Sources inside IBM have told the Alliance@IBM to expect
a resource action/job cuts on or about February 26th 2014
in North America.

Code named Project Apollo, the dates for the process are as follows:

Deadline for selection: January 24th (as we reported earlier)

Notification materials to management: Feb. 22nd

Package info for each affected employee sent to management: Feb 25th.

Notification date for New York and Vermont: Feb. 26th.

Be aware that other locations and business units will have job cuts but will probably fall below threshold that triggers WARN notification.

This is no surprise to IBM employees.  Employees are being pushed out the door in order for executives to reach their goal of $20 earnings per share and greater wealth for them and large stockholders.

IBM workers need to say loud and clear: NO job cuts, Halt Roadmap 2015!

IBM workers also need to take action.

Print out the Roadmap 2015 flyer on the Alliance web site and distribute in breakrooms and cafeterias (on your own time, not work time).  You have a legal right to do so.

Build Alliance committees at every site and business unit.
We will work with you on this.

Wear black and blue every Wednesday to signify the bad treatment of employees by executive management.

Set up informational picket lines off company premises with the message:
No job cuts, Halt Roadmap 2015.

Find your voice now before it is too late.

Further information as we receive it.  Good luck to all and organize!