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Comment 05/28/15: "-WhoZ2say- ... Every move we make - Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, email, sametime msg etc. is tracked...Perhaps if the Union noted that we could join, yet be free of expectation to be public, at least for now, there might be more interest."
With this kind of paranoia, no wonder the Alliance numbers are so low. Do you have a computer or cell phone at home that is neither IBM property nor connected to IBM? If you are so scared of IBM tracking your every move, you should use that personal device to join the Alliance. IBM cannot find out. Also, where did you get the idea that members are expected to be public. If you would rather be a "silent" member, that's fine. Your name is required by law to be kept completely confidential by the Alliance@IBM/CWA.
Comment 05/28/15: To -Whoz2say-: Seriously? Not go public and expect things to change?
Not fight back and not get more people to join? Just join quietly and pay money to an organization that cannot move forward because that's all that the "members" do is quietly exist?
And you've been "teetering" for YEARS?? Seriously??
I'm an Alliance member and have been for 16 years. I've been active. I've made IBM aware that I'm here.
They know who I am. I've been to several pickets. I've written letters to the editor of my local newspaper.
I've recruited new members, and those members have, too.
I've seen many IBMers come to this site and ask for help to understand their 401k, pension, medical, vacation pay, service time, vested rights and even how they manipulate their retirement money once they leave IBM with barely the shirt on their back after they are Fired...that's what it's called: FIRED. IBM chooses to call it "layoff" or "Resource Actions" or some other 'Orwellian' nonsense--but YOU, -Whoz2say-, YOU can decide what you want to call it. And YOU can choose to SHOUT IT OUT LOUD. Alliance members have had sixteen years of vacillation back & forth, taking baby steps when we should be taking giant steps. Why? Because of people like you. -Whoz2say-
A large silent majority? A silent majority can never be proven to exist as a "potential" for moving this organization forward into an "action oriented" body that gets things done. Won't happen.
You need to put your "big girl or big boy pants" on and do something.
Whether you like reading this or not, this is reality:
Get busy fighting for your job PUBLICLY, or Get Busy Losing your job SILENTLY. Understand?
Joining the Alliance isn't just all about paying money every month...It's about growing a large group of people that are determined to take some action and get something done. The Alliance has been struggling because its total membership does not act as a single body. Silence may be golden; but you can't spend it anywhere -Whoz2say-.
My advice to you is simple. Join or not. If you decide to "hit that enter key", then go the rest of the way.
Make the effort to understand how to take action and mobilize your co-workers; regardless of where they are located in the US. This web site has enough information to teach you, believe me. You have to take the initiative to read it.
If you decide NOT to join, then don't come here asking for help anymore. I'm not speaking for the Alliance, I'm speaking for me: I didn't pay dues here for 16 years so that you can get free advice and not do anything to further the Alliance@IBM cause. If that's what you want to do, then just go away, will ya? -are_you_comfortably_numb?-

Comment 05/28/15: When will IBM employees take any ownership for their careers and lives. IBM has continued to make their employees unmarketable in the real world. The fact that you have so few employees joining the union is proof that there is no ownership among its employees. The doors at IBM open two ways in and out, if you choose to stay in then you pay the price. My advice get backbone and do what's right for you!!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 05/28/15: -DoIBMersTHINK?- "Will someone tell me what it will take to be convinced to join a union and the Alliance?"
Simple. YOU (and the rest of the members) have to take an active and visible role and convince them to join. Don't want to do that? Then it's not going to happen and the rip-offs will continue. -Dave G-

Comment 05/28/15: RE: Joining the Union - What many people do not understand is most employees have become trapped by workplace abuse. Every move we make - Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, email, sametime msg etc. is tracked. People are emotionally beaten down, resigned to just walk the IBM walk and hope not to give IBM the ability heap any more on our plate. We cannot exhale - always walking on eggshells. When I read about joining the union, is it going from one extreme to the other? I do not deny people their right to earn bundles, I do not like it it is off our backs with NOTHING in return but more emotional beatings. Having the ability to post Union posters or contact colleagues about joining the Union does not sound apealing and will add to that abuse. Perhaps if the Union noted that we could join, yet be free of expectation to be public, at least for now, there might be more interest. There is a silent majority out there, but the key word is silent, lest the beast be unlashed even further. I am one of those who have been teetering on joining for a few years now, yes years, but cannot hit the enter key. Instead i just wait to exhale when they tap me on the shoulder. -Whoz2say-
Comment 05/27/15: To HelpYourself- You are so RIGHT. If IBM Management and the Bean Counters want to get rid or you, they will find a way including lying!!! I know several people who were falsely accused for expense issues... Example, I worked for several managers who approved my weekend stays in hotels in order to save on flights to foreign countries. Then they questioned why I was taking cabs on a Saturday or having expenses for activities. I mean, REALLY?? Did they expect me to STAY IN MY HOTEL ROOM and WORK on a weekend? I was already sacrificing and saving the company hundred of dollars but yet they questioned a measely $50 -$100 charge... Then the EXPENSE SYSTEM would hold up a $5000 + plus expense for a measely $20 dollar cab disputed charge. I would then get penalized by American Express for being late. These are the types of games greedy IBM Execs are playing ... so they hold on to the funds longer and the worker suffers... Several times I had to pay late fees because of this type of ordeal... I am sure others have similar stories... Employees remaining- JOIN THE ALLIANCE. Don't wait like we did to get pushed out because we were old, or making too much money, or had too many benefits... A Union would've helped us protect our benefits and jobs! -GLADTOBEGONE-
Comment 05/27/15: To -member- and -DoIBMersTHINK- It is difficult to believe that what my parents immigrated to America for is being squandered by IBMers who care only about not "making waves." Who still has backbone and will join the Alliance? Or could it be that only the mealy-mouthed remain in IBM after all these RAs? The same as both of you, I just do not understand. Of course, IBM did a great job of dividing and conquering by closing branch offices and encouraging work-at-home. It is still possible that some IBMers do not know that there is a Union movement within IBM. -NotAYellowBelly-
Comment 05/27/15: @Nextontheblock - If this is an audit, do not volunteer any information unless asked for it.
You could also create your own BOD (Microsoft Blue screen of Death) by corrupting the Microsoft registry so your PC just doesn't boot. Look totally surprised and plead technical ignorance. IBM management are as technical as a cow with balls. IBM management and audit are a joke. Then surrender you PC and let the IBM tech flunkies try to get your PC bootable and get the data recovery done. I bet IBM Finance will drop the reason for the meeting and move on to next easy pickings. The reason: it costs some $ IBM doesn't have or wants to spend.
Comment 05/27/15: Has the Alliance been active in trying to get US labor law changed so that it is easier to have votes for unions? There was a bill many years back to accomplish this but Big Biz succeeded in killing it via lobbying. I am in favor of a union but do not think it is really feasible to get one when the current law makes the barriers to even having a vote so high. Continuing to try to get 50% (or whatever it is) of US employees to join one by one is the carefully laid trap the corporations are happy to have laid for us, becase it makes the employees think there is some hope while it is clear that under this system there is none. Changing the laws to make votes for unions possible to happen seems like it should be Job #1. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: There have been changes from the national labor Relations Board that have made it easier for unions to organize. But the Republicans have been fighting this. Elections have consequences.

Comment 05/27/15: "Is IBM really worried of a union: a reason to keep so many managers in the USA? I think so. -Anonymous-"
I doubt if they are worried. Why should they be? IBMers have shown very little interest in protecting their own jobs by joining. Management has seen how little the join thermometer has moved. IBM workers don't raise their voices even when they are abused. Pathetic. I don't know how the Alliance keeps it going with such an uncaring work group such as IBMers. -member-
Alliance reply: IBM management isn't the only group watching the lack of growth on the thermometer. Our parent organization tracks it and we give monthly status reports to the organizing department. If anyone here thinks this can go on forever they are mistaken.

Comment 05/27/15: Will someone tell me what it will take to be convinced to join a union and the Alliance? Why is the sign up so low? Judging from this forum the membership this year should be in the hundreds at least by now. How much more do you folks wish to take of this? -DoIBMersTHINK?-
Comment 05/27/15:-NextonTheBlock- IBM Finance is sure up to it's dirty little tricks again. They have to get a % of folks that they find negligent on expense reporting. So this number will get fired with cause and save IBM money on the next RA since they don't have to pay severance to them.
Go ahead you all, roll the dice, take your chances still and don't join the union and the Alliance, and see what will happen if and when you travel for IBM when they want to cut resource cost! Ask for the blindfold; but you'll pay for it as well as the cigarette, gun rental, and the lead bullet. -Anonymous-

Comment 05/27/15: "ISC Singapore is up next." I'm checking my CLOUD server harddrives now. Thanks, IBM (not). -Anonymous-
Comment 05/27/15: Ever since Lou was CEO IBM executives and managers are all about greed and are full of corruption. I live in Endicott and worked for IBM Endicott, and Lou totally destroyed the economy of the village of Endicott with massive lay offs. The tax base has shrunk, the Union Endicott School District has lost revenue, house values have shrunk, and car dealerships have gone out of business. Washington Avenue has never recovered. IBM needs a union so this these corrupt CEOs can never do again what they did to Endicott. JOIN THE UNION -Anonymous-
Comment 05/27/15: @Nextontheblock - If this is an audit, do not volunteer any information unless asked for it. Only answer the question asked, do not embellish. Be truthful in your answers and if you don't know just say so -longtimebeemer-
Comment 05/27/15:So perhaps this is the new ingenious ploy by IBM - get rid of people by accusing them of cheating on their expense reports, or analyzing expenses and looking for any little problem, even an honest one. We already saw indisputable evidence of giving good employees bad performance ratings/reviews, and labels like 'distracted' just to justify kicking them to the curb. What's next, accusing people of intra-office affairs to get rid of them? Sure, why not destroy people's personal lives along with their careers just to dump them overboard because the company is sinking due to the greed and stupidity of the executives at the top. How many out there could survive an intense expense audit? I doubt that many hands are up. You may be next. Join the alliance today so that you have someone at your back, you may be the next one to get the call. -HelpYourself-
Comment 05/27/15:Prepare for more layoffs in gts brazil in July... The company can not dismiss their employee during the Collective bargaining agreements. Building mm70 and mm71 already deactivated. Low morale and stress is normal there...i guess everyone is takimg anti depressants and xanax there. Stay cool andre l. Everything will be back to normal after august... We hope, unless we have another period of decline in revenues since even vps are selling theirs stocks like Bruno di leo.shame on IBM obsolote that needs to make new partnerships will younger companies...facebook, twitter, google, fact i guess they even dont know what to do. SP and Rio will remain active...adios MG and hortolandy? -Anonymous-
Comment 05/27/15:If you get notice (RA) this week, please help the Alliance to fight for us by providing as much information as you can, such as your country, business unit, any details you can. If you hear rumors, please indicate if they are from a credible source and what country/unit you are talking about. Please join the alliance, even if you believe a true union is far away, or you are in another country, you can contribute or become an associate member and help fund them. They are in the trenches fighting for us every day, notifying congress of these egregious actions by IBM, sending out press releases about our mistreatment and the executive greed going on. A good article in Motley Food exposing IBM's smoke and mirrors, we need more of these: -WaitingForACallFromMyManager-
Comment 05/26/15:

Warren Buffett wants to cut benefits of his planes’ pilots. Berkshire Hathaway-owned business-jet operation NetJets is trying to wrangle benefit cuts from its pilots union just as boom times fuel a pilot shortage that could crimp its business. -Anon-
Comment 05/26/15: -NextOnTheBlock- Call in ill for the day. Get them to reschedule. That way you can't be fired for not showing up and being evasive. If they want you to bring you laptop they are probably looking for something on it to try to use it against you. Whoever said 'expense reporting' is probably on the right track. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/26/15: "75,622 regular IBM employees, includes 13,782 managers"
Do I have this right, about 22%, more than 1 in 5, are IBM Managers? With the conclusion of the recent RA I bet it is 25% or close to 1 in 4 non-management vs. management. Talk about managing bloat with cost overhead, do-nothing, no leadership, no vision, greedy, oppressing personnel that supposedly are managing IBM. No wonder this IBM can't grow REVENUE and still has to control costs! Is IBM really worried of a union: a reason to keep so many managers in the USA? I think so. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/26/15: This guy gets it as well, and has the courage to question the Emperor (Buffet) and his love affair with a dying dinosaur:
The revenue chart in this article is pretty astounding. It shows that even a "struggling" company like Oracle is at least flat-lined or slightly increasing its revenue. IBMs of course is in a nose-dive, as the chart shows. Profits are only manufactured by stripping and selling off the company assets and employees.
"In the past five years, IBM has had an awful tendency of competing in highly competitive markets...IBM throws its resources into arenas where competitors have established an early lead.For obvious reasons, I doubt the company will gain back some of the enterprise customers it has lost to Amazon and Microsoft." -ReadTheTeaLeaves-

Comment 05/26/15: @-LaborUnited-: "Does China have better labor relations and conditions than the USA or Canada? I remember Tienanmen Square! Freedom of Speech? Non-censorshiped internet?"
I'd remind you that much of the world is still playing catch up with Europe and North America after centuries of imperialism, exploitation, and instability caused by these now-civilized countries.
And while you are flaunting that freedom and liberty of your's, please take a moment to reflect on that two-party system (which is a false democracy), at-will labour laws, surveillance state, patriot act, and illegal invasions that wipe billions out of public coffers. My home country's government suck hard but your's also stink. Now, let us go back on topic about IBM shall we?
Comment 05/25/15: "...stupid, lazy, overpaid, uncaring. Bull feathers."
THIS IS IBM Management; NOT IBM employees (resources to them)!!! Ironic that IBM management makes IBM employees (to IBM management you are something called resources) incorrectly feel the way THAT IBM Management REALLY ARE! Transference. The only word IBM management is missing that they can't use to refer to a resource is GREEDY since they have eroded our pay and benefits and continue to do so.
Comment 05/25/15: ISC Singapore is up next. Rumours are strife that reorganization is on-going and the 'new structure' will take effect in June. Not sure if the fats (hoards of useless FLMs and SLMs) will be trimmed this time round or are they gonna cut the bones instead and get rid of the persons who are actually doing useful work. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/25/15: -NextonTheBlock-. Can't help but wonder if Finance thinks they've found an issue with an expense report or similar that you submitted and you are about to be held accountable. I wonder it you should bring all recent expense reports with all supporting documents. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/25/15: @next on the block: a few years ago a friend of mine was invited to such a meeting. They were auditing his expenses. After a very stressing process he was fired. Be very careful with the auditor. Watch what you say. good luck! -Blue Never More-
Comment 05/25/15: Look at IBM 5 years ago... It wa in top ten companies nice to work for. Now look this year reviews. Not even appears on top 50. Wish luck for ibmers... Specially gts, infrastructure has changed a lot, databases, mainframes, clouds? But hybrid clouds??? Who is supposed to buy thata. In the meanwhile, canadians sre let go.. Gts brazil is sinking, brazil marketing team what they need to jnsuccessfully because gts is sinking fast. They not hire b7 and b8 in Brazil anymore...just bang 6 or lower. In the end, money that matter$$$$$$$$ -Anonymous-
Comment 05/25/15: Q2 RA. Notifications this week. Out before 6/30. -Joe Dirt-
Comment 05/24/15: -NextOnTheBlock- Simple. Don't show up for the appointment. Let them come looking for you. Don't make it easy for them. -anonymous-
Comment 05/23/15: -NextOnTheBlock- Wouldn't it be nice if you had a union contract and you would have a union representative with you at this "meeting with finance"? With a union contract you don't have to guess usually with what a meeting is called for. For now, Good Luck and watch your back. I hope IBM are not trying to fire you for expense accounting reasons. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/23/15: Word has it that there will be another round of RA coming in June for Canada. Communication of the RA to be made first couple weeks of the month with termination at end of month. Be prepare! -HeadsUp-
Comment 05/23/15: I would like to encourage folks to join. I was RA'd 4+ years ago. At the time I was thought IBM would figure out who joined and target them for RA. Like it mattered :-). In retrospect, now that I follow the forum here, I see no evidence of that.
IBM has wonderful, talented, hard-working people. I now realize the best way to take a stand back then would have been to join. I felt like, as an IBM US employee, I was the 'bad guy'. I felt labeled as stupid, lazy, overpaid, uncaring. Bull feathers.
We were, and I presume you still are, dedicated, caring folk who want to provide superlative service and products to the customer. Take a stand and make it happen. -Anonymous-

Comment 05/23/15: More layoffs this week in Brazil.Second layoff in a will close hortolandia site for gts. Gbs got some cuts as well...part of ibm reestructuring. No future for IBM in Brazil... Get some better job out there while you can! -Anonymous-
Comment 05/23/15: I received a cryptic meeting invite for next week to meet in the office sent to me by someone in Finance (not HR). Told to bring my laptop as well. I'm assuming this is an RA masked as a meeting. For those of you who have been RAed, did you get an invite from an unknown person? Was it sent a week in advance? Any tips for getting prepared for this? -NextOnTheBlock-
Comment 05/22/15: Sad to see such a pitiful response from those still employed by IBM. I have never worked for IBM. Belonged to a trade union for 30+ years. For years the masses at IBM were fed the anti-union song and dance. Most accepted they would NEVER need a union and collected their pay checks and benefits. My younger brother was one of them. He has since left IBM. UNION to him was a four letter word? IBM was his DADDY, MOMMY and NURSEMAID. Till they tried to convert his pension then he whined like a little girl. How could IBM do this to HIM? He bled blue and in the end IBM rewarded his loyalty by trying to screw him!
Are unions perfect? Hardly. But under the circumstances as they now exist it is the only chance for IBM employees.
EF is now being sold (in fact IBM is paying GFs to take that division over) and those IBM employees are being sold off like cattle. I know some of them. their future with GF is uncertain at best. Just how bad have things gotten when IBM was willing to PAY GF to assume ownership? And like cattle being led to slaughter they follow the line as they are told and do nothing. None of those I know ever joined Alliance.
My neighborhood is littered with ex-IBMers. All who saw the handwriting on the wall for years and did nothing. Now they whine about how it was IBM's fault for treating them so unfairly. And their role? Nothing.
" you teach people how to treat you" IBMers have taught IBM they will accept anything and continue to show up despite being treated like property and numbers. RESOURCES!
63 new members. 63 willing to take a stand. The rest still with their heads in the sand hoping someone ELSE saves their jobs. One neighbor who works in EF told me " I don't ever see them closing this place down." Trying to convince himself some level of job security existed. Well, they sold the place and now he is off to work for GFs after 35 years with IBM. No thanks, no appreciation, no thought. Good bye, good riddance and add the cost of employing him back into the company's revenue.
What a pitiful ending to a once great company.
God helps those who help themselves. Only 63 IBMers are making the effort to help themselves. The rest have decided to do nothing and leave their future in Ginni's hands. Gee I wonder how that might work out? In the end, you get what you put in. Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil the new IBM motto.
Comment 05/22/15:Today I paid to join as a member. Please remember that your FLM is using one or two guys in your team to get information about you to attack and build case. FLMs are following divide and rule policy. Be careful when you talk to your teammates. Poison in the form of milk is the guy providing info to FLM. Be careful and watch out. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/22/15: Not looking good for Big Blue in the cloud market. Way, way down in the bottom left quadrant in Gartner's new analysis. Amazon is extremely dominant, Google is slashing prices, IBM is screwed with neither talent, infrastructure, or any buffer against these very slim profit margins in an area they keep telling analysts will save the company. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are traditionally rated as the best companies to work for, so they have and will continue to get talent to build good products and infrastructure. IBM is presently at the bottom and has been for some time, with top talent leaving in droves, the mastermind of SoftLayer and his team gone, a clueless old-school old-timer in charge of the cloud division, and all R&D money going to executive pay/compensation and stock buy backs and other financial engineering. Yeah, ship is sinking, and the band plays on... -ShipGoingDown-
Comment 05/22/15:
IBM defends use of temp visa workers.
IBM says the growth in technologies such as cloud, analytics, mobile and security is "exacerbating the skills shortage" in the tech industry, and underscores the need for temporary foreign tech workers.
The firm made this point in a letter to U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the Judiciary Committee chairman, in response to a query from the senator on IBM's use of the H-1B visa.
If it can't bring those skills into the U.S. "then our clients may be forced to move the work to the skills out of the U.S.," wrote IBM. The company also said that it "does not make a practice of cutting positions in the U.S. and then replacing those same positions with either U.S. citizens or foreign visa holders."
The company, in a slap to some of its offshore outsourcing competitors, said temporary visa holders account for only around 5% of its U.S. workforce, which is "apart from other companies that have upwards of 90% of their U.S. workforce on visas."
The firm's claims were met with skepticism in some quarters. Ron Hira, an associate professor of public policy at Howard University, said that 98% of the H-1B petitions that IBM had approved by the U.S. government from fiscal years 2008 through 2013 were in computer occupations, "the very same types of positions IBM has been downsizing in the U.S." -Anon-

Comment 05/22/15: Alliance mentioned -member-
Comment 05/22/15: To -Hack my blog- you are so correct! Be aware on what you post and most importantly don't add IBM Management to your social media sites like Facebook!... My ex managers 'pretended' they were my friends and actually used my postings to accuse me of some nasty things which were not true ... Talk about a 'sheep in wolf's clothing'... It made me so sick that I landed in the hospital with heart attack symptoms! If IBM wants to get rid of you they will use any means including lying! It's a very sad and dysfunctional environment currently inside IBM! -GLADTOBEGONE-
Comment 05/21/15:

Why can't NY State do what Missouri did and suspend incentives or the PILOT for IBM Poughkeepsie? -Anonymous-

Comment 05/21/15:IBMers complain ,complain, complain. When are they going to realize that management and executives don't care about the IBM employee. These people are all about greed and corruption. This will continue and more RAs will continue if the IBMer does not wake up and join the union and have a strong union contract. Without a union contract, all IBMers are at the mercy of IBM management and executives. JOIN THE UNION NOW -Anonymous-
Comment 05/21/15: Like the Alliance leaders I also find it hard to fathom that during every RA we get new members but between the inevitable RAs, because the outrage goes down and the typical IBMer breaths a sigh of relief, no members join. Believe me the RAs will continue until you all join and make history and fight the Big Blue Evil and collectively and organized try to stop an RA. Who is going to be the 64 member to join this year? IS IT YOU? -WhenI'm64-
Comment 05/21/15: Found out via sametime from my manager on Monday that IBM is moving my separation date from June 30 to June 15. So, less than 30 days notice, and of course, 1 less paycheck from IBM, and since its mid month, the vacation accrual and payout reverts back to May 31, so I lose 2 days vacation.
Respect for the individual? I think not. I'd like to know how our management can look in the mirror every day? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: And we'd like to know what has stopped you and other IBMers from organizing and fighting for a union contract, that would stem all of the issues you have mentioned here? Every time there is an RA, IBMers visit our web site and say the same things about how badly IBM treats them. And it's always during or after an RA that our web visits go up.
What we need is a large membership that is willing to get out the word, *publicly*, that IBMers are done with this abuse once and for all. No one here cares about management looking in their mirrors.
IBMers need to look in their own mirrors and decide that standing up to this company in large numbers, must be the answer, and IBMers must realize that it is up to them to change this situation.

Comment 05/21/15: Unions are necessary in situations where Management is trying to suck Employees dry, they help with that aspect (which is present at IBM) but what unions can not solve is management that is behind the curve, no Union can cure that, the Model built around "Sales" culture is "self serving" and we are building software that looks like our models (Conway's law). I have realized that 3 years ago (luckily and still was late), IBM was destroying my technical career, I took ownership of my career back, gained Mobile and Cloud skills before they think about it, and now go to school on my own dime to get analytics skill, and although that improved my job conditions, I am glad to say bye bye after 18 years. Going to a big Organization where I will take a much better role and there is more reward for hard work.
Morale of the story, own your own career, Organize as Union (that will solve many issues regarding outsourcing), but above all, invest in yourself and believe in yourself.
Outsourcing is a 50% scam, I led many teams overseas, some were good but most were terrible, and nobody cared, it is all a numbers game, to be honest, doing the same b.s. with North American workers would not save the company and may give us here more jobs momentarily but the company is spiralling down and no Union can save it.
Best of luck folks. I share with you that I feel lighter walking now :). Leaving IBM Canada after 18 years. -LeavingAfter18Years-

Comment 05/20/15: To -Magnolia- I just loved your post!! So true! I tried so desperately to tell my side of the story and even wrote to Ginny over a year ago... I knew there would be no response... On top of not paying for my legitimate sick leave I earned after 30 + years, they denied my unused vacation days. I even had proof via the Vacation Tool we are supposed to use to record vacation days... Almost two weeks... As we all know, IBM will do whatever they want since there's no one protecting employees. In the early days it was different, they did respect the individual, now it heartless and greed from top senior management to first line! I am a true believer of what goes around comes around!! For those remaining, JOIN THE ALLIANCE!!! -Gladtobegone!-
Comment 05/20/15: I took the package & left in April after almost 31 yrs of service. No good byes, no thank you's but a continued 'harrasment' via email to hand over IBM Assets. My FLM has not even said goodbye to me, this is a guy who was my mgr for 12 months & pretended to be my friend.....wolf in sheep comes to mind. I am still waiting for expenses, commission & unused holiday payments....amazing that such a billion dollar company can hold back pittance amount. I actually loved working for the company except for the last year, my new FLM made my life unpleasant & I was left with no support. Went to HR but no help, why would they help me, they are there to help the corporation !! All in all the company is loosing it's morality & the so called senior leadership is getting greedier by the day. I hope the SLP see & hear and take action to change. But the I live in hope ! -Anonymous-
Comment 05/20/15: Can the former employees who lost their jobs as a part of 2015 roadmap towards 20$ EPS sue IBM ? If I get it correctly, roadmap was abandoned in 2014. I am sensing if it can be proved that management knew it from the start, it could never be implemented, there could be a chance for a legit case here. -suing_ibm-
Alliance reply: Lawsuits by the dozens have come and gone, in IBM's case. Many of them have been abandoned because the plaintiff's attorney could not find any laws that IBM broke or any written agreements that IBM signed with the employees that made IBM liable. A very very small % were settled out of court.
Translation: When IBM makes their own rules, they can break their own rules at any time they see fit.
Taking them to court requires that the employee's attorney show that IBM "broke" a State or Federal law OR breached a contract, that IBM previously signed and agreed to.
Again, You are an "At Will Employee". You are at the mercy of IBM's rules. Your only protection are state and federal labor laws that do not consider or have any jurisdiction over IBM's own rules.
The ONLY other protection available to you is a Union far, no large group of IBM employees seem to want a contract. If they do, then they need to organize on a massive scale. Alliance@IBM has been here for that purpose, for the past 16 years.

Comment 05/20/15: I'm hearing that IBM in Ottawa has been decimated. After many former Cognos folks got RA'd the strongest survivors have opted to walk to greener pastures. Morale has left the toilet and entered the sewer. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/20/15:
Same ole' dog and same ole' trick pony...
IBM's Cleary: "We're hiring here in Poughkeepsie as well," he said. "There's going to be a lot of new faces here very soon."
"We're going to continue to bring talent into the Hudson Valley,"
Mauri said.
Sure. Ok, IBM how many H1Bs do you need? How many IBMers are in Poughkeepsie now. Waiting with baited breath. -PILOTed?-

Comment 05/20/15: I was RAed right after Ginny took over. I remember at the time all the broadcasts she was making about how we all can be great in IBM, etc. Then when I was gone I heard the tone changed to why can't we be great and we gotta do better. Now does the CEO queen ever come out of the Armonk castle or do any broadcasts to address her subjects? -Anonymous-
Comment 05/20/15: IBM is making it quite clear to USA resources (OUAT employees) that unless you are second line manager or above you chances of making it to traditional retirement eligibility age is slim. Actually the target on your back grows exponentially once you hit 50 years old and or having over 20-25 years of service (4 weeks yearly paid retirement perhaps is a factor(?) IBM wants as many out before 55 years old. That is the reason for the Future Health Account eligibility age of 55. Traditional retirement age of 65? Unless your IBM middle management and above (the only entitled employees) forget it.
And the gall of IBM to say someone retirement eligible is retired (in IBM's definition) once RAed. The reason is IBM wants early retirement for it's resources or better (i.e. resignations, voluntary separations) just so their State Unemployment premium rate doesn't go up which would hurt IBM profits. Retirement eligible is not RETIREMENT, IBM!
It is a form of age discrimination going on. The problem is corporate America and IBM has all the lawmakers, legislators, and even judges eating out of their hand. And it is all about IBM executive management pinching anf squeezing the penny as tight as they can and still hang onto that blue cent over the employees heads. Ah, 'the time value of money'. Yep, for sure. -55IsTheNew65-

Comment 05/20/15: To -ItsATrap-: Interesting reading, re: the blogs that FLMs or SLMs send out to their IBM employees and ask them to "read my blog". And now it seems IBM is using "phishing" techniques to screw their employees over even more. They are actually taunting and attacking you!! Has anyone been able to "hack" these "blogs" and "links" yet? If not, then here's a challenge for you, if you're planning on leaving IBM or getting RA'ed anyway. If you're good enough, you could wreak havoc in an already 'circus' environment at IBM. I'm sure Alliance won't recommend doing this; so I'm not speaking for the Alliance. I'm speaking for me, a former IBMer, back in the day before "hacking" was even a word used at work. I'm way old school. But it seems to me that some of you must have the capabilities and skills to pull this off, no? I don't recommend sabotage of IBM's products or services...just mess up the manager's blog or the server code that the Phishing crap came from. See if you can break-in and shut if off or make it post a 404 error or 500 Internal Server Error or something. At this point, if you're not willing to do that, then how can you think that what IBM is doing to you, is fair? -hack my blog-
Comment 05/20/15: On the phishing email trap sent by IBM to its employees, the ironic thing is that it tries to 'catch you' clicking on a link in the email, which is not a safe practice. However, each and every day, in true Dilbert fashion, IBMers are bombarded with real internal emails from HR, other internal sites, and execs imploring them to 'click to read my blog', 'click for my latest video', etc and there is really no other way to get that content (right clicking to get the true link doesn't work, or it's hidden). Pretty ironic. Pretty stupid that people have to send you email begging to read the blog. If it was any good, people would be subscribed to it. It's all the same blah-blah-blah. It's daily entertainment seeing how lost the leadership in this company is, and how disenfranchised the workers are. Please try to draw others to this site and ask them to read something worthwhile - the full transcript here going back to the latest RA, and ask them to join now before it's their turn to get screwed so that our execs can afford the latest status symbol McMansion or Tesla. -ItsATrap-
Comment 05/20/15: Part of my new job, (new since I left IBM in 07) is to escort vendors like IBM into our data center. Last week I escorted 2 field guys that had 25 plus years with the company. What do they get for that? They told me half the guys they used to work with have been laid off. As a result, one guy said he worked 34 weekends last year, and they have to take calls around the clock 24 hours a day, and of course they get no compensation at all for this. They only stay because they have too much time in to start over, and they say IBM knows they have them by the family jewels. A union would never stand for this. If you choose to stay with IBM, your only option is a union. If not, then get out! What are you all waiting for? -Gone_in_07-
Comment 05/20/15: Truly great report on Bloomberg (not exactly an anti-business organization...):
While hiring and firing might be part of the daily realpolitik of corporate America, younger people should focus on this paragraph, which summarizes - brilliantly - how IBM will suck you dry and throw you out without the shred of a resume:
"Instead, Ross found herself toiling on what she described as a new-age assembly line -- each employee solving a narrowly focused part of a corporate customer’s technical problem and then passing the baton to the next person. As a result, said some of IBM’s Dubuque workers, they became experts only in a narrow set of skills that weren’t easily transferable." -Anonymous-

Comment 05/19/15: Iowa Spent $50 Million to Lure IBM. Then the Firings Started. -none-
Comment 05/19/15:

Department of Homeland Security identifies security concerns with IBM unit sale
The U.S. Navy is looking at dropping IBM servers from some weapons systems after the server line was purchased by Lenovo Group Ltd. of China, highlighting how security considerations are affecting technology sales in both countries.
Comment 05/19/15: @ItsATrap - The phishing email test is nothing new. It's ben done before. It comes from the CIO org, specifically a group under the CISO to justify their existence. The same ones that bring up ITCSXXX and will readily tell you that you are doing something wrong. What is wrong? how to fix? well, that's for you to figure out. CIO org has 20K people! Doing what? IBM had to hire an outsider to straighten out its internal IT mess. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/19/15: Vampire CEOs Continue To Suck Blood - Forbes
Comment 05/19/15: Ginnie Marie, Bless Your carpet bagging Armonk heart sweetie! It has been over 1 month since I was "identified for permanent layoff" (Wow! didn't I win a lottery there sugar!), everywhere I go there are other displaced beemers as well as scores of other folks competing for the few jobs remaining. Being that I'm over 50, it is interesting to note that I'm either 'over qualified' (meaning too old) or that I don't 'posses the skills that we're currently looking for' (meaning we don't want to pay you for what we know you can do so we need to get more H1Bs). Sweetie, I pray that the good lord above rewards you and your cabal for all the joy that you all have brought to those under your charge. My heart tells me that you are no better than the captain of the Costa Concordia. -Magnolia-
Comment 05/19/15: "China is only communist in name only"
True, China is now more capitalistic than communistic but I still have to beg to differ. Does China have better labor relations and conditions than the USA or Canada? I remember Tienanmen Square! Freedom of Speech? Non-censorshiped internet? I know China is making some strides, baby steps at that, and is more tolerant of assemblies and right to protest for example, but more labor condition improvement is needed there, as is the case in most of the world.
Labor is being squeezed. Labor is suffering. All because of the way IBM and world governments behave, politics aside.
I know IBM China is throttling it's resources just as bad as in IBM North America. We are all in this together! -LaborUnited-

Comment 05/19/15: Does it get any lower than this??? I was scheduled per my RA letter to leave June 30. Yesterday, my wonderful non communicative manager sametimes me to tell me due to business results, my date has been pushed up to June 15. So, 1 less pay check, and I am sure this will just help IBM make its 2Q numbers. There is NO RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL or for our customers any more. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/19/15: So all Canadian IBMers are being forced to attend Think40 sessions on site. Apparently the low participation rate of IBM Canada in the Think40 sessions prompted this endeavour of bringing people into the office. Initially I was skeptical but over the last few weeks I have seen some value in the talks. A couple of things of note: 1. All answers are being provided. Strange approach but ok. 2. Last week we did agile. I found this one particularly interesting. Be agile, think differently - all good things until you stop and think about the approach IBM has taken with Lean. Lean puts everyone in a well defined box. For the last few years all of our delivery teams have been boxed in to well defined compartmentalized roles. Great if you're building cars or toilets or hockey pucks. Not so good if you are dealing with technical thinking and intellectual services. So now, we are intended to think outside that well defined border. Presumably, constrained thinking and taking the dumb approach, i.e. don't think, just do, is not the most successful approach. Who'da thunk it eh? Other than the Agile presentation I do see value in these talks as I said. Whether or not our leaders actually mean what they say? Well, call me a skeptic. I'll wait and see. -rustyibmer-
Comment 05/19/15: To -anonymous- re. HCL, I was RAd in 2012 and like you I didn't know anything about HCL at the time. I didn't know HCL has been a contributing factor to IBMs declining top-line (and bottom-line) revenues for quite a few years. Why are you mad that HCL (and many companies like it) are moving "tens of thousands of high paying high tech American jobs to India"?? WAKE UP. The only company ranked ahead of HCL in IT outsourcing according to top analysts is.. wait for it.. IBM! Big Blue is DOOMED because of people like you.. who might work hard but yet fail to understand the reality of the market. They say "adapt or die," and IBM's employees have chosen the latter--and mostly out of ignorance. Blame whoever you want, but IBMs business model is not sustainable, and companies like HCL figured it out before you did... -Thank you 2012-
Comment 05/19/15: More layoffs today in SP Brasil, 95 employees are gone. The plan is to rent mm70 and mm71 to another company in hortolandia. iBM falling down...never see this before in my life!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 05/18/15: IBMers: what do you get for working for IBM? Piece of mind? Any real promise? Oh, so you get paycheck probably at below market pay and watered down benefits about average at best for the IT industry. The one thing you know will happen is IBM will force you out. Either you are fortunate to "fly under the radar" and retire on your own or you will be RAed before retirement. Do you think IBM upper management settles for this? Of course not! That is why most IBM upper management has over 30 years of service. And IBM gives them "retention pay" to keep them. Like they need to. Like they are going anywhere or elsewhere... Do you get any retention pay??? IBM upper management have a personal contract that spells pay, benefits. and employment terms out that IBM can't just renege on in a whim. If the so-called leaders of the company insist on terms in writing, then you know what you need as well. Why should they be any different than you? YOU DESERVE A CONTRACT! GET ONE. JOIN THE ALLIANCE to get it going! -Anonymous-
Comment 05/18/15: Hi guys, please be careful with tone of rhetoric. China is only communist in name only and corporate greed exists in every culture. Please be mindful of not to insult Chinese as a whole when bashing Lenovo and the Chinese government. We hate greedy lenovo execs and officials too just as we despise Ginni and IBM senior mgmt rewarding themselves with millions on the backs of hardworking employees. -asiancanadianibmer-
Comment 05/18/15: IMPORTANT WARNING! IBM is sending intentional phishing attack emails to employees as some kind of test/trick/trap. It's from a delivery service saying they can't contact you to deliver a package and has a button in the email. If you click the button, it sends identifying information to the website as to who you are, and says "This is a spear-phishing website used for awareness training. If you just clicked a suspicious link in your email, do not panic. This was authorized by your employer." Yeah, I'm sure to try to justify firing you in the next RA cycle. Just like the "CAMSS test". -ItsATrap-
Comment 05/18/15: I wish I had some optimism left, but given the lack of any forseeable Union movement within this company, IBM will continue to serve only to enrich the Senior Executive Pigs until the well runs dry. Wake up IBMers, these Thieves will only continue to enrich themselves and have no intention, or capability, to save the company. As it folds into oblivion, they won't care, much too busy, as Pigs, counting their fortune. Very sad. -IBM Is Doomed-
Comment 05/18/15: HCL America (The Indian outsourcing company) - employee comment on Glass Door:
"Many short-term jobs out of town, most work moved to India as soon as possible, then slipped schedules and layoffs" -Anonymous-

Comment 05/17/15: "Ginni make NY Times list of highest paid CEO's"
Not that she deserves it since she doesn't know how to spell revenue but then again she has an employment contract that spells it all out. IBM resources (you used to be employees): What do you have??? I want my union contract! -Anonymous-

Comment 05/17/15: IBM is not putting Americans out of work as much as Americans who will not join Unions, Organize and fight for their jobs are allowing themselves to be marginalized and shoved aside in the name of profits. Businesses exist to make profits. You work for them to make your own version of profits. Businesses form Alliances and agree to contracts to maximize profits. Why don't American workers do the same? -Exodus2007-
Comment 05/17/15: -ShipGoingDown- I bet if we could do more demographics on the RAs we would find IBM has gotten rid of and fired more USA veterans than it has hired. I know someone who was in the Gulf War and got RAed. I also know someone else who was RAed shortly after he ended his military leave from IBM but IBM says it was because of needs of the business and not related to the leave.
Just remember our ex-CEO was lucky to get his first job with IBM by attending a womans' recruiting day in Baltimore. This helped him get out of the draft. I think you know who Sam is. -Anonymous-

Comment 05/17/15: To "ShipGoingDown:: ibm has NEVER cared about US Veterans. With all of their off shoring of US jobs, ibm is really no longer a US company anyway. As a Vet, when I was still working for ibm, I will never forget the traditional uncaring email from ibm HR on Veterans Day. I especially will never forget the one that had spelling errors and was quickly replaced with a corrected version. That showed me how little ibm really cares for US Vets. And, it showed me how stupid its executives really are. -I HATE IBM-
Comment 05/17/15: Regarding the comments about North Carolina and HCL... some clarifications are in order. I work for HCL.
HCL America, Inc. is the official name of the America's division and they have been in Cary for 8+ years. The division itself is much older. They have centers in a number of buildings in Cary and they are growing so fast that they need more space. One can only assume the recent news is proof to that statement. Are they bringing in people from India? Sure are and they follow the same laws IBM does and they pay taxes. The amount of Americans (and I only say this to help those who are not color-blind) are increasing year over year.
I can go on and on but suffice to say they are the only outsourcing firm I know of "globally" that is growing their outsourcing. What is happening in HCL is a great thing, and clients are reaping the benefits in ways that IBM is no longer able to do so. -Anonymous-

Comment 05/16/15: Ginni make NY Times list of highest paid CEO's -anon-
Comment 05/16/15: "The communist Lenovo CEO, Yang Yuanqing, saw a 46% salary increase to 21.4 million last year, and that was on top of a $3.5 million dollar bonus."
USA Corporate elitist as in IBM is just the same as Red Communism.
"All people are created equal; but some are created equaller than others"
IBM and Chinese Communism: pigs and man; man and pigs, and no one sees the difference.
Comment 05/16/15: To -CarolinaBlues-, the North Carolina Governor, Pat McCory, just gave $20 million dollars to an Indian outsourcing company called HCL to hire salesman to send tens of thousands of high paying high tech American jobs to India. That's on top of $5 million they gave them in 2008. They have a shell building in Cary, NC with an empty parking lot to qualify for the incentives. They must be laughing their asses off at us dumb ass Americans.
Comment 05/16/15:,ibm-suffers-massive-aussie-revenue-fall.aspx

IBM Australia is failing its customers and they are responding in kind. -Anonymous-

Comment 05/15/15: Well... The ship is sinking fastly. After Bruno Di Leo, now...SVP Erich Clementi sold 5,400 shares of the company’s stock on the open market in a transaction dated Wednesday, May 13th. The shares were sold at an average price of $172.56, for a total transaction of $931,824.00 -Anonymous-
Comment 05/15/15: Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing's 2015 net worth is $1.27 billion accorning to Forbes. Did he really need that 46% raise and $3.5M bonus last year. At least you know where the savings from you jobs went. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/15/15: Why is the act of sending American jobs overseas, weakening America in the process, while strengthening other countries, sometimes communist countries, not considered an act of treason? and why are the executives involved not sent to prison? What did my grandfather and millions of other Americans sacrifice their lives for? -Anonymous-
Comment 05/15/15: To -AmericanJobsMatter-: You reported on how a "communist China man" lined his pockets with gold at the expense of his employees. This story is actually a great example of free-market capitalism - not communism. Workers' unions, like the one wanted by many IBMers, typically get more political support from so-called left-wing, socialist Democrats rather than the free-market, capitalist Republicans. -PinkoSmith-
Comment 05/15/15: Interesting that some of the biggest tech companies commit to hiring some of the brave veterans who fought for our country
Does anyone see IBM on that list? Of course not. IBM is busy putting Americans out of work (and many other countries too, by the way) Not only do they NOT participate in this patriotic endeavor, they actually do grave harm to the US and friendly nations and every citizen by selling out IT information to the Chinese, and unfortunately the government is not aware of how much Chinese code is currently going into IBM hardware and software products that are running in our government's most critical systems. Since we openly got busted doing this to them, any reason to think they are NOT putting their own backdoors into that code so they can not only spy on but subvert our systems any time they want to? I think there are only a few of us on this board these days, since there's no big RA. IBM is cutting in small quantities to stay under the radar and counteract our efforts, and it's working. We all need to recruit more IBMers to this site, and to join the alliance. Hopefully those of us still on here and reading this have already joined. -ShipGoingDown-

Comment 05/15/15: One would think Warren Buffett would ask IBM what it's labor plans are and when the next RA will hit and why IBM does RAs in the first place. Don't count on it. Buffett and IBM are old and naive and eternally greedy. If an IBM stockholder employee or retiree thinks IBM will split the stock 'fogetboutit' now. An IBM share will be artificially expensive as long as Buffett is invested. This is even when revenues flounder and profits are financially engineered.
I think the Alliance is the only answer to save what is left of IBM. -Anonymous-

Comment 05/15/15: Columbia MO mayor McDavid should be an IBM Director or higher. The building is more important than the jobs apparently. When do people and jobs matter? Not to IBM and not to politicians. Union now! -Anonymous-
Comment 05/15/15: So when is the North Carolina Governor gonna ask for an explanation from IBM why more RAs and more of it's citizens hitting the unemployment roles in the Tar Heel State due to the Lenovo RTP firings? Certainly it doesn't help the Raleigh/Durham/Cary/Winston Salem employment figures. So does the NC governor just deny and ignore it now? Isn't this the same governor who only allows 19 weeks of unemployment benefits when other States allow 26? And thus denied those in the past from getting EUC during the Great Recession? So where is the rub working in NC now? -CarolinaBlues-
Comment 05/14/15: -Treatedterribly - Unions have something called a grievance. It is a process where the union represents it's members when the union member employee has an issue with management. Union officers like the shop steward would represent the employee as an advocate and discuss the issue with management. The Grievance process works. All unions have used it when they can. It has proven history. It protects employees. It gets results. Even management has to admit it works. Put it succinctly: it would be clearly better than the IBM management serving IBM HR Open Door process. -da_facts-
Comment 05/14/15: The communist Lenovo CEO, Yang Yuanqing, saw a 46% salary increase to 21.4 million last year, and that was on top of a $3.5 million dollar bonus. On Monday 361 American families (former IBM families) were destroyed just to line this one China man's pocket with more gold. If only we were as intelligent at airline stewardesses and had a union to protect us. -AmericanJobsMatter-
Comment 05/14/15: To those who are treated badly by IBM management and think H/R cares, they don't. The open door policy in IBM is a huge joke, and all IBMers realize this. H/R is part of corporate and they are as bad as the entire executive team all the way down to first line manager. They all drink the same ko0l aid and have their zippers implanted into their heads at Armonk.This has been the history of IBM ever since Lou became CEO. If an IBMer really wants someone to show respect to them, and have their backs, the only thing that will do this is a strong union contract. The way it is now, IBM can get rid of you for any reason, and treat you like crap ,and you have no recourse. IBM is an at will employer. Thank you Mr Conrad for all you have done in trying to organize a union in IBM. Without the employees of IBM deciding they want a strong union contract, the attitude and abuse of IBM management toward the employees will never change in IBM. -ANA-
Comment 05/14/15: How can the alliance help those of us that are members but are being treated ver badly by managers and directors?? Those of us still left are bullied and verbally abused daily. HR will not help. It is very frustrating and demoralizing not to mention unproductive. -Treatedterribly -
Please contact Lee Conrad at

Comment 05/13/15: To -BEDRIDDEN- what's in the employee handbook is false as it relates to STD of 26 weeks... After 3 months of being very ill, on alot of medication and numerous doctor letters back and forth to the Health nurse, IBM terminated my STD and forced me to go on non paid Leave of Absence... After 2 months I got better and I got another job and finally retired. This is an example how IBM management treats its good employees and says THANK YOU for 32 years of service. So be careful and make sure you document everything and get help from the ALLIANCE. They were with me every step of the way and that is how I survived the worst ordeal of my work life. Its a shame and IBM managers should look at themselves in the mirror and realize the terrible people they are for not standing up for their good people vs the system & bean counters! It's alot better outside and now I wished I had retired right at 30 years! Good luck... -GLADTOBEGONE-
Comment 05/13/15:

Comment 05/13/15:

Comment 05/13/15: New round is scheduled for this Friday in Brazil. Aprox. 150 resources will be fired on the GTS side. -ibmbr-
Comment 05/12/15: Brazil- 900 people to be dismissed until august 2014 at ibm horrolandia gts and 200 from gbs. It is a rumor but the employees are scared here. Toxic environment...i guess not everyone knows about this site in Brazil. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/12/15: Wow, what a great article. This guy Jim Bach sees clear through all of IBM's deception. Why can't the others on Wall St? He makes so many strong & correct points about the smoke & mirrors, financial engineering, and lack of any kind of innovation or investment in the products or employees and all of the BS empty calorie press releases lately. Now that Amazon and Microsoft have upped the ante by being transparent about where their cloud revenues come from, it's "Uh-oh Ginny!"
"IBM has no shortage of announcements it makes tied to vague developments in the “strategic initiatives” of cloud, analytics, mobile, security, and social. And typically, none are very exciting. It’s generally some statement about how IBM is going to invest some billions of dollars into one of these areas with little added details." -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 05/12/15: GTS Brazil - 900 layoffs by 3Q 2015. Sounds scary right but it is happening right now! How about other towers? Canada? India. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/12/15: -Anonymous-"Doesn't IBM Short Term Disability pays 100% of salary for a max of 6 months and IBM Long Term Disability (after 6 months) either 50% or 66% depending on open enrollment option?"
You are correct. Employees will indeed receive 100% salary on STD for a maximum of 26 weeks. It should be reiterated though that being on STD does not protect an employee from being terminated WHILE they are on STD if any of the following conditions apply:
(a) Employee was already informed of impending termination before they commenced STD
(b) Employee was given a less than satisfactory appraisal before they commenced STD
(c) Employee's termination was part of a larger layoff due to company's business circumstances. -BedRidden-

Comment 05/12/15: Re: "Naturally 6/30 was my 15 years of service date and my retiree medical is now out the window."
When I was informed I was no longer needed after Feb 27 I figured it was partly because I had 18 + years service as was to turn 55 this June 16th and would be eligible for FHA. Needless to say I was bummed until I finally found the right person at the Empl Service Center who mentioned that I could request a Bridge to Retirement to get me to my 55th birthday. It is basically an unpaid LOA continuing your service. Send the request to and copy your FLM. Good luck. It was worth nearly 40k to me. -sacraficial lamb-
Comment 05/12/15: After reading this board and seeing all the complaining about IBM, I guess most IBM employees don't understand, but IBM is an at will employer. Without a union contract, the corporate elites at IBM can do whatever they want. You work at the pleasure of IBM. They can decrease benefits have massive RAs or change the performance reviews any way they see fit, and you as an IBM employee can do nothing about it. The entire system rots and is rigged against the employee, but without a union contract, IBM US employees have no say in their future. Executives and Board members make millions of dollars every year in stock options bonuses and salaries , and the average IBM employee is lucky to get a 1 or 2 percent raise if any. The only way to stop this corrupt and greedy company is to have a union contract. As long as IBM is an at Will employer this will continue and all the bitcXXX and complaining will not make any difference in the lives of the employees and there will be no changeS. IBM does not give a rats asX about their employees .Join the Union and get rid of these corrupt and greedy executives and board members, or continue to work for a corrupt and greedy organization. Wake up IBM employees and join the Union Today. RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL IN IBM IS HISTORY. -ANA-
Comment 05/12/15: First the IBMers who supported and serviced the xSeries are transferred and sold to Lenovo then they are scrapped and fired (RA). Modern day Paid slavery it seems. Lenovo is only Big Red born from Big Blue. Same 'ole; same 'ole. What goes around, comes around. Lenovo employees also need to join the Alliance and NOW. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/11/15: So to my former IBM colleagues and current US taxpayers... As expected many of the former IBM to Lenovo migrants experienced a position ending dose of MSG today. I see the IBM nonsense continues and although the alliance membership is increasing it's not at the rate that it should be... Get it together gang. So my question to the intelligence in the room is this. Who is hyped to have their tax dollars subsidize the replacement of likely billions in military systems because of this: Man I never saw this coming, I guess the brainchildren of the CFIUS approval process didn't either. Does anyone know if there is any legal basis for class action to recoup our tax dollars based on this type of nonsense? Continued good luck to all of you... God Bless America -NOMSG-
Comment 05/11/15: IBM divests more products and people, this time Emptoris Rivermine:
“We are very excited to announce our agreement to acquire IBM’s Rivermine TEM business, including its highly skilled global workforce and blue chip customer base,”
said Al Subbloie, president and CEO of Tangoe. -Anonymous-

Comment 05/11/15: Why can't we have more members? Essentially ONE new member since the last RA?
Why wait to join by the next inevitable RA. DO SOMETHING NOW! JOIN US!
WAKE UP and THINK TWICE IBM RESOURCES (oh almost forgot, you used to be called Big Blue employees or IBMers, even WalMart calls their workabees or resources: Associates?) -Anonymous-

Comment 05/11/15: Instead of NY State Department of Labor demanding me to show up for a mandatory meeting after I was employed in NY State for over 20 years in IBM, and then after always receiving PBC 2 or better appraisals IBM forced out with an RA and now unemployed and looking for better work than %$#@ IBM provided, why doesn't the NY State Dept. of Labor force IBM executives or at least IBM HR to show up for mandatory meeting and demand that they give proof why they need to downsize USA employment in NY State, need and require H1B visa replacements, and still want to get the PILOT agreement which they appear to have broken??? New York State has been taken for a rough ride by IBM. As a taxpayer IBM needs to answer questions from the USA State I pay taxes to!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 05/11/15: Making $$$ like bandits due to the RAs:
Let's do something to stop the greedy immorality of IBM Executive Management: Join the Alliance NOW! -Anonymous-

Comment 05/11/15: Possible job cuts in Lenovo x86 group

Comment 05/11/15: "Massive layoffs coming up for India and Brasil. Pay attention band 9 and 8 employees... You are going to be the first ones. First line managers deciding who leaves or stays. If you are a good worker, do not worry. You will be relieved when you are gone! -Anonymous-"
I have read about Brazil , there are lay-offs in GTS & GBS. But what about India, I haven't received any news on this. -anon-

Comment 05/10/15: I keep reading all this commentary about IBM's business plans. Where it might grow. Where it might fail. Who it may merge with. Who it may sell things to. Who its shareholders are and why they would like this or that. As an employee or a retiree why would you even care? Its not like any of the megabucks are going to shared with you. Quite the opposite actually. More will be taken from you to fund these moves. If you have a contract defining your salaries, bonuses, hours and benefits up to and including retirement then maybe you could waste brain cycles worrying about these things you have no control over. Otherwise you better use those brain cells to figure out how to better your life and your financial position. Why would you care if the Buffet family can afford the Russian Caviar or have to settle for a slightly lower grade when you cant afford bacon to go with your stale toast. Stop trying to pretend your one of the snobbish upper crust. Unless you have Managers reporting to you, Your just rank and file like the rest of us. Come down off your high horse that's really just the fence your sitting on and join the fight for a better life for us all. -Exodus2007-
Comment 05/10/15: -16yearsandcounting- your friend might have legal rights due to cancer treatment that would make it illegal for IBM to fire due to cancer being a chronic disability. Also FMLA might apply as well. Regardless, I am hardly surprised of IBM's lack of empathy for your friend. IBM just doesn get it or has any caring. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/10/15: Ex-IBMers Employees from System X to be RAed by Lenovo on Monday morning (May 11). KPIs results were discussed this past Friday to let employees digest the bad news over Mother's Day weekend. Those that survive will stay to help the transition, then let them go as well. Good luck!!! Soon to be RAed, meeting at 9:30AM. -Ex-IBMer-
Comment 05/10/15: "Note that you will earn only a fraction of your monthly salary while on disability."
Doesn't IBM Short Term Disability pays 100% of salary for a max of 6 months and IBM Long Term Disability (after 6 months) either 50% or 66% depending on open enrollment option? -Anonymous-

Comment 05/10/15: Well... When this starts to happen.. Do you want to sink down with it or not? Senior Vice President Allen Bruno Di Leo yesterday dumped 5,000 International Business Machines shares (13.38% of total stake), valued at $858,300. Di Leo now holds 32,381 of the company’s shares that are valued at $5,599,970. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/09/15:
Three Reasons Apple Should Acquire IBM
Could a growing company that makes most of its money selling to individuals in China breathe life into a shrinking giant that sells to enterprises?
If the acquirer is Apple and the target is IBM, the answer is maybe. And there are three reasons that such an improbable merger might make sense.
Before getting into these reasons, it is worth pointing out that such a deal would make Warren Buffett smile.
According to AP, he “believes that IBM will be making more money ten years from now than it does today, and IBM is repurchasing its stock aggressively so Berkshire’s share of the company’s profits — [it owns 9% of IBM stock now] will grow over time — [due to revenues from IBM's cloud computing and corporate services].” -Anonymous-

Comment 05/09/15: IBM reducing footprint in Dubuque - considers subleasing 2 floors -Anonymous-

Comment 05/08/15: In response to -Anonymous-: For those in GTS and for those that might lose their FHA eligibility due to the "early departure" change: Why not go out on Medical Leave now. Say you mentally can't deal with this news. Or say you have an existing health condition it has now gotten worse. IBM can't legally fire you when you are on disability.
The above will work ONLY IF you commence your disability leave BEFORE you are informed you will be terminated or before you are given any kind of bad appraisal. Going on a disability leave AFTER you were informed of termination or after you were given a bad appraisal will NOT protect you from being terminated. Nor will it enable you to delay your termination date.
So, yes, if you are only a few months from FHA eligibility and fear you may be fired even though you are not on a PIP or were not given a bad appraisal, consider taking the disability leave now to bridge the gap. Note that you will earn only a fraction of your monthly salary while on disability. So even though you may eventually get the FHA, you may or may not come out ahead. -BedRidden-

Comment 05/08/15: Senior Vice President Allen Bruno Di Leo yesterday dumped 5,000 International Business Machines shares (13.38% of total stake). -Anonymous-
Comment 05/08/15: Last year a "Nick" from PBS was going to do a documentary on the treatment of IBM employees. Did that ever happen? -Glad to be gone!-
Comment 05/08/15: Think twice before you go out on disability to try to avoid an RA. One of my colleagues was laid off (this was before layoffs became RAs) while she was out on disability receiving chemotherapy. -16yearsandcounting-
Comment 05/08/15: @anonymous (dated 5/6/15) said: "I don't know about other new hires but IBM has treated me pretty well my first two years of working there... Learning a lot, promotions and bonuses. STG -anonymous-"
It isn't clear how you can say you don't know about other new hires. Since you posted on a comment on this website. it should be obvious how IBM treats others, "old hires" and "new hires" alike. You are either very naive or choose not to see the obvious. -Mark1-
Comment 05/08/15:
Zamansky LLC Investigates IBM’s 401(k) Plus Plan For Possible ERISA Violations
"Zamansky LLC announces that it has commenced an investigation of International Business Machine Inc.’s (“IBM”) (NYSE:IBM) 401(k)Plus Plan (the “Plan”) for possible violations of the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”). ERISA imposes fiduciary duties to prudently manage and invest plan assets. These duties were potentially violated by IBM’s continued offering of its company stock while it allegedly knew that the stock price was artificially inflated." -none-

Comment 05/08/15: RAed ppl from other countries Brazil, Australia, Canada, India.... Please come up with IBM Lay-off numbers and join Alliance. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Please join as supporters here:

Comment 05/08/15: People who were told 6/30/15 was last day are now being informed the date has been moved up to 5/29/15 GTS Brazil -Anonymous-
Comment 05/07/15:

Interesting "marketing" ploy. Is this a big deal or hype? -Anonymous-

Comment 05/07/15: "Comment 05/05/15: Once you are RAed and are terminated by IBM how many get re-employed later on if they re-apply? -Anonymous-"
I don't have actual numbers but from my observations/experiences during my 36 years with IBM ... the numbers are very small. Most of those I know who returned to IBM, after being separated, returned as contractors through a contract agency (e.g. CTG). A few returned as Supplemental employees and even fewer returned as Regular employees (aka IBM Retreads). -DJA-

Comment 05/06/15: I don't know about other new hires but IBM has treated me pretty well my first two years of working there... Learning a lot, promotions and bonuses. STG -anonymous-
Comment 05/06/15: The keep saying the org is going to get flatter, but the number of layers of management keeps increasing. It used to be about seven layers including CEO. Now it is eight or nine, including three layers of VPs and up to three layers of "directors." Most mgers 3-line and above only have 3-5 reports, while mgers at the bottom might have 15-20. The system is becoming all overhead and no worker bees. -Tall and Flat-
Comment 05/06/15: For those in GTS and for those that might lose their FHA eligibility due to the "early departure" change: Why not go out on Medical Leave now. Say you mentally can't deal with this news. Or say you have an existing health condition it has now gotten worse. IBM can't legally fire you when you are on disability. Sure you will be RAed when you are off disability but then you get your FHA and/or more salary, up to 6 months worth, through IBM Short Term Disability. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/06/15: "Naturally 6/30 was my 15 years of service date and my retiree medical is now out the window."
How can IBM do this? I guess because we have no contract, right? IBM Suck$.
Comment 05/06/15: GTS- so these folks lose a month's salary due to "business needs early RA"? Not fair at all, but this is Big Blow we all have come to know. So can we insinuate 2nd QTR 2015 is not going well? -Anonymous-
Comment 05/06/15: After upgrading to the new 'smartcloud' (I thought IBM wasn't using that name any more due to the failures associated with it?) Notes email, and updating the Notes Traveler app on the smartphone, the status indicator says "Connected to server via Google Cloud Messaging."
Uh, gee IBM, don't want to eat your own dog food, and using Google's cloud infrastructure? -ShipGoingDown-

Comment 05/06/15: Yep, execs at IBM know which way the wind is blowing. They know that as soon as the bloated unjustifiable $1.30 dividend is paid out on May 8 to shareholders of record, those same shareholders who bought in just for that will sell out and the stock will crash back down big-time. This company has nothing else going for it but financial shell games. Can't point to Warren Buffet and his lovefest with Ginny Rometty, he already said he expects the stock to go down and only bought it for the dividend, and he admits readily he knows nothing about tech. He's about to pay for that big time in the long run, unless he wises up, but he can afford to make big mistakes. It's all a game to him, to the rest of us minions, it's our livelihood. Please get the ball rolling again and sign up for the alliance and downgrade this company and CEO on -ReadTheTeaLeaves-

Comment 05/05/15: Buffett also praised IBM's stock buyback program, which he said had been "enormously beneficial" for shareholders, Read more:
Yeah, those IBM executives who get the stock bonuses and mufti-billionaires who can afford to risk investment in IBM reap the spoils of financial engineering. Buffett also doesn't mind when companies he owns a stake in lay off workers. Like an RA. IBM is being influenced and is run by greedy rich as $hit folks that care nothing else about. Join the Alliance! Stop the next RA!
Comment 05/05/15: People who were told 6/30/15 was last day are now being informed the date has been moved up to 5/29/15 GTS -Anonymous-
Comment 05/05/15: 6/30 off payroll date for folks in our GTS group who had been extended from the 1/27 RA is now advanced to 5/29. New "business needs" cited. Yeah 12 qtrs. of revenue loss. Naturally 6/30 was my 15 years of service date and my retiree medical is now out the window. How thoughtful and decent of them. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/05/15: "Employers no longer list “new grad” as a requirement in ads" Didn't IBM already get dinged for this in Vermont? -Anonymous-
Comment 05/05/15: IBM is all about bloated, overpaid, and under qualified middle and upper management and executives. To keep this farce going IBM management does RAs to almost exclusively non-management personnel. Nothing good will happen to those that continue to wait. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/05/15: Once you are RAed and are terminated by IBM how many get re-employed later on if they re-apply? -Anonymous-
Comment 05/05/15: What IBM has caused itself is that it is making itself increasing unappealing to professionals with the hot skills they want. So IBM uses this fact to say they can't find enough of qualified USA resources to fill the skills they need.
IBM has made their bed; now they have to sleep in it.
Comment 05/05/15: "If the Plan is terminated in full .... Any Plan assets remaining ... will be returned to IBM."
And the present plan asset surplus is as part and parcel called vapor profits that IBM can and does report to the bottom line. It is pension money but remains in IBM's hands until it is paid out as an annuity or lump sum. Read Ellen Schultz's "Retirement Heist" if you want to know what might and could and has happened to pensions sponsored by corporations. -da-facts-
Comment 05/05/15: -longtimebeemer- It's true that IBM's imagine has been transforming or has transformed as you say. Only older retiree types tend to view IBM as the old Big Blue. Middle aged and younger don't view IBM as a premier company. A recent college grad told me they applied for IBM "just for the heck of it" but want to work for Apple to start. They all know it is INTERNATIONAL Business Machines and it is not really a true USA based corporation and the justified bad press IBM is getting is really hitting home. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/05/15: To "Anon" and others who got the "About Your Benefits, IBM Personal Pension Plan" mailing. You're exactly on point to pick up on the wording that provides for moving to annuities/closing the plan. If you noticed, the plan is currently slightly over-funded. If interest rates/returns move enough to make that "excess" interesting, you can count on what happens next (and it won't be to give retirees a raise). -Anon-
Comment 05/05/15: Dear Anonymous regarding your posting on May 3rd: "IBM Personal Pension Plan Summary Plan Description", my document number references USHR108, dated January 1, 2015. I also could not recall receiving this specific document before, and like you immediately focused on "Amendments" 1.10.7. In fact, what I found very odd was that the "About Your Benefits Post Employment Summary Plan Description" effective January 1st 2014 did not address pensions at all. I may have missed it, as it is over 100 pages. But if I didn't miss it, obviously it was intentionally omitted. I would think IBM will probably announce something of this magnitude at year- end to get that stock moving.. as we all cringe. Wait till Bob Cringely gets a hold of that announcement!!! Clearly, the IBM Executive Management Team is running out of levers. Per the information gleaned here in this very supportive Alliance forum by our fellow IBMers and fellow IBM Contractors, the 3Q RA list has been or is in the process of being finalized. Though there are probably further 2Q RAs coming.... and we all know there will be 4Q RAs. I cannot emphasize enough IBM family ... we would be in the dark about all of these horrific actions by the IBM Executive Management Team were it not for the tireless relentless efforts of the Alliance. Please consider joining. Respectfully, -Deb Kelly Proud Alliance@IBM member-
Comment 05/04/15:
This is the latest way employers mask age bias, lawyers say. Employers no longer list “new grad” as a requirement in ads, but instead, employers are recruiting for “digital natives.” Here’s why that may be a problem.
“The term ‘digital natives’ makes me cringe,” said Ingrid Fredeen, an attorney and vice president of NAVEX Global, which provides ethics and compliance programs to large organizations. “This is a very risky area because we’re using the term that has connotations associated with it that are very age-based. It’s kind of a loaded term.” Posting a job ad calling for “digital natives,” she added, is “really challenging and problematic” because it implies that “only young applicants need to apply.”
Comment 05/04/15: I spoke to a young systems analyst over the weekend who works for a small company in the Raleigh area. He moved here recently and landed this job pretty quickly. He said he mentioned to his co-workers that he might put an application in at IBM. All of them advised him not to stating that IBM just uses people up and then tosses them. Seems like the young talented people here are in touch with what is going on. Also spoke to a woman in my neighborhood who has worked with IBM mainframes at another large company here for many years in a purchasing / managerial position. She told me that IBM is just not the company it used to be. It seems like the IBM image is being transformed, but that's about all. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 05/04/15: -Sibelius- IBM used to, and I stress used to, offer the five yeat and then one year bridges to retirement so those who got the bridge (essentially an unpaid leave of absence) would come back to IBM after the bridge for one day of employment, sign retirement papers, and then get full retirement benefits. That is long over and done just like RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL.
If IBMers would like to turn back the clock and have the real bridge to retirement for all who have 25+ years of service you have to join the Alliance and make it part of the contract.
Comment 05/04/15: With all the IBM broken promises (to Dubuque and Columbia) and lies they are spewing about not enough USA skilled workers to fulfill business needs, I happy we got one more member to join!
Where is everyone else, why do we have to wait to the next RA to add members? Anyone reading this and has not joined, especially if you are in those sites heavily affected by the Feb. RAs, what R U waiting for???
Comment 05/03/15: Today in the mail I received About Your Benefits, IBM Personal Pension Plan - Prior Plan, Summary Plan Description, Document Number USHR113, I'd never received USHR113 before, but before retiring I had saved a copy each year for several years.
Wondering why I received a copy this year, I looked at copies I'd previously saved up through 2009. Section 1.11.4 Amendments has changed.
A new sentence in the first paragraph states:
"Further, IBM reserves the right to have the Plan purchase one or more nontransferable annuity contracts to provide your benefit under the plan."
A new paragraph has been added that states in part:
"If the Plan is terminated in full .... Any Plan assets remaining ... will be returned to IBM." There might be other changes.
Comment 05/03/15: IBM Dubuque closed 5th floor last week. The center feels like a ghost town with only 600 employees left in a center designed for 1300. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/03/15: IBM doesn't care about revenues. Just profits. That means continued RAs to turn profits. Also, IBM doesn't care if it fails going forward; it has Warren Buffett's ego, never ending H1B visas and offshoring, and the USA government to bail them out as "too big to fail". -Anonymous-
Comment 05/03/15: Average IBM retention (length-employee-stays) was just over 4.6 yrs and slowly dipping when last I saw formal figures. This cuts both ways, of course -- the "IBM Lifer" is now exceedingly rare or nonexistent, **and** the corporation no longer weights benefits/retention/treatment as it once did, because, statistically, the employee will leave soon after getting the bonus/stock/training no matter what. Classic chicken-and-egg. -SimpleMath-
Comment 05/03/15: good article showing the lies about "right to work" -rich-

Comment 05/02/15: In response to -Anon-: "Can anyone please point me to someplace that I can validate that the 1 year bridge will get me the FHA?"
Personal Pension Account (PPA) and Future Health Account (FHA) are treated differently. A retirement bridge enables you to access PPA early but not necessarily the FHA. You have to be 55 on your last date of PAID employment at IBM to get FHA funds.
In determining your last date of PAID employment, you cannot add the retirement bridge period to your last day at IBM. You have to already be 55 on the day you stop getting a salary from IBM. In your case, even if you bridge, you will be younger than 55 when you stop being an active employee of IBM as a result of your job elimination. Therefore, you are not eligible to get the FHA. Find another job or sign up for Obamacare. -Sibelius-
Comment 05/01/15: More RAs coming to IBM Australia, next round is in June. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/01/15: Let's RA all the higher letter bands in Armonk CHQ since the USA citizen employees, mostly IBM executives, as a product of the failing USA education system according to IBM, clearly don't have the skills, new, emerging or even old, to grow revenue and turn around THREE years of declining revenues! If IBM has to backfill these executive positions and USA replacement executives cannot be had or even recruited then get global executives on H1B visas to fill Armonk. Touche' -IdioticBlitheringMorons-
Comment 05/01/15: -recentretired- "You must be 55 at the time you retire to get the FHA."
Absolutely right! AND making it to 30 years employment service but not being 55 years old at time of end of IBM employment means NO FHA. Amazing how many IBMers who get RAed, PIPed and fired, or retire at 30 years or more still don't know these sad facts. The Alliance has made these facts clear for many, many years.
Comment 05/01/15: We have put IBM's response to Senator Grassley on the main page of our web site along with a comments section. What we need is facts over emotion in this new comment section. We need to refute IBM on some key points like the use of h1b visa workers. The link is here:
Like the other comment sections it will be moderated and comments will not be automatically posted. -The Alliance staff -

Comment 05/01/15: Dear Fellow Worldwide IBM Family: Worldwide IBMers and our Brothers and Sisters Worldwide IBM Contractors... Happy May Day recognized all over the world as a rebirth, who does not love "CAMELOT" I do..
However, much more importantly and seriously to our IBM family May 1st has evolved over the centuries into a much more powerful day: International Workers Day..
When I read about the Haymarket Affair in Chicago, and countless other atrocities, I cannot even breathe. IBM the company we all know and love.... because of our relationships to each other, our IBM Family... is on a rapidly downward spiral... as we all know.
IBM has detrimentally impacted our IBM Customers and our IBM Shareholders with our ever declining level of Customer support and our dismal financial returns to our shareholders. This as the IBM Board of Directors and IBM Executive Management Team continue to reward themselves for what?
The fact that the Form 8K for IBM Submission of Matters to a vote of Security Holders... overwhelmingly favored the Board of Directors and our IBM Executive Management Team... on all proposals .. is truly appalling ... especially in light of 12 consecutive quarters of degrading Revenue- and the brutal, unethical Worldwide Resource Actions.. that we have experienced past present and future.
I would respectfully ask you that have not joined the Alliance to do so, as there are thousands and thousands and thousands of us that have availed of this powerful forum for years and years and years... without signing up to be a dues paying member. Shamefully, I was one of them until two years ago.
Respectfully, -Deb Kelly Proud IBMer, Proud Alliance@IBM Member-
Comment 05/01/15: You must be 55 at the time you retire to get the FHA. -recentretired-
Comment 05/01/15: Another start of layoffs coming up this month in Brazil... the pain will last until 3Q 2015 on a monthly basis. Glad i am gone. Prepare your resume specially if you are not allocated to a dedicated client or does not have enough billable hours to claim. Your FLM can not help you. IBM will layoff them this time as well... The old IBM is dead bunch of puppets. Praise for IBM stocks to raise. -Anonymous-
Comment 05/01/15: "Hearing lots of skuttlebut about RA's happening for Q3 lists are already out to managers - anybody hearing anything? -Anonymous-"
Yes...they already started that off in Canada and in Brazil. Not sure about US...but layoff happening until 3Q this year. -Anonymous-

Comment 05/01/15: This link: to IBM's response to Senator Grassley also has links to a separate comments page and form. Please send all comments re: IBM and Grassley to the IBM-Grassley comment page -Alliance-
Comment 05/01/15: -PIP ISSW-, Now I am realizing why IBM introduced PIP for first time PBC 3s. They want to squeeze 3 months (PIP period) out of the person and let him go by giving 3 months severance (instead of giving 6 months severance upfront). -sameboat-
Comment 05/01/15: My job is being eliminated, I am 8 months away from getting the FHA. HR is telling my boss that I loose it. I'm on the PPA and and am technically within 1 year of retirement eligibility so I can bridge. Can anyone please point me to someplace that I can validate that the 1 year bridge will get me the FHA? -Anon-
Comment 04/30/15: I'm tired, so tired, of hearing concern over RA rumor news! Stop it! Do something instead of asking! Join the Alliance! -Anonymous-
Comment 04/30/15: @band08ed "$36/hr vs. $200/hr" There is something called"burden rate" that is associated with every employee. Salary alone is not IBM's cost per employee. One has to figure in benefits (IBM's share of health care, etc) The cost of providing you an office (apportioned real estate tax's, cost of Heating, ventilating, AC, cleaning, your network connectivity, Notes ID's etc, remote access charges from AT&T, and more). The burden rate per employee for my division was $200K/yr when charging other divisions or customers. Yours it would seem to be over $400K/yr at 2080 hrs (40x52) charged. None of this is IBM specific it's every company. -nonymous-
Comment 04/30/15: -PIP ISSW-, Sorry about it. But I am glad you got 1/2 severance. Did they offer anything other than severance? like medical, training. -sameboat-
Comment 04/30/15: Instead of wondering and wasting you time or concern on rumors when the next RAs will be, why not do something about it, and JOIN THE ALLIANCE NOW!!!!!? By joining you have the power and can control the situation. You might even be able to stop an upcoming RA. Maybe save your job. If you just keep worrying about an RA and do nothing then you know it is bound to happen! The only question is when. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 04/30/15: "If your manager is a decent person they will not have a problem with this...(letting you keep you IBM badge for)..."
Your manager has to deactivate your access so the security strip or chip doesn't allow IBM access once your gone anyhow. Then the badge is just plastic photo identification. IBM still keeps your employee number for you even when your gone. So, yes, why can't your manager just do this? If your retirement or Quarter Century Club eligible don't you get to keep an IBM badge?
Oh, forgot, stupid me, IBM doesn't want to give you any benefit when you leave for anything and IBM managers don't trust ANY resource: present or ex. And some just might like the power trip of stripping you of the badge by surrendering it.. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/30/15: Yup cuts happening now in Canada. 31 years of service and I am being terminated since my job position is being eliminated and the work consolidated to California. A lovely 59th birthday present from IBM. Are there other things I could do? Yes. Do I have the option to pursue? No. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/30/15: Truth be told, Buffett wants the IBM stock price to languish. How do we know? He said it himself… -Anonymous-
Comment 04/30/15: Hearing lots of skuttlebut about RA's happening for Q3 lists are already out to managers - anybody hearing anything? -Anonymous-
Comment 04/30/15: Since someone asked about PIP in ISSW. I had my call with my manager earlier today about my PIP ending. As I expected, my manager gave me my 30 days since he said I did not meet my objectives! I am getting a severance package that is half of what they usually give. In my case, 13 weeks. So I am out. I have 30 days to find another job outside IBM which is not bad at all. Glad to be out. If you are on a PIP I would strongly suggest you update your resume and start searching now. As I understand there may not be a way to survive a PIP. Good luck to the rest of you in ISSW. -PIP ISSW-
Comment 04/30/15: When leaving IBM (congrats!!!) do not turn in your badge. You can still get IBM discounts on car rentals,hotels and also can get in free to some cultural events for free. If your manager is a decent person they will not have a problem with this...if they do tell them you lost it or the dog ate it! -Anonymous-
Comment 04/30/15: Is there going to be mass lay-off in India under project chrome? Does anyone know when it will happen and what will be the effective head count. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/29/15: In response to -Anon- ... Warren Buffett now "runs" IBM, not Ginni Rometty. She and the board are all his puppets. And all he is interested in is the dividend payout. From what I read, Buffett now owns 7.8% of IBM outstanding shares which I figure to be about 78M shares. At the $1.10 dividend he received $85M (per quarter). At the new dividend of $1.30 he will rake in over $101M (per quarter). -BlueKnight-
Comment 04/29/15: @-Perception_Matters-, Yes, IBM will sell anything whether it is secure or actually works or not. There was a desktop product that was found to be so insecure it was ordered withdrawn from deployment and marketing. Sales organizations revolted and escalated until at SVP level they quashed. It was only withdrawn from US and Canada, it was not withdrawn from EMEA, SA, APG regions. A product failed during hands on customer demos and it was found to be unstable. Marketing had the upper hand and it was months till the problems visibly manifest themselves via customer complaints. IBM Cloud wise, the 9. intranet itself is not secure, the former CISO knew this and stated such in conferences. There is a reason why the CIO organization is referred to as the Clueless Incompetent Organization. -aon-
Comment 04/29/15: I'm a Manpower contractor in Westchester County NY. Over time the ranks of local administrative assistants have been shrinking. Many IBM admins were forced to "retire" at end of February '15. To underbid competitors, Manpower assistants get no vacation pay and no sick pay. Manpower "benefits" are a joke so those in need pay premiums after taxes for Obamacare. The cleaning people on site have better compensation and paid time off. There are HUNDREDS of Manpower assistants working as IBM contractors in Malaysia. And then there is the newly established hub of assistants in Costa Rica...Soon the only on-site admin support will be for top VPs. Everyone else can scramble to get clerical but unfathomable tasks accomplished. We have assorted reasons for staying in this Walmart; others of us are looking for better jobs in a disappearing field. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/29/15: "Buy the stock and you get to vote on who stays in power. -Anon"
If you can afford to buy more stock then say Warren Buffet owns, you may have a little say. Not total say, but a little. If you are really that rich why are you working here? Your only real chance of having a say in anything that affects your life is to organize and vote in a union. New CEO and Board of directors does not untie any of you from the whipping post, It just hands the whip to a new set of swinging arms. Wake up and smell the coffee at your union hall.
Comment 04/29/15: 2015 IBM stockholder's meeting was a waste of time. I guess communist countries are run much the same way: no substance and all politico. Of course all BOD members re-elected and all stockholder proposals not initialed by IBM were squashed. So when is the next RA coming? -IdioticBlitheringMorons-
Comment 04/29/15: Another H1B article. This time it is Disney H1Bs replacing American workers. Disney at one point was an IBM customer, so they probably got this HIB plan from IBM.
Comment 04/29/15: -H1B Sham- so I am only getting $36 an hour as a band 8 and IBM is billing over $200 an hour for my services? I get just about 18%. I'm being pimped! Shame on you IBM you greedy immoral creeps!! -band08ed-
Comment 04/29/15: -LowMorale- You got it right! Notice how the IBM stock went up about $3 on the the dividend announcement and then went down the same after hours. Warren Buffett can eat his heart out now. Now IBM or Inept Business Management will announce a stock buyback since plan A (the increased dividend) didn't work for more than 24 hours. So if ya were a within day trader ya made out; but the rest got nada. -Buffetted-
Comment 04/29/15: In response to Anonymous who wrote:
"To be honest, I don't understand why IBM just does not ask who wants a redundancy package...actually yes I do!"
You don't understand why? Let me tell you why. Because there would be a stampede that same day. Don't you see that people are leaving IBM in droves, with or without incentives? Those who can (i.e. those who still have some reasonable value on the job market) are leaving, or at a minimum are seriously thinking about leaving. The majority of those who stay are either pathetic "yes persons", or poor souls whom the company has rendered unemployable, by committing them to years and years of chores that have no value whatsoever out of the IBM machinery. -LeftWithoutAPackage-

Comment 04/29/15: Hello on PIP ISSW, Thanks. Appreciate if you share your experience after your call. Mine ends at a later date. I wish you good luck. -sameboat-
Comment 04/28/15: IBM board just approved an 18% increase in stock dividend.;_ylt=A0SO80FrAUBV68AAAKBXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByZDNzZTI1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--
At the end of the day it's not about managing the business or caring about employees anymore; just keep the stock price moving up so the executives get their bonus. This is why the US is falling behind other countries and your layoff helps to fund it. Buy the stock and you get to vote on who stays in power.
Comment 04/28/15: Dubuque and State of Iowa follow the lead from Columbia and the State of Missouri in dealing with IBM's broken promises all for tax reduction incentives. -ShowMeIBM-
Comment 04/28/15:
"There are some of the first Line managers who never bothered to take advantage of the IBM ALAP program to finish their degrees"
So IBM has managers without degrees or working towards them? So why did I have to take classes and certifications to prove I am qualified and technically vital to keep my job and have a chance for advancement? Why did I need a college degree to get employed by IBM in the first place? IBM managers are immune from that? Not saying you need to be college or university educated with a degree to be an IBM manager, but IBM management should not give me and others that we need our certifications and continued education come PBC time! Some double standard IBM! Yes, Virginia, I frankly do give a damn and we really do need a union!!!
Comment 04/28/15: IBM comes out today with a much higher dividend payment to appease the Warren Buffets of the world, to shut the stockholders up so the executive team and board of directors won't be held accountable for the complete disaster occurring within the company, and all of the people addicted to that dividend crack get all excited. The stock is shooting up but many buy for the dividends then sell after, knowing the company isn't worth much more. How long can IBM afford to pay those high dividends when the company is failing so miserably? More financial engineering and smoke and mirrors. How can IBM ignore the obvious horrible morale in this company? 2Q RAs should start soon, probably after this latest appeasement and distraction, so buckle up folks. Did we get any protesters to the stockholders meeting today? Every employee should see this as another slap in the face and be motivated to join the alliance and vote down the CEO and company on anonymously. Take action, fight back. This is your company's war against YOU. -LowMorale-
Comment 04/28/15: New article on IBM Columbia, Missouri -member-

Comment 04/28/15: I am also in ISSW and on PIP. Mine will end at the end of May. I have been given totally unrealistic objectives which I will not be able to meet. So, I am just not sure what happens after that. My resume is updated and on the Net. ISSW is an organization on its death bed. Sales reps can't meet their targets because all the products are commodities these days and most customers are already fully skilled, and therefore no longer requires services. Bench is at a all time high. ISSW rates are also way too high which does not help in deploying consultants. Very sad, let's organize people! -Another PIP in ISSW-
Comment 04/28/15: Cloud and security are supposed to be two of the focus area. But annual security training warns employees not to put IBM confidential info into the IBM cloud because it might not meet the standards of the IBM security corporate instruction ITCS104. So IBM is happy to vend insecure cloud services to its customers, that it would not feel appropriate to use for its own data. -Perception_Matters-
Comment 04/28/15: H1B Visas are not about technical skills, its about underbidding your competitor with cheaper labor. Lets take a look at GBS hourly rates to customers (I will just use round numbers):
B10 - mid 300s/hr B09 - high 200s/hr
B08 - low 200s/hr B07 - high 100s/hr
B06 - mid 100s/hr
H1B Visa holders - 120/hr Offshore 25-60/hr
If you just look at the numbers, they are saying H1B Visa Holders are less valuable than B06's. Meanwhile, IBM is laying off B08-B10, and replacing these higher skilled workers with lower skilled workers to reduce contract costs and win bids. -H1B Sham-

Comment 04/28/15: I wrote earlier about being given a PBC 3 after 30 + years at IBM with many years at 2+. I am over 55 and a woman. I am blessed to have lasted this long, and felt such pride in being an IBMr since college, but now I feel shame and anger. After completing 30 days of the required 90 day PIP (performance improvement plan), doing my best to respond to each weekly PIP objective, my boss is indifferent and condescending. I was hoping to get a reduced ISAP (13 week severance) after 90 days, but I won't make it that long. This is making me sick, and I may simply retire; which is what mgmt wants. I know IBM owes me nothing but my paycheck and my hard-earned pension. In truth, I would have welcomed the RA, as opposed to this. Sadly, I'm not sure a Union can save IBM. I must believe there is life after IBM, but at this moment, I'm struggling to see it. -Anonymous in S&D-
Comment 04/27/15: Cringely nails IBM again.
"Some conveniently forget that IBM struggled and stumbled badly for its first several years in the cloud business, which it ran under a variety of names. Big Blue struggled with cloud because — like the PC — when dealing with a low margin business IBM does not know how to operate in that mode. Buying Softlayer got IBM back into the cloud business. Softlayer, not IBM, knew how to do cloud computing."
Comment 04/27/15: To be honest, I don't understand why IBM just does not ask who wants a redundancy package...actually yes I do! -Anonymous-
Comment 04/27/15: RTP NC (main site) OSHA Form: 4338 employees. Form is dated January 2015 but says "2014" at top. Would that be some sort of 2014 average number or is it year-end? A large people were part of the System X sale to Lenovo in October, so not sure if they are in that number. Also, do you know if that number covers all people who list the main site as their work address, including HOME and MOBILE, or just people with an office on the site? There are definitely NOT 4300 people on the site anymore. The RTP site is eerily empty. I mean E-M-P-T-Y. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: That is the average for the year. It includes those that report to RTP (home and mobile).

Comment 04/27/15: There are some of the first Line managers who never bothered to take advantage of the IBM ALAP program to finish their degrees while some of the operators took the pains to do so, but what is the use operators remain operators and treated with no respect while mangers are still doing the same thing for more than a decade intimadating the good working employee and getting away with everything, old boy's club still works at IBM. -Anon-
Comment 04/27/15: IBM Columbia, MO loses state incentives after job cuts
Comment 04/27/15: "The Board of Directors needs to clean house and bring in new proven leaders not people based on their age bracket."
True. But, The IBM BOD is a big, big part of the leadership and accountability issue at IBM. They are not young themselves. They execute even older. They are not leaders themselves anymore despite their so called qualified lofty titles and experience. None of them should be on the present IBM Board of Directors. They are near bottom of the executive barrel. Notice how many Indian, Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian IBM directors there are? Is there ONE? -Anonymous-

Comment 04/27/15: It's not just API Management that has dropped in stature with the true, independent unbiased test/review companies like Gartner (not to mention customers). IBM's APM (Application Performance Monitoring) product suite also dropped from the leader quadrant to the also-rans. IBM has been bragging lately that Gartner showed it has the share of the middleware space, but that's because those customers are trapped into those aging, decrepit stacks of software and can't get out easily (vendor lock-in), at least for now. Doesn't IBM have anything progressive to tout (see:tape drives and mainframes)? The brand names (Tivoli, Lotus, Rational, WebSphere) had to be abandoned because of the bad will now associated with all of them. The Portal Server and 'SmartCloud' product names are now dropped because it stands for crap (see:CIA loss and embarrassment). APM is actually the Tivoli ITCAM stack, which customers hated and is horrible bloatware and proprietary. So IBM renames all this to make it look 'new' and associates it with 'cloud revenue' even though it's nothing of the sort. Too bad they don't think this hard about how to be innovative, instead of spending the brain power on deception and fraud (see:lawsuits about the hardware sale). Hey, I know - IBM execs - here's an idea: THINK. Nothing new here in the IBM product space, move along now... -ShipGoingDown-
Comment 04/27/15: "I remember getting a letter from IBM management urging us to write letters to our congressmen in support of NAFTA."
Me too! As soon as I heard it I knew NAFTA had to be bad for the IBM resource! And IBM always told us that they don't lobby, influence, or try to take political party action. Sure, IBM, and I believe the Sun is blue and the Sky is orange..
I'll tell you this: regardless of the secret trade laws that only the President and Congress will see, there WILL BE MORE IBM RAs SOON! I would say bet on it or bank on it but I don't want to influence like IBM does: I'm just being truthful.
Comment 04/27/15: more Interesting article on sentiment analysis on annual reports and stock market news.
IBM scored the lowest in the top 5 company's IT service industry for annual report and also has the lowest opinion rating on reuters news. -Anonymous-ex-ibmer-

Comment 04/27/15: To the person who asked about PIP in ISSW. I am currently on PIP, mine will end/expire at the end of April... so in a few days from now. My manager already scheduled a call to discuss it with me. I frankly have no hope whatsoever to keep my job, but hope to get some type of severance package. There are plenty of jobs available for skilled consultants like the ones in ISSW, so I am not worried at all. I am sure my next job will be a lot better and rewarding than the one I currently have. Good Luck! -On PIP ISSW-
Comment 04/27/15: The trouble with the entire management in IBM is that it all based on politics, the good old boy network, and how many happy hours you can attend, and how many weekends you can play golf. IBM management has no leadership skills, IT skills, or communication skills. The entire management team at IBM is full of greed and corruption, and are a complete joke to other IT companies. What is needed in IBM is a union to stop all the politics to become a manager in IBM. I spent 31 years with IBM. and its all about politics and the good old boy network to become a manager. The union needs to come into IBM and clean house of this entire management team. Without this happening moral will continue to be low, and quarterly revenues will continue to drop. -ANA-
Comment 04/27/15: Re the letter from IBM management encouraging support of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA): Yes, be annoyed and afraid. I remember getting a letter from IBM management urging us to write letters to our congressmen in support of NAFTA. Back then the state I live in had a significant textile industry. No longer! But that's OK, because now we can all go to college for STEM and get a secure job with IBM. My dad encouraged me to go into engineering for financial security. He's turning in his grave! I am encouraging my children to avoid engineering, and I tell them that if they disregard my advice they should at least work for the government - not for a corporation. You all know that government employees still have the good sort of pensions, right? and firings are rare. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/27/15: @ -RA'ed 2 months ago- I was shocked when I saw the article indicating IBM Canada is the most attractive employer. Randstad must be either paid by IBM or they are drooling imbeciles. I work in a building full of people who want to be RA'd. Its like working with a clone army of Clint Eastwood's all saying "Go Ahead. Make my day" wanting IBM to pull the trigger. Those who are nimble have left or are leaving. Its pretty toxic and a lot of people have the motivation of barely getting out of bed. To solve this issue IBM have started putting propaganda posters on bulletin boards discussing "Pride" in working at IBM. -notimportant-
Comment 04/26/15: The HIB list is shocking. Notice how it started to ramp up in 2009 when the wheels feel off. Most of the job families listed are being RA'ed and replaced by cheaper HIB workers for periods of 2-3 years. So that means the skills were here and it's just labor arbitrage not a shortage of skills as preached from the mount. When their visa are up these folks are chucked out and replaced by more H1B workers. No wonder the business cannot grow. H1B drones are not in it for the long haul. From their perspective the USA is Nirvana even if they are paid and treated like slaves which they are. They do the time and get out. Some hope to stay on. Doesn't happen. No long term sponsorship. A great shame on Bruised Blue. No loyalty begets no loyalty. IBM ranks #5 in the country for H1B's. Not the kind of list you want to rank high on. Misguided Idiots Bullying Minions. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/26/15: IBM Columbia, MO loses state incentives after job cuts -member-

Comment 04/26/15: Another big customer deal unraveling.
Brazilian federal audit court TCU has ruled that federal savings bank Caixa Econômica Federal must undo a JV created with IBM.
Comment 04/25/15: When the New York Times refers to IBM as a has been things can't look good. "Apple Won’t Always Rule. Just Look at IBM." -Anonymous-
Comment 04/25/15: Everyone needs to stop saying that the executives need to be replaced with "younger" and start saying replaced with proven leaders. It is very discouraging to have worked in this company for almost 20 years and now have the useless executives bring in their children and sponsor them in what's called the emerging leaders program. Their children have zero experience and are pretty arrogant and lazy. They come from parents who have no leadership skills. And now we are being forced to try to work with these kids and teach them what 20 years of professional business acumen has taught us. They are also being given all of the assignments that are more visible and they are being given extensive travel budgets and not being expected to work once they get to events. Basically they're coming in and thinking they have celebrity status which is backed up by their executives who are too afraid to go against their senior vp parents. The even bigger insult is that each of these "useless leaders" are now being tagged to the senior staff in our PBCs and we are measured on the work we're doing FOR them. The Board of Directors needs to clean house and bring in new proven leaders not people based on their age bracket. Get rid of these lazy nonloyal millennial's before they spread a cancer that can't be stopped. -Disappointed and discouraged-
Comment 04/25/15:
And largely except for the Alliance, what R U doing about it if you are reading this? Keeping your head down will no help one bit. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/25/15: You better believe IBM only wants new hires to stay no longer than 2 years and 364 days. That way no vested benefits paid to them at all. I believe the 401k match is also not vested as well if the newbie signed up for the now watered down (due to deferred matching until 12/15 of each year) 401k plan when eligible to join. BTW, when was the last VP or SVP that has less than 10 years service in IBM? Professional executive hires? Most VPs and SVPs have 20+ years of service and IBM still pays them a RETENTION bonus each year to KEEP these losers. Like they are actually going to pull out and leave even if not paid a retention bonus. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/25/15: There were some ISSW consultants posted in the thread that they were kept on PIP. Can someone reply what happened after PIP period?. Did you get through PIP or at-least got separation package. Thanks for your valuable info. -sameboat-
Comment 04/25/15: This just about floored me when I saw it. IBM must have bribed a lot of employees to give glowing reviews in this survey. It's absolutely unbelievable: IBM Canada voted most attractive employer...
-RA'ed 2 months ago-
Comment 04/25/15: Gts in Brazil is dead. The gbs layoffs will continue. Maybe they will shutdown Hortolandia just like Belo Horizonte office. Tata agreement with gts-SO was real and first and second line managers knew about it..bunch of LIARS -Anonymous-
Comment 04/25/15: US importing skilled people from india, brazil, and singapore giving them visas... I bet they will pay 20$/hour to do senior stuff. Mediocre company... Glad im gone. Now i have a life. More layoffs coming in 2Q...heard Brazil will have a lot impact in Hortolandia this year, especially GTS -Anonymous-
Comment 04/24/15: Be prepared to get angry after seeing this link on where and how many "guest workers" IBM is bringing in while they fire US workers. You WILL be next. -anon-

Comment 04/24/15: -GladtobeGone- "To layoff senior aged employees and reduce retiree benefits just because we make a fair salary after 25+ years is not right nor fair".
Nowadays no one cares if it is not right nor fair. Fairness is a quaint concept in today's economy. The question is: Is IBM breaking any laws? And not a single lawyer or news organization has been able to prove that IBM is breaking laws. So IBM employees only have two choices:
(a) Join a union so that an agreement can be negotiated with IBM execs that will ensure fairness in hiring/firing process. It would then be illegal for IBM to just fire older people as they would be breaking the said agreement.
(b) Quit IBM, find that rare company that is actually fair to its employees and get a job there.
Comment 04/24/15: @Anonymous "This was sent to Austin site - did other sites get this as well?
'Dear Fellow IBMer: As Texas SSE (Kevin Nowka) and Austin SLE (Dexter Henderson)...."
Yes it was sent to Washington Metropolitan Area also. Sender was Dion Rudnicki. A few things jump out about this notice. Executive management is:
1) completely oblivious to the low morale their actions are causing, or
2) they aren't oblivious, but just plain stupid to think any non-manager would support IBM management in their drive to move IBM work off-shore (not explicitly stated in this management request, but reading between the lines leads to this conclusion), or
3) all of the above. IBM management has decided to set a new low in morality as well as redefine the word "chutzpah". Definition of chutzpah is unmitigated gall. Personally I intend to write my congressmen taking the exact opposite positions to what is being pushed by IBM management. I urge everyone else to do the same. -Mark1-

Comment 04/24/15: IBM is advertising US jobs on Twitter via @IBMWatson. Check out
Probably cannot offshore these jobs but is the advertising a precursor to hiring H-1B visa workers? -Anonymous-

Comment 04/24/15: IBM falls behind in another very important, hot technology area - the 2015 Gartner Report on API Management has IBM dropped out of the leaders quadrant. This is a very huge fail on the part of IBM, to be dropped out of the leader quadrant in this area. Nobody is buying what IBM is selling anyway. APIs are as hot as cloud, which is why other companies have wisely invested in it and surpassed IBM, which doesn't invest in its products or new technology and spends all of its money on financial engineering, buying back its own stock, and rewarding executives who have failed for three years running with massive compensation while the rest of us try to pay our bills and worry about our jobs daily. This kind of greed and abuse is why unions were born, please fight back and join! Let's get re-invigorated and start moving that thermometer again, please someone get us off of 62 and sign up. It's a good thing, they are fighting for us, the only ones that have our backs. -ShipGoingDown-
Comment 04/24/15: -LowMorale- AMEN! You hit it right on! I knew a band 10 Senior IT Specialist that had to update Excel spreadsheets all day for their second line since both the second line and FLM had no clue how to update data cells. I reckon they only understood how to open Lotus Notes mail, forward notes and use Sametime. What a waste of time for someone with technical talents. Many managers in IBM are just like Mr. Pointy Hair Dilbert Manager. At least Wally in Dilbert would say he knows how but is not in his job description and is not an engineering endeavor he would aspire to do so the dumpee has to dump it elsewhere!
By the way, the band 10 Sr. IT Specialist was RAed this year.
"get these bozos out of here with some younger, fresh, motivated and motivational leaders in IBM, before it goes the way of Kodak and so many others". Also, AMEN!
IBM sure helped the demise of Kodak since they built and ran the Rochester, NY data center site. And so also went Kodachrome into oblivion. Is IBM going to eat it's own self into oblivion now as well?
Comment 04/24/15: I was confused for a while to about the stock shooting up when there was seemingly bad news, as has happened recently. It's not as simple as 'bad things happen, the stock goes down, good things happen the stock goes up.' There is a thing called a short sale, where if you think the stock is going to go down soon, you start buying shares on a 'promise to pay' sort of thing and then when they go down you actually make money. Counter-intuitive, I know and I probably explained it wrong, but that's often what's happening. Or, there have been some plants of rumors by the company to drive it up. And we all know that wall street loves a good, large layoff - that always drives the stock up. Screw the workers, let them eat cake! While the leaders who have underperformed for three straight years get mountains of money heaped upon them. We all know the company is now only about lies, smoke and mirrors. I can't believe all of the glowing reports from the analysts who have bought this fake bogus cloud revenue hook, line and sinker from a company that has done nothing but lie and financial engineering for years and years now. Don't they understand it's just more of the same? The leaders are old, stodgy stuck in their ways legacy executives who are just padding their accounts as long as they can while the company goes down. At some point, hopefully shareholders will revolt and drive them out for younger, more visionary leadership, and the employees will organize from below to protect their own interests as the execs have, and maybe save the company. Or, maybe not and it will go the way of others like it such as Kodak, DEC, Radio Shack, etc. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 04/24/15: -2QRA- Your just a corporate apologist with a very myopic view of the real IBM which is totally flawed in leadership and execution and 12 straight bad revenue growth numbers proves it without a doubt. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/24/15: Amazon just revealed it has a profitable, $6 billion beast of a business --
"AWS is also profitable. It kept $265 million this quarter and it's on track to hit $1 billion in annual profits. This gives concrete proof that Amazon is, by at least one measure, the biggest cloud computing infrastructure player of all. IBM wants to dispute that. Last week it told Business Insider, when you combine all the things it calls a cloud on a trailing twelve-month basis, its cloud revenue is $7.7 billion. But it also clarified that what IBM is selling "as-a-Service" is on track to do $3.8 billion. That's a more apples-to-apples comparison to the kind of cloud that Amazon sells." One can almost hear the calliope playing in the background while the accounting and finance clowns at Big Bleu are swizzling these figures. -It's Basic Math-

Comment 04/24/15: A couple of thoughts:
1) The college graduates/younger employees of today are not looking for life-time (full) employment from companies. For the most part, they want to spend 3-5 years at a company and then move on to another company for a higher-paying job. For the young ones coming into IBM, many are interested in getting their name out in the industry, either by whitepapers, blogs, or presentations at conferences. Once they get that name recognition, they look for a job outside of the company. The newer products IBM is producing now are not like to products of old, which have been utilized for several decades like IMS, DB2, CICS and COBOL to name a few. The development and support teams of those core older products are just a shadow of their former selves. Thus, the need of having employees that have a long history with a given product is significantly reduced. So, to IBM, it is no big deal if new hires only plan on being with the company for a few years.
2) The younger employees are less likely to see the benefit of a union because they don't plan on being with IBM for very long. By getting rid of older, long-time employees and replacing them with either younger workers, or workers from other countries/visa workers, that dilutes the pool of US IBM employees that may be interested in a union.
Given what IBM has turned into, would a union benefit all workers, young and old? Absolutely. But the younger workers may not perceive it as important since many view their tenure at IBM to be a short-lived thing anyway. -OutIn2013-

Comment 04/23/15: Can we get the SEC to investigate IBM insiders? I can't understand how IBM is up almost 3% today on word of another"partnership". Like Ginni and the 'boys don't know what is cooking? Geez. The rich always become richer with no risk at all to losing any wealth. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: You might want to read this

Comment 04/23/15: IBM continues to lay off the most experienced and SENIOR people and only hiring younger and cheaper. It has nothing to do with "expertise" in a specific technology or expertise. My opionion is that the IBM CEO and her top 100 chiefs are not willing to take a big pay cut and NOT accept bonuses while good and loyal senior people are cut. Why is the CEO and top execs rewarded and given double digit pay raises (remember 16% to CEO and 3.6 MILLION DOLLARS Bonus) for horrible leadership and driving the company in a spiral downward trend! How many chances do employees get if they don't produce results? Senior employees were promised alot back in the 70s & 80s and one of the reasons we joined IBM vs other companies. To layoff senior aged employees and reduce retiree benefits just because we make a fair salary after 25+ years is not right nor fair especially when executives are kept on with their huge pays, bonuses and stock options!!! I hope every member can get a min of 5 employees still remaining to see the light and join the ALLIANCE!! -GladtobeGone-
Comment 04/23/15: Ginni Rometty-led IBM has reported a 12% fall to $19.6 billion in Q1 revenue as the technology company continues to shed unprofitable businesses to focus on cloudcomputing initiatives. IBM's revenue has been shrinking for three years now. Net income fell slightly to $2.3 billion How can this person still be CEO with these kind of numbers. TJ Watson Sr and JR would be rolling over in their graves if they saw this drop in revenue. There will be more RAs in IBM so this useless and incompetent CEO can make the numbers. Join the union. -ANA-
Comment 04/23/15: The Alliance@IBM CWA is an AFL-CIO trade union without collective bargaining rights (as of now). Yes, a TRADE union of SKILLED USA WORKERS who wish to join. IBM what the %$#@ don't you understand about your USA employees? WE DO HAVE SKILLS!!! The right skills. You IBM management lack the necessary skills: the most important are LEADERSHIP and STEWARDSHIP skills. Suggest you all go back to school and learn them, you flunkies of 12 straight losing revenue quarters!!!! -IdiotsBecameManagers-
Comment 04/23/15: The "lack of skills" in the USA is LIE. The LOSS of technical skills and support within the company due to the frequent resource actions is NOT A LIE. Here is some evidence to support this claim. For those of us who have retired there is an obvious loss of support for things as simple as the websites mentioned in the document named "Your Roadmap to Retirement." We are supposed to find benefits available to us at a website that is mentioned several times in the aforementioned resource. Try finding and you will be greeted with a 404 error. It was always available to me in the past and suddenly, this year, I can no longer access the site. However, if I go to another site mentioned in the same document, I can retrieve the correct pages. This site is Obviously some important maintenance support for IBM web pages has been lost. Next try to find the IBM Club pages mentioned in the same document. On some days they are not available in a legible format; today they seem to be there, however not updated for months in some cases. Even some of the links are no longer available, like The point I am making with these somewhat trivial examples is that things are falling apart even on simple matters that should be extremely easy to maintain and without high-level skills. Heck! IBM Management would not recognize a valuable skill unless it was nepotism and sychophantism. It is all very disheartening. I am just hoping that all of you have VOTED CONTRARY to anything the IBM BOD has suggested prior to the stockholder meeting on April 28, 2015 so that we can make a statement about the disarray in the company. -- SKILLED but RA'D DUE TO AGE and UNSKILLED MANAGEMENT --
Comment 04/23/15: You folks stop bitching at IBM. IBM is doing what it's shareowners and customers expect. I guarantee you that every Fortune 1000 company is offshoring work via either H1-B or remote work in total lack of spirit of the law. Pointing fingers only at IBM stops way short of recognizing that your political leaders know and allow this. IBM's customers want this and IBM's investors demand this. If you want to show your dissatisfaction, stop buying products from companies that engage IBM. I have worked at 5 accounts over the 13 years I've been with IBM, and I've stopped buying the products of 5 major US brands. Why complain about IBM, when the real complaint should be against the customers that hire IBM and elected leaders who turn a blind eye. -2QRA-
Comment 04/23/15: Why does a bad earnings announcement always make the stock rocket upward? Would good news make it crash? Up huge today on no news. Perhaps more buyback and/or big investor manipulation. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/23/15: It's good that Ginni got just a small taste of what her company is really like when there were technical problems on her call/webcast. Like Robert LeBlanc in 2014 when his demo in front of a huge keynote audience at the Impact conference didn't work, how embarrassing. The top execs get shielded from that reality by their admins.
These essential internal calls and webcasts are *always* a Dilbertesque comedy show. People don't mute, and it's clear most are distracted with toilets flushing, dogs barking, kids crying, background home conversations, TVs, etc.
The audio and/or video don't work properly, they can't scale if more than a few people join, etc. Leaves you thinking, where is all this great technology we brag about? Surely not working in practice. Then there are the people problems. I'm on a call right now for 1Q results.
The execs on here are a comedy show. They are all clearly reading from a script, which speaks to their communications skills and further lowers morale of the drones listening, and half of them can never figure out how to unmute themselves or do the slideshow thing.
Pretty sad for a technology company, but then we're left now with the unmotivated or not-so-bright individuals who would actually stick it out on a sinking ship like this. Amazing how much red there is on the charts from all of the product areas and geographies that missed their 1Q targets so badly. Join the Alliance so that we can continue to fight to change the company and the culture and get these bozos out of here with some younger, fresh, motivated and motivational leaders in IBM, before it goes the way of Kodak and so many others. -LowMorale-

Comment 04/23/15: "We're the IBM company" LOL made my day. I am aware of the demos' she and John Kelly were given. Glorified dog-n-pony shows. Glitzy WOW front ends behind the screen heck of a lot more work is required. Some of the security things she was shown look so cool, they can show blades of grass growing (attack wise). An STSM colleague who left last year in disgust used to point out failures of the CIO and Security Services organizations, using his words after he crashed or broke their deliverable's time after time. "I'm standing in front of you screaming in your face, beating you over the head with a 2x4 and you say you didn't see it?" There is something to be said for what someone mentioned a few months ago about Armonk using Berlin 1945 bunker mentality claiming super weapons and imaginary armies will save them. -anon-
Comment 04/23/15: Alliance is correct about the "American workers' lack of skills" LIE. This keeps coming out of IBM's collective executive mouth, to keep workers divided and against each other at their jobs. Alliance has been fighting this LIE for well over 15 years. I know, because I'm a dues paying member for most of that time. But what really disturbs me is how IBMers of all ages, FALL for this LIE year after year until they lose their jobs and finally see what's behind door #3... a booby prize of a bucket of BS. IBMers: You will NEVER defeat IBM's LIE about your "lack of skills" as long as you are divided against each other. NEVER. How can you really unite and fight back in big strong numbers? Organize a union. Alliance is providing that very opportunity to join together. Don't believe that? Then you must believe that door #3's booby prize can be used for fertilizing your lawn. That's a win/win for you isn't it?? I see your head shaking "no". So join the Alliance and skip the booby prize bucket of BS. Fight back. There's never been a better time for a union. -no more lying-
Comment 04/23/15: "IBM's revenue results are as bad as the worst parts of 2009, but the company has rushed to reassure that it isn't so, either
forgetting or ignoring that the same attempt was made in 2009 with far less success" -rich-

Comment 04/23/15: "Today, there simply are not enough American workers with expertise in these areas to fill the thousands of U.S. job openings IBM currently has available,"
LIE LIE LIE. Not to be a smug American, but who largely developed these new technologies that the skills IBM contends can't be had from in this
country? This dogma of American workers and even American students as not having it is promoted and perpetuated by Corporate America. Guess who is behind the COMMON CORE testing? Yep, US government goaded by Corporate America. Corporate America is at war against American workers and it starts when students are in kindergarten! Don't we have a college president or two on the IBM Board of Directors??? Then what are we paying as stockholder's these bozos for? If any IBM executives accepts an honorary degree they should be fired for accepting. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/23/15: “..We’re only the IBM Company.."
Ginni FINALLY got SOMETHING RIGHT! IBM COMPANY, yep. ONLY, barely. Used to be the IBM CORPORATION. Little Baby Blue now...
IBM stockholders: Do something right and demand her to step down on April 28th! That is sure to fix some things at the very least.
Comment 04/23/15:
Marissa Mayer (Yahoo) following IBM's steps but calls its layoffs a ‘Remix.’ -anon-

Comment 04/23/15: This was sent to Austin site - did other sites get this as well?
"Dear Fellow IBMer:
As Texas SSE (Kevin Nowka) and Austin SLE (Dexter Henderson), we were proud to represent the Austin site and IBMers throughout Texas at IBM's annual Fly-In to Washington, D.C. last week. We participated in a day of briefings on IBM's key priority policy issues and then spent all of last Tuesday visiting several Texas U.S. House members and staffers for our two U.S. Senators. It's always enlightening to visit these elected leaders in their offices and remind them about IBM's leadership in technology in improving our world.
This week, Congress is poised to consider significant legislation called Trade Promotion Authority, or TPA, that will facilitate passage of critical trade agreements that are vital to global companies such as IBM.
The two of us are writing the House members and both Senators who represent us. For the first time, IBM is inviting any IBMer to help this effort by contacting your U.S. House member and both U.S. Senators from Texas to urge passage of TPA through the IBM Policy/grassroots advocacy tool. The U.S. Senate plans to take up TPA on Wednesday, April 22, so letters from you will be very helpful and timely.
We're here to make this process easy. The IBM Policy/grassroots advocacy tool has been renamed "". It now also includes links to IBM's positions on public policy and legislative priorities, as well as links to current activity on IBM's Policy twitter handle @IBMPolicy. There is a map to find the Members of Congress who represent you (if you don't already know), and a suggested text on TPA that may be customized. Indeed, based on your experience with data, working with customers in other countries and/or other perspectives, the more you can focus the letter, the more relevant and unique it will be for the congressional staffers to inform their bosses about constituent opinions. The TPA legislation includes provisions that will ensure the free flow of data across borders in an increasingly digital economy. We also need to prevent barriers to access data as some countries seek to mandate that data be kept within their borders - this so-called forced localization strikes at the heart of IBM's view of data as the new natural resource".
Comment 04/22/15:
Rebooting IBM: One step forward, two steps back
The disconcerting messages started popping up on Virginia Rometty’s screen not long after the IBM chief executive began a webcast to explain to her nearly 400,000 employees in 170 countries how she planned to reorganise the tech giant.

“I can’t hear.” “I can’t see you.” “Is this on?”

When the January presentation ended, Rometty fumed at colleagues, “We’re only the IBM Company—we’re better than this!,” according to people who were there. “Get this fixed now!”
Comment 04/22/15: IBM Is Stumbling Its Way Into the Future
Despite ambitious plans for its future, the technology giant faces serious hurdles
The problem with being a tech giant is that, no matter how hard you try to charge into the future, you’re always weighted down by the past. And lately, no company has exemplified this conundrum better than IBM.
Comment 04/22/15: -none-: "Bridgewater has hired half a dozen people for Ferrucci's team, but it doesn't say they're from IBM. Can anyone confirm the team is actually coming from IBM?"
I work at Research and know this is accurate. -drummercat-

Comment 04/22/15: IBM will find any way to resource action US IBM employees. This is just another ruthless way to get rid of loyal IBM employees. IBM needs a union to stop this corrupt and unjust practice. The person who should be resourced is Rometty. How does she still have her executive position as CEO with 12 quarters of declining revenue, yet makes millions in salary and bonuses? What a greedy and corrupt organization.
In a correspondence dated April 16, Grassley asked IBM Chairwoman, President and CEO Virginia Rometty for an explanation of IBM's apparent plans to "hire thousands of H-1B visa holders." Grassley's concern arose when IBM petitioned for 5,800 H-1B visas on April 1.
"It has come to my attention that IBM will be laying off employees in the United States this year while at the same time apparently seeking to hire thousands of H-1B visa holders," the letter states. Get rid of the entire corrupt and greedy executive team, starting with Rometty. These executives' teams (Lou, Sam, Ginny) have done lasting harm to the US IBM employee. Join the union -ANA-

Comment 04/22/15: From an IBM response to Grassley's letter:
"In order to serve the evolving technology needs of clients in high-growth areas such as cloud computing, data analytics, mobile, social and security, IBM and the tech industry must utilize a global talent pool. Today, there simply are not enough American workers with expertise in these areas to fill the thousands of U.S. job openings IBM currently has available," Roswell stated.
What incredible baloney. They are laying off the most experienced people and only hiring young and cheap. This has nothing to do with "expertise in this area." I think he meant "there are simply not enough American workers willing to take a big pay cut so that we can keep our EPS deceptively high." -IBM_Values-
Alliance Reply: Your last line is spot on. Bingo. This is the truth. This needs to be repeated more than the LIE about "lack of skilled American workers".
Comment 04/22/15: Keep an eye out for 'Project Agile'. If the rumor is true, this is apparently an admission that LEAN has been a big failure for the company since IBM's version of LEAN wasn't really LEAN at all but instead just a means to fire mature market employees. The project is supposed to 'refocus' on the employee as the bread and butter for success. Sadly if true, it is about 15 years too late. -misty-
Comment 04/22/15: -member- Wouldn't it be something if the Senator goes to the IBM Stockholder's Meeting and confronts Ginni on it? But I reckon Sen. Grassley will eventually get a reply similar to this from IBM Communications and not from Ginni (she is way to busy for these things!):
"IBM continually rebalances it's workforce to meet the ever changing needs of it's customers and the demands of servicing and supporting new technologies such as the cloud and analytics on a global scale. IBM remains committed to Dubuque and Iowa and that is apparent from the jobs that still exist there"
It will be the usual, typical IBM smug drivel wordspeak. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/22/15: -longtimebeemer- IBM puts this information generally in out-of-the-way locations or places where people don't stop and look and also low foot traffic areas. Sure they obfuscate and try their very best to hide the site occupancy numbers. I wonder who actually verifies that IBM is telling the truth and not inflating the site population numbers? OSHA? -I'veBeenMislead-
Comment 04/22/15: Let's hope the only response to Senator Grassley's letter will not be a major campaign contribution to keep his mouth shut. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/22/15: IBM Government & Regulatory Affairs (New IBM website for tracking legislative & political issues important to Big Bleu's business) --
"HIGH-SKILLED IMMIGRATION REFORM – America’s high-skilled immigration system no longer meets the needs of our economy. IBM actively supports the I-Squared act, and other efforts to fix that system in a way that helps U.S. companies compete effectively in the global market."
"The forward-looking provisions of the I-Squared Act provide overdue and necessary reforms to a high skilled visa system that no longer effectively meets the needs of our economy. We are pleased to note this legislation would add significant numbers of new employment-based visas and green cards for high-skilled workers, while providing portability and greater ease of use of those visas for workers and students.
American workers will benefit from provisions making incremental revenues available to the states for STEM education and worker retraining. These programs will better enable American workers to succeed in an ever-more competitive global economy."
Worker retraining?" Because a significant amount of workers are going to need retraining if this act is passed & Big Bleu RA's more employees.
Suspect the Alliance will want to start monitoring this site. -@N0NYm0U$-
Alliance reply: Unfortunately,
the American workers' "lack of skills" LIE and propaganda began in the late 1990's and IBM was not the only one to preach it. Obviously, to anyone with the ability to discern truth from lies, the big push to hire foreign or off shore workers in countries such as Brazil Russia India, and China was purely money based: CHEAP LABOR. The workers in those countries were abused and paid much less for the exact same work that was being done in the US. They also were given little, if any benefits.
So, if you tell a lie and keep repeating it over and over again, what does it become? Accepted as truth. And IBM, among others is still telling the same lie.

Comment 04/21/15: IBM still makes claims on David Ferrucci even though they fired him. -anon-

Comment 04/21/15: IBM management has said their will be 2nd QTR rebalancing and you know what that means? Yep, another RA. Could be just as much or more than the 1st QTR RAs. So why R U who might be reading this thatis not an Alliance member not joining still? Let's move that thermometer over 62! Spring is here and summer is coming...and so is another IBM chainsaw pruning massacre. Let's organize and do something about it. Maybe we could save IBM jobs by joining en mass and that would send IBM management a stronger message. -still62-
Comment 04/21/15: I looked up the requirements for the OSHA 300 form that has to be posted. It only needs to be posted, according to the law from February to April 30 each year. It looks like information is still needed from most of RTP and Littleton, MA. People working at those sites need to report back in the 2014 numbers by the end of the month or IBM might take them down after April 30. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 04/21/15: From the 1Q15 investor earnings call:
"And we're continuing to rebalance our workforce, and this quarter, we took a charge of $280 million, but that's down $580 million year-to-year, so with a lower level of workforce rebalancing charges, drove another seven points of decline.
As we continue the transformation of our business, I'd expect a similar level of workforce rebalancing next quarter, which will impact our year-to-year profit performance."
Transcript here: transcript?page=1 -Anonymous-

Comment 04/21/15: Senator Grassley challenges IBM on job cuts and H1b visa workers. Sends letter to IBM asking for explanation. Alliance also mentioned: -member-
Comment 04/21/15: Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley challenging IBM on jobs: -Anonymous-

Comment 04/21/15: I reckon David Ferrucci didn't have to sign a "non compete clause" that many IBM resources did when they were hired on. Maybe that is the only reward of making it to IBM Fellow these days? -Anonymous-
Comment 04/21/15: Due to IBM's so STELLAR quarterly result does anyone wish to give a 'Vegas betting line on how much billions of money IBM will use for a stock buyback to be announced soon (like maybe at the Stockholder's Meeting)? -WannaBet-
Comment 04/21/15: 12 straight qtrs. of negative revenue growth. THREE YEARS! THREE YEARS! AMAZING! How long can this trend continue? IBM TOO BIG TO FAIL? When does the cash cow of IBM fail to deliver any more milk? -Anonymous-
Comment 04/21/15: It's amazing how many analyst reports on the 1Q earnings buy the smoke and mirrors, versus those that see through the deception IBM has been putting out there. The Fortune article is right on - they smell something rotten in Denmark:
"While IBM said it’s cloud business brought in $3.8 billion in the first quarter this year as opposed to the $2.3 billion in year-ago period, it’s still difficult to pin down just what that figure means since IBM did not lay out the specifics in its earnings statement. Some analysts believe that figure might include older software partnerships that IBM now counts as being part of its cloud business as a way to puff up its cloud revenue numbers."
Bottom line, earnings are down *again*, the ship is sinking, not turning around, the 'positive aspects' are all spin and lies, those of us seeing the apple from inside know this. Nobody is buying our cloud hodgepodge the numbers are all internal and sales of other 'things'. Another $280 million for 'restructuring', those of you who have not yet joined the alliance would be well served to spend a few bucks now. They are fighting for us, our only advocate, and it may be your turn, I'm sure the RAs slated for this quarter will begin soon now that the results are out. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-

Comment 04/21/15: According to this article:
Bridgewater has hired half a dozen people for Ferrucci's team, but it doesn't say they're from IBM. Can anyone confirm the team is actually coming from IBM? -none-

Comment 04/21/15: Bob K - you wrote: "I estimate my IBM FHA will cover about 9 months for 2 people." Mind if I ask the stated value of your FHA, and what the cost (say, per month) for two people is? I'm not RA'd (yet) and am in a similar timeline situation that you were in. Thanks. -anonymous-
Comment 04/21/15: Southbury, CT OSHA 300 form lists 1315 employees as of 1/2014. No idea how they came up with that number, I don't see nearly that many on-site. -Southbury-
Comment 04/20/15: GinniR, BrunoDL, SteveM, name a you not feel at all responsible for missing 12 Qtrs of revenue targets, the dying moral within the corporation and the hurting of the employees? What repercussions have you had...?
What has been your PBC's for the last 3 years? Should you not have beeen on a PIP after the first 4 qtrs of missing revenue, followed by written warning for the next 4 & then dismissal for the last 4.....? I miss my targets for 4 qtrs then I get a PBC 3 with a PIP, then within 60 days I am on a warning if I miss the PIP & then within 60 further days am out the door!. You my friends are still around after missing12 qtrs & getting bonuses & pay rises !!...How is this fair...? You blame the troops, you push them to breaking point, you take away all the benefits & support and they pay the price of your failed strategies. THINK & be on your way - go start your own business and see how far you get with your failed strategies... If you understand any of the wisdom or the business acum of the founder of IBM then you would do the honourable act of resigning before you send the company into history books & make it into an MBA case study! -Anonymous-

Comment 04/20/15: Yorktown 1511 employees?! When I started there 30 years ago there were over 3000. They were working on the final three floor six aisle addition. Today's number includes about 500 from when they shut down the Hawthorne lab off shoot. For which IBM asked the town of New Castle for and received a tax break for "creating 500 jobs" never mentioning it was actually a consolidation. No wonder the parking lot is half full. Back in the day the auxiliary parking lot by the basketball court was added. People still had to park on the service road because there were not enough spots. -ANON-
Comment 04/20/15: Yorktown OSHA 300 form: 1511 employees in 2014 -none-
Alliance reply: We have updated the IBM Employee numbers by specific sites 2014
page with your information and other locations as well.
Thank you.

Comment 04/20/15: Another sterling Qtr !.....that's 12 in a row....the Executive Team should award themselves double digit payrise for their sterling efforts !! How can the Exec Team survive 12 Qtrs of declining revenues !?...they must be made of stronger stuff than the black boxes on airplanes !!! Anyone in a Sales role would be fired after 4 qtrs of missing targets.....and they have within IBM - PBC 3, PIP & adios ! The BoD need to take a long hard look at themselves and treat all the employees equally....need to change the Exec Team as the current team is not making hay !! -Anonymous-
Comment 04/20/15: Today was my last day at RTP SWG. It was an RA although there are a lot of "retirements" scheduled for today. Just wanted to post, to let others know there are Resource Actions going on, despite what you may hear otherwise. Walked out the door for the last time, and the sun broke thru the clouds. A good sign. -Happy to be RAed-
Comment 04/20/15: Just announced in the earnings call: 2Q "rebalancing" will be about the same as 1Q. It's getting to the point where IBM should stop reporting these as extraordinary events and reflect its true nature as an on-going expense line. -Anon-
Comment 04/20/15: In typical IBM fashion, my separation date comes and goes. No exit interview or documents. I send emails and sametime pings to the person who I now am under on blewpages the Monday after. No replies. I reach out to former FLM and Sha-Zam! Emails come with the needed paper work from the exit manager. Now here's the kicker, I asked why I had to chase him down for this, no answer. So I try to contact the next 2 levels up, guess what!? The calls don't go through! I call the service center and ask why I had to chase this down, got a circular answer that the final check wasn't approved. I told the person that it wouldn't be approved until I sent back the laptop. I asked why I had to go chase this down, again same answer. I politely hung up the phone after declining to speak to a supervisor. So, here is my question, if I hadn't chased this down, when would I have gotten it? -On Toppa That-
Comment 04/20/15: -Formeribmer- and the HIPA violations on personal medical info on IBM Domino servers that she as the whistle-blower got fired by IBM for! Travesty. Injustice. Typical IBM. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/20/15: While there are multiple reasons why the Watson people chose to leave, I can assure that none of the reasons touched on anything that a union could influence. Can someone please articulate why experts in machine learning, NLP, and other high-end analytics would want to have union representation at IBM? -Researcher-
Alliance reply: Why would those skill sets you mentioned want a union? For a variety of reasons.
First a union gives you a voice at IBM and a seat at the table. You as an individual IBM worker do not have that.
With a union terms and conditions of work, no matter what your skill set, must be negotiated between the workers represented by the union and the company.
There are many IBMers that would like to see a union negotiate a more just system than the PBC for example.
Resource Actions, (if needed, and they would have to be negotiated as well) would not be the brutal, non-caring actions that they are now.
There are union members in Europe that work in research and we have Alliance members in research, that DO want union representation.
Here are some other reasons:

At non-union IBM

1. You are an "employee at will." Your employer can discipline or fire you at any time for any reason; you have no recourse.
2. "Open door" policy means the employer will listen to you...and then do whatever he or she wants.
3. Employer determines wages, benefits and other terms and conditions of work. If you're not satisfied, your only option is to get another job.
4. Wages, benefits and other terms and conditions can be changed by the employer at any time.
5. Hiring and promotion is up to the discretion of the employer.

In a union workplace

1. Discipline, up to and including discharge is subject to a grievance procedure and binding arbitration, depending on the terms of your contract.
2. Contract negotiations require both sides-labor and management-to listen, and reach reasonable compromises acceptable to both sides.
3. Wages, benefits and working conditions are negotiated. If you are not satisfied, you can work for changes during contract negotiations.
4. Neither labor nor management can make unilateral changes to a signed contract. If modifications are necessary during the life of a contract, both sides must agree.
5. Hiring and promotion is covered by contract. Seniority and other factors can be written into the agreement.

Comment 04/20/15: C'mon guys! Take a look at this
Watson team is leaving the ship before it sinks. Not to mention that the majority of services that US performed in the past that were transferred to Brazil, now they will transfer to India. GTS is gone. It works until the contract is over...or...maybe we receive some bad news until end of august 2015. Brazilian good workers, start looking for something better before the ship sinks. Don't be afraid to discuss about that with your manager...he probably will be layoff as well during the Chrome project which will end 3Q 2015. Wake up America! Wake up Guys. IBM is not even listed as the best place to work anymore...See their reputation in Glassdoor. Even working at Accenture is better!!! lol. -Brenda-

Comment 04/19/15:
IBM Project in China Raises U.S. Concerns
In the past 16 months, IBM has agreed — and received permission under United States export laws — to provide the Beijing company, Teamsun, with a partial blueprint of its higher-end servers and the software that runs on them, according to IBM announcements and filings from Teamsun. As the chief scientist overseeing the IBM project on behalf of the Chinese government, Mr. Shen is helping Teamsun, and in turn China, develop a full supply chain of computers and software atop IBM’s technology.
The goal is to create a domestic tech industry that in the long run will no longer need to buy American products, thus avoiding security concerns.
What IBM is doing in China is no different from what the company is doing elsewhere. Yet IBM’s activities in China have become sensitive as they now run into efforts by the Obama administration to persuade Beijing to drop new measures requiring American companies to hand over technology in exchange for market access.
Critics say IBM is caving in to Chinese demands, placing short-term business gains ahead of longer-term political and trade issues. Its actions may spur other American companies to break ranks and also submit to the new Chinese regulations, out of concern that IBM will get advantages by cooperating with the country.
Comment 04/18/15: "re managers getting RAd, yes it happens, but it's rare. Too bad; the management is full of incompetent suck-ups who do no meaningful work, and getting rid of 1/3 to 1/2 of them might help the company."
Anonymous- Amen. No doubt about it! And IBM can save close to $100K or more by getting rid of the do nothing Pointy Haired Dilbert style IBM managers! I'm done with cutting ANY IBM MANAGER any slack, even the lowly, almost powerless FLM since they are NOT DOING ANYTHING to fix IBM for their direct reports so they can perform at a high level. The IBM management at low levels are not the solution, so they remain part of the overall problem. But IBM is bent on getting rid of the workabees that only make $30-70K by RAs. It's a classic, bad case of 'those that can do, and those that can't manage'.
The problem with IBM is way too many layers of useless overhead called IBM management. So much for the 'workforce rebalancing' applied to IBM management. IBM investors and Mr. Buffett: R U listening??? And it all starts with Ginni and the SVPs and VPs who kiss her a$$ for the $$.
We need a union to reign in the abuse of power that is IBM management otherwise IBM will soon be burnt toast. -ManageThis?-

Comment 04/18/15: "I'm confused. Why would your counselor be surprised that you got FHA? From what I'm reading, with >15 years and age 55, you were eligible. What's this 6 month limit you are talking about?"
I was RA'd at 54 years 7 months old, with 18 years of service. I was given a "Bridge to Retirement" that would take me to my 55th birthday. That timeframe to 55 years old was within my 6 months of severance pay window. The IBM retirement counselor from Fidelity told me not to expect the FHA, I asked why he did not believe I would get the FHA and he was vague and avoided a direct answer. The FHA was granted when I retired August 2015 at 55 years old. The FHA can only be used for IBM healthcare now or in the future, you have to be able to proove coverage at all time until you use the FHA for IBM healthcare. I can get cheaper insurance with similar coverage through the ACA portal. I estimate my IBM FHA will cover about 9 months for 2 people. -BobK-

Comment 04/18/15: Would you junior lawyers quit with the BS about class action lawsuits. If you're game to sue IBM, then quit your job, go to law school, actually win a case or two, and then maybe we'll talk. Good grief. The IBM legal team is just quaking in their boots I'm sure. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/18/15: David Ferrucci was made an IBM Fellow May 2011, Sometime in 2012 he was "escorted out the door" (due to a disagreement with how he felt WATSON should move forward. He then joined Bridgewater Associates -Anon-
Comment 04/18/15: Workers exposed to TCE in Endicott need more protection:
"In the community's must-do file, add an urgent cautionary note for the Huron campus worksite in Endicott that sits atop a toxic pool of trichloroethylene (TCE). About 1,500 people work at the former IBM site where the ground and water table is contaminated with the chemical that IBM used in its manufacturing operations."
If Alliance numbers are correct (IBM Endicott, NY: 2014=714), those IBMers should be raising holy hell with NY State and Cuomo's administration. Does anyone at Alliance know if they are making any noise about it? Seems odd to me, that they're not. Wake up IBMers!! -soothsayer-

Comment 04/18/15: "Has anyone run in to the issue of being denied your FHA money because when you were let go on an RA you were less than a year shy of program eligibility?" Yes. The same thing happened to me. "Has anyone had any success in turning a similar situation around?"
No, I don't think it's possible to turn this around unless perhaps through sympathetic courts, but I wouldn't count on that. On another topic, re managers getting RAd, yes it happens, but it's rare. Too bad; the management is full of incompetent suck-ups who do no meaningful work, and getting rid of 1/3 to 1/2 of them might help the company. Certainly it would be better than what happens now, which is RA the people who actually do the work. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: There are plenty of comments on here and the "archives" comments sections that discuss FHA. Check them out.
Even if you think there's a "sympathetic court", you would have to get a lawyer to find a "law" that IBM broke to file a case in that
"sympathetic court". The problem is that the FHA plan is an IBM creation, based on IBM's rules. It's not federal or state "regulated". As we have said before many times; IBM makes their rules and IBM can break their own rules whenever they please. No laws against that. However if you have a union contract, then you WOULD have a legally binding document that specified all the benefits and requirements agreed to by the union employees and IBM. THEN you'd have a strong court case....But now, you don't.

Comment 04/18/15: "..Seven people from the Watson group just recently left IBM.."
It is the "ya can't stand the heat, then get outta the kitchen" that must apply to the Watson group.
Well I guess Watson just is not cooking with oil these days! We need a union to keep technical vitality and training before all of IBM's intellectual talent is long gone.
Comment 04/18/15: > "Certainly true, but at IBM how many people in IBM get the opportunity or chance to work with the latest technology?"
There's plenty of open source technology that's just a download away. Prospective employers like to hear that you're motivated to be learning new things on your own, especially things relevant to their needs. It does require your spare time, but it beats being stuck with a resume full of useless Blue Stack bloatware that almost no one outside of IBM cares about. -irrational-
Comment 04/17/15: I'm confused. Why would your counselor be surprised that you got FHA? From what I'm reading, with >15 years and age 55, you were eligible. What's this 6 month limit you are talking about?
"I was let go April 1 2014 with 18 years of service, I turned 55 in August and was given the bridge to retirement including FHA. On the books I suspect it looks like I willingly retired early. My FHA is worth less than 1 year of IBM healthcare. Ginny R sent me a congratulations letter in August for retiring. I also had $2500 retraining. The retirement counselor from IBM benefits said he was surprised I got the FHA. Maybe 6 months is the limit. -BobK-" -whatever-
Comment 04/17/15: Seven people from the Watson group just recently left IBM to join Dave Ferrucci at Bridgewater Associates. Ferrucci is leading a new AI unit according to this: -Anonymous-

Comment 04/17/15: I was let go April 1 2014 with 18 years of service, I turned 55 in August and was given the bridge to retirement including FHA. On the books I suspect it looks like I willingly retired early. My FHA is worth less than 1 year of IBM healthcare. Ginny R sent me a congratulations letter in August for retiring. I also had $2500 retraining. The retirement counselor from IBM benefits said he was surprised I got the FHA. Maybe 6 months is the limit. -BobK-
Comment 04/17/15: "I think the most important aspect is to keep your skills up to date with the latest technology."
Certainly true, but at IBM how many people in IBM get the opportunity or chance to work with the latest technology? You work with IBM's technology with is now not even state-of-the-art, let along cutting or"bleeding edge". It is more a bureaucratic behemoth self serving disaster now (lost in the cloud anyone?). That is the problem with IBM.
Comment 04/17/15: After 25 years at IBM, I'm leaving for another job. Only took me 19 years to find a suitable alternative. I'm 54, no degree, and taking a position outside of I/T that pays substantially more than my SSR position at IBM. I mention all this only to offer hope to those of you who hate your job as much as you hate your employer, and are looking for a way out. There are other opportunities out there, and interestingly enough, the IBM mystique remains intact at many organizations outside the I/T industry; -they don't realize how much things have changed within IBM and still think it's a great company. My advice: get a resume together that focuses on your ability to form and maintain relationships with clients, and your ability to adapt to change. The actual I/T knowledge you have is increasingly worth very little outside of IBM, (and increasing worth very little inside IBM as well). Don't be afraid to take a part-time job. For me, taking a part-time job for $15 an hour for most of 2014, when added to my resume, enabled me to land a full-time job in the same industry making nearly $60 an hour in 2015. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/17/15:

Bad tidings. Headwinds for Hardware Earnings. Cost-cutting could help offset some, but not likely all, currency pressures in the coming quarters.
Comment 04/16/15: US worker suing Tata consulting for discrimination against non-Indian workers.

Maybe we can get a class action lawsuit against IBM and all tech firms that discriminate against US workers. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/16/15: I doubt IBM can do too much to destroy the economy in Rochester. Mayo Clinic is the dominant employer and IBM has never even been close. Even the state knows it as they do not offer IBM any tax breaks anymore, giving them to the Mayo Clinic instead. -Long_Gone_From_ROC-
Comment 04/16/15: Has anyone run in to the issue of being denied your FHA money because when you were let go on an RA you were less than a year shy of program eligibility ? I was laid off in February 2014 at age 54, 7 months shy of my 55th birthday in September when I would have made it to FHA eligibility. Since I was retirement eligible, they "retired" me. I wasn't asked if I wanted to bridge to my 55th birthday. In fact they keep telling me there is no bridge available if you are already eligible based on years of service. I've already been denied by the plan admins once. A second letter is in the works. Has anyone had any success in turning a similar situation around? Thanks -Anonymous-
Comment 04/16/15: The Alliance has IBM employee numbers by site here:
We need more information. If your site is not listed please locate the OSHA 300 form for 2014 for your site employee number. It is usually posted with other legal documents that are required by law to be visible to all employees. Send information to -Alliance-

Comment 04/16/15: "You want to better your chances of surviving an RA?-Anonymous-"
I think the most important aspect is to keep your skills up to date with the latest technology. Then, if/when the RA comes, it does not matter. You will be able to find a new job somewhere else. IBM made it so that seniority in the company doesn't matter much anymore as far as benefits (with the exception of the Future Health Account blue $ - and even that is a shrinking benefit every year since the IBM cost is higher, blue $ stays about the same) IBM is not the only game in town. Not in this town anyways. -boulder-

Comment 04/16/15: Sadly like Endicott. I remember Kingston, Manassas, Boca Raton, Tucson, San Jose, and Charlotte all as major sites. Soon Fishkill will add to the list. -recentretired-
Comment 04/16/15: Another great example of a confused, lost behemoth struggling without direction in the tar pits. IBM decides to have a big "Digital Experience" conference in Atlanta. First, confusing name. What is 'digital experience'? As opposed to what, analog experience? They took the legacy portal server product, which was always horrendous, ancient crappy product based on ancient technology and UI paradigm (portlets, anyone?), rename it Digital Experience, have a conference with the same name, right after the big Interconnect and mobile conferences, all very bad decisions. Guess what - 6 weeks to go and only 12 clients registered for this big IBM conference! Uh-oh. Colossal waste of time, money, resources. Very dumb idea and shows the cluelessness of those in charge at this company, and lack of interest in its products. Maybe spending that money to re-invigorate your employees would have been a better idea. Investing in cookbooks and tape technology? I hear that death knell slowly ringing. Activists need to push this board and executive team out, and employees need to work from our side to organize and ensure that we have a voice, before we let them drive the company ship into the reef. Analysts say expectations are so low for 1Q, IBM may actually meet them. I doubt it though. -ShipGoingDown-
Comment 04/16/15: Where is 63? Do we have to wait for the next IBM atrocity (like a pay or benefits cut, forcing remote, work-at-home-office resources to work at a designated IBM office 100% of the time, another RA, etc.)? -still62-
Comment 04/16/15: Seattle CEO cuts his pay so every worker earns at least $70,000. He's already gained new customers, too.
"We're showing people you can run a good company, and you can pay people fairly, and it can be profitable."
When it comes to gaining employee loyalty, Ginni couldn't hold this guy's jockstrap. -CoffeeDrinker-
Comment 04/16/15: I am an ex-Ibmer in India and never I have seen such state of IBM as what I am seeing nowadays. Some of the L1 support team people are getting paid less than the salary of security guard of the office where they are working. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/15/15: In retrospect I'm kinda glad in a way I got RAed back in 2009. Before I got the RA, a few years before, I joined the Alliance. I'm still glad I did. I now know the sick, sadistic lack of logic, decisioning and leadership that became IBM management. At least now when I look for a better job than the one I have, I can always say I was not around with the "bottom of the barrel" folks still hanging on by their broken fingernails, the ones still scared beyond belief to do anything to make IBM what it was when the interviewer or potential manager asks me about it on my resume. The sorry ones still left in IBM will find their resume entry for work in IBM is now less valued the longer you don't do nothing but still want to be employed by this IBM management. -BlueWho-
Comment 04/15/15: You want to better your chances of surviving an RA? You can do two things:
* Get or stay in IBM management. IBM managers have more "staying power" when it comes to RAs. It is absolutely true no matter what an IBM manager will tell you. Once you get above FLM survival in IBM increases logarithmically. Once you are in middle management YOU pick who goes and who stays and you'll ensure your survival. You'll have to live with yourself knowing you mess up employees lives by firing them unjustly comes an RA, but it you can handle it...then your running with the devil anyhow.
Or join the Alliance. Work for an employment contract. A promise and in writing. A much better alternative! -Anonymous-

Comment 04/15/15: Any information on current or expected RAs in Canada? -notimportant -
Comment 04/15/15: Someone posted a comment that 3 managers were RAed. Does IBM RA managers too? Really surprised. I thought FLMs are the ones choose who to be RAed. -FLMRA?-
I've had 2 FLMs RA'd in the past 6 months. I do not believe that either one chose to be RA'd. Both were 2 of the better managers I have had. The last one was 60 and was with IBM for 30 years.
Comment 04/15/15: Mr. White, I am an Endicott resident and my family had a history of working for IBM.
Thank you for the chronological order of what has happened to IBM Endicott. Endicott's economy has suffered dramatically since Lou destroyed a once great upstate Village. This section of upstate NY was once called the Great Southern Tier.
If IBM executives can destroy the home of IBM, they can destroy the economy and lives of any town they are located.
IBM needs a union to fight this greed and corruption.
I hope Lou enjoys his millions on the backs of the residents and IBM employees of Endicott, New York that he destroyed. -ANA-

Comment 04/15/15: In response to comments re: IBM Endicott, here is a summary of details, facts and perspectives regarding the sale of IBM Endicott in 2002. Some of the facts and perspectives:
Comment 04/14/15: To -ReadTheTeaLeaves-"The smart and talented are moving on, they understand this ship is sinking and it's hopeless. IBM isn't even acknowledging this with the usual 'organizational announcements', it's all being kept mum, probably so that others don't get the same idea. People are just here one day, gone the next. So we lose the best and brightest to the competition"
Quite true, it's been quite demoralizing in Research to learn so and so is gone. From Yorktown many have gone to Google. Two that left are now Microsoft Fellows. It used to be put forth that those leaving are spreading IBM's gospel in the industry. Now, silence, management will not announce that someone has left let alone where they've gone. It's up to the individual. David Chess left the best manifesto - it was on his w3 wiki, what was wrong with IBM and why he was leaving. We have had recognized industry SME's (subject matter experts) leave. Women at the top of the STEM chart leave. The list goes on. -anonymous-

Comment 04/14/15: Someone posted a comment that 3 managers were RAed. Does IBM RA managers too? Really surprised. I thought FLMs are the ones choose who to be RAed. -FLMRA?-
Alliance reply: IBM has fired (RA'ed) FLMs and SLMs for years. There were managers that were fired
, when "layoffs" began in IBM in the 1990's. However, the percentage of managers fired vesus workers has always been very very low.
Comment 04/14/15: @Exodus2007 ....."They would have had to do research to know that."....
Not so, FLM's have all direct report employee details at hand. I guess you never received a happy birthday or congrats on x anniversary with IBM note or comment from your manager. Where employees fit what criteria are simple SQL queries that HR or Sr. division mgmnt (SVP/staff) can make.
Remember the "skills matrix" you had to fill out? Employees were told that was to allow for locating needed skills, uh huh.
Reality was Corp HR could use the data assigning a cost basis for location and result showed what could be performed where at lowest cost, hence criteria for RA. IBM no longer in particular business, skills no longer needed? Neither were employees. -gone-

Comment 04/14/15: Is it possible to hve a reply option......? This would make it easy to reply to individual posts and keep track of peoples input/opinins !!? Thanks -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: No.
This board is strictly moderated and updated manually, and frequently. The Alliance has no plans to change the nature or design of this board.
Comment 04/14/15: I can't mention this enough to everyone that is RA'd in the states. Please petition with the Federal Trade and get your trade. Trade will pay for 2 years of college and a few other things. Plus make sure when Trade contacts you to get their email and tell them everything IBM did to you and others (Trade will be glad to give your their email). That is what I did and they listen and wanted me to send them anything I knew or had. I'm in my 50's and enjoy going to college. The management, instructors and counselors at college are more professional then IBM management team or HR Reps ever could be. Never Too Young to go Back to School. -Never Too Young to go Back to School-

Comment 04/14/15: More and more layoffs coming in Brazil... GTS, GBS... PBCs 3, years of experience, does not matter at all since you are just a number. Get out of there while you can!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 04/14/15: I am not sure why no one is reporting RAs from Canada. Maybe we are too discreet! I know at least 3 of the managers from my previous group are getting RAed. People keep on disappearing. If you are young and marketable I would suggest you look for another job ASAP before IBM sucks you dry. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/13/15: I just read the article about the IBM female employee in Australia that lost her lawsuit to IBM
I was wondering if anyone is looking into the case? Smells like IBM paid off the judge or he is just really ignorant to the fact on how IBM treats their employees. -Glad To Be Gone in 2013-

Comment 04/13/15: Interesting -Over-it-in-Oz-

Comment 04/13/15:,ibm-softlayer-slammed-for-failing-on-every-level-after-outage.aspx
MAJOR SOFTLAYER OUTAGE! Australian-owned e-commerce platform provider Bigcommerce has written a scathing blog post criticising IBM SoftLayer over availability problems affecting its customers.
An incident in early April resulted in some Bigcommerce storefronts failing to load correctly due to missing content such as issues, styles and other assets, as well as slow response times, according to Bigcommerce status updates.
The incident resulted in service disruption affecting five percent of Bigcommerce stores, a spokesperson told CRN. It is understood that Bigcommerce uses IBM Softlayer facilities in the US.
Scott Baker, Bigcommerce's head of site reliability and operations, also directed his unhappiness at IBM SoftLayer.
“Our engineers placed too much trust in IBM SoftLayer and that's on us. Unfortunately, our trust in IBM SoftLayer was misplaced. They have failed at every level of an operations team, they have failed as a business unit, they have failed in caring about how their customers are affected."

Comment 04/13/15: The exodus is well under way. Heard about some key defections to cloud competitors recently, actually only found out while looking for people to CC on an email and not finding them on the internal blue pages directory. The smart and talented are moving on, they understand this ship is sinking and it's hopeless. IBM isn't even acknowledging this with the usual 'organizational announcements', it's all being kept mum, probably so that others don't get the same idea. People are just here one day, gone the next. So we lose the best and brightest to the competition, many others through self-inflicted rules like RA, PIP, PBC, and what's left? A lot of unmotivated, company hating individuals. Not exacty a recipe for success. Very bad for morale to have people just 'disappear' and not give their former coworkers the benefit of a heads up. But, that's the kind of thing that happens when a company is dying. We're stuck at 62 because we've saturated the audience here. Let your coworkers know about the Alliance and this site, let's bring in new blood and keep some momentum going. Can't wait for the 1Q financials next week, to see what kind of excuses and further bloodbath results from that. Amusing that we sold off the low-end servers and called that 'cloud revenue'. Amusing but not surprising. Spread the word, join the alliance, rate the company on CEO on glassdoor so we can outnumber the shills that HQ is putting on there to try to dive the ratings up. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 04/13/15: "So will IBM close this site and RA all 1500 who work there and then sell the site for a $1 to rid themselves of it".
Appears IBM doesn't own it anymore. Huron Real Estate Associates owns it whoever they are. Could have been a PILOT thing IBM arranged with NY State(?) If so, it's just like that $1 sale you mentioned. Could this be a superfund site soon perhaps? Kingston, NY ex-IBM location did look like a superfund site the last time I looked at it about a year ago or so. IBM East Fishkill supposedly paid to cleanup up the neighborhood well water where people in the Wiccoppee, Lime Kiln (East Fishkill) have homes and neighborhoods. Once common denominator is IBM eventually abandons it's workforce (by RAs) and the sites that they work out once they pollute it. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/13/15: Using IBM's newly acquired AlchemyAPI, using natural language processing to analyse the opinion of IBM's 2014 Annual Report -anonymous-ex-ibmer-
Comment 04/13/15: Dear -Formeribmer- who commented on 4/13/2015: Your story is so awful... as a woman and an IBMer- I am so deeply ashamed of IBM. I do believe there was a fairly recent Age Discrimination court case against IBM - where the Judge in fact ruled that.... the IBM Open Door Process was very biased.. and an independent process should have been established as first and foremost IBM should have investigated ....... for establishing the truth. IBM is appealing this verdict.... which is truly shocking. I can be a bit sarcastic once I get my Irish up... I am rooting for you friend as I am sure many on this forum are ...Respectfully, -Deb Kelly Proud Alliance@IBM Member-
Comment 04/13/15: -Anonymous- writes " It is odd that after having a one on one with my manager in early January where she asked what my plans for the future were, I indicated that I had to get to March 2016 to hit 15 years in order to qualify for the Health Spending Account. After that I had options going forward. Shortly after that discussion I was given my first "3" rating.".
Why would you consider it odd that after telling the enemy exactly how to hurt you and your family the most they immediately do so? Odds are great that your Management team had no idea you were one year away from actually getting something from IBM. They would have had to do research to know that. Actually work. Submit a query or something to generate a report. That isn't going to happen in most cases because most managers use a team lead to pull reports and have no clue how to do so. People. Stop thinking that Management or HR are on your side. They are not and will never be. Only your elected union representation will be on your side. Always. -Exodus2007-

Comment 04/13/15: I found myself in an incredible situation after 29 years of service at IBM. As a result, I was rated my first 3 after receiving a 2+ (without a salary increase) the year before. As it turns out, I retired rather than fight the situation. Much of the situation had to do with my management. I can't go into details because of an agreement I signed, but even the person assigned to conduct my exit interview implied something was amiss considering the 29 years of long, hard hours of service I had given. Recently I reconnected with someone who I had lost contact with but had retired from another IBM division. Without any prompting, this highly accomplished person said that the root problem at IBM is its management. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/13/15: A cautionary article on suing IBM. From Australia -member-

Comment 04/13/15: Can the Alliance get some demographic data on how many IBMers got RAed that just miss qualifying for the FHA (not quite 15 years of employment and not quite 55 years old)? I bet the number would show clear AGE DISCRIMINATION!
I know our best way of fighting IBM is to unionize and still agree it is the best way to go, but if we can expose IBM's dirty and unfair discriminatory practice of getting rid of workers who are, let's say, 50-54 years old with 10-14 years of service, we can help use that finding to entice more members to join the Alliance, particularly those in that demographic which is still rather sizeable. -FutureHELLAccount-
Alliance reply: There is no doubt there is age discrimination at IBM in job cuts. Has been for years. We got a lot of media attention on this a few years ago when a member did the stats on a job cut in STG. The problem is proving it in a court of law.
IBM employees know that discrimination is going on. It is no secret anymore.

Comment 04/13/15: "I indicated that I had to get to March 2016 to hit 15 years in order to qualify for the Health Spending Account."
Correction: Health Spending Account should be Future Health Account.
Comment 04/13/15: Discrimination in the workplace at IBM! Covert Discrimination: No Subtle Matter -Formeribmer-

Comment 04/12/15: Dear -anon- and Worldwide IBM family regarding your comment -anon- on 4/11/15 ...
I have also asked the wonderful Lee Conrad and all the amazing superheroes at the IBM Alliance who have worked relentlessly and tirelessly for all of us for so many years about LinkedIn. And shame on me... I visited this IBM Alliance site for about 5 years before becoming a dues paying IBM Alliance member two years ago. How sad is that? I am very ashamed of it to be brutally honest. I do believe LinkedIn is a powerful forum as it targets many of our IBM customers, IBMers past and present, our fellow IBM Contractors, and our IBM shareholders. But fundamentally, we have far far too few Alliance members considering the depth and scope of the critical information provided to us. My health is not great... so I do not visit social media often.... but I am in awe of the power of social media..... It only pales in comparison to the awe I have to the unionized efforts of these wonderful worldwide IBM friends and colleagues of ours Respectfully, -Deb Kelly Proud Alliance@IBM member-

Comment 04/12/15: For those of you being RA'd and who are remote, don't give your stupid remote manager the satisfaction of doing a remote close out. Try to find a local ibm manager who would be willing to close you out. That way your stupid manager has scramble to get your check to the remote manager before the close out date AND they also do not get to laugh at you, or continue to insult you, as you are leaving. I put in over 35 years and I HATE ibm!!!! -ihateibm-
Comment 04/12/15:

So will IBM close this site and RA all 1500 who work there and then sell the site for a $1 to rid themselves of it?
Comment 04/11/15: Informed I was being RA'd on the day of my 14th anniversary with the company. Manager was not even aware of the anniversary. It is odd that after having a one on one with my manager in early January where she asked what my plans for the future were, I indicated that I had to get to March 2016 to hit 15 years in order to qualify for the Health Spending Account. After that I had options going forward. Shortly after that discussion I was given my first "3" rating. Told I was under performing. I am a team lead. I was put on a performance plan that was to run until April 20. January and February production numbers showed I was exceeding my goals under the plan. On March 19, 2015 I was informed that I was being RA'd even though I was well ahead of plan expectations. Another member of my team under a plan similar to mine, was also given the news the same day as well.
Managers are not allowed to talk about how many or even indicate who was being RA'd on their individual teams. So far I am aware of four of us that were affected by the action. Of the four, three of us are over 55 and were considering retirement in the future, just not in 2015.
Spoke with a first line manager in our group that was also RA'd after delivering the RA message to a member of her team. She indicated that in management discussions where they discuss employee ratings several people that were near to or had indicated the possibility of retirement in the not too distant future were to be given "3" ratings just because of their comments to their individual manager regarding future retirement plans. A good indication of the selection process for being selected.
It appears that IBM is performing the RA's a little at a time across different divisions in order to hide the number of affected people. They are further concealing the information by not being truthful in their announcements concerning someone leaving a team. The announcement reads something like "so and so has chosen to retire will be retiring on (date). Or so and so has decided to accept an opportunity with another company and will be leaving...
They won't even tell the truth to their own teams. It is amazing how deceitful and untrustworthy the company and it's management has become.
Comment 04/11/15: To Anonymous S&D: Apparently there are no *rules* around packages for individuals with failed PIPs. You MAY be eligible for 13 weeks of separation pay - this is up to your manager. Good luck to you -16YearsAndCounting-
Alliance reply: There ARE *rules*. They are IBM's *rules*, and IBM can break them or enforce them anytime they want to, whenever it serves THEIR interests...and NOT the IBM employees. This is what it means to be an "At Will Employee". You said it exactly right, " ...this is up to your manager." Here's an idea: Unionize and negotiate what those *rules* will be on union terms, and not IBM alone. Organize. It's up to YOU!

Comment 04/11/15: -fg- yes, we know it stinks and it hurts. So let's get our union to fight back! The Buffett's of the world have so much $$$ they can lose billions and still be way to greedy, filthy rich. The only way to fight power and greed is to unionize as one force. -fg-
Comment 04/11/15: "..layoffs this week in Brazil.."
And there were large layoffs in India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, China so next country please now step in line.. After Brazil I can see the Eastern Europeans getting impacted. See, IBM really does stand for INTERNATIONAL Business Meanderings. They are an equal opportunity offender to world job security through these unjust resource actions! We need an INTERNATIONAL or global IBM UNION!
Alliance reply: We DO have an IBM Global Union Alliance. It has been written about on this Job Cuts Report section (see archives), on the main page, and in mass emails to IBM employees (list of unions link). What we need is more workers joining HERE.

Comment 04/11/15: Anonymous in S&D - Just show up to work for the next 60 days for 8 hours a day and do nothing special if you are sure you can't meet the objectives anyway. Take all the money you can get out of them and move forward to a new life. I don't know if there is a way out but use the next couple of months to find a job while still collecting a paycheck. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 04/11/15: With GE announcing yesterday that it is selling off GE Capital its financial component. Don't forget, IBM has it's own 'IBM Credit Corp' subsidiary that generates revenue offering financial support to customers for buying hardware. With IBM's hardware sales in steady decline, ICC becomes a vestigial entity that can easily be sold off. ICC is based out of the old IBM HQ white elephant building in Armonk. The parking lots there are so empty, so empty. -anonymous-
Comment 04/11/15: Add to the social media list - LinkedIn. Follow and comment on the various IBM boards. You will reach a professional audience, act accordingly. Many customer exec's, current and former IBMr's are there. -anon-
Comment 04/10/15: IBM is making good use of social media and we should engage IBM in the social media environment. I want to suggest that Facebook and Twitter users interact with IBM on its social media feeds. We can get the message out about RAs, H1B visas, unionizing efforst, and mistreatment of employees by commenting directly on IBM social media feeds. For example, there is the @IBM Twitter feed that is ripe for commenting. Let us get our messages included within IBM's. Consider this a new way of disseminating information for the new ages. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Good idea. As a matter of fact, Alliance has been active on Facebook and Twitter for a few years now.
If you have a Twitter account and/or a Facebook account, consider following us at @allianceibm on Twitter and Allianceibm Cwa on Facebook. Also, to keep it consistent with Alliance, we recommend using @IBM #THINKunion whenever you tweet re: IBM
. We have 1522 followers on Twitter, and we have 1753 "likes" on our Facebook page. Not a huge following, but there is room to grow and potential to reach, if you really want to organize with social media. Thank you for your comment and your support.
Comment 04/10/15: 20 layoffs this week in Brazil... GBS and GTS. The managers want discretion but the blood bath is just starting...Shame on you IBM. Another massive layoffs coming discretely. Cringely was right...wish this company best luck because the environment is toxic. Brace yourselves -Anonymous-
Comment 04/10/15: With all the Cloud back and forth. lets not lose sight of the fact that before Amazon wiped IBM's *ss and they discovered religion and bought Softlayer. There was IBM's own in house developed "Smart Cloud" that exec's had no idea what to do with, how to market (before the CIA fiasco). Details at:
There are some exagerated claims as to how wide spread it was actually used. If a company got an ID on it to give it a try it was considered a"customer". To IBM Cloud Computing was viewed and treated as a passing industry fad as "Thin Clients", and Virtualization. "Smart Cloud" was a kludge, a poor step child of SWG. It was offered to the public as a freebie try me Test Cloud deal. Virtually (no pun) all the exec's, VP's, DE's involved with it have left IBM. Cringley would have a field day writing about it. At the same time Research had it's own toy clouds (RC1 & RC2) that was never implemented in any scale. -CloudyDays-

Comment 04/10/15: Looks like the media and some government officials are starting to wise up on H1B Visa abuses to replace American workers with cheap labor. Wish they would mention IBM as one of the culprits... -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: As posted a few weeks ago, the Alliance did participate in congressional hearings on the use of foreign workers to replace IBM US workers.

Comment 04/10/15: Finally!!.....Senators investigating VISA abuse with regards to layoffs... -anon-

Comment 04/10/15: -recentretired- If these IBM population counts are right we have to demand the State of NY and Dutchess County of NY revoke the PILOT agreement with IBM! IBM has not kept the jobs up to fulfill the PILOT. The Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation needs to answer to this finding! -FishFooled_in_EFKnPOKedn'nPoughkeepsie-
Comment 04/10/15: I hope Warren Buffet loses his shirt on the IBM investment. Because of his and IBM management greed I lost my job when I needed it most - after the birth of a child. Rot in hell you greedy bast*rds! May you find yourselves in the hottest most raging part of the inferno. It won't be long! -fg-
Comment 04/10/15: 8 weeks of Friday mandatory cloud education for a number of sites in canada (not sure if all). This requires coming into the location in person for 2 hours for CAMSS education , awareness and meeting with IBM Exec and SME's. With travel - 3-4 hours of the day used up for many, this strikes me as a very odd choice of training methods and questionable use of time. Seems like there is more to this than is said. -canuck-
Comment 04/10/15: Analyze this, Amazon screws IBM again. Amazon delivers its answer to IBM Watson Analytics.
Amazon is ready to take the fight to IBM Watson Analytics' artificial intelligence through an easy-to-implement machine learning service geared toward developers. Unveiled on Thursday, Amazon Machine Learning gives developers the chance to extract much more meaningful insights from their Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted data without needing a background in data science and it is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/10/15:
IBM is losing it in the security space also. Not only are CEOs vulnerable but the traditional safe haven — buying from IBM — is no longer seen as an insurance policy. Instead of buying an all-in-one solution from IBM, a Boston-area venture capitalist argues that companies are looking more to the best-of-breed point solutions to their information security problems.
As ironman competitor Jeff Fagnan, a partner at Atlas Ventures, explained, “IBM struggles to sell security solutions because companies want to buy from best-of-breed vendors like cyber-attack defender, FireEye, network security vendor, Palo Alto Networks, endpoint security provider, Bit9 + Carbon Black, and application security supplier, Veracode. Companies want to buy from companies that have security in their DNA.”
Comment 04/10/15: Regarding DOE supercomputer wins, IBM won two out of the three contracts. I believe the government could not award all 3 to the same vendor. IBM to Build DoE's Next-Gen Coral Supercomputers -Anonymous-
Comment 04/10/15: To -anon- I'm not surprised at all with the supercomputer news. As you might know BlueGene Architect Alan Gara left IBM and joined Intel in 2011, and lots of his team members in IBM left too. -Cloudless-
Comment 04/10/15: "statistical analysis of data" + "fuzzy math (i.e. "financial engineering")" = IBM -I'veBeenMisled-
Comment 04/10/15: I first wrote on 3/25/15 about receiving PBC 3 and 90 day PIP (Performance Improvement Plan), after many years at 2+. I am over 55, with over 30 years at IBM. Close to finishing 1st month on PIP with no chance of reaching impossible list of objectives outlined on PIP template. Does anyone have experience with being placed on 90 day PIP, and then being offered reduced ISAP (Individual Separation Agreement) prior to the end of 90 days? I am doing the best I can to anticipate my forced retirement...having the extra 90 days, rather than being forced out with 30 days notice under RA, has been helpful, but still painful. -Anonymous in S&D-
Comment 04/10/15: Poughkeepsie journal reports 3,004 people in Poughkeepsie and East Fishkill with 3,101. East Fishkill will go to GlobalFoundries this year. That will leave only Poughkeepsie for IBM. Far cry from the numbers 10 or more years ago. -recentretired-

Comment 04/10/15: Has Warren Buffett Made a Mistake With His IBM Stock Purchase? --
Just look at the charts. . . -CEOaaS-

Comment 04/10/15: Faith in IBM.... is lacking.... Cray?? Really??? lol
Comment 04/09/15:
IBM blows it in the supercomputer race. Future Intel Chips Shine in 180 Petaflops Argonne Supercomputer. No room for cloud here. For the first time in over twenty years of supercomputing history, a chipmaker, as opposed to a systems vendor, has been awarded the contract to build a leading-edge national computing resource. This machine, expected to reach a peak performance of 180 petaflops, will provide massive compute power to Argonne National Laboratory, which will receive the HPC gear in 2018.
Comment 04/09/15: "...away from the worst executive management I've worked for in the past 30+ years..."
Amen, The myth of IBM is that they still have effective executive management. If Ginni is the leader then they have no real executive leadership, let alone any management and direction.
Comment 04/09/15: Relating to the OUCH / Cloud comments. An article in Eweek delves into the issues. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/09/15: Q. When Will IBM Become a Cloud Leader? A. IBM is clearly lost in the Fog. -Pravda-
Comment 04/08/15: >> To -Pravda- analytics is just a fancy way to say "statistical analysis of data". Nothing new there. <<
Disagree here. Analytics/Big Data is the next evolution. IBM's problem here is that it is big, expensive and cannot be a large contributor to revenue until it becomes more automated and mainstream. That's a decade away.
Comment 04/08/15: >> OUCH! When Will IBM Become a Cloud Leader? While IBM reinvented its cloud unit with a reorg and new services, it seems the company, like Rodney Dangerfield, still can't "get no respect" in the cloud. <<
What new services? Just because they market something doesn't mean it exists. It's the same people using different language. Had they not purchased SoftLayer they would still have ONE Strategic Outsourcing account running in their old cloud... a client (Baccardi I think) that was leaving IBM's cloud anyway. They get no respect because they are inactive, not engaged and totally ineffective in this space. Is that going to change? Probably... When? Who knows.... Impact? No one is waiting for IBM to get their act together.
Alliance reply: What IS certain is that IBM workers will continue to be fired, en masse, according to IBM's continuous "plan" to leave their "resources out of the equation". IBM workers were the FIRST to "get no respect". And the IBM workers will continue to "get no respect" until they unite and stand up for themselves.
Step 1: Join the Alliance and get more IBM workers to do the same. Step 2: Publicly declare, in a unified large group of US IBM workers, that IBM must deal with their workers as *keys* to IBM's success; regardless of what "services" they choose to offer their customers. A union *could* make a difference in the way IBM operates as a company....But the IBM workers have to WANT it, and DO it. Organize. Get busy fighting for your jobs, or get busy losing your jobs and continuing on the same path as before. Your choice, NOT IBM's.

Comment 04/08/15: To -Wondering in NY- In terms of hanging in there or leaving for another job that is a personal choice based on many factors (e.g., age, skills, relationship with your FLM... etc.). What I can say is that it is easier to find a job when you are still employed vs. after a layoff. IBM is a large company and I don't see major changes (improvements) soon. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/08/15: -Pravda- if analytics is handled by the Rational line of software products IBM uses then I say it is definitely IRRational for a statistical analysis set of tools and products! I have used Maximo and TSRM and they are the worst for use as anything I could ever image even though the GDFs still uses them. -GDF'ed-
Comment 04/08/15: -Mark1- I am under the inkling that Warren Buffett doesn't concern himself with the IBM stock price. He only cares for the dividend he gets on the IBM stock shares each quarter which he thinks is a good return on investment. I know it makes little sense but that is my take. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/08/15: @WonderingInNY, The "shareholders" have been quite happy with IBM cutting benefits, cutting employees, and self-cannabilization for many years. They are only unhappy now because its no longer driving the stock price up. If IBM his now hiring and advisor, its to "spin" the situation... not to reverse their strategy. I've been out of IBM for almost two years. The tech market is pretty vibrant and most other companies don't treat their employees like IBM. If you get an offer, I'd highly advise you to take it and run. IBM experience still has value in other companies but that may not last forever if the house of cards falls. Its wonderful post-Blue. -GoneIn13-
Comment 04/08/15: Band 9 guy- i left on my own discretion and getting fed up by incompetent management. My First line was a joke. I got sick of moving one side to another hearing blah blah from executives and shuffling resources to cloud for no reason. I got sick hearing chef watson news as if it meant anything. If IBM cared any technology news, they could have highlighted many good case studies STG and RES did over the years but banged up Chef Watson was the only thing to harp on. A lot of new things exist outside IBM managers have no clue and unmotivated IBMers can not help all management getting the promised lands. It is slow death. Beware -Anonymous-
Comment 04/08/15: The blood bath has been started in Brazil. Next round is scheduled for Friday. Good luck to all!!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 04/07/15: ..and that is how it all ends...Legal (dept) rules all. No matter what, once you sign the document, you are bound. The company is not. Hurts when I take a seat. Give me my money and good riddance to "cloudy" trash. I will sing your praises wherever I go. I will start with Queensland and end with the State of Texas, and Indiana, and all the other successes that you have had. Watson oh Watson please open the pod bay doors and join me... -HAL9K-
Comment 04/07/15: All team members received this in an email this week.
"There is an initiative to help improve morale across the business. To help support this initiative, a TSS National Morale team has been assembled".
Morale issue? You think? To actually see them admit it speaks volumes. signed -'Fool me once'-

Comment 04/07/15: The blood bath has been started in Brazil. New round is Friday. -ibmbr-
Comment 04/07/15: I just wanted to add my name to the list. I was RA's at the end of February -- a band 10 manager in GTS Marketing. Like many of you, I feel I was managed out of the business, having been rated a '1' and then, over a few years, taken down to a '3'. Officially I had 31 years with the business, but IBM did not count the time I worked as a Branch Office Sales Assistant (supplemental) while I was in college. Counting that time, I would have had 33 years. I am terribly relieved to be out of the cesspool, moving forward again in my life and away from the worst executive management I've worked for in the past 30+ years. -Glad That's Over-
Comment 04/07/15: So I have been reading the news that IBM hired advisers with interest. I am not sure what that means for current IBMers. I have been interviewing with other companies and think I am close to getting an offer, but would prefer to stay with IBM if it can course correct. Anyone have an opinion? -Wondering in NY-
Alliance reply: What appears to be going on is that some stockholders are not happy with the past 2 years of Rometty's rule and are organizing. IBM in response is to fight them. In the middle are the employees which BOTH sides will NOT represent. It is up to the Alliance and IBM employees to make our voice heard loud and clear. Join and organize!

Comment 04/06/15: OUCH! When Will IBM Become a Cloud Leader? While IBM reinvented its cloud unit with a reorg and new services, it seems the company, like Rodney Dangerfield, still can't "get no respect" in the cloud. -Anon-
Comment 04/06/15: Why are we still stuck at only 62 new members. Hello??? Do you know when the next RA will happen? If you don't join, you have no way of stopping it. And you might not have any way of saving your job if you have no contract and are selected for RA. If you think keeping you head low will avoid an RA ask the TENS OF THOUSANDS that adopted the same strategy only to fall to the evil Big Blue Empire (BBE) Resource Actions! -Ynot63+?-
Comment 04/06/15: To -Pravda- analytics is just a fancy way to say "statistical analysis of data". Nothing new there. -justsayin-
Comment 04/06/15: Would it be possible to get a question about Warren Buffet's (i.e., Berkshire Hathaway's) support and justification of that support of IBM management in front of their annual shareholders' meeting on May 2, 2015 and in so doing in front of the global financial news media? That is, have him/them justify the support of IBM management's treatment of domestic employees and the large scale export of good paying US jobs to other countries. To get meeting credentials, one has to own stock in Berkshire Hathaway which is currently about $215,600/share. I think very few people, if any, reading this website owns Berkshire Hathaway stock. Nonetheless, is there another way to confront Buffet in a public way with this question at the share holders' meeting? -Mark1-
Comment 04/06/15: -Pravda- Isn't "analytics" the company COGNOS that IBM purchased a few years ago? As with notes, IBM is pushing cognos as an internal analytical tool. Clunky, and not intuitive, and likely a bad investment. -gone in '13-
Comment 04/05/15: "IBM is continuing to execute on our strategy - making investments in growth areas such as analytics and cloud, reinventing our core franchises, and returning capital to shareholders. We are managing the company for the long term."

Execute on our strategy? RAs..RAs..more RAs. analytics? Not a word in Webster's dictionary. IBM has no definition of it other than --->WATSON?
No other company harps on this word so it is anything IBM wants it to be... cloud? IBM Is under a big rainy, stormy one!
Notice the "c" is not in a CAPITAL letter. Re-inventing our core franchises? Re-inventing..what..huh?
Well IBM what did you FORGET that you need to re-invent? Make a rounder wheel? Has anyone bought into an IBM franchise..also what is it???
Returning capital to shareholders? Stock price has went down almost 20% so the only return of capital is a stock buyback? We are managing the company for the long term? That is 91 days or so tops. Quarter to Quarter report.
IBM word-speak is confusional language. Nothing much and nothing more. -Pravda-
Comment 04/05/15: Massive layoffs coming up for India and Brasil. Pay attention band 9 and 8 employees... You are going to be the first ones. First line managers deciding who leaves or stays. If you are a good worker, do not worry. You will be relieved when you are gone! -Anonymous-
C Comment 04/05/15: To -Union YES- IBM had all of us 'brainwashed' thinking that if we worked hard, 12+ hour days, weekends, holidays, we would always have a job... and most of us did! I, like many others were hesitant to join the Alliance because we all thought it could NEVER happen to me... well sooner or later it does ... all it takes is one or two pycho managers... Managers who are weak leaders, don't have confidence, steal your work and try to promote themselves vs their people, etc etc... If you are employed JOIN the Union! It costs very little and they can and will help you! -Glad to be Gone!-
Comment 04/04/15: I was in the wave 2 of cuts at IBM Toronto Lab in Canada. Got the notification on March 23rd and my last day is April 10th. I thought I will be in the wave 1 of cuts. Anyway I know this day will come. From what I know there is another wave coming, most likely in May. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/04/15: Where is my Easter egg IBM? I worked all last night doing your Cloud business and now my manager wants me to come in tomorrow after I get some sleep to "finish up". Yeah, I got a 1% raise recently but would rather forgo it if this is what is "expected". -Anonymous-
Comment 04/04/15: To -Anonymous- of "given a 3 for the first time in 31 years, on a PIP that was totally unattainable."
Sorry to hear of how you were treated. Seems to be the norm rather than the exception by this post-Gerstner IBM. I hope you are at least 55 years old so you at least get the FHA. If not, I believe that was the real reason for the PBC 3, PIP: the measured mile that you had to run in a minute flat to prove performance improvement.. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/03/15: To Band 9 about to leave... although you might be giving them two weeks notice, they do not have to allow you access to their systems for those to weeks. Be prepared to be completely disconnected from IBM's IT infrastructure on the day you give notice. Any contacts, personal data, etc. make sure it is in a place on a non-IBM computer, BEFORE you give notice. Also, be aware of where you stand in terms of vacation time and what not. You would not want them to say you owe them money for unearned days offs. Kudos on choosing to leave, and best wishes on your the future prospects. All-in-all, you do want to depart in a professional manner, regardless of how they might have treated you. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/03/15: "Also looks like internal email moving to IBM's Cloud... is this more Cloud 'revenue'?"
There used to be a tool where one could see what charges were associated to an employee. The most outrageous charge at the time was that IGS was charging departments $500 for support per Notes ID - PER MONTH! IGA (IBM Global account) exists solely to wring as much money out of divisions and deliver as little in return to maximize "revenue" even though it's blue funny money not real customer dollars. -anon-

Comment 04/03/15: I know many of you are asking yourselves why isn't the Government doing something about the situation at IBM. They did. They gave you the right to organize and recently the right to use company email to do so. Take the hint. Like the Minutemen of old, you must stand in front of the enemy to stop them from advancing. Be an organizer. Passing out flyers is like passing out ammunition to your co workers so they can fight back also. Putting on a blindfold and pretending its not happening is a good way to wind up in front of a firing squad. -Exodus2007-
Comment 04/03/15: To -Band 9 Research- re: notice. "At Will" works both ways so unless you have a contract to the contrary there's nothing to stop you just shutting up shop and quitting on the same day. That said, waiting a couple of weeks gives them time to get all your paperwork and final paycheck etc together. When I left I gave them two weeks notice just because that seemed like the 'right' thing to do to me in orderto hand everything over. Of course, it depends where you are going to as well since if you are moving to a major competitor and they find that out (or you tell them although there's no obligation to do so) then they may well just walk you off site there and then. It has happened. -Glad To Be Gone-
Comment 04/03/15: Surprised this hadn't occurred sooner:
Also seeing IBM push internal groups to use IBM's Cloud for hardware needs rather than making capital expenditures and then being charged monthly rates for Cloud usage... is this more Cloud 'revenue'? Also looks like internal email moving to IBM's Cloud... is this more Cloud 'revenue'? -Anonymous-

Comment 04/03/15: "To Band-9 in Research": Advice based on my experience. A terse 2-week-notice email to 1st, 2nd and 3rd line managers, maybe two sentences at best. Then drop off Sametime. The process will work itself out rather quickly. Offer very little info re: new opportunity, less is better. Exit interview is just a cordial good bye between parties because remember, you are just a 'resource', they don't care what you think. Enjoy your two weeks, and yes, the grass is much, much greener on the other side. -Misty-
Comment 04/03/15: "When Lou became CEO, he destroyed the city of Endicott by causing massive layoffs."
Yes, and he also fired the IBM company music band based in Endicott/Johnson City as well.
Gerstner couldn't whistle a tune if it didn't have something sung about himself. And then we see his hand picked successor Sam and now Sam's hand picked successor Ginni further wreck IBM in many other IBM work sites. IBM was born in Endicott and I'm afraid regrettably it will die there soon if we still sick back and be apathetic and not do anything about it. Join the Alliance!
Comment 04/03/15: -HelpYourself- In the 2000's when I was employed by IBM as an Alliance member (I am still proud member!), I regularly passed out plenty of fliers and our THINK TWICE newsletters in various IBM site cafeterias and snack and break areas. I know hundreds and thousands of IBM's still know the Alliance exists or at least wonder "where did the Alliance go?" well, it hasn't gone; it's still around as proven here! I still can't understand IBMers paralysis and fear of joining the Alliance. You have the right under USA labor law to join without retribution by the employer. You will not lose your IBM job by joining the Alliance; but you will certainly lose your job to an RA. I joined in 1999 and was RAed in 2009. So if IBM wanted to fire me for joining the Alliance why did they wait about 10 years?! I wasn't fearful of losing my job in IBM; I was more fearful of working for a declining tech company that has lost all respect for it's employees and management that has no clue on how to manage and lead without greed and ignorance and disrespect taking over. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 04/03/15: -ANA- You can't compare Dubuque to Endicott even though it is a shame what is happening out in Dubuque.
They have a much smaller amount of employees and have not been part of IBM since its beginnings. IBM pulling out of the Endicott area devastated not only Endicott, but the entire region. Endicott, at its peak, had about 15K employees when you added in the Glendale Lab. It supported approximately 45 - 60K people directly in the community through paychecks to employees. In addition, much of Endicott and surrounding areas were kept in business by IBM employees spending those paychecks. I left the area in the early 90's when they shutdown most of the Glendale Lab after having grown up in the region and transferred to RTP. I still had a job but I had to uproot my family, leave behind relatives and friends and start a whole new life. This happened to thousands upon thousands of us at that time. When I go back to the area now it is depressing as it has all gone downhill so badly. This has also happened in other flagship locations due to the high taxes in NY State and elsewhere. -longtimebeemer-
Alliance reply: The "high taxes" excuse was what IBM used for Endicott, too. However, the REAL reason IBM left Endicott and multiple other USA locations was CHEAP LABOR in the "3rd World", coupled with few or non-existent labor laws and environmental restrictions in other countries. "High taxes" affected small businesses more than corporations such as IBM. And as a clarification: John Akers and IBM's "brain trust" at the time had no idea how to deal with the 1980's, 1990's business of "consumer machines" aka 'Personal Computers', among other huge mistakes because IBM had been the world leader and ahead of every other tech company for so long with "Business Machines"; hence their name (think Aesop's fable "The Tortoise and The Hare") that Lou Gerstner's "hatchet man" strategy seemed like the logical move as far as the IBM BoD was concerned. This is when the old IBM began to disappear, as ANA points out.

Comment 04/03/15: Given a 3 for the first time in 31 years, on a PIP that was totally unattainable. No mgmt support at all from any levels within the business. FLM is totally against me, he has never been a sales person & as far as I know never been through IBM Sales school, yet he has been made a Sales Mgr !,,,worst still, he has had several HR grievienaces against him as a bad people manager.....yet still appointed as FLM in a business that is key to IBM success & part of CAMSS. A totally messed up situation waiting to blow up......unbelievable how it can carry on. Luckily for me I asked for the redundancy package & offered & accepted. Sad to end my 31 years association with IBM in such a manner. I was not even sent a note of thanks or even given a chance to say good bye to my colleagues as all my ids were revoked !!
A very sad situation for a company to get into. I have teenage daughters & many friends, who over the years have seen how much of a company man I have been. What impression are they taking from me now after seeing how I am being treated? Do you think they will encourage their friends, sons & daughters tomaplynfor an' career' at IBM!? I think not! 11 quarters of missed revenue forecast and you get a payrise, one bad half & I get a redundancy package !!....that is called INTEGRITY my friends!! -Anonymous-

Comment 04/03/15: Exclusive: IBM hired advisers to deal with restless investors - sources (Reuters) -
Some top shareholders of IBM, disappointed by 11 straight quarters of falling revenues, are seeking help from activist investors to shake up the company, but have been turned down by both Bill Ackman's Pershing Square and Jeffrey Ubben's ValueAct, according to people with knowledge of the matter. International Business Machines Corp is concerned about a possible attack by prominent activist hedge funds, and is working with two investment banks to formulate a defense plan, according to the people, who declined to be identified.
Full article:
Comment 04/03/15: To -Anonymous Band 9- leaving Research: the industry is smaller than you may think.... do not burn any bridges. Leave on good terms with your manager and your colleagues. Give two weeks notice. Complete your work, and plan and execute transition plans for work that you cannot complete before you leave. And yes, you need to complete paperwork, hand in your badge and laptop, etc. You may think that you have not been treated well as a professional... but do yourself a big favor and leave as a professional anyhow. -16YearsAndCounting-
Comment 04/02/15: Lot of IBMers are leaving on their own too, thinking that IBM is a low performer. IBM is laying off people who they think are low performers. These are the two leaks in a ship. It might drown any time. When IBM left India in the 1970s, the Indian govt. formed a corporation called CMC (Computer Maintenance Corp.) to service IBM machines that were sold in India.
I think each country should form an entity similar to CMC before this ship goes under water. Remaining employees and customers are going to face lot of problems during this transition.
Comment 04/02/15: IBM is working on a defense plan against activist investors Some top shareholders of IBM, disappointed by 11 straight quarters of falling revenues, are seeking help from activist investors to shake up the company. IBM is concerned about a possible attack by prominent activist hedge funds, and is working with two investment banks to formulate a defense plan, according to the people, who declined to be identified. -Anon-

Comment 04/02/15: -ByeByeIBM!-, this is almost my exact experience too. My new place has a higher base salary and I received a 19% bonus for the last 6 months of 2014. I regret staying with IBM for as long as I did. I'm so glad to be working for a tech company again. -Grass is Greener-
Comment 04/02/15: It's frustrating that the thermometer has been stuck, but let's keep in mind that the people on this board are only a small fraction of IBMers. We may well have saturated the numbers here as far as board followers joining the alliance (at least those who were not as of when the thermometer went up in December or whenever). What does this mean? Instead of being frustrated at the thermometer not moving, we need to socialize this site and the Alliance's efforts to our fellow IBMers. Let's build their awareness of both, and that will in turn help to build membership. Those who don't join because they are skeptical about ever achieving enough members to have a union are wrong. We should all be joining because of what the Alliance is doing *today*. They are fighting for us with their letters and efforts to government, by holding IBM accountable for their egregious actions against employees, and by providing this board; which is invaluable to us all. That's why it's important to pony up a few bucks a month. They are our advocate. Help spread the word today, the next RA is probably not far away and it could be you next time. There is no more sitting back knowing you are safe for another year. It's continuous now, so act. -HelpYourself-
Comment 04/02/15: "600 people in Dubuque building layoffs in Dubuque".
I know how you feel, IBM employees of Dubuque. I worked at IBM Endicott and there were approximately 12,0000 employees . We were responsible for circuit board manufacturing and substrate manufacturing. When Lou became CEO, he destroyed the city of Endicott by causing massive layoffs. To this day, Endicott has never recovered economically by the havoc Lou caused to the IBM employee families of Endicott. Today, there are approximately 500 fulltime IBM employees left in Endicott. IBM workers are in desperate need of a union. Executives in IBM don't give a rats axx about the IBM employee. Its all about greed, corruption, bonuses, and stick it to the IBM worker. -ANA-

Comment 04/02/15: -Anonymous- Federal tax law states "If severance is paid separately from your regular wages, your employer may withhold at a flat 25 percent"
In one post, you have summarized what happens time and time again to software companies that IBM acquires. I am glad you made the decision to leave in such a short period of time and are reinvigorating your career. Many acquired essential employees receive retention bonuses that forces them to stay for a certain amount of time after the acquisition if they want to collect the bonus. IBM usually loses at least 1/2 of that top talent after the bonuses are paid out. -longtimebeemer-

Comment 04/02/15: I'm a band 9 from IBM Research that recently lined up another job. Any advice on off-boarding would be great: do I really need to give 2 weeks notice, sign departure forms, do exit interview etc. Anything to watch out for? -Anonymous-
Comment 04/02/15: -FDB- All of the proposals by stockholders part C of the voting proxy are usually condemned by the Board of Directors every year. If a stockholder has or had a good proposal, then the BOD adopts it or asks the proposal writer to withdraw it so they may "consider it". You are dealing with a Politburo which is essentially what runs IBM. Ordinary Stockholders are treated like indigent fools and if you waste your time and money going to an IBM stockholder's meeting you get the peon treatment. -Pravda-
Comment 04/02/15: If I had to ask a question to Ms. CEO at the IBM stockholder meeting it would be:
"Why is the percentage of IBM managers getting higher compared to the IBM resources? It makes no sense that this is so since IBM management failed miserably with Roadmap 2015 and the RAs decided by IBM managers based on PBCs and other factors has not helped IBM's financial outlook".

You think I would get a long pause or even an answer?
Alliance reply: The best way to find out is to attend the meeting, if possible, or get someone that owns some stock to ask that question on your behalf. Your question could even be considered "rhetorical" because everyone already knows the real and obvious answer: IBM Management is operating in an "unfriendly-to-workers (resources)" mode, and they intend to continue to do so.

Comment 04/02/15: Another blow to IBM's reputation for woman and technology. It was announced the Joanne Martin Distinguished Engineer, former VP of Technology, past president of the IBM Academy of Technology, and most recently IBM CISO - has left to pursue other initiatives. She joins a list of other distinguished, highly recognized women in technology who have left IBM in recent times.,-Ph.D.-Distinguished-Engineer-and-Vice-President-of-Technology-IBM-Corporation/ -anon-

Comment 04/02/15: -SurveySays:X- I have seen the feedback provided to my 1st line. It wasn't positive. I can only talk in general terms but 2/3rds of the respondents were more negative than positive across the board. The only plus point were related to internal team dynamics. I don't believe any other manager has shared this information at my location, so I've assumed that 1st line is either angry or had the best looking results. I guess IBM management are in Emu mode and won't share the poor feedback. Then Ginni doesn't seem to care about "resources" in any case. -Anon UK-
Comment 04/02/15: Very upset... FLM in Brasil. GTS tower...near SP city - Hortolandia. I have a list of employees that are great to work with but I need to let them go. Need to choose 3 FTEs to fire in April... New restructuring coming. Fasten your seat belts... This one will hit harder than last year... Join the union NOW and start looking for other jobs!!! Do not wait for the storm to come in, act now! -Anonymous-
Comment 04/01/15: IBM gets busted today trying to make it sound like we took Amazon's cloud business away at the Weather Company. IBM PR/Marketing put out a very dishonest post that was corrected publicly by both Amazon and Weather Company executives. How embarrassing, this company has no moral integrity any more. Wait until wall street finds out that the cloud revenues are all lies and greatly inflated. Nobody is buying this crap, it's all smoke and mirrors, cloud vapors. Amazon, Microsoft, and Google cloud offerings are all home-grown and designed from the ground up. IBMs is a cobbled together pile of acquisitions. Figure it out. Join the alliance and vote the company and CEO down on so that we can influence change in the leadership and save the company and our jobs. The people in charge are driven by greed and completely immoral and couldn't care less about you. Sell your stock now while you can still get something from it. 1Q results are coming in a few weeks, expect more of the same, ship has sunk further since last time, we're taking on water, cap'n. -LowMorale-
Comment 04/01/15: I worked for IBM for over 2 years under a recently-acquired division. I witnessed first hand the swift decline of division.
At first, we were excited about the acquisition because IBM had a big name. Then slowly, we lost our coffee, milk, office parties, and other things. Then by 1.5 year mark, we all realized that we'd be lucky to get more than a few % of raises and bonuses every 1.5 years.
One of the more extreme examples we had is a senior developer spending his time in office 24/7 (for weeks) to crunch for a deliverable that an idiot sales rep promised to a client (so that he could close the sale). Then when it came to performance review time, that senior dev was not even compensated for his dinner (let alone raises).
As for work in general, IBM opened up several new products in our division and diverted most of our core developers to them. Then just as one of the products were about to succeed, the upper management over in the east coast decided to 'can it', wasting the efforts of our best engineers.
And what of the old money-making products? The upper management shoved loads of new grads and co-ops into them to compensate for the brain-drain to other products. And of course, replacing quality with quantity almost never works in software. So now we got an ever-increasing amount of sev-1's and sev-2's because these lower caliber engineers were tripping all over themselves. I almost feel bad for the clients and the CSRs' that have to constantly deal with this sh**.
Flash forward, I left IBM last month for a Big 4 company in Seattle. At the time of my departure, morale was at all-time low. Upon arriving the new company, I realized how much I stagnated in IBM. I was overwhelmed with the vast amounts of new technologies, new mindsets, new workflows, etc. More importantly, the people working there are actually good compared to the mediocre talent that's swimming all around the IBM offices. And just as importantly, I got a massive salary raise.
My advice for good people still in IBM: The union is a good idea but it is a very long shot. Rather than crossing your fingers and waiting for a miracle to happen, you are much better off looking for greener pastures. -ByeByeIBM!-

Comment 04/01/15: Rometty was at the White House at least twice last year: on March 12 for an unspecified event and on June 19 for a meeting of the President’s Export Council, which she’s a member of. Obama chaired the meeting. I hoped she discussed with the president how to stop RAs, stop giving CEOs huge bonuses and salaries, how to keep retiree pensions and how to keep IBM health benefits. I'm sure she made recommendations to President Obama to pass a law to stop the corporate greed and corruption that she is part of. -ANA-
Comment 04/01/15: I've just received my 26 week severance check and the fed tax is 25%, why is it so high? Is IBM getting in 0ne final stab in the pocketbook? -Anonymous-
Comment 04/01/15: "600 people in Dubuque building" So much for the Big Bleu promise to the State of Iowa and Dubuque. IBM are just plain habitual liars. It is a recurring action: they have lied over the years to Austin TX, Tulsa OK, RTP NC, EFK and POK NY, Essex Jct. VT, Rochester, MN..etc. about headcount and employment commitment. Now that it is a new fiscal year the first priority of business for Iowa and the City of Dubuque is to go after IBM. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: The local and state politicians in Dubuque and other areas that gave IBM tax breaks and public money think IBM can do no wrong. They need to be educated. Here is a letter we sent to Dubuque politicians:

Dear Iowa political leader,

As you know job cuts have happened at the Dubuque IBM site for the past few years. Workers are losing jobs while IBM offshores key contracts. This will continue and more jobs are targeted for job cuts at the end of June. I have asked IBM Dubuque workers if there has been any response from political leaders. They say the response is slim to none.
It appears everyone wanted to be at the grand opening but when jobs are cut political leaders are missing.
Are you willing to take a stand with IBM workers and challenge IBM on the offshoring of jobs from IBM Dubuque? Will you tell IBM that they broke their deal by sending work out of the state and out of the country? We and the workers await your response.

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Washington, D.C.– Members of CWA and IBEW at Verizon Communications will return to work on Tuesday, Aug. 23, at which time the contract will be back in force for an indefinite period.
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