IBM Employees Speak Out:
IBM/Xcel Energy account workers outsourced,
offshored and terminated.

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Two of the mission-critical teams inside of Application Hosting Services announced that they are being BACKED OUT of the Global Delivery Framework (GDF).

* Division 07 -- Strategic Outsourcing Delivery [Formerly Integrated Technology Delivery (ITD)]
* Server Systems Operations
* Application Hosting Services
* Real-Time Collaboration Services: Sametime,
e-Meetings, LotusLive, MeetingCenter
* Web Middleware Enablement (Web Hosting): Common Services, Infrastructure, and Front-End Engineering

When these teams were first "invited" to join the Boulder GDF, everyone on these teams (including the first few layers of management) warned that the highly specialized work these teams do, would not fit into the GDF model.
Those warnings were ignored, and the GDF model was forced onto these teams. Over the past three years, there's been a huge problem with attrition. IBM lost the majority of the talented, high-performing, very highly-experienced personnel on these teams. The cost of that has manifested itself via Extreme backlogs in project work 40 to 100 percent overtime for personnel on these teams.
IBM regulars are all salaried and were given no compensation for all of the extra time they had to work. Sub-Contractors are paid hourly and were very strictly limited to a maximum of 40 hours per week and were only granted exceptions to work overtime in very rare occasions.
An internal hosting environment that was becoming increasingly unstable due to the extreme burden which had been placed on personnel.
The restriction that GDF imposed which stated that any personnel on these teams must physically be on site in Boulder daily, made it so that any candidates which may have been considering joining IBM to backfill openings from attrition were not interested. Nobody in their right mind wants to move to Boulder as a sub-contractor, work in a sweatshop-type environment and be drastically under-compensated compared to market salaries. It's unclear still whether or not these teams will now be granted sufficient staffing to handle the workload. Even if staffing levels are increased, it is highly unlikely that it will be done with IBMers instead of sub-contractors.
Until now, IBM had never reversed a decision to move a team into GDF, even when it was very clearly evident that the model did not fit and was breaking the business. This decision to back out these two mission-critical teams validates what any sound-minded individual already knew to be true; the GDF model is not the end-all be-all magic wand that it was touted as at it's inception.

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