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* Layoffs are when employees are recalled back to their jobs when business picks up, retaining their original salaries, benefits, and seniority. IBM does not do this.





IBM Job Cuts (not Layoffs*)

Latest Job Cut News

History of Job Cuts since 1983 - compiled by Jeff Platsky, Binghamton Press-Sun Bulletin

Read Employee Layoff Stories

Why the Layoffs? by James Marc Leas

A Listing of Press Articles about Job Cuts at IBM

Job Cut Survival Kit - helpful information

Web site helps employees facing job cuts

Submit your own job cut story to the Alliance

Letters of Support from Political Leaders for Recall Rights

Letter to Sam Palmisano from a Sold Employee in Endicott

Answers for your questions - for those currently employed and those recently let go - updated June 8

What difference would a union make when there are job cuts and sales to other companies?





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