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Comment 01/30/15: I left IBM in the early 1990s (bridge to retirement) and retired in the late 1990s. I could see the hand writing on the wall even then and it was not good. I joined IBM in the 1960s upon college graduation and during the 1970s I remarked to coworkers that one reason that IBM treated us nicely is because they did NOT want a union (was I a prophet or what, obviously with the internet and greedy corporate management IBM no longer cares about employees at ALL). I recently joined this union (associate member or whatever they call it, not expensive) as even as a retiree I could have much to lose with this current corporate management. They will take away our retirement, if possible, just to enhance the bottom line, greedy scum. I do NOT understand why current employees are NOT signing up by the thousand, not the tiny amount that have joined recently. Do you really think the current crop of IBM management has your best interests at heart. Fat chance. GREED, GREED, GREED and filling their own pockets is all they know. Are you that chicken or that cheap that you won't contribute to the cause. If I as a retiree can do this you certainly should be able to join and contribute. For crying out loud, stand up for yourself. You have NO power as an individual, only as a member of a large group. Employees in other countries know this, why are people in this country so stupid as to believe that companies like IBM have the best interests of employees in their sights. They do not, only $ signs and greed, period. If you do not try to protect yourself you deserve what you get. Plain and simple. -TOMV1990S RETIREE-
Comment 01/30/15:
IBM CEO Rometty gets bonus despite company’s woes
IBM boss Virginia Rometty will get a $3.6 million bonus for her performance last year, even though the company’s sales and profits declined in 2014.
Rometty and other top executives did not take bonuses for 2013, after IBM turned in disappointing results for that year. But even though IBM is still struggling to catch up with recent shifts in the way corporate customers buy technology, it disclosed a new pay package that appears to be a vote of confidence in her efforts.
As CEO, Rometty is also getting a 6.7 percent raise in her base salary, which has been $1.5 million since she took the top job in 2012. She will get $1.6 million in 2015, the company said in a regulatory filing Friday.
IBM is also raising her target bonus to $5 million for 2015. In addition, the company said she’ll be eligible for up to $13.3 million in potential stock grants that would be awarded for her performance over the next three years, up from a maximum of $12.75 million in long-term incentive grants that were reported last
Comment 01/30/15: For individual contributors who have the manager bit set on their employee id, are we considered management and thus ineligible to join the union? This setting enables us to have access to tools & records to provide support up to managers & execs, but we don't actually set any policy or have direct reports. -Little10-
Alliance reply: If you do not have "hire and fire" responsibilities you can join.
It gets tricky when we go for a union certification election though. The rules have been changing in the companies favor on who can actually vote. But we are not to that point and as an advocate for employees, you can join.

Comment 01/30/15: They should be ashamed -Mike
Comment 01/30/15: IBM CEO Rometty to Receive $3.6 Million Bonus. Thousands get their lives turned upside down (including me) this week and she gets a bonus while running the biggest loser on the DOW? -Sacraficial Lamb-
Comment 01/30/15: Echoing a similar comment from an earlier post "Happy to be gone", I too was RA'd in July of 2013 just two days shy of 16 years. Gave my life for those 16 years.. "1" PBC for 5 of my last 9 years - all the rest PBC 2+. I used to lie awake at night worried out of my mind about PBC, skills building, etc. Once the call came, which by the way my FL didn't have the guts to make, I felt a sense of relief. Never looked back and can only tell you that YES, IBM skills are highly valued. While not every employer respects IBM, they do respect the people and skills. I will give IBM an A+ for professional skills building. It was those skills that are now highly valued by my new employer, which values employees, provides work-life-balance, and treats me like a true human being. Wow - what a concept. Jump if you can - and never look back - I promise you'll sleep much better at night. Who wants to go down with a sinking ship. -Happy to Be Gone II-
Comment 01/30/15: All the huge layoffs and re-engineering of Ginni and her henchmen, they all get bonuses for 2014 and raises for 2015. We all know that the Board will do nothing to correct the top management after approving their bonuses and raises. -Gone in 98-
Comment 01/30/15: I was RA'd in July 2013. I am sickened by what I'm reading here, especially given the happenings this week at IBM, so ICYMI:
Comment 01/30/15: It's absolutely effing disgusting, as I sit here losing my job to see this:
IBM CEO Virginia Rometty will get a $3.6 million annual incentive payout for 2014, according to the filing. Chief Financial Officer Martin Schroeter and three other executives or advisers were also listed as getting smaller annual incentive payouts.
Rometty is slated to receive a base salary of $1.6 million for 2015, a target annual incentive award of $5 million and a long-term stock payout worth $13.3 million, according to the filing. -IveBeenMislead
Comment 01/30/15: This should make every IBM'r sick...
If it does not your all sheep. Former IBM VP -Anonymous
Comment 01/30/15: I am not an IBM'er but feel your pain. The IBM lawyers, HR and management have been honing their skills over the years with each successive job slashing. Warren Buffett, who pretends he's one of the "common people" has shilled for IBM over many years. A person I know back in the day who is a Union member indicated we IT people were "suckers" to sit back and watch the offshoring and "right-sizing." Now, unfortunately the damage has been done. I empathize with all who have been touched by this massacre and unfortunately other companies have and will continue to take their cue from what used to be a "World Class" company which is now on it's way to being "third rate." -concernedcustomer-
Comment 01/30/15: PBC 3 and placed on 30 day PIP. NO PACKAGE OFFERED to me! Now what? Over 40 years old. More than 20 years w/ IBM. First 3 with no previous indication of poor performance. PIP is unachievable but no package option. Physically ill now. Is anyone else in the same boat as me? -Kicked In The Stomach-
Comment 01/30/15: To Discriminated for sure - If everyone reports the age that the IBM'er was let go that might help. I too know its age discrimination; in 2013 there was 4 of us in our dept that were let go age 53, 56, 61 and 66 now tell me that was not age discrimination. Hopefully lawyers are watching this site and building a case. Everyone from years past should post their age they were let go. The ones remaining especially if your in your 50's or 60's better join the Alliance@IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/30/15:
Forbes survey: IBM is at the very bottom, 91st out of 100 for best Cloud Computing Companies to work for.
-Cloudy Days Ahead-
Comment 01/30/15: What I find so hard to understand and accept is how IBM Finance and HR can live with themselves and look themselves in the mirror knowing that they are helping IBM Senior Management destroy families and lives... Why does the Board allow bad performance by Senior Management for so many quarters without doing anything about it... Why hit low level employees who are just following the strategies set in place by senior management (strategies which are not working)?? -gone for good!-
Comment 01/30/15: To the person who wrote about discrimination...yes, it does SMELL and IT IS AGE discrimination... the difficult part is proving it. IBM has the deep pockets and hires the MOST EXPENSIVE lawyers to fight employees... You spend ALOT of money and their strategy is to wear down you and your attorney... Maybe the Alliance should call the attorney in Connecticut who won the case in late 2014 and see if he'd take it ... I know at least 10 people in my circle who were let go in a malicious way ... all were over 50 and 25+ years! signed -Glad to be gone-
Comment 01/30/15: I was let go on 1/28/2015 after almost 14 years at IBM - so sad that the rug is pulled out from under us as we are trying to plan our retirement years. age 60 PBC 2 this year -Anonymous-
Comment 01/30/15: To -Blindsided in Mo- Endicott, New York, IBM was blindsided also. After a new CEO came from Keebler and became CEO of IBM, he blindsided the employees of Endicott, New York, home of IBM. IBM over their history in Endicott was given tremendous tax breaks. IBM Endicott once approximately employed 13,000 IBM employees. Now if there are 300-400 fulltime IBM employees it would be a miracle. IBM and Lou Gerstner gutted the city of Endicott,NY. -ANA-
Comment 01/30/15: Received my RA earlier this week; last day scheduled for 2/27. Alternatively to many others who've posted, I was a member of the University recruitment efforts known as the Consultant by Degree (CbD) program - a 2 year engagement. I received exceptional PAs in 2014 and an overall PBC rating of 2+. I was on a full-time billable engagement, was specifically requested by the client for the next phase, and was promotion eligible for the end of January. In lieu of all promising achievements, I received notification of a RA. -___- -Abhorred CbDer-
Comment 01/30/15: RAed 2013, PBC 2, 24 years. Worked on the Watson Team 3 years ago and asked Watson if I would get laid off (just jokingly)...Watson came back and said in more words "...look at the glide path". Watson was right and the answer struck me as obvious at the time. No one really survives the RA... -GoneAndGlad-
Comment 01/30/15: To -TellMeAboutPIP-: The information I provided about the PIP came first-hand from my manager. Different business units may be handling things differently, but you will definitely not get the full severance package for a PIP -- the full package has never been used for anything other than an RA. If you're on a PIP, your manager is required to write up the specific goals you're expected to meet, and (s)he should tell be able to tell you what happens if you don't meet those goals. Regarding the ability to actually succeed at meeting those goals, I guess we won't really know that until people have gone through the process, regardless of what I was told. -Survivor-
Comment 01/30/15: "How reliable is your source of information? If (Once) one fails the PIP, will there be a full or minimized package? I haven't been officially put on PIP yet. Some talks about expected improvement, but nothing formally documented or signed. But it never hurts to be prepared. Anyone who goes through the PIP process, please share your experience. -TellMeAboutPIP-"
The previous poster was correct. When you get a "3" rating, you are offered a minimum separation package. If you decline, you are put on a 30- or 60-day PIP. If you fail to meet all of the conditions outlined in the PIP, you are terminated on the end date with nothing except any unpaid vacation time. If you had a pension, you'll be given a few options--same for 401(k). -Chuck
Comment 01/30/15:
11 years IBM US 5 years prior IBM Canada
Age 54
PBC 2 - entire career was a mix of 1,2+ and 2
Div 07 - SO
IT Architect
I was a bit surprised since the same mgmt gurus that decided I was no longer needed gave me an MVA raise in Dec. Cringley's numbers may not be right, but his comments on the effects of our more traditional clients (not cloud)are spot on. I was the one person on our team who did client facing work on traditional clients. There was enough demand I never worked on our cloud solutions. Our team is having fits trying to figure out how to fill in and complete my work. I actually feel sorrier for them than I do for me. I know mgmt gets bashed a lot here, but my FLM has reached out to his contacts outside IBM, and got me 4 requests for resume and interview within 24 hours. I know he hates this, and is constantly getting any request to help his team out turned down by higher management and finance. He is actively looking to get out. -andanotheronebitesthedust
Comment 01/30/15: As part of last year's age and sex discrimination (I was 64), I found the best thing to do was to start planning. Use your full year HCRA, use your optionals, take advantage of the subsidized COBRA, use your education allowance, apply for your state's unemployment (not hard at all), record any needed ibm email addresses for future communications, try to find another ibm manager to close you out (like an old friend), etc. If you have to transition your job to another person, remember it is not their fault. It is YOUR MANAGER'S fault. -ihateibm-
Comment 01/30/15:
PBC Rating: 2 (previously 1's, 2+'s)
Location: Boise, Idaho
Business Unit: GTS
Age: Almost 62
Job Responsibilities: Chief Architect, IT Architect
Certified Master Architect -Outhedoor
Comment 01/30/15: Hi All. Sad to hear that from all around the world. Sad. I somehow "grew up" at IBM because I am almost working 18 years for that company. After such a long time it unfortunately takes some time in your head to say good-bye. Starting this year I for sure know that I will leave that company. Leaving all these great impressions, experiences, etc with good colleagues behind me. One great thing: I never feeled something like mobbing etc within that company .. and I mostly did international projects. So this really makes an IBMer. I am wondering about what all these glorious executives want to manage ones the best and most people are done. Are they not realizing that they are killing their own jobs? Strange ... isn't it. Whom wants IBM mabagement hit if there is nobody available any more to be hit? Should they hit each other? I just say good-bye good old IBM. You are probably just memories ... nobody will know about you 10-15 years from now. Sad. -Oliver-
Comment 01/30/15: This completely looks and smells like age discrimination. The lawyers at IBM were very concerned about this layoff from both the customer and employees perspective. A class action suit for discrimination would be appropriate and just! -Discriminated for sure-
Alliance reply: The challenge is to prove it. IBM no longer issues RA pkgs with stats on age, etc. IBM has made some legal "chess moves" since age discrimination was an issue at IBM many years ago. Chances of finding an attorney that will take the case today, is small.
Comment 01/30/15: Columbia, MO location has been gutted with entire departments being released. Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Team Leads, high-performers / low-performers, etc...I hope someone from the city of Columbia, MO reads this. IBM, (who only pays $1.00 a year on their lease with the promise of 600 local jobs - 800 total), refuses to disclose any of this information to the city/state. Enough is enough! The center is designed to support 800+ employees, yet if there are even 300 in here today I would be surprised. After February 27th, it will be a complete ghost town....would the last one out please turn off the lights. -Blindsided in Missouri-
Alliance reply: We have forwarded this to Columbia media (minus your emai) and will follow up with Missouri political leaders. Lots of public money wasted.
Comment 01/30/15: To all ex-IBMers and soon to be ex-IBMers including those just RAed: now that you have left or will be leaving IBM, please know that the Alliance is still fighting for YOU: yes, YOU, since you still have probably an IBM sponsored 401k, maybe a IBM pension, and maybe a IBM FHA. All this still needs to be further protected from the greedy and unjust hands of IBM Management. Just because you left IBM doesn't mean they are totally out of your real view mirror until retirement.
Pension de-risking is a real thing. De-risking is IBM selling your pension to an insurance company as an annuity. Then your pension doesn't nearly have the same protections as a pension has under present ERISA law. You can even lose your pension balance with it's de-risking. Losing your FHA at any time is a real thing (all those just RAed that <55 years old and <15 years of service know or will soon find out). And look what IBM did to you 401k PLUS plan with the change of only matching funds if employed on 12/15 of each year end.
The Alliance knows these issues and they are key items that could be addressed as a union.
Think 2X. And either join the Alliance or just contribute a $1 or so for the cause we all still deal with, even in some small way, as former IBMers.
Comment 01/30/15:
RA'd and the last day is 2/27
PBC Rating: 2
Business Unit: GTS SO
Years of Service: 24
Job Responsibilities: IT Architect -Feel for my client- -Anonymous
Comment 01/30/15: I was not affected personally in this round of RAs, but many of my colleagues were. In my pool, we lost 4 people. None of which had received a PBC lower than 2, and many which had been with IBM for 15+ years. In my office, I'd estimate that we lost 1/3 of our workforce, some pools losing everyone, including managers. I'd say we cleared over 100 total in just our office. It's a sad day to work for IBM. -anon-
Comment 01/30/15: I was laid off in 2013 after 33 years of service. PBC a 3 because my manager had no backbone to fight 'city hall' with me. Not the IBM anymore that I once knew. -Too disgusted-
Comment 01/30/15: -FHA'ed- Yes, and those not quite 55 years old got whacked in this RA as much as the under 14 years of service folks. Yes, IBM saves more by axing the notational account balances of these FHA's in this demographic group to ZILCH. No FHA. -anonymous-
Comment 01/30/15: Last year we saw projects Mercury and Gemini in which people were encouraged to leave. At the time I half-joked that we'd probably see a project Challenger some time in the future. Little did I know... While not an IBM'er I was let go in the Great Subco Cull of '14, together with 4 others in my department. I was in the old office earlier this week (I still have an excellent relationship with the people there) and it sure looked empty. I cringe at the thought of what's in store for you guys. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/30/15: There is no doubt that IBM has systematically engaged in age-discrimination. The only question is how to make the charge stick in court. On the technical writing side, they haven't hired anyone older than a recent graduate degree recipient in years. This is all in the open. The only older people they get are through acquisitions. In terms of layoffs, perhaps they are letting go enough young low-performers to offset all the older higher performers they're laying off. Hard to tell without stats. -Cloudy with Chance of Meatheads-
Comment 01/30/15: Don't sweat the 3's. Even if you plan to build a career at IBM, which may or may not survive and at which I have seen one promotion in five years, the pbc number is meaningless. Its a manipulation tool. Dont fall for it. I got one when I started. It was bogus and made no difference afterward. I know they sting and you should fight them if they are discriminatory or it will make you feel better. Otherwise, inside IBM everybody knows they are BS. Outside IBM, they are a bad dream you will soon forget. Nobody cares. Get some good references. They count inside and out. The PBC score doesnt. -anon-
Comment 01/30/15: People leaving IBM England, but IBM Announces Services Centre in UK, Creating up to 300 New Tech Roles -dutch ibmer
Comment 01/30/15: I don't believe you have Health Insurance coverage if you work for IBM. If you get cancer, you are more likely to be laid-off. This is not Health Insurance coverage. To be covered you need to have a future in the plan that is covering you. What is the future of a sick employee at IBM? Think about it... I was RAed last year, but luckily do not have an illness and will not be getting sick worrying about the mess that is IBM today. -SickOfIBM-
Comment 01/30/15: Someone said, "I've been told that if I do not agree to terms of separation that is forth coming that IBM will forfeit any severance pay or benefit - in other words, if I talk to a lawyer or fight it in anyway, I will be punished." No!! - you can talk to a lawyer. It's only if you don't sign that you won't get the benefit. However, if you don't sign, then you can probably bring a law suit. -Outsider-
Comment 01/30/15: Hi there, Does anyone know if the layoffs are coming to the Shared Services Centres? Thank you -Anonymous-
Comment 01/30/15: IBM is a large employer in Massachusetts, It is time to kick this one up to Elizabeth Warren, the Mass senator with PRESIDENTIAL aspirations who vows to fight for workers rights. The Forbes article made this a national story, the time to act is now. IBM management continues to test the boundaries of employment laws. Last year it was not showing the age/positions of those affected with RA. Now the contrived process to rate you a PBC 3 with no prior indications of unsatisfactory performance, put you on a plan and kick you out the door. Clearly aimed at older employees & discriminatory. I will join the Alliance today. How do we get the data of those affected to write build the case to senator? Can't stop until Ginni is RAd. -Time to Fight-
Comment 01/30/15: I am from India and it pains to see employees RA-ed in USA and other countries. We definitely do not warm upto the idea of snatching someone else's job. Why does not the Alliance open up membership for free? That way, you would have many members join the union. Once you have the strength, you can request members to donate money for various purposes. In India, FITE is a new IT union and membership is free. Alliance can open up membership across countries. -Indian-
Alliance reply: As an official local of the Communications Workers of America and under US labor law there is no such thing as free membership. We do have a category that is called subscriber/supporter which is free. As far as international we are part of the IBM Global Union Alliance
We encourage international IBMers to join the unions in their countries. Those unions are and will be affiliated with the IBM GUA.

Comment 01/30/15: Dubuque comes to the UK. Notice use of the term "Next Generation" of workers
IBM Services Centre: Leicester will help the tech firm extend its delivery of technology services to UK-based IBM clients
IBM is creating up to 300 new IT jobs in Leicester, England, with the launch of a services centre in the city.
The new IT roles will be created over the next three years for the‘next generation’ of workers, enabling IBM to extend its delivery of technology services to UK-based IBM clients. -Anon
Comment 01/30/15: Ginni Marie and her band of marauders, Bless your "1 3 9" hearts. It wasn't a total shock to get the news. Just disappointing. I hope the company that I was once very proud of to work for can survive the Sherman's March of looting and pillaging that is occurring at the upper levels. When it gets to the point where the PWC parasite is actually siphoning marrow from the bones, then I will know for sure that I will need to get flowers and leave them at the grave side. Good bye. Just remember, You can't take it with you. -Magnolia-
Comment 01/30/15: They are rating 3's so that they don't have to pay growth-driven profit bonuses, even for those who are being let go, but especially for those who they are staying. Last RA, folks reported getting checks for those things after they left, so I'm sure the execs realized that and this is to close that loop. It's another shady, evil move by Rometty, who had the nerve to stand there and say they are paying it this year with "no strings". Please, please those of you who are leaving or aren't leaving, those of us over 50 who are being screwed out of our jobs because of their greed and incompetence, go to and submit a review of IBM and there is a question there to rate the CEO, Ginni Rometty, and submit your 'PBC' rating of her. This will let the young talent they want to fill those job openings know that this is a very bad place to work, and get them back for dumping us in the dumpster instead of retraining *us*, their loyal employees, for those open positions. And join the alliance here, I did, don't just bend over and take it, fight back! Every avalanche starts with a few small stones. We are gaining momentum here, keep the drive alive and mention this site in your goodbye emails to your coworkers and in your out of office message when you leave. Our out of touch CEO has the nerve a few weeks ago to stand there in front of a room full of people, knowing she's going to fire them in a few weeks, and brag about how her neighbor can affort to drop $750,000 on IBM stock on a whim. Now wall street is so giddy that you are losing your jobs, they are boosting the stock back up. Right, let them eat cake. Get on and say what you think of her, and maybe we can help show her the door too. Take your knowledge of IBM's flaws and shortcomings to the competitors to help assist this dying elephant out of its misery. -HelpYourself-
Comment 01/30/15: Those still wondering what a union contract can do should read this: -Dave G-

Comment 01/30/15: -Barb-
Comment 01/30/15: Not part of a RA, MHV seems more lightly hit than some (at least after the sell-offs), definitely some actions here, though. I heard from an area manager that they had been under enormous pressure to give more PBC 3s this time around, and that further those went some to Transition to Retirement people because (1) they felt some lower performers had used the program to avoid being laid off over their last year or two, and (2) the people are gone anyway shortly. Yes, I do realize that is probably also a rationalization by managers under a lot of pressure to hit numbers AND not move schedules or drop content. -anonymous-
Comment 01/30/15: Many unhappy people in Australia. Beyond the RA the PBC 3's are resulting in people just resigning. But something stranger appears to be happening. There are many low banded roles on GOM, Bands that never existed in Australia. Now this is only a thought but there is something in Australia called 457 Visa. Companies use this to get cheap overseas labor but they first have to say that there is no one suitable who has applied. Now few Australians would be applying for Band 4 & 5 roles ..... If only there were a way to track abolished roles and roles vacated by PBC's and see if they are replaced by these low banded roles .... -StrangeThing In Australia-
Comment 01/30/15: Amazing how amongst all these lay offs [ don't call them RA's! Call them for what they are, lay offs ] IBM still has glowing reviews on ~1/2 of them actually approve of the CEO and would reccomend the company as a place to work! It would be nice if all the IBMers here could post up and leave an honest review for potential new hires.
I was dropped in September, and have gone on to Greener Grass. No regrets! If you don't plan on leaving, ORGANIZE, JOIN the UNION, and at the least leave some honest reviews of IBM!,14.htm -Ex-IBM-Contractor-
Comment 01/30/15: Rue the oversight in thinking that the Formers are not motivated by payback for monumental extended Disrespect - most landed where they hv great potential for impact/can u say fat chance for re-up/sale? Karma never forgets :) -Former#666-
Comment 01/30/15: Regarding RA'ed folks looking for another position within IBM... the deck is stacked against you. For the 2013 RA's, hiring managers were basically told that anybody on the RA list was not eligible to fill openings. That, plus it normally takes over a month from the time a person interviews for a job to getting the approval to give them an offer to take the position (every manager from the SLM to the business unit director, plus HR, would need to approve it - at least that was true in 2013), means chances are slim to none that those that are RA'ed will find another job within IBM. The rational that was relayed to my FLM was that the bean counters have already calculated how much they want to trim from expenses and those that are on the RA list get the company to that goal. It is counter-productive (from the bean counters' and HR's perspective) to reassign an employee that is on the RA list since that would reduce the savings of the expense cuts. While there may have been a few that succeeded in finding a position after being RA'ed, did not hear of anybody doing so over the past few years - even those that were RA'ed and PBC 2 performers. Maybe some were well-connected and were successful, but then again, if they were that well connected they were probably protected by moving them to another position before the ax fell. -OutIn2013-
Comment 01/30/15: Since the re-org performance for wall street, there are literally hundreds of people sitting around with nothing to do. No mandate. No job description. This is the 3rd week. Some of us don't even know who our new managers are. PBC 3s and PIPs have been issued. So are the new managers going to take the time to write PIPs, administer, adjudicate, produce all kinds of paper trails in 30 days? Seems like a huge waste of time. It would be just cheaper to give all the 3s a full package. Maybe this is more theatre for wall street. Management is releasing onto the streets very disgruntled employees who will not recommend IBM in the future. Why would anyone that follows the news ever work with IBM? Why would any business partner? They have lost complete control of the business. -SC-
Comment 01/30/15: Not sure if people are missing the point of PBC rating system. If rating is given which is in relation to the peers, where is the question of 3 or 4 is bad? Its just a relative term within the team. Even if the company selects best cleverest candidates and compared within the team, someone will definitely be on the bottom. Will law allow these types of terminations, if challenged in the court? -Frightened Rabbit-
Alliance reply: The law does not cover these kinds of terminations. You're an At Will Employee. You have no legal recourse to fight these terminations; unless Federal or State labor laws have been violated, by IBM. See this page for more information on At Will Employment:
Comment 01/30/15:
RA'd last day 6/30
PBC Rating: 2
Business Unit: SO
Age: 29
Years of Service: 3
Job Responsibilities: Dispatch. So very disappointed that many wonderful people are being let go... we will survive, and hopefully even thrive. IBM does not realize the talent they are losing in this slaughter. -Anonymous
Comment 01/30/15: In 2011 after 7 years with IBM GBS earning either a 1 or 2+ rating over that span I was RA'd when our client decided to insource. On the very day the client announced the insource we got the call. Of over 120 people on the account only one was interviewed for another IBM position. In the end all 120 of us were let go. It was difficult to be treated like cattle but in the end I ended up with a better job and was able to finish out my career with my head up high. Good luck to all of you going forward. -Long Gone-
Comment 01/30/15: Have worked for many large companies and have never seen such turmoil. Until there will be a people rights movement, these uneducated HR people because I have met some...will play and play with the employees. And if there will be no employees, what will happen? Who will they rate a 3? the customers? That is an ugly ugly set up! Just like the 10%! Why aren't you writing about the statements made in the 10% ordeal!? -Beyond-
Comment 01/30/15: -Survivor-, "In previous PIPs, you chose between taking a minimized separation package and leaving rather than going on the PIP, or doing the PIP and leaving with nothing if you failed. This time, you just go on the PIP, and you get the package if you fail (which is likely)."
How reliable is your source of information? If (Once) one fails the PIP, will there be a full or minimized package? I haven't been officially put on PIP yet. Some talks about expected improvement, but nothing formally documented or signed. But it never hurts to be prepared. Anyone who goes through the PIP process, please share your experience. -TellMeAboutPIP
Comment 01/30/15: Found out today that a good friend and newly appointed 2nd line has been RA'd (became 2nd line in early 2014). He has over 35 years with IBM and is an outstanding person... one that truly cares.... I can only guess that those traits are what they look for when choosing a 2nd line for an RA these days.... don't want people giving the workers hopes of being respected.
Luckily my friend falls under the old retirement program (for now anyway)....In my friends SO org, they lost a total of 14 people.... out of the 85 regs that were listed as of Jan 1. Things are not good in SO world.... would hate to be a customer.... I know I hate being an employee... unfortunately I live in an area with few jobs that I fit into.
Comment 01/30/15: In 2011 the Dubuque site was up to 1300+ employees. We now are down to 700+. When you take the 200+ away that have been reported for Feb 27th is part of it. But what about the other lay offs? The ones that were told there last day is in March? or the ones that will be laid off in May and the others that have to leave in June? So how do you measure something they have spread out like this? The site was five floors with about 250 seats per floor. Now they are down to about two floors. how many will be left by mid year? -Feeling Blue-
Comment 01/30/15: IBM cuts 202 positions in Dubuque More than 200 workers at IBM's Dubuque facility will lose their jobs next month. -DUBUQUES IBM CLOSING?-
Comment 01/30/15: Got first PBC 3 after 25 years with IBM. Was told I am being put on a PIP and have 30 days to improve performance. I have to admit I am not that bad off and was going to retire this year anyway. I think I will be getting a reduced severance package. That is okay since I would have gotten nothing if I left on my own and if it costs IBM additional money for me to leave, so much the better. My condolences to everyone, both those staying as well as those going. This company has degenerated into one of the sleaziest I am aware of. By the way, even though IBM reviews on are mediocre, why are they even that good? 53% of IBMers say they would recommend IBM to a friend? I sure wouldn't. In fact, I don't remember the last time I met an IBMer who liked being at IBM.
PBC Rating: 3 and put on PIP (soon to be gone)
Business Unit: GBS
Age: 63
Years of Service: 25
Job Responsibilities: IT Architect -Mark1
Comment 01/30/15: As an ex IBM employee who was RA'ed in July 13 with 32 years...there is a better life out there after IBM. I sleep better, I worry less, and I enjoy what I do far more than I ever did at IBM. The rest of the working world understands that if you made it this far in IBM you are very skilled, and have much to offer. Even if IBM does not respect you, there are many other companies that are looking for skilled, dedicated workers, and if you made it this far, you are it! Keep your head up! -Happy to be gone!-
Comment 01/29/15: Re the questions about why would they randomly rate someone a 3 and then RA them. I think this is the you don't have the ability to apply and be qualified for another internal job. This from my package: If you have a satisfactory performance rating, you may pursue internal openings within IBM, however, job offers may be limited to the strongest performers. -Sacraficial Lamb-
Comment 01/29/15: Looks like the Alliance got the word out on what IBM is doing. -anon
Comment 01/29/15:
RA'd and the last day is 2/27
PBC Rating: 2
Business Unit: GBS
Years of Service: 33
Job Responsibilities: IT Architect -Life Goes On
Comment 01/29/15: @CutsInCanada, seriously, most of the time those mandatory training are not even related to our job. But someone high up must be thinking we have spare cycle to support those initiative. And Think40 is a way that you can't complain you never receive any (useful?) training. You are not the only one I heard being let go because of"skill issue". Feel sorry for those who left behind to suffer. The good thing is we are on the lifeboat, and they are still on Titanic... -Be Free eh-
Comment 01/29/15: It has been a brutal past few days not only for those cut but for those of that remain. So Alliance, what do we do now? -anon-
Alliance reply: We know by now you have heard us say "join and organize" over and over.
First of all when you do join you have more rights in organizing inside IBM under US labor law. When we talk about organizing we mean outreach to your co-workers about the need for a voice inside IBM, the need for a contract that spells out the terms and conditions of work (no more being blindsided by IBM rules that change at managements whim), and being part of an organization that is working towards making IBM a better place for IBM employees.
But we need leaders inside IBM that are willing to publicly take up the cause. The Alliance has lost many members and supporters over the past 5 years from IBM's constant job cuts and people leaving the company, and it has hurt us.
This website, our face book page and our twitter account are just the virtual part of the Alliance, and they are very active parts. But the face to face organizing has fallen flat the past few years and we need to rebuild that.
So if you want to take an active part in building the Alliance inside IBM and sharing ideas contact us at
Comment 01/29/15: Just made a donation to Alliance. I hope can help the cause. Left IBM 11/2014 for much greener pastures. I tried my best to tell many of my peers and friends at IBM a terrible $hit storm was approaching back in June. Sadly it's come to fruition. I couldn't agree anymore or strongly with the numerous posts alluding to age discrimination. I am in my mid 50's also a solid performer throughout may career in technical software pre-sales. Those sob's were lining up anyone over 50 6 to 7 months ago. I truly hope all of you out there that got RA'd get back on your feet. Nothing else I can say will make it any better for you other than find me on LinkedIn.... I am not that hard to find.. contact with me and I can help you connect with people that can appreciate your talents. In the end I beat those prick$ at their own game. I hope you do as well. -tim-
Comment 01/29/15: My guess with the PBC 3 rating allows them to say your performance was low which allows them to terminate you. Seems like there are 3 groups first those who get their first 3 and let go with a full package. Second would be those got 3's twice in a row and get half a package. Third is the ones who get a 3 and put on a program to improve. Third group seems the most shady. Not sure if it's there plan not to give a package at all or maybe these people only got one 3 and they are trying to put you on probation so they can give you a smaller package later saying you haven't improved. Who knows, chances are it's probably not a good thing. -whatever-
Comment 01/29/15: I was RAtired in 2014 at 63 and 14 years with the company. I am heartbroken to read all of the comments from the recent RA. I was resourced by a VP who I had never met and who had no clue what I did and despite getting many emails from people all over the globe that it was a mistake she refused to change her mind. It was left very late for me to train anyone and they actually had the nerve to ask if the could call me after I had left with questions. I was fortunate to be able to retire and after working 12-15 hour days for this blood sucking company I say good riddance. To the 2015 RAs I wish you the very best and to those left please join the alliance. The job you save may be your own. -RAtired to n 2014-
Comment 01/29/15: I am a five year employee of IBM, so have lived thru more than a few reorgs and RAs. And yes, this site is the first place I go whenever I hear a rumor about an RA - but I have never joined. And I see all of the posts from Alliance that if we want to stop this from happening, we must join the Union. Maybe this info is somewhere on the site, but can you tell us WHY we must join. What is Alliance currently doing for IBM employees? It seems like the message is that not much is happening to stop the layoffs because not enough people have joined.
How many people need to join in order to make a impact? If I join today, what am I really getting for my $15/month? -Idontunderstand
Alliance reply: This gives you some idea and yes it is on our site:
Beyond that don't you think IBM would pay more attention to us if we had 30,000 members instead of 350? What if all those 30,000 members took an active role in being the union inside IBM. A lot of changes could be made and IBM would have to negotiate with employees at all levels.
If at a given site or business unit we had the majority signed up as union members we could then petition the labor board for recognition and IBM would have to negotiate there as well. It is clear morale is dismal inside IBM. Having a voice and the right to make things better could not only turn around morale but make IBM a better company. If you join today you help us get to that point.

Comment 01/29/15: Just to recap and update what I posted earlier: Got my first PBC 3, but it was from my previous manager, because I transferred to a new group in October. Current manager disagrees with the rating and wants me to stay, worked with HR to give me a couple of options to stay on if I wanted to. No RAs in my business unit, just the PIP (IBM Cloud, SWG AIM before the reorg).
In previous PIPs, you chose between taking a minimized separation package and leaving rather than going on the PIP, or doing the PIP and leaving with nothing if you failed. This time, you just go on the PIP, and you get the package if you fail (which is likely). Seems like they're providing incentive for people to fail intentionally, I don't understand why they would do that, since it costs IBM more money in the end. In any case, I made a deal with my manager to get the minimized package up front and leave (retire) without doing the PIP. For the record, I've been at IBM for 31+ years (started at an acquisition), and I'm 57.
I had already decided to retire this year before all of this happened, so things worked out for me, even if I didn't get the full severance package I was hoping for. I feel very badly for those who were impacted by all of this and were not ready to leave. As many here have said, there is life after IBM -- my wife was RA'ed by IBM six years ago, and she's much happier now than she would have been otherwise. Most of you will look back someday and realize IBM did you a huge favor by forcing you out. Good luck everyone! -Survivor
Comment 01/29/15: I'm a former IBMer that moved on to a company that values its people. IBM SO manages our data centers. It would be helpful if SO professionals impacted by this carnage would identify the clients they support. We don't hear if our support team is impacted. IBM won't comment. -Former IBM-
Comment 01/29/15: Has anyone provided this bogus package to The Alliance so they can read it???? -anon-
Alliance reply: Yes we have it. And just like last year the age/title/business unit/number cut has been stripped from it by IBM.

Comment 01/29/15: RA'd with almost 10 years of service, solid 2+ ratings in the past - For the first time I missed a target thinking that leadership had a reason for holding me back. Unfortunately, they did. I got PBC 3. It was rigged - I was blocked in from taking new full time assignments outside my division and given a combination of meaningless work to kill the time - perhaps burn out from the travel and quit. I spent some of my best years with IBM. I still can't believe they could be so ruthless to set people this way. Best wishes to those who were RA'd and further along in their career. We are all hard working people. I know we sacrificed plenty, especially those with young kids - like myself. I'm looking forward moving on to better things - IBM has become a toxic place to work - no longer focused on building honest practice areas -somuchfor139values-
Comment 01/29/15: To those who were "RAed", 1) I'm sorry 2) I'm jealous. This is definitely not the company I joined 17 years ago. 3) Judging from the years of experience I'm seeing posted, is it a safe guess to say that most if not all of you were 50+ years old? If so, you might be able to file Class Action/Age Discrimination Lawsuit. Oh and just FYI...The organization formerly known as STG (We're "Systems" now) in North America did NOT get hit. But only because we were gutted last year at this time. I'm now one of only three people in my entire state doing this job. But for how long? -Ano Nymous-
Comment 01/29/15: I too was informed Tuesday. I've only been with IBM about 4 years, all my ratings have been 2 and 2+, and brought IBM more than $1.2B of new revenues. More than half of my group got laid off including my manager, his manager and his manager. We have to information on how many, what gender, what age none of the info that I thought was legally mandated when a massive layoff conducted. My manager did reveal that the Project code was indeed "Project Chrome". This should lend some validity to the Mr. Cringely's article. I don't believe that it will 26% by Feb 2015, but I do believe that there is a possibility of 26% by end of 2015. I've been told that I can apply for other jobs at IBM but it would probably be a waste of time given that the objective of the layoff is to reduce head count; yet IBM is hiring and have more than 15,000 jobs advertised - the magic question is where are those jobs located. I've been told that if I do not agree to terms of separation that is forth coming that IBM will forfeit any severance pay or benefit - in other words, if I talk to a lawyer or fight it in anyway, I will be punished.
One common theme to this layoff, echoed in most of the blogs posted on your site, is that most people being RAed are 50 or over. Many were put on the 10% pay reduction for 6 months to get training on CAMSS, yet they were laid off before given the change to complete training - pay however has not been reinstated for the month of February. Every one that I know that got axed is over 50. Is age discrimination a factor? Is IBM getting rid of older more seasoned professionals and replacing them with cheaper younger less experience people using CAMSS as an excuse? For those of you that I've not been fortunate enough to see the training material for CAMSS, let me summarize it for you. Its like the rest of IBM, great talk and a bunch of vapor ware. -Anonymous
Comment 01/29/15: Over 20 years ago, I decided to resign from IBM (at age 30) because I was:
1. tired of working 60-70 hours a week
2. working on very out-dated internal systems (some of which were STILL in use in 2004)
3. concerned that much of the perceived benefits in the now"grandfathered" IBM Retirement Plan were vulnerable if the company were to target older employees for retrenchment, just prior to retirement.
Sounds like little has changed in IBM management.
-Sad for my former colleagues-
Comment 01/29/15: Here's a "good one": I'm a retired IBM'er working for a company that has a contract with IBM. I'm inside an IBM building every day and I see and speak with many IBM'ers that I formerly worked with while I was an active employee.
I know of someone who was let go yesterday. They have been a loyal and dedicated employee for many years. They are the Team Leader of their department. This person told me they're glad they're leaving as it's "a big relief". They told me they're eagerly looking forward to retirement.
Then there's a guy I know who has been in IBM for nearly 40 years. I see him every day too. Everybody that knows him says he's "useless", and that he hasn't lifted a finger in years. How can his manager not know what everyone else seems to know? Surely he's a 3 performer, yet he has survived every layoff since 1993. WHY????
My friend that was RA'd wants to leave, and believe me, IBM needs my friend badly. Yet the guy who has a reputation for being "useless" has no plans to leave. IBM never ceases to amaze me.
Comment 01/29/15: Got a pass this time around. The old STG got rolled into IBM Systems and even though none of us work on cloud, they have brainwashed us into thinking we actually do. I am sick of this bull every quarter. I spent the morning speaking with prospective employers. Fear does not make for a happy employee it only puts extra wrinkles on my face. I want to take control of my own destiny. -John J.-
Comment 01/29/15:
PBC 2+
AMS-GBS -anon
Comment 01/29/15: I have not been RA'd yet, but would not be surprised if I get the call. Received a 2 PBC, and know several in my org (SWG) were RA'd. All were hard working, high quality resources. Ive been with IBM almost 20 years and watched the company go slowly downhill. Quality used to matter, now all that seems to matter is the bottom line. I also used to be a proud IBMer, and even have a copy of the old IBM VHS 'Our Heritage' video. Now I'm just disappointed and am no longer proud to say that I work for IBM. Now looking to see what options I have. Recommend you all do the same. -disappointed long term IBMer-
Comment 01/29/15: Did anyone hear the RA count for Rochester MN? -Anonymous-
Comment 01/29/15: 54 years old, 22 years of experience rated 2 last five years, just had my PBC rating with my manager, 15 minutes, rated a 3, no reason given by manager. RAed. Too bad we as IBMers thought IBM had our best interest . No longer exists. Lou, Sam, and Ginny have ruined a once great company. Need a union. Stay away from this BS if you are a young college student. IBM SUCKS. -ANA-
Comment 01/29/15: RA'd on the 28th, 16 years of service, Age 46. received a PBC rating of 2+, never had a PBC rating below 2+. I have until 6/30/2015. EUS, only employee at the site location, will be replaced by a temp contractor or a supplemental. -none-
Comment 01/29/15: It takes no management skill to pass a separation package over to an employee to sign or even say "your RAed or fired". It takes real management skill to stand up for your employees. Be their advocate. That is why IBM now needs a union ASAP. Anyone in IBM MDC when you joined the management ranks say you are "stewards of the IBM brand and business"? Sadly, UBM management doesn't have NOTHING of value now. Gutless is the only word I can think of. Hope IBM management sleeps well at night and your conscience is clear "The Watson's hand picked ones"! And you IBM executives: may the Almighty One have mercy on you all. -IdiotsBecameManagers-
Comment 01/29/15: Well. where is IBM FLM's and second lines during this RA and what do they have to say about it? Oh, they have to still be employed to deliver the news to the resources (used to be human being employees). It is time these IBM underling managers have to stand with their current and soon to be former direct reports and tell middle and upper management they are WRONG and this latest action will kill the company which was Big Blue.
And if these FLM's and 2nd lines think they are safe; I say THINK 2X or maybe 3X. They are not safe now and hide their fear for now. They are next. Not as much employees left to go after, in a shrinking skilled IBM.
Comment 01/29/15:
RA'd yesterday (1/28/2014)
Div7 Strategic Outsourcing
56 years old
13 years with IBM
PBC 2 for the past several years, Standard package. My last day is
2/27/2015 -g
Comment 01/29/15: McDonald's CEO Don Thompson retires as sales suffer -Burgertalk
Comment 01/29/15: IBM Management and executives think they can cut their costs to get to prosperity. It hasn't worked ever and never will. If it is not time for an employee revolt through a union vote then a stockholder revolt to get rid of these incompetent, greedy fools is in order! -YaTHINK-
Comment 01/29/15: I may be the only one on this forum that received a 3 on their PBC that actually deserved it. The last five years of my career at IBM research was filled with changing visions and goals from management, thus completely disrupting one's ability to acquire new skills required to make an impact in the changing industry. Several years ago I decided to focus more on my growth needs by finishing multiple graduate and under graduate degrees in IT fields unrelated to what I was doing in research. On 01/16/2015 I took an early retirement so that I could pursue other interest with my newly acquired skills. Best of luck to all my former IBMers. -Jerry-
Comment 01/29/15: Feel bad for all the workers let go. Too bad management wasn't let go instead. "With that being said" Being an ex-IBMER myself 7/2011-12/2013 there are a lot better jobs out there. Keep your head up. -Beavis-
Comment 01/29/15: Notified yesterday that was included in RA. No surprise as had low utilization due to time spent with family and have been prepared for this for some time and this will help with the transition. Worked almost 18 years for the company. Irony that I was given a MBA in November. -World Traveler-
Comment 01/29/15: From the Alliance: If you lose your job due to the off-shoring of your work go here: -Alliance
Comment 01/29/15: Any insight into why some who have gotten 3's are given the full package and others are being put on PIP? Is it because of the amount of money given to each div to reduce headcount? Example: person in IBM CHQ/IT CIO given a 3 and fired with full package. Person in old SWG/EcoD (new Systems) being given 3, with PIP. The person in old SWG/EcoD is a lot older. I think I know the answer to this but is there any legal claim in people being treated differently? The person who was given a 3 and fired with a full package vehemently protested the 3 rating. Do you think that could have anything to do with it? Everyone please read the James Castelluccio v. International Business Machines Corp case. Very interesting. Maybe we should contact the law firm and ask if we capture numbers if we have a case. -SC-
Comment 01/29/15: Ginni" Rometty deserves PBC 4. We should go to strike before Feb 27 and let her go away from IBM -fire_back-
Comment 01/29/15: RA'ed yesterday. I'm 56 years old. I was a band 8 with a consistent PBC 2 as an information developer in SWG in San Jose, CA. At least I was mentally prepared, since IBM executives long ago abandoned any pretense of respect or caring about morale. IBM was like family, and I just got disowned. Good night and good luck, my brothers and sisters. Time to go write my resume. -33-year IBMer in San Jose-
Comment 01/29/15: Part of the 1/28 RA. I was diagnosed with cancer last year, worked through it. I am a survivor, doing well. At 52, having been ill, I am not surprised but still disappointed. I worked 12 hours heads down last Tuesday to ensure clients schedule stayed on track. I have 19 years of service with IBM. -mmmmm-
Comment 01/29/15: Received 'RA' notice yesterday. FLM just read from a script...lasted all of 5 minutes. I was told last October that I was being replaced by an IBM India Landed Resource because the account could not afford a Band 8 US resource in that position any longer...account was not making enough money for the bean counters. I found several positions and was not allowed to leave to accept new position until the landed resource arrived. He allegedly ran into visa issues which delayed his arrival until Feb. 2nd, and I was given a roll-off date of Feb. 6th. I told my PM and FLM that, knowing IBM's history of blood-letting in February, why are you serving my head up on the chopping block? Only response was I couldn't leave until the India landed resource actually arrived in the didn't matter that the guy had been working remotely on this account since December! Just had my 12th anniversary with this once-great company. Never received anything except 2 and 2+ on every PBC, including a 2 for 2014. IBM doesn't care about their employees anymore...they haven't in years. The only thing that matters is EPS. IBM has lost it's way. It's time for Ginni "Chainsaw Al Dunlap Clone" Rometty to go! Division 6C - AD&I S&L Contracts. -GinniOnlyCaresAboutEPS-
Comment 01/29/15:
RA'd last day 2/27
PBC Rating: 2
Business Unit: GTS
Age: 61
Years of Service: 17
Job Responsibilities: Chief Engineer -Played and RA'd
Comment 01/29/15: How come IBM is not being sued for aged discrimination? Just by looking at new and past comments most of the people are50 plus years of age. To all who have been RA's this week, there is life after IBM. They have used and abused you. Be thankful it's over and move on to a new and better chapter in your life. IBM is dying a slow death. Sooner or later they will reap what they have sown. -Ex RA'd IBMer -
Comment 01/29/15: Broadridge account decimated. All Unix, Wintel, and SAN resources put on notice that last day is 6/30 and it's time to train offshore replacements. -BeenAroundTheBlock-
Comment 01/29/15: I left in 98 for greener pa$ture$ and oft wondered if it was the right thing to do. Every 18-24 months I get confirmation it was. When I hired on in 87 the motto was 'respect for the individual'. I have been told by my ex-colleagues it is now 'enhance shareholder value' and the old motto is nowhere to be found. Today they treat people like trucks are treated in other businesses. Use them up, send them off. Now, most of my IBM friends talk to me via perosnal email or linked-in and not And it wasnt their idea. Sad. I still get mail from IBM, also every 2 years telling my how my vested pension(s) are now worth less. And the worse part is, I still bleed blue with my current employer to keep the raised floor faithful as I believe in the product and the people to glued it together. Its a shockingly true fact that todays US corporate mgmt have done more damage to the USA than any terrorist org has ever done. For the first time in my life I belong to a union here (8 years so far). you all, need to. -Ex POK IBMer and staying that way-
Comment 01/29/15: I received Involuntary Separation from IBM UK after 20 years of loyal service. Last day is 5th February. Informed I was "at risk" by standard email, then confirmed next day over phone by FLM. Since received a PBC rating of 2 after a string of 2+s. After several years of minimal salary increases and bonuses I should be relieved, but at moment my ego is bruised. I admit I should have left years ago but didn't due to a combination of complacency and misplaced loyalty. 57 is not a good age to start job hunting with a termination on your record. -Disappointed from UK-
Comment 01/29/15: I had heard of the Alliance but I was petrified that IBM would track that I was visiting the site... I was fearful that my manager would find out so I never ventured to registered... I also thought that sure I am a top performer and they'd never want to get rid of me! WRONG!!! They created false accusations and forced me out... it's meant to be and I am so much happier and making about the same amount of money with a more employee friendly company! THERE IS LIFE after IBM! Please tell all your friends to join the ALLIANCE and give them this site! -Ex IBMer-
Comment 01/29/15: For everyone still believing the "don't have the right skills" horse manure being shoveled by Ginni, almost every other corporate CEO, the US Chamber of Commerce, Congress & the White House (and everyone else encouraging unlimited H1B visas), you need to read the article "Fired Before Hired: How Corporations Rigged The Job Market And Killed The American Dream" at -21st Century Serf
Comment 01/29/15: I've been with IBM for almost 3 yrs now and have been a solid contributor up until recently with my new manager. I am now a low contributor and just signed off on my 60 day PIP agreement on yesterday. I was so sure I was going to be a part of this round of of RAs going on now but since I haven't heard anything from my peers I guess our area has little or no impact at this time. This is sad, but I was actually looking forward to taking my PBC 3, unappreciated efforts, severance package and running as far away as possible from this Godforsaken company. Good luck to all that have been affected and thanks Alliance for giving us all a place to vent freely and anonymously! -NotProudtoBeAnIBMer-
Alliance reply: Venting is truly anonymous, if you prefer. But Alliance dues paying members pay for the existence of this web site, and the campaign to unionize IBM US. If you would like to donate to the cause, please click on the "Donate" button link on the right side of the page. Better yet, if you're still with IBM, Join Alliance@IBM as a full dues paying member @ $15.00 per month. Thank you for your support.
Comment 01/29/15: Rochester, MN IBM employee count information prior to this RA: -ExIBMer
Comment 01/29/15:
28 Years with IBM
53 Years Old
New York
2 Rating
This used to be such a good company to work for. I used to be proud to say that I worked for IBM. Not anymore. It's an embarrassment.
Although very painful and will most likely be difficult to find another job, it is somewhat relieving not to have the axe hanging over your head anymore. I feel sorry for the remaining folks who will be looking over their shoulder every day. -Add Me To The List
Comment 01/29/15: I worked in the Lenexa, KS lab for a year and 8 months. I received an unexpected 3 on Tuesday and then had a meeting Wednesday informing me that I am part of the resource action. I thought I was safe because I was working on dashDB (in the Cloud space).
At least 2 others (possibly 3) at my site were also laid off yesterday. One was a new-hire like myself.
-KS IBMer-
Comment 01/29/15: To those RA'd this week, my sympathies. Like many of you, I was a consistent top performer for 10 years and totally blindsided when I got my RA package. What a sickening sense of betrayal and futility after having sacrificed so much for Big Blue! There's a misconception that I'd like to clear up...FLMs (most) take no pleasure in dishing out RAs. They have no input in the decision and in fact, aren't even forewarned when their people are on the list for consideration. How do I know? I was a FLM. Truth is, FLMs are just admin fire drill coordinators with little authority. They deal with the same garbage as you. My job, as I saw it, was to shield my team from as much of it as I could, in the interest of morale. Admittedly, I did peruse this site and wanted to participate, but was not eligible. For those not yet RA'd, I encourage you to join (just not from your IBM issued laptop). Best wishes, all. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/29/15: For all of you that are giving your condolences on this site to the people that were RA'D. My question are you joining the Alliance IBM? Remember you will probably be on the next round of RA'D's unless you create a union. The membership drive should be going through the roof! I was RA'D in 2013 and its sad to see this is still happening and will continue to happen until we have a union. Especially with the idiots we have as managers and HR personnel. -Gone in 2013-
Comment 01/29/15: I am a certified IT specialist will be out soon, and I will be glad that the bad dream will be over. I had no salary increase in the past three years with "Very good performance". The money we made for IBM was filled into Ginni Rometty's and these executive person's pockets (my salary was only less than 1/4 of my client billing rate). I am sorry for those people still staying. The additional work load will be added. "We will set some calls up so XXX can do some knowledge transfer to the team . With such a small team we will have to back each other up" -bad_dream_will_be_over_soon-
Comment 01/29/15: Its sad to see what IBM has become. When I started at IBM in 1982 this was the last company in the world I thought would end up this way. I quit IBM last year. I loved my job as a programmer, but could no longer tolerant the new culture of "work very hard if you want to keep your job". That is not a productive environment for highly skilled, talented people.
Unless you are at the end of your career, please do not plan to live your life at IBM. You only live this life once, and do not live a life of constant worry at IBM. Other companies really do appreciate their employees.
Virginia Rometty makes John Akers look like a genius. Worst CEO in the history of IBM. During one of the greatest bull markets of all time, IBM is worst performing company in the DOW two years in a row. Very sad.
Comment 01/29/15:
RA'd 1/28/15 (effective 6/30/15)
Band- 7
Dept/Div- LITB/07
PBC- 2 (w/standard package)
Loc- Chicago(Remote)
Tenure- 15.5yrs (16 if through June)
Also know a several other colleagues in Dept. received the same in the US.
Comment 01/29/15: With IBM for 16 years and always a Strong 2 including my last PBC. For what it's worth I was RA'd yesterday with no warning. I was set to become the L4 Tech lead for another account but I guess it doesn't matter now. At 63 I'm not looking forward to trying to find a job. I'll receive 26 weeks but then my pay goes to the max for unemployment which is less than a 3rd of what my pay was. Not looking forward to loosing everything. Welcome to the Autumn years of your life.. -A Strong 2: BS-
Comment 01/29/15: To -Bob-, Great message about God. For the folks who have been RA'ed and traveled a lot on IBM biz to different clients.... Reach out to them. You must have made friends/contacts on the way. Maybe they are not hiring, but they might know somebody who is, and they can give you a positive referral in the process. This automatically moves you to the top of anybody's list. Word of mouth is where companies always start and you should start there also (after updating your resume of course). -ibmphantom-
Comment 01/29/15: I work for a tech publication called MC Press Online. I'd like to speak with someone at Alliance (phone/email) regarding the current situation for a piece I'm writing to be submitted tomorrow morning. Sorry for the short notice. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/29/15: I have 20 years with IBM and just got my a PBC 3 with a PIP. If I get RAed after 30 days for not meeting the PIP requirements, will I still be able to get my full severance and a right to claim Unemployment. HELP! -Need Advice HELP!-
Comment 01/29/15: 25 yrs service 61yrs young, received notice of severance 1/28, working through 2/27. Rated a 3 performer on PBC after always being 2 and above. Div: 07, SO Exec project mgr. Just re-signed a 5 year deal with my head count included, but not me. Beware if you were rated a 3 as they may not give you the full 26 week package. Get it in writing that you will receive the full package. -ibmhatespeople-
Comment 01/29/15: Those RAed with 14 years of service seems to be a large median. Guess IBM wants to save FHA payments in the future too by now resetting those 14 year veterans RAed back to $0 FHA benefit. -FHA'ed-
Comment 01/29/15:
Group: IBM GTS - SO
Band: 8 Age: 39
Number of years@ IBM: 12
Number of additional people RA'd as well: 3
Got a 2 PBC after many years of getting 1's and 2+'s never any 3's. IBM is now more than ever an empty shell of almost zero technical talent but a bunch of CEO's and managers holding on to their own jobs at the sacrifice of honest talented and loyal employees and telling sales guys to come up with new jargon "cloud" and "analytics" to buy into. If your a potential customer run the other way. There is life after IBM. -Free@Last
Comment 01/29/15: Got RA'd after five years with IBM, ten years with acquired company. I transferred to another division, and this is "encouraged" by IBM. However, I was rated poorly because I didn't have the experience. Ok, so why did you hire me into your division?
IBM, you will not improve your performance if you disrespect and degrade your most important resource, your people. Successful companies recognize that the company succeeds when the individual succeeds. IBM says the right thing (treasure wild ducks, find efficiencies) but lip service won't get it done. Can you say 200 underperforming quarters and then IBM goes the way of the modem? -US in Canada
Comment 01/29/15: 34 years of Service / 56 yrs old STG / Client Enablement & Systems Assurance / Pok Last ten PBC years had six 1's and four 2+'s working 60 up to 100 hours per week during most years since 1981. In the T2R program initially expected to retire end of year Got my first 3 PBC ever a week ago which I volunteered for because I thought they could not lay me off due to the T2R and the old two years of 3's rule before getting a PIP. Like many IBM departments the 3's left years ago, we really don't have any 3's in our dept. Yesterday I found the PIP rule has changed and I was put on PIP (with 3 months severance if I fail the PIP review) and now looking forward to retiring/pension a bit earlier. For the most part it was a great three decades, it's only in the last few years I have experienced what many of you have been seeing for many years now. I find that the CEO of SoftLayer leaving this week very disturbing. I was involved in another fantastic company that IBM bought a few years ago and it was very noticeable that things went quickly downhill when the CEO of that company left with many of the brains with him. I keep wondering when Warren Buffet will wake up and use his clout as the largest IBM stockholder to clean up the mess at the top of IBM. -Looking forward to living a full life again-
Comment 01/29/15: Its very sad and disappointing to hear about the RA's all over IBM. Any information about India? -Mahesh-
Comment 01/29/15: After first 3 rating last week which I refused to accept, RA'ed yesterday with off payroll date of 6/30. Manager had to fight for that to complete projects in motion and training. Not his fault. It is annoying that someone who never met me, never spoke to me and knows nothing about my actual work judged me. But c'est la vie. Thanks for the good times IBM. Now it's an OPPORTUNITY FOR UPGRADE!! -Anonymous-
Comment 01/29/15: RA'd after 19 years of service and received the undeserved 3 like most here. I am pretty sure this RA completely discriminated the older workforce as everyone was blindsighted with poor performance after years of solid dedicated service. They can take my job but not my pride or dignity.
Location - NY
Division - GTS
Job - IT Architect
Good luck to all my colleagues. The slow painful death is finally over. -On the list
Comment 01/29/15: First, my condolences and best wishes to those who are being RA'ed, and to those who are picking up the workload. Based on personal experience, I strongly encourage those RA'ed to start your job search immediately, as you are more marketable while still employed.
Find out whether your state offers job search workshops and other assistance, to those who aren't yet fully unemployed. While you look, consider starting some pro bono / volunteer work related to your field, or to your desired field if considering a career change. Build your network outside IBM, especially if you have mostly worked remotely and mostly with other IBMers. Learn how online job applications work. HR software will screen your resume / cover letter / applications for any criteria or businesss rules that HR chooses to set up. For example, your resume can be ignored if you have more than N days since last paid employment; changed employers too frequesntly / not frequently enough, had salary too low / too high, etc. [Salary of course isn't on the resume.] And yes, they can screen for total duration of employment, even if that sounds like age discrimination. Perhaps they are looking for an entry level employee, and you have 28 years of job experience. Is it legal? Dont know. While online applications are one route to finding your next job, they are by no means the best / only approach.
I can verify the comment by -EX-IBMER- I had never heard of the Alliance before a colleague was RA'ed in 2008. It might not have been called an RA that year; I honestly don't recall. This comment might not be very helpful, as presumably the Alliance is better known these many years later. It IS unfortunate that there doesn't seem to be enough traction to form a union with negotiating rights, at least to date. Best of wishes, sincerely. -Another former IBMer
Comment 01/29/15: Concerted efforts were made by the management to reduce the PBC ratings of the employees. Talking to a number of my colleagues, who were ready to discuss their ratings, each one had his/her rating reduced! It is like a conspiracy hatched, to deny people whatever is due to them. Wonder how many hours Ginny and her cronies spent, to come out with this stupid plan.
You talk to your manager that you have not received a raise in 3 or 4 years, one gets the standard reply, that he/she too has not received one! One other tactic/practice that IBM has been following is to constantly change managers, under the slogan of a "re-org". I have lost track of the number of managers, I have worked under!! The stock will now go up and one can see how quickly these executives cash-in on their options. Sam Palmisano walked away with a whopping 170 million dollars, when Ginny took over from him. That would have fed a lot of families for a number of years. They would have used that money to survive, pay college tuition and for health care. Sad that everybody at Wall Street is only interested in seeing their stocks go up, while thousands of families suffer. Over the years, I have seen unbelievable loyalty towards IBM, from its workers. The Management though, treats them like dirt. -Worried_at_IBM
Comment 01/29/15: Officially retired January 3, 2015. My last 2 roles in IBM: World Wide Marketing Manager in IBM Systems & Technology Group and North America Marketing Manager working with ISV's, Distributor's and Business Partners. I am very sorry for any IBMer that has lost their job. I was offered a package last April for a bridge to retirement and took the package with 6 months pay and 1 year medical/dental. I can tell you that life goes on after IBM. I am now running an investment company with 100% responsibility for ROI. I am a man of faith and have found that God places opportunities in our pathway. I believe each of us can be successful and happy, believe in it, it will make your life more successful. I wish the best for all of my IBM friends wherever you are in the world. I traveled the world with IBM and made friends wherever I went, I miss the people. -Bob-
Comment 01/29/15: Just wanted to give my best wishes to all of you. I've known too many over the years who were suddenly only a 3 after a career of 1 or 2+ ratings. When I first started at IBM I was excited by the prospect, and after witnessing my first RA, I realized just how bad it really is to work there, and I'm so glad that today I DON'T work for IBM, but rather a company that values me and my work and treats me like a human and part of a family, rather than a percentage point to be cut and shuffled on a whim, or a cost to be handled. SO My best wishes to all of you, especially the ones who are losing their jobs this month and next. -Jeff-
Comment 01/29/15: RA'd (band 7, SWG, 5 years) PBC 2 w/standard package. I also know a dozen other colleagues received the same in the US. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/29/15: I talk selectively to people in Toronto Lab about the alliance postings and the web site. Many visit and read. I am an alliance supporter costing me 3 coffees a month but benefiting way more. I find many visit to read but are unwilling to spend $5 a month to be a supporter. Question to alliance how many people actually are supporters of the alliance? I think it reflects very bad on IBMers if we visit and peruse the site repeatedly but are not supporting in any meaningful numbers. Hope there are many supporters even if not members. -IBM Canada BPM-
Alliance reply: We have 62 associate members.
Comment 01/29/15: For those who have survived the PBC3 or RA's, do not count your blessing yet. If you had any common sense, you would see that there are a fresh set of PIP participants and RA inductee already lined up. Just look in the mirror. The only thing that has changed since I was RA'd (a 2+) in 2007, was now they are getting even more dirty with lying - misleading reduced hour retirement plan or the PBC3. How many grandfather pension employees have been targeted in the last decade, just short of their well earned pension? You need to Cowboy up and get organized at what remains of IBM or leave in mass -exIBMer-
Comment 01/29/15:
RA'd yesterday (1/28/2014)
Div7 Strategic Outsourcing
52 years old
17 years with IBM
PBC 2 for the past few years, 2+'s and a couple 1's before that Standard package. My last day is 6/30/2015 rather than the 2/27/2015 that everyone is reporting. It's gonna be a long 5 months. Really looking forward to 7/1/2015. -2TodayGone2morrow
Comment 01/29/15: to Admin of this site...We need a seperate form based page here ,where RA'ed employee can go and fill in data like Name/Location/Band/Last working day/PBC rating/etc. If we display that in table format.then we get better idea of RA situiation rather than going through the comments -ex-IBmer-
Alliance reply: It is good to go through the comments and see the emotion, instead of just the stats. There is always the factor of finding out new information that some IBMers may not already know. We think it is an additional tool of communication, to go along with the stats.
Comment 01/29/15: Given a pbc 3 after a year of working harder than I ever have, delivering a lot against a background of management indecision and lack of vision and working across two products simultaneously. I can't let this get to me because I know its the system that's broken and its not anything to do with me. -SickOfIt-
Comment 01/29/15: I think it will be hard to get to 100k out without a divestiture of some business. I know there are a few small ones that are closed and will announced in time to separate people by the end of February. The businesses that are spun off are going to be in s much better position, though sadly they will have been cut to the bone and have to build back up. -Bob-
Comment 01/29/15: Not sure about the US but in the UK regardless of whether you are part of a union or not you can take an employer to an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal.I know this is correct because during my time in IBM I know of 2 people who won cases because they were dismissed but no evidence or indication of performance was given. Therefore if your in the UK and get a PBC 3 but you were not made aware during the year and know that no evidence exists in a mid year or any one - 2 -ones you can do it. What you need to do is ensure you document evidence ie: email that your asking "why" and want detailed reasons. Take print outs of your mid year review or one-2-one notes if any.You must appeal and let IBM go through the appeal process first before taking action. If you sign an RA just be aware you waive any rights to sue them. -This is it-
Alliance reply: It doesn't work that way here in the US. IBMers in the US have no recourse; such as "an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal." A union contract, collectively bargained is the legal instrument used, when an employee at a unionized company disputes what they believe is an "unfair dismissal".
Comment 01/29/15: I have a couple of thoughts.
1) the PIP firings are in the SCAMS areas, because RAing people from the 'saviour' areas would be bad press, and bring to light that SCAMS won't save IBM.
2) IBM is far too late entering the Cloud arena. It is no longer a feature, it's expected by customers, and they won't be impressed that IBM offers it. Just like when I buy a TV, I expect it to come with a cordless remote control. If it doesn't, I wonder what else the TV lacking, but I won't pay more because it comes with a remote. -Some thoughts
Comment 01/29/15: It is heart wrenching to hear all the messages from fellow IBM'ers. I didn't get caught in the RA but share the frustrations voiced by many. In my humble opinion, first and foremost sales management should be the ones RA'ed and I am not talking about FLMs. FLM in sales is one of the hardest jobs anywhere but certainly at IBM due to incompetencies in sales management (SM). SM at IBM is very adept at negotiating best deals for their division or brand in the ELAs but not much in selling or caring for the customer. Worst however very few understand how to sell cloud. IBM's most innovative and promising solutions are headed by longtime IBM'ers instead of new blood which understands how to move faster than competition and heightened expectations of customer experience. The individuals who control the allocations in the ELA are the kings/queens and sales spends time selling to them instead of to the customers or understanding what they are selling. Unless new blood is circulated in the sales machine, no amount of innovation is going to right IBM as it stands today. I hope I am wrong for the remaining 400K employees who still call this iconic brand their second home. - IBM/Sales/SWG/MA-
Comment 01/29/15: Just curious. The people that were RA'd this week, first I am sorry that a company you gave your all to did not reciprocate, but I have a question. Did you know about this site before you became nervous and anxious about your job status? I ask since this is a major vessel for organization, but I fear only folks feeling at risk might "find" this site. I am guilty of feeling at risk and searching for answers a few years back and just stumbled upon site site. How do we reach the masses before it is too late? -EX-IBMER-
Alliance reply: We HAVE reached the masses for nearly 16 years ( 13 years on-line). Many refuse to get involved because they believe that this won't happen to them. We've heard several people claim that they never heard of Alliance@IBM--but our web statistics tell us otherwise. The number of visits to this web site over the past 13 years is well over 12 million. That's world wide. For an "International" company's employees to be so isolated that they can't see what else is going on internationally, in the company they work for; speaks volumes about IBM management's ability to put FUD in every employees' lap at date of hire. It is really a sad testimony. But we refuse to stop. Join Alliance@IBM and support our effort to organize and unite IBMers in the USA and around the Globe.
Comment 01/29/15: Terrible to see how IBM mgmt is wrecking people's lives whilst they keep rambling about growth markets (didn't happen), Cloud (others are ahead), analytics (statistics is an ancient science). What are the shareholders thinking when their and others' stakes are being mishandled? But I understand Ginni can play golf in Augusta. That's the attitude, reminiscent of Marie Antoinette "let them eat cake..." -Carl-
Comment 01/29/15: Over 25 years of service. Always got 1 or 2+ ratings - last rating was 2+. Worked diligently every single day. Generated millions in revenue last year and every previous year. Packaged off today. Why did I work so hard for so many years? -SacrificedTooMuch-
Comment 01/29/15: Feeling really angry! My husband and I were part of the huge layoff at IBM today. Everything I read only talks about how it's just business or how it won't hurt the cities economy. They never talk about the families this has effected. It's all about the bottom line right? — -Caught off gaurd-
Alliance reply: Sorry for your job loss. Alliance@IBM has be "warning IBMers" for years, to avoid being "caught off guard". IBMers have needed to organize themselves toward a union contract. For some reason, that doesn't seem to be intuitively obvious. Again, sorry to hear of your job loss.
Comment 01/29/15: RA'ed today. Basic package like others have posted. Total of 8 years. Last day the 27th. Good PBC rating. Not shocked at all. Never been comfortable working for IBM. Always Need To Keep the Resume Updated Working here. -rtp-
Comment 01/29/15: Received a 3 from a new manager this year. Then was told I was being let go due to my rating. The documentation she put in the PBC shows the opposite from what she stated. Is there any legal recourse other than the appeal process noted in your documents? -Wrongly accussed-
Alliance reply: No legal recourse. You're an "At Will Employee". You are at the mercy of that status until you decide to fight for a collectively bargained (union) contract or an individually bargained contract. Don't waste your time/money looking for an attorney to fight for you. Sorry for your job loss.
Comment 01/29/15: I joined IBM almost 4 years ago and while I know infrastructure management is hecktic and wild, I have never been more supurised that a company with such experence runs stratigic outsourcing as a bunch of disjointed spreadmarts of scrambling minions. I worked in a small overworked shop prior to IBM and working here is like I handed out 50 spreadsheets of varying types to everyone and said this is your business process. Do this along with your job, and dont fail! -Highly Disapointed-
Comment 01/29/15: What's news from IBM India? not seen any posts? Any RAs? Most local newspapers are reporting IBM India is going to be hit hard this time. Wish all my colleagues and IBM family members ALL THE BEST. There is life after IBM. Fight it. -shakenupibmblr-
Comment 01/29/15:
PBC 2 after only 1's and 2+'s.
16 years with IBM.
Age early 50's.
Project Manager.
RA'd today - standard package
GBS Canada
At least 10 in my group let go (group of 40) Told I didn't have enough CAMSS skills - uh, did the training but sure whatever Glad to be gone and feel for those left behind - there weren't enough to do the work as it is. Stay strong and carry on. -CutsInCanada
Comment 01/29/15: Almost 55 yrs old, 15 years with IBM, good results on the silly scale (2, 2+)...buh bye IBM. -Boulder IBMer-
Comment 01/29/15: Got RA'ed myself in 2011 after 13 years. Just wanted to show my support to all those receiving the package today. From personal experience I know how that lump in the stomach feels like, the feeling of betrayal overwhelming you, going through the steps of grief etc. But after the dust settles you will realize it is a good thing, there are lots of other companies out there, and they are pretty much all better companies than IBM. In a way it is tragic-comical, IBM is laying off all of these people who then goes elsewhere, many likely in positions that control what kind of technology to acquire. Not sure about you guys, but I would never buy IBM again... -Klavs-
Comment 01/29/15: 13yrs with IBM, 5 PBC 1s, rest 2+, except for this year i got a 2. got my IBM expert level IT architect certification in 2013, got RA'd...the decision has been made for me, as Lebron said "am taking my talents elsewhere"..this could be a good thing! start something new... -jiggatech-
Comment 01/29/15: Virginia Marie "Ginni" Rometty continues to eat IBM employees food........sad that some of the spineless managers started to eat their own team members food too , following the leader !! -Anonymous-
Comment 01/29/15: To those RA'ed today in The State of New York who are eligible to collect a pension from IBM:
In March of 2009, when I was RA'ed, I collected NY State Unemployment Insurance while at the same time receiving my IBM pension WITHOUT having my pension negatively offset UI. This was due to the fact that IBM froze pensions on 1/1/2008. In 2009, The NY Dept of Labor did not care if you received severance pay from IBM. That said, NY has since changed their Labor Laws. You must now wait six months after leaving IBM to collect UI, if you received six months severance pay.
I do not know if the labor laws in The State of New York have changed since 2009 with regard to collecting UI and an IBM pension at the same time. It's possible that they have changed, so I'd recommend that you contact The NY State Dept of Labor in Albany and ask if there has been a recent change in the labor laws with regard to pensions being used to offset UI. In any case, there definitely were IBM'ers laid off after 3/31/2009 who were receiving their pensions and at the same time collecting UI benefits without any negative impact to their UI benefits. I was one of them! I hope you can do it too!! Best of Luck to you! -RA'ed in 2009
Comment 01/29/15: I joined IBM in 2011 into the summit program, within S&D. I left 2 yrs later, right after i survived the RAs that went down in 1Q of 2013. The leadership (and Iuse the term very loosely) are short sighted, reactive in everything that they do, and seem to be in it to solely prop up the stock price. The managers (I also use the term very loosely) that I was exposed to were glorified pipeline guidance, no coaching, never showing any care or interest in their reports...all they cared about was whats closing so they can report up good forecasts to their managers. I wish everyone the best. But if you are able, please do yourselves a favor and do so as soon as you can. Btw I wont name my new employer...we're consistently named the best company to work for...and it is night and day. But then again, nothing can be worse than the toxicity that permeated at IBM. -Got out just in time-
Comment 01/29/15: If your having difficulty coming to grips cognitively with what really is the PBC and why these RAs come every year and the constant strain and fear it puts you under, read the short story by Shirley Jackson called "The Lottery". The similarities between the story and IBM's HR management processes is much the same and frightening true. -TheBlackDot-
Comment 01/29/15: Never thought I would join a union. Joined the Alliance as a voting member today. 33 yrs as SSR in Southern USA and tired of hearing BS from FLM about "there's nothing I can do but I had to hand out x nr of 3's". Too many ways IBM has taken, taken and taken from us. Time to organize and fight back. I'm not looking for a hand out, just a honest pay for the work I do. Join the Alliance now before it's too late. -Still_here-
Comment 01/29/15: Has there ever been a company on the face of the earth that has been dying for so long at such a slow and painful rate. Take it behind the barn and be done with it... please. -Richard-
Comment 01/29/15: Got laid off today after 14 yrs of service. At least 9 more in my location. That's after getting 2 rating on PBC review on Friday. Where is this company going? -Natalie-
Comment 01/29/15: 54.5 years old. 30 years with IBM. Always PBC 1 or 2 plus. This year PBC3 for customer reports being late but my team only took over in October and cleared the backlog by December. 2/27/15 last day what BS -Mike-
Comment 01/29/15: Internal systems in the stone age. No "Big Data" science to determine layoffs. -Insider-
Comment 01/28/15: I was RA back in July of 2013 of course I was at the retirement age. I like how they put it to me, my number came up. I was very upset at the time, but they did me the biggest favor by doing it. All you folks that are getting RAed it will work out for the best. If your retirement age they are doing you a favor, get you a hobby and you will think just like me in about a year. -William-
Comment 01/28/15: Hate the way this company scams employees clients investors. Instead of blaming employees by giving them a 3 rating I would respect IBM more if they were truthful about how they have failed and are therefore letting employees go. Ginni you deserve a 4. -PBC Sham-
Comment 01/28/15: Great to see the thermometer going up. Fight back! Some people still haven't gotten their PBC so I think this is stretching out until the end of the week. Has anyone in Systems & Middleware been RA'd? There is a rumor that everyone that is not CAMSS has been herded into this one business unit so that IBM can sell it off to EMC or someone like that. Remember last year when Ginni said "If you aren't working on CAMSS, you're working on the wrong thing?" She said exactly that. Systems & Middleware contains the rest of the hardware, and all the legacy stuff that is not CAMSS. It will probably be sold off, thereby making the 100k number much more realistic (between that, the RA's, voluntary separations, and PBC 3 dismissals in 30 days after the PIPs are up, and RA's in subsequent quarters). They will sell it and pump the money foolishly into the low margin cloud business. Just watch. -PBC means Pile of Bull Crap-
Comment 01/28/15: I was laid off in after 2 1/2 years. I was given a 3 because my performance was graded against some "400" people and found wanting. Of course no metrics or any concrete evidence was presented just generalizations. In my case I am pretty sure it was my relationship with my FLM. Unfortunately for him and his direct reports he may well be the worst manager I have ever worked under in my entire working life of over 30 years. It's my fault for not getting out from under his direction last year. -Charles-
Comment 01/28/15: 200 let go in Dubuque, wife is a financial advisor and she wanted to let all of you know that you are able to withdrawal from your 401k plan penalty free if you are at least 55 or will turn 55 anytime this year.
...Exceptions. The 10% tax will not apply if distributions before age 59 1/2 are made in any of the following circumstances.Made to a beneficiary (or to the estate of the employee) on or after the death of the employee. Made due to the employee having a qualifying disability. Made as part of a series of substantially equal periodic payments beginning after separation from service and made at least annually for the life or life expectancy of the employee or the joint lives or life expectancies of the employee and his or her designated beneficiary. (The payments under this exception, except in the case of death or disability, must continue for at least 5 years or until the employee reaches age 59 1/2, whichever is the longer period.) Made to an employee after separationfrom service if the separation occurred during or after the calendar year in which the employee reached age 55 -Andrew
Comment 01/28/15:
15 min meeting with 2nd level mgr schedule for Friday.
PBC rating: 2
Site: Bay Area
Division: SWG
Job responsibilities: R&D -Anon
Comment 01/28/15: I was RA'd in 09. Rated a "1" performer and just blindsided by it all. Felt like my true love just divorced me. Yes I bled Blue. What I want to say to all of you is the insult, humiliation, personal wounding has nothing to do with YOU! If you received a 3 PBC rating, which of course was undeserved, that just stabs at the heart. You invested your person into doing the best you could do. You took pride in doing a great job. You felt good completing a complex project that worked. I think the personal insult is the worse. As a company IBM could care less....bad for them. Very very bad. Nothing that is that damp, moldy, black, seepy...ugggggg at the core will be around long. Sad for those that loved it. It's gone. You will have to find out on your own, but yes, there is life after ibm. I am now.... ok.....and you will be also. Anything that treats you this terribly does not deserve a booger from your nose. -Terri-
Comment 01/28/15: RA'd after 14 years today. Shining and enthusiastically positive PA's from all my projects this year.
I attended a meeting this morning that said our area was expecting triple digit growth this year. Received a PBC of 2.
Manager said he had no explanation. I was just gone and there was nothing he could do. Then he hung up to call other people to give them the news. -Terminated
Comment 01/28/15:
What is your PBC rating? 3
What site or location? Canada
Your business unit or division? GBS
Your job responsibilities? Project Manager
Worked for IBM for just under 4yrs. Just got the call this afternoon that Feb 27th is my last day. I feel like I just got out of prison. On to better things for me. -CanGirl
Comment 01/28/15: 28 years with the company, just turned 55 and always a 1 or 2+ performer till this last PBC - 3! I was SHOCKED! Given my heart, soul, and anything else laying around to IBM. How does this happen? -NH ANON-
Alliance reply: Sorry for your job loss. It hurts when it happens to you. Many of us know this, too.
To answer your question: It happens because good people like you tend to believe everything IBM management tells you. You toe the line, do your job, get good PBCs, and feel proud. Your feelings matter to you and your co-workers...but not at all to IBM Executives. This is the basic reason Alliance@IBM has been around for so long. We've been trying to get this message across for years: Employees cannot depend on the company to care about them or to reward their loyalty. IBM workers need to care about each other and join together as a massive voice that speaks volumes about how they see themselves and the company's business. Joining the union is the first step. Afterward, the organizing work must begin. It is not an easy path; but with large numbers of IBMers, getting busy organizing on non-work times and demonstrating to IBM Executives that you will no longer tolerate their punishment of you for what management decisions and mistakes THEY make , then and only then will things change for IBMers inside the work place.

Comment 01/28/15:Always amazed at all the people posting your "RA Today" yet did you all join Alliance? You know where this site is but most never actually joined. Don't be surprised then. Without a Union IBM will do whatever, whenever it damn well pleases to you. Good luck to all and on the bright side, there is life after IBM. I'm proof of that. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 01/28/15: RA'd today after 31 years. Was planning to retire very soon anyway. Good luck to those left to pick up where I left off. I've been where you are now, don't make too many plans for theweekends this year. Rochester, NY, Div 7 -Anon-
Comment 01/28/15: Let's be clear, there are at least two (and probably more...) methods of staff reductions being used by IBM. There are the typical RAs that are being reported, but there are also the PBC 3/PIP/Terminations in motion also, as discussed here in recent days. In RTP, I have talked with several people this week who were given unexpected PBC 3 ratings and were told that they have 30 days to improve their performance, with consequences if not successful. Most but not all of my discussions were with younger employees in the 500 complex. It's what been speculated here over the last week I know, but it is indeed happening. -RTP anon-
Comment 01/28/15: Got RA'ed today. 31 years at IBM. 19 months away from being eligible for FHA. At first I was shocked. I figured it would probably happen this way some day, I just didn't expect it to be today. I've been dealing with this BS since the first "surplusing" back in the early '90s. Back then they would say it's not that you don't have valuable skills, it's that we have a "surplus" of skills and we have to let some go. Whatever whatever..... You want to run this company into the ground...have at it. How my FLM sleeps at night having to deliver the message to hard working, loyal employees is beyond me. My conscience would NEVER allow me to do that. He's long in the tooth too though and probably just doing what he needs to do to get by. It would be nice to hear he doesn't agree with it though rather than toting the company line. Sometimes I think you just have to be your own person regardless of the company mantra. No worries though, I'll be goes on. -Grey_Hair-
Comment 01/28/15: I've been with IBM for under 2 years. Thankfully I was protected from the layoff because I'm part of the globalfoundries deal. It is really sad to see so many dedicated employees being laid off. It's only going to get worse at IBM in the upcoming years. -anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: Mtg with manager today and received confirmation I am on the list. Our situation is a little different. My entire departments function was moved out of US in the name of Globalization and cost savings. We assumed we would be on a list at some point. Several folks did procure new jobs, but unfortunately one of them was hit as well. At least 5 in my dept.... Band 9, GTS div 07 with 20 yrs. Am I Surprised? No. Angry? No. Disappointed that the genious BIg Blue executives with their million dollar salaries and bonuses have failed - quarter after quarter - year after year - to come up with a strategy that works?? ABSOLUTELY!!! Do I believe that they will turn the company around with cuts and their CAMSS strategy ? Not a chance in hell with this current Mgt team. As usual, they are In react mode and selling their smoke and mirrors. -SoonToBeX-
Comment 01/28/15: I was rated a 3 for the first time in my 16 year career. Does anyone know the specifics of the separation package for a first time 3? I am interested in the weeks severance and medical duration. -anon-
Comment 01/28/15: To -Its Finally Over- and anyone else who needs to know...You may not be ready to retire, but you are eligible for retirement if you are over 55 and have more than 15 years with the company. Because you are leaving after age 55, I believe you can draw from your retirement funds without pre-tax penalty. Confirm with your tax consultant, but this may help. -Eric-
Comment 01/28/15: Up to 200 RA'd at Dubuque GDF from local news report. I too am/was a T2R. Received a PBC of 3 with previous 5 years a solid 2. UNIX SA. SO Delivery. 5 1/4 years with IBM. 65 years old. Can now enjoy retirement. -Buster Brown @ Dubuque GDF-
Comment 01/28/15:
RA notice on 1/28/2015
PBC rating: 3
Site: Endicott, NY
Division: Global Business Services (GBS)
Job responsibilities: IT Specialist, IBM Account -GBSer
Comment 01/28/15: Male, Age 63 7 years at IBM. PBC 2 and 2+. Age discrimination?? RA'd today. -EX IBM-
Comment 01/28/15: I was RA'd back in 2010. It took a little bit, but I'm now with a company that is a 180 degree difference. I have fun, my coworkers have fun, we enjoy our jobs and our company. The pay scale is higher with better benies. There is definitely life after IBM. Take a bit to mentally recover from the feelings of being treated like cattle, and know that better things await. -FormerIBMer But Happy Now-
Comment 01/28/15: This is unfortunate, but everyone knows that already. As for the age discrimination discussion, check out Castelluccio v IBM, that was one successful approach. This PBC approach is vintage 'Ginny' She did this 8-10 years ago when she ran Services to manage the skew and reduce the variable pay amounts. Now she's managing the skew to easier justify the resource action (not sure which legal approach they are using, I assume it's either skill reduction or job elimination). It's hard to fight the PBC / skew, HR rewrote the rules (thanks to Ginny's stunt when ran services) such that 1's and 3's are no longer x% of the population. So basically this is a legally defensible approach, even though the managers would prefer the more honest 'you don't suck, the company does, and we can't afford all these employees now', instead of this manufactured justification (but the lawyers and labor councils of the world will forever prevent this type of discussion). BTW, life is much better outside IBM, this may be a silver lining for many of you with marketable skills.... be well! -former IBM exec-
Comment 01/28/15: It's only first round...3 more quarters to go and I DO believe this is pretty accurate info after crunching the figure of $600 Million. -Sick Sick-
Comment 01/28/15: Rumor has it that S&D and SWG are largely untouched by today's RA. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: RA'd today at Dubuque, Iowa delivery center along with a lot of others there I'm sure. First time PBC of 3 (bs in my opinion). Pretty crap sev pay package. About time for greener pastures. Good riddance.-Good Riddance-
Comment 01/28/15: -Ex-C&N-IBMer- Very Sorry to hear you got RAed. Yes, 6 months transition for medical. BUT did your %$#% manager tell you your FHA is now 0 balance since you didn't have 15 years of IBM employee service completed even though 58 years old you lose it all? You can get COBRA thru IBM after the 6 months however paying IBM for it. Some consolation. IBM stinks it up again. -FHA'ed-
Comment 01/28/15: 25-30 solid performing Canadian resources let go today. Last day Feb 27. Replaced with new hire Mexicans. Doing AR collections for IBM US. Hired 40 new Mexican's to add to I believe 280 or so there now. No comparison to the Canadian's ability to do the job. Last year 130 US based AR collectors removed. Executives wonder why we are not making AR Targets. You can't replace that knowledge base with new people from a different culture. -IWONDER-
Comment 01/28/15: pbc 2, 20+ yrs band 10 div 07..std package.over 55 so guess I am now retiring...but looking for a new job..not done working. -dunbelievin-
Comment 01/28/15:
RA'D today
14 years of service
division 07
project manager
Boulder -letgo
Comment 01/28/15: I can confirm that not all those downgraded a step from 1 or from 2+ are being cut. However, since Ginni announced a GDP program for this year, there was clearly another goal at play behind the downgrades: to be sure the pool of those getting GDP is as small as possible, after Ginni previously called GDP "unsustainable". She found a way to make herself "look good" by bringing back GDP while with the other hand, via PBC downgrades, simultaneously reducing both the cost of GDP payouts AND creating excuses to lay people off en masse. IBM now solely "motivates" its employees through a culture of absolute fear, while other companies motivate through perks. They might spare those at the lower levels who do the jobs of entire teams and mingle creatively with STSMs while never complaining about their comparatively pitiful salaries and complete lack of upward mobility. They spare those who succumb to their use of fear as a motivator. Your only chance to survive is openly accepting fear as a motivator while doing the work of higher level people for much less pay. A sad state of affairs. -CloudyWithAChanceOfRAs-
Comment 01/28/15: After 13 1/2 years got RA'd today, age 38. Received a '3' after years of 1,2+,2. Not really a reason given as my 1st line manager didn't bother to call in for the meeting, done with my 2nd line manager who I hardly knew. Band 7 Div 7H SWG Information Management(Analytics) or whatever name they are calling it now. Location KS Full 26 weeks with 6 months medical. This is how my 2nd line manager started the conversation when she walked in. Shook my hand and said 'Congratulations, you get to leave this f'ing place and go work someplace that appreciates you and treats employees with respect'. Later she said I am still 'hire able' within IBM and can look for another job until Feb. 27 but 'who the 'f' would want to keep working here' she said. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: Got Chromed today, not shocked. Usual package: 1 week/6 months at IBM unless your last two PBC ratings were both 3 or worse. So all you folks who got your first 3 ever should be fine in terms of getting the regular package. Not much else to say, except I am happy to have worked with some damn fine people, and for a historically important and innovative company. Now it's time to find a currently important and innovative one. -RatherNotSay-
Comment 01/28/15: Age 57, 2 months shy of 14 years. PBC 2 for 2 years, 2+ for 6 years and 1 for 5. Multiple award trips. SO - T&T Project Manager. Feb 28 last day -Unknown-
Comment 01/28/15: Massive layoff in Littleton, MA. Division, IGS. Laid off after 13 years, first most recent pbc rating 3, once again that is only because IBM saves money by paying only three months severance instead of full 26weeks, 6months. Such a shame. Huge savings for IBM. -Sands-
Comment 01/28/15: It turns out the RA is not happening across the board, only for certain divisions. I don't know which divisions, but most of the RA reports posted today are from people in Services. I'm in the new IBM Cloud division (SWG), and although I got a PBC 3, I'm not on the RA list, I'm supposed to do the PIP instead. I was hoping for the full separation package, looks like the best I can get is the minimized package. -Survivor-
Comment 01/28/15: GBS, almost 57 years old, 32 years an employee, Band 9, 2+ rating, received RA call this morning for 2/27. Actually had an offer 3 weeks ago but short term and I thought I was safe. Now it could be longer term but I hear almost impossible to overturn the RA even with a job available. -Sad-
Comment 01/28/15: Band 7. Project manager. GTS columbia DC. 3 years. RA'd today. 1 week for every six months. PBC 2 -GTS PM-
Comment 01/28/15:
RA'd to day
PBC rating: 3 (undeserved)
Location: PA
Business Unit: SWG
Job Role: Business Analytics Seller -Anonymous
Comment 01/28/15: -Ex-C&N-IBMer- mentioned getting 6 months transition for medical. Is that what others are seeing vs the previous 1-year paid medical with and additional 6 months available through COBRA (with no subsidy)? -Anon2-
Comment 01/28/15: Got RA'd from IBM today after working for the company for 16 years all at the IBM Boulder location.
What is your PBC rating? 2
What site or location? Boulder
Your business unit or division. SO, Server Systems Operations - Div 07
Your job responsibilities. UNIX system administrator -Anonymous
Comment 01/28/15: 15 years with IBM, Public Sector, on the RA list today, WA. work being moved to India delivery -caster-
Comment 01/28/15: Yes, I am one of those people who will say that my RA was the best thing to happen in my career. Last year I made nearly three times what I made in my final year at IBM. I have access to new technologies and can try new things. I am not confined to what IBM believes is what I need to work on in my pigeon-holed role. It stings, but this has been happening for 6 years now. Walk out and take control of your career. -knewitwascoming-
Comment 01/28/15: i see a lot of comments regarding employees being RAd who have many years with company.
This is beginning to look like age discrimination. People should post their age along with yrs of service.
Without this union support organization you would have no method of communication -Chroner
Comment 01/28/15: I am a band 8 in GTS with 17 years with IBM. Just got my first 3 and the RA call. 10 out of 24 on my team are RAd. The documentation says I will get 2 weeks per year unless I was consistently low performer which I am assuming means more than one 3 rating. -Mary-
Comment 01/28/15: Massive cuts in Dubuque. Whole teams being released (moving to India). Some being given 30 days. -Jim C-
Comment 01/28/15: Div 23, 15 Years, PBC 2 .. RA'd today. New York -Tom-
Comment 01/28/15: Let's build a smarter planet? I haven't heard this too much these days. IBM you are doing all you can to lose the planet now since you just lost your employees with another global RA. Every IBM employee knows someone who got RAed. It's no way to try to build anything and I mean anything! -anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15:
Got the call this morning. Eligible for T2R I'm told.
PBC 2+ (surprisingly, I was expecting to be lowballed)
Location: Eastern US
Division: GTS/SO
Role: SDM -anon
Comment 01/28/15:
What is your PBC rating? 3
Age: 56
Your business unit or division: - div 07 - SO - GTS - Pat Ninnie Allen's Group
Your job responsibilities: Contract Management Services
Can't wait to pound pavement at 56 - NOT -IveBeenMislead-
Comment 01/28/15: Sad day ..... but it is clear that IBM has both figured out how to distract from the staff reduction (i.e. RA's and PIP related dismissals) in the media. What is striking is the reports and comments all show long term, older workers. Harvard Business Review just ran an article that said providing a layoff free environment improves morale, productivity and the company's performance. Obviously it didn't get read in Armonk. -Not blue anymore-
Comment 01/28/15:
"What is your PBC rating?" 2
"What site or location?" TUS
"Your business unit or division." GTS
"Your job responsibilities." Project Manager -The Low Spark of High Heeled Girls
Comment 01/28/15: Send the RA information to the Alliance! Don't be afraid of disclosing this even if IBM says it is confidential: they can't do anything more to you than they just did.
I would like to see if IBM gets caught violating the WARN act or other labor and employment laws. I think it is wholly possible this time since IBM's "execution policies" (both in RAs and in "get 'er done" has been going down hill for years now. Hence the "reason" (what the reason is is conjecture at best) of removing AGE from the RA info package as well as EMPLOYMENT NUMBERS.
Comment 01/28/15: Just was told after almost 30 yrs, last day is Feb 27th. I am in Div 6c, RTP. PBC was a 2 for 2014 and that was after getting a band bump in 2H of 2014. -In RTP-
Comment 01/28/15: Sad to see how things happen at IBM these days. Certainly not the firm I joined in 1982. On the upside folks, especially for those recently RAed, there are a tremendous number of great jobs out there in our industry. Go out and get one of them! Good luck. -Leftin2000-
Comment 01/28/15: Retired in 2014. Heard that we lost several people that I worked with today, but at lease they got the standard package. With my workload the only way I was going to get out was to retire, since I would have never been offered a RA. I feel for the people that will now have to pick up the extra work, but most of these people can retire at anytime. -Lose your FHA or Lose it-
Comment 01/28/15: From Poughkeepsie
Comment 01/28/15: Dear Alliance Org: Just want to let you know that your information was so on point. After 15+ years with IBM and being a 1 and 2+ performer I received a surprised PBC3 rating for 2014. As Crigley and Alliance alluded to , My manager pinged me exactly at 12:15 today asked me to call and told me about the package. My Last day is Feb 28th and I get 13 weeks instead of 26 because of PBC3. Now I understand why the restructuring amount was booked at $580M because most people will get 13 weeks because most people were given PBC3s. In my current role I work more hours than I sleep. Work life balance is a joke.My manager said the RA was across the board. Lot and Lots of people getting calls today in the finance and delivery organizations of Global Technology Services (GTS). What is so comical is that the letter says that the RA is being taken to streamline operations and increase productivity. What a Joke. All it means is that the few who are left will end up working more hours. The work does not go away.-000 on 228-
Comment 01/28/15: Alliance, why not organize/advertise a dial in conference call for folks so you can present your platform? There are many employees, affected today or not that will be scanning this website for the next couple of days. You need to reach out to them on-mass. Just a suggestion -DG-
Alliance reply: Suggestion noted. In the meantime read this:
Comment 01/28/15: RA'ed today after 32 yrs of service - first time receiving a 3
Div 07
Location: Michigan
job: Project Office Manager for SO accounts -Moving on
Comment 01/28/15: Like many others, I just received notice that I'm part of the RA. What is a little different is that I recently received a 2 performance rating (after decades of 2+ and a few 1's). The reason for my separation is "work elimination", so it's not just tose that found themselves with PBCs of 3 that are being eliminated. -Soon to be Former IBMER-
Comment 01/28/15: To those affected by RA's. Know that you are on your way to a better place! I was RA'd back in 2014 and now with a company that actually values employees and it's customers. Imagine that! -TMC-
Comment 01/28/15:
PBC:2 (Always 2+ before)
Location: RTP, NC
Unit: Strategic Outsourcing
Job Responsibility: IT Architect -Anonymous
Comment 01/28/15: @gorya. I was not including T2Rs in my comment. Unfortunately, those may end up with PIPs and forced out by other means. That is not part of this RA. -On the list-
Comment 01/28/15: Just got the RA call. I was an unexpected PBC 3 in S&D. No details on the package yet. Was told that it was an RA, no mention of a PIP. -NotSuprised-
Comment 01/28/15: After 18 yrs with the company, 2+ pbc ratings, and 15 of those years working in the security arena, I got my glowing pbc rating of 3 (with no warning that I was even doing anything amiss) last week and an RA notice today. Sounds like many in the NA storage group is getting the same. Hard to take, especially when you've grown to actually care about what happens to this company, and folks surrounding you, trying to get the mission accomplished. Boulder is getting the axe, div 7 is behind it. Surprised that it even hit security, since auditors have been having a field day with them, but so it goes... -anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: I was RAd today. Given a 3 but overturned it to a 2. I am a NY State employee. Does anyone know why NY Hudson Valley Employees were part of the RA despite the agreement IBM made with the GOV of NY to preserve IBM jobs until 2016? -anonymous
Comment 01/28/15: Div 48. 38 years. PBC rating 2. RA today. Houston,Tx -John-
Comment 01/28/15: -Anonymous- Don't be fooled by what your FLM told you. HR has no say in who gets RA'ed. The FLM works with his peer managers to come up with a list based on an amount of headcount that must go given to them by their management team. The only role HR plays in this is they provide the number each organization has to trim to the upper management. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 01/28/15: Was RAd today. Technical Solutions Seller, in STG software defined infrastructure (IBM Platform group). Getting 30 days notice. then severance package. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: I got a PBC 2 for the first time in 15 years at IBM for last year and got my RA notice today. Even my team members are in shock because I'm the "go to" person whenever anyone needs help. Nice guys do apparently finish last. -BoulderAnonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: The cuts have started in the US and are quickly spreading. I received my call this morning. I received a 3 rating for the first time in my entire career. It was completely unfounded with no documentation to substantiate. 18 years with the company and they totally betray and demoralize before they let you go. -Ace-
Comment 01/28/15: RA'd today after 18 1/2 yrs. Last day Feb 27th Recently blind-sided by a 3 rating on PBC. Total fabrication full of inaccurate and false reasons stated. Work from home in NY State. Division GTS. Role Architect Have not seen it yet but apparently the standard package---1 week per year max 26 weeks. What I don't get is why rate me a 3 and then lay me off? No mention of PIP. I wonder if it is to ensure I won't be hired if I find another position within IBM? Was targeted I am sure because in June I would have been qualified for the FHA Insurance benefit. I will survive. -Sacraficial Lamb-
Comment 01/28/15: So far, I'm hearing a confirmed 60 headcount reduction in GBS EUS on my old account... This includes all levels, even project executive. -Happy EX-IBMER-
Comment 01/28/15: Cringely was correct. The firings are in progress now. What was once the epitome of American business has become the poster child for all that is wrong with American business. Thanks Bob and Alliance– for telling this sad story, for relentlessly speaking truth to power, for not backing down, and for supporting workers. BTW, IBM’s future is cloudy indeed – Lance Crosby was forced out this week as well. -Ghost of TJW-
Comment 01/28/15: Band 7 - Project Manager - GTS-Columbia, MO - Bloodbath today. Me>? Yes, RA'd -Anon-
Comment 01/28/15: Even though a 2 PBC rating received, I got the RA package today. Cost cutting and efficiency. Manager was a total tool, read from script, and when I asked how long she had known about this, she stated that is confidential. After 34 years, what a way to be shown the door. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: To those reading the latest job cut comments: I see a few comments that are showing clear anger, but let's not let anger get to us all. We need to fight a singular fight. We have to stand and stick together in solidarity whether we are a PBC 3 or not. Let's not say our Indian or Chinese colleagues can't do the job, that a band 5 can't do a band 8 job, that I told my manager when I got a PBC 3 that I'll threaten him, etc.
Sure IBM Management is bad right now and in some cases really classless and crass. It is okay to vigorously defend yourself; but don't stoop to their level. Let us IBM employees keep and show the professionalism and class we always have. WE CAN GET OUR UNION NOW. JOIN! -JJBeamer
Comment 01/28/15: The hard, cold truth about power in capitalism is an unspoken, foundational goal to have others more "over the barrel" than others have you "over the barrel". That's the essence of "at will" employment, and it's based on the notion of dividing and conquering.
While joining the Alliance is a good thing, it's only a small piece of where the real power is at, which is acting in concert.
For example, let's say all IBMers joined the Alliance this instant. What changes? Well, nothing until those who join act *together*. That means if the group decides to call in sick, *all* call in sick. If the group decides to strike, *all* strike.
Relatively speaking, management and stockholders couldn't care less if you join a union so long as you continue to put self-interest above group-interest. It might not seem immediately intuitive, but in a capitalist environment, the path to the fulfillment of self-interest travels through putting group-interest first. This absolutely must be understood, or there's no hope against the dividing and conquering "at will" employment scheme.
There is nothing management of any sort fears more than workers who can act in concert.
EVEN WITHOUT A UNION, your collectively acting together (surely collaborative internet tools are currently more than capable of facilitating this) would *instantly* bring management to their knees. They'd be blubbering and dirtying their diapers like scared little babies, and *begging* to address your collective needs.
All you need to do is find a way to act together. And while Alliance certainly can help make that happen, never forget that it's not a union or some other conceptual entity from which the power derives. It derives from people putting each other before themselves so secure long-term group gains, even at the expense of short-term personal gains.
Comment 01/28/15: 14 year IBMer resourced today. Last day Feb 27. Age 58. C&N/Legal group. Outstanding performer downgraded to strong performer (i.e.2)for last PBC. Directly closed over $100M in contracts past QTR. Standard package. Lump sum payment equivalent to one week of pay for each fully completed six months of service based on most recent date of hire, with a minimum of two weeks and up to a maximum of 26 weeks. 6 months transition for medical. -Ex-C&N-IBMer-
Comment 01/28/15: Well...after 17 years I am on the list. My PBC was 2 and I work in SO Delivery. I am 61. I will get full severance. My last day is Feb. 27th. -Just1waiting-
Comment 01/28/15: Meeting was short (about 5 mins), package was given. Burden lifted off my shoulder. Not a walk-out or PIP. Will read the fine prints later... -Be Free eh-
Comment 01/28/15: There is no case an IBM employee can make when fighting against dismissal.IBM is an at will employer and can fire AND RA any employee without just cause. To Be protected in this corrupt environment by IBM management and executives, without a union to protect IBM employees, this will continue. The last three executives and board of directors OF IBM have had no respect for their IBM employee and will use any corrupt method and strategy to fire and lay off employees, It is really sad to see what IBM has become. -Union Now-
Comment 01/28/15: So after around 20 years I get my very first 3 pbc rating. And behind curtain number two is the boot imprint on my rear. Even though I was given BS reasons for the 3 (which I did protest to) in the end it simply did not matter. They have an agenda and will stick to it by any means necessary. On my team of 4 people i'm the 25% to get cut. Its a lose-lose situation for us all. Those who get canned are out of work, those left behind have to pick up the slack for which they don't have the cycles. Good luck all, its been a trip. -Doneisdone-
Comment 01/28/15: "will have a strong case for unfair dismissal." (if you get a surprise PBC 3) You are an "at will" employee. Unfair dismissal? Says who? IBM solely determines dismissal fair or unfair without a union. Without a union contract at will employees have NOTHING. With a union they have SOMETHING. -NeedaUnion-
Comment 01/28/15: Thanks -Thisistheend- for your post:
"Don't forget people , if you get a pbc 3 and it's the first time you were aware your under performing against peers ie: no written evidence in your mid year reciew or any other time , you will have a strong case for unfair dismissal. I urge people to start thinking about how you can put a case together to show the process was unfair."
-Thisistheend- I am the one who had a posting about pbc 3 with no written evidence and had a good review in the mid year review. I received the Layoff notification 2 hrs ago. Now, can anyone give a suggestion as to how can we start to put a case together to show the process was unfair? -Amy
Comment 01/28/15: Got the call first thing this morning. PBC rating 2, been a 2 for past 4 years, 2+ for about 8 year and 1's before that. 17 years with IBM, was on training program, and even received a few bonus's last year. Severance package is standard with pay at normal rate not reduced. Age almost 58 so a few years before I can retire. Will wait till tomorrow to read through the package, but I think I'm at least glad it's finally over and can stop wondering what's going to come. I pray for those that are now trying to figure out how to support their families, and also for those that will still have to face this each year, and for those new people that will never know the old IBM that stressed ethics and were proud of the work we did. -Its Finally Over-
Comment 01/28/15: -Thisistheend- Good luck on this... Remember you have no employee backed through a union representative grievance process in IBM USA. Appealing your PBC without union contract is management backed even when some employees are asked to give management feedback or review on a appraisal complaint.
If you want to make real 'noise' a real statement and action, that is protected by law and truly enforceable and get a fair process, then you have to organize, get majority union membership, win the union vote, get collective bargaining rights, and sign a contract with the appraisal grievance spelled out in it which we are allowed under USA NLRB labor law. -da_facts
Comment 01/28/15: This has now been going on for six years. The 2009 RAs showed what they were planning. Personally I wouldn't fight the PBC rating. Somewhere on some sheet of paper your name already has a big X next to it. Take whatever severance you can and look for a better place to continue your career. The company has all the power since the employees have not stood together. -Bubba Bubba-
Comment 01/28/15: RA'ed today. 20 years, got PBC 3 which we all know a farce. I am costly to IBM at band level 9 compared to new hires. I am part of Corporate Marketing. Glad to receive this package. Oh, I am 60 so time to enjoy life! My FLM said I get the max of 26 weeks. For those who have consistently been among the lowest contributors, aka PBC 3, you will get only the max of 13 weeks. Good luck to those RA'ed today and to those remaining with this company. -Gone after 20 years-
Comment 01/28/15: Just talked to a co worker from the UK I used to work with on one of my accounts. 350 out of 2000 people got RA'd. This is SO (Strategic Outsourcing) only which in the states is division 07. Said he didn't know about the other divs as he is in SO. UK has laws that IBM must disclose numbers unlike the States. -IveBeenMislead-
Comment 01/28/15: Lance Crosby is out. That is no vote of confidence for IBM's cloud ambitions. -Former IBM-
Comment 01/28/15: Just got the official RA notice. No PIP. My undeserved PBC rating of 3 does not matter anymore. Last day is Feb 27. Severance will be based on pre-training salary. (A good thing. 10% more). Credit for years at a prior company "expired" (A bad thing). 8 years of IBM service In SO project management. Good luck everyone. I'm on to greener pastures and will not look back. -DeepThroat-
Comment 01/28/15: There are many comments here about RA's and other reductions and I understand that. More important, what are the people left doing to keep their jobs? A union? You can try that but maybe we should take it on ourselves to try and save this company. Management is only concerned with stock price. We need to sale, come up with ideas to drive revenue and new products for our customers. We need to do what we can to retain our current customer base and attract new or old customers to IBM. Quit waiting for management they are inept! We need to take control however we can ourselves. A union is great but for professional people that's a pipe dream. Contact your customer's sale them on IBM products yourself. Push development and management on product direction. Get involved if we even remotely want to save this company and our jobs! -Anon-
Comment 01/28/15: Well, I got pinged on ST by my manager to talk. He gave me the news that I've been RA'ed. I too was one of those people that got the "3" and had never received one in the past. My manager told me that he had been notified yesterday that he had been RA'ed too.
As a side note, I worked at IBM from 1996-2007 and was a manager over a delivery team when I got RA'ed in 2007. I worked for several years at another IT company, but it got bought and I along with my entire team were laid off when they closed my division down. I came back to IBM as a contractor in 2011 and then a regular in late 2013. -MySecondTime
Comment 01/28/15: Job cuts in progress at Poughkeepsie. Got called in first thing this morning. Received a PBC 3 after being a career 2 & 2+ employee. Get 26 weeks severance and transitional medical etc. Sign out day will be Feb 27th. I'm aware of 2 other people in my function who also got laid off today. Doesn't look to be a good day in Poughkeepsie. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: Thank God never an IBMer but worked with some decades ago who find the current mess lamentable. Only familiar with the carnage in Rochester MN and strongly feel local leaders and state officials cower in the face of IBM by not challenging their lack of transparency, gaga order on severance and HR abuse. Performance eval sham is just that. I firmly believe MAYO empire will absorb IBM and many opportunities will develop. EPIC is a rapidly growing firm I think headquartered in Madison WI. World wide walkout is a great idea. It is nothing other than money grubbing, obscene profit mongers destroying a once great company. Time to fight back. -The Colonel-
Comment 01/28/15: My group of 13 was unaffected this morning. But there have been voluntary departures recently that put us under head-count. Our SDM made an announcement about the resource action and made reference to items in the news about it, and its code name of "Project Chrome". That says a lot right there, "Project Chrome" -as if it were a military operation targeting ISIS terrorists in need of extermination. The thing is, some of the terminated employees will be saying it's the best thing that ever happened to them a year from now. Probably not most of them, but certainly some of them. -Amon-
Comment 01/28/15: Just received call and package over phone, Last day is Feb27th Normal package. Its good to be done with this Gestapo style company. -BrightFuture-
Comment 01/28/15: Guys, give it up. You have NO recourse for action against getting a 3. It's not even worth the effort. At will is at will...same with age...etc. Stop hiding. Join now, or find another job like I did. -Former IBMer-
Comment 01/28/15: Just got the call from my FLM manager, was told that I was NOT affected. I had a PBC 2 this year. Totally ridiculous that they scare you like this to tell you that you wont be whacked. - Looking_hard_for_a_new_JOB -AMS-Anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: My last day is Feb 27th.
"What is your PBC rating?" 3
"What site or location?" RTP
"Your business unit or division." CIO
"Your job responsibilities." Project Manager -Soon-to-be-ex-IBMer
Comment 01/28/15: Lot of fear in IBM India Employees about upcoming layoffs
Comment 01/28/15: Sorry to hear about the carnage today. I was part of the 2008 Network Services sell-off to AT&T. At the time, I thought it was bad news, but things have been very good at AT&T. I still keep up with IBM news as they are just one of my customers now. Good luck to all & remember there is life after IBM. -*HappyAtTheDeathStar*-
Comment 01/28/15: Just curious - the PBC3 and RA discussion seems to be coming predominantly from Services. Any (former) SWG folks seeing similar patterns? -NotGBS-
Comment 01/28/15: I had been eligible for the TTR but chose not to partake. Management gave hint that I would not be accepted into it being considered a skill resource. I did not want to give IBM heads up as to my intent to leave. Nor being put in position to do skills transfer. After receiving a 2 with words of platitude which equated to no salary increase or GDP. I bided my time and at a customer presentation when it was stated that I would be performing "........." for the customer. I ST'd my manager saying I would not be able to. Why? At that point I gave two weeks notice. After 30 years the door closed behind me and I have not looked back. -Gone-
Comment 01/28/15: Just tried to donate money to support you cause but can't get the paypal link to work. Takes you to the main paypal screen. Even after logging into PayPal, nothing comes up to donate to the Alliance. Help please. -Donate-
Alliance reply: This issue has been corrected on the front page. We apologize for the inconvenience. There is also a Donate button on this page (Job Cuts Reports) that works correctly too. Thank you for your support!
Comment 01/28/15: 2 points, yesterday after speaking with a management source in Europe about Project Chrome it was indeed confirmed that the RA'd project does exist and is already in operation in North America, Canada, US and Australia. Already I have been getting sametimes all morning from friends in the US where letters have been received, emails received and the 15 minute meetings arranged with FLMs. Dark times ahead so be strong and fight -Anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: I am genuinely sorry for anyone who ends up RAed or otherwise forced out. IBM is a very difficult place to work. I do not need to rehash the reasons, plenty are noted here. I left because it was impossible to see a future in the company. I couldn't do much for the people I managed. No matter how well we did or how hard we worked, to our management, we always came up short in some way. I worked with some great people and though I like where I've landed, I still wish I could be with my old co workers. -FormerIBMer-
Comment 01/28/15: Alliance: I suggest that those getting RA'ed also provide their age, years with IBM in addition to location, division, band level,etc. This will tell us whether older as well as more senior employees (higher paid and costing IBM more $$) were singled out. Good luck to all and support the Alliance -Gone after 20 years-
Comment 01/28/15: IBM Australia was hit hard today, I know of many who got RA'd, my manager says that everyone has to be notified by the end of the week. They also said this is all there will be for now but I doubt that, nearly all my team's work is getting sent to India, we have almost nothing to do in March. I expect these redundancies to continue for weeks and maybe months.
The quality of work from our Indian colleagues is abysmal, not a single job assigned to them hasn't been heavily re-worked by an Australian counterpart, if all our work went entirely to them it would collapse.
Comment 01/28/15: Don't forget people , if you get a pbc 3 and it's the first time you were aware your under performing against peers ie: no written evidence in your mid year reciew or any other time , you will have a strong case for unfair dismissal. I urge people to start thinking about how you can put a case together to show the process was unfair. -Thisistheend-
Comment 01/28/15: I can confirm first hand that significant cuts are being made in Melbourne, Australia at multiple levels from Project Executives, DPE, Managers, SDMs, SMEs across multiple accounts. It seems to be predominantly affecting permanent staff, but contractors seem to be affected too. There seems to be no pattern to the selection criteria, as seemly indispensable people in key / critical positions are being removed. What is becoming abundantly clear is the organisation is effective scuttling itself. I doubt we could deliver shiite now. The current leadership in my opinion is a cancer in need of immediate removal. Without prompt intervention IBM will fail spectacularly. Sorry no name provided as IBM has proven itself time and again to be very vindictive when it comes to criticism. -Anon-
Comment 01/28/15: My FLM did not want to give me the 3. It was quota based. He was forced by HR. Fighting a 3 is very difficult if it has been imposed by HR in the first place. There are ulterior motives for your 3 that have nothing to do with your performance. IBM is simply trying to save money by encouraging attrition and/or forcing a sub-par severance package since two consecutive 3's will get you that - a sub-par package that makes an RA look golden. So, take heart, your 3 is just another IBM financial initiative. Is it shamefully unjust and wrong and a dirty move? Yes, it is. But it's not your fault - do not take it personally. It is a meaningless sham just like the rest of the PBC process. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/28/15: Dear IBM friends, IBM unexpectedly laid me off a few years ago just because I was 52 years old and had the pension plan. All those 2+ PBC did not make up for getting OLD. After giving my best 30 professional years to IBM and then being betrayed by IBM, I was devastated but now I am glad that they did me such a big favor.
I found a good job with an almost equal pay, and with the pension from BigBlue I am pulling in 30% more than what BigBlue paid me.
The net is being RA'd by BigBlue is not at all that bad. This company is going down the tube anyway. If you are near retirement, then enjoy your retirement. If you still want to work, find a better place to use your skills and dedication. BigBlue does not deserve to have your talent and hard work.
Good luck,
-RA'ed and Happy-
Comment 01/28/15: Sorry to see all the pain on this board. I saw this coming and left months ago, and I'm so glad I did. I just wish people here could all leave, find peace, and enjoy life. Finding another job is a more constructive use of time than fighting IBM management. THINK my friends. -xibmr-
Comment 01/28/15: I got a PBC rating 3 this year. It is my first time receiving this rating since I have been in IBM for 8 years. I used to work in GBS before July last year and worked from project to project then. My project assessments were constantly rated as “Very good performance”. My client billing rates were more than 4 times my salary. In un last year, I was assigned to the job I am currently doing as a System Administrator to support the IBM global services. In July, this position was moved to SO/GTS, therefore, I was permanently assigned this job role since then. Before the move, I had a good middle year review from my pervious manager. He commented“you are an asset to any team”. I also believed that I did a very good job in the second half with my current job role. When I received the PBC rating, I was shocked. In my PBC, besides the bad rating, I did not see any negative comments.
When I raised the following questions to my current manager:
Did I not meet job responsibilities?
Was I not reliable in doing my job?
Did I not demonstrate appropriate levels of effectiveness and initiative?
Which one is "No" for your answer? The only answer I got is that I have 19 people in my department and someone had to get a bad rating. Actually, I am not afraid of being laid off since I have the in-demand job skills, but, IBM should not be gaming their own system by using the PBC rating to deny severance packages. -Anonymous
Comment 01/28/15: I wish the best to all IBM employees. It's sad the annual culling of the herd has become such a ritual. I grew up in an IBM where a union was a complete waste of time. IBM was a family and it was awesome to be a part of it. Now, I feel anger at what the management team has done to it. I love IBM, but I hate the changes that have occurred since the RJR team showed up in 93.
A nationwide walkout would certainly get their attention. You all need a union now. It's the only way to stop this insanity. You are an asset, not an expense to be cut at a whim. I'm retired and quite happy to be done with all of the pressure, uncertainty, sleepless nights these days bring. May all of you find peace. -IBMToLenovoAndOut
Comment 01/28/15: This comment is for any customer that may be reading this forum. If you are happy with an IBMer that is supporting your account, make that person an offer to join your company now, even if they are not RA'd. After the job cuts, IBM won't be able to support your account,and really doesn't want to be in that business anymore, only camms. Monitor your SLA's, alert your legal department, and be ready to cancel your contract for breach. Hiring the IBMer now will make the termination seamless. Think about it. -Bluebird-
Comment 01/27/15: Hello IBMers, I am waiting for my layoff. Not sure if all PBC 3 here in GTS BR will be laid off, but sooner or later we will be exchanged for someone new and earming less than us. Anyway, as a GR, I blame the SMI, then GDF to reach that level that we are. The managers who had the excellent idea to sell customer the GDF, offering the same 1 headcount for 2, 3 even 4 customers did not figured out that this 1 HC will claim .25 in each customer (we migrh be able to perform multi tasks, but we could not claim it). Thus every year they had to decrease the technical HC, but they are not willing decrease it, so they invented several non technical positions, SDMs, TPMs, DPEs, DAs, TL, Dispatcher, PMs, archtitects and so on (hey we need some of these resources, but not that much), and now they are coming back to client first, but they are decreasing the technical staff, layng off b6, b7 and b8 and expecting that a B3, B4 and B5 could accomplish the task. -NotProudtobeanIBMER-
Comment 01/27/15: At the beginning of change an organizer is a hard person to find. His chosen path is both dangerous and tedious. After he has won his battle, the timid flock to join him because it is no longer a danger to join. Good luck to all the IBMers falling under managements iron fist. Remember where ever you wind up any corporation can abuse you just like IBM has so learn your lesson from this and join with those organizers early and often next time. Those that are left, you have no reason not to join those lonely organizers now do you? -Exodus2007-
Comment 01/27/15: To the 31 new members: Congratulations, and thank you for stepping up to the plate! To non-members: It's time to join the Alliance and fight back! To everyone: It's time to take an active role in organizing. Have a look at this, and try handing it out as a flyer: -Dave G
Comment 01/27/15: As my FLM gave a 3 to me, I told him that I would fight for it. Let him think about the result. He changed his mind finally. I said "you can layoff me, but you can not insult me. if you do it, I will XXXX you." That's it!! so, don't be afraid, my colleagues! -fight_and_win-
Comment 01/27/15: I quit IBM after 14 yrs on 1/5/2014. I could not take the way IBM treated their customers or employees anymore. I have had a 2+ rating every year. 70 to 80 hrs a week giving them my life. I do not love my new job like I did my IBM position and miss my coworkers. But IBM is a horrible place to work. Their loss with me. The DPE on my account was ra'd today and rumors of two more on this already under staffed account. I feel horrible for the ones left. Ibm is in a very dark place right now. Severance or not. Get out and experience being appreciated again... -SEB-
Comment 01/27/15: Constructive dismissal is what I was thinking. They put you in a spot, set you up for failure and even you worked hard and turns things around but still not good enough for them. Best case scenario is a package of some sort (not expecting anything great), worst case scenario PIP. Will find out my fate tomorrow in the "meeting". -Soon to be out the door eh-
Comment 01/27/15: Last week I got a "solid 2" PBC rating. Today I too was invited to a 15-minute meeting tomorrow with my second-level manager. (Evidently, some first-levels in my area are also being laid off, which is rare if not unprecedented.) Obviously I am sad but also a bit relieved to be escaping. -33-year IBMer in San Jose-
Comment 01/27/15: Alliance: How about getting the horror stories from employees of made up lies other than low PBC ratings... anyone getting accused of malicious lies in order for IBM to fire or be put on a PIP??? Again, it's so sad and just proves the lack of real leadership across the enterprise. -AZ-
Comment 01/27/15: Someone on the board please listen. IBM management has engendered so much ill will as to cause dysfunction and hate and paralysis amongst the employees. If you do not change management now, you will lose control of the business. Watson nor Dickson nor analytics nor cloud is going to change the fortunes of this company. I vote for Frank Blake who cleaned up Nardelli's mess at Home Depot by actually respoecting the needs of the employees. Please heed this advice now! Please? -Advice-
Comment 01/27/15: S&D cuts in the Dallas area unlike ever before in various industries with specialist focus. PBC ratings vary between 2 and 3. -misstheoldibm-
Comment 01/27/15: If you have posted or are just watching this site you must be concerned about your job at IBM. That is a horrible position but one you can exert some control over - ORGANIZE. I read all the posts and not one person admits to being a slacker or an under performer, yet many are reporting PBC 3 rating and are shocked that IBM could treat employees in such a manner. Clearly they do and will continue to do so unless existing employees refuse to be abused and let the Union speak as your collective voice. Step up and sign up!!!!! -Ex IBMer-
Comment 01/27/15: To -anonymous- who got an email from UPS. I find it hard to believe the email is legit. Be careful not to click on any links as it sounds like possible phishing/Malware. Did you call UPS to verify this email? As far as I know IBM doesn't send out the package until the employee has already been informed. That's the way it went for me. -gonein2007-
Comment 01/27/15: Received a Sametime from a team member in Australia, he told me he and another team member were in the process of being RA'd today (28th in Australia). Same MO...15 min meeting posted to their calendar by the FLM. No other details. -Forbes got the date right!-
Comment 01/27/15:
The Alliance@IBM is receiving information from employees that a "resource action" or mass job cut will start Wednesday, January 28 in the US and Canada.
A resource action is already taking place in Australia.
We do not know how many will be cut in the US but it could be thousands.
We need information from employees who are let go in the mass job cut.
What is your PBC rating?
What site or location?
Your business unit or division.
Your job responsibilities.
If L1 or H1b visa workers remain while regular employees are terminated.
Post your information at our job cut reports
Names will be confidential.
Once again senior management is trying to "fix" the company by terminating the very people who can fix it. It is time for a clean sweep in the executive offices and Board of Directors. It is time for a new direction, one that values employees.
Good luck to all. -The Alliance@IBM team-
Comment 01/27/15: To -anon- In solidarity with your co-workers being terminated take some actions. Work to rule, do the bare minimum; call in sick; take long breaks. Fight back! Or better yet, how about joining the alliance? -Mary-
Comment 01/27/15: I will be leaving IBM in the near future. I am saddened by how IBM has faltered but it is not worthwhile for me to continue working for this company. IBM primarily uses negative reinforcement to motivate its employees: lack of raises,lack of training/education, no variable pay, a disingenuous employee evaluation system (PBC) with a punitive ranking system, a forced labor policy (i.e. utilization rate), pay cuts, furloughs, continuous cost cutting and frequent layoffs
As a result IBM has created a culture where first and foremost every employee has to look out for themselves. I receive a number of emails from management and they are often addressed to Team. I wonder why I receive them since I don’t feel a part of any team. Too many of my colleagues have either left or have been forced out for me to feel otherwise.
“If you are the sole proprietor of a business, do you think that you can motivate your employees for maximum performance by encouraging them to make more money for you? Of course not. But that is effectively what an enterprise is saying when it states that its purpose is to maximize profit for its investors” David Lanstaff, CEO of TASC
Comment 01/27/15: Thanks to the Alliance and the employees who contribute here. I've been a supporter (non-voting) for some time, but just added my name to the list of voting UNION members. I've been looking for an opportunity outside of IBM for a while, but haven't been able to devote much time to it because of the MASSIVE amount of unpaid overtime that IBM requires. I rec'd a PBC 2+ this year, but I know it still doesn't shield me from what's coming. My monthly 1-on-1 with my manager was supposed to be today... he rescheduled it for tomorrow. The writing's on the wall. Signed, -PBC-BS-
Comment 01/27/15: @Change - Totally agree with you. Many people on this site are calling for the current CEO to go, but the real question is who should replace her? Certainly not any of her direct reports... They are all incompetent and would just continue the same policies and nonsense. The real problem is that the very people who should remove her (the Board) are people who are, most of them CEOs of other companies, and they do they the same stuff at their companies. Let's ORGANIZE people! -IBMer Ashamed-
Comment 01/27/15: I just received an urgent, one-on-one meeting request from my manager for tomorrow (01/28). I received a PBC downgrade from 2+ to 2 last week, despite better results than the previous year, so I guess I knew this was coming. -GreatWhiteNorth-
Comment 01/27/15: Global Admin managers got the word today they were being RAd. Tomorrow assistants will get notified. -Anon-
Comment 01/27/15: New organization for IT workers in India -anon-
Comment 01/27/15: The Cringely report and subsequent IBM reply that "only 1000's" will be RA'd smells of public manipulation. Could it be that IBM leaked those super high numbers to Cringely so that when the actual RA's came to light they would look reasonable to the press? And some insiders in the know could have benefited from the surge in the stock price if they knew the timing of the IBM retort(in time to sell). -Still_here_after_all_these_years-
Comment 01/27/15: -Soon-to-be-ex-IBMer- So you went from a PBC 1 to a 3 in one year with no warning from your new orgs. IBM manager during? What a sick, sad, revolting travesty. Shows the joke of the IBM PBC which we got Louis Gerstner II to show for. I bet your current IBM manager didn't get a PBC 3 for not doing his/her job. Yes, it is PERSONAL business commitments. No P but just I in Team IBM. Rometty resign NOW. Be a real woman. But you care more about your hair extensions and peroxide coiffure than anything else. And I am a woman who is saying this! -Jane/Joe IBMer-
Comment 01/27/15: To -On the list-, who said, "There are no PIPs in this RA": Specifics will probably vary in different locations. But I expect that all T2R 3s will get PIPs, because they are "exempt" from RAs so must be fired for "poor performance".
To -IveBeenMislead-: I also love Cringely for outing IBM.
To -JT-: How did your PBC meeting turn out? If you did get a 3, then bravo to you for fighting "tooth and nail", either in a class action suit or as an individual: just consult a lawyer and let us know what s/he says. And please join Alliance too. I wish everyone commenting here would do the same. -Gorya
Comment 01/27/15: As of today, I've heard 3 different (and conflicting) accounts of what's going to happen to those of us who got a PBC 3. All of these accounts were from allegedly reliable sources (two of the conflicting accounts came from the same manager). At this point I'm going to wait until I get something in writing, then I'll know my fate. I hope the new posting from -On the list- about the full RA severance package is true, but I'm not counting on it. -Survivor-
Comment 01/27/15: I received a 2 PBC rating for 2014 (and prior couple of years as well). Got an email this morning from UPS indicating that a package was sent from IBM, and will arrive today. Anybody else get this email ? -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/15: The only way to end this spiraling pain is to permanently layoff IBM management , executives and BOD. By that, I mean that you need to prepare to leave this company ASAP. If you look at the historical track record of the above groups, you'll see that they will sacrifice all good that is left at IBM to line their pockets.
Even if you are successful in dodging one of the program's this time (layoffs or performance exits), your day will come. Your odds of having a long term career at IBM are virtually zero. IBM has been building this resource model since 1994. This model has NO provisions for senior level, long term high cost employees. BY design, you WILL be eliminated long before you desire and will be caught off guard by the heavy handed implementation of this human resource model.
Make a plan now and move on from IBM, inflicting a permanent layoff of the IBM management team on your own timeline and terms. You will be happier and much more well off in the long term! -Real Boss
Comment 01/27/15: A few comments.
1. Not sure why the fuss for the T2R people. It was voluntary. You should have known that by only working 3 days a week you would get a PBC of a 3. Besides your leaving anyway. I'm sure not all T2R people are like this but a team member of mine is a T2R person. All I can is this person should have been let go a long time ago.
2. If you read the new PBC review program for this year you would have known that it was changed so your basically being compared to everyone else in the company with your band. This makes it very difficult to meet expectations and easy for your manager to rate you lower.
3. The bigger picture is how IBM got into this point in the 1st place. With the growth in cloud IBM was left behind by poor management. Plain and simple! Now they're going to divide the company into two parts, cloud and legacy. From now on all the resources will go to cloud. If your in the legacy part, good luck. Your on your own.
4. This re-org only hurts IBM even worse. They've abandoned their core customers and are now after the nickle and dime cloud customers. Not going to maintain a company of this size on Apple apps.
5. I've brought this up to my management and even upper management on why they've ignored our customer's but only get the typical mgmt responses.
If you haven't watched the Ginny 2015 presentations you need to watch. She basically says in coded speech they are gutting the company and if your not a contributor to the new IBM your out of luck. For me, sadly I'm part of the legacy (once proud) Tivoli group and will be lucky to be saved. Like a lot of people I always wanted to work for IBM and am still a proud IBM'r but it's sad to see a great company destroyed. -#theendofIBM
Comment 01/27/15: IBM management and executive's don't care if you call in sick, are pissed off about your PCC rating of 3, or anything else about you as a person. When is IBMers gong to realize that this has been going on by the last three executives who hate the IBM employee. Theses three executives see the IBM employee as a drag on the quarterly profits and their bonuses and perks. Without a union, this kind of treatment to IBM employees will continue as long as there is no union. -Union Now-
Comment 01/27/15: IBM changed the rules on the appeals process. No longer are PBC issues eligible for review through Open door or Panel Review. Managers were told but NOT the workers! We need a union! -anon-
Comment 01/27/15: Are there 'constructive dismissal' laws in the US. The 3 ranking with severance or a PIP seems to be constructive dismissal. -Disappointed-
Alliance reply: 'Constructive Dismissal' or 'Constructive Discharge' does have application in California. We are unaware if there are any other states that also accept 'constructive dismissal' as a legal approach to take.
Comment 01/27/15: One thing I haven't seen mentioned is the utter humiliation of getting a 3 - PIP. I got one unjustly a few years ago and I fought back -- even though I don't have balls (which is probably one of the reasons I got the 3; it was thought I would go quietly). And I got it raised - so no PIP. Everyone who thinks they got a 3 unfairly should FIGHT IT. Also, join the union! It's pathetic that we are looking at only 20-some new members when all this is going on. To the person who said they generally don't think much of organized labor, why the hell not? They are the people who got us the 8-hour workday and the 40-hour workweek. Of course our work weeks in IBM are much longer than 40 hours.. gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with not having a union? To me a 3-PIP is much worse than an RA. A 3-PIP says you, yes you, are the reason IBM is in such bad shape. It's not the bazillions of managers between you and Ginni; no, their management and 'leadership' has been impeccable. You know, it's one thing to tell someone else to do the work; it's another thing to actually do it. So let's do all we can to put the blame where it belongs. Unless you deserve it, fight that 3, and JOIN THE UNION. -Fight Back!-
Alliance reply: Thank you for your comment. The Alliance needs boots on the ground in every IBM location/division. We need workers willing to be organizers. Want a better place to work at? Want a voice in IBM? Help us organize.
Comment 01/27/15: In solidarity with your co-workers being terminated take some actions. Work to rule, do the bare minimum; call in sick; take long breaks. Fight back! -anon-
Comment 01/27/15: A request: Given the increased activity in this forum, please help out other readers and the moderators by looking for answers to your questions before you post them. If you received a PBC 3 and want to know what happens next, it's almost certain that you'll find your answer in previous comments (hint: search for "PIP"). There are still unanswered questions about unemployment insurance depending on how you leave IBM, but the answers depend on where you live. You might find your answer in older postings, but if you don't and post a question about that, please identify your state so others can answer. -Survivor-
Comment 01/27/15: Just received reschedule of my monthly 1x1 from this afternoon to 8am tomorrow (1/28). Given my PBC 3 last week (after a 1 in 2013 - I switched into a really bad organization), I'm sure Feb 28th will be my last day as an IBMer (after 24 years). Actually glad to take the $ and run away from this pitiful company. -Soon-to-be-ex-IBMer-
Comment 01/27/15: Disappointed That Company Isn't Firing A Mindboggling 110,000
IBM Stock Over the weekend, in a repeat of rumors that were widespread last year, Forbes 'reported' about Project Chrome, a massive corporate reorganization for IBM that would see Big Blue cull over a quarter of its staff – in real terms that means over 110,000 employees, as early as next week. IBM stocks surged higher on this 'great' news... and then, disappointment started as "the largest corporate restructuring in history" was denied by the company...
“IBM does not comment on rumors, even ridiculous or baseless ones,” a spokesman said.
Then IBM promptly comments.... too funny. IBM never tells a lie, But IBM never tells the truth -Anon
Comment 01/27/15: There is an RA. As far as the numbers I can't comment. Anyone who got a 3 will be RA'd. The Severence package given depends on whether this is your first PBC rating of 3 or your second. Severence for first 3 is 1 week for every 6 months up to 26 weeks. Severence for people with consecutive 3's is half so up to 13 weeks total. Notifications tomorrow and everyone gone by end of February. There are no PIPs in this RA. That is why your manager didn't discuss one when you got your crappy 3. For those who got 10% pay cut, you should be getting Severence based on your original salary. While I am saddened for all the people affected in this RA, I also feel bad for whoever is left to try to deal with all the damage control. Waiting for my call tomorrow. Glad the torment will finally be over! -On the list-
Comment 01/27/15: In my area a lot of co-workers are coming down with what they call the Big Blue Flu. I think we will all take some sick days on the 28th and 29th. Are you feeling sick? Should you take a few sick days off too? -anon-
Comment 01/27/15: A request: Given the increased activity in this forum, please help out other readers and the moderators by looking for answers to your questions before you post them. If you received a PBC 3 and want to know what happens next, it's almost certain that you'll find your answer in previous comments (hint: search for "PIP"). There are still unanswered questions about unemployment insurance depending on how you leave IBM, but the answers depend on where you live. You might find your answer in older postings, but if you don't and post a question about that, please identify your state so others can answer. -Survivor-
Comment 01/27/15: Agreeing with T2R2013... if you leave IBM as a result of the current workforce manipulations, you should file for unemployment. I have found that even in cases where a hearing is required (ie the person is not obviously entitled to unemployment insurance payments), the UI board are very inclined to side with the employee. Even if you are retirement age, if you are being forced out, you can make a case for UI. Note.... for the UI people, an employer "breaks the contract" with the employee even when that contract is implicit. For example... you were hired to do X tasks, but in an effort to force you out, your manager is compelling you to do Y tasks. You can make a case for UI, saying that IBM has changed the terms of your employment, thereby essentially forcing you to resign/retire. If you are part of this 2015 mess - do not worry about the exact rules in your state. Just make the very best case you can and file for UI - you have *nothing* to lose! And remember... UI boards are biased in favor of the employees. Good luck, everyone... -16YearsAndCounting-
Comment 01/27/15: To Billy Bob Rometty for post of 1/27/2015: WRONG about executive OUTSIDER!! IBM needs to stop with the marketing and sales shills in upper positions and replace Ginni and her cohorts with an ETHICAL TECHNICAL INSIDER who understands the value of the remaining IBMers who are critical to instilling confidence in IBM products, service, and support by respecting the consumer and the worker.
Although Ginni started out as a "techie" at IBM and has a BA in technical areas, her decisions have proven she has lost whatever technical prowess she ever had and belongs right up there with the other apologists for GREED and SHORT-TERM personal gains. -SEEN IT ALL-

Comment 01/27/15: IBM can be saved but it can only happen with a Stalin like purge of the top generals/board and management. The current board and management is a lightning for hate and lack credibility. No one will trust them - especially employees. IBM requires a complete purge and fresh leadership that is not a lightning rod for indignant complaints by its employees - like a Satya Nadella vs Steve Balmer change at Microsoft. This is the only way a turn around will happen by putting in an effective and humble level 5 leader like Frank Blake successfully taking over for Nardelli at HomeDepot and leading a successful change. -Change-
Comment 01/27/15: I find Cringley's article ingenious, it forced IBM to respond, haha amazing. This does not make IBM look good. I love the fact that one writer got IBM to speak up loved it -IveBeenMislead-
Comment 01/27/15: From the article "IBM Denies Report of Massive Layoffs to Come", one would THINK that Cringley is a spin doctor against IBM's proposed massive firings. First let's get something straight: RA's of the past, have required IBM to take a "charge" of 100's of million$ to pay for separation pkgs, etc. This time, IBM has publicly announced the same strategy; but, internally, IBMers KNOW that the PBC 3 rating (regardless of whether it's the first one or 2nd one) a person gets will become a termination for "poor performance". Whether or not the person was ACTUALLY a poor performer is another matter. The point is, that if IBMers that get PBC 3's are terminated, IBM will NOT SPEND A DIME for that. So, if you consider RA's AND Poor Performance "terminations", the numbers could reach the neighborhood of 30k to 45k employees that lose their jobs tomorrow, around the world. The US should expect 60% of those 30-40k jobs to be lost in IBM US. This makes IBM's claims that they spent $600ml to fire 12,000 employees, look ridiculously stupid.
Here's their quote:
"IBM does not comment on rumors, even ridiculous or baseless ones," the company said in the email. "If anyone had checked information readily available from our public earnings statements, or had simply asked us, they would know that IBM has already announced the company has just taken a $600 million charge for workforce rebalancing. This equates to several thousand people, a small fraction of what's been reported."
Does anyone actually believe this "slight of hand"? Join the union and actually stand up and fight back as a force to be reckoned with, if you survive the coming "deluge". WakeTF up people! -I_"cringe"_from_IBM_lies-
Comment 01/27/15: More from WRAL -Alliance
Comment 01/27/15: I am grateful the PBC 3 skipped me this year. I think our area has been so decimated by attrition to competitors that the managers are a bit defensive here. But my fair review this year won't keep me from being recruited if I find something.
Meanwhile I have joined Alliance and plan to try to be aware if I can help any unfairly designated 3s with their PIPs if I can. If I know of a reliable contributor who has been placed on PIP by a ridiculous quota system they will get my top attention going forward this year. Solidarity! -working2ruleIn2015
Comment 01/27/15: Also next time you are cheerily watching Fox news decry unions and people who actually do real work for a living unlike IBM management, think twice. Unless you are earning 1/4 of a million dollars annually and have many millions in net worth you should not decry unions or workers rights. You may end up needing it. Besides treating your fellow human being with equity and dignity is divine and will benefit you in the long run and the opposite will leave you and your subsequent generations cursed by blood-money. This will be the fate of IBM management. -Foo Bar-
Comment 01/27/15: People there will always be the wealthy and powerful (IBM BOD and management) and the abused (workers). This is a microcosm of society as a whole. Whether its plantation master/slave or hipsters on trust funds pushing middle class families out of the city neighbourhoods, class struggles are part of an inequitable Godless society. Here, you do have an option to afford you equitable working conditions: unionize. But to be effective, all IBM employees in all countries it operates must unionize and act as one block. This is your key to equity and justice. Knowing IBM management, they will probably enslave blue men on Mars and setup a Foxconn factory in Mars and setup a Taft-Harley Mars act to prevent such things there :) -Taft and Hartley-
Comment 01/27/15: More from Cringely.
I guess we will find out this week. If they truly wanted to lose 26% of their workforce all they need to do is make an offer and a lot of us would take it and be happy. However, that would mean that it would go in an employee's pocket instead of in the executive's pot of gold. -Just1waiting
Comment 01/27/15: "I am perfectly fine with the layoff as long as it does not affect the severance package."
WTF? THINK TWICE what you are trying to really say! R U SERIOUS? This is what IBM's corporate apologists (CAs) want your thought process to be conditioned as. I AM NOT AGREEING WITH YOUR SEVERANCE AND LAYOFF COMMENT! I CAN NOT and WILL NOT. JUST ONE person losing their job cloaked as an RA but due to IBM management's sheer incompetence and evil, is equally worse than the devil IS ONE TOO MANY LOSING THEIR JOB!
Comment 01/27/15: Does not look good. 80 cut down in Finland. The issue is that most of top talent has fled already. We are loosing competition to ex-colleagues. Work consists of fixing cost optimized projects. After heroic rescue, being moved to bench waiting for next. Got my pbc 3, due low utilization, this allows to deny all salary increase requests. I have a nagging feeling there migth be some moral conflict hidden in here. -Worker-
Comment 01/27/15: IBM's whole executive management (the letter band idiots who flop in the muck of IBM biz) should all be PBC 3 on PIPs. And throw out the entire IBM BOD before April's Stockholder's Meeting unless they are gluttons for punishment from the shareholders. No packages either for them so IBM can save real $ restructuring costs. -IdiotsBecameMudskippers-
Comment 01/27/15: IBM has prided itself on not speculating on rumors. So by squashing Cringely assertion of 26% workforce reduction, they are breaking their own protocol. So this means something. Something bigger than just the run-of-the-mill RA. -NewTeaLeaf?-
Comment 01/27/15: This IBM job cut will be more of just the standard RA past experienced. The numbers will be in the thousands for sure, but the trend is this: Since more PBC 3s have been slapped out the minimum separation package will increase.
Since PBC 3's with more PIPs slapped out a minimum separation package that might be a new minimum will come to fruition. It is quite possible no severance payout will be made to those flunking the PIP.
T2R (IBM Transition to Retirement Program) will not be honored in full detail with those who got slapped with a PBC 3. I suspect many of the T2Rs who are PBC 3 will not make it to 12/15/2015. And some might not make it with a PBC 2.
As usual RA behavior, PBC 2s and even a few PBC 2+s will be included in an RA as well. They *should* get the enhanced separation packages if history holds. Your $1000 stock bonus for 2015. If you do it get it call yourself an IBM survivor and it is not worth the $1000 when it was announced. GDP (Growth Driven Pay) will be the lowest since this started. No Growth no EPS growth = essentially no pay. PBC 1's need only concern themselves with it.
Raises and Promotions: except for a reorg to justify it; they will be a white elephant now.
After this RA with the next RA sure to come less and less restructuring funds will be allocated. IBM just doesn't have the cash on hand anymore due to a stock price that has fell off the sheer cliff.
If anyone thinks this RA will be the same as the previous ones; you are fooling yourself: it will be worse one way or the other. -da_facts
Comment 01/27/15: There is life outside of IBM, but if you're so convinced and so adamant that you're going to survive the oncoming tsunami of looming layoffs, you should at the bare minimum push for Union. I've really never been a fan of organized labor, but after being RA'd from IBM last year over a bogus and pathetic grading system, everyone remaining in Big Blue deserves better .. put aside your petty differences and group up. -RA'd and Free-
Comment 01/27/15: Press manipulation at its best. First Cringley reports 100k layoffs, scaring employees and customers and getting all this media attention. Now IBM responds to the article confirming layoffs,but says cringleys projection is overstated by a factor of 10. So, whew!!! only 10,000 layoffs. Still not good for a company that has been cut so much that even 1 job loss impacts some customer somewhere. Multiply that by 10,000. The result will be more dissatisfied customers,more penalties paid, and more lost contracts. -death_spiral-
Comment 01/27/15: I have it on valid authority that there will be a RA and those people affected will be notified on 1/28. This will affect those ranked as 3 and some 2's. I am not sure about those on T2R. I suspect that will be PIP.If you are called in for a meeting on Wednesday don't be shocked if you get this news. -GET_READY-
Comment 01/27/15: The 2013 Fall furlough and contractor layoffs were enough for me to look elsewhere. After all, if they are RA'ing employees in India and China, that's a Red Flag that things are bad. My contract was cancelled then, but I came back early 2014 (un-laid-off) only because I couldn't find any other job here, but that didn't stop me from looking. I landed a great job and started this month - no looking back and all I can say is good luck and to emphasis what so many have said on these comments before - there is life after IBM. -Don't Panic-
Comment 01/27/15: The 100K article by Cringely and the response from IBM makes me think the numbers could have been deliberately high in order to bait IBM into saying how many people they are really getting rid of. Good on him if that is the case. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/15: More Cringley Don't Trust them! -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/15: Retirement resulting from TTR is not necessarily a killer for collecting UI. UI program is managed by each state’s Labor dept. They determine eligibility based on the laws/rules that govern UI. Employers can object to an UI request, but they don’t have final say.
I retired at the end of 2013 as a TTR participant. Filed for unemployment the day after New Year. Answered every question on application accurately & honestly, including reason for applying due to retirement. Provided Ginny’s “congratulations on your retirement” letter as confirmation. Also provided evidence I would be receiving a pension from IBM. But I explained the TTR program was considered a veiled threat of being RA’d if we didn’t sign up. Sent an excerpt from the TTR document, “They’ll also be exempt from any resource actions that may occur during the program.” IBM did not object to my application and to my surprise, I received first unemployment check in Feb. Some food for thought:
In my state, UI does not ask/care if you are receiving SS benefits. SS does not ask/care if you are receiving UI.
Nor do they ask or care if you are receiving a pension from a former employer prior to IBM. Monthly pension income is deducted from monthly UI benefits.
For those of you who feel a little unsure/uncomfortable collecting UI while collecting pension/SS like I initially was, consider the following:
Your state Labor department manages the UI program and determines eligibility. Encourage you to give them that opportunity to review your case. Don’t decide for yourself.
You’ve been paying into the UI trust fund your entire working career. It’s called unemployment INSURANCE for a reason.
IBM has been paying into the UI trust fund as well. Every time IBM dismisses an employee, IBM pays more into the UI fund. It’s how it works.
Receiving UI doesn’t jeopardize someone else from receiving UI, who might financially need it more than you.
Comment 01/27/15: As an IBM employee for a decade now what I find it insane is that every time the CEO and the senior executive leadership team fails to make shareholder expectations they pretend to be doing something by restructuring ...aka laying off employee's..and changing division names in IBM. What is even more insane is why the key shareholders put up with this nonsense. Obviously like any leadership team if they do not produce results, for sure after 11 straight quarters in a would think they would ask the CEO Ginny Rometty and her senior leadership to step down. Obviously what they are doing ins't working and they need fresh leadership. Instead great employees and visionaries that make IBM great are being fired and the guts of the company are being ripped apart...what a mess -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/15: I'm a T2R participant and received a PBC3. All previous years as an IBMer were 2s and 2+s. I apparently will not have to endure the PIP nonsense, but only because I had previously committed to leaving completely before the end of the current quarter.
I strongly suspect that the vast majority of T2R participants were (conveniently) graded 3s. I also suspect that many will be gone, package-less, by end of April. From the T2R Q&A document: Q5. Once I am approved or start my new schedule, will my participation in the 2014 Transition to Retirement Program continue until my retirement date of no later than December 31, 2015? A5. Yes, as long as you remain an IBM employee with satisfactory performance.
Comment 01/27/15: Folks that have received a undeserved 3. Remember to read the associated description in the PBC system and ask your manager which parts apply to you. Maybe someone could paste the description here, I'm no longer at IBM. From what I remember very specific language was used which should be easy to counter if it's untrue in your circumstance. -EscapedIn14-
Comment 01/27/15: It is time for IBM to force precious Rometty out of her Queens office... IBM needs new blood and OUTSIDER who has a proven record to succeed and has good successful track record and is energetic... For to many years we have had two CEO's who have been longtime IBMers and are set in there old ways... -Billy Bob Rometty-
Comment 01/27/15: Don't Believe it! -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/15: With regard to previous question, are there contractor furloughs? Always, yes, every quarter, for most contractors, and the first quarter of 2015 is no different. There has been announced an enforced six days furlough in first quarter. Can't see why this would be a harbinger of layoffs, as there seem to be recurring layoffs every quarter too. But concurrent events are not predictor events. IBM is just cutting, cutting, cutting all the time. It is positively Dickensian as far as the owner-worker mentality. -anoncon-
Comment 01/27/15: It appears that RAs and employees on PIPs are not reported together. However it is obvious that in reality RAs and PIPs effectively produce the same result. That is, the employee is terminated at IBM's discretion (even if the employee is pushed to terminate voluntarily). Therefore could the Alliance (or anyone else) report on the total numbers of employees terminated during this period no matter how they left? -Mark1-
Comment 01/27/15: Those who have the gold make the rules. You obtain gold when you have the power to do so. Without power an employee is a commodity. If you want power you must unionize. Politically I am a Libertarian but I also know that unchecked power corrupts. The bottom line is that IBM employees must obtain power and the only way to do so is to unionize. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/27/15: Could it be that someone deliberately fed Cringely ridiculous numbers to see if he would be made to look ridiculous in a very public way -cringelyfooled-
Comment 01/26/15: -Curious-: I don't see how defamation is applicable here, given the requirement "that the defendant conveyed a defamatory message; that the material was published, meaning that it was conveyed to someone other than the plaintiff;"
IBM doesn't share your performance assessment, good or bad, with anyone else, and IBM won't tell other employers why you left IBM. If you decide to share that information with others, that's your choice, but that's not defamation. -Survivor
Alliance reply: Excellent response, Survivor. Thank you for that analysis.
Comment 01/26/15: As many of you are awaiting for the 01/28 layoff news. I have an unanswered question which I am going to put it out there if someone knows anything about that would nice. Here's the background - I have been with IBM for 13 odd years all the time pbc rating of 2. This year the story is different and you know why, it's pbc 3 rating. I am perfectly fine with the layoff as long as it does not affect the severance package. The BIG questions is - Does pbc rating 2 layoff package different than pbc rating 3 ? Is IBM lowering the pbc rating to intentionally save money on layoff package? Is the layoff sev package same for all regardless of the pbc rating? Is the layoff package same from the previous 5 years of employee layoffs? I tend to think it decreases everywhere. Many employees don't quit only to wait to collect the 6month pack which isn't guaranteed at all. I am anxious to know what comes my way. -JobCuts2015-
Comment 01/26/15: Very disturbing. Received another 3 and told that it's just bureaucratic issues. Will no be put on "probation" and offered a package. Worked in the new role for 7 months. Manager says wish they were more hands on during that time to help lead?? Meetings every week. No constructive comments during those moments. Manager hopes I don't take the package. A very unfortunate way to handle talent. -Marketing Mahem-
Comment 01/26/15: If you accept a reduced separation package by declining the PIP you are RESIGNING from IBM. Under most US States you do not qualify for unemployment benefits. T2R is also considered RESIGNING/RETIRING.
If you are RAed you do qualify for unemployment benefits either after the elimination period (usually 2 weeks) in some states (eg. CT) or after your severance payments are considered exhausted you can qualify (after a max of 26 weeks you qualify for UI, eg. NY). If you are flat out FIRED WITH CAUSE you generally don't get any unemployment regardless of US State you live or work in. And IBM can and will do this and nothing stops them other than an ex-employees challenge or US State Labor Commission investigation(s). IBM pulls these string well in their favor, plays them like musical instrument strings played by master musicians...BEWARE. -IBMcacaphony
Comment 01/26/15: Any contractor furloughs announced? This is usually a harbinger of an impending RA. -anonymous-
Comment 01/26/15: Jon Fortt of CNBC tweeted that IBM not laying off 100K people as rumored. It’s < 10K, evidenced by $600M charge they took last quarter -A-
Alliance reply: CNBC may be right; but that 10k number may NOT include "fired for poor performance" numbers. IBM doesn't take charges for terminations of poor performers.
Comment 01/26/15: RA notifications start on January 30. Last day is February 27. 2 weeks severance for each year of service. Good luck everyone. There is a better life after IBM. -DeepThroat-
Alliance reply: There may be MORE performance firings and less RA's according to inside information we are receiving, daily. Cringley's numbers are too high and suspect; but there have been a large amount of PBC 3's that are accompanied by PIPs. This shows that IBM will not focus on RA's and instead on "fired for poor performance" actions. This also results in the terminated employee being inelgible for UI benefits (depending on your state of residence) and Separation pkgs, even if you are part of a T2R.
Comment 01/26/15: Sammy "Walnuts" Palmasano and Ginny Rommety being the least gentrified and corrupt of all past IBM CEOs (an opinion) have setup an iPhone Foxconn factory model for its employees and how they are treated - an opinion. Now, its playing out in strange and unpredictable ways. Unless you unionize you will be abused in this day and Godless age. -Sammy Walnuts-
Comment 01/26/15: More on IBM's job cuts -member
Comment 01/26/15: This entire system is devised to fire people. What a shame and scam. RAs, PIPs, T2R,Leave Voluntary package. To bad executives have their contract , but are totally against a union contract for the IBM employee. IBM needs a union contract. IBM hates their employees, and will do any scam to fire them .The executive that thought of this scam must of received a huge bonus.
An RA is not always based on performance, and in the past, RA victims would get a separation package with up to 6 months salary and up to one year transitional medical coverage (different from CORBA), depending on your length of service (no guarantee that won't change). People in the T2R program are immune from an RA, that is a documented feature of the program. A PIP is always based on performance. In the past, you were automatically put on a PIP if you received two consecutive PBC 3 ratings. This year, everyone who gets a 3 is going on a PIP, including people in the T2R program (they are not immune). Those who go on a PIP will have two options (you may get up to 30 days to choose):
(1) Leave voluntarily with a minimal separation package (about half the RA separation package). This is not an RA -- you are resigning, you are not getting terminated.
(2) Attempt to improve your performance within an agreed upon time period. If you fail, you are terminated with no separation package. This year, everyone who selects this option will fail, whether or not they actually improve their performance. Again, this is not an RA -- you are getting terminated for poor performance. This year, IBM is using PBC 3 ratings and PIPs to get rid of people without the cost and overhead of an RA. It remains to be seen whether there will actually be a separate RA -- if everyone to be cut gets a
3, there's no need for an RA.
-What a scam-
Comment 01/26/15: I was IBM employee 4 years back. When annual RA became regular thing, I decided to move on. I have much better paying job and more respectful position. If you are in Solutions Eng, Architecture with 8-10 years of experience and willing to take a plunge, pl contact me : with your resume and I will help you out. If you dont have your resume updated even now, good luck! -Happy X IBMer-
Comment 01/26/15: I find it odd that people who received a PBC 3 have not received any details about the PIP (and in some cases, haven't even been told about the PIP). Given all that has been reported here so far, here's what I think (not what I've heard) is going to happen this week:
* The deadline for signing off on PBCs is tomorrow (1/27), except for Sales.
* Those that haven't been given their result yet will get it by tomorrow, and if their managers have waited this long to deliver results, chances are they're getting a 3.
* After tomorrow, details of the PIP program will be communicated to everyone who received a 3. This will include information about the choices to be made, the package details, timing, etc. This will probably not include specific goals that need to be achieved under the PIP, since that would come from your manager, and only if you decided to take your chances (which would be a mistake).
* This communication about the PIP will be the big "layoff" that has been reported. There will be no RA. I don't believe the 26% prediction, but I expect a lot of people to be impacted.
* Because people are being eliminated based on performance, not because their position was eliminated (typical of an RA), there's no reason IBM can't replace the "poor performers" with new hires (no doubt younger and less expensive ones), and I expect they will do so.
If this comes to pass, despite our "at will" status, this might be bad enough to justify a class action lawsuit, depending on how many people get a 3. Is this something the Alliance gets involved with, even if it's only for those who are full members?
Comment 01/26/15: IBM squashed the Cringely report. Interestingly why the firm chose to comment on media rumors at this time is beyond my understanding. The stock was going up on layoffs rumors but the firm squashed it down for what ever reason. 10-12K seems a par number and nothing inconsistent over what's happening over a decade. Strategy to keep the stock price down ? Stay safe folks & good luck. -stock_spec
Comment 01/26/15: In response to the question about mandatory CAMSS training affecting PBC ratings: A large portion of my team was selected for the CAMSS training/paycut last year, including me. A few years back, my 2+'s became 2's. This year, another 2. Incidentally, my FLM was so disturbed by having to give the 10% CAMSS pay cuts that my FLM found another job, turned in a two week notice and left IBM last year. -2TodayGone2morrow-
Comment 01/26/15: So, based on comments posted here...IBM seems to have given T2R's assignments that were 60% of their workload and then rated them based on comparing their relative contributions to employees working 100%+ of a 40 hour workload. Now, these T2R people have been labeled as "poor performers" by IBM. They will have to go out and look for ways to provide for themselves and their families with that label unfairly attached to them -- all potential employers are going to ask them why they left their last job. They will have to lie or say IBM let them go for poor performance. And it seems that, if these discussions are accurate, IBM might have done this to avoid RA reporting requirements??
So here is my question, does defamation come in to play here? Here is a quote from
"...Collectively known as defamation, libel and slander are civil wrongs that harm a reputation; decrease respect, regard, or confidence; or induce disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against an individual or entity. The injury to one's good name or reputation is affected through written or spoken words or visual images...
...the plaintiff must show evidence of four elements: that the defendant conveyed a defamatory message; that the material was published, meaning that it was conveyed to someone other than the plaintiff; that the plaintiff could be identified as the person referred to in the defamatory material; and that the plaintiff suffered some injury to his or her reputation as a result of the communication.
To prove that the material was defamatory, the plaintiff must show that at least one other person who saw or heard it understood it as having defamatory meaning. It is necessary to show not that all who heard or read the statement understood it to be defamatory, but only that one person other than the plaintiff did so..." -Curious-
Comment 01/26/15: I joined the Alliance over the weekend... I have hesitated for years.... and never thought it would matter.... but it DOES.... at the current membership are, maybe it can't help with the current rounds... but it has to start somewhere.... PLEASE sign up.
As for the 3's being given out.... question... if someone is given 2 options...
1) 13 weeks pay to leave... or
2) a PIP.... if they take the 13 weeks, is it a layoff ? i.e. unemployment is available ? If the take the PIP and are let go... I assume they are being let go for performance at that point... so no unemployment.... Just some questions that might help people decide.... luckily I got a 2... so I am not in as much of a pickle.... but I am sick to my stomach over the fine people that are getting 3's for nothing more than a way to RA.
Comment 01/26/15: Please read q&a for T2R...satisfactory means 2 Q5. Once I am approved or start my new schedule, will my participation in the 2014 Transition to Retirement Program continue until my retirement date of no later than December 31, 2015? A5. Yes, as long as you remain an IBM employee with satisfactory performance -anonymous-
Comment 01/26/15: All T2R folks should get in writing from your manager that your performance was based on comparison to other T2R folks. If you are limited to working 60 percent, your successful 60% attainment should be assumed to be equal to 100% attainment of a non-T2R person. If almost all T2R folks are given a 3, then you have "some" hope of legal action, if it is for performance or a RA, MASS FIRING an you are not given the same rights as the non-T2R being terminated. If the majority of T2R folks would unify and all join the UNION then they could get some protection; the T2R is a Class of IBM Employee. GULLIBILITY = FIRED !! -Huggie-
Alliance reply: We've addressed previously on this board, re: T2R. You misunderstand that legal action does not necessarily apply in the case of T2R. You are an At Will Employee. IBM can break its own rules (T2R) and not be liable to Federal and state laws.
anize and fight back with a large group of your co-workers. That is the strategy that will work, if IBM workers can unite and fight back.

Comment 01/26/15: It's been stated that we're "at will" employees. And as such, our employer has the right to terminate our employment at any time. We have to accept that as the rule we play by, for the time being. But as a part of that, there are obligations the employer has to meet, such as paying their share of unemployment. This scheme to arbitrarily drop PBC ratings to either coerce an employee to take a lesser package (and is this also a resignation, where IBM doesn't have to pay unemployment?), or worse, fire them for not meeting purposely vague performance standards (and definitely save them the unemployment compensation) has nothing to do with "at will" --- it has everything to do with ill will. My PBC meeting is today. I'm hoping I don't have to, but if forced, I will fight this tooth and nail. I think there's a class action lawsuit in there, and I won't mind being the standard bearer for it. -JT-
Alliance reply: You are STILL an "At Will Employee", like it or not. Yes, your observation of ill will is typical of IBM management's disrespect for their own employees. But a class action lawsuit will not materialize and will not help you, regarding PBCs. IBM's PBC policy is an IBM "rule" and there are NO Federal or State laws that have jurisdiction over a company that breaks its own rules. IBM has to break Federal or State labor laws to make them liable. Understand?
You will remain an At Will Employee until you have an employment contract that is negotiated and signed by you (or a union representative) and IBM, that spells out how performance, salary, benefits, working conditions, pension, etc. etc. etc.
,will be implemented and used.

Comment 01/26/15: Man, the press is reporting Cringely's layoff prediction as if it were gospel... source after source, "IBM facing huge layoffs." Me? Pretty scared, with my T2R "contract" apparently at risk with my 3. My manager says about the 3 -- "I had no choice about the 3, and I am asking you to trust me." OK then... should be an interesting week! -16YearsAndCounting-
Comment 01/26/15: I was wondering about the folks who got caught up in that mandatory education scam brought on by CAMSS. Did y'all get an automatic 3 PBC rating? Also, just wanted to say that I stand in support of all fellow IBMers who received an unfair PBC rating. It is a direct and personal insult. To me, unfairly insulting my work ethic is just as severe as insulting my personal appearance. -GinniGinniWhoCanITurnTo?-
Comment 01/26/15: @-Almost Gone-: I was part of the 2009 RA, and was a manager for a few years before that. IBM Management will of course use your working only 60% of the time to lower your PBC. The party line is "you are not here full-time, so you do not contribute as much as the others". I guarantee you have heard, or will hear, that phrase (may be worded slightly differently) during your PBC review. In the beancounters' eyes, shorter work-hours equate to lower contribution, never mind the T2R program was a reason for the shorter hours to begin with. I am an old-timer and remember Rometty's many nicknames when she ran the Consulting arm. "Peroxide Queen" was one of the more charitable ones, and the rest can't be printed here. That gives you an idea of how highly-regarded she was by those in the consulting trenches. -An Onymous-
Comment 01/26/15: Its not that I am happy about it as IBM workers will be the ultimate suffers. But this only adds fodder to inefficiency of how business is run. A bank after asking IBM to manage their infrastructure management services (IMS), data centre and hosting services in 2010 and wanting to change vendor in 5 years shows how badly IBM is managing its customers. Brace for RA all of us are seeing a fast approaching wreck.
WIPRO beats IBM to Irish Bank Contract -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: From previous comments on this board, it appears that there WON'T be the "usual RA", in the US. IBM is planning on firing a large number of employees for poor performance, based on all the PBC 3's that are being issued along with a PIP. This lets IBM avoid the WARN Act, and million$ paid out for separation pkgs. IBM is a ruthless employee-hating company. It's time IBMers woke up to an alternative and start organizing in huge numbers.

Comment 01/26/15:
IBM Falters In Attempt To Join The Big Three Cloud Service Providers.
Interesting analysis and commentary on the matter. A view of the financial gerrymandering is also given.
For example, IBM's recent claim made a few days ago that it now does $7 billion a year in "cloud revenue," making it the world's "largest cloud provider."
This claim is laughable once the numbers are examined more closely. It appears IBM counts its sales of cloud infrastructure hardware as cloud service revenue. It defends this accounting legerdemain by claiming hardware is necessary for cloud operations. Big Blue is alone in this view. None of the Big Three providers count their cloud revenue in this way, so it makes direct comparisons impossible. IBM stacks the deck with these pumped up numbers meant to conceal how anemic its actual cloud services revenues are. -Cloudy Days Ahead-

Comment 01/26/15: @Said What a coincidence that IBM Austin, TX headquarters are directly adjacent to Kramer Ln. To my former coworkers at Building 045, I hope you all heeded the advice of The Alliance. -anon-
Comment 01/25/15: If we all decide to take action on a given day or days around dropped PBC's and job cuts here is the concerted activity language under our labor law. -Joe Hill-
Comment 01/25/15: To Gorya - The TR2 contract states that employees can be let go for poor performance before the 12/31/15 contract ends. Since I was always a 2+ and have not modified my work performance I did not expect a 3. TR2 people are compared to their peers in the PBC. Since we are working 60 percent of the hours we worked before I'm wondering if management considers this justification for the 3. I've been a Alliance member for years. I sure wish we had enough people to protect ourselves. -Almost gone-
Comment 01/25/15: I think everyone should call in sick on 1/28/15. Let's call it the "Blue Flu". All T2R's, all 3's, 2's, etc...Perhaps if we had a complete disruption in GTS worldwide for just one day it would make IBM realize that their employees are not just resources they can easily kick to the curb. -GTS PMP-
Comment 01/25/15: Jim Cramer once said of IBM management "They have lost control of the business."
This may very well be true as you see this incompetence play out quarter by quarter in spectacular fashion. Also, like corrupt banana republics, corruption and injustice are not a sustainable governance model or a sustainable business model for that matter.
IBM is toast with the current board and management.
Also why oh why is IBM entering race-to-the-bottom Cloud to compete for nickels and dimes with all the hipster coders out there? They will pay for nothing unless it has an apple logo or a Starbucks logo. I thought they were exiting low margin sh*t markets? -Said-
Comment 01/25/15: Rather than lamenting the truth or reminiscing about the past i suspect the only thing that will change the corporate behavior is when customers believe there will be degraded or contract breaching performance. all of us should be telling the customers that we do not understand how we will be able to competently address their needs given the direction the corporation is clearly taking -too late now-
Comment 01/25/15: Fact: If you took time to read the T2R Q&A, you would find the T2R information clearly stated while you were exempt from an RA, you are still subject to all the other employment requirements being met. ie. performance, business conduct guidelines etc. I think many are confusing being given a rating of 3 along with a PIP with being RA'd. These are two different things and T2R folks can effectively be let go for performance reasons prior to YE 2015 outside of any RA that is done. I am a T2R participant and had a lower rating for 2014 but it wasn't a 3. I do believe use of 3s for T2R participants is being over-used as a way to help keep others on board longer... obviously not fair, but I suspect FLMs feel they are doing the best they can under the circumstances. It isn't right or fair, but much in life isn't. -ReadYourT2RInfo-
Comment 01/25/15: The following was sent to the Alliance@IBM media list last week:
Various members of the media are picking up on Robert Cringley's assertion that 100,000 IBMers will lose their jobs next week in a massive reorg at IBM. The Alliance has no information that this is true and we are urging caution on reporting this number as fact. But as you all know, anything can happen at IBM anymore and this is the time of year that IBM cuts jobs. Our job cuts reports section is filled with employee comments on being downgraded in their work evaluations (PBC) and slated for individual firings. We do believe this number will be high and it will be used to circumvent any requirement of a WARN notification. To follow the comments go here: If job cuts do happen, be sure to follow our web site and we will keep you informed.

Comment 01/25/15: Based on recent comments, there's some confusion about an RA vs PIP, so let me try to clarify.
An RA is not always based on performance, and in the past, RA victims would get a separation package with up to 6 months salary and up to one year transitional medical coverage (different from CORBA), depending on your length of service (no guarantee that won't change). People in the T2R program are immune from an RA, that is a documented feature of the program.
A PIP is always based on performance. In the past, you were automatically put on a PIP if you received two consecutive PBC 3 ratings. This year, everyone who gets a 3 is going on a PIP, including people in the T2R program (they are not immune). Those who go on a PIP will have two options (you may get up to 30 days to choose):
(1) Leave voluntarily with a minimal separation package (about half the RA separation package). This is not an RA -- you are resigning, you are not getting terminated.
(2) Attempt to improve your performance within an agreed upon time period. If you fail, you are terminated with no separation package. This year, everyone who selects this option will fail, whether or not they actually improve their performance. Again, this is not an RA -- you are getting terminated for poor performance.
This year, IBM is using PBC 3 ratings and PIPs to get rid of people without the cost and overhead of an RA. It remains to be seen whether there will actually be a separate RA -- if everyone to be cut gets a 3, there's no need for an RA.
Comment 01/25/15: A union might help negotiate improvements to terms of your separation, but a union won't fix the company's broken business model. It won't translate to IBM's ability to execute or to your happiness. IBMers: invest in yourselves and plan your next moves. Own it. -InBetterPastures-
Comment 01/25/15: Can anyone who was offered / has accepted a minimized package please comment if you have to voluntary resign to be eligible for the package? -WaitingForPackage-
Comment 01/25/15: Thank you for posting my question. Of course I agree that IBM employees would be far better off with a union contract (I'm a full member myself). I also agree with Alliance's Statement of Principles: "While our ultimate goal is collective bargaining rights with IBM, we will build our union now and challenge IBM on the many issues facing employees from off-shoring and job security to working conditions and company policy."
No, I haven't seen the T2R contract, and I agree that need more information. Will someone please send Alliance a copy of the T2R contract? Will more T2R employees please respond telling your PBC ratings? -Gorya-

Comment 01/25/15: We are hearing from many T2Rs who had a contract until December 31, 2015, but who are now 3s and are getting PIPs. One of them asked: "Does anyone think that we could take legal action?"
Alliance replied: "What legal action? Absent a union contract you are an 'at will employee'."
I disagree. The T2Rs DID have a contract promising protection from RAs until December 31. If those T2Rs are all now on PIPs that is a breach of contract. We need to know: Are there any T2Rs who have NOT gotten a 3? -Gorya-
Alliance reply: First, Have you seen the T2R contract on paper? If so, did you read it thoroughly?
It is understandable to think that "breach of contact" would be actionable; however, that isn't completely clear until someone can reproduce an actual T2R document and read it all.
Second, Alliance has repeatedly stated that there is no "law" that governs what rules IBM creates for their purposes. If IBM breaks their own rules, so what? Their rules are not applicable to Federal or State or local laws outside IBM. The only exception is whether IBM has broken a Federal or State labor law in the process. THEN, IBM is liable.
As far as the T2R contract, the wording in that contract is essential to understanding whether or not a breach by either party constitutes legal action by either party. As you can see it's not as simple as you might think.

On the other hand, a collectively bargained union contract between IBM employees represented by a union, i.e. CWA, IS binding and IS actionable in a court of law. This is the point Alliance was making, previously.

Comment 01/25/15: -Almost gone- I'm sorry to hear about you performance reduction. It does not surprise me that your manager gave you a 3 even though you are on the transition to retirement plan. While it says you will not be RA'ed while on the plan it also said you could still be let go for performance reasons. By giving people on the plan 3's it allows IBM to lay them off while still saying they met the program requirements. There is also the potential to save IBM a bunch of dough by getting rid of the TTR folks before the end of the year. How many times in recent history has IBM implied they would do something and turn around and not honor it? Too many to count. When you think about it the only way this could have been avoided was if IBM employees had a contract. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 01/25/15: To -IveBeenMislead-: I was put on a PIP at the beginning of 2013. I was told it could be either 30, 60 or 90 days. If I did not want to be put on the PIP, I could take a severance package of up to 13 weeks pay. If I chose the PIP, if at any time during the PIP period my performance dropped below a 2, I would be immediately terminated with no severance. My manager and I agreed on a 90-day PIP. I successfully completed the PIP, earning a 2 rating. That, however, did not shield me from the RA's that came in the second half of 2013. But at least I got up to 26 weeks pay with that severance package.
To -GBSer-: "2) if unsuccessful in meeting the improvement conditions, then I would be ineligible for a separation package for 12 months" - are you sure that you would be kept around if you failed the meet the conditions of the PIP? As I stated above, I was told (in 2013) that if my performance ever dropped below a 2 during the PIP period I would be terminated immediately.
Comment 01/25/15: I very much doubt Cringley's 26% figure. But IBM revenues are declining. Maybe it can turn itself around, but do you want to bet the farm on that? Without revenue growth, what future is there?
Rometty is on borrowed time, and all the financial engineering has weakened IBM. The next CEO, interested in the long term viability of the company, will presumably inflict short term pain for the sake of dollars to invest in new products.
When I left last year, the RA's in Australia were more generous than was required by law. IBM funded better job retraining than other companies. I expect that will be cut at some point.
When I concluded in 2003 that I was unlikely to get to retirement age before being laid off, I accepted and planned for it. Paid down debt, enhanced skills.
Sorry to be blunt, but if all your eggs are in the IBM basket, you need to do something about that. Start planning for what's next. Look at how you might be able to influence the timing of your RA so you leave with a cash injection. Consider joining the union - I don't think it can save your job, but it might improve your bargaining position at time of separation. And for goodness sake do what is necessary to make you attractive to the market. Learn a new skill. Take some free university study through MOOC sites like coursera or ex to modernise your skills. Good luck to all still there as 2015 unfolds.
Comment 01/25/15: Absent a union contract you are an "at will employee". IBM can and WILL do anything to get rid of people where they don't have to honor any longevity... If you are over 55 with 25+, IBM management will even make up terrible lies to have a 'legal' reason to get rid of you. It happened to me and I got so sick over it that I landed in the hospital. I would've walked on hot coals for this ONCE great company... The current levels of management are weak links and puppets for incompatence at the highest levels. It's such a shame. Stay strong and know that there is life after IBM. If you are a hard worker and smart, there is someone out there who will hire you! Stay close to the ALLIANCE, print out all your files, customer, partner and IBM friends contact info. Get your own private cell phone and move your number that people know. Get your own gmail account. Update your resume and Linkedin account. Good luck. IBM will re-invent itself however alot of lives and families will be hurt. Most importantly, SIGN UP to the ALLIANCE! -Anonymous-
Comment 01/25/15: Look the only way IBM will get better for employees is to do what DeMoulas employees did.
The question in my mind is who will be bold enough? The truckers were the lynchpin. Who in IBM is the lynchpin?
Maybe all Technical Support should not answer PMRs? Maybe all Engineers should stop engineering?
Maybe the directors should stand up for the employees? This company is fracked and I wish I didn't have so much invested with it. Otherwise get out on your own. It's not going to get better.
Q4: ...we had over 45,000 hires in 2014... In 2013 didn't IBM say the majority of the company has been with the company less than 5 years. What IBM culture is that?
Comment 01/24/15: From the Poughkeepsie Journal -anon-

Comment 01/24/15: Hello GBSer, Sorry to hear your situation. Are your PBC 3's for two consecutive years? or are they spread across (PBC 2 in between). Appreciate if you can answer. -PBC3Anony-
Comment 01/24/15: We have all agreed that the PBC system is bad but all need to remember that the 3's are a result of the ranking. So do the math and remember when the bottom ranked people get fired then on the next go around there are still people on the bottom of the list.The old GE firing scheme. -lastdino1-
Alliance reply: It is also apparent that the "ranking" process is just as corrupt as the entire PBC system. No one is planning on doing the math anymore, because they already know the outcome. The PBC formula needs to be trashed. The best way to do that is to get a contract that has protections and specific clauses regarding performance, salary, benefits and even layoffs. Otherwise, this "old GE firing scheme" will continue.
Until there is a collective bargaining agreement for IBM employees, the "At Will Employees" at IBM will suffer from IBM's rules.
Comment 01/24/15: Got low pbc in GTS Brasil... My manager found excuses to put me down. I have no more confidence in anybody...I'm pretty sure the morale will hit the bottom again until march 1st. The best employyes are leaving and few ones waiting for the package. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/24/15: IBM PBC process is Jack Welch on HGH's and heavy steroids. -Alex Rodriguez-
Comment 01/24/15: I've heard layoffs next week as well but 26% is prob wrong havent seen any warn acts and when cringly said 150, 000 last time he wad off by 120, 000 lol if youre in the US you should join the union your job eont be at anymore risk then it already is. As for not having enough money for packages dont kid yourselves ibm still made money well into the billions. -whatever-
Alliance reply: Be aware that if IBM terminates large numbers of 3's for "performance issues" then a WARN notification is not needed. Another sneaky way IBM gets around reporting job cuts.

Comment 01/24/15: Employees follow leaders who set an example, have high standards, and lead with integrity and trust. Can anyone tell me what an FLM in AMS actually does today? I thought the PDM model went away long ago. They contribute nothing of value toward the success of a project. Have no stake in the game in terms of project success. Checking a box claim has been submitted, PA's are done, think 40 was met contributes nothing toward long term success. The PBC system is broke and everyone knows it! Why would someone rated unjustly do anything above the minimum required or go above when the system is set up to screw the employee? #sendamessage join the alliance and stop the abuse. Stop giving IBM any time for free. -#IBM_Doesn't_value_their_emp-
Comment 01/24/15: The likely reason I was immediately given the PIP and separation package options is that this was my second 3 rating. The reasons I won't be pursuing the PIP are:
1) It would be unlikely to be able to satisfy the conditions of improvement,
2) if unsuccessful in meeting the improvement conditions, then I would be ineligible for a separation package for 12 months; and
3) I'm ready to retire. Once I accept the separation package (on day 29 or 30), I understand that I will be terminated almost immediately. Eligibility for unemployment benefits depends on the rules of each state. -GBSer-

Comment 01/24/15: "I don't think as bad as he predicts. The main indicator I see is this week's earnings report in which said IBM set aside $580M in special charges for "workforce rebalancing". By comparison a year ago they set aside $1B for the same purpose. -CJ-Roc-"
No, what that means is that the packages will be far less. This money probably goes to fund the separation packages. So if before they were giving two weeks for every year, and now it's half that (or just four weeks for everyone), they need far less money to fund the massacre. We won't know until Weds when people start reporting what their packages look like, and then we can do the math. Fight back! It will be good to be gone, everyone who has been through this has said that, move to the light my friends, but before you go, take a bite out of them by joining here for $5 a month and telling what you think about Ms Rometty like the other guy said.
Comment 01/24/15: PBC Ginni! RA Ginni! Yes, I think we can actually do that. has a section in their reviews where you can give the CEO a rating. This site has been mentioned in the articles about IBM, so the analysts and public are watching. When you get screwed on your PBC rating, only you and your boss know. How about we all publicly rate Ms Rometty, since really the reason we're all getting downgraded and fired is because of *her* performance. Please, please go on glassdoor, put in a review, and give YOUR rating of Ms. Rometty. Her approval rating is currently 47%, which is pretty low. I'd say that's a 3! Let's drag it down as far as we can and get her butt dismissed. It takes a few days for the reviews to show up, because they vet them (so be responsible and don't rant), so maybe if you all take a few minutes to do that this weekend, she'll get her rating next week as well when we get ours. And please, spend the $5 per month to join the alliance. I did and I really have a good sense of peace about it, this site has helped me so much. Maybe we'll get an article about how the screwing by management has led to this unionization effort. The other thing - if you are RA'd, don't just put this site URL in your out of office email (which is a good idea since most managers probably don't know how to change that), put it in your good bye message to your colleagues, on any Connections sites, etc. They may filter and block on the actual URL, so I usually say something like 'good luck to you all. help yourselves by going to a site that you will find if you google IBM and alliance'. or maybe IBM and job cuts since 'alliance' could trigger a filter. Fight the borg! -ShipGoingDown-
Alliance reply: Thank you for joining and for your ideas. There has been a new ruling from the National Labor Relations Board and it is good:
WASHINGTON—Employees with access to their employer's email system have the right to use it for union organizing and other communications about wages and working conditions, but only during "nonworking time," the National Labor Relations Board ruled.

Comment 01/24/15: To -cingely_exag-: The point you missed was that IBM took a 2014 Q1 charge of $870M for "workforce rebalancing" in addition to the Q4 charge of 580M. So IBM took a charge of nearly $1.5B in 2014. So if IBM "only" takes a $1B charge in 2015, that is a massive charge sufficient to terminate tens of thousands of employees, but it is a 33% reduction from 2014. Joining the union isn't the savior, but it IS your only hope of starting a defense of protecting your job. IBM managers used to belong to the true blue club. But they now realize that they too will be out of a job if their employees are layed off. So now they have become disgruntled, not because they have to fire their employees, but out of selfishness for themselves. They see the writing on the wall that they will end up on that RA list, and now they have begun to spill their guts, to people like Cringely. -Cringely Is Right-
Comment 01/24/15: I shake my head sometimes when I see posters here make the statement that 'all the lower performers are already cleared out', i.e.. only 'low performers' (deserved to go) have previously been RA'd and then are shocked that they themselves, superstars that they think they are, may be next up to be let go. Come down off your thrones, the inept IBM Senior Executives, to save themselves, will come and get you as well, nobody is exempt. Stop thinking you're too good to be cut. Your time is coming. A Union has no chance when its potential members think they are exempt (not me) from job loss. -Ex-IBM Apparent Low Performer-
Comment 01/24/15: The 26% estimate by Mr. Cringely may not be far off from the truth. I know for a fact that in my organization (within GTS Services Delivery) my team was targeted with 20% cuts across the board. Those targets were delivered to the FLMs from their SLMs many weeks ago. I have been a full member of the Alliance for a number of years now. Is $15 a month REALLY too much for you? Probably not. Pull the trigger and join the Alliance as a Full Member. Only 22 new members as of today? That's a joke, considering how many people read this valuable forum, how many US jobs are at risk, how poorly IBM has treated its employees over the years, the steady loss of benefits every year, etc, etc. Stand up and be counted! Thank you again to Lee and the rest of the team! -International Bowel Movements-
Comment 01/24/15: While I value all of the comments on the Alliance website…..Don't you lose the right to whine and complain and not join the Alliance? AGAIN all is lost and it's too late for the current round of '3's' …..How many more rounds will you go through before you join…what have you got left to lose? -Anonymous-
Comment 01/24/15: IBMers you have no say when IBM wants to get rid of you. As we all know respect for the individual and full employment is old history in IBM. The PBC in IBM is a huge shame. It is used to get rid of employees. The 3 in IBM on your PBC is associated with your age. IBM doesn't care about law suites before the EEOC. Without a union and being an at will employer employees have no say who gets laid off and who stays. IBM is the most corrupt company in the IT industry in the way it treats its own employees. There is not a more dedicated, loyal, and intelligent work force in the world, but the last three executives and their management team have destroyed a once great work force in IBM. We are in desperate need of union to counter these corrupt and greedy practices used by executives and managers. -ANA-
Comment 01/24/15: IBM has set up the PR campaign for layoffs, and hidden the true layoffs that will occur under the guise of employees didn' have skills, and a shifting company structure/focus. It will be difficult to find something with a sudden glut of IBMers out there if you are RAed, amplified by the negative comments about lack of skills. Make sure you document things you've done and internal certification you've gained to show you are valuable. I left because I saw this coming. My new position paid less, but the opportunity was great, and already moving towards higher pay and responsibility. If you are talented and plan now to document how well you performed, regardless of the quota based performance ratings you will be able to make it. There are employers who treat people with dignity and not as a easily replaceable unit (ever notice ibm serial numbers are the same format as a FRU?). It would be interesting if somehow figures could be compiled on how many of those going on PIP with low ratings and low pbc's are older workers. Seems like project chrome may be a way to remove silver haired workers. -Not blue anymore-
Comment 01/24/15: Hi All. Sad when writing these lines. Got a 3 too, but seriously it is not the rating I got. Instead I think that I just realized that "the IBM" is not the IBM any more for which I started to work, where I spent passion for the business to win deals for IBM. Although I have external certifications (PMP and OpenGroup), IBM does not care any more. Very sad to think about where this company will be in 1-2 years. Sorry for all the good colleagues I met at IBM ... take care. I will leave soon. Bye. -Morpheus-
Comment 01/24/15: To GBSer*** Your post concerns me, rated a 3 and already given a package with 13 weeks severance? This is of course would be my nightmare as I was rated a 3 also and can retire. Nothing surprises me anymore. If we are going to get RA'd we all hope for up to the 6months pay. I think that would be the icing on my cupcakes. From what I understand when you are put on a performance plan you have up to 90 days to work the plan. So if we are all put on plans wouldn't that push our RA's out 90 days? If they put all 3's on plans they wouldn't make their fudged 1st qtr results. Another concern is that if the resource budget is half of what it was last year, makes me wonder if they plan on cutting our packages to 13 weeks. I guess all we can do is wait for the slaughter to see how the axe swings. If I'm put on a 90 day plan I'm looking for another job during that timeframe. Don't forget to send Alliance@IBM your documents showing how many got cut and where. -IveBeenMislead-
Comment 01/24/15: I was RAd in 2013 with a 2 rating after 28.5 years at IBM. Not eligible for the old retirement plan by 1.5 years, not eligible for future health account by 1.5 years, my "personal pension acct" balance today is barely 1.5 years' salary. So those of you eligible for the old retirement plan, count your blessings and be glad you didn't miss the boat like I did. Even with all that, I can say that it feels GREAT to be out of that toxic work environment, so good luck to all of you who are left. It seems pretty clear to me that IBM does not care that the businesses will fail, I think they are doing their best to get out of the hardware business and get rid of the "liabilities" -- I mean employees -- along the way. Once the stock drops even more, the execs will get lots of cheap stock options and then if they actually manage to turn things around, they can buy more cars and boats and pat themselves on the back for being *cough* job creators. -GoneIn2013-
Comment 01/24/15: To -IveBeenMisled- You asked about retirement decision ...
"Comment 01/23/15: I'm 56 and got a 3, I'm know I'm going in the next RA, and just hit my 30yrs last year, thank god I've got my old pension plan and FHA acct locked in, my question to all is do you know if it would be better to retire when I get whacked or just take the whacking and retire later? I know you can't collect unemployment if you retire -IveBeenMisled- "
You will need to do some calculations to see the payout (income) over time. You can take the severance package and collect Unemployment Benefits until you obtain a new job (or Unemployment expires). At that time you can elect to retire from IBM and start collecting your IBM pension. If you live in a state where the Unemployment Benefits are deferred, until after your severance pay has expired, then Payout-A is equal to SevPkg for xMonths, then Unemployment for xMonths, then IBM pension per month.
If you retire at the time of separation, then Payout-B is equal to the SevPkg for xMonths + IBMpension per month.
Plug-in the dollar amounts and compare Payout-A versus Payout-B for 12 months to see which one pays the most. You can also do a comparison for 16 months and 24 months to see the payout if you maximize your Unemployment Benefits.
Comment 01/24/15: Don't think 26% is too high because IBM doesn't have the same funding level as last year. I suspect MANY, IF NOT MOST will be let go with NO parachute to soften the landing. IBM has simply run out of severance monies......... -Zeke-
Comment 01/23/15: Those reading Cringely's report : Here is the statement from CFO immediately after 4th quarter earnings call :
"I would expect less spending in workforce rebalancing" 580 million charge was taken already in the 4th quarter. Basically what it tells me is they are out of bullets & financial engineering done until now has hit the wall. Any one observed the buybacks drastically reduced ?
Sounds a lot like Cingely's 26% is well over the limit, but that does not mean zero layoffs. Be prepared, this is typically the quarter where many heads are chopped.
Alliance reply: Cringley may be wrong on the number 26%; but the point Alliance has been trying to get across is that this disaster of a company cannot BLAME their problems on the workforce, and then institute a "workforce rebalancing" aka RA to fix their management failures to execute, bring superior products and services to their customers, and create a work environment that stimulates growth in the market place! "That dog can't hunt"
anymore. IBMers must organize and be a large group that can march onto the field of play and be "game ready".
Comment 01/23/15: sometimes I have to wonder about people. If all the 3s and the 2s went with last RA , where did you think the next ones come from? Still have to make the quota and a first line manager is the tail of the dog. They have no say when it comes to the higher ups want more 2s and 3s..So now with the last RA in 2014 that cleared the bottom of the rankings, yet more innocent people who are happy to do their jobs and are perfectly good employees become 3s. There is no appeal except upper mgmt who decreed the number of 3s in November. The days of the pbc board review are gone. I don't understand why people wait, I have been out there applying and getting interviews and just a matter of time until I'm out. The higher number of 3s coincide with being given a pip, less money to pay out. As far as reporting numbers to states, most of us are mobile workers now or don't have an office or you work at a customers office in another state. -anonymous-
Comment 01/23/15: -GBSer-, If you make a decision to accept the package on the last day of the 30-day period, when will the actual separation happen? Is "voluntary separation" a part of this "PBC3->PIP->Minimized severance" deal? If so, can you still claim unemployment? -NewLifeIsAroundTheCorner-
Comment 01/23/15: I left my position as a program mgr on Dec 17 for a new job. Was a little worried that IBM would go back on their word of funding their match portion of the 401k for anyone still employed on Dec 15, but in the end, they honored that commitment. Really sad to hear of more RA's, and especially of the vehicle by which they're doing it - handing out a slew of PBC 3 ratings. As you're exiting IBM, remember to get contact info from anyone who can be a good reference for you. If possible, get non-IBM email addresses. And don't overlook peers as references as these can be helpful. In fact, for managers, even your direct reports are potentially valuable references for employment. Best of luck. Life outside of IBM has certain advantages, as I'm sure you will soon discover. -ex-GTSer-
Comment 01/23/15: Im also on T2R ---- was planning to retire at the end of this year. I also got a 3 today without warning and told I would need to be on a PIP. Totally shocked. According to the T2R documentation, we are exempt from resource actions but not performance based termination. I think IBM is trying to figure out a way to get rid of us all early. At a minimum, IBM is acting in bad faith. Does anyone think that we could take legal action? -anonymous-
Alliance reply: What legal action? Absent a union contract you are an "at will employee".
Comment 01/23/15: -ReadTheTeaLeaves- Right on! To all others wondering what to do: -ReadTheTeaLeaves- has already told you what to do! -anonymous-
Comment 01/23/15: Reminder: take all your Personal Choice Holidays (PCH) NOW and before you are notified of RA! You are not reimbursed for them once you get RAed. Unused 2015 vacation is re-imbursed since it is"earned vacation"..even if just amounts to 1/2 to 1 day. -ScrewIBM-
Comment 01/23/15: Ginny should follow Julian Lennon's post -Jt

Comment 01/23/15: -GBSer- Back in 2009 I was offered the separation package when I was on short term disability. I was told to not to report to my work location when well if my IBM Director was present. I called out HR and appealed. I at least got 2 week pay per year worked to 26 weeks. I was and still am an Alliance member. My advice: APPEAL and MAKE NOISE. What do you have to lose what you lost already? No reason I see you can't get at least the basic, standard separation package. -sby_willie-
Comment 01/23/15: How did you guys learn you had been put on PIP? Did you have to sign anything? How long is the PIP process? How will it be determined if you have improved or not? -TellMeAboutPIP-
Comment 01/23/15: Cringley has the right idea but tends to blow things out of proportion. There will certainly be RAs but I don't think as bad as he predicts. The main indicator I see is this week's earnings report in which said IBM set aside $580M in special charges for "workforce rebalancing". By comparison a year ago they set aside $1B for the same purpose. -CJ-Roc-
Comment 01/23/15: I escaped a 3 this year... 2+ with an award but looking @ directions & morale , 3 is a no brainer shortly. This year, I am on my exit hopefully by Q2, before the job market gets worse or I get stuck in another recession making the exit harder. Life has turned into a complete gamble : gamble on house, gamble on retirement, gamble on having a job. If one makes the wrong bet, screwed. The Shenanigans head to Davos in private jets and talk about our expectations of life being too lavish ! On performance alone , Ginni has to be fired. How is that IBM stock doing ? Cringeley's report is troubling. -2+award-
Comment 01/23/15: @left in '14 with no regrets. The 10-80-10 bell curve went out the window a few years after it was implemented. It was proven to HR that it was not sustainable. For example year 1, a department of 10 people, year 2, 9 people, year 3, 8 people, etc.. a point of irrelevancy that folks were were doing valuable work were forced into the bottom 10%. Soon after the 2+ was created, hence 10-40-40-10, still not sustainable. There are built in politics again for example an employee on STSM track requires three years in a row of 2+ or 1 ratings so they are allocated the few top ones. Some departments start the process being told NO 1's or 2+'s are allowed. One year our SLM told our FLM in front of us that the FLM's rating would be that of the lowest he gave. If he gave anyone 3, his would be a 3 as a low rating would be indication of failure of FLM ability to properly manage his people. -Gone-
Comment 01/23/15: Although I admire the website and its purpose, I cannot think what joining the Alliance could ever do for a contractor. The employment contract I signed clearly states that the subcontracting company can do whatever they want with my employment, including reducing hourly wage. If I had not signed this contract, I would not be employed at all as a sub for IBM. So even though you say the Alliance could aid contractors who work at IBM accounts- what could that possibly look like? There are no loopholes in that employment contract. It's all for 'them'. Not the hourly wage earners. Thanks. Sorry for everyone's outcome after this next week; whether it is picking up the tremendous slack, or losing employment. Either way, many contractors may lose, too, I suspect. -anoncon-
Alliance reply: What the Alliance can do is voice your concerns either through the website or directly to your company.
If enough contractors band together at a specific site or division the alliance can help you try to win specific grievances.

Comment 01/23/15: I too received a PBC 3 rating on Thursday (which didn't surprise me). I'm in GBS. I was told that the final decision as to who would receive a 3 wasn't made until late on Wednesday. The separation package I have been offered includes 13 weeks of severance pay and one year of medical (since I have more than 25 years with IBM). It's called a "minimized separation allowance". I have 30 days to accept. I won't be going the PIP nor appeal route. I was told by my FLM that the only appeal process is through my management chain; there is no arbitration board of peers anymore. Farewell, IBM! -GBSer-
Comment 01/23/15: If you are RA'd, retired, live in CT, on the prior pension plan, AND looking for work you can get unemployment right away because IBM has not contributed to the plan since 2007. Print the 60+ page plan document. -CT-
Comment 01/23/15: Got pbc 3 today , Brazil, GTS. The quota raised from 10% to 20%. Dont accept it! Appeal it because during the pip, the mentor can just tell you're not progressing and you're gonna be layed off. Most of my friends are getting pbc 2, no 2+ or 1. Morale is low in Brazil GTS... Don't believe what Patt Cronin said about GTS... GDFsunk down this company. APPEAL IT! And leave the boat while it is sinking.... -Anonymous-
Comment 01/23/15: Just received my PBC of 3, manager confirmed that "it is because you are on the T2R plan."
So while I *believe* T2Rs are safe from Chrome, it is at least true - at least in my case - that just being on T2R is reason enough for a 3. Anyone have a different experience?
Comment 01/23/15: I also received a PBC 3 this week. It was a total surprise. No warned or clue it was coming. I've always been a 2+ and I'm also on the Transition to Retirement program so I don't know what this means. No details on why I received this. Disturbing. -Almost gone-
Comment 01/23/15: First of all I am a dues paying member.....I got the good ole"3" rating, am on the old pension plan and I hope I do get RA'd, I've had enough, I'm ready to go. So I asked my manager what is the appeal process? She told me its changed and that you make an appointment to go to the 2nd line and if it can't be worked out would go from there. Sounds fishy to me. So it states on IBM's website that the PBC's must be signed by 1/27 which now the rumored date of 1/28 notifying employees with an exit date of 2/28 makes sense to me and why they are pushing that hard. Bring it on IBM I'm so way better than my job. My next job will be dipping ice cream cones so all I have to worry about is whether you want nuts or cherries. I feel very sorry for the ones left over it's going to make your jobs horrible. I also heard there are a lot of seats open to fill, very sad IBM won't place the employees slated to go soon in those open slots. -IveBeenMislead-
Comment 01/23/15: Can this be verified? Copy of the email? Nothing showing in any media, industry papers.
"All softlayer Employees just got emailed that founder and CEO of SoftLayer has resigned from IBM. -BlahBlahBlah-"-Anon-

Comment 01/23/15: Get your full year's worth of Healthcare Reimbursement from Acclaris. Even if you have paid for only two months, you are still entitled to the entire year of HCRA dollars. So go for those new prescription glasses, sunglasses, and even ACCUPUNCTURE treatments. Just look at the list of what is permitted for the HCRA and you will be surprised to see that some items that insurance will not pay for (like ACCUPUNCTURE) are paid for with HCRA dollars if the accupuncturist provides a detailed statement. CONTACT ACCLARIS NOW for more information and start submitting those reimbursement statements. Give the board the [needle] shaft! -STICK IT TO THEM: Free Accupuncture-
Comment 01/23/15: I just joined the Alliance! It feels very good to know that I'm doing *something* about it. I saw the tips from someone else on how to fight back. I'll add another one - when you get your RA notice next week, on your last day (or maybe immediately), please post your out of office notice on Notes and state in a professional manner that you will be leaving, and put a message to join the alliance and a link to this website, so that we can build awareness and membership. I don't think you can get in trouble for that. Also do those reviews, they are anonymous. If IBM wants to screw us older folks, let's let the youngsters know what they are getting into. Then IBM will have 'nuttin'. The old talent gone, no young talent coming in (that's happening anyway, but let's help it along). If 100k people really get RA'd, maybe we can get enough for a class action age discrimination lawsuit out of that. Stick-it-to-em! --HelpYourself--
Comment 01/23/15: PBC tool closes on 27th January, if you haven't receive any news on the rating, you should be able to find out very soon. Some managers dread this difficult conversation and waited until the very last minute. All PBC 3 will be on PIP. In case you get a 3 but no mention of PIP, its because during the time of communication your manager wasn't being made aware of it yet. -HRP-
Comment 01/23/15: As a former IBM manager within Service Delivery, we were told how many 3's we needed to give out to our departments. The goal is to grade on a 'bell curve' of 10% PBC 1's, 40% PBC 2+'s, 40% PBC 2's, and 10% PBC 3's through Team Based Decision Making (TBDM). Long story short, regardless of how well you think your employees did, if the other managers kiss more a$$ than you, your manager will just push their required PBC 3's to you. With a department of 20 people I routinely had to find 2 people who were my bottom resources and give them a PBC 3, but would have to have a list of 3-5 'possibles', just in-case my manager wanted the PBC 3's to come from me...I always thought the idea that people were being used as PBC 3 pawns based upon numbers instead of performance was just wrong. Going by the numbers, I would say performance wasn't a factor in 75% of 3's I gave out, just IBM's way of working people they don't like out of the business. From talking to those that are still there the typical bell curve has been adjusted to add more PBC 3's. In the past a PBC didn't warrant a PIP (only consecutive PBC 3's). Not sure why they would break protocol, but wouldn't be the first time. -left in '14 with no regrets-
Comment 01/23/15: fyi, I don't see any IBM entries on either the NY or CT warn notices. What games are they playing ? Maybe they figure they'll just pay the fines... -Rich-
Comment 01/23/15: -RAed 2010- You worked for IBM back when "2's" and "2+" got Variable Pay. -Anon2-
Comment 01/23/15: union map -Rich-

Comment 01/23/15: I recommend to fight the PBC of 3. If an employee is not warned of lower evaluation prior to receiving, then mgr failed. Write it all up and go with the whole process. It is likely the RA will remain, but if can raise the 3, then would get Variable Pay based on evaluation. -RAed 2010-
Comment 01/23/15: 26% of employees fired. Can that be right? Is that just here in the US or worldwide? -anon-
Alliance reply: First of all it is not the Alliance making that claim, it is an IBM watcher by the name of Cringley. His articles have been posted here. The Alliance has no firm information on what percent or how many employees will be cut in the US or worldwide.
We all know this is the time of the year that IBM does cut jobs. Always be ready for it.
See the main page for latest eblast sent to employees:

Comment 01/23/15: To others who got a PBC 3: If you were told you would be on a PIP, have you received any information about the PIP separation package (the one you get if you choose to leave)? Still haven't seen anything.
-WaitingForTheCall- asked: "I do have a question for those who are saying employees who get a PBC 3 and put on the PIP plan will not be offered a severance package if RAed... is this information accurate?" Not exactly: If you are put on a PIP, you will not be RA'ed, instead you will have the choice to take a smaller package and leave, or try your luck at improving your performance (don't bother trying). If you're not put on a PIP, then you could be RA'ed, but management has told me that everyone who gets a 3 will be put on a PIP (and we've heard that from others here). Of course, there's no guarantee that an RA severance package will be as generous as in the past -- I guess we'll find out next week if the RA rumors are true. -Survivor-

Comment 01/23/15: Folks, if you get a 3 prior to an RA you are probably out, unless your division isn't playing in the RA. However, 1's, 2+s and 2's get laid off all of the time, performance is just one criteria. Not being a 3 is not an assurance of anything. -Anon-
Comment 01/23/15: Behind the PBC 3 rating, it was the ranking system based on "relative contribution" which was enforced by HR with the probable intent to streamline the reduction of workforce over time. While it might have achieved its intended purposes, it did not help the company overall as it demoralized employees with constant uncertainty and fears as there is no such thing as getting what you deserved by doing a good job anymore. You can walk-on-water but still can get ranked low in the pool as your peers are flying over water. The system is also flawed as managers could exaggerate their employee's contribution without any solid proofs. What's worse is that it discouraged team work as employees do not want their peers to rank above them. There are companies such as Microsoft which are bold enough to admit such system was flawed and terminated it. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/23/15: I am truly amazed at the uptick in comments, now that the threat of massive RA's looms large. Even if Cringley's numbers are wrong, the point is IBM's CEO is yet again taking the road "most traveled" instead of the one "less traveled" (Frost). I especially have to wonder how these IBMers that are sweating in their undies about things to come, have claimed openly that they never knew the Alliance web site existed! Really? Seriously? Somehow, I just can't buy that. My opinion is that they *ignored* the Alliance for a long time, and brushed off the idea of a union because it sounded"outdated" and without merit. Well, all I can say is you will suffer the same fate as many other X-IBMers did in the past 15 years because you refuse to consider that collective action really IS an option. You're not a consumer regarding this. Don't act like Alliance has to "sell you something" and reach you through ridiculous "marketing and advertising" stunts. You are an IBM worker and producer of a service or product that IBM is selling to its customers. Fight for your jobs and fight to help turn this company in a direction that values customers 1st, then employees, then stockholders and lastly, IBM executives. Stop waiting for a queue to join the Alliance from someone else. YOU DO IT, first. YOU Take a step forward. Is it hard to do? Yes. No one in the Alliance ever told me or anyone else that it would be easy-peazy.. What are you waiting for? You've been waiting too long, for what ever it is..that bus will never come. Join the Alliance. I'm a member and I have been for over a decade. Sign-up, and then get busy organizing other IBMers. Get busy fighting for your job...or get busy losing your job. Your choice. -Mr. Potato head-
Comment 01/23/15: January 24th, 2015
I reside in the Great White North, however I’m part Mer-Can (ya … Texas). IMHO & respectfully, I sense some believe Unionizing is too Politically Social, or even Un-Capitalist. This would be an incorrect assumption. I follow the IBM politics very closely after being (wrongfully) dismissed way back in 91 (got my $$ettlement). Post IBM & after a Business Degree, my Career settled in the Unionized Private Sector. I work every bit as hard as in my IBM days, however without any of the Health Ravaging Stress due to Management Abuse. A Union Contract will save you (& your family dynamic), & save your Company. A Union Contract gives you a Collective Voice, provides an agreed upon Set of Rules, & will require the group comprising Idiots Became Managers to be accountable. -Irish-American-Canuck-

Comment 01/23/15: I simply smirked when I read about the desperate need in IBM for security talent in the Cringely post of January 22, 2015.
(Refer to
I did not want to feel Schadenfreude because I do NOT want IBM to fail, but I could not resist gloating. I left IBM in 2014 (RA'd) and pointed out in an older post how ludicrous it was that technical security people were being laid off when the focus was supposed to be on CAMSS (aka SCAMS), with one of the S's standing for security. And then a couple of weeks ago an IBM manager sent me a job posting for a security position, asking me to apply, since even non-IBMers or retired IBMers were eligible. The reorganization announcement occurred next and all of a sudden the position was changed to"IBM-only." So Cringely's latest comments made me shake my head in disbelief:
"Meanwhile the new IBM security business has a tremendous number of open positions, are promising promotions and pay increases, etc. They are going after every security skill in the business. The collateral effect of this is most IBM services contracts will lose their security person and won’t be able to replace him/her."
What really disturbs me is that all of you who have been active IBM employees over the years did not join the union movement when you had a chance to make a difference. PLEASE JOIN THE ALLIANCE NOW! -Sad but Still a Paying Member-

Comment 01/23/15: I'm curious about all you people receiving PBC 3. What part of the company are you in? Are these all in specific areas? Can we get a feel if there are just going to be certain business units/locations cut out completely? At my location, we've had no mention of even discussing our PBC ratings. Does this mean I'm safe? Or that maybe they'll just drop our whole location and let us all know at the same time? -Anonymous-
Comment 01/23/15: Even with a fully detailed job description for a band/position, the way the PBC system is gamed by management is that the appraisal is on a curve (certain percentages are 1's, 2+'s, 2's and 3's no matter what) and they delineate via "relative contribution." Even if everybody in your unit goes over and above their job descriptions (which in a vacuum would earn them a high PBC rating), there will still be those that get a PBC 3 rating. This is how one can go from being told that they are doing very good work but then still get a PBC 3; yes, you did good work and completed everything you were asked to and with good quality and on time, but there were others that did more (or so they can claim). And since you are compared to employees within your unit, and not just your department, it is sometimes like comparing apples to oranges when looking at the true value of the work performed. -OutIn2013-
Comment 01/23/15: For all those who maybe on the RA list. Start the preparation now. Go to the site "separation resource action"..
Doing your homework now will make it easier for you not only mentally but insure you do not miss anything important. Important: support the Alliance. -gone after 20 years-

Comment 01/23/15: A couple points to -IveBeenMisled-: - although I do not know what state you reside, if RA'ed, you can collect unemployment in NY. the only caveat is, you have to wait until your 6 month (hopefully) severance is up.
- file when RA'ed, State will say "no", but will give you a date refile some 6 months later. This gets you into the system.
- if you are under the old pension plan, take it. Does not affect unemployment in NY anyway
- as many know, me especially, you do not have to be a "3" to be RA'ed. I was a 2+ with the last goat rodeo. Age, although they will deny, is a factor (I was almost 59, 26+ years). -Buckysparks-

Comment 01/23/15: I retired at the end of 2014 - I was denied the TTR because they said they had no funding and then my mgr kept asking me "where my head was on retirement". I keep telling them - "I told you when I requested the TTR". I gave 2 weeks notice after working for the worst manager I have ever had in both IBM or elsewhere. I'm talking the bi-polar express. My plea here is for those of you that either leave on your own, or get "managed out", PLEASE do not go back as a contractor. This is only hurts your previous co-workers, but it's unethical and underhanded. I pray they don't call me to come won't be pretty. -Time2Live-
Comment 01/23/15: i was disappointed but not shocked I received a 3 this year. I'm on the T2R program, so from my mgr's perspective, it was a no-brainer. no long term repercussions. I successfully appealed a 3 a few years ago via the HR review (vs. the peer review process). The 2nd line, to save face, over turned the FLMs assessment. Never had Indication I was sub-par - won on that basis. As for the PIP, my manager said it doesn't apply since I'm on the retirement transition. A feature of the T2R program is you're promised you won't be RA'd. Of course, if IBM made good on all of their promises, I'd be retiring with a pension and decent medical coverage. -Not Suprised-
Comment 01/23/15: We're still getting our 3's and RAs, but fight back! My manager called and insisted that we meet in the office on the 28th (doomsday), likely to give me RA or downgraded PBC. I hope I get the package, I want off this corrupt, decrepit, shady sham of a company and it's sleazy management. Imagine how this news of a layoff of this size will be received and what the lowered confidence will do to the market.
1. Join now, even if as an associate member. That's $5 a month, if this site went to a pay model most of us would pay $5 a month for this info. The thermometer is moving, send a message.
2. Go on and create an account with your personal email and submit a review of IBM if you are a current or former employee. There are too many 'this company is great' reviews there, probably from people in HR or execs. You can rate the company and CEO. The review is anonymous. Let's overwhelm it with the truth. DON'T RANT, or it will not be published. Be professional and factual.
3. Communicate all details here. Let's be organic and fight the borg. We won't win, but let's inflict some serious damage.
4. Let everyone and anyone within IBM know about this site, we need more numbers here, certainly now even the Pollyanna types that saw us as rabble rousers will be convinced that this is real.
I will say that I don't know who any of you are, but the best thing about working in IBM my almost 20 years has been the people. It pisses me off that good people with families and kids are being treated like this because of greed. Maybe we should all wear glittery headbands and pearly white buck teeth grills to our interviews and ratings meetings as a sign of protest. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-

Comment 01/23/15: I got a PBC of 3 for the first time after 21 years. I've been 2+ for years. I got great reviews last year but our project was cut b/c of cost. Now I'm being told I didn't contribute compared to other band 8's. I was told I was "at the bottom of the barrel". Looking back I realize this isn't about me but about this company and the downward spiral it's heading. I've been told to do a PIP. I really don't even know what to think about that. I guess I'll find out my fate next week. -Tired-
Comment 01/23/15: All softlayer Employees just got emailed that founder and CEO of SoftLayer has resigned from IBM. -BlahBlahBlah-
Comment 01/23/15: Message to -IveBeenMisled-. I got laid off last year after 38 years and was able to collect unemployment insurance in Texas until I activated my retirement. Check out your state. Also, use your FY HCRA before you leave. You do not have to pay it back. There are other things you can do to get ibm to pay as part of the RA package. The stock price has dropped $42 per share since I left last year. All I know is that Ginni was in charge during this embarrassment. That should be a big clue to the Board of Directors. -ihateibm-
Comment 01/23/15: IBM has been riding me for 2 years now and the end may be near, but I have been on a work slowdown for years too. What goes around, comes around. If they play games, hit them back with some of their medicine.
Heard of a dept that ALL given PBC 3's that for a thanks! If IBMer were united, we could do a work slowdown together and force some improvements.
-Band 9 Not Doing Fine-
Comment 01/23/15: @Benjamin - You have to believe the 26% or 100,000 people let go. As IBM moves to what they call 'higher value' businesses, the CAMSS stuff, they in fact move to much lower margin businesses because it is all based on Cloud stuff which is by definition low margin business. In 2014, IBM was a 92B (REV) business. REVs will continue to falter as IBM moves to these new types of business (CAMSS). In turn, costs will need to get cut further to keep the profit up. This is a vicious cycle which at the end unfortunately will kill this company. Let's organize and put a stop to this madness! -IBMer Ashamed-
Comment 01/23/15: -GinniGinniWhoCanITurnTo?- "GPD WILL be paid this year, no footnotes, no caveats".
If you believe Ginni then the GDP (Growth Driven Pay) is probably at the all time lowest bucket or pool allocated based on business results since most business units did not attain their scores for 2014 and there are so few PBC 1 and 2+'s to qualify for those that do get it. -anonymous-

Comment 01/23/15: IBM is an "at will employee" company. Employees work at the pleasure of IBM. IBM can get rid of any employee and they do not need "just cause" to get rid of an employee. The PBC is a complete sham in IBM. How can these incompetent and loser managers properly evaluate an employee from a 2 to a 3 overnight? IBM employees are in desperate need of a union. There will be approximately 26 percent of the workforce laid off this month. How much more shxx will the IBM employees take by these incompetent managers and executives. A union is needed. -ANA
Comment 01/23/15: I am a former IBMer and for anyone who got a PBC 3 do you have a formal, documented job description of what your band, job family/title actually entails? Roles, Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities, etc. Your PBC is not a job description; The PBC is an appraisal. So challenge your management on your PBC 3 and mention how you can even be appraised if you technically have no job description presented to you to be appraised against in the PBC process. By the way, with a union contract you have a formal Job Description in writing that spells out every detail.
P.S. Does IBM have Employee Development Plans (EDP) anymore? If so, do they ever come to fruition what is listed in them?
Comment 01/23/15: Hey all you IBMers who finally got a PBC 3 and not members here and have been looking at this board for years as what entertainment of curiosity? Well you had a nice run at IBM, but since you were not part of the solution to unionize IBM, you're part of the overall problem. Now you want to raise some hell, but you have had plenty of chances. Too late, too bad, so sad. Now you'll learn to deal with an RA. At least those who are or were Alliance members want to do something to change things better for all. -Grimm Reaper-
Comment 01/23/15: While I think his numbers are wrong, you cannot argue with the sentiment of Cringely's article. -Bored-
Comment 01/23/15: -CA- You and thousands others are getting the same treatment and now are just complaining as usual. Thousands others have already received the same treatment since Gerstner was CEO. R U an Alliance member? If not, what R U waiting for? BTW, and not to rub salt into you mood, since you are 55 years old and don't have 15 years at IBM, you also lose your FHA if you get RAed. Isn't that so nice of IBM? That is probably the reason you have been targeted with a PBC 3 to manage you out. -NY-
Comment 01/23/15: I'm 56 and got a 3, I'm know I'm going in the next RA, and just hit my 30yrs last year, thank god I've got my old pension plan and FHA acct locked in, my question to all is do you know if it would be better to retire when I get whacked or just take the whacking and retire later? I know you can't collect unemployment if you retire -IveBeenMisled-
Comment 01/23/15: Got a PBC 3 today. I told FLM that I would surely appeal against it!!! No matter the result! It's not bad to leave this sh** company -FromChina-
Comment 01/23/15: About 4 years ago those IBM said they would give $1000 of shares to everyone still employed at December 2015....I wonder how much they will save by people leaving before then! -Sam-
Comment 01/23/15: Instead of complaining about how you got a '3' for the first time in your entire career at BM (sadly, there is no more 'I'), how about joining the union and documenting it into your PIP? Seems to me if there really are that many more 3's given out for 2014, the Alliance's voice would become that much louder and get more attention from the media. THINK about it. -XB'mer-
Alliance reply: Good idea! We've highlighted your comment so that everyone sees this and has a chance to consider it. IBM needs to finally see that their employees WILL fight back and WILL take collective action. Like we say on Twitter: @IBM #THINKunion

Comment 01/23/15: BIG Layoff planned next week. The BIGGEST layoff of the Century. Almost 100,000 employees planned. Ginny gets to keep her job, really? Why? This is a real blood bath. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/23/15: Received a not-quite-unexpected PBC 3 this week. I am in the T2R program with a planned retirement date of 3/31 but even so I'm being given 30 days to demonstrate improvement. I wonder what they are thinking... -Time to wrap it up-
Comment 01/23/15: Definitely got a PBC 3... not shocked at all really with everything that has been happening. I've only been with the company 2.5 years and have had 8 different managers! I do have a question for those who are saying employees who get a PBC 3 and put on the PIP plan will not be offered a severance package if RAed... is this information accurate? -WaitingForTheCall-
Comment 01/23/15: If I were a customer.. and after seeing this level of duplicity and treachery on the part of IBM management, I would have to be an idiot CIO to trust anything IBM. Regardless of cloud or security or whatever Ginny is pushing.. nothing can succeed if you have no honour or are worthy of any trust. The name IBM no longer carries these qualities - which is far more valuable for gaining new business than Watson or Dickson or wiz-bang analytics or shiny new buildings in NYC. Ginny and the whole corrupt cabal should be fired and arrested for ruining an American icon. -Foo Bar-
Comment 01/23/15: Deepest condolences to everyone who recently joined the Terminal Three club. I'll never forget the "but" from my manager's mouth in my PBC evaluation that marked the end of my 28+ years with IBM, a couple years ago. It can take a little while to redefine yourself when you've called yourself an IBMer for so long, especially knowing that those giving you the boot are likely not a fraction the IBMer you were at heart. But you move on and do what you have to. Good luck! -empathetic-
Comment 01/23/15: For those breathing a sigh of relief that you did not get a 3 be warned, it will be your turn soon. So do you sit back or fight back? -anon-
Comment 01/23/15: So, I've been a 1 for 3 years as a Project Manager on a major account. The account is totally making profit, insane amounts of profit, I have letters of commendation from very high level execs etc... So I get dropped to a 2+... Why? Well we have younger people on the team that feel they are not making enough money and have complained. Really? This is supposed to be a rating system, not a ranking system.. What bullshit. I work literally every single weekend, 24x7, the client calls me if a fly shits in the trees... I have no life... My wife is about to leave me and after 30+ years of this I don't blame her. The client is offering me a job... I think it's time to move on.. And please, please, please, don't equate my minor problems with those dropped to a 3... I feel for my brethren and how this company is screwing them.. My problems are minor in comparison.. I'm at a crossroad and maybe you are too....... -Ben Dover-
Comment 01/23/15: Got my first PBC3 this year. No talks about the PIP at the time of the appraisal. At what point of time should I expect it? Don't mind being RA-ed, but I'd rather avoid all this PIP deal, since I want my full severance and a right to claim Unemployment. Anyone who is affected and/or has proven info about the PIP, let's keep each other updated! -PBC3ThisYear-
Comment 01/23/15: So Ginny gave her guidance for the year and all the minions added their brown-nosing comments to her blog. She mentioned there will be GDP this year, but surprise surprise only 2 and above can get it. Also she told a story of a neighbor in the elevator of her condo that mentioned to her they bought 5K shares of IBM and this person said keep up what you are doing. First we don't all have rich neighbors who can drop 750K on stock so I don't see how that is suppose to make us feel. Secondly, she needs to stop what she and her cronies are doing since it is not working. My FLM, has not given anyone on our team our PBC rating as of yet and he wants all of us to work this weekend to resolve any outstanding issues for an upcoming release. I suspect (actually I know) he wants to delay telling us since whoever got a 3 would definitely not be working this weekend. I agree with most other comments, the majority of FLM are incompetent and lack leadership skills. I guess the apple does not fall far from the executive tree. -Mr. Wonderful-
Comment 01/23/15: Does anyone know what occurs If I refuse to sign my "3" PBC rating? If I get a full package I don't care, my concern is being a"3" and no package -IveBeenMisled-
Comment 01/22/15: Received a 3 on your PBC? read here -Alliance-
Comment 01/22/15: It seems that not only are 3's being given out, but to more long term employees. Age discrimination....but masked by a "poor performance" with a PIP that will allow IBM to fire people without having to pay high severance packages. Ginni can sit an smile and say"we removed those who weren't good enough".....meaning we found a way to lower our layoff count and costs to make it look better to the media. -Not blue anymore-
Comment 01/22/15: So it appears that no matter how hard we have worked, the fix is in. Ginny and her gang are just going to drop our PBC's and dump us. We, the ones that have been holding this company together should say "Enough!" and strike. -Joe Hill-
Comment 01/22/15: @Justanothernumber Are you saying that those who volunteered to partake in the Transition To Retirement (T2R) and were expected to leave by 12/31/15 are now being targeted with 3's and PIP being forced out earlier? -Anon-
Comment 01/22/15: I am 55 years old. I have been an outstanding IT employee since graduating college many years ago. I have always received praise for my work and was a manager at another company before being outsourced to IBM ten years ago. When I first started I received 1s and 2+s. A few years ago IBM made receiving a 2 justifiable. Today I received a 3 out of the blue after hearing nothing but praises and receiving Blue Points this year. It is insanity and I cannot process something this crazy. -CA-
Comment 01/22/15: Just got my wonderful 3 rating, in fact all the new people in my group got 3's...I'm sure I'll be on the RA list, quite frankly I'm ready to go, not thriving just wasting away...does one know how to go about contesting a "3" rating? I know its useless but want to clog them up if it helps. -IveBeenMisled-
Comment 01/22/15: Names were selected in December. Meetings are Jan 28. -Cringely is right-
Comment 01/22/15: At IBM 19 years. Received a 3 on my PBC for the first time. I've been around long enough to know this means I am on the list. Loyalty, hard work and dedication means nothing. Utterly disgusted!!! -Checked out-
Comment 01/22/15: I agree that everyone should protest their PBCs. I did so and won. The first part of the appeal will go to your second line who will not overturn the bad PBC rating. They are part of the team that mandated a bad rating. The second step in the appeal process is to go to an arbitration board consisting of 5 of your peers - people with similar band levels. I did this and won. It took a lot of time on my part, and on the part of my FLM, SLM, HR, and my witnesses. Two people testified for me. I was warned by many that this could affect my career (even though IBM allegedly has a no retaliation policy), and I think it has, but there are no careers at this company anymore. Even if you don't win, you make them back up their decisions, shine some light on the dishonesty, and show them you aren't their patsy. What is the worst that could happen? You are going to lose your job anyway. Make them work for it, these people who are willing to do the dirty work for the board of IBM - the board who are taking money out of the company millions at a time, cooking the books, treating it like a cash cow, performing re-org theatre for the sake of wall street, and getting rich while they pretend they are trying to run a company. -SC-
Comment 01/22/15: I received my PBC 3 (yesterday), which I was expecting. I can confirm that everyone who receives a 3 automatically goes on a PIP. You have the option to leave IBM with a minimal separation package (I don't have those details yet), or try to improve your performance. My situation is unusual, because I moved to a different team in Q4, and my rating came from my old manager. My new manager doesn't agree with the result, and has gone to bat for me and worked out a deal where I can stay without doing the PIP (there are conditions), but I can also take the money and run if I so choose. My manager confided in me that the new "automatic PIP" plan is just a cost cutting measure that allows IBM to get rid of people without the expense of an RA. Most importantly, he told me that no one who goes on a PIP will succeed, you will fail and leave IBM with little or no severance.
So, if you got a 3, you will be put on a PIP. If your severance is more than you would make staying until the end of the PIP, take the money and run, because you'll leave IBM either way. If you stay, you'll create extra work for your manager, so some of you might choose that option :-) You will not be part of an RA, this is the best deal you will get. Once I get the details of the PIP package I'll post an update, unless someone else does so first.
Comment 01/22/15: Cringely's prediction can't be true, 26% of the company worldwide is over 100,000 people RA'd. -Benjamin-
Comment 01/22/15: Well Its happened even though I am in the retirement program being offered, pbc rating of 3, after 15 years of faithful service, even though I only work 3 days a week I am still considered a poor performer? The decisions weren't made by my first line, but 2 and 3rd line, which are overseas, even though I am leaving at the end of the year and my workload is supposed to be lighter they still give the excuse that your a fine worker but you have to do again there is conflict between what the VP of the Early Retirement program stated in her email to join the program and reality at IBM....don't trust them...they all lie... -Justanothernumber-
Comment 01/22/15: Someone tell me how it make sense:
Client gives a great feedback but what matters is what you (read Manager) think
Rating: PBC 3 : among the lowest contributors this year, needs to improve
Overall assessment: He is among the lowest contributors this year as a project manager.
His lack of attention and detail to his project plans and statuses has caused issues during many project implementation.
His MOR reports did not provide the level of detail expected from a project manager. When this issue was brought to his attention (Wrong dates, planning, and status of each milestone) it was not corrected in later versions.
During the <Client> project He was responsible for tracking and providing status on direct connections.
His initial status sheets did not provide tracking detail. He had to work with the <Internal> team to create a status report.
As the team reviewed his status most of the status had to be corrected, which caused a lot of rework.
That was another example of His not paying attention to project details. This was not a one time event. There were concerns about presenting the data to the client.
<Client> did give positive feedback on how he tracked data. His was assigned the second phase of the <Client> contract.
Early into the project we had to make a switch. This was done because His was not familiar with the clients needs and progress was not being made. As a band 8, he has not shown the level of experience that a project manager should have at his level.
A project manager is expected to create a plan, provide detail and accurate status on the project, raise as well as manage issue and work closely with the project team and client to build relationship. If he wants to remain a project manager he needs to significantly improve his project management skills, both technical and soft skills. There are many class that are applicable to your projects.
Comment 01/22/15: For those who are posting that they are being given a rating below satisfactory, a '3' for example, and being driven out, is it worth while to not sign your PBC and challenge the rating? At this point, what do you have to lose? -Phu Bar-
Comment 01/22/15: The message here to appeal PBC score reduction is useless when management also told me the PBC appeals process has been eliminated.... canceled... for this year. This may vary based on business unit, I suspect. So much for collective action on that front! -CloudyWithAChanceOfRAs-
Alliance reply: First challenge management for that assertion that the appeal process has been cancelled. Then ask for documentation.

Comment 01/22/15: PBC rating of 3 today...16 years of 2+. I was shocked. I'm trying not to take this personally but it's a tough one to swallow. -Soon-to-be-ex-ibmer-
Comment 01/22/15: I think the percentage of PBC 3 is at least 15% now. Maybe close to 20% for non-management. -anonymous-
Comment 01/22/15: Next Week's Bloodbath At IBM Won't Fix The Real Problem -ChromeCuts-

Comment 01/22/15:
IBM’s reorg-from-Hell launches next week
Ginni_Rometty-IBM’s big layoff-cum-reorganization called Project Chrome kicks-off next week when 26 percent of IBM employees will get calls from their managers followed by thick envelopes on their doorsteps. By the end of February all 26 percent will be gone. I’m told this has been in the planning for months and I first heard about it back in November. This biggest reorganization in IBM history is going to be a nightmare for everyone and at first I expected it to be a failure for IBM management, too.
Comment 01/22/15: -ANA- writes: "Isn't it interesting that IBM executives have great perks and contracts, but they are totally against the rank and file to have a contract to protect their families and jobs?"
That's actually not interesting at all, since it happens year after year. What's "interesting" is that the rank and file have yet to rise up and try to do something about it. Until / unless they do, the execs will continue to do what they do.
Comment 01/22/15: Just watched Ginni's webcast. The only thing I heard was "GPD WILL be paid this year, no footnotes, no caveats". -GinniGinniWhoCanITurnTo?-
Comment 01/22/15: "Alliance reply: The advice is meant to be used as collective action."
I agree totally. Thanks for taking the time to explain it that way. I hope those who are affected by these phony appraisals will take action to protest them regardless of the outcome, and work harder to organize an NLRB certified union. Small steps help, much larger ones are needed. -Dave G-

Comment 01/22/15: Let's blow the door off the IBM PBC 3s handed out. If we can figure out how many PBC 3's there are then the Alliance might be able to estimate an RA number for the next RA before IBM announces one. Can the Alliance set up a PBC 3 counter on this website? Just ask for: On PIP (Y or N), IBM site & building, IBM division number, IBM division head for demographics and validity. Just a thought. -GinRumetty-
Comment 01/22/15: And you all just hold your breath and wait for the RA...
Now due to the expected woeful IBM 4th QTR results IBM has less money for stock buybacks. That's bad for IBM financially engineered cooked books. Very bad for IBM executives. I can see IBM raising money for a bigger buyback by instituting "Pay Reordering" for all number bands (2-10). Supposedly, IBM management with bands D-A have much of their compensation 'at risk' already so that is why they couldn't be pay reordered. The Pay Reordering is not a pay cut; you just get less money in salary and hourly pay if IBM stock price makes a high water mark for a particular date when you might get your pay reordered totally back to what it was. Don't think this is possible? Remember re-banding and Pay Remixing? How about your 401k match? Call it all the "Great Holdback" which might have been a drop of poison left from Roadmap 2015. IBM also gets a 0% loan; all on part of your pay.
With a union contract this could all be avoided completely and you woundn't have to worry about this if you make it through the next RA.
Comment 01/22/15: If Cringely is right, the hammer comes down next week: -WaitingForACallFromMyManager-

Comment 01/22/15: I received the pbc rating of 3 yesterday. I was in shock because I've always been the 2+ performer. IBM managers are the robots with the check lists on their hands. They have no integrity and human moral value. I've appealed my rating. Look like the RA is coming and they need to fill the status quota.-Eric-
Comment 01/22/15: -CloudyWithAChanceOfRAs- First are the RAs then there will be the Pip's. 10% of workforce are expected to be PBC 3 (mmm how do I know you ask - Well beyond the talk I saw an email from a senior VP stating that 10% should be given a 3 and they will then be on PIP's with the intention of managing out of the business - no RA's) and unless you are on the RA list you will then suffer the indignity of the PIP. So that's perhaps 40,000 people who management wants to force out. Imagine if all the 40,000 stood up collectively then maybe something could change. What a gutless act by people who are cashing in their shares and getting bonuses. Perhaps someone can set up a mechanism for collecting numbers on the suicides that result from this. -3 is not a nice number-
Comment 01/22/15: Hello. Been at IBM 2+ years. Got 4 managers in that time. Have a government and pod lead that says I am doing a good job. Then my pic came for 2 years I have had ratings of 2. Today I got a 3 due to silly bs excuses. -2 years-
Comment 01/22/15: Gorya - well said - "It's as though IBM's management doesn't realize they're running a business. It seems to be a game to them to try and engineer their way to EPS growth." -Ex-IBMer-
Comment 01/22/15: "Alliance reply: All those getting dropped should file an appeal. Bog the system down."
Interesting plan, but for most would probably result in a rubber stamp approval of the FLM's decision. It's sad that ibm'ers haven't worked to organize an NLRB certified union - a union contract could have given them a real grievance process (and perhaps a better appraisal process), with legally binding arbitration by a neutral third party, instead of having their futures decided by company management. -Dave G-
Alliance reply: The advice is meant to be used as collective action. Regradless of IBM FLMs using a rubber stamp, IBMers acting collectively to impede the system itself, from functioning the way IBM abuses and fires their employees, is a good way to make IBM aware that the employees are fighting back in a group effort. That's the purpose. It's a small step; but once taken, becomes a loud collective voice. Do something collectively!

Comment 01/22/15: Hello there, please add one more PBC 3 unexpected - I was told that was orders from above, they added more PBC 3 this year for each FLM - they are unable to pay bonus... -no_name_no_dignity-
Comment 01/21/15:
IBM's CEO Just Missed A Big Opportunity.
Tuesday was a pivotal day for the company and she was no where to be seen, missing a chance to show leadership. But we can't help wonder, where was the company's CEO for this important day? An IBM spokesperson told us that she wasn't on the call because, "It's typical at IBM for the CFO to host the conference call with the investor community."
Bill Kreher, technology analyst for Edward Jones, who did attend the call, told us, "It was unusual for her to be on the call last quarter and it underscored the urgency that she felt at the time. So, if it was important for her to be on the call last quarter, why wasn't it important for her to be on it this quarter?"
Comment 01/21/15: The PBC system is a shame in IBM. Managers are only interested in bonuses and promotions. They couldn't care less about their employees. Isn't it interesting that IBM executives have great perks and contracts, but they are totally against the rank and file to have a contract to protect their families and jobs? They know that the way the current management team in IBM is today, a strike would be called. They are so fearful of a union in IBM. Ninety eight percent of the executives and manager are totally lost on what is going on in their department. further more they couldn't care less. IBM US needs a union. -ANA-
Comment 01/21/15: Well, it happened. My first 3 on a review in 15+ years. In the last year I have continued my old job as it slowed down and taken on the role of one retiree and one "resourced" position. So, technically I'm doing at least TWO FTE jobs.
Today I got a 3 on my PBC review because of "relative" contributions. More in my band had higher "relative" contributions. I asked if I had completed the ONE thing I had tried to do and failed, what would my rating be then. The answer. "2". The one thing I didn't do was purely customer based and the customers weren't interested. Anyone hiring? I have over 35 years in the industry. I'm done.....
-Ben Dover-
Comment 01/21/15: Want to watch an IBM Fellow (Bernie Meyerson) sweat when asked about what's in IBM's innovation pipeline?
Bernie you forgot when Con Edison used "Deep Thunder" how it missed a major storm and the Public Service Commission fallout. Now IBM is proposing it to prevent Floods? -Cloudy Skies-

Comment 01/21/15: "IBM: A Ship That Is Taking On Water... Buybacks were virtually halted as the stock tanked, an incredible development from a company that has made its living retiring shares.... business continues to shrink and there is no direction from management..... Tech dinosaur IBM (NYSE:IBM) came out on Tuesday with its quarterly confession that it is a dying business and the results spurred investors to do what they always do with IBM results - sell.
IBM is suffering mightily from irrelevance and years of blind mismanagement and the results have shown exactly what everyone already knew; this business is in a lot of trouble.... The quarter, as has become custom, was ugly. Revenue was down an eye-popping 13% as sales were crushed by weak demand.... the stock continues to lag virtually everything, including the major indices.... IBM's years of trying to game the system through financial engineering has left a business with no strategy or purpose other than to try and produce free cash flow that can reduce the share count and boost EPS. It's as though IBM's management doesn't realize they're running a business. It seems to be a game to them to try and engineer their way to EPS growth..... IBM can't even come close to maintaining its revenue, let alone grow it.... This is a company that is dying a little bit more each quarter as its clueless management team continues to drive it into the ground.... the revenue bleeding will continue and no amount of margin increases or buybacks will be able to stem the tide." -Gorya-
Comment 01/21/15: "Extensive experience + provided valuable insights + led improvements + close collaboration + timely and patient + valued member of the team" = 3, among the lowest contributors this year. (Not unexpected, but still painful.) -16YearsAndCounting-
Comment 01/21/15: Remember this?$1000-stock-bonuses/d/d-id/1095603? -Alliance-

Comment 01/21/15: I am amazed at how evil IBM and it's management is today. My FLM wanted to get two bodies for the price of one. I was the oldest so like a sick gazelle in the African safari, I was target to be killed. They trumped up bad performance reviews and then RAed me to hire 2 young college grads with no family. My PBC and RA were engineered by my FLM and SLM and rubber stamped by the idiot "country manager." I tired to appeal this on the grounds that I am a hard working employee and I had very young children and I was the only one working and my age would make it harder to get a job fast.
I also needed medical for the kids. The IBM guy was very rude and told me if I don't sign and take it and go, he will very likely take away any severance benefits. There was an employee who was the FLM's friend who go to stay and was promoted. This employee hardly did any work and knew very little. IBM is one of the worst companies of third world standards I have ever worked for. This company simply cannot survive with these standards. -FED-

Comment 01/21/15: You can add me to the unexpected PBC 3 rating. No warning, bland excuses from 1st line. Started the appeal process. Time to move on... just buying some time. -Anon-
Alliance reply: All those getting dropped should file an appeal. Bog the system down.

Comment 01/21/15: When your IBM manager tells you there is very little or no money for bonuses/raises this year, remind them that for 2014 IBM had $92.8 billion in revenues with a Net-Income(aka profit) of $15.8 billion. That is 15.8 billion with a "B". If IBM took just one quater of those profits, they could give every IBMer in the world a $10,000 bonus. $4,000,000,000 Profits / 400,000 IBMers = $10,000 -NoBonusForYou-
Comment 01/21/15: I received an unexpected 3 rating. I agree with comments stated at this site that PBC is a farce. Thank you for keeping us informed, Alliance. I am a supporter. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/21/15: Perhaps Lance Crosby was reading from Ginni's script in the blue crystal ball. Mainframes bad, take revenue from cloud, lets kill the mainframe.

Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty is focusing returning International
Business Machines Corp. to growth through new initiatives like data analytics, mobile and cloud computing -- where technology is delivered via the Internet,instead of stored onsite. Cloud computing gives clients more flexibility in ordering software and can limit their need for IBM’s servers and mainframes, crimping profits.
Comment 01/21/15: Already the weeding out using the PBC evaluation process has begun by seriously undermining the achievements and giving out standard 3's. In NL now the "Pretty Biased Comment" process is in full flow now with most employees deliberately being under rated so they dont have to pay out any bonuses. When confronted with a refusal to accept the evaluation given you have to begin the PBC complaint/refusal process which is not worth the paper it is written on. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/21/15: FROM IBM'S EARNINGS CALL IBM's fourth-quarter results included a $580 million charge to cover costs of "rebalancing" the workforce, shedding some employees to make way for others with new skills, Mr. Schroeter said. In all, though, IBM hired about 45,000 people in 2014 and has about 15,000 jobs open, he said. The company hasn't provided an updated number yet for its total head count -GEORGE SOROS-
Alliance reply: First of all, since when does ANY IBM Executive ever tell or reveal to the public how many people they've hired or fired? Since when does anyone with any intelligence trust IBM or expect them to reveal their current head count in the US or any other part of the world? IBM officially STOPPED reporting their headcounts in 2009. We have a chart on our front page that proves that, by the numbers, up to and through 2009. Since then Alliance@IBM has not been able to get the data from IBM. We have to use other sources from inside IBM, to *estimate* the head counts as we go. Nothing that Martin Schroeter says can be taken as truth.
The above data is useless information for IBM employees. IBM workers need to focus on collective action and organize, in spite of IBM's lies and propaganda that are summarily distributed as though it was meaningful.
Comment 01/20/15: I heard most people are getting a drop in their PBC score for last year, regardless of performance? Is this in preparation for a big RA of a now larger pool of 3s who used to be 2s? Or is the hidden message here than anyone whose rating has been dropped down (even to a 2+ or a 2) is now on the direct chopping block? Would love to know if a lot of people got unexpected drops. I am an Alliance member, in the past even a dues paying one. Wish everyone was. -CloudyWithAChanceOfRAs-
Comment 01/20/15: Way to go Ginni, spend a billion dollars to build the Watson group and you get canapes? Plan on serving them at today's Q4 announcement?
Supercomputer Watson teams with Institute of Culinary Education to create recipes. Chefs use the giga-powerful Watson to come up with unusual flavor combinations and push the boundaries of creativity.
Fancy a Vietnamese apple kebab with pork, chicken, strawberries, pineapple and mushrooms? The world's smartest supercomputer thinks you do. IBM’s giga-powerful Watson came up with the basic formula for the far-out Far Eastern skewer as part of a collaboration with a Manhattan cooking school — the goal being to help chefs come up with never-before-considered flavor combinations. -Anon-

Comment 01/20/15: RAs are inevitable in IBM unless you try to *do something* about them.
How to do something about stopping them, or even just delaying them for months, is to shout with a unified voice and organize! This is what you see here at the Alliance@IBM Local 1701 CWA!
At least some people now know an IBM resource action is just another IBM wordspeak for permanent firing and not a layoff and is repeatedly used just to trim costs to help maximize lousy profits due to clueless middle and upper management direction started and now stultified from that evil past IBM CEO Gerstner.
Even worse, the thing I see in IBM non-management is sheer apathy instead of at least trying to get changes for the betterment of IBM employees (even just refusing to be labeled or referred to as a RESOURCE is a start of leaving that apathy behind) and if you don't try to take action history will repeat itself with another RA, then another, another...
IBM is playing you as fools. Worse than a flock of sheep. Sheep are better than resources since they know how to flock together for their own protection. And when you continue to do NOTHING but keep your head down you allow the bad history to repeat and, dare I say it, maybe get even worse for the future at IBM? -Something-anything?-

Comment 01/20/15:

Comment 01/20/15: Got the canned "IBM values your contribution-pays competitively-you're a valued member of the team-keep busting it-no eligibility for a raise-bonus will not be funded-you are a rated the same as majority of the population" speech.
What incentive is there to go above the call of duty? The job market is turning in favor of the employee. Get ready.#makinenemies -#IBM_Doesn't_value_their_employees-

Comment 01/20/15: "I'm scared to be an Alliance member since IBM would probably move me to the next RA list."
What on earth makes you think you're safe if you don't? I believe it helped me to avoid the mass firings. I took an active and visible role in organizing for the 10 years before I retired. Handed out flyers at the cafeteria and gates, talked to co-workers. Yeah, management knew who I was. Signing up and then hiding in the shadows doesn't cut it. Want relief from the mass firings and pay/benefit rip-offs? Get out there and organize!
-Dave G-
Comment 01/20/15:
IBM Australia appears set to commence the first round of job cuts in the new year as it continues to defend its reputation against the Queensland government’s “sustained attacks”.
The Australian understands the latest restructuring exercise began last week with about 400 positions potentially affected.
One person close to IBM, who declined to be identified, said morale was “extremely low” at the company. “Workers say anyone could be next and that’s the thinking they go into work with everyday,” they said.
An IBM spokeswoman didn’t reveal specifics but said the company“continues to rebalance its workforce to meet the changing requirements of its ­clients”. “We continue to hire for key skills in Australia and around the globe,” she said. -Anon-

Comment 01/19/15: How little does it cost to at least be an Alliance anonymous associate supporter? I'm scared to be an Alliance member since IBM would probably move me to the next RA list. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: First of all IBM does not get your name no matter level of membership you are. Membership is confidential unless you choose to tell IBM. There are 2 levels of paid membership and 1 non paying supporter level. See here:
Comment 01/19/15: IBM can't even get it's own media spin in line. Here's Lance Crosby - CEO of Softlayer putting his foot in his mouth. Is he ignorant or clueless with his comment about mainframes.

“Five years ago, people checked their bank account balance maybe once or twice a month. Now they are checking it on their smartphone 10 times a day. Mainframes weren't built for Web levels of interaction, so we’re doing that type of interaction out of the cloud,” Crosby said. -Anon-

Comment 01/19/15: IBM managers are called managers but they have no clue how to manager people. The IBM manager of today only cares about making his numbers and does not give a rats axx for his people he manages. ITs called the golden boy network in IBM. Managers have no education, people skills, or leader ship qualities. TJ Watson Sr and Jr would role over in their graves if they saw the quality of manager in IBM today. If you are one of the golden boys and play the political game, a person can go a long way in management in IBM. A union is is badly needed in IBM. -ANA-
Comment 01/19/15: -ff- I always found the more meetings an IBM manager called or even scheduled, especially the last minute 'urgent' ones you find out within the work day are an indication, in general, of a manager (or if called by the management chain from IBM Director, (Letter Band D?) down that cannot deal with their job(s) and struggle with crisis control.
There is a managing model called 'Management by Directives' and even the 'Managerial Grid'. Wonder if many, many IBM managers now ever heard of Peter Drucker, Rob Blake, Jane Mouton, etc. Guess the IBM Management Training Center staff has been cut to the bone as well.
Comment 01/19/15: The career ladder up in many IT companies for people who cannot manage is called "architect." At some companies they create shell/strawman positions with VP/SVP titles and such that have no direct reports yet are created for people to get the illusion of moving up without the responsibility of actually doing the hard work of managing real people.
That is given to real managers. Next time look at direct reports under them to see it is a strawman position. -dkjh-

Comment 01/19/15: It seems that things have started in Australia. A number of people on client engagements given marching orders last week. More to come ....I mean to go. -Going with the wind-
Comment 01/19/15: One thing I can attest to is IBM managers do not have the skills to manage people." ff- your right in this observation especially when you move on up from FLM in IBM. FLM's really have no shot to do much of any REAL managing the biz at IBM since it is so bad and disorganized or dis-ordered rather than re-ordering (Smile Ginni).
Remember those THAT CAN DO and also, unfortunately and unfairly, DO GET RAed. Those THAT CAN'T MANAGE don't get RA'ed since they have others to blame it on. Like if you don't really do anything positive you can't be blamed. Read Dilbert and if Mr. Pointy Haired Mgr. in not the epitome of the present IBM manager then you just don't get it and never will!
UNION NOW IBM! The union has gotta teach IBM Managers how to MANAGE PEOPLE SKILLS FIRST, and not spreadsheets or objectives or performance plans since it is done now so horribly (e.g. PBC and Performance plans).
Comment 01/17/15: So, now there's all this hoopla about the new 'mainframe for mobile' IBM just unveiled. I see nobody calling them out on this. What exactly is a 'mainframe for mobile'? I see nothing at all technology-wise here that is specific for mobile. The PR says only that it's 'fast' and can handle x number of mobile transactions. Well, mobile devices don't connect directly to mainframes anyway. They connect to proxies in the network's DMZ layer, and then typically to some middleware stack that does skinning, mobile security etc, and both of those layers must also be able to handle the huge number of transactions before the expense of this 'fast' 'mainframe for mobile' pays off. Wouldn't it be much more impressive if we had spent those R&D, development, and marketing dollars on something from today's era of computing, where people are spending money on, like actual working cloud infrastructure and SaaS products that people want to actually buy?? Aren't our customers moving rapidly to cloud and not buying mainframes?
I guess the big 2015 RA hasn't hit yet, so much for the Jan 15 predictions. I was told by a manager that they are doing the re-org in layers, they are done at the director/VP level now and the 2nd line managers and FLMs are basically interviewing for their jobs. In my org I was told they are going from 13 managers to 5 at one particular layer. After they have the managers settled, they will begin figuring out which of us worker bees to axe. So, it will be soon, I imagine. Maybe more like the Feb 15 that someone mentioned. For now, grab some popcorn and snacks and sit back to see what happens this week when Ginny and her CFO do their tap dance in the 4Q results call to the street. And please, please go to the page here and see how little it costs to move that thermometer a little, be strong and sign up for the alliance. If for nothing else, to give back for all the benefit you get from this site. Certainly that's worth something! -WaitingForACallFromMyManager-

Comment 01/16/15: Ginny is another example of the Peter principle. She also cannot execute. I remember Think40. Complete useless lip service. No training budget was allocated and your FLM looked as though you are crazy if you wanted self development. Many companies are run like banana republics where the top people squeeze and distribute all the money amongst themselves and you the plantation worker get nothing. -foobar-
Comment 01/16/15: One thing I can attest to is IBM managers do not have the skills to manage people. This is the most important skill of a manager. Unfortunately in IT, people see the manager role as a one ladder up from managing a database or Exchange server or being a BA. It is not. It is a completely different role and if you are not able to manage and motivate people, you have no business managing people. This is what most people who promote and are promoted to management positions do not realize. It leads to disasters.
"The reason why the morale is low in IBM today is that there are a tremendous amount of people who call themselves managers and executives who have no ideas on how to treat their employees with respect. Ninety eight percent of IBM managers are in those positions because of the good old boy network in IBM. Managers have no education, no leadership qualities, or no ability to communicate effectively with their employees." -ff-

Comment 01/16/15: To: -A Progressive-. IBM made a concerted effort for many years to make employees feel like part of an IBM family and that a union would be no more that an outside agitator. This family approach worked for IBM up and to the point of the pension/healthcare heist of 1999. It took many years for IBMers to realize that IBM could be evil. The IBM family approach was a very effective brainwashing technique. It will take waterboarding for many long time IBMers to face the fact IBM has changed. So, it is easy to blame right wing radio and tv but I believe the IBM family approach was truly effective for IBM. -ABC-
Comment 01/16/15: -"A Progressive"- Agreed. And the Hanitty's, O'Reilly's, and don't forget Mr. Limbaugh, all agree if you lose your job it is all your fault. They never blame the rich and the corporate America for anything, like the offshoring of USA jobs, and decreasing or wage stagnation for the rank and file, or that if you're in your 40's or 50's you're too old for the work game and 'gotta move on' or just go away. They also feel since they have made it in America (they are effectively a brand talk product on their own and not a commodity even though one has to wonder what they actually DO or TALK about) and got theirs then everyone else has to find theirs, if they still can indeed succeed with the "great redistribution of wealth" and greed that has become USA capitalism. And they all consider unions or worker organizing activity the evil since they don't want a level or moderate playing field, not a left one, just their totally right one. To keep them where they are. -LevelPlayingField-
Comment 01/16/15: One thing to note about being on a PIP - even if you successfully complete the requirements of a PIP, which means you received a 2 or higher rating for the work outlined in the PIP, that rating does not remove the PBC 3 rating that you were given previously. Thus, when there is another RA that affects your area, the PBC 3 is still taken into account. -OutIn2013-
Comment 01/15/15: To -Long Time IBMer-: Thanks for confirming the PIP information. Having employees draft their own PIP is incredible -- what will they do next? FYI, for those of you with access to w3, the process for dealing with "low contributors" is documented here: (this doesn't reflect the "new" process). To -ANA-: Don't generalize your experience with a bad FLM to all FLMs -- some of us have had the good fortune to work for good FLMs over the years. FLMs, even the good ones, have very limited ability to act independently of the directives they get from above, but the good ones might at least treat you with dignity if your number comes up. To everyone else: If you're not joining the Alliance because you don't think it will benefit you, at least consider joining as an associate member (as I did) to support their efforts. -Survivor-
Comment 01/15/15: Although I tend to agree with the comments it still pains me to hear the negative remarks about FLMs. Long ago my father was a 2nd LM and in the 90's / early 00's I was a first line manager. I was raised hearing about IBM at the dinner table and understood the the people were the asset. I was tought (by my father and others over a lot of years) that without the people you were done. Just like programming, operations and sales, managing people effectively is a skill and it used to be a skill that IBM taught very well. It pains me to see where the ability to teach that skill and the use of that skill has fallen to. -Mike-
Comment 01/15/15: "I have seen some very promising young IBMers quit... They all had some reasons in common. They hated the annual PBC farce... constant RA fears... IBM looks OK on my resume but its not a place to build a career... That is deadly to the company."
has summarized the situation excellently in fifty words or less. I'm a four-year survivor and escapee. I believe IBM's average new-employee tenure is now 4.5 or 4.7 years. Is this because of salary compression (wages shrinking relative to outside industry)? Or receding benefits? Or skills atrophy? General mistrust in management? Perhaps all of the above. I wonder how much of this a union could truly resolve -- certainly the salary/vacation/insurance, but the off-shoring? Or the cost-impacts of employee training? Tough nut to crack. -SimpleMath-
Alliance reply: Having all non-management IBM employees in a strong union could solve many problems. Off shoring has always been tricky. Some issues related to this could be addressed in a contract but some of it has to be addressed in the political arena. The Alliance has beat down on politicians doors on this for many years.

Comment 01/15/15: To -LOST in BAND 10-: Regarding union membership you might be surprised at how many IBMers past and present have been poisoned by the anti-union sentiments expressed by Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and the like. As a union member I had many conversations with IBMers who may have been intelligent in their specialty areas but were woefully uneducated about the promise of America and what unions mean to this promise. Then there were the bigots who would have been more at home in the USSR than in the USA. From -"A Progressive"-
Comment 01/15/15: This One Chart Shows The Vicious Price War Going On In Cloud Computing --
IBM shows as $32 for the average monthly cost per GB of RAM. IBM is clearly leading the “race to zero.”
Comment 01/15/15: To -lost in Band 10- The reason why the morale is low in IBM today is that there are a tremendous amount of people who call themselves managers and executives who have no ideas on how to treat their employees with respect . Ninety eight percent of IBM managers are in those positions because of the good old boy network in IBM. Managers have no education, no leadership qualities, or no ability to communicate effectively with their employees. That is why PBCs are such a joke in IBM. The younger generation who work for IBM know this, they are very smart, and they will not tolerate the political games and BS that goes on in the ranks of iBMs management. A strong union is way past due in IBM. -ANA-
Comment 01/15/15: To -Survivor- The PIP information was confirmed in a note I received this morning. I'm not a manager, just an loyal employee who has bled blue in the trenches for 40 years and who joined the Alliance years ago. The note I received said FLM will have full responsibility for addressing PBC escalations with regards to ratings and that the employee is responsible for drafting their PIP. This is a losing battle for anyone caught in the cross hairs. Does management really think that a person who got a 3 in 2014 will really be able to improve upon that if they're left to their own devices to write their PIP? I think not.
12 people have joined the Alliance since the beginning of Dec? What are you waiting for? The writing IS actually on the wall for you and today's note proves it!
-Long Time IBMer-
Comment 01/15/15: The Alliance@IBM campaign for building membership was not just a December 2014 only event. Instead of wondering how to join for the participation in the next RA, why not join the Alliance? Why are we still stuck at only 12 new members since? Surely more want to join and make a real difference at IBM. I am a member, but if I wasn't I wouldn't mind being that #13! -SupportAlliance@IBM-
Comment 01/15/15: About three years ago IBM stopped reimbursing employees for certification typical fashion without a widespread announcement. Three security certifications that IBM told us were "absolutely required" by our customers totaled over 400 dollars a year to renew. It also took 80 hours of continuing education annually. The tests were no simple task either. When IBM mentions it has employees who don't have skills I laugh. When you pursued industry "hot" and needed certifications IBM decided three years ago it wasn't worth investing in you to get and maintain them. That message is a major reason why there is the alleged lack of certain skills in IBM. My second day of my new job they asked "what certifications do you have to renew each year and how much?" and picked up the renewal fee..... clearly showing they value the effort. The new company also said they would attempt to provide some training to help with the CE requirement. -not Blue anymore-
Comment 01/15/15: I learnt that my friend who was working in IBM Rational FocalPoint team was RA'ed in Bangalore.Their project was bought by Unicom. The Focalpoint core team had 30+ members(dev+testing) last year. Only 3 from the core team signed to go to unicom.The rest have been RA'ed over-time. Anyone has info on how much IBM got for selling FocalPoint?
The project is supposedly so complex that it takes one year for a guy to undertsand the code and contribute meaningfully. I dont know which customer in this world will have the guts to buy a product whose development core team does not exist. The customer must be a brave heart like RAMBO or an idiot.
Comment 01/15/15: To -Lost in Band 10- the fact that our youngest and"brightest" employees are leaving the company after such a short time should not be a surprise to anyone. One of reasons given to doing away with the traditional pension plan was so that those younger folks could take their money with them when they left. From where I stand, the plan is working as designed. Management does not want employees to make a 40+ year career out of IBM. -Long Time IBMer-
Comment 01/15/15: Look-- you'll never be able to organize across IBM. There's too many people across sites and roles. Why not pick a job role with the best chance of organizing for a vote, and start there? Pick something... make it known, tell your friends, sign up and call for a vote. Is that not the best strategy? Can't other union contracts on subsequent roles be added later? You need the first domino to fall in my opinion. -Anon-
Comment 01/14/15:

Analysts at Bank of American-Merrill Lynch have dimmed their hopes for IBM. The firm cut its price target on the tech giant to $160 from $185, and cut revenue and EPS estimates. Yesterday, Jefferies & Co.’s James Kisner cut his target to $130 from $144, and Deutsche Bank’s Sherri Scribner cut her target to $165 from $180, both of them warning of pressure on Q4 results and this year. Kisner rates IBM underperform and Scribner rates the stock a hold. IBM is scheduled to report Q4 results a week from Tuesday, January 20th. Price target cuts have followed a story out Friday by The Register’s Paul Kunert suggesting IBM is bracing for a massive reorganization in order to align its structure with an age of cloud computing.
Comment 01/14/15: For Robert S. 3b711e1fda79/entry/2015_fast_start?lnk=w3news&lang=en_us
Use Firefox browser. -Blue Knight-

Comment 01/13/15: I have always wondered why so few of us joined the union. We all see the need. I understand the older employees in the upper bands who have many years in the company and may be just hanging on as long as they (we) can. Trying to get closer to retirement and (lets face it) medicare age. But what about the early and mid career people? What is the difference between those at IBM and those happy union members in similar jobs at Verizon for example? I have seen some very promising young IBMers quit after only a few years. These were usually the best and brightest of the recruits. Those from name schools with great skills and potential. I asked them afterwards why they quit. They all had some reasons in common. They hated the annual PBC farce, hated the constant RA fears, got a 1% raise every three years whether they needed it or not (sarcasm of course). but the most devastating comment came from all of them. They ALL said the same thing "IBM looks OK on my resume but its not a place to build a career". That is deadly to the company. So is it possible that the difference is that in other places (Schools, Verizon, etc) the employees expect and desire to spend a career there and thus join the union to better their lives and the company too but that in IBM we all know that we will eventually be fired? So that we have been so beaten down that we just don't care. We don't expect to spend a career here so its just a way station along our work life. Despite all the rah rah stuff coming from management these days IBMers are not really committed to the success of the company since none of us expects to be here more than 3 months or however long it is to the next mass firing. Perhaps that lack of long term expectation is why so few join the union. -Lost in Band 10-
Comment 01/13/15: The Queensland government alleges that misleading information provided by IBM during the tender process was instrumental in why it was picked over Accenture to deliver the payroll solution of the state health department.
In his report, Mr Chesterman said that IBM should never have been awarded the contract in the first place, criticising the“commercially motivated vendor” for taking advantage of the government’s fallacies. He also found IBM breached its contract twice by delivering a seriously flawed system several years behind schedule.
Comment 01/13/15: Want to be happy? Join a union. Article from NYT:®ion=c-column-top-span-region&WT.nav=c-column-top-span-region-Anonymous-

Comment 01/13/15: Has anyone actually seen Ginni's 2015 webcast? I've been trying for over a week and it just says 'ERROR'.. Guess it wasnt that important anyway, probably RA'd the tech guy that handles that kind of stuff. -Robert S.-
Comment 01/12/15: -HRP-: You said "Whoever gets a PBC 3 for 2014 will be automatically put under PIP (performance improvement plan)." How reliable is this information? I assume this is for US employees. In the past, employees put on a PIP were given the option to resign with a severance package, though not as generous as the one you'd get from an RA. -Survivor-
Comment 01/12/15: "Our industry is rapidly re-ordering," Rometty told IBMers in a memo, and so is Big Blue as she remakes the company in her image for the future."
Re-ordering? WTF? What language is this? Ginni is clearly lost in the clouds with no ORDER in sight for this IBM. -IdiotsBecomeManagers-

Comment 01/12/15: A fellow had just been hired as the new CEO of a large high tech corporation. The CEO who was stepping down met with him privately and presented him with three numbered envelopes.
"Open these if you run up against a problem you don't think you can solve,"
he said.
Well, things went along pretty smoothly, but six months later, sales took a downturn and he was really catching a lot of heat. About at his wit's end, he remembered the envelopes. He went to his drawer and took out the first envelope.
The message read, "Blame your predecessor." The new CEO called a press conference and tactfully laid the blame at the feet of the previous CEO. Satisfied with his comments, the press -- and Wall Street - responded positively, sales began to pick up and the problem was soon behind him.
About a year later, the company was again experiencing a slight dip in sales, combined with serious product problems. Having learned from his previous experience, the CEO quickly opened the second envelope. The message read, "Reorganize."
This he did, and the company quickly rebounded.
After several consecutive profitable quarters, the company once again fell on difficult times. The CEO went to his office, closed the door and opened the third envelope. The message said, "Prepare three envelopes."
-joe momma-
Comment 01/11/15: Anonymous - your 0.70 likely is due to 6 months of life insurance post-RA and that life insurance has an imputed income value. The last week of your 6 months must have slightly dipped into 2014 -anonymous-
Comment 01/11/15: -Waiting- ...or rather any word on when more IBMers will join the Alliance this quarter? -IBMUnion2015-
Comment 01/11/15: -HRP- the only thing that has changed is you get a PBC 3 now your done at IBM. Finished. Now likely you'll get no severance package and fired for cause that you didn't do your job based on trumped up IBM evidence. You might not even get unemployment (UI) thanks to the vindictiveness of this IBM. -PBC'ed-
Comment 01/10/15: Yesterday, we received my W2 from IBM for 2014. My taxable wages were .70. This is infuriating because I was RA-ed after 5 years of service in mid-June of 2013. How did I earn anything from IBM last year? Why did they bother spending the $5 in processing and postage to mail this to me? I want the .70 of the fruits of my labor back, IBM. Always such fools. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/10/15: Start the New Year Right !!! - Influence IBM with your Collective Voice - I Believe it's IBM's only Hope - Join the Union !!! See Charts Examining IBM's current 10 Year Decline : -Irish-American-Canuck-

Comment 01/10/15: Thanks, IBM. 15 years and now at Lenovo, I was offered a voluntary package. This is the best thing that can happen to a young worker like me, a Master Inventor. One Year salary!!! What stupid young worker will let a great deal like this pass by? Getting the deal, and leaving to find another job. If Lenovo wants me to stay, they better offer something better than what they just offered me. Because, I'm taking the deal and going to another company to find another job and continue writing patents. :) ExIBMer feeling for once, Happy!!!! -Lenovian-
Comment 01/09/15: Ginny is shifting deck chairs on the Titanic. All hands will be at bottom sooner or later. IBM lost its soul when they merged with the shysters at PWC. Completely wrecked the culture. The culture is very important in the survival of a company along with stable and predictable cashflows. Ginny integrated PWC into IBM and she leads the company now.
"The fundamentals for the company are bad and aren't getting much better. The stock plummeted in October when the company abandoned its 2015 earnings forecast. The company's transition in leadership and the shift to cloud computing does not appear to be going smoothly." -foo-
Comment 01/09/15: So the ex-IBMers sold to Lenovo can get a voluntary severance that is perhaps more generous than what IBM would give based on experience and age. Remember those Chinese workers protesting Lenovo last year?
Maybe that is a reason Lenovo is forced to be more generous in departure packages? When will those looking here realize COLLECTIVE ACTION can and does work! And that is what organizing and getting a union is all about! And all you crestfallen folks saying you want to volunteer to be RAed: Okay, Protest on-site in the parking lot of your IBM work site and you might get your wish. You might also change your narrow mindset about volunteering for an RA and find IBM might actually LISTEN to your protesting and decide to do something constructive for once. -going,going,gone?-

Comment 01/09/15: Article on IBM reorg: -anon-
Comment 01/09/15: Latest update. Whoever gets a PBC 3 for 2014 will be automatically put under PIP (performance improvement plan). -HRP-
Comment 01/09/15: Regarding Levono's offer of "one year of salary plus a year of health benefits" to transferred IBM'ers who leave voluntarily -- I'll bet I'm not the only one still at IBM who would love a deal like that one :-) -Survivor-
Comment 01/08/15: "IBM has an OK balance sheet but not a great one. It is quite leveraged and net current assets are not strong despite the leverage."
Oh it'll look better after the next RA. It always does for IBM. But not for those shoved out the door that makes the balance sheet look better. The real myth Wall St. should understand is what does IBM REALLY DO? INNOVATE? Nope. SERVICE customers adequately? Nope. A leader in the CLOUD? Nope and not even close.
The only thing IBM knows how to do is RA and cook the books with very creative financial engineering. Like lying but swearing the truth is told.
Comment 01/08/15: 11 years and left after too many years of panic on potential RA's. Grass is greener, opportunities are out there. Three large cloud companies interviewed me and two felt "IBM isn't a real cloud...its a cloud want a be", which is accurate. Softlayer is poor performed in analysts reports. IBM has neither the agility itself, or the ability to not destroy acquisitions to succeed. -Not Blue anymore-
Comment 01/08/15: Any word on when the RA will be announced this quarter? -Waiting-
Comment 01/08/15: I suspect that the huge reorganization that was announced by Ginny yesterday morning is a precursor to the big RA numbers coming soon. They'll say the reorg exposed a lot of redundancy, etc. The reorg and big RA are their plan to try to mitigate the damage to the stock price that will occur when 4Q results are announced on Jan 21 (unless the postpone it like last time). These cuts don't only affect the customer service, they affect the products big-time. A developer I know said they are so slammed now, they cut corners when implementing new code rather then the good old days, when they had time to add additional nice little touches or extra security measures or even take their time to be sure to get things right so they don't fail in production. Join the union, every little bit helps! -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 01/08/15: My experience with travel time and IBM policy. In short, IBM does not care if you have to travel in excess of 20+ hours. Your selfish incompetent FLM cares only about the overall utilization numbers and is not a wee bit concerned by this unproductive routine. To add insult to the injury, they may even provide numerous ways to make this work for you - like flying on a Sunday or taking a red-eye on a Sunday night or flying back home every 2 weeks etc. Additionally, they will either ding you during PBC time or have HR call you right away, in case you refuse. In today's environment, more likely latter. In all practicality, I would not show my discomfort with this inhuman routine, as that will not go in your favor. Ride it as far as physically possible and be on the lookout for viable options. On a different note, I would also join the IBM union initiative and encourage other colleagues to do the same. -Glad to be gone 2014-
Comment 01/08/15: More on Lenovo buyout: -Anon-

Comment 01/08/15:
IBM has an OK balance sheet but not a great one. It is quite leveraged and net current assets are not strong despite the leverage. This is concerning -Anonymous-

Comment 01/08/15: I would suspect it's the standard separation package. 2 wks for every yr of service up to 26 wks, up to 1 yr of subsidized Cobra (depending on time of service), $2500 retraining, payment for unused vacation, time to cash stock options and prorated bonus based upon % completion of year and last appraisal. (which has been upwards of 30% of salary over the last few years - not a typo). -IBMtoLenovoAndOut-
Comment 01/08/15: Referencing the "exhortations to do more with less" comment. Bantering around the lunch table a few years ago folks came up with some apt sarcastic motivational and marketing slogans.
"We the willing, having done so much, for so long, with so little, are able to do anything, with nothing, in order to charge customers as much as possible, in turn deliver as little as possible." -
"IBM, Quality is Job None"
(apologies to Ford) -
"What have YOU done for IBM today? and why haven't YOU done More!" -
"IBM, You can always buy better, but you will never pay more." -anonymous-

Comment 01/08/15: -anon2- Lenovo is being fairly generous with their voluntary package. Ex IBMers with over 15 years get 3 weeks pay per year of service up to a full year of salary. That's twice as generous as IBM would be at this point, and also it's voluntary, which is also quite nice. But, because it's not IBM, perhaps many of the newly anointed Lenovians might not take it? -anon3-
Comment 01/08/15: IBM employee moral resembles that of World War 1 soldiers in the trenches being told to get ready for the next charge over the top. Wondering who will survive? -Anon-
Alliance reply: That's always the question that seems to be asked on this comments section. Usually the answer is: not many, but some. Every time the question is answered that way, it begs the other question: What if IBMers organized and worked toward a collectively bargained agreement that would prevent the continuous IBM executive war on their employees? Those that don't survive, try desperately to reinvent themselves, find work elsewhere, or retire and take it on the chin. Does it work out for some? Yes. But the point is, it doesn't work out for the majority. Organizing a union takes work and risk, just like anything else; but it can be successful if the majority unites behind a common goal: a contract that has many many more guarantees than "at will employment" ever had.

Comment 01/08/15: -Mapleleaf-, unfortunately you are an at will employee with no union contract and no job scope limits. Also, at least in the U.S., it's unlikely you are subject to overtime pay requirements for the extra time you spend on business travel. (That's something the Obama Administration and the U.S. Department of Labor might, with public pressure, at least partially fix since far too many employees are left out of overtime compensation regulations that haven't been updated since about 1972.) Your manager can require you to perform practically any legal task as a condition of employment, and business travel is certainly legal. Other legal protections are very narrow. For example, you can probably refuse business travel to dangerous areas (on a State Department travel warning list) and be legally protected in that narrow sense, and, if applicable, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires IBM to make reasonable accommodations. Those are pretty far-fetched, though.
You can try appealing to reason -- a novel concept, I know. If there's work you can effectively and productively perform remotely, great, tell your manager, and point out the fact that's also great news for IBM since it avoids unnecessary business travel expense and wasted travel time. If there's somebody else you know who wants to take on the mission, great. You could discuss options with your manager to cut down on the number of flights if that's the problem, such as renting medium-term corporate housing better suited for a long-term project. That should cost IBM less money anyway (less airfare), and your family can then stay with you (at your expense). IBM has negotiated rates with short-term apartment-style corporate housing firms precisely for this purpose. Or, if you cannot come to an agreement, you can (politely, preferably) say no, and IBM can fire you if it wishes -- as IBM already can since you're an at will employee without a union contract. -Mobile IBMer-

Comment 01/07/15: Any word on what was included in the Lenovo package? -Anon2-
Comment 01/06/15: More job cuts will come from the IBM Microelectronics give away. Global Foundries got $1.5billion to take this mess away. Senior management is to blame for this situation. Total lack of accountability and taking it out on the lowest of workers with a forced appraisal distribution to allocate more money to the senior managers. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/06/15: Is anyone aware of the policies around regular travel? I might be asked to join a project which requires weekly travel across the whole country (ie 20+ hrs/week) on top of the regular 50+ hrs work week and for many reasons I do not want to travel. Can I refuse or would it be treated as voluntary resignation, or as a refusal to do the job? -mapleleaf-
Comment 01/06/15: Just heard from a former co-worker who was transitioned to Lenovo last year... As they returned to work for 2015 on 1/5/15 approximately 70% of the IBM'ers who transitioned to Lenovo as part of the System X buyout were told that they would be offered a package if they leave voluntarily. The majority of folks affected are said to be in the Development group. Folks in development who have been with IBM for 15 years are being offered one year of salary plus a year of health benefits. Folks outside development who had been with IBM for 25 years are being offered the same package. People who received the notice have one week to decide, if they volunteer to leave then their last day will be January 30th. If not enough people volunteer to leave then Lenovo will likely do mandatory layoffs.
Lenovo is blaming IBM for sending too many duplicate and non-essential positions over with the buyout and not adequately reporting on what folks actually did relating to System X. I believe this to be accurate based on things I saw during the phase to "determine if you were in scope for the transition". Our manager at the time told us you had to work on System X for at least 51% of your time to even be considered, but friends in other divisions were saying that people on their teams who didn't even touch System X were being sent over. The common factor (anecdotal) was the person's age. The theory at the time: "let the layoff be on Lenovo's books and spare IBM from further claims of ageism" -Grass is brown everywhere-

Comment 01/06/15: As another STSM I can relate to and agree with the comments made by the band 10/STSM before. My health too was affected BP/stress/acid reflux. My 'body' count was 4 who died with their boots on so to speak. One alone on a business trip in a hotel room overseas. I packed my bags took my knowledge and experience elsewhere. -STSMgone-
Comment 01/05/15: As long as loans are cheap, and IBM can surely get them and lobby for more cash being considered "too big to fail" by lobbyists and other DC Beltway bozos and Wall St. wallflowers, IBM will not evaporate completely due to creative non-GAAP accounting but will eventually have less vapor to work with. I would not be surprised if IBM borrows more money or floats a loan on the next RA. IBM can't SAVE it's way to prosperity anymore: those days are long past. It also can't make money if it has no real money left (sans profits) and something called a dependable REVENUE stream to do it. -IdioticBusinessMeanderings-
Comment 01/05/15: -Gone- Quite true about "three year-itis". Another thing that is related to "three year-itis" that affects managers and non-managers alike is that three years is the time an IBMer is 100% vested in their 401k plan. So if IBM RAs people before their three year service anniversary they lose vested value of their 401k account balance. More rancid food for thought. -anonymous-
Comment 01/05/15: IBM VPs have no experience have no education have no communication skills have no leadership skills. In IBM to get to this level it is all about the good old boy and golden boy network and politics. Without a union, this incompetence in leadership will continue and IBM employees will continue to be managed by incompetent individuals who have no idea on how to manage an organization. Join the Union -ANA-
Comment 01/05/15: @-trexibmer-. As a band 10 STSM I got to see a lot of how IBM worked, my job was to fix things. As the amount of things that required addressing increased, so did the push back and denial that there was something wrong. No time to test, no time to fix, push it out the door, if a customer found a problem only fix it then, priority was generating revenue at all costs. A health scare that the doctor said was work stress caused made me re-evaluate priorities. I sat down with Fidelity folks, looked at finances, discussed with family and after over 30 years gave two weeks notice. Words are cheap. I had been called a critical resource, yet when I said I was leaving there was only a nod towards the door. My health has improved, family life is better - one brings stress home. I enjoy my work now, adjusted to waking up looking forward to going to work - not worrying about RAs, PBCs, exhortations to do more with less. Six colleagues over the years had heart attacks directly linked to work, five died. I had no desire to make my wife another IBM widow. -Anonymous-
Comment 01/04/15: Another long term problem afflicting IBM is called 'three-year-itis". Typically afflicting low to mid level execs to pad their resume's with goal to get VP or director level positions. They spend three years maximum in a position before moving onto another one. When they move on they leave a mess for the next person to address. Some positions (e.g. being a division CIO or Corporate CIO) inherently facilitate this behavior. One year is spent learning the job, the second trying to do it, the third is spent looking for the next one. Their skills look good on paper, their ability to deliver leaves much to be desired. -Gone-
Comment 01/04/15: Will IBM evaporate some day ? Firm has spent 108 billion $ on share buybacks during ZIRP. Reggie Middleton seems to get it but was cautious enough to note that rest of other firms will tank too. Like as he noted : a 10% investment into the firms = 10 billion $ would have done wonders by the research& engineering teams. Need to rename this last 7 years to the "Great Loot" by IBM management. Skip to 23rd minute. -evaporation_process-
Comment 01/03/15: -Lost in Band 10-: Like and agree with your observations!
Warren Buffett used to say "I only invest in companies or corporations I know something about (i.e commodities)". He mentioned he didn't know"tech" enough to invest in it. So why now? It seems the zebra has changed to leopard spots perhaps? Greed conquers all now down at Wall St.
Take care. As you sure know and experience a band 10 and non-management employee at IBM means IBM is sure coming after you now big time.. I sincerely hope you survive the next RA We all know IBM cares little for experience and talent and usually band 10 non-management has a good deal of both. Keep the Faith and fight the good fight! If IBMers don't join the Alliance by the thousands LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD and no chance to get even close to being fair. -trexibmer-
Comment 01/03/15: "Furthermore, with employee satisfaction tied so closely to retention rates, it is worth noting that the cost of replacing an unsatisfied worker—including training and the loss of productivity—can range from 90% to 200% of that employee’s salary, according to a 2008 study by The Society for Human Resource Management."
(PS Of course IBM is not on the list... not by a long shot.) -16YearsAndCounting-

Comment 01/03/15: Ginni should watch Undercoverboss. In almost every episode the boss realizes that their greatest asset is their employees. It's a lesson that IBM seems to have forgotten. -Glad To Be Gone-
Comment 01/02/15: Why all the concern with the CEO's and execs? There is a simple explanation for what has happened to IBM. The marketplace demands results. IBM matured into a slow growth mature business. Very few tech companies can ever return to their growth phase. So how do these mature businesses with clean balance sheets show results? They cut costs, take on debt, consolidate sites, and buy back shares. That raises the earnings per share and the stock price follows.
That is what IBM has been doing for the past decade. Now a news flash: Warren Buffet is not a value investor. He can't be, his company is too big, it can't find little gems anymore and profit from them. What he does now is buy into mature businesses that can be looted in the ways mentioned above. That's why he abstained from voting against the bloated compensation package at Coca Cola. He in in partnership with its management to loot the place. The battery business is now slowing as new devices come with rechargeable power sources. So he just bought Duracell. Expect factory closings, firings, offshoring, outsourcing, labor arbitrage, and financial juggling to follow.
I mention this since I believe that it doesn't matter who is in charge of IBM. These policies will continue. It was much easier to loot the place than to compete in the marketplace with new products and services.
The answer for the workforce was to organize. That way we could have captured some of the value of the productivity increases for ourselves. Unless we organize we will always be at the mercy of the pirates. So stop whining and join the union. -Lost in Band 10-

Comment 01/02/15: Now Forbes joins the fray.
IBM: Why Big Blue Is Still A Big Bruise -Anon-
Comment 01/01/15: Australia - real employment reduction numbers. In Australia organisations are now required to report on gender equality and the reports are published on the following site -
Within the reports the total staff numbers are displayed. By searching for the IBM reports it is possible to compare the total staff numbers across the 2012-13 and 2013-14 financial years. By my reckoning 10472 staff to 8490. -Anon-

Comment 01/01/15: To "GONEIN2013" -- You are absolutely right about not just waiting for a package if you still want to continue working after leaving IBM. My previous advice about hiding your desire to leave IBM applies only to those who want to retire. Why retire without the buyout unless staying with the company is making you ill? From -CAT STILL IN THE BAG-
Comment 01/01/15: Two options, resign from IBM or sign into the Alliance. It is very clear that all IBM Management care about is stock performance and will do anything, including driving down price and buying back shares, to make performance look good. We know that and many of us have known it for years. What confuses me is that most of the posts still felt IBM cared about the business or the employees, Folks seem hurt that they are not appreciated and disposable. That has been the case for years, just that now they might be coming for us. Many posts talk about the successes achieved outside IBM. Why don't skilled people leave? If you are so aligned to IBM UNIONIZE. I left for a company that valued my contribution but also offered "mandatory" training so we all stay skilled in current market trends. That is a company that values the human resource and our contributions. I too make more than I made at IBM. The worst part of the move is hearing exactly what the market thinks of IBM. Comments such as "Too Big to succeed or sustain". "run by out of touch accountants and lawyers", "solely focused on Wall Street", " risk adverse and cost cautious", "lost its position as market leading innovator and now does not innovate at all".
In fact "last to market with cloud computing". The last comment rubs me since IBM was the Main Frame leader, server leader. What is cloud??? Remote hosted servers! Yet we missed the boat because lawyers were scared of risks and auditors were afraid of market acceptance. IBM was the innovator that was our niche, we were good and respected. Not anymore. Protect yourselves, if you want to change your position in YOUR career, change jobs or UNIONIZE. -Ex IBMer-

Comment 01/01/15: Another Reuters article on IBM. The directive which should be obvious to the most bone headed person, but not to our multi-milion dollar paid executives.
"IBM's focus on financial, rather than product, engineering has caused low employee morale, falling sales and shareholder dissatisfaction. It's time to invest." -IBM Canada BPM-
Comment 01/01/15: I firmly believe a lot of IBM's management problem lies in the Board of Directors that allows these top players to remain in the positions they are in. The Board is also interested in their own interests instead of what is best for the company. They are the ones with the power to hire and fire management. Why are these top management people being kept on when the company is failing. It seems to me that the owners of sports teams are much smarter than the Board members of IBM. They will fire a coach for not putting a winning team on the field. I know some board members read this forum. How long are you going to let this dismal management team stay? -Gone in '98-
Comment 01/01/15: Correction to my previous message: there were more than ten calendar days of notice, but due to holidays it was still short notice. The Unicom deal was announced internally under NDA on December 20. Here is the public announcement: -Good Bye Blue-

Comment 01/01/15: Two product groups from Rational were divested and sold to Unicom Global, effective January 1: Focal Point and PurifyPlus. Unicom offered everyone more or less the same salary they had at IBM. Some of us aren't sure whether they mean to keep us for long. Whoever did not accept the offer is out with no severance pay after only ten days of notice. There was an NDA that ordered everyone not to tell their spouses or anybody else until January 1. Happy New Year, honey, I lost my job. Thanks IBM. -Good Bye Blue-
Comment 12/31/14: I left of my own volition to take a position with another company but IBM considers me to be 'retired'. I'm not sure where they got that idea from, it wasn't me. Maybe it makes them look better in that jumble of numbers if we 'retire' instead of 'leave' -Glad To Be Gone-
Comment 12/31/14: First Bloomberg, now N.Y. Times zings IBM
IBM Needs to Spend Cash, Not Return It
IBM requires an atypical activist fix. The company's strategy of cost cuts and debt-fueled buybacks is no longer working - even though the company keeps trying. A tarnished balance sheet, lean staffing and a history of disposals rule out typical activist wheezes. Encouraging Virginia M. Rometty, the chairwoman and chief executive, to invest in IBM's core businesses could pay off. IBM has run the same playbook for two decades. It sells low-margin businesses, cuts expenses, buys some profitable software companies and returns a lot of cash to investors. Over the last four quarters, the $152 billion company has spent more than $23 billion on dividends and buybacks.
Comment 12/31/14: There are a lot of people asking if they can volunteer for a "package". Why is a package considered the only way to leave? I ran the numbers on my own situation and determined I was better off to leave without a package. I took a 25% pay increase and got a 3% raise after one year... plus a real bonus that I get if I do the work. Or, I could have kept waiting for a package. You need to stop thinking of it as being IBM's job to take care of you, and take matters into your own hands. The real rub was I announced I was retiring right after an RA was announced. One of my coworkers had almost exactly the same experience I did, was on the RA list, and my leaving didn't save his position. IBM HR and Finance don't care about employees at all... just their numbers. -GoneIn2013-
Comment 12/31/14: To the Alliance, Suggestion on how to fix the problems in IBM. Its not the rank and file in IBM that's the problem.
The problem lies at the feet of corrupt and greedy IBM management. We would not need a union until Lou became CEO. He destroyed all of IBM core values of IBM, respect for the individual and full employment. As long as IBM has executives like Sam Ginny and Lou, this will never change without a union. The only hope for IBM US employees is a strong union to gain back our respect from management. -ANA-

Comment 12/31/14: how many IBM managers are in the USA? Is it more than last found by the Alliance of 3700?
What I am getting at, is that IBM is making more managers part of the workforce to ramp up anti-union activities. Also, can IBM managers that have no direct reports under them join the Alliance since they can't technically "hire and fire" like RA IBM employees? -anonymous-
Alliance reply: Managers can not join the union, because the Federal Labor law does not allow them to.

Comment 12/31/14: Everyone, PLEASE, Please forget and remove from your brain's memory any idea of volunteering for a separation package from IBM. You think IBM is going to shell out any more $ to you when they are cutting your benefits and thusly your overall compensation package more and more???!! -IBMUnion2015-
Comment 12/31/14: How do we fix this? Easy. Replace Ginni with Rex Ryan. -Clark Kent-
Alliance reply: Advocating a change in IBM's CEO will not help IBM workers. What needs to be done on IBM workers' behalf is to organize them and get them to organize their co-workers. CEO's come and go; but they do not care about the IBM workers situation. They only care about how to make huge profits and, for the past 2 decades, reduce their cost of labor as a way to those huge profits. You don't need to be a Superman to accomplish a successful organizing campaign; you just need to assure IBM workers that in a large group, they can have a significant voice in their workplace.
Join the Alliance.

Comment 12/30/14:
Five Charts Show Why IBM Is Worst Dow Performer for Second Year
For the second year in a row, IBM is on track to be the worst-performing stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Since Ginni Rometty became chief executive officer in January of 2012, the shares have fallen 16 percent -- 14 percent of that this year alone. Investors have dumped the stock as Rometty struggles to re-imagine International Business Machines Corp. as a contender in cloud computing, data analytics and mobile technology. So far, those new areas haven't made up for a decline in sales of legacy hardware and technology consulting services. -Anon-
Alliance reply: It seems that all we see about IBM is bad news. We don't like this, employees and retirees don't like this. IBM corporate management in its financial engineering and disastrous "roadmap 2015" has put our company in peril. So how do we fix this? Send your ideas to us.

Comment 12/29/14: In reference to the volunteer separation package, if you are part of the good old boy or girl network or if you are a golden boy or girl you can get whatever you want by IBM management. Its all politics my friend. If not, don't expect anything from management. Its all about politics and corruption. IBM needs a union. -ANA-
Comment 12/29/14: To -non-Warren- "I don't understand Warren Buffet. He is supposed to be some mid-western goody goody yet still takes part in investment management that deprives us of our jobs and livelihoods for the love of money. Its all "counter twisted" and hypocritical. These people kill our pensions, steal our wealth and throw us on the street and then take all the money they amassed and donate it on aids research for the third world when they retire. Rob Peter and and pay Paul is bit stupid and counter intuitive. What's the point? Why not start with charity here and stop robbing me and depriving me of my livelihood in the first place. Charity and good will starts here at home. Idiots. -non-Warren-"
Its quite simple why they donate in masses after they retire, they're all going to Hell for the way they have treated their own people. Better join the union. -Glad to be Gone 2013-

Comment 12/28/14: "Is there a way to volunteer for a separation package?"
Answer: It's too late, the lists have already been drawn up. But to really answer your question, you have to have a good relationship with your FLM and you have to be in a situation where you are able to make out that if you leave it will not break things. -How_To_Volunteer-

Comment 12/28/14: Interesting link; maybe something we already knew? -Was4Blue-
Guess who Wall Street just voted as the worst run company in the USA. -Gone in '98-
No surprise to readers here -Jeff-
IBM is now #1. Way to go Ginny. #Racetothebottom but #execsstillprofit -Glad to be gone-
IBM once again making the news (10 worst).

Comment 12/27/14: DANGEROUS to Request Separation Package!!! Be careful about asking for a layoff or separation package or even about announcing that you intend to retire! Do not "let the cat out of the bag." Unless IBM offers you a voluntary separation or RAs you, the company MUST NOT KNOW THAT YOU WANT TO LEAVE!! The separation papers that you sign contain a statement attesting to IBM's denial of separation benefits if you have revealed your intent or desire to leave. I know of only three circumstances for which IBM has provided a buyout:
1 - You are related to an executive or board member (i.e., good old nepotism).
2 - You are a "good ole boy/girl" and management wants to continue paying their cronies undeserved favors. (i.e., like #1 it's another type of incestuous behavior)
3 - Your manager is decent and of the old school and protects you by telling you that he really has not heard you correctly and hopes that HR is also not hearing of this. Be VERY, VERY CAREFUL because you may think your manager is there to protect you and then you find out that he is nothing but a corporate shill. It is best just to make yourself a pain by speaking out with the truth about IBM's practices. When your manager tells you that with your current unhappiness you should consider looking for a different job, just reply that you have to stay on the inside in order to fight for the integrity of the company. If your act is good enough, you will be targeted with a Layoff and will get that separation package.
From *CAT STILL IN THE BAG* and also a dues-paying ALLIANCE member. -CAT STILL IN THE BAG-

Comment 12/27/14: In response to -counter_twisted- ... the link you provided showed Buffett's report will be 3 years old in February 2015. This goes to show that IBM's financial management "practices" (since Buffett's investment) have all been manipulated by him. Until IBM is released from the clutches of this robber baron ... nothing is going to change. -Blue Knight-
Comment 12/27/14: IBM's Stock Is About To Hit An Embarrassing Milestone --
". . .IBM is on track to be the worst performing stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average two years running,. . ."
Merry Christmas and Happy Blew Year! -@N0Nym0U5-

Comment 12/27/14: Once again I see someone asking how to volunteer for a separation package. Its easy. Find another job. Then give IBM the old 1 over 5. Middle finger raised then a wave as you walk out the door. Staying and not doing something to fix what makes you unhappy is a lot like staying tied to the whipping post, because eventually the person whipping you will tire out and ask you to leave. Not going to happen. Organize to make working conditions more acceptable. Find another job and walk out the door with dignity or wait for Corporate America to take mercy on you. BTW...The third one will never happen. -Exodus2007-
Comment 12/26/14: Only NINE new members? Sure better than zero. But YOU IBMers better make New Years Resolution: JOIN Or continue sitting on the fence and worry about losing your job. Simple as that. If you visit this site once a week and have not yet join as at least an associate member, what R U WAITING 4? I'm a PROUD MEMBER! -SupportIBMAlliance-
Comment 12/26/14:
IBM Is One Week Away from Dow Infamy
After seeing shares climb a pedestrian 4.2% that year as the DJIA rose 7%, IBM fell 2.1% in 2013 to be the only Dow stock in the red as the index jumped 27%. The company isn't quite as badly lagging the broader index this year (the Dow is up 8.7% through Tuesday). Still, amid consistent revenue declines, IBM is down 12% since Rometty moved into the corner office. If 2015 doesn't prove markedly better 'on either the operational or the stock front' it could be the year that murmurs of whether Rometty might need to be replaced become much louder.
Comment 12/25/14: "Is there a way to volunteer for a separation package?" Why not make it a New Years Resolution to have joined the Alliance and Organize then you might not have to want a separation package since you would get better working conditions with a contract! -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 12/25/14: I don't understand Warren Buffet. He is supposed to be some mid-western goody goody yet still takes part in investment management that deprives us of our jobs and livelihoods for the love of money. Its all "counter twisted" and hypocritical. These people kill our pensions, steal our wealth and throw us on the street and then take all the money they amassed and donate it on aids research for the third world when they retire. Rob Peter and and pay Paul is bit stupid and counter intuitive. What's the point? Why not start with charity here and stop robbing me and depriving me of my livelihood in the first place. Charity and good will starts here at home. Idiots. -non-Warren-
Comment 12/23/14: To -anon-: Do you have any documents showing levono has sent offers to leave the company with a separation package? I'm part of the EU (2nd wave to move to Lenovo on Jan. 1) and it sounds very disturbing. -Soon2BLenovo-
Comment 12/23/14: IBMSurverTaker, I took the survey and ripped IBM a new one. I was at IBM for 8 years, and left earlier this year for a higher paying job, less stress, doing more meaningful work in which my role is making a difference in business. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/23/14: Why Buffet bought IBM? -- He wanted the shares to underperform .. Counter twisted logic, but seems he is getting what he wants. -counter_twisted-

Comment 12/22/14: IBM management has lost all honor and integrity to their employees. All executives care about in IBM is their stock options and golden parachutes. Isn't it strange but IBM executives have a contract and yet are totally against the rank and file having a contract. The days of full employment and respect for the individual are long gone in IBM. There will continue to be RAS over the holidays, IBM employees will continue to have lousy Christmases after loosing their jobs, but IBM executives and their families will continue to have great Christmas on the backs of IBM employees. Join the union to stop this corruption. Join the Union -join the union-
Comment 12/22/14: Please take the IBM Alumni Survey to try to make a difference. The survey is legitimate! Find the survey at
It was originally posted on LinkedIn and then made its way to the IBMPENSION Group at -IBMSurveyTaker-

Comment 12/22/14: Merry Christmas to All...Is there a way to volunteer for a separation package? I have had enough tks -steve-
Comment 12/22/14: Not sure if true, but I read that IBM execs pocket 40% of all stock buyback shares. If so, then a good union could at least try to negotiate that some of those shares would go to employees as well. -Dave-
Alliance reply: Whether or not IBM execs are "pocketing" buy back shares; it's irrelevant to what the employees are doing, whether union or not. A union would typically, not have any way of controlling what corporate execs do with stock share "buy backs". That's not a union's problem or issue.
If a company would even CONSIDER agreeing to that, it would have to be written into the proposed contract that the company and the union would agree to sign.

Comment 12/21/14: @PUZZLED - If I were you I would dump your IBM stock NOW! There is no value left in this IBM company. The move to the cloud will lower the REVs by at least 50% if not more. For IBM to still turn a profit, it will have to layoff a lot more than it has currently scheduled. The only hope is for a union to form and change things. -Anon IBMer-
Comment 12/21/14: To "dark blue continues" - What you say is so familiar to me:
The only truly deserved promotions I saw in the last 15 years at IBM were for BULLIES and SYCOPHANTS. Americans are up in arms now about the Koreans suppressing free speech. Where are the IBMers who should be joining the union to protest against the hostile culture of "put up or shut up" that has persisted at IBM since Gerstner? To quote Niemoller: "Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me." -Oppressed but Fighting-

Comment 12/20/14: My sympathies to those having to endure very difficult times at IBM, especially during the holidays. Wishing everyone a better 2015! -xibmr-
Comment 12/19/14: well for the system x team that moved to lenovo, things are not better. levono has sent offers to leave the company with a separation package. Anyone with 15 years or more can take the offer. Looks like layoffs are also coming. -anon-
Comment 12/19/14: A friend became an IBMer after the Rational acquisition, and resigned from IBM ten years ago. Yesterday this happened: "Just got to fill out a survey as an IBM alum. The questions were trying to get at what I think of the company, whether I'd recommend it to others as an employer or service provider, and what they can do to improve. One of my answers is that they could treat their employees like the competent and intelligent human beings that they are. It probably went downhill from there. Ten years after resigning and I still haven't developed any affection towards the place." -16YearsAndCounting-
Comment 12/19/14: What is lacking in management today is a sense of justice for all. What they don't understand is that when you unjustly fire or RA an employee, it affects the moral of who every stays. And management will be less respected. TJ Watson Sr and Jr. had a policy of seriously evaluating and judging a person as to why he is under performing and offered fair opportunities to correct it before he is let go. They did not wantonly fire people without just cause. That was in their DNA. The crooked managers you have at IBM today will throw you under the bus in a heart beat. This happened in an IBM office. When one person was unjustly treated.. it affected the moral of the rest and slowly the rest started to leave to go else where. Destructive!! Always be just and equitable especially when in management levels. Have honour and integrity. -gg-
Comment 12/19/14: This GE Jack Welch created abomination called stack ranking is not only destroying moral at IBM but at Yahoo according to the latest Marissa Mayer fallout articles. Of course IBM also stupidly followed through with this method likes the lemmings they are in management with the same destructive affects on morale that is had on companies like Yahoo and even Microsoft. It resulted in the "lost decade" from destructive effects on morale. Fear of being laid off for being a "low performer" as a motivator apparently is not sustainable as people burn out from it. Also the big take away is human performance in a pool of people does not fall exactly on a bell curve. You know.. only x amount of 1s can be handed out and y amount of 2s etc! IBM management idiots! Is scary that you can be let go even if you are a good performer because of the bell curve performance scoring. Get union folks.. stop being mentally abused by greed and inept management! -foo-
Comment 12/19/14: This individual is the most hostile engineer that I have worked with during the last 19 years and a promotion has been awarded. The requirements are young and connection. -dark blue continue-
Comment 12/18/14: I am puzzled about two things: 1 - IBM has been discarding its technical talent and replacing it with Business Degree types. How can IBM be innovative and creative anymore without the technical brains behind their products? 2 - the large US government agencies depend on IBM (and particularly the mainframe HW and SW) for most of their data storage and data processing. Could IBM actually go under without the Federal Government intervening in some way? I am asking because I unfortunately held onto IBM stock for my retirement and need to decide whether this is 1929 again and whether I should unload it while there is still some value left. -PUZZELD-
Comment 12/18/14: An interesting article from the Alliance Archives -Dec 8 2001 :
Fortune: Warren Buffett on the Stock Market. In this article, Mr. Buffett compares the pension fund future return assumptions used by IBM, GE, GM, and Exxon in 1982 to those used in 2000. In 1982 when returns on long term government bonds was 10.4%, IBM assumed a conservative 5.5% return on its pension funds. In 2000 when long term bonds yielded only 5.5%, IBM assumed a 10% return.
Excerpts: "I'm a sporting type, and I would love to make a large bet with the chief financial officer of any one of those four companies, or with their actuaries or auditors, that over the next 15 years they will not average the rates they've postulated." ... "Heroic assumptions do wonders, however, for the bottom line. By embracing those expectation rates shown in the far right column, these companies report much higher earnings--much higher--than if they were using lower rates. And that's certainly not lost on the people who set the rates. The actuaries who have roles in this game know nothing special about future investment returns. What they do know, however, is that their clients desire rates that are high. And a happy client is a continuing client." -Annon99-

Comment 12/18/14: GBS Gal - surprise, surprise - ex PWC guy fails again. Joining Jim Bramante in the good ol PWC boy promotion to failure route no doubt. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/18/14: Aswath Damodaran, a professor at N.Y.U.'s Stern School of Business, has long argued about the danger of companies that try to return to the growth stage of their life cycle. These technology companies, he said, are run by people afflicted with something he calls the Steve Jobs syndrome. "We have created an incentive structure where C.E.O.s want to be stars," Damodaran explained. "To be a star, you've got to be the next Steve Jobs - somebody who has actually grown a company to be a massive, large-market cap company." But, he went on, "it's extremely dangerous at companies when you focus on the exception rather than the rule." He pointed out that "for every Apple, there are a hundred companies that tried to do what Apple did and fell flat on their faces."-So true-
(referenced article):

Comment 12/18/14: Peace be with you all this holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa. Oh, by the way, that peace will be shattered in January when some of you reading this will find out that you will lose your jobs in the forthcoming RA that will be announced. Please join the Alliance NOW. Is $15 a month worth it? I think it is. Thank you to Lee, Tom, Earl, Rick, Jim and all the others fighting the good fight! -International Bowel Movements-
Comment 12/17/14: -x- You can find your elected representatives here: and
Comment 12/17/14: IBM continues to crumble:
Comment 12/17/14: IBM stocks dropped again something tells me it's Karma. You can't treat your employees like garbage and not expect a backlash. IBMer's better unionize while there is still a IBM left. -Glad To Be Gone 2013-
Comment 12/16/14: Stop the bleeding. Fire the execs now! Elephants can dance. Use the FHA money for Medicare supplements, the IBM health insurance was over priced and useless anyway. The exchange offered much better rates. Gone from IBM and happy -Good will-
Comment 12/16/14: Steve Bingham has been left or been pushed out from IBM Australia. He previously was the head of GBS in Australia & New Zealand. Next round in Jan 15. -GBS Gal-
Comment 12/15/14: -Stan- You cannot move FHA and you can only use it for the IBM medical plans. Not what you wanted, but that is how the plan was set up from the beginning. -Anon2-
Comment 12/15/14: "Ginormously Huge" SEC probe of IBM... -JT-

Comment 12/15/14: " if it does that you, should push your neighbors to boycott products that are made by companies that are hostile to American workers and also those that repatriate to Ireland to avoid paying their fair share of US taxes"
Make sure you complain to your representatives in Congress. This is even more important. If 400,000 IBMers called there reps in government and complained they can't shelve it. Also complain to the White House if you can. -x-

Comment 12/15/14: I am very fuzzy on this... But .. I will start being un-fuzzy.. now .. I am no longer a Member,I left IBM a year or so ago, but was a member for many years (I even requested a Union Card, :).
I do have a question though, for the FHA Future Health Account" persons that left IBM and had this available, did you ever try to move it out of IBM's Control? I mean, we are gone, it was vested as part of a Pension loss provision? Had anyone tried to move it outside of IBM for use outside of IBM's Health INS Programs? Tks
Comment 12/14/14: The 50 happiest places to work in America --
Not so shocking at this point of course, but IBM not even in the Top 50. . .
-@N0NYm0U$ -
Comment 12/14/14: To retired 05. This is from the FHA documentation on Fidelity. As of Jan1, 2014, Medicare-eligible retirees will be eligible to enroll in individual coverage supplemental to Medicare through ...(OneExchange).. Such retirees who have a remaining ballance in their FHA at the time they become eligible to enroll in coverage through OneExchange will have their FHA converted to a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). Retirees who enroll in a medical plan through OneExchange can use their HRA to reimburse eligible expenses, including the cost of coverage through OneExchange, until it is depleted...... -Justretired-
Alliance reply: A good place to discuss this further would be our IBM Retirees comment section. We've had comments from pension and retirement experts, that have helped IBM retirees. Here's the link: IBM Retirees Comments

Comment 12/14/14: @-Silver IBMer-, wifi connect problem is related to a rollout from the CISO. Deleted posts are not new, try commenting on an IBM post on LinkedIn. If it's not blue kool-aid rah rah it's deleted. We've laid off skilled technical folks and hired self described"Passionate Social Media" types in their place. Noted too are re-posts by managers particularly in the Security Services organization who don't seem to do anything other than that. -gone-
Comment 12/14/14: You need to clarify my point. If I was able to buy AARP as a secondary med ins, my 50k would last about 10 years when I start it. As is now, My health account could be wiped out covering out of packet costs if I had a major illness with 20% deductibles for example cancer treatment with surgery. -retired 05-
Comment 12/14/14: All that is great but remember it is a combination of unionizing and public awareness that will help the most. Public awareness of the evils that a corporation does to its customers or employees is what will hit its cash flow and hence make the final difference. You should spread the word of what IBM really is about. Otherwise it will just shift everything to Ireland and leave you hanging high and dry. Hence if it does that you, should push your neighbors to boycott products that are made by companies that are hostile to American workers and also those that repatriate to Ireland to avoid paying their fair share of US taxes. -X-
"It's Going To Get A Little Easier For Workers To Unionize reforms_n_6312100.html? -Anon-"

Comment 12/14/14: On Planet Ginni all is well. Internally she is getting hit on her 3Q message with posts being deleted and likes being removed from a man that is now a legend, and if I say "drop kick a moose" those with access will know what I mean ! At the moment we cannot connect IBM devices to IBM wifi, OTR is now looking exotic compared with a piece of garbage that is now called TRIPS, we are light years behind in the apps world and the Apple deal will not save us from the incompetent morons tat push put apps that a 5 year old coded in the 90s. Morale remains appalling - people are not going the extra yard and will not. They/we do the job and then shuffle off home and that's it. Planet Ginni and her execs worldwide do not comprehend what a team is or how to motivate their staff. Most people are leaving for much higher jobs or hiding out in plain sight not caring whether they get the bullet or not. This company will not turn around despite the platitudes coming down the line internally. All managers have to "blog", and 90% of them remain unread apart from the brown-nosers that "like" the post to ingratiate themselves with management. Our code is so far behind it is not funny. Our hardware is breaking with regularity. And that is why the stock will continue to slide. It cannot and will not improve. An puh-lease do not say "it is just as bad elsewhere" - that is the lamest argument anyone can offer. -Silver IBMer-
Comment 12/14/14: Now the IBM Board of Derelictors and the IBM upper management will award themselves with more stock options and order another stock buyback since IBM stock is cheap. Then come first thing 2015 do the RAs. Which will boost the stock price since Wall St. is a bunch of thieving morons whom the SEC let's run wild. Unless we organize and get a union, IBM will waste itself into oblivion. Our jobs and any benefits we still have will also pop like a floating bubble. -IttyBittyMachine_Corp-
Comment 12/13/14: ok, IBMers. Listen up. The rules have just changed enough, for all of you to step up your organizing actions. Who changed them overnight? Justice Clarence Thomas. Check it out: -woulda-coulda-shoulda-
Comment 12/13/14: It's Going To Get A Little Easier For Workers To Unionize -Anon-

Comment 12/13/14: I think it's time to join the union everyone! It looks like IBM stocks are dropping faster then a Ho's underwear on the strip. -Glad To Be Gone 2013-
Comment 12/13/14: Wow, quite a nosedive for the IBM stock yesterday, down $5.69 in one day, a new 3-year low! And, Ginny is 2nd on this reporter's Worst Tech CEOs of 2014
There are now renewed rumors of some kind of Carl Icahn type activist takeover attempt. Can't wait to see how many people leave this week,after they qualify for their 401k match. I see that thermometer needle moving, 8 new members, keep it going, join the Alliance! -LowMorale-

Comment 12/13/14: GBS China just offially announced Dec.9 that all AI/AMS team be transfered to GD. This impacts 1/3 GBS employee here 200+. If the employee do not like go to GD, then N+1 RA package become only choice. -anon-
Comment 12/12/14: How do you like IBM now Warren? As of this post IBM has lost $45 in the past year. It's 52 week range was from 199.21 high down to current $155.48. That's about $20 lost per share you purchased. In other words you've lost about 1.3 BILLION dollars under Ginni. -Anon-
Comment 12/12/14: -Non-Hipster- and -Gonein2013-: Yes, I know the rates for family coverage have gone up a lot (and I said so in my posting), but I still think the IBM insurance costs are competitive, especially for a large company. My point was that some of the earlier postings about IBM screwing us on insurance aren't really justified, in my opinion. And for the record, I'm not a "single hipster web developer" (but thanks for the compliment :-) -- my wife gets insurance from her company and my children are adults. -Survivor-
Comment 12/12/14: I retired from IBM in 2005 at age 55 with broken service time. I was laid off and rehired back which means IBM put almost $50K in my Health Account. For the past 9 years, I have not used any of this money and was recently told by Fidelity, I can only use this Money for out of pocket cost for medical co-pay reimbursements when I go on Medicare. I was going to use this account later in life if I needed secondary medical coverage with Medicare. They now have changed my retirement Medical Benefits too. -Retired05-
Alliance reply: If "secondary medical coverage" is supposed to cover what Medicare doesn't cover; wouldn't that be what Fidelity was telling you about using your "Health Account money" to pay for out-of-pocket medical co-pay reimbursements? In other words, isn't your $50k in your health account expressly there for you to use as a supplement to Medicare?

Comment 12/12/14:
WalMart employees have been fighting the good fight. Exercising their labor rights which is USA law. We have to stand with them NOW! The Alliance is much the same as OurWalMart: we just work for different corporations who are greedy rich and are not acting fairly with their employees or associates. IBMers: if WalMart employees want to unionize why can't we??? Are IBMers that scared of losing their jobs to not stand up to management and demand fairness in the workplace??
Comment 12/12/14: -Pete-
Comment 12/12/14: @Survivor, your data may be correct for an individual, but you need to run the same numbers for IBMers with a family. It is a dramatically different story. When I left, my combined family medical for PPO was $1,000/month, with copays and deductibles continuing to erode. I now pay $400/month for better coverage. And, on top of that making more money and got a 3% annual raise. Just before I decided to leave, I did an analysis of the last 10 years of my time at IBM. My net usable income (after medical & taxes) had dropped 33%. I was a consistent 2+ performer through that time. That analysis opened my eyes that it was time to leave. -Gonein2013-
Comment 12/12/14: I'm surprised that IBMer's are not running to join the union. I'm really surprised that some IBMer's are actually relying on HR Reps to help. I mean I think we all know HR reps are merely used car salesman's that will lie their rear-ends off to protect the company. Its sad the company could be saved with a union. -Glad to be gone 2013-
Comment 12/12/14: "To "Math" - I believe Martin Schroeter said there would be "up to" a $600M charge in 4Q14. Apparently exec mgmt has decided that there will be no major or even minor RA in 4Q14, after all, we're now only 20 or so days from EOY. And, the rumored 50K headcount reduction in India never occurred either. So, it remains to be seen what will come in 1Q15 (likely RAs'), but please don't muddle this board by saying 4Q14 RA's will occur. Very little chance of that happening now. -Big Bob-"
Taking a charge for RA expenses in 4Q14 doesn't mean they will use it to RA in 4Q14. It is booked to 4Q14 and could be used in 1Q15. The reduction in India is over 3 years and could happen any time. -Big Joe-

Comment 12/12/14: Most of you are sitting around waiting for the next round of petty d*uchebaggery from the inept IBM management that know how to do petty cuts to your coffee and toilet paper but lacks the TJ Watson entrepreneurship skills and brains to grow revenue.
Don't leave it to chance. Form a union or have a German style "works council" with a seat on the board. This will benefit IBM as happy workers benefit the company and shareholders in the end. Alliance please layout the roadmap to do this so that everyone can see it.
Comment 12/12/14: -Survivor- These are individual rates. Most of us are not single hipster web developers without any responsibility. We have families. IBM plans are expensive relative to benefit especially if you are on a family plan. Wait till you have a pregnancy in the family and a delivery. I had to pay in excess of $6000 out of pocket and more because it went across fiscal years. Then IBM and my idiot FLM/SLMs laid me off and left me with big medical bills to pay. Luckily it was a benevolent Catholic hospital and it forgave my debt because of my provable unemployment. I will be giving them a large charitable contribution once I make back some reserves now that I am re-employed. -Non-Hipster-
Comment 12/11/14: RA or redundancy as it's called is happening in Q4 in the UK......why, since the roadmap has been supposedly 'ditched' then, why the cuts? It's shameful for a company that makes billions of dollars in profit can ruin a special time of the year (Christmas) for so many families purely for shareholder greed . Our founders The Watsons would never allow such behaviour under their watch -Lifer-
Comment 12/11/14: Dear -Survivor - Having left IBM in 2013 and having a wife who still works with IBM, I beg to differ. My small company offers equivalent or better health care benefits across the board at a fraction of the cost. The side by side comparison is staggering. You may be working under the perception that the steady increases are acceptable, but when you compare to what others offer, well, there is no comparison. -Walked Away In 2012-
Comment 12/10/14: Some people have reported that IBM is screwing employees by reducing medical benefits or or shifting a large portion of the cost to employees. IBM is guilty of many things, but to be fair, IBM has not increased the cost of insurance for individuals that much over the last few years, and everyone I know who works elsewhere pays a lot more than I do. The cost for insuring other family members has gone up a lot, but that's true at most companies. For example, I've had individual coverage for IBM PPO (United Healthcare) and IBM Dental Plus for several years, and here are my monthly contributions from 2012-2015:
2012: $0 medical/$30 dental
2013: $0 medical/$31 dental
2014: $10 medical/$51 dental
2015: $15 medical/$52 dental
My out of pocket expenses for medical/dental services are pretty low, though some prescriptions are expensive.
Comment 12/10/14: To all at Alliance: You all have been fighting the good fight. Good luck to all this holiday season. IBM has a way of ruining your holiday. -Gone_in_07-
Comment 12/10/14: Math ... I have no doubt that there could very well be an RA in Q1. But they are rumors and nothing more. Everything that you stated is by inference and frankly, the answer to the question of whether anyone can confirm anything here is "no". -Maybe-
Comment 12/10/14: To "Math" - I believe Martin Schroeter said there would be"up to" a $600M charge in 4Q14. Apparently exec mgmt has decided that there will be no major or even minor RA in 4Q14, after all, we're now only 20 or so days from EOY. And, the rumored 50K headcount reduction in India never occurred either. So, it remains to be seen what will come in 1Q15 (likely RAs'), but please don't muddle this board by saying 4Q14 RA's will occur. Very little chance of that happening now. -Big Bob-
Comment 12/09/14:
IBM Is Playing A Game Of Hot Potato With Goodwill.
There is a hot potato being passed around at IBM. It is called goodwill. Goodwill has grown from less than 1% to more than 25% in the last fourteen years. IBM's shareholder value is a negative $8 billion without goodwill - one intangible asset. It took forty-two years for Tom Watson Sr., IBM's traditional founder, to get goodwill off the books. This is a prime example of IBM's financial engineering.
Comment 12/09/14: Look what happens when a company doesn't invest in upgrading its "technology" ... "A year ago IBM would have been the third-ranked vendor, but its revenues fell 7.2 per cent to $866m, giving it fourth place. Not so Big Blue is failing to keep up with modern storage technologies and its aging product set has less and less appeal to customers." From article ... -Blue Knight-

Comment 12/09/14: IBM used to tell their employees that their benefits were part of their salary, and that is why salaries at IBM were lower than market averages. Now IBM employees are told to go to exchange and IBM has no responsibility to their retirees for health care. IBM continues to screw the IBM employees and its retirees in health care. This is why IBM needs a union. Executives have a contract the rank and file IBM have no contract. We are getting the shaft. -ANA-
Comment 12/09/14: To "CanYouConfirm" and anyone else talking about RA "rumors":
They're not rumors. In October, Ginni said flat-out that there would be an additional "$600 mil restructuring charge" in 4Q. The CFO confirmed in November that's on top of the 1 bil restructuring charges already taken in 2014. So if the terms stay the same, math says that the next round of layoffs will be about 60% as large as done in all of 2014. So there you go: they're not rumors. Ginni herself says there will be a layoff, and it will be a big one. Feel better now that you know? -Math-

Comment 12/09/14: Pensions under attack again. -anon-

Comment 12/09/14: Everybody wants to read this web site, but hardly anybody is willing to put up a few dollars a month to keep it going. Be fair, pay your share! Otherwise you're one of the reasons why IBM can afford to ignore the Alliance. -PayYourFairShare-
Comment 12/08/14: Only THREE new members so far this month? C'mon IBMers, what R U waiting for? Certainly it isn't the Holidays and New Year and don't say it is the next RA. Those that want to get RAed usually don't. And don't make the assumption that you'll get the standard severance on your way out. NOTHING is in writing LIKE A CONTRACT stating you will get a severance from IBM! -Wasup?-
Comment 12/08/14: As an 8 year employee coming to IBM with an acquisition, I am not getting the pension and HFA hit that some of you are. However, I am tired of losing out in other areas, especially the 401(k) match now only at the end of the year. What's next after the Q1 RA's? Join the Alliance....I finally did.....New Member #3 -Anonymous-
Comment 12/08/14: Market observers finally taking notice?
Comment 12/07/14: Harper (canada prime minister) visits SWG lab to announce 1.5 billion investment in technology -tommy-
Comment 12/07/14: Its amazing that IBMers continue to put up with this BS, here we go again, blame the worker while executives continue to make millions. Stock and morale continue to fall. This has been the history of IBM since the early 1990s. Have a large amount of RAs in the fourth quarter or first quarter and tell the press that IBM is becoming lean and mean. What a bunch of BS. Join the union and refuse to work for this greedy and corrupt company. That is your only hope, Executives and managers at IBM could care less about you and your family. Merry Christmas. I'm sure that three top previous and current top executives will have a nice Christmas on the backs of the IBM employee. -Respect for the individual-
Comment 12/07/14: 3 Reasons to Sell IBM Stock at Its 52-Week Low --

[FLASHBACK, Jun 15, 2012]
IBM: Improving Health Care Value and Innovation Through Integration, Benefits Coverage and a Focus on Primary Care --
"Focusing on an employee-centric allocation of IBM investment providing zero premium benchmark PPO for employees, competitive premiums for dependents and buy-up options for those with predictable high health care needs;
Ensuring employee cost sharing keeps pace with inflation by using coinsurance and increasing fixed dollar cost sharing by plan trend;"
Anyone compare the cost of their healthcare plan now as compared to 2012? -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 12/07/14: -Stuck at IBM - "Knowing that you CAN'T leave". Sorry but that's just BS. You can leave anytime. As to whether you can 'afford' to leave is another question but IBM is not forcing anyone to stay. It took me about 4 years to find another job that suited my skills but I found it in the end so it is possible and sad to say, I am glad to be out of that hell hole. -Glad To Be Gone-
Comment 12/07/14: Dear IBM Management, It was clear you wouldn't know a smarter planet if it bit you in the PBC the moment you axed me in favor of three younger coworkers who collectively knew less about innovation that matters than either of my pinkies. Way to age discriminate your way into irrelevance, you greed-blinded ignoramuses! -how did you plan on doing it without me?-
Comment 12/06/14: Why is it that management makes all the decisions, and employees take all the blame? -Peter-
Comment 12/06/14: In GTS the RA announcement date is Jan 2, Sources tell me 15-20% of US based delivery resource. They will color it as productivity due to automation....what BS -XIBM-
Comment 12/06/14: It makes sense that the RAs (firings) were moved from mid-Jan to mid-Fed. The reporting date and meetings with the analysts for 4Q results are Jan 21. After announcing those even more disastrous results than 3Q, Ginny (through her CFO mouthpiece) will proclaim that the company is cutting itself to the bone, eliminating all dead weight (us), and "reinventing itself" by then rising up through the ashes like the mythical Phoenix. More BS and marketing engineering, but based on the recent long string of highly critical articles by analysts, everyone is hip to this dope. Only, they won't rise up, because they got nuttin'. No plan, no technology, no inspired employees. I can't wait to see how many good people say sayonnara after the Dec 15 date to qualify for the 401k match. As a Band 10 DE candidate with a long string of PBC 1's and patents, I'm hoping to be among them. How sad, I used to love this company and my job. Those left, please, please join the Alliance and fight back! -ItsATrap-
Comment 12/06/14: Brother Lee, it is a shame that people won't join the union. I have tried to get people to join the Union in the UK and it is like pushing an avalanche back up the hill. All I will say is they will be squealing like stuck pigs when their number comes out of the hat and they realise that they have no-one to represent them or give them advice. -IBM UK-
Comment 12/06/14: How very sad. Just 2 new members willing to take a stand. I do not work for IBM never have. My neighborhood though is littered with former IBMers all who left before their time. Those remaining live with the hope they won't be next or someone else will cause change just not them! I belonged to a labor union for more than 30 years I now live in part from a union pension. Are unions perfect? Hardly but after watching what IBM is capable of what other choice is there other than hiding under your desk hoping they don't come for you this time. To the folks from Alliance for years of effort I admire your willingness to stay in this fight while so many you are willing to fight for prove unwilling to fight for themselves. Whining, complaining and hoping thinks will change accomplishes nothing. IBM employees were once viewed as fortunate and respected. Now the company has become a cesspool and poster child for corporate misbehavior all fueled by greed. And yet just 2 people can muster the courage to join. Sorry but you will get in the end what you deserved. -Bingo-
Comment 12/06/14: What's worse than waiting for the RA axe to fall at IBM? Knowing that you CAN'T leave. IBM has notified hundreds of employees in Albany, Fishkill, Burlington and even employees already working at GF in Malta, that they are now stuck at IBM on "blue team" and blocked from being hired by Global for 3 years. To continue working in your highly skilled profession, to get out of IBM, you have to leave NY state for fabs in the southwest US or overseas owned by competitors. No financial consideration is being offered to IBM employees now trapped. Most never signed a non-compete deal. Only hope is that RA will free you from no-hire rule. IBM now has a huge team of people that must lower their performance in hopes of a RA so they can move on to greener pastures. Good for employees that want to stay as others will take the fall to fill RA quotas. Good for employees that will have an extended work vacation getting qualified for their RA, ending up with a severance check and freedom. Not so good for IBM. Idiotic Business Morons. -Stuck at IBM-
Comment 12/06/14: Sony Struggles to Fight #GOP Hackers Who Claim Stolen Data Includes Stars? IDs, Budget and Contract Figures -- "Sony's computer system is tied to a massive IBM server."
Hmmmmmm, would be very interested to know where the weaknesses were that the hackers exploited, as sounds like another customer that IBM will be losing. . . -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 12/06/14: Alliance, can you confirm any of these RA rumors? If so, can you outline the dates, numbers, packages provided? -CanYouConfirm?-
Alliance reply: If rumors could be confirmed, they would cease to be rumors. We post comments from our visitors as a way to start dialog re: Job Cuts. Alliance receives information from IBM employees and contractors, from inside, regularly.
We can't confirm all the information, because many of these sources are anonymous.
FYI... there are no more packages provided, as a rule, IF there are RAs in works. IBM no longer releases numbers of IBMers RA'ed. All of this activity of "guessing" when, where, and who will be RA'ed would disappear if IBMers were unionized and bound with IBM by a written contract. Consider that alternative, rather than confirming rumors of impending RAs.

Comment 12/06/14: The IBM PBC appraisal system is a damaging farce. How is it possibly fair to assign a QUOTA (yes, it is a QUOTA) of "3" (implication of poor performance - YES, it is!) appraisals on a group of people that has already been decimated by layoffs and already has 80% of its workforce overseas? That quota of "3" appraisals has to be eaten by the remaining 20% of the US workforce in the group, of which you know, all were once the 1 and 2+ category. How completely UNFAIR is this? Why not lay them off and give them severance instead of sticking them with poor appraisals and the negative repercussions of that which they did not deserve? This is just a nasty, shameful, deplorable maneuver. Really, if there's a hell, those IBM executives who came up with this scheme will fry. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/05/14: Whats killing IBM other than the obvious: IBM Management's abject stupidity: -foo-

Comment 12/05/14: ok, we all had to LOL reading about "Mandarin lessons at Lenovo"....but yes, we were still crying a little inside. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/05/14: Hearing from multiple sources today that managers had to enter names into the HR tool for RA in February, exit in March. Word is that the standard packages will be provided. Words like "Ugly","Big" were used to describe, but no indication of how far reaching or a specific %. -Bracing For the Blues-
Comment 12/05/14: Although I'm busy with my Mandarin lessons at Lenovo I just can't look away, it's like a train wreck. Lee and Alliance staff, I commend your continuing to try to help those who refuse to help themselves even in the face of adversity. It's a shame that that membership drive thermometer isn't full as it certainly should be. Anybody who is reading this message, are you a dues paying member? Or are you merely a leech that drops by to get the useful information to you but unwilling to fork over the measly $15 a month to pitch in? I was a dues paying member during my IBM tenure, if you EVER visit this board, you should be too. My advice to the alliance is this, lock down this message board to dues paying members to weed out the riff raff from anybody who actually gives a damn. There's not a resource like this at Lenovo nor do I ever expect their to be given the communist ties. I wonder if GSK had an alliance type movement given they just whacked 900 people in RTP, or if anyone there cared. As much as I can't stand Lenovo it is actually is tremendously better than IBM. Either organize or get out (and please do what you can to float the stock back to 170 so I can cash out). Corporate America rocks does it not? I sincerely wish you guys the best of luck as you're certainly going to need it... -IPaidMyDuesDidYou?-
Comment 12/04/14: I knew all of this sudden PR had to be a bunch of BS. Is there no end to the deviousness of IBM? Why aren't they using all of this creative energy to build great products and employee morale instead of financial and market engineering? Since they got called out on the financial engineering trick, I guess the focus now is on market engineering. So happy to see this article: -LowMorale-

Comment 12/04/14: Do Not Be Fooled By IBM Cloud Contract Announcements. IBM is signing "baseball" contracts, using length to increase the apparent size of the deals. These are "outsourcing" contracts, not real cloud deals. They are replacement revenue. To grow IBM needs to create new markets, not serve its old markets for less. -Anon-
Comment 12/04/14: Your gov't as well as your employer are abandoning you. Wake up and organize. Congress is declaring war on retirees -Anonymous-
Comment 12/04/14: When did AMS FLM's convert back to PDM's? I have no clue what FLM's do now other than push for the completion of administrative tasks. FLM's need to have a vested interest in the success of a project. Why does this layer of management exist if they don't add any value? They charge a percentage of their time against our projects but don't contribute anything towards the project. How is that considered accurate time reporting? -PDM-
Comment 12/03/14: Yep, that's what IBM's finance folks and empty suits have been doing alright! -ibm_spiral-

Comment 12/03/14: -HereItComes-, my company recently hired an ex-IBMer whom you would classify as being in the "third wave." He was an Ivy-League educated engineer with 20 years experience. In the interview, when asked why he wanted to leave IBM, he mentioned the narrow scope of his job role, and under-utilization of his skills. We were surprised by his low salary, and offered him a position at a 15% increase in salary. After he was hired and started his position, he talked about the unfair rating system, and living in constant fear of unjust, illogical lay-offs. Disclaimer: My company did not hire him to gain confidential information about IBM, IBM customers, or IBM products. -Anonymous-
Comment 12/03/14: -No contribution #done- Remember this; THOSE THAT CAN, DO; THOSE THAT CAN'T, MANAGE. Never more true in IBM. -anonymous-
Comment 12/03/14: IT IS TIME IBMers to join the Alliance. IBM is hurting and it is because of pathetic upper management direction. WE CAN turn IBM around if we unionize and be and force to set this inept IBM management in the right direction! DO SOMETHING positive this HOLIDAY SEASON and DO IT NOW! Make it a New Year's resolution! Join now! -IBMUnionNow-
Comment 12/03/14: To Refreshing This is the typical response from IBM management,"it's like this everywhere". I have friends who work for a large chip manufacturing company and their management team treats their employees with respect and loyalty. This is no longer evident with IBM management. IBM needs a union to restore high moral, salaries, and benefits. Respect for the individual -Respect for the Individual-
Comment 12/02/14: Only 42% of IBMers submitted IBM Engagement Survey. Only one more day to go. Does it say anything? -Anonymous-
Comment 12/01/14: To -MBA_IS_A_JOKE- It's complete. Only a select few in CAMSS will receive MBA this year. It is up to FLM to give you the news. -MBA_ALL_DONE-
Comment 12/01/14: Fairness 101:
That is the problem with IBM management and executives. There is no longer experience, vision or personality with IBM management or executives today. It is all based on politics and BS. There is no longer respect for the individual and full employment is no longer there in IBM since Lou was CEO. IBM needs a union to stop the corrupt practices done by IBM management to their employees. -ANA-

Comment 12/01/14: I mentioned two waves of exodus (one after folks qualify for their 401k match after Dec 15 and one with the RAs in feb) but I forgot a third - one when the folks who have been worried about getting RA'd and have been looking at other jobs 'just in case' decide they are sick of the stress of worrying about getting cut in the next culling, the impact on their families and health and performance, sick of worrying whether they will make it to Dec 15 each year to get the match, and just leave to take one of those other jobs in a better place. IBM is inadvertently exposing its best, the ones IBM would not RA, to the job market and losing them. Idiots! -HereItComes-
Comment 12/01/14: The general consensus of comments regarding Managements education and morals and ethics is that management is somehow inferior to you. If so, why are they kicking your collective butts day after day, year after year? Simple. They are organized. You are not. -Exodus2007-
Comment 12/01/14: -ItsATrap- There is no chance of IBM trying to rebuild morale after the January layoff. They have never done so before and they won't start now. -longtimebeemer-
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Comment 8/20/11:
Washington, D.C.– Members of CWA and IBEW at Verizon Communications will return to work on Tuesday, Aug. 23, at which time the contract will be back in force for an indefinite period.
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