IBM Job Cuts 2.27.2012
Sum=1877 as of 04.04.12
GTS Public Sector Delivery/IBM Global Account: 59
GTS Delivery Application Hosting:
Corporate Marketing and Communications: 18
STG Systems Agenda Delivery:
GTS finance:
GTS Delivery Security Risk Management: 39
BT/IT Global Workforce Web Processes: 22
Software Group East Region Sales:
GTS MTS Delivery solutions/support:
GTS Delivery SSO:
GTS Delivery Distributed Server Mgmt.:
AMS Commercial Delivery:
GBS Consulting Services Industrial Sector: 25

BT/IT Application & Infrastructure service Mgmt: 78
ISC Global Procurement: 50
GBS Application Innovation Services: 54
STG Sales: 71
STG Tech Development: 76
BT/IT Business Transformation: 91
GTS Maintenance and Tech support East: 45
Sales Transaction Hub: 15
Strategy and Sales Transformation: 12
AMS IBM Global Account: 138
HR Talent (Corporate)
: 112
GBS Consulting Services Distribution Sector: 28
STG Systems Hardware: 48
ISC Business Integration and Strategy: 22
AMS AT&T Account: 17

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