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OffShoring News
Updated 2/02/10

SOS: Stop Off Shoring

Alliance@IBM's position is that IBM must fully disclose:

• The number of jobs being created in the US
• The number of jobs cut in the US
• The number of new hires from IBM acquisitions
• The number of jobs Offshored and where
• The number of former IBM employees recalled back into IBM

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Offshoring in General:

A High-Tech Worker's Guide to Globalization's Myths

Outsourcing High-Tech Jobs: Why benign neglect isn't working.

Offshore Outsourcing: As approved by the IEEE-USA Board of Directors March 2004

Study: States doing plenty of offshoring

U.S. CEOs Who Outsource Get Bigger Pay Hike-Survey

R.I.P. - The American Call Center?

Can you say 'offshore' anymore? Euphemism is alive and well again when it comes to axing jobs in America.

IBM Executive Sees Upside to Offshoring for US Workers

Tennessee first US state to enact anti-outsourcing law.

Enter union, in call centres.

New Jersey Governor Signs Executive Order Protecting New Jersey Jobs

Rescue American Jobs - The Most Important Issue of Our Lifetime

Impact of Outsourcing on Development
Restoring Global Balance Together
- by CWA Executive Vice President Larry Cohen

Face-Off - Do offshoring's benefits outweigh its drawbacks?

Offshoring: It's Not Too Late to Change

Export of U.S. Jobs Seen Up - Report

Letter to Australia IGS General Manager from employees being offshored.

Demonstration at IBM La Gaude Site employees worried for their jobs.

Outsourcing: The next technology battlefields

  • June 29: Bush Administration assures India it is OK to steal your job The Indian government and businesses have won a major assurance from the Bush Administration on the issue of outsourcing. A senior US official has said Washington is against any attempt by state governments to legislate a ban on outsourcing on the lines of what is being considered in New Jersey and other states.
  • Intel COO to visit Bangladore to explore opportunities
    Silicon India, June 13, 2003:In Bangalore, he will visit the new Intel India Development Centre campus. Last month, Karnataka approved an Intel plan to build the $41-million centre which will create 3,000 jobs. Read Full Story
  • IT Services in India has high growth rate
    Silicon India, June 13, 2003: While worldwide IT Services growth has been 4% in 2003, the Indian IT Services sector has witnessed 17% growth.” Read Full Story
  • India Wants Jobs Protected
    Seattle Times, June 14, 2003: India wants global trade rules to counter the backlash in the United States as Microsoft, Citigroup and other companies move computer programming, call center and other back-office jobs to India and other nations. Indian Commerce Minister Arun Jaitley said he raised recent restrictions by states such as New Jersey to the contracting of Indian companies in a meeting Thursday with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick. Those limitations, he said, need to be addressed in the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement being negotiated now... Read Full Story
  • Britain could lose 200,000 jobs over next 10 years
  • U.S. Government Opposes Legislation Against Outsourcing. SiliconIndia, June 13, 2003: Addressing a press conference here at the end of his two-day visit to Washington, Jaitley said: "We explained the sensitivities of India's concerns that public and political opinion in India regards it completely contrary to the spirit of market access. Therefore such a proposal does create an adverse environment when market access negotiations in various sectors are on. "The USTR was very appreciative of our stance and he told me that the federal government of the U.S. considers these proposals as 'bad policy'. The federal government opposes it and is trying to resist it." ... According to a study by management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, financial services companies are planning to move more than 500,000 jobs overseas in order to reduce operating costs by $30 billion annually. A recent report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) said American companies had saved $16 billion due to outsourcing. Read Full Story
  • Outcry Against Outsourcing Termed Politically-Motivated
    Deccan Herald, June 13, 2003: Industry leaders, government representatives and analysts unanimously pointed out that the proposed curbs by the US against outsourcing were “politically motivated” and the outcry would die down as soon as the economy bounced back. They also criticised the media for focussing excessively on job losses in the US due to outsourcing from India and failed to highlight the advantages for the US economy. ... The hue and cry on backlash was “much ado about nothing,” said Mr Kevin M Campbell, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Exult, a US-based BPO firm. There was nothing for India to fear about the concerns of loss in job expressed back in the US, he added. Read Full Story
  • Who's afraid of IndianITES?
    The Times of India, June 8, 2003: "In the beginning they were just code coolies and call centre Charlies. Dour drudges who wrote millions of lines of code for slave wages; and distant drones who answered (in thick Indian accents) basic questions about billing and ticketing in the (American) afterhours. For a while, it had looked perfect — a low-cost, 24/7 work cycle, freeing American workers to do more important stuff. Then, as the never-ending economic downturn spiralled, it began to hurt. More so, when unemployment passed 6 per cent, putting some nine million Americans out of work" ... Read Full Story
  • Prudential Insurance to shift 1,000 jobs to India
    The Economic Times (of India): Despite increasing discontent in US and Britain over outsourcing to India, British insurance company Prudential plans to shift a third of its remaining 3,000 customer-service jobs to Mumbai and save an estimated £16 million a year, a report said on Wednesday. Prudential selected Mumbai over rival locations in east Europe, Asia and Ireland because of lower hiring costs but, as also because "the infrastructure and potential for savings and productivity gains made India a winner”, said Philip Broadley, the company's finance director. The move comes as British Communication Workers' Union issued a warning this week of strikes against BT, the telecommunications giant, over its Indian plans Read Full Story
  • BT attacked over call centre plans
    BBC News, June 2, 2003: The Communication Workers Union (CWU) described the proposals as "catastrophic" for the areas in the UK where call centres are based. BT said no permanent employees would lose their jobs as a result of work being transferred to India. The CWU said that as many as 200,000 UK call centre jobs could be lost across the industry over the next five to 10 years. ... The CWU accused the telecoms company of paying Indian workers just 80p an hour, compared with £6 an hour for call centre workers in the UK. Read full story
  • Americans turn to Net to protest outsourcing
    June 13, 2003: "We are not racists, xenophobes or bigots. We are displaced American workers. Displaced by a little known immigration visa, approved by the Congress at the request of large US corporations.” If you think this is a 70s’ trade union leader breathing fire and brimstone, think again. This is the voice of displaced American infotech professionals on the Internet.
    ... Read Full Story
  • Washtech: Rep. Inslee says U.S. won’t stem outsourcing... tells AP, "These bills won't go anywhere"
  • Newsday: Tech jobs disappearing in city, going overseas
  • Lou Dobbs: "Stop Trading US Jobs Away"
  • SF Chronicle: "More Silicon Valley companies find cheaper labor in other countries"
  • High Tech Multi-nationals Head for India

Transcript of IBM Management Offshoring Conference Call

IBM Offshoring News

IBM's German lab bucks outsourcing trend

IBM Accelerates Hiring in India

IBM ruffles workers by expanding India staff

IBM UK mainframe workers train their South African replacements

IBM Opens Fifth Software Center in India

IBM to cut 100 more jobs

IBM UK workers in the dark as firing crunch time hits

Indiana utility shifting jobs to IBM

IBM moves to promote offshoring
Restructuring at IBM will lead to more packaged offshore services

WellPoint to shift 380 jobs to IBM

Offshoring hits home. Worker tells story of IBM layoffs

IBM Ireland employees jobs offshored to India

150 IBMers sold to GXS

IBM workers call for shareholders to 'Offshore the CEO'

IBM Employees Challenge Outsourcing, Retiree Issues at IBM Annual Meeting- April 27, 2004

IBM meeting draws offshoring, health care protests

June 29: Gerstner is still threatening your job - The Carlyle Group (of which Gerstner is now Chairman) increases its investment in high tech India by 30%.

The firm "is keen to acquire stakes in technology-related businesses providing IT-related services in tele-communication, financial services, medical services, education and other technology-driven sectors"

June 29:Biggest Investors in Asia

Carlyle Group - $ 250 million George Bush Sr. is an advisor to the Carlyle Group.

IBM - 2001 $ 25 million, $ 100 million more by 2004 -
And you can't get your laptop replaced...

May 18, 2003: IBM will be moving IT, Software Developer and Research Jobs to India

CEO Sam Palmisano personally visits India but he wants no media attention - sounds like stealth offshoring to us. Palmisano is the first IBM CEO to visit India.

IBM to expand Software Development, Services and R&D in India

IBM India jobs to go up substantially in the near future

Steve Mills and Nick Donofrio visit India - Paul Horn, head of Research, will also visit. "IBM is moving strategic operations in the software business area"