IBM Abandons US Workforce

News from
Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701,
Washtech CWA Local 37083
Communications Workers of America, AFL/CIO
The unions for the information age.

As unemployment increases, IBM continues to abandon the US workforce in favor of offshore workers.
Not only is IBM shifting work from US locations to low wage countries it is also importing foreign workers to replace US workers.
IBM employees and workers at companies IBM has outsourcing agreements with are losing their jobs to low wage imported workers.
Three recent examples should raise the concern of all US workers:
* Advanced Auto Parts call center in Roanoke, Virginia. Outsourced to IBM. US workers terminated and call center offshored to India.
* New York City Department of Finance consulting contract on Servers. Outsourced to IBM. IBM brings in IBM India employees.
* UPS IT department. Outsourced to IBM. IBM India workers training onsite in NJ. Work to be moved to India.
How many other workers have lost or will lose their jobs and are denied fair wages because of IBM's "race to the bottom"?
Only IBM knows the answer. It is clear IBM does not value or respect the skill and expertise of US workers.
The loss of skilled tech workers' jobs to offshore labor is unacceptable.

Our organizations are calling on IBM and other corporations to do the following:
* Stop replacing American workers with foreign workers in the US.
* Re-hire US workers.
* Stop offshoring US jobs.
* All US contracts to be staffed by US workers.
We also call on our political leaders to deny IBM public money, tax breaks and incentives until they cease the offshore of jobs
and the use foreign staff on US accounts.
We further call on our political leaders to publically and visibly condemn IBM's abandonment of the US workforce.
The cost of inaction will result in the further erosion of US jobs, wages and the American standard of living.
Now is the time to stand up for working families.

To our brothers and sisters from other countries rest assured. We do not consider you the enemy.
The "captains of industry" take advantage of us all.