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Notice From Alliance@IBM 05/15/09:
Cobra 65% subsidy appeal process and IBM loophole.
IBM Attorney's found a loop hole denying some recently laid off workers from the 65% COBRA Subsidy by classifying them as 'retired' and eligible to particiapte in the IBM retiree group health Plan.

In many cases the IBM Group Health Plan is a much higher cost than COBRA, especially if one does not have a Future Health Account. The 65% COBRA Subsidy is managed by the Federal DOL.
The Federal DOL is aware of this loop hole and will be posting an appeals form on their website: They can also be reached at 866-444-3274.
Please file an appeal with the Federal DOL if you have been denied the 65% COBRA Subsidy.
If a large group of former IBMers file an appeal, the Federal DOL will process this as a group case against IBM.

Please also contact your government representatives. Let's raise our voices in Washington.

Comment 08/18/09: I was RA'ed yesterday after returning first day back from short term disability. Paperwork says I was RA'ed during the medical leave. I work in MBPS line of business. -sby_willie-

Comment 08/17/09: Call Center employee's were told by IBM management that if they find another job or leave IBM before their scheduled last day of work. They will lose their severance. The best part of the Call Center Mess is that Call center managers already have jobs waiting. If you work in a call center/help desk area please go to this web site: -Anonymous-

Comment 08/17/09: This is interesting:

It gives you a rough idea of when layoffs happened and where. A big spike in January and a slightly smaller one in March. I'm curious when the next big spike will occur. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/17/09: As a member whose dues help support this web site I too want to add that this job cuts comment section needs to be just about that. Sniping at each other must be out of bounds from now on. I also want to see more concrete information on job cuts. How many cut, if the work is being offshored and to where. Let's keep it simple here and keep the dialogue to a minimum. -member-
Alliance reply: Your staff agrees.

Comment 08/17/09: I just joined The Union. I'm no longer an active IBM employee. But I join because month after month I've learned important information from you all regarding pension, signing documents. etc etc. I even used legal information from this web site. You might say I'm blowing $10 a month....not me. I'm sorry Alliance I did not join earlier. Every Class center/help desk current and former employee join the call center class action law suit. -anonymous-
Comment 08/17/09: yes -- call centers moving to 3rd world in Sept - including toronto. 3500 will be closed - mgt to go too. Guess they need a union too haha -Todd-
Comment 08/17/09: Hi, Count me in with overtheedge and others who would like to have this discussion take a slightly more helpful tone. I don't wish to be critical to others who are also struggling in these very difficult times. Please don't take my comment here as a criticism. That said, would the Alliance team prefer that these types of discussions move to the General category, in order to keep the Job Cut section for ... reporting new job cuts? And in empathy for others who are angry with, or at, IBM - I DO understand that, too. I have been there and am trying now to move on. And NO, it isn't easy; however in the long run, I believe it is in my best interest to leave IBM behind - except for the great colleagues I met there, with whom I stay in touch. And yes, I really am RA'ed already from IBM, after over 20 years - that is, I am not a 'management plant'. Funny visual image, that - management plants! Sorry - just had to laugh there. : )
So again, not seeking to criticize, but rather to share my experience and best wishes for your / everyone's future. If that makes sense?
-RA'ed already-

Comment 08/17/09:
the above link is where our jobs went -- to bad we didnt try to stop this -- i guess we just cost too much here in Canada!!! -Anonymous-

Comment 08/17/09: ok - i was RA's from Power Sales. Here is what I learned from my experience with IBM: for the last 5 years I did nothing. No joke. We have business partners who on commission do everything. For some reason IBM likes to also have a bunch of reps - who are strongly urged to pretend they are involved in the business partners transaction. Every once and a while, IBM figures out the reps do nothing and ra some of them. This is especially true when the business partners have poor sales. Then slowly they hire more reps again who do nothing like i did. My mistake - i didnt make extreemly good friends with my latest manager - this is key to not getting the ra axe. You really have to buddy up in a huge way and you really have to make it look like your input to deals is vital so they have good stuff to pass along to their superiors. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/17/09: To Sickofitall. Welcome to the fight. You can take over where some of us left off. Were you listening to us 10 years ago or did you just blow off us old timers that tried to send out the warning flags? I have gone from handing out flyers and having Alliance stuff in my office to being just another apathetic beamer. My fight is gone, too many sheeple. I know what I can do to try to keep my job and from now on it's all about me. -Biker Mike-
Comment 08/16/09: - seems like there's a potential for more layoffs in September, hearing numbers from 10K - 16K Anyone else hearing this?- Those numbers are what was projected for the entire year I believe. If 10K-16K would be done in one fell swoop, that would probably require IBM to notify the Dept of Labor, which they try to sneak around by keeping the layoff numbers low in each round. I doubt you'll see 10K-16K in September. Doesn't mean there won't be any, but not in that quantity. -anonymous-
Comment 08/16/09: To -fagulu- : You hear there is a potential for more layoffs? That is all IBM is about, layoffs, ra's, skills rebalancing, global resourcing.... What else have they called it over the YEARS??? Yes the potential is there, always has been and always will be as long as you are an AT WILL employee. Want that potential to stop? Organize all your co-workers and UNIONIZE. -gone_in_07-
Comment 08/16/09: -SickOfItAll-, no you're not wrong, you're quite right. Unionizing is the only way to go. Next year at this time it won't be 29%, it will be lots less. -anonymouse-
Comment 08/16/09: Justme - you write "BTW, as far as I know, contributing to your own pension wasn't an option when he hired on in the 70s.". Not to rain on your parade, but that is not relevant. Unemployment money is not a certainty. You do not just automatically get it. If you have income (pension, part-time work, etc.), that is considered to determine if you are eligible and what portion of unemployment you get - and you may get none. If your husband retired with 30+ years you have a relatively good pension and retiree health. Those of us newer IBMers do not have any of that - zero - and it is for people like us that unemployment is there to give us some kind of money for a short while. YOU AND WE all have to find the next job and decide what we do now. You husband is 55 and has about 10 years, like many of us, to go before social security and medicare. Focus on that next job. You have pension income, while others of us instead have unemployment money. None of us are rich. We just have to move forward and enter the next stage of our career. -anonymous-
Comment 08/16/09: "How about a Class Action law Suit by Quarter Century Club members. I'll bet there are enough to prove age discrimination." All for it but how to prove it against the Perry Mason IBM attorneys where everything brought against IBM is dismissed with no merit? IBM can easily counter to say Quarter Century Club members get 1 year TMP medical versus the standard 6 months for RA'ed. Better chance is for everyone to join the Alliance even if they are not close to the Quarter Century Club. -25yrs&out-
Comment 08/16/09: He was RAd in Jan, 1 day after his 54th b-day. On his last day in Feb., he began the unemployment process. Jumped through the hoops, made the call ins. Finally he was told, number one, that because he never contributed to his pension (nearly 31 years) he was ineligible. Number 2, even if he were, he made too much to qualify. We appealed, got shot down. Now I've read something about the 5 quarter rule? When he applied in February it hadn't been five quarters since IBM contributed to pensions, but by now it would be. Have no idea if we're able to refile after all this time. Seems to be confusing/conflicting info. BTW, as far as I know, contributing to your own pension wasn't an option when he hired on in the 70s. Thanks! --justme-
Comment 08/16/09: I have to agree w/overtheedge that insulting posts and language that has offensive, violent overtones (rape, sadism) do not inspire anyone to join any organization and reflects a negative image to any press who reads this board. That is counterproductive to the Alliance - turns more people off than encourages membership. Stick to the issues. The first is greed. The way to curb corporate greed is through unions to protect employees, stockholder action, and executive pay caps. The second is offshoring American (and now many of the G8) jobs. This has been going on for years and is DIRECTLY related to our own U.S. preferential tax and trade laws. Those laws MUST change to reduce offshoring. Am I angry about being RA’d? You bet I am. But to all of you … channel your anger constructively. There is plenty of work to do. -annonymous-
Comment 08/15/09: How about a Class Action law Suit by Quarter Century Club members. I'll bet there are enough to prove age discrimination. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/15/09: I fear that there are no longer any IBM employees left with the strength or will to stand up and organize. There is no one left with the spine to demand their rights. Look at how all of us have rolled over during the past ten years, giving in to IBM's increasingly corporate-centric strategy, thinking that they are lucky to hold onto their jobs as benefits are reduced and others are fired. They payed no attention as the pension program was torn apart (twice). They sat and took it while their jobs were reclassified and their pay was reduced. They let year after year go by without a pay increase, promotion, band movement. They watched stock prices and profits go up while variable pay went down. They are wimps and just don't give a $#!+… Am I wrong? Have the executives won by beating their lower-level workers down? Are you happy just to have this $#!++¥ job? Are you proud of yourself? Let's work together and make a difference! 11 years with IBM and I am ready to stand and fight! What have I got to lose at this point? -SickOfItAll-
Comment 08/15/09: Justme - Not everyone qualifies for unemployment benefits, and it varies by state. In my state you declare any income being received from a pension or other source. For pensions, it may or may not affect the unemployment money based on what you contributed to the pension. -anonymous-
Comment 08/15/09: --justme-, have you read all the posts here and on employeeissues and on RAed2009?
Tell your husband not to take 'no' for an answer. The DOL and IBM WANT you to take 'no' for an answer. Post the details on those boards if you want more feedback. Believe me, I bin there, done that, and have the tee shirt to prove it. IBM WANTS firees to give up. -anonymouse-
Comment 08/15/09: Tucson, Hey boys and girls, seems like there's a potential for more layoffs in September, hearing numbers from 10K - 16K Anyone else hearing this? -fagulu-
Comment 08/15/09: >>Unite - Britain's largest union - has warned IBM UK of a coming "backlash" from thousands of employees over its decision pull a prime pension plan out from under 28 per cent of its workforce"
Now THAT'S how IBM employees who are raped SHOULD react. Good for the Brits on having more stones than most Americans employees. Bravo.
Have you been raped, -overtheedge-? Have you been the victim of sadists, -overtheedge-? Yes? Then, organize a union. No? Well, you know the rest. -anonymouse-

Comment 08/15/09: Anonymous...I don't know what state you live in, but in MI, my husband was DENIED any and all Unemployment benefits when he was RA'd in January. He had 30+ years at IBM and is receiving his pension...though it's not nearly enough. Anyone in MI having success in receiving benefits? --justme-
Comment 08/15/09: Anonymous, where r u located ? Would you want to connect via anonymous email? -MN-
Comment 08/14/09: >>Look forward. Move on. -anonymous-
Good advice, -anonymous-.
IBM won, a long time ago. Unfortunately, sadists like them will never suffer. If the remaining 29% are not going to unionize, they'd do well to get
their affairs in order, since they too will be fired. And when they are, they (along with all the other 16K firees), would do well to move on. Sad, but true.
Comment 08/14/09: IBM UK facing 'backlash' over pension snuffing
IBM UK facing 'backlash' over pension snuffing
'Hundreds' Unite
By Cade Metz in San Francisco
Posted in Financial News, 14th August 2009 17:05 GMT
Unite - Britain's largest union - has warned IBM UK of a coming "backlash" from thousands of employees over its decision pull a prime pension plan out from under 28 per cent of its workforce. In early July, the company shelved its Defined Benefit or "final salary" pension scheme, which would have guaranteed retired employees a predefined portion of their final salary.
"IBM is facing a backlash against its pensions proposals," reads a statement from Peter Skyte, Unite national officer for IT and communications.
"Hundreds of workers are joining the union determined to stand up to this unacceptable attack on their pensions. These highly skilled and experienced staff were key to the company~Rs survival and they view the company's proposals as a kick in the teeth.
Comment 08/14/09: To: anonymouse. You are using this forum to do nothing but rage against the rest of us. We are not the enemy. Are you thinking that this is a good method for persuading people to join? How is it working so far? Very seriously, please get some help in managing this. It is toxic to all of us, and especially you. We are all angry, but this level of rage, directed at US, is wrong. -overtheedge-
Comment 08/14/09: MN, sorry if my comment seemed critical - with all the CAPS - and I appreciate your reply! I met with an HR person as I don't live near my then manager... and she (HR) was very professional. I actually felt a little sorry for her, as it appeared her main job was handling these departure meetings on behalf of the managers. Whether you decide to meet with your manager ... maybe if you had a positive relationship while working together? In any case, the advice to move on (from another poster) is excellent. I am trying to follow that advice myself. Best of luck to you! Having a 1 year job sounds like a good place to be in this tough economy. -RA'ed already-
Comment 08/14/09: Alliance, what RA packages do you need? -RA'd-
Alliance reply: We only received the GBS Industrial RA from the latest cuts. We need the one from ITD as well as any others from the past 2 months. The RA packs are the only proof cuts are happening because IBM is remaining silent. Please send RA packs to Names will be confidential.
Comment 08/14/09: About signing the paperwork when RA'd in order to get your checks. Many suggested to just sign and move on. I did that a few months ago. It is the right advice. Move on. I know someone who lost all their savings trying to fight another company. He was near retirement age. He has no money as a result and has to work at a low wage job to pay the bills. Move on. It is time to write the next chapter in you life. Frankly, with the severance check and unemployment money, many of us are taking some time to think about what we really do want to do next. There are lots of grant money, besides the $2500 from IBM to retrain. Maybe a career transition and switch would be a good thing to better enjoy life, have more family time, even if the pay is less. But you now have time to reflect on what do you really want to do? The grants are transitioning people into new careers - the IT jobs are going, going, gone. But there is demand for people in health and transportation careers. Look around and make your life better. And take sometime off, literally, to enjoy yourself a bit. Unemployment is extended by the federal government to 76 weeks, I believe, and states can do better still. There is a recent news post that the fed is looking to extend this again as people roll off the unemployment in the still bad economy. You get IBM TMP health care for probably 6 to 12 months depending on your years of service. You do have a lot of support to get you through the next year while you make your life what you want it to be. In NJ you might also join the dept of labors Professional Services Group of like-minded people and get some really great training in resume writing, networking, interviewing for free. High quality training that beats companies like Right Management by some PSG groups. Or free training, computer use and great books to help with a job search like this at places like the Morris County Library. Look forward. Move on. -anonymous-
Comment 08/14/09: >>This shows a horrible attitude about people and their lives. -employee-
Oh, does it really? Have you been in IBM since 1999, when they raped the Second Choicers and stole their promised lifetime retiree medical? You don't actually THINK IBM cares about the ruined lives of the 16K FIRED since January, do you? Come on, seriously. THINK AGAIN. No wonder there is no union in IBM. Oh, and where is it that financial people are talking freely about the firees? Did you stand up and object to this insult towards the fired IBMers? -anonymouse-

Comment 08/13/09: -RA'ed already- Hi, thanks - I have read this stuff, some of the language is legal, and I am not a lawyer. I did consult the one I was directed to by Lee (Lee, thanks) - attorney seemed OK having me sign the docs. I don't know what to make of my manager, whether I show compassion and professionalism (we are who we are despite them), or just say - screw him and not even bother to meet. He puts up a face and encourages me to look for jobs inside IBM, I applied for 7, asked him to follow up, not a word of recommendation went from him...and then I have a 1 year gig lined up. One more thing, I am Indian, don't think is an Indian problem, this ia greed problem, people in India are being used now, just as we have been in the past. We didn't see it, but these guys job-hop every couple years. I have lived there, been on the other side, know what commitment I had then, and what I have now. Folks responding, please remove any anger, hatred from your mails, and respond about my manager, do I meet him and play nice or to hell with it..caught between compassion and justice..makes sense? -MN-
Comment 08/13/09: Hey -IBMslaveSold2 ATT- Where are you getting your numbers/info from? Please set up an anonymous email so we can converse. I have seen meetings for "Project GO" but nothing specific like that. I'm also at ATT. Thanks!! -AnonATT-
Comment 08/13/09: @MN, you ask, 'Do I have the option of not signing the "Statement of Understanding"'
So, not to be too direct, um, YOU are responsible to READ AND UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE BEING OFFERED, AND THEN TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION. Sorry for the CAPITAL LETTERS; I just think that sometime people ask for and receive advice on the internet which doesn't serve them well. Sorry. That's just what I believe. PLEASE also consult an attorney if you have any questions, and PLEASE don't rely solely on advice from the internet, however well-intentioned that advice may be. Truly.
Good luck to you from another RA'ed ex-ibm employee. -RA'ed already-
Comment 08/13/09: No raise in 5 years, IBM is all "green" now to get govt funds, Ozone action days, I am working from home every day unbless I need to print out something and yeah, I get job done, but working at home, half the time since no raise for 5 years, I am "online' tomorrow sent ote out"have apoointment" going for a massage. two way street Sammy, if you are going to be cheap I can too, I have "meetings" tomorrow, which means set Sametime to "In a meeting" and I'll be at pool. I'll still get job done but if you can get millions and offshore, those of us left, yep I got me a massage time and some pool time. And guess what those f tards you offsored are clueless and to make any product successful they need me, so after massage and a swim I will get back to ya, won;t leave ya hanging , I'll make sure project goes forth but, no raise, not even for cost ofliving, I'll do job, but am damn sure going to use that whole "greeen thing" save the environment' work from home, as long as you offshore I am making those f'ers do my work. It isa a nice thing to get paid 40$ an hour especially all it takes is signing onto sametime set status to "in a meeting" or do not disturb" Sammmy you want cheap I can give you cheap, crap, I used to believe in IBM, my family has 50 years in IBM but you want to play the game, two can play, and I have NO problem making indian and asian f'ers do my work, look at on outsourcing, their video is a joke, I am making your joke of IBM a reality -Me in IBM-
Comment 08/13/09: I was in a meeting at IBM last week where the financial people referred to layoffs as "taking bodies out of the business". This shows a horrible attitude about people and their lives. -employee-
Comment 08/13/09: Proof in the pudding, IBM is seeking cloud computing stimulus money (from U.S. taxpayers) but I bet those 'cloud jobs' are in India... this is a travesty... --
Comment 08/12/09: Hope the truth about IBM continues to get out....nice editorial in The Herald Record on 8/11/09.... -anonymous-
Comment 08/12/09: I deal with IBM's own Indian and South American admins, I have never felt better about myself and my skills in AIX, but that won't stop the bean counters from replacing me -Aix support-
Comment 08/12/09: Either unionize to save our jobs, or find a new career. It appears I/T in the US is a dying career path. It's gone the way of the US manufacturing positions. -dun-4-
Comment 08/12/09: MN...Everything in my RA was done remotely - I mailed in my signed forms, returned my laptop a few days before and the guy receiving it sent my manager an email. Then my manager overnighted my checks to me. I even OFFERED to come see him in person, look him in the eye,make it as personal as possible - maybe get some inside scoop (after 5 years of accolades) on WHY ME - but he said that wasn't necessary. Would have been a 2 hour drive one way so the mail route was OK. -silly willy-
Comment 08/12/09: The reason they are outsourcing AIX jobs is because a lot of the people in India are being trained heavily in Smitty. While Smitty is a good tool, that's all it is... a tool. The Indians will be able to operate with Smitty knowledge for a while, but it will become evident very quickly that they have no deeper knowledge of AIX or even UNIX in general when the complex situations arise that require understanding above and beyond Smitty administration. It's a house of cards. So glad I'm out! -OuttaThere-
Comment 08/12/09: MN--there is no simple reason for a face to face meeting with a manager to receive your severance pay. I was RA'd earlier this year and they flew in someone from Arizona over 2000 miles to give me my checks and to top things off he was Indian. -ANON-
Comment 08/12/09: RE: AIX support offshored I think the original post/link referred to the AIX Support that handles the phones on the other side of 1-800-IBM-SERV. I don't believe it was in regards to US employees currently supporting IBM clients using AIX. So when you need call IBM support to find out why some AIX command bombed out, you'll spend 2 hours just trying to communicate the problem to the person on the other end. I wonder what levels of support they're offshoring - I know whoever takes the initial information has limited English. But when I get to level 3, it's obvious they are US based. -anonymous-
Comment 08/12/09: The practice of phony job postings when they already have an Indian lined up for the position is nothing new. Six years ago when looking for a job, twice I was told by the managers that they already had someone for the position who was just waiting for his visa and the job posting was just a 'formality' (their exact word both times). -not missing ibm at all-
Comment 08/12/09: TO MN -- I don't know about having to sign the other forms but I do know you don't have to go in for the exit. Ask them to overnight the forms. Sign and overnight back. Then they overnight checks. I refused to be humiliated any further. And I know others who refused to go in because of long commutes for a 3 minute meeting. -annonymous-
Comment 08/12/09: IBM replacing US Finance and Reporting with resources in India. Staffing reps based in RTP were layed off around May 09 timeframe. Team now supporting US recruitment are based in India. -RTP-
Comment 08/12/09: Remember all the IBMers sold off like slave to ATT about 2 years ago? What is ATT doing to them? Well, ATT will let around 700 of the 1200 go by 2/1/10! These former IBM employees will train their replacements. The new low cost ATT offshore employees of choice, Czechoslovakia! IBM and ATT worked well together to betray American workers, with the IBM/ATT deal! Time for Americans to take stand against job offshoring! We all can't be congressment teachers or nurses! -IBMslaveSold2 ATT-
Comment 08/12/09: "Do I have the option of not signing the "Statement of Understanding" ? Do I have to meet with my manager ? Why can't I just ship him their assets - and after that they send me my checks in the mail ? Why the insistence on meeting ? Logical answers please. -MN-"
You don't have to meet your manager in person. When I left IBM, the day I was suppose to drive 3 hours to meet my manager, I called in
sick as that was my last day at work. I was instructed to send in all IBM assets paid by IBM postage by next day delivery. 2 weeks later I
received my checks. I didn't have to sign any sort of paperwork though. -LeftAtMyOwnWill-

Comment 08/12/09: >>Do I have to meet with my manager ? Why can't I just ship him their assets - and after that they send me my checks in the mail ?
Logical answer -- no. It depends on your manager. However, since my manager FIRED me over the phone, read from a script whilst FIRING me, couldn't deviate from the script and had to start over when interrupted (I kid you not), sent me a box to ship back my computer only after an uproar was raised about the FIRED employees having to supply their own boxes, and sent me my checks in the mail, and otherwise did everything in the most demeaning, bloodless, disrespectful, -MN-, you can consider it a mark of humanity that your manager is meeting with you over your FIRING. My manager had no

-irRational-, -Discarded '09- et al: I 'think' -anonymous- was being sarcastic. Dead-on sarcastic. My replacement knew jack about my job, and was led to the job posting, but guess what? It didn't matter. As long as my replacement is making peanuts, the skills matter not. So what? At the end of the day, there is no union and IBM wins. NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEE, UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED. -anonymouse-

Comment 08/12/09: To those who believe they've been discriminated against due to age, gather your evidence (the paperwork with the "selected / not selected" data), use the analysis tool available on this site and send the information to your Senators and Representatives, state and Federal. Tell them you don't want any company that discriminates based on age to receive incentives, stimulus money or tax breaks. Same goes if you can show your job was offshored. D A T A D A T A D A T A !!! -Think-
Comment 08/12/09: Lee - how many more employees need to join the union in order to become recognized? Everyone here - remember the Alliance can't do it alone. They've got their hands FULL trying to be our watchdog. ALL of us need to beat the drum. If you've been RAd already, you have nothing to lose by blitzing everyone you know that's still at IBM - send emails to their personal accounts, post articles and comments on your FB pages - be an ADVOCATE. For those that are still with IBM - join now, follow the guidelines, and tell everyone you can (WITHIN GUIDELINES) that we stand together or we get picked off one by one. $10/month?? COME ON!! That's nothing! IT IS UP TO EVERY ONE OF US TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Let's set some monthly targets and SPREAD THE WORD!
Another thought - Alliance Guys, is it legal to picket outside IBM facilities? If we could pick a day and time, then get former IBMers
to picket outside the offices, you could probably get the story picked up by several news outlets. We wouldn't have to have a ton of people at each location - if you picked 20 locations and had 10 people each it would be enough to be newsworthy. We would need signs saying things like "I'm ready to work" and "My job went overseas" and "Join the Union NOW to protect your job." Do it all legal, by the books, alert anyone you think might cover it, then everyone that's participating, put the word out across social media, youtube, CNN I-report etc. We need to put real faces on this issue as often as possible. Heck, we should picket every month - the 2nd Wed, at 12 noon, for example. Be a (legal) thorn in their side and keep the pressure on. Run "Stop Offshoring IBM" bake sales and car washes just off their property lines. Get bright stickers and wear them on your shirt wherever you go. Ok, I'm off my soapbox now. Guess I've had too much caffeine this morning!
-Gal Friday-
Alliance reply: Yes it is legal. In fact we have done it many times. See the front page of this web site on the picket in Poughkeepsie. The problem we have is getting people to come out for the picket. It is long past time for action. If anyone wants to help organize a picket let us know.
Comment 08/12/09: MN: Are you remote? I had the choice between having a meeting with a local manager I had never met or doing it all by phone. The latter was my choice of course! If you are local, I believe the managers are being asked to evaluate if you are going to
a) sue them,
b) rant to the news or
c) be a good IBM employee and take your severance like a good little boy. My manager thanked me multiple times for being "professional" about it
the whole time.
I suggest being calm and positive when you're talking with your manager. That will reassure him that you're not going to be one of those angry RA'd HR needs to be worry about. Believe me, the sooner you get away from IBM's red tape, the better. If you don't owe anything it won't kill you to sign the statement of understanding and yes, you need to sign the extra documents to get your severance check. I got them sent by UPS two day and sent them back the same way. Once I signed the documents and my manager got confirmation that my computer was due to arrive, my checks arrived the next day by UPS
. --
Comment 08/12/09: To LaidOFFUSWorker, remember that just because IBM has US job postings, it does not necessarily mean they will consider filling it with a US worker. They use these postings to 'prove' to the gubmint that they considered US workers and could not find anyone qualified. Shamefully, your job application becomes their legal 'proof' that a US worker was considered -- and of course they don't even read your application. That qualifies IBM to hire an H1B visa holder on the cheap. This video of a law firm explaining the H1-B program exploitation game to execs is eye opening. -Discarded '09-
Comment 08/12/09: >>'Hi , !!! Hurry Urgent Opening !!! !!! Grab the Opportunity to work with IBM !!! This is Renu , from Team Lease Staffing Solutions . One of our reputed Clients have opening for any position as per experience. The name of the Client is IBM Position :- Any Post as per Experience . Experience :- min 3yrs relevant exp in Java\J2ee is Mandatory Location :- Pune , Gurgaon , Noida Mandatory Criterias to ...'

Reputed? Mobsters are reputed too, aren't they?
What a hoot of a site, anonymous. What a professional job posting. What a world. Still think IBM needs the remaining 29% U.S. employees? Think again. Unionize, don't unionize, your choice. -anonymouse-
Comment 08/12/09: I am shocked they would outsource the AIX support jobs, because those people have a unique skill set. How can they find those skills? I am in shock and amazement that these highly technical skills that took years to acquire are available on the street for hire in India. Who says they are available there? IBM management may believe the fiction that they're replacing skills with equal skills, but you don't have to believe it. -irRational-
Comment 08/12/09: RE: recruiters calling/emailing because you match IBM jobs... Wake up! This was discussed on this comments section months ago! You mean that IBM is not really dumping you because your skills aren't needed? Wow, what a revelation! You mean that you are just being replaced with someone cheaper? Amazing! Your skills are actually vital to the continued business of IBM? Who would have thought? Start paying attention and see that if you have not yet been phoned or tapped on the shoulder, YOU ARE NEXT. This is just going to continue as IBM needs to inflate their stock price, and without a union to fight it, there is NOTHING you can do. Most of the posts expressing such shock at IBM's ability to screw over employees have been posted dozens of times before by others. Read the archived section, at least back into the Winter of 2008 when many were already getting wind of the 2009 plans. Wake up. Whining here is doing nothing. Look back and see how much whining came before yours and realize how much good it did without the employees being organized. -Hula Girl-
Comment 08/12/09: I was asked to cancel my conference calling numbers, which I did, and my tie-lines which I did. Now I am being asked to meet so I can get my checks and hand over the separation agreement. In addition, I am being told, there are other documents to sign. I asked these documents be sent to me, so I got them faxed. These are a statement of understanding (IBM confidentiality), and another one which is more financial, states balances owed etc, where all mu numbers are 0. Couple questions folks, Do I have to sign these extra documents - other than the separation agreement to receive my checks ? Do I have the option of not signing the "Statement of Understanding" ? Do I have to meet with my manager ? Why can't I just ship him their assets - and after that they send me my checks in the mail ? Why the insistence on meeting ? Logical answers please. -MN-
Comment 08/12/09: Another HR Policy deemed toward cutting expenses and/or encouraging people to look elsewhere. O/T pay for Band 6/7 has been reduced to nothing in most of Canada as of Feb. 6th, 2010. Mass email went out end of day. -west coast canada-
Comment 08/11/09: "I am shocked they would outsource the AIX support jobs, because those people have a unique skill set. How can they find those skills? I am in shock and amazement that these highly technical skills that took years to acquire are available on the street for hire in India."
Basic L1 & L2 support can be learned through certifications & being trained by the people they're replacing. IBM doesn't care about the 10-20% extra they get from the seasoned support person. Management figures 2 or 3 replacements make up for that lost 20%. The deeper support has to come from development and that's from wherever the new development is (increasingly outside the U.S.). Anyone's skills and responsibilities can be transferred to India, management doesn't care about the tangible intangibles their U.S. employees take to their competitors when they find work elsewhere. -NewToRchland-

Comment 08/11/09: AIX is just another Unix flavor, like Linux (Redhat, Fodera,SuSE), Solaris, HP-UX, etc. so it's not as much as a unique skill set per se. Sure it is IBM's version and unix skills are not to be compared with Windows OS but the technically inept and naive managers don't care as long as a warm body that might be able to do the job is available overseas. Yes, it's sad but that's this dumb company now. -Unix_dude-
Comment 08/11/09: Gal Friday, et al....LinkedIn is another tool for us, many current IBMers use Linked in and not FaceBook. There is a reference to the ComputerWorld Post in one of the IBM groups that is receiving a lot of interest and comments. The specific group name is " The Greater IBM Connection: IBM's alumni program for past and present IBM employees", then look under NEWS tab. Currently there are 19 comments. -anonymous-
Comment 08/11/09: I am shocked they would outsource the AIX support jobs, because those people have a unique skill set. How can they find those skills? I am in shock and amazement that these highly technical skills that took years to acquire are available on the street for hire in India. -anonymous-

Comment 08/11/09: Does anyone have a link to the Computer World article, please? -justme-
Alliance reply: We have one posted, by a member, in this comments section on 08/07/09 below. Is that the one?

Comment 08/11/09: Anonymous re: AIX Support .. a little bird told me there are 18 thousand people about to be affected by those jobs reqs. The little birdie works in AIX support stateside & has been advised of same. Luckily he's not yet affected. Sad state of affairs. -BlueBlows-

Comment 08/11/09: IBM is blatantly discriminating against older and skilled US workers. Now that IBM laid me off, I keep getting emails from recruiters for IBM who are finding my resume on the Internet. They are calling me because my qualifications match MULTIPLE jobs that IBM is hiring for. Every time I respond back to the headhunters and inform them that I used to work at IBM, I never hear from them again. Since my certifications and skills are obviously among those that IBM is recruiting for, this is pure discrimination. -LaidOFFUSWorker-

Comment 08/11/09: IBM to offshore all AIX call center positiions. All AIX Support soon to be answered by India. Call center support employees not notified by management of new job postings in india. I wonder how the multi-million dollar contracts with companies like Wells Fargo and various others are going to feel when they are left out in the cold.,3800009332,44952863p,00.htm -anonymous-

Comment 08/11/09: >>I'm still trying to figure out why they bother to send it when there is nothing in it for me.

, it's IBM's form of "flug you". You didn't retire, I didn't retire, but as far as they are concerned, we 'retired'. Even though we were FIRED. Looks better in the press, and that's what IBM is all about, lies and deceit and false perceptions. But hey, we don't have a contract, so they can flug us all they like and get away with it.
Given that these are all fake bussed in 'activists' who are paid by the drug companies to shut down the health care reform proposal (a fact, from a lobbyist friend), isn't it mindblowing what 16K fired IBM employees could do? But choose not to? Amazing. -anonymouse-

Comment 08/10/09: Congrats on the awesome publicity with the Computerworld article! Just a suggestion - for all here who are no longer employed by IBM- if you're on Facebook, post a link to that article on your profile with a short personal note about how layoffs have affected your life. Again - look at the power of numbers -FB is a great way to broadcast information widely by working the multipliers. Lee - is it permissible for the Alliance to start a FB group? Current employees wouldn't join publicly but its just one more (free) way to get the word out that employees do have a way to fight back by unionizing. -Gal Friday-

Comment 08/10/09: It's not an "I was an IBMer video" but this guy filmed himself packing up before leaving and put the Benny Hill music behind it. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/10/09: Well, I got in the mail a package with the IBM Retirement book. I'm still trying to figure out why they bother to send it when there is nothing in it for me. 10 years of service and no retirement benefits for this retiree to speak of. What a waste of paper and postage. -anonymous-

Comment 08/09/09: Re: RA's getting another job in IBM but "rejected" by Resource Board. Same happened to me. My friend keeps insisting there is a law suit in this practice, he can't believe this is legal. We are essentially discriminated against because we've been labled "RA". If nothing else, couldn't this (encouraging employees to find another job knowing they won't be hired) abusive, or intentionally inflicting emotional harm? The hiring managers should KNOW BEFORE they post the job what the Resource Board will and won't allow. That they are doing this AFTER the person is selected reeks of discrimination, slander, or libel. Someone should get a lawyer to look into this. There is a strategic reason why IBM tries to make us think there is a chance, hope, etc. when there is less than a 1% chance of getting kept, if that. -Silly Willy-
Alliance reply: Read my lips: YOU ARE AN AT WILL EMPLOYEE. IBM can do anything it wants to do. IBM can break its own rules or suborn its own policy. There is NOTHING illegal about how the
"Resource Board" executes IBM policy. There are NO LABOR LAWS that cover this. Wake up! Sorry to be so harsh. Organize your co-workers and work toward a union contract. It will not be easy. IBM will fight you at every step and turn; but if you are organized as a collective voice, you can fight back as a collective voice and NOT BE ALONE! It's YOUR call.

Comment 08/09/09: With or without a union, everyone interested in putting an end to the onslaught of off-shoring needs to send emails to their representatives in Congress. Write frequently and repeat the message that off-shoring is new corporate strategy in America. Until Congress gets it, we have no chance of changing the situation. Off-shoring is the ultimate union buster. Work on ending off-shoring and work on a union OR shut up and get used to the new corporate reality in America. -CM-
Alliance reply: "
Off-shoring is the ultimate union buster."
or it can be the ultimate organizer, depending on how you look at it and how long you intend to do nothing. At Will Employee=no collective voice=no union contract=you're screwed. Organize and get your co-workers to see this light. It's the only answer. No Congress, Community, President, Senator, Governor, Mayor, nor criminal will help you. You must do this together with your co-workers. How much more simple can it be stated? Sorry to be so harsh.

Comment 08/09/09: Well great example, moved to new position in may but paperwork did not sign before june 1st so they put me in for layoff. I worked my butt off in june as it was quarter close. Resource board extended me 30 days. I applied for another role in a different group interviewed got the job and they said resource board had to approve. They rejected it saying I was not from their dept. so they could not take me. It even says in the paper work you are given to go look for another job somehere else in the company you do that and you still dont stay@!!! so needless to say my extra 30 days are now up and out looking for a job. Pretty sad to look and see EVERYONE has jobs available in different countries but not to many here in the USA....... -Anonymous-

Comment 08/09/09: Well guys, I am now shot of IBM and I can say things are better on the outside. Less neurotic and people can focus on doing their job as they are not permanently harassed by management. I increased my base pay 40% and have a proper bonus structure now. IBM was keen to keep me and tried to fix my pay/bonus to keep me on board- of course this was nothing to do with PBCs or my age, just that I had $25m of business lined up for which they'd have struggled to replace me. It Greenbacks or Rupees that speak now I am afraid. If you are good my advice is get out. -Big Z-

Comment 08/09/09: interesting article in Huffington Post on outsourcing from former Senator Fritz Hollings.

Comment 08/09/09: fellow Dallas call center Reps, "Soon to be resourced IBM call center rep's" There is no 'Hoping to Stay". The deal is done on the move to Co. OPT in the Class action overtime law suit. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/08/09: W3 News: Published on 05 August 2009 Making bench expectations clear. Announcing the new bench management approach.

Our GBS "3D" strategy continues to resonate with clients, and the depth of our expertise and offerings positions IBM as a clear choice in today’s market environment. However, to remain competitive, we must continue to provide clients with compelling solutions for their business; focus on execution; stay informed of the changing market environment; seek out new client relationships at every level, and finally, make every hour count. What each of us does every day translates directly into overall business results and drives our collective success. Utilization is one of the key drivers of business results in any services organization - the deployment of the right skills, at the right time to support client needs and our ability to efficiently use our capacity to drive continuous productivity across our practice. Extended bench time negatively impacts our ability to remain competitive in the marketplace and directly impacts a practitioner's personal utilization – a key PBC measure. Therefore, GBS U.S. is announcing a new approach to the management of practitioners on the bench who are underutilized for an extended period of time. The new approach is based on individual time on the bench and utilization as a performance measure. Referred to as the Bench Management Process (BMP), this process will provide practitioners with low productive time and no planned full-time assignments with a consistent and clear set of expectations and deployment activities. For the very small percentage of our population whose productive time falls below established threshold levels and continues to remain there for an extended period as specified by the process, one of the outcomes could be separation from IBM. The Bench Management Process is a collaborative effort which will require attention and clear communication involving the employee, the RDM, the manager, and the HR Partner to be successful. Managers will personally contact employees who meet the BMP criteria to discuss the process in more detail. Qualifying BMP criteria: Band 1 through 9 practitioners with annual utilization targets, currently on the bench with less than 50% productive time in the most recent 8 weeks, and no full-time assignments confirmed in the next 30 days

Exceptions: All university hires (undergrads & MBAs) for first 6 months and all experienced professional hires for first 8 weeks

Bench is defined by an availability date in the past. Productive time is comprised of productive utilization (funded B&P and internal projects), cost recovery, billable and/or chargeable utilization as well as any vacation, leave-of-absence, short-term disability, and manager-approved education hours.

Productive time is comprised of productive utilization (funded B&P and internal projects), cost recovery, billable and/or chargeable utilization as well as any vacation, leave-of-absence, short-term disability, and manager-approved education hours. -IGS Slave-

Comment 08/08/09: Congrats again, Alliance. Computerworld, this time! They're still laughing all the way to the bank at ruining 16K lives,
but you can bet Sammy ain't happy about all the publicity. Way to go, Alliance.

Comment 08/08/09: Neal - the Retirement Income Planner at the Fidelity website is free to anyone and the results you type in are saved. You get all the reports and recommendations output. This is all you need. You can then visit any Fidelity store and get free advice. You really do NOT need moneysmart. I found it "investing 101" and young inexperienced people seemed to be assigned to help you. I found one to be actually arrogant and argumentative and would have asked for someone else. But you just do not need it. Start with the Fidelity per above. From there you can get an independent financial planner if you feel you need that, and you may not. The only thing else I want, which is not available by any of the above, is a once-over by a CPA and financial planner that can provide tax planning advice. There was such a person available via the Right Management course on Financial, but he was so awful. The only voice I have ever heard that reversed the location of funds putting bonds in taxable accounts and stock in tax deferred. I asked if he can recommend any books to read that might support his views and he said "no". -anonymous-
Alliance Reply: Please move this discussion to the General Visitors Comments section.

Comment 08/08/09: As a fmr IBM contractor who was laid off this week and my experiences back in 2002, I can say I'm never coming back to IBM again. Layoffs for best perfomance in our team? What a joke. It's like rewarding failure and punishing success. I turned that entire department around and made it more effiicient in one years time. Instead of getting thanks, I get the shaft. IBM in NY is done for. The good news in all of this is there are atleast four NY state assemblyman who are demanding to know why tax breaks are given for job layoffs. -Eddie-

Comment 08/08/09: Gal Friday, How about Lou Dobbs He would be a great one to have on the union's side -Anonymous-
Alliance Reply: Alliance@IBM has been interviewed on Lou Dobbs several times, in the past.

Comment 08/08/09: To - Soon to be resourced IBM call center rep. Any word on the teams that will be resourced in Dallas? Boulder will be a secured facility. Any US citizens who can get a clearance can apply for positions in boulder. "Atlanta and Dallas Call Centers to be resourced starting Sept being shipped to call centers in Manila Philippines, Cairo Egypt and a totally manned by contractors center in Boulder Colorado...announcement was made yesterday July 27th... -Soon to be resourced IBM call center rep-" -Hoping to Stay-

Comment 08/07/09: What happened to the Jason Alexander video which was online VERY recently on your site? It was very prescient in asking elementary school children how they would like to work in, for example, Uzbekhistan (sp)? I have often thought that this video was a great summary of outsourcing, and IBM's offer to move to developing markets (what does IBM call those - it isn't third world, isn't developing nations, Um, Uh, ...) and 'A Smarter Planet'. Was this video withdrawn from your site? -Video?-
Alliance Reply: I removed it from the front page, because the 'link' to the video expired. That link 'was' and no longer takes the user to the video. I did however, find the video on YouTube (poor quality) and I will be putting the images and the link to the YouTube video, back on the front page asap. Thank you for your support.

Comment 08/07/09: Article on recent cuts: -member-

Comment 08/07/09: To Gal Friday - I think you are definitely on to something. For those of you who don't think it will get results check out these:

The court of public opinion drives what politicians do. And, the people on the video don't have to be real IBMers - they aren't real IBMers on the TV ads. They are actors...(union by the way). Only the stories need to be real. -annonymous-

Comment 08/07/09: Here is the email I wrote last night and sent to Kevin Smith, writer and director of Clerks. I started with him because he has a reputation for listening and being accessible. I know it's crazy, but hey, stranger things have happened:
"I am writing you a wild-ass, completely out-of-left-field email to ask you to make a short (like 6 minutes) movie. For free. Yeah, stop laughing. See, here's the thing. US jobs are being offshored at the rate of up to 20,000 per month. Sooner or later, you are going to have a friend or a family member or a neighbor who has lost their job because it went overseas. A study published in 2004 by the nonpartisan Council on Foreign Relations suggested that that figure could increase by 30-40% over 5 years. That equates to millions of American jobs that will have been lost by the end of this decade. Speaking personally, my husband and I live in constant fear of his IT job disappearing. He flies 6 hours out of state every Sunday, and comes home at midnight every Friday. He gets 36 hours a week with our kids. He has gotten raises totalling 2.5% in the past 8 years (yes, his income now is only 2.5% more than in 2001), despite the fact that his performance reviews are always in the top few boxes. And every few months, IBM, that bastion of American can-do, cuts another few hundred or few thousand jobs in his division - people just like him, who work their tails off, get great reviews, and WANT to put up with the travelling, long hours and stagnant wages. Sooner or later, it's going to be his job. No one is safe anymore at IBM, Dell, Delta... or any other company that offshores their jobs." -Gal Friday-

Comment 08/07/09: Re: -MN- Thanks for the info. And also the comment about the "MoneySmart" program. I did that before I left and it was "kinda" worthwhile for me and may be really good for some folks. As I remember, the presentation(s) were worthless as were the online calculators except for the big app from Fidelity. If you're going to do it, then spend a lot of time filling out that big app before you see the Fidelity person. Otherwise, you spend all your time filling it out there. It could take you a couple of hours to do it your self at home. Something to note: they do a "small" monte Carlo analysis at the end for 3 results: much worse, worse, and average. They don't say anything about "better than average". That's probably Ok as long as you realize that. You can get the same app off the Fidelity website except that you can't save the result. With MoneySmart, you can save it for a month (I think) so make sure you print it out. -Neal Watkins-

Comment 08/07/09: Bench Management Policy: Qualifying BMP criteria: Band 1 through 9 practitioners with annual utilization targets, currently on the bench with less than 50% productive time in the most recent 8 weeks, and no full-time assignments confirmed in the next 30 days Exceptions: All university hires (undergrads & MBAs) for first 6 months and all experienced professional hires for first 8 weeks Bench is defined by an availability date in the past. Productive time is comprised of productive utilization (funded B&P and internal projects), cost recovery, billable and/or chargeable utilization as well as any vacation, leave-of-absence, short-term disability, and manager-approved education hours. Full-time assignments (defined as billable, chargeable or funded B&P)must be at least 4 weeks in length and require at least 32 hours/week. -anonymous-

Comment 08/07/09: MN, irRational, True story regarding internal transfers! I had the the PowerPC group gunning to bring me in after being laid off in HSS. After nothing happened for weeks, my manager agreed to set up a meeting with the head of PPC, who told me since they were both part of STG, they would have to fire someone to hire. He told me to certainly ping him later if there were positions open. He had hired people back eight months after laying them off and said he would do it again if he could. In the end, the coworkers who pointed me to sales were right on. You have to aim yourself at least four levels up into an entirely different organization to avoid affecting the headcount of the organization who let you go. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/07/09: To -Gal Friday-. You are about to discover that in general, society does not care about IBMers plights. IBMers in the public's eyes are all overpaid Republicans and are just getting a taste of what everyone else has dealt with all these years when things were good at IBM. I wish this was not true and I applaud your efforts. If we could get enough IBMers to sign up, the press coverage at IBM union meetings to ratify IBM's labor contracts being forced down managements throats would get so much publicity for American workers in similar situations it would be amazing. I am afraid you will see things similar to the Womens Rights groups so vocal in our society who stood mute when Sarah Palin was attacked and her family was attacked by Democrats. Who people profess to be and what people profess to stand for are sometimes totally different when it comes time to stand up against the crowd for what is right. In our society asking congress persons and senators to actually read a bill before voting on it gets you labeled as a "MOB". I would not expect any help from outside IBM. Unfortunately there is far too little help from within IBM also. Join the union. Stand with those of us who ARE standing against the tide and saying no more. Our King, Leonides, No wait, that was another 300 who stood against all odds in the past. I wonder if those who have been RA'd could send a donation to the Alliance then sign their Emails within IBM to co workers as So and So, Alliance@IBM CWA supporter. Maybe this would spread the word faster within IBM and help with signing new members? I don't think you can be fired after you have been fired can you?? Good luck in any efforts you make on behalf of the organization of IBM and in your life as well. -Exodus2007-

Comment 08/07/09: MN. If you can find a job within IBM take it to keep benefits. Continue to look on the outside though in case something better comes along. Times are tough and things are bad so the primary game is to keep as much salary and benefits as you can but consider what has happened as a warning to get out when you can if you can. Everyones situation is different depending on skills as well as geography. A person with crazy mad skills in computers living in IOWA's corn belt does not have much of a local job market. With the housing market depressed and mortgages underwater it may be impossible for folks to move for better opportunity. A person with ongoing health problems within their family dare not lose insurance coverage. Todays economy is not a good place to be job hunting needless to say. What no one knows is how secure is any job in IBM anymore? Without a contract you have no idea. With a contract you at least know that for the length of the contract you will have a job. Keep it in perspective. Its a job. Its not a career anymore. It pays the bills . It does not define who you are. Its just a tool you use to survive. Like a plow to a farmer it allows you to get food. Separation from a job you have done and people you have worked with for a long time is traumatic to say the least. I retired of my own free will and I still was depressed and somewhat lost because after 30 years I defined myself by my job. I can imagine it is much worse to have it hit you suddenly not of your own choice. As time has gone on I realized how much the job intruded into my family life. I no longer cringe when the phone rings. I can make social plans and have an excellant chance of actually doing them. When you list the pro\'s and the cons of working for IBM, once you get past salary, benefits and coworkers you are pretty much out of pro\'s. Considering that you can also list these three things as cons in some cases really puts things in perspective. Above everything else try not to be angry. Your anger will only hurt your health and your loved ones. That is what is really important in the grand scheme of things. Take a deep breath, plot your course and get underway. Best of luck to all. --

Comment 08/07/09: What GBS Bench Management Policy? No bench for me to even rest my a$$ on for a second; I got the 30-day door! Whatever happened to the office chair? -GBSsucks-

Comment 08/07/09: RE: Looking for another job within IBM: I agree with the others. Don't bother, it's a waste of time. If you have been ra'd you are on the black list. Nobody will touch you. I applied for 6 jobs I was qualified for, was turned down by 1, the other 5 did not even respond. Pleas to my manager to help out were useless. Spend your last 30 days getting things in order, looking for another job, and taking care of number 1. Do no more work for IBM what so ever. Take care of yourself. If there was a UNION in place, you would in fact be able to post for and get another job if it were available. As long as you are an AT WILL employee, they will laugh at your job application, at will. -gone_in_07-

Comment 08/07/09: To recent RAs, use the Job-Cuts-Stats tool to calculate the total employees RAed in your division (see sticky note at top of this page). Then report the total back here. It will help in tallying the total carnage for the year and the Press does monitor this site. Also calcs RAs by age so you can see the age discrimination. Good luck to all. -Liberated in Apr09-
Comment 08/07/09: >>Basically after certain amount of time on bench you will automatically be notified of option to take seperation package.
-RTP_B8-, how many weeks are in the 'forced' separation package? Is it considered 'voluntary resignation' and thus exempt from UI and the other benefits of the 26 week package? -anonymouse-

Comment 08/06/09: I like the idea of creating a viral video. I think something around the "I'm an IBM'er" theme would be good. Start with some BRIC country employees, then follow up with American's saying "I was an IBM'er." -Incognito-

Comment 08/06/09: If you did not catch the new GBS Bench Management Policy - look for it in the w3 news archive for GBS. It was released yesterday and briefly appeared on W3 home page. The hope is that fewer people will notice it. If you are in GBS ask your manager about the policy and make sure you understand. My manager 'unofficially' told it to me. Basically after certain amount of time on bench you will automatically be notified of option to take seperation package. If you do not take the package and be still on bench for another 4 weeks then they will terminate you without package. -RTP_B8-

Comment 08/06/09: @Silly Willy - I've just set up an email addy - I'm happy to help but I have to protect my better half, know what I mean? We'd be living in a cardboard box if we lost the IBM salary in this economy. I might be able to get a GREAT videographer involved but what we really need is people who would be willing to go on camera. This really could be a starting point not just for exposing IBM but also for other companies who screw their employees while holding themselves up as great American corporate citizens. You can reach me at One final thought while I'm beating the public awareness drum... it would take a while and some money to organize a professionally produced spot. But anybody can make their own youtube clip with a webcam. AND, we have the I-Report tool on - we need everyone who has been RAd to start talking. Tell the world who you are, how many years of service you had, what your story is. We need to ask our friends and neighbors to help take up our cause - for too long, American workers have been trampled in the name of profit and "shareholder value." IBM is just our particular target, but they are just one of many. -Gal Friday-

Comment 08/06/09: -Neal Watkins - The 401K contribution limits are decided by the IRS and are for the sum of all your 401K's - Look under contribution limits here -,,id=119625,00.html or simple google it. Everyone, please remember you have 120 days of access to IBM's moneysmart program - free, for which they pay. Make use of it. And for the one's who recommended, I not look for positions in IBM, something's wrong with me...I found 5 position, did not formally apply, but circulating my resume, do have the temp work lined up, which offers no benefits and it's very short-term..sigh...13 years and what did they do to me ? My fault. I should have taken responsibility for my career, and I did, but they never supported me, they never had money for anything in my IDP, 3 years in a row. I am even considering not signing the separation package, what if their is a class-action suit, do I want to be left out of that ? Exodus - your thoughts ? -MN-

Comment 08/06/09: BoyBlue I heard the same for Canada support centre, except that the project target completion was for Q2 2010. -samseescallgirls-

Comment 08/06/09: >> I often wonder why IBM promotes this search-internal nonsense.
WHY????? I saw it first hand with two fired employees in my department. They checked the job postings with due diligence, they applied for the jobs, they recorded the jobs, they interviewed for the jobs, they were polite to the sadistic manager and team leader who urged them to look for the jobs, they were told they MIGHT be chosen for the jobs........until JUST before their leave date. They were then TURNED DOWN for the jobs, with the old 'oh we can't bring you into another area' bull crap. Guess what they did NOT do while they were believing the lying management and team leaders while looking for the jobs? Goofing off, doing the minimum, not agreeing to the extra month of training their overseas replacement that was not included in the first month of threats, exhaling, ruminating on the waste of their career and lives at a miserable company that used them up and threw them away -- and all that jazz. That's right, their strings were pulled right until their very last breath at IBM. Nice, don't you think? But hey, unionize, don't unionize, it's your choice 29%. By the way, being away from IBM is pure heaven.

Comment 08/06/09: I 2nd the vote for not wasting time trying to find a new job in IBM. I tried and felt like I had the plague once the new mgr heard I was RA'ed. -anonymous-

Comment 08/06/09: To GhostOfIBMKingston and Outsourced with 29 years... I was 22 years and age 46 (found out on my birthday; lovely...) when I "got hit". Cash balance pension is just that. There is no "retirement age" for the cash balance other than if you want to take monthly payments. I moved mine to an IRA asap, and got ALL my money out of IBM (rolled my 401k as well). As for FHA, it's gone. Plain and simple. Hissstooooreeee. That was a big chunk of what helped IBM pay for my severnace! Unless you really, really, retire, the FHA is gone. The ESC told me this one (and I called several times just to make sure I was getting consisten answers). Basically, I ate it all, took my money out of IBM, still on TMP/COBRA for now, and going to get private insurance RSN. It sounds more frightening than it is. Not fun, but definitely taking control of your own destiny now, which we should all have done before, such as JOIN A UNION! -RAed in Jan-

Comment 08/06/09:;jsessionid=G3W0YK53SWX4ZQE1GHPSKH4ATMY32JVN
Layoffs Coming Within IBM Global Business Services: Report
-overtheedge- THANK YOU. I have been trying to say something about this too. Guys - let's not attack the bloggers. United we Stand. I'd like to propose that at the bottom of each of our comments, we indicate if we HAVE joined the union or if we can't (RA'd like me) we've DONATED to the union. I've donated - will send more once I find my next gig. btw - my close friends and family, when I told them about being laid off, they are actually HAPPY for me. They have seen how hard I've worked (weekends, OT, no Holidays) for 23 years. We should have known the DAY they took "Respect for the Individual" out of the mission
statement - the statement that Watson put there himself.
Gal Friday - awesome idea! YouTube is a very powerful place to start and could well get on real national news from there. Alliance - can
you help coordinate volunteers ? How / who could we contact directly for this? Girl Friday, could you maybe give us an email id ? I have
some High School friends who may have ideas - they send me stuff all the time.
MN - from my experience and what I've seen/read, unless you have VP-level support, the job you are seeking generates REVENUE or sales, you have some knowledge or skill that is unique and hard-to-find, your salary is in line with that new job, that job isn't going away - fageddaboutit. Call Right Management ASAP and get started on your resume. If you're like me and have only ever worked for IBM, it's painful and slow getting that resume ready for today's marketplace and "non-IBM" readers. I often wonder why IBM promotes this search-internal nonsense. I suppose there is a reason they have to keep us around for 30 days (reduce the risk to themselves) and if they have us busy doing internal job searches chances are we won't have idle hands to do harm to them. -silly willy-
Alliance reply: Actually ex-IBMers CAN join the Alliance. You just would not be eligible to vote in a union recognition election.
The Alliance is a big tent for those concerned about and advocate for IBMers and tech workers in general.

Comment 08/06/09: Here's a question that someone can maybe answer. If you get sacked and you decide to just retire with the pension,
then it's probably in your interest to max out your 401K deduction (asap) and thus reduce your AGI for the IRS. But, if you get another job with a 401K too, does the 401K max apply to the sum of your 401Ks? I know you get a w2 at the end of the year showing the 401K deduction and in this case you will get 2 W2s. Inquiring minds want to know.. -Neal Watkins-

Comment 08/06/09: >>does it make sense to look inside IBM at this point as being advised by HR and IBM?
No, -MN-. None whatsoever. HR and IBM are lying to you. You're on notice? Then you're marked and all possible hiring managers will be told NOT to bring you on.
>>I was just being facetious...The time is ripe to organize and form a union.
Gotcha, -quimby-. On the last point, you are 100% correct. However, 79% ignored this advice for the last 30 years, I don't have much faith that the remaining 21% are going to wake up.
>>We contact journalists all the time and they watch this web site.
Yes, they do, e-week proved that. I think that's excellent. Even though the Iron Giant continues to crush the loyal employee, their press ain't so rosy. Remember folks, it was ONLY Lee and Janet (and others at the Senate Hearing in 1999) and the Alliance who had the stones to counter the sadists at IBM. We all owe them an enormous debt of gratitude. So, contribute, and continue to speak here about what you went through. And to you sheeple, read here and THINK.

>>I truly miss Lou Gerstner.
You're kidding, right? Guess who started the slaughter? Guess who did the same thing at RJR? Guess who told people to 'get a dog' if they
wanted loyalty? Guess who told unhappy employees who were screwed out of pension and medical in 1999 to 'get over it'? Guess who picked Sam in his own image? Guess who still rides around in helicopters while 10K employees have had their lives ruined? Guess who still lives in
his Greenwich mansion while 10K employees are in dire straits? Well. Guess. Right. Three fingered Lou, who didn't even have the brains not
to put his fingers in a moving larn mower.
>>Do not get angry with each other because other then not joining the union in the numbers needed to force a contract there is really
nothing you can do about it.

Amen, -Exodus2007-.


Comment 08/06/09: For the one person that is 48 with 29 years service, try very hard to get the bridge to 30. You are in that age group that I suspect IBM is really focusing on. When IBM went to Cash Balance plan, they made a cutoff that all employees under 40 lost the old pension plan. But when they got sued, they went back and gave some 38 & 39 year old employees additional transition credits, and also this thing called an Enhanced Annuity. But the kicker is that you have to make it 30 years service to get the Enhanced Annuity. The Pension examples I saw indicated it could be around a 25% kicker on your retirement annuity from the Personal Pension Account (PPA). As for the Future Health Account, I think you have to be 55 years old (regardless of service) when you separate, to qualify for that. I think there is definitely age discrimination going on, but targetted at ages that involve extra long-term contractual costs. -3/26Out-

Comment 08/06/09: Guys, am on notice, does it make sense to look inside IBM at this point as being advised by HR and IBM?
No, it makes little sense to look inside. IBM likes to maintain for the press this happy fiction of finding other jobs for RA'd people, since it makes them look better. I personally know only one person of many dozens who were RA'd from my site over the past couple of years that managed to find another internal job, and he was a manager. I know of several who interviewed for and were actually offered another internal position before being told, oh, so sorry, that stuff we said about looking for another job? Not true. If you're RA'd you aren't really going to be allowed to avoid the chop. (Irritating both the RA'd and the groups who wanted their skills.) My advice: Don't waste your time looking inside. Spend it looking outside. -irRational-

Comment 08/06/09: -MN-, it all depends on the rules around your separation package. For those of us effected by the 3/26 RA in Application Services, you had to transfer (no DOU) to the hiring organization for an assignment at least 12 months in duration. Additionally you had to get VP approval from your org and the hiring org for the transfer. If you are under the same rules I'd advise against wasting time looking inside IBM as you won't get approval (I am not aware of anyone notified on 3/26 of finding a new internal job). Save yourself the aggravation and focus on a post IBM career. -Incognito-

Comment 08/06/09: Another thought - we need to see if we can get a viral campaign going. Anyone know a videographer? We need to put a face on all the people - with IBM and other companies - who have seen their jobs outsourced to India. If we could get a high-quality video testimonial made and start distributing it on you tube, sending it (instead of just an email to our reps) distributing it to news feeds etc, it might help raise general awareness among our fellow citizens. If we take the approach used by the Obama campaign (like it or hate it, those guys did have a great marketing strategy) and do a montage of people repeating their stories - we will get a spotlight on this as a human interest story. This issue affects our whole country - not just us and our families. We need a PR campaign. -Gal Friday-

Comment 08/06/09: To Outsourced with 29 years of service. A few people in my area were actually offered a bridge to retirement who were within one year of their retirement eligibility. On the criminal cash balance plan you got in 1999, it won't make a difference, except possibly in keeping your FHA. If you have a really good first line, he might try to bridge you to retirement. Don't bet on it though you are close to 30 years. -GhostOfIBMKingston-

Comment 08/06/09: Rumor has it that IBM Canada Country Support Call Center division is moving to another country by year end. -BoyBlue-

Comment 08/06/09: Those who have not joined the alliance. Here is a reason,3800009332,44932145p,00.htm -About to be outsourced!-

Comment 08/06/09: Guys, am on notice, does it make sense to look inside IBM at this point as being advised by HR and IBM ? I already don't trust these guys, but the thought that what if I find something lingers. I do have some temp consulting work lined up, no benefits though. Not looking for notes filled with hatred / anger / or because how poorly we have been treated. It is what it is. EXODUS2007, I appreciate your responses as appropriate. Do advise. Thanks.. -MN-

Comment 08/06/09: I agree completely that sabotage is not the way to go, I was just being facetious and using iron filings as a metaphor for taking action should you be required to train your replacements. Organization is the way to fight back because power comes when people gather in numbers. Each one of us fighting our own battle will never give any of us strength. What we are doing right now is trying to play blackjack with an opponent who holds all the face cards. The time is ripe to organize and form a union. -quimby-

Comment 08/06/09: Perception is Reality. If you are wondering why you were RA'd this is why. It was percieved that IBM could save money by getting rid of you, or your group, or your business unit, etc. Do not get angry with each other because other then not joining the union in the numbers needed to force a contract there is really nothing you can do about it. One performers as well as threes are being released. Job performance has NOTHING to do with it. It really never has but it sounded great to blame the people being let go as " Attitude" problems or under achievers, or low ten performers or not meeting objectives so no one would realize the ax was coming for us all one by one. Divide and conquer worked well for IBM. Unite and conquer will work well for us. Questions on your pensions or benefits. Flood Fidelity with phone calls. Its your right and obligation as you are no longer needed by IBM to get the answers you need to help secure your futures. It is so important I would do NO WORK until I had the answers I needed to plan for my future after IBM. After all, your work is not needed or appreciated by IBM so why continue to do it?. I would not sabotage anything with iron filings as someone suggested as this would be a crime but take a lesson from a famous leader in India. Ghandi believed in passive resistance. IBM embraces India so they must embrace this ideal also. Meditate 45 minutes out of every hour you must spend at IBM in your final month. This will clense your spirit to make you happier and not bitter for external job interviews. The faster you get rid of the anger, hatred, bitterness and any other bad feelings this experience has left you with the better off YOUR life will be. You came to IBM looking for a job and you are leaving the same way. Nothing more and nothing less. Good luck to all. -Exodus2007-

Comment 08/06/09: Does anyone know if anyone in marketing has been affected by the layoffs? I'm not seeing any sales layoffs or marketing layoffs and find this very odd since they don't really do much except have meetings and throw marketing phrases at each other like "road to market" etc. Also does anyone know if any job cuts are hitting Austin, TX? Lot of fat marketers getting big bonuses they don't deserve in Austin. Why don't we send Sam some of our thoughts. It might not do anything but I think we need to tell the guy responsible for all this pain and suffering what we think. He helped destroy my 15yr career with IBM due to his imcompetence. BRING BACK LOU!!! I truly miss Lou Gerstner. I was proud to work for him, I'm ashamed to have worked for Sam. 15 years and all the thanks I got was a kick in the pants. Email sam at -Anonymous-

Comment 08/06/09: Ok, in addition to joining the union, what can we each be doing EVERY DAY to raise awareness of the sick joke that is Big Blue? Should we each email the President every week? Our representatives? Can we find a donor to help fund a big ad in the NYT or WSJ with an open letter exposing the reality of IBM? Can we start a list of business journalists and email them, all the time, with updates and story ideas? I'm in marketing - never worked for IBM but went through something similar at PwC a while back - just stupid stupid cost cutting decisions that always weaken the company in the long run, though they are too short sighted to see it. How can we keep this issue front and center in front of the right people? My better half has been with IBM for 10+ years and we are both carrying around the knowledge that eventually, inevitably, we will be affected by an RA. Makes it really tough to board that plane every Sunday and leave the family behind, knowing that you have exactly 36 hours a week at home with your loved ones. -Gal Friday-
Alliance reply: Yes contact all your political leaders about IBM. Tell them about the job cuts and offshoring. Tell them how IBM is treating employees. Break the myth of IBM being a good employer and help break the silence inside IBM.
We contact journalists all the time and they watch this web site. We encourage everyone to do the same. Focus on the business reporters, local reporters and tech industry writers.
For instance: the call centers in Dallas and Atlanta, everyone who is being affected by this should be pushing the media and their co-workers to expose what is going on.

Comment 08/06/09: Alliance -- any updates on membership numbers for 2009? I know that following the March RAs, the increase in membership was disappointing. I would like to know whether any of those left at IBM are getting the message, or are people just whining and venting here without taking one bit of action? -PurplePeopleEater-
Alliance reply: We wish we could report good news but unfortunately our membership growth has been terrible. Only a handful have joined as dues paying members or even as free subscribers (those that support the Alliance). On top of that we are losing some members due to job cuts.
We ask our members and supporters to reach out to their co-workers and tell them about the Alliance.
We also encourage employees and ex-employees to contact Lee Conrad at and let him know why you have not joined the Alliance. Honest dialogue please.

Comment 08/06/09: >>Essentially, you fell into the sheep bucket.
OH BOY are you right, -quimby-. The last 29% who turn out the lights will prove this. The sadistic throat cutting mavericks are chosen for management and team leading and executive positions. The nice guys, the sheeple, who finish last and get fired, are chosen to be employees.

>>A few paper clips inside PC's do wonders

Nope, sabotage is not the way to go. I was screwed by an unethical manager and team leader, but I do NOT advocate sabotage. Unionizing is the way to go. The last 29%, if they don't unionize, WILL BE SCREWED. But hey, if they don't unionize, it's their problem.

>>Any thoughts??? -Outsourced-

Yes. You're screwed. IBM wins, again. You should have unionized.

>>Without a Union, they can and will fire you at will.

That's right, -gone_in_07-, that's absolutely right. NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEE, UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED. -anonymouse-

Comment 08/06/09: All of the latest people being fired are among those hanging in there for years, reading this site thinking it happens to other people, but not them. Now it's, "lets do something about it." TOO LATE people! For those of you not affected this time, you will be affected next time and be on here posting lets do something, so wake up and do something now, before your time is also too late. Without a Union, they can and will fire you at will. -gone_in_07-
Comment 08/06/09: Calling in to get info on FHA and retirment options after layoff and getting someone in India?who has no clue what the accurate answers to the questions are. Adding a bit of insult to injury..why not. -Ironic isn't It?-
Comment 08/06/09: 29 years service and 48 years of age ..was switched to "new" pension plan in 99 ....laid off last week. Lose Future Health account? Also, not able to retire under new plan due to age!? Any thoughts??? -Outsourced-
Comment 08/06/09: 3600 Steeles Markham location. 30-50 India/Brazil coming to Canada for training starting Mid-August/2009. Our last day is November 28/2009 range. The sector affecting 400-500 staffs are part of ITD. Been with this company over 10 years and this is what we get. Ridiculous. It is quality vs quantity. When will IBM wake up that they cant replace us?? -Anonymous-
Comment 08/05/09: badnewsbares::: You make valid points! I do not wish to offend anyone, but IBM employees are hired and cultivated to think like they do. It is no coincidence that people as a whole do not want a union it is by design. That psycho test you took when hired classified you, along with your interviews. Essentially, you fell into the sheep bucket. A good friend of mine used to work for IBM in personnel as a psychologist and right from the horse's mouth, most of you are no accident.....The old timers will recall that seeing a person walk out of the office with IBM pencils in their pocket, or not wearing wing tips or a white shirt was a travesty. Most people would say WTF, not IBM'ers though. My advice to people RA is to "teach" your replacements "real good"..Sure, that CPU card can be replaced concurrently...sure....go ahead...etc... Just don't make it obvious... A few paper clips inside PC's do wonders...Best of all, iron filings..Now there is an area where you can do some great work. Ok, I'm sure most of you are ready to kill me at this point but before you do, think, listen, reflect and now act.. What has IBM done for *YOU* compared to what *you* have done for IBM... Stop being a sheep, start being a partisan and join the fight. Like I said iron filings are a great tool as is disinformation..... Also, I don't expect the CWA to approve of gorilla tactics, and they shouldn't but at the employee level, just don't bend over and take it. Fight back anyway you can. Good luck! Yes IBM customers are waking up just like Dell customers did when support was sent to India. Guess what? It doesn't mean a hill of beans. Bottom line is money. Do it cheaper and you win the contract even if 1/2 your people talk like they just walked out of a 7-11 or Mobil/Exxon station. Sorry but that's the truth. -quimby-
Alliance Reply: The Alliance does not approve or condone sabotage. Organizing a union is the way to go.

Comment 08/05/09: Many more layoffs than what you have announced. I was in the software brand and it was much more than me those happened on june 1 but I got an extension for 30 days so last day was aug 3 -S-
Comment 08/05/09: Seriously ... do you not see the circular reference? News report says there are "hundreds" of jobs cut ... based on quote by Lee. All due respect to Lee, but he is going by the numbers as reported by "someone" here. So now, if I say there were thousands RA'ed this week, will I see a news report - quoting Lee - that thousands were laid off ? Believe me, I am not happy about the situation: I am a 9-yr employee, RA'ed yesterday. I'm hurting. But screeds without base do not help. We should be asking, WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE FORCE IBM TO TELL THE TRUTH ?? thanks. -anonymous-
Lee Conrad reply: I told the media that close to 200 employees were selected for resource actions.
In GBS Industrial Section the actual count is 184, based on the Resource Action package I received. I also received emails from other employees who said other divisions were also impacted. They gave me their names. I am waiting for RA packs from them. I stand by what I said to the media and I do not rely soley on comments from anonymous sources. But to be honest many of the sources have been right on the money.

Comment 08/05/09: I'm totally sickened and disgusted at this point. I'm at the end of my rope and can't take this crap from ibm anymore. I've started a job hunt. Better to find search out the market now and find something before they ax me. My job is headed to boulder or iowa, it's just a matter of time now. I hate to say this, and I do hope I am wrong, but with all the layoffs going around in the US, there won't be anyone left in the US to join a union in the near future. -liz-in-pants-
Comment 08/05/09: Nothing changes on this site! You hanger ons at IBM are just a bunch of losers afraid to do anything. I guarantee that life is a lot better if you get out of this hellhole IBM. IBM management treats you like crap and abuses you. Why? Because you have no guts and no balls. You are afraid to band together and form a Union. I've been out of this IBM nuthouse for a few years and and all I see is the same whining and crying but you do nothing about it. For your own good band together and get a Union going. Sammy will just continue to abuse you until that happens. -GoneFromBigBlow-
Comment 08/05/09: Comments are getting more and more hateful - toward EACH OTHER. We have a common enemy, and it is neither former nor soon-to-be former employees -overtheedge-
Comment 08/05/09: "Net, the US is going to 3 sites. One in each of the following states: CO, IA, & NY. If you are not at one of these sites, your days are numbered"
That's a bit over the top. Every US employee will NOT be working out of a GDF. Certain accounts are targeted for GDFs, and under those accounts, certain support roles (Unix and Intel, DCA, DBA, MiddleWare, etc). -anonymous-
Comment 08/05/09: -RTPfatnHappycamper- Who says that IBM would not just up and move out of RTP? If some other state or some other country gives the IBM executives a sweetheart deal better than NC and RTP is offering who says they wouldn't do it? Don't be too fat 'n and happy. It's not good for you in this IBM. -anonymous-
Comment 08/05/09: I'm not up on all the latest changes so everything I say here should be assumed to start with "allegedly" and end with "I think". I posted this a while ago but it's been archived and I can't find it so here it comes since it's deja vue all over again. I "retired" (RA'd) in 2007 with the old pension plan.
Here's my advice for the sequence that I encountered:

1) Call the Employees Service Center (ESC) asap. They will assign you a benefits coordinator. That's the person you work with for your pension and medical choices. This can take a while to make contact so you need to get this started as soon as you can.
2) The estimator tool is very close but not precise. The ESC needs to schedule an official calculation of retirement benefits. (My official one was $1 more than the estimator.)
3) They send you a package with your pension choice (you told the coordinator). Sign and return asap too.
4) It can take a month or more to get your pension started so make sure you have cash in the meantime. It is retroactive to your effective date though.
5) Be aware. Retirement is effective at the end of the month BUT you will get the first paycheck of that month and your manager has your last paycheck (maybe separation check too) in their desk. You are off the payroll system after that first check. Make your 401K deduction choice far enough ahead to be in that last check.
6) There is a lot of "jiggling" with your name on lists. Off this list...on that list. It takes time to settle.
7) Make every Dr. appointment before you are off the system. Order all Rx drugs too. See that dermatologist you always wanted. Do it while you are still on the active list.
8) Medical:
a) I chose TMP/COBRA. This continues my current plan choices. Otherwise, I would have had to sign up for all new plans under the retiree choices. See netbenefits to see the retiree choices.
b) Dental and vision are automatically switched to the retiree plan. TMP/COBRA is available for medical only.
c) They bill me for it until the pension starts where they would take it out automatically
9) Get organized:
a) keep notes on all conversations with the ESC: dates, times, who you talked to, what was said...
b) get a file for home to keep all the stuff in - you will get a lot
c) The web site has a checklist for separation/retirement. Print it - follow it
d) print any other docs you can find
10) GUL - Maybe you signed up for a lot of extra insurance so your family would have money if you died and didn't get a pension. Now is the time to reduce that - maybe you got the pension.
11) I recommend the 100% spouse replacement option for your pension. Discuss it with your spouse.
12) Discuss it all with your spouse. This is a big deal and they need to be involved.
13) I called Vanguard to set up a rollover IRA of my 401K. I got the accounts,etc ready to accept the money.
a) As long as you are 59 1/2 (or better), you can transfer into an IRA anytime
b) Do you like Financial Engines (off the 401K website)? Don't transfer all the money at once. You lose the link.
c) In fact, you can do it in stages. The plan limits you to 4 withdraws a year.
d) I used Vanguard and got Financial Engines through them instead of IBM.
14) I transferred my 401K to a Vanguard IRA. Go on the 401K website and follow the prompts to do a rollover. Make sure it's a ROLLOVER! As you fill out the steps in the request, you will get to a point where they say "The check will be sent to your address on record". Important !!! -> there is a link to fill in the address of a financial institution. Do that! You should have already spoken with the company. Then you see how the check is to be written. ==> The Vanguard Group, F/B/O "your name". (F/B/O = For Benefit Of)
You do NOT want the check to be made out to you directly !!! This is so very important !!! They sent the check by ordinary mail. All I did was send it on to Vanguard. This whole process can take a week or more.
15) Medical, dental,etc is not automatically taken from your retirement check. You need to fill in the forms to make that happen. More time will get a bill in the mail for those things until the auto-deduction kicks in.
16) FYI - hopefully not soon a) your pension and your wife's part of it come from different accounts. If you die, your wife needs to contact the ESC asap so her part can start. Meanwhile, a check or 2 of yours has come but you are not around anymore. That money has to be returned to IBM. (Only an accountant could love this system...)
17) Got any old stock options? They time out soon after you leave (90 days). Check the web site.
18) Getting a retirement gift? Went online and didn't see anything you liked or the one you liked was discontinued? You have a year to claim it. Check every couple of weeks. The selection changes.
19) Watch out for IRS tax witholding. Especially the first year. They may withold too little tax because your pension check is smaller (maybe a lower tax bracket rate). BUT - you may have worked for part of the year and thus your total income for the year is still high.
20) HCSA (Health Care Spending Account) coverage is selectable under COBRA, but it's terms/rules change under COBRA (vs terms/rules as active employee). HCSA allows you to contribute tax-advantaged (pre-tax) dollars to an account that IBM (thru Aclaris?) administers. Each year, you file claims against the dollars in the account by submitting EOBs, receipts, for covered medical expenses, up to the amount you contributed to account in the calendar year. Well, HCSA coverage under COBRA changes to AFTER-TAX dollars only
plus there's now a 2% surcharge for administration. As such, it really doesn't make sense to carry HCSA under COBRA since it looses it's tax-advantaged benefit AND there's a 2% cost for the privledge.
21) HSA (Healthcare Savings Account). IBM pre-funds it with the whole amount and you get to pay them back each paycheck. SO ! Use it ALL up before you leave - stick them with the rest.
22) Again, watch out for income tax the first year especially if you have a pension or get another job. You paid the IRS while you were working and out of the severance check. BUT your pension or other job may withhold at a lower rate so you get stuck with owing the IRS at the end of the year since you had wages+severance+pension/job -
probably a higher AGI than before.
-Neal Watkins-

Comment 08/05/09: Was a consistent 1/2+ performer for ~12 years when I was selected for RA (ITD Canada) in June as a result of Global Resourcing. 3 weeks later I received an unsolicited request to return as a (client project funded) contractor in a different group based on my knowledge and skill, however HR nixed the opportunity. When I contacted HR to find out why, I was told that I cannot return as a contractor or employee for 1 year (regardless of any business need for my skills) due to the cost savings associated with my separation.
-Taking my knowledge elsewhere-

Comment 08/05/09: I am continually amazed at those who appear to have just found this site. Talking about banding together and writing everyone from the president to congress to governors and state leaders. It is a bit late for that. Unless a large majority of the employees still employed by IBM join the Alliance and provide financial support, save your keystrokes. NO ONE cares!!! Repeat, NO ONE cares!!! IBM currently holds ALL THE CARDS. If you wish to play in the game you need to ANTE up (join the union). If you do not, you are just whistling in the wind. I am retired but have sent numerous emails, letters and made phone calls to everyone I could think of. Got very nice responses that one can wipe their butt with. Stop being angry and start doing something productive!!! -badnewsbares-
Comment 08/05/09: >>Get your facts right before posting palsies -RTPfatnHappycamper-
Management, are you? Nice try. Two lawsuits against IBM? Good.
>>IBM customers are beginning to wake-up.
Are they? Good. -anonymouse-

Comment 08/05/09: IBM customers are beginning to wake-up. They now realize that they are getting second class support for first class charges. IBM will tank because of the stupid business model that serves only to enrich the 3,500 Lettered Executives (Greedy Bastards) who have raped stockholders, bondholders, employees, retiree's and most importantly customers. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/05/09: Not certain of the exact numbers but hundreds or thousands have been affected this last week in Dallas and Atlanta. This includes Hardware Call Handling, Entitlement, User Support Group, and others. The jobs are going to Cairo, Egypt, Manila, Phillipines, and Manpower in Boulder, Co. Many older workers are out and losing Future Medical Accounts along with retirement. -OutsourcedinDallas-
Comment 08/05/09: "Net, the US is going to 3 sites. One in each of the following states: CO, IA, & NY. If you are not at one of these sites, your days are numbered"
Really? That's funny, I'm in RTP, NC with about 10k employees. Does that mean another 10k (all of RTP) RA'ed this year? Get your facts right before posting palsies -RTPfatnHappycamper-

Comment 08/05/09: Thanks, Alliance. Isn't this nice?
"The company did not confirm the layoffs, keeping with its new practice of trying to quell bad publicity by dismissing reporters' questions as “rumors or speculation.”
Such respect for the human beings who gave their life to IBM for decades, to instead focus on 'quelling bad publicity'. What a shame the 10,000 plus (and plus more) fired employees don't band together on the Washington D.C. lawn to demonstrate that 'rumors' and 'speculation' have faces. Kudos to Lee for being the lone voice countering IBM's lies.
Comment 08/04/09: FYI IBM Call center class action Law suit is now in certify status. The Law firm "Erik Langeland " has been posted on your site before. To receive information about the suit, Erik H. Langeland, P.C.
Tel. (212) 354-6270
Fax. (212) 898 9086 -Anonymous-

Comment 08/04/09: The Atlanta and Dallas Call Center Reps had a copy of the Overtime Class action suit against IBM incerted in their seperation package. Yup that's right. Call Center reps need to opt in. Link to opt in: -Anonymous-
Comment 08/04/09: Is IBM HIRING ANYONE in the USA this year? Folks, write your representatives and senators in your state and federal governments and tell them NO STIMULUS money for IBM!!! Then vote these bastards out and see if they can find a real job! It makes me sick to the gut, seeing Palmisano with Obama and hearing that an IBM power broker is in about constant contact with the government advising the government on issues. Government by the rich, for the rich, and to the rich. What the hell happened to labor rights and the EFCA with this administration??? Oh, I forgot labor has no $$$ so they get jack. Without the EFCA the Alliance is just wasting their friggin' time. I want an American third party now! Democrats follow the money when it is thrown their way and the Republicans just demand more of the $$$ once they see it. I dare you to prove me wrong on this. What a country. I'm not a proud American anymore. Let's knight all the American CEO's and create royalty. It's basically what we got now. Or better yet let's just mortgage the USA to China and get it over with. -EFCAnyone?-
Comment 08/04/09: 13 years with IBM, last day 8/24, Jersey city, NJ office being closed. Been a dues paying member, except, now we have to figure what the heck we will do. A lot of it seems pointless, every man to himself? -Anticipatedit-
Comment 08/04/09: article on latest job cuts -member-

Comment 08/04/09: -STG EF Survivor-, the link doesn't work. Hundreds? Wow. According to a friend, SF was already a ghost town. IBM won't stop until there are no U.S. employees. It's almost futile, but what the heck: NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEE, UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED. I wonder, what WILL it take? -anonymouse-
Alliance reply: Sorry Anonymouse, -STG EF Survivor- sent the link correctly.
It was my fault it didn't work. I pasted it, incorrectly.
I fixed the link.
Comment 08/04/09:
According to the media report published at 2:20pm EST today, "hundreds" of layoffs in GBS Sterling Forest NY today. They mention STG EF apparently still on the chopping block for more RA's. According to recent news reports, STG EF is still expecting work from Nintendo/Sony/Freescale. WHEN WILL IT GET HERE? Not believing anything at this point. UNION NOW. It can't hurt! -STG EF Survivor-

Comment 08/04/09: can confirm the cuts in GBS but don't have a firm headcount figure. -fedup-


Comment 08/04/09: Just got my notification of RA. 30 days notice. Mainly GBS Industrial - about 200. B8, S&T, Industrial, Managing Consultant. Unless business picks up, no one is safe. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/04/09: GBS is laying off today in the new S&T group. B8, B9 for sure. No other info yet. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/04/09: Starting to see folks affected by the GDF strategy. Net, the US is going to 3 sites. One in each of the following states: CO, IA, & NY. If you are not at one of these sites, your days are numbered. To stop this, you must act now!!! -Anonymous-

Comment 08/04/09: >> I'd bet there is a huge pent up demand - people are sick of this.
-movie fan-, good analogy to Butch Cassidy, but you'd be surprised. Fear outweighs any loathing. Crouching, cowering, oh good they got my co-worker and not me, gutless, cowardly fear. All in the interest of self-preservation, of course. Understandable in today's economy, of course. JUST as IBM planned it. Which consultant taught the art of war to IBM, anyone remember? The employees are the enemy and IBM is the victor. 79% of the American employee base GONE and you think the remaining fearing for their lives and livelihood 21% are going to crawl out from under their desks? I doubt it. It would be nice, since as we all know: AT WILL EMPLOYEES, UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED. My bet is that the remaining 21% will be screwed. -anonymouse-

Comment 08/04/09: Sorry, mis-read the package: Layoffs are happening in GBS / Industrial today, just got notified. Haven't counted yet, but by my eye looks like about 50 affected. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Sorry for your job loss. Please send RA pack to

Comment 08/04/09: Layoffs are happening in GBS / Industrial today, just got notified. Haven't counted yet, but by my eye looks like about 200 affected. -Anonymous-

Comment 08/03/09: What group is SSO? -curious-

Comment 08/03/09: I received this email last week. I'm not even an IT specialist -- but this email speaks volumes to what is happening.

IBM US Recruitments overnight online recruiting agents recently found your resume through our online resume sourcing activities. Our search brought back your profile and we thought you might be interested in an exciting new IBM hiring initiative. You may have recently received an e-mail or read news articles announcing that IBM is actively hiring more than 1300 new employees for our Support Center in Dubuque, Iowa. These technical roles will function in a support capacity for our global around the clock operation. IBM's new Technical Services Delivery Center is focused on increasing delivery quality. It increases our client value by providing predictable, reliable, high quality services as a result of at-scale, higher performance work groups based on segmentation, co-location, pooling, and end-to-end process management. We are now seeking: Technical Support Specialists
- Junior, Mid & Senior level openings. Along Quality Analyst and Audit and Compliance Analyst roles.
To see a full list of roles we are recruiting for, please follow the below link to our IOWA jobs site:

Iowa Jobs Launch Page
Attached below are links to our WebSphere Support Specialist - MIM roles that we are looking to fill immediately. By accessing these linkx you be able to view the additional roles and responsibilities of these positions. If after viewing these roles, you feel you are interested, please take a moment to officially apply to any of the roles via the designated links. Once completed, I will review your profile with my team in hopes of setting some time to speak further. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

WebSphere Support Specialist ( Rhythm ) - MIM

WebSphere Support Specialist ( Blues ) - MIM

WebSphere Support Specialist ( Jazz ) - MIM -RAin1stwave09-

Comment 08/03/09: All these discussions remind me of a scene in the movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They were being chased relentlessly and ended up surrounded, on a cliff high above a river. The only way out was to jump. Sundance said he wouldn't jump because he couldn't swim. Butch threw his head back and laughed and said, "The fall is gonna kill you." A little word of advice to those of you scared to organize into a union because you're afraid you'll be're more likely to get fired if you don't!! Ask Alliance for help and get a movement started. I'd bet there is a huge pent up demand - people are sick of this. All they need is a leader to follow. Take a deep breath and jump - for yourself & your family. -movie fan-

Comment 08/03/09: We just had a dept. meeting. More of our accounts have been 'chosen' for Iowa. Bit by bit, we'll be pecked at, until there is nothing remaining except the carcases. -part-of-the-pack-

Comment 08/03/09: -JUST GOT word of layoffs at SSO, one person for sure maybe two.- what's this mean? 1 or 2 people in SSO are going to be laid off? -anonymous-

Comment 08/03/09: to -retrainornot- What do you use these skills profiles for anyway? Because then they will know what NOT to put on the job requirements for their already selected H1B candidate! Duh!!! -Gone in 96-

Comment 08/03/09: It's all over except for the shouting:\html?

Go to employeeissues if links don't work. All over. Done. What's that? You want to fight back? Good. Then unionize.

Quickly. Before the other 29% are fired. NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEES; UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED. -anonymouse-

Comment 08/02/09: To those RAed: Let me suggest that all of you that have been RAed please re-read your job descriptions. Train your off-shore replacements to a reasonable extent on whatever is in your last appraisal... / performance plan. All the "extra" stuff you do... and if you're like the rest of us ... you've got a lot of extra stuff that never gets "recognized"... well your replacement doesn't need to recognize it either right? One of our guys was RAed a few months back ... well now that he's gone some really important stuff broke and ... nobody know's how to fix it ... the manager called the RAed guy... appealed to his sense of fair-play ... smoozed him a bit ... then got the answer he was not hoping for... "I've forgotten all about what I did at IBM" ... followed by dial-tone...... -Anon-

Comment 08/02/09: >>and has almost 40,000 in it.
sillywilly, just think where the Alliance would be if 40K people paid $10. a month to organize. Remember when Lou told everyone to use the internet back in the 1990s? Venting is much safer than action. Venting here and on the Yahoo boards and now on LinkedIn is good for the soul, but it does bupkus for the bank account. Lou knew this. Sam knows this. Rather than venting, take action. Unionize or you will be fired. You will be screwed. Or, vent and provide entertainment for the IBM sadists who read this site and other boards, and laugh at the IBM sheeple who STILL don't get it. NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEE, UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED. -anonymouse-

Comment 08/02/09: I heard that the call center job cuts will effect the reps who deal with the SSR field force. This is going to be a nightmare. We have enough trouble understanding customer offshore NOC's and support people. -quimby-

Comment 08/01/09: Yes.. Yes and yes.. IBM Call Centers In Atlanta and Dallas are closing Jobs going full Manpower Contractors IN BOULDER.. tHE REST TO EGYPT, MANILA AND INDIA. ALL EMPLOYESS GIVEN 60 DAYS NOTICE AND WIL BE PHASED OUT BASED ON SENORITY. I am grateful to walking away with something.. I don't agree with moving the jobs.. However we have to get involved to change the laws. -Moving to Canada-

Comment 08/01/09: Job is going to a GDF--have the option to move there at my own expense. How is this even a logical conclusion from the folks above that have no idea what we do. By the way, college hires at a lower rate can't replace experience. Give me my life preserver to go down with ibmtitanic... Oh--forgot half of the job has already been offshored to India. They mean well, but ...ah crap, enough said... -Don't care anymore...-

Comment 08/01/09: JUST GOT word of layoffs at SSO, one person for sure maybe two. -BADNEWS-

Comment 08/01/09: For the folks posting questions to IBM management about what skills to grow. WAKE UP. This site should not be read by IBM management by law. Post those questions in your PBC. Post them in your skills developement roadmap. If your just looking for an easy way to survive the next job cut and free answers and suggestions I would say you are in the wrong place. This is where you come when you realize there is no easy way. This is where you join the union, pay your measly 10 dollars a month and try to get co workers to join so you can get a contract that will eliminate surprise job cuts. This is where you say to IBM this far and no more. -Exodus2007-

Comment 08/01/09: > How about being honest and forthright for a change?
HONEST? FORTHRIGHT? Sorry, -Doomed IT worker in the USA-. You've read the old joke?-- How can you tell if a manager is lying? They move their lips.--Sadly, it applies to managers and team leaders in today's IBM. Forget about 'growing your skills', it doesn't matter. Get your resume in order, take the courses on IBM's dime that will make you valuable in the outside world, and then just do your job without doing a bit extra. You WILL be fired, somewhere, somehow, some day. Count on it. Why? Simple: YOU DON'T HAVE A CONTRACT, like Sam does. NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEE, UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED. -anonymouse-

Comment 08/01/09: to doomitworkerintheus I have seen people with MBAs, PhDs and people with very current skills, experience and education get the axe. The simple reason is that the job can be done much much cheaper offshore. IBM does not care if the job is done nearly as well, just so it is cheaper. Customers are getting upset at SLAs being dropped and complaints from THEIR customers. In one group I watched the numbers shrink over the last 2 years and 6 people are doing the work that started 2007 with 13. But as long as the 6 put in 70 hour workweeks and get the job done, IBM is happy. I am almost done feeling sorry for them since they show no desire to join here and make a stand. Come this coming week we will see a couple more posters whining about losing their jobs. Folks, God helps those who help themselves!!! -badnewsbares-

Comment 07/31/09: "can you tell us what skills we should grow at this point?"
Right on -Doomed IT worker in the USA-! Ok, then IBM if you are not forthcoming with this information what ever happened to IBM RETRAINING for the hot jobs in this supposedly "smarter planet" you like to boast about? IBM doesn't retrain anymore. That is puzzling.They consider it more economical to just RA workers instead of spending a little $ to enable them to offer the skills IBM needs. Another thing the Watsons must be doing flips in the tomb over. Maybe if IBM was committed to retraining it's employees then some real revenue might eventually flow instead of IBM just relying on cost cutting and cheap labor profits. Also IBM you make us incessantly fill out these stupid skills profiles and nothing ever constructive happens for the employee with them. What do you use these skills profiles for anyway?

Comment 07/31/09: Sounds like the White House needs to be reminded that Americans are losing jobs to offshoring at unprecedented rates and Stimulus money should not to go creating jobs in other countries. WSJ reports:
"Mr. Palmisano has become an informal technology adviser to the White House, frequently exchanging phone calls with President Barack Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel." --

Comment 07/31/09: I rolled-over all the money from my IBM pension to one of my IRAs today. That felt good. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I don't trust IBM management near my money. I also don't think they're all that good with long-term resource management, anyway. -Paul-

Comment 07/31/09: article... ....very interesting, covers a lot of good points, including..... Part of IBM's strategy has been to lower costs by shifting more of its work overseas. IBM cut 10,000 U.S jobs earlier this year, moving many to India and other countries. Offshore jobs have reached 283,000, or 71% of IBM's 398,000 total, prompting union demands that the U.S. government stop hiring the company for federal contracts. -im_not_telling-

Comment 07/31/09: Some bold alumnus posted this on LinkedIn - many of the replies talk about how horribly they were treated on their last day.... interesting reading. The Group Discussion is under "The Greater IBM Connection: IBM's alumni program for past and present IBM employees" and has almost 40,000 in it. Where were you on first hiring day of IBM, where were you at the high water mark line of your IBM career? Where were you when you left IBM? -silly willy-

Comment 07/31/09: Hey IBM Management - can you tell us what skills we should grow at this point? Or are we just doomed as IT workers in the USA? It is that we either need a PhD in Computer Science, or we should prepare to leave IBM and find another profession? How about some guidance, please? You used to say we'd simply have to travel to cover the "plethora of US commercial contracts", but even if the recession didn't happen and those contracts actually existed, it now it seems that they too will be offshored. So, are we just doomed? How about being honest and forthright for a change? -Doomed IT worker in the USA-

Comment 07/31/09: As my membership in the RA Club was initiated in 2002, I can say that NO JOB IS SAFE. Start downsizing NOW! My prediction from years' back is coming true, perhaps Headquarters in the US BUT everything else overseas. All started with Intercompany Agreements; 4 for the price of 1. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/31/09: Just heard that folks in Sales and Distribution got hit with a resource action. I am trying to get one of those affected to forward the package to you or to me to forward to you.... Last day at work will be August 27 -badnewsbares-

Comment 07/31/09: Excellent post, -Exodus2007-, but this is especially excellent:
>>IBM will spin it all to be just good business to screw you and its nothing personal but we both know it is personal. When it is you and your family that need food stamps its very personal. I am proud to be a supporter of this cause both in spirit and financialy. WE are the union. You and I standing together<<

It IS personal. It is VERY personal. When IBM management disregards the lives and livelihoods of their employees in favor of vapor profits to pump up the stock price and fatten the coffers of management and executives, it is VERY PERSONAL. Take heed, sheeple. Someday you too will be slaughtered. NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEE, UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED. -anonymouse-

Comment 07/30/09: I no longer work for IBM. I am a full dues paying member as I believe the cause is right and it will help the many friends and colleges I worked with for thirty years to one day have a better life. I expect I will see no personal gain from my dues other then the comraderie of fellow UNION members who believe in something larger then their own personal gain. I believe the CWA is well within their rights to solicit donations from anyone who posts here as well as the public in general who feel like donating to the cause. It also tends to prove the old saying that money talks and bullshit walks. A manager would not dare be caught donating to the union. Its a good litmus test I think and Bravo to Rick for doing it. As far as Big Ho's information I can sum it up for all of you. If your job can be outsourced or shipped overseas to save a dollar it will be. If you can be screwed out of benefits to make an extra dime of profit you will be. It does not matter what division or department you are in as all will be clobbered eventually. IBM will spin it all to be just good business to screw you and its nothing personal but we both know it is personal. When it is you and your family that need food stamps its very personal. I am proud to be a supporter of this cause both in spirit and financialy. WE are the union. You and I standing together. -Exodus2007-

Comment 07/30/09: To: Soon to be resourced IBM call center rep- Are you referring to IBM.COM centers in Dallas and Atlanta? Thanks -XIBM-

Comment 07/30/09: To the call center rep who will be losing his/her position, can you tip off the local press in some way, perhaps get a state legislator to put pressure on IBM for sending the work offshore, to people who probably won't communicate well with calllers? Invoke the terrible mistake Dell made by doing this. -anonymous-

Comment 07/30/09: -geez_leave_Big Who-alone-

My, my, another corporate apologist management plant. How about you, plant, you going to donate? No, I didn't think so.

> is just going to piss him off for good.

Oh, and wouldn't that be a shame, -geez_leave_Big Who-alone-? What level manager are you, -geez_leave_Big Who-alone-?
Are you friends with lastdino?

Hey Alliance, looks like we're getting under the skin of management. After how they screwed their employees, isn't it nice?
Thanks for the update, Rick! You owe me a dollar (just kidding). -anonymouse-
Alliance reply: Ok. No problem. Let's get back to the discussion that this comments section is here for: Job Cuts. I won't be posting anymore discussion regarding any of the aforementioned posters; regardless of how many we receive. It's a waste of our time and our members time. Again, thank you for your continued support.

Comment 07/30/09: Atlanta and Dallas Call Centers to be resourced starting Sept being shipped to call centers in Manila Phillipines, Cairo Egypt and a totally manned by contracters center in Boulder Colorado...announcement was made yesterday July 27th... -Soon to be resourced IBM call center rep-

Comment 07/30/09: Hey Big Who: Just because you no longer work for IBM doesn't mean IBM will keep any promise to you. Even as a former employee and a future IBM retiree, a union can help preserve your benefits from IBM. I guess you believe IBM totally. If so, I sure feel sorry for a fool. -anonymous-

Comment 07/30/09: Rick, if you read lastdino's posts on the various boards where real IBMers post, he uses the same type of language. While it's heartening to see that IBM management THINKS it can post here under the guise of Big Ho and lastdino and now goldfingerRTP in an effort to bamboozle real IBMers, I just want to stress that Big Ho and lastdino and goldfingerRTP are management plants and corporate apologists trying to minimize the slaughter by making IBMers turn their wrath inward, while it really belongs ON IBM, for their broken promises and inequitable distribution of wealth. The saddest part, of course, is that the IBM employees haven't unionized yet. Their jobs WILL go offshore, they WILL have to train their replacements under threat of no severance, they WILL be fired, they WILL have difficulty trying to get their UI because IBM and the DOL will make it difficult for them (remember, the DOL goes TO IBM to get the last status of the firee), they won't go to the press because they are still fearful, and most of all, MOST of all, they WILL be humiliated, insulted, demeaned, most likely fired before they get full pension and FHA, and finally, they will be made to feel angry and because there is no union, will have NOWHERE to turn. Except here. So thank you Rick. Thank you Alliance. You have been at this for over 30 years, in the background (at least in corporate), you have been MOST visible since the rape of 1999, and your board has been an oasis from the management plants and the FUD and the misinformation on the other boards. IBMers, both current, fired, and retired, owe you more than a year's membership. They owe you their undying gratitude.
P.S. I bet you a dollar lastdino/goldfingerRTP/Big Ho won't make a contribution. Let us know if I am wrong. -anonymouse-
Alliance reply: Thank you for your insight and information, and above all, your support. His/her comment came before yours and it confirms what you have said. See below:

Comment 07/30/09: IBM Rational Software brand just went through another round of resource actions cutting 12 more positions.
What physical location(s)? I haven't heard of any cuts in Lexington, MA, though it's possible the word hasn't spread yet. (I have no doubts they're coming, just wondering if the axe has already fallen this month.) (And yes, I'm a paid member.) -iRational-

Comment 07/30/09: OMG! Big Who? I don't think he understands that most people that have been RAed are NOT Executives we were just hard working dedicated employees that got screwed after years and years of service only to be thrown away like yesterdays's garbadge. I read in his first post that he had the "option" of being RAed. Did anyone out there get a option? I don't think so. So execs are still "special" when they RAed? -RAed in April-

Comment 07/30/09: Rick - While I appreciate the offer to donate to your coffers, I have no reason to do so, as as I no longer work at Big Blue(hence donating to your organization would be of zero value to me). I was more interested in giving insight to folks impacted by the RA, but its no big deal. If people feel otherwise then I will be happy not to participate in this forum. I ventured across this forum at the suggestion of a friend, thought it was an open discussion forum, but apparently its not. At the same time I can understand where some of the distrust is coming from. Good luck to all impacted and your organization. -Big Who-
Alliance reply: Fine. That's your choice; however, your words of "join a union..or something" and other similar comments, no longer hold any value to Alliance@IBM, either. Good luck to you.

Comment 07/30/09: Moderator, I think you are making a big ass mistake playing hardball with Big Who. The guy has provided more inside information then most could in a lifetime. So, it pisses a few people off, tough. I think asking him (and not others) for dues is wrong and is just going to piss him off for good. -geez_leave_Big Who-alone-
Alliance reply: We have been asking posters to join Alliance@IBM or donate to our cause for some time. How about you? Would you join or donate to help keep this web site going and to help organize IBMers? This board & web site aren't free. We are trying to be an advocate for IBM employees and give assistance where needed to facilitate a collective bargaining agreement, through organizing and campaigning on behalf of IBM employees. Our intention has never been to just offer a forum for 'letting off steam' or 'venting' or 'job searching'... Other board forums can serve that purpose very well. Anti-union sentiment is not welcome here. Spying on this board's activities by IBM management, at any level is illegal. Therefore, is the reason for 'playing hardball'.

Comment 07/30/09: I know that most of the senior folks B and D and higher were given spreadsheets with alternate leadership job locations outside of their region. We were told to go ahead and apply (with a preferential hiring) into any one of the hundreds of offshore positions. Problem was that we would have to take these positions at lower pay even if it was a VP, Director, etc role but working out of India, Spain, Brazil, Eastern Europe, Japan. Given the connections, they gave many of the D and higher folks job leads to the decision makers in other divisions in the US. Listen its hard to take a job, even in a lead role, in another country when you have a lifestyle based on income of $300K or more as most Ds and higher do. Point of the above is that if you want to, you can get these lists, just try to pester your second level or higher manager - if you have the social capital you can get the same benefits as others in the higher levels are being given (some offers as immediate sub positions with a rehire, others bridges to retirement, etc). Story is that there are 2 rulebooks being used for the RAs, one for the masses and the other for the execs. Try your best to get the perks of the second set, your treated with kid gloves...nice exit all in links to other firms (suppliers, etc) for jobs etc. Be agressive about it, you have nothing to loose at this point Some staff threatened bias, profiling, etc and they held off on the RA for the individuals. Should give a few more months as they do the review. Enough of you guys do this (only if you feel you were unfairly targeted for the resource action) and it may choke their internal ability to manage it and may hold off the RAs for a bit. ....good luck -Big Who-
Alliance reply: As a result of posting your comments, we have received many criticisms for allowing you to speak your mind. Initially, it was decided that if you are actually NOT a current IBM employee/manager/executive; that your comments could be taken instructively. However, because we can't prove that you are NOT a current manager
or 'plant' or 'union buster'; we have to take another direction.

We'll give you the opportunity to prove your status, by suggesting that you make a donation to Alliance@IBM. Making a donation to our cause would 1) give us your identity 2) make you eligible to post further comments and 3) allow us to assure our members, that you could be prosecuted under Federal law if you are conducting a union busting or spying campaign on behalf of management. You have expressed the sentiment that IBMers MUST organize and fight back, as the best alternative. This is our sentiment and mission as well. Please use the donate link (above on this page). Thank you for your support.
Rick White
Treasurer, Organizer & Web Maintenance
and Health & Safety Rep

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Twitter ID: @Allianceibm

Comment 07/30/09: To goldfingerRTP - Software development jobs in SWG or anywhere in IBM are not safe. I was in SWG development, solid 2, 2+ and 1 performer over the years, with awards, accolades and so on. I was RAed in Jan along with numerous developers, senior, mid level, junior, and many of which I've known for almost 2 decades and I can provide you lists of awards, promotions and so on of dozens of people, ALL IN DEVELOPMENT who were RAed this year. No one is safe; repeat - NO ONE IS SAFE. AT-WILL Employment means just that. And these RAs are NOT about balancing workload, skills, or anything that mgt would have you believe. It is all about the money, and they are cratering projects to make bottom line numbers (note, NOT top line, which is what a healthy business does) and letting the 1st and 2nd line mgrs how to figure out how to get the work done (and many of my friends who are (still) directors told me they were also not allowed to de-commit any projects as a result of losing double digit percentages of their DEVELOPMENT teams). One more time - NO ONE IS SAFE. -RAed in Jan-

Comment 07/30/09: >> These are the people who should be fired just for being so conceited and/or stupid. -exSVLer-, perhaps Big Who/lastdino has decided to try a new tact as -goldfingerRTP-. At any rate, he's a dismal failure, as he was with his previous attempts being a corporate apologist and management plant. Plants seeds of divisiveness and run. Nice, isn't he? Unionize, sheeple, before it's too late and you get screwed too. NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEE, UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED. -anonymouse-

Comment 07/30/09: IBM Rational Software brand just went through another round of resource actions cutting 12 more positions. I believe all in the US but I'm not entirely sure. -Mike-

Comment 07/30/09: goldfingerRTP, don't be so certain that you are safe. There's really no reason that someone in India or China can't do your job for 30% of what you're paid. The GRs are just as educated and just as capable. All it takes is a brain, a telephone, and a computer. You will eventually be targeted for off-shoring. Whether your job is in SWG or in IGS is irrelevant. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/29/09: To goldfingerRTP: software group just had a round of cuts in Feb. that affected development. They've had plenty of others, they are just done very quietly. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: Quietly would be a 'nice' way to put it; since IBM doesn't usually announce RA's unless they are forced to through the WARN act. It's probably not a good idea for anyone to say out loud, that they are safe. Kinda like a catcher talking to the pitcher that has a no-hitter in progress and telling him "you've got a no-hitter in progress". Bad move, all the way around.....

Comment 07/29/09: To whomever said Software Group developer jobs are safe... I would say safer but not safe. Same for STG and sometimes it's hard to know who was stealthily let go. Though the company hates to impact product schedules, they do lay off developers and testers who are in developer job families. And they do it in flagship products like WebSphere. Mainframe people are not safe either and Sam and the sadists are just getting started and getting a taste for the short term (as in 3 month) returns from laying people off. Only a union with enough members will have the negotiating strength make it more costly than a few weeks severance to RA a dedicated employee. -25yrsofsacrifice-
Comment 07/29/09: To goldfingerRTP - I don't know where you get your intel from but it's not reliable. I was a developer in Software Group in California and was RA'ed in January. Pretty sure I'm not the only one. I'm just amazed that that are STILL people who really think it won't happen to them. These are the people who should be fired just for being so conceited and/or stupid. -exSVLer-
Comment 07/29/09: You ARE kidding, right? or, perhaps, you were hired in the last 30 days? 'US Software group development jobs are safe. Has never been cut. We're apparently golden. -goldfingerRTP-' Sorry, you are not well informed. Got that? Good luck to you. -To ignorant goldfinger (what, from 1960?) in SWG
Comment 07/29/09: Unbelievable. Now they have outsourced employment verification. Any company to which you apply for a job and wants to verfiy your employment has to register on some site and pay $30. Why don't they just outsource the ENTIRE COMPANY and everybody in it! Maybe that's the plan. -annonymous-
Comment 07/29/09: Has anyone effected by an RA this year been successful getting benefits under the TAA due to jobs being offshored? -Incognito-
Comment 07/29/09: Gone, What part of 3600 Steeles in Canada was affected? -Wondering-
Comment 07/29/09: TO "BLUE ON AT&T" - I have also seen meetings for this "Project GO" but have not seen specific details. Where did you find the specifics? There is a lot of "movement" going on right now, 7/29. Managers are contacting employees but I have not heard that 700 number anywhere. Thanks for any insight you can provide! If you want to chat privately please set up an anonymous email account and let me know. -Anonymouse-
Comment 07/29/09: To Big Who -- Headquarters move outside US may be sooner than anyone thinks... It's fairly obvious there is no allegiance to US or to the American people anymore.
I say good luck with that. Don't expect US Marines to bail you out.
Comment 07/29/09: US Software group development jobs are safe. Has never been cut. We're apparently golden. -goldfingerRTP-
Comment 07/29/09: It is the Job Skills Matrix that's doing most people in. While performance does count. The matrix is used in a Geographic Costing spread sheet. That being what is the cost for an employee with skill "X" in location(Country) "Y" versus the same in another location. India, Brazil will always win out. Having worked with PM's on Corporate roll outs, the quality and level of competence between a U.S. Certified Project Manager [high] with Indian PM's in their 20's [low] . The Indian PM's blindly follow spreadsheets with no understanding of the process they are managing. If this is the level and quality of service internally are forced to work with and accept. G-d help our customers. The joke used to be "yestudai I wuz a pizza Delivery person, Today I are an IGS Technical Support Representative" Now it is "Yesturdai I wuz a Tandoori cook, Today I are an IBM Project Manager" -anon-
Comment 07/29/09: -Gone-, they will FORCE you to train your replacments, under threat of no severance. Nice indeed.
No contract? No respect.

>>Jobs for folks in Corp are no longer safe.

Awwwwwwwww, that is a shame. Even Corporate, eh?

No contract? No one is safe, not even the golden folks in Corporate. Only Sam is safe.

>>You are an "at will" employee until you organize and Unionize.
Until then, they can do whatever they want to an "at will" employee. They can fire you, "at will".

Amen, -gone_in_07-. Can you BELIEVE that the sheeple STILL don't think it can happen to THEM? They ACTUALLY think: 'oh, IBM won't do
that to ME!' Can you IMAGINE???????? No contract? It can happen to you too, sheeple.

>>Get Over it and Unionize.

Amen, Get Over it and Unionize. -Money-Number-One-. Anyone who thinks differently is a blind sheeple.


Comment 07/29/09: Almost gone. Glad your getting something at least. I was not aware you could pull vested rights pension before 55 but because I doubt that anyone can know all the facts for every scenario I recommended a call to fidelity. Hope everything works out for you in the long run. Now get your revenge on IBM and live a long and happy life. -Exodus2007-
Comment 07/29/09: To US DUCK, do you really think customers care about who does their work? Hell no, all they care about is the bottom line, the Money. The only way we can make a difference is to Unionize or just ride the wave to the shore line and jump before hitting the beach. LEAN is not forgotten, I personally know of a HUGE project that is currently slated for LEAN, and it will take 3 to 5 years to implement and then there will be a big BANG, and poof. It will all be over but the cyring and whining and people will wonder why it happened to them. People will cry because life was not fair to them. Get Over it and Unionize. -Money-Number-One-
Comment 07/29/09: To burtonrider- : "I never expected to be resource actioned, more like fired etc."
Why is it so many lurkers watch this site for years and don't think it can happen to them? It can, and it's going to as you have learned. Especially with PM's. I know so many PM's with the same attitude PM's seem to think they manage all the projects and their job can't be offshored? Most of you work from home 100%, don't need to be in the office. Very easy to offshore a job like that. You are an "at will" employee until you organize and Unionize. Until then, they can do whatever they want to an "at will" employee. They can fire you, "at will". -gone_in_07-

Comment 07/29/09: Almost Gone - See message number 11042 dated May 17 2009 on Yahoo's IBMEMPLOYEEISSUES board. -RAed In March-

Comment 07/29/09: >>Also, if you did not agree to global resource perforing services in your contract, IGS cannot move your headcount there without your authorization.
Did I miss something? Do employees have a contract? If not, they should get one. Fast. As -burtonrider- notes,
>>IBM can offshore all but its elite 20% of remaining NA employees.
Notice how successful they have been at this since January? NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEE, UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED.
Comment 07/29/09: This article is about an IBM'er, with a degree from Harvard, who was RA'd and how he found another job. It may be helpful to some of you. -just1waiting-
Comment 07/29/09: As I was indicating in my earlier note, this will continue. Also remember the GP calc on the "overhead"... the "core" is also
getting downsized. I know this firsthand. Jobs for folks in Corp are no longer safe...and the core will be oursourced to Bglore and other location (was hinting that when I said Armonk will move to Bglore), anyway its about time, you guys were always making your numbers as a division, easy thing to do when you have no topline targets. Feel bad for everyone that were RAed today, the reality is I have heard that this will continue in this manner for the next two years. Suprise RAs... remember the EPS goals require margin expansion. No growth means more costs reductions. simple math. Sorry to all impacted today... -Big Who-

Comment 07/28/09: Canada - 3600 Steeles Ave. We were told today that we have until November. Many regular employees and contractors effected. Our jobs are moving over to India and Brazil. 15 years service.....for what? They want us to train them.. very nice. -Gone-
Comment 07/28/09: I am so sorry to hear about the RA-s that have just occurred. To the folks that were RA-ed because their jobs were moving to Boulder...Were you asked to move to Boulder at any point? Did you have to train your replacements? What departments were affected? This is scary news!!! I feel for all of you. -dun-4-
Comment 07/28/09: RA'd Already replied to Almost gone: "That's to say, please do not rely on comments on any community related site - rather, go straight to the official workforce / UI information published by your state." Normally, I'd say that's excellent advice. Except that my state's Labor Dept has provided me (not to mention many other RA'ed IBM'ers) with completely wrong information with regard to collecting a pension and UI at the same time. Granted it's a complex topic, and when you combine that with the fact that effective April 1 2009 everything changed because the "5th quarter" of some people's base period expired (after IBM froze pensions) complicated it even further. But relying solely on the state to provide accurate info to UI claimants is risky at best. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/28/09: what ibm accounts lost jobs today. if posssible please be specific. this layoff came out of no where today. usually there is a rumor mill going. -just tired-
Comment 07/28/09: rcvd my call today with a 60 day notice (too much knowledge that people don't have). disappointed? yes. surprised? only that it came about 5 months sooner than expected. i'll be drained until i'm gone. i am glad that i have a little extra time that some do not have. -sassy-
Comment 07/28/09: No one can Lay Off SAM PALMISANO ? no way is it ? I hate this GUY so much as much I was loving IBM. SAM - Greedy Donkey. -Ramki-
Comment 07/28/09: RA'd today, normal T&Cs, and am IBM PM and PMP Certified, 13 years with IBM. Strangely freeing, while under led for most of my career, I never expected to be resource actioned, more like fired etc. I don't think joining the union will work, or will it be successful before IBM can offshore all but its elite 20% of remaining NA employees. -burtonrider-
Alliance reply: We need copies of the RA packages so we can track the numbers and prove cuts are taking place. Names are confidential. Send RA packs to

Comment 07/28/09: Almost Gone: Sadly, it's true, you are not qualified for a FULL pension, as you did not complete 30 years of service or you did not reach age 55 with 15 years of service. That said, you are definitely eligible for a vested rights pension which you may elect to begin receiving immediately after you leave IBM. (A vested rights pension is reduced and will not be as much as it would otherwise be had you completed 30 years.) Those posting on Yahoo's RAed2009 and ibmemployeeissues boards are collecting UI and their pension without their pension offseting UI. However, those folks qualified for a full pension. I do not believe any of them are in the same situation as you. However, why would it make any difference to The State of Texas why TYPE of pension you might collect? That shouldnt have any bearing on whether or not your UI should be offset. I believe you will find information on those two boards that you can use to justify to Texas's Dept of Labor why you can collect a pension and not have it offset UI. I used that same information successfully in New York. Good Luck! -RA'ed in March-
Comment 07/28/09: Exodus2007 - I have verified that I will receive my pension - reduced, but a monthly payment for sure. What you are referring to is the full pension - you actually have 45 days to decide whether to receive your annutiy now - if the decision is not made you will not be able to receive until 55 or other service milestone. Yes, the FHA is gone - but then, it always has been. IBM bennies are marked waaay up so you end up paying more then you would with COBRA - its a wash either way. The question really is - does receiving the annuity sharply reduce my UI - so far, it seems that is the case. But would love to hear from other Texans who went through this. -almostgone-
Comment 07/28/09: Just a thought: Do you have enough time to max your 401K deduction? If so, better do it quick. -Neal Watkins-
Comment 07/28/09: 1200 US IBM employees in Network Services (NS) were moved over to AT&T as part of the new IBM/AT&T partnership in 2008. Project GO (an AT&T outsourcing project) will take 700 of those 1200 US jobs and move them out of country. Thanks AT&T for doing IBM's dirty work for them. If the workers are laid off by Feb 2010, IBM pays the sev packages. Guess when the 700 will be cut by? You got it. Different company, same BS game. -blue on AT&T-
Comment 07/28/09: Got RA'd by phone this morning - people getting let go in Software Group/Rational/Services. 16 years with IBM, but only 12 weeks severance, dating back to Rational acquisition -SoMuchForLoyalty-
Comment 07/28/09: My manager is on sick leave (again) but I am hearing employees in ITD departments closely related to mine are being layed off today. This one will be a big, big resource action for US IGS delivery. The GDF move is just a red herring with IGS betting that employees won't go or IGS not identifying the exact GDF move to the RAd employees. Delivery managers are in the dark, customers are in the dark. IGS U.S. corporate customers really need to monitor what is happening to the resources that they are funding--directly! Customers, ask questions, demand to know the news. Also, if you did not agree to global resource perforing services in your contract, IGS cannot move your headcount there without your authorization. I know of three people that were reinstated in 2008 after customers challenged the resource actions. Also, has anyone noticed that "Lean" is out of the picture? What a farce that was! -US DUCK-
Comment 07/28/09: To: Not saying this time; you know who I am. I really don't know who you are but stories like this should be put out there for all to see. I joined the Union and hope that all others who read this will also. You work and earn a company money for years. Then you finally start making a decent living and poof! Laid off for a cheaper person or for some manager to make his RA quota. Then they realize they laid off to many. Logic says call those trained people back. Talk about cost inefficient, retrain some poor slob and a year later they may be productive. I beg you all to join the union. It may be to late for me but lets start doing the right thing in this country. -EFK'ED-
Comment 07/28/09: Got my call today. Not sure how many more are coming. -So Disappointed-
Comment 07/28/09: FEDUP. How about some details. What is your location and division? -HowzAboutSomeDetailsMan-
Comment 07/28/09: Got the news I'm RA'd today as part of the Boulder consolidation. Looks like 1 week per 6 mos. severance. 30 days notice. -JustAnotherNumber-
Comment 07/28/09: Can anyone validate/substantiate the rumor that marketing & communications will outsource or offshore 40% of the workforce at the end of August? -anon-
Comment 07/28/09: Just RA'ed today given 30 days' notice. ITD/EUS. Jobs going to GDF's -YOYO-
Comment 07/28/09: I work for power systems sales in Canada. How can we unionize? Many on my team are now for it. We have had enough. Could a union influence quota seting - they are set in a way to make us no commission. All other jobs want proof you exceed numbers so this leaves you poor and stuck. Cadance meetings are a problem too - would like to have a union control these and perhaps attend. Am I crazy or does this make sense? -G afraid to say yet-
Please contact our partners in Canada at

Comment 07/28/09: Any news on the amount of cuts today. I just received my phone call today and was curious. -FEDUP-
Comment 07/28/09: More on the comments about H-1B crackdown pushing Indians to Mexico. The individuals are realizing that once they gain permanent status / green card here, they are subjected to the same problems all US Workers have. So the US is heading into a major brain drain and it will blindside companies. Those from India and China who would be H-1Bs are going to rapidly stay home where growth will continue to boom. Or go to non-USA locations where there is more support. And American students are bypassing education in the IT areas because they cannot have a long term career in IT. This all may become the next big "economic" surprise to hit us. No one left to do the work. -anonymous-
Comment 07/28/09: @At Will Employment Treatment Squashed - That's probably what it'll come down to here, too. Union or no, I expect these bastards are devious enough to find new and innovative ways of screwing us anyway (the only innovation occurring at IBM these days). I doubt executive behavior will change much... -Burned Out and Cynical-
Comment 07/28/09: Almost Gone. Age 51 and 26 years of service does NOT qualify you for your pension under the prior plan. Age 55 would. 30 yrs of service would. Better check with Employee Services through Fidelity Website to make sure. You may have a four year wait to get your frozen pension. You may also lose the FHA as you are leaving without retireing. Like I said, Better check with Fidelity. -Exodus2007-
Comment 07/28/09: -EFK 'ED- This kind of stuff has been going on for years. When I lost my job to a younger person, not only was I forced to train him (and others), in a glass-in room as a condition for receiving severance, he was gone less than 6 months later. Although I applied for the vacant position, I was not considered. How humiliating! -Not saying this time; you know who I am-
Comment 07/28/09: >>The 4 months was only negotiable if I wanted to leave early and not accept the package.
Wow. -Incognito-, I assume you did the numbers, but did you weigh it against the other 'benefits' of being fired? I will keep using 'fired', since 'fired' is what it is. Legally, IBM can continue to couch 'firing' (and threatening) their employees in the charming euphemisms of 'layoffs' and 'RAs' and 'downsizing' and 'resource reductions' until they turn blue. But FIRING is what it is.
-EFK 'ED-, IBM was hiring for my job while I was THERE and I had to train my replacement under threat of no severance. Kick in the butt, I call it a kick in the teeth. As the Alliance says: NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEE, ORGANIZE OR GET SCREWED BY IBM. -anonymouse-

Comment 07/27/09: You can read the definition of voluntary termination (resign/quit) and involuntary termination(laid off or fired for cause). There are legal differences. Those who are "RA'd" in 'IBM speak' are not fired! They are LAID OFF. Being 'fired' generally means for 'cause' - drunk on the job, insubordination, break rules, etc etc. Alliance can say how it differs if there is a contract. -annonymous-

Alliance Reply: It is a whole different ball game with a contract. Technically, when IBM calls it a 'layoff ' they are WRONG or LYING.
"Layoff" is a term that comes from a UNION Shop. When you get laid-off in a union shop, you automatically have the right to get your job back; and you may be eligible to collect UI, until the company's work situation improves. The company calls you back from a layoff; if you have a union contract, and your union representatives bargained for that specific stipulation to be written in the contract.
As far as the term 'fired'; Fired for cause, in many cases EXEMPTS you from collecting UI in many states. This depends on the cause, of course, but I believe that "RA" or "Laid-off"
does NOT stop you from collecting UI. You would need to check your State labor laws to know the specifics. What you may NOT know is that you COULD be eligible for Federal UI. It doesn't hurt to ask what the qualifications for Federal UI are. Check the Fed DOL for details.
Comment 07/27/09: The 4 months was only negotiable if I wanted to leave early and not accept the package. Make no mistake, this timeframe was to IBM's advantage. I was expected to keep working at the same pace I was prior to 3/26 to complete a critical project. I only slowed down in early July once I was inside the 1 month window, although I was still pushed to deliver right up until last week. I've been searching for work for the better part of 3 months though and haven't even landed a single interview (terrible local job market). There were other people in AS with the same 7/27 date (I know 3 others personally). -Incognito-
Comment 07/27/09: Sad thing is, that pos Sam is going to hit his 10-11 eps by next year and going to get paid for it, while he impacted the lives of 1000's of US families. Hope that fkr is miserable in every aspect of his life from now till eternity. -HOPE_SAM_BURNS_IN_HELL-
Alliance Reply: Didn't someone once say that "hope is precious, don't waste it" ?? Well, if not then it should be said, because it is a waste to hope for anything to happen to Sam. In the first place, you won't be there to confirm that he 'burns in hell'. In the second place, you'll never know if he is miserable, no matter what you believe. The BEST you can hope for is that IBMers believe in each other and decide to organize and fight for a contract and a voice as an IBM employee. Wishing and hoping misery or damnation on anyone, never gets you anywhere. It doesn't even qualify as an alternative energy. On the other hand, DOING something that inspires hope to others IS an alternative.
Use hope wisely... Organize! NB: At Will Employee=you get screwed by IBM.
Comment 07/27/09:
Congress may push India's IT firms to Mexico with H-1B crackdown If U.S. clamps down on visas, India's alternative may be Mexico and
NAFTA Patrick Thibodeau
July 27, 2009 (Computerworld) WASHINGTON -- As Indian firms fight the threat of H-1B restrictions, IT services companies might not leave their fate to politics. In an effort to reduce their need for visas, they may look to increase their presence south of the border. Indian IT firms have boosted operations in Mexico in recent years to serve Latin American and U.S. customers. One advantage to doing so involves the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which enables Mexican and Canadian professionals to work in the U.S. without an H-1B visa. In other words, Indian firms could send employees to Mexico, and then move some of their Mexican workers to the U.S. under the auspices of the treaty. The Mexican workers would not need an H-1B visa to work in the U.S., though they would need what's called a TN visa. That visa is available to Mexican and Canadian nationals who qualify under a number of professional categories and meet specific education and experience requirements. -anon-

Comment 07/27/09: Thanks for the advice guys - I am in the state of Texas - given my 30 days notice - 26 years with the company - prior pension plan - has anyone else in my situation received both their annuity and unemployment insurance simultaneously? -almostgone-
Comment 07/27/09: Any one know when Tivoli Monitoring will be moving to Iowa Dubuque? I heard from one Manager that this move will be shortly moved, as there is vast number of audience looking here, just throwing this question. Guys and Gals share your news things are not good at all in IBM. -Ramki-
Comment 07/27/09: Many RA'd were 2+ performers - I was 2+ for many years. I know some who were rated 1 performers. One was extended and billing on an account - and the customer and IBM account exec did not know in advance. The person was called one day by his "HR" manager and told. That person had to then tell the customer and IBM exec. A number of people RA'd in March were kept longer than 30 days due to projects - their last day was negotiated relative to their finishing work on a project and / or training teams in IBM India to do the work (like me). I know some with a last day even out to October. -anonymous-
Comment 07/27/09: Want to hear a kick in the butt. Laid off in January and looked on IBM's website and they were hiring for my old job! Nice. -EFK 'ED-
Comment 07/27/09: To almostgone, First, you say that you have been offered 'a package'. If so, first, best wishes to you!
My recommendations: Rather than ask for anonymous opinions on this site, simply:
1. Read the terms and conditions in the package of materials which you should receive via next day delivery.
2. Immediately download and review the summary plan descriptions for the pension plan and healthcare programs for which you are eligible, AND the summary plan description for something called 'After IBM'.
3. Contact your manager AND the 'employee service center' (ESC) to answer any questions you have. Get the clarification in writing.
4. If you are in the US, also research your unemployment benefits, which vary by state. That's to say, please do not rely on comments on
any community related site - rather, go straight to the official workforce / UI information published by your state. The rules vary greatly by state, and I'm often surprised to see advice on other sites which is irrelevant or even misleading, while still well-intentioned. I really believe in the value of community and peer support. However, no one on this site, or any other site (Yahoo, for example) is qualified to answer questions which are specific to your situation. Get advice from others who are qualified - beyond my suggestions above. With all that said, best of luck! -RA'ed already-

Comment 07/27/09: So you just had an exit interview - good luck. A question - were you give 4 months' notice? Most of us were given 30 days' notice, I believe. Too late to worry; however was this negotiable for you? And, of course, four months gives much more time to find a new job while still employed - which I do hope you have done. -Question for Incognito-
Comment 07/27/09: -AlmostGone - "My concern is that I am on the prior pension plan and want to start receiving my pension immediately - I am 51 with 26 years of service. Does my acceptance of the package mean I voluntarily quit?"
NO! It does not mean you voluntarily quit. It means IBM laid you off and you are leaving involuntarily. Therefore you are very likely eligible for severance pay, and can collect Unemployment Insurance. If you are located in New York or Connecticut, you are eligible to collect UI and your pension WITHOUT your pension offseting UI. Do not let anyone tell you differently. This may also be true if you are located in Texas and California. Look into this, as you will probably be initially told by your state's Dept of Labor people that collecting a pension offsets any UI you will receive. -RA'd Last March-

Comment 07/27/09: -Incognito-, you had a four month window? That's one of the longest I've heard of. Good for you, you squeezed blood out of the stone.
-, if you are being offered a package, you have been fired. Oh, wait, you've been 'resource actioned'. A euphemism for fired. No, you haven't quit, since you didn't initiate the separation. Read USHR119. You will be getting your vested annuity, correct, since you are not
retirement eligible? You should also be able to get unemployment, depending on your state, since you did not quit. Check for the posts here and on employeeissues and on RAed2009 for the threads on this topic. Good luck.
Comment 07/27/09: I have just been informed my services are no longer needed. I have been offered a package - if I accept the package - does this mean I quit? My concern is that I am on the prior pension plan and want to start receiving my pension immediately - I am 51 with 26 years of service. Does my acceptance of the package mean I voluntarily quit? -almostgone-
Comment 07/27/09: Just had my exit interview as part of the 3/26 Application Services RA. Severance payment was taxed even higher than expected (I expected the 25% federal but not the state doubling their rate). To make it worse the check with combined regular/vacation pay was also taxed at these rates when I was told it wouldn't be. Time to call the ESC. Other than that I am very happy to be moving on. Although during a department meeting last week, the manager stated that they had made a mistake in the number of people let go as they are now having problems filling positions. Another thing to note for those left behind, all of the 3's and a good chunk of the 2's are now gone. A lot of people will see reduced ratings come December. Sad -Incognito-
Comment 07/27/09: The Chinese have found an expeditious, low-cost alternative to unions, for eliminating RA's.
I sure wouldn't want to be an executive visiting any company in China, to deliver downsizing news.
-At Will Employment Treatment Squashed-
Comment 07/27/09: Of course IBM management doesn't want folks to transfer into the GDF's. Those managers must get bonus money if their employees quit and IBM doesn't pay them any severance money. IBM is all about more profit with less revenue now. What a lousy financial business model, unless one is an IBM executive who will reap more obscene stock option grants and $$$ from it all. -anonymous-
Comment 07/26/09: It appears as though IBM management is definitely not expecting to transfer many Global Services employees into the GDFs along with the work they are delivering currently. The account work will move there suddenly and employees will be cut. They are hoping to lure a few people into relocation as well as to bring on board new people with the promise of a 1-year contract term. Once you move there and accept the work, your pay will be reduced in the following year, even though you have shelled out the money to relocate yourself just to keep your job. Those who buy into IBM's promises relayed through these headhunters will also find a surprise awaiting them once they begin working onsite. Those in IGS are not safe, no matter what account you are supporting. -Hula Girl-
Comment 07/26/09: Here is a web site that evaluates 401k plans of different companies, here is IBM:

Comment 07/26/09: Stimulus package dollars flowing to IBM. Hope these contracts require US staffing only, but whose checking? Stimulus dollars need to go to US jobs...see, and specifically recent contract awards at -anonymous-

Comment 07/25/09: Re: Poor performance on IBM contracts to states. Prior to being acquired by IBM, Rational Software tried sourcing some IT support to IBM. The results were very poor, and IBM was booted out. Shortly thereafter, we were bought by IBM, and now have no choice but to use IBM for IT. But the states have a choice, and I'll be unsurprised if Indiana never gets the performance they think they paid for, and cancels the contract. IBM is very successful at marketing themselves for services, apparently not so successful at actually providing them. -irRational-
Comment 07/25/09:
As Indiana mulls over whether to fire IBM from a 10-year, $1.16 billion contract to modernize its welfare-to-work system, it is not the first state to fork over millions, only to learn that Big Blue's "smart solutions" sometimes fall short on both counts.
For example:
# Last year, IBM was fined $900,000 by the state of Texas, which stopped transferring state records to an IBM data management program, citing IBM's failure to perform critical backup required by its seven-year, $863 million contract, jeopardizing at least 20 Texas agencies' ability to deliver services.
# In 2006, North Carolina's Board of Education fired IBM from a $78 million contract to centralize the state education computer system in a project dubbed "NC WISE." But educators, frustrated by the program's tendency to crash and freeze, referred to it as "NC Stupid" in local news reports.
# In 2001, citing mismanagement, waste and violation of city purchasing rules, New York City dumped IBM after paying the company more than $9 million on a failed contract to create and store death certificates, while New Jersey had designed a successful electronic death registration system for $250,000. -anon-

Comment 07/25/09:
INDIANAPOLIS — IBM's 362-page plan to fix problems with Indiana's privately run welfare system calls for providing more face-to-face help and no longer "forcing clients to self-service channels" such as telephone call centers and online applications. The plan, obtained by The Associated Press, also describes mechanical and human errors such as an automatic call distributor that "inappropriately fails" about twice a month, losing all telephone calls in progress, and infighting within IBM's coalition of partners. Clients, including Joyce Clemons of Evansville, and their legislators and advocates have complained of long hold times on phone calls, lost documents and unfriendly service. "That made me feel like they really didn't care if they took care of the customers or not," Clemons, 47, said Wednesday. She is a divorcee who gets $200 monthly in food stamps. Anne Murphy, secretary of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, said the state wants the IBM team to succeed, but it might resort to canceling IBM's 10-year, $1.16 billion contract if there's not enough improvement. Four lawmakers who met with her in June said she also told them ending the contract was possible. The state is due to measure the improvements this fall. So far it has paid IBM more than $315 million. The IBM plan lists 36 problems to be fixed such as "inaccurate and incomplete data gathering" and "incorrect communications to clients." -anon-

Comment 07/25/09: Response to STG East Fishkill Survivor:
"There have been rumors of the 2nd shift being slashed or hourse reduced soon."

Fishkill Semiconductor does not have a 2nd shift. There are 4 teams D1,D2, N1, N2. They work 12 hour day or night shifts.
"Why have all hands meeting in the "evening".

Because that is when N2 & N1 teams work. They probably had a day meeting also.
"If IBM is not hiring any more workers, it can't be that significant amount of work incoming?"
Semiconductor Manufacturing does not generally require additional labor for additional wafer starts. If the factory is running under full capacity then more wafer starts can be added -BFL-

Comment 07/25/09: Plans are moving ahead with Iowa and Boulder GDFs. Boulder is in the 3rd phase that ends in October. Iowa just finished its first phase, and is moving into the 2nd phase. Mgmt is in the process of identifying accounts that will move to Iowa or Boulder, If you are associated with those accounts, you will be given details at the last possible moment. Mgmt has already figured out that they will get little to no takers for these moves, so they are actively trying to hire folks. I know of someone who gets recruiter emails almost every day for Iowa. -dun-4-
Comment 07/24/09: With regard to management plants posting here and anti-union posts -- "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer". -anon-
Comment 07/24/09: Just got a generic/blanket email from a recruiter fishing for candidates to staff the Boulder GDF. One year contract opening... it looks as though they are really gearing up to staff the GDFs, as I have gotten quite a few of these emails for posts in Iowa. It seems as though the move of account services to the GDF locations is certainly on the near horizon and that will lead to the forced relocations, firings, etc. that have been discussed before. -PurplePeopleEater-
Comment 07/24/09: From "Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture": "A bricklayer or carpenter or teacher, a musician or salesperson, a writer of computer code -- any and all can be craftsmen. Craftsmanship cements a relationship between buyer and seller, worker and employer, and expects something of both. It is about caring about the work and its application. It is what distinguishes the work of humans from the work of machines, and it is everything that IKEA and other discounters are not."
Substitute "IBM" for "IKEA" in that quote and it would be just as true. The review doesn't mention IBM specifically, but it's still relevant to this forum: -anonymous-
Comment 07/24/09:
I found this article interesting. There have been rumors of the 2nd shift being slashed or hourse reduced soon. Why have all hands meeting in the "evening". Why no IBM official source mentioned. This seems strange to me. IBM never announces anything, especially something so vague. If IBM is not hiring any more workers, it can't be that significant amount of work incoming? Anyone hear anything more specific? -STG East Fishkill Survivor-

Comment 07/24/09: Problem and Change mission moving to GDF in Dubuque Iowa. Complete move mid January 2010. -On the Move-
Comment 07/24/09: >>It's official. This 'discussion' will move or be moved to General Comments
Good move. His only purpose here was to disrupt with lies. Notice that his union support was only 'pseudo' union support. lastdino posts along the very same lines on the Yahoo boards. Big Ho is a management plant. Will you really allow him to post in the General Comments section? Don't you ban management plants here? -anonymouse-

Alliance Reply: Technically, we ban management because Federal law prohibits IBM Management from spying on us or pretending to spy. However, he/she claims to be RA'ed out of IBM. We have had plenty of posts from ex-IBMers and ex-IBM managers that are anti-union. We post many of them because it's good to know how your enemy thinks; if they could be considered enemies. Not all IBM ex-management and/or management work against us. Sometimes they work in our favor, in a very clandestine manner. Our approach to all posts has to be balanced as often as possible. We have to respect our members wishes, and we have to try to reach the rest of the IBM US population with an alternative to their situation. Our members are doing that from the inside; while we also do it on the outside of IBM. (We rely on our members for the lion's share of the effort). Sometimes that means 'reading the enemy'. Although this is not a game; it sometimes works out like Chess. Sometimes our best organizer is IBM and its executives; because of the things they say and do
to the rest of the IBM workers in the US...... as Sonny Bono once sang, "and the beat goes on"
Note: We've received several comments to this section regarding Big Who, since yesterday. All of those comments were moved to the General Visitors Comments section, today.

Comment 07/24/09: I have a friend who works for UPS. UPS outsourced their I/T department to IBM. Guess what IBM's first step was to do? Yep - they found the cheapest labor in India and moved the jobs there. The UPS employees are training their replacements in India. They have no idea what is going to happen to them. They were told the "IBMers" are there to "Help" them with the workload. This guy has 22+ years in with UPS, and still had a defined pension plan with UPS. He's wondering now what will happen to his pension if he's booted out at this point. -It's sad all over-
Comment 07/23/09: This week we were informed one of our managers forced to retire May 1 will be replaced Aug 1 with another former manager. Supposedly a manager needed to be cut in the org in May but now that position is miraculously back. When the manager was forced out in May some of the people that had been around longer said the position would be filled in exactly 90 days to avoid any legal issues. They were right. Just like a tumor, even when management has to cut out one of it's own, another manager steps in to keep sucking life from the sickly person (company). -NewToRchland-
Comment 07/23/09: First, I agree that this discussion might best reside in the general comments section. Is it possible to move already-posted comments to a different section? I don't see how this dialog (or, the competing diatribe) between Big Who and Exodus and others contributes (or, contribute) to the mission of this alliance. On a humorous note... I will ignore the grammatical errors in all the posts... as these errors have nothing to do with the quality of the basic ideas being expressed! Yes, I'm being a bit sarcastic. With that said, there IS a difference between singular and plural, between "its" and "it's", between "there", "their", and "they're", and so on. Snippy unemployed person here - and yes, I believe that snippy isn't a word - though I ought to research this! -hmm-
Alliance reply: Ok... It's official. This 'discussion' will move or be moved to General Comments
Comment 07/23/09: Here's an edited version of Big Whoever's last post. I don't agree with BW's ideas; my intent is just to help others to read the ideas, without focusing on the poor grammar.
**** Guys, it's all about information asymmetry. ****

**** Have you ever heard of [the] efficient market theory - [that is,] how do people make money if everyone knows the same thing? Of course, [I know some things which you do not, and vice versa.] ****

**** [My] goal is to stay ahead of the game.****

**** Take [my opinions] for what [they're] worth. [It's true.. or, In my opinion...], I know how internal service and client delivery staff are viewed –****

{I stopped editing here, as the original text is too confusing. Please continue to read the original post, if you can stand it.} -Edited Copy-

Comment 07/23/09: He/She says nothing of importance other than finding a forum to post a lot of information that should at best be moved to General Comments. A Fast Tracker that left as part of the RA back in April...claiming it was planned...makes any other post suspect. This section is for specific information of Job Cuts, Resource Actions, and Firings. -Big Who Are You-
Comment 07/23/09: WOW. What a load of Bullshit. Big Ho must have been at least a third line manager to believe that crap he posts. He or She also uses big words correctly so that means higher then a first line manager and probably a second line. Most first lines have trouble walking and chewing gum in IBM anymore. A union would be good for competitors? How could treating employees fairly with a budget able payroll cost as raises would be defined in a contract hurt IBM? How could going back to having reasonably happy and content workers who feel secure and can concentrate on their jobs 100 percent instead of 75 percent of their time being spent Covering Their Asses because a dipshit Manager is hunting them to show they are a Management team player by finding someone to fire on their own going to hurt IBM. Hell, They may start getting some real quality work like they did when the showed respect for the individual and kicked their competitors asses so hard the government thought they were a monopoly. Wanna save money and maximize future cash flow? Fire the board of directors and the top 4 levels of executive management. Hire all their replacements from India for less then the cost of Sammy's Salary. Send Sammy back to his Families Sub shop on Harford Road in Maryland. Those India executives understand business as well as any American executive. Look what they have built from the ground up and compare it to what IBM management has destroyed from the top down. Make any and all management bonuses payable only through growth in business not cost cutting. That would save Millions in Phony bonuses being payed to the current executives, stop the looting of IBM by accounting thieves and reward true growth in the business which is the only thing that will save the company now. Unionization will reduce margin expansion. Translation. Paying a fair wage will reduce profits. That was the same argument used for prolonging slavery. Trying to steer IBM on a path to growth instead of just trying to save their way to profitability would actually take work. So the just continue the King Louis the Firsts pattern of calling accounting and asking how many people do we have to fire so my bonus is an even 100 Million. How anyone could call this a correct business plan and a correct profit model is beyond me. -Exodus2007-
Comment 07/23/09: Budget, what budget? Recognition, what recognition? Person "A" papers approved to become a Distinguished Engineer - Sorry, there's no $ so there is no promotion. Person "B" Nth Invention Plateau - Sorry, there is no $, here's only a piece of paper. Person "C: Congratulations on your Outstanding Technical Achivement Award (OTAA) - Sorry, there is no $, here's only a piece of paper. It is no wonder that people are bailing in Research. Our department has had two highly qualified people in two weeks jump ship to go to other companies. -anon-
Comment 07/23/09: Guys its all about information assymentry. Ever hear of efficient market theory, how do people make money if everyone knows the same thing. Of course there is stuff that I know that you won’t and vise versa. The goal is to stay ahead of the game. Take the information for what its worth, its true, I know what and how internal service and client delivery staff are viewed upon – from a business’s perspective of maximizing future cash flows, IBM is doing the right thing. This may not seem right thing from an empIoyee’s viewpoint, therefore understand some of the skepticism by forum members. I think there is a unique case for unionization within IBM given the govt money – with the money comes additional responsibilities. So all the best in your endeavor. Unionization will reduce margin expansion, therefore IBM profitability...but buy some breathing room for the employees…It will be an interesting case study if it ever occurs at IBM….net net is that its good for the employees and good for the competitors… all for -Big Who-
Comment 07/23/09: To -Exodus2007- yes, BigWho *was* exec management - operative word being *was*. His post is immensely useful to those who got cut, or will be cut, in letting them know just exactly how this "system" works and how they, as non-executives, are looked upon, valued, and treated. Moderators, please leave this highly educational post. Don't punt it just because he *was* an exec... -RA'ed in Jan-
Alliance reply:
There is no way to prove that he/she *was* an exec; since his/her post was sent anonymously. As for removing it, we choose to leave it for now. The reason is that he/she makes statements in favor of a union; despite the condescension beneath those words. His/her comments can be taken instructively; if one wishes to do so. Any thinking, intelligent person can differentiate between the right ideas and propaganda. Many that have posted here, have already demonstrated that.

Comment 07/23/09: >> Armed with that knowledge, I never felt my career at IBM would be a long term and work till I retire scheme.
Big Who Bore, your post was too long to read, the sentence above convinced me on what you are, and I bet if I did I would find out you are anti-union and a pro-IBM apologist. Next time, edit your post if you want to post on behalf of the sadistic Nazis at IBM.
>>Big Who was management.
-Exodus2007-, you are absolutely correct. I didn't read his long boring screed, but it's obvious he is management. He is probably lastdino. No need to remove his post though, the sheeple who STILL think 'IBM won't do that to me' and who believe their manager and team leader's lies SHOULD be able to read Big Who Bore's BS and figure out for themselves that he is a union buster. The people with a brain will be able to see through Big Who Bore's BS. For the sheeple: NB: AT WILL EMPLOYEE, UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED.
Comment 07/23/09: Big Who said alot and made some fair points. To me it all nets down to this - IBM's execs cant grow IBM's business
by shrinking it. They can only grow the business by selling more of its goods and services. That's something they obviously have no
ability to do. So they resort to the only tool they've got, the axe. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/23/09: Big Who was management. His post says he made executive level in 10 years. He must miss jerking his employees around so he came hear to stroke his EGO. His post should be removed. Retirement does not retire one from the good ole boys club in management. -Exodus2007-
Comment 07/23/09: If you are still doubting your need to have a Union behind you look at the recent case of Police Sergent James Crowley. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that if Sergent James Crowley the officer in the Henry Gates case, did not have a Union behind him that
he would be out of a job today. The heck with due process or the facts. POTUS said last night that he does not know all the facts or what went on in in the Gates home but that "the police acted stupidly" . The mayor of his town says that she is still investigating but he "probably was wrong". It's all political. What really happened probably won't be known. Officer Crowley may be 100% right, 100% wrong or somewhere in the middle but without his union rules governing how he can fired he would have been tared, feathered and hung already. It is the same with IBM. Your manager will cave in to the pressure from above no matter if what she/he is doing to you is right or wrong. A contract is our only protection. Right now we are naked.
Alliance reply:
Any further discussion of this topic must continue on our general visitors comments section.

Comment 07/23/09: Can IBM take any retaliatory action against those that post their resumes online? I want to bail and want to start searching. Thanks in advance! -Curious in VA-
Alliance reply:
Yes. Yes. Yes. IBM can do anything they want to. You are an "AT WILL Employee". IBM can fire you for any reason or no reason; and you can quit for any reason or no reason...and any derivative of that is also legal and acceptable
to IBMers all over the US. YOU DON"T HAVE A UNION CONTACT. You need to organize and change that situation. When would you like to get started?
Comment 07/23/09: Listen, I didn't not want to come across as someone not aware and understanding of the pain the RAs have caused many IBMers and their families. To the contrary I know what it is like, have felt the pain almost two decades ago in the early 90's recession on what a job loss does to the family. With that I have true empathy towards the IBMers affected in the last round of layoffs. I wish them the best of luck. Armed with that knowledge, I never felt my career at IBM would be a long term and work till I retire scheme. It’s absurd given the jumps in careers and pay one can make with selective lateral and upwards transitions. I made some good moves, made it to an exec level in 10 years. Yet the job was unsatisfying. There is something about the IBM culture that did not resonate with me. Too much cronyism...too little meritocracy. Mind you this is coming from someone who made over $200K a year and could have had a comfortable but boring life if I choose to do so in IBM. The severance was a reason why I was incented to leave and make myself a candidate for the RA, good capital inflow and combined with better opportunities outside the firm was a win-win proposition. So there were others like myself that wanted to leave, and this became a good opportunity to do that - so it’s not surprising some RAed IBMers made a quick transition to a new job, better pay, position -etc. That was the engineered end goal. Will I preclude IBM from future opportunities, depends on the role and pay. Right now I am in an exciting career and personally better off. The only thing I miss from working at IBM is..well nothing. Not even the staff or former colleagues I worked in day and out. I am friends with many of them, even other execs that were RAed, and those still remaining (and are looking for an exit themselves).
With regards to unions, I am pro business therefore I never felt that unions were good for a company, especially a professional services /
white collar work force. I know that is not a popular view on this forum. But my experiences have changed that view. I now also see having lived the IBM ordeal that it actually makes sense to have a union for employees in a quasi govt type institution that IBM has become. Let’s face it, while on the outset IBM is a private company, a not so insignificant part of its revenues and competitive advantage comes from the government. Look at the TARP, green contracts, and DARPA, R&D funding (the $50 million in funding for the STG fab in Albany for example). If IBM accepts so much in govt funding and contracts, then it needs to play by different rules than companies that do not qualify or want to participate in the same. Unionization for IBM employees makes a lot of sense. Let’s leave aside the rhetoric and other crap about how IBM owes you - they don't pure and simple. You need to understand the role of a company, is maximizing return to the shareholders. There is no IBM credo that prioritizes the employees - if you want that then go work for J&J or some other top people centric company. If you can't do that, then Unionize and protect yourself and create additional leverage for yourself though collective bargaining. You don't deserve them, but business is business and a collective bargaining position is stronger than individual cases. To be fair, IBM is taking a lot of govt money, so it has greater social corporate responsibilities in the US (forget its peace corp marketing smoke and mirrors) than other firms. So you may actually be entitled to better benefits.
Here are my two cents:
There is only one way for IBM to make profits today, that is through margin expansion - that means in laymen’s term you either charge more for the service at the same cost of goods (good luck in today's economic environment) or you reduce OPEX and COGs (in services terms employee payroll can be considered cost of services/goods) or you do both. No one is able to charge more in this environment - the 15% drop in GBS revenue is indicative of that. So to make more money they need to take out more costs. If you choose to stay in IBM you will be subject to year over year lean cost cutting practices. If you have a job that can be done elsewhere at lower costs - it will move there. That is the right thing to do. So if you are in "internal" roles...start looking as you are part of the OPEX (S&M, G&A, R&D, etc) that needs to be cut. If you are in a client services role (consulting, etc), you are basically inventory to the company. There is a cost associated with your presence in the company, as such your basic cost (salary + benefits + training + overhead administration) is factored into the margins. IBM looks to make a certain profitability target or PTI (I won't tell what that is, as it would not be right) on your labor. This PTI is net of your gross profit (paying for the corporate jets and other exec perks)... so in order to do margin expansion on an client service staff, you think of them as inventory.
1) reduce employee "costs of goods" (salary + benefits)
2) switch "inventory" (you) to a lower cost of services (typically you can't offshore a client facing resource in the US, but you can hire someone at a lower cost with less exp or credentials)
3) use a variable inventory model (supplemental or subcontract staff)
4) reduce inventory holding and improve turnover (i.e. fire people on the bench).
Remember lower cost inventory (client service employees) does not mean inferior quality or customer service levels, but it DOES mean better margins. So you will need to worry about layoffs and lower raises if any at all. Great environment to work in...isn't it. So for both client facing and internal staff, if you want to avoid some of the pressures caused by margin expansion initiatives, you need to unionize. Pure and simple. It’s the only way the "inventory" and back office can get a voice. With regards to what I believe, I think a company exists for its shareholders. What Mark L did as the CFO was the right thing as a stop gap measure to improve EPS. The problem in IBM's case is that they are playing a game with the EPS numbers, they did it in 2002 and are doing it again in 2009. They are in their 3 reinvention since 1990, move to services from hardware, to "on demand" in 2000, to "smarter planet" in 2009. Nice smoke and mirrors, the last two - though the first one added real substantive value to the shareholders. IBM owes the shareholders - not you the employee. IBM is facing a top line revenue growth issue, and it will as competitors get relatively stronger and its own business start growing at a slower pace and IBM corp can apply the knife only so deep before it starts hurting the boys and gals at Armonk...what no corp jet? This is the typical Agency Cost issue, with management (that is C level and higher) need to offer real value to the real owners of the company -the shareholders. Remember when I said the "inventory" (i.e. the IBM services employee)
has a PTI target that is costs less net of corp overhead charges (the gross margin number)...well for IBM to offer shareholder value they
need to look at those overhead corp charges. Maybe Armonk should be moved to Bangalore....;-) (it may very well happen in some substantive form in the next 5 years)... -Big Who-

Comment 07/22/09: -Gone in 07- has it EXACTLY correct. Some old IBM sayings:

1. How can you tell when a manager is lying? His or her lips move.

2. The difference between a Pimp and a Manager. The Pimp would not sell out his own mother.

3. The difference between a manager in wingtips and a Cowboy in boots. With the cowboy the Bullshit is on the outside of the shoe.

4. A manager will always give you the sleeves out of his vest to get you to do what he wants.

Remember brothers and sisters. When you start listing REAL world job skills an IBM Manager has 0. Most companies have all the ass kissers
they need already. IBM would have to accept a union because it CAN NOT function with its Management skill set of Zero. Managers are trained
to act like your friend. Lie to your face. work you to death for no raises. That's how they get bigger raises and stock options. They have out of town management meetings where they party and trade ideas on how to lie to you. Notice the budget is seldom there for you to get training but the managers ALWAYS have their multiple days meeting. The only way you will EVER be treated with any respect by IBM again is if you organize and force them to a contract. Otherwise expect to be lied to while you train your replacement and then taken out with the trash when they clean out your cubicle. -Exodus2007-

Comment 07/22/09: New company, you make more money, you have a higher position, and you enjoy work. Its great. Happy for you. Yet another post saying nothing about Job cuts, Resource Actions, or Firings, grass is greener elsewhere but won't say what company or what field or what part of the country. But heck, glad you're doing so well. -Big Who Are You-
Alliance reply: Well said. Anyone and everyone who visits this site, can leave a comment anonymously. With that option, comes the possibility of sham comments; intentionally made to get IBMers to leave IBM, instead of fighting back for their jobs and organizing their co-workers to do the same. There are also legitimate comments from ex-IBMers that HAVE found better jobs after leaving IBM, with all those good things. We say, good for them. However, the majority of RA'ed IBMers do NOT find those jobs as easily as implied by some posters; notwithstanding that many posts come from IBMers that are NOT members of Alliance@IBM or advocates. So let's be clear. For the sake of an alternative to IBM's propaganda and BS; Alliance@IBM offers these comment sections; and we hope that the discussions and help given here, lead to organizing and ultimately a contract for IBMers.

Comment 07/22/09: To -my sad story- : Let this be a repeated lesson to everybody: Managers lie ! Managers lie, and oh have I mentioned, Managers lie? They are puppets doing what they are told and are concerned about playing the game so they can keep their job. They don't give a hoot about your job. I have never had a manager that didn't lie to me and give me very vague answers. He told you there was more work coming to keep you calm until you had the Indian scab trained. The only way to protect yourself from this is to Organize and Unionize. Unless this happens they can do whatever they want and abuse the American worker -gone_in_07-
Comment 07/21/09: Thought I would check in to see how fomer beemers were doing. Sorry to see its the same guys should really join a union or something. I left as part of the RA back in could say it was planned on my part to get out of the sinking ship, take the severance, and run. I was a fast tracker at The Big Blues...only job since college, made to an exec level in a decade higher than what most people retire at... I am glad I left, while the comfy feeling of being in a govt like company is not there in my new company, I make more money, have a higher position, and enjoy work. Its a lot more work, but its great. Whereas I dreaded working at GBS, it felt like I was a temp employee, even though I was an exec there. Ugh... the place sucked...the more I think about it. So for those wondering and able...go out there and find a greener pasture...the blue pasture is covered in pesticide. If you wondered what it would be if you can die of boredom, work at IBM forever and you will find out. Wow...same old ticks with EPS - they did the same witht the PwC acquisition in 2002 - read how they reported growth in McKinsey Valuation, organic growth actually fell negative that timeframe, they used the orderbooks of PwC to look like they had real growth. I wouldn't blame them if I was the CFO, was the right thing to do - shareholders come first. Remember that and you will disabuse yourself of "making a difference" -Big Who?-
Comment 07/21/09: There isn't anything that hasn't already been posted here previously with regard to jobs being sent offshore. That said, here's my experience. A little over a year ago, I was informed that a portion of my job was going to India. However, my manager did say that the work going to India would be replaced by new work comming into my department. Last October I began giving turnover of a portion of my job to a guy in India. I worked providing turnover to the Indian Team until aproximately December when it was officially decreed that the India guy was the primary contact on the accounts I turned over. Through the first quarter of 2009 I supported him, and I knew he still needed me, but as far as my management was concerned, he was in the drivers seat and I was only there for "an occasional question or two." I asked my manager on two separate occasions when would I see the replacement work he spoke of in the summer of 2008, but his answers were vague and non-commital. Straight talk was never something he specialized in, so I figured sooner or later something would happen. I was right too! Something did happen on March 26th. My manager called me to deliver the news that I had been selected to partcipate in the Resource Action. (BTW, the guy in India paniced when he heard the news!) I left IBM in April. And in case your wondering, the "new work comming in" hasn't materialized yet according to the former teammates that I keep in close contact with. -my sad story-
Comment 07/21/09: I read the A layoff by any other name article! How "Andy Rooney-esque". But the columnist is right. Here's something she didnt say but I will; Palmissano aint got a big enough pair of cojones to come out and tell America in plain English exactly what IBM is doing. Instead IBM's spin doctors are as cleverly deceitful as any you'll find anywhere. The pathetic scumbags. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/21/09: "A layoff by any other name" -Think-

Comment 07/21/09: >>great post silly willy. -anon- Absolutely great post, -silly willy-. Best part: "UNLESS THERE IS A UNION." If the sheeple don't wake up soon, they too will be fired. -anonymouse-
Comment 07/21/09: to silly willy - that's right. According to this article, EPS increase is due solely to cost cuts. Until tax laws change, it's a great deal to cut American jobs and replace at a fraction overseas -- and still have overall cost savings! And they aren't done yet. "...Now, if you look at the way that $3.5 billion rolls out (cost savings), we’ve got about $0.5 billion in the first quarter, about $1 billion in the second quarter, so that leaves another $2 billion to roll out through the second half of the year. And given that it’s kind of structural in nature, I would look at that kind of evenly distributed across that second half..." -annonymous-

Comment 07/21/09: It's true that a GDF's location can only lead to a degradation of the level of service provided to it's customers. Here's why; back in early 2008, when some of us in working ITD first heard the term "GDF" but didn't know what it was, I worked on a project with two guys who had very recently reported to the EFK GDF. Not knowing what it was all about, I asked these guys why they were now sitting in Fishkill. One guy politely informed me how they were "making a real difference" now that they we're sitting in the GDF. After having made that comment, both burst into uproarious laughter! "What's so funny?" I asked. It turns out that a few days after reporting to the GDF, one guy was walking in the parking lot towards the building and bumped into his Second Line Manager. The SLM asked the guy how he liked working at the GDF. The guy replied "It's fine." Then the SLM says; "Ya know, we have a chance to make a real difference here." I asked the guy; "What did you say to him??!!" His reply: "Nuthin. I was too busy trying to surpress the urge to barf all over that moron's shoes." -Anonymous-
Comment 07/21/09: To "-Respectfully- " I can relate to your family not thinking you are trying hard enough to find another job. I had a girlfriend that actually told me this. I was looking for work 7 days a week many hours a day putting out hundreds of resumes. She knew this and said that to me anyway. I got rid of the goat, got a new job, and life is good. Keep at it, keep your chin up and something will turn -me_2-
Comment 07/21/09: great post silly willy. -anon-
Comment 07/20/09: to Anonymous that couldn't get another job because they were labeled "offshore" - same thing happened to me. I was offered the job, the job was legit and needed to be backfilled, but the Upper Execs in that division blocked my transfer in. This is what I think - we, the "RA'd resources" are considered overpaid for the current job. A year ago this was not true, we probably even got a raise last year and a great Variable Pay Bonus (I did). This is what I think - IBM took a snapshot of certain jobs/skills. Then they figured which jobs could be offshored. Then they gave those jobs/skills the new "market salary" based on offshoring. So after many years of great appraisals, raises, var pay bonuses us older ones are pretty high compared to the offshore cost. Rather than offer us the Opp to keep our job at the new salary (at least until this recession is over and we have a fighting chance out there) they did a massive RA. So the job I was turned down for - I probably would have been in the same position (overpaid vs. offshore resources). That job was/is probably next on the list to get offshored. We are all feeling the brunt for prior management's decisions to increase our salaries as we perform well over time. What happened in the world - is that technology (i.e. what WE HELPED BUILD) made the market global. That increased competition with third-world countries. That plus a world-wide recession = perfect layoff candidate. This will lead to dis-loyal employees who jump ship at the next better job / salary that comes by... no reason to stay with same company - especially if the OT, travel, or worklife/balance options change.....UNLESS THERE IS A UNION. This is a new paradigm and what goes around comes around. Karma baby. -silly willy-
Comment 07/20/09: RTP folks: if you think you've been RAed because your job is going overseas (as was the case for me), please send me an email at phrl2009(at) May be we can do something about it. Thanks. -ex-SWG-
Alliance reply: You should also contact the TAA rep for NC at
Jeanette Canady
TRA Coordinator

Comment 07/20/09: I also started another job and lost two weeks of vacation per year. I went from work-at-home to around 65 miles each way for a commute. However, I am being treated far better than I had been for years at IBM. The new employer does not feel the need to keep you in constant stress about whether your job will still be there tomorrow, or that you have to play games kissing up to management while ignoring the actual quality of your work. -TBH-
Comment 07/20/09: >>I have never been happier to have a job in my life.
-Sad But True-
, you just summed up in your post how the sadists are able to get away with rule by fear.
-NoLongerDadsIBM-, of course it's a truthful and valid comment. But did you notice it's the only one there? Too many are still too afraid of the sadists or resigned (and fired) to leaving the other employees to their own disgraceful fate very near in the future. As in 1999, it's everyone for themselves, until there is no one left. -anonymouse-

Comment 07/20/09: Respectfully to -Spread-The-Word- First, you make perfect sense! However, as an 'RA'ed' IBM ex-employee, I will say that if I even hint at the points you make - which are excellent, btw - my 'friends and family' do not believe me. They believe I am not willing to go the distance to find new employment, in this lovely economy. The economy, btw, is all my fault. No recession here.
With that said, you note that 'IBM is encouraging IBM USA employees to quit and take jobs in 3rd world countries'. Yup, and I have the
project match invite to support that. However, again, no one outside the blue bubble gets what is really going on here. Move along pls,
nothing to see here. Now, having said all of that - do you know whether anyone has used the 'project match' program to pursue a well deserved TAA finding? (TAA = trade adjustment act, I believe). I worked at an IBM location which didn't publish #'s of laid-off workers, as the layoffs at my 'site' didn't meet WARN rules. Still, it seems to me that, as I was offered the opportunity to find work in a developing market, that yes, my job *was* likely affected by IBM trade practices. Your thoughts? -Respectfully-

Comment 07/19/09: Well said... Forbes article on IBM -NoLongerDadsIBM-
Comment 07/19/09: I'll go you one better. I was RA'd this year and did see an internal job posted that was a perfect fit. It took some back and forth communications via Randy's office and division HR, but I was eventually told - in writing -that I could not have the job because it was marked to be offshored. -anonymous-
Comment 07/18/09: I was RA'd from STG RTP with my last day being June 1. The job market for tech in Raleigh is terrible. I was lucky. A friend got me a job at another company. I started last week. I took a $15 k pay cut. I lost two weeks vacation. My 401k will not fully vest for five years and the cost of health insurance is very high. I don't get to work from home anymore, I commute 35 miles one way in terrible traffic. The people I work with are not very skilled and the work is basically boring. I have never been happier to have a job in my life. -Sad But True-
Comment 07/18/09: "How long can they sustain this?"
Rochester: Probably at least through 2010 based on the so-called IBM financial "roadmap". For instance. there are still about 100K USA employees to cost cut with. The "roadmap" I think is actually as far as the IBM CEO and executives wish to hang around IBM until they can get all their greedy stock options exercised and their platinum parachutes (much better than the gold one) for retirement before IBM starts to implode upon itself when all this down revenue and cost cutting profits catches up to IBM. -anonymous-

Comment 07/18/09: I agree with "I agree". I've submitted many resumes/application and haven't received ONE positive response. I'm trying to find a good job while I'm still employed. I'm certain my admin. job will off shored in the next year. I can't get arrested. -anon-
Comment 07/18/09: This is disgraceful. Last year American corporations paid more taxes to foreign governments than to the United States. "
...But it's not just jobs migrating abroad—it's now tax dollars too, a senior index analyst at Standard & Poor's says..." see full text here: -annonymous-
Comment 07/18/09: >>Recently I obtained a job posting that describes my former position to a "T". When I was RAed I was working reduced hours on maternal LOA program. Can I sue IBM for discrimination?
No. I saw my own job posting that the offshore resource who replaced me was PUSHED to apply for so she could be hired for my job. You can't sue for jack. IBM has you coming and going. But hey: AT WILL EMPLOYEE. UNIONIZE OR BE SCREWED. By the way, do the morons at Mother's magazine still rate IBM as a wonderful place to work? Have you written to them?
Comment 07/17/09: I agree with Anonymous, who states that 'The package is not that much...' To be even more specific, the package is NOT that much when you realize that you can't find another job. Yes, I do read the posts which state (boast) that the individual found a job paying __% more than their job at IBM, with a more congenial team / organization / company / ... fill in the blanks yourself. Then, I talk to prior colleagues who can't get a callback or an interview. And - to avert the expected rant from people claiming that these are poor performers, or should let the next generation take their jobs, yada yada - these are folks with a proven track record before IBM and while at IBM. They had the misfortune to still have jobs at IBM when IBM's model changed to offshore many jobs (aka careers). And no, they should NOT be told to move over or step aside for the next generation. I'll ask you one question: How the heck do you think they can fund a retirement of 40 or more years - without a pension? If you know that answer, please post. If you prefer to criticize people for being born before 1965, please find another venue for your opinions. -I agree-
Comment 07/17/09: I was RAed in Feb 2009. I signed a severance document and now I am collecting UI. Recently I obtained a job posting that describes my former position to a "T". When I was RAed I was working reduced hours on maternal LOA program. Can I sue IBM for discrimination? Discrimination against working mothers? Any tips? I was not a union member. -a_mom-
Alliance reply: I am sorry for your job loss and the effect it has on you. I understand your feelings of betrayal.
Yes, you may file a lawsuit; however, you need a good amount of evidence that you were discriminated against. It is a very hard row to hoe. Find an attorney, and present her/him with your reason for litigation. Listen to her/him carefully, when they elaborate on what I've just said. Many, many people have gone before you. This will not be the first time IBM has been sued; nor the last.
IBM continues to fire people at will, because they are AT WILL Employees. Regardless if you are a working mother, working father, single, married, divorced, white, black, asian, brown, christian, jewish, muslim, hindu, atheist or whatever, IBM doesn't care about you; and has plenty of legal funds to fight you in court.

This is why we continue to remind everyone that visits this web site: You are an AT WILL EMPLOYEE. You have no employment contract and you have no bargaining power while you are an IBM employee. You all need to organize, NOW.
It is truly the only way to move forward, toward any kind of job security, benefits, and fair treatment on the job.

Comment 07/17/09: We need a NON USA Labor Tax in excess of 50% for all work sent offshore. -anonymous-
Comment 07/17/09: On the GDF issue, is there anyone out there who has refused to move and received a severance package? If so, what was the strategy you followed to gain the package? I was already RA'd on April 27th after 12 years so I'm asking for several of my friends who just received news a couple of days ago. They are pretty much shaking in their shoes and are afraid to ask anyone. Get this... they are forced to "apply" for their own positions that are being moved to Boulder. Can you effin' believe that? I definitely can and never thought I'd witness these days. I remember brimming with passion about my company when I went to the LEADing@IBM conference in Armonk, 2006. What a laugh... -NoLongerDadsIBM-
Comment 07/17/09: Revenues are down by 13% and profits are up by 12%. That is a *lot* of cost-cutting to make up the difference. Where is all this cost-cutting coming from? How long can they sustain this? It's kind of bizarre. -Anonymous in Rochester-
Comment 07/17/09: - Does anyone know how the GDF bull goes? If one is financially, emotionally or physically in no shape to move, will the RA package be offered? The move is from RTP to Boulder, CO.-
When was the last time IBM cared about their employees' personal situations? I think you know the answer...-anonymous-