to wait by the 'phone on the company holiday and don't get paid unless the 'phone rings..and then my holiday plans might have to be changed. I understand being a contractor means no work = no pay but why do contractors get no standby pay when IBMers do? -Standingby-
Alliance Reply: Your example is yet another reason why IBMers and IBM contractors must organize. No "standby" pay? Of course not. IBM treats the contractors more despicably than IBMers...and that's pretty bad when you consider how badly IBMers are treated. IBM does what it wants, follows its own rules or ignores its own rules when ever IBM pleases. Without a union contract for contractors and IBMers, alike, there will continue to be no 'standby pay' or anything else that you really do deserve....including holidays.
Comment 12/22/11: I couldn't take the furlough mandated by IBM this week or next. I have to be coverage for IBM regulars who were out on vacation for this week and next. There are fewer and fewer regular employees this year than year's past. At least IBM employees still get some vacation time in before Scrooge Sam closes the door on 2011. Ginny the Grinch will be handling 2012. -anonymous-
Comment 12/18/11: Well, GDF wave 2011.2 is completed in Canada. The GDF implementation team is moving on to the next wave. By “completed” I mean that their checklists are completed, what has been done is far from complete. Tons of things are not really in place, processes are incomplete, or inapplicable. People are style wondering in which way this is an improvement, all they see is more red tape before being able to do actual technical work. But no worries, project “Malle” is going to solve all problems… Project Malle being a executive driven project to reorganize first line management along the line of delivery, profile holders, etc. Not very well defined yet from what I hear, but first lines managers are not happy. I brings in more problems than it solves. -Canonymous-
Comment 12/13/11: So, the Dubuque is losing competent people left and right, HR's solution? Pay new people more than those that have been here 2 years. If you want to get oodles more people to join the union, get the statistics on incoming worker pay vs those that have been here from the start. Iowa sentiment is mostly anti union and comparing to other centers doesn't work because cost of living and band levels are difference, but comparing new and old will get tons of people wanting to join. -Dubuquer-
Comment 12/01/11: -James- I think "full time work" is anything over 20 hours a week. So it is probably legal, but ethical? The issue is whether Artech is intentionally deceiving those contractors it takes on for IBM client about not telling them of possible furloughs. What I would like to see is those forced to take a furlough should at least get unemployment benefits. IBM and/or Artech is denying employment during the furlough. -anonymous-
Comment 12/01/11: Does IBM employees get standby pay for on-call off shift coverage and contractors don't get it? If this is the case then why should GDF contractors be on-call in the first place if they are compensated totally different? -anonymous-
Comment 11/30/11: Artech Information Systems is a recruiting agency for IBM. Over the past few years Artech has continued to hire new contract employees for positions with IBM Global Services Division under the pretense of being a full time contract employee knowing that IBM is going to be giving these same employees furlough day's as they have been for the last few years. Artech does not inform prospective employees about the furlough days in advance as it may cause people to not accept a position that will not be full time 40hr work week. Is it legal to hire someone for a full time 40hr per week position knowing they will be given furlough days and not be working 40hr work weeks. Could this be grounds for a class action law suit? -James-
Comment 11/29/11: IBM still plays the contracting game in the GDF as fast and loose as possible. Doesn't it seem there is very little distinction or difference between a GDF employee and contractor? A contractor is NOT AN IBM EMPLOYEE and thus should not be told to do HR tasks like fudge OT or work hours by their IBM supervisor (the contractor's MANAGER is from the contracting company). I doubt the contracting company manager tells the GDF contractor to lie on the timesheet or ILC (labor claim system). It's time to stop playing the game and expose IBM on the OT hours shell games they ask contractors to play. It's not right to ship labor costs from week to week-to-week, month-to-month, quarter-to quarter just to unethically enrich the IBM corporation's bottom line. No wonder IBM changed the wording a little bit back on the ILC invocation preamble. They are denying the abuse and are doing damage control. But no one calls them out on it as an FLSA abuser. -also_Dubuqued-
Comment 11/28/11: 2015 is the year I think all US based GDF's will be gone. How do you think IBM is going to continue to increase their ever increasing lofty almighty EPS target which they probably now want to hit $25 per share so Ginnie can get a$ rich a$ Sam who got as rich or more than Lou? You either suck up big pay cuts (like maybe work for close to free) and give up all your remaining employee benefits or you'll find yourself soon gone. You folks have little time left. Unless you fight the good fight and stand up for your right. Unionize now! -Jammin' Man-
Comment 11/21/11: All is true about the postings here with the GDC. Low wages, working every day, and my thing is I asked for help on my accounts and never got it. Ridiculous management excuses and lots of pressure from the customers with little help from management...No way to run a business. I am so happy to land another job outside of IBM GDC failure. Godspeed to those left. -Dubuqued2-
Comment 11/11/11: Was anyone let go on Nov. 1st? -anonymous-
Comment 11/07/11: "Hello, I would like to join the alliance union, is there a way i can send my dues in monthly?" Just click on "About Membership" menu tab in this comments sections or click here: ....Welcome! -IBM Union Yes!-
Comment 11/02/11: Hello, I would like to join the alliance union, is there a way I can send my dues in monthly? I need a address or something. GDC's are suffering big time with this AWS and and low salaries, I observe many of the inhabitants especially GDC Dubuque are struggling just to pay basic bills. There is a no OT throughout the entire facility, moral is low, just about everyday there is negativity amongst team members, managers and you hear nothing but the same on the elevators. Someone from headquarters seriously needs to visit IBM Dubuque. Lots of folks walkout with no jobs, or just pissed off on how they are treated like animals or children, personal HR information is discussed amongst "leadership teams" and its not right. Folks ain't got a cost of living increase mostly when discussed in roundtables the actual words from a senior second level manager was to "be happy you have a job". IBM Dubuque HR recruiting is using the economy to get what ever they can into support. Turn over is at a all time high. When asked about career development the common practice is your promotion is with another company and not in IBM. Mobility is not encouraged at all. Many have 2 yrs or more in with the new center. Do a survey at the dubuque Delivery center. I have a ton of more stuff that you would be shocked is going on. -Anonymous-
Comment 10/22/11: Timing Tool = RA tool –einstein-
Comment 10/17/11: Are we having fun yet using the Timing Tool? Not! 3 weeks of hell tracking all the work you do to ensure you’re “following the GDF processes to be productive.” Blah-blah. Talk about an un-productive time-waster. Towelin’ off, boss…drinkin’ water, boss. Spy-ware to screw us. What professionals have to do this non-sense?! Morale teams and monthly recognition awards – rah-rah with no money. Enough silliness and stress. Time to organize. Join the Alliance. Occupy GDF. Do something! –GetItDone-
Comment 10/13/11: There is no downside to joining the alliance. I'm glad we have some members who are highly visible, and good organizers, but I can state without a doubt that if you want to remain anonymous, you can certainly do that. I was worried about being targeted by management, but joined anyway because they have been offshoring my group so I had nothing to lose. Two years later I'm still anonymous. It's completely confidential, and now I have proof. Join up, folks. Now's the time. (And remember...never access the alliance website from your work laptop.) -Anon-
Comment 10/12/11: Worked hard, even missed a vacation due to a project that needed to be done. Earned a raise that not only was less than cost of living adjustment, but was less than the amount I lost on canceled plane tickets. I should have called in sick. -Dubuquer-
Comment 10/07/11: Furlough rumors for contractors in this QTR heard in EF GDF. -anonymous-
Comment 10/07/11: So much for IBM following FLSA law. If you are supposed to be on-call and available for work after normal business hours as an hourly employee you have to be entitled to at least some form of $ for your labor. For IBM to say to only claim 40 hours work and denying OT and offer the lame alternative to take comp time is at least borderline illegal if it is not illegal in the first place! This is why we need a union. -Dubuked-
Comment 10/05/11: I'm new to the GDF. The question I have is how can IBM say I have to take and work on problem tickets after normal work hours, only work 40 hours a week, and I can't work and submit OT. If I get more problem tickets after hours than I can handle how can I still do it in 40 hours? My manager says 'I need to budget my time better' and 'work smarter' with no further elaboration or specifics on how it can be done. I guess most employees must have figured out how to do this without a union contract so can you fill me in on the 'secret'? -anonymous-
Alliance Reply: Why struggle to learn the 'secret'? Why not struggle to get a union contract? That is a struggle that you don't have to do alone, and it will turn out much better for you.

Comment 10/03/11: GDF's Canadian wave moving along swiftly with fixed implementation dates.
Something will be implemented, but what? The GDF processes that are provided are for a minimum of 25 people with a target of 50. Current wave targeted teams are a mix bag of 5 to 10 peoples. Does it make a difference? no. GDF processes will be applied as is, whatever the consequences. And the funny thing is that for some teams there are more GDF roles (dispatcher, etc.) than there are people in the team. Also, these small teams, with nothing in common, are being moved to the same floor to be part of the GDF. What's the benefit of grouping them?, none. You can bet that some exec wants a photo op on October 24 when the GDF centers are opened. -Canonymous-

Comment 10/03/11: Does IBM typically furlough contractors in the GDFs during the 4th QTR? -Dubuquer-
Comment 9/30/11: I want to know what gives managers the right to block transfers. If the manager cannot get me a raise then they should not be able to block me from getting out of this stinkpot they call Dubuque. To anyone thinking of moving there for a job with IBM, DO NOT! Any job where you are at now is 10X better, trust me. IBM Dubuque's managers are completely useless and should all be fired first and foremost. Then they can give raises to the SA's actually doing the work. Drop the stupid huddles and Green Team as well. Metrics have no place in Dubuque. -GDF Loser-
Comment 9/25/11: Rogers, State of Texas, Astra Zeneca, and a littany of other accounts are leaving IBM. The GDF concept is fine but the way it was implemented was more in the shareholder's best interests than the customer or the employee. With little balance on that triangle, something has to give, and it has. -Anonymous-
Comment 9/05/11: GDF wave 2011.2 in progress in Canada (2011.2 is for the legacy systems). Everybody back in the office 5 days a week starting October 24th (except people living over 50 miles away), even if you're the only member of your team at that location (as in Canada Global Delivery Centers are virtual and located in multiple cities like Toronto, Montreal, etc.) -Canonymous-
Comment 6/09/11: Two weeks ago, 60 hard working people for Rogers account got fired at GDF Toronto Canada. US IBM auditors think we are pricey and want to move more jobs to India. Today, the customer CEO suddenly announced to replace CIO, and new CIO will bring IT back in-house 100%. What a shock to the big blue. Rogers-IBM had a 7-year-deal signed in 2009. Just less two years, Rogers decided to walk away. IBM let experienced FTEs go and is hiring fresh contractors in Toronto and India. The services delivered to the customer are so bad that GDF is the worst disaster IT place we ever worked. TD bank and Sunlife started to bring IT back in-house already. -LOL-
Comment 12/22/10: Re Dubuque Craigslist rave - in my opinion, not IBM's, Dubuque is just a red herring set-up to give the impression that IBM is investing in US workers and infrastructure. You may only be there as a puppet to demonstrate a handful of US jobs were created. However the GDF purpose was and is to fool US IBMers and the state and federal government. When Dubuque GDF was first announced some of us heard certain job categories would be moving there, such as "admin" activities. However, I only know of 1 out of 25 of these jobs in my organization really went to Dubuque; the rest went to unskilled, intern level India, Brazil, Argentina and other remote country resources instead. As for the GDF plans, moving US regional data center operations to Dubuque, we saw warnings that US SDC folks would have to rejoin an existing data center, then later take pay cuts and move at their own expense to the Dubuque GDF. Well, I saw lay-offs of delivery and data center friends but I've seen no evidence of a migration of existing skilled delivery folks going to Dubuque GDF. I expect Dubuque will remain a cheap skeleton of what a real IBM data center should be. IBM will not invest in you, sorry to say. If IBM is hiring cheapest overseas labor, not even skilled or even train them, why would they invest in a more expensive US resource? -Whoopee-
Comment 9/22/10: Told last week that IBM is setting up GDFs in Calgary, and Montreal in addition to existing one in Toronto. Satellite ones in Edmonton and Winnipeg. People to start moving in on Oct 18. Soon all employees in these cities will be in GDF. No more working from home. Contractors initially then the remaining employees. If outside 80KM radius you are exempt. This would appear to be the precursor for more staff cuts. GDF being implemented on a number of accounts, once people are up to speed on multiple accounts there will be more staff cuts. Time table for various groupings of accounts to be GDF model already in place -anonymous-
Comment 9/15/10: Got to talk to a couple of people on the State of Texas account telling us during a meet up about how badly IBM Screwed up including asking any and all for 35% cuts in hours and pay on acct to having Arch's working 30-40 jobs at one time and all with one week turnarounds including cutting more PM's and sending all possible work to Dubuque GDF. Fun part was telling us about the GDF PM's working for less than 44K a year and one PM Contractor asked to come back at $ 22 a hr after working for $ 44 a hr before being RA'd. IBM said to cut more over next couple of months on the account as SoT starts talking to DELL and HP mostly to get other work done away from IBM, way to go for screwing up an account. -anon-
Comment 7/16/10: I lost my job in ITD at the Boulder campus last month. Despite a lot of sensible resistance by employees against the GDF mess, the company simply doesn't care about employee mistreatment. They're hell bent on destroying services entirely, losing their few remaining customers, and turning the company into little more than a 3rd world body shop. I don't know about the other GDF locations, but IBM Boulder continues to get rid of fulltime technical people on a quarterly basis. The company then plugs IBM Bangalore resources into these same positions...right here, on our US own soil. The company is beyond a disgrace at this point, and I'm happy to be out of there. -Anonymous-
Comment 4/19/10: IBM Long Term Supplemental Role in East Lansing, MI: (Current Employee) "Disappointing and discouraging." Pros: Decent health insurance (if you pay for the step-up plan.) Well known company. Access to all documentation. Access to self-paced training on a variety of topics. Cons: Low salaries in comparison to the market. Employees are micromanaged. Experienced professionals are treated like children. Attendance is taken. Employees (might) have one square yard of work space in the office. Employees are discouraged from working from home, even when their clients request it. Long term supplemental employees are not allowed to post for "regular" jobs for 18 months from when they were hired. Advice to Senior Management: If you have a problem that affects the employees (like you need to show bodies in seats to clients when they visit), ask the people affected for suggestions on solving the problem. Don't assume that you have all of the answers. People will support you, if you are interested in their opinion. -Anon-
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