The Alliance: A voice for IBM workers

July 26, 2012

Many IBM employees no longer believe anyone in corporate headquarters cares about their concerns or is even listening. You talk to co-workers about what is going on inside IBM because senior management does little to inform you of issues critical to your work life.  If you work from home or are mobile, that vital connection with co-workers rarely exists and you are left in the dark.

So who can you turn to?

You turn to the Alliance@IBM, the only organization that advocates for IBM workers and exposes what is going on inside IBM.

It is the Alliance that notifies IBM employees, the media and government when resource actions are taking place.

IBM no longer does that.

It is the Alliance that reports the number of IBM regular employees in the US (93,000 and declining).

IBM no longer gives out headcount numbers by country.

It is the Alliance that reports the jobs being offshored and actively fights for job security.

IBM tries to hide the fact that they are offshoring jobs, makes you train your replacement, then fires you.

It is the Alliance that takes action and speaks to political leaders about legislation that impacts IBM workers and IT workers.

IBM lobbys congress to change laws that benefit corporations at the expense of workers.

It is the Alliance that talks about the real issues affecting workers at IBM.

IBM instills fear and tells you to keep quiet.

The Alliance is here and has been since 1999 and we will not be quiet. 

But we need your support!

If you want an advocate for your concerns, then join us and be part of the movement to gain dignity and respect for IBM workers.

Join us and help spread the word that the Alliance is YOUR voice inside IBM.

Membership is confidential.  IBM will not see your name. Join today at our web site:

This message brought to you by the dues paying members and supporters of the Alliance@IBM.


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