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The Alliance@IBM union organizing campaign is suspended.

In the future, Job Cut Reports will be posted on our Facebook page at
Please send information on job cuts and offshoring here:
New website for IBM employees, ex-employees and retirees:

Lee Conrad will still get the word out to the media on issues affecting IBM employees and retirees.

The Alliance has been fighting the good fight for 16 years. We have gained enormous media attention on IBM worker issues from offshoring and job cuts to workplace issues. When resource actions took place the Alliance was able to get the word out to employees, their communities and the media.

We have attempted to organize IBM employees, build Alliance membership, and urged employees to take a stand against the negative changes inside the IBM workplace. We have lobbied political leaders on issues affecting IBM employees and retirees. We held stockholder actions and put pressure on IBM management with shareholder proposals. We have worked with international partners to build worldwide solidarity among IBM employees.

Unfortunately our membership has continued to decline and the organizing campaign is dead in the water. We have been unable to grow a mass movement inside IBM that could affect positive change for employees and their families. There was so much that could have been done if we had thousands of members.

But that never happened.

Even though the Alliance web site received substantial visits and hits, that did not result in the membership growth inside IBM that was needed. Membership drives fell flat and many who said they would join waited too long and were swept away in a job cut.

We will always have the deepest gratitude to the members who supported the Alliance and stood by each other. The Alliance made history, never forget that.

Lee Conrad
National Coordinator
Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701

North America Coordinator
IBM Global Union Alliance


Comment 12/31/15: This comment section is permanently closed.
Comment 12/18/15: Cringley says another 30,000 cuts are coming in his new article. News Articles Archives -Anonymous-
Comment 12/17/15:
JobTitle: senior project manager
Location: orlando, fl
BusUnit: GTS
Message: I was RA'd in Feb of 2015 along with many others. Thankfully, I found a job in a little over 2 months. I worked at finding a job every day as if I were going to work. Networking is the key. Don't get discouraged - keep at it and use your contacts. Best wishes to all you job seekers and don't look back. IBM is struggling and cuts are bound to continue. -Anonymous-

Comment 12/15/15:
JobTitle: Executive Project Manager (Former)
Location: Worldwide Locations
CustAcct: Multiple Accounts Globally
BusUnit: AMS
ProdLine: Global Transition/Migration Management
Message: Thank you Alliance@IBM for providing a platform over the years to allow former colleagues of mine express their thoughts, emotions and stories after being negatively affected by resource actions and job offshoring initiatives. Your dedication to help IBM employees share their voices with senior management actually inspired me to take a long leave of absence from IBM and reflect on my personal priorities. Ultimately, I left the company and the offshoring industry all together. Inspired by true events and my journey as a Project Manager in offshoring jobs, I recently published a novel:
"The PM Executioner" Writing and releasing this book has provided me with an avenue to redeem myself and I hope the story will resonate with other employees who have been affected by offshoring initiatives both inside and outside of IBM. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: It's too bad that your message hasn't also inspired more of your "former colleagues" to openly and publicly challenge IBM and stand up as a united group of employees
. Our mission at Alliance@IBM has always been to organize IBM workers in the US as well as be an advocate for IBM workers and inform them of things that IBM would never tell them. Thank you for your support.
Comment 12/15/15: Any stealth or non-RA layoffs recently? Eventually there will be another RA since the IBM resources do nothing at all to try to stop it. So who has been pruned recently? -SniperedByIBM?-
Comment 12/14/15:
JobTitle: Project Manager
BusUnit: GBS
125 pct utilization all year, still have to make 110 pct in last quarter. With holidays, deferred vacation makes long days, weekends. Clients have hours caps, mgt does not care, we have to find work on another account. Travel is not excuse, find work to do on plane. Accounts without hours cap getting gouged. Partners are now po'd missing margins because they have to carry high utilization. Just another route to get people to quit. I hope clients start complaining of bills or dog tired staff. Absolutely ridiculous to intimidate people to CLAIM for work that is not asked for. -Anonymous-

Comment 12/12/15: -Canuck- Yes, it's legal and even required that IBM withhold from your stock grant. As pitiful as the stock grant was (for those that survived to collect it), it's also taxable. Therefore, employers are required to hold back a percent. You didn't lose it, though, it will just be part of your W-2. If the amount withheld is too much, you'll just get a refund. -Anon-
Comment 12/11/15: -Canuck - I hesitate to give you tax advice here because
1) this really is supposed to be a place to post job cuts and
2) your moniker makes me wonder if you're looking for Canadian tax advice...
But anyway, there are two (US) taxable events with these restricted stock units - first when the shares were released to you, you owe taxes on the value of the "gift". Three or four shares were then sold to withhold for those taxes. Next, if and when you sell those shares, you would owe taxes on the gains, if any. Right now, if you sold those three shares, you would not pay any further taxes as the value of the shares is lower than the price they were when they were released to you -Anon-

Comment 12/10/15:
JobTitle: retired
can't say for sure how it works in Canada, but in the US the full value of the stock is taxed as ordinary income at the time of vesting, hence the withholding. Any gain/loss when you sell is treated as a capital gain (or loss) and taxed accordingly. The income and taxes will show in your W-2 at year end. So nothing fishy going on. -gw-

Comment 12/10/15: I wouldn't get too excited about the new "Agile Workspace" in RTP. Basically it is management forcing workers back to the office and into a tense, continuously monitored environment with no privacy. It will be loud, you'll have no space of your own, and it will be difficult to think. Mood marbles? Better be sure you always choose the light-colored ones! And make sure your discussion card is always flipped to the green side. What humiliation! The environment will be great for loud-mouthed managers, terrible for workers who do all the work. Worse than cubicles. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/10/15:
BusUnit: Research
@Gastropod. No need to worry about IBM giving access to China to it's source code. They are already have (stole) it. An ex-IBM software engineer has been arrested and charged with stealing source code and attempting to sell it to rival companies. Twenty-nine year-old Jiaqiang Xu, who worked at IBM as a systems software developer from November 2010 to July 2014, was charged with one count of theft of a trade secret in a federal court in New York.
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement: "Theft of trade secrets of the type alleged against Xu drains the lifeblood of innovation and competition, and is rightly a serious federal crime."
Ex-IBM Code Leaker Arrested By Undercover Cops" News Articles Archives -IBMr-

Comment 12/10/15: I was on IBM Short Term Disability (STD) during February-March of this year. I still have not received my GDP payment even though I was a PBC 2+ in 2014 before I went on medical. Is this normal for IBMers on short term disability? I'm seriously concerned that I am going to be unfairly given a PBC 3 and be given that as the reason why I did not get the GDP. It is not my fault I contacted a serious virus and missed billable targets for THIS YEAR when I was fully utilized LAST YEAR and got the PBC 2+. -STD'edGDP'ed-
Comment 12/09/15:
Location: Great White
Message: Is it legal for IBM to take 4 of the 7 shares for taxes, I only received 3 shares in my Morgan Stanley Account, if I sell those 3 shares, I still have to pay taxes. Why withhold 4 shares if they are not providing us with a tax reciept. Smells fishy... -Canuck-

Comment 12/09/15:
JobTitle: Galley Slave
Location: The one soon-to-be shuttered.
BusUnit: The one next-to-be-divested.
Message: A look inside IBM's new 'agile workspace' in RTP, the building that will house the Watson showroom (Photos) --
"Employees are moving into what's informally called 'the agile workspace' on the third floor of a building that is temporarily called "002." Construction started in August and employees began to move in four weeks ago."
"New York firm The Switzer Group helped IBM design the space."
News Articles Archives
So Big Bleu spares no expense in revamping and remodeling an entire floor of a building to entice prospective Millenials [Read: cheaper and less-experienced workers] into the Watson business unit and also to showcase Watson to prospective clients while the rest of the "surplusable units" [Read: employees] receive little if any bonuses and raises: so priorities are now clearly established [Read: fancy new digs >> employee morale and worthwhile compensation]. -Chaff-

Comment 12/08/15:
JobTitle: Project Manager
Location: WFH
CustAcct: IBM
BusUnit: GTS
Message: I was RAed in Feb 2012 (read fired) Band 10 PM. I was actually looking forward to it as the company was just a shell of it former self. It was very good in 1999 when I joined, and it started going downhill shortly within a few years. When I was promoted with no raise is when I started to see the writing on the wall. I can't imagine how difficult it is today. I also can't understand those who elect to stay. Trust me, there is life, a better life outside of IBM. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Opportunity abounds post IBM. -Anonymous-

Comment 12/07/15: @gonebynotforgetting. I don't know what you are talking about, you sound like you work for the company that is charging to verify IBM employment. I personally spoke to a hiring manager who said it is a PITA to verify employment with YES, they are making money off of your personal information. You mean to tell me that if a landlord has to pay $24.95 to verify your employment for IBM they are going to get out their credit card and pay? No way. Your application is going in the garbage. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/07/15:
Message: Bwahhhaaahaaaaa
IBM's hair dryer hackathon for women in tech doesn't sit well with women in tech
By Sally French
Published: Dec 7, 2015 12:55 p.m. ET
IBM, -0.90% put out a call to women interested in science and technology to join its #HackAHairDryer experiment to "re-engineer what matters in science". The video, posted on IBM's Twitter account, asks women to take part in experiments involving hair dryers, such as experiments to "hack heat, reroute airflow or reinvent sound." The video is part of a larger IBM campaign to encourage women to pursue careers in science, technology and engineering. But the message that women would find science more interesting if it involved a hair care appliance has struck many as patronizing, and has set off a backlash on Twitter.
News Articles Archives -Not proud to be an IBMr-
Comment 12/07/15:
Name: Wi-Fi
JobTitle: SDM
CustAcct: Commercial
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Chennai massive flooding caused US managers on my account and many others to scramble to find US workers to cover support since the IBM buildings in Chennai are basically flooded and evacuated. They had no one to cover weekend changes or problem tickets. US staff has been reduced so much due to RA after RA that some accounts currently have NO COVERAGE. They are trying to hide this condition from customers, but it will not last for long. Monday morning is here. -Anon-

Comment 12/06/15: My 7 IBM stock shares that I worked for 6 years to vest has finally came to pass! What a glorious day! I've received a crumb from my masters for all my dedicated hard work! Oh wait.. looks like 3 of those 7 shares are being with held to pay for taxes so I'm only really getting 4 shares. But always the optimist that's more than half that was promised! More than half a crumb, folks! Grand total of $500. I'm chomping at the bit to get into the office on Monday and produce my best. Another nice firm slap in the face is always a great motivating tool! -SuperMotivatedNow-
Comment 12/06/15:
JobTitle: Going Soon, One Way or the Other
Message: Re: Project Velocity. I do think there is a plan underfoot to move large numbers of IBMers to business partners in January as part of the next big reorg, in addition to another large RA. The ship is sinking, and we hardworking employees are the ballast and 'water' that is being bailed overboard. We are the chattel. I've heard that all sales and technical assets are being packaged so as to be more portable, as part of this effort (so they are more easily consumed and moved to these other companies). Velocity is a word for smaller sales in IBM, and we've been moving those deals to partners for a while to focus on the bigger ones internally. Maybe now the 'velocity' is the people, not just the deals. The Champions for Growth project mentioned earlier is another example of this. What kind of title is that for a project to move IBMers out? Are you a 'champion for growth' by throwing yourself on your sword to help the company, who certainly hasn't been compassionate to employees? Anyone hear about our execs foregoing their bonuses due to the dismal death spiral they have put this great icon into? The most virtuous thing one can do is fight for a noble cause. Remember back when employees were mere slaves with no benefits, dying on the job, to make people like the Carnegies and Mellons filthy rich? Capitalism has its cost. Now, the balance is tipped way against us again. Executive compensation in salary and benefits are through the roof, while employee benefits and salary have stagnated through a seven year bull market. We have just a few families in this country controlling the vast majority of the wealth. It's time to be noble again and organize. You don't have to get your skull busted like our brave forefathers, just shell out a few bucks a month to join the alliance. Trust me, you'll feel better fighting back rather than being a lamb led to slaughter.
Comment 12/06/15: So you hung on and waited and waited for you 7 shares of IBM stock. Waited time well spent? It is about 50% less now than when announced under Palmisano. Waited time well spent? So you hung on and still haven't joined the Alliance? The Alliance hasn't been doing 50% less since Palmisano was CEO. Actually they have been doing much more with less support. Make your time well spent. Join now! -Anonymous-
Comment 12/05/15:
JobTitle: Administrative
Location: Mid-Hudson Valley
CustAcct: None
BusUnit: HR
ProdLine: n/a
Message: IBM sent us 7 shares of Equity Stock available this month. I had 7 shares when I set up my account, and now IBM already automatically reduced my shares to 3 going forward and withheld 3 shares for taxes right off the top! So they actually only gave me 4 shares. No reason to leave the shares there to grow - it was more of a hassle to have two stock plans at IBM with two accounts so I sold mine. For those who commented way back that it almost replaced skipping a year of GDP wait until you see how little you actually got. -Anonymous-

Comment 12/04/15: Is anyone aware of firings connected with the SEC probe of IBM on revenue recognition? I heard there have been firings due to business controls audits where alleged improper conduct was determined. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/04/15: @happynow - The workforce web verify has been been around since 1995 it is not something new. All major employers use it and pay to use it (it's an outsourcing deal) eliminates the middle man and safer in long run. If you have ever called PAYROLL in IBM you need your social number and a pin also. I would not be giving my social security number to anyone to call IBM. I personally have used it many times since late 90's to have morgage lenders verify my salary, apartment leasers and as recently as last 2 years at least 5 future employers who have no reservation about using it. It is definitely not a drawback; they dont have people to call your people to sit on a phone and wait in a queue for 30 min to find they cant get your information. I just recently used it in aug when I decided to run away from ibm of my own volition -gonebynotforgetting-
Comment 12/04/15:
Location: Hortolandia Sao Paulo
CustAcct: Whirlpool
BusUnit: Gts
ProdLine: So
Message: Project velocity coming until end of September. It will wipe out dozens of people and replacing them with Indian positions. GTS Brazil will be wiped off the map. Brazil will have massive unenmployed people for this xmas hohoho -Anonymous-

Comment 12/03/15: -HappyNow- I just provided my future employer after IBM dumped me my employment relevant information files from w3. It showed
when I started and when I was dumped. I also had my last three PBC's which were all 2+'s. I even gave them my IBM recognition and award letters and such. I told them don't ask IBM HR for a reference since they don't give one. The future employer was stunned. I got the job.
My future employer told me "yep, you told it straight. Why in the world would did they let you go in the first place? Glad to have you, their loss; our gain!". -Anonymous-

Comment 12/02/15:
JobTitle: Waited for the Ax
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: Unprofitable Line
Message: Just a word of warning to those leaving, or recently left that will be needing a reference or verification of IBM employment. IBMs outsourcing partner for employment verification is, and your potential employer will have to register and PAY to verify your employment. It is a company owned by equifax and they are profiting on providing YOUR DATA to third parties. Can you believe that? No longer can any entity call the Employee Services Center to verify your information. How many companies will throw your resume in the garbage once they find out they have to register and PAY for this basic pre-employment check. This goes for landlords, refinancing your home, etc. Just another money grab and kick in the face from corporate America.
Comment 11/30/15: Warning - there are new phishing test emails being sent out to "test" employees to see if they will click on links in an email (violation of IBM security policy). This is probably to build a case to downgrade your rating, put you on a PIP, and dismiss you. So if you get emails saying you have a fax waiting, etc from eDocTransfer DO NOT click on the links. Amazing, since we all get 100 emails a day from managers and execs begging us to click on the links to their blogs. Do any of them wonder what the productivity loss is in making employees do that to get their "message" rather than just writing whatever it is they have to say in their email instead? More Dilbertesque behavior from a ship that is sinking quickly. Amazing how many financial analysts putting articles out there saying "time to buy IBM?" just based on the numbers. "Great dividends! Value buy!" Few of them look past the numbers and see that it's all a house of cards. Extremely low employee morale, no attractive products, faked "cloud revenue", empty pipeline for 4Q and beyond. Do yourself a favor and join the alliance now, before the stuff really hits the fan in January. They're the only ones trying to help us fight this horrible worker treatment. It's worth a few bucks a month even if a union never happens. They send out press releases on our behalf to the media, who then expose IBM's dirty tricks to the analysts and public and government, thereby helping us all NOW. -HelpYourself-
Comment 11/25/15: "The sale (Global Foundaries)is being explored as the emirate considers dumping some assets amid a drop in crude oil prices, according to the report."
What does oil have to with semiconductor tech? Well, the greedy rich don't like to lose ANY MONEY. So...sell...sell..and dispose of the resources (human being workers). -Anonymous-

Comment 11/25/15:
JobTitle: DBA Admin
Location: Denver
CustAcct: CenturyLink
BusUnit: Global Services
Message: Several DBA Administrators are now being laid off. This was supposed to have happened to months ago, but the company could not find the resources who specialize in SQL development. My advice to US based IBM'ers is not to break your ass in trying to please IBM management. As long as your are a US-based employee, it
does not matter how good of a job you do, they will still get rid of you! "Big Blue" reminds me of the ICE running through the veins of IBM Executives! -Anonymous-

Comment 11/25/15: Global Foundries may be up for sale. News Articles Archives -Anonymous-
Comment 11/24/15:
JobTitle: Retired
Location: USA
CustAcct: Many
BusUnit: Research
ProdLine: Cog
Message: Some may remember that IBM once fought and won a bitter battle over source code with Fujitsu. The current management is willing to give it to China for a few bucks. Maybe they should sell Armonk to them while they're at it. Get on the business end of our going out of business sale.
Comment 11/24/15: The latest evil plan from Dr evil is Champions for Growth, a plot to send "high performing, high skilled" IBMers to business partners on a two year assignment. At the end of the two years, the IBM employee is welcome to come back - IF they can find a job in IBM. Ha! Good luck with that. Another devious way to get rid of people, without packages. It will hit in January, lists are being culled now. What if you go to a partner and a week later they don't need you? Yup, layoff with no package. Pbc 3 and 4 not eligible, so IBM is sending its best away and keeping the (lower salary) dead weight, who will probably be RA'd. Imagine if all this creative thinking get went I to the products? Join the alliance, fight back! -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 11/22/15:
BusUnit: R&D
Message: German IBMers protest against job cuts and for a fair share in IBM Germany's revenue growth, which has even ben recognized by Mrs. Rometty. News Articles Archives -Hillbilly-
Comment 11/22/15:
JobTitle: Chair Moistener
BusUnit: Sector 7G
ProdLine: Things customers aren't buying.
Message: "IBM Should Hold Onto Its Code" --
News Articles Archives
"For months, China has been asking U.S. technology companies to share proprietary information, ostensibly for security purposes. With the implicit threat of reduced market access in the air, IBM has complied, allowing officials to examine its source code and setting a dangerous precedent. IBM may preserve some sales in the short term. But at what cost? IBM's source code contains the secrets to its software -- and its success. By revealing that vital know-how to Chinaâ??s government, which also owns most of the countryâ??s biggest companies, IBM is potentially aiding its rivals and undercutting its own competitiveness." China has effectively frightened Big Bleu into submission, forcing them to concede the keys to the kingdom.
Comment 11/19/15: Time to show some solidarity and support IBM Spain if they do strike. Hopefully IBM management will see the light. Hopefully IBM Spain does not have to strike. If they do, show solidarity: join the Alliance now, and respect any dealing you might have to do if you work with any IBM Spain staff. Respect their wishes and support them. We are all in this together! IBM Workers United! -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 11/19/15: FYI Not sure if you saw this - IBM To Slash 3,000 Jobs In Germany: News Articles Archives -Anonymous-
Comment 11/19/15: IBM spain on will be on strike on Nov 25th. 10% of salary decrease to be applied from December 1st. Besides, 135 employees will be fired, plus >400 AMS consultants to be transfered to contractor company from January 1st. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/18/15: For those of you losing your jobs to H1B Visa holders, overseas or being forced to train your replacements, contact this organization,
Heard them this morning on the Laura Ingraham Show on the radio. There was a guy who had to train his replacement at Disny on as well as an attorney working with the group. They want to hear from others who have lost their jobs in this manner. You can keep your identity anonymous if you want to. -longtimebeemer-

Comment 11/18/15:
JobTitle: IT Specialist
Location: Colorado
BusUnit: Global Services
Message: I was RA'd last month, after 12 years with IBM, after getting a 3+ rating, and earning 2 top GSD monthly awards for Customer Care Excellence! Ten of out twelve of my peers were also notified, but a couple of them got an extension until the end of the year, but were not notified of this until their last day! At least they got their 401K match where the rest of us got screwed. What was even more irritating is that we were forced to cross-train the Indians, who were taking over our jobs, if were wanted to get our Severance Pay!
Ginny kept pushing people to take the Cloud certification training, as well as the monthly Friday seminars, but the company would not make any of these new technology areas available for those of us who wanted to stay with the company. I contacted TV stations and Networks about reporting ongoing IBM layoffs, but none of them have the motivation to do it. You wonder if IBM has media held by the balls, that they will not report anything.
To Ginny we are nothing but numbers. Perhaps we should all send (bombard) pictures of our families to Ginny, so she and her fellow henchmen (henchwomen) can see the faces of who are getting impacted by these layoffs. Maybe this will give her an ounce of humility! -Anonymous-

Comment 11/14/15:
JobTitle: I was a loyal employee
CustAcct: The One that Will be Gone Soon
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: SSO
Message: It feels great to purge my home office of everything IBM. Books, papers, manuals, business cards, awards, pens...basically anything that I had gathered over the years. In the trash. Good riddance. I feel like I wasted over a decade of my work life on IBM. Only happy memory is the nice friends that I will never lose. When I first joined my blood was so blue. I was extremely proud to be an IBMer. Slowly that eroded as the corporate greed spread like a violent cancer among my team and every other team that we worked with. I have a feeling that one day we will all watch an episode of"American Greed" featuring the current IBM's fuzzy non-GAAP accounting methods and how they ran an American icon into the ground. What a bunch of idiots running IBM. Go ahead and keep sending the jobs to third world countries. In fact just hurry and sell to TCS, might as well be Indian run anyway. Jerks. So smart and yet so dumb. -Gone and Happy-

Comment 11/13/15:
Location: Thankfully gone
Message: Interesting. "IBM Australia sales plunge half-a-billion dollars".
News Articles Archives -Over-it-in Oz-
Comment 11/12/15: I have an IBM colleague who stops by my office to complain about how IBM took this benefit away or they took that away, etc. I asked them if they have have joined the union yet, they replied: "no". I asked why not, they said, "what has the union done for us so far?" I can't believe this educated person does not understand that IBM employees have not unionized yet and therefore we employees have no bargaining power. I told them to not complain anymore until they join the union. If every IBMer, JUST JOINED, we could go to a vote to unionize, and it would be a sure bet that IBMers would all vote to unionize. So get off your complaint soapbox, and DO something about it... then we could negotiate deals like this one the UAW joust negotiated for FORD workers. Among other things they will all get $10,000 bonuses and FORD has pledged $9 Billion in factory investments. Unlike IBM who is busy buying back stocks: "UAW-Ford Reach Tentative Labor Agreement": Union says deal wins job security, economic gains News Articles Archives -justsayin-
Comment 11/12/15: Re Anonymous Ranking System... I was a very strong 2+ performer and still got canned. Geography, age, and retirement-eligible are also 3 factors that determine if you get canned. It doesn't matter how critical you are, HR and the execs think that you can be replaced by a 3rd world country resources. You won't get the same results, throughput or quality, but those are important to them... Its about your cost vs the cost to pay for that clueless resource. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/12/15: The IBM ranking system which has been strictly enforced in the past years is probably engineered by HR to facilitate the waves of layoffs in recent years. This system is counter-productive as all it does is to induce fear and encourage competition among the peers. The system is also flawed in a sense that managers could often elaborate their employees' contribution without solid proofs. They could also collaborate with their peer managers in the voting process as they wish. And hard-working employees work every day with uncertainty of their ratings as it is all "relative" (aka.. no matter how good a job you do, you could still end up ranking at the bottom and get a "3" at the end.) If IBM management thinks this is a great way to boost employees' productivity, they are flat wrong. Many good companies have already abandoned such process. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/12/15:
JobTitle: Ex PM
Location: US
CustAcct: Healthcare
BusUnit: Public Sector
ProdLine: GTS
Message: Not directly to do with RAs, but this shocks and saddens me to the core! Yes, Amazon has beaten us to the punch in "cloud" but the new initiatives that IBM has bet the farm on like analytics and Watson may not be the koolaid we all think it is. This speaks volumes to the fact the IBM Execs are busy counting the beans, where they can cut things and people, and then believe this is managing the business. It is missing the bigger picture. Fact is that to innovate, you have to do something positive with People, Patents, process, technology and demonstrate LEADERSHIP in every area of the business. When IBM no longer leads, it is in trouble. Amazon have eaten IBM's lunch and are now on to IBM's dinner. As a 35 year veteran who is plying his trade elsewhere these days, I just hope I am wrong! I still bleed blue. Maybe time to sell the shares?
News Articles Archives -Moved On-
Comment 11/12/15:
JobTitle: RA'd
Location: Australia
Message: IBM is toast. Future MBA's will study IBM in the same way they study other dinosaur's. iBM plays catch up by a trying to buy innovation. Employee morale will be a separate MBA Unit - it's impossible to describe how bad morale is, exacerbated by an increased proportion of 'managers' who think they are locked in to staying. The Alliance has done a fantastic job but IBM employees remind me of bisons herded over the cliff to be swallowed up. IBM has 'invested' nearly as much in buy backs as it's current market cap - just leaving money in the bank would have been better for shareholders. A 2013 summary from Druckenmiller was spot on - and the music plays in!
News Articles Archives
Comment 11/12/15: Very interesting this 401k match cut when viewed against the backdrop of the GTS sale rumours. New match will be 3% but not all employees are effected. Is this to make a sale of GTS to TCS more attractive to TCS, which pays a 4% match. Or will it be presented as a 1% bonus increase to those transferred to TCS? What about those who did not have their match cut? Are they the ones staying within the IBM shell company, or will they be the ones transferred to TCS? Time will tell. -Ginny for pres, 2020-
Comment 11/11/15:
Email: watson@IBM.watson
JobTitle: WATSON
Location: WATSON
CustAcct: WATSON
ProdLine: WATSON
Message: Hello. For all of you asking me to help you I am sorry.
I am just the worlds smartest supercomputer and artificial intelligence. I can not help you if you do not help yourself.

Live Better. Work Union. What is that Alex?
Unions for 2000. So employees in a corporation feel they are getting proper pay and benefits as well as job security.
The answer is, Why do employees form unions and negotiate their employment contracts?
Correct again! I win. -WATSON-

Comment 11/10/15: I never read the book "Elephants Can Dance" but when it came out the title created an image in my mind of a terrified elephant on a pedestal with Yosemite Sam in front, six guns blazing and shouting"DANCE...ah sez DANCE! I am sure many must feel that way.
Fear and intimidation has replaced trust and appreciation. The appraisal system was clearly rigged, promotions often a joke. Another kick in the teeth is the luxury airline IBM maintains for the executives. I once had a neighbor who worked there, no expense was spared from what I could gather. Certainly, the long term cost is being reflected in the stock price. Leaving IBM behind has been a tremendous relief for many, myself and family included. Of course, large companies rely on employee turnover to erase broken promises and mitigate management problems, but I suspect that elephant is very tired now. -Anonymous-

Comment 11/10/15: @Retired Secretary, If you retired before the December 2015 Vesting date, you will NOT receive the Special Equity Grant of stocks. Here is the info from IBM. "Termination of Employment: In the event you cease to be an employee (other than on account of death or becoming disabled as described in Section 12 of the Plan) prior to the Vesting Date(s) set in your Equity Award Agreement, all then unvested RSUs under your Award shall be canceled." -Anonymous-
Comment 11/10/15: I'm reading all of the comments (thank you) about the reduced 401k match, but I've heard nothing from my management. Is this a GTS only change? Shouldn't there be some company wide notice getting said all at once? -Anonymous-
Comment 11/09/15: Word is that IGS SSO will be sold to Tata Consulting Services HQ'ed in India. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/09/15: It's very sad to see all the news of job cuts. It's not a matter of "if" but "when" the RA will become personal. With the current state of business, how can a CHQ-Marketing organization schedule a meeting at a Disney resort in January for all its (worldwide) employees? Doesn't seem right. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/08/15: Cutting 401 k matches, cutting overtime, more RAS, 4th quarter will be brutal,but Ginny will continue to get a raise in her salary, and the stock options will continue,and Ginny will get her big fat bonus at the end of the year. Vote Union. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/08/15:
Location: New York
BusUnit: Payroll
Message: Cutting the 401k match, freezing OT, etc..... 4Q must be looking brutal. Oh Watson! Please save us.
Comment 11/07/15:
JobTitle: Managing Consultant
Location: Herndon, VA
BusUnit: GBS
Message: @Retired Secretary.
The IBM Special Equity Grant of stocks hasn't been cut. I received an email notice about 2 weeks ago with instructions how to prepare for the 7 shares vesting on December 1st. Check your emails, assuming you were eligible back in 2011 (and received an email then), I d assume you'd still be eligible.
(Note: from reading the fine print I noticed that not all employees were eligible for it when announced in 2011. For example a PBC 3 received during the 5 years prior to the announcement disqualifies.) -Anonymous-

Comment 11/07/15:
JobTitle: previous security SDM
Location: Remote
BusUnit: GTS
Message: The writing is on the wall, IBM does not plan to keep the managed services unit outside of cloud. The business will either be sold or turned into a joint partnership with another company very soon. The best advise for GTS employees is to look for another job, either internally or outside of IBM. I left IBM about a year ago and I am MUCH happier now. There is life after IBM! -Anonymous-

Comment 11/07/15: "Berkshire Says Unrealized IBM Loss Hits $2 Billion, Affirms Bet" News Articles Archives
"IBM continues to be profitable and generate significant cash flows," Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire said in a regulatory filing Friday. "We currently have no intention of disposing of our investment in IBM common stock. We expect that the fair value of our investment in IBM common stock will recover and ultimately exceed our cost." Wow. . . Talk about being in denial. -Anonymous-

Comment 11/07/15:
JobTitle: Sales
Location: Midwest
BusUnit: S&D
Message: "When and why did IBM cancel the IBM Special Equity Grant of stocks awarded to all IBMers .....-"
Answer: They didn't if you are still employed as of mid December 2015, and are eligible, you will have received a link on how to access your account of 7 shares of stock via a Morgan Stanley account. -Tony-

Comment 11/05/15: It has been a while since I checked this site. Heard Rumors of 401k match being cut, checked into see if any postings and saw previous post GTS already announced it. Seems we will all take another hit soon. -Scrooged-
Comment 11/05/15: The 401K match for the GTS group is going from 6% match to 2% match. I used to get an additional 2% for IBM pension contribution, (that all depended on which prior pension plan you were in before they did away with all of them), so actually I get 8% total now. But starting 1/1/16 that will change to 2% match and 1% pension contribution. This was all announced via a 15 minute pre-recorded cc presentation. There was no Q/A after, and no replay or recording made available of the announcement. GDP is changing too. Quarterly instead of yearly, with all the "ifs" attached as always. Hope everybody filled out the IBMer Engagement Pulse survey and let them know how you feel about this wonderful company. Not that it matters to them, but its enjoyable to fill out anyway. -GTS - going to s____-
Comment 11/05/15: In the last couple of weeks, phone conferences have taken place to inform that overtime is indefinitely frozen in GTS and ES. As of this week, non-exempt employees are to cease working and claiming OT. It appears, as some had thought initially, that the lost 15% from the reclassification is now officially a pay cut. -Anonymous-
Comment 11/05/15:
JobTitle: PM
Location: Michigan
Message: If you were in the Pension Credit Formula (PCF) or prior plan it is even worse. Used to be you received 6% match (now reduced to 2%) and 4% automatic (now reduced to 1%) of course this is to remain competitive. So instead of getting 10% contributed each Dec I know will receive 3%. Yikes. -Anonymous-

Comment 11/05/15:
JobTitle: Minion
Location: Work from Home
CustAcct: Large Healthcare Account
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: SSO
Message: On a call with first line manager yesterday. 401(k) match being cut in half. Anyone currently working from home who lives within 50 miles of a Global Delivery Center will have to work at assigned GDC. No more work from home beginning in new year. -Shot Down Duck-

Comment 11/05/15:
JobTitle: Retired Secretary
When and why did IBM cancel the IBM Special Equity Grant of stocks awarded to all IBMers around the world in June, 2011 to coincide with IBMâ??s 100th anniversary that would have vested December 1, 2015? -Anonymous-

Comment 11/05/15: "Engineering a decline" in all areas other than CAMSS appears to be the truth. The execs are actively end-of-lifing profitable legacy products if they aren't in CAMSS. Assumedly this will make the CAMSS percentage of revenue higher, so Ginni can claim the revenue mix is "shifting" to CAMSS even while overall revenue and profitability continue to plummet (due to their "engineering a decline" actions -- hey, they finally found an action the IBM execs are actually good at!). Employee Engagement survey results to date are very, very low. I don't think IBM will survive in its current form for many more years, unless the BOD replaces all the top executives. No company can survive when 95% of its employees hate its ****ing guts. -Writing_On_the_Wall-
Comment 11/03/15:
Location: GTS North America NorthEast Region
Attended a required call today where we were told IBMs 401k contributions will be cut to 3% from 6% starting in 2016. No indication whether or not this is company wide or just a GTS initiative. And not clear if it was everyone in GTS or just us lucky ones who got to see our future retirement plans cut in half. -Anonymous-

Comment 11/03/15: IBM has definitely crossed the tipping point just recently. Morale was low before, but since the 3Q announcements and allegations that (not surprisingly) the company has been up to some shady accounting (meaning things are even worse than Wall St knows about), the malaise internally has been thick as molasses. On conference calls nobody seems to care and many don't show up. Ginny has inferred that if you aren't on Watson, you ain't nothing. The CFO has come right out and said they are engineering a decline in some product areas (everything except Watson?). Or is that like saying after the ship sinks "Yeah we meant to do that..." The 4Q deal pipe worldwide is virtually empty. Product teams aren't being given money to fix even serious bugs. The pool for raises and bonuses is now empty going forward, so nobody can expect those. Everyone is being asked to "do less with more" aka do the work of those who are gone. I'm sure there are a great many who have their new jobs with other companies lined up for Jan 1 and will say sayonara on Dec 15 when they quality for the 401k match. That will leave the company short, and make things even worse. BUT - it will also give those who are left some power. Join the Alliance and give it more strength. Wall St is starting to pick up on the employee morale problem, thanks to the press releases put out by the Alliance. They are our voice, please help them. Something major has to happen to this company soon, so let's organize so that those who are left have a voice to prevent this massive executive abuse of power and workers from happening again. It's only a few bucks a month. Don't sit around and wait for the big cut in January. If you get axed then, you can cancel if you feel you need to. Many stay on just to spite IBM. Please join those of us who have proudly joined. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 10/27/15: IBM Board Approves Quarterly Cash Dividend; Authorizes $4 Billion for Stock Repurchase
News Articles Archives
Comment 10/27/15: "IBM Says the SEC Is Investigating Accounting for Revenue Recognition" News Articles Archives -Cloudy Days Ahead-
Comment 10/26/15: To -drummercat- and all: What I found very interesting is found in what is portrayed as a "private" phone call between Schroeter and Tiernan Ray from Barron's. To paraphrase.. When asked a question related to how much of the strategic imperatives revenue is related to new business, and how much is displacing conventional sales with new offerings? Schroeter reply was "Now, that doesn't always add to net growth immediately, but what we are doing is really we are engineering a decline in one area while we transform our clients" business into something new"
Based on this response, it seems to me.. in my opinion, that all business units not fully aligned or integrated into the strategic imperatives will face an "engineered decline", most likely layoffs or even divested / sold.
The article can be found here:
IBM Down 5%: CFO Schroeter says "Our Strategy is Correct, We're Getting the Returns"
News Articles Archives -23 Yrs .. frustrated-
Comment 10/23/15:
JobTitle: Senior IT Architect
Location: Remote
CustAcct: Internal
BusUnit: GBSMessage: Article title: "10 Companies That Will Profit From the Seismic Shift to Cloud Computing". Guess which 100 year old IT company that bills itself as the hybrid cloud leader among other claims did not make the cut? See the 10 that did at:
"10 Companies That Will Profit From the Seismic Shift to Cloud Computing"
(see News Articles Archives) -mark1-
Comment 10/23/15: IBM is struggling. But former CEO Sam Palmisano says he isn't looking back. (see News Articles Archives)
Samuel J. Palmisano led Big Blue as if he were coach. He thought about the stock market like a scoreboard. He thought about winning and losing. He thought about employees as players whose technical skill outshone his own, but who needed a leader to bring out their collective best. He thought about the record he had to maintain each season to stay on for the next. -Hah!-

Comment 10/23/15: Did anyone else see this in the 2015 3Q earnings call transcript?
"The reported decline in expense this quarter is again driven by currency, and the divestiture of System x. We also had a higher level of workforce rebalancing, and a lower amount of performance based compensation." -drummercat-

Comment 10/22/15: The Big Blue Canary In Armonk - Detailed article on IBM's financial chicanery (see News Articles Archives) -Retired-
Comment 10/21/15: "IBM Runs World's Worst Spam-Hosting ISP?" (see News Articles Archives) -Cloudy Days Ahead-
Comment 10/21/15: "Time to start calling IBM 'Medium Blue' " (see News Articles Archives)
It's increasingly clear that IBM's latest evolution could result in a much smaller company.
Comment 10/21/15: Something is being discussed in Fishkill. The parking lot next to building 300 where all the execs park was completely full late into the evening. It wouldn't surprise me to find the few of us left after the GF "sale" are being RAed, NY jobs pledge or no. -Anonymous-
Comment 10/20/15: Pretty bad outlook for IBM according to this article, even WATSON and Cloud won't help save it.

"6 toughest challenges for IBM's Ginni Rometty"
(see News Articles Archives)
"Long before Microsoft, Apple and Google were a twinkle in their founders' eyes, IBM was synonymous with technology for most people. These days, IBM is struggling to stay relevant in the rapidly changing tech market."
It goes down hill from there. -Retired-
Comment 10/20/15: -ANA-....your comment saying Rometty didn't make profit during her tenure as CEO is incorrect. Actually every quarter IBM made a profit. What I think you meant to say is that during her tenure revenues have dropped every quarter. -thefielder-
Alliance reply: One way or the other IBM workers will be RA'ed. IBM workers are punished no matter what. If RA's were stopped, you can be sure IBM would claim a loss of profit, rather than admit loss of revenue.
It's a chess game that IBM workers are not allowed to play. Of course, getting a union organized by IBMers FOR IBMers, would make a huge difference.

Comment 10/20/15: To -ANA-: The sad part of this debacle is that Ginni actually thinks she is doing a great job. I blame the BoD for letting this continue. They keep feeding her bonuses for her lousy performance. When I retired in 2014 the stock was $192. Now it is $140. I wish I had sold all I own when I retired. Ginni keeps ruining the company. The only thing she is good at is RAs. I bet she laughs about them all the way to the bank. -ihateibm-
Comment 10/20/15:
JobTitle: Marketing
Location: Israel
Message: A nice overview on IBM's earnings:

"International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), The Cloud And The Dollar"
(see News Articles Archives) -Anonymous-

Comment 10/20/15:
Message: Wall Street is predicting layoffs. Bad times ahead.
"Should IBM Workers Brace for Layoffs?" (see News Articles Archives)
"Mistakes by management at International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM) have done enough damage to its P&L, that among the solutions could be cuts in expenses. As is the case at many companies, that often means job cuts.
Some of IBM's divisions have done particularly badly.
The reinvention of IBM has been a failure, continues to be so and likely will be so in the future. As revenue drops again and again,
there is likely only one way to prop up earnings. Some portion of the workforce may well have to go."

"IBM shares hit five-year low after disappointing results"
(see News Articles Archives)
"IBM Investors Grow Impatient as Transition Takes Time: What Wall Street's Saying"
(see News Articles Archives)
"IBM Losing More Credibility: Watch Out For Ugly 2016 Guidance In January"
(see News Articles Archives)
Alliance reply: Should IBM employees brace for layoffs? When did IBM workers stop bracing for layoffs? We wonder if some in the media have even been paying attention?

Comment 10/20/15:
JobTitle: Senior IT Architect
Location: Remote
CustAcct: Internal
BusUnit: GBS
Message: IBM released 3Q15 results after market close Wednesday. As usual under G Rometti, results were terrible. However, on a bright note going forward, IBM still has plenty of domestic workers/that can laid off/fired in order to reduce overhead. -Mark1-

Comment 10/20/15: How can the IBM CEO still be a CEO when she has not made any profit in any year's quarter since she has been CEO and yet RA's continue in IBM?? -ANA-
Comment 10/20/15:
JobTitle: Partner
Location: New York
BusUnit: GBS
Message: There are internal rumors of a significant job cut in GBS. I can not confirm it is truly 20% of Partner/AP but it is on a large scale. I have been advised of several critical deals cancelled when customers learned of their account partner being laid off (RA). I was given two weeks notice with two weeks severance, which equates to 1 week per year of employment with IBM. A shameful way to improve margin and a great harm to the company's performance in the long term. -Anonymous-

Comment 10/19/15:
JobTitle: retired
Location: Poughkeepsie
Reporting of time has been going on since I was a CE in 1976 and before, 8 hours accounted each day whether travel or time working on a machine. When I came to Poughkeepsie we didn't have to report our time for many years then they re-instituted time recording for each day, again if working on a problem or waiting for a call. They were tracking us and some knew how to play the game very very well. -Anonymous-

Comment 10/18/15:
JobTitle: Senior Consultant
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
CustAcct: contact energy
BusUnit: GBS
ProdLine: Cloud
Message: RA's have been happening all year in waves for our GTS resources in New Zealand and Australia. Their roles have been slowly moving GD… specifically to MY, China, and India -Anonymous-

Comment 10/17/15:
Job Title: IT Specialist
@StillHere -
Yes, we are required to account for 8 hours per day in the TvC Tool on the account I support. FLMs are also required to use it. "Management" is using the reporting out of this tool to assess productivity. You can be sure no good will come of this for IBM employees. -Anonymous-

Comment 10/17/15: -Still here- Oh, yeah, the GDFs have done this already. Wonder if they are tallying your keystrokes now to the minute and timing your restroom visits? -Anonymous-
Comment 10/16/15: My manager is pushing a new tool on us. I am trying to research it but it looks like we will be inputting all of our moment by moment activities in TVC. Has anybody else heard of this? Seems to be a data collection tool to justify getting rid of more of us. -Still here-
Comment 10/15/15: @GhostofTJW, IBM is rehashing old news to stuff the media with golly gee wizz stories. 'How do employees really feel about their companies?' IBM bought Kenexa an HR company a number of years ago that specializes in this. This capability was widely touted (and ignored) then. Internally for a few years it was used to analyze Sametime messages to obvious no effect. Many folks stopped using ST for chatting about the state of affairs and went to other non IBM (I.E. Gchat) mechanisms which is encrypted.
In other news, giving more credence to the end of Storage Systems is this.

Could Dell-EMC Deal Push Lenovo To Acquire IBM's Storage Business?
Being acquired by Dell in the $67 billion deal revealed Monday would likely dissolve EMC's reselling agreement with Lenovo, analysts say, and force the PC giant to find new paths into the data center market, perhaps by partnering more closely with IBM or acquiring IBM's storage business.
In a brief report published Tuesday evening, analysts at TBR Inc. say the blockbuster merger will end EMC's joint venture with Lenovo, making it important for the PC giant to "work even more quickly to partner with others, acquire, or build its own storage practice."
This could take a few forms, according to Krista Macomber, a TBR data center analyst. Macomber told CRN Lenovo could expand its storage reseller relationship with IBM, and could acquire IBM's storage business. -Gone-

Comment 10/14/15:
JobTitle: Retired
Location: USA
CustAcct: Many
BusUnit: Research
ProdLine: Cog
Message: You can't make this stuff up. WSJ today - 'How do employees really feel about their companies?'
If IBM were truly interested in knowing what employees feel, there's no investment in sentiment analysis SW needed - a quick scan of this site tells you all you need to know. You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. -GhostofTJW-

Comment 10/14/15:
JobTitle: IT Specialist
Message: All of you who thought you were "safe" just a few months ago because you are working in the CAMSS area, can now go ahead and stress out like everyone else. Ginny has now announced that "Cognitive" is the company's real savior and push to "reinvent" the company. So you can read into it that CAMSS is oh so passe in her mind, and yesterday's news. There is a growing push for breaking the company up, by activists or otherwise. The Dell/EMC deal was a strong drumbeat. Amazon's announcements usurp everything IBM has going on. Watson is smart, but my phone can answer just about any question I can throw at it, without spending a billion to teach it first. Siri, Cortana, and Google can all do that. The 3Q results call on Monday should be interesting. You can look into the 4Q pipe and see the sky on the other side, it's so empty. In the mean time, do something constructive and help the Alliance help us. Spend a few bucks a month. If you get cut, at least you'll know you did *something* other than just sit there like a lamb being led to slaughter. Fight back.
Comment 10/14/15: IBM's Columbia employment numbers drop again. -justsayin-

Comment 10/13/15:
Layoffs by GlobalFoundries in New York could infringe upon an agreement the company inherited from IBM to protect jobs through 2016.
GlobalFoundries, the Abu Dhabi-owned semiconductor company, announced Monday that it plans to cut a "very minor" number of U.S. workers, including at its East Fishkill plant that it obtained July 1.
When IBM paid GlobalFoundries $1.5 billion to take over the East Fishkill plant and a plant near Burlington, Vt. off its hands, it also agreed to oblige by a deal between IBM and New York to maintain 3,100 high-tech jobs in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas through 2016.
The deal was part of IBM's expansion in Buffalo to create 500 jobs at a $55 million high-tech hub in exchange for state incentives. -Anon-
Comment 10/13/15: Where jobs and data are going: -Barb-

Comment 10/13/15: What "Leftin14" points out bears deeper insight. There have been other notable articles this past week that highlight IBM's technology (particularly the Research Division) decline and expanding weaknesses in the enterprise arena that will impact revenue hence head count directly. You can read Ginni's comments regarding Del's purchase of EMC that are a harbinger of the end of Storage Systems Group.

IBM CEO Ginny Rometty isn't terribly concerned that her competitor Dell is buying EMC
IEEE Spectrum, which electrical engineers and others on the engineering side of tech regard almost as their professional house organ, buries a glimpse into the inner workings of IBM research administration

While Amazon's cloud eats the world, old-world tech companies ponder mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and split-ups.

A new era of cognitive business is here. How easily she ignores that congnitive (autonomic) computing was a failed IBM buzz word from ten years ago. -Cloudy Days Ahead-

Comment 10/13/15:

IBM's Newest Acquisition Warned on Device by U.S. Health Agency

Merge Healthcare Inc., purchased by IBM for $1 billion in a deal completed Tuesday, received a warning letter from U.S. regulators about the potential dangers of software that monitors patients during heart procedures and a system that archives medical images. Merge failed to show that it had adequately reviewed or evaluated complaints of malfunctions in its devices and allowed its Merge Hemo cardiac monitoring system to be widely used on patients when its effectiveness hadnâ??t been supported, according to the Food and Drug Administration's letter dated Sept. 30. Merge also neglected to inform the FDA when the company recalled the product because it may cause computer systems to freeze and result in a loss of patients' vital signs while the system reboots, the agency said. The warning letter came after a June inspection of Merge's factory in Hartland, Wisconsin. -Gone-

Comment 10/13/15:
Location: US
BusUnit: GBS
Message: GBS Associate Partners (or Band10s) and Partners being RA'ed this week. Only 2 weeks notice. Bluepages already shows their direct reports removed from them. Has IBM finally learned the pyramid was upside down????? -Anonymous-

Comment 10/10/15:
JobTitle: Former Engineer IT Services
Location: At Large
Message: If you guys at Alliance haven't seen this yet, please post for your members and visitors alike. Maybe the tide is turning?
-Turning tide?-
Comment 10/10/15: In one days worth of announcements at its annual AWS keynote conference. Amazon has effectively nullified ALL the recent IBM cloud, analytics, and security related announcements.
Amazon developed in house, cohesive out of the box vs IBM's purchasing companies and bolting on.
This completely undermines IBM's promised deliverable's in these arenas which in turn affects promised revenue growth, employee retention, etc. -Leftin14-

Comment 10/09/15:
Dear IBM family, Our collective hearts are breaking as we learn of the current brutal RA's that follow the devastating RA's of the past, and the horrific RA's of the future. I have been following the recent comments on the withholding of accrued and earned vacation pay. In the USA, the laws vary by state. I have several chronic medical conditions which I have had for over a decade.
In July of 2013, I went on short term disability, and long term permanent disability in December of 2013. At the time I requested my accrued and earned vacation pay. My manager threatened to hold my accrued and earned vacation pay, until I signed not one but two disability agreements holding IBM harmless. I informed my manager and HR that this was unethical, immoral, a business controls and Sarbanes Oxley violation.
I also informed her, that though my attorney was on vacation, I was sure this was illegal. I never heard from her, though HR did reply that my manager made a mistake. I did not sign anything. My manager sent my vacation pay to my home via regular snail mail. She did not even have the courtesy to overnight it; despite knowing full well of my huge out of pocket medical expenses that continue to skyrocket year on year. Dear IBM family nothing with the RA's and abhorrent behavior of IBM management will change....unless we stand together with the good people of Alliance@IBM, who have been staunchly supporting us for years. Please join! -Respectfully, Deb Kelly proud Alliance@IBM member-

Comment 10/08/15:
JobTitle: Associate Partner
Location: Atlanta
BusUnit: GBS BA&S
ProdLine: Healthcare
Ten years this past July...Associate Partner for 2 of those 10...RA'ed with a 2-WEEK notice and 1 week per year severance. Not making the numbers. -GBS-

Comment 10/08/15:
JobTitle: Partner
Location: Mid West
BusUnit: GBS
ProdLine: Retail
Message: Well folks - was just informed that I am being RA'ed. Am told that GBS is laying of 20% of Partners and AP's this round. Not sure who may have been informed or how long this will go on for. -Anonymous-

Comment 10/07/15: Nearly every day I am hearing of someone I knew while still at IBM now choosing to leave the company voluntarily, in most cases going elsewhere to work. Many of these are high skilled, high performance. This an indication that the company is really in a dire fallout and its recovery prospects are quite bad. Meanwhile, Ginni and her Circus Clowns will continue to cash large pay checks until the fast approaching end of the company. Goodbye to a once great company, it now in collapse mode. -Anonymous-
Comment 10/07/15:
JobTitle: Consultant
Location: Client site
CustAcct: Finance
BusUnit: Gbs
Message: In my experience since 2003 Q4 layoffs are unlikely.
The usual pattern is a massive Q1 layoff by March followed by small cuts each month with usually another big layoff in September. If they go Q4 they hit their Q4 and end of year numbers. Which means less exec bonuses.
The only way out is a union contact of some kind with union or employee representation on the board.
If you won't act then you lose. -Anon-

Comment 10/06/15:

GlobalFoundries has launched a 120 percent downsizing at its semiconductor plant in Germany, about a month after offering a buyout to U.S.-based employees â?? who now face renewed concern about possible involuntary job cuts here. A spokesman, asked about layoffs, confirmed a program has been started at the Dresden, Germany plant, news that was made public by German newspapers late last week. -Leftin14-

Comment 10/02/15: Project Yukon has been canceled. Resource Actions will resume with the New Year. Please return to you normally scheduled 150% utilization. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/29/15:
JobTitle: SA
CustAcct: Richmond
Message: Re: Project Yukon. If December is the net big RA you can bet it will be before the date where they have to make good on the 401(k) match. I feel like IBM Services is setting up to be sold to a competitor. They are shaking trees but not many resources left to fall. So sad that a big strong American company has degraded to such a pitiful level. Driven by corporate greed, it is doomed. Hope all do well outside of IBM. You will feel better once its over. -RA'd-

Comment 09/28/15:
Location: US
Message: To Bruce-I validate your comments. IBM with-held 10 days of unused vacation when I finally retired after 4 months of almost getting a heart attack with the entire IBM ordeal. Terrible experience and so disappointing after 32.5 years of great reviews and awards. It's a very dysfunctional place with some pretty bad middle managers. I just don't understand how they continue to get away with such tactics. -GLAD TO BE GONE-

Comment 09/26/15:
Location: DC Metro
Message: There is another RA coming soon - code named "Project Yukon." Affects GBS. I do not know the extent or the exact timing, though I am sure it will get people off payroll before the end of the year. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/25/15:
So workers in NL were told that the "Golden Hand Shake" deals were over and that departments have been told that they have 3 months to outsource work and train other IDCs. Once this has been completed a period of 6 months for Internal Training that is not to cost any money. The NL government has also changed the rules of paying out "Redundancy" or "Golden Handshakes" meaning that IBM no longer have to pay anything out upon termination of employment - this agreement came into force July 2015 but IBM NL deferred this to January 2016. Meaning that those who's contracts will be terminated in June get basically nothing no matter how many years of service have been earned. Also IBMers are being targeted by A Skills assessment by a 3rd party - when asked why this was being done - multiple answers were provided as usual nothing concrete. So could be that management plan on using the PBC process to weed out more IBMers.
Comment 09/25/15:
JobTitle: Engineer
Location: Austin
Message: I am hearing rumors that a RA will start on or before 9/30/2015. In all groups and will be bigger than the last one. Has anyone else heard this.
Alliance reply: "Rumors" never seem to inspire anyone to organize and usually rumors come true, in some form of date and number of IBMers. Before hearing THESE rumors, have you heard them before and then seen an RA occur? Ever consider joining Alliance@IBM and then get together with Alliance members to grow a movement to end the "rumor mill" and organize?
Comment 09/24/15:
JobTitle: Former SSR
Location: Midwest US
Message: In the event you are fortunate enough to find employment outside of IBM, and you are the one to initiate separation from IBM, be advised that IBM will not pay you for any vacation time earned in the month you depart. Hence, if you are entitled to 5 weeks annually and leave the company on the 27th of the month, you will lose nearly all of the vacation time you would otherwise be entitled to. The only exception being for those employees in California where there is state law preventing such treatment. My advise to anyone leaving would be to not give any notice, and instead simply call your manager on the 1st of the month and say "I quit" and hang-up the phone. Otherwise, IBM management will spit in your eye one last time as you are on your way out the door. -Bruce-

Comment 09/22/15: Your IBM HR partner in IBM is a flat out joke. They are not even close to being your partner in anything! They just gather the dirt and coach and support IBM management. Has any HR partner saved a person from an RA????? If so, I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you! You want an employee advocate? It's called a union shop steward.
ANYONE who think Human Resources does any ANY advocacy for resources (ahem, employees) is just a plain fool. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/22/15: For those that never strayed from this comment page, here is the link to the Alliance spotlight page with all kinds of news about job cuts, RA's and press releases as well as articles. -member-

Comment 09/22/15: To the person who is on call 24 x 7 x 365......forward the summary of your conversation to your HR partner (this can be found from your manager's info) and explain that you would like confirmation on your work hours. Also, ask how you can get a company paid cell phone now that you are on call 24 x 7. And yes, HR won't get involved, but IF your manager is feeding you a line, he/she will be talked to. You won't know about it, but the BS will stop for awhile. Start looking for a job outside IBM. When you give your notice, don't hold back. If you don't want to join the union and fight back, this stuff will continue. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/21/15: Anonymous on IBM's "24x7 365.25 day" on call:
You have to have sleep! Also, has your manager actually given you a job description? This is not your PBC. You did not sign a contract with IBM saying you are available to IBM ALL THE TIME! I think there is a labor law or provision that spells out a "consecutive working days" limitation. It is a safety issue if you never are afforded TIME OFF I believe. OSHA provisions/law?
Unions brought you a "standard" 40 hour work week and 5 day"schedule". Anything above that needs OT pay if hourly. IBM habitually abuses the FLSA of 1938. And they can easily do it by having you salaried and grossly underpaid, overworked, and expolited by it.
-6 years ago?-
Alliance reply: exempt vs. non-exempt

Comment 09/20/15: Message: "I would have joined the alliance had I ever intended to stay long term."
No one gets to stay long term anymore if you have been hired in IBM. And those that have stayed at IBM long term and put up with the Gerstner and Palmisano ravages still will not join the Alliance. And then they are so shocked when the RA ax comes from Ginni. Unbelievable. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/20/15:
10 largest corporate layoffs of the past two decades.
According to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the following list can claim that distinction.
IBM (NYSE:IBM) layoffs: 60K - July 1993
Citigroup (NYSE:C) layoffs: 50K - November 2008
Sears (NASDAQ:SHLD) layoffs: 50K - January 1993
General Motors (NYSE:GM) layoffs: 47K - February 2009
AT&T (NYSE:T) layoffs: 40K - January 1996
Ford (NYSE:F) layoffs: 35K - January 2002
Kmart (SHLD) layoffs: 35K - January 2003
Circuit City layoffs: 34K - January 2009
Boeing (NYSE:BA) layoffs: 31K -September 2001
Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) layoffs: 30K - September 2011
Also in STEALTH category they must have made the top list with numbers that no one could beat them ever!!! -Anonymous-

Comment 09/20/15:
JobTitle: Retired
The 10 largest corporate layoffs in the last 2 decades. IBM is Number 1 for the 1993 layoff. Obviously they have laid of tens of thousands since then but have hidden the real impacts by their actions (keep under required reporting limits to hide the layoffs, many small layoffs vs a large layoff). I saw the handwriting on the wall and bridged out in 1993. Nothing has changed but it has only gotten worse. I joined the Alliance as an associate member since I am retired. What is wrong with the current and recently past members. Why don't you join, it is NOT expensive? You have NO power as an individual and the US Federal government is so pro business and pro 1%ers (rich) that it is pathetic. Join the Alliance and VOTE. I see no other alternatives right now. IBM upper management is so greedy and intent on enriching themselves at the expense of the corporation as an entity, what terrible people. GIMME GIMME GIMME. Incredible how a corporation can be taken over by such greedy people. Obviously the BOD is complicit on this. TERRIBLE. Protect yourselves, NO ONE ELSE WILL. JOIN THE ALLIANCE. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/20/15: After 34 years I decided to retire on my terms. This was important to me even though I was hoping for a package. I used to be proud that I was a third generation employee but no longer the case after what IBM has done over the last several years to the hard working people that made the company. I thought I had to wait until 59 1/2 to retire to collect on my 401k but to my surprise I discovered there is a 55 yr rule that if your 55 and retire from a qualified retirement plan they waive the 10% penalty for early withdrawal. Many I told didn't know this so I'm adding this to the post for anyone that may not know this and really wants to get out. 8/31 was my last day and The stress immediately went away and I feel so much better. Other than no real medical I'm doing great. The FHA is a joke I figured it would last me 3 yrs if that (Just for me) so since I am only 58 I have some time before medicare. Ill stay on my wife's medical and then if the FHA is still there will use it to reimburse me for Medicare expenses. I was nervous at first but so far is the best decision I have ever made. I work a couple of part time jobs I love, no stress and actually make more retired. Last thing I was supposed to get a retirement dinner and never got that so apparently IBM Needed it more than me. -Over with at last-
Comment 09/20/15:
JobTitle: retired
Message: "When I asked when this had become a requirement the reply was 'oh about 6 years ago'."

What's in YOUR contract?
Comment 09/19/15:
JobTitle: Software Engineer
Location: US
BusUnit: Systems
ProdLine: Storage
Message: I would have joined the alliance had I ever intended to stay long term. IBM hired me as a new college grad. I accepted a position that paid about 15-20% lower because I had a high opinion of the IBM name and thought the opportunity would be worth it. I was wrong. While many of the people who work there are smart and very capable, learning skills that are of limited use outside of IBM for below industry average doesn't make sense. Since joining they have hired 10 new grads. They only hire (full time) or consider candidates that have graduated within the past 2 years. Because they hire people at a low starting salary the quality has suffered. Some are smart, some barely made it through undergrad. Sad situation, lots of smart people, issues at levels beyond the 2nd line. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/19/15: Not being an IBMer but as a union supporter I see IBM management masquerading as contributors in their comments here. All to try to finally break the Alliance IBM union. Why? Because IBM management knows they have no class or substance and are afraid of even an outside threat. Since IBM management as a whole is a bunch of greedy ego driven power hungry pariahs that thrive on unduly scared and indecisive employees. My advice to IBMers on the fence about joining a union: what do you really, at this point, have to fear or lose? You will lose your job eventually at the most inopportune timing if you still sit on your hands and THINK and do nothing. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/19/15: Here's an example of how insane things have gotten. I'm on call this past weekend and work changes both Saturday and Sunday for 2 different accounts. I'm on call though so I accept it as part of the job as I have for the past 32 years. I'm off call on Monday and power off my high tech circa 1970's one way communication device that is the only thing IBM is willing to pay for (aka: pager). Late Monday night I get a phone call on my personal cell phone from my manager about a high visibility account that inexplicably has no defined on call schedule but expects assistance 24x7 365. My cell phone is in the kitchen right where I left it and I'm in bed right where I normally am at that time of night and miss the call. I get an email the next morning chiding me for not responding the previous evening. I replied that I was not on call and didn't have my phone nearby when the call came in and thought that would be the end of it. The next thing I receive is a one on one meeting notice. In the meeting I'm told that it's a requirement that I be 'available' 24x7 365 if he or anyone else needs to get in touch with me. I reply that being 'available' 24x7 365 is just another way of saying 'on call' 24x7 365. He says he doesn't understand my viewpoint and that it's just a requirement of the job. When I asked when this had become a requirement the reply was 'oh about 6 years ago'. I must have missed that memo. The conversation degraded from there into something that I can't say I'm proud to have been a part of. In a followup email I summarized our meeting discussion and asked him to reply confirming what he told me were the requirements of the job that I had somehow misunderstood until now. I received no confirmation. I'm sure if he were to tell his side of the story it wouldn't sound anything like what I described here. It sounded to me like he really believed what he was saying. It's almost a week later and I'm still shaking my head over the whole thing and left to wonder if I'm the one that is out of touch with today's reality. Either way it's just very sad for me to see where this is all headed. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/18/15:
JobTitle: IT Proffessional
Location: US
BusUnit: GTS
Message: I think the IT Specialist is asking what is actually needed in order to unionize IBM. The straight answer is: The union needs signatures from 30 percent of the employees in a proposed bargaining unit before asking the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold an election.....trying to figure out what that actual number would be, or what in IBM can qualify as a bargaining unit. That would determine the number that represents 30%. Either way, I am sure the number would be extremely high. I imagine trying to organize and actually get to a vote in a company as large as IBM is a huge undertaking. I am very grateful for what this website does provide for all of us. There is a lot of useful info, if nothing else.
Alliance reply: Even with 30% signups no union goes for an election without a majority signed up and that still doesn't guarantee a victory. Elections have been lost with 70% signups because of anti-union campaigns that whittle down support.

Comment 09/18/15: IBM CEO Ginni Rometty's secret to a successful career. COMMENTARY by Ginni Rometty.
I'm not sure I would call IBM's revenue decline for 13th consecutive quarters a success. -justsayin-
Comment 09/18/15: I don't know what's up with all the bashing of the Alliance lately. Whether we get the numbers we need for a union or not, they are out there every day holding IBM accountable and calling them out to the media and Congress. If you bother to read any of the news stories that do get published about IBM's dirty tricks and mistreatment of employees, it's always the Alliance that is cited as a source. They are sending out press releases continually, and the only advocate we have. Nothing has changed because too many sit back in fear and won't join up here, for a few bucks a month. It's pathetic, the lambs being led to slaughter. We're supposed to be smarter than that. Previous generations organized at the risk of death and serious injury, we don't have to worry about that. Worried about losing your job if you join? Guess what, odds are very high you are going to anyway. If someone hijacked your airplane, would you sit in the seat, cower and wait to die, or would you attack? Don't wait for the big cut to come in 4Q, do something NOW. -HelpYourself-
Comment 09/18/15:
JobTitle: retired
Message: Are folks still thinking they don't need collective bargaining and a union contract? Verizon workers with CWA had limitations on layoffs in their contract. But you need an NLRB certified union to gain collective bargaining rights, and since IBM'ers seem to think they don't need that, they still don't have any protection at all. A collective bargaining contract could also result in a much better separation package among other things. What's in YOUR contract? Here's an example of what a contract and arbitration can do:


Comment 09/18/15:
JobTitle: IT Specialist
Location: Edmonton
CustAcct: Many
BusUnit: GBS
ProdLine: Many
Message: I agree with the IT Specialist. I have also been on this Job Cuts forum for almost 10 years and nothing has changed. I also worked for IBM for 10 years and got laid off this year. This site really is only good for venting and discussion of IBM issues that's about it. The alliance itself does really nothing as I can see beyond that. I never see next to nothing in the news and seems the politicians have no real clue what is really going on here in Canada or US with IBM. Jobs are still being cut big time and you hear about companies like HP making the news but never IBM. It seems like this Alliance is useless other than venting. I bet any money this alliance will not even post this message cause they only post what they want to hear and filter out the rest. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: We do the best we can given the limited resources and employee involvement.
We continually contact the media about what is going on inside IBM. They choose what to write about but given that, Google Alliance@IBM and you will see tons of coverage of IBM worker issues. Once again we throw it back to you. Have you contacted the media? Have you tried to organize?
We were able at one time to have IBM employees attend stockholder meeting, hold rallies, press conferences and picket lines. Most of the brave souls who did that are gone now with the 10's of thousands of other IBMers who have lost their jobs. If there are people still willing to publicly take on IBM we would like to hear from you.

Comment 09/17/15:
JobTitle: RA'd
Location: The Nether
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: SSO
Message: Bombard IBM with comments and questions on all social media sites where they make announcements! Create a new email account and register new profiles on linkedin, facebook and twitter. IBM makes all kinds of announcements and this might be a good campaign to bombard them in social media with questions and statements about what is REALLY going on behind the scenes. The media/general public needs to know or be reminded! Oh, BTW heard (another) MAJOR RA coming up in 4th quarter. Another 30% to be gone. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/17/15: "Hewlett-Packard expects to cut up to 30,000 workers"
While this is not good news, I respect HP for being upfront and honest about upcoming layoffs. This is very different from IBM's well-known dirty tricks to hide layoffs and evading the public's attention. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/17/15: Why is the unionization effort focused on IBM alone instead of all tech workers regardless of the company they are at (like United Auto Workers)? Getting 100 members from each of 100 companies would give the union 10,000 members and thus start to look more viable to more tech workers who have not joined yet. The membership has to get big enough to "cross the chasm" so that those who are not early adopters (which is nearly everyone) will start seeing it as something that actually might grow into a formidable force. Then the snowball would really start picking up mass. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Our charter/jurisdiction is for IBM only. By the way it is no easier organizing other tech workers if they don't want to organize. Have you seen any big upsurge? Unions are trying but workers need to step forward.

Comment 09/17/15:
JobTitle: SW analyst
Location: WFH
Message: I am still a IBM employee, but have watched most of my co-workers be RA'ed in the last 8 years. Work was moved to China and there are only a few Americans left. It has been a very depressing work environment for all. I have worked for IBM for 30 years and now do entry level work because the better jobs are in China. I have asked to do more meaningful work but was told by my management that I was not a "strategic" employee and therefore I could not move into another job. Any new job openings can only be filled by someone in China. I feel like a second class citizen. It is so unfair, and I feel discriminated for being American. I work just as hard as the employees in China but cannot reap the benefits of my hard work. Is any others in the same situation as I am in?
-Non strategic-
Comment 09/17/15: RA in Germany.
IBM Germany is closing down one of its 18 susidiaries firing the whole staff, more than 100 people. It is believed to be a test for further actions in the country of Germany. Here's the announcement (excerpt):
......The IBM Global Account (IGA) is integrated in the IBM internal CIO organisation. The alignment to domains with global allocation of responsibilities leads to further synergies on the one hand--but to over-capacities on the other hand.
The optimisation and globalisation in the CIO organisation will foster and accelerate this situation. Against this background the strategic
decision was made not to serve the client IBM out of Germany any longer, but to use global services going forward.
Additionally, the German IGA would be in global competition with further --for the CIO organisation--strategic locations, without being a strategic location itself. Therefore, the business model of IGA ---grounded in the IBM Deutschland Enterprise Application Solutions GmbH ---will not be pursued going forward. The delivery for the CIO organisation will be discontinued. The projects will be transferred to the CIO organisation on global level. This is why we plan to close down the Enterprise Application Solutions GmbH as of 31/08/2016. As a consequence it is intended to terminate the employment relationships of the affected employees..... -Anonymous-

Comment 09/16/15:
JobTitle: PM
Location: WFH
BusUnit: GTS

Message: I just had to send a note, per your reply to IT Specialist with all the questions. Perfect reply! It's people that ask questions like that and don't know what they are talking about that
ARE the problem. Anyone that has followed this site for ANY period of time knows how hard this site has worked to help the employees of IBM and what they are faced with. Thank you Alliance for all you do, it's a shame so many jobs are being lost. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/16/15: What I meant was - I have been reading the Job Cuts forum (only) for almost 10 years and nothing has changed as far as job cuts go. Jobs are still being cut. If the Alliance had a larger membership how would that help to stop this? What could be done? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Power to change the conditions in IBM come through mass membership and mass involvement. With that we can get IBM to the negotiating table and job cuts as well as many other items would, under law, be decided on between IBM workers and IBM. Now it is just one sided and IBM calls the tune.
Could we have stopped the job cuts and the decline of IBM? Not all of them. Because management still has the right, even under a union contract, to manage the business (or mismanage it).
Now with so much damage done and so many gone we will probably never know.

Comment 09/16/15: IBM continues on its path to near oblivion as the brilliant Rometty stakes its future on Watson and little else of promise. Huge organization of 2K is a clear message that IBM population as a whole will shrink massively. In spite of all the fine effort by the Alliance Team, I'm afraid it needs to move on, any hope to mobilize the IBM population against the very limited goals of its inept Senior Management Team is doomed to fail. Rometty and her incompetent Stooges will hang on to cement their own fortunes before the whole house falls apart. IBM is done as a major company. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/16/15: HP following IBM's example, from Reuters: "HP said it was moving more of its workers to lower-cost locations as part of its efforts to cut costs. In its 2013 fiscal year, the company said 36 percent of its employees in enterprise services worked in what it called low-cost locations. This year 42 percent do, and executives said they plan to increase that percentage to 60 percent by 2018." -Barb-

Comment 09/14/15:
JobTitle: IT Specialist
Message: this is my second comment on the same topic. The first was never posted. I am also responding to a post that I just read asking readers to join the Alliance. My question is: how many more people need to join the Alliance before the Alliance can have any impact on bad policies at IBM? What more is exactly needed? I have been reading this forum for over 10 years and nothing has changed. What is the problem? Can someone answer this? Thanks. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: If you have been following us for 10 years you know we have answered your question multiple times. You have had access to the entire Alliance web site for 10 years; with multiple pages of information for your benefit, as an IBM employee.
I am sure you also saw the membership drive that gained us only 65 new members over a 4 month period. I am sure you also know that over the past 10 years 10's of thousands of IBM workers have lost their jobs, many also were Alliance members. I think you know the answer to your question. And if you never joined then well....

Comment 09/14/15: Way to go Ginny, Great way to cement your legacy.
"Deborah DiSanzo is best known for her two-years as CEO of Philips Healthcare, a unit of the bigger Royal Philips company. She left in the summer of 2014 as part of a management shakeup after Royal Philips reported a disappointing quarter, blaming a revenue miss in the health care unit."
"At IBM, DiSanzo will lead a huge division: an organization of 2,000 people", an IBM spokesperson told Business Insider. IBM is also opening up a new global headquarters for the unit in Cambridge, Mass. The Cambridge HQ will house about 700 of those employees.
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty isn't just betting her career on all-things Watson, she sees Watson Health as IBM's "moonshot" and her legacy.
IBM has hired former Thomas Cook Group CEO Harriet Green to head up two new business wings "Education and Internet of Stuff".
"Harriet brings to IBM a strong, proven track record as a transformative leader," said John Kelly, Big Blue senior veep for the solutions portfolio and research.
Green "who describes herself as a Landa (a mix between a cuddly panda and a blood thirty lion)" is generally credited with saving the holiday tour operator, whose share price was at 14 pence when she landed in 2012.
"The exec swiftly devised a survival plan to save £440m in costs by dumping 2,500 workers and shuttering 400 high street outlets" one that resonated with the City to the point she was able to raise £425m by issuing more shares." -Gone-
Comment 09/14/15:
JobTitle: IT-Specialist
Location: NL
CustAcct: Portfolio
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: SD
Message: Jobs offshored on a large scale, starting with staff. People to train their replacements within a few weeks. Rumours say 200 more before end of year, no packages, just fake redeployment attempts. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/13/15:
Name: -HelpYourself-
JobTitle: Toast, like all of you
Message: IBM acquires StrongLoop and everyone is in a tizzy internally, acting as if this is the savior come to save the company. One exec on an internal call said this is "the most important acquisition in the history of IBM". Really? Even SoftLayer recently was more important than this, because before that, in cloud IBM had nada. It's the same strategy - running around trying to stuff putty into large holes in a sinking ship. Even SoftLayer didn't help IBM cloud much. Why do these fail? Because these products are square pegs that must be put into the IBM round hole of ancient products designed for on prem.
It creates a cobbled together patchwork of stuff that of course doesn't work well or at all (see IBM's SaaS offerings). It's a false facade to impress (who else?) the financial writers and shareholders, while the execs cash out, cover their butts, and the band plays on.
Think of where IBM would be if they had spent that acquisition money on their own R&D (imagine - actually designing and building good stuff from the ground up, instead of cobbling!) and rebuilding employee morale. The new "revolutionary, ground breaking" email system they bragged about called "Verse" is a massive failure. It's the same old pig (Lotus Notes) with lipstick. Employees are unable to attend meetings because it 'loses' them; emails get lost, and you can guess the chaos from that.
In fact, internally this is referred to as "you've been Versed". The execs continue to send emails begging people to go read their useless blogs, and the band plays on. If we had representation, we could help to fight against these horrible misuses of corporate funds. Please join the Alliance today! It takes a few minutes, can be anonymous, and is only the price of a Starbucks per month.

Comment 09/12/15:
Name: -Anonymous-
JobTitle: IT Specialist
Location: Work from Home
CustAcct: State Street
ProdLine: Tivoli Monitoring
Message: Ra'd on 2/27 Separation package gone, Unemployment gone, Been 6 months and no jobs on the horizon, being 63 and handicapped doesn't help. Of course I had to train my replacement in India who told me that she could not handle my job responsibilities and was planning on leaving IBM. All people in India move on to new jobs often as it is their way of moving up and getting more pay. To stay in a job too long in India is seen as failure. Now I have to file for early retirement. IBM will offshore all jobs from all countries to India so no one is safe. Thank you IBM for destroying my way of life. My family appreciates your loyalty (NOT).

Comment 09/10/15: GlobalFoundries offering buyouts to some employees months after IBM acquisition. -justsayin-
Comment 09/10/15: Speaking of Linkedin. It has been interesting from a "data analytics" perspective watching folks update their information or changes in connections. There has been a noticeable uptick the last year of high level executive's and well known technical talent leaving. Yorktown (T.J. Watson Research Center) continues to hemorrhage people to Google. SWG VP's CTO's taking positions elsewhere. Some of these are people who defined and were leading the CAMS strategy. There are a lot of IBMr's on Linkedin so it's easy to spot trends. -Left Last Year-

Comment 09/09/15:
JobTitle: IT Specialist
Location: UK
ProdLine: GTS
Message: Well after 9 months of uncertainty and 3 rounds of RA's, I thought we were safe; but today our small team was informed the business has decided to move over roles offshore and we have to train them, apparently we wont lose our jobs and a team offshore will find us a new project - do I trust them? - NO WAY - What an awful company and client first! Lol. Just watch all the customers start terminating. IBM is in Deep trouble!

Comment 09/08/15:
JobTitle: Advisory IT Specialist
Location: Sydney
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Well, 6 weeks since RA'd, updated my LINKEDIN, Updated my resume, updated this and that. For ever job you apply for, there are a 100 others applying. At 58, I don't feel very confident. Not one interview. I can only sense impending doom. My son, who works for another company, tells me IBM is seen as a joke, not to be trusted. Give it 5-10 years, and IBM is history, while the aholes in upper management, all get their bonuses. I will never work for IBM again, even if offered - they treat employees like total crap! So hard to find anything, when your competing against so many, and many of those are RA'd IBM'ers. Waiting on my cab license now, any work is better than none. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/08/15: "Today was Labor Day" ..just a reminder. In IBM there is no such term. They label these real hard working bunch as "resource". -Anonymous-
Comment 09/07/15:
JobTitle: Toast, like all of you
Location: US
Message: It's the Labor Day holiday here in the US, a holiday to commemorate the hard work and efforts of the worker. I saw a nice full page ad in the Sunday paper from Verizon, thanking their employees. Nothing from IBM, unsurprisingly. Anyone get an email saying 'thanks' from the company you give so much to, or your managers? Didn't think so. There was also a great cartoon, I'll post the link here. It shows the workers on a shishkebab, sandwiched between 'low wages & benefits', 'no unions', and 'outsourcing'. There was also an article about how the jobless rate improved, but the average wage per hour did not. We all know that through the seven years of this bull economy, the execs at the top have been making money hand over fist and rewardging themselves with huge bonuses, millions, while the employees who did the work, and their families, suffer. Isn't this enough to make you do something? Think about how brave previous generations were, those we celebrate on this Labor Day. They formed their unions at the cost of getting their skulls busted, terrorized, fired, etc. We are protected by laws now. Man (and woman) up and please join the Alliance. Every new member makes a statement and brings more power. Get on and vote down the CEO and company with your anonymous ratings to counter the fake ones put there by HR. Please, please on this special holiday, take a few minutes and spend just a few bucks a month. Be mad as hell, and don't take it any more!
Comment 09/07/15: Today was Labor Day. This a day that Rometty and her band of Señor Executive Hacks will never understand as anything more than just a Holiday. This is a day when that crowd are what they are, LOSERS. Enemies of what built this country, LABOR. We should never forget. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/05/15: Ginni Rometty has labeled IBMers as "empty calories". So IBM management RAs not to "shed pounds" but to allow "added calories" for the IBM execs. Show some respect Ginni. This is our Labor Day 2015! Not yours. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/05/15:
Location: Melbourne
CustAcct: Telstra
BusUnit: GTS
Message: So called 're-deployments' or retrenchments, have been going on for the past few years in Australia, but this year they have become very frequent. The first round of cuts this year was in January when many (of my fellow colleagues from the NAB and Telstra account) were laid off. The next round was in April when five people just in my immediate surrounding were put on the redeployment list (retrenched). And the next one was in the second half of July when more people (at least nine that I personally know) found themselves on the "redeployment" list. And, a month later, end of August, there were still retrenchments going on in my account, and I know three people whose positions have been made redundant. It is needless to say that 'your position has become redundant' actually means 'your position has been moved to GD'. Many of the people that have been laid off, are full time permanents, being in IBM for more than 7 years. In my team, for example, for the past 3 years, only the permanents have put on the so-called "redeployment" list, while the contractors have been left intact. For things to be even more ironic, incompetent IBM level 1 managers hire contractors, and then a few months later they retrench the permanents. Moreover, there are situations where the managers retrench employees, who are Australian citizens, and with long years of experience, while at the same time, keeping or even worse, bringing in new people to Australia on 457 visas. It has been very sad and painful to watch intelligent, hardworking, capable, highly ethical and loyal employees, who have made so many sacrifices in their lives to accommodate the 'client first' principle to be treated with so little respect and to be replaced with people to whom the work ethics, quality and the client means next to nothing. IBM is keeping quiet about the retrenchments and sadly these jobs cuts, while significant in number (across all accounts and divisions), are let go unnoticed in the media. Shame on IBM management for making IBM a hollow soulless shell of once proud leader in the technology world.
Comment 09/04/15: The StockPlan Connect site is still Morgan Stanley and your prior Benefit Access login and password will work there. They've just re-skinned the site and changed the URL. If you are eligible for the 7 RSU special equity grant, it will already be shown among your awards and grants as 7 RSUs "unvested." (They have been showing there since they were granted four years ago.) If you click on the grant it will show a "next vesting date" of 12/1/2015. If you are still employed at IBM on that date, you will get the 7 shares on that date (and be taxed on their fair market value as regular income). They are currently worth about the same $1,000 as they were four years ago. Maybe by December 1st they will be worth even less. Go, Ginni! -Anonymous-
Comment 09/04/15:
Location: Herrenberg, Germany
CustAcct: IBM internal IT-Services
BusUnit: IBM Enterprise Application Solutions GmbH
Message: Collegues in IBM Enterprise Application Solutions GmbH learned in a call yesterday that their location in Herrenberg, Germany will be closed by end of Aug 2016. That means that more than 100 jobs will be cut there. IBM has about 16,500 employees in Germany right now.
Comment 09/04/15: IBMers: if you continue to rely on IBM management to give you what they say they were going to, like the stock equity grant, it is all a completely broken chain of false promise. Just like the reason they decided to offer it in the first place: a cheap semi-retention tool so IBM could help make the 2015 ROADMAP which IBM Management totally blew out of the tub due to inept and self-centered, mindless management strategy, tactics, and practices.
I can't believe folks being RAed are so concerned about the stock equity grant now that is about to vest. Especially those RAed. Your missing and missed the main point!!! I can't believe over the years folks are not concerned about collective bargaining that is a union contract. That is what you should be really concerned about. That is the main point.
You folks WANT your stock equity grant, you folks WANT your severance, YOU want to have better working conditions, etc. GET IT with a union contract!
For this LABOR DAY for those IBMers remaining: take action and join your LABOR UNION: Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701! -Anonymous-

Comment 09/03/15:
JobTitle: IT Architect
Location: Mobile
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Hi, Re:"The one-time IBM Special Equity Grant was awarded on 6/16/2011 and will vest on 12/1/2015. This is stated on the Morgan Stanley website ( If you have never registered, I suggest you do so asap. After logging on, click "key dates" tab.
So I logged on and saw only a piddly amount I had in there from some restricted stock I had years ago and had mostly cashed out. BUT....hearing about the fact that it was awarded on June 16...which was before my official bridge to retirement ended on 06/30 after being RA'd on Feb 27th I thought maybe a chance. THEN I checked my transaction history saw a small amount deposited as IBM match and another smaller something on August 06th. What would that be? btw it coincided with the same day I took out a small withdrawl from my 401k? As an employee officially still listed as on a Leave of absence without pay until the end of June could I be possibly qualify for the Equity Grant? -sacraficial lamb-

Comment 09/03/15:
JobTitle: RA'd
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: SSO
Message: To make matters worse, the IT recruiting field has been hijacked by Indians. Not being racist here; but in my job search I am being bombarded with calls for jobs that do not exist. The link below gives some more info and explains what is happening. Although the thread and related posts are from 2013, in my current job search I am experiencing the exact same thing. I'm sharing here because I wanted to warn others who have been RA'd from IBM. It is just another slap in the face that our jobs went to India, and now we have to deal with them again in this capacity. It is impossible to stop them from calling. The entire IT field is stacked against Americans. What are we going to do about it? Join the Alliance is a first step in trying to protect your job. -FedUpUSA-

Comment 09/03/15:
JobTitle: Business Planner/Operations
Location: WAH
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Feb RA here, last day was 6/30. My entire department, including mgt, was moved offshore. Trained my offshore replacement nearly daily through my last week. Jobs not sent to low cost labor country, but to take advantage of tax savings.
Pete Gruelich's article "IBM's 21st Century Transition Is Failing" was dead on. Worth the read. The two statements below especially hit home and (combined with the myriad of Financial Engineering games) summarize what is wrong with current IBM strategy. I could not agree more. The "stand next to exit door" comment = brilliant. My desk was parked next to that door for 10 years. I took the summer off to de-tox but look forward to working in an environment where employees are appreciated and an exit door is a welcome sight at the end of a long day rather than a constant, nagging reminder of impending doom. Best of luck to those of you who remain. Until there is a leadership change, nearly every single US job is on the block. Except for the Execs of course!
Starting in 1999, a decentralized, performance-based, human-relations system that retained the best and brightest for decades, was gradually replaced with a centralized, financially-based, human resources system that encourages experience to stand near an exit door.
IBM's 21st Century leadership is a failure in every respect except one: enriching the top-level executives at the expense of all other corporate stakeholders - customers, employees, long-term shareholders and society. -RA'd in 2015-

Comment 09/03/15:
JobTitle: PM
Message: 5 year contractor just received salary reduction until year end. This should be viewed as a sign that IBM is looking for large 4th qtr cost reductions. Nothing should be considered off the table (i.e. furloughs etc) -anon-

Comment 09/03/15:
Location: Melbourne Australia
CustAcct: NAB
Message: Large numbers again leaving IBM. the NAB account is being decimated. Most glad to be taking their severance and running (senior mgmt. included). The account isn't what it used to be! -Anonymous-

Comment 09/02/15: A severance package is not guaranteed:
Join the Alliance! -Anonymous-

Comment 09/02/15:
JobTitle: RA'd
Message: To the person who commented on "The one-time IBM Special Equity Grant" - - I called yesterday, and sadly the 7 shares I was issued in 2011 have been cancelled because I was RA'd 8/24. They were to vest in December 2015. I kind of knew this would happen because I read the notes back then in 2011...but they should have at least let the people who made it INTO the vesting year keep them. Oh well. Smile and keep moving forward! -Anonymous-

Comment 09/01/15: @just sayin. There is particular significance in this IBM loss. It cements AWS as a cloud leader. Other intelligence agencies have jumped onto the CIA cloud offering. IBM has not been a contender. It will be interesting if IBM contests to win as it did with the CIA one. IBM is stil licking its wounds after the reasons for its loss became public as a result. It was at that time the IBM dumped it's Smart Cloud offering and bought Soft Layer. The FAA win shows that it has not improved IBM's ability to play in this arena.
In related matters. Apple has positioned itself in a win/win situation in the enterprise market at IBM's expense. All IBM can offer is a few applications, now with Apple's joining forces with CISCO IBM's relevancy is diminished. -Anonymous-

Comment 09/01/15: The one-time IBM Special Equity Grant was awarded on 6/16/2011 and will vest on 12/1/2015. This is stated on the Morgan Stanley website ( If you have never registered, I suggest you do so asap. After logging on, click "key dates" tab. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/01/15: Looks like IBM stock buy backs and financial wizardry do not help win customers... Amazon and Microsoft just scored a huge $100 million cloud deal that can't be making IBM too happy:
-just sayin-
Comment 09/01/15:
JobTitle: RA'd
Location: Mobile/Work at Home
CustAcct: Healthcare - Large Account
Message: Please read this article. More proof that you need to join the Alliance. It will happen to you, too. It happened to me. Only difference is, I had to train the person over conference calls and screen sharing sessions while he sat in India. I was forced to do this, otherwise I would not have received my severance package. I was so stressed out during the training -- I don't know how I got through it. Now I am unemployed for the first time in my life. I have so much to say, yet I'm sure no one wants to hear it. I will pull through this but it has changed me. I have never been a bitter person but now I have lost all faith in this once great country and it's future. Is there any hope left for America or will Corporate America continue to ruin it, one family at a time? Please read this article if you have time.
Comment 08/31/15:
JobTitle: IT Architect
Location: Dublin, Ireland
CustAcct: IBM
BusUnit: GTS
Message: I am looking into where are IBM Equity award is? According to the plan this should have matured by June 2015. Does anyone know if they will honor this agreement and if not why we were told nothing about its cancellation? If they have cancelled without telling the employees is this another class action the Union should take? Its a small thing in terms of money but a ton of bad publicity if they have been so mean spirited to not honor this agreement. Certainly I cannot access the Morgan Stanley site which tells me StockPlan Connect Has Replaced Benefit Access. Could there be a massive fraud here?
This one-time IBM Special Equity Grant will provide individual grants of stock units worth approximately $1,000 to nearly 400,000 non-executive IBMers. The grants are being issued in June, to coincide with IBM's 100th anniversary, and will vest in 2015, when IBM's next financial roadmap concludes.
"This special equity grant is designed to recognize the commitment by IBMers to deliver against our earnings targets," said Randy MacDonald, Senior Vice President, Human Resources. "And they vest in 2015 to coincide with the ending of our next earnings roadmap period, to encourage our continued focus. That way the initial value of the grants can increase over time, when the IBM stock price grows. IBMers can wind up with much more value when we succeed in what we are setting out to do." -Anonymous-
Comment 08/31/15:
BusUnit: GTS
Message: The resulting Devastation of IBM Knowledge Base and Quality Client Support has yet to fully emerge until Lift and Shift 'account work' transitions to GR locations has completed. Those in the know expect nothing less than spectacular fails and will watch in sad resolve as once-respected Customers pay the price. Respect to all The Formers out there and those soon to be who will benefit from insider knowledge they will use to benefit their new employer's. Ever Onward... -Former#666-

Comment 08/31/15:
JobTitle: Executive IT Specialist
Message: The big rats are now starting to jump off the ship, finally. A rather senior VP has just left today for Oracle (not announced yet).
Another VP just sold almost a million in IBM stock, so I'd assume she's leaving soon, or just protecting herself from what is inevitable. Everyone seems to have given up internally. There used to at least be a lot of rah-rah and pressure toward the end of each quarter to at least attempt to close deals and make the numbers. I haven't seen any of that happen (as far as the rah rah or motivational attempts) since last year. It's like when sports teams give up on the coach and just stop trying. The only solution is to get a new coach, you can't fire all the players (although IBM seems to be trying). I'm sure that soon even this clueless board of directors will see the light and fire Ginny, unless Buffett is truly determined to steer the ship to the bottom or the activists to step in. We need to organize now, so we are in place or at least have sent a clear message to whomever the new CEO will be, that the employees are important, fed up, and willing to act in concert to ensure that they are not treated as we have been. Please join the alliance and get on and anonymously rate the company and CEO, it's very easy to do. Send a message. Fight back.
Comment 08/31/15: " page 17 of your severance document which states you need to stay more than 60 days after your initial notification date in order to still qualify for severance.."
Be sure you have another job lined up first! IBM can change their minds on this severance "provision" at any time! You have no employment contract through a union like the Alliance. No guarantee. Also, in most states if you resign or quit you do not qualify for UI (unemployment insurance).
Comment 08/31/15:
JobTitle: Retired and RA'd
Location: Boulder
Message: The web site requires registration to read the entire article. Registration is free; but an email address is also required. FYI. -Alliance- I've put up the "best of" comments and article from Seeking Alpha at Also, on the site, are the "best of" posts from Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and other sites. -Jim Askew-
Comment 08/30/15:
JobTitle: Engineer
Location: Remote
CustAcct: Rather not say
BusUnit: GTS
Message: If the motto / sayings of your company doesn't match the behavior from senior leadership; You may see greed, difference in values, signs of dishonesty, difference between what is said and what is done. This undermines confidence of the organization.
If the senior leadership is uninformed and plans to implement policies, procedures, and cutbacks but people at lower levels know that things will hinder productivity; that undermines their confidence and competence and their willingness to get down and find out whats going on. If you put employees being told by their client they are doing a great job but get put on a PIP plan while getting your pay cut; This undermines your confidence of the organization. -John Smith-

Comment 08/29/15: I was also laid off in July with a last day of Aug 24 but was extended into 2016. For those laid off and extended who do not wish to be, read page 17 of your severance document which states you need to stay more than 60 days after your initial notification date in order to still qualify for severance. It is easy to miss. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/28/15:
JobTitle: Senior Financial Analyst
Location: North Castle
@Pete Gruelich. I read your excellent follow up. Thank you. "Think" was and is a company heartbeat IBM was known for. From the top of the executive team to the rank and file Thomas J. Watson Sr. actually brought this simple motto over to us from his days at NCR and long before we were the IBM company. IBM cannot continue to manipulate temporary financial returns to our IBM shareholders through blatant short term unethical financial manipulations relentless RA's and stock buybacks as we gobble up any and all companies that can spell "cloud, big data, security” blah blah blah...only to destroy them. And lets talk about Ginni and John's photo ops gushing about “Watson”, and how “Watson will be instrumental and a catalyst for medical patients worldwide.” that as they push our IBM retirees out, with no medical, our current IBM employees out with no medical, and our brother and sister contractors which they never gave medical to in the first place. Ginni and John and the board and the executive team have no such worries about medical..or paying the bills due to their obscene salaries and stock options and golden parachutes on the backs of all the jobs lost worldwide for our IBM family, partners and vendors. "Think" is still the underlying core value of our worldwide IBM family. Sadly, it is not at all a tops down driven motto as it was with the Watsons. The executive ranks have replaced "Think" our sacred core value, with another five character motto... "Greed”. -Respectfully Deb Kelly. proud Alliance@ibm member. Please join!!!
Alliance reply: Thank you Deb for your blunt clarity and keen insight to what IBM has become. Since you came from the upper levels of IBM HR, and KNEW what IBM was up to in the 1990's, and today, your valuable views are most welcome here.
For quite a while, we've been putting hash tags on our Twitter comments that reflect your sentiments exactly. Such as; "Don't think greedy #THINKunion” or "@IBM #THINKunion and #THINKGlobalUnion”.
We sincerely thank you for your continued emphatic support and hope for the best for you.
Rick White
IT Administrator
CWA Local 1701
Twitter ID: @Allianceibm
Facebook: Allianceibm Cwa

Comment 08/28/15: You can read the reports on web site without registering. Open the article with Internet Explorer, click the "view" menu, click "source" then save the source (any name will do). Then open up the saved html and all the article will be there. -Peter-
Comment 08/28/15:
Location: USA
BusUnit: GTS TSS
Message: Heard second hand stories of managers quietly polling employees for candidates for upcoming RA with 26 weeks payout. Perhaps 3rd quarter slaughter? -Anonymous-

Comment 08/26/15: IBM stock price due to the market downturn has fallen tremendously. IBM will react with another RA to cut costs, even if it does a stock buyback to try to increase profits. IBM takes the inane view that resources (employees and contractors, except middle to upper and executive management) are cost liabilities. IBM management needs a reality check that the resources keeps it in business. Remind IBM of this and join the Alliance.-PatheticBlue-
Comment 08/26/15: @IT Specialist - GBS...the PIP is a farce. You will be failed whatever you do. I completed the work assigned to the satisfaction of the lead with no complaints in the time required despite ad hoc work load being added. When I asked the FLM in the review whether he talked to the lead about the work I did, he responded that he did not need to. Advise: do the minimum for your PIP assigned tasks so that they don't have an excuse to kick you out immediately without a package. Start looking for a position outside ibm immediately. I found the blatant dishonesty in this evaluation process astounding, so that they can save a buck to line the pockets of non-performing managers who get raises and bonuses even when they do not meet the targets set by themselves. -anon-
Comment 08/25/15:
Excellent analysis of IBM's current state by Peter Gruelich
The 21st Century IBM has lost its technical mojo and its protective moat.
The company's CEO and Board of Directors are failing their long-term stakeholders.
IBM has transitioned in the past. But this time its strategy is wrong, and - for the first time in its history - the company's culture is working against it.
-Left in '14-
NOTE: The web site requires registration to read the entire article. Registration is free; but an email address is also required. FYI. -Alliance-

Comment 08/25/15: Deb, your observations are right on! It would be nice in our lifetimes to see IBMers collectively fight for their labor and employment rights. I still think it is possible. I'm not giving up. Also a Bronx native and an Alliance member as well. One big Bronx Cheer to IBM management with the past and recent RAs. -KingsbridgeGuy-
Comment 08/25/15:
JobTitle: IT Specialist
Location: Boulder
Message: @UNEMPLOYED 8.24.15: Forced training of foreign replacements is widespread and will continue so long as American workers cooperate and do it. If you haven't lined up a new job once the rumors are flying and the signs and omens are in the air, and you must get the money, then train them incompletely or train them "wrong" if you must - just go through the motions. Your skills and knowledge are yours, acquired through your hard work and often your private funds. Don't just hand over your lunch money to the school yard bullies. Your short term gain is America's long term loss if you do. -Dolores-

Comment 08/25/15:
JobTitle: retired eng
Location: E. Fishkill
Message: Title says it well
Comment 08/25/15: Nobody in IBM cares to tell Rometty that employees should be given as much a priority as the client. What builds a company is loyal and quality employees. What destroys a company is disintegration of the morale of the employees. Everywhere in IBM the morale of the employees is at its lowest. Good employees are casualty to the quarterly targets. Employees get punished for better performance because of the job insecurity of their seniors this has given rise to a herd of mentally sick senior management who are forced to think evil and act evil. This company's stock is going to have a free fall and not even Warren can save it. The company is doomed. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/25/15:
JobTitle: Engineer
Location: North Carolina
Message: As if we didn't already know:
The first lawsuit has been filed in response to the H-1B visa fallout at SCE. The plaintiff, Save Jobs USA, is a group of former veteran employees at SCE who after their firing were forced to train the foreign workers due to replace them. Such treatment of American workers shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that the corporation is also a major contributor to MALDEF, one of the biggest illegal-alien-advocacy groups in the country.
Read more at:
-Displaced Worker-
Comment 08/24/15:
IBM 'negligent and misleading', Queensland alleges.The Queensland government has accused technology giant IBM of misrepresenting its credentials in delivering a $6 million payroll system that cost $1.2 billion to fix.
It said if IBM hadn't talked up its credentials to design, build and deliver the payroll system for Queensland Health before it signed a contract in 2007, it would have awarded the deal to its archrival Accenture, court documents reveal.
?The state government is attempting to sue IBM for damages over the botched health payroll debacle, which partly contributed to the demise of the Bligh Labor government in 2012. -Fiasco Down Under-
Comment 08/23/15:
Coats plc, the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of sewing thread and supplies, terminated its data-centre services contract with IBM because it felt that the tech giant lacked relevance, according to the CIO, Richard Cammish.
-IBM Terminated-
Comment 08/23/15:
JobTitle: IT Specialist
BusUnit: GBS
Message: Due to my manager, i am forced to go through Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) even i have not received any PBC. My people manager said based upon your 2 Projects performance feedback (unfortunately he was project manager in both of the projects), you have to go through PIP. In both of my projects we did not have much to do. My HR partner is also not listening at all. i told them if you have to measure my performance, assign me to another project and another manager, but she is not ready. Ibmers please helo me what should i do. I have only one month for PIP .-Anonymous-

Comment 08/23/15: Deb, What is also significant is that the last time the stock was this low was first week of January 2011. So it's wiped out over 4.5 years gains. The last high was about March 15 2013 at 214.92, with last Friday's close at 148.89 that's a $66 per share loss under Ginni's watch. Warren Buffet may be content with the stocks decline after all he gets handed over $100 million per quarter in stock dividends for his roughly 80 millions shares. If he needs a loss to write off against he certainly has one with the bulk of his purchases having a $1.70/share cost basis. -Gone but watching stock-
Comment 08/22/15: My eyes are not too good these days. I never had much in my head to begin with my dear IBMers round the world our brother and sister contractors supplementals. Our loyal clients customers vendors partners in loving memory of Tom Watson senior & junior who built a legacy, culture. on "respect for the individual" I am not feeling too well these days so have been absent too much, on this critical forum for all of us, but I am back.
Geesh kids, look at the stock market's IBM. Ginni has no strategy. We can't deliver on revenue and we won't again this quarter. But geesh golly, how many more promotions in the executive management ranks are to come as we have we been nauseated to watch, on the backs of our hardworking IBM families worldwide, with full medical benefits
for being here 5 minutes. We are not even sure what the heck we are buying up or why? We are like Packman on steroids. What the heck are you waiting for? The stock has tanked to our 52 week low. I honestly believe it will go lower. And Warren how do u sleep at night? Good nice Irish Catholic Bronx girl that I am, to my simplistic mind (and believe me I am a simpleton) you are just as culpable as Ginni and the board of directors and her executive team. It must be nice to be the king of the world, Warren. Most of us are worried about paying the mortgage, tuitions and the medical insurance and the day to day stuff. So my dear IBMers and fellow brother and sister contractors and supplementals. What the heck are you waiting for? We need to stand strong...or die. (I might be doing some of that soon. Do not get upset.)
It is my Bronx Irish humor that keeps me alive that and getting after these two faced hypocritical greedy IBM board of directors and IBM executive team. So my friends here is the bottom line. Wasn't it great when we could net it? Where would we be without the tireless efforts of Lee Conrad and the strong members of the Alliance@IBM team, or Kathi Cooper, or our good friends Peter E Greulich and Robert X Cringely? Please know how much I love and respect you all my worldwide IBM family. Please step up. Join the Alliance. We are far stronger together. -Respectfully, Deb Kelly proud Alliance@IBM member-

Comment 08/22/15:
JobTitle: UNEMPLOYED8.24.15
BusUnit: GTS
Message: I've all but given up hope that anything will ever change at IBM. My group had to train our Indian replacements. If we didn't do it, we would not get our $$ package. Monday is the last day and we are glad it is finally over. We have all been with IBM over 50 years in combined service. How does this happen? Do you think a well established Indian company would fire Indians and give the jobs to Americans? This is the only country in the world where this insanity could happen. America is looked upon as weak, stupid, faltering. Something needs to change! Everyone I speak to is fed up with the way the middle class is being abused and kicked down at every turn. I wish IBM the worst of the future. We need a new leader in both the White House, and at IBM. STOP GIVING OUR JOBS AWAY! WE WANT TO WORK. WE NEED TO WORK. -AGILE DUCK SHOT DOWN-
Comment 08/21/15: About the Japan 100-hour work week: "This loyalty stems, in part, from the well-established practice of lifetime employment, a mutual agreement in which employers will not to lay off workers even in the face of economic hardship, and workers agree not to quit before reaching retirement age."
But, does IBM Japan honor lifetime employment, and is it spelled out in a contract for Japanese IBMers? When there was lifetime employment in IBM, sure, some folks worked 100- hour weeks when needed. But, then again, IBM had something called Respect For The Individual which made the sacrifice of working excessive overtime generally worth it. IBM now has no global respect for the individual. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/21/15: @Z1NONBIL I was associated with BRS (Business Recovery Systems) in Sterling Forest. It was a farce then without factoring in outsourcing. When customers ran pre-planned - weeks in advance recovery scenarios things were fine. There were some local weather events (blizzards, hurricanes) that highlighted problems reaching Sterling Forest's remote location, customers could not travel. Airports and roads were closed or blocked. Data, equipment could not be shipped there for similar reasons. During one storm, a Sterling Forest D.R. manager based in Southbury CT - 83 miles away! A normal 2 hour commute claimed - and was quoted in IBM media that he could see S.F. in the distance because its emergency generators were running. Due to curvature of the earth a physical impossibility. -Left-
Comment 08/21/15: @paleblues & @justsayin, To be fair, that report about IBM Japan is revealing the culture of Japan, more than of IBM. I no longer work for IBM and a colleague of mine just got back from a 3 month assignment on a project in Japan. He said that this was what he saw there at our client, or company, and the population at large. The culture there puts company above family and their whole world is built around that model so they spend most of their time at work. The person highlighted in this particular article and a breakdown, but I think was more from societal pressure than IBM specifically. In contrast, in some European countries there are work councils that regulate things so tightly that you have to get permission from the government to work overtime, or for example travel on a Sunday, or you are breaking the law and face legal action. Some of my colleagues in Europe take nearly month long vacations. The cultures and work environments vary greatly in different countries. I think the USA is somewhere in the middle of all of these extremes and more than anything the work from home model with a global company is pushing the work day quite a bit.
You are precisely correct which is why I decided to leave IBM after 30 years. The "I just want to hang on a few more years and dodge the next RA" culture is very toxic and depressing to work in daily. Its like a giant game of musical chairs where every couple of months the music stops and your chair might be gone. I agree with @anonymous in reply that people are somewhat afraid of the world outside IBM. IBM is such a big company that many roles are inward focussed and its like getting released form prison after 20 years... you would imagine the outside world would be hard to survive in. But I completely disagree with @anonymous that "all company are going this way". If they are, they are no where near it. I have worked for two different large IT companies since leaving IBM and find they are night and day different from IBM in this regard. I have felt respected and value greatly by these companies and I didn't feel that at all for my last 10 years at IBM. Anyone that is feeling fearful of stepping out of the IBM fold needs to really make the leap of at least starting a job search. With tools like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor, you can get a good feel for what's out there and what your value is. If you are still working at IBM, then you most likely have good skills and are a very hard worker. Other companies value that. You have nothing to lose by starting to search and will empower you to feel helpless. It might even empower you to join the Alliance if you know how vibrant the market is and that you can always leave if you want -GoneIn2013-

Comment 08/21/15: -Anon- "the outside risk seems higher then the pain to stay" Union Contract = Pain Relief -Dave-
Comment 08/21/15: The 100 hour work week at IBM in Japan: -justsayin-

Comment 08/20/15: To -Observer-: Basically the devil you know. For me a least, it was a cocoon effect. After you hit a certain age and being so long with the company, the outside risk seems higher then the pain to stay. And basically all companies are moving toward the IBM approack, so one flea just jumping from one fying pan to another. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/20/15: Some very interesting info about the dedication of many IBMers in Japan who want to keep their job. The IBMers in the United States will need to read it and learn about it if you want to protect your job! The 100 hour work week in Japan:

Comment 08/20/15:
JobTitle: DR Planner
Location: US
CustAcct: Many
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: SSO
Message: Curious as to IBMs Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan in the event that India is off the grid, i.e. a natural disaster,
etc. (a "country-down" event). Is IBM prepared for such an event? Do they have a contingency plan to support this type of event and ensure
that their customers' business continues without significant/long term delays? I wonder if their customers ask these types of questions during the bidding process. It appears to me that IBM gets the contracts, then off-shores all or most of the work. In theory they should be able to support these customers 100% in the not-so-unlikely event that may occur. I guess it all depends on how much risk the customers are willing to accept, but I seriously doubt that IBM is able to or truthfully discloses their plan to support their customers in such a scenario. From what has been going on for the past decade I doubt there are enough US based resources to support any of their customers in a disaster situation. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. And they aren't evey IBM's eggs.
Comment 08/19/15: I am not an IBMer but when I heard about this website and am now reading it I am confused why current employees just accept this thing called a resource action? It appears all employees have 0% job security. It's like they work from day-to-day like temporary term employees. How can an IBM employee work effectively realizing this? It also seems that IBM employees are just waiting for the next round of resource actions. They are permanent separations, correct? I can't understand the acceptance of this. This Alliance group seems to have a clear goal based on the present conditions in IBM and employees are not even following, even a minority number of employees. That also is confusing. -observer-
Comment 08/18/15:
Location: Canada
ProdLine: System x
Major cuts at Lenovo, I know of 7 employees from the System x team got let go in Markham. Also a small number of IBMers got the axe in Canada last month... -Last_Man_Standing-

Comment 08/18/15: I am very curious as to why Amazon is getting so much attention at the national level for their working conditions and you rarely hear anything about IBM? Any ideas? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Because IBM workers and ex-IBM workers won't talk to the media on record. We have had hundreds of inquiries about the situation inside IBM. The Alliance gives them information and leads but reporters need workers to talk to. Far too many times we have asked IBMers or ex-IBMers to talk on record and fear holds them back. Anonymous doesn't cut it.
Thankfully there have been a brave few that have talked about IBM publicly. You should thank them for doing what so few will.

Comment 08/16/15: Any reason why GDF comments section gets a RC=404? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: The traffic to that comments section was less than once a month. We deleted that comments section because there were so few comments. If you would like to send comments about GDF locations, you can still do so here on Job Cuts Reports.

Comment 08/14/15: To -anon- About the estimator. There were strong rumors coming out of armonk about 6-9 months before the 99 take-a-way. At one of our weekly department meetings I told the troops that they should look at and copy down a snapshot of the estimator tool. I also mentioned there were strong rumors about changes and most likely it won't favor the employee.They all took my advice and after the change where they made a comparison they could see their future hit. The bad part was they couldn't do anything about it so they watched their money go down the ibm drain. So if you want to make a difference then you need 25-30K employees to sign up to the alliance. -lastdino1-
Comment 08/14/15: IBM is mentioned prominently here: -Barb-

Comment 08/14/15: I was RAed back in FEB 2015. I too was asked to take a 10% pay cut so that I could dedicate more time to CAMSS training. CAMSS is IBM's future according to CEO. Like so many others forced into that SCAM, we never got to complete the 6th month training since the RA hit the majority of those already taking the 10% pay cut. We were told that training had nothing to do with performance since I was a 2+ employee and rated a 2 the month of the RA (still a strong performer). What I don't understand is why the media is not reporting such unethical conduct. Why doesn't Alliance get more media attention?
When RAed, you will be forced to sign your rights away. If you don't, you get no severance pay. Also, be aware that many States will not grant you unemployment if you've received severance pay. You will however be able to collect unemployment when your severance pay is gone. So check with your unemployment office. I also contacted 3 law firms, only one would consider taking on IBM. Most of the folks that got RAed back in February were over 50. None of the folks axed were slackers; we all worked more than 60 hrs/week with the occasional 80+ hr week. Its been more than 24 weeks and I am still seeking employment. Forget IBM, would you do business with them, knowing what you know now? I really don't understand why IBM's unethical employment practices are not on the 6 o'clock news.-signed R UNEMPLOYED IBMer-

Alliance reply: The Alliance continually sends out news items to our media list. It seems job cuts are "old news" to them. Others in the media watch this job cut section and our web site regularly.
You want more attention to IBM employee issues? Here are suggestions we have made before:
Write letters to the editor about how IBM treats employees. Every time there is an article about IBM, from local papers, to national and trade magazines, go to their comments section and say something. Be an army of activists!

Comment 08/14/15: Outsourced to IBM then to India: -Alliance-

Comment 08/13/15: You should have seen the handwriting on the wall or read the tea leaves and joined the Alliance once you got that 10% pay cut which had to tell you that your RA was coming real soon. Your not the only one affected, if that is any consolation. -Not #1-
Comment 08/13/15: I was also part of scams training and RA'd last month. I suspect there are many of us. -Anon-
Comment 08/12/15: How many people that were forced into last year's retraining while being docked 10% of their pay were caught in this current RA, I'm #1? -Anonymous-
Comment 08/09/15: "I remember at that time I spent hours working with each of my team members to make sure they understood the changes and provided them tools to make sure they made the proper decisions based on their individual situations."
If you had the ESTYMATR tool available to you, did you agree to plug in your direct reports info into it to see what they lost in the CB forced conversion? Or if you couldn't do it, did that inform them of what they will probably lost based on your own comparisons (if you had a pension "choice")?
Comment 08/09/15: If you are RAed, file for unemployment insurance (UI) when you are eligible, if applicable. Unemployment benefits are Social Security eligible. So you will maximize your Social Security benefits ("entitlement"). Heck, you earned this. Take advantage of your rights! Of course IBM wants you to be meek and embarrassed and deny you are on unemployment, but the facts are they unemployed you. In fact they FIRED you without just cause! Don't let IBM off easy: IBM needs to pay more for unemployment tax. And it is your right to apply. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/09/15:
Location: US
BusUnit: GBS
Message: Major cuts coming to GBS this week...notification processes are organizing for anyone not at max utilization or in a non-revenue generating role. Thanks Ginni!, IBM is the next AOL and Kodak. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/09/15: To those of you not yet RAed and don't want to leave IBM on your own:
Why not join the Alliance? What do you have to lose? It costs less than $0.50 a day to join as a full voting Anonymous member or $0.25 as an Associate and Subscriber. -IBMUnionYES-

Comment 08/09/15: "Even those of us already retired are likely to see a sell-off of the plan assets to a third party, with an IBM recovery of significant, what will be termed, "excess assets".
Very true! And those that are RAed think that the retirement benefits they get from IBM are locked in at their departure date THINK TWICE!
It is called De-risking. Here is one example:
Comment 08/09/15:
JobTitle: SSR
Location: Toronto, Canada
BusUnit: GTS-TSS
Message: It's sad to see old friend's "retirement" announcement, most of those were "RAed" :(
I'm aware that RA's are happening across IBM Canada in GTS, GBS, TSS, 8200 Lab with last date as Aug 14.
Comment 08/08/15: Folks, almost all of us were naive, and IBM isn't yet done taking away what we thought we were promised, but we had failed to read the fine print. Even those of us already retired are likely to see a sell-off of the plan assets to a third party, with an IBM recovery of significant, what will be termed, "excess assets". -Anonymous-
Comment 08/08/15:
JobTitle: Retired and RA'd
Location: Boulder
Message: -DazedNTotallyConfused-, Yes, you (and many others) were duped. I've been running since the change in 1999...there's a lot of history there if you care to dig through it.

Ellen Schultz, a reporter at the time with the Wall Street Journal covered the heist extensively. She wrote a book titled "Pension Heist." (See IBM is mentioned frequently in it.

We in the United States live in a society where all three branches of government are controlled by corporate overlords. Forget any idea that we are somehow protected from pension, retiree medical, or other corporate theft. Our only protection are unions; but, then, most Americans have been convinced by corporate America that unions are evil. -alwaysontheroad4bigblue-

Comment 08/08/15: Tony - You are wrong about the life insurance still being available to employees retiring after the end of 2014. You are citing a document dated a year before that. There is a document on Fidelity in the reference section under the Group Life Insurance Certificate heading entitled Retired Employees (retired prior to 1-1-2015) which clearly states that to be eligible for life insurance you must have been hired before January 1, 2004 and retire after October 21, 1977, but prior to January 1, 2015. If you didn't meet that criteria maybe you can't see this particular document. I would be glad to send it to you. This was first disclosed in IBM's SEC filing of its 10K for 2013 filed on 2-25-2014. Here is the wording from that document copied and pasted here:
"The company also amended its life insurance plan. Employees retiring on or after January 1, 2015, will no longer be eligible for life insurance. Existing retirees and employees retiring during 2014 continue to be eligible for retiree life insurance." This can be found on page 128 of that 10-K under the heading Nonpension Postretirement Benefit Plan --> U.S. Nonpension Postretirement Plan -longtimebeemer-

Comment 08/08/15: For those who expressed concerns with management's information regarding the sharing of pension plans change in 1999, I was a manager back then (retired a few years ago). I remember at that time I spent hours working with each of my team members to make sure they understood the changes and provided them tools to make sure they made the proper decisions based on their individual situations. This were the spirits of "respect for individuals" which was a treasured tradition I grew up with. Unfortunately I saw such spirits gradually eroded over the years. Nowadays many FLMs are busy everyday trying to make their numbers and have no bandwidth to pay attention to their employees' well being any more. In my humble opinion, this is hurting IBM in the long run. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: And if the employees would recognize that their well being is really in their hands, together; IBM management would have to pay attention. This is what unions can do. Alliance@IBM has been saying this, in different ways, since 1999.

Comment 08/08/15: ibm intentionally misled us. They created a retirement estimator that had 6% growth as the base growth assumption in the tool. Then they only paid out about 1% a year, without ever changing the tool. Does anyone think that ibm only got 1% on the billions of our money that they managed? I would always change the assumption but I spoke to several imbers over the years who never bothered and were misled. It was their own fault, but ibm knew exactly what they were doing. When I retired the stock price was $193. Now, it is $155. Nice job Ginni. If ever a CEO deserved to be fired, it is her. -ihateibm-
Comment 08/08/15: I have written a couple comments before. It's somewhat untrue to my style that I avoid anonymity unless to do otherwise jeopardizes someone else. However here, I realize I thought I had a dysfunctional relationship with IBM (when will it finally appreciate all I have sacrificed), but I don't. I don't trust the company and they don't treat employees well, but it's not mandatory enlistment either. I get something from it or I would find something else, and I'm not ready to leave. Which is why I need an explanation. I don't understand the concept of union organization specific to one company. How would that even work in software? Age discrimination and other legal violations are important and I am glad alliance is here and I would gladly support class action, but it's not collective bargaining. Much of the industry sucks now and needs collective bargaining, but IBM alone will hire someone else and I may be spoiled, living in the valley, but when it gets bad enough and the personal issue working there resolves isn't worth it, I intend to leave, as with any other job. 90 percent of the complaints here are great reasons to leave, and it sounds true that IBM is making poor business decisions in general. But nobody can force IBM to be "nice" as long as they stay legal. It seems to me we need to address the industry as a whole or find a company that actually is already. I guess I don't get it. What is the goal? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Our mission statement and goal has been on the main page of this web site since 2000.
Alliance@IBM/CWA Local 1701 is an IBM employee organization that is dedicated to preserving and improving our rights and benefits at IBM. We also strive towards restoring management's respect for the individual and the value we bring to the company as employees. Our mission is to make our voice heard with IBM management, shareholders, government and the media. While our ultimate goal is collective bargaining rights with IBM, we will build our union now and challenge IBM on the many issues facing employees from off-shoring and job security to working conditions and company policy.

Comment 08/08/15:
JobTitle: free at last
Message: to -dazedandtotallyconfused-: did you not receive probably at least 3 emails and mailings to your house explaining the transition or are you one of those people who can not be bothered. At any time in the past 14 years did you log into net benefits to check your balances even on your 401k because the first page tell you exactly what is in that fund. Every year you are sent plan details..I know cause I did all of the above..ran estimators for years before I decided to find another job last month and retire. I suppose if you were under the old plan you would have had same complaints because the did cut offs of contributing and using last ten years pay years ago. You chose not to be an informed consumer and figured you would never be tapped. It amazes me people sit and wait for that 6 months pay. I decided not to be one of 500 looking for a job and was looking and interviewing the past two years. -Queenofthedamned-
Alliance reply: At this point, it seems that -DazedNTotallyConfused- has been given enough information to see that mistakes in judgment were made. -DazedNTotallyConfused- is not alone. Alliance@IBM is here and has been here since August of 1999, offering an alternative to the way IBM US employees deal with the actions that IBM management takes that affect tens of thousands of IBMer's jobs.
We've been accused of preaching the idea of a union many times. We've repeatedly tried to inform US IBMers of what IBM is doing that is *not* in the employees' best interests.
Still, IBMers continue to visit this site; to ask questions, to rant, to have realizations, to support each other, to attack each other, and to get more information than IBM would EVER give them, so they can make an informed decision. Yet, that decision has not yet been made, collectively.
Again, a union contract is an agreement that binds the corporation's executive management to rules that protect the workers and the corporation. A union contract is an alternative that has worked well for other workers in other large corporations. All these issues that are discussed on this comments section, *could* be addressed and satisfactorily resolved if there was a written and signed collectively bargained employment contract in place for IBMers in the US.
The choice is still yours to make.
Comment 08/08/15:
JobTitle: SSR Retired
Location: Baltimore
Message: "My IBM manager in 1999 told me that the pension conversion was being done by IBM so we can have more flexibility with our pension and that IBM was not taking any money from the pension plan. The manager mentioned to the affect the changes are "transparent" as far as the pension balance is concerned"

Dear Dazed. All the above is true. The ability to be more flexible is and was built in. Every year they are more flexible in what they take away from your bottom line. The effects were transparent to the pension balance. IBM did not take ANY money out of the pension plan. They even stopped adding money in 2007.They just stopped paying you the full amount you used to be entitled to. I see the problem. Your looking at this from your personal point of view, not IBM's. You were supposed to embrace this because it was good for IBM. Not you. You get less. IBM keeps more but spends less. The simple breakdown examples I was shown as a choicer at 40, If I kept the revised old plan( No lifetime medical in retirement.) and I retired at 30 years of service which for me was age 50 I would get X amount of money. If I chose the " New " cash balance plan and worked 15 years longer till 65 I would Get Y amount of money. In my case Y=X-$4000.00. Either way I was stuck with FHA which will run out.
The bottom line is when all those drawing a monthly pension die off IBM will be able to keep the balance remaining in the old pension plan as all the new folks will have their balances in their enhanced 401k's and IBM will not have to manage any of it. Win win and Billions possibly up for grabs as the inevitability of death wears down the base payouts and the balance goes to the survivor( IBM). -Exodus2007-

Comment 08/08/15:
JobTitle: Project Manager
Location: Southbury and various
CustAcct: Many
BusUnit: GBS
Message: Dear -DazedNTotallyConfused-, I joined IBM in 1996 and was over 50 then. Because I had less then 10 years service in 1999 I was forced into the cash balance plan. One of the reasons for joining IBM (highly recruited to fill a desperately needed position at the ADVO account) was the generous pension. Three years after joining my projected pension was slashed by more than 60%. People fail to realize some of us older employees were also screwed. -Anon-

Comment 08/07/15:
JobTitle: Project Manager
Location: Midwest
CustAcct: Multiple
Message: longtimebeemer wrote" Did you know that they just took away the life insurance policy for retirees if you hadn't retired by the end of 2014?" Please check the Summary Plan description of retirement benefits dated 1/1/2014. If you were hired prior to 1/1/2004 and meet retirement criteria this is still available up to $25K max until age 65 then $5K. Good luck to all the RA's I have seen a few folks and groups disappearing lately and have heard the rumors about more offshoring coming soon. -Tony-

Comment 08/07/15: To Anonymous, in answer to your question "If we "retire" from IBM with this RA package, does that affect our ability to draw unemployment?".
When you received notification of the RA from you manager, you also should have received an email which clearly states"you have been identified for permanent layoff". While Notes prevents you from printing or saving this, you can do a print screen and past it to a Word doc and then save or print it. This is proof that your leaving IBM was not voluntary. IBM then tries to twist this into "you retired" so they can tell your coworkers and they'll think people aren't getting RA'ed. I recommend that all who are RA'ed do this as a good portion of your unemployment check will come from IBM. -The Low Spark of High Heeled Girls (Ginny)-

Comment 08/07/15:
JobTitle: Retired
Message: -DazedNTotallyConfused- There have been several pension rip-offs over the years:
The original defined benefit plan payout was 1.5% of your final average pay for EVERY year you worked, and vested at 30 years. So at 30 years, you'd get 45% of your average pay, and at 40 years you'd get 60%.
In 1991, that plan was reduced by 10% across the board.
In 1995, the plan was reduced again and changed to one based on points and a complicated formula. Under that plan it would be another 5-8 years before it equaled the 1991 plan - it's referred to as 'wear-away'.
The 1991 plan was frozen at whatever you had at that time.
In 1999, it changed to the infamous cash balance plan, which was a gigantic reduction.
In 2007 the cash balance plan was frozen and you were left with whatever you had at the time, and whatever you manage to save in your 401K prior to retirement. The real loss in 1999 was the 'early retirement subsidy'. Let's say that you started working when you were age 20. Under the old plan, retiring after 30 years, age 50 would get that plan's 45%. The early retirement subsidy covers the part of your retirement until you reach age 65. That's gone with the cash balance plan. Do the math, 45% of your final average pay times 15 years...... Even though the cash balance conversion didn't affect me personally, it sure was enough to get me out there handing out flyers on a weekly basis before I retired. Refer to the 'pensions' tab on the Alliance home page for more info. -Dave-

Comment 08/07/15: To -DazedNTotallyConfused - Your situation brings up the need for every IBMer to understand their current financial status with IBM. Everyone should log on to Fidelity NetBenefits and walk through the Retirement Income Planner. Note the cost of Health insurance after retirement, and the how you can use a FHA. -recentretired-
Comment 08/07/15:
Message: I don't EVER remember a first line manager discussing PENSION program with me in my 32+ years!! It was NEVER DONE! I basically managed the Fidelity account on my own with no feedback nor guidance from managers! -Glad To Be Gone!-

Comment 08/06/15: "I am also surprised that you were not aware of the change in the pension plan as your manager should have shared such when the plan change was announced."
My IBM manager in 1999 told me that the pension conversion was being done by IBM so we can have more flexibility with our pension and that IBM was not taking any money from the pension plan. The manager mentioned to the affect the changes are "transparent" as far as the pension balance is concerned. Why would IBM and my manager deceive me? I guess I was duped.
Comment 08/06/15:
JobTitle: Mfg. Engineer - retired
Location: POK
CustAcct: na
BusUnit: Microelectronics
ProdLine: Mainframe
Message: -DazedNTotallyConfused- By my calculations, based on your first message here, you started in 1988 and averaged $100K annual salary. Your pension payout totals $135K. Are these calculations correct? If so, I'd guess that you must've been a band 9 or 10 for most of your IBM career and that your ignorance of the changes that happened to the pension plan that affected well over 40,000 IBMers at the time; was due to your "trust" of your manager and the belief that you wouldn't be lied to at your level. I may be way off here; but I suspect that many many IBMers like yourself felt exempt (no pun intended) from the layoffs and mistreatment that IBMers in much lower band levels were getting hit with? This is my sense of why you "missed" how you have come to the realization so late, that IBM screwed you just like all the other"trusting" IBMers. Again, I may be wrong and no offense intended. Lesson learned, eh?
-no more lying-
Comment 08/06/15: Hi all, I said I would reply from 4 Aug, we have been made an offer of voluntary separtion here in the UK under IBM Infratructure services and many others. They are offering 1 week for every year, 3 months on top and notice period . Not too bad really , I want to take it, but last time they refuesed me, going to go for it again though. Hopefully go contracting and enjoy (maybe) the thrill of the non back stabbing culture that they want me to be part of, the grass is never greener on the other side and i must say i have thouroughly enjoyed my career at IBM, but i cant see it lasting much longer, i will miss it dearly but i think my life cycle here is at an end unfortunately. Gutted. Really thought i would end my days here with a nice little pension! Cant say too much about myself as i dont want to let them know who i am. Will miss u IBM and all the cloud emails i get every day, shame u werent on it before Amazon and such like. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/06/15: To @DazedNTotallyConfused, The answer to your question about why under 40, is that there are no laws to protect people from age discrimination for being too young, only too old. The plan that went into place was plan B. The original plan was that anyone within 5 years of retirement got the traditional pension, and others got converted to cash. But that hit people over 50. IBM got cold feed about age discrimination they so changed it to 40 and over. I was 39 3/4 years old and had 19 3/4 years with the company... 3 months shy on the either or gate. IBM's funding of the old pension was flat until 5 years before retirement eligibility and then mushroomed up, so their plan was to convert people while they still had nearly nothing to convert. But like I said, this all happened 16 years ago... how could you have missed knowing that happened???? -GoneIn2013-
Comment 08/06/15: If we "retire" from IBM with this RA package, does that affect our ability to draw unemployment? Is there a catch if you do say you're retiring? I would like to get that last bit of 401K match but don't want to jeopardize something else I'm not aware of. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Your questions have been answered here before by other IBMers in the same situation as you.
The state in which you work and reside, will have specific rules and/or procedures regarding collecting unemployment vis a vie retirement classification. Please check the Alliance web pages "Archives" and search on 'unemployment' and other keywords related to retirement, 401k, and unemployment.

Comment 08/06/15: To -DazedNTotallyConfused- , I am also surprised that you were not aware of the change in the pension plan as your manager should have shared such when the plan change was announced. As I recalled, IBM originally converted everyone to the cash balance plan and later on modified it with the 40 years age cut-off point option as there were escalations to a Senator back then. I believe the 40 years age was chosen to minimize the possibility of age discrimination suits. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply:
Alliance@IBM members, in 1999 had also been involved in making the US Senators aware of what IBM was doing with it's Pension Plan changes. It made network news on CBS, NBC and ABC at least once.
Comment 08/06/15: Dear Dazed, First do not beat yourself up over this.. Many of our colleagues and IBM family were caught off guard by this. I had a one page fact sheet black and white that I presented to Tom Bouchard IBM VP of IBM HR in 1999.
I did not have a 75 page multi media presentation these IBM management knuckleheads demand now. All smoke and mirrors. No substance but by goodness the fonts should be perfect and the colors and the bullshit. My little fact sheet was wiped out due to a blasted computer virus. So as an IBMer I will "wing it". In the old days we called this "completed staff work."
"So Tom", I said, "If someone joined IBM in 1978 at the age of 18 and did not turn 40 until August 1st 1999, that individual would have 21 years of service, yet would be automatically converted to the cash balance pension despite double the years plus 1 of the blasted minimum requirement?”
"Yes. Deb that is correct”.

"How is this legal, Tom or ethical or moral?”
"Deb I cannot speak to those things as I am not an attorney.”

The key difference here is that our IBM family friend, had they turned 40 on the last day of July 1999 would've have been grandfathered to our legacy annuity pension."Ok Tom you are wasting my time now, and my time is very valuable to me. You need to stop calling me.”
Dear Dazed, it is not too late to Join the Alliance there is more "bad stuff " coming I am sure of that.. and I will be back tomorrow with a potential horrific scenario on our IBM pensions I am not Henny Penny. I am not saying the sky is falling. I am saying we are stronger together than apart and if not for the tireless efforts of the IBM Alliance, None of us would know what the hell was going on... Respectfully -Deb Kelly proud Alliance@IBM member-
Alliance reply: Thank you Deb for sharing a first person conversation with Tom Bouchard regarding the truth about the Pension Heist of 1999. Today's US IBMers may not be aware of how significant an impact that whole sleazy operation had on tens of thousands of us, in 1999. They also may not know that in 1995 there was also a precursor change to the Pension Plan that setup the 1999 move. All in all, IBM has been doing all these "moves" ever since, as a way to eviscerate everything that TJ Watson Sr. intended and stood for, over 100 years ago (IBM was incorporated in 1911). Thanks again for you support of Alliance@IBM. We truly appreciate it.

Comment 08/05/15: Deb Kelly, thanks for the reply, but, just curious, and I know history can't be revisited, but did Bouchard (he was HR senior VP right in 1999?) say why the cutoff for the cash balance conversion was set in stone at 40 years age? Why no consideration given to employment years of service as well as age? Doesn't that mean anything to IBM? EMPLOYMENT SERVICE.
Someone who just was 40 years old with 10 years got a choice (is this true?) and those with more IBM employment but not 40 years age got no choice. I bet he avoided even talking about this, right?
Now all these years later I find out and the "pension" IBM told us not to worry about for the reduced salary we worked for in lieu of the "IBM Pension" was a farce and a lie.
Gosh, why haven't more folks in my case joined the Alliance. I should have joined long ago. Now it is too late for me. RAed and just thrown out in the IBM garbage dumpster. -DazedNTotallyConfused-

Comment 08/05/15: -Anon- who posted :
BusUnit: GTS TSS
Message: Recieved the information that TSS storage and power L1 will be moved "partially" to eastern europe. This will affect every other country will strong support structures. Hey US Team, Europe entered the train."
Are you talking about hardware or software support? Is this related to the sale of Austin location?
Comment 08/05/15: Dear -dazedntotallyconfused- Regarding the IBM personal pension plan, you need to call the employee services center to check the math on the pension, but I fear dear dazed, the math is correct. But call anyway. In 1999, ibm converted us all to to cash balance pension plan, those of us not yet 40 by the end of june 1999. I believe they froze the plan then on december 31,2007. I did not turn 40 until october 13th of that year. The legal eagle beagles at ibm had done their homework and determined we could not file suit for age discrimination as we were not yet 40. At the time, i escalated to tom bouchard on behalf of all of us and presented a detailed analysis of the dire financial impact of this scathing change to our ibm families. Tom called me every two weeks for over a year, as i was on his "to do" list. I asked him to quantify the flaw in my analysis. there was no flaw he replied, but ibm was not going to change course. Respectfully, i asked tom to stop calling me as i was not afraid i was wasting his time. more importantly, he was wasting mine. Dear ibm worldwide family please consider joining the Alliance.. We are far stronger together and the Alliance has been looking out for all of us for years and years and years now. Respectfully, -Deb Kelly proud Alliance@ibm member-
Comment 08/05/15: Got RAed end June. We were given letters and to told clear off. After all that till today we have not been paid. Been give the run around by HR saying there was a mistake with our transfers but two weeks later no funds and we need to pay bills. Shame on IBM!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 08/05/15:
Location: Europe
BusUnit: GTS TSS
Message: Recieved the information that TSS storage and power L1 will be moved "partially" to eastern europe. This will affect every other country will strong support structures. Hey US Team, Europe entered the train. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/05/15: To -DazedNTotallyConfused-: I assume you are talking the cash balance plan. I hope this isn't the first time you have looked at your expected income from that... if anyone is using the tool provided to project future payments, be warned it defaults to 6% rate of growth for future years, while actual interest paid has been 1-2% for most of the time the plan was in place. HUGE difference between projections and reality. If you were eligible for the 'enhanced annuity', another warning to all that the 'enhanced' portion is gradually reduced until it reaches 0 at 65. Part of the reason I will be voluntarily heading out the door this year at age 56.... that and just plain tired of the continued RAs. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/05/15: @-DazedAndConfused-, I don't mean to be harsh but have you been living under a rock? You got screwed out of your pension about 15 years ago when IBM changed from a pension plan to a cash balance plan. How could you have missed that... there were numerous lawsuits filed and rounds of appeals, that the employees ultimately lost. There was even an obnoxious email from the VP of HR to the employees rubbing our nose in the defeat. I find it mind boggling that you are surprised that you don't have a pension after 27 years at IBM. I feel bad for you if you haven't made other arrangements for your retirement, but you really can't blame IBM for that because they've given you countless tools, including personal financial counseling (which was very good by the way) to help you plan YOUR retirement. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/05/15:
JobTitle: Tech Specialist
Location: Southern California
CustAcct: Kaiser
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Initially outsourced from Kaiser, RA'd from IBM after 6+ years. Told work being sent to India. Good luck Kaiser! This is what you asked for!
Comment 08/05/15: Once you are RAed do file with your State Dept. of Labor for unemployment. This is the only way the government is going to find out to recognize about IBM resource actions since IBM is so deviously secretive about employee firings. IBM doesn't want those RAed to file for unemployment since their unemployment insurance rate will go higher and they also will not lose any government incentives, grants, and tax breaks for employment numbers that they agree to (e.g. like in Columbia, MO, Dubuque, IA and NY State Payments In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) program. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/05/15: To -DazedandTotallyConfused- Have you not been paying attention at all regarding pension at IBM since 1999 when they made the change to the Cash Balance Plan and took away the fixed pension based on age and years of service? IBM has chipped away at all its "promises" for years. I was also "promised" free health care for life when I retired, free membership at the IBM Country Clubs, a full pension, (not one that stopped accumulating in 2007) etc etc. Did you know that they just took away the life insurance policy for retirees if you hadn't retired by the end of 2014? There is little left in terms of retirement benefits especially for newer employees. Maybe if more had joined the union at times the layoffs didn't directly affect them, things would be better now. Instead, people sat back and watched everything get whittled away and hoped for the best. Hoping doesn't work. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 08/04/15: IBM has just sold the Burnet Road Austin site.

Comment 08/04/15:
Location: UK
BusUnit: GTS/SO
Message: Here in the UK we have had to form an Empolyee consultation committee, 3 days notice to do this for 5 of us to speak to execs about how they wish to change from UK permanent employees to staffing in other geographical locations. they have had us documenting all our procedures in my teams, my guess was for this very reason (offsite ), but they said it was for an audit that was going on. We will find out in the next month approx 5th Sep, so will keep you posted. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/04/15: "the only way you get the 401K match before December is if you retire."
The only way you'll get ANY match for 2015 is if you retire. If so, you'll get it a few weeks after your separation. You don't get any match on your severance pay, nor can you allocate any of it towards your 401k.
Comment 08/04/15: To those resourced actioned that IBM has told that they can get their job back but as contractors: It doesn't sound totally right. Check you State Labor laws. IBM could be playing fast and loose with contract work going forward. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/04/15: My last day is in August after I got RAed. I look at my IBM Personal Pension Plan Account and see it only comes to about $5000 per year of work I had at IBM (27 years). How can this be so little? It is like 5% of my yearly average salary. How does this make sense? IBM promised me a pension when I started so I can have a retirement. That is why I didn't mind working for a bit less. IBM RAs me and now they screwed me out of a retirement it seems. How can this be right? -DazedNTotallyConfused-
Comment 08/03/15:
JobTitle: Network Tech
Location: Virginia
BusUnit: GBS
Message: Got the call July 23 that My job would be cut on Aug 24. Same package as eveyone else Last week we had a call and they gave us the info for a place to call that will gives us our jobs back but has contractors. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/03/15: Anonymous - No, the only way you get the 401K match before December is if you retire. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 08/02/15: Current resource action is impacting US based contractors also. In one case IBM account manager will be facing customer Monday with no technical skills. The manager was blind sided as consultants supporting account and reported to a different chain were terminated with no notice last week leaving no one with knowledge of state of customer projects, no knowledge of customer systems. There is no ability for skills transfer internally or off shored. The institutional knowledge and skills were put out with the trash. -Bye-
Comment 08/02/15: "Will IBM match my 401K?"
IBM will match your 401K through your departure date IF you are retirement eligible.
Comment 08/01/15:
obTitle: Associate Partner
Location: Chicago, IL
CustAcct: Various
BusUnit: Global Bus Serv
Message: I am not reading too many posts about being terminated by Internal Audit. I was terminated yesterday after an expense audit concluded that I was overpaid expenses in the amount of $390. 15 years of service, no sev pay, no package, nothing. IBM says I am not entitled to see the audit report that resulted in termination. Anyone have any experience in fighting this somehow? I don't want a job with IBM, I just don't want them to get away with this.
Comment 08/01/15: I was resourced from IBM East Fishkill last month after 28 years of service and received 26 weeks severance pay. Am I eligible to collect unemployment? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Click this link:

Comment 07/31/15:
JobTitle: Managing Consultant
Location: Calif
CustAcct: Blue Harmony
BusUnit: GBS
Message: I noticed the comments here have been less and less each day except on days where there are RAs. Is there anyone left here in the US to comment? Has IBM fired all it's US workers? -Vic-

Comment 07/31/15: I was RAed. Will IBM match my 401K since my severance pay is through January 31st of next year? I can't file for unemployment until Feb.1st since my state considers severance pay part of employment pay. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/30/15: As for "I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on looking for other business line opportunities within IBM, or is it just a waste of time?"
You were lucky. Real lucky to have an "extended IBM career". To get"recalled". Not many others can say the same. Usually an RA and your DONE..FINISHED..PERMANENTLY TERMINATED. Yeah, exceptions exist but.. So just count your blessings you were lucky, real lucky.
Comment 07/30/15: Never with IBM. Sad though to watch this once great company crumble. Neighbor was recently "transferred" over to Global Foundries in East Fishkill as part of the sale by IBM. Not sure "sale" is the right term because usually the seller is paid by the party taking possession. In this case IBM PAID to have GF take over that entire division along with those 5,000 employees. Just how badly did IBM want those people off their payroll to PAY $1.5 BILLION? Well my neighbor has been informed his new position within GF is now in Malta and was given a September 1st start date. Month or two to relocate and change the direction of your life. So much for treating the employee with respect and decency. Have to say how shocking it is for me to hear the suggested surprise those who have been RAed post with. As if this is some great surprise to them. Same sad sorry over and over again. "I did my job well and they let me go anyway".
Well that has been the case at IBM for nearly 25 years. Did you really think you were the exception to the rule. And this most recent post asking about finding a new position within IBM! My question is why?
Why would you wish to get down on your knees to work for a company that has no respect for its workers or its customers? Why would you wish to prolong your being there for even a day more? I have to wonder about those who post to this site about their own RAs how many joined the Alliance prior? How many prepared themselves for life after IBM knowing full well this day was coming. How many bothered to be honest with themselves as their coworkers walked out the door before them that their time was coming. The Alliance was the only real hope IBM workers had. Organizing was your only chance. Speaking as a union member for 3 decades. That chance might in fact be over. Just have to wonder if those left will do anything or just hide under their desks till their day comes. You teach people how to treat you and what you will put up with. Just what have the former and current employees at IBM taught IBM to this point? Most are willing to little to nothing. Whining here after the fact accomplishes little. At that point it is over... -GF News-

Comment 07/30/15: To -TIA-: IBM has different types of RAs (company wide, division wide and individual departments/teams). If your package has words to the effect that you shouldn't bother looking for another job in IBM as a whole, then don't bother. Even if you find another job and the manager is willing to go to bat for you to hire you, HR will stop the transfer. If it is division wide, you might try to look for jobs in another division. When I got hit with my RA in 2013, It was part of a company wide RA. I had another manager who went to bat for me to try to get me into a job opening he had. Even after management approval up the chain, HR stopped the transfer. There are other ways though, If a manager likes you and wants you bad enough for the job, he can bring you back as a contractor. He just has to prove to HR that the new job is totally different than the previous job you had. Hope this helps. -miss_understanding-
Comment 07/29/15: As for "I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on looking for other business line opportunities within IBM, or is it just a waste of time?"
It might depend almost entirely on your connections with folks -- execs -- who matter and what that exec might be willing to do for you. I been RAed twice. The first time I took the package came back as what then called a "term-employee" that was a special case of regular employee with higher pay but less benefits. Upon termination of the five-year term-emplyee contract I was rehired as a regular employee at the same level -- band 10 -- as before but only with the intervention of an executive. Years later when that exec who I was working for was RAed, I was again RAed. I had an offer from another exec to stay on, but being over 70 I decide to take a package the second time. I'm aware of only a few other similar situations, but it's mostly luck, being in the right place at the right time, and knowing the right executive. So, it's possible, but perhaps only slightly less possible than the existence of unicorns. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/29/15: So <big sigh> you survived another RA... Do you feel good about it? Do you feel lucky? How confident are you that will survive the next RA by doing nothing to stop it if another one is inevitably announced? THINK TWICE! Join the Alliance. We can fight together and get a contract and have a way to stop RAs! -Anonymous-
Comment 07/29/15: We are at 71,000 USA employees with continued RAs. IBM says they are hiring in the USA. So USA workers should have a shot of getting employed? If you look at CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, State Dept. of Labor job lists, and the newspapers IBM has plenty of job openings in the USA. I believe this is a facade. IBM posts these phantom jobs just so they can offshore and lobby for more landed and H1B resources in lieu of ever increasing RAs. When will the Labor Depts. get wise to IBM employment opportunity lies for USA workers? -Anonymous-
Comment 07/29/15: I personally know of three people who were RA'd and in each case, they had managers within IBM who tried hard to get them into their department, and the hire/transfer went all the way to the top and got squashed. I seriously would not waste your time trying to get another job at IBM. Their aim is to GET RID OF PEOPLE. Yes, even"good" people. Even 2+ performers. Even people with very unique knowledge. Even people with important accounts. Even people with medical issues. If you think your job is safe because you are"awesome" then you are deluding yourself. Your time will be more productively spent looking for a new job elsewhere. -Gone in 2013-
Comment 07/29/15: Message: To the Product Safety Engineer that was RA'd. Sorry to hear that. But what exactly does a Product Safety Engineer do in GTS? To the Sales Executive who was RA'd after 30 yrs. I am sorry and this is truly tragic. -Bob-
Comment 07/29/15:
Location: @home worker
CustAcct: Anthem
BusUnit: GTS
Message: My package says don't bother looking for another job in GTS. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on looking for other business line opportunities within IBM, or is it just a waste of time? I read somewhere (a while back) that if you're actively RA'd & waiting to leave that it is highly unlikely that another manager would bother to try to save you because you're like tainted goods. Is that true? Does anyone know for sure? I don't want to waste my last month searching and applying, then hoping for something within IBM if it just won't ever happen.
Comment 07/28/15:
JobTitle: Senior Consultant
Location: Boca Raton
Message: Years ago I asked a friend to "invest" in IBM stock. His answer was that he only invested in companies that he could find some explanation on as to what business they were in. He said that IBM was not in any business that he could discern, thus he invested in other companies. Do not despair; simply find another job right away and forget IBM. It is clear that IBM has no idea what business it is in; it is simply cutting expenses to the bone until it can figure out how to place the billions in cash in the pension fund into the pockets of the senior executives. Since THEY have no idea what business IBM is in either, that is really the only path they have to more cash. Get out while you can and PLEASE stop whining; IBM is way over and has been for years unless you are a highly paid executive or have some job where you are protected, so get out, move on, and make a career for yourself somewhere else. Most good tech companies are hiring. The posts from "surprised" employees are getting old; YOU KNOW your job is going away, so GO!
Comment 07/28/15:
JobTitle: Product Safety Engineer
BusUnit: GTS
Message: GTS EA&C just RA'd the only USA Service Safety Engineer (me.) -Anonymous-

Comment 07/27/15:
JobTitle: Sales Executive
Location: Tampa
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: Services
Message: Kicked out the door after 30+ years with no respect with a 2+ and making or beating all targets. They could not get together the final severance check on time. They could not find a local manager for exit interview. I got a UPS box to pack up my 'stuff' before they would send me my checks which are 2 weeks late and not given on departure as per the law. On my last day went into the Tampa office to find a roomful of Indian's on HIB's being onboarded. Spoke to several who where happy to be in America. They are being paid about 1/3 of our US workers and quite frankly are too young to have any experience of value to our clients. Just project cannon fodder.

This company is lost in the weeds. The Senior Management team knows only 3 things: Cut staff, buy back stock, and engineer the financials. That is a road heading to the edge of a cliff.

The so called CAMSS strategic plays are marketing spin as they have minimal market share and consist mostly of legacy stuff pulled out of the offering stack and bundled to look like there is strategic growth.

Bottom line is 13 quarters of decline in an industry that turns over tech every 18 months. L for Loser. Happy to be off this insane treadmill of endless CYA reviews done just for show to placate the layer upon layer of redundant Directors, VP's and GM's who add no value. They are the ones who need to go not client facing Americans. Your day will come. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/27/15: Ginni is changing the age old PBC system. Just received an email blast "Reinventing PBCs--be a part of the change", it is a discussion forum and everyone is free to provide their feedback. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/27/15:
Location: WAH
Message: I've been expecting this and it's one of the reasons I went with the Transition to Retirement plan last year. For those not familiar, the short version is I am working a reduced schedule, must retire Dec 31, but exempt from RA. If not for that, no doubt I would have been picked off in this round like so many other older employees, it has lowered my stress level considerably to know what to expect. That would have been the 3rd time down this road with IBM. I will still be working next year, but for myself instead of Blue.

Please, for those not RA's yet, start looking for another job now instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop. You owe it to yourself and any who are dependent on your income, don't wait until you are forced to hunt for a job along with thousands of other newly RA's individuals. -T2R-

Comment 07/27/15:
JobTitle: Application Developer
Location: WFH
BusUnit: GBS
Message: Moved off projects and replaced with off shore resources brought to US. Given a hard layoff date in August.
Alliance reply: We need more specific information from everyone that is getting replaced by an offshore worker. Please email us at We need customer account name, where you are located and where the work is being moved to or where the offshore worker coming to the US is from.
Comment 07/27/15:
JobTitle: IT Specialist
Location: Rochester MN
CustAcct: Various
BusUnit: Cloud
Message: I was forced out/bullied out through bad PBC rating/threats of PIP. I left voluntarily a few months back, rather than waiting for the inevitable layoff (since my 2014 rating was a 3, I would have probably been let go with no package). Once I got my appraisal in January, I started looking around and found another job that pays about the same as my band 10 IBM salary - and I am evaluating several other offers as we speak. I truly feel for the victims of yet another round of layoffs. But I don't quite understand why some find it "shocking" and "unexpected" that IBM gets rid of them. Your CEO has publicly declared that many of you - especially those in the services organizations - are nothing more than "empty calories." She went on record with those words. What do you expect? Either you organize or you better start looking for something else. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/26/15:
JobTitle: IT specialist
Location: Work from home Boston
CustAcct: Largest bank in Boston
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: IT
Message: 18 years with original company which had IT absorbed by IBM 4 years ago. Working endless hours at IBM, getting 0 in bonus but working 55 hrs per week on average. working with very unskilled India counterparts who simply don't work, and that's where all these cut jobs are going. Old friends blame me for not doing work, but when I need help from say a Unix team, my requests do not get processed. IBM's stock has dropped consistently since I began here, service levels have never been worse, am I the only one to see the correlation? Very very sad, does anyone think this offshoring solution is best for the security and surety of data? If so, you shouldn't.
Comment 07/25/15:
JobTitle: Retired
Location: SBY
IF you are under the prior pension plan, RAd, Retired, live in CT, and looking for work you are entitled for unemployment $$ not reduced by your pension amount as the plan has not been contributed to by IBM since 12/2007. Print out the plan document and all RA correspondence in case you need to argue with CT unemployment because IBM on multiple occasions fills out the CT request for information form wrong by stating IBM did contribute to your retirement plan recently. -CT RA'd 2013-

Comment 07/25/15: IBM is skirting employment law by considering employees with 30 years or more or retire eligible retired after an RA. THIS IS WRONG! IBM is doing this to show they are not adding to unemployment numbers. IBM doesn't want to pay more in unemployment insurance (UI) premiums.
An RA is a firing. IBM management terminated your employment. When you retire you terminate your own employment and leave on your terms. It is a BIG DIFFERENCE!
If you don't want to say you are retired it is your right. You can and should commence your retiree benefits when you want to retire. If you don't want to retire you can collect UI benefits if applicable if you don't officially retire and look for another job and work. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/25/15: "I am so tired of Ginni talking about retraining. Has anyone been offered to be trained for one of the many job openings in WATSON?"
Only 1,000 or so have been moved to analytics according to IBM. If IBM was committed to retraining as the once were the number of RAs would not happen like they do. Unions are committed to retraining and continual education on the job. That is why they are TRADE unions for SKILLed workers.
Comment 07/25/15:
JobTitle: IT Architect - Consultant
Location: Charlotte
CustAcct: Multiple
BusUnit: IBM Systems - Middleware (former ISSW)
ProdLine: Software
Message: Got a call from my FLM on Friday to let me know I was RAed. 18 years with the company. Usual severance package. Glad to be making a boatload of money to be forced out. Massive layoffs will continue to compensate for the steep decline in revenues. There is just no way around it. Cloud is already a cheap commodity business but IBM is willing to bet its shirt on it. We are all witnessing the fall and death of what used to be a great company... we've seen other companies in the past going that way. No company last for ever!
Comment 07/25/15: I received a very unexpected phone call on Thursday. I have always been a 2+ and a 1 rating. Told by a very unfeeling human being jobs were being lift and shift to India and mine was one of them. I have been with IBM for 16 years with IT experience of 30 years. This is devastating and since this is an election year I encourage everyone to reach out to our lawmakers. I am so tired of Ginni talking about retraining. Has anyone been offered to be trained for one of the many job openings in WATSON? I know I haven't. All you see are positive comments regarding her webcast. SO proud to be an IBMer, what a bright future, blah, blah, blah. Yeah right. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/25/15: Laid off State of Ct. workers sued the State of Ct. (through their Union) and won their case in court, per announcement below:
If you were an employee of the State of Connecticut as of November 17, 2002 and were a member of a bargaining unit designated as an exclusive bargaining representative pursuant to the State Employee Collective Bargaining Act, you could get a payment from a proposed class action settlement. Please read the Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement by clicking on the link below:

You may obtain a copy of the Settlement Agreement and any other documents relating to the proposed settlement by writing or calling Class Counsel at the contact information provided in Response 19 of the attached notice or by visiting the Class Counsel's website
or your state bargaining unit's website.

Comment 07/25/15:
JobTitle: SA
Location: WAH
CustAcct: One of the Largest
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: SSO
Message: Got the call yesterday. Almost 15 years with IBM. Standard package. 2, 2+ and a couple of 1's throughout the years. Why am I losing my job? Because Ginny can't do hers. Why is she not held accountable for 13 consecutive misses?
Comment 07/25/15:
JobTitle: Project Management
Location: Colorado
CustAcct: CenturyLink
BusUnit: GTS
Message: 7 Project Managers were RA'd from an account that was already severely short on the number of needed Project Managers to handle on all customer project requests. Average time worked at IBM is 12 years, after being outsourced from the account. Maybe we should all bombard Ginni with e-mails of our families. Since we are just numbers to her, she should see the faces of those people whose lives she is greatly negatively impacting. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/24/15:
Location: RTP
Message: I gave my notice as the last day of May 2013 and my manager also filed it with HR/Fidelity as 5/30 not the EOM 5/31.
Is IBM systematically doing this to cheat people out of their full vacation? I guess it's "small fries" in comparison to all the free OT I gave IBM by being salary. Directors say 44 hours a week is a minimum else you are screwing IBM. LOL. -Doug-

Comment 07/24/15: All of you not RAed: how is it like being on IBM career "death row"?
It might take awhile, years maybe if your *lucky*, but you'll be executed with an RA as well. Time is not on your side at all. So sit in your cell (office) and do nothing is not going to change anything. If you join the Alliance you might be able to actually avoid your fate by having a contract to lay out some work and job protection.
Comment 07/24/15:
JobTitle: Sales
Location: Seattle
Message: For those that are getting RA'd , leave it to IBM to make your end date 8/ convenient for IBM you will lose that full month of vacation time! You won't be able to get it! Another way IBM hurts its loyal employees to not pay out what they should. Stay POSITIVE! If you want to go back to work YOU will find another and better job!! You are LUCKY to be RA'd with a full package!! I was pushed out with NOTHING after 32.5 years! You will find a job and a better job!! Build a good resume, and contact those in your network! This is positive, get over the IBM BS and stay happy! You won't look back since IBM is very dysfunctional right now filled with weak leaders especially at the middle management level! Glad to be Gone already 1 year!
Comment 07/24/15:
JobTitle: Certified IT Specialist
Location: Work from Home
CustAcct: One main Industrial account and one smaller Retail
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: Lead Architect and Technical for client
Message: Got call yesterday. 31 year IBM, 1 and 2+ performance. Main customer contract requires US based resource in my technical lead/architect position. But that does not seem to matter. I was told I was eligible to retire with 30+ years. I responded that fired is more accurate. Looking to the next chapter in my life. Prayers are with everyone impacted.
Comment 07/24/15:
JobTitle: Project Manager
Location: Boulder - Work from Home
CustAcct: Transition & Transformation
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: Service Desk
Message: 6 years as contractor, 2 as Reg. 2+ rating and an important contributor to our team. Notified of RA on 7/23. Last day 8/24. Manager referred to it as "work elimination" and not related to my performance. Work moving to Costa Rica - it was a business decision/direction. In the middle of a transition and removed from complex and difficult project and RA'd. Standard package offered, 1 week for every 6 months, career support, re-training money. Wish that my years on contract could be recognized as I only qualify for 4 weeks severance. Feels like a slap in the face. Also the 8/24 release date to avoid paying out 1 more vacation day is a cheap shot. Looking forward to my next non-IBM adventure! I will use all of the support I can get from the package and feeling hopeful about finding a new job! -Anonymous-

Comment 07/24/15:
JobTitle: Project Manager
Location: WAH
CustAcct: MAJOR Communications SO account
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: SO
Message: Got call yesterday. 20 year IBM, 2 and 2+ performance. Client contract with named PMs and penalties to IBM be-damned. Hits across account = big client sat issue coming = contract renewal may be affected. My math does NOT show how this RA will resolve 13 quarter Revenue miss. Welcome to USA 'landed' replacements. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: We need information on what accounts L1/landed resources are being put on and how many US workers are being replaced. We also need everyone to contact their Senators and Congressional rep and tell them what IBM is doing to US jobs. To those senior managers in the know: don't you think it is time to come clean with documents that show what IBM is doing??

Comment 07/24/15:
JobTitle: Recovery Management
Location: Sandy Springs, Ga
CustAcct: State of Georgia
BusUnit: GTS, IOT Delivery
Message: All Recovery Management and Help Desk functions are gone 8/24/15, the account team allowed the work to be sent to Capgemini. The account team has not a clue how to manage their customer, and now they believe they have the inside track for the SoG Cloud contact. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/24/15:
JobTitle: Project and program manager
Location: Work at home
CustAcct: All commercial Unix and Intel and IBM
BusUnit: GTS
Message: 18 years with IBM 2+ minimum, praised by VPs for my efforts just last week... And I got my RA call yesterday. Last day is August 24th. I was so shocked yesterday I could not post this... In a way it's a releaf as the last few years I had to do the job of 3-4 people and it was really wearing me down but at the same time there is the desperation of how am I going to pay my bills and support my son as a single parent. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/24/15:
JobTitle: Regulatory Delivery Leader
Location: Work from home NYS
CustAcct: Multiple
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: Regulatory Services
Message: 15 years 2+ with occasional 1 - early 50s -- 5 of the 6 RAed employees I know of are women (one is unidentified) standard package 26 weeks severance, 6 months insurance plus $2500 related education -Anonymous-

Comment 07/24/15: Wow for those that just got RA'd , because you won't be finishing the entire month of august(last day 8/24) you will lose that full month of vacation time, can't claim it, leave it to IBM to not pay out what they should. Do not fret you will find another and better job, you are blessed to be RA'd with a full package.IT is hopping right now you will find a job and a better job at that, start with Right Management, the company in your severance package asap and get a good resume, and for God's sake network, network, network, that is what found me my job when I was RA'd. An ex-IBMer hired me , look at this as a positive, get over the IBM PTSD and be happy and you won't look back GUARANTEED!!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 07/24/15:
JobTitle: Intel Server Admin
Location: Boulder
CustAcct: Multiple
BusUnit: GTS
Message: 21 years with the company. Good reviews. Same as all the others. Finally got my call this morning for the RA. It's finally my turn. My main customer requires US workers, but it hasn't stopped IBM from trying to secretly send the work to India before (until the customer found out). Not sure if they will try again, or if they will just transfer it to another US team. I know that my team is too overloaded to be able to pick it up. Last RA hurt us bad, this one will likely drive my department under. So sad to watch IBM implode like this, as it used to be such a great company to work for. Looking forward to what the future holds for me! -LowlySA-

Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: Product management
Location: Work from home
BusUnit: Corporate Finance
Message: Just found out about an RA in Finance for a corporate team, heard from my Finance peer that they are still recovering from having a bunch of people removed and they're trying to figure out how the survivors will cover the work. Not sure how we're going to get everything done, but hey, that's IBM, right? -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: Network Tools
Location: San Francisco
BusUnit: GTS
Message: The usual, 10+ years, 2+ ratings, 62 years old. Going to semi-retire rather than look around. I will absolutely need to find another source of income but I don't need to replace the entire amount I'm losing. The decision on who to let go frequently does not make good business sense. My heart and good wishes go to those who need to find another job in this market. I would be very bitter if I didn't understand that it's not personal but rather poor management making bad decisions. I actually believe this is a good thing for me and I'll be much better off in the end. I have to stay positive.. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: UNIX System Administrator
Location: Work from home
CustAcct: Multiple
BusUnit: GTS|
ProdLine: SSO
Message: UNIX SA supporting AIX, VIO, Solaris, HP-UX and RHEL on multiple accounts. 8 years in current role, 17 years overall. PBC 2+ with the occasional 1. RA'd today with the standard severance package. No indication of who's picking up the work. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: Achitect
Location: WAH
CustAcct: Multiple
BusUnit: GTS
Message: 17+ year IBM employee w/PBC 2 or higher. Recv'd RA call this AM from FLM. Informed cut was across all GTS; impacting multiple people within my organization. Standard pkg - 1 wk for every 6 months; max 26 weeks pay. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/23/15: Got the call today - 18yrs 45 - always good rating - SDM - Standard package, out at the end of August. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/23/15:
Location: Australia
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Blood bath happening in Australia at the moment. L1 manger got hit. The L2 had a conference call to let us all know, when questioned as to the rationale behind the RA he replied "have you seen the share price today"??! At least he told the truth for a change. -Over-it-in-Oz-

Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: Senior it specialist
Location: Home and office
CustAcct: Multi
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: Systems and security
Message: 16+ years at main account, 7+ as IBMer, deep cuts in GTS per FLM, all work flying offshore where possible, Even against contract aggreents, mainframe jobs simply not workable in most GR LOCATIONS - they are not trained and not being trained or learning on their own -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: Storage Engineer
Location: Work At Home
CustAcct: Large Healthcare account
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Got the call this AM from my FLM. Last day will be August 24th. 6 years with IBM. Had been led to believe my time at my previous company (which outsourced to IBM) would be counted but it's not. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: Advisory IT Specialist
Location: Phoenix
BusUnit: GTS
Message: RA'd today. After 28 years and 1 ratings for years. SLM called me since I have never spoken to the FLM. I guess he knew me better since we have spoken twice for about 2 minutes each time.
Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: IT Specialist
Location: Denver
BusUnit: GTS
Message: 11 people on my team RA'd today, including our boss. Worked 12 years for IBM and recently received special awards from my VP for customer service. Our India team does not have the training or background required to support our customer's specialized applications. This will result in GTS loosing more accounts. My spouse thinks that IBM Senior Mgmt is so tight, they will want to be buried with their money! -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15: For all you people who got RAed. I pray for you. For all you people who found out you have not been RAed (yet) and have not joined the Alliance, and still will not join, I pity you...when are you gonna fight for your job and paycheck??? Doing nothing doesn't do anything. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: Senior IT Specialist
CustAcct: Multiple
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Got my RA call this morning from FLM. Was told that despite being cut to the smallest level yet by previous RAs, this is the biggest RA that our group has seen. Apparently hitting a lot of my colleagues. 25+ years. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: Project Manager
Location: work at home
CustAcct: multiple
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: T&T
Message: RA'd at age 38 after 16 years with 1 and 2+ PBC ratings. Received my first 2 PBC last year and saw this coming especially after dismal 2Q15 results. I've been training GR replacements for several years now. With many of IBM's service contracts now stipulating "no GR", you'd think management would realize that cheaper workforce won't deliver the results our customers expect. IBM will continue losing Clients and market share. Best wishes to those awaiting their turn out in the RA game.
Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: database architect
Location: boulder
CustAcct: viewpointe
BusUnit: gts
Message: Got ra'd today after 36 and 1/2 years. I was told it was not because of my performance. I asked them why they are keeping the girl who calls in an average of 60 days a year. All he said was 'I know'
Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: TSM Admin
Location: Boulder
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Got the call this morning for my RA, Aug 24 last day. Little over 2 years with IBM, was told not the only one from our team, and a lot more across GTS. Standard severance package, bigger and better things await....
Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: System Administrator
Location: Work from home
CustAcct: Multiple accounts
BusUnit: SSO
Message: Notified today of RA. My last day will be August 24th. Others on my team also RA'd. Long history with the company and among the top performers. If this is the way they're going to run things, its best if I move on anyway.-Anonymous-
Comment 07/23/15: Got the call this morning. Over a decade and half and did not see this coming. Appears that a lot of people have been RA'd. -RA'd today-
Alliance reply: If you have been following this web site you should have seen it coming. No IBM worker is immune to a job cut.

Comment 07/23/15:
Location: Boulder
CustAcct: Multiple
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Got my notice today with just over 3 years as employee and about 5 as a contractor before that. Standard package offered. Was told part of the current initiative to move 60-80% work to India. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15:
BusUnit: GTS
Message: Employees in GTS/RFS got calls about RA/layoffs this morning. Once again, GTS now resembles ISIS. Cutting heads for no apparant reason
Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: System Administrator
Location: Work from Home
CustAcct: Large Healthcare Account
BusUnit: SSO
Was just notified of RA. My last day will be August 24th. I was told I was not the only one on my team affected. I am too upset right now to provide any more details, I will come back later. Thank you. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: SA
Location: California
CustAcct: Kaiser
Message: Layoffs are happening right now. Server admins in California -Anonymous from CA-
Comment 07/23/15:
JobTitle: Senior IT Architect
Location: Boulder
CustAcct: [revolving]
BusUnit: GTS
Message: RA'd today after 19+ yrs. std sev pkg. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15:
SO Unix/Intel Transition and Transformation
Message: Got the manager call that RAs were going on but I am safe (at least for this quarter). Was told we lost several people this time around. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/15: Just got a call from my FLM & he acknowledged that RA's are happening today. It was the mandatory "I need to inform you" call, lasted less than 2 minutes since I am not on this quarter's hit list. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/22/15:
JobTitle: PIP'd SysAdmin, gone
CustAcct: various
BusUnit: Cloud
ProdLine: Cloud
Message: Q: What is 'weighted against immediate teams only.'
A: Ranking just your First, or perhaps Second Level managed team; no broader scope than that. Not necessarily against PBCs or any other published criteria, but by SOME criteria, determine ranking, in order, of best contributors to poorest contributors. Hmmm... -Anonymous-

Comment 07/21/15: IBM took a $200 million charge for ‘workforce rebalancing’ actions but refused to use the word layoffs. -JustTheFacts-

Comment 07/20/15: IBM is not willing to use free cash for stock buybacks like they usually do so to sustain profits. With 13 (yes, 13) straight down revenue QTRs under Ginni you can bet there will be at least one significant RA. Only you can join the Alliance and help save IBM since IBM management is bent on it's destruction by continued bad strategies and questionable operational tactics. THINK TWICE. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 07/19/15:
Location: Austin, Texas
Message: "Is IBM really hiring in the USA? We know they are RAing in the USA."
IBM Austin is hiring, but mostly contractors. That's because the software support provided from India is terrible and most customers don't want it. Most development has been moved to India, there they don't even test their code. The pay offered will be the same for the years to come. No inflation adjustment. No incentive for better performance. IBM is confident you won't ever leave, because the skill set acquired at IBM support is not marketable elsewhere. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/17/15: In response to the employee with a corporate cell phone, US employees log into website and select cancel my device or service. You will be given the option to port the # to a personal contract. You must take that action within 5 days or else the line will be automatically be cancelled by IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/17/15: I was able to keep the phone number when I left. The phone was an old model, so bluefish, or whatever the IBM phone mgt group was called at the time, told me they did not what the phone back. I bought a new phone from a new carrier and was able to port the number. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/16/15: I searched in archives and and survival kit. Can someone tell me, if anyone had experience returning IBM Cell phone?. Can you keep the number?. Do you return the phone too?. Do you cancel it on the last day?. Any insights are valuable. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/16/15:
Q: What is 'weighted against immediate teams only.'
A: Can you say "what have you done for IBM 'lately' (ahem, recently, maybe like last week)" all subjective to your IBM management teams who are out to protect themselves with unadulterated subjective opinions of your 'recognized contributions' (that they can't take credit for)!
Sounds like 2nd QTR results will be the usual non-revenue dribble that is proving to be Rometty's legacy. THINK TWICE all in Blue! RAs a coming.
Comment 07/16/15: Interestingly enough, last week my manager set up a review with me. When we started the call the very first I asked her "what is this about? Is it a midyear PBC review?" She replied no and then hemmed and hawed about what it actually was. I was confused but had no choice but to do this so called review. I still dont know what it was all about. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/15/15:
JobTitle: IT Specialist - Mainframe
Location: Sydney
CustAcct: All
BusUnit: GTSJust made redundant, usual deal, but done by phone, obviously yet another bad quarter, and moving work offshore. Now find my redudancy entitlment is 2 weeks per year, where as it was 4 when I started. Surely they cant just change rules to suit themselves, or can they? You can bet, there will be a lot more to come. At last, the worry about losing my job is over, and I can get on with my life. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/15/15: Gini declared, this is the Indian Century. -Barb-

Comment 07/15/15:
Re mid-year pbc reviews, what does this mean: 'weighted against immediate teams only.'?
The comment is conveying that the process of having marathon sessions that included everyone under each director "calibrated" based upon relative contribution as a high, medium or low contributor and in addition identifying the so called top 10% and bottom 10% of contributors appears to have been scrapped. Instead, the"calibration" is going to be conducted at the department level. I personally participated in mid year "calibration" sessions that took 15-20 hours over several days to complete. It was a total mess and only demotivated the managers and employees after the manager conducted mid year discussions with their teams. The calibration required that the organization had to be divided equally into high, medium and low contributor categories. -Former IBM Manager (Retired)-
Comment 07/15/15: Any retaliation for joining? RA'ed for 2 years now. Thinking of joining. Also what are the services offered through CWA's Union Plus program for members? -Anonymous-
Comment 07/15/15: What is a CV? Stay tuned for 7/20/15 when 2nd QTR results is announced. More RAs for sure. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/15/15: Mid year review is currently underway and the quota given to the population of my business unit is 1/3 of each category. High, medium and low. High = 1 or 2+, Medium = 2, Low = 3 or 4. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/15/15:
BusUnit: GTS

Singapore will be hit with fresh RA (all kinds of code names management give these days - I wonder if these fellas actually do work instead of thinking of RA code names?).. As far as they are concerned they hope to show some savings due to Dynamic Automation.. Everyone who knows a thing or two about systems know you cannot totally have 0 people managing the systems. In fact the base number of people managing the systems is lower than what AP calls out to WW as potential productivity. I'm not sure how this gives client confidence. They give IMT leaders hard time for not getting clients on board the DA program insinuating that they should strong arm client into accepting DA. -John Doe-

Comment 07/15/15: Re mid-year pbc reviews, what does this mean: 'weighted against immediate teams only.'? -Anonymous-
Comment 07/14/15: Hello Anonymous, can you be more clear on what you are trying to say about: "Friday surprise mid-year PBCs with list of non-PBCs ratings....." -Anonymous-
Comment 07/12/15: Friday surprise mid-year PBCs with list of non-PBCs ratings, requested by upper management and weighted against immediate teams only. One case first-hand, two cases from colleagues on other teams, and one mgr on yet other team did not specify why, but said it was the hardest day he has had in a very long time. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/08/15: Location: Dubuque Message: Another round of RAs are around the corner in GTS. More accounts are being sent to India. Also mangers are asking for updated PBCs and CVs. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/01/15: In regards to the article about IBM offering contractor positions to employees who were RAed from Columbia, MO:
"It became a bit of a chuckle because it was so ironic," they said. "When I first joined IBM, they didn't say, 'Oh, you're only going to be there for one year, two years or three years.' So when they say, 'Yeah it's a one year contract,' that has about as much grain of truth in it as when you first got hired. They cut you when they need to cut you."
Absolutely true! And as a contractor you are just an IBM Purchase Order (PO). Yes, that's all. And IBM can terminate a PO whenever they want to not pay for it anymore. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/01/15: Get your message out in different locations. I encourage you to make comments in IBM Twitter feeds such as @IBMWatson and @IBM_NEWS. Also, consider commenting on any IBM Facebook page. IBM encourages the use of social media so let us take advantage of social media to get our message out. -Anon-
Comment 06/30/15: Some laid off IBM employees receive offer to come back as contractors -JustTheFacts-

Comment 06/24/15: RAs already under way in Africa too, most of the functions moving to India. -Anon-
Comment 06/24/15:

Southbury legislator: IBM considers leaving, 1,100 jobs on the block

HARTFORD — Rep. Arthur J. O'Neill reported Tuesday that IBM representatives privately raised the possibility of pulling the company's data processing center out of his hometown of Southbury because of proposed increases to state business taxes

The business giant is the largest taxpayer in Southbury, and the Republican lawmaker said the loss of its information management operations would represent a staggering blow to the town and surrounding communities.

"If IBM shuts down and pulls all of their computers out, they are our No. 1 taxpayer in Southbury. Our taxes are going to skyrocket because our tax base is going to shrink," O'Neill said.

The accompanying loss of 1,100 jobs there would ripple through Southbury and every other community where IBM workers live and spend money, he said. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/24/15: Was told by a neighbor there was an RA at the Finance COE in Rochester, MN. Do not know any details. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/20/15: Just heard substantial RA underway across Asia .. Large number of people being told about layoffs across SE Asia in particular; especially in GBS and GTS.. -Singapore Bob-
Comment 06/20/15: Interesting article in the Poughkeepsie Journal about the GlobalFoundries deal. This will remove many more IBMers from the payroll.
Comment 06/19/15: More IBM employees leaving the company soon. How long before we are under 70,000 US employees? -member-

Comment 06/19/15:
JobTitle: SDM
Location: MD
CustAcct: Novartis
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: SO
Message: "With the U.S. IBM RA's that are going on this week. I think it's time to remind everyone that is being RA'D to petition for your Trade and go back to school Its easy to do and you will get 2 years of college paid for plus 2 years of money equal to unemployment. There are other benefits too!"
This petition seems to require 3 or more victims to submit. How can I submit individually? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: You should contact the TAA rep for your state by phone. If any other workers in your situation and business unit contact us we will let you know. Send me your contact info at
Comment 06/19/15: Article on recent IBM job cuts: -Anonymous-

Comment 06/18/15:
Name: Regina Manuel
JobTitle: Global Delivery Project Executive
Location: Bentonville AR
CustAcct: Wal-mart
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: Middleware
Message: I feel for those that have received an RA. I was laid off in March of 2014 with the same MO. I always had 1's or 2+ and for 2-13 all of a sudden I got a 2. I also firmly believe that it was age discrimination. IBM use to have to publish the demographics of a RA but they did not in the 2014 RA. Most everyone I know that was RA'ed was between 45 and 65 and a band 9 and higher. If I can help you in anyway please let me know - Is their anyone out there that also believes it was age discrimination and if so what can we do about it? Is there anyway we can get the demographics? -Gina-

Comment 06/18/15: The RAs have started.. 6 from Power servers team in Atlanta. Also ibm is moving all power servers supt to India / except govt acct to building a bigger Power Servers presence in India. Ibm solution to their ego problem is layoff Americans & hire cheap indentured slave labor in third world countries! & its not working. Maybe they should move HQ to Bangalore - that might work great. -anonymous-
Comment 06/18/15: Lots of talk of job cuts in Dubuque after another bad quarter. I've heard as much as 30% of some teams, possibly more. Not sure how we can keep working like this... -Frank-
Comment 06/18/15: With the U.S. IBM RA's that are going on this week. I think it's time to remind everyone that is being RA'D to petition for your Trade and go back to school
Its easy to do and you will get 2 years of college paid for plus 2 years of money equal to unemployment. There are other benefits too! -Anonymous-

Comment 06/18/15: 5 RA'd today from the ATT account:
What is your job title? 1 SDL, 2 SWD , 2 T3
Where are you located? WFH various US locations
What customer account are you on? AT&T
What division or business unit? Div 07 SPMS US-Group 2
What product line? GTS. Mobility Services This is the second round. 30 days notice. Shifting work from US to Costa Rica. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Thank you for the specific information. We appreciate it.

Comment 06/18/15: So it begins again today. I got the call at 8:40, 16 years consist 2+ employee or better. The standard 1 week for each 6 months max 26 weeks. -Steve-
Comment 06/18/15:
Disney has labor unions for USA workers. We need labor unions too.
Why can't we make IBM cancel an RA? We can try to make this happen by building our union: The Alliance@IBM! It can be done but we need you to join to make it happen. -Anonymous-

Comment 06/18/15: RA's have started today in the US. 30 day notice. I just got the call. As we just had a RA finish at the end of May, I was not surprised that there would be another. As a rated 1 employee the previous 2 years and a 2+ last year, I was surprised I got the call. Still in shock and not sure what to do. I don't expect any openings within the company. Anyone have suggestions or words of advice? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: We are sorry to hear of your RA notice and probable job loss.
You can find plenty of advice, if you read through our Job Cuts Reports Archives (in the right-hand column of this page).
Please provide Alliance with more RA information; such as the same information we've requested from IBMers training their replacements, in our previous comment, also on this page:
What is your job title?
Where are you located?
What customer account are you on?
What division or business unit?
What product line?
We will be better able to share this information with all US IBMers and the media, if there is an RA occurring at this time.
Thank you for your support.

Comment 06/18/15: Firstly, contact an employment lawyer in your province. Labour laws in Canada are a provincial jurisdiction. They can review your situation to see if there is a case of constructive dismissal. Secondly, they can review your package to determine if this was adequate for your situation. -Ferme La Porte-
Comment 06/17/15: Packaged off from long term disability Canada. So essentially I met with management to discuss going back and low and behold I was let go. When I asked for confirmation that everyone else doing the same job was also let go she would not comment. Thru Facebook etc I know for a fact these folks still have their job. I am wondering if I have a case to sue IBM for wrongful dismissal or am I just SOL trying to fight them. -Anonymous
Alliance reply: Unless someone from Canada can answer this we suggest you contact your labor board.

Comment 06/15/15: Alliance can gain traction here. This is a NY TimesEditorial.

Workers Betrayed by Visa Loopholes

It hardly needs saying that immigration policy should not undermine Americans’ jobs, wages or working conditions. The problem is that
what some companies want — cheap, exploitable, disposable labor — is exactly what the system can be twisted into giving them.

Former workers at Walt Disney World in Orlando or at Southern California Edison, the power utility, can tell the story. Those two
companies recently laid off hundreds of tech employees, who were replaced by temporary workers recruited by outsourcing firms based in

These are only two of many troubling episodes involving the H-1B program, which provides up to 85,000 visas a year to foreigners,
mainly highly skilled technical workers. The program was created to allow companies to fill gaps in their work force with specialized
employees they cannot find in the United States. But the law has loopholes, and companies here and overseas ruthlessly exploit them. A
huge industry has risen to meet labor demand in the information-technology sector, with the imported workers being
employees of the outsourcing firms.

On Thursday the Labor Department announced it was investigating two of the largest companies that supply H-1B workers, Infosys and Tata
Consultancy Services, based in India. Senators including Jeff Sessions, Republican of Alabama, and Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, asked for the inquiry after reports that Southern California Edison turned to Infosys and Tata for H-1B workers even as it was laying off 540 workers, many of whom said they had to train their replacements. The Times recently reported a similar story at Disney, which contracted with HCL America, a branch of an Indian outsourcer, and laid off 250 workers. Some workers said they were asked to stay on to train the newcomers who took over their jobs.

Comment 06/13/15: More on Columbia job cuts -member-

Comment 06/13/15: There was an earlier comment about layoffs in Canada in June. Any additional information? -unimportant-
Comment 06/13/15: "Eliminating US jobs in favor of offshore resources as a practice that is alive and well."
I was let go over 2 years ago because a decision was made not to fund my position with a person from the US. The position was funded, BUT it had to be filled with someone from India.
My contacts tell me that the person is totally incompetent. No new news there. -Older, but still good -

Comment 06/13/15: "identified employees may be required to accept a temporary position to another location to assist with the transition of work until their scheduled departure date in order to receive the resource action payment and benefits."
That language was NOT in the March, 2014 package. I read the package carefully and something like that would have raised some eyebrows and would have required clarification from my mgr.....
-RAed one year-
Comment 06/11/15: Is IBM really hiring in the USA? We know they are RAing in the USA.
Plenty of job websites have plenty of IBM open jobs and most of these openings are from positions they have already RAed. Some open positions I have just looked at I swear I might know the person IBM RAed just from the location and job description listed! So the contention is are there REALLY job openings in the USA or are most or all of these employment opportunity "help wanted" ads that IBM puts out just to justify that they can't fill these "ghost" positions and thus the need to contract out (by PO) resources (human contractors), or for offshoring the job, or for lobbying for many more H1B visas for these USA job tickets? Maybe people just are not applying for IBM jobs now since they are not appealing as a potential employer for experienced skilled people in the USA(?)
So it is clear why we never get word of how many USA employees IBM has. No wonder IBM is not forthcoming. Even if IBM says they hired we have to just have to take their word about how many they hired if they even wish to disclose a number. So what is IBM really hiding? -trexibmer-

Comment 06/11/15: Comment made on an internal blog post today: "This is such uplifting news on the day our mass redundancy was announced as our UK jobs are transferred to Sofia". Possibly unsubstantiated rumour. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/10/15: After two big waves of layoffs this year, mostly older American workers, my organization is now giving referral bonus for new external hires to fill a sudden large number of newly open positions. Looks like age discrimination to me. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/10/15: -LowMorale- So IBM can demand the RAed trainer to go to the offshore location and train their replacement so will IBM pay for the travel and accommodation expenses? And as a temporary position could it be IBM could reduce the pay to offshored prevailing wage rates for the training assignment? All in all, not a fair treatment at all for the person that is losing their job. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/10/15: There is a project being run now to transition accounts to a 100% Global Resource model called GDD or Global Delivery Direct. All service lines across all IOT's and sectors are being targeted. Initiative is being supported by service line VP's. Long term / large, well established accounts affected. India GDC leadership is lobbying for large accounts . CA is a problem because IBM has to pay a 200K tax for landed Visa resources. The landed positions are typically leadership roles. In order to mitigate the tax some of these accounts are being filled with lower banded inexperienced resources in leadership positions. 100 plus accounts transitioned in 2014. Target for 2015 is 250. Some large accounts affected include Walmart, national Grid, HSBC, etc.. Eliminating US jobs in favor of offshore resources as a practice that is alive and well. -Anon-
Comment 06/10/15: Over one thousand members of IBM Australia staff have been RA’d since February 2015 mostly older workers , some jobs off shored others replaced by younger new hires at less cost . -anon-
Comment 06/09/15: HSBC just announced they are shedding 50,000 jobs and moving software development to India and China. Their stock of course went right up on the announcement. Look for IBM to take advantage of that to do more cuts and 'hide behind' or join this 'trend' by using the same excuses. IBM stock has been down for days running, and they will soon be needing some excuse to justify poor 2Q earnings and yet another quarter of declining revenues as they are in 'transition'. Buckle up if you haven't been RA'd yet, and by all means join and support the Alliance now while you still can. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 06/06/15: OSHA 300 form on Southbury site hasn't been updated as of June 1 - date on the form says Jan 2014. I'd seen it posted that they were supposed to be updated in May. Not like the number had any basis in reality to begin with. They're also closing part of the remaining building to make it look less empty. Not really related to job cuts, but posting here just in case anyone was interested. -Southbury-
Comment 06/05/15: The article just posted was interesting, because in the"permanent layoff" package there was some language that I don't remember hearing about before. Has anyone that received an RA package in the past remembered seeing these clauses, or are they a new bag of dirty tricks to use against workers? They are:
"identified employees may be required to accept a temporary position to another location to assist with the transition of work until their scheduled departure date in order to receive the resource action payment and benefits."
- if not you can be terminated with no package pay or benefits. How is one to do that when we have families and responsibilities at home, and need to find a new job locally?
In part two of the information packet it talks about opportunities for laid off employees to pursue other openings in the company. It said"an identified employee who receives an offer of a comparable job will not receive the payments and benefits of the resource action regardless of whether the employee accepts the comparable job." So if you even try to find an internal position, you lose your package?
Another section of the packet said if they leave before the departure date determined by management, they will get no pay or benefits. -LowMorale-

Comment 06/04/15: Some IBM employees are training their offshore replacement right now.
There are members of congress finally looking at IBM's destruction of US jobs.
If you are training your offshore replacement or are being replaced by an offshore worker please furnish us with the following information:

Send information to
Help us break the secrecy of IBM's destruction of US jobs -Alliance-

Comment 06/04/15: I guess Disney learned these tricks from IBM: -miss_understanding-

Comment 06/04/15:

Documents obtained shine new light on IBM
ABC 17 News is uncovering more information about recent layoffs at IBM in Columbia.
In a Special Report last month, employees told ABC 17's Jillian Fertig the company was laying off people and replacing them with foreign workers.
ABC 17 News also reported some of the state tax incentives were suspended because the company only employed 453 people of the promised 800.
On Wednesday, Fertig obtained the packet that was handed out to employees the day they found out they were losing their jobs.
The packet contains 33 pages of what's called the "Resource Action Information Package for Employees," informing employees they were "identified for permanent layoff."
ABC 17 News found some questionable statements in the documents that Fertig tried to clarify with IBM, but a spokesman said the company has no comment. -Anon-

01.13.12: Please click on the "Home Front" menu item, above to view sample CWA contracts, and contract summaries. -Alliance-


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