From the Alliance:
Since June 12th, over 3000 US and Canada IBM employees
were notified that they were no longer needed.

The job cuts report section is filled with comments about locations, business units and number of co-workers who have been RA'd and how this is damaging the company.

There is also a fair amount of anger directed towards CEO Rometty and other executives.

Why? Because since the resource action began none of the IBM executives have sent out messages of regret or explanation to workers terminated in their divisions.

Whether it is a new hire or someone with long service, these workers deserve a response.

These workers deserve respect.

One worker put it this way: "Where are all those executives that celebrate our product releases? Now when the situation is less convenient they run away and hide. No comments, no statements. No communication with the infantry. Enough low level folks left to remove the collateral damage where as Queen Ginny and Grandpa Sam are in their palace and eat caviar for $10million each day. IBM promoted great leadership in the last decades. The senior leadership team obviously did not attend these leadership classes. Instead they attended the class 'how to become a perfect coward'."

We couldn't agree more. The leadership only cares about money. In the drive to reach the goals of Roadmap/Roadkill 2015 CEO Rometty has neglected and disrespected IBM's greatest asset--its employees.

There is a growing employee "vote of no confidence" in the running of the Company by CEO Rometty. Some say Rometty should be fired.

We are at a crossroads. Do we allow CEO Rometty and others to continue abusing employees or do we fight back.

It is your choice.


The Alliance@IBM team