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Job Cuts Happening:
See our comment section for areas and business units hit by job cuts

Job cuts in IBM Software Group
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IBM workers’ unions call for halt
to job cuts and for constructive employee engagement.
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Press release on
IBM Dubuque Job Cuts:
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IBM Executives Morally Bankrupt
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IBM unions agree new global strategy to fight job cuts
IBM unions have agreed a new global strategy to fight thousands of job cuts and deteriorating working conditions at the computer services giant.

The Global Union Alliance @IBM, alongside UNI Global Union, IndustriALL Global Union and IndustriAll European Trade Union, will issue a series of demands to IBM management designed to protect the firm’s loyal workforce at a time of huge upheaval for IBMers.

Message from Alliance@IBM and
IBM Global Union Alliance
on Roadmap 2015
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CEO Rometty gets $3 million bonus as she fires workers

Like rubbing salt in a wound the news today is that CEO Rometty will be getting a $3 million dollar bonus.

This after firing thousands of workers last year.
After firing an unknown number this week.
After dismal quarter after quarter.

After doing nothing to repair the dismal morale of employees.
How much more insult does she expect IBM workers to take?
The answer is up to you.

The Alliance@IBM team

Job Cut Alert!
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Employees reporting urgent requests from managers to meet one on one Wednesday 1/28/15.
Other reports that Resource Actions start Wednesday and Thursday.
Good luck to all.

Received a 3 on your PBC?
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Job offshored?
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News, Flyers and Comments
IBM GDF Worker Network

IBM Abandons
2015 Earnings Forecast
as CEO Divests Assets
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IBM Paying Globalfoundries $1.5 Billion to Take Unit in Retreat From Chips
IBM will pay Global Foundries, owned by the government of Abu Dhabi $1.5 billion to take its chip unit. This affects workers in Burlington Vermont and East Fishkill, NY.
No word yet on the fate of the thousands of workers employed at these sites.
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IBM China workers get $6000 incentive
for Lenovo transfer.
How about you?
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IBM France:
Press release 24 June 2014.
IBM employees of the
Technical Support Services division

(maintenance, planning, support & operation) are on national strike.
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Press release 30 June 2014.
IBM employees of the
Technical Support Services division continue their action,
following the management's ploys to break up the movement.
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Alliance@IBM statement on the
Technical Support Services division
national strike in France
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Forbes & Business Week criticize IBM's "Roadmap 2015" and Business Model
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IBM Global Union Alliance Calls For A Reorientation
of IBM
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IBM stops disclosing numbers, ages,
titles in layoff documents:

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Is this the true
IBM US employee number?

Of the 88,150 total population
there are:
6,853 vendors,
12,087 contractors
2,959 supplemental.
66,251 regular IBM employees.

Ten workers reportedly sacked in IBM China strike
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IBM workers erupt in protests over layoffs, Lenovo deal
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Chinese IBM Contractors Strike

From Alliance:
Job Cut Update

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Click Job Cuts Reports below for the latest news on job cuts:

IBM Retiree Issues
Post your comments: link

From Alliance@IBM: IBM Job Cuts
February 26th 2014
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Click here for the Alliance
2015 Flyer

International Statement from
IBM Global Union Alliance and UNI

There were times when IBMers were proud to work in one of the largest IT-companies in the world. They were respected as employees, were well paid, had secure jobs and worked in an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration.

But things have changed in IBM since the company published its Road Maps for 2010 and 2015. Instead of focusing on the people that made the company great, IBM is now transfixed by numbers and Earnings per Share (EPS).

In 2013, IBM spent 1 billion USD on what it called “workforce rebalancing”, which means nothing else than a giant job cut. In 2014, the company is set to spend another 1 billion USD to eliminate an estimated 15,000 jobs worldwide. This comes at a time when the company continues to make hefty profits.

UNI Global Union and the UNI IBM Alliance denounce the company’s move to lay off its employees en masse. IBMers remain the company’s biggest asset, and should be in the forefront of any change. Alternatives to layoffs exist for companies looking to cut costs. Retraining programs can yield positive results for both employees and the company, and have been implemented successfully in numerous companies.

Lee Conrad, from Alliance@IBM CWA and UNI IBM Alliance Coordinator said “The hits just keep coming. Following the news that job cuts will happen this quarter, the latest is that IBM will sell one of its server units to Chinese company Lenovo. 7500 workers worldwide will be impacted and moved out of IBM”.

Said Alan Tate, Head of UNI ICTS: “IBM needs to go back to its roots and focus on what made the company successful for over 100 years. It needs to invests in its employees and ensure decent work. Innovation is what made IBM a great company not greed.”
Lee Conrad
National Coordinator
Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701

International Coordinator
IBM Global Union Alliance

Countdown to Roadmap 2015
by Alliance@IBM's National Coordinator:

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Petition in support of IBM Lansing Delivery Center workers
Click here
IBM is blocking Alliance email alerts to IBM internal addresses.
To receive critical job cut information please join the Alliance with personal email here:

The Alliance@IBM has received information that managers in Systems Technology Group and the acquired business Kenexa, must submit a list of names for a resource action by Friday, January 24th. This years resource actions, and there will be more through the first quarter, is code named project Apollo.

Coupled with the dismal earnings report today, the future continues to look bad for employees.

CEO Rometty, in response to the earnings report said this, "in view of the company's overall results, my senior team and I have recommended that we forgo our personal annual incentive payment for 2013".

Big deal. They are rich enough to withstand that. They should forgo their jobs.

As we go through another critical time for employees we need now more than ever for people to say no to Roadmap 2015. The Alliance is here to help organize and fight back.

Information is also key. Send RA packs to the Alliance at so we can track and notify the media of the number of job cuts. To post job cut information and click here:

Good luck to all,
Your co-workers in the Alliance.

The Alliance received information that STG employee names for inclusion in a new resource action must be turned into IBM executive management by Friday Jan. 24.

IBM Germany union protests Roadmap 2015
On Cotober 8 2013, the IBM Germany union Ver.di sent a strong signal to IBM Germany management.
A national day of action took place in Berlin, Böblingen, Chemnitz, Dusseldorf, Erfurt, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Mainz and Munich.
Over 1600 IBM employees and retirees participated and exceeded the expectations of the organizers. It is an indicator of the mood of the IBM workforce in Germany.
The traditionally high level of identification of employees with their company has eroded rapidly.
The lack of participation in the company's success has led in recent years to a collapsing acceptance of IBM employees for salaries and personnel policies of IBM.
The fixation on Roadmap 2105 and the $20 eps has been the driving force in worker activism.
See article here: (in German)

IBM pulls discriminatory
job posting for jobs
that were RA'd in STG
link to download pdf

IBM pulls employment ad that appeared to discriminate by age:
IBM takes down ad after
potential age discrimination.
Wording on job posting could
have warranted investigation
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Execs furlough IBM STG workers
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How Does the Furlough Affect You & Your family
Please click here:
Furloughs & Pay Cuts
for further comments and reactions.

From The Alliance:
IBM fires over 3300
US and Canada Employees

Job cuts have begun.
So Far:
BT/IT CIO Enterprise Transformation: 4
Corporate Marketing and Communication: 83
GBS AMS Commercial Delivery: 27
GBS AMS IBM Global Account: 123
GBS CS Financial Services Sector: 14
GBS CS Industrial Sector: 32
GBS PS Business Analytics: 39
GPS Solutions and Delivery: 116
IBM S&D Communications Sector: 3
ISC Engineering: 75
ISC Sales Transaction Support OIST: 70
Research: 65
S&D Global Techline and Channel Technical Sales: 9
SO Delivery HQ Cloud Development and Delivery: 40
SO Delivery Integrated Competencies: 46
SO sectors (GSSR): 31
Software Group Collaboration: 115
Software Group East Region Sales: 40
Software group Industry Solutions: 126
Software Group Information Management: 137
Software Group Marketing: 222
Software Group NA Software Sales: 63
Software Group Rational: 59
Software Group Security: 22
Software Group tivoli: 98
Software group WW Services and Education: 22
STG Advanced Microelectronics Solutions: 114
STG Burlington Semiconductor MFG and Development: 93
STG Burlington Site Operations: 8
STG Cloud Systems SW Development Resource Action: 70
STG Competitive lab and Technical Sales Centers: 35
STG Electronic Design Automation: 106
STG High Speed links, Cores and Memory: 67
STG IBM I Development: 60
STG ISV Global Support: 35
STG lab Services and Tech Training: 52
STG Operations and Transformation: 34
STG Power Software Development: 64
STG Pureflex & System X Software Development: 32
STG Semiconductor Research and Dev: 165
STG Server & Storage Engineering System Test: 97
STG SSE Intellectual Property: 64
STG Storage (ISSA): 41
STG Storage Systems Development: 121
STG Strategic Initiatives 8
STG System Z Software Development: 45
STG Systems Solutions Dev: 56
STG Systems Technology Development: 24
STG Test Site Design: 59
STG Worldwide Client Care: 30
STG Worldwide Design Centers: 78
STG WW STG Tech Support: 65
SWG Application and Integration Middleware: 86
Total cut so far: 3390


UPDATE: Vermont Dept. Of Labor
Releases IBM
Job Cut Number:
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IBM's Threat
To Cut Jobs:

From IBM CFO Loughridge on April 18, 2013
"Given our first quarter performance, we now expect to take the bulk of our work force balancing actions for the year in the second quarter. As opposed to last year when it was distributed across the quarters."

Congress, doing the bidding of tech companies,
is at it again:
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Sources: IBM-Lenovo Server Talks 'Moving Quickly'
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IBM's Response to Senators Leahy and Sanders:
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Consider yourself a hard worker?
IBM GTS Exec Bob Hoey may not think so.
A letter from IBM Executive Hoey and a response from an IBM worker:

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Letter to IBM from
Rep. Walz, Sens. Franken and Klobuchar March 12th 2013
Re: Rochester jobs to Mexico:
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Did you lose your job and an H-1b visa worker stay?
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IBM Rochester is moving hundreds of computer manufacturing jobs
to Mexico.
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The Alliance@IBM's statement
to IBM employees:
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Are more job cuts
on the way?

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Fighting for IBM workers in 2013

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Senators Sanders' and Leahy's letter to IBM CEO Virginia Rometty
February 25th 2013
Re: 401(k) decision:
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Employees Speak Out:
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Break the secrecy inside IBM!
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The Alliance: A Voice for IBM workers
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Click: Sign The Petition
to Tell IBM to REVERSE their Decision!

IBM Management plays Scrooge again.

In an email sent to IBM employees today (12/5), IBM once again short changes IBM employees, especially and specifically those who will most certainly be "resource actioned" in IBM's "Roadkill 2015".
The Alliance
@IBM calls on IBM corporate management to reverse this decision and to continue the semi-monthly plan.
Randy MacDonald's email to IBMers:

"Dear IBMer,

Beginning January 1, 2013, IBM is changing the timing of the IBM match and automatic contribution for our 401(k) Plus Plan and Excess 401(k) Plus Plan from semi-monthly to an annual contribution at the end of the year.
The percentage of the IBM match and automatic contribution you receive - which makes IBM's 401(k) plans among the best in the industry - is not changing.

You must be employed on December 15 of each year to receive your IBM contribution for that year. For eligible IBMers, the IBM match and automatic contribution will be deposited to your account on December 31, 2013 (and on the last business day of each subsequent year). Your personal contributions are not affected by these changes. IBMers who retire at any time, including those participating in the Transition to Retirement program, will receive their match and automatic contribution upon retirement, based on the eligible pay received during that calendar year.


Randy MacDonald
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Message from OUR Walmart

With your support, hundreds of us bravely stood up to Walmart on Black Friday and went on strike. Despite the retail giant's illegal threats and scare tactics, we were inspired to take action like never before.

In addition to the stores where we had planned strikes, we heard about other coworkers in Atlanta, GA, Ocean City, MD, Tupelo, MS, and even Paducah, KY-who were inspired to strike by the incredible outpour of support by community members like you!

Unsurprisingly, Walmart's high-priced PR team is doing everything they can to downplay these historic events and ignore its employees. Deciding to go on strike on Black Friday was never about boycotting or affecting Walmart's bottom line. It was about changing the national debate about workers in this country. With more than 2,000 news stories covering the historic strikes, we are making our voices heard.

With tens of thousands of supporters on our side, we will continue to grow more support and build more alliances. Rest assured, if Walmart does not stop its retaliation against workers who speak out for change, we will strike again. We know change will not happen overnight, especially in the face of Walmart's fierce opposition and illegal threats. But the truth is out-and we will not back down. We will continue to raise our voices, and we will continue to bring on new supporters every day.

We are not afraid to stand up and speak out, because with your support, we all see that change is possible.

In Solidarity,
Strikers from OUR Walmart

Resource Action Sept. 7, 2012
IBM GTS Delivery Technology and Engineering
29 employees terminated

IBM Management "command and control" must agree to relocate to Dublin, Ireland
or Singapore by 10/31/2012,
or look for a new job.

National Mobilization
Bring Jobs Home!
Background information:
outsourcing backgrounder_6_1_12_Final.pdf
More info:
Watch this site for further news and information
IBM Corp., which has benefited from hundreds of millions of dollars in economic development aid from New York political leaders over the past 10 years, uses computer programmers and analysts from India to work on some of its largest state contracts. The foreign workers - who are physically located at state agency offices in Albany but work for an Indian subsidiary of IBM - have been key to the success in IBM being awarded massive amounts of state business, such as a $52 million contract with the state Department of Labor to upgrade its unemployment insurance system...
full article link:
IBM cuts jobs but keeps foreign workers on NY State contracts

Alliance@IBM's editorial statement
to NY residents
: Read here

The Alliance needs your help!
We are making an appeal to the thousands that come to this web site and comment section.
The Alliance has been in existence for 12 years. We are the only organization that has continually advocated and fought for IBM employees and ex-employees.
There is a lot of work we do and need to do.

See The Alliance: A voice for employees:

But as has been mentioned before, we can not continue to do our work
if we don't have dues paying members.
At this point we are on life support.
Our membership has dropped and we are not gaining new members.
In order to keep the Alliance going we need you to help out.
The Alliance is looking for 100 new members in 1 week.

Please join here today:

Join the Alliance


If the advocacy work that Alliance@IBM is doing, is important to you,
Please support us. Become a member.

Membership is open to
Retirees, Vendors, Contractors, Temps, and Active Employees and former IBM employees.
Membership is confidential.
IBM does not know who joins.
Join The Alliance! (Join as Voting Member)
Join The Alliance! (join as Associate)
Join The Alliance! (Sign up as a Subscriber)
Alliance work in progress flyer


Voting Members are eligible for Union Plus benefits and discounts.

During the membership drive this comment section will be closed.
It will reopen after 1 week and we will give you the results of the drive.
Thank you for your support.

The Alliance@IBM team
To GTS workers from IBM executives:
No salary increase for you!

"GTS Employees,

The Employee Salary Program takes into account a number of elements, including compensation competitiveness in markets we serve, our ability to attract and retain people with skills we need, our business performance, and other employee investments.
It is essential for a services business to provide value-added services to clients at competitive price points. Our objective is to ensure a competitive labor cost structure while moving aggressively into areas that are strategic to our clients and require innovative solutions. This is fundamental to driving clear return on investments for our clients and to increase opportunities for all IBMers.
To balance our ability to remain competitive with the need to invest in people who have high-demand skills, there will not be a broad-based salary program in GTS in 2012. Instead, we will target the 2012 investment to skill groups or focus areas as identified by each GTS line of business, based on local market needs. These decisions do not affect the significant investments IBM makes each year in talent in addition to salary, including bonus programs, recognition, promotions, and skill development.

Your manager or leadership team will communicate additional information to you over the next few weeks.

Bob Zapfel Richard A. Patterson
General Manager, Global Technology Services, North America General Manager, GTS SO Delivery - Americas"

Letter asking President Obama
to oppose extension of L-1B visa
Download or view PDF file:

Job Cuts 2.27.2012

Link to list and totals

Stop Off-Shoring our jobs! Informational pickets
April 24.

Participation open for all
IBM employees, ex-employees, Alliance members and non-members!

Locations: 4-22-12

Poughkeepsie: Sidewalk in front of Spackenkill Plaza, Rt 9 4pm-5pm
Picket Captain: Tom Midgley

Endicott: Corner of North St and McKinley Ave 4pm-5pm
Picket Captain: Rick White

Boca Raton: 8051 Congress Ave
4pm to 5pm.

Burlington, VT: Corner of Park St and IBM exit, Essex Junction 4pm to 5pm
Picket Captain: Earl Mongeon

Boulder: Diagonal Highway (Rt 119) and Mineral Road (shoulder) 4pm to 5pm
Picket Captain: Jim Askew

Rochester, MN: Peace Plaza 4pm to 5pm
Picket Captain: Edith Lueke

RTP: IBM Main site front gate (intersection of Davis Drive and E Cornwallis Road)
4pm to 5pm
Picket Captain:Lee Conrad

If you want to participate or have an information picket line at your site please contact:

You saw it here first.
Sources: IBM loses $100M+ Disney contract
read more

Disney employees were told that the big outsourcing contract with IBM had NOT been renewed and was instead given to another company, named HCL. IBM management however, has yet to inform its employees. IBM bigwigs had been touting for months that it was a 'done deal'. However, Disney management decided otherwise. Wonder if any IBM VPs and Executives will lose their jobs over this? IBMers have till the end of July to transition. So more RAs and cuts in the cards.
Where is your work going?

The off shoring of work from IBM US
to other countries continues.
Many IBM employees in the US
have been calling Roadmap 2015,
"Roadkill 2015" for US workers.
Help us expose where the work is going, what kind of work,
and what accounts.
We would also like info from
IBM workers who saw their work
off shored the past 2 years.

Please post your information here:

IBM Korea/SQT Employees letter to CEO Rometty
Read more

IBM Employee
Response to the January 1st
“Unboxed” NY Times Article on IBM and Chairman Sam Palmisano.
Read more

Bring call center jobs back home

Tell Congress to support The United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Bill
SSR's keep up the pressure!
No to pay and band level cuts!

Actions taken:
Mass emails sent to IBM executives by IBM employees, ex-employees, and IBM worldwide unions.

Black and Blue on Black Friday.

SSR organizing committee
being formed.

New actions to be announced!

Take Action!

Support SSR's! Wear black and blue on "black friday"
November 25th!

The day after Thanksgiving traditionally is known as "black friday" and a day for shopping.
This year, IBM SSR's in the Retail Division are asking all SSR's and their co-workers in IBM to support their call for a reversal of the pay and band level cuts by wearing black and blue on black friday November 25th.
The wearing of black and blue represents the "beating up" of SSR's standard of living.
Keep the pressure on IBM executives to roll back the pay cuts and band level reductions for SSR's and other support workers! Remember, you could be next in line for a pay cut.

SSR organizing committee is being formed!
If you wish to join this committee and be an active volunteer in organizing SSR's please contact us at:

Protected Concerted Activity:
Section 7 of the NLRA (national labor relations act) protects "the right . . . to form, join, or assist labor organizations . . . and to engage in other concerted activities for the purposes of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection." 29 U.S.C. § 157. "Concerted activity" is action taken in pursuit of a common goal by multiple employees or by a single employee where the employee is authorized by other employees to act on their behalf. The concerted activity is protected if it is intended for mutual aid or protection (a lawful objective) and executed by a lawful method. Many people think of strikes, group complaints, or honoring picket lines as typical activities protected by the NLRA. However, an activity may fall under the protection of the NLRA even where it appears to have little or nothing to do with unions. Employees have the right to engage in concerted activities even where no union activity is involved and in situations where the employees have not considered a collective bargaining agreement.

Under Section 8 of the NLRA, employers may not interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in their rights to engage in concerted activities. 29 U.S.C. § 158(a)(1). Employers who take an adverse action toward, or retaliate against, employees because of protected concerted activities may violate the NLRA and possibly find themselves having to defend against an unfair labor practice charge. As noted, this is the case for both unionized and non-unionized employers.

Welcome the New Boss, Same as The Old Boss

read more

Urgent action needed this week!
Stop pay and band level
cuts for
IBM US service support workers!

The Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 is asking for your urgent support in fighting the announced pay cut and band level reduction for SSR's and other support workers in the IBM Retail Services Division in the US.
Last week IBM executives informed SSR's (service techs) and other support groups that band levels would be lowered and they would face pay cuts up to 10% starting January 1st 2012.
This attack on the standard of living of IBM's service employees is unacceptable and demeaning. In fact many support workers have received very little in pay increases over the years.
Last year IBM had record net income of $53 billion and free cash flow of $8 billion. IBM is not a company in distress.
There is no need to decrease the pay of hard working IBM employees.
Please send emails this week to the following list of IBM management asking them to reverse this decision to cut pay and band levels. An injury to one is an injury to all!

Please send letters to:
Sam Palmisano
Virginia Rometty
Michael Daniels
Robert Zapfel
Richard Rosso
Larry Arrington
Phillip Cunningham

This just in!:
SSR's in the Remote Support group of the Retail Services Division were told there would be band reductions and pay cuts up to 10%.
If you have more information or want to be involved in challenging this, send email to:

The voice of occupy Wall street:
"We of the 99% will not tolerate
the greed of the 1%!"

Communications Workers of America Endorses
Occupy Wall Street Movement:

Washington, DC - The Communications Workers of America Executive Board has endorsed the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
Occupy Wall Street activists joined CWA members demonstrating for quality jobs at Verizon and Verizon Wireless, and CWA members will join the demonstrations to focus public attention on the impact of Wall Street's greed on ordinary Americans.
CWA is among four international unions to endorse the movement.

Following is the CWA Executive Board's statement:

"The 700,000 members of the Communications Workers of America strongly support the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
It is an appropriate expression of anger for all Americans, but especially for those who have been left behind by Wall Street.
We support the activists' non-violent efforts to seek a more equitable and democratic society based on citizenship, not corporate greed.

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are spreading throughout the country.
We will support them and encourage all CWA Locals to participate in the growth of this protest movement."

Candice Johnson
CWA Communications Director

Lee Conrad
National Coordinator
Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701

International Coordinator
IBM Global Union Alliance

Employees Speak:
"Just imagine if US IBMers became fed up enough to gather together and occupy their work site with employees wearing buttons or holding signs or handing out flyers that read "Occupy IBM with a union and a contract"?
The #OccupyWallStreet idea has grown
the crowd to nearly 2,000.
Can you imagine the power that 2,000 IBM employees would have if they were to assemble and really start organizing IBM
in the whole USA? This can work.
Why not grab a little bit of the attention to what IBM workers have been suffering from
for way too long? Think about it.
" -#OccupyIBMwithAlliance-

IBM Argentina Strike News
read more

Employees Speak:

It's time to call it "India Business Machines" read here

Stand with Verizon workers!

Emergency funding and membership growth needed!
The Alliance is facing critical funding issues.
Please help keep the voice
of IBM employees going.
If you do not wish to join, please donate.

Update on IBM Argentina strike (in spanish)

IBM Chile Union and IBM sign collective bargaining agreement!

On Tuesday July 12th, the IBM Chile Union SNTI, and IBM negotiated and signed a union contract. The vast majority of IBM Chile union members approved the offer and a strike has been averted. Congratulations to our brothers and sisters in the IBM Chile union for this historic event!
A copy of the agreement will be emailed to Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 members and associate members.

Lee Conrad
International Coordinator
IBM Global Union Alliance

IBM Argentina union to strike
July 28

For those of you who cannot read Spanish, the headline says it all. Huelga en IBM: Strike at IBM. The union is Union Informatica, Argentina, affiliated with the much larger labour federation, CGT. The bargaining unit is only a few months old with a membership of 500. The strike date has been set. July 28, 2011. If pay increases of 0%, 8% and 14% look good to you, consider that IBM Argentina has also been threatening to move its work to India. I have been told that quite a bit of that work, software packaging, used to be done in Canada. I have also been told that the rate of inflation in Argentina is running at 20% annually, that the annual starting salary is around $8,000 USD with a top end of about $50,000 USD.

Sent to the Alliance by the IBM Canada union, CEP

We stand with the
IBM Chile Union!
US IBM workers:
Do not go to Chile to
break their strike!
Say NO to strikebreaking!

More information here:
(link to message)

Employees Speak:
"Heard this from a friend in another division and is highly reliable.
There was a meeting in a SWG development lab (not GDF) called by a high level manager.
All hand-selected attendees spoke Spanish. They were not told about the IBM strike in Chile.
They were told IBM Chile needs extra help. They asked for volunteers for a 3 to 6 month assignment. 40% expressed interest. Attendees who did not volunteer were told to get their passport in order.
They were told this is highly confidential.
Unbelievable that IBM would consider sending IBM employees into potential harms way."

IBM Union news
from Chile and Bulgaria

June 20th, 2011

On June 15th, 2011, IBM delivered to the Union Directors of SNTI ( IBM Chile union) their response to the collective bargaining agreement draft presented on April 27th, 2011. IBM Chile SAC has rejected all the topics on the proposed draft for the collective bargaining agreement
There are 23 points, and IBM is refusing to modify and improve working conditions.

The 100th anniversary of our great company has been unfortunately tarnished by the excessive measures undertaken by the management of IBM, GDC - Sofia and is against the values of IBM.
On June 14 in the morning and for no apparent reason our management of IBM, GDC Bulgaria deployed security guards on the floors of IBM as well as the entrances of the building.
The purpose of this activity was to hinder our union activities at the company and we cannot distribute any leaflets.
Our management is afraid that the truth about their behavior, which is inconsistent with the core values of IBM, will spread through our site. After starting a discussion with the security personnel, we learned that these measures are at the request of our site director Mr. Parakram Lazarus.

We therefore see these acts as despicable and we will file a complaint for obstruction of trade union rights in the coming days.
For this anniversary were able to note once again the growing anti-unionism of IBM, GDC Bulgaria which still does not meet our most basic rights.
-- Lee Conrad
International Coordinator
IBM Global Union Alliance

Worldwide Day
of Action

June 14, 2011
IBM workers wear
black and blue
to call attention to

job cuts
declining work conditions.

Press Release-Day Of Action:

Download Flyers:

Day Of Action....

Spirit of celebration missing for many
as IBM gears up for 100th anniversary:
read here

IBM Global Unions wish IBM
happy 100th birthday:
YouTube Video

IBM US job cuts continue
as company gears up for
100th anniversary.

read more

Post your reports here:

Global Union Alliance
launched at IBM

Unions in IBM that are affiliates
of the International Metalworkers' Federation,
the European Metalworkers' Federation
and UNI Global union have agreed that the three union federations sign an agreement creating a
Global Union Alliance in IBM.

SWITZERLAND: At a combined global union meeting on May 6 at UNI's offices in Nyon, Switzerland, affiliates from the IMF, the EMF and UNI that have membership in IBM unanimously endorsed a document that creates a Global Union Alliance in IBM. According to the agreement signed by the three federations, unions in IBM commit themselves to working together at global level to strengthen cooperation and implement joint action, with a view to engaging IBM in dialogue at global level and increasing union membership at IBM.

Having endorsed the formation of the Alliance, unions present agreed that the first joint action of the Alliance should be held in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of IBM which will be celebrated by the company on June 16. Unions worldwide in IBM will mark the anniversary of the company by joining in actions which will promote the important role of unions in looking after worker interests in the company and demand respect for IBM employees, including respect for their union rights.

The IBM unions also agreed that the Global Union Alliance should work to increase unionization in the company, share information on collective agreements with IBM and support unions facing anti-union actions by the company. May 09, 2011 ~-~ Jenny Holdcroft

Lee Conrad, national coordinator of Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 and international coordinator of IBM Workers International Solidarity (IWIS) will continue his work
as international coordinator of the new
IBM Global Union Alliance

Help build the American section
Join today!

Job Cuts are happening Now:

GBS: AMS, Consulting and Federal = 49 fired
GTS: Shared Services = 103 fired

IBM workers in Greenville,
forced into Manpower.
Are you next?

read here

IBM Global Union being formed!

A network of IBM unions worldwide, including the Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701, will meet in Switzerland in May to form the IBM Global Union Alliance.
For many years IBM unions, including the Alliance, have worked together as a network of information and cooperation.
The new Global Union Alliance, under the umbrella of the International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) and Union Network International (UNI) takes that network to another level and will include many more IBM unions. This past year new IBM unions have formed in Bulgaria, Chile and Argentina.
In a statement from the IMF and UNI about the new Global Union to IBM unions:

As IBM has set itself up as a truly global company, trade unions also need to set up a truly global alliance cooperating to the maximum extent for the benefit of their members and IBM employees. This meeting creates an IMF/UNI Global Union Alliance at IBM of trade unions with members working for companies owned by IBM or companies in which IBM has a significant interest;

The purpose is to express the determination/commitment of trade unions at IBM to work together at global level based on shared values and objectives to strengthen communication and cooperation and to implement action coordinated by IMF/UNI global union.

The objectives are:
- To engage IBM in dialog at global level.
- To pursue agreements with IBM at global level to improve working conditions of IBM employees worldwide.
- To raise levels of trade union membership at IBM.

The partners of the Alliance will work together with the aim of protecting and furthering the interests of IBM employees throughout the world.
The partners will take concrete action to enlarge the network by improving contacts with unions in countries where employees are unionized and make every effort to organize unorganized plants/locations.
The Alliance@IBM looks forward to the forming of this new organization for IBM employees and their unions.

As many of you know, we have lost many members due to job cuts at IBM US.
Please help us build the American section of the new IBM Global Union Alliance. If you are not a dues paying member of the Alliance, please consider joining today.

Let's get 100 new members before the meeting in May!
Thanks to all for your support.
Alliance@IBM officers and staff.

Call to action
April 4th!
Protect workers rights!

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Union formed in IBM Chile

We stand with public employee unions in Wisconsin!
An injury to one
is an injury to all!

Job Cuts are happening in

# so far for:

Global Business Services:
IBM Global Account
Client Value Transformation
GBS North American Industrial Sector
GBS North American Distribution Sector 39
GBS North American Consulting Services 20
Application & Infrastructure Service Management 46
AMS Commercial Delivery
AMS AT&T Account 12

Expect more...
To all, we need RA packs sent to the Alliance, so we can track numbers
and Business Units involved.

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IBM workers speak out!
Comment 2/24/11: Resource action today. My manager described it as "extensive". One GBS team I work with in EFK, will lose 30%. -WFH-

Levin: With TAA Expiration, Republicans
Turn Backs on Working Americans.
[Read article]

Tell Congress:
Keep Trade Adjustment Act benefits
for service workers!
The new TAA program for service workers, programmers and IT workers was created in the 2009 stimulus bill.
In the waning days of 2010, congress extended TAA benefits, but for only 6 weeks.
Service workers and other workers who have lost or will lose jobs to off-shoring will see benefits cut or shrink, if action is not taken now to make TAA benefits permanent for service workers.
Call or write Congress now!
Help save TAA benefits.
Find your Representatives HERE:
For information on TAA benefits:

Tell Congress:
Extend Trade Adjustment Act benefits
for service workers!

The new TAA program for service workers, programmers and IT workers was created in the 2009 stimulus bill and only lasts until January 2011.
Service workers and other workers who have lost or will lose jobs to off-shoring will see benefits cut
or shrink, if action is not taken now!

Call or write Congress now!
Help save TAA benefits.

Find your Representatives HERE

Job Cuts are happening in
Integrated Technology Delivery
Jobs cut in ITD Shared Services and Service Management.
Some work shifted to Argentina.
Send RA packs here:
so we can verify number of job cuts for the media.
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To GDF Workers:
Isn't it time your concerns were listened to by managment?

Join with the Alliance in the fight to improve working conditions at GDF's!
To become involved or to share your concerns about working at GDF's contact us at:

-Former True Blue-
"It was confirmed to me that not only did I lose almost 1/2 of my retirement-eligible pension when I was RA'd, but my entire online Future Health Account was wiped out - 10's of thousands of dollars that was to be used for retirement medical insurance - gone, with less than 1/2-year to go to lock it in, along with full retirement benefits. This is after close to 3 decades of service with this company. It's also after the company raked in about $100 Billion in annual revenue. They called it 'forfeiture' in the system; I call it theft. What level of greed, incompetence, and ethical bankruptcy can explain this? It's a crooked system that will shaft any older worker after a full career, approaching what they've worked some of the best years of their lives for. It's now so rigged that they block virtually any chance of an extension once you're on the 'list.'
It's almost beyond belief that a company that was once the epitome of ethical behavior could line its coffers on the backs of its long-time workers like this. There needs to be a full investigation into this type of practice. This is what companies like IBM once took the lead in, but with this serious vacuum in ethics, ad infinitum, what the government is now trying to do to ensure people are covered from a health insurance standpoint. You can't depend on or trust a company like IBM, anymore. The Alliance is the only hope to restore any kind of fairness, ethical integrity, equality, and job security here through a bonafide, undisputed employment contract; but each employee must act to take the initiative and join to make this happen. PLEASE JOIN" -from a member and ex-employee, Former True Blue-

To: All dues paying members of Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701.
This is an important message about your membership in Alliance

We are currently preparing to move our online payments system to a new vendor. This will help us improve our website and better manage our communications with members like you. Subscribers/supporters who do not pay dues will have their contact information automatically migrated to the new database and will continue to get our email alerts.

To make this transition successful, there's one thing we need your help with. Due to technical differences between our old system and our new one, we cannot transfer your monthly payment information to the new database. Instead, we need you to re-enter your credit card information.

A link will be set up shortly to transition your membership. The check or money order form below is still active. The credit card link is not active.

When you update your information, nothing will change about your current Alliance membership -- you won't be charged double dues. The only way your membership will change is if we don't get your information entered into our new database.

If you want to keep from paying high interest rates on credit cards we gladly accept dues payments by check of $120 per year or $60 for half year for full voting membership; and $60 per year or $30 for half year for associate members.

Your support for Alliance@IBM has allowed us to advocate for our rights and benefits at work. From our pension to workplace safety to off-shoring of jobs, the Alliance is fighting for its members every day.

By updating your information in our new database, especially at this critical time when we have lost members due to job cuts, your continued membership will help us continue to stand up for our rights and the rights of IBM employees.

Thank you,
Lee Conrad
National Coordinator

Tom Midgley

p.s. If you wish to speak to us directly about updating your information, please contact
Lee Conrad at 607-729-4571 or email

According to CEO Sam Palmisano, IBM had free cash flow of $15 BILLION in 2009.

So where are the pay raises for employees?

If you have not received a pay raise then your standard of living is in decline!

Isn't it time corporate executives treated employees as assets and not liabilities?
Isn't it time you were valued?
Isn't it time to organize for a better deal?

That time is now!

As the Senate considers jobs bill
H.R. 4213

Abandons US Workforce
updated_read here

Reality Check!
800 IBM jobs to be “created” in Missouri
What about the 14,000 IBM jobs lost?

IBM is marching into Columbia, Missouri
with a promise of creating 800 jobs.
Oh by the way, $28 million in tax incentives please.
This for a company that has billions in cash.

The Alliance@IBM is certainly all for job creation.
We are also for job retention.
But that is not what is happening in IBM.

In the last year and a half IBM has terminated almost 14,000 US employees and moved much of their work offshore.
Where are the jobs for them?
Will they be re-called and offered jobs in Columbia?
Sorry, IBM doesn’t value its employees enough to do that.
Of the 800 jobs to be “created” how many will be new hires?
In the case of Dubuque, many IBM employees from around the country were told—move or be gone.

What of the wages for Columbia’s new IBM employees?
The example of Dubuque and other US Global delivery centers is enlightening. Average salary in the older sites at East Fishkill and Boulder is $70,000.
In the newer Dubuque it is $50,000.
That is factoring in the higher paid IBMers that transferred to Dubuque.
And that won’t last because as employees have told us,
band levels and pay scales are dropping for the transferees.
Let’s face it: job “creation” in Columbia and Dubuque is also about lowering wages in IBM.

So while there may be some IBM glitter in the eyes of Columbia residents right now it is important to ask IBM questions on job creation and what will happen when the contract runs out.
Above all taxpayers must demand transparency and accountability from IBM. A link to an excellent article “IBM’s trail of broken promises” is

To Alliance@IBM supporters:
The Alliance is the only organization that advocates and supports IBM employees and ex-employees.
In fact, there are few like it in the
Information Technology field.
It is always difficult to keep an organization like this alive, but as a supporter you know how important it is that we exist.
We are calling on you today to help keep us alive another year by joining as a member
or associate member.
See our online forms below.
As our membership has dropped, it is imperative that we gain new members
or this organization and web site
will cease to exist.
Help us keep our organizing
and advocacy work alive!

IBM Argentina workers demonstrate for union, freedom and democracy
Read here

The Alliance needs examples of IBM hiring foreign workers or offshoring work on contracts from the Federal or State Governments

Send your information to
Verified Resource Actions
STG Technology Development: 24
STG Sales Support: 80
CIO Application and infrastructure: 160
Software Group WPLC: 50
Software Group Information management: 99
GBS Global Account: 98
GTS Security Systems: 41
ITD Transition, Quality & Service Mgmt: 276
ITD Application Hosting and Database: 158
ITD Service Management Delivery: 66
ITD Storage Management: 178
ITD Distributed Server Management: 318
GTS North America East IMT Region Maintenance & Technical Support: 66
Sales and Distribution Headquarters: 73
ITD Complex Engagement Services: 34
Tivoli: 51
SWG Application & Integration Middleware: 119
ITD Shared Services, Security & Risk Management: 216
Sales and Distribution Global Sales: 57
Human Resources Global Administration: 124
STG Global markets: 12
CIO Client Value Tranformation: 76
Corporate Marketing & Communications: 48
CIO Operations & Enterprise Portfolio Management: 8
STG Software Development & Lab services: 39
GBS Financial Services: 24
Total cut so far: 2901

The information services company that refuses to divulge information.

Read here
The Breaking Point
Editorial from the Alliance team -

IBM owes Iowa citizens the facts!
Read here

The Alliance@IBM Communications Workers of America Local 1701, will work to reduce and eliminate the H-1B visa program; and supports efforts to cut the number of such visas now permitted. We also call for the restoration of jobs and opportunities that have been lost by U.S. workers especially in technical and professional sectors, as too many companies seek to expand their bottom lines at workers' expense.

Verified IBM Job cuts for 2009:
Simple Fact Sheet

Send RA packs to:

Help bust IBM on training offshore replacements and then being fired! Send information to
News from IBM Argentina :

(AW) IBM Workers chose their union representatives for the first time in 85 years. "This was managed overcoming the fear installed by the company, who spread rumors that any workers affiliated to the union would be fired", said Guillermo Acedo, a Cepetel member. Between january 12 and 19th elections for union representatives for the Cepetel Union of workers of the Information and Communication Technologies (CePETel-CTA) were held at IBM. In this IT company, now their employees will have the chance to have union representatives to back up their claims.
Luciano, one of the voters, told AW that the managers "have an eye on everything, if you go out, if you go to the bathroom, where you are at any time, how long it takes you to do your work, at any time you have their eyes on your back". Another IBMer joined the talk and said that outsourced employees were banned from using the cafeteria, and were forced to eat outside the building. Then, he added "Those differences mean a lot in a place where 60% of the employees are outsourced". Elections were also forcibly made in the sidewalks, outside IBM buildings, because the company refused to lend a place in them.
All IBM workers could vote, whether they were affiliated or not, IBMers or outsourced. They just needed to show some ID (like a security card) that proved that they worked for the company.
Elections schedule, with dates, places, voters and affiliates were as follow :
Thursday, January 12th, from 10 to 24 hs. at Hipólito Yrigoyen 2149, Martínez.
Workers (approx.): 3000 Voted: 151 Affiliates: 53
Wednesday, january 13th, from 10 to 17 hs. at Nicolás Repetto and José Ingenieros, Olivos.
Workers (approx.): 4000 Voted: 99 Affiliates: 10
Thursday, january 14th, from 10 to 17 hs., at Santiago 360, Rosario. Workers: 37 Voted: 13 Affiliates: 9
Friday, january 15th from 10 to 17 hs. at Hipólito Yrigoyen 146, Córdoba Capital.
Workers: 140 Voted: 33 Affiliates: 15
Monday, january 18th, from 11 to 18 hs. at Leandro N. Alem 518 Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Workers: 300 Voted: 124 Affiliates: 73
Thursday, january 19th, from 10 to 17 hs. at Ing. Butty 275, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Workers: 800 Voted: 94 Affiliates: 50
Total voters: 514
17 union delegates were elected in 6 buildings. They will keep their mandates for two years. A Union spokesman said that elections will be held in other companies as the workers in them keep affiliating. Guillermo Acedo told AW that he was fired from IBM in 2004, after 25 years of being in the company, for being supportive with the workers of the Firestone tire company. "I appeared on TV, they saw me or somebody recognized me, and 10 days later I was told that there was a retirement plan for me. I worked at the Catalinas building, in the Technical support department, and the main problem was that my fellow workers were too afraid to organize themselves or to participate in a union activity. My union work was individual, I was a CTA affiliate, and now I'm a member of the Cepetel central committee.
What are the results of these elections? AW asked Acedo :
"We are very close to 500 voters in 5 days, counting Cordoba and Rosario, which have less IBMers than the rest, which give us an average of a hundred voters per site. It was really a very good outcome, there's still 3 hours left until close time, and we've proven that all the rum ours stating that any affiliate would be fired weren't true. We have over 200 IBMers affiliated to the Cepetel union, we presented a list in the labor department detailing those who joined the union, and so far no one has been fired."

How many lists were presented?
"There's only one, because this election was made with IBMers who volunteered themselves to became union representatives, almost risking their jobs. There was a lot of fear between the first 100 affiliates so we chose the candidates amongst the ones who wanted to became union representatives."

Is the Cepetel union a new one?
"No, the union exists since 1957. During the 90s, and after the privatization of the until-then state-owned phone company, the committee who ran the union decided to shut it down. After a conflict in 2003, when Telefonica tried (and later failed) to fire 200 professionals, the union was recovered by the workers, regaining a powerful tool for the defense of labor rights."

Why didn't this happen earlier? "The first step was made by the company itself. They refused to give any pay raise this year, or gave a maximum of 3% raise, when inflation was between 13 and 18%. Workers were tired of this and said, in spite of fear, that they rather getting organized than having to put up with this politics. We received a call in the Cepetel and decided to gather forces. At first we were 4 at a pizza place and we ended up being 200 by late december"

What will be the first demands to be made after the elections? "The first demands I think that will have a lot to do with the work conditions in this company. A lot of workers aren't being paid for overtime work, or are forced to telecommute without any compensation; that way the company saves money by not having to use any workspace but also denies to pay for their internet connection, which they need for the job. There's a lot of demands to be fulfilled, and amongst them is the wages issue, but we're going to go ahead step-by-step, beginning with some very basic stuff like having a union billboard inside the buildings to communicate with IBM workers. We're going to fight for getting the company to recognize this organization, and most of all let everyone knows that this is not a union which "crashed" into the company, but was the very same IBM workers which chose to affiliate and organize themselves through a union".

How many workers does IBM have in Argentina? "Between 7 and 9 thousand. We don't know the exact number because the company refused to give us the payroll."

Also, the final day of the election, the engineer Jose Zas, general secretary of Cepetel, was present. About this election he stated: "We are very glad of things like this, workers who decide for themselves to begin the union struggle, workers that after the 2002 crisis slowly recovered the memory of what a union stands for, and that want to begin debating the distribution of wealth, which is our task from now on".

What are the main claims? "First, an equality in wages, as the Constitution states : equal pay for equal work. Overtime work recognizing, and balancing the workload of the employees and acknowledging the extra responsibilities that some people have. I think there's a big reorganization to be done, which is the re-distribution of wealth. We don't want the companies to disappear, we just want them to share part of their profits with the whole of the society, or at least re-invest them in the country."

IBM Argentina union election update

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Yesterday in Olivos we completed the second day of union representatives elections, as the day before, and this time we gathered in front of the IBM offices from 10 to 18:30hs to make it easier for all the IBM workers who wished to participate.

In a democratic and participative environment, a lot of workers approached us to know more about the elections, and finally 99 workers voted for their union candidates. Some fellow IBMers asked us why there were no candidates from other IBM buildings, the obvious answer was "get organized, attend the meetings, so we can have more delegates as soon as possible".

With the support of these IBMers, three delegates were elected: Christian Azzi, Hugo Vazquez y Pablo Dorin. Thanks to all who approached us and cast their vote, and to those who didn't vote but still expressed their solidarity.

Today we are in Rosario awaiting the participation of those who work in the area.
We are IBM workers who propposed ourselves as union delegates of those who work for the company. We are no different from each one of you who work day by day in IBM, it's just that we decided to change something. We have received support and solidarity from unionized IBM workers of the USA, Belgium e Italy: we are not alone in this, and there can be more of us.

Amanda Rodriguez, Andres Gonzalez Biront, Carlos Di Pangracio y Fernando Gutierrez, Delegates of IBM Martinez
Christian Azzi, Hugo Vazquez y Pablo Dorìn , delegates of IBM Olivos
Ricardo Fernandez, Nestor Gallego, Leonardo Ludueña, Romina Fraga, Lucila Urlich, Esteban Chaves, Daniel Lighterman, Ana Maria Saitta, Nestor Taverna y Norberto Leoni, Union delegate candidates

For more information, check out:


Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

For the first time in 85 years of IBM presence in Argentina, workers of the company held direct elections for union representatives, electing the first 4 union delegates : Amanda Rodriguez, Andres Gonzalez Biront, Carlos Di Pangracio y Fernando Gutierrez.
On this historic date, reflected by several national newspapers, 151 IBM workers voted positively, supporting with their vote the strong decision to organize themselves in the Cepetel union, to defend their rights.
These elections are a citizen act, and an exercise of free asociation rights which every one of us has, guaranteed by laws and the Constitution; which is why we were surprised by the large police and surveillance personnel presence. Surely this is no more than a product of the ignorance of the company regarding workers rights, freedom of union and other practices related to a healthy development of the working environment.
We would like to point out that this wasn't a day of protests or a display of strength, but the simple exercise of union freedom and democracy, which in any way tried to obstruct the normal activities of the company. We should be used to elect our representatives and hope for the company to be up to it.
We consider this date to be a success, and we know we'll repeat it tomorrow in the Olivos I, II & III buildings, followed by the rest of the elections.

For more information, check out:

"Historic event, IBM Argentina chooses their union representatives"

From IBM Argentina Unionists

Between January 12 and 19th, and for the first time ever, elections for the CEPETEL trade union representatives will be held at IBM Argentina. "The company has been notified, as well as the outsource companys, IBM partners in their fraud."

"Unionized workers of IBM all around the world , members of the IWIS International, the national press, and also senators and deputies from Argentina have also been notified", says the Cepetel members.

Finally, and after some time of hard work, the moment approaches when IBM Argentina workers will be able to choose their representatives. "So little time has passed since we started to gather, and a lot less since we decided to join the Cepetel labor union to begin to organize ourselves", said the members of the union.

They also remembered that "on August 6th, five months ago, we gathered for the first time, just a handful of workers; on November 28th, we made the first affiliations with the task of getting to 100 affiliates by December 10th. Looking back it seemed something impossible, but we made it. And not just that: we managed to overcome this objective, as today we are more than 160 IBM workers who decided to join the Cepetel, when two months ago there were only two IBM".

The next step, decided in an affiliate's assembly, was to propose a group of workers to became candidates for union delegates, "which brought us a new challenges, as we had to fulfill legal requisites and the mandatory paperwork. Happily, we managed to get through it, and nowadays every IBM worker knows that between January 12 and 19th there will be elections".

It's the first time in 85 years of IBM in Argentina that the workers will be able to choose their representatives. "We can be part of a new story, different from being mere spectators and victims of authoritarism on the part of our employers"

All workers will be able to vote, whether they are Cepetel affiliates or not, IBM workers or outsourced. "If you want to improve your work conditions, you have to vote; if you believe IBM is not paying you what you deserve, you have to vote", the announcement says.

For more information, check out:

A call to investigate

Have IBM executives put the drive for riches and personal gain above the health and viability of IBM?
Over the years as employees faced benefit cuts, pay cuts and job cuts, many IBMers lost faith and respect for corporate executives. They saw a company they once admired turn into “just another business”. They saw respect for the employee vanish. They saw the IBM family disintegrate.
They saw corporate scandals and wondered if it could happen in IBM.
With the arrest of Senior VP Robert Moffat Jr. they saw that come true. Now even more IBMers are questioning the ethics and behavior of those that are supposed to be the guardians of the company.
They are asking: Is this just the action of one executive or are more involved? Has the company been tainted beyond repair by executives whose motto seems to be “greed is good”? Are employees facing elevated risk by executives chasing the dollar for short term gain instead of caring about long term viability?
Equally disturbing is that Robert Moffat Jr. was being groomed by Sam Palmisano to be the next IBM CEO. What does this say about Sam Palmisano and the type of person he wanted to lead IBM?
So what should happen next?
The Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 is calling on the SEC and the Department of Justice to investigate IBM executives.
• A full investigation of all of IBM’s executives to ensure that they are following IBM’s Business Conduct Guidelines and/or the terms of their contract.
• Investigate the timing of all executive stock option sales
• Investigate all allegations of insider trading.

What of the future?
All employees at IBM should be concerned with the direction the company has been taking. IBM executives like Moffat were rewarded with promotions and bonuses as jobs were cut and lives ruined.
What is good for executives is not necessarily good for the company, shareholders, employees or the communities which are dependent on IBM.
Let this be the lesson.
Let us decide today that we will build a different future for IBM. ORGANIZE!

2009 Labor Day Message
Tom Midgley, President
@IBM CWA Local 1701
and IBM Poughkeepsie employee

Greetings Fellow IBM Workers,

Hopefully you’re able to take well-deserved time away from work to enjoy Labor Day with family and friends. This is a special day to celebrate the contributions of workers.
Working people are the ones who power our great country and make it work.

But in our commercialized society this has become just another shopping day, obscuring the history of hard fought victories for better pay and benefits, safety improvements and the legal right to organize in the workplace. Unfortunately, many of these gains are slipping away. We need to take time this holiday to take inspiration from our rich labor history and organize, to take back what is ours.

The world is experiencing its worst economic crisis since 1929. The immediate cause is Wall Street’s financial shenanigans. Bankers and their buddies in the government and corporate media pushed for allowing the “free-market” to decide where a profit could be made – no matter what the risk. Rules get in the way. Their “products” like sub-prime mortgages and derivatives pumped up the price of homes, causing a bubble. Many hard-working Americans were seduced or duped into taking on debt they couldn’t handle in hopes that their “investment” in a house would pay-off. When the bubble burst, politicians in a panic threw taxpayer money at those who caused the collapse rather than helping the victims.

But a major cause of our woes has been building for much longer. Our economy has been transformed from manufacturing into one built upon finance, insurance, and real estate. We make less real products to sell to the world and rely more on get-rich-quick ploys that benefit the few. For many years, corporations have been moving their manufacturing and service jobs to low-cost countries, chasing cheap wages in pursuit of higher profits. This has pushed down wages as more workers compete for fewer high-paying jobs. Economists are finally acknowledging that off-shoring has hurt the economy.

Wages have also declined as union membership has declined because workers don’t have leverage to negotiate. As wages go down people are forced to borrow, taking on debt to pay the bills like medical and college. The payment on the debt is recycled back to the wealthy, such as those who run Wall St. In this dog-eat-dog scenario, the gap between the rich and the rest of us grows. As the wealth gap grows, despair deepens and dreams for the future, die.

Closer to home…for the last 10 years IBM has been hurting workers in the U.S. in order to please Wall St.
Cut your way to profitability.
While profits have been healthy - $77 Billion since ’99 :

- Jobs are shipped to other countries, and we’re forced to train our replacements in order to get severance. 10,000 jobs lost this year, 30,000 since 2004 (even with aquisitions added in)

- Pay raises are puny to none with pay-cuts for others. Bonuses are shrinking – awards for a job well done are a distant memory.

- Pensions have been frozen and stolen. We were sold on 401(k)s but those have tanked. Many can’t afford to retire.

- Appraisal ratings were lowered, affecting pay and bonus.

- Older workers are targeted for firing so they won’t qualify to collect retirement medical (FHA).

- More stress, waking up every day wondering if you still have a job.

Billions in profits….Millions for the executives…as Thousands lose their jobs!

True, the economy is poor so employers have to safeguard their business. But consider this. Since 1999 IBM has spent $80 Billion on stock buybacks to pump up the stock price so executives can become fabulously wealthy. The company could have set-aside some of this money for a rainy day, to keep IBMers employed during this economic crisis rather than firing them. During the Depression, founder TJ Watson retained his employees because he knew he would need their experience and innovation when business picked-up. His gamble paid-off. Today, IBM instead chooses the no-brainer – retain the stock options for executives but get rid of the employees.

Obviously this isn’t a pleasant situation – it’s downright disturbing. Fear grips everyone, which is understandable. But doing nothing is no longer an option – the danger of inaction is too great. The number of IBM workers in the U.S. is shrinking fast. We need to change that - now. Don’t wait for others to do something. Change happens when each of us takes action. We have to overcome our fear and live on real hope. That hope comes from working together and organizing our fellow workers. We need to build an organization that represents us and gives us leverage so we won’t be pushed around.

History has shown that people can better their lives by working together. We should celebrate how unions have bettered our lives - the 8-hour workday, weekend time-off and paid vacations so we can spend more time with our families; overtime pay; a living wage; unemployment insurance; and pensions. Let’s work to keep these victories, and to win back what we’ve lost.

Organize with us to build your Alliance@IBM and build for a better future. This is your organization.
Don’t give-up - get involved!

In solidarity,

Tom Midgley
Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 President

Job cuts at Wellpoint account
Work offshored to India

Job cuts happening
this week:
Services Delivery
88 cuts, so far...
updates forthcoming

Job Cuts Comments
Action TODAY!!
Join us in a rally
against job cuts, offshoring
and tax breaks for IBM.

at 12:30 pm
Corner of Route 9
and Spackenkill Plaza

Poughkeepsie, NY

Help build the Alliance!
May membership drive
Join today!
Goal is 200 new members.
Member names are confidential
Members are eligible for Union Plus benefits
Union Plus Link

Cobra 65% subsidy appeal process and IBM loophole.
IBM Attorney's found a loop hole denying some recently laid off workers from the 65% COBRA Subsidy by classifying them as 'retired' and eligible to particiapte in the IBM retiree group health Plan.

In many cases the IBM Group Health Plan is a much higher cost than COBRA, especially if one does not have a Future Health Account. The 65% COBRA Subsidy is managed by the Federal DOL.
The Federal DOL is aware of this loop hole and will be posting an appeals form on their website:
They can also be reached at 866-444-3274.
Please file an appeal with the Federal DOL if you have been denied the 65% COBRA Subsidy.
If a large group of former IBMers file an appeal,
the Federal DOL will process this as a group case against IBM.

Please also contact your government representatives.
Let's raise our voices in Washington.

IBM Job Cut Alert!
ISC Job cuts happening
245 cuts Confirmed

News from the Alliance@IBM
Communication Workers of America
The Union for the Information Age

For Immediate Release
April 27, 2009

Contact: Lee Conrad, National Coordinator,
Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701
Phone 607-729-4571

Alliance@IBM Vice President Earl Mongeon to question IBM on Executive Compensation at IBM’s annual shareholder meeting in Miami, FL on April 28

Johnson City, NY. - Earl Mongeon, IBM Burlington employee and Alliance Vice President will attend the IBM stockholder meeting
and speak to his stockholder proposal
on executive compensation and pension income.

“IBM employees are receiving pay cuts and job cuts while executives continue to enrich themselves. Executive greed and bloated compensation needs to be challenged,” said Earl Mongeon. Mongeon submitted a proposal on executive compensation that asks the board of directors to determine that pension income from any defined benefit plan will not be used as a factor in setting executive compensation.

Lee Conrad, National Coordinator of Alliance@IBM CWA, is calling on IBM shareholders to put pressure on IBM to stop shifting U.S. jobs to low cost countries. “At a time when the US economy is in recession and unemployment is rising, it is unconscionable for profitable companies like IBM to continue to move work offshore. The Alliance is urging elected officials, community leaders and citizens to call on IBM to halt this destruction of U.S. jobs. We also call on congress to refuse stimulus money to IBM if they continue to cut jobs here and shift work offshore.”

Tom Midgley, President of the Alliance@IBM CWA stated, “So far this year we have seen 10,000 of our co-workers terminated from IBM. IBM has been silent in reporting the full scope of these job cuts to employees, their communities and the Government. We strongly encourage IBM to be fully transparent in the number of jobs being cut in the US and the number of jobs sent off shore. "We challenge IBM to halt stock buybacks and dividend increases and instead use the money to retain jobs here in the U.S."

Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701
IBM Employee Advocate since 1999

Click & Take action on job cuts and offshoring!
IBM has terminated almost 10,000 employees over the past 3 months. These are not low-paid, low-skilled people being fired. They are highly educated, highly paid and experienced employees. They are also taxpayers.

EDS/HP employees speak out
Read here... Offshoring Alert!

Sources say the Allianz/Firemans Fund account
has brought on a global resourcing manager.
The process is now beginning to rid this account of the remaining US ibmers in favor of
South American workers. MQSeries, Middleware, CICS, and other technical groups are affected.
By the end of 2009, 99.8% of the US
workers on this account will be gone.

Offshoring alert!
Location - Hartford CT and Boulder CO
Div 07
Global Technology Services
Number of cuts - unknown at this time
Copy of letter regarding outsourcing,
from Senior DPE - Hartford Insurance Account

"Starting next week several Hartford delivery teams will be working directly with fellow IBM team members from India to begin the second phase of our Global delivery solution planned for the Hartford account. The teams will be engaged in a multi-week effort to facilitate knowledge transfer to prepare for migration of specific work activities to global delivery counterparts later in 2009. Your continued support and leadership is critical to ensure our overall success and to ensure we continue to deliver high quality cost effective solutions that IBM committed to the Hartford. Please ensure you and your teams actively support this effort."

Job Cut Alert!
Job cuts happening in IBM
US & Canada
GTS=181, CIO=411,

Services Delivery=985
Application Services=1674
Global BCRS, SWG,
General Business Services,

GBS Consulting Services
Strategy and Business Development
Internet Security Systems,
Infrastructure Services
Maintenance and Technical Support
, & GTS Sales

Stay Tuned....
send information to:

Click here for Job Cuts Comments

Is there a gag order on IBM employees?
Have you been told not to talk to media about job cuts and offshoring?
Have you been told if you did your severance and pension would be jeopardized?
As a manager have you been told to tell your employees they must comply?

Send any information to

Cheaper and Cheaper
IBM eliminates payment of employee expenses for home Internet access services worldwide.
This includes employee expense reimbursement and direct pay
corporate managed and contracted
Internet access services.

Note: 40% of employees
work from home.
IBM Home Internet
Service Policy Change
IBM Internal Link here

Policy overview
IBM is updating its home expense policy and is eliminating payment of employee expenses for home Internet access services worldwide. This includes elimination of employee expense reimbursement and direct-pay corporate managed and contracted Internet access services.

Take action on job cuts and offshoring!

For Tuesday March 31st

* Wear black and blue to signify the pain caused by job cuts.
* Take a 15 minute “silent” break at 1 pm EDT (Noon Central, 11 am Mountain and 10 am Pacific). No work, no sametime, no emails, no meetings.
* Spouses of terminated employees e-mail or write to IBM CEO Sam Palmisano detailing the effect that the job loss will have on their family.

IBM CEO Sam Palmisano
New Orchard Road
Armonk, New York 10504

IBM Executive Virginia Rometty should resign from AIG Board of Directors immediately!
Alliance@IBM Poll - 2/23/2009
is offshoring employee payroll information
to the Philippines.

Click the poll box to take our poll.

Click & Take Action!
Job cuts and job shifting offshore by IBM!

IBM has terminated almost 5,000 employees over the past 2 weeks. Exact numbers are hard to come by because IBM claims the Securities and Exchange Commission allows them not to report these job cuts because it is "routine practice".
IBM employees, their communities and the media have a right to know how many employees are losing their jobs.

IBM Job Cuts happening in Lotus, STG (1200), IBM Research (193), HR (92),
IBM Finance
Marketing & Communications(147)
Cuts in other divisions expected.

Stay tuned for details

IBM job cuts in SWG: 1,419
cuts in Sales & Dist:

Please post what information you know:

@IBM press release
"Save IBM US jobs

News from the Communications Workers of America
The Union for the Information Age

For Immediate Release
January 19, 2009

For More Information
Lee Conrad, National Coordinator, 607-729-4571
Candice Johnson, CWA Communications

Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 Presses IBM to Save Jobs
and Stop the Off-shoring of US Jobs

IBM Corp. employees nationwide are anxiously waiting for the company to publicly announce the number of job cuts likely to take place in the United States.
“The Alliance is strongly urging IBM not to go forward with a new round of job cuts and to stop the off-shoring of U.S. workers’ jobs,” said Lee Conrad, national coordinator of the Alliance .
Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 outlined several steps IBM should take to maintain quality jobs and service and address the company’s financial picture:
* IBM must make every effort to save jobs.
* If cost cutting is needed, IBM should suspend its stock buyback program – the company has spent $26 billion since 2007 -- instead of terminating workers.
* If job cuts occur, IBM must divulge the number of job cuts, where they are taking place and whether any of these affected jobs are being shifted offshore.
* Executive positions should be eliminated in divisions where job cuts occur.
* Pay, bonuses and perquisites for executives should be slashed.
* Work cannot be shifted from IBM workers in the United States to offshore locations.
* Full disclosure of why individual jobs are being eliminated is essential.
* Before any new hires are added to the payroll, IBM must recall and rehire employees terminated in past resource actions.
“There is a growing concern among employees that IBM will accelerate the off-shoring of our jobs. To offshore U.S. jobs in the middle of an economic crisis and rising unemployment is simply unacceptable,” said Tom Midgley, Alliance president. “We will work with our elected representatives to push for legislation that protects U.S. jobs and calls for the full disclosure of IBM’s offshoring and outsourcing of American jobs.”
To help break the secrecy of the IBM job cuts, the Alliance has a section on its web page called Job Cut Comments.
Join The Discussion for news, information and stories from IBM employees swept up in job cuts.

IBM fires IBM Turkey
union activists!

UNI Global Union
Send a message to
Sam Palmisano here
: Link

IBM Turkey employees
announce fight back
and strike!

read more ...

BTV, POK and East Fishkill
Manufacturing Workers UNITE
Against pay cuts and
FOR a union contract!
Union representation authorization form here:
Authorization form is Union confidential.
IBM will not see it.

IBM CUTS pay for 3500
Employees at plants in Essex Junction, Vermont and in Poughkeepsie and East Fishkill in Dutchess County will be affected.
Read more

IBM profits rise 22%
How was your raise?
Read more

Are you tired of being blindsided? Tired of not getting information on job cuts until it is too late?
Had enough of not receiving information on pay raises?
Had enough of sliding backwards because of little or no salary increase?
It is time to join
Alliance@IBM CWA and fight for representation and a contract!
Employees hold the power-----
use it!
Union Busting 101
See Videos here

IBM Australia strike called off Story here...

Job Cuts are happening at the
IBM Essex Junction plant
in Burlington, VT

Update: 180 jobs cut in Essex Junction

-Membership Update-
New members for June
: 14
Help fund the organizing campaign!

Is IBM offshoring the IBM PAYROLL Help Desk
to Manila, Philippines?
If you have documentation please send to:

Job Cut Alert!!

Job cuts taking place in Software Group,
June 17
300 Employees Affected.

News from the
Communication Workers of America The Union for the Information Age

For Immediate Release
April 25, 2008

Contact: Lee Conrad, National Coordinator, Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701, 607-729-4652 or
Jeff Miller, CWA Communications, 202-434-1168

Note to Editors:
Picket line at Charlotte Convention Center at 8:30 am, Tuesday, Apr. 29
Rally at close of IBM annual meeting, 12:30 pm.

Alliance@IBM Members,
Shareholders to Challenge IBM
Over Off shoring, Executive Compensation at
Annual Shareholder Meeting
in Charlotte, N.C., on April 29

Charlotte, N.C. – IBM Corp. employees, members of Communications Workers of America Local 1701, Alliance@IBM, will rally and set up an informational picket line outside the IBM annual meeting set for April 29. The group will focus on critical issues for employees and retirees, including executive compensation, the continued off shoring of jobs, employee pay cuts, and shrinking retiree pensions with no cost of living increases, among other issues.

“While IBM employees face a decline in their standard of living and retirees see pension checks evaporate due to the lack of cost-of-living adjustments coupled with increases in medical retirement co-pay, our executives live the life of luxury. Executive greed and bloated compensation needs to be challenged,” said IBM employee and Alliance Vice President Earl Mongeon. Mongeon submitted Proposal No. 4 on Executive Compensation that asks the board of directors to determine that pension income from any defined benefit plan will not be used as a factor in setting executive compensation.

Lee Conrad, National Coordinator of Alliance@IBM CWA, is calling on IBM to stop shifting U.S. jobs to low cost countries. “At a time when the US economy is in recession and unemployment is rising, it is unconscionable for companies like IBM to continue to move work offshore. The Alliance is urging elected officials, community leaders and citizens to call on IBM to halt this destruction of U.S. jobs.”

“The Alliance@IBM CWA strongly encourages IBM to be fully transparent in the number of jobs being sent off shore and to detail how many U.S. jobs are lost because of IBM’s shifting this work to low cost countries,” said Linda Guyer, president of the Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701.


Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701
IBM Employee Advocate since 1999
contact us at:

Help Support the only employee organization that supports YOU!

Please consider joining the Alliance@IBM as a member for only $10 a month--the cost of a few Starbuck's coffees.
Your dues and involvement help the Alliance with the following: Organizing employees and challenging IBM on policies and practices detrimental to employees and retirees. Exposing job cuts. Helping employees to deal with redeployment and replacement training.
World wide media source for IBM employee issues.
Legal references and current labor law information.
Political action on employee issues.
Stockholder proposals and actions.
Working with International IBM employee Unions to develop worldwide responses to IBM employee issues.
Working with Federal, State, and Local officials to make sure IBM employees, IBM retirees and communities find information and remedies for toxic exposures from IBM sites.
Union privledges and benefits through Alliance@IBM's membership that are offered
through the Union Plus /Privilege program.
We also have the expense of keeping an office up and running: Rent, Office supplies, fax, phones internet access and mailings of organizing materials; such as newsletters, flyers and brochures.
We believe Alliance@IBM has, by its very exisitence; given IBM Corporate Mgmt pause, during their anti-employee actions.

The bottom line is that if we are NOT here, then IBM Corporate Management has the field. There will be some who say that employees do not want representation through an employee organization or a union.
Now is the time: Prove them wrong or prove them right.

Plan Now!
Make your voice heard
Join us!
IBM Stockholder Meeting Action
April 29th
Charlotte Convention Center
Picket line at 8:30 am
Rally at 12:30pm
Send a message to IBM
No pay cuts!
No offshoring of IBM US Jobs!
COLA for retirees now!
if you plan on attending please contact us at:

IBM cuts pay; rebands job families
24A & 06A!

Sign the Petition to IBM Management: NO PAY CUTs! Link To Pay-Cut Petition
Are you next? Join the fightback! Send us your name, home e-mail and location to: AllianceIBMUnion

Be sure to Join The Alliance!
Say NO to pay cuts and job cuts

To the IBM "7600"
Now is the time!
Sign the petition! Join the Alliance!
Roll back the pay cuts!
The power is in your hands.
Your Membership Counts.
Let's keep building!


ISC Customer Fulfillment RA
= 70 employees

ITD Productivity Resource Action
= 205 employees

IBM Integrated Supply Chain RA
= 29 employees
If you have RA packages,
other than those listed above,

please send them to us at:

Job Cuts are happening now in the IGS, ITD, and STG groups

IBM Executives are meeting with employees around the country who are getting their salary cut.
Is this Damage control?
Keep the Pressure on!
Take a stand!
SAY NO to Pay Cuts!

Plan Now!
Make your voice heard
at the IBM Stockholder meeting
April 29th
in Charlotte, North Carolina
Details to follow...

To our co-workers,

The recent announcement of pay cuts and re-classification from exempt to non-exempt has sparked outrage and anger among a large section of the IBM employee population.

IBM over the years misclassified employees and did not pay them properly,
was sued, lost, paid employees compensation and now is making pay cuts.

IBM is able to do this unilaterally because they can. There is no union
contract that says they must negotiate terms and conditions of employment
and wages.

Now the question is what do we do about it?

First: If you are not yet a member of the Alliance we strongly encourage you to do so. Membership gives you more protection legally as we go forward and it helps build an organization that can take on IBM management. We have 3 categories:
Subscriber (free)
Associate member ($5 a month)
Voting member ($10 a month)

Second:: Our message should be loud and clear to IBM executives--NO PAY CUT!

Third: Getting our message out and organizing around it.

We need IBM employees to step up to the plate and be vocal and public.
We need employees to sign petitions, get their co-workers involved in the
campaign and the Alliance, hold picket signs at IBM locations and send comments to your elected officials. use this link to find them if you need to: Write or Call Your Elected Officials. Many of you work from home and are all over the United States. Making use of the Internet will be important as we take on this devastating move by IBM executives.
We need to contact all employees facing this pay cut. We need you to send us the names, e-mails and location of your co-workers.

We would also like to hear your suggestions on how we wage this fight.
If you are willing to talk to the Press, please contact us at: Now more than ever we must organize and protect the standard of living of IBM employees.

Linda Guyer

Lee Conrad
National Coordinator

CWA Local 1701

Alliance@IBM Poll:
How did you find out about the Alliance@IBM web site?

240 Total Votes

From a Co-worker: 81
From anonymous email: 8
From search engine: 58
From mailing to home: 10
From Flyer or Newsletter: 31
Other: 52
Send us your comments about the poll results:

TO - Network Services DIV Employees impacted by the transfer to AT&T: Please contact us at: Endicott_Alliance

YEAR END Job Cuts are taking place!
Please send information to our Job Cuts section:

The Membership drive ends November 28!
Please help sustain and grow the Alliance@IBM!

To those that have joined, We Thank You! Unfortunately our membership drive has not produced the results we need. To those who visit this web site please consider joining the Alliance as a full member for only $10 a month or as an associate member for $5 a month.

Full members are eligible for the CWA Union Plus program of discounts and benefits.
(click image for web site

One way to call attention to the issues and concerns important to IBM employees and retirees is to support the Alliance@IBM.

Some of our activities are:

• Political action on pensions and off shoring legislation.
• Challenging IBM on policies and practices detrimental to employees and retirees.
• Fighting for cost of living increases in IBM pensions.
• Exposing job cuts, redeployment and training of offshore replacements.
• Working with International IBM employee Unions to develop worldwide responses to adverse IBM employment policies and activities
• Stockholder actions
• Media source for IBM employee issues.
• Working with Federal, State and Local officials to make sure employees, retirees and their communities find remedies for toxic substance exposure.
• Organizing employees in order to bring IBM to the negotiating table.

If the advocacy work that Alliance@IBM is doing, is important to you - Please support us by becoming a member - Membership is open to Retirees, Vendors, Contractors, Temps, and Active Employees and former IBM employees.

Thank you for your support.

NEW MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY Associate membership $5.00 per month.

IBM employees and retirees have told us during our membership drive that they would like to support the Alliance financially but that $10 a month was too much.

The Alliance@IBM understands your situation and is pleased to announce a new category Associate Member for only $5 a month.
Associate Members will receive the newsletter Think Twice as well as e-mail alerts. Associate Members contribution of $5 a month help sustain and grow the Alliance@IBM financially. Associate Members are not eligible for the benefits and rights of full membership.

Subscribers will receive the Alliance@IBM e-mail alerts. Due to increases in mailing costs subscribers will only get Think Twice in PDF form.

Voting members are the most important part of the Alliance. Voting members can run for office, vote on issues, vote for officers, help set policy and set up new chapters. Membership dues are $10 a month. You also receive access to a range of services through CWA's Union Plus programs.
Thank you for your support.

Membership Drive Fall 2007
Help hold the line!

IBM employees and retirees continue to face pressure on their livelihood. From the pension freeze and lack of adequate pay raises to rising co-pay on health care, employees are finding their standard of living decrease. Job insecurity increases as off-shoring and LEAN take a toll on employee jobs. The new corporate mantra of a global worklife integration instead of worklife balance will have an adverse affect on employees and their families and simply enslaves them to the job 24/7.
Retirees face evaporating pensions as Cost of Living Allowance are just a thing of the past.
Meanwhile IBM corporate executives, like other corporate executives across the USA, enrich themselves while employees and retirees see attacks on pensions, benefits and wages at an unprecedented scale.
Corporate America is waging a war on us and we will continue to lose unless we all band together, hold the line and push back in the workplace and in the political arena.

IBM, Corporate America and their allies are well funded—we are not.
One way to push back is to support the Alliance@IBM/CWA that advocates for IBM employees and retirees.
Some of our activities are:
• Political action on pensions and off shoring legislation.
• Challenging IBM on policies and practices detrimental to employees and retirees.
• Fighting for cost of living increases in pensions.
• Exposing job cuts, redeployment and training of offshore replacements.
• Working with International IBM employee Unions to develop worldwide responses to adverse IBM employment policies and activities
• Legal references
• Media source for IBM employee issues.
• Working with Federal, State and Local officials to make sure employees, retirees and their communities find remedies for toxic substance exposure.
• Organizing employees in order to bring IBM to the negotiating table.
Help us hold the Line! Help us push back!
JOIN the Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 today

Names are confidential. Non-management, exempt employees ARE eligible to join.

Job Cuts Happening Now Software Group Tivoli Send all information to:

IBM France Unions to strike November 13th, over transfer of IBM jobs to AT&T...
Mobilization against transfers
A national day of action will be taken by unions in France to draw the attention of staff and government on the transfer of some 5000 jobs from IBM to ATT (American Telegraph and Telecoms), in some thirty countries .
In France, some 85 employees at IBM sites Lyon, Montpellier, and La Gaude, (worst affected with 25 transfers), will move from one company to another "Without being asked . This is intolerable, "said CGT delegate from La Gaude, Serge Kerloch who is affected by this transfer.

The IBM France workers describe themselves as "pawns of in a game in a dehuminized world". According to one union member "We do not even know about the timing of these transfers, or all of the staff concerned."
After the annoncement of forced transfers, the trade unions have stated that they will oppose by all means these transfers. Unions involved CFDT, CFE CGC, CGT, FO, SNA, UNSA.

From: UNIglobalunion

One month after a virtual protest staged in Second Life with almost 2000 avatars demonstrating on IBM islands, a new contract with IBM Italy has been signed. The new agreement, which still needs to be approved by the IBM Italy workforce, reinstates the performance bonus that was cut unilaterally by IBM Italy management. Read more..

Update on Virtual strike in support of
IBM Italy Employees:


Following the historical protest against IBM Italy in Second Life, on 27th September, some important developments have taken place:

* Mr Andrea Pontremoli, IBM Italy’s CEO (who personally received all of your petitions by email) has resigned.
It seems our Virtual action had an impact on his role at IBM.
IBM Corporation made a complaint to IBM Italy for the way they’ve managed the negotiations with the thousands of employees and how they’ve let it lead to such a harmful image for the company.
* The works council hopes to return to the negotiations' table: we'll hear more at the beginning of next week.

A big thank you goes to all people who supported IBM Italy workers in their struggle over the last 6 weeks. From protesters who came to Second Life and joined the action, to the petitioners who wrote letters to IBM Europe management, to those who took the time to give their ideas on how to proceed when there were no visible results to our protest and to the press who covered the event in more than 30 countries which helped put pressure on IBM as well.

IBM Second Life Protest a success 1850 people from 30 Countries participate.

From UNI: More than 1850 -real- people protested behind their computers in over 30 countries to show solidarity with IBM Italy workers.
The protest took place at 7 IBM locations, and in particular at IBM Italia and the IBM Business Centre in Second Life.
Many Italian IBM workers joined the event after work, from 7pm to 10pm Rome, Italy time.

It was reported that Second Life was having some technical difficulties, which is why we believe we could have reached an even higher number of participants.

IBM did not officially react to our protest so far.
However, they did shut down parts of their Business Centre to visitors (or really, protesters).
A number of participants managed to crash an IBM staff meeting during the afternoon - where they were immediately asked to leave and to "protest outside". Instead, they demanded to speak to Management. But the staff meeting, which seemed to be about the new IBM website functionalities, was called to an end.

The media coverage for this event was impressive.
The news about the protest was covered by blogs, radio and TV stations, newspapers and podcasts in numerous countries. Italy's national TV station highlighted the event in the evening news during 5 minutes, showing screenshots from Second Life and its almost 2’000 protesters.

More information about this historical protest will come in the next days.

--------------- SIGN PETITION --------------
Please sign a petition that goes to IBM management. Everyone can sign it,
you don't have to have Second Life to do it. Help us get IBM to agree on a fair deal for its Italian employees, for only 2 minutes of your time:
click here

------------------- BLOG -----------------------
Our Blog is covering the events with photos and stories:

UK union backs IBM virtual strike Read more
IBM staff move pay protest to Second Life...
Read more

IBM Italy Union calls for
"virtual strike" at Second Life

In a novel and creative way to get critical issues addressed by IBM management, our co-workers in the IBM Italy Union are taking their fight to IBM's virtual world in Second Life and are encouraging all "Second Lifers" to take part Read more here... 
  Also this blog

Legal Complaint Filed For IBM Sales Reps On Lack Of Overtime Pay

On February 6, 2007, the Law Offices of Erik H. Langeland, P.C. filed a nationwide complaint in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Massachusetts seeking to recover unpaid overtime on behalf of all IBM Sales Representatives who worked more than 40 hours per week, but were not paid overtime.
Plaintiffs allege that they are owed money damages for IBM’s failure to properly pay them for their extensive overtime hours as required by federal law. The basis of Plaintiffs’ claims is that IBM required its Sales Representatives to work extensive overtime to meet their sales requirements, failed to keep accurate time records and failed to properly compensate Sales Representatives who worked more than 40 hours per week.

Plaintiffs are continuing to investigate the case and are preparing to file a motion with the Court requesting that notice be sent to all “similarly situated” IBM Sales Representatives throughout the United States . Plaintiffs believe that the case may involve hundreds or even thousands of its current and former Sales Representatives. Plaintiffs’ objectives are to:
1) recover unpaid overtime and other damages for all IBM Sales Representatives who worked more than 40 hours per week, but were not paid overtime;
2) require that IBM change its time keeping system to accurately record all hours worked by its Sales Representatives; and,
3) require that IBM revise its compensation policies so that Sales Representatives are paid for all overtime hours worked.

Erik H. Langeland
500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1610
New York, NY 10110
(212) 354-6270
(212) 898-9086 (Fax)

Globalization and its Discontents: A new opening for Labor?

A Financial Times/Harris poll released last week registers broad popular discontent with globalization and the direction of the economies in the rich countries of the world. Among the findings of the survey taken in six countries—the US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the UK are:

a.. Less than 20% of people in the UK, France, Spain, and the US think
globalization is having a positive effect; in Italy and Germany less than 40% think it’s a positive force.
More than 75% of people in every country, except Spain, think inequality between the rich and the poor is growing.
In no country, except Italy, do people admire the heads of the largest corporations. Admiration is lowest in the UK and US.
d.. Large majorities in every country support higher taxes for the rich.
e.. Majorities in all European countries support pay caps for top corporate officials, but support for caps in the US is around 30%. Article continues here:
Labor Strategies Blog

IBM Workers
International Solidarity Conference
June 25 to 28, 2007 Paris, France

55 Union members from IBM, representing 17 unions from 13 countries, met in Paris between June 25 to 28, 2007 and discussed IBM’s strategy and the situation of IBM employees and the IBM unions in each of the countries represented.
The following unions contributed to the meeting: Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 (USA), CC.OO (Spain), CePETel-CTA (Argentina), CFDT (France), Italian National Works Council, CGT (France), ERTO (Finland), IG Metall (Germany), JMIU (Japan), LBC-NVK (Belgium), CNE (Belgium), PESYI (Greece), PROSA (Denmark), Sif (Sweden), UNITES (India).
IBM Workers International Solidarity (IWIS) is the answer to IBM’s strategy of becoming a “globally integrated enterprise”: The IBM Employees need a “globally unionized workforce”!
IWIS declares:
• As IBM tries to apply a strategy of eliminating all local ties and links and to operate on a global level with no accountability to national societies, labor regulations and national working conditions: IWIS is the employees advocate to force IBM in recognizing a Corporate Social Responsibility as defined in international standards and to be more respective to its employee representatives and unions in every country IBM is doing business.
• While IBM formally acknowledges the legal rights of employees, the facts are IBM in practice does not apply them everywhere. There are cases where IBM acts against the Labor law, against the interests of employees and against union rights. Only a strong global network of union organized people within IBM can counteract this destructive attitude.
• IWIS requests the support and action of all national unions and global union federations in order to fight for IBM employees rights.
• All members of IWIS will stand together for this mission. They will act together along the belief that—an injury to one is an injury to all!
• IWIS member unions will think globally and act locally to enforce the legal and legitimate rights of IBM employees and their unions all over the world. • “LEAN” as redefined by IBM will have a negative impact on employees and IWIS will oppose any job cuts.
IWIS demands:
• As IBM wants to introduce a “new compensation model” this year, IWIS demands salary and wage increases for every IBM employee by collective bargaining agreements in each country where IBM operates.
• If IBM wants to introduce a “LEAN” process, IWIS demands IBM negotiate with unions (and/or legitimate workers representatives) in advance to avoid any job cuts.
• IBM should acknowledge the legal rights and laws of employees and their representatives. IBM should respect the national labor standards in all countries and recognize their legitimate representative unions.
IWIS calls:
• For union representation at IBM in every country. • Every IBM employee to become organized in a union.
• To encourage unionists to support IWIS global actions
• All unions representing IBM employees to join the IWIS network.

Lee Conrad
Newly elected International Coordinator of IBM Workers International Solidarity

Send us your comments:


July 30th 2007
Resource Action Alert!
450 Jobs Cut
in Burlington and Fishkill

Please send RA pkgs in .lwp format to:

This is an email from Mike Cadigan
this morning to the STG organization:

Michael J. Cadigan General Manager,
Semiconductor Solutions, GES
IBM Systems & Technology Group


I’m writing to inform you that today IBM has announced a resource action that affects approximately 450 positions in the U.S, with a majority coming from within the semiconductor solutions organization, particularly at our Burlington and East Fishkill sites. If you reside at those locations, it is possible that you will hear about this in the local media, which is why I chose to contact you immediately and directly.

Making job reductions is a difficult but necessary step to improve our operations. We are taking today's action to further streamline our business and improve our position in a highly-competitive industry. We have been benchmarking all of our semiconductors operations and know that today's action is required to improve our competitiveness.

I realize that any resource action, large or small in number, can cause concern and uncertainty about the future but the long-term prospects for our organization remain very positive. This action will help ensure that we can maintain this position. We will continue to innovate, while meeting our clients’ needs, and achieve our development and manufacturing targets.

Thank you for your understanding, dedication and continued focus.

Send your comments to:

Read the
THINK Twice!
(in adobe pdf format)

New Collective Agreement ratified at Canadian IBM Global Services firm.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
- July 6, 2007-

The 240 members of Local 911, the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada voted 85% in favor of accepting an eleventh - hour contract offer from ISM Information Systems Management Canada on June 21, 2007. Seven days earlier this group of ISM Canada (IBM Global Services) employees had voted 75% in favor of striking after having rejected the employer's initial offer.

The workers accepted a new two - year contract with wage increases of 4% retroactive to December 29, 2006. An additional 4% increase will occur at the end of 2007 and improvements to benefits will become effective immediately.

"This was an unusual round of bargaining," said Gary Schoenfeldt, CEP Local 911 President. "Timing was definitely a factor. Western Canada's already booming oil and gas industry has really taken off in the past three or four months, creating a red hot economy in the [Canadian] Province of Saskatchewan." He added, "The resulting increases in housing and other costs has put upward pressure on wage demands across all industries at the same time as the available pool of skilled workers began to dry up. Our members felt that it was time to reap the benefits of this economic upturn and I think that they made wise choices in that respect."

CEP Local 911 is an established bargaining unit that has represented Saskatchewan IT workers since 1973. It is one of two bargaining units at ISM Canada, a wholly - owned subsidiary of IBM Canada. The other group is represented in the Province of British Columbia by the BC Government and General Employees Union.

News from the
Communication Workers of America

The Union for the Information Age
For Release June 14, 2007
For More Information
Lee Conrad, National Coordinator
Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701,
(607) 729-4652

Jean-Claude Vilespy,
Confederation Generale du Travail

or Candice Johnson,
CWA Communications,
202-434-1168 and 202-415-6566

Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701
and Global IBM Unions
to Hold Emergency Meeting
in Paris June 26- June 28

Endicott, N.Y. -- In response to job cuts, job shifting to low cost countries and declining working conditions at IBM Corp., (NYSE:IBM), employee representatives, IBM union officials, IBM Works Council representatives and members of the International Labor Federations will hold an emergency meeting in Paris.

This historic meeting will be attended by IBM employee representatives from 12 countries.
The meeting is being sponsored by
IBM Workers International Solidarity (IWIS), the CFDT -- Confederation Francaise Democratique du Travail -- and the CGT --Confederation Generale du Travail..

Lee Conrad, National Coordinator of the Alliance@IBM, a local of the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO, said, “IBM workers in many countries are facing a serious decline in working conditions, job security and salary. IBM Corporate management is aggressively reshaping the company to the detriment of employees and customers. There is also a serious concern for employees with collective bargaining agreements that IBM will use job shifting to low cost countries as a hammer to demand concessions. If that happens all employees suffer.”

IWIS Coordinator Jean-Claude Vilespy said, “This meeting is a unique opportunity for IBM unionists to get together to discuss how we can best meet this crisis and develop action plans to protect the interests of our members and employees at IBM.”

Other issues of concern that will be discussed are:

* Human impact of work overload
* The LEAN process
* IBM new salary plan
* The PBC evaluation system
* Benefit reductions
* Professional mobility and other concerns
* IBM’s anti-union philosophy

Send us your comments:

Is LEAN headed your way?
What impact will this have on employees?
How many jobs will be cut?
How much work outsourced/offshored?
Send your comments on LEAN to:

Take Action

  • If you want employee representation
  • If you want checks and balances in IBM
  • If you want a voice in the workplace
  • If you want to get IBM to the negotiating table

JOIN Alliance@IBM


Message from Alliance@IBM...
re: LEAN and coming job cuts

Over 1300 of our co-workers were just fired. And more is coming—lots more.

Off shoring and LEAN are being used as clubs to force US employees out the door and increase the workload on fewer and fewer employees.

IBM spokespeople call this “workforce rebalancing”.
We call it “workforce abandonment”.

How long will you wait to stand up?

you find out if the rumors are true?
you are asked to train another person on your team – who soon becomes your replacement?
you are given 30 days to find another job in IBM?
you find out whether you will get any severance or a bridge to retirement?
you are gone from IBM and think you might sue IBM for wrongful dismissal?
your mortgage, kids’ tuition, or medical bills cannot be paid?

When it is too late?

STAND UP NOW for your job, your family, and your future. It only takes a small amount of courage—and you won’t be alone. 650,000 CWA members will be supporting you.

More actions to be announced here. Stay tuned.

Alliance@IBM / CWA Local 1701
— The employees’ advocate— (607) 658-9285

May 30th 2007
Resource Action Alert!
More Job Cuts are Happening.
in IGS, S&D, and SWG

IBM Fires Another 1,570,
Bringing Quarterly Total to 3,700
Is this the REAL number?
We'd Like to know!

Read Story...

Please send RA pkgs in .lwp format to:

Is LEAN headed your way?
What impact will this have on employees?
How many jobs will be cut?
How much work outsourced/offshored?
Send your comments on LEAN to:


IBM fires 1315 Employees
and an
unknown number of contractors,
across the country, May 1st, in
IBM Global Services ITD.

More Job Cuts expected!
Segments are:
Server Systems Operations
Technology Integration & Management
Global Infrastructure & Resource Management Americas Delivery Engagement Support
Security, Asset and Risk Management Americas Industrial Sector Delivery
Financial Services Sector Delivery
Distribution Sector Delivery
Communications Sector Delivery
IBM Global Account Delivery
Global Network Services Delivery

Resource Action Alert!
Job Cuts are Happening.
ITD / IGS various IBM sites
IBM Employees and Contractors
IBM Canada IGS
Job Cuts in ITD 3/06/07
and 3/26/07 with 213 employees fired Please send information to:

Take Action Now!
Spread The Word!

With the news of last weeks job cuts and information that future cuts are right around the corner,
The Alliance
@IBM CWA Local 1701 is calling on Mid Hudson Valley members and supporters to participate in an informational picket line.




(next to IBM POK site)

SOS Stop Off Shoring!
Stop the Job Cuts!
More Actions Nationwide
to be Announced.. Stay Tuned

If IBM headquarters Will Not:

- Fight to keep jobs from being offshored

- Protect employee benefits

- Respond to the needs of employees

- Bring respect and dignity back into IBM

- Protect worker health and safety

Then maybe something else should.

CWA Local 1701
Employee Advocate since 1999
Join and help make a difference!
Donations gratefully accepted

The Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 is the national IBM employee organization and advocate. Our mission is to build a strong employee organization that informs and offers assistance to IBM employees and retirees while also challenging company policies and practices that adversely affect IBMers careers and lives. It is clear, as the recent Supreme Court decision that let stand IBM’s appeal on our pension class action lawsuit shows, that we cannot solely rely on the courts or Government to protect our benefits or rights. Only an employee organization and contract can do that.
Our issues are many: from off shoring to the flawed PBC evaluation, to rising costs of employee and retiree medical co-pay and lack of adequate compensation.
Building a strong employee organization requires one critical ingredient:


As a member you become eligible for the Union Plus! program of discounts, benefits and resources.

As a member you also help fund the critical financial needs of your organization and strengthen its financial base.

As a member you have a voice in the Alliance and consultation on company issues.

The more members the stronger we ALL become!

Names are confidential. Non-management exempt employees, contractors and retirees are also eligible for membership

IBM HR is management’s advocate.
The Alliance is YOURS!


Stockholder Resolutions 2007
Click for the full report:
2007 IBM Proxy (adobe pdf format)

News from the
Communication Workers
of America
The Union for the Information Age

For Immediate Release
April 24, 2007

For More Information
Lee Conrad, National Coordinator
Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701,
607 427 0508

Jeff Miller or Candice Johnson,
CWA Communications
202 434 1168

Alliance@IBM members/shareholders
to challenge IBM at annual meeting

Knoxville, Tenn. – Members of Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 are urging shareholders at the company’s annual meeting today to support three critical proposals that will improve corporate governance and end unfair practices at IBM Corp.

The proposals call for the exclusion of pension income in the calculation of executive compensation; the creation of an independent committee to explore the potential harm to IBM’s brand due to increasing offshoring, and an end to discrimination in policies regarding employees’ pension and retirement medical benefits.

Mike Saville, an IBM retiree, shareholder since 1968 and sponsor of Proposal No.10 on offshoring, said, “Offshoring IBM jobs continues to be a serious issue. Employees face not only job loss but the indignity of training their off shore replacements. The IBM company faces negative press on offshoring that damages the brand name and company reputation and the knowledge base of the United States shrinks.” He cited those concerns as important reasons for the board of directors to establish an independent IBM committee to study the effects of IBM’s offshoring on the company’s brand and reputation.

IBM employee Bill McGreevy, a sponsor of Proposal No. 9, stressed that pay for performance should be the main criteria for executive pay, and that income generated from pension funds must be excluded “Executive greed and bloated compensation needs to be challenged and executives must be accountable for their performance,” he said. “Executives should not be allowed to use other criteria – including pension income -- to compensate themselves particularly when IBM employees are facing a decline in their standard of living and retirees are experiencing increases in medical retirement costs while their pensions evaporate.”

James Leas, sponsor of Proposal No. 8 on pension and retirement medical benefits, pointed out that “IBM instituted age discrimination in 1999 by seeking to divide employees into three groups based on age, with the intent of slashing pensions and revoking medical retirement promises. Then IBM expanded this pattern of age discrimination by terminating older employees at a much higher rate than younger employees.”

Leas noted that “IBM employees resisted in 1999 with mass meetings that forced the company to partially back down” and said that employees would continue to raise this issue through stockholder resolutions, lawsuits and union organizing. “By instituting and expanding age discrimination, IBM executives have put their own personal interests ahead of our company’s interest and have demolished employee morale,” Leas said.


Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701, Employee Advocate since 1999.

Membership Drive 2007
March 1st to March 31st

Job Cuts happening in IGS March 7 and SSO. Need numbers and copies of Resource Action Packages.

Resource Action in IT Delivery. 200 Jobs cut effective March 6, 2007. Also Redeployment action in Accounts Payable.
Send further information to:


This just in: Possible job cuts in Southbury and Poughkeepsie.
Please send any information to:

Letter From the President

It was truly unfortunate news that the Supreme Court has declined further review of Cooper vs. IBM. The results truly hurt every employee that was forced into the Cash Balance pension plan.
I can only say that our court system cannot be the only path to fairness for IBM employees. The courts interpret the laws; to have fair laws we must work with our elected officials.
But mostly we need more power as employees, power to demand the fairness and justice that we deserve.
We should not be summarily forced to give up benefits, as happened with the Cash Balance switch. We should not be forced to work overtime week after week; we should not be forced to retire just because we are older; we should not have to hide in our offices just hoping to hold on to our jobs.
The power of a union is the only true power that can fight back on these fronts. We must insist on a voice, our voice, the people who do all the work that creates the profits at IBM.
Remember: if we had a Union contract the pension changes would have to have been negotiated and approved by IBM employees.
Without you, and all of your colleagues, we cannot be strong enough to limit the power and greed (remember Palmisano's 29% raise), and help ourselves and our families.
I'm reminded of the quote from Dr. Martin Luther King jr.: "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends".
Please don't be silent, please join the Alliance, and ask your coworkers to join us in our continued fight. The lawsuit may be over, but we sure aren't over.

Linda Guyer
President, Alliance@IBM/CWA Local 1701

IBM Agrees To Sell Printer Unit to Ricoh For $725 Million
Ricoh will initially take a 51% stake in the company, and will acquire the remaining interest over the next three years, according to IBM.

Spotlight: Employee comment on
IBM Offshoring

Comments 1/8/07: I am now an ex-IBMer. I was brought on when IBM took over in house tech at a very large account 5 years ago. This is when the job cuts began. First IBM demanded half the staff be let go before IBM took the contract. Then there were resource actions every 6 months. Not too big. Then came Brazil and Argentina. All of a sudden less and less FTEs and the rest contractors and off shore. 2006 though was a doozie. Everything going off shore. Then came the brilliant idea to model services after World War 2 assembly line practices. When you work on servers there is no such thing as a easy ticket. But each ticket held the same wieght - no matter if it was one server or many. Last October I was told I am part of "redeployment". I was not being laid off but I had to find another job in IBM in 90 days. To further help this 4 years ago I was rebanded from band 6 to 4. So I could not jump to band 6 positions outside of the account I was working. Then the internals jobs on the account dried up. All the managers did not help and were too busy for the Brazil migration. I was not willing to try for jobs outside of the training I had done for 10 years. So I found a better job in house with another company. When I asked if I could take a package I was told there is not one. Even though I was told my job is going to Brazil and I had to get another job - no severance or package. I gave notice and resigned. Now almost no one will be on-site. I am eligible for rehire but I doubt I would go back to IBM or the original company. The new company actually wants me to work there. It is a welcome change and they will have my loyalty. No future for anyone but managers at IBM. -Anonymous-

Discrimination Suit
Syverson et al. v IBM moves ahead
The Ninth Circuit court of appeals issued its order "denying" IBM's Petition for Rehearing. This means that the case can finally move forward. (Case description below)
*** A collective action lawsuit against IBM for wrongful termination On October 7, 2003, 135 former IBM employees filed a collective action lawsuit against IBM for violations of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). On August 31, 2006, those employees, represented by McTeague Higbee Case, won a major victory when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (Syverson et al. v. IBM) held that the waiver which most employees signed to receive severance pay was INEFFECTIVE and does not prevent employees from suing IBM for age discrimination. Moreover, under federal law, employees who signed the waiver can sue IBM and do NOT have to return the severance package/pay they received.***

Please get the word out to everybody you know who had a similar IBM termination experience, (to be eligible individuals should have been let go by IBM between July 7, 2001 and May 4, 2005. signing IBM's release and covenant not to sue agreement) so they have the opportunity to join. Any questions contact the following:

Jeffrey Neil Young
Patrick N. McTeague
McTeague, Higbee, Case, Cohen, Whitney & Toker
Four Union Park
P.O. Box 5000
Topsham, ME 04086
Toll free: (877) 725-5581
Fax: (207) 725-1090

Scrooge is alive and well at IBM

IBM employees are telling the Alliance that Holiday parties and Spirit events are being cancelled at the last minute at many IBM locations, except corporate headquarters.

According to employees, Fishkill site management bought 7000 lunches and ended up having the vendor donate the food to local charities.

Events have also been cancelled in Poughkeepsie Charlotte and Boulder. Burlington decided to reschedule the holiday party but now employees have to pay for it. In IGS other last minute cost cutting is taking place in Education and Thanks awards.

A note from an IBMer puts it this way, “If the times are tough I don’t think anyone would have a problem with cutting these expenses if it helps save jobs. But what takes this beyond belief is that Corporate HR made the decision to keep holiday parties at 3 headquarters buildings in Armonk and Somers at an expense of over $100k.
Does this mean that the largely executive population deserves this little perk but the peons at other sites do not?"
Feel free to voice your opinion on this in our "Your Comments" general comment section.

IBM joins attack on pensions; lesson is to organize and fight. IBM is the latest big corporation abolishing pensions. Despite a profit in 2004 of $9 billion and a pension fund that holds $48 billion, IBM recently announced its pensions will be frozen in 2008.
(Download Real Player to play this file) click here

Read the text:

Outraged at the new IBM Pension Freeze?

Sample Letter to Congress: Use this as a sample letter when writing to your elected officials in Congress about the pension reform changes that will be proposed and could easily hurt us. Highlight and Copy the sample letter contents. Click the "Alert Take Action Now!"and enter your zip code. Paste the letter contents to the form.

Pernsion Article Archives

Click: Write Your Elected Officials

IBM to pour $6 billion into India
IBM plans to invest nearly $6 billion in India over three years, underscoring the country's ever-increasing importance as a global hub for IT outsourcing and expertise. Read more
Is IBM abandoning the USA and its workers?
Is it time to offshore IBM executives
and board of directors?
Click: Write Your Elected Officials

IBM pension case may go to Supreme Court

IBM age-bias lawsuit is reinstated

Dear Alliance Members and Supporters,
I'm writing to you now because your attention to the upcoming fall elections is critical. We, the American middle class, are under attack from corporations and from political officials who are complicit in encouraging mushrooming corporate profits and fat cat CEO raises and benefits. Meanwhile the average professional and blue-collar workers are taking home less and are seeing long promised pensions and medical benefits disappear.

The Alliance@IBM / CWA Local 1701 does not endorse or give money to candidates but we do urge each of you to be politically active and find out how your elected officials have voted in the past few years on the issues that affect your personal economic survival.

Issues, such as the list below, are extremely important to the Alliance and our members.

- Pension legislation
- Loss of jobs to off-shoring
- Broken promises to retirees
- Health Care affordability
- Labor Law reform

Not only must you know your elected officials' history of supporting or not supporting issues important to IBM employees and retirees, it is also critical to understand that the court system in our country does not always work for fairness. Indeed, the laws can often be unfair. The Cooper vs. IBM lawsuit over cash balance pension conversion was won by employees in the first round; however, on appeal, the judge decided the conversion was (in my words) equally ripping off everyone, thus there was no age discrimination.
Recently a decision by the National Labor Relations Board will impact future union membership for millions of workers (see article on our web site).

What can we all do to fight such injustices? First of all you must join and encourage your colleagues and friends to join the Alliance@IBM, and support the activism that's absolutely needed to fight and pressure IBM to do the right things for its employees. Are you willing to let Sam Palmisano have a 29% raise, while you have received little or no raise, no COLA in retirement or lose your job for the sake of outrageous CEO pay? Americans are already seeing a growing divide in wealth between "Haves" and the "Have-nots". This trend will continue unless we all say, "enough is enough".

Here's the web site where you can find out past votes by your elected officials:

Find out the facts and vote for yourself, your family, and the economic success of all IBM employees and retirees. Go to the polls this fall armed with the evidence and let's change the direction of this country, from exploiting the middle class worker to helping us thrive. After all, isn't that what America is about?

In solidarity,
Linda Guyer
President, Alliance@IBM / CWA Local 1701

IBM earnings rise 47%, lifted by acquisitions and software sales read more...
For Retirees: No COLA, rising medical co-pays.
For Employees: Little or no raises, jobs offshored, pensions slashed and abolished, benefits diminished.

Help Break The Silence!

Is your Job being offshored?
Are you training your replacement?
Send details: Your Location, Business unit,
Where your job is going To:
(from your home computer)

If you believe organizing at IBM is important; and Alliance@IBM and this web site are vital, then your involvement in sustaining your organization is necessary.

To receive our email action alerts & news, you must join the Alliance@IBM list, as a voting member or subscriber.
Please use your home email address.

Attention IBM employees:

IBM is blocking e-mail to and from the Alliance@IBM e-mail address from inside the company. Please send your job cut information and other correspondence from your home e-mail.

Palmisano Receives 29% Raise!
(and a $75,000 per week pension!)
How much was yours??
(If you got one!)

Alliance@IBM has received a significant amount of comments since our recent email broadcast. We intend to send all the comments to Sam Palmisano and the media. We encourage employees who have not sent comments to do so, and to encourage their co-workers to send comments as well. Names will be kept anonymous. Creative nicknames are encouraged.

to restore workers' freedom
to form unions in America.

PBC 2 Managed Out Update in pdf format
Power Point format

Press Release from Alliance@IBM:
Stockholder proposals and Stockholder meeting in Tulsa, OK on April 25th 2006...Read press release

Effective April 3rd, CSO in RTP and Atlanta hit with "redeployment". Jobs being sent to Brazil. Employees NOT receiving severance pay and will have to train Brazilian replacements.
Affects all brands and bands from National Missions, Maintenance and National Services Support Organization.
Please send
Alliance@IBM any documentation and number of employees affected to from your home computer (IBM is blocking e-mail sent to and from us from inside IBM). Click here Fight Back: Working to Rule Builds Pressure From Within
Send us your ideas on work to rule tactics inside IBM, for distribution to your co-workers.

**Attention!** Anyone that is part of the Qualxserv transition, we need your name. An SSR is in the process of speaking with an attorney about filing a class action suit on behalf of all 300, fulltime employees. The 100 supplemental employees may be included as well. If anyone has a complete list of SSR's being sold to Qualxserv please send to Also contact us if you are interested in a potential suit .


Thursday 3/09/2006: 400 SSR's outsourced to Qualxserve.
IBM says "Take it or leave it"

  1. By April 10
  2. No Severance
  3. Employees can't look for another job in IBM
  4. Employees can't talk to Media
  5. Employees told not to tell customers of outsourcing
  6. Employees told that if they don't go to the new company, they are voluntarily resigning from IBM. The IBM paperwork, employees are being asked to sign, will state that not taking the job with QualxServ is the same as resigning. The Alliance encourages employees NOT to sign any such document.

IBM's Announcement to employees:

"QualxServ will assume field service delivery responsibility for primarily next day, high volume service products in the continental U.S., now performed by IBM Technical Support, such as IBM/Lenovo Mobile, Workstations, MPM Desktop, exchange printers, IBM Workgroup Printers and selected end user services (Service Code 44). Approximately 300 regular and 100 supplemental IBM employees who service these products will become employees of QualxServ under an arranged employment agreement. The selected employees have already been advised of the changes."

IBM employees rights -
Section 7 of the Wagner Act:

"Employees shall have the right to self organize, to form, join or assist unions...and to engage in concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or OTHER MUTUAL AID AND PROTECTION"

Send comments and information to

PBC's and 2 "3"'s equal stealth job cuts.
IBM employees are once again being forced out the door.
If you are being forced out please contact the Alliance: from your home computer.
Let us know your location, name, age and time of service. Information will be held in strict confidence. We will put you in contact with someone that can give you advice on challenging your force out.

To IBM Executive Management:
Thou Shalt Not Steal!
Hands Off Our Pension!

Have IBM Executives Lost their Heart?
Click Here is a flyer to print and mail to:
Sam Palmisano and J. Randall MacDonald
IBM Corporation
New Orchard Road
Armonk , NY 10504

Executive Pay Watch

Run the PayWatch Database to see what IBM Execs make per year

Work is being transferred from Poughkeepsie, NY to Bromont Canada. Sources say 200 jobs are affected.

Received 12/01/2005:
Comments : Widespread staff layoffs were announced in the US yesterday. Hardest hit was the marketing organization, which was cut 15%. This explains the sudden resignation of Abby Kohnstamm, senior VP of Marketing, that was announced by Sam Palmisano on 11/14. Legal, finance, and operations also suffered layoffs. Many of the affected were in the White Plains & Somers areas, but others worked from home throughout the country. Ironically, the cuts were across the board, affecting even people supporting business units that were "making their numbers". Quite demoralizing seeing that hard work and good results don't translate into job security. But Sam will make his numbers.

Send any information as well as age, title, and number of employees selected from the resource action package to:
Make sure to use your HOME computer.

BTV Employees Wonder “Where’s the Money?”
View Vermont THINK TWICE Flyer

Hinchey, Endicott Residents Call For More Comprehensive Studies On Cancer & Birth Defect Rates; Urge Public To Comment On Newly Released NY State Dept. of Health Study.
Comment period has been extended
to 11/23/05

New York State Written Response Form - August 23, 2005
A copy of this form is available in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) Click here to download Adobe reader, if you need it.

Click the Alliance@IBM sponsored Online Health Focus Survey, if you are an IBM employee, former employee (EI), IBM Retiree, or contractor..We urge all IBMers to fill out our Health Focus Survey to help document health problems IBMers might associate with working with toxic materials at IBM.

On Monday, November 21, the City Council in Burlington, Vermont passed an outsourcing ordinance with a unanimous vote of the 11 City Councilors in attendance. The stated policy of the ordinance reads "It is the policy of the City of Burlington to let service contracts to contractors, subcontractors and vendors who perform work in the United States". The City has taken a significant move to support working people by acknowledging that public funds should not be used to pay for public services that will be performed by workers outside the country unless no alternative is available.

The ordinance is the end result of a concerted effort on the part of Vermont
Alliance@IBM activists, the Champlain Valley Central Labor Council, the Vermont State AFL-CIO and City Councilor Philip Fiermonte, who works as a key aid to Congressman Bernie Sanders.

Wear Black & Blue every Wednesday to protest job cuts.

Job Cut Alert!
Job cuts are happening. Information needed:

  • How many job cuts at your location.
  • What locations are cutting jobs.
  • Copies of the OWBPA report (Age & Title Info)
  • Name of Division and Business Unit.

Please email with details.

Archive of Day Of Action information

IBM, Amid Layoffs, Scours Globe For IT Talent

Editorial on the Software Business and its profit margin

IBM feels changes of time

Data: More heart defects in Endicott spill zone. Neighborhood's babies have double normal rate.

Hewlett Packard Employees
Day Of Action

September 8th 2005
HP France Union Flyer
HP US Union Flyer
HP Italy Union Flyer

HP Workers Silicon Valley Thumbs up for CWA
In Silicon Valley today we had a lively demonstration at the main entrance to the HP Cupertino main location. The group from CWA Local 9423 was received by many HP workers with thumbs up hand signs when they read our signs which read "No to job cuts! No to Pension Cuts! Yes to Black Box Raise!" HP Security forces also were closely monitoring our activities and we held our ground for 90 minutes as we leafleted the main entrance.

News from HP France Union
We want to communicate our last counting which shows that about 1850 have stopped work in HP France today at 11:00 am.

The action is relayed to the media. Contacts with political leaders have been taken as well.

The employees of HP Italy, our colleagues from the CWA union, and the employees of IBM Germany, who stand in solidarity with HP workers in Europe and around the world in our protest and fight against the restructuring plan of the HP Corporation, have been strongly applauded.

Wanted: 20,000 IBM Mainframe Specialists

Job Cuts at Sprint Account, IBM Kansas City

Excerpt from comments on the:
Job Cuts Status & Comments Page

Name : Anonymous From-Kansas-City

Comments : I just got notice of my layoff from IBM on the Sprint account. I'm supposed to be working, now, a "month-to-month" contract with IBM on their AT&T account. The lady writing my spec's, after nine years as an AT&T person-rebadged-to-IBM, told me she was just two days away from buying & closing on a new house when she got word that she was to train her replacement from India. However, he was to learn her nine-year job in six weeks. He ended up too overwhelmed after just a few weeks; such that he took a job with another company in Cleveland! I have had two people, from IBM's division of India, waiting for my cubicle in my last position at Sprint!

Gutting of pensions a sad sight

Cheers at IBM HQ-Tears at Homes of 14500 IBMers

To IBM Corporate management: Remember May 23rd

When you are in negotiations with a union or works council--IBM unions worldwide will be watching.
When you threaten job cuts--IBM unions will respond.
When employees are harassed for union activities--IBM unions will defend them.
When employees seek to organize--
IBM unions will be there.


International Unions Release Joint Statement
on IBM Restructuring, Job Cuts.

Actions Worldwide Actions Pictures

IBM Day Of Action Press Release

Thank you Alliance@IBM members and supporters for your participation in the "Day Of Action!"

The Alliance@IBM / CWA Local 1701 is calling on all our members and co-workers in IBM to participate in an International Day of Action over IBM's plan to cut 13,000 jobs worldwide. Download the Day Of Action Flyer for distribution at your site. The format is MS Word.

Now is the time to take a stand!

A joint statement by IBM Unions and Works Councils from around the world will be posted on the Alliance web site and sent out in a press release on May 23rd.

Here is a list of things we are asking employees and retirees to do on May 23rd in the U.S.:

  • Wear black and blue to signify the pain of job cuts on employees and their families.
  • Observe a 10- minute moment of silence in support of IBM employees worldwide who are facing the loss of their jobs. This moment of silence will commence at 1:00 pm EDT, Noon CDT, 11:00 am Mountain, and 10:00 am Pacific on Monday May 23rd. Take your break, no sametime, no phone calls.
  • Retirees - Please call IBM Corporate headquarters at:
    914-499-5900 or e-mail at in support of employees’ and retirees’ concerns.
  • Spouses of terminated IBM employees - Send e-mails or letters to CEO Sam Palmisano telling him the effect a job loss has on your family and community.

    Mailing address:
    IBM Corporation
    Att: CEO Sam Palmisano
    1 New Orchard Rd
    Armonk, NY 10504

    Please do whatever you can to show IBM Senior Management that you are supporting IBM employees in the protection of their jobs.
    Remember, it could be you next!
    For ongoing updates, visit often!
IBMers protest layoffs in Germany

More pictures of the German workers protest

IBM France Employees strike over job cuts

UK IBM staff fear the axe

An employee of IT company IBM is seen in front of the closed main gate of the German IBM headquarters wearing a shirt that says 'IBM - 9 billion $ profit are not enough to preserve my job' during a protest demonstration in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, southern Germany, Tuesday, April 26, 2005. The US company announced some closures of German IBM branches with a possible cut of around 600 jobs. (AP Photo/Daniel Maurer)

From Offshoring to Organizing: One Tech Worker's Tale

IBM plans service job cuts across Western Europe
Jobs could be shifted outside Europe

IBM Israel to lay off 100

IBM to reportedly lay off 500 in Sweden

CeBIT Attendees Dodge Picket Signs. Workers protest IBM's plan to lay off 600 employees in Germany.

IBM Plans Nearly 600 Job Cuts in Germany

Panel endorses U.S.-only jobs bill

ITO 2-REAP Lawsuit

Here is the list of Employee Free Choice Act co-sponsors in both the House and Senate. If people are calling their congressional delegation, they should know whether to thank them or ask them to sign on. Click for list

'Jobloss' Recovery Cited at U.S. Hearings on Trade with China, WashTech Testifies

IBM PC Division Employees Lenovo Sale

Lenovo offers to hit IBM employees mid-March

Resource Action Alert!! - Alliance@IBM is hearing of job cuts in IGS: Distribution Sector, Tech Support, Deskside Support Services, Operations and Network Services. If you have any information, please e-mail us at:

Job Cut Update: Alliance@IBM has received further information from employees on recent job cuts and resource actions. We don't believe it is complete yet; and we will not list locations at this time, so that we can protect workers identities. The cuts occurred in IBM Global Services units. The total number so far, is about 250. We are also getting reports of employees being given separation packages not related to resource actions; but in response to PBC evaluations. Many of those cut in resource actions and separations are being reported as "over 40 years old". Stay tuned for information as we receive it. See our visitor comments section for update on RTP.

Union Members Aid Tsunami Victims


Position Papers: IBM garners dubious distinction — and Douglas award

IBM Essex Junction, VT Plant “Honored” With 2004 Dirty Dozen Award

Nov. 28 - Dec. 17 national tour to visit 9 cities.
Indian labor leaders to address "outsourcing" issue".
Seeking dialogue with U.S. workers about mutual interests in the fight to defend good jobs and ensure fair labor standards.

Black Eye for Big Blue. Settlement in a groundbreaking case against IBM affects workers facing pension changes.

Non-Union workers LOSE their Weingarten Rights - NLRB Holds That Employees in a Nonunionized Workplace Are Not Entitled to Representation at a Disciplinary Interview. Read NLRB decision Excerpts.

Read NLRB decision in its entirety (pdf file format)

The Value Of A Union Contract: CWA Settlement with SBC Provides for Employment and Health Security "Value Of A Union Contract Flyer" Click here for the flyer. Print the flyer (with your home printer) and make copies to distribute to your co-workers. Visit our "Do's and Don'ts of Handing Out Flyers" page to help you with the rules, before you distribute the flyers.

Endangered species: US programmers

Pizza Drivers Seek National Union

Study finds dramatic loss of tech jobs

Labor's Friends in the GOP. Moderate Republicans Buck Party Leaders to Stand Up For Workers.

Alliance@IBM has heard of job cuts in the past few weeks. This affects regular employees and contractors. Contractors have faced numerous pay cuts over the past few years. For many contractors, pay has been cut 20% in the last two years. Please send any information to:

Probe Finds IBM Altered Document
Treasury Inspector General Investigating Paper on Pensions.

IBM Labor group sees growth, challenges Organizers say interest increasing

Click Alert: Tell the Presidential Candidates to Preserve Collective Bargaining

Wow! You Sent 177,000 Postcards to Bush and Kerry about the Employee Free Choice Act. Two Republican Senators join the fight!!

Economic Policy Institute update on Overtime Rule Changes. (this pdf file requires adobe acrobat reader)

House Votes to Block New Overtime Rules! The 223-193 vote in favor of blocking the new overtime rules defied the White House.

Lloyds Bank Union challenges outsourcing. With a little help from friends.

Hitachi, IBM to lay off 400 at hard disk drive venture

Schwarzenegger terminates anti-offshoring bill. But the measure could come up again next year

IBM supercomputer sets world speed record. Former IBM plant, now called Endicott Interconnect, instrumental in building boards.

IBM in partial pension settlement. Big Blue settles part of pension transfer, age discrimination suit; estimates for claims neared $6B.

James Leas speech to the IBM stockholders' meeting.

IBM link to political fund alleged. Teamsters file for disclosure.

IBM shareholders voice concerns

Seeing Red (and Green) with Big Blue

Controversy looms at IBM annual meeting

IBM Earnings & Vapor profit for 7 years as of 04-01-04.

Show Us the Jobs' tour protests loss of work to overseas and comments from Alliance@IBM Vice-President Garrett Lanzy.

Letter to Sam Palmisano - The CGT IBM France

Labor Dept. Revises Plans to Cut Overtime Eligibility.

IBM retiree mounts campaign aimed to lower costs.

IBM’s Plan to Lower Professional Salaries...Read this

SSR's to lose double time on Sundays.

Accounting Board Wants Options to Be Reported as an Expense

How retiree benefits cuts fatten companies' bottom lines

IBM's Palmisano given $5.4 million bonus for 2003. CEO rewarded for steering Big Blue through 'several challenges' and increasing server share.

IBM staff halt Westpac strike negotiations restarted.

IBM lays off some Tulsa employees - Workers say Offshoring is to blame.

PRESS RELEASE ... Alliance@ IBM/CWA Local 1701 questions IBM claim to add 10,000 jobs in 2004.

Waiting for Offshore Outsourcing - By David Morgenstern, eWeek.

Family and Friends of Deceased IBM Employees hold reflection and memorial service before IBM trial.

Think Twice newsletter for Sept/Oct 2003

IBM US Furlough Program - A new program allows time off and no pay for selected employees

Sept. jobless rate sees 21-month high - Burlington Free Press

State of VT, ex-IBMers ponder life after layoffs: Brain drain, company's departure among fears - Burlington Free Press

• Oct. 2, IBM cuts more than 700 - IBM Global Services this week cut 720 employees as part of a regular review process, a company representative said.

• Oct. 2 IBM swings the job axe again Pink slips handed out to 380...Sept. 29th

• Oct. 1, Congress Allows H-1B Limit to Drop - Efforts to Curb Abuses of H-1B and L-1 Visa Programs Stalled.

• Sept. 24, SJ Mercury News: Review Finds IBM Tracked Deaths

• Sept. 24, Silicon Valley Biz Ink: "Organizing the Valley" Local Tech Workers picket for open union

• Sept. 18: U.S. House Approves Sanders Amendment to Protect Workers Against Age Discriminatory Cash Balance Pension Conversions.

• Sept. 2: Union IG Metall wins pay talks right at IBM Germany -Germany's powerful IG Metall trade union said on Tuesday it had won a legal battle with U.S. computer giant International Business Machines Corp. to negotiate on behalf of IBM's 26,000 employees in Germany.

• Sept. 1: Labor Day Message from the Alliance President

• Sept. 1: Unions to Push to Make Organizing Easier - the A.F.L.-C.I.O. plans to announce a nationwide campaign that aims to change federal laws to make it easier for workers to join unions.

Congratulations to Erica Leifels, winner of $3000 CWA Joe Beirne Foundation Scholarship. Erica is the daughter of Alliance member, Mike Leifels.

• InformationWeek: IBM pays $4B for PWC; Lays off 15,000

Aug 18: 500 lose their jobs at IBM’s Vermont plant. Another 3,000 workers must take a week of unpaid leave next month. Full Story

Aug. 14: Judge rules in favor of fired EIT Union Rep - A Federal Judge has ruled that a former EIT employee and union organizer for Alliance@IBM/CWA must be reinstated to his job.

• Aug. 10: Take Action to Stop Offshoring! Things you can do immediately.

• Aug. 10: FACT SHEET about Offshoring

• Aug. 10: Transcript of the IBM HR presentation on Offshoring

• Aug. 10: Sample Letters for you to send your elected officials about Off Shoring

Aug. 7, Wall Street Journal: Memos Sent to IBM Show Awareness of Pension Moves - kind of a "smoking gun" here

• Aug. 7: IBM HR Offshoring audio is now available on the web - Listen Here

• Aug. 7, AFL-CIO: Reform H-1B and L-1 Visas Now

• Aug. 7: GAO Greenlights Offshoring Study - thanks for sending all the cards and letters to your congressional reps

• Aug. 3: New Page with information and links about the pension lawsuit


• July 31, WSJ: IBM Pension Plan Changes are Ruled Discriminatory

Aug. 7, Wall Street Journal: Memos Sent to IBM Show Awareness of Pension Moves

• Aug. 3: New Page with information and links about the pension lawsuit


• July 31, WSJ: IBM Pension Plan Changes are Ruled Discriminatory

• July 31, AP: IBM Loses Closely Watched Pension Lawsuit

• July 31, CBS Marketwatch: Judge Rules against IBM in Pension Case

• July 28, Severance Packages Down in 2000-2003: Read Full Story

• July 25, Burlington, VT: IBM Cuts Workers' Hours and Paychecks

• July 25: NPR Newscast: As tech companies shift more and more white-collar jobs overseas, will these higher-paid workers finally look into organized labor?

• July 22, NY Times Front Page: IBM Explores Shift of White-Collar Jobs Overseas

 July 22, Washtech Press Release: IBM to Export Thousands of American Software Jobs... Company Presentation Discusses Strategies to Counter Negative Reaction From Government and Unions

• Endicott Interconnect Technologies wins major contract with IBM. Read full story.

• 2300 Verizon workers return to work from a lay-off! This is what a contract can do for you! Read full story.

• Mold lawsuits target IBM , Workers say place made them ill- Karin Rives ... Click and SAVE the printable survey at the bottom of the page. Print out the survey, fill it in, and mail to the address listed on the survey.

• Erin Brockovich Law Firm to Sue IBM over Endicott NY Chemical Spill

• America's Jobs - "First They Destroy Our Blue Collar Manufacturing Jobs, Now They're Going After White Collar Service-Sector Jobs - from Rep. Bernie Sanders

 • IGS creating thousands of new jobs in India - IBM Global Services will increase the number of software professionals from the current 2,200 to 6,500 by 2004 at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43 per cent.

 • Endicott NY Residents in a 'RAGE' over IBM chemical spill

 • DEC suspects second pollution source in Endicott

 • Concerned Residents of East Fishkill NY

 • Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

 • Full Coverage on the IBM Endicott NY Chemical Spill

 • June 29: Bush Administration assures India it is OK to steal your job The Indian government and businesses have won a major assurance from the Bush Administration on the issue of outsourcing.

IBM ruling may shape age bias laws. In the next several weeks, a federal judge will rule on whether two pension plan changes IBM made in the 1990s discriminated against Kathi Cooper and 140,000 other U.S. employees

For Kathi Cooper, the numbers just didn't add up

Judge expects his pension decision to be appealed

Documents reveal IBM's reason for pension-plan change: saving money Quote: "a reduction in employee benefits does not violate federal law unless it violates a union contract or the change runs afoul of another federal regulation. "

Online discussions here:
IBM Pension Group

June 1: Letter from the President: "The Danger of Offshoring"

May 20: IBM Global Services Application Management Services cuts 494 jobs. This number comes from the information package that IBM provided to the affected employees; it is IBM's number.

June 2: IBM Reports SEC Investigation - IBM's shares were halted on the New York Stock Exchange today

May 18: IBM will be moving IT, Software Developer and Research Jobs to India

CEO Sam Palmisano personally visits India but he wants no media attention - sounds like stealth offshoring to us. Palmisano is the first IBM CEO to visit India.

IBM to expand Software Development, Services and R&D in India

IBM India jobs to go up substantially in the near future

Steve Mills and Nick Donofrio visit India - Paul Horn, head of Research, will also visit. "IBM is moving strategic operations in the software business area"

Read Washtech's site about offshoring of high tech jobs

April 29:Speeches to the Stockholders and IBM Earnings Statement with Pixie Dust! - Jimmy Leas & Don Parry

May 6: 10% of IGS/ITS division let go today

May 1: Wall Street Journal report on the May 1 Layoffs

May 1: IGS cuts 300 employees - We have heard of job cuts in IGS San Jose, and in the Business Consulting part of IGS. No numbers have come in yet - if you have a layoff package please mail a copy of it to us: Alliance@IBM, 36 Washington Ave., Endicott, New York 13760 - this will help us compile the numbers.

Variable Pay in IBM Sweden

Layoffs are expected in May! Please read these helpful pages before it's too late!
Job Loss Questions and Answers
Job Cut Survival Kit

May 1: Report from the IBM Stockholders' Meeting in Kansas City

April 11: Letter from the President: Report from the US Treasury Hearing on Cash Balance Pensions

White House proposal would radically alter US overtime laws

Pension Rights Center joins employees, and members of Congress in asking the Treasury to halt Pension Regulations....Media Advisory

A look at the StockHolder Proxy card -View the stockholder proxy card. Notice the proposals made in favor of the employees and retirees. The BOD recmmends voting against them. You decide.

White House proposal would radically alter US overtime laws

Golf Shirts! with the Alliance Logo. Nice enough for the "business casual" dress code. Get yours here.

IBM Workers International Solidarity web site Employees from IBM unions around the world are working together to share information and strategies

March 10: IBM hikes Palmisano's salary and bonus 44 percent in 2002

March 8: IBM Employees being downgraded
2 to 3 job levels
by being re-banded (or down- banded?) Read what we've heard

March 8: Letter from the Alliance President At-Will Employment

March 16: IBM Workers International Solidarity web site Employees from IBM unions around the world are working together to share information and strategies

Come with us to the Treasury hearings in Washington, DC on April 9! CWA, Alliance@IBM, IBM employees, Bernie Sanders, and others will be testifying about the proposed cash balance regulations.

Mar 16: Fascinating reading - How IBM managed the 1995 change to a pension equity plan (PEP) plan in 1994: - Every employee should read this link. They should know what type of people they are dealing with in the upper echelons of IBM

March 10: IBM hikes Palmisano's salary and bonus 44 percent in 2002

March 8: IBM Employees being downgraded
2 to 3 job levels
by being re-banded (or down- banded?) Read what we've heard

March 8: Letter from the Alliance President At-Will Employment

March 8: Clueless at the top: IBM's CEO doesn't know that overtime is mandatory for IGS employees Check out the 8th question in this Business Week Q&A with Sam Palmisano. Will someone please tell him about how you can't take your vacation because of mandatory overtime?

Feb. 27: CE's and IGS employees around the country are fired - IBM says they no longer have the right skills

Feb. 10: Protests at Lou's Book Signing in RTP

  What do Pension Rules Mean to You? - Big firms dumping traditional plans for cash-balance plans - Alliance member Andy Maher appears on NBC Nightly News

Employee health concerns at IBM Research Triangle Park, NC

Photos from the Cash Balance Plan Press Conference

Statements on Cash Balance Plans

Employer cash balance statements: Fact and Fiction

Statement by Rep. George Miller

Cash Balance Conversion Stories

Union demands Executive action over future of 700 IBM jobs - News from IBM Scotland

Big Blue settles in age discrimination suit

Ask your reps to sigh the letter to the Treasury

Highlights from Last Week

IBM Canada Retirees start class action against IBM

Bernie Sanders: Bush's War Against Older Workers

Updated Retiree Page - Read about and support the National Retiree Legislative Network

Bush Administration Proposes Rules That Can Alter Pension Plans, hurting older workers

US Dept. of Treasury: Full text of Proposed Regulation

Discussion about the Treasury Proposal on the IBM Pension Group - read more and ask questions here

2003 IBM Executive Deferred Compensation Plan (EDCP)

Age Discrimination Page - get help here

Dec. 04: IBM to fund pension shortfall - Our question is, where did it all go? Was the entire pension fund invested in Enron and Worldcom???

Nov. 19: Update for EIT Employees

Comments about the "Layoff experience" from a former Canadian employee

Nov. 8: Announcing Skip Bogard, Alliance Committee Chair for Persons with Disabilities and Medical Issues. Skip is an employee in RTP and an Alliance Governing Council member. Contact Skip here.

Age Discrimination Page - get help here

Nov. 7: IBM cited in additional age-bias complaints

Oct. 28: JMIU (IBM Japan Union) asks FTC to investigate Hitachi deal

Oct. 22: IBM will close plants in Mainz, Germany and Hungary

Layoffs? at IBM? Not really, read here.

10/22: IBM issues "permanent layoffs" in IGS Business Innovation Services

Good news about pension reform

"On a Wing and a Prayer" Analyst Bob Djurdjevic's view of IBM's 3rd Quarter Earnings Report

What difference would a union make when there are job cuts and sales to other companies?

Fact Sheet: Revenue, Profit, and Vapor Profit at IBM

Nov. 1: An historic moment - IBM completes sale of its birthplace, Endicott NY 90 years of IBM history will be a memory.

Ex-Tyco VP becomes CEO of EIT, formerly IBM Microelectronics in Endicott NY

Coming up in November: Elections for Alliance officers and Governing Council. See current officeholders here. Only voting members can run or nominate someone. Contact us if you wish to nominate someone.

Heard on the Grapevine: Thousands of IGS jobs to move to India, Mexico and Belarus

EEOC Complaint Form for IBM employees laid off in Vermont

IBM warns employees of higher health care charges for 2003

October 3: 80 Endicott employees are sold to Cadence

Take Action: Age Discrimination: The Alliance is gathering information on age discrimination at IBM. Please send any information that you may have to: A package of what we collect will go to the EEOC.

Take Action: To IBMers that have been let go and feel they were targeted because they have a disability or other health issues, please send your e-mail address, name and phone number to

Pete Plavchan, fired organizer, meets with Elliot Spitzer, NY State Attorney General

IBM fires Union backer

Former IBM Workers may receive Federal help

Employee Layoff stories - updated with new stories 09/07/02

IBM Job Cut News Page - full coverage

CWA Calls for Repeal of H1-B Program

What difference would a union make when there are job cuts and sales to other companies?

Fact Sheet: Revenue, Profit, and Vapor Profit at IBM

Aug. 5: Burlington IBMer's protest harsh job cuts, citing age discrimination:

Take Action: Congressional Action Plan for Restoration of Retiree Benefits

Letter to Sam Palmisano from a Sold Employee in Endicott

Why the layoffs? by James Marc Leas

IBM Sells its History:


Price of IBM Endicott: $63 million

Gerstner's stock option income since 1996: $345 million*

Endicott's price as a percentage of Gerstner's stock income: 18% (or 63 million pieces of silver...)

*Source: Annex Research

June 27: 173 more jobs cut in IGS BIS

June 21: The latest rumor is that IBM HR will be outsourced to Fidelity. Read Heard on the Grapevine - news about possible job cuts, potential sales of parts of the business, and other juicy stuff.

June 19: 160 Jobs cut in Yorktown Heights today ... Analyst Bob Djurdevic reports that IBM is reducing R&D staff by 10%: "Creeping Layoffs"

June 11, 2001: Why the layoffs? by James Marc Leas

Answers for your questions - for those currently employed and those recently let go - updated June 8

What difference would a union make when there are job cuts and sales to other companies?

RNN Television interviews two Poughkeepsie Alliance activists about the job cuts with Pete Plavchan and Bill Costine

June 4: IBM cuts 1,500 jobs from MicroElectronics Division - 975 in Burlington VT; 100 in Endicott NY; others in Fishkill NY, Poughkeepsie NY, and San Jose CA. They actually admitted this one.

June 3: Hitachi deal goes through IBM will transfer 18,000 jobs world-wide to Hitachi

Job Cuts News - Latest News, updated June 4 - includes actual numbers from the packages

Employee Layoff stories - Stories from the last two weeks - updated May 30

Heard on the Grapevine - News about possible job cuts, potential sales of parts of the business, and other juicy stuff. Updated June 2, 11am.

Fact Sheet: Revenue, Profit, and Vapor Profit at IBM

April 30: Results of the Annual Shareholders Meeting in Louisville KY

April 30: IBM Announces $3.5 Billion stock buyback - Over 23,000 jobs could be saved with this money!

April 30: Speeches from the Stockholders' Meeting:

May 14: Alliance Press Release: Massive Job Cuts Loom at IBM

April 30: Results of the Annual Shareholders Meeting in Louisville KY

April 30: IBM Announces $3.5 Billion stock buyback - Over 23,000 jobs could be saved with this money!

Spontaneous Strike at IBM Germany - Apr. 25: Thousands of blue and white collar employees staged a strike this week in Mainz, over the IBM-Hitachi joint venture. The strike was organized by IG Metall to protect employee jobs.

April 23: Picket Line in Endicott NY for Recall Rights

April 10: More job cuts at IGS AT&T ADM Account in New Jersey - rumors say hundreds of people are affected

April 8: Enron-like scare for IBM employees

Leading Harvard Economist praises Alliance@IBM as a 'striking example' of open source unionism. Read more here.

Join us in Louisville, Kentucky for the Annual Shareholder Meeting on April 30. Contact us for information on activities and lodging. Picket lines, protest rallies, and media events are planned.

Gerstner cashed in more stock options than all Enron execs put together: "Sir Lou outlayed Lay" by analyst Bob Djurdjevic of Annex Research

April 2, 2002: Over 600 CE's/SSR's fired on Tuesday from Integrated Technology Services (IITS)

"I am a 49-yr-old SSR in the Northeast, have been with IBM for 23 years, and have usually been a 2-rating. But, let's face it: IBM is no longer worth one drop of the dedication that all of us had unreservedly invested in our company. My wife is totally disabled, and I am going to lose all of the retirement health account, because I didn't make it to age 55 or 30 years."

Read employee layoff stories here

Appeal denied: IBM guilty of violating the National Labor Relations Act

Read the Open Letter to Sam Palmisano from Linda Guyer, President, Alliance@IBM/CWA Local 1701

IBM execs have their pensions locked in and protected - and you don't - NY Times interviews Lynda French, Alliance member (free registration reqd.).

IBM Insider Trading - Our poor executives won't get any raises in 2002. Read here how they were compensated in stock options in 2001. Lou Gerstner's compensation from stock options was well above $100 Million for the year.

Congressional Testimony on Retirement Insecurity from Karen Ferguson, Pension Rights Center, about 401k's and pensions in the light of the recent Enron debacle

02/04/02: "Corporate Greed", Press Release from Rep. Bernie Sanders

02/06/02: Stealth Job Cuts continue in 2002 -this time 100 employees in Server Group

Variable Pay significantly lower this year for MD employees

02/03/02: From, New IBM CEO to face tough questions: Gerstner exit comes at opportune time - Remember the rumors that Gerstner might stay? Looks like after Enron he changed his mind.

Great News! Both Stockholder Resolutions have been approved by the SEC to be included in this year's Annual Report and be voted on by the shareholders. Read the resolutions here.

Kinder layoff strategies at other companies

More Employee Stories - we've just updated our sampling of letters we've received - thank you to all who have sent your story

Take Action! Help Save Jobs at IBM! Send a Letter! When business picks back up, should experienced employees be recalled? Or should IBM hire temps? Ask your legislators and community leaders -- are all of us to become temporary workers???

Two scholarship programs now available to Alliance Voting Members and their families - apply asap

IBM executive insider trading - see what our executives made in stock trades in the last quarter - Gerstner made over $100 million in 2001

2002 Stockholder Proposals on Executive Compensation and Pension and Retirement Medical

11/30/01 Not a Layoff Must Read...

11/30/01 Press Release Nov. 30

11/30/01 IBM Fires over 1500 - 400 in Endicott, 500 in Burlington, 200 in Fishkill, 180 in Rochester MN, 75 in RTP, 150 in San Jose - Most are from the MD division - Professionals and Manufacturing workers are all affected - while IBM spends $7.8 billion in stock buybacks - - are these the priorities of a decent company?

IBM loses appeal on Cooper v IBM - The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals denied IBM's appeal of the class certification of Cooper v IBM. This means the next step is the trial. Details are at

11/23/01 Alliance Leaders Meet with IBM Germany IG Metall Union Leaders -- with Photos from the conference

11/18/01 Governing Council members and Local Officers have been elected

10/15: Get the latest Think Twice Newsletter (you will need Adobe Acrobat reader)

10/14: 965 employees in IGS BIS just laid off - read one person's story

Questions and Answers about the class action lawsuit

09/19/01: THE RESULTS ARE IN! An overwhelming majority of Alliance members have voted to form an official CWA Local.

09/18 The pension lawsuit has just been classified as a class action!

09/15 CWA members at the WTC and the Pentagon - a message from President Morty Bahr

09/12/Special AFL-CIO website featuring news on workers who were in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon during the attacks and what workers and their unions are doing to help

09/12 CWA receives many condolence letters from around the world These are amazing.

Albany Meeting postponed due to this week's tragic events.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all victims and their families.

08/24: Work increases at MD Endicott - Workers told 20% AWS shift premium will return

08/07:IBM Burlington Workers Rally Forces Over Cut in Hours

08/04: Good News: Business picks up at MD Endicott

07/27: IBM admits it is hiring college graduates while laying off experienced workers from the Poughkeepsie Journal: ''Between now and September, IBM is going to bring in about 3,000 university hires''

Employee Stories - hear from IBMer's who've lost their jobs New stories added 08/12

Gerstner sells 750,000 shares, worth $85 Million

07/27 Layoffs at Tivoli and Lotus

07/27: IBM admits it is hiring college graduates while laying off experienced workers from the Poughkeepsie Journal: ''Between now and September, IBM is going to bring in about 3,000 university hires''

File an EEOC complaint - Are you over 40 years old and laid off? If you suspect age discrimination please file a complaint

07/26 WebSphere developers given the boot

EEOC rules on waivers and severance pay, and employee rights.

What to do if you are laid off

Technology Group changes Variable Pay mid-year

07/13 Action by Burlington IBM Workers Stops Pay Cuts

Gerstner gets richer while employees lose their jobs:

07/27 Employee Stories - hear from those who've lost their jobs

Gerstner sells 750,000 shares, worth $85 Million

07/11 Dow Jones: Big Blue sends out another quiet round of pink slips

Older Workers Benefit Protection Act - must reading if you are laid off

07/09: Alliance@IBM issues press release about our letter to IBM executives concerning the layoffs

07/02: Endicott AWS workers lose 20% of pay

Article about employee activists in the Poughkeepsie Journal

06/17: Save Retiree Health Benefits

06/17: IBM cuts jobs for 850 workers in Fishkill NY and Burlington VT

05/02: Settlement in GSA Australia: Collective Action Works!

04/27: Annual Stockholders' Meeting:
Read the excellent report in the Savannah Morning News

See the Rally Photos

Report on the Annual Meeting in Savannah

02/24: New Page for IBM Retirees

01/31: NY State Comptroller sends letter to Gerstner on behalf of laid-off IBM employees

02/17 IBM Atlanta Employees and retirees form local Alliance group

02/17: National Labor Relations Board Upholds Judge's ruling in favor of IBM Employee Union Supporters

Why does she do it? Janet Krueger left IBM in 1999 over the pension heist. She is still fighting for equitable benefits at IBM. Read why she is still part of our crusade.

01/20: "Bait and Switch" - IBM Employees are forced to transfer to Manpower, Inc.

01/03: IBM Loses Bid to Stop Lawsuit - IBM lost a last-ditch maneuver to block a lawsuit by two former workers at its East Fishkill microchip plant, who allege their son was born with severe defects after they were exposed to toxic chemicals there (POK Journal, Jan. 3)

01/07: IBM again fails to make Fortune's list of "100 Best Companies to work for", while most of its competitors do

12/26: HR1102 is defeated - We fought this one hard, to save our pensions - and it was defeated - for now.

12/22: IBM gives pensioners an increase -- first time in 10 years

12/17 Update on the employee lawsuit

IBM South Africa forms Pension Fund Action Group, submits Stockholder Resolution

IBM UK Faces Pension Challenge

Tax-free corporations

Interview with Robert Reich: "Trust is one of the most fragile commodities in any organization"

Unions have a role in today's New Economy, Computerworld article by Morton Bahr, CWA President

Back to the 19th century - Commentary on mandatory overtime and 12-hour days

IBM to face inquiry in UK over pension fund in another scheme to shift risk to the employees

National Labor Relations Board reverses nearly 30 years of rulings that had the effect of keeping temporary workers out of labor unions. The move could spur labor organizing in high-tech industries...

IBM meets estimates - Computer maker's earnings meet target, but revenue falls short Report from IBM also admits difficulty in attracting and retaining employees.

The death of the 8-hour workday at IBM

GOP Seeks to increase exemptions from overtime compensation

CWA President Bahr sends urgent letter to Senator Roth and Finance Committee

NLRB rules in favor of Temps joining unions

The Verizon strike and what was won in the settlement

Wall Street Journal Article Exposes IBM's "Pension Cuts 101"

Alliance@IBM/CWA web site wins recognition from Labourstart, leading international web site

IBM's vapor profits attracting more attention

CBS Marketwatch blasts Lou Gerstner

Mass Firings: IBM Lays Off 1,000 CE's and IGS employees (May 25, 2000)

IBM violates U.S. Labor Law, Judge Determines (May 19, 2000)

Layoffs at IBM Rochester (May 3, 2000)

Cleveland News (April 25-26, 2000)
Read all about the Stockholders' Meeting, the Press Conference and the Rally.

GE Employees also press for Stockholder Resolution - 4/99

IBM Japan Union Member visits Endicott

Merry Layoffs and Happy Terminations - 12/99

IBM Germany supports Alliance@IBM - Oct. 6, 1999

Layoffs at Personal Systems Group - 10/99

Poughkeepsie Journal's Archive of Articles about IBM:

Continuing Issues: